Why You Should Never See A Therapist

Human psychology is undoubtedly a real aspect of our existence. People respond to certain stimuli which can be observed, documented and perhaps even predicted to some extent.

However, I’m pleased to denounce seeing a shrink in the hope that it will expedite improvement in your life or alleviation of depression and anxiety. It is particularly useless to young men because chattering one on one with a person who analyzes you does nothing to improve your life. It does not urge you to act, only to sit and dwell on your thoughts. Every encounter or problem you have, will receive a designated label, it is as though someone is diagnosing you without a single solution being dished out.


When I was a teenager, I went through several futile months talking to a simpering beta shrink. It was very expensive, and was a complete waste of money. Baby boomer parents or relatives often think the best solution for a troubled young man is to instantaneously whisk him off to the nearest emo clinic. This is because in the modern age we are trained that everything has a consumerist solution. Here, take this pill, talk to the man (or usually the woman, even worse) pay them thousands of dollars for chatting you up.

When I told my psychologist that I felt nauseated by a fat, ugly young girl with zits, eating a stinky bowl of fatty food, he said to me “no, it is a kind of a diet people use,” obviously referencing Atkins, which was big at the time. After more appeasement, which is basically all they do, he said that everybody is different and unique in their own way. At the time, without reading up on the follies of modernity, it reeked of bullshit, and I instinctively knew it was an excuse for mediocrity.

Find a real solution

I use to hit the gym everyday as a teenager, to which my shrink referred to as “my safe space,” and said that “people who experience anxiety take up sports to deal with it.” Be that as it may, ask anyone here what they think about lifting weights and they’ll encourage you to continue and maybe even spot you when you bench press, which is the correct response.

There’s a Kleenex box on the table for blubbering women who were dumped by their husbands and boyfriends, or weren’t cared for properly by their fathers. The psychologist frames everything in his own academic language alongside constant comforting distractions from serious issues you must face as a man. It is no wonder many young men are dysfunctional nowadays, when this morbid, feminized charade, is what is offered to them as a solution.

In modern times, the shrink is the sought after high priest or the oracle that will cast someone to the pit of hell if he can summon an academic label, like an ancient incantation.


If you’re a young man and a family member or a friend ever advises you to see one of these emotional sponges, refuse assertively and laugh it off. Tell them with zero apology that your environment is toxic and you’re surrounded by neurotic zombies. Find masculine friends who will alter your mood, give you the right advice and provide genuine help. Take up writing and document your thoughts and encounters.

Know that there are ways of dealing with hard times, and that you should pursue them as soon as you can. Whenever you fix a problem in your personal life, whether it’s relationships with women, existential angst, problem with family or good friends, you can always fix it or at least give it your best shot.

Psychologists, and even worse, psychiatrists and their magic potions and crazy drugs offer you zero chance to improve as a man, to learn the mind of a woman and to seduce her, and most importantly, naught chance of happiness.

Psychoanalysis as preventive medicine or a solution to emotional problems for men is moronic, period. Unless one is in the habit of analyzing himself and others, and will use his therapist’s pitch to gain knowledge—as he tries to deconstruct his personality—it has zero benefits. It didn’t help Tony Soprano who only tried to bone Jennifer MILFy Melfi.

What are the causes?

An empty existence devoid of spirituality, not being able to navigate through our modern age successfully with relative ease, lack of fulfillment at work or so called friends who only make you feel lonelier—these are the real causes that make one feel deflated.

Meditation is a documented method throughout history of dealing with angst and the burden of acute egotitis. Letting go of the ego is an important tenet in many ancient philosophies, will help your game and life in general, and will allow you to learn more about yourself.

Places like ROK offer readers a chance to discover themselves, understand that they do not have “mommy issues” or any other detritus feminists and ugly women shove down their throats. They don’t need therapy and their money stolen from them. Au contraire, they are sane to the core.

All psychologists should be abandoned en masse, at least by men. That includes marriage counseling. If you have problems with your wife, game is the cure you are looking for.

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279 thoughts on “Why You Should Never See A Therapist”

  1. ” So a therapist didn’t work for me then I say to all the people that is a waste of time “. Really it doesn’t take too many studies to write articles like this.

  2. Can’t agree with the article. Some people actually need to speak with a trained professional about areas in their lives that are giving them difficulty. And sometimes these areas cannot fix themselves, the person may not have a decent peer support system and doesnt know who to turn to for advice. I understand that an adolescent would be eager to write off therapists and counselors is they are forced to go to one either by school or family. I know. I went to a school counselor for a while. They didn’t help with anything. However, that is not a label on the practice but more so the practitioner. I’ve run into gifted counselors in college and their insight was spot on. Seek wise counsel, not just any counsel.

    1. You are right but too often people run off to the shrink the instant some bad shit goes down. Most men can fix themselves . Read, visit websites like this, fellowship with other dudes, exercise all can help you get your mind right..

      1. People mistake therapists, counselors and psychologists as miracle workers, which they were not. Some problems do require medication, but it’s often not the first choice. In case of depression, there are therapeutic options that are usually examined in lieu of pills. Lifestyle changes are usually discussed with the client to determine whether it would be a feasible option, and an exercise regimen can fall within these guidelines. Bear in mind, there are several instances where medicinal therapy may be necessary. The brain is affected by hereditary preleanings as well as environmental stimuli, etc that changes its physiology and functioning capacities.

        1. ***The brain is affected by hereditary preleanings as well as environmental stimuli, etc that changes its physiology and functioning capacities***
          But is drugging them really **necessary** or the best remedy? Why can’t these changes be remedied without drugs?

        2. Why do diabetics sometimes take insulin? Because an organ is not functioning properly and the chemical helps it maintain homeostasis. The same hold true for the brain. Just because it’s functioning does not mean it is functioning properly.
          Drugs are never the first option, but sometimes they are an only option.
          I doubt a healthy eating and exercise regimen would help schizophrenia, but medication would. Depression could be helped with a lifestyle change, but some is severe enough that meds are necessary.

      2. But I do agree with your statements. Sometimes focused positive change and the discipline to adhere to a new regimen can rectify minor problems.

    2. Why should someone with legitimate difficulties in their lives have to PAY someone to talk to them?

  3. One of my favorite professors in University was a practicing therapist. He told me one day that he knew he had done his job well when one of his clients expressed his frustration and irritation at him for having done nothing to help him solve his problem. The client had spent 6 months in therapy with him and insisted that the therapist did nothing and that he solved the problem all by himself. At that point, the client terminated the therapy and walked out.
    My professor said that should be the goal of every therapist — to not solve the client’s problems for them; but, to indirectly guide them to understanding and fixing he problems themselves. More therapists should operate as old “Dr. Jim” did.
    Just my $.02.

    1. focus on what you want
      focus on solutions
      don’t over analyse your problems

    2. Any time there is the qualification of “always” or “never” one should be very wary of the advice. Do I think one should “never” see a therapist? Absolutely not.
      I saw an older male therapist for either one or two sessions after a fiancé broke things off with me after 2 and a half years without any warning in my bluepill days (Bless her for this and I thank the universe daily that I was saved from that disaster!). But at the time it was a harsh and brutal blow to me.
      The girl basically refused to even speak to me and explain what was going on, which was downright sociopathic, and the most difficult part for me. I talked a bit to some friends, but just spending a single hour (or two–I believe I had a followup appointment) with this guy was invaluable. He was a huge believer in the Myers-Briggs personality profiles. What was so interesting to me is that after I described a few interactions, without ever meeting this woman, he placed her in a couple of Myers Briggs categories and laid out a circumstance and said she probably responds this way, right?–and he was spot on!
      He was very understanding, gave me some good insight, I can’t even remember what he said, just that he helped me put some sort of logic and understanding of things so I could move on. I don’t remember what it cost, but it was probably less money than the last weekend I spent with the ex, and I found myself wishing I had other things to discuss, because the guy was really wise and clear spoken–kind of like talking to a grandfather (he was probably only 10-15 years older than me but a really insightful, wise fellow).
      He didn’t push for me to become a return customer, just helped me for a small fee ($60 I think x 2?), and moved on.
      I looked him up again, and he holds the degrees EdS, LPC, NCC, CRC, and says his philosophy is in the “Cognitive-Behavioral Model.” So perhaps look into this method. I was quite impressed and received some good help. I might even credit him with helping me swallow the red pill.

  4. Kind of agree. It’s kind of a waste of money. I’ve never seen one but I wouldn’t mind seeing one to gain knowledge and as you said “deconstruct” my personality, but seeing one just to talk is pointless unless you have an action plan to fix the problems you’re seeing the shrink for in the first place. Taking a pill or talking to someone won’t fix your problems, although knowing your problems is the first step to fixing them yourself.
    Also “everybody is different and unique in their own way.” is 500% true. Psychologists know their shit, it’d be best to not let your ego get in the way, and listen to them, or research for yourself if you don’t believe them.

  5. Bring back mind-altering rituals. Instead of therapy, eat a handful of psychedelic mushrooms alone in the woods in the middle of nowhere.

    1. I had a debate with someone about that. I was amazed to find that there is still research going on into the therapeutic benefits of LSD. It was a quite popular area of research at one time, but then grew out of favour. Not really convinced though

      1. You know what would convince you? If you tried some LSD or mushrooms by yourself or with 1-2 good friends. If you want to know who you are, a good trip will get you closer to yourself then you’ve ever been. You can answer all the questions you’ve ever asked yourself, about yourself. The problem is remembering it the next day, or telling yourself it was all a ruse.

        1. your probably not wrong. I had a long discussion about this, and was almost convinced. I’ve had drug experiences, including one which was pretty profound – even it certainly wasn’t psycho-delic. To be honest though I don’t want to lose control in that way, but I respect people who want to go down that path. There’s always been a (typically anti-psychiatric) counter-culture interested in shamanic type experiences. Maybe one day I’ll find my spirit animal. For the moment spirits on their own will have to do

        2. From personal experience, start off with 1 hit of lsd if you ever go through. Mushrooms are more of a “body high” in which you can lose control, sort of, especially if you eat a lot fast. LSD is more of a “head high” and is more easily controllable. Mushrooms is like smoking pot for the first time, but you get really really high and you can get visuals. A small dose of lsd (one hit) is just a fun time with some visuals, but it is mostly in your head. Go in with an open mind and no fear, you will ride that dragon to the gates of Valhalla.

        3. .5 grams of mushrooms and a 4 hour hike will explain things to you without being overwhelming.

        4. True, depends on the quality. Start with half, see how you feel in an hour or two.

        5. I’m not sure I want to go riding any dragons. I don’t even like rollercoasters. Maybe a nibble on the mushrooms, but that’s my limit

        6. I had to squint to see that ‘.’ Might try it one day. Maybe the hike at least

        7. Perhaps glasses, contacts or corrective surgery would serve you better than psychedelia in your current state.

        8. Idealism works great in a tent, but when I’m done fucking her… its right back to realism.

    2. that’s true. i didn’t do a lot, but every time i did it was very helpful. makes you wonder why these things are illegal.

  6. After I graduated Community College in 2008 and found out that University of Professional Education was not really for me at that age I slipped in a depression that lasted for several years. I felt so useless. Later it went a lot better when I found a job and started to make money. I also visited a psychologist, but that is indeed a waste of time. After 10 sessions I’ve had enough of it. My doctor even wanted to test me to see if I’m autistic. Well, I did that 4 hour test and I got a 6 page report saying I wasn’t mentaly sick, nor autistic but just was an adult with development problems. They have to come up with something…right. I laughed about it because my childhood was great. two years ago I began a bachelor study to become a teacher. Started working out again and made a lot of progress. Also improving your game will prevent you from becoming a sexual frustrated male. As a man you just need a goal in life and work hard, otherwise you will get depressed.

    1. Throughout my childhood, psychologists and therapists said that I was suffering from the delusion that my face hurt and had trouble breathing. They wouldn’t look at my face or the way I breathed, they just said I was imagining things that weren’t there. It went on and on, and they even put me on powerful antipsychotics for a while.
      Then, when I was eighteen, I was finally able to say “no more”. I quit that poison and went to see my regular doctor for the first time in years. My regular doctor sent me to the ear, nose and throat surgeon at a nearby hospital. Once he had taken a look inside my nose, it took him less than thirty seconds to explain the situation. My nose had been crooked for as long as I could remember, but apparently there was more to it than that – it was so heavily damaged on the inside (had been for years, apparently) that my septum had been shattered in several places and was cutting off most of the air going through my nose. One surgery that my health insurance covered (they remodeled the inside of my nose to put it straight again) did more for me than a childhood full of therapists and psychologists.
      These people want to keep themselves in business. They want you to keep coming back for regular appointments at an extortionate rate. They don’t actually have a personal interest in fixing the problem, because for every week or month that the problem lasts, they get enough money to buy the latest smartphone.

      1. “These people want to keep themselves in business”
        Imagine the best therapist in the universe- he could help you in one session. All better.
        He’d be outta biz in short order.

      2. Then you were lucky they found something after all. A lot of times people with physical problems are labeled hypochondriacs. And that stuff goes into a medical dossier. Unnecessary medical exams can kill you in the end. Next time you’re really sick they won’t even look at you.

      3. After years of expensive childhood medication, I finally just realized I am an asshole.
        There’s nothing wrong with being an asshole. It’s not a disease, or a mental disorder… in fact, assholes did most of the work creating civilization.

        1. “Evil” is what makes the masses have to get out of their Comfy Chairs for a while, just to see who moved them while they dozed off …
          “Good” is what keeps the heat going for them when they’re too lazy to get up to adjust the regulator.

        2. There’s nothing wrong with being an asshole. It’s not a disease, or a mental disorder… in fact, assholes did most of the work creating civilization.

          True. Most of the interesting shit people travel the world to see was built by assholes trying to glorify themselves.

        3. I tell most women that it’s part of my charm. They seem to like it…keep coming back.
          Asshole…the gift that keeps on giving.

      4. That goes for many medical professions. I had a relative who had been going to a physio for months. The guy told him he just had tight muscles, etc. Eventually he went to a real doctor. Found out it was a fucking tumour.

        1. Well physios are not doctors at all but they are fucking good. Keep in mind “real” doctors can be wrong as well.

        1. Nothing of the sort, at least as far as I know. But I think it was made worse just a few years before I went to see that doctor. I was playing on the ice with a few friends of mine. We were sliding across the ice on our shoes after making some of the ice especially slippery. But I wasn’t wearing the right type of shoes, so instead of sliding across the ice my shoes basically threw me out onto the ice face-first. I didn’t even have time to stretch out my arms, so my jaw took the full blow.
          I was unconscious for a while and I had a headache for days. Maybe that shock went through my jaw and finally shattered my (already weakened) nose.

    2. “As a man you just need a goal in life and work hard, otherwise you will get depressed.”
      Succint, clear and accurate.

  7. Honestly, if you need to talk to someone, go talk to a priest. Only payment expected is a few “Hail Marys”. Even if you dont believe, youre talking to another man who genuinely is trying to help you.
    no shrink gobbledygook either.

      1. dude, they dont care…just figure out what the “walk in hours” are for confession at your local church.

        1. Absolution isn’t needed as much as a swift kick in the ass and a point in the right direction.

        2. Im not talking about absolution. Im just talking about some red pill advice. Maybe all denominations are becoming more fem friendly during mass, but trust me, one on one, you have a good shot of getting some help with your problems.

        3. At the very least you’ll find someone to hear you out.
          I can’t imagine a priest getting a job with “I hate listening to people” on his resume.
          “I know how to blow-dry wafers and make PowerPoint presentations.”

        4. lol “blow dry the wafers” gotta be a catholic joke!

      2. I don’t think so. I have a friend who is studying to become Orthodox and has only attended the church a few months but has scheduled numerous one on one conversations with the priest.
        Basically just e-mailed the guy after his first attendance explaining who he was, and then would e-mail a time or appointment. Priests are very open. Although some churches you have to really go out of your way moreso than others to get a hold of them because they’re very busy.

    1. No, thanks. I’d rather not idol worship any woman especially Mary. If I’m going to get any help I’ll pray to God. A priest claiming to be God’s right hand is a mockery.

      1. Thats cool. A man claiming to be “God’s right hand man” or a person whose livelihood depends on you coming back and back…a person who probably is depressed and might have a substance abuse problem (mental health professionals are second only to returning veterans).

  8. I heard 75% of couples who go to marital family therapists end up getting divorced.

    1. And this is the therapists fault? 1 in 2 marriages fail. That is not because there is faulty counselors or therapists but there are faulty marriages. American society is moving away from marriage as it is too much of a financial risk for men.

      1. It’s a risk for Men because a sane Man would not want to Marry a female who is not Marriage minded.
        Don’t blame the institution because of the cunts who helped ruin it.

        1. I agree on both of your statements, but that just shows that the climate for long term relationships in America is in decline. A therapist cannot change that. A therapist or counselor really only helps present viable options available in a client that is receptive to treatment.

  9. I agree, much of it is a bunch of Leftist bullshit. It was once a man’s field, but women now dominate the field of Psychology. It’s one of the most popular female majors. Much of the theories require a leftoid worldview to make any sense. However, understanding Evolutionary Psychology is all you need. This whole website is built around the field of EvoPsyc.
    For example, therapists used to, and many still do, think sibling rivalry and jealousy were signs of immaturity and dysfunction. However, looked at from an evolutionary perspective, it makes sense for children to compete against each other for parental resources. It’s sort of like the human version of two baby birds trying to push each other out of the nest. It’s not a sign that something is wrong, because that’s how humans evolved to behave. Once you understand why something like sibling rivalry exists, you can decide how to act on those instincts, but just because they’re there doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. That’s only one example.
    The idea that the human brain contains hard-wired instincts really rubs leftists the wrong way, who worship profusely at the Church of Egalitarianism, and want to believe that humans are a so-called “blank slate” that society can shape for either good or bad. The idea, indeed fact, that we’re influenced by hard-wiring destroys the Leftist worldview, because it suggests inherent inequality between people, especially the sexes.

    1. I will say though, girls who major in psychology are usually hot slots. I swear every cute college girl with a tight little body is a psych major

      1. Because it’s an easy fucking major and most hot chicks aren’t that smart. That’s why after college they have a degree in psychology but end up working at Starbucks

        1. Not true. Looks and IQ positively correlate in both men and women. But the hot chicks are usually smart enough to know they stand to make a lot more money by getting a rich guy to do the work for them.

        2. “Looks and IQ positively correlate in both men and women”
          Bullshit. They are almost completely unrelated.

        3. The only major lower than Psychology is Journalism. And don’t start me on the creeps who go into THAT.

        4. Maybe there is some causality there.
          The smart ones are more socially aware, know how important it is to look good, so go to the gym, and look after themselves. IQ creates good looking people.

        5. (1) IQ correlates positively with affluence: Agree or disagree?
          (2) Looks correlate positively with affluence: Agree or disagree?
          If you agree with both (1) and (2), then by logical necessity looks must positively correlate with IQ. If you disagree with (1) and/or (2), I’m going to need to see some support.

        6. Marketing, communications, ‘ethnic’ or ‘gender’ studies, psych, education — all majors stocked with women (IME the better looking individuals are in Psych, Edu, Marketing, and Communications).

        7. Or even worse, Human Resources so they can fire your ass 10 years later for being “misogynistic”.

        8. and because most of those hot women are crazy, have daddy issues, etc….
          They say that many of these women who major in Psychology have real issues (BPD, Histrionics, etc)…it’s as if they are self diagnosing.

        9. “And don’t start me on the creeps who go into THAT.”

        10. A flatmate of mine being a gender studies major, I can assure you gender studies blokes are pretty much bottom of the barrel too.

        11. you equate someone’s appearance with intelligence? it is you who are not smart. not to mention immature.

      2. Maybe so, but I would also argue that modern psych departments are hotbeds of leftist feminist thought.

        1. More like they’re brothels for geeky sluts who want to get their credentials on so they can work freelance …

      3. I once took a 4000 level Psych class as filler to keep me full time.
        That class had about 80 people in it. 3/4s were female and by my standard at the time, over 40 were bangable. At least 10 were “if I had a few beers” and about 10 were “not with your dick”.
        So yeah, Psych majors (at least at LSU) were mostly female and mostly attractive, fit, and feminine.

      4. communications is the money major for gash. In college I remember every communication major being a girl and every one of them accurately communicating to my dick the need to get hard immediately. I am not sure what the fuck they teach in comunications glasses, but I am pretty sure it is a mix of proper application of make up, vadge waxing and how to smell like a bath and body works.
        God bless those useless thots.

        1. “Communications” = a more politically correct way to say “public relations”, “propaganda”, etc.
          Assume “communications” majors will say whatever they think will sell you on them and treat them accordingly.

      5. My college room mate got his B.A. in Psychology, later in life, after his M.D. and world experience, he pointed out that most of the hot girls in Psych. go into it subconsciously because they’re screwed up and they’re looking for answers. Then after they graduate, it becomes a control thing. They never get over their original issues, and then use the degree as an authority in telling other people what to do.

    2. Leftist bullshit is ingrained the modern society, and therapists are no exception. They are just useful idiots of he elite, and like true betas they are ramming the leftist ideology down our throats. When my wife cheated on me, and I went through a divorce, an acquaintance of mine suggest that I go to a therapist and I did. I told him my situation, that I had been the provider of my family, working my ass off for my wife and kids, while she was a stay at home mom. I provided money and love to her and my children, and she re-payed me by cheating on me with a co worker, divorced me, took my kids, and now thrives on child support and alimony. I was amazed when he told me that she was the victim, and I the culprit, for not spending enough time with her. I realized, then that he was just following a politically correct, leftist cult, and he was really of no use. Somehow, the whole incident now, and the way the therapist responded, seems like a colossal joke to me now. The manosphere in general and ROK in particular has helped me more in dealing with my life, than some brainwashed leftist therapist.

      1. “Leftists are the devil… Leftists are the devil… Leftists are the devil…”
        – the ROK readership.

        1. Lookie here. We have a wittle wiberal with jokes. Shouldn’t you be at saving the world from melting? Or fixing the gender pay gap?

        2. They are. You have a problem with people waking up and identifying things correctly?

      2. Holy shit, that guy is a fucking embaressment! Fuck me, and I thought Ireland was heading down a dark path! You get a refund off his ass I hope?

        1. There’s no hope for Ireland if Europe and the UK fall. I have to say Ireland has the most morally defective whoring women on this planet.

        2. seriously? I thought it’d be the French ones. Is it because of Ireland’s new relation to money since the 90s?

      3. “I was amazed when he told me that she was the victim, and I the culprit, for not spending enough time with her.”
        Fuck… I’m not sure what I would have done if some ‘therapist’ said that to me. I might even go ballistic and pound the fucker’s skull in. Jail or no, female or male, it would be worth it
        Therapist = The/rapist = The rapist

      4. You should have punched him in the face. That would have been very “therapeutic”.

        1. Lol. But I wasn’t angry. Somehow, I found his words very amusing. It was as if I was a character of some comedy movie. But despite being funny, it was a great eye opener.

      5. Your use of the word “cult” is very insightful in my opinion.
        My sister is a psycho-babbler, and listening to her talk about it for 20 years has led me to believe that psychology is best described as a cult.
        There may be some solid science behind it. The chemical properties present in the brain, and the benefits of exercise on them… etc.
        But the way it is practised in the modern world, is closer to a religion that a science.

    3. Actually, college is worse than that. Psychology is one of the most competitive majors where they only let a limited number of students pass each year. So it’s even more competitive and nobody wants to help anyone else. Not exactly an environment for creative thinking or original ideas. Instead it’s a collection of career cut-throats spouting the latest Dr Phil vomit in exchange for your hard earned cash.

    4. It’s amazing how much stock they give psychology while the very basic that shaped it would be more appropriately termed evolutionary psychology, and they frantically deny the validity of Evo Psych.
      It’s like a physicist denying the validity of Geometry because he doesn’t like the idea of 3.14_ being Pi.
      The problem is that they ignore logical Jungian psychiatry in favor of Freudian con games, because Freud is “EASY”. It is wrong, but it is easy, and easy wrong answers keep the sheep coming back to get sheared again and again.

    5. What’s interesting is society is built upon this so called immaturity and impulses as a child.
      Men are called immature and childish when they want to go out and achieve their goals. When women want to fulfill their desires on vain things like owning a hair stylist company, getting a yacht it’s all you go grrrl and she’s described as a brave mature warrior

      1. That is totally correct. Today, if a man say says he wants to accomplish XY and Z, and not let anything stop him, no kids, no wife, i’m going after my goals, society looks at him like he’s a crazy psychopath.
        Even if he somehow gets suckered into getting married and having a child, he’s then supposed to give up his dreams and devote his life to everyone else. Be a slave to your job and your wife, take care of their every need. If you don’t do that, yo’ure a selfish monster. The problem is, who takes care of the man? nobody. who makes sure his future is assured, financially and professionally? nobody. Who makes sure he’s happy, satisfied, and actually enjoys his life? Nobody. Not one single person cares about the man but somehow we’re supposed to just accept this and continue on as if we dont care. Oh but then when his wife cheats, it’s his fault becuase he worked too much and didn’t give her any attention.

    6. Learn convincing models for human behaviour that you can inflict on your friends!
      Gain credentials that you can use to demonstrate your fitness according to Zahavi’s handicap principle!
      Be able to justify your actions to any judge or law enforcement officer regardless of how awful they are!
      Strip brilliant men of their hard-earned cash through a deliberate programme of “bait and release”!
      [sorry, John Cleese, you wuz robbed …]

    7. You make an excellent point Haven. The answer as you reference, is EvoPsych. Women have evolved to THRIVE on gossip and drama and such because what is that truly in an environment of evolutionary adaptation? It’s intelligence (the military sense of the word) that she can use to her advantage. Which male kill the stag on the hunt, who is on the outs with who, etc. She needs to process this information in order to lockdown the high value male that offers her children the best chance of survival. Female “adaptation” is the key here, thats why if interested in a man she will ask of others “What kind of girl does he like?” Not in order to determine if she IS that kind of girl but simply to pretend like she is as the case may be.
      SJWs often like to use evolutionary theory as a vehicle to attack religion (specifically Christianity) but do not wish to accept the totality of those implications, namely Survival of The Fittest.

      1. SJWs often like to use evolutionary theory as a vehicle to attack religion (specifically Christianity) but do not wish to accept the totality of those implications, namely Survival of The Fittest.

        This is their great hypocrisy. Many of the arguments atheists use can be used against Leftists, most notably the Leftist’s “faith” that all men are created equal, which there’s no evidence to support. Many atheists aren’t true rational skeptics, but are just trying to engineer a new social “meme” to replace Christian morality.
        Ironically, in order to destroy Christianity they’re going to have to arm society with the same tools that will ultimately destroy Leftist ideology. This is the problem that Leftists have created for themselves, and sooner or later they’re going to have to lay in the bed they’ve made.

        1. America is a very strange place.
          I’ve been wondering for a while, how do you interpret Christianity to yourselves? As in, if Christ, the son of God who urged every man to give up his wealth and help the poor and afflicted, came back today do you think he would support a crude social Darwinism? Most of what I see is an odd mix between Christianity and extremely anti-Christian views.

    8. These jack ass counselors are the same ones telling parents to compromise or negotiate with their kids (little kids).
      Fuck that…we didn’t pull that shit when I was little and my dad was having none of it. If you acted up, then there was hell to pay for it. My mother made dinner (one meal) – you ate that meal or nothing.
      Too many of these god damn parents, today, listen to this new age bullshit about “talking” to your kids (no discipline at all). It worked fine for us (and many others) for many years but these assholes continue to compromise with their kids.
      Never let anyone (even the state) tell you how to raise your own kids. They’ll threaten to take them away but they don’t want them (another body to care for)..they can’t do it. I always told them (and any others) to mind their fucking business….these are my kids.

      1. I don’t know that the psychological community is saying not to discipline your kids. I think what they’re saying is that you shouldn’t hit them as discipline because though it’s effective in the short term kids don’t really learn anything from it other than that you’re an asshole. And the correlation between violence and poor performance later on in life should be enough that you consider other techniques. They’re saying to find out what the kid values and using that as leverage. We’re at the zoo and you’re throwing a fit? Alright, everyone else gets to go to the zoo and you’re going home until you behave.

        1. Man you’re a fag.
          There was something called “tough love” and that was a reasonable kick in the ass to let the kid know he had to fall in line or else. And that was consideted perfectly acceptable back before lefty scum hijacked the system.

    9. There need to be masculine therapists that encourage masculinity. Its not easy though, kudos to the man that can spend 8 years in school around women and betas and remain masculine.

      1. “There need to be masculine therapists that encourage masculinity.”
        Men don’t need therapists. We need fathers, wise elders, bards and philosophers.
        That’s why we have people like Quintus Curtius.

        1. Agreed, We need more people teaching you how to get up and fix problems yourself. The issue I am having right now in my life is that my parents think that by taking me to a “Therapist” it will help me with my anger issues and when I do something wrong, they don’t punish me….I keep pushing back saying I need to find a way to fix the problem myself. The only good thing my parents do is try to get me to go to the gym. Yeah I am fat…I just really don’t care. I am honestly glad I broke through the Bullshit my parents shove down my throat and actually stand up to try get go from a beta to an alpha. I am glad I read this article, I was almost considering going to a “Therapist” Also, as you can see I sound young as I mention I am living with my parents. I’m a young teenager.

    10. Leftists don’t want to believe some things are wired in because that denies that they can ultimately control people right down to their synapses.
      All leftists are aspiring dictators and slavemasters.

      1. But if a leftist does it, he’s not a slavemaster. He’s forgiven, because it’s for “equality”. And after all, the slaves in this situation are presumably reactionary, right-wing, conservative Christian kulaks.
        With leftists, there will never be anything but a double standard.

  10. Psychoanalysis may have its place but many of the mental struggles of daily life can dealt with by living a healthier lifestyle and finding good friends.
    It is no coincidence that all religious traditions have some kind of rabbi, priest, or spiritual leader. There are times when humans need their grief to be acknowledged and understood by others, and there will always be those few who’s natural talent and drive is to share compassion.

  11. The issue here involves whether a person is going through psychosomatic (psychological) social disorder problems (like antisocial personality disorder) that family/friends/self adjustment/religion can ameliorate and without the use of drugs in most cases, or if the person has genuine neurological disorders (like dementia) that a person should see a psychiatrist for in order to get some much needed rx.
    Some important things to remember for anyone attempting to understand which is which is that, a psychiatrist is medically qualified to diagnose and prescribe medication for a consequential treatment of both, whereas a psychologist is nothing more elaborate than a paid friend you go see whenever you want to discuss the issues affecting your insignificant life and he or she pretends to care.
    Daniel is correct to point out the bs involved in going to see psychologists in that they tend to use “touchy feely” terms designed to make you feel better about yourself and usually at the expense of dealing with reality. Their assessments are no more than superficial band-aids places on the surface of your psyche in order to keep you from harming yourself and others. Most of them deal with the symptoms of disorders, rather than the causes.
    For example: say you’re grossly overweight, and you go see a psychologist and tell him/her about someone calling you fat at at work because you brought a whole baked chicken to devour at lunchtime.
    Rather than address the issue of you wanting to eat an entire chicken for lunch, the psychologist in most cases may state that there are people in this world “who do not appreciate diversity” and because of “intolerance” since you are “beautiful in your own body regardless of how anyone sees you.”
    Sound familiar? That is the crux of the entire social justice movement…the excuse to remain mediocre and to justify/defend mediocrity for fun and profit. It’s a philosophy created by progressives (in order to breed useful idiots) that aims to transform America from a nation of pioneers to a nation of lotophagic imbeciles.
    A lot of these psychologists could themselves use a psychologist, because they believe in things most of us consider absurd. (for ex: The majority membership of the American Psychological Association, especially after they helped legitimize homosexuality)
    I have seen psychologists in my youth…trust me when i say, their words are designed to comfort rather than cure, as is increasingly the case in the so called psychological medical treatment industry.
    The issues involved in my youth dealt with experiencing the world differently than most. Picture Neo from the matrix as a child and wondering why he sees the world as ugly and wrong (and being told he is wrong to do so) whereas the sheeple seem content in it, and you will get a clearer picture of why my Mother took me to psychologists.
    Fortunately she did so before the rise of the legalized “get kids manageable on motivation inhibitors” movement, so i was never put on any serious rx’s kids today are being put on.
    Medications like adderall and methylphenidate for example, are designed not to treat but to “manage” fashionable fabricated psych disorders like ADHD. They and others exist to give parents a reason to dope up their kids so they can have trouble free sex (for instance) and to give a nice boost to the bottom line of the world’s largest drug dealer: Phizer (as well as others)
    What truly helped me in steps to mental stability was faith, reaching into the masculine instinct that breeds a red pill perspective, and this book, which i read in my early 20’s but i wish had been available far sooner.
    I highly recommend this book (besides the bible) for anyone seeking a non drug based alternative to what passes for theoretical psychological “science” nowadays, since psychologists can refer you to a psychiatrist as a means of helping you get rx if he or she feels it’s prudent or if they feel you are too much of a bother to deal with unmedicated.
    Is it any wonder the ancient greek word for sorcerer is “farmakiah?” (pharmakeia)

    1. “Designed to comfort not to cure”
      Isn’t that what all medical professionals are taught to do these days?

      1. Indeed. It’s one thing for the pseudoscience of psychology to get a pass on a higher standard of treatment, quite another to see that phenomena in the medical field itself. It really seems as if most medically related professionals can’t be bothered to do anything more than medicate into treatment rather than diagnose into healing.
        Just like with the Constitutional oath, the Hippocratic oath has been bastardized in order to lower the standard for what passes as a medical physician nowadays.

  12. My personal experience with shrinks and marriage counselors: utter crap, they’re only there to validate the woman (or whatever). A commentor’s personal experience with a counselor (after divorce): very useful. (Yeah this is going to sound like a “Not All Therapists Are Like That”.)
    He got a good one who was basically as red-pill as it gets. Told the Man that he’d lost himself, lost his essence, because he’d identified and suppressed himself to wife-and-family. That he’d forgotten about himself because to his family, he was nothing more than a utility – an accessory – a handbag. That the last thing that society and his ex-wife wanted to see was him as a human, with his own thoughts and feelings. Slaves are not supposed to have any humanity.
    In his words: “if you want to know how you can tell the right therapist for you? Your ex will hate them. They will make disparaging remarks about them, as they can see and are threatened by your new empowerment.”
    It depends upon who you get. Most of them though: utter fucking crap.

    1. Every man I know who went to marriage counseling got divorced anyway…

      1. I did attend marriage counseling twice early in my marriage, at my wife’s insistence.
        What I thought was going to happen (SJW, betaisms woman always right blah blah blah) is exactly what didn’t happen.
        Instead, the male therapist, after listening to both of us thoughtfully and without interrupting, told her to STFU (paraphrase) and accept me how I am. He told her that I was good enough to marry (I had never hidden anything about me or my life from her) so I am good enough to stay married. That she should accept me for who I am and if my hobbies don’t hurt her she should, again, STFU about it.
        15 years later, still happily married, and I still have my identity and my hobbies.
        Believe it or not, I think that those words coming from a therapist (something she takes seriously) had an impact on her and her idea of what a marriage is supposed to be.
        In my case, even though I dreaded it, it turned out well.
        NATALT (i had one that definitely wasnt) but the odds of finding a ‘good’ one are small.

  13. Funny enough I’m currently taking an Intro to Psych at the moment for my schooling. After hearing the material I can honestly say most of the terms are so broad just about anyone can have problems of some kind.
    Don’t get me wrong, the hardcore cases like schizophrenics deserve treatment, but for shrinks their bread and butter is whiny people who can’t accept the fact that life is hard.

    1. If you want to do well in scientific-psychology my advice is to start volunteering in a research lab asap, and start learning stats.
      Just start teaching yourself… The classroom can make stats a horrible environment to learn it in. If you watch YouTube videos on normal distributions and go from there, you’ll be ahead of most of your classmates.

      1. That’s what I figured looking at it. Not majoring in Psych or labs but looking forward top finishing my bachelor’s in project management with a minor in electrical engineering and communications. Thanks for the advice, I’m gonna look into that for PM.

        1. Youre better off taking paranormal psychology a la peter venkman 😉

        2. the first time I heard somebody tell me ‘the devil out flew my arse’ I didn’t believe them.
          Now I just give everyone the benefit of the doubt

        3. LOL!
          You remember “deep thoughts” from 90s SNL?
          Some of your one liners remind me of that

        4. only had the british SNL which was a copy of the american one. might check it out on youtube

    2. “but for shrinks their bread and butter is whiny people who can’t accept the fact that life is hard”
      Yeah pretty much. You should write in that your essays

  14. Agreed 90%. Sometimes one has to have done it before you can truly knock it though.. A bit like getting a degree, or being married..
    Or even “game” if you are talking about the rather wasteful indulgence of plonking hordes of pointless women..
    But dead right on the money when it comes to listening to the good manly advice of trusted gents and getting in the gym where everyone comes through that door as a equal and lots of folks will spot you when you are lifting..
    The only advice you really need is the advice you can deduce yourself.. Rarely do any “professionals” ever give you the advice.. If you are lucky, some might give you the tools though.. Unless they would rather just take the money and set you up as a lifelong loser..

  15. Thanks for the article. Good to see that I’m not alone with such conclusions. I’ll contribute my 3 cent.
    I went to therapy for many years to try ironing out the consequences of a bad childhood, with no results worth mentioning. What has improved my life, though, is the manosphere and it’s teachings.
    I discovered, much later, the writings of Wilhelm Reich, who got himself offed for blabbing too much. I also discovered the writings of Thomas Szasz, a Hungarian psychiatrist who emigrated to the US. I recommend both.
    All contemporary “schools” of “psychology” are Frankfurt School progeny, and, as anybody who has looked at this institution, it had nothing to do with curing anything, but rather with subverting and eradicating culture.
    The psy “sciences” are the direct heirs of the confessional and the torture chambers of the inquisition, and, as we know, both these institutions had nothing to do with healing, either.
    To put things even more in context: until the 18xx years, you’d have a priest adjudicating “insanity” to people. After the marxists took over, you’d often have a tribe member (of course, properly identified as doctor of this or that), adjudicating insanity.

  16. Most psychology today is feminist, drug-hawking bull, no doubt.
    There are however real scientists in the field, unfortunately they are rarely featured in the MSM. Emily Deans of evolutionarypsychiatry.blogspot.com
    is a good example, if you like evolutionary explanations.

  17. Another thought:
    In case anybody doubts psychology (and psychiatry) is quackery, just read the chapter about homosexuality in the DSM V. That’s all you’ll ever need to understand that this is crazy non-science is marxism posing as medicine.

    1. Homo behavior used to be classified as mental illness in the DSM… those were the good old days.

        1. I think South Park did a perfect job of showing a dysfunctional psychologist with multiple personality disorder helping a boy who was merely playing pretend on being a firefighter or doctor

        2. Yeah the recent Jenner fiasco is probably the best example thus far. Bruce was a hero of mine; one of the best athletes America has ever produced. The dude was fit and strong (but not freakishly ‘roided’ out like today’s meat heads) and got chicks. The all-American as the saying goes.
          Then somewhere down the road something went wrong. Anybody who applauds what Jenner has recently done to himself is a sick fuck. He is NOT a woman; he is a surgically altered male who has some serious mental issues.

  18. I remember I was forced to attend some college therapy when one of my neighbor ratted on me about my “loud” argument I had with my siblings outside. It was obvious. The college therapy center posed as a science department when they sent me an email (via college email account) and they forced me to attend some bullshit therapy and comply for few weeks or otherwise risk being expelled. So I had no choice but to attend. It was one of the most pretentious, fake and bullshit environment I ever attended with the counselor acting like he cared with an apparent fake smile and asking me “how are you doing today?” and wanting to know my life story when all I did was get in some “loud” argument with one of my sibling (outside of school district). I was actually more depressed than I ever was being forced to attend the therapy. In fact, during those times I felt better when all I did was do Iron therapy (working out with barbells and lift anything heavy).
    It’s unnatural for men to be forced to talk about their “feelings”. It’s not like the therapist is going to really care because he sees many students/clients every hour.

    1. I was forced to attend anger management over a bs issue which ironically, gave me anger issues later on.
      It was at that point that i realized a 911 call can be used against you inappropriately, to put it mildly.
      Not to sound patronizing but i feel for you brother..

      1. Anger management does more harm than good. At the very least the system has you marked as a guy who gets pissed off (and for good cause) so any future dealings with law enforcement will be a SWAT affair. Get pulled over, cop runs your plates, show’s you were in “anger management” program, then 5 minutes later jack booted thugs dressed in black show up and Rodney King your ass in the sidewalk before they issue a bogus ticket to you.

        1. This was in NY…’nuff said on that.
          I’m not going to go into too much of the details but, i was charged with aggravated assault (which was bs i kid you not) and up to then i had no anger management issues whatsoever. On the contrary, i was your average 20 something blue pill male, albeit with an intellectual flair.
          The irony is that, after i got royally screwed over by the NYPD (even one of the arresting cops told me i got messed over) i was given the choice of pleading guilty and undergoing anger management or going to trial, which (if i lost) would have threatened the nice employment position i had worked my butt off to achieve at that point.
          I chose the former, and had to pay $89 for 6 classes designed to cure me of a non existent anger issue.
          Looking back, i wish i hadn’t gone to the apartment complex which, since i was technically trespassing (even though i was there for someone else) allowed this nosy neighbor cunt to call the cops on me. Still, if the arresting cops had done their damn job, they would have realized i was literally set up. They were too lazy to do so however.
          After that royal screw over, i ended up with legitimate anger issues directed at cunts, lazy cops, and of course society in general for enabling them.
          Looking back though, i have to say that there was a silver lining to it: my developing cynicism (even after my anger cooled off somewhat) helped me develop a red pill perspective i build upon to this day.

      1. I wasn’t expelled. They threaten to expel me if I didn’t comply and attend their therapy seminar. I suspected one of my neighbor who ratted on me when I got into argument outside my house with my sibling. Apparently the neighbors find out that I attended university and possibly emailed the counseling center.

        1. Curious, nosy neighbours, of course. A product of the leftist culture, which teaches them to interfere in everyone’s business.

        2. yeah now everyone just resorts to calling the cops whenever they see something “disruptive” or “suspicious”. Makes me trust people less and less each and everyday.

    2. People get into loud arguments with their siblings and family members often. That’s no big deal. However, a therapist would make a mountain out of a molehill, claiming that that loud argument somehow signals to unresolved anger issues due to early childhood abuse, or some other bullshit, that needs to be “talked about”.
      For the majority of therapists, this is just a tactic to lead on, and make money by making the other person come to him again and again.

      1. The PRO’s and CON’s of psychotherapy.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        the pro’s being the booklearning, the lingo, the psychobabble and how to write up pages of bullshit diagnoses
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        AND THE CON’s being HOW TO CON the money out of the system, from individuals or the insurance companies. How to make your useless eater college psych degree pay you back. The more scam you run as a shrink, the more you run with the system game and the more you hook your clients both verbally and pharmaceutically with the pharmaco rep’s bag o goodies, then the more nicer mercedes cars and playboy mcCastle to live in and cayman vacations and nice boat you can afford. It is as big a cash cow gravy industry as the inside government enforcement and tax collection positions are.

  19. You should rarely, if ever, have to pay someone in order talk about your life and get good advice. That’s what friends are for. Friends, not flatterers. Obvious exceptions are when people die, you move, or shit happens.

  20. How can a young adult right out of college become a “therapist,” any way? Even if you could get training for that kind of career, you would still need considerable life experience and maturity to become competent at it. I wouldn’t take anyone younger than 50 seriously as a therapist.
    The psychotherapy field also has a blind spot about helping men to learn how to get into sexual relationships quickly, as we can see from the failure of Elliot Rodger’s therapists to address his real problem. In some alternate reality, a therapist would have evaluated Elliot in his late teens and prescribed a sexual initiation for him with the help of a sex surrogate. That would have taken the edge off of his despair, and he could have learned to deal with his emotional issues in more constructive ways.
    Yet in our reality, we still leave boys’ sexual development to the haphazard and hope that they can figure it out somehow on their own. Well, we can see that this benign neglect doesn’t really work for more and more young men. You can’t prepare for a sex life by doing the unrelated things elders tell their rejected boys to do, like “developing themselves.” Sexual experience is its own training, and accept no substitutes.

    1. Sex SURROGATE for Elliott? A paid cum dumpster that needs to be returned when finished?? I don’t think he would benefit from that. Anyone can buy a hooker and any kid with a bike or skateboard can venture through the hood and be propositioned by fucked up dope addict prostitutes. ”You wanna date?” ”You like head white boy?”
      What he could have benefitted from would have been a real loyal sex slave. One he never had to return, if only that were possible. That’s about as much as could be perscribed. Ideally he could have attended a game boot camp and then been released in an area where there are no feminist laws.

  21. My three keys to happiness:
    Low expectations,
    Selective memory, and
    High self-confidence

  22. I have found over the years that the roots of depression and most mental problems stem from (1) lack of direction in life (2) lack of fulfillment in life (3) loss of a foundational “thing” (person, place, etc.) in life. Finding the root cause is key to overcoming the problem. It is the process of finding the root cause though which can be hard because there can be false ones or more then one cause.
    I don’t fully agree that a therapist is no help in doing this. I do STRONGLY agree you need to have the right kind of therapist though for it to be worthwhile. First, if you are a man ALWAYS find a male therapist. Second, find one that can relate to you as a man. Best question to ask them is “tell me how many women you have fucked”. If he declines to answer then find a new guy. A real therapist who can deal with your problems has absolutely no problem in answering that question. Third, stay away from any therapist who uses the word “support” a lot (most of them are women). All that a “support therapist” is in reality is a paid friend who listens to you moan on for hours on end.
    One thing you should definitely avoid are anti-depressants. Unless you are so bad off you literally cannot get out of bed STAY FAR AWAY from them. They will do nothing more then “cover up” the root cause of your depression and you won’t be able to find what needs to be fixed.

    1. And antidepressants can be even worse for people who suffer from a mild form of bipoler disorder like me.
      They put me on antidepressants for almost a year and at first, it really lifted my my mood. But at around 4 months into the treatment I had fixed the problems that had caused my depression, so I was happy naturally.
      But of course they told me to stay on it just in case. Well it sent me into one of the worst manic state, I was overly confident, talking to everybody to the point that my friends were wondering what was wrong with me.
      I learned later that with certain people, antidepressants can cause them to experience mania: http://psychcentral.com/news/2011/10/13/antidepressant-induced-mania-similar-to-bipolar-disorder/30300.html
      I stopped taking it and after going through depressive phase, everything returned to normal, and it’s now been more than 3 years since I’ve touched a psychiatric pill.

      1. I know only one person who was actually helped by anti-depressants and he was SERIOUSLY messed up. He had two close relatives die in a separate accidents within the span of one month, lost a highly lucrative job through no fault of his own, and his wife miscarried. He literally couldn’t get out of bed he was so messed up.
        I saw one friend take an anti-depressant and he put on 20 pounds in like a few months. Nothing like getting fat to make you feel more depressed. Another friend took them for awhile but said he couldn’t get it up at all. That had to be depressing. And a third friend I know who tried an anti-depressant for awhile said it made her feel so horny she could barely think straight (think it was Welbutron). I know one person though who was NOT upset about that though and it was her husband.

        1. Wellbutrin – thank you. I had almost forgotten about that one. I believe it also curbes niccotine cravings as well. I would never have my girl mess with it as per doctor’s orders though, because I never do SHIT by establishment guidelines. I’d try it like spice but a doc would probably have her on the shit until her clit was ROASTED from overuse as is usually the case. Fuck that.

    2. If any of you do reckon you’re depressed or know someone who is, Look into intermittent fasting, as these studies will explain better than myself:
      http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-0-585-37970-8_2 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21884931 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0092867407016856 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3106288/ Look into it, trust me, those anti-depressants are the same as any, “upper” you could buy, eventually, shit stops working and you gotta switch make or up dose, until eventually some those many fucked up side effects kick in.

    3. Some good advice.
      For myself, times of depressed thoughts are usually fixed with
      1. Talking to friends.
      2. Exercise
      3. Getting into nature and sunshine
      4. Eating well.
      Its not rocket science, and you don’t need to pay $200/hr for some quack to tell you about your “emotional stabilization strategies”.

      1. Getting “out of your element” is a really good way to get some prospective. It can be anything from visiting a friend in a new city, an overnight hike in the woods, or a few day road trip to somewhere you have never explored. Getting away from your day to day environs is a good way of removing the static that gets in your way to identifying the root cause(s) of your problem

  23. One time the wife had a hair across her ass during PMS, so I got in the truck and took off for some alone time. Within an hour she texts and says ” we need marriage counseling “. I laughed let her stew in her emotions for a bit and then responded with ” definitely – call Dr Phil right away”. She’s never brought that stupid idea up ever again.

      1. The last people I’ll listen to lecture me on relationships are either a fat fem cow who probably bosses her husband around or a beta boy who gets laid twice a month – only if he does the dishes every night. No thanks!

        1. No need for him to do the dishes. They eat out all the time because she can’t cook even if her life depended on it.

    1. ‘Run Joe Run’ when woman has PMS time. To remain around you go beyond your nature trying to appease the bitch. You become such a contortionist against your natural masculine form that you in effect have to play like you’re a woman just to steer her from burning the place. It’s never healthy for a man to ‘bend’ himself into the feminine mindset. You make yourself slightly more ‘bitchwhipped’ and ‘womanized’ being around. The only ‘red rags’ I like being around are the shop rags in my garage when I’m working on my engine. A gf/sister wife is the perfect ticket for keeping the raging PMS woman in check. They can knit or play cards and dinner still gets made.

      1. I don’t run. I simply just ignore her requests and give her no attention. At least PMS last a couple days. Menopause crazy lasts for days so find something else to do. Don’t try to reason or argue.

    2. Therapy is an indication that a couple cannot solve problems on their own. And if that is the case, it’s pretty much over.
      You were correct to refuse that option.

  24. “It is a big load of lefty nonsense”
    Of course it is. It also enriches them.
    Plus once a person goes, others will find out and that also comes with a social stigma.
    Did you do a tour in the sand box and think you might suffer PTSD? Do you think this might narrow your employement opportunities later if you speak up? How about legally owning a firearm in the future?

  25. Yes, it’s a load of Leftist nonsense, but worse than that, it’s an information conduit to the Omnipotent State. A number of well-meaning persons have already discovered that even one visit to a therapist can be used as justification for stripping a man of his firearms, or of denying a divorced father access to his children. Beware!

  26. If there ever was a “profession” completely conjured up, dominated and peddled by jews, it’s psychiatry. Although, let’s not forget about usury-obsessed banker, pornographer, Ponzi schemer, forex speculator, diamond peddler, and modern advertizing exec.

    1. I was thinking about that the other day. They create the dystopias full of depressed people, and, conveniently, they also have the costly “cure” that’s supposed to help you cope in the jewed environment: psychiatry.

  27. Tony Soprano: You know, there’s this Russian woman. She told me something that’s very true. She said, only here, in America, do we expect to be happy. I mean this woman, she had a terrible leg disease since she was 9. She was dirt poor. She’s getting on with her life. I mean, over here, we come and we bitch to shrinks. I mean, what the fuck? Dr. Melfi: Well, part of that may be true. But, who said that after getting out of the dirt and the poverty, do we have to stop looking for pain and truth? Tony Soprano: Pain and truth? Come on, I’m a fat fucking crook from New Jersey.

  28. For the most part I’d take talking cures over pharmacological treatment, but there are occasions when one or the other, or both may be necessary. Sometimes people do have ‘untreated illness’ and need treatment and / or support.
    Support is a bit of a buzzword, because it implies that ‘help’ breeds dependency. In fact any kind of contact with mental health services, psychiatry, psychology, psych-therapy – the psy-industry in short – is probably going to have the effect of making you less independent than you might be, but occasionally its still better than trying to go it alone – people really do have serious mental health problems that need help.
    As others note, its the kind of help / support that matters, and the first criteria should be that if you do seek help / support or as I would prefer to see – the resources you happen to need at the time – then its important to make sure that you minimise the danger of dependency, chronicity – particularly the addictive and shaping (constitutive) effects that such contact can have. Unfortunately the mental health services too often produce chronicity, people who are addicted to the emotional and psychological payoffs they receive.
    As for the more general – political – suspicion of the psy-industry its not misplaced – but equally you have to pragmatic about such things. If they think you want treatment but don’t deserve you’ll have a hard time getting it, if on the other hand they think you need treatment but don’t want it, you’ll probably have a hard time resisting their solicitation
    The Psy-industry is always political – it always has been and always will be a means of exerting social control. It may be leftist now, but it has also been more right wing in the past. The commonality is that mental health diagnosis will always reflect the political status quo. Psychosis in particular is a relationship not to reality but to social reality, or rather who’s in power – who has foucauldians would say – is setting and controlling the discourse. As everybody here seems to realise, that’s not us. The cathedral right now is mightily concerned with masculinity and its discontents. Indeed the feminization of psychology, psycho-analysis (which has been feminized pretty much since the Freud passed away) and psychiatry is probably only just beginning. Expect masculinity, and anything associated with masculinity to gradually become subtly or not so subtly pathologised. We already see this in the focus on teenage conduct disorders and behavioural issues, attention deficit disorder (and mass ritalin prescription) but the increasing focus on psychopathy and personality disorders is also gendered. Indeed since any kind of non-compliance is almost guaranteed to be constructed as pathological you are almost certainly going to find that psychiatry in general is gendered (against men) and that it is a system that engenders paranoia. That’s a seriously problem in itself since paranoia is highly co-morbid with psychotic illness, including schizophrenia.
    All in all the psy-industry, while its generally well-meaning is always highly political, currently highly feminised (as others have said it is increasingly a female-dominated profession) and is increasingly anti-male.
    So if you need help, seek it, just as you would any other resource you are in need of, but do so carefully, and make sure you manage those who may otherwise end up managing you.

  29. Pick an old man if you want to go. They will listen to you, not try to prescribe drugs and will lead you through your own self betterment.

    1. Agreed, posted my story above. Plus they probably went through school under the older DSM.

    2. True. Army made me see a guy(because I got testy with an NCO who was almost universally despised for incompetence and pathological lying, but who was good at kissing the XO’s ass) that turned out to be an old, black guy with a lot of experience under his belt.
      The dude was good to talk to although he didn’t have the effect they intended.

    3. “Pick an old man if you want to go.”
      Exactly. The older the more life experience. And I suspect this is where one would talk to their grandfather.

  30. I had this 30 year old female coworker that was dating this guy for several months. They got into a fight over something, and he just dropped off. Completely cut her off, wouldn’t answer her phone calls, texts, emails, etc. She starts to see a therapist, and the therapist says that my coworker needs closure and suggested she go to his place of work to confront him about why he just cut her off. So she does that.
    Needless to say, if a girl is willing to go to where a guy works, then maybe that’s why she got cut off and sees a therapist.

    1. You’re absolutely obsessed with her aren’t you?
      How many times have you jerked it to this cover?

      1. That’s not a “her”. That’s an “it”. Transgender freaks aren’t human and don’t have human rights.

        1. I refuse to fuck with the grammar of the English language to pander to mental illness.

        2. Where did you get your degree to decide what is and is not “mental illness”?

        3. I still call him a he. He presumably has XY chromosomes. Regardless of what he’s done to his body, or what types of airbrushing his pictures had, he’s still a male.

        4. Sorry “guest” but I’m doing just fine and I’m quite happy. Thanks for trying though.

        5. ” Regardless of what he’s done to his body, or what types of airbrushing his pictures had, he’s still a male.”
          Exactly. He’s a surgically altered male, nothing more.. wait: he’s also a fallen hero to young boys who admired and looked up to him at the ’76 Olympics.

      2. Not “her”, him. He has a dick and XY chromosomes.

  31. I found a RP therapist almost two years ago. I initially went to him to help get me turned around on a LTR during my BP days. When it met its predictable end he pointed me towards the Manosphere and kicked me in that direction. Even though I’m no longer a patient we still talk from time to time.
    The bottom line is that I went through two years of therapy and dealt with easily a dozen different therapists before I found the right guy. With those odds not many guys are going to get lucky.

    1. I’d love to be a “RP therapist”, giving real manly advice to beta guys that are heartbroken over some chick

      1. With him there was no Red Pill/Blue Pill. He spoke in terms of suppressed masculinity and forced feminine traits. When I hit bottom with my depression after my last relationship his words were “Are you done wasting our time?”
        It was like talking to a completely different person after that. Instead of talking feelings out we made lists and discussed what my next step should be all under the attitude of this being my choice and being aware of what waits for me when I backslide

  32. It’s not a coincidence that psychologist (part of the Frankfurt school system) have literally given all boys ADD/ADHD medication. Because they weren’t as “calm as the girls in a classroom setting”. Medicating young boys to prevent them from reaching their male potential. Keep in mind it’s a 330 billion dollar industry to keep people medicated and always misdiagnosed.

    1. Nobody tried to drug my son (he’s 18). He even got into some fights with other boys, and constantly questioned the things being taught to him.
      Lesson learned: they can’t drug your kid without your consent. So don’t consent.

  33. Axl Rose officially diagnosed acute bipolar refused his meds from the get go because the meds ‘took the edge off of his performance’.

  34. I’m ashamed to admit that I did go a few times, years ago. What a fucking waste of time and money. They would listen to you read the phone book if that’s what you want to talk about.

  35. After 3 years as a divorce attorney, my job was literally driving me crazy. My law society membership gave me access to an EAP that paid for sessions with a counselor. She was great: someone to talk to and she taught me some Jedi mind tricks to throw off all the bullshit and actually get to sleep at night. That got me through the next year until I packed it in.

    1. How could you be a divorce attorney enabling women to rip off men.. I believe it must have been in your BP times…

      1. I worked both sides of the aisle. My female clients were never trying to rip anyone off.

        1. “My female clients were never trying to rip anyone off.”
          hmm… staying within the law is reaping men off.. you know, did you have any female turning down alimony and/or child support? In particular, if she was the one initiating the divorce. Curious.

        2. No, but I had guys hiding assets, not supporting their kids, stop working and then claiming poverty, assaulting the woman, turning the kids against the mother, cheating on them and then leaving them with two young kids and a bun in the oven and no money, etc. Not my client but we had one guy show up at the house, stab mom to death, set fire to the house and then hang himself. The insurance company almost didn’t pay out which would have meant the kids inherited nothing.
          Of course, the women on the other side of cases were doing all sorts of shenanigans, but it’s not like women have a monopoly on acting like jerks.

        3. “No, but I had guys hiding assets, not supporting their kids, stop working and then claiming poverty, assaulting the woman, turning the kids against the mother, cheating on them and then leaving them with two young kids and a bun in the oven and no money, etc.”
          That’s not right either.

  36. Try describing your problems and experiences to a rubber duck, like some computer programmers do. Much cheaper, and it doesn’t charge by the hour.

  37. Wow, ye must have fairly shit therapists over in the states lads. I’m an adventure therapist in Ireland, a kind of growing concept for dealing with, “troubled young men”, to put it politely, that instead of going the cuddly soft way on them that the residential centres adopt, we take a no bullshit response, using the harshness of adventure sports as metaphors for live and it’s real struggles that will hit these, “poor me” individuals as soon as they turn 18 and the system stops giving a shit. In five years can count the amount of failed cases on one hand.
    Trouble with the leftist agenda, as is often the case is the fact men and women, being the different beings altogether, don’t process emotions and problems the same way, yet the system treats them to the same, “therapy”. The residential centres with their softly soft approach have a 12% success rate, and 92% of those successes are girls, what a coincidence in a system with mainly women workers, taking a soft approach that the young lads, end up in juvy, prison, or just chucked as soon as they turn 18.
    From what I gather on the therapy you’ve discussed, you’re referring to psychologists, and psychiatrists. Psychologists in my experience are hit and miss, Psychiatrists are glorified doctors who think pills and a thing called a psychiatric nurse, (someone who got a weekend cert’ in CBT), will do the trick, Despite the pills many many side effects, and the ineffectiveness in the long run of CBT, example 3 girls go to the same psychiatrist with eating disorders, he sends them to the same psychiatric nurse, yes they stop with the finger down the throat, the root cause is never determined though, thus all 3 are now fat bitches with the other eating disorder, not stopping
    . Then you have bog standard Counsellors who focus on the present, aka the symptoms and not the cause. Once in a blue moon you come accross a thing called a Psychotherapist, they, treat people, like people and don’t label or rabble off acedemic speak, and more importantly use various activities to access the subconscious mind and determine the root of ones problems, them, I have no issue with.
    My roundabout point is, don’t lump all therapists in together, some of us actually have success in our jobs and help people.

  38. I guess they call it a “shrink” because they try to make your problems seem “smaller or shrunken”
    It’s not necessarily the quality of the psychologist that matters, its really just the placebo effect of seeing someone that initiates your own healing for some reason when we visit a doc for a physical or mental issue, a lot of the healing is just placebo, there are some good documentaries about the amazing placebo effect
    hence, i take my supplements, knowing i could be wasting my money, but as far as i know, by taking them i am initating my own healing, hence why you should take a multi-vitamin, even if it does nothing, you thinking it might, is good for ya

    1. I would never pay for a shrink. I got to sit in for many free hours with this crazy girl I was with though. I wasn’t the cause of her craziness but the doc let me sit in and wrote it up or coded it as ‘group’ therapy. I had a blast. I learned some cool shrink moves like staring at the person you’re shrinking and then raising your voice and saying ”whoooa, let’s go baack to your early childhood. you’re all over the plaze it’s making ME dizzy”. I know that shrink wanted in her pants and to ride her across his desk while he held fistfulls of her blonde goldielox like a bull rider. I guess that’s the reason I was there. That jew doctor would have screwed the hell out of her if I wasn’t there. KNOWING HER, that is.

    2. I guess they call it a “shrink” because they try to make your problems seem “smaller or shrunken”
      I’m pretty sure that it was a derogatory term taken from those Indians of the Amazon who actually shrink heads.

  39. Psychiatry is a pure junk science, with charlatons laughing all the way to the bank. With all the access we have in the information age, im hoping it gets exposed for what it is and people opting for other solutions to their issues. Much like the manosphere pulling off the mask of the matrix, we also are seeing growing interest in the dismissal of psycho analysis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-psychiatry
    ” In the Southern US, black slaves and abolitionistsen countered Drapetomania, a pseudo-scientific diagnosis for why slaves ran away from their master”
    The above mental disorder came from the same school of sick morons called ‘psychiatry’.
    When the West collapses, hopefully ‘psychiatry’ will get flushed down the toilet along with all the other social cancers.

  40. I once saw a PHD in his 70’s with 40 years experience
    He introduced me to “paradoxical intention” and had actually spoken to Viktor Frankl during his lifetime, probably one of the worlds most famous psychiatrists
    basically, what you do, is “try to make yourself feel bad” paradoxical intention.
    “In psychotherapy, paradoxical intention is the deliberate practice of a neurotic habit or thought, undertaken to identify and remove it.
    The better we want to feel and the more we avoid feeling bad, it’s like we attract the neuroses because we want to avoid is, the reflexive mechanism of your mind does the opposite and perpetuates the neurotic response, instead, Practise your neuroses because of reflexology mechanisms in the brain they go away
    i was cured.. with this simple technique

    1. Is that kind of like smoking a whole pack of cigarettes in one go to quit smoking?

  41. Well
    hell fire folks I’ve known this since I was 15 years old that therapy
    was the biggest scam! They just open up old wounds and rehash everything
    and the patient never gets better, the shrinks just bleed them dry of

  42. All this article says to me is why you should never see a BAD shrink. I agree, psychology is largely owned by touchy-feely feminist neo-liberal types, but that’s not to say one cannot gain something positive from a more red-pill leaning counselor. They’re out there. The trick is of course, finding them. Someone like Spetsnaz on youtube is a good counselor of men struggling with anger. We need more men like this who come from experienced lives and have learned deal with the issues that occur within men specifically. Just saying ‘Lift and learn game son’ is not an answer. It’s a cookie-cutter solution to a problem that’s nothing but grey area. An unbiased understanding of human psychology is important and can help individuals liberate themselves from their own self-destructive behaviours.

  43. “”However, I’m pleased to denounce seeing a shrink in the hope that it will expedite improvement in your life or alleviation of depression and anxiety. It is particularly useless to young men because chattering one on one with a person who analyzes you does nothing to improve your life””
    The moment I read the above paragraph I realized this piece was just as much crock as that he claims overcredentialed psychologists spew.
    I continued reading on in hopes that the author would provide a valid alternate solution – when I read take up meditation, “write,” read ROK, and find masculine friends, I realized the author was no different than a therapist. The author would probably be surprised to find that many therapists would recommend the same thing.
    But only worse – this author is speaking to you through the lens of a writer, or, well, blogger. A therapist is meant to be broader, and your “therapy” may involve taking up hobbies, or just putting yourself out there. Reading and writing may work for author, but may not work for you.
    Any good therapist would tell you that they aren’t around to “fix” your problems – To this end, CrackerDaddy’s comment is spot on. If your therapist is going to sit around with a box of kleenexes and scribbling a psychoanalysis of you, it’s time to find a new therapist.
    The author of this piece should familiarize himself with this work by Roosh:
    Because he is falling into the same trap that women do – mistakening a familiarity with a bad experience with a therapist with a depth of knowledge of the profession.
    To that end, any readers who need help WRT mental health should take this article with a big plate of salt.
    Readers should know by now to recognize when the Feminine Imperative rears its ugly head in the form of a therapist….and move on. In the end of the day, it’s your job to fix your mental health issues. The mark of a good therapist (for you) is one that guides you on this path – and is clear about this from square one.

    1. Confession, buddy.
      Even if you are not catholic, going in and admitting your problems to a remarkably tough man, having him tell you what you did wrong, and having some way of working penance will have an amazingly beneficial effect on your psyche.

      1. I’ve already overcome most of my problems, my post was directed toward the young who read this article seeking guidance
        Having been raised catholic since birth, I’m quite familiar with confession. Just because it works for you, doesn’t mean it works for everyone. I don’t understand your fixation on it.

        1. My fixation is that it’s the same thing as therapy but without wasting enormous amounts of money. Is it really that hard to understand?

  44. Therapy is a joke, while there is some scientific basis to it an there are no doubt some good therapists the fact is it is just another leftist, politically correct new age movement to pussify men. Talking about your feelings in unnatautal for men unless its to another man who’s opinion you respect. Traditionally throughout history men work out their problems in their head an if need be see man you trust to help them or talk too, trherapy is another modern attempt to pussify men. I can’t think how talking about my feelings to some female 23yr old college graduate will help me.

    1. therapy is confession for people that are willing to pay enormous money for the privilege of pretending that they are not religious.

      1. Fuck, that is well spoken, I am absolutely going to shamelessly steal that and use it in real life!

  45. The best therapy for men comes not from a shirnk, but from endeavors which increase a man’s wealth, respect, game, knowledge, skills, and accomplishments. Those are the things that men work for and achieve by their own sweat and determination. Those are the things, that once acquired, compound to make a man whole. No therapist can do that for a man. Consequently, therapists hold no value to a man who’s tasted the delight of making his own way, even in a small way, in this lost world.

    1. increase a man’s wealth, respect, game, knowledge, skills, and accomplishments.
      Men in that category don’t even consider a therapist their equal and would not even listen to them.

  46. pretty much mirrors my own experience with therapy. Sniveling milquetoast beta therapists who in no way can I relate to and who offer no real guidance or useful insights, just empty platitudes and meaningless psychobabble. I concluded after attempting with several therapists that therapy is nothing but a luxury for rich housewives so they can go complain about how their husband doesn’t pay them enough attention.
    I’m still struggling to find a way to overcome my mental hangups. I’ve tried the standard red-pill style approaches of focusing on fitness and self-improvement, but no matter what I achieve or how much progress I make, I still feel like a complete fucking loser. I haven’t found the solution for how to overcome self-loathing but I know at least that therapy isn’t the answer.

    1. “But no matter what I achieve or how much progress I make, I still feel like a complete fucking loser.”
      I will use your comment to address all the other comments. Your mindset is completely wrong my friend. Your comment is eloquent, means you’re a thinking person. However, you think too much, analysis paralysis, get out there and get social. Achieve a mental state where you’re having a good time and other people LOVE you for it. Create interactions just for the sake of it, and see it as a joke if you “fail”, outcome independence. Do not await cheering from friends or family—or that special snowflake girl you have a oneitis for and always liked—whenever you perceive something you do as successful. Do it for YOURSELF.
      Talk to a cutie you see in the supermarket, game the shit out of her, because she’s cute, not because aunt barnacle will cheer. Not because someone will pat you on the back. Not because you’ll show them fools. Reframe your entire mindset. Here’s a better reframe of what you’ve just written. “I am surrounded by sniveling, milquetoasts betas who only wish to luxuriate in their own self pity, while I’m having tons of fun. Poor them! :)”
      I understand commenters here found a psychotherapist they liked, but if you think about it, it proves my point that by finding masculine, genuinely helpful male figures to be advised by—is the only way to go, and not that psychotherapy is your salvation.
      Do what is good for YOU, do not await validation from peers. It does not get them laid, I assure you, it’s autoerotic at best. Here are my final words, if you feel deflated, this is how to approach it: ‘I’m feeling down today, lol, don’t care, well at least I have a keyboard to type on LOL, I should be put on the Guinness book of records for being the saddest man on the planet with an operating keyboard :), where’s my trophy!’.

    2. Your not a loser. Just tell your self everyday even if you don’t believe it.

  47. Supposedly, early psychotherapy (“psycho-politics”) was a form of unconventional warfare employed by the Soviet Union and American Communist Party by extension. General Beria’s address on the matter to the Lenin School in the 1930’s was published and anyone can find it.

  48. Whatever bad or uncomfortable feelings you may experiencing then follow this.

  49. Psychological problems seems to arise when one gets too comfortable in their own safe zone. Sometimes adventuring is needed. Pull some pranks do something crazy just as long as you don’t get arrested.

  50. Good money in it. My friend, who is red pill as it gets laughs about charging bored housewives in the rich part of town 200 an hour to “talk” through their issues.

  51. There is one question I have here. What do we do about people who have actual psychological problems?

    1. Send them to a psychiatrist.
      I suspect the author’s work was not aimed at truly sick people.

      1. Well you see the psychiatrist nearly killed my friend twice with his drugs. I don’t know what was in the authors mind but it does bear thinking about whether this is an appropriate place for real psychologists.

    2. we used to have these things called looney bins, but most have been shut down over the past 30 years here in the US…

  52. Most psychiatry rests on the idiotic principle that if one doesn’t have a plastic smile pasted to his face 24/7 then one needs “help”. This is lunacy. If you have bad times or bad things happen to you, this is normal and part of life, embrace the suffering and grow through it. Suffer well.
    True mental problems do require help, but most “problems” folks see shrinks for are not actually problems, they’re challenges. Take up the gauntlet and meet them head on.

  53. Interesting experience for me visiting a therapist. I went for anxiety, a la Tony Soprano (heriditarily I, my father and brother possess it, even though we’ve spent limited time together).
    I was concerned about the nature of therapy, so coupled with the fact I’m very practical and action oriented, I’d thought I’d flip the script – in the space of a week I ‘auditioned’ 4/5 different therapists (in my state, the health system pays for up to 15 sessions a year).
    I interviewed them basically – told them what issues I wanted to address and how they would go about it, what we’d be doing, what the personal ‘fit’ with them would be like etc. As suspected 3/5 advocated gab-fests where we’d essentially do nothing but repeatedly relieve dramatic past moments and ‘work through’ (i.e. emotionally masturbate like a woman does with her friends) the trauma.
    Fascinating was they couldn’t handle the flipping of the power dynamic – they presume their own god-like status. One therapist tried to assure me, “don’t worry about our personality or how we may ‘gel’, it’s about the process”. One was actually attracted to me and was chasing me (heh, true psychology played out!!)
    I eventually settled on cognitive behavioural therapy, given its emphasis on taking action, gradual exposure, correcting from lessons and moving forward again. However, even that became very repetitive and I realised there was nothing of value the psychiatrist added to the process other than a soothing voice, reinforcement of the basics, re-capping progress (nothing I couldn’t have done). Also, they kept on insisting on more frequent visits and seemed to be dragging it out. Lesson learned.

  54. As someone who has seen numerous therapists and had some very bad ones and also some very good ones there is one thing that is key to getting anything from it. You have to talk and control the conversation with them. You also have to be intelligent enough to understand the psychological concepts the therapists use. And one more very important thing is to be self aware, to have looked at yourself with open unclouded eyes to find what is causing your issue at hand. One very important thing I have learned is that I am never an innocent victim. There has always been a part for me to play in where I am mentally and a lot of it has to do with incorrect decisions and mistakes on my part, or at least things I could have done better than I did. If you understand all those things going in you can control the conversation and you talk to the therapist and force them to think instead of the typical other way around. Present to them your thoughts about why you are where you are, use their psychological lingo, show them that you are an intelligent person who is interested in getting their perspective in order to learn and more fully understand. If they are good at what they do they will know more then you and will have something to add to what you say. They won’t talk at you nor ask how does that make you feel but they will talk with you. A free flow and exchange of ideas and thoughts that will help you.
    Also, medication does have a place in psychology today. If the right medication for a particular person is found it can help immensely. It is a temporary assistant to help one focus on things other than the problem. By using medication to temporarily alter focus the person can more quickly and actively work on altering their lifestyle into something more healthy. Once on track the medication can typically be stopped.
    Of course you also have people with severe mental disorders like bipolar and stuff which require a lifetime of medication to keep them from destroying not only their own lives but the lives of everyone around them.

  55. I provide therapy for women. Down on their knees sucking my cock. The success rate is astonishing.

  56. I must disagree. You cannot paint them all as useless because of your bad experience. I have one and he is not at all appeasing. He challenges me as a man and has helped me navigate myself back to finding my core. He also gives me a space to let it all out void of judgement. ROK and similar sites are great and provide tremendous value, no doubt. However, not everyone can just ‘take a red pill’, read blog posts, pivot in their life and use game to solve all of their problems. Good therapists are worth the money if they help you find your way back to a point from where you can take advantage of all of the resources, social tools and strategies you advocate to use.

  57. Avoid a therapist if he also is credentialed as an analyst. Anal-rapists are the worst!

    1. Agreed. Freud was only talking about his own personal experience and never conducted any experiments to prove his theories. He never cured anyone either.
      If a man “feels” depressed is usually down to nutritional deficiency and low testosterone. With women, like I said, the best prescription is a dominant male who can put her in her place. When down on her knees sucking your cock the woman reverts back to her natural state. She instantly happy.
      All feminists can be healed that way. The most hardcore cases require anal penetration by a big headed dick, no lubricant.

  58. Some good advice, a friend of mine is in a poor relationship because of some bad advice due to his therapist years ago.
    That said, with legitimate psychological issues, it’s obviously best to get checked. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t seen professionals about my OCD. (Legitimate, turning lights on and off 32 times exactly kind, not the “Oh I Iike to keep room neat and tidy I must be OCD” kind) Two out of three were well-intentioned, and helped, but it wasn’t until I saw a specialist who taught me some meditation and meta-cognition exercises that I really got a hold of it to the point where it doesn’t affect my life at all.

  59. agreed 1000%….and have you been stalking me? you are the only other person Ive seen use that priest analogy. so kudos on that.
    as one who is in his final class in an undergrad psychology degree…..perhaps unbeknowst too and against the wishes of my teachers, this one of the chief lessons, if not THE chief lesson Ive learned. Yes like many I went in with noble goals….must help people, make a difference, i know i can the world is fucked up. but Ive learned that psychology is not the answer to a fucking thing. not one. its pure horseshit. the whole lot of it is pure horseshit.
    i know i said i agree 1000%, but there is one thing i disagree with it….that is sending women to shrinks. no, do not do that ever. you see she will be validated in her emotional vomitting. She will come to see that her thoughts are valid things and should be entertained, combined with GIRL POWER and she becomes an emotional force to be reckoned with as she learns any old thing she spits out of her mouth is good when she needs to learn her place and role in life and that most of what comes out of her mouth is emotional vomit and not worth acknowledging…not even for sex.
    there are two fun proofs that prove psychology was always intended to be this way. I forgot the guys name, but he basically concluded that group therapy where everyone talks it out is the answer because everyone liked it so it must be so. another proof is this girl whos name i cannot remember…i think Elizabeth? went around to various shrinks in the 60s, she hated all of them EXCEPT the one that basically let her talk and talk and talk endlessly. thus we have concluded that the “let you talk and dont judge you shrink” is the way to go. she hated the ones that offered her solutions to her problems so no modern shrink does it.
    another curious thing is, the young brain(toddlers and infants) is growing and quite fragile, yet we give these kids mind altering drugs for things like ADHD that in the DSM are defined as basically “kids who dont like school”….seriously look it up, thats the actual definition. kids that dont like school are medically defined as ADHD. here Ill copy and paste some of that definition.
    Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, at work, or with other activities.
    Often loses things necessary for tasks and activities (e.g. school materials, pencils, books, tools, wallets, keys, paperwork, eyeglasses, mobile telephones).
    Often does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace (e.g., loses focus, side-tracked).
    Often leaves seat in situations when remaining seated is expected.
    Often talks excessively.
    Often blurts out an answer before a question has been completed.
    Often has trouble waiting his/her turn.
    Several symptoms are present in two or more setting, (e.g., at home, school or work; with friends or relatives; in other activities).
    There is clear evidence that the symptoms interfere with, or reduce the quality of, social, school, or work functioning.
    notice how often school is mentioned or school like things? the translation? kids dont like school so they have a mental disorder….not school is boring, or teachers suck….nope they have a mental disorder.
    so my friends….if you have ever hated school…you have ADHD
    really those this article speaks to the entire failure of the medical establishment not only in psychology but in general, this same establishment thinks all boys are born defective and need their foreskin ripped off aka circumcised aka raped and mutilated which also causes brain damage and ruins their sex life and destroys that critical bond between child and mother. that is seen as harmless but female circumcision? not only is illegal but its seen as a gross human rights violation. Ive been openly laughed at in my classes for suggesting that boys get to *GASP* keep their foreskin that they are born with. the horror i know.
    and one last food for though Ive been forced to ponder as a christian….The God I claim to follow Jesus seems to think in the new testament that all mental illnesses are the results of devils, it is interesting the apparent God of creation never mentions ADHD or any of these other names we have for disorders but simply says they are possessed of devils then casts the devils out and instructs His followers to do the same. if you are a christian I’d consider this well especially in light of just how full of shit the entire medical establishment is….yes this statement is controversial but its meant to be and I am aware non God believers and even man CHrist believers will say that is just our ignorant forefathers….I ask was it really? were our forefathers truly this stupid? or perhaps did the ancients know more than we think? especially in light of how stupid the entire modern medical establishment actually is.

  60. Here’s the thing a really good therapist will probably lose clients. If they can actually help them overcome their issues that person won’t keep coming. You don’t keep coming to a doctor once your a 100 % cured except for a check-up every now and then.
    So a therapist like a “female friend” is going to string you along for as long as possible, giving you just enough to think they can help you. They’ll listen to you and act like they care about your problems and then offer ideas that won’t really fix those solutions.
    It’s not to their benefit to actually make you better. It’s to their benefit to make you think you can get better and remain dependent on them.
    Also they know most of their clients. The average client is someone who doesn’t want to face the real solutions to their problem. They just want to go on and on about them without doing anything.
    Fixing a problem often means confronting yourself and the reasons you have those issues. Too many people seek to blame others for their own bad choices.
    “I drink too much because my friends always want to”, “I can’t get a decent guy because society made me fat”, “I can’t get a guy because Hollywood glorifies waif-thin women”, “guys don’t appreciate my education and intelligence”, “women don’t like me because I’m too nice”, ect.
    They’re always making excuses. Instead of maybe saying, “No one wants to be with me because I’m a really whiny, selfish terrible excuse for a human being and maybe I should work on improving my behavior and not drink like a fish every night”.
    Naaahhh. Too much work. Blame someone else and then whine to a therapists about the consequences.
    Most therapists know their market. They know their average client does not really want to confront their problems. And most therapists aren’t that eager to help them fix their problems.
    However, once in a blue moon you do find a good one who does actually try to do a decent job. They’re just rare like four-leaf clovers.
    I found one. I only went for two months. My problem was fixed. She pointed out what I wasn’t seeing. Once I saw it, I felt so much better as I know knew what I needed to work on.
    I thanked her and never went back. Never have. And probably never will.

    1. good story and just more proof that the medical establishment is a crock of shit.
      reminds me of a chriopractor i once had….after a year of seeing this guy i didnt need to go anymore(i probably should go back now because well poor decisions plus sitting at school desks in college have messed my back up again)….but the point is he was SO GOOD at his job that he lost most of his customers including me. forced to close up shop.
      its a sad reality really.

  61. The article forgot to mention that therapists often have as many personal problems as their patients. Everyone I know that is a therapist or pursuing to be one has serious issues, but they always take the high road by stating “At least I acknowledge my problems”. They are like the multiple divorcee that is the first to step in with relationship advice.

  62. The only time I ever considered seeing a therapist was my freshman year of college. I experienced depression for the first time and it freaked me the fuck out. I could’ve easily done something about it but decided not to, which was the dumbest thing I could’ve done. My grievances were as follows:
    1) I went to a shitty college in a new city where it was winter 10 months out of the year – I should’ve gotten better grades and transferred to a better school with a more agreeable climate.
    2) I was a virgin who was obsessed with girls – I could’ve just talked to girls or not made them my #1 priority.
    3) Once I finally lost my virginity I got oneitis and fell into an even deeper depression when she dumped me – I should’ve learned to not be so outcome dependent when it comes to relationships.
    4) I had too much free time, AKA boredom – I had hobbies, but I shouldn’t had a PURPOSE that would make me fulfilled.
    5) In my depression I wasn’t eating and I lost 50 pounds (And I was already a thin dude to begin with) – Little did I know my depression was probably aided by a shitty starvation diet. Eating more probably would’ve put me in a better mood.
    I really wish the internet was advanced a decade ago as it is now so I could’ve discovered the manosphere earlier. I got rid of a lot of my blue pill rage from reading about and talking with other men who went through similar things. And while this is essentially what you do in therapy, the therapist is there to LISTEN, not be someone who has experienced what you have and can empathize. Instead they’ll be more academic about it and try to give you a one-size fits all solution.
    Also, I never knew anyone who went to therapy to come out better because of it. Most people get themselves out of funks through hard word, having a purpose, or re-prioritizing their lives. If you have something to live for then you have no excuse to be miserable.

  63. I can appreciate some of the points in the article, but I believe it is erroneous to comply disregard counseling/therapy altogether.
    However, I do realize and I will simply say I have seen that it is indeed pointless (and possibly counteractive) with a poor therapist.
    Also, with regards to counseling for couples, I have begun to understand that there is the default knee-jerk reaction of placing blame at the male’s feet, despite relationships being more complex and needing some blunt, fair, honest truths from a skilled professional. This includes faith-based counseling, which even then still can be tainted by feminism. Very sad.
    Tom Leykis commented how much therapy improved his life after his harsh upbringing and he was upfront about the personal baggage he had and has said that men should, if needed, get counseling too. However, that means someone good and not the average therapist who just doesn’t get it, and isn’t really there to help you solve your problems.
    Also, psychologists and therapists should not be above criticism. Definitely there needs to be a central place for rating them and adding comments.

  64. No better way to sink in the mud than to discuss your problems with a female or with someone who has an interest in extending the therapy forever. Even Freud mentioned “never-ending analysis” as a possibility.

  65. Yeah, while I agree people get issues and can use a little help sorting things out, most of psychology is about forcing you to fit into a PC life outlook that just makes more problems.

  66. Men are not talkers. Women are. To expect men to respond to therapy in a positive manner the way women do is a big mistake in therapy.
    Men, also, do not engage their loved ones the way women do. Men insult and tease their loved ones to show how close they are; women, in contrast, use back-handed compliments to insult their frenemies. As one commentator once put it, men have the same best friend in 8th grade as they do at 80; women don’t have friends, they just have enemies they like to keep close for a little while.
    Most therapy takes the point of view that male actions are bad and female ones are good, and that all male actions can be explained by female psychology. Furthermore, most therapy, even now, a hundred years later, has not been rigorously tested to see if it works. It’s a soft science for a reason.
    if you are a man and depressed, and unless you have been diagnosed with brain damage, it’s not you, it’s your life: something is wrong in your life and that needs to be fixed. Either your job is bad for you, or your home life is bad for you, or your health is bad, or you need to accomplish something: working out. promotion, new job, build or create something. The best therapy can do is help you identify what is getting you down; when it does, though, you need to fix it, not “talk it out” with a quack.

  67. Counselors, therapists, ‘psychologists’ and eff-all. What a crapload of fakery and vanity.
    That American men let these over-educated vampires bleed their wallets, and tell them how to lead their lives, is headshakingly sad. The Lost counseling the Lost. At an hourly rate. And of course 99 percent of these jivers support the gynarchic social and legal order. Why not just go to your local Womens’ Studies Department for advice?

  68. the gays and women in the mental health field are the worst.
    I had a guy who wanted to role play as a woman I would hit on.
    Waste of time.

  69. I think that the general problem is that we use labels to compartmentalize everything. Ideally we will strive to live in a society that holds only the individual responsible for their actions in which putting someone into a category is racist, sexist, classist, or compartmentalizing. At no point is compartmentalizing correct as no generalization is 100% correct. Due to the “cpu” processing speed of the human conscious it is simply easier then everyone learning and understanding calculus and statistics. It is; however, what we do. My sister is a psychologist and my Dad is a psychiatrist. Don’t get me started. It is on the individual to give you advice and to take risk of being wrong to guide you not the majority in general. What you pay for designates what you’ll get.
    Due to the lack of understanding it is impossible for every person to be the right fit right now for you. Due to such and the pharmaceutical agencies’ capitalistic market gain in perscription drugs you will find money has far more to do with your problems then gain. As it is more marketable to enhance treatment then cures and thus is coming directly from board certified psychiatrists and psychologists. Your shit stinks regardless of where you come from.
    Here’s your red pill. Stop generalizing to make a buck because the only people who listen either have totally different agendas or are so uneducated on the topic they’ll believe anything that supports their opinions and therefor leads to your self fapuation so you feel better about yourself. This is not a site to glorify yourself. It is a site to help men not destroy what tools they have to remain sane in a tangibly retarded universe.
    The second law of thermodynamics applied to our economy creates this situation. Entropy forms in our rich leaders being less then qualified intellectually and the poor worker class starving because the labor is less the accounted for. Again idgaf mentality got you here now enjoy smelling the flowers you Shit all over.

  70. I was sent to several therapists when I was younger for “misbehavin’”. Then at 16 I went to a Psych who put me on Effexor the 1st day. I wasn’t even depressed. However, I developed a dependency on it and had to ween off over a period of about 1 year.
    I’m not a Scientologist but I do appreciate their stance and their exposing of the nature of psychiatry and pharmaceuticals. It’s no wonder that they come under such heavy attack from both left AND right.
    Fuck shrinks, fuck meds.

  71. The only pill I take now is the metaphorical red pill.
    MEDS: Meditation, Excercise, Diet, Sleep

  72. A girl my sister went to high school with is now a marriage counselor and self-appointed “relationship” expert in Seattle.
    Her therapy consists of men spreading their ass cheeks apart and firmly sitting on a buttplug that they are to wear until they learn to become better, more pliable betas.

  73. I was surprised that a man on this site actually went to a therapist on a voluntary basis – its no more than crap its more of a female way of dealing with their problems. have you ever noticed women dump there mental crap on anyone listening – the taxi driver, a co-worker even on first dates. One hundred years ago did anyone go to a therapist for help – nope, they just dealt with it, got rid of the problem best they could and moved on. Humans are the only species that need this BS have you ever seen a Zebra after it escaped being eaten by a lion down in the dumps and needing therapy – Nope its grateful it wasn’t on the menu, instead of turning to counselling turn to an animal and see how they deal with life’s ups and downs.

  74. So you had a negative experience with your therapist. There are lots of different types of therapy and you may not have had the right one for you. The goal was of most therapists is to establish the early relations you had with your main parent or caregiver. Not to wallow in self and not to do anything about it. It is to access the patterns established I. Your sub conscious that motivate you to act in certain ways, especially in relationships. There are solution based therapies such as cbt and life coach based programs. Thing is, most people need to ‘re write a sub conscious script before they get to solutions. Which is why it can take a while sometimes. Yeah, that sucks. But there are many models that are more ‘male’ friendly, you just have to look for them. And psychiatrists generally are not that. When looking to heal a deep wound, go for some therapy suitable and then find a solution based programme to support it. Believe it or not, that combination works.When you just go for solutions without identifying the feeling in the sub conscious. Your barrier is much harder to break. Stay away from person centred counsellors they tend to be feminist loving lefists.

  75. Gonna have to disagree with some of this. I see a therapist, admittedly. I’ve never been made to feel like I was the culprit in situations that I didn’t cause and learned to question the motives of many women I met. I also got to doing more in ways of being productive such as writing, working out ect. I may be a outlier case though.

  76. I disagree with this post in part. I do agree that sitting there dwelling on your past is worthless, there are forms of therapy that are based in present mindfulness such as ACT. I think going in and knowing what you want, doing your research on the type of therapy you think will help, and how long your going to give the therapist to help you with that is the criteria on which you should measure it. Not on a ROK post.

  77. I agree. At least in the cases you have described. Most of these phyc. majors have degrees in liberal arts and as a result have been indoctrinated into to liberal philosophy that men and women are the same with no distinct differences. They have been trained however to counsel women specifically and not men. Inevitably they counsel men as if they are women and produce a result where the men are either further confused and frustrated or totally emasculated.
    I would like to share my experience about a professional male counselor that I used to change my life. He had his PHD in psychiatry and specialized in getting men over divorce, heartbreak, approach anxiety, fear of rejection, etc. etc. His methods were different as he specialized in men. When I went to see him we didn’t sit in his office more that 10 minutes just for me to explain my problems. I had approach anxiety with women and I expected him to do some hypnotism on me. I told him this and he said that only works temporarily and it eventually wears off. We made an appointment for out of the office and I left.
    When I met him he took me to the local airport and entered an aircraft hangar. We chatted with a private pilot and showed me the airplane. I asked my guy what are we doing here and he said “Im going to give you some confidence” He took me in a room with a couple large backpacks and gear and explained we are going skydiving. After two hours of safety training we headed to the airplane with our gear and went up. We go to around 8000 feet and jumped tandem. That was the most nervous time of my life I have ever experienced jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft. When the day was done he told me to meet him in 5 days at the local marina. When I met him he took me out on his 40 foot sailboat and thought me how to sail. I asked him how this will help me with the ladies and he said I am making you more interesting to women.
    These thinks helped me as a man. The two things that are most important to a masculine male. Building confidence, and gaining knowledge. After those sessions I saw him on a monthly basis for a year where he put me through similar confidence building exercises and we became very good friends. Women floked around us and I had no trouble at all getting anything I desired in my sex life. I was confident and the women flocked to me and I had my pick of the cream of the crop.
    This is how you counsel men. Not by putting them on a couch and giving them a box of tissues. You teach them how to be men not babies.

    1. Great story Terrance. Thanks for sharing. I totally agree with your conclusion on what men need vs what women need.

  78. A good psychologist can be a real help. After my divorce, I found myself utterly alone. My friends had all been her friends husbands as she had slowly cut away anyone that she couldn’t exercise some control over. Emotionally, I was a devastated wreck of a human. I was convinced that everything was my fault, even though the actions were hers.
    Long story, but I wound up talking to a make psychologist for about twelve sessions. He really did help. He pointed out that while I had made mistakes, and who hasn’t, that I had basically suffered emotional and mental abuse for the entire marriage. He helped me take the steps to start healing and start improving my life. I don’t know if he ever heard of red pill, but he would have certainly fit in.

  79. Psychologists are professional gas lighters. In my youth I had to see one, and being the pedantic fuck I am I was constantly questioning everything he was telling me. Not to piss him off, but because I desperately wanted him to make sense to me.
    To cut a long story short, he couldn’t make sense to me and a real coldness developed between us. He really hated me questioning his bullshit. Suddenly it wasn’t about him being a clueless faggot, it was about me being rigid and intolerant. lolz That useless fuck was an effeminate beta faggot full of crypto-Marxist bullshit.
    I hate these shrinks, even more than lawyers.

  80. “In modern times, the shrink is the sought after high priest”
    At least in the old days a Priest would kick your butt in the confessional and tell you to get your act together. Therapists, as this article points out, are just strangers you pay to listen to you bitch about your life.

    1. Another huge difference is that a catholic priest in a confessional will never rat you out to the police (or they go to Hell) but a therapists will if you say anything that might be deemed “dangerous” or “threatening.”

  81. I had/have a shrink whos cool as hell. Looks like a motorcyclist. He was mainly for dealing with my dads death and some legal entanglements. He hates prescribing meds, so theyre not all like that. But it is definitely overpriced when you can probably get the same shit from clergy. I am glad I met him however.

  82. I disagree, but with Caveats.
    My own experience of therapy, which was led by and paid for by me with a private sector therapist has been mind blowing.
    I think a lot of guys know what to do and listen to all this good quality stuff from ROK and other male focused sites but find that they are acting totally against their emotions and so often give up.
    If you find yourself nodding along to a lot of good stuff but but can’t get your emotions to come along for the journey, it is most likely that you have been conditioned from a young age to respond to certain queues, like Pavalovs dogs.
    As a simple example, you may think you are a quiet and non-self expressive guy, but if your mum always told you to be quiet, didn’t bother listen to your stories or criticised you when you tried to say something meaningful then you most likely feel anxiety now if you think about expressing yourself. This is because your body hasn’t learnt that you are an adult and you are not totally dependent on your parents so it produces emotions to try to discourage you from putting yourself up for disappoval.
    My formula was to listen to a lot of Stefan Molyneux at Free Domain Radio to understand the logical position of my childhood then used therapy to work through the emotions of this. (If anyone is interested I used a therapy called Internal Family Systems therapy and had a male therapist.)

  83. most meds psychiatrists prescribe are toxic garbage i.e. SSRIs, anti-psychotics. it can be worth going to one for something like xanax or adderall though. they’re not something you want to heavily abuse or become addicted to, but they’re mentally-altering enough to be useful for various tasks like hustling or gaming chicks.
    fuck giving them to kids though…no one under the age of 25 should take up a drug habit, keep it at the level of experimentation (if that) until your brain finishes developing. i got hooked on weed when i was 19 and caffeinated soft drinks before i hit puberty, really wish i hadn’t.

  84. Absolutely agree with this article. I married a Filipina in 1987 and brought her to the US. Very soon I realized there was something wrong. It was like driving a car that kept pulling to the left. I took her to Christian marriage counseling. It went on for 10 years before I finally threw in the towel.
    New Life Treatment Center in Wheaton, IL was one place we went. Her therapist was kind and understanding. Mine was blaming and combative – like Dr. Phil. He handed me off to the head of the “clinic.” When I stood up for myself, the doctor (wearing a white coat) lost it. Started calling me a narcissist. I called him a narcissist.
    When they sent me the bill, I refused to pay it. I stated my total dissatisfaction with their unprofessional and incompetent staff and threatened to report them to the AMA and contact the local media. They wrote it off.
    Pastors will always blame the man too. Total white knights and manginas. Wish I had just left her as soon as her attitude went south. Trust your gut – take action.

  85. time with the right therapist is time well spent. Time with the wrong therapist is a waste of money. All therapy follows a bell curve. just know when to quit.. at the peak of realization and insight into what makes you you and change for the better.

  86. It seems Roosh never shuts up about meditation always finding some way to cram it in as a catch all solution.
    Yes dear we understand you’re still a hippy at heart but could you please put down the granola bar?

  87. I agree and disagree. Most psychotherapists are full of bullshit, just utter bullshit. I’ve seen them, they have been my classmates and my colleagues and their stupidity is beyond repair. Despite many years of training, they use self-help books and quackery in their practice (stuff like “self-esteem will cure you”, “it’s not your fault, you’re fine”, “you have to canalize your inner child”, psychoanalysis, bioenergetics, quantum crap, new age crap, NLP crap, etc.). It has brought shame upon the ones who are actually trying to help people.
    I disagree because therapy does help. I had a patient, in 20 years he went to 5 psychotherapists and 1 shrink, and yet, none of them could help him. After 3 months of therapy, he was a different man, he truly changed for the better. And I wonder what the fuck were the other therapists doing?? He suffered 20 YEARS of his life!! Due to incompetent therapists.
    While doing couples therapy I gotta tell you, in many cases is the woman complaining that the man is not catering to “her needs”. C’mon!!

  88. The whole purpose of a therapist is to show what you look like in a “mirror.” If you think your therapist was spewing bullshit maybe thats what was coming from you

  89. Female here. Love this article. If that helps – I’ve been told to see a shrink by females too – I’m from Russia, they a from US. My American girlfriends were told by their boyfriends to go see shrink in order to keep a relationship, which they did. I think it’s just American thing – they see you slightly upset – OMG – you must see shrink – he/she will help you solve your problems. I don’t need help, haha. I’m ok on my own. Last time I was told to see shrink, because I told a guy that he was horrible in bed, so apparently that hurt his feelings, so he broke up with me. Girls told me that I am supposed to “lift” a man up. I will not “lift” someone for no reason and praise his incompetence. At least I was honest. No shrink for me. Fat people of both genders, who lack self-control and pig out on food annoy me too. I tried to date a fat guy. You know what he did – stole all my food. So why would guys here date fat women that are impossible to sustain – they’ll eat through your wallet. Screw them.

  90. “An empty existence devoid of spirituality”
    Very interesting!
    But I’d like to know what you guys consider spirituality exactly.

  91. I’m sorry, this article is rubbish. You’re criticising something that has been researched thoroughly, practiced with consistent success rate, and helped millions of people throughout without reference and context.

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