If She Doesn’t Do These 5 Things Regularly, Dump Her Immediately

Your living or logistical arrangements with your girlfriend will vary. But these five things are not for negotiation. If she’s not living them out, mostly unconsciously, why are you even putting your spicy dick sauce in her oven?

If you’ve been dating a girl for more than three months and she hasn’t started doing these five things, you’re pissing on an electrical fire. If it’s been six months and she’s not doing all of these things when the opportunity arises, you’re an obsequious, undead eunuch who should never breed.

1. She feels guilty about owing you something

Maybe you spotted her a hundred bucks because her roommate bailed and the lease was in her name. Her appreciation at the time was vociferous, even if she couldn’t pay you back yet. The down payment she made was an extra five blowjobs that week.

When she paid you back, it was either $100 and date tickets to the game, or $150 and a striptease in new lingerie that she bought. Then she presented her ass for you again.

Guilt shows that she feels compelled to make it up to you. She doesn’t take value without returning it in even greater amounts. And for the act of borrowing from you, monetarily or otherwise, she begs to give back more than you gave initially.

And if you helped her in an emergency or otherwise urgent situation, she reciprocates the favor five-fold. Ten, if it’s the second time in half a year.

2. She anticipates and supports your deadlines and commitments

You have a final exam or big job interview. Without asking, she fixes your breakfast that morning, polishes your shoes, or rearranges the living room so you can study in peace.

A close relative dies? She cancels her conflicting appointments, shoos away any pestering friends and makes sure that it’s 100% about you and whoever else is affected.

She doesn’t need to be asked to do something to help you; she thinks ahead, organizes it and then throws in bonus serendipitous acts for good measure. Should you be unable to count five clear, powerful examples of this automatic sacrificing every two months, you’re wasting your time with her.

3. She lashes out at a rude comment or gesture towards you

Normally placid and sweet, she gets feisty for you in the right circumstances, before she realizes what she’s doing.

She’s not fighting your battles for you, far from it. But she’ll back you up because you’re valuable invaluable to her. Her creepy, half-drunk uncle gives you the stare at a family dinner? She starts an argument if he doesn’t stop.

Her parents, especially the conservative type, don’t approve of you or something you did? She risks tears, cursing at daddy for the first time or swearing off family for a month in order to take your side.

She should be doing this. After all, she’s left the dirty, atavistic old country for the pleasures and prosperity of the New World.

4. She apologizes profusely for her outbursts


It may not be “big” in the grand scheme of things. But she fucked up and she sure as hell better make up for it. And that’s what she tells herself. No nudging from you is necessary.

If the incident was in front of other people, she apologizes to you a second or third time, in front of them. She puts herself on the line because she has standards.

Over the coming weeks, depending on the severity of the mishap, she makes conscious attempts to positively overindulge in her normal, supportive behavior. She always goes the extra mile for her man after she loses the plot.

If her initial apology included a justification about hormones or something akin to them, she backtracks, and makes the apology ten times more effusive.

5. She does things for you for no reason

She doesn’t need Hallmark, Santa Claus, or the anniversary of your expulsion from the womb to remind her to lavish you with something.

Common sense dictates that normality can’t always be like a birthday, but she makes every reasonable (and unreasonable) effort to make your day seamless, happy, supported and free of her shit. You get more gifts from her than you give to her. Moreover, she loves surprising you with something she’s gotten you. She relishes it.

She consciously rebels against the propaganda that a woman is entitled to everything from her boyfriend. When Kaley Cuoco at first said she wasn’t a feminist, your girlfriend insisted she isn’t either. But, unlike Kaley, she didn’t contradict herself later.

Earning her keep isn’t a phrase she hears in a sitcom about a foster child who’s adopted by a rich family. She lives the mantra and whenever she doesn’t, she kicks herself into gear and gets back into your program and paradigm.


What you settle for twice a week for six months is what you’ll accept for the next twenty years, regardless of whether new girls come along. So grow some balls and pull the plug when the microwave isn’t cooking your oatmeal.

Everything you read on ROK or on any other website or in any other book is utterly worthless if you don’t follow the golden rule: make her treat you better than she expects you to treat her.

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225 thoughts on “If She Doesn’t Do These 5 Things Regularly, Dump Her Immediately”

  1. This post left me invigorated and ready for my daily morning 4 girl orgy. Two sucking the toes and the other two working the balls and shaft.

  2. YES!
    She will do ALL these things…..Plus a LOT more!
    Until……she gets that ring on her
    finger (and the State and family courts fully behind her)….she will then transform into a Quasimodo/Dr Jekyll persona….and your life becomes a daily living hell and suicide is beginning to sound like an acceptable alternative.
    The secret is to quit WHILE YOU ARE AHEAD!

      1. Venus (where women are from) Fly trap. Which looks a lot like a vagina. Things aren’t named by accident.

    1. Not true with all women. My husband and I have been married for 16 years and I still do all five of those things for him. Although I’m not very good at point 2.

      1. liar. you post to lie, you lie to conceal, you conceal to void responsibility that you don’t, in fact, give back. not everything stated, not to the degree stated, and not in the spirit of what time the author set aside to write this piece.
        and that’s fine, if that fool husband wants the deal, my congrats to you at conning him and conning yourself too. net gains for you, no downside, amirite? the only truth here, is that your thoughts weren’t with him when you posted; they were with absolving your parasitism, and all the while, you stick your nose up in pride. in conceited pride, you’ll post here again, no less.

        1. strange that, if they had, it would make you feel better, better about the ‘number’ you do to your husband every day. like i said, congrats. like i said, you’ll post here again, in conceited pride, and no less.

        2. Don’t accept a woman who delivers anything less than all of this. Now, deny that such a woman might actually exist even while she presents herself to you.
          Huh. Okay. So you want a fictional woman in whom you don’t even believe. No wonder you guys are so miserable.

      1. >—€6}>—hey folks, there’s BIG MOOLAH in bumper stickers AND inflatable FURNATURE totally flood PROOF >—ha ha $$

    1. It becomes a chore keeping a good woman good in a bad community. Keep the associations and circles tight. Even family may be tight in proximity but not close knit. If one family member gets away with shit, others are swayed by their example. Expel them.
      Patriarchal foundation is laid in the family and spreads to the greater community. Each patriarchal block builds up to become a greater male heirarchy. A male order by nature solidifies and becomes like a ROCK YOU CANNOT BUST.

        1. Reframing positive development of social capital as a malicious and oppressive force. Classic maneuver (note the spelling) of a SJW.

        2. He means keeping women in check and making them accountable for their disrespect.

  3. If you need to keep a check list with what your woman does or doesn’t do, you don’t deserve to be in a relationship. Relationships don’t work like. The number one thing that a Guy should require from a woman is trust and respect. A psychopath will do all the above and more.

        1. Odd. Because while I get not having this rigorous list you keep in an excel spreadsheet with daily checkmark columns, it is bizarre to somehow think that not having some basic expectations in a relationship is a good thing. So as long as she respects you, you’re fine if she doesn’t do anything for you otherwise?
          Now if you qualify this with: “No, respect naturally means XYZ things” then that’s really not denying the validity of the article.
          So you either have some basic requirements you look for a woman to fulfill for you, or you have no requirements, and if you have no requirements then any kind of discerning relationship becomes impossible.

        2. “Some of these articles sound like they were written by complete virgins.”
          Quite the opposite, actually. They’re written by well-traveled, disciplined, honorable men with conquering spirits who are simply tired of the same cliche lines, stories, shit tests, cop outs and power postures from women. Same shit, different skin. Respect is something that you earn, not demand!

        3. I know so. That’s why we’re here. This is our house. You’re more than welcome to chime in, but understand that it’s akin to taking a knife to a gun fight.

        4. No wait, you’re right! We’re ALL “douchebags” and short (Kill us now! We short guys are so unattractive for something we can’t control, but by some warped logic we should “accept” every twat that made her herself a fat fuck by her own hand!) and “creepy” and live in our Mommy’s basement all “awkward” and virgins, just like every man who doesn’t see The Universe through your lens! “Douchebag! Awkward! Creeper! Douchebag! Awkward! Creeper!”

    1. “The number one thing that a Guy should require from a woman is trust and respect.”
      troll somewhere else.

        1. go jump back on POF or Tinder and expect JFK Jr to sweep you off your feet , you f’in cunt.

    2. “A psychopath will do all the above and more.”
      In order to gain your trust and respect, dear Liza, dear Liza.

    3. your username says it all. PINK PILL. you as a modern day female need a set of LOGICAL rules to follow or else you end upon the internet calling yourself PINKpill.

  4. Number 2 = what most Asian women (from Asia) will do. Priceless.
    Number 5 can also unfortunately be a sign she’s trying to cover up for something – she fucked some other guy, so she assuages the hamster within by getting you a gift.

    1. # 5 as you mention could be true. The telling sign is does she habitually do this, or is it something that just popped up out of nowhere? Pretty much the same standard for any good behaviors really.

    2. If you buy her a gift for no reason and she starts giving you the stink eye and wants to know what you’re up to by doing such a thing, she’s projecting; run away.

  5. Sounds great to have a woman who worships the ground you walk on, but that can be a different kind of crazy sometimes.

  6. Accept no less. You only have one life. Most women want to be treated like a queen, so why permit anything less than being treated like a king?

    1. Reminds me of what some comedian once said, “my wife thinks she’s a princess and I do too. But she’s got to realize she’s married to a prince and he’d like a blowjob now and again.”

    2. Eh, none of this is going to satisfy. A king also has responsibility. most here are advocating for a stress free life. No king I ever read about led that. You want to have the best, you got to maintain it. Women want to be queen because they think it is this life long ordeal full of armies of servants to get them to each shopping mall, raise their kids, more shopping with friends under a secret service protection unit, and not a life full of planning and attending boring state functions.
      You want to have a woman who spoils you, ok, good luck with that. Cause while she is giving you head, she is going to want the same.
      After a while, the shit gets old for both. The concept is boring sex is better than little to no sex.
      If you think your youthful carnival ride, extra carnal, is going to last keep dreaming.
      the light at the end of the tunnel is just the flashlight in the ass of the woman of your dreams left there by the last guy she did not tell you about. LOL
      The reality is, find a great woman. Not a good woman. Or don’t find one at all. Then prepare to spend the rest of your life finding out what the hell makes all the guys older than you stay. And it is not just one reason. It is many. sex is actually one of the first good ones to fade.
      If you are a man who can actually stay single his whole life, good for you> The rest, enjoy your youth while it lasts.
      All this babble about a life full of hot pussy till you die are nothing but the same snake oil salesmen who sold feminist the you can have it all line.
      I don’t care if anyone listens.
      I don’t care if an army of “alphas” come here and tell me how full of shit they think I am.
      If woman are your only ambition, your life sucks. If you can find a great one, truly great, then keep her. Have kids, and just enjoy life. If you have not accomplished everything you want, hopefully you accomplished everything you wanted. Then prioritize whatever new things you want to do, because one of them is actually going to be living with your family.
      If you find out that you married a bish, don’t fault yourself if it lasted more then five years. Humans, we change. If it lasted far less, and was on the rocks before, blame yourself for picking that smelly ass.
      This game stuff is starting to remind me of feminism.
      “You deserve to have it all girlllllll!”
      A vagina makes no woman special, any more then any penis makes you special. All that is is feminism with a dick.
      No great woman is going to spend the rest of her friggin life giving you a daily blow job. I don’t care if your hung like a horse, and it tastes like strawberries.
      Just like no man is going to be content with the same pussy for so long, especially the best pussy ages past it’s shelf life.
      You will have to enjoy each others company at least most of the time.
      Expecting a life full of bars, pussy, and rock star living is neither going to last, or satisfy long term.
      Like I said, it is the lie of feminism with a dick.
      Listen, or get stuck in your own personal hell. Don’t care.
      But don’t say you were not warned.

      1. “The reality is, find a great woman. Not a good woman. Or don’t find one at all. Then prepare to spend the rest of your life finding out what the hell makes all the guys older than you stay. And it is not just one reason. It is many. sex is actually one of the first good ones to fade.”
        Traditionally, at least, this extra fulfillment came with the raising of children. It is the extra dynamic that is added to the relationship that is supposed to enhance the bond between the two people.

      2. I agree with virtually everything you’ve written. However, sex doesn’t have to fade. It hasn’t with my husband and me, at least.

        1. Well, if when you and your other are 90, and still having mind blowing porno quality sex that doesn’t throw your hip out; or does. Please, don’t call me.
          What it is, is two people learning to live together, and support each other through life’s challenges. As well as produce strong kids, and maintain the lineage they both came from, and will produce.
          Until people learn that it has nothing to do with them but being their care taker upfront until they learn care taking, and then taking care of the people they need to produce.
          It is not a time to just buy crap so you can enjoy life for the sake of banging random people, and throwing kids to their own devices and the wind. But understanding that life gives you a literal one shot moment in the history of the Universe to make something happen.
          The fact that so many waste time trying to impress everyone as to how much of a sexy beast they are not, and waste resources on that end, is mind blowing to me. I have done it, and wish I did not do it as much as I did.
          I take my share of the blame! However, I realize now that much of what I did was by product of my culture. Or lack thereof. The whole process has been swindled by fools who think themselves gods and goddesses capable of conducting social experiments they will never live to see the end of.
          Their perpetual failure has to stop!
          If we are going to make a change, I recommend we go back to the old model. And not mess with it until we really know what we are doing.

        2. the perpetual failure won’t stop. your desperate words are nothing yet, there is yet another level that goes deeper still, we’re going to fall further still.
          the perpetual failure won’t stop for its perpetuation is from theft by taxes, by affirmative action, by unashamed nepotism based on sex and race and deviance, by even letting failures stand in your own city’s shadow, enjoying your house that you keep clean, all while shitting everywhere and oddly crying that you are the shit lord.
          it won’t stop, for it is fueled by every leniency, every kindness, every patience given – given with full knowledge of nothing gained back; given for free, given in violation of trade, in violation of reality. it won’t stop, not until you’re ready to burn your forgiving hand and start burning them. give women no dick, give deviants no pay, give them nothing. even if you don’t choose this now, soon enough, there won’t be any other choice.

        1. Have not been on in a while, had to read my comments to see what you were saying.
          I don’t agree. Feminism, as akin to masculinism, is merely the false narrative of one sex/gender over the other.
          Humanism, for lack of a better term, is what both claim to be about. But in practice, are anything but equal.
          And personally, I don’t think we are equal. But complimentary. I can’t have kids, and few, if any, women can perform the dangerous jobs the way I can.
          Zero sum games, in the end, everyone loses. Saying you want equality, and then abusing government largesse and corruption to expedite women’s needs over males of all ages is an action that defies the original claim.
          I am no feminist.

  7. This comes across to me as the mirror image of the kind of article you’d find in Cosmo. Litmus tests that might not be passed for any number of reasons. 2 and 3 are bad, but the worst by far is #5. From that Cosmo article:
    1. He texts you, “Good luck!” before a big meeting. Because he knows all your worries/problems/stressors inside and out and believes it’s his job to constantly relieve you of them.
    4. He picks up your favorite veggie burgers/kale chips/hummus before you even think to ask him to. When you’re together and want to eat something, he randomly procures one of your favorite foods as if by magic. (Which it kind of is, because he absolutely reads your mind.)
    17. He surprises you with an emoji text even though he hardly uses them. Because he knows YOU love them, and he wants to speak your language and make you giggle even when he’s not with you.
    The rest are, of course, similarly vapid and entitled; click at your own risk.
    The point being, we’re not going to counter narcissism and entitlement by out-Millenialing women. Let them have their endless fluff-sessions analyzing the minutiae of our behavior. Of much more importance is making sure she’s not doing the spoiled bitch routine.
    All that being said, the conclusion is spot on. Of course you, as a man, should experience the relationship as her treating you better than she expects to be treated. But that should be measured from a masculine perspective, because that’s how the yin and yang of masculinity and femininity works. She treats you “better” because, simply by being a masculine man, you’re offering her safety, comfort, and “support” (in the concrete sense, not the airy-fairy one). So your only real “test” for her is whether she recognizes those facts and takes them into account.
    Don’t try to measure that treatment using feminine standards, though; measure it by whether she meets your needs and does her best to make your life pleasant.

    1. I just that article from Cosmo and almost puked! For a guy, that’s what HE should NEVER do! Ever!

      1. Cosmo is useful for finding out what the new shit-test of the month is going to be, and working up a plan to most effectively nullify it.

        1. I am ever amazed when these turn up in the tearoom at work.
          When did gratuitous sexuality become the norm? Im open minded, but honestly, some of the things just hinted at on the cover….

      2. The glossy pages would chafe something awful….. maybe they would be advantageous when cutting clag nuts from your hole however…..

    2. out-Millenialing
      This should be officially added to the ROK wordbank. Gold.

    3. The comments section of that article suggests that there are plenty of men who aren’t completely emmasculated. There’s still hope out there.

      1. That’s good to hear. Also, you are to be commended for daring to venture into the sulfurous depths of a comment section on a women’s magazine site.

    4. “He stimulates you by shoving coke up your nose and then bending you over a sink by the toilets in the club, just like the janitor used to do, because he knows how badly you miss the carousel”.
      What a sensitive, confident, caring, man – jayyyyyyyyyynahhhh….

    5. The article just said those are supposed “signs” (bullshit) that a guy’s “in love with” the gal he’s with. It’s obviously written for women (or, more specifically, the types of women who read Cosmopolitan), not men.

  8. I think #4 is very important. Women are not always going to be sugar and spice. The longer you are in a relationship with one, the higher the chance she’ll snap and lose her shit.
    What is important, however, is that she admits her mistakes and that you forgive her once she apologizes. If she makes excuses for her behavior, then you’re dealing with an immature woman who is not someone you want to be with.

      1. When I instituted the “long hair and manicure fingernails ” policy at my house for my wife and daughters, the wife asked “do you really want us to have nice hair and fingernails? Or is this another reason to beat our ass? ”

        1. You might’ve answeted, “No, doll, it’s so I can grab your mane when I’m smackin’ that behind”.

        2. Good answer. Not what I said, but good nonetheless. What I said in answer was, “I don’t need a reason, dollface. Understanding is not a prerequisite for submission. “

        3. Good one. I would use dread in these circumstances. I would mention that it looks good on women that I find attractive. If she doesn’t want to have this “look”, then I may find a woman who does have this look (works like a charm and it lets you know where you truly stand – no more wasted time).
          She can comply or you can simply find another one who does it.

        4. I’m guessing you’ve never actually gotten laid before, since most women will leave you if you try that one.

      2. Maybe… but if it becomes a habit to perform misdeeds just to get spanked, even though she enjoys both (the misdeed AND getting spanked), then you may have a problem on your hands (unless you don’t really care, then it doesn’t matter 😉

        1. Well, then you can turn it up by spanking one of your other 20 year old girlfriends and making her watch.
          That’ll teach her.

  9. even if you don’t pull the plug right away, the bitch will eventually piss you off so much, pulling the plug won’t be necessary, you will just stop calling the cunt or using her as a punching bag.
    Why should the wedding day be the happiest day of a marriage. It should be the daily life in a marriage that is happy.

    1. My co workers son is getting married an his sons fiancé Is in full bridzilla mode, asking for money, making his family pay to bring close family friends, changing the date and continuously making it bigger, she has blown out the budget completely. She even arranged a limo for herself an didn’t organize transport for her fiancé, marriage is officially a joke of an institution, it’s nothing but a massive attention whoring spectacle for a female now days. If a woman goes into bridezilla mode in my view she’ll be a shit wife, the ceremony at the end if the day is meant to be about you an your wife exchanging vows to each other but that seems to have become secondary to women now days.

      1. The best test for your bride….the two of you run off, alone, and get married (plus you’ll already be on your honeymoon). If she doesn’t buy into that move, then you may want to reconsider.
        Any woman worth a damn won’t care about who is attending or the rest of that bullshit. The attention (most important thing) will be about getting married, the vows and being together….the rest of it is bullshit.
        Those TV shows are toxic. Women, usually, have a herd mentality so you have to keep them in check (with this marriage test).

        1. I’ve thought the same for ages, I think if a wife becomes a bridezilla then she’s just a selfish attention whore. I used to think if i get married (before I became completely turned off the idea), then it will be a private ceremony or one with just close family, coz at the then end of the day your marriage is about you an your wife. Most modern western women don’t give a fuck about marriage or their husbands, the wedding is a spectacle of attention whoring an their ring is a status symbol.

        2. That’s why I said it was a good measuring stick (test) for younger men who had thoughts about getting married after some time. It would give them a gauge as to where the woman stands (what she finds important)….you or the ceremony.
          The TV reality shows (today) are pretty damn toxic. People need to turn the TV and go live life (much more fulfilling)….and stop copying the bullshit they see on it.

        3. Yeah wedding parties are pretty much a female attention whoring affair. If a woman is what is called a bridezilla, she’d make a bad wife who’d blow all the money on useless shit.

        4. Yep 100% agree being a bridezilla with an over the top wedding is a massive sign of selfishness. Think of the things her an her husband could use the money on to improve their lives rather than blowing it so she can be an attention whore on her wedding day.

      2. “If a woman goes into bridezilla mode in my view she’ll be a shit wife”. Absolutely – the guy is fucked, especially with all those demands.

  10. For this to happen you need a MUCH higher value than her.
    1) You are 33 and she is 33. You met her at high but back then she ended it when she went to the big city. With 30+ she contacted you gain to “talk about the old times” and now you are considering marriage.
    Her value is going down (fast) and she knows it. You are her beta back-up plan because big city doesnt work for her anymore.
    You on the other hand are a rising star, just starting out with reasonable passive value and experience.
    She better treats you like a king because YOU ARE DOING HER A FAVOR TO BE WITH HER.
    2) You are 35 and she is 28 with a 2 year old kid from another man.
    She is much hotter than all the other women you ever fucked.
    However you are at your prime. She is getting near 30 and has this extra kid you will have to take care of.
    Even if she is an HB8 and you are a male 7 (with potential) you are STILL DOING HER A FAVOR TO BE WITH HER.
    Do not accept any bullshit whatsoever from her.
    3) You are 45/50 with some cash in the bank and a decent career. She is 33 and working in your company on some lower level job. She may be much younger than you but she is no 18. You can bang her and marry her but other than her quickly fading relativ youth and beauty she brings no value to the table. Her best years a behind her – farther than YOUR best years!
    You are STILL doing her a favor by beeing with her and you can expect compensation in the form of frequent quality sex and first class treatment.
    Expect nothing less.
    If on the other hand you are 20 year old guy with student debt, entry level job who lives in a 1room condo and she is 18/19/20 with a hot body….dude i dont care how buffed you are but your SMV is terrible compared to hers.
    If she wants she can fuck 10 dudes per month who are all better than you.
    SHE is doing you a favor by exchanging her prime years with your sucky-years.
    Dont dump her because some guy on the internet wrote red-pill stuff that does not apply to your situation. Be smart.

    1. You’ve just written a post that endorses oneitis and special snowflake status for girls and dudes both aged in their early twenties.
      Also, if you’re 45, your SMV is not declining. Not even close, if you’ve taken care of yourself.

      1. yeah, I should just toss myself under a train in 3 years according to Maldek.

      2. If you did read my posting you might have noticed that cases 1-3 are examples (common ones) where many betas think “what a lucky dude” while in fact it is the WOMAN who is lucky to have him and should treat him well. This does include the example with the well off 45/50 year old guy.
        The ONLY example where you could read “special snowflake” is the last example with the young, no-money guy (low SMV) who got a hot young girl. He is lower SMV than her and might have to swallow a lot of shit if he wants to keep her around.
        @davidfunship:disqus read again. I am past 40 myself. I know what girls often expect and think about themselfs. Thisdoes not change the fact they are not worth that much. With 40+ you can still fuck well and you can still do so with 20 year old girls. IF you decide to take that 28 year old single mom she gotta make it worth your time with increased effort and first class treatment IF you are a man with value that is.

        1. maybe I misunderstood the point. There are 2 opposing factors : women’s actual value versus what they think they are worth. They cannot discern either quite well. Hence you have 45 year old women on POF and in bars, single for years, still holding out for JFK Jr Hedge Fund manager. The best you get with most women are pump and dumps because they expect more from you because of their over-inflated value. I was fucking a 44 year old blond a month ago and she wanted more though I told her I just wanted to have fun. Boom ! it was over.
          Guys with no value = BETAs , they step in and clean up the mess. They fuck it up for all of us. There is no winning with women because the betas step in on the downward loop within cock carousel-beta cycle.
          What do we do about this ?

    2. “2) You are 35 and she is 28 with a 2 year old kid from another man.
      She is much hotter than all the other women you ever fucked.”
      I agree with the opening statement, however, with the entitled attitudes these days, the 28 year old single mom still believes she has value and is a prime catch because she is a “strong woman and a strong man should take care of another man’s kid. She will plug the pussy or not give it up at all until you “man up”.
      ” She may be much younger than you but she is no 18. You can bang her and marry her but other than her quickly fading relativ youth and beauty she brings no value to the table. Her best years a behind her – farther than YOUR best years!”
      – on this point; she will think she can find a 35 year old John F. Kennedy on Tinder or at the high dollar bars downtown. Fakebook friends and beta old pervs call her beautiful on a daily basis. Entitlement issues. This is the reality of today.

      1. I always loved reading online profiles where the girl says the guy “must love kids because I have 2 and they mean the world to me”

        1. …yeah..and the following phrases:
          ” if you can’t handle them move on”
          “I am not a booty call, I have more respect for myself than being a booty call”
          “I am strong independent mother first, you have to deal with my limited time issues”

        2. Or how about, “my kids are #1 in my life.” As if I’ll sign up to be some bitches #2 sucker.

        3. Right? They haven’t even met a man yet, and they already want complete sovereignty over the general dynamics of the relationship. The shitty part is that there are so many “nonjudgemental” betas out there that these beggars get to be choosers.

        4. Isn’t that the truth. A list with, yet again, more demands. It screams “I rode the cock carousel, had two kids and now I want someone else to take care of them with me”.
          There used to be shame associated with this behavior…now it’s advertised as the “latest and greatest” and you’re are “manning up” when you take on this crew.
          Men should always pass on these “opportunities” to raise other people’s children.

        5. I know..funny….and I did move on (not raising someone’s kids).
          The respect thing…hilarious. Yes, enough respect to get knocked up (usually by two or three different men) but looks down on a man who doesn’t want to deal with her “limited time”.
          These snowflakes are just fucking precious.

  11. Number One, is more of a new relationship thing. In LTR or marriage you stop keeping score.
    The rest of the list is rock solid. Though I might add with #4 if she cuts you down in public at all, even if she apologizes for it later, that is a massive red flag.

  12. Even if she does these things I’m leaving anyway. There’s too many places to go, people to see, and things to do and not enough time to enjoy them. No matter what, women will always be runners-up in my life so I don’t worry about them or anything that has to do with them. My main priorities are my family, my friends, and myself, and that won’t change. Live life on your own terms and anyone else who isn’t down to come along on your journey, fuck ’em.

        1. There is no such thing as unconditional love in the real world.
          Does your partner kill and eat children, and has a sinktrap full of gonads and heads in the fridge? I think that might be a condition that will cause any kind of love to end abruptly.
          All love is conditional on behavior.

      1. They do exist. They are just exceptionally rare. If you can put up with the type they can still be found in out of the way churches where fathers still run the family in a religiously heavy household. There are also some wholesome girls scattered throughout the old South where traditions die very very slowly. But, yeah if you still want to find a real woman you better start looking in Asia or Eastern Europe.

      2. Exactly what I was thinking. This article (while true) was laughable. Most men will go through life never even *seeing* a female who behaves in this way.
        And yeah it probably exists in some Amish or Mormon households. That’s not really the life for me, although maybe when I get ready to have a family, I’ll change my mind.

      3. I have myself one, so they do exist, but it is such a gamble. My wife does all of these things. But, from what I have seen, these women are few and far in between.

  13. Seriously, I’m getting tired of lists. It isn’t writing. I’d use a list as a reminder of topics to cover. I use lists like this:
    1. Beer
    2. Chicken
    3. Charcoal
    4. Shaving Cream
    5. Razors
    That list will change, like life in general and the people in it.
    Ya think Genghis Kahn had a list.
    1. Conquer Mongolia and surrounding regions.
    2. Behead a few peeps to spread fear.
    3. Screw concubines.
    4. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Tell a story. How did it go down, what did you do, and what did you learn?

    1. Lists are simply blog fodder. You’ve got to update a blog a few times a day to keep up traffic. Lists are an easy way to do that while still providing some type of readable commentary. If you don’t like lists just don’t read them. It is pretty evident from the title they are going to be a list like article.
      I usually get at least one good takeaway from a list article. With this particular one, it is the current GF does all these things quite regularly. Just affirmed what I suspected was a good thing.

    2. A lot of people, even on this site, read because they’re bored. A list is an easy satiation, because there isn’t much thinking involved. Scan list, move on. The heavier articles here are better, and the discussions deeper, but the lists get more clicks and comments. Gotta keep the shop open, you know.

      1. The author does give a summary of each number though, it’s not like the list was the whole article.

  14. My gf right now meets all 5 of these. I’m all smiles right now 😀
    I can’t ever let my Alpha guard down though…i can’t ever forget that despite the fact she is a Lady (an evolved female) she is still biologically and emotionally a FEMALE, and will attempt to program me thanks to her emo-instinctual brain.
    The amusing thing is, on things that are no big deal to me, I still disagree with almost everything she says at first just to make her justify her view, then i will say something like “ok fine” when in fact it’s what i wanted to do in the first place. She ends up thinking i’m compromising, and her emo-instinctual brain is satisfied. I allow her to think she has won a silly argument where she was trying to get her way (aka blue pill me) after a debate (the length of which is determined by the topic in question) when in fact i’ve red pilled her. I’ve thrown some bones to her to keep her happy while getting her to do what i want (out of fairness related to point 1 and 4) whenever i bring up an issue, which is accept my rants on feminist bs and my non pc Christian views, for ex. She used to argue with me on those but now she just rolls her eyes. (she’s a work in progress lol)
    This technique is not fool proof of course, but as i have refined it i have increased my success rate with it. I weaned her off of some unacceptable pc feminist views, am weaning her off of some annoying female habits, all the while training her to be submissive in the process.
    I don’t always do this of course (feign compromise) because it will be perceived as weakness on her part, so on some things that i legitimately will not tolerate i stand my ground. In those instances i state my position and after her obligatory emotional opposition i do not argue i simply walk away or leave completely, since arguing with a female is pointless. Men debate logically, females argue emotionally, which is why indulging them in their emo-instinctual solipsism is inadvisable…like the Borg they will relentlessly wear down the shields of your logic until you are too weary to fight back. It’s the equivalent of Spock trying to have a rational debate with Aunt Esther from “Sanford and Son.”
    I do this EVERY time when i refuse to capitulate so that i inspire a Pavlovian response in her, in that she associates my immovable argument with an understanding that i am not going to compromise and will walk away and ignore her or leave and not call her back or text for days. They hate being ignored.
    The only way to outsmart a Woman’s emotional instinct is to let them think they’ve won on the stupid things, and stand your ground on the important ones. It goes without saying but NEVER COMPROMISE ON THE IMPORTANT THINGS!
    A Woman worth a damn will compromise on her part as point 1 and 4 basically illustrate if she perceives that you are doing the same.
    Sometimes they are aware of it, sometimes not, but the end result is the same: you feign the appearance of compromise on the little things while standing your ground as a true Alpha male on the bigger ones.

    1. “the equivalent of Spock trying to have a rational debate with Aunt Esther from “Sanford and Son.””
      LOL- great imagery, I can see Spock, begging Scotty to beam him up, quick, before he finally gets the big one.

      1. I think Spock would probably neck pinch her first, it’d be the only way to get her to stfu lol

    2. The eyeroll can only be dealt with via backhand. Nothing, I repeat nothing is a greater show of disrespect. She needs to accept unequivocally that your words, ideas and beliefs ALWAYS trump hers in accuracy, importance and merit. I would never allow a woman to emasculate me like that.

      1. A backhand can get you jail time, so i’m going to disagree with that. It’s way too easy for them to send a Man to jail.
        Besides, it’s better to program them than to have them screw you over for the rest of your life. It can happen anyway but why make it easier for them?

  15. I have an idea – if you’ve got a main girl, as I do, get a calendar. Start registering her menses over a period of time. My thinking is, a woman’s PMT, one week or so before the visit from auntie Flo, makes her Hamster spin as if it was in a washing machine. Result, emotional outbursts, severely impaired logic, and shit by the bucketload thrown randomly and frequently at anyone near for no reason at all.
    That is the best time to use aloof game, and generally pursue one’s interests – anything other than having a weak frame. If you’re not busy, FAKE it. A woman in such state will coax you into feeding the hamster; a man MUST avoid this at all costs.

    1. Very sharp, you haven’t been successfully married for a few decades, have you? (ie, you speak truth only gettable from experience)

        1. My point was complimenting your post, brother, and that fact that you arrived at such astute and practical observations the easier way.

    2. If she takes the pill this is pretty easy to do. Just grab one of her old pill packs and you can make a calendar going forward based off when she would have taken her last dummy pill. Even though women on the pill don’t actually ovulate their body will still mimic the hamster supercharge somewhat. That is when you plan your wild weekends away or vacations. For when the big Red One is going to show that is when you take business trips (or at least tell her you are doing so). If you have a side slice in the next town over plan on visiting her. Your main probably won’t care you are out of town that week and won’t really question it. Most women feel like shit that week and will be glad just not to be bothered even if she is super into you.

    3. Agree. married for 3 years and finally have figured out her cycle. Sweet as honey until PMS…then the bitch comes out. But maintaining tight frame and ignoring the shit tests does wonders for mitigating her moods. Like a rainstorm that period passes and then she’s back to being a well behaved girl.

    4. Buy her some Phytelle ( USANA ) or comparable.
      Then you won’t have to fight hormonal surges.

  16. #6 She knows not to dare say a word when you run out of lube and you want to plow her ass until she bleeds.
    #7 She understands that she doesn’t necessarily have to have done anything wrong when you backhand her for attitude maintenance training.
    #8 She keeps her mouth shut and gratefully accepts that she is a “main” among as many others as you see fit and that her tears are tantamount to treason towards your healthy appetites.
    Abuse, who the fuck cares?? Certainly not feminine women who can’t get enough of being treated like this. If it’s fun for men and women are addicted to it – I dare some SJW to step the fuck up :^)

      1. Thanks man. I’ve read some of your posts and you are the legend Brah! You don’t fuck with convention and you take whats yours! How a man should live his life!

        1. The unfortunate byproduct of living life like a man is multiple encounters with leo’s and d.f./c.s.. 50years ago this would not have been the case. Nowadays, most men, even alphas, cannot stomach risking their freedom by maintaining sole provider headmanship of a family. Or in my case…families.
          Btw, your compliment has my ego over-acting. Sincere thanks.

        2. How do you keep your Western ex wife from pulling the plug with grooming yer bio progeny?

        3. Iron clad prenump, never putting her name on bank accounts, property or,businesses. It worked for more than a 14+years, but I made the mistake of cutting down the domming and she got fat and feminist dogma filled the void a lack of forced submission left. I had to divorce her this year. After the separation the X found me, our daughter,and the teenage GF all in the living room floor, fraternizing with a single piece of clothing each. The X waited until I had returned our kid to her as per our non-court custody agreement before lying her ass off on a restraining order. Even though the judge tossed out the protection order, the cops were called for months afterwards whenever I went to pickup our child. Just this month did I(finally) get a custody hearing giving me custody but leaving the X with a majority of parenting time.
          The fact stands that nothing is foolproof when dealing with western womyn. I regret nothing of the ending of our marriage. The X was replaced with a younger, sexier girl and the domming re-established. The X was not the 1st to be removed from my harem and I am sure she will not be the last.
          It was my bad that the relationship dynamics changed, I was mistaken, mea culpa. I am now sure that this change would have happened regardless of the circumstances, for I have learned much from the incident. Without the divorce or the preceding build up, I would not have found the manosphere or the red-pill. My game is much tighter now, and my other 3wives(2Filipino, 1thai) 11year old daughte(half Filipino), 5year old son,(half thai),5year old daughter (all 3kids from different mothers) and 3step-daughters (read: 3more harem sisters) benefit from losing the americunt.
          In short, she did pull the plug for a few months, but it’s back on track now. Money>vagina +no money in a court of law.

        4. So instead you have a litter of illegitimate children in foreign countries? Guess I didn’t read the right articles on here, but at what point was this ever considered a winning strategy?

        5. Go back and read his other comments on disqus. There’s a reason he collects “illegitimate children in foreign countries” and his reasons are not for the faint of heart. He’s fuckin em and apparently beating them too in pedo/sado ritualistic fashion. He’s a sick, bold fuck.

        6. Hey gchi,
          If not for the extreme risk, all my kids would be like my single American progeny, conceived and born in wedlock. My overseas SO’s and I had a “binding/ commitment ceremony.” It is not a legal marriage, but I support my (blood)children, both financially and emotionally. I spend as much time with my kids as my job and other responsibilities allow. The dynamics of my families are unique and the generational traditions of my lineage are misunderstood/ vilified by most closed minded people. I would never preach that my familial customs/ traditions are best for every family. I would argue that I make my kids as legitimate as possible given the current socio-political attack on nuclear family. I would stress that none of my kids or wives/ GF’s are prisoners. They are all free to leave but each and every one of them knows I will not take them back if they went and their individual lives would be less fulfilling without my guidance/ support.
          It goes without mention the “in the family” benefits I enjoy. If this is a strategy for “winning” or “winners” has yet to be determined. What has been emphatically determined is that what I do with my kin is much more masculine than sniping at a strangers comments from the safety of home while hiding behind a nom-de-plume and a keyboard.

        7. Yup, he’s fucking the 5 to 13 year old daughters of the adult women he dates. He also apparently got his own daughter in nothing but a T shirt for a wrestling match with his equally unclothed girlfriend. Some men just do not give a fuck eh?

        8. Did your daughter rat you out to your ex? Had you punched her V card by then or were you still grooming her at that point? Not like it matters, but do your daughters object to that stuff at first? Don’t they use the threat of telling to have power over you?

        9. I had been domming the X since she 1st became my GF. When my kid became aware of shame, private family matters and keeping secrets, I made the domming sessions joint, treating the 2 as 1. When 1 messed up, both got a round of “responsibility. ” so, No need for ratting. You seem interested in grooming techniques. I’ll drop one of my burner emails and we can go into detail that way. Just reply to this comment and I’ll post the address. Quick answers to your questions are(respectively) : no ratting, still grooming at that time, yes, and no unless they are looking to have a rather long and depraved “responsibility” round.

        10. account.one: take an extremist position, deliberately use ‘trigger’ words (albeit poorly with inconsistent weaving), and finish with ‘brah brah men men brah’, very clearly classifying a needless distinction, again, inconsistent.
          account.two: replies to the sock puppet with irrelevant hyper embellishment. none can know what content real, does it matter anyway?
          The latter is more consistent, but they do so read more like fanfic, as stated. all seem more contrived than not.

        11. You put the information about your familial situation out there for anyone to read, and given how it’s different from what is mostly posted on this site, you should expect some comments on it – and not all of them to consist of pats on the back.
          In case there’s some kind of logic I’m missing out on when it comes to your brand of ‘family’, I’ll hold off on making more comments in the meantime, as I take Guest’s suggestion of reading more of your posts. If anything, I have no doubt that they will be entertaining.

        12. This better be some trolling…if not, that “sick, bold f*ck” needs to be shot or put down somehow. One day it will catch up with him. Maybe some real man will put an end to him and his disgusting practices. Having sexual relations with minors, especially your own kids, would please the leftist “sex-positive” agenda. There’s a special place in Hell for pedo [email protected] like him.

        13. Translation: “never been in a relationship before, and never even been within six inches of a vagina. Just like to make shit up on the internet in order to look ‘cool’.”

  17. I was at a sandwich shop about 2 hours ago; there was a couple in line and in front of me. The woman was about mid 30s (a 6 on the attractive scale), the guy about 50-ish (unkempt, beat down, out of shape, skinny, and unhappy). She glanced down at her untied shoes then proceeded to stare at him. She gave him a nod, after he looked at the shoes as well and noticed them untied. He knelt down and tied her shoes. My co-worker and I laughed, she met our stares and knew exactly why we were laughing.

    1. Should have punched that beta in the brain stem the moment he went down to tie those shoes.

    2. Holy Fucking God….. it has come to this….. if ever I see such behaviour I would laugh so loud and tell the guy to get some self respect….

      1. I thought the same thing. That guy was so beat, his mental state has passed beyond the point of logic. He was like a dog on a leash, must behave like that day in and day out to please his “master”.

        1. economic meltdown and subsequent global war will end this shitty behavior….

    3. Maybe it was his daughter and he was taking her out for a walk? You know….you can’t let these retards wander around, alone…it’s dangerous (so much rape out there, today).
      Had to laugh…good one.

        1. What the fuck is wrong with you people?????????? Rape is not funny. This goes for TheHammer too…

        2. Isn’t that something? Neither is destroying a man’s life by claiming to have been “raped” because you had buyer’s remorse the day after it happened, which is all too common. More so than the actual act, in fact.

        3. Except for men raping women, the men are causing these women to ruin their lives? If these rapists hadn’t raped these women than the women wouldnt have ruined their lives? And yes there are women out there who lie about it, but both are equally bad, and who the fuck says the man didn’t actually rape her? Who the fuck are you to say it was just buyers remorse?

    4. Unless her back was blown post-partum, or she’d herniated a disc picking up a toddler, etc, it seems like a leverage of looks. If you can stomach watching this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=al4kEWMjUzo you can see the involuntary malice of modern women. The boyfriend presents an abstract and fairly innocent behaviour from his youth, and the woman just mashes her herpetic vag in his face.

  18. I spent years treating them like queens in hope of even a mere scrap of getting even a memory of a shadow of numbers 1 – 5.
    Fuck it.

    1. Honestly, and ironically, I do not treat them like queens, and I still get lavished with gifts, but then I still let it fizzle out when they realize Im not moving further….

    2. It was a rude awakening for me when I finally discovered that the “golden rule” does not apply to relationships. You can’t just treat them well, you must treat them how they deserve. This can be exhausting with a low maintenance woman, let alone a wife who has gotten away with murder for a decade. It’s hard if not impossible to correct course after that much beta buffoonery.

  19. So you should only be in a relationship with a woman if its completely one-sided? What are you doing for her? Any woman who would stay in such a one-sided relationship is a complete idiot anyway.
    Thank fuck I’m a lesbian and don’t have to put up with disgusting men like you lot.
    Stop being such entitled assholes and learn some humility.
    Oh, and btw good luck finding any decent woman who would meet these ridiculous standards. Better hope she’s missing some brain cells.

    1. LOL. Fake. Take your sock puppet back to the branded broad thread dummy. Beat it creep——->

    2. You’re probably a lesbian because you’re a butch dyke that no man finds attractive

    3. why would a lesbian want to comment on a men’s site? sounds like you rode the cock carousel-beta roller coaster then changed lifestyles but miss a warm penis.

      1. She was probably decent looking in her teens, but is now old and fat and gets no attention from men so she turned lesbian. She obviously misses male attention, hence why she’s here

    4. There are no decent women and you would salivate over all our cocks and guzzle buckets of our cum if you could. Only prob we don’t fuck landwhales but we’ll happily pimp your dimpled ass to crack addicts in the ghetto for the five bucks your worth. You’re gettin’ moist just thinking about it.

    5. You’re average western women expects far more than what’s on this list from her potential boyfriend even if she’s a woman that offers virtually nothing in return. But women having standards is “you go giiiiiiiirl” but men having standards is sexist. Reality is everyone has standards they expect a potential long term partner to meet.

      1. Agree. I think the worst ones have to be the entitled, single mothers out there with a list of demands and kids (baggage). They bring some other man’s kids to the table (deal) and they have a long list of demands that a man has to meet (before even meeting up for a first date).
        To younger men out here…if and when you see (or hear) this list (and kids)…run.
        You are not responsible for taking on her and her kids. It will be nothing short of a disaster. You’re not the dad and you’ll hear about it (from her and the kids) every single time there is an argument.
        You’re first and foremost question should be….does she have any kids?

        1. That’s correct. One thing I’ve noticed is the less a women has to offer or the longer she’s been single the longer her list of requirements is for a man. I think this comes from the fact they know they are running out of time to find Mr Right so they then won’t accept any man who doesn’t meet that criteria, which means they stay alone.

  20. Sounds like an entitled Cosmo article with the sexes switched out. A woman this good you marry, if you don’t want to marry her why does she owe you jack? Relationships are an economic exchange. You want all the qualities of a wife, without the investment in effort or commitment of an actual wife (the other side of the bargain). No wonder neoreaction is laughing at us.

    1. All you are doing is showing why such a woman is special and worthy of a commitment of marriage. That is really saying something in todays world of misandry by law. You obviously don’t measure up. But get used to it more and more men (like the ones that read this article) are starting to see the truth and any man the offers commitment to a woman with your attitude is a substandard man that you can never respect.

        1. You act like a woman you get treated like one. Your comment was a chicks comment. Too much compliance with the feminine imperative

        2. Switch out the sexes of the points and it reads like an entitled chick mag’s front cover. It lacked an acknowledgement of the give and take in social relations, logic and economics are hardly a chick speciality. Another comment said the same thing (I expanded on it) and I’m pretty sure he was a bloke.

  21. These fives attributes describe …. no American women alive today.
    So, pump ’em and dump ’em. They are not worth more than that.

    1. I find your lack of faith disturbing. So you’re telling me that you’ve met every woman in America and have assessed that not ONE of them is capable of doing everything on this list (based on another man’s opinion and really not an accurate gauge of a woman’s worth but I digress) and are thereby essentially useless as anything other than a means for your own personal sexual release…..that about right?
      Hate to break it to you but this whole “pump and dump” mantra that a lot of you around here seem to be so quick to adopt when things aren’t going your way is helping to create and ensure the very type of woman you claim to abhor stays in existence to frustrate mankind for as long as it lasts. I would be willing to guarantee you as a man and furthermore a human being have not only fallen short of expectation at some point in your life more than once but you’ve also disappointed and plain not been on your best behavior.
      It is not merely something that only effects the female of the species but tis the plight of the imperfect human which causes this well known glitch that every last one of us has from conception to the grave which itself is another disappointment.
      I don’t think I quite understand the logic in a man who will spout endless spiteful tirades about the type of woman he claims to hate yet hunt this very type down just to “pump and dump” because he knows no woman of value and honor would or should allow herself to be used as living masterbatory aid which is what many of you have relegated the female species to not only that but you’ve also relegated yourselves to nothing more than voracious manipulative sex fiends and men are (supposed to be) far more valuable than that.
      You will claim to be logical thinkers as men but honestly I’ve never seen such a large concentration of more emotionally driven drivel in my entire life. You will claim to be adults but you act more like angry children and I get that it’s mostly out of utter frustration from the evil and asinine “feminism” but instead of acting better than that which you hate you act worse like the world owes you something and expect to be treated like royalty of the hugest honor when you act like nothing of the sort.
      Not a great deal of true logic in that….well at least not to the thinking adult at any rate. But I would imagine these words shall be wholly wasted on you and those who share your illogical machinations because as a group, you seem to find it difficult to display even an infinitesimal amount of self control which is also prevalent in the western culture. So you’ll continue on ensuring our immanent failure as a species so you can get your gratification in whatever fashion you see fit. A whore is a whore but the same can be said about the one who will elicit their services.

      1. I’m still searching for the mother of my children. I do have sex with girls but I treat them well. Still, I’m not going to fully commit until I find one who’s worth it.

        1. Tell me good sir, what is your definition of “worth it”? I would imagine sharing of your body intimately with another person must be indicative of something more or am I giving you too much credit? Nothing but respect for you albeit, is nothing scared anymore? It’s not a rhetorical question I’m genuinely curious what criteria you have for a woman to earn your exclusivity.

        2. Oh I agree, I share much more than carnal pleasures with every woman. Worth it: meaning having the ability to rear strong, intelligent offspring and ability to support me in my role as provider and protector of our familial grouping.

  22. Keeping relationship checklists seems like a very feminine thing to do – beneath the dignity of a man.
    Women are naturally nurturing and submissive. This stuff comes naturally.
    Periodically remind them of their place, as a kindness to them. If they do not wish to stay in their place, let them find some other place. There is nothing in this world so abundant as women, excepting, possibly, hydrogen.

  23. I fear normal healthy female/male relationship dynamics have reached the point of horrific paranoia and severe mistrust. This is disappointing but this checklist is interesting nonetheless, I would imagine the author eludes to being willing to do these things himself what with the “two way street” imagery. At any rate I must say I don’t think there is ever a reason for a woman to disrespect her father to defend the man she is seeing being that in normal ideal conditions her father is the first man in her life. He performed all the fatherly duties that got her to her current point in life and ultimately he is one of the reasons why you’re attracted to her ability to respect you as a man since he should have taught her.
    Hopefully her father is an honerable man like whomever she would bring home to meet her family but if daddy has something to say about the man she brought home (HIS house) being he knows her better and she flips out and starts “cussing out daddy” this a very bad sign. If she can disrespect her own father in lieu of a man she hasn’t known half as long and who hasn’t done a quarter of what he has (again in normal ideal circumstances) what makes you think you will never find yourself disrespected by her?
    I’ll even go as far as to say if she disrespects anyone this is a red flag however if she can successfully and respectfully diffuse a situation leaving few feeling slighted all the while never needing to raise her voice even once I would say this would be a woman worthy of the title of “lady” and more attractive than a woman who is willing to use profanity and disrespect her own father or anyone else for that matter.
    You can defend someone without spazzing out and “swearing off family” to run off with a man who would dump you for not performing everything enumerated on this list perfectly and in a certain timeframe. Also you don’t have to “make” someone treat you better than they expect to be treated by you, generally, if you’re kind and respectful to people they will want to return the favor no trickery or manipulation required. And if you aren’t treated in kind for being a decent human being then yeah I would say bounce and never look back. I mean the golden rule most certainly applies in any situation but especially when trying to be in a relationship with someone.

    1. nice thoughts, but not reality. you don’t get to like it or hate it, it just simply is: she must be passed from the father to the new father, that’s just all there is. it is up to the man to fulfill his missions, if they be honor or otherwise. and it is up to the old financier (father) to pummel the new fiancée (husband promiser to be) should the financing be as hollow a facade as the idea of the good girl staying with old daddy forever.
      alternatively, if the girl is trash, it doesn’t matter if the new promiser is solid or caddish, and the old promissory will most likely be secretly grateful to dump junk bonds. but regardless, respect only reality, and don’t make-believe.

      1. The thing is, the current “reality” is the facade and I both hate and reject it. You have been conditioned to believe that there is no other way to keep the interests of “the matrix” going. When you finally find out that “the way things are” is a complete and utter lie and the world we live in is a land of make believe you will see why I think and say the things that I have.
        The only reason you think you know how things should be is because it is all you know you see no way out and no one around you seeks or seems to know how to challenge the clear oppression and nonsensical madness of this society. For instance, if you’ve only eaten the same grey tasteless slop your entire life, wore only what you could fashion out of what was lying about your environment, and had never seen anything other than the wildlife you had always seen you would say ok this is reality this is how the world is and there is nothing else.
        Until one day someone decides to ascend the mountain cutting you off from actual reality and finds that on the other side there are better kinds of more abundant food better more civilized kinds of clothing and many strange and beautiful creatures. How slighted would one feel to know that their current society kept them in the dark about how life should really have been all along? Perhaps society didn’t know itself, how foolish one would feel for accepting dreck when they could have had splendor.
        Why do you think when a new species is discovered the perplexity of it’s appearance may be referred to as “alien”? The fact of the matter is the creature has been here all along it was merely not known to YOU but that does not negate the fact that it exists and has existed quite possibly longer than you have.
        I suggest you ponder whether or not you want to continue to accept a society that is clearly absolutely flawed in nature because the “reality” you accept and continue to support is a dark and twisted one which shrouds the true nature of our purpose and our future. Be careful what you hold as your reality comrade, not everything is as it seems. Expand your horizons and stop willingly accepting things you neither want nor agree with.

        1. always good advice. i would state the same, but still conclude what i stated earlier, however. we all see the sun rise in the east and set in the west. we all see the same thing. yet some believe the sun revolves around the earth, around them, despite the fact that if true, all would never have existed beyond irradiated ashes. the selfish choose fiction over fact. as a lesser offense, still others use aspirations of purpose to try the same ends and hold on forever, though if they pondered it they’d know it just as futile.
          if you do truly wish what you said earlier, you’ll need to be bigger than the mechanical reality of sex, and you’ll likely achieve just as much as if you try to be bigger than the sun. the reality is, the old father needs to be surpassed by the new husband eventually, that is all that is, less you deny the husband part of what is his finance. that cross over must happen, and at that point, the old financier does absolutely not get a say any more. as if i’m going to trade promises for a girl with an indian-giver father. fail. every time.
          there is an ‘exception’, which is that fiction in her head, not reality itself: if the power difference is great enough, you’ll be the strongest signal to her, and you can program her with whatever notions of respect, irrespective of practical reality, that you see fit. she’ll enjoy the power difference, what is real, and still unknowingly humor your other notions, despite setting her – and you – up to fail. the ‘good’: ‘it’ will work, and by your own self deception you won’t be able to tell the difference between which ‘it’ is working, so you’ll feel right. the bad (the real): when the real ‘it’ fades, your fictions – now truly standing alone instead of on the crutch of something else done right – will be tested alone, and you might still not set them aside.
          which ‘it’ is real and which simply isn’t? maybe time will change my observations. regardless, even then, i respect only testable, verifiable, applicable reality.

        2. Impressive, however this is the definition of over complicating an issue but I do see flickers of hope within your thought process. I will say you’re on somewhat of a right track and state again that you must find the reality of this world for yourself. With your current convictions I would say you need only hear the proper explanation of it as it pertains to you personally which sadly I have not helped much with. Only then will it resonate with you but you are close. I do wish you that clarity at some point in your life and I would love to converse with you once more when you find it. Stay hungry my friend. Respect.

      2. You sound very medieval in your thinking. Seems like you’re out of touch with the true reality, and stuck in an archaic fantasy. It also seems like you’ve probably never gotten laid.

  24. This list is bullshit.
    1. She pays back x5 or x10 anything and everything? Fuck that. 1 to 1 relationship is fine. I cook today, she cooks tomorrow. Expecting anything more is bullshit.
    2. She doesn’t need to do shit if I have a job appointment or exam, except get out of the house. I don’t want her around being extra attentive, just leave me be.
    3. I don’t want my bitch lashing out for me. That’s a good recipe for getting your teeth kicked in when she calls that “rude marine” a pin dick. If you’re a man, and she knows you’re a man, she’ll sit back and watch you take control all by yourself.
    4. What, you think a woman is going to apologise for her outburts!??!?!? LOL. Good luck with that one.
    5. Every single time a chick has done something nice without it being a special occasion I get scared. Marriage? Pregnancy? Fuck that. In fact I’ve dumped girls who have been too nice, puts too much pressure to be nice back and the sex ends up being lousy.

    1. You’re going to put up with bad behavior just so you don’t lose a woman ? You’re the reason this article and site exists .

      1. Fuck, you’re a dumb one aren’t ya? Read my post history ya assumptive basterd. The reason I know, and you don’t, that this list is bullshit is due to experience. Cheers.

        1. Uh huh? I’m the idiot? After I was called a beta because I listed reasons why the “5 things your chick should do” as an unrealistic and, frankly, bullshit list.
          Good luck getting a girl to do 5 or 10 times payback for every good deed you do. LOL. And good luck with the rest of the list too (I forgot them now, just re-read my initial retort). I bet you’re one of the pussies who says, “There’s no such thing as a good female. Literally every single female on earth is crap and selfish,” and then you go pat yourself on the back for not getting your dick sucked.

        2. Good one. My sides are hurting from sooooo much laughter. Of course I’m talking about your avatar.

      2. P.S. I just want to add, you’re the type of chump that doesn’t fuck anything over a 5 maybe once a month, then goes on sites like this and brags about being alpha. We see your type coming from a mile away and it fucking sucks, you delude yourselves, and you water down the good advice found here. And just so this turns into a dick swinging match (which always happens when you call out pretenders), how many different girls did you fuck these last 2 weeks? I fucked 5 (and that’s because I’ve been sick this whole week). And 2 of those were from a threesome. And I’m not even bullshitting. Sucks to be you.

        1. only a mangina brags about his false conquests. you got ALL the symptoms of an angry wuss. your post speaks for itself.

        2. And you got the symptom of a guy who doesn’t get any. LOL. Guess what, I also got a big dick. True. Of course, if you got a small dick you’ll doubt that also. LOL.

    2. You dumped girls who have been too nice (with you)!?!? Man, you are seriously ill. I mean, really, really ILL straight from the core being. Or, maybe you don’t need a woman at all 😉

      1. LOL at the indignation.
        Here’s scenario 1: I fucked this chick and after she wanted to cuddle all night. No problem, some chicks do that. Then I went off to work the next day. Came home and found that she’d cooked dinner, cleaned my house, did all the ironing. Everything! And she was just meant to be a ONS. So I fucked her again and told her to get out. Never returned any of her calls, nor saw her again.
        Scenario 2: Was a chick at work who was “cool,” we just got along really well. She was going to leave and move to another state and, for convenience, she stayed at my place for 2 weeks before moving. Sure, we fucked, but it was just nice having company for a short time. BUT every time I came home from work, or we’d go out, or whatever, she’d find some cool gift to give me. Could be shot glasses or computer games or whatever. And this got just weird for me – I fucking hate getting gifts, and I hate buying them. It almost felt like she was auditioning for future wife. So I ended up kicking her out early.

        1. Hand doesn’t count as woman douche.
          But seriously, THAT’s your comment!? I assume THAT’s your real pic for your avatar, right? Well, that would explain your attitude. I swear, if women came up with a bullshit list like this even the SJW’s would say, “fuck it, I’m outta here.” This list, and the general tone on this site lately, is: “All women are slags. There’s no such thing as a good girl. Every man should come up with a bullshit list that no woman can live up to so that I can validate my beliefs that all women are shit.” All I can say is, I have fucked many, many models, and life is fucking grand for me. Sucks to be you.

    3. ” In fact I’ve dumped girls who have been too nice, puts too much pressure to be nice back and the sex ends up being lousy.”
      Yes i noticed this too.

  25. There is a better way than that: don’t have a “girlfriend” (whatever this is meant to mean) and, instead, have a wife. And since the laws of marriage have been damaged, then don’t have a wife too and, instead, don’t care and carry on with your work.

  26. If you mention in passing that you like things a certain way and then she always remembers and goes out of her way to accommodate..shes a keeper.

    1. True.
      Shows she’s paying attention and committing things to memory. Things particular to you…….dat’s a winner.

  27. “5. She does things for you for no reason”
    Women don’t do nice things for men today.

      1. And, if they truly like and respect men. That being said, its sad that men can’t think that having nice things done for them, is acceptable, normal behaviour by women.
        I apologise for my sex. Traitorous trollops.

    1. Of course you do. You’re a woman. Women expect this treatment even if they’re not giving it, just by virtue of having a vagina. Men generally don’t expect this kind of behaviour back. That’s the problem.

      1. Men don’t expect to be treated with dignity and respect? And why not, you deserve it do you not? So then what do you expect? If as men you don’t expect to be treated with dignity and respect and thusly command it then who really encourages this bad behavior that you so vehemently condemn from women?
        I do expect to be respected and treated with dignity as should any other human being but I show that I am one to be respected in my actions and demeanor and the fact that I am willing, nay, obligated to treat fellow human beings (the gender of which being irrelevant) just as well.
        I don’t put up with anything less for long nor should anyone but instead of blaming the entire female populous I place the blame the individual where it belongs and move on. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t appreciate or be in agreement if a woman utters the typical “all men are _________!” proclamation so in all fairness….lead by example.
        Also I think your minds may have shut down after her revelation of being a woman as it doesn’t look like you’ve truly read what she has even said. She mentions the word “back” as in an equal reaction to something prior and “also” eluding to her willingness to perform these things as well as expect to be treated in kind. It helps to pay attention and give the benefit of the doubt as well as due respect as well as attention to contextual evidence instead of the more boorish “you’re a woman shut up!” approach.

        1. I’d reply to the content of your comment, but you’re talking to the fiction you have created in your mind of me. I couldn’t possibly compete with him. I’m sure he has an appropriate response though.

        2. I haven’t created a fictitious version of you at all, I don’t see how I could considering I don’t have an accurate portrayal of you to use to make things up. The way I perceive you is no different than my initial perception in meeting anyone new: that you’re a decent human being deserving of a default amount of respect.
          Anyway I was addressing the subject of both comments since the sentiment seemed to be the same betwixt the two I merely chose yours because it was the latter and I suppose you seem slightly more reasonable by comparison as you at least gave somewhat of a reason for your stance.
          While a lot of what I said was generalized I only asked you one direct question pertaining to what you should expect as far as how you should be treated as a man and that shouldn’t really be too difficult to answer.
          I sincerely hope that we haven’t fallen so far into moral decay that you don’t actually know the right answer to that question but if it’s just a case of not wanting to answer it then to each his own and inquiry respectfully withdrawn but I do appreciate you at least acknowledging what was said sans cantankerousness so I thank you good sir.

    2. Of course you do, snow flake. You all are so precious.
      You’ve been told your whole life how special you are (Disney princess) and you should have everything.
      Beat it…the door is ——————————–>

  28. The same exact woman and I mean the SAME FUCKING WOMAN in a burqa would have lasted a lifetime AND best of all would have been forced to learn how to cook.

  29. “When she paid you back, it was either $100 and date tickets to the game,
    or $150 and a striptease in new lingerie that she bought. Then she
    presented her ass for you again.”
    Nice bit of fantasy there, bro.
    Why are you attempting to give relationship advice when you have clearly never had one yourself?
    Seriously. Assuming I like this girl and the sex is good, just… pay me back when you said you would, and don’t be asking again any time soon.

  30. Lent a couple hundred to a female friend once. Needless to say, we are friends no longer. The shaming, the blaming, the “poor me”, the drama: she did everything under the sun except simply pay me back a small amount of money that she said she would pay me back.

  31. Agree.
    May I add – with a manly, honourable man – one never even minds doing so!
    And when it truly comes to times for hard sacrifices, one never, EVER questions doing so. Even if the man accepts the situation, or even tells you- no-no need to help.
    (A good woman, knows when keep quiet to let a man save face – while unconditionally doing what needs be done. )

  32. These are things I genuinely strive to do daily for my husband…I would just have one question… I have recently developed severely painful cysts and have endometriosis with is only making them far more difficult to tolerate and function normally with. I’m finding it difficult to maintain my normal routine and priorities while trying to figure out a pain management strategy that isn’t a money drain and isn’t going to leave my husband with a drugged up wife. Because the symptoms are unpredictable right now (it’s a new development and I don’t know which activities will leave me curled in a ball for hours) I’m feeling terribly guilty about not being able to be my normal sf and maintain the traditional role I gebuine love. My husband is seriously being so understanding but I’m worried he’s just trying to not exacerbate the symptoms by adding stress for me… In these type of really unpredictable situations would you as traditional men be ok with the changes that might have to happen for a little while or would it be a sore spot?
    Side note of anyone does have natural pain remedies that are truly effective I gladly accept advice. I desperately want to be my normal self but I’m sure everyone can relate to times when your body just refuses to cooperate.

  33. I have girlfriend that does all these things, we’ve been going out for two and a half years and everything is perfect apart from two things: she doesn’t sexually excite me, and I’m 18 (meaning I wish I’d met her in 20 years to settle down with her)
    Now I’m at a loss, my emotional ties with her are very strong (to the point I would happily say I loved her) and I know it would be extremely emotionally distressing for both of us to cut the relationship, yet I want to explore myself, have adventures, discover what it’s like to be a man.
    I look to this community for insights, anecdotes, or other articles that might be able to help me help myself.

  34. This sounds like a nice woman to be, but would she really stick around if she’s doing a lot more for you than you are for her? This article kind of implies that she would be doing more. Also, I don’t think feminism contradicts any points in the article. It’s just simply wanting equal rights for women, not entitlment. She could be a feminist and all these things.

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