5 Ways We Must Enforce Equality Between The Sexes

In 2003 Norway became the first country mandating that women must make up at least 40% of board members on major companies. This trend has swept around the world, with countries including Belgium, Italy, Spain and Malaysia following suit.

Even in parliaments, nearly half of all countries now have some form of legal or voluntary gender quota. In Ireland parties stand to lose state funding unless 40% of their candidates are of either gender, while France has upped this to 50%.

For decades we’ve been hearing of the need to eliminate inequalities between the sexes. As we have seen, many have tried to carry out this crusade against sexism by legislating these differences away. We in the manosphere think this movement is fundamentally unfair, however. Why should one privileged gender receive equal reward, mandated by law, without enduring equal risks or responsibilities?

1. Workplace & Road Accidents


Every year, over 5,000 deaths occur in workplaces in America, 92% of which are suffered by men.

To make right this imbalance, every year another 4,900 women must experience a terminal workplace injury of some kind. A lottery will assign various forms of death, including being burned, poisoned, suffocated, impaled, sliced in half, falling from a great height or being crushed by a heavy object. Hundreds of thousands more will suffer minor injuries, from a blood nose up to and including amputations and permanent brain damage.

The federal government will implement this program each year on the taxpayer dime, ensuring that by every December 31st, equality of workplace risk has been reached, regardless of the occupations of the two genders.

As for the road toll, 23,000 men died on America’s roads in 2013, compared to only 9,000 women. Thus, before the year is out, we should have a national lottery in which another 14,000 women are randomly selected and lain down on major interstates before peak hour traffic. Any driver who refuses to run over such chosen women will be deemed sexist, anti-equality, and be stripped of their driving license and shamed on national television.

2. Suicides


40,000 individuals die by suicide in the US every year, and approximately 78% of these are men. There is a deficit between the genders of about 22,400. As such, congress must immediately pass legislation to create a “Department of Women’s Misery.”

The purpose of the DWM is to ruin the lives of as many women as possible so as to address this imbalance. Women should be in turn bullied, shunned, undervalued, disenfranchised, and otherwise psychologically destroyed as far as possible. Women who complain about this behavior should be sent to talk to ineffectual councilors who will diagnose them with six-syllable mental illnesses which have remained undiscovered before the last decade.

Pamphlets advising on the best ways for one to slit one’s wrists, asphyxiate oneself with a car exhaust, or where on the body to shoot oneself in order to cause instant death should be handed out to female high school students.

In the event that, come the end of the year, an insufficient number of women have taken their own lives to meet the quota, the remaining difference must again be selected by lottery and the winners forcefully pushed off the nearest bridge.

3. Military Casualties

Arlington Cemetery

At least 1.3 million Americans have died in wars since 1776, the vast majority of them men, while women have been forced to remain at home cooking, knitting, cleaning, and undertaking various other “oppressive” peacetime activities.

For the most part, men themselves cannot be entirely to blame for this tragic statistic. Since 1920 at least, women have had equal right to vote, making them equally culpable in the actions of elected government.

To right this imbalance, women should not only be allowed to enter the military, but must become casualties in equal numbers. Averaging the historical total over the 239 year history of the union, this translates into approximately 5,500 combat deaths per year.

As such, a number of women at least that great must be parachuted deep into North Korea or Islamic State territory each year, with no weapons or supplies, in order to bravely sacrifice themselves for their country, until the discrepancy is met.

In the event America enters another major war, all units from frontline platoons to army headquarters must be made up of a 50:50 ratio of men and women. Special commissars will operate behind the lines to ensure an even casualty ratio by promptly executing those whose unit is experiencing a gender disparity in their favour.

4. Jail Time


Men make up 91% of the prison population. It is true that about 76% of all offenders are male, but clearly a bias exists here. By comparison, women commit 24% of all crimes and make up just 9% of the prison population. Furthermore, women on average will receive a sentence approximately 40% less than a man for the same crime. It is time the law began treating women as responsible adults.

Through simple arithmetic, we can conclude that roughly 1,960,000 female criminals have never been caught and are currently at large. Any women caught littering, shoplifting, speeding, jaywalking or otherwise infringing the law in any way will receive an automatic life sentence until we have eliminated this gap.

Government agents will then ensure that whenever a man is sentenced to a term of imprisonment, the next woman to appear before the judge is given an equal punishment, regardless of her crime. Let us also not forget that of the 20,000-odd people executed in the US (or the American colonies) since the 1600s, only 3% have been women.

5. Homelessness


Figures vary, but surveys put the percentage of the chronically homeless who are male at about 75%. Furthermore, in England, the number of men dying whilst homeless is nine times higher than the number of women.

As there are more than 600,000 homeless people, we must immediately kick some 400,000 women out of their homes onto the streets. These women will be forbidden from sleeping under a roof until an equal number of men have been so housed.

Even all this is just the beginning. Why does no one comment on how the “oppressive” sex in our society lives five years less than the “oppressed one” and that this difference holds true all the way back to the late middle ages? Why is it that by age forty 85% of women have had a child compared to just 76% of men despite an even number of both genders wanting to have kids? To close this ten point procreation gap, why not draft 200,000 wives every year and force them to bear and raise their husband’s children?

Why should we only have a “Minister for Women” given the vastly greater sacrifices made for our society by men? Why should my local gym have a women’s section, into which I dare not stray, without a male-only section in the next room? And finally, why is it that by merely asking these questions, people in the “civilized” world will look at you like you’ve gone mad? How can we be living in a “patriarchy” when the matriarchy immediately silences any opposing thought?

But all is not lost. If all of this is implemented at once, then by the year 2020 little girls growing up in America should have achieved total equality with boys. They will be as statistically likely to not only earn as much money, become a corporate board member, and serve in parliament, but also to die on America’s roads or in the workplace, to kill themselves, go to jail, be executed, have children, end up homeless or die bravely for their country.

We can therefore move forwards in our glorious androgynous society, where men are no longer automatically the disposable sex, while the rest of the world applauds our efforts and surely rushes to follow suit.

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233 thoughts on “5 Ways We Must Enforce Equality Between The Sexes”

  1. “But, but, female opression is the result of systemic sexism. These inequalities men experience, are the result of their own bad choices. All bad things women experience are the fault of patriarchy. ”
    You can’t use logic with the Cuntocracy. We will never win. Human civilization will never be a long term thing due to gynocentrism. Just get your kicks before the shit house falls in.

    1. I think a more effective way will be for all those man who do the real work like road builders, constructing buildings in dangerous environments, the army, miners and truckers should all quit their jobs in one fell swoop and demand that 50% of the workers be women before they can return back to work. 50% to be women in construction and road building, 50% should be women in the army, miners and working on the oil rigs equally distributed amongst women on the coal face.
      Actually now that I think of it, a law should be passed that in any one specific job (not industry as they will just employ women as admin) 50% should be women or the company faces legal action. This including fishing vessels and miners, roofers and digging roads.
      See how they like that.

      1. Yes, and because women are awarded custody of children in the majority of divorce cases, all men must band together and demand, that children must be snatched from their mothers and placed in their father’s care, while the mothers work their ass off and pay children support and alimony to the fathers. This must continue until true equality is achieved.
        Then, a lot of men work in the garbage industry, working in filthy, dirty and smelly conditions. We must forcibly thrust women into these jobs by a fifty percent quota system.
        Also women should be assigned fifty percent jobs in the mining industry. Miners work in terrible conditions. They get lung diseases, from the gases in the mines, and sometimes, these mines collapse, causing the death of many miners, who are almost exclusively male. This inequality should end. An equal number of women must share in this misery.
        A lot of men get raped in prison, while rape in prison for women is almost non existent. It has been so for a number of years. Thus, we must even out these inequality, and ensure that an equal number of women get raped in prison. Three cheers for equality!
        In fact, in India, a mob cut off a man’s penis after he was ACCUSED of raping a woman. This news was met by enthusiasm by the mainstream media, and some western websites, and commenters saying that the man “deserved” it. Meanwhile a woman in India, who had raped and abused a young boy for some months was given a three year sentence. We must even out this inequality, and mutilate the breasts and vaginas of women publically who rape and abuse men and boys.
        There is a dire need to address gender equality in the world, folks. It must be done soon. Why haven’t the world leaders started out this work? I just don’t get it.

      2. “…should all quit their jobs in one fell swoop and demand that 50% of the workers be women before they can return back to work.”
        Is it sad that my first interpretation was that all the workers should demand sex changes? Strange times we live in.

      3. The problem is that women will never shoulder equal responsibility if artificially inserted into such professions. It will likely only double the obligations on the remaining males within their respective industries.

        1. What will happen is that the men that are doing the work now will still be doing the same amount of work with more women sitting on their thumbs. The effect will be to cut productivity in half. It might have the beneficial effect of increasing the demand for labor and increasing salaries of the workers. Kind of the inverse of what happened when women were liberated, by their own efforts, to join the workforce, thereby reducing the cost of labor to the PTB and suppressing the general wage level for the past 50 years.

    1. the past 2 weeks of articles have been solid. society puts out so much bullshit it seems the well never runs dry for red pill material

  2. All women who have had an abortion or given a child up for adoption should be assigned a child born to a random single mother. They will have to pay child support for that child based on the year they made their maximum income. A failure to pay will immediately result in jail time.

    1. Never thought about that, but shit, you’re right. It’s no different from a man having to pay child support for a child whose birth he had no say in, or chose to distance himself from (deadbeat-dad style).

    2. I think that is the stupidest thing I have heard. Not too stupid compared to the other things I have seen on this website, but fairly bad in my ethical standards. What if they just cannot afford to have a child?

  3. Hamster logic translation:
    ROK wants to start executing women because they can’t get laid. The misogyny has to stop!!

    1. You need a brain transplant. They are highlighting the fact that this quest for gender equality by the governments and women is a futile nonsense. Every gender can claim that they have the bitter end of the stick, like more men dying in road accidents, wars, suicides e.t.c.
      It does not cost you anything to apply your critical skills and think for a moment.
      Do we live in a geration where one has to spell it out for every numpty out there?

        1. It’s ok man, we all step in shit now and again, heh.

        2. The reason these types of posts are becoming increasingly misinterpreted is due to the insanity of what is actually occurring. It is disturbing how the line between realty and parody have become blurred.

        3. Yes, quite so. When you can no,longer parody something, you know it has become insane.

        4. That’s why “they” don’t want men hanging out and shooting the shit in their own clubs and such. We learn. And there is no better school.

  4. “Department of Women’s Misery”
    I really hope something like this becomes a reality in my lifetime, Toronto really needs one. I have a feeling a lot of disgruntled young men will show up in droves to work for that department, pay or no pay.

    1. For a satire piece there is a disturbing amount of comments that seem to wish for it to be true. O_O

      1. A lot of men here have been burnt not just by women, but by the female biased legal system, or family courts, and I recall one or two who have detailed that they called the police because their girlfriend was committing domestic abuse, they did not fight back, and yet the cops arrest them instead of the woman. Sprinkle in copious quantities of media always portraying men as either evil or stupid and inferior in all ways to women, and boys being mass drugged in schools to destroy their being, well, boys and….
        ..you may see a bit of anger, is all I’m saying. There are plenty of real life professional level men on here, highly educated men, blue collar workers, the whole spectrum. I guess what I’m saying is, is that we’re fed up.
        Sometimes the rhetoric can be a bit much to take, but you have to expect that kind of thing when society ghettoizes straight men and drives them into a corner. What is becoming interesting is that more real life men are waking up every single day.

        1. Men have struggles in life, no doubt. It just doesn’t sit right that some dudes here seem to want all women to suffer because of what has happened to them. The majority of women are not the family courts, or the legal system, or even the handful of women that would have abused these guys. Where is the logic on taking out anger on women who have done nothing to hurt men?

        2. You’re still caught up with the thought of women getting hurt.
          Go back and read articles on this site and come back.

  5. The: “women are paid 28% less than men, for the same work” meme won’t die and is kept alive by miscreants. The best retort is stating the fact that 92% of workplace deaths happen to men.
    Many people don’t include the “for the same work” modifier but merely imply its presence.

    1. The pay gap myth is like a supernatural monster. As soon as one cuts it’s head, it regrows another one. I say so because, this myth has been debunked a number of times, by highly intelligent minds, but even then it persists, thanks so the leftist mainstream media. Some weeks ago, I heard this myth being discussed on Amanpour (CNN) as if it is a fact.

      1. And by continuing to assume its factuality without opposition brainwashing the public to believe it as truth.

    2. Women are not paid less than a man of the same experience level. Companies do not want to get sued today. They make for damn sure that the affirmative action females they hire are paid the exact same or more than their male counterparts.
      Women are irrational and function irrationally. So when they complain about a wage gap, what they mean is that a 25 year old girl that just got hired as an affirmative action engineer somewhere thinks she deserves the exact same pay as the 52 year old man that’s been working at the same place for 20 years.

      1. If the 28% gap wage gap (for the same work or result) were true, employers would hire only women and reduce their labor costs by 28%.

    3. doing the same work doesn’t, and shouldn’t guarantee equal pay anyway – employers only extend that privilege out of courtesy
      In a truly just world, only getting the same RESULTS should end in equal pay

  6. Excellent. They only want “equality” when it benefits them. Same pay, same title, but get a man to get his hands dirty when the time comes.

  7. Most boys are taught from a young age that they are not entitled to everything they set eyes upon. Yet girls are allowed to indulge in their most primitive instincts of selfishness and entitlement:
    daughter: But I want one too!!!
    parents: honey, your brother worked all summer mowing lawns to save up for his new skateboard.
    daughter: But I want one too! I hate you! I hate you!
    mother: Kyle, just get her a damn skateboard already.
    father: Ok. Anything for my little princess.

    1. Also most boys are taught from childhood that they must “never hit a woman under any circumstances”, while girls are encouraged aggressively to “defend” themselves. In fact there the internet is filled with people telling each other how a girls should kick a guy in the balls if she “feels” that he is about to attack or rape her. Thus the, future of a man’s testicles, depends, on how a woman “feels”. Maybe she has analysed the situation wrongly. But still, she will be deemed to be right by the society because she felt so.
      What about a man, who actually has a woman attacking him with a glass. But of course, men must “never hit a woman under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES”. This inequality must be addressed too.

      1. I have an amusing story about getting hit in the nads. Not by a girl, though.
        In high school, whenever a stray soccer ball would fly into a guy’s balls they’d drop like a sack of potatoes and whine, which I found amusing to no end. Sure enough, at one point a soccer ball slammed into my jubblies. Did I fall over and whine?
        Hell No! I launched that ball out of the goalie box and continued playing.
        Apparently I’m durable…

        1. When you’re a kid, the package ‘swings back’ to the rear through the space between your legs and is protected. In your late 20’s your beer belly and thighs thicken and your jewels kind of ‘bug out’ towards the front making them more vulnerable. I never suffered a debilitating hit. Seemed the chubby kids were the ones taken down with their stuff being squished towards the front. Wrestling with girls though, you cannot find a similar ‘pain spot’ to neutralize the female in a scuffle. THOUGH SHE DOES have a ‘feel good’ spot that raises her hairs gives her the ‘pricklies’ when manipulated right during a fight. Women wouldn’t know what workplace performance or societal utility was if it bit them. They are here to breed.

        2. The funniest part is it wasn’t the chubby kids. It was the big, tough athletic ones -who I could always outperform when I was so inclined. In all likelihood they were hamming it up.
          I wouldn’t know about what happens in my late twenties, still have a few years left until then. But from what I can tell I inherited quite a bit from my grandfather: hopefully at 60 I’ll be able to run faster than a teenage heifer.

    2. That doesn’t go on in our house. The son works, and it is his money to do with as he’s pleases. The daughter has no power as you describe. This has proven quite motivational for her, she sees the nice things he buys, which she cannot just demand from me or her mother, and has decided that she needs a job the moment she gets her driver’s license.
      Giving in to children turns them bad, quickly. Showing them that nice things are to be earned and not demanded creates a child who is willing to work for her desires.

      1. One of my best friends is eight years older than his half-sister (does anybody even say “half” anymore? I guess not since it proliferated so much to the point of being irrelevant to say). Her father gave her The Princess Syndrome where she would get anything she wanted the she made eyeline with.
        Sure as shit, she now has three DUIs under her belt, one of which caused an insane amount of property damage in a public place with many witnesses.

        1. I simply cannot understand fathers like that. They have the evidence everywhere in society about where that bullshit leads, but they do it anyway. What the hell?
          I’ve essentially bred most bad female traits out of the daughter. She doesn’t even resort to tears to get her way now. I am not cruel, I simply told her when she started the Cry Game when she was much younger that tears have no effect on me, and may well lead to me saying No on principle alone. Followed up with action when she tried to test that a few times and badda bing she doesn’t pull the Cry Game any longer and hasn’t in years. Now she gathers facts and makes a case if one can be made. Much preferable.

        2. I bet her dad is a super beta and is so pussywhipped by the wife which most likely is an entitled bitch.

        3. You, Sir, as someone suggested earlier, should write a book about the amusing incidents of your life. Your musing are very interesting.

        4. He’s a man’s man and one of our sage elders. We can all be just like him in time. It’s a choice, and wise one at that! Also @ghostofjefferson:disqus

        5. Yep, she spends his money on useless crap all damn day. I remember seeing an argument of money that got really heated when we were kids. Sure was awkward being a guest in that house then!

        6. Yes. He reminds me of my grandfather. He heard his wife and children, but always had the final say in all major matters. And his decisions always turned out to be the betterment pf our family. He was a truly traditional and masculine man, someone, whom today the modern world would call a “misogynist”. Just as ROK says, “yesterday’s masculinity is today misogyny”.

        7. FEMALE TRAITS? Are you fucking with me? Each individual has their own inner personality regardless of their biological gender. FUCK THOSE SHITHOLE STEREOTYPES, A BOY CAN CRY AND BE SPOILED AND A GIRL CAN NOT HAVE TO BE SPOILED AND NOT BEG AND CRY.

        8. However, despite the other comment I also made, I do agree with the fact that you do not give in to crying and begging, but I just got extremely offended when you defined those traits as being feminine.

        9. Another thing, what is a good female trait? Dear God, I hope it is not to be stupid and easy to have sex with.

    3. Fuck that shit ! Hit the car wash bitch ! Work your ass ! It’s the parent’s faults they didn’t teach her responsibili-fucking-ty.

    4. ”daughter: But I want one too! I hate you! I hate you!”
      Not giving in will ensue that such a girls in many cases will not become monsters when they grow up.

    5. Herrera, do you really enforce stereotypes like that so you can prove your point. Are you menimists really willing to stoop that low? So you really have no evidence.

    6. Never seen any evidence of this. Maybe in your home, but I think it depends more on child-order and parenting styles. Mostly I notice that younger siblings, regardless of gender, are more entitled and manipulative while older siblings, also regardless of gender, are more hardworking and less demanding. Also depends on the parents. I see just as many mothers who spoil their sons like princes the same way some dads do with their princess-daughters. Just weighing in here.

  8. Equality is based on envy. So leftists only really want equality for those things they desire that other people have.
    Hence there is no concern with justice, only getting what others have..

    1. In life, it is called working for it. Some need to work harder to achieve the same things others have. Unfair they say? Yup. Life is unfair, so whatcha gonna do about it?

      1. Easy, I am going to pass a law requiring that I get the same result for even less effort (or maybe none). Of course I am speaking for the female feminist.

      1. Material inequality is typically the product of effort inequality.
        In any case it is absolutely a desirable.

      2. Indeed. Give 100 people 100 dollars each, prohibit fraud and cheating and stealing, and in two days you’d have some with less than the starting sum, and some with more. Inequality is a natural welcome state, it means people are acting and doing things. Real equality would by all measures mean economic stasis and death for all. It is such a fantastic fiction that I cannot believe anybody over the age of five believes in it.

        1. Easy. To totally eliminate the Left’s constant whining about unfairness, usually with the openly expressed idea that people do not get rich without lying, cheating and fraud and therefore wealth needs to be redistributed.
          On a purely individual merit alone, what I noted would happen. There is no choice about it really, individuals have different talents and skills that are valued in greater or lesser degrees by the people in their community. That’s the point of the experiment. If 50 out of 100 people are good at shoveling snow, then that is not going to be a highly paid skill, whilst if only one person is good at medical science (a doctor or surgeon) he’s going to be at the top of the pile the moment his services come into demand.

        2. I think you misinterpreted what equality means in activists’ eyes .I don’t think activists want literal total equality. It would be a huge pain in the ass and waste of hard-earned money to achieve complete equality. However, you do have a good point. Activists just want equality in the way groups of people are treated.

        3. Just because it is happening right now, it does not mean that you should not make an effort to prevent and stop it. Do you leave an epidemic of Ebola alone even when there are so many things you can do about it?

      3. Weak people ARE inherently unequal. They use arguments for “equality” to rationalize having politicians dispossess those with natural intelligence or ability.

        1. Actually, they aren’t. There is a lot of marginalization in this country with groups that have little to no protection or legal recourse. However, women aren’t in that category. In fact, the reality is that women would probably be established as equals if they weren’t so busy victimizing themselves.

        2. There’s no evidence for human equality. None. Zero. It’s a myth taken purely on faith by the general public. Someone was always better. Had someone not always been naturally better there’s no way we could have evolved from microorganisms. We are not done evolving yet.

        3. Human equality is about perspective. As long as we see inequality, we can’t see ourselves as equal. However, that doesn’t create an excuse to limit rights and protections to only some of the population or require proof of pervasive discrimination before we are willing to find a right to be fundamental. Rights should be universal and protections should not rely on a history of prejudice to judge how compelling a state’s interest is and whether it trumps the rights of a group. It may not result in true human equality, but it does even the playing field.

        4. Who is limiting rights and protections? No one is talking about that. Genetic equality doesn’t exist in nature. Never has, never will. Period. Thus different outcomes between groups is NOT evidence of discrimination. This seems to be the hardest fact for Leftists to swallow. In fact, because humans are not equal, giving them equal “rights and protections” will ALWAYS result in unequal outcomes.
          There is simply ZERO evidence for human equality. Thus, obsessing over creating social equality is a fool’s errand.


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    2. that’s true, but the problem with that analysis is that arguably the system in question is not about achieving equality, but manipulating the ideal of equality. in other words they believe in and are working to achieve inequality in a direction that benefits them only through deceit and manipulation. But how do you argue for a fairer system, and argue against equality as well. One has to have some notion of the equitable – remember the problem is quasi-marxists pushing ‘equality of outcome’ rather than “equality of opportunity’. We must be careful of not to throw the baby out with the bathwater

    3. If your argument was correct, then “right” leaning politicians would not support this legislation. But they do! They support it on a regular basis. What’s your excuse for that? That they are all “secret” lefties?

      1. Calls for equality. Some of us use this tactic to great effect in real life and other forums. It’s a form of Agree & Amplify.
        Why would you admit to being an SJW, pray tell? That is rather like informing a crowd about your recently acquired foot fungus, is it not? Odd, really.

        1. Well, my views would have been sussed out sooner or later. Might as well be honest up front. Anyway, I still don’t understand why this is a parody of calls to equality, I mean…
          Wait, is this another “feminists want to kill all men” thing?

        2. I appreciate your honesty then, if you continue to be honest you may well have the makings of somebody who can break out of the philosophical hell of the SJW mindset.
          When they call for equality, they do not mean they want it. This article is demonstrating that not all equality is actually desired by them, by agreeing to their calls and then pointing out the real places where they are not actually equal. Since these places are highly undesirable, it leaves them in a condundrum. As I point out above, it is a similar tactic that Swift took with his A Modest Proposal.

        3. Selective equality is what they want, but only in their favor. That right there is an oxymoron. Women logic.

        4. Hmm. I don’t think it’s a very watertight parody then, tbh, as when feminists/SJWs argue for equality their methods for equality is usually “let women have as much as men do” rather than “take away from men what women don’t have”. The wage gap for example (JUST AN EXAMPLE can we not get sidetracked on this, since I myself am not convinced it exists), feminists ask for women to be paid as much as men instead of for men’s salaries to be docked. I’ve yet to see any feminist argument that men should be deprived of certain rights if women don’t have them.
          And to be honest, if you presented these male issues to most feminists (AFAIK) they’d probably say that the answer is better mental health services, better road safety, better support for the homeless etc. So I don’t know how “kill women” fits in with an argument for gender equality, really.
          Eh, maybe I need more understanding.

        5. the author states his reasoning simply enough. The world is moving towards a definition of equality based upon ‘equality of outcome’. The author is demonstrating what an absurd world this would be if that logic was applied consistently. The fact that it cannot be applied consistently without bizarre levels of the surreal is a clue to how bankrupt and dishonest the politics of equality actually is. Because it cannot be applied consistently it is in fact a system of inequality claiming to be about equality.

        6. Women demand society forcibly takes from men and gives to women. For example, the state says you must hire a woman for a job and you cannot discriminate this way. This is a violent use of force against multiple men. If you do not wish to hire the woman and the state says you must, your business will be destroyed, you will be arrested! And you might get choked to death, shot in the back, or killed in the police van.
          The SJW is fundamentally an irresponsible feminine view. Women are notorious for being malcontent no matter how good they have it, notorious for not knowing how goods are actually produced but still demanding them as their god given entitlements. I.e. money grows on trees, gas comes from gas pumps, food comes from stores, protection comes from cops, and they are all entitlements women are used to having it handed to them.
          The male perspective is fundamentally different. Gas comes from roughnecking, food comes from slaughtering and butchering, protection comes from strength, training, discipline and planning, and money comes from making it yourself.

        7. quotas are the most obvious example. Even where they don’t specify 50%, they aim for 50%. Any approach which tries to achieves parity, especially numerical parity would qualify as such, particularly if in doing so they ignore the underlying ecology – in other words the reasons why there might be differences in performance….you know the sort of thing – men and women being different, that sort of thing. Other examples would be those given in the article, like trying to achieve the same number of workplace accidents between genders, same number of homeless, same number of military casualties…you get the picture. That’s what feminism aims for but only with regard to the cream

        8. But it still doesn’t make sense, as like I said, the feminist/SJW strategy in the face of inequality tends to be “give to those that lack” not “take away from those that have”. That CAN be applied consistently. The answer to these male issues is to provide better care and service to men, not kill women!

        9. The law is not “you must hire women” it’s “you mustn’t discriminate based on gender.” Meaning, you can’t deny the best candidate the position because they’re female/male.
          The rest of your comment is unfounded assumptions about women as a whole, and it sounds like it’s coming from a place of emotion. You want to provide any actual proof for your EXTREMELY generalising statements?

        10. As for the stats and such…I can’t really offer much thought on that because I’m not a business owner. I think the underlying goal is to try and encourage employers to not hold back promotions based on gender, or encourage women to be more go-getting, I don’t know.

        11. Fair answer, and I appreciate your reasoned tone.
          For what they demand, look no further than family courts.

        12. Understood, and it is good you are questioning that, because it does not in fact exist. But I’ll let you figure that out on your own, which it appears you are on your way to doing. Once you see through that, start applying those analysis skills to other SJW claims as an unbiased observer instead of as somebody with investment in the topic. Look for sources other than the ones you are used to, examine the arguments of your opposition as if they are correct and try to reason *for* your opposition’s view. It’s a good exercise and one that played no small role in making me what I am today philosophically.
          Off topic, just out of curiosity, how did you find your way here? I’m always interested when a reasonable person from “the other side” shows up.

        13. “The answer to these male issues is to provide better care and service to men, not kill women!”
          SJWs are intentionally vague when it comes to defining equality except when it comes to demanding changes in policy, in which case they always want to focus on “outcomes” by achieving parity. Providing better care and services to men might help but then it again it might not change anything at all. You want a band-aid type solution for male problems, but ‘radical’ outcome-focussed solutions when it comes to womens’ problems.
          If you read it carefully the article is clearly targeting outcome-focussed interventions designed to create equality through force by saying the only way to do the same for the inequalities that men face would be to equalise the number of workplace deaths, or military casualities etc between the genders. Yet you turn a point about the expendibility of mens lives into a claim that the author is advocating actually killing women. So much for your reputation for honesty

        14. why would guaranteeing equal representation at the top of the tree encourage women to be more go-getting? What it will do is ensure that men have to work ever harder against each other for ever fewer rewards i.e. work ever harder to achieve the kind of success which buys them entry into the world of women and family. However much a woman might want to succeed in her career no woman has ever needed career or financial success to meet her biological imperative.

        15. Sometimes I just have a look at the manosphere to see what’s happening. Pretty much it.

        16. 1) Actually most feminists seek for a change among attitudes towards women. I think the whole “we want 50% female CEOs” ideal is meant to be executed by expecting employers to see women as equally competent AND/OR for women to stop having all the social pressure to be the ones that stay home and raise children. Inequality in childcare and domestic work is a major factor for an inability to commit to a career in a way that would lead to promotions.
          2) I didn’t actually say that. If you’ve bothered to read my posts I’ve clearly mentioned that I’m aware it’s satirical. But my argument still stands – SJWs argue for people to GAIN equality in things, not for the one with the most to have it taken away.

        17. …I think your last sentence has told me everything I need to know about you. And I think we’re starting to go around in circles regarding the other comment chain we have going. Think I’ll call it a day with you, if we’re just gonna keep going round and round.

        18. I did’t say women shouldn’t have careers I indicated that men need success because its the best and sometimes the only route to get a family and no equivalent pressure exists for women vis a vis men. I’m well aware that men and women may seek some kind of career compatibility, but there is no equivalent biological imperative between men and women with respect to achieving success. Women are to thank for that, not men

        19. 1. If you want something you should ask for what you want, instead of pursuing a strategy designed to make a point.
          2. “SJWs argue for people to GAIN equality in things, not for the one with the most to have it taken away” So we get to keep massively greater workplace deaths, unequal prison sentences? Why aren’t those thing important to such egalitarian minded people such as yourselves? Why no parity there? You can’t answer that question

        20. *headdesk*
          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the SJW ideal method to solving workplace deaths and unequal prison sentences is to improve conditions for men (help them gain equality) instead of killing women (which would be taking away from them – their very lives in fact). I told you we keep going around in circles like this.

        21. Wait what? There are many many many men who are not successful in career, sometimes not even employed, who find love and start a family. I don’t know where you got your idea from but it’s just not true. A man doesn’t need to rely on his work for the best chances of romance.

        22. variations, exceptions to the rule, don’t change the fact that men and women have fundamentally different mating imperatives. Do you think Marissa Mayer’s husband is impressed that she’s CEO of Yahoo? He might derive advantages from it, and enjoy the status to some degree, but nothing about what she is enhances her desirability. The exact opposite would be true if the gender was reversed. Feminism is determined to change human nature, or exploit it. Either will do I imagine

        23. then the SJW method applies a different solution for men than for women. Why is equality of outcome appropriate for women’s issues and not for mens’?

        24. As for “you must hire women” there are actually gender quotas with monetary repercussions. Gender quotas meaning there must be a certain percentage of women.
          The quotas are in public sector as a percentage and as of two years ago also for boards in the private sector.
          At least thats how it’s in the EU. I don’t know how they thought this might be a good thing, but i have little hope for it going away.
          As you seem to be a sane person, how do you reflect on this?

        25. Huh. Well I’ve always believed in ‘let the best candidate win’. I don’t agreeing with hiring incompetent women just to fill the quota BUT like I suggested before, maybe the quotas are there to try and stop employers from deliberately overlooking female applicants? As in, apparently if you give them this target they can’t get away with only hiring men. It seems to be a band aid answer to employers who really do discriminate based on gender. Mind you, I think there is also the assumption that if you just pave the way for X number of female employees/managers then enough competent women will fall into those roles. Which is fair, I mean there’s no actual solid evidence to say that women are worse at management roles than men.
          I started rambling near the end there, but hopefully you get what I mean as a whole.

        26. You do realise that the whole quota thing (or “equality of outcome” as you put it) is a tiny tiny percentage of what feminism has to do with? It’s seriously not the end all be all to women’s problems and SJWs know it – like I said, the majority of work trying to change the attitudes that cause problems for women and/or men, give support for women and men too. So your point is pretty much moot. And I’ve also told you that I don’t really know enough about the work quota stuff to make confident statements on it. I can give my thoughts, sure, see my other comment, but even when I do that you argue something obtuse like “women want to take things from men” or “women just aren’t as capable as men because inherent differences” or some other unfounded assumption.
          Let’s also not forget that when it comes to “equality of outcome” between the sexes you are comparing having more female CEOs via targets to LITERALLY MURDERING THOUSANDS OF WOMEN A YEAR. Even if it is satire, or just trying to prove a point, surely even you know that this form of “outcome equality” is completely barbaric? You just can’t compare the two!

        27. No, no they are not exceptions to the rule. People marry other people of sorts of socio-economic levels, backgrounds etc and that is reality. That is the norm. Because most people marry for love! Not status, not biological imperatives or whatever, but love. Which means that men and women from all sorts of different places or races or career statuses are coupling up. THAT’S human nature, not some gender rigid evo psych bunkum.

        28. Sigh, to be totally honest I wish quotas like the ones you mentioned didn’t exist. I wish there was no need or reason for them, that everyone could just trust that certain employers don’t discriminate based on gender. Those quotas do seem to complicate things a bit.

        29. “even when I do that you argue something obtuse like “women want to take
          things from men” or “women just aren’t as capable as men because
          inherent differences” or some other unfounded assumption.”
          I don’t recall saying anything of the sort. In another post I referred to leftism / feminism as an example of parasitism, but that’s another matter.
          I would be the first to admit that feminism is inconsistent in its methods, and uses, exploits, steals etc whatever it thinks it can use to its advantage but in the main it aligns with the hard left in focusing upon outcomes – and trying to change attitudes etc, so that men and women are regarded the same – able to be, do, think, function the same in every imaginable way is just one more variety of that. It is focused on changing the world and in doing so it is prepared to do any amount of violence to the world it wants to change.
          The article as you’re completely aware is not about “LITERALLY MURDERING THOUSANDS OF WOMEN A YEAR” (nice use of the word literally), its about what would need to happen if the inequalities men faced – inequalities which in many cases are literally ending their lives – were addressed using the same methods that feminism insists are appropriate for addressing structural inequality that supposely disadvantages women.
          And that is what is at issue here. The author has demonstrated how men are structurally disadvantaged in such a way that their lives are shortened or extinguished in ways that would never be acceptable to society or feminists were they women’s issues. With structural inequality the left always seeks a solution that would address the issue at that level in order to make the situation equal: so if we are not seriously proposing to kill lots of women by pushing them off ladders at work or whatever how according to the egalitarian imperative of making things equal (equality of outcome) are we going to equalise the number of workplace deaths between men and women?
          The point to take away though is that nobody actually cares enough about such issues to even try to address them at a ‘structural level’, let alone in such a way that would produce equality between the sexes.

        30. the bunkum is that romanticised tosh – you’ll find that most of the men who come here have learned over time that what they were told by society was pretty much the reverse of what is true. Women in particular tell us what they want to be the case (changing the world is after all a work in progress) or what they want us to believe. Love happens, but its the most dishonestly misused of all concepts. And it certainly doesn’t conquer all. Thanks for the debate

        31. I think you have officially stopped making sense. You think that feminism is connected with violence when it comes to changing the world? Since when? Feminism has almost always been about lobbying, talking, protesting for change. Hardly “violent”.
          And now we come to the point where it seems evident that no matter what I say about what SJWs try to do and how to get there, you steamroll over it with your own ideas of what SJWs try to do and how. In short: you’re just not listening to me. At all. It all boils down to that “gain vs loss” thing – the goal is to have good things for everybody. Including a long life and good health. Feminists do not work towards taking things from men, so why are you saying that taking the lives of women (albeit satirically and hypothetically) is in any way on par with the way quotas push for female CEOs? The first is taking, the second is gaining. Why bring one side down when you can help bring the other up?
          You want to know how the egalitarian imperative would try and equalise workplace deaths? Make workplaces safer, or discourage men from taking on those risky jobs entirely. Try and increase male quality of life instead of snuffing out female lives completely. I don’t know how this is even a debate.
          Now, are you going to listen to me this time or are you going to go back to square one again?

        32. nobody is talking about snuffing out women’s lives and you know that.
          The issue is structural inequality. If feminism requires outcomes that address structural inequalities for their issues then men’s issues need to be addressed in some like manner for there to be equality.
          The point of the article is that equality is a crock of shit.
          “you’re just not listening to me” lol
          “Make workplaces safer, or discourage men from taking on those risky jobs entirely” – so you don’t want to encourage women to take on those risky jobs on an equal basis to men. Somehow nobody thought you would. Guess they must be completely unnecessary.
          You want all the gains (as you say) and none of the risk; none of the cost, none of the actual effort.
          Enjoy your life of crime, because that’s what it is.

        33. The whole article talks about killing women! Its right there on the page. But I’m aware that it isn’t serious. I’m aware we are talking hypothetically or satirically and I’ve said so several times. The point I’m trying to make is that even in a satirical sense the two things are non-comparable. In this satirical sense, you are siding with the article that says satirically and according to SJWs men die which means women should die, for consistency of method. Whereas I’m arguing that the ACTUAL SJW method would mean that women live, therefore we should help men live. And although you have narrowed it down to just workplace deaths, don’t forget there is also male suicide and homelessness to worry about. However, good point in encouraging women to take risky jobs. I agree. If they want to, of course, same with men. Nobody should be forced into a job they don’t actually want.
          Anyway I’m going to bed, because it is most apparent that you are not taking on board a single thing I’m saying.

        34. Romanticed nonsense it will do you better of clearing that rubbish. Major culprit for men and women uniting was business based that has not changed since the first prostitute

        35. It is taking away jobs from men that are more qualified for the job but were turned down for less qualified candidate who got it just because she’s female and needs to fill out the imperative

        36. Men need to be the top of the line, women just needs to get it to get the job. When a man and woman have equal skill and there is a quota to meet to fill company with 50% women who do you think is going to get the job and who is going to not get it?

        37. Employers like that exist because women throughout their records have been incompetent. Why would male employers not want to hire young beautiful women that have the same skills as the men? You get to work with beautiful women!
          The reason is that by employment records women have shown be less productive and not driven to work as men.

        38. Statistically speaking, men with lower incomes are far less likely to get married.
          I’d shiver to think of the kind of women these men are married to.

        39. Give it up you have been dancing around his responses and keep playing the “omg omg omg they want to kill women” card in all of your posts. Get lost you dense scrub.

      2. An SJW who dosen’t begin the conversation with ad hominems and insults and asks questions to gain clarification as opposed to preemptively deriding the author? Is this real life? Are SJW tactics evolving?

      1. *Small penises
        *Can’t get laid
        *Lives in mommy’s basement
        *We’re gay
        *You hate women
        It is rather amusing how repetitive their personal attacks are is it not? It is as if their brains were manufactured by a company, created with a programmed set of simple instructions to perform on command. All one simply must do is pull the cord and out comes said programmed responses.
        It is the minds of individuals who have abrogated their own minds to simplistic collectivism. It is quite weak and pathetic actually.

  9. Yes, quite agree, but you yielded up not one recipe on how to properly prepare an Irish baby for roasting. Not one.

    1. Just stick an apple in it’s mouth and baste it with high-proof booze of your choosing, and bob’syeruncle 😉

  10. Brilliant.
    BTW – has an anyone heard about “transable”? Its the new hot sjw release and the timing couldn’t be better with bruce jenners “transition”. You see transable people use the same fucked up argument that bruce and other “trans” people use i.e. both say that they don’t feel comfortable in their own body. Get this “transable” are people who are not disabled but they literally either act as though they are disabled in some way (wearing prosthetic appendages or braces) or actually cutting off limbs. We all know that trans people are nuts but because it was associated with sex and it was in line with another twisted myth (feminism’s claim that the sexes are completely the same and interchangeable) its been thrusted upon us as though its entirely normal and even cool and desirable. Naturally, sane people like us have been recoiling in horror and asking ourselves just how far this madness will go? Well, I think they’re jumping the shark with transabled people.

    1. Fine by me, let this movement flourish with all leftists. Encourage this, I say. Help convince them to self mutilate. They both hoist huge red flags that immediately help us identify them, and through self mutilation they greatly increase the odds of their committing suicide. Which to me, is the optimal outcome.

      1. Great idea. Look what happened with the tattoo “fad”, lets hope they’ll make if cool to start cutting limbs off. After all its going to be difficult to fight us off with literally one are or none. I feel that this insanity is starting to wake a lot of people up. Alex Jones (love or hate him) reaches and influences millions of people…more than the msm in many instances. Other people like Joe Rogan are raging against fat acceptance. Its still early GOF, but, I do have a feeling in my bones that things are turning.

        1. Charlize Theron’s “Imperator (which means MALE EMPEROR!) Furiosa” in Mad Maxipad: Fury Road had one arm. Since she’s evidently so “inspiring” to Americunts HOPEFULLY they’ll follow suit!

      2. I’m fine with this as long as those fucked up individuals keep it within themselves. It’s when they start spreading their poison to the young and innocent I have a problem with.

        1. Oh definitely. That’s my general take on most things Liberty related. As long as I do not have to pay to help you or bail you out, I could give a fuck what you do. It’s due to my firm love of social Darwinism. Let’em mutilate themselves, they just make themselves easier targets when the time comes, plus they take themselves out of any competitions in life with me.

  11. These will never fully happen even if hell freezes over. They say they want “equality” but what they are really saying is they want “special treatment”. I would never trust a heavy machinery that is built by a women or trust a women to work on an elevator when it malfunctions and/or work with any kinds of electric power tools. They just don’t have the brain capability to fully understand how these work. They are men’s job. As much as men suffer some fatality in harsh environment work place, I would never put women there just so that she can taste “equality”. Why? Because her incompetent work skills are going to cause more damage to others and even have more people killed because of a mere female existence in workplace. They really do just belong in the kitchen (their natural habitat) but even then men do better job cooking than women so modern day women are only really useful for sex only.

  12. “Department of Women’s Misery”? What are they going to do while supposedly “working”, drink Starbucks, post innumerable selfies, and watch reality TV all damn day?

    1. You forgot getting 50-shades-of-greyed in the broomcloset by the illegal immigrant Paki janitor periodically.

  13. How about divorce settlements too? If a woman wants out of a marriage for no cause she can only get a maximum award of what income/investment she put into the marriage. That means stay at home pampered mom would get nothing.

    1. Or heck, even consider the cost savings by her staying home… but 1/2 (or more) of all assets plus alimony and enough child support to fully support her kids with no contribution from her… that needs to get fixed.

      1. Actually, the stay at home pampered mom should have to RE-PAY the man for what she cost him to support her. She got a free ride. IF she files for divorce, she should have to re-pay back the ex-husband the estimated amount of money it took to support her since she bailed out on a contract. Marriage is a contract. But of course today, the satanic elite implemented no-fault divorce into our system which says that a marriage contract really isn’t a contract, even though you signed a contract.

  14. I’ve been waiting for an article like this. Its satirical but only because
    none of those remedies to create a more equal world would ever be carried out. I consider every single point to be valid, but lets consider the question raised?
    “Why should one privileged gender receive equal reward, mandated by law, without enduring equal risks or responsibilities?”
    Because feminism is a parasitic system modelled on socialism which is another parasitic system. It seeks to destroy the reward systems which drive heterosexuality, because it seeks to destroy heterosexuality. It seeks to destroy it by sucking out all the juice. To put it another way the cat wants all the cream and nothing else
    “Why does no one comment on how the “oppressive” sex in our society lives five years less than the “oppressed one””
    Because inequalities in one direction are ‘naturalised’ whereas inequalities in the other direction are problematised. Whatever problem women face is to do with structural inequality. Whatever problem men face is just how things are
    “Why is it that by age forty 85% of women have had a child compared to just 76% of men”
    Its surprising the male statistic is so high, given that feminism seeks total control over all sex and reproduction at every stage. But this most obvious definition of what constitutes a matriarchal society is concealed by focussing exclusively on how men in powerful positions who ironically are usually earning money that they would give to women, who despite earning less somehow manage to control the vast majority of wealth and property, something that is never factored in the equation of equality – how strange that. All in all that 76% is testament only to the fact that men are needed as child maintenance cash cows
    “Why should we only have a “Minister for Women””
    Because she was the prime minister for women – feminists wouldn’t be able to claim they the weaker party. Women are oppressed structurally – this has been proven repeatedly on account of them controlling the debate so that no rival theory can get a look in
    “and finally why is it that by merely asking these questions, people in the “civilized” world will look at you like you’ve gone mad?”
    Because the MSM, academia, and international finance are massively invested in maintaining the parasitic system described up, not least because it earns big bucks, and keeps the domestic population in place. But the current paradigm is beginning to crack. The fact we are now starting to see what is going on is evidence that there is a Leviathan that at some point hopefully sooner rather than later is about to belly up.
    In the meantime, the above are the exact points that need to be hammered into those cracks, because they are the cathedral’s achille’s heel.

    1. “Why should one privileged gender receive equal reward, mandated by law, without enduring equal risks or responsibilities?”
      The definition of entitlement.
      In this case a claim or right established merely through the possession of a vagina.

    2. “The fact we are now starting to see what is going on is evidence that there is a Leviathan that at some point hopefully sooner rather than later is about to belly up.”
      From your lips to Gods ear. LIB.

    3. “Whatever problem women face is to do with structural inequality. Whatever problem men face is just how things are.”
      The above type of hypocrisy is simply another example of their search for privilege. This is the mind of a child, not an adult.

  15. Women in offices should also have dust, mud, slime, and live rats/spiders dumped on their heads at random so that they consist of equal numbers in “dirty” jobs. I suggest a raincoat ladies.

  16. Great satirical points being made here. There are millions of men around the world that have been almost hypnotised into subconsciously believing they are the expendable of the two sexes.
    Women should tread very carefully in the age of the internet, any imbalance will be exposed (is being exposed) and as importantly, reach the millions of dormant men. The day all men around the globe wake up will be a terrible day for women, the most terrible ever. It’s not a question of if, but… At this rate… When.

    1. They don’t have to tread lightly… men are such weak minded fools they will never take any of their own power back, through protections or anything else. Hell, men on this site and men on RedPill (Reddit) won’t even acknowledge that the women’s movement (and women’s actions) could be controlled if men would stick together and reinforce good behavior from women and punish bad behavior from women. Hell, it kept women from being lying cheating hags for 200 years (men wouldn’t tolerate loud mouth sluts) but for some reason now men say you just have to deal with the way they are there is nothing men can do… that may be true but its only because men won’t bond together like women have. I feel like the native americans… fully capable of winning this fight but unwilling to do so.

      1. The problem is when you have the government having to power to throw you in jail because a woman falsely accuses you for hitting her. Then when they discover that she lied and faces no consequences no matter how loud you scream, you are really being oppressed. It’s like you practically have to start a revolution from this type of tyranny.

        1. Yep… but that shouldn’t be as hard as it is with very close to 50% of the population being the oppressed.

  17. The Norway quota thing is retarded. There are so few women that are actually qualified, capable and interested in sitting on a board that you get a small number of women each sitting on a huge number of boards and getting multiple ludicrous salaries for being little more than a symbol for feminists. They do so little for each company since their time is divided up. Killing businesses and making feminists look as idiotic as ever.

    1. If that was my company I would be re-incorporating the board in another country ASAP…. or one member of the board would have 100% of the power…

      1. No you wouldn’t. You don’t understand the structure of a corporation. If there is a board of directors in the first place, then that means no one individual has 100% control. The shareholders do.
        You need to keep your business privatized & out of the public sector in order to always have 100% control at all times.

    2. Strangely though here in Malaysia almost everything’s still unofficially red to purple pill

  18. For one thing, The red pill needs to remove itself from Reddit… that feminist anti male witch passing over men to hire lesser qualified women don’t deserve to make money off of us.

  19. I think we are all aware of this here. Return of Kings is a great place to discuss and learn, but I get so mad when I see how the majority thinks outside. We have to put an effort to spread our knowledge through media to make a change. I don’t even know how to do this. I’m just sick of those femicunts.

    1. ^this… and we need to start advocating a plan… guys sticking together… guys advocating to other guys about not tolerating the BS etc. Guys are keeping quiet about this stuff even when they agree with it.

      1. There is only so much you can do. Most men are either indifferent to or become hostile at the mention of most of the things this site discusses

  20. If and when the powers that be dictate that 40% of candidates must be female in the next general election in Ireland there should be a campaign by men asking female candidates if hey got on the ballot due to the new law. If they answer yes they should be told in no uncertain terms that they will not get your vote due to the new ruling. Also it would be advisable to quote statistics of fatalities in the work place.

  21. The Soviet women were braver – they really did die for their country. How ironic that gender equality was found in the most oppressive regime of all places and the most deadly war of all events.

    1. Pure myth. Soviets did have some women in uniform as their proverbial backs where against the wall and needed anyone who could pull a trigger to repulse the invaders and even then the female numbers were small. The soviet military only drafted men after the war. IDF takes women as their isn’t enough men to fill the ranks. These are anomolies. Women are not suited for military roles.

      1. Doesn’t change the fact that the Soviet women were braver than today’s shills – and with regards the “back to the wall” statement, please review my statement that the conditions were heinous war.

  22. Don’t pay shit for women, if you go on a date with a woman, pretend to have forgotten your wallet when the check comes in, just pretend, wait patiently and observe, I always find it hilarious to see how the hamster reacts when I eventually tell her it was a “joke”…

  23. Great article. This is why I hate feminism so much – it cherry picks whatever ‘equality’ suits them, but doesn’t want a bar of any equality that doesn’t favour women

    1. I think the real problem with feminism is money. Divorce is money, as far as i’ve read prison is money in the USA and people have jobs with bogus degrees. Even if people have and i do believe many do have at least a taint of logic, it’s just easier to have things the way they are.
      Lets put ourselves in the eyes of a gender studies proffesor. Even if she rejects everything, what will she do? It’s either that or sucking dick for a sandwich or doing some low paying job. Instead of a job at a university where you get a good paycheck and respect.
      The people who have nothing to loose of feminism can be probably reasoned with, but people who literally depend with their livelyhood on it, it’s a different story.
      If one figures out how to do that. then change might come more easly and with less resistance.
      Or everything just goes to the shitter. Probably the latter.

      1. Good comment. Look at how many feminist leeches there are on the public and private purses these days, involved in things that contribute no real value to society but cost a truckload of money to the economy every year. Why do you think we are paying so much in tax?? It is to pay for all these stupid left-wing indulgences like feminism! You mentioned gender studies professors, what about all the others, like HR and ‘marketing’ ‘professionals’, mediocre writers masquerading as ‘journalists’ with their hamster gal power rationalisations and commentary, public servants in made up roles, the list goes on and on. It is only when you think of it this way that you realise just how deeply entrenched feminism has become in our way of life. It is a meal ticket for too many lacklustre, untalented women who would never be able to do any better for themselves, so they aren’t going to relinquish that free ride easily… for all the hate feminists have towards men, who built modern society? Who defends it, with force if required? Who creates real things of value to improve quality of life? Who provides food, via farming, fishing etc? In the vast, vast majority of cases, it is men. That is why the lack of respect from feminists is truly galling… without men, the fat wildebeests would all starve to death.

        1. the value of women is EXTREMELY inflated in white countries. their only value is bearing children but society treats them like goddamn princesses. Any objective measure women shows how helpless they really are.

      2. Actually, when I got divorced, I didn’t ask for anything. I didn’t see my ex husband as owing me anything even though I had cause. After all, a divorce is the equivalent of dissolving a contract. I believe in equality regardless of convenience and universally. The thing about equality is that you can’t demand it, and then, demand that women be placed, regardless of merit, in every position a man holds, and you can’t be empowered if you need a token female in place because you couldn’t earn the position yourself. It’s not equality if you have to belittle a group to feel equal. While I don’t actually thing women are backed by Satan… well, maybe Anne Coulter, I do think that we victimize ourselves more than men ever will. False accusations are passive aggressive. They are methods you resort to when you can’t compete, I’ve also never grasped the mindset of women regarding sexualized fictional characters, the sex industry, and men’s attraction to women. Fictional characters don’t exist. They can’t be oppressed. Women in the sex industry are not actually demeaning themselves. Free will. It’s a consequence of all this equality jazz. Also, women need to stop acting like men are the only ones with sexual urges.

  24. How about, fathers must get custody of kids in 50% of cases? Women must receive the same jail sentences for serious crimes such as assault? I have noticed an alarming lack of female garbage(men?), why isn’t someone doing anything about this? Where are the feminists demanding quotas there?

  25. If all laws were completely removed from society, men would rule over women. Men were created to naturally rule over women. Women by themselves without the help of the satanic-communist elite that are disciples of satan, are completely powerless. If the satanic elite wanted to, they could establish laws that would require 40% of board positions be filled by dogs. They could also establish laws that say that dogs can roam the streets freely, and if anybody touches one, they go to jail for life. They could establish a dog tax and take it from your paycheck if they wanted. Does this mean that dogs are MORE powerful than man? OF COURSE NOT. They had somebody else that owns and controls most of the wealth in the world do it for them.
    Women are powerless and were never created to rule over men in any capacity whatsoever. And that includes the corporate world. It’s an abomination for any female to take a managerial role and have men work under them. And of course I’ve never seen any female whore where I work ever turn down and EEO affirmative action job as a $100K manager with men working under them. Of course not. These women are fuckin stupid. I hope every female beneficiary of this satanic system we have goes straight to hell when it’s all over.

  26. NONE of this started until the central banking system came about: Federal Reserve Act 1913. This is when the satanic elite that already had a European monopoly on banking brought their trojan-horse central banking system into our country and began leveraging fiat currency to their co-horts to begin slowly implementing cultural marxism into the country. Our politicians at that time sold us out to allow for that to happen.
    It’s plain and simple. It’s not about men sticking together or somehow conspiring together to somehow “fight back” against feminism. Once the head of the snake is cut off, then all the other problems will dissolve. If the monetary system this country has ever collapses completely, then feminism and all female privilege will disappear. The central banking system, of which is a debt based monetary system, charges interest to the government which creates a never-ending cycle of profit The elites then have endless financial means to implement any feminist satanic policy they want into this country. They use THEIR privately owned central banking system as just a tool. Having all the money in the world is not enough power for them. They want to destroy marriage, destroy Christian values, and degrade the human race to such a point, that they can eventually implement a system of absolute complete control even without money. That’s what this is all about.
    With Adam and Eve, Eve gladly took the apple that was offered. It’s the same here. The satanic elites offered an “apple” aka “feminism” to the women, and they gladly took it and sold us out. The story of Adam and Eve has much more meaning than most people realize. It reveals to us the nature of women and also prophecies to us what the situation will be with mankind in the future. Women will sell out mankind in the end, just as they did in the beginning which removed our God-protected immortal existence and turned it into a life of just being a human and experiencing death. Thanks to satan with the help of women. The elites today are Luciferians, of which derive their power and guidance from satan. They are using women once again to sabotage mankind and make human existence on this planet a living hell. This paves the way and prepares for the Anti-Christs rule. It’s no joke, it’s no myth, it’s no tin-foil hat conspiracy talk. Its real. Why else would there be such a big push to accept and make normal anything that is an abomination to God?
    Hopefully some people start seeing the overall picture of what has, and is going on. It most certainly does overlap with the spiritual world.

    1. I’m on of the few that always have connected the dots between truthers (and a good proportion of them being Christian) and the redpill manosphere. Anti-illuminati and NWO people are generally red pill by nature. As is in the bible. Thanks for potining out the connection. And by God is there so much fucking information and connections between the crisis of the decaying west to prophetic scripture.

  27. The study didn’t find a 40% difference in criminal sentencing between men and women, it found a 60% difference.

  28. Every year, over 5,000 deaths occur in workplaces in America, 92% of which are suffered by men.
    OMG We must follow Norway way & bring the losses to 60% only for men & the other 40% women have to bear it !

  29. On divorce, where there are children involved, there should be automatic joint guardianship and shared custody. Mothers should be forced to get a job and fathers should be allowed to cut back on their working hours to spend more time with the children, even if that means they earn less money.
    Otherwise, this article reads like any number of posts I have made on web forums when this whole discussion of “equality” comes up. Feminists want equality for all the most prestigious positions in society but are in no great hurry to have equality for all the POS jobs, responsibilities and life tragedies that men have had to deal with since the dawn of civilization. And of course women want to maintain an absolute privilege surrounding reproduction and child rearing.

  30. 1. Percentage of women charged with sexual crimes, child support and alimony must match the percentage of men with the same predicament.
    2. Funding given to the MRA and Family interest groups must match the funding given to Feminist groups
    3. STEM programs should match how much boys they help with how much girls they support

  31. Check out this article from XOJane.com entitled, “I Have Been Sitting on Manspreaders For the Last Month and I Have Never Felt More Free”.
    I’m actually surprised most commentators think sitting on strangers is a great way to shame manspreaders for doing their evil spreading. Isn’t this considered physical assault? How would you react if some stranger sat on your lap to teach you a lesson? What if men started sitting on women for spreading their legs or sitting in an unwomanly manner because it offends them?

    1. Depends. Is she pretty? Because I think that would be kind of hot actually. Get that bus grind thing going on, hellllooooo!

  32. In 2003 Norway became the first country mandating that women must make up at least 40% of board members on major companies

    Those poor women, forced at gunpoint to work against their will. We must do something for the women of Norway. Sanctions perhaps? We saw how well they worked against Cuba.

  33. I hate to be the worm in the apple but I didn’t find this article very useful. i can see where the OP is coming from with the rampant pussy passes handed out like candy to undeserving cunts complete with pedestals as high as their ignorance and arrogance but I thought after he mentioned this;

    Why should one privileged gender receive equal reward, mandated by law, without enduring equal risks or responsibilities?

    …he was going to go in depth to the type of unfair advantages and bar-lowering they’re given and the simple fact that women in general aren’t cut out for positions of authority (as every empire over the last 6000 years has shown during it’s decadent phase).
    The fact is men will always take the brunt of casualties in all endeavors because we’re the movers and shakers of the world, the risk takers, the ones willing to put it ALL on the line for that once in a lifetime shot of glory/success/accomplishment where we reach the top of the mountain and plant our flag upon it for the world to see and aspire to.
    We know the minds of women in general are too infantile to understand all of this, we also understand that equality is a myth that can never be achieved because doing so requires an authoritarian regime to bring its subjects down to the lowest common denominator a.k.a the soviet union.
    It’s upon men to take the bull by the horns and collectively bring this bullshit to an end, or weather the impeding storm that will hit every nation that enacts stupid laws like ‘cunt quotas’ in boardrooms, political organizations and other comfy armchair positions where shuffling papers and getting fucked by their superiors is the order of the day until balance can be restored and civilizations can be rebuilt without marxist influence.

  34. This article is basically just “bad things happen to men so why don’t we make more bad things happen to everyone else”. How exactly does that compare to women saying “we want at least 40% of a say in how our world is run, seeing as 51% of it is us”?

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        6. Of course , we all love Shep..and yes, upvotes were discussed by Daffy Duck , apparentlyshe banned me because i won an argument with her and then she realized she couldn’t harass me if i wasn’t on her site, so she followed me over to the music place and began acting like the moron that she is..she calls us the upvote gang and swears we have some upvoting conspiracy? LOL… not even sure wtf that means… We have our Marty conspiracy to deal with..who has time for another one? sheesh! btw, i do believe your actual profile name was used -the butthurt moderator said you were part of the “upvote gang”……..Look! i am flashing them a gang sign right now…LOL This coming from people that weren’t gettin upvotes so they made up a “gold star” aka participation ribbon for uninteresting/uniformed posters who no one likes
          check this out clip…this woman named Duck is nutty and rude. and here’s the clip and the link where he mentioned you and cecillia, you gangstahs …https://disqus.com/home/channel/breakingnews/discussion/channel-breakingnews/i_mod_in_peace/#comment-2285034132 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7fed5f66b25ad6e267eb4c264e8230bfac3d15bd9e8e2a102a51d17bc6418c1b.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c1c0e1496baa1f6afecf7e06edf7a8a9545d849ab725b7b8d9928fe601221edd.png

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  35. Selective service should only apply to females for the next 80 years.
    Also, award primary custody to men 100% of the time for the next 40 years. Then we’ll talk “equality”.
    My ex wife pays me support. Equality, bitchiz.

  36. It is unconstitutional and extremely ethically immoral to enforce “equality” between the binary genders by mass murder of the gender you think “has it better”; this is genocide! Maybe you should try enforcing rules regarding the safety of workers (regardless of gender) and safer traffic rules! Two wrongs do not make a right. Are you actually aware of the violence, rape, discouragement of education, and objectification of and against young girls and women all around the world, or do you so naively think that cis-gender females are spoiled and have it better?

  37. I am slowing beating the system in my state, I hold rallies and challenge anti male things all the time, and won. These things are easy to change if enough of us get behind them.

  38. If we don’t euthanize old women, then we should at least cut them off from Social Security and Medicare. Why should women get all those extra payments and benefits? That’s not equal.

  39. There is nothing honorable in hating on women and it is absolutely ridiculous for one very simple reason: most women who are feminists were taught to be so by someone else. Who encouraged women to support liberal / Marxist policies? How many women do you know who are really into politics? Most I know aren’t, so you have to ask yourself who encouraged women to vote the way they have and pin the blame on them.

  40. there is no such thing as equality between men and women. Men are simply superior to women in every aspects and bits. The only value women provide is to be a good mother for the man’s kid and if she isn’t wife material then she is simply to be a slut for good fucking. That’s all they provide. Men need to wake up and swallow the harsh truth. I’m sure women and even many men will be offended by this. Oh well.
    Men are simply superior compared to women. Men and women are NOT equal. No such thing as enforcing equality between men and women because there is NO equality between men and women.
    Men > Women
    ALWAYS!!! WAS AND WILL BE … Always.

  41. Agree with all these points. I wish all MRA’s spent more time combating these problems such as male suicide and soldier trauma instead of constantly being bitter at women. Ya we get it women screwed you over but why not focus your effort on helping out your fellow man instead of being a cranky dude commenting on the internet all day?

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