Morbidly Obese Girl Posts Picture Of Herself In Bikini

Take a look at this picture:

Let’s see what she has to say about her weight:

This picture is for the strange man at my nanny’s church who told me my belly was too big when I was five.

This picture is for my horseback riding trainer telling me I was too fat when I was nine.

This picture is for the girl from summer camp who told me I’d be really pretty if I just lost a few pounds

This picture is for all the fucking stupid advertising agents who are selling us cream to get rid of our stretch marks, a perfectly normal thing most people have (I got mine during puberty)

This picture is for the boy at the party who told me I looked like a beached whale. [lol]

You go, girl!

MOST OF ALL, this picture is for me. For the girl who hated her body so much she took extreme measures to try to change it.

Getting the tall frappucino instead of the venti is not extreme. Millions of thin people do it every day.


and FUCK YOU ALL who tried to degrade my being and sense of self with your hurtful comments and actions.


And that’s the problem: the shaming didn’t work because other people told her to “be you” and too many thirsty guys still wanted to seduce her into bed. Now she’s bragging about her obesity on the internet and has gotten nearly 100,000 comments of validation. That weight is not going anywhere, and neither are the tiger claw marks on her stomach.

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  1. Women’s genes are tenacious survivors, and as the collapse of the feminist state approaches, their bodies balloon with fat reserves to outlast the coming famine.

    1. exactly….in a ‘Mad Max’ style future, despite what Fury Road will have you believe, the 0% body fat supermodel types will be useless and won’t survive past maybe 1 child-birth, while the obese women will be useful for breeding and as a source of warmth.

  2. If she really wanted to stick it to the people who made fun of her, she would’ve lost weight, and probably would’ve been attractive, happy, and more successful.
    Of course, that would take actual work. Senseless vindication is much easier.

  3. Yikes. Beautiful has been successfully redefined as “However the hell I look”
    Can’t wait for the pendulum to swing viciously back in the other direction, knocking these women on their fat asses.

  4. I generally share your views towards obesity (minus the invective) but this girl was featured on Humans of New York blog. She claimed she had a medical condition that made it hard for her to lose weight.
    Alright, hope you don’t accuse me of being a feminist again.
    Let me note that obesity the highest health risk factor after inactivity.

    1. No medical condition eliminates the ability to lose weight.
      It might make weight loss more difficult, sure. Maybe they’ll lose a half-pound per week instead of 1-2lbs. Nothing changes the laws of nature, diets be damned.
      Here’s an example of a guy who lost 20lbs eating twinkies:
      How did he do it? He had self-control, that’s how. He watched his portions and didn’t eat too much. As a consequence, he lost weight.
      He didn’t even exercise.
      Losing weight takes strength of will, that’s all. When you start getting hungry, don’t give in. Divert your mind to some other topic or task.

      1. Look up Cushings disease. It’s damn near impossible to lose weight with a tumor on your pituitary gland. And it’s not normally just one problem as the culprit. Add in depression, untreated sleep hypopnea, PCOS, hypothyroidism, vitamin B12 deficiency, anemia, and a host of other problems, and obesity doesn’t seem that unlikely. A lot of people go through they’re lives feeling like being tired, not just tired, but straight out exhausted is normal so they don’t get checked. And before you go saying that these conditions only affect people who are morbidly obese, these can present as early as during their childhood.

  5. Many obese people claim a medical condition prevents them from easily losing weight.
    The problem is – losing weight if you’re already morbidly obese is always going to be difficult.
    There’s a great deal of variation in metabolism as there is in every other aspect of human phenotype. For example, for Native Americans there’s debate about the existence of thrifty genes that predispose these populations to obesity.
    But in the final analysis, the great majority of people can lose weight and at least be in striking distance of healthy BMI levels. After all, even those populations which may disproportionately carry thrifty genes were not typically obese until the adoption of modern lifestyles. If Western women devoted half as much energy to controlling their eating habits as they do to managing their Facebook accounts, they’d be fine.

  6. Literally thought the stretch marks were from some animal thinking she was food.
    She’d make a great diversion from predators or zombies. Otherwise, does she have any value? Doesn’t sound like anything she says is based in reality.

  7. she is so narcissistic that she doesn’t even need to be beautiful to be vain and self-centered. It is the next stage of narcissism, the previous one is where you make sure you are beautiful before being vain and self centered and you actually work on having a shape (instead of being a shapeless blob)

  8. Jesus. This is disgusting. People say they can’t lose weight disgust me. If fucking physics people. If you don’t shove food down you very much used piehole, you are going to lose weight. People don’t gain calories by osmosis.

  9. This girl could have been quite pretty if she hadn’t let her weight get out of control as a child. She has a symetrical face, good bone structure, nice hair etc. There must be millions like her, it is such a waste.
    Since much of the damage was done while she was still a child, most of the blame should be apportioned to her parents and the wider culture of fat acceptance.
    Fat Acceptance = Accepting the destruction of beauty.

  10. Jesus H. Christ. That girl is busted. Why do women seek out this kind of useless validation rather than simply changing the problem? She has a somewhat cute face, if she lost like 100 lbs she’d be a solid 8. What a lazy bitch. I hope she gets fat shamed right into the gym.

    1. This picture is for the strange man at my nanny’s church who told me my belly was too big when I was five.
      This picture is for my horseback riding trainer telling me I was too fat when I was nine.

      In other words, she was young enough to do something about it. I blame her mother 100% for not enrolling her in sports.
      To be fair, she is kinda cute. Cute enough to date if she had a nice personality. Where I have a problem is that being fat is the ONLY THING IN HER LIFE. It’s all she talks about on her blog. I dated a fat girl once and once only. What really did it for me wasn’t the awful sex (OK I was desperate at the time so shut up) but that she wouldn’t shut up about or talk about anything else except how fat she was.
      If girls want to be accepted for their less than perfect looks, they need to offer something else of value. It’s OK to be an airhead if you’re a bikini model. If not, you had better have something of value to offer.

  11. Geez, whats with those “scratches” on her abdomen. Looks like she tried to cut the bacon out’ve herself.

    1. Stretch marks caused by her skin being blown up past what nature and biology intended

  12. Thank science that we have an outlet to shame this kind of insane fat propaganda. Have you seen her site? She posts a propaganda poster that says “weight does not dictate your health’. Sad that this is the direction north america is going to “motivate” people

  13. how can she not be ashamed, Its one thing to pay lip service to feminist tripe about fat being beautiful, but to actually embrace it and act on it- to display to the public, wow! what powerful mind control they exert on the culture

  14. I love how a fat girl who doesn’t care about beauty has 3 or more Marilyn M, photos on her wall.

  15. Most of the posters on here have been brainwashed by the fashion industry and the media into thinking that any woman with a body larger than that of a 12 year old boy is morbidly obese. This woman is beautiful. Too bad most of you can’t see it but at least she does.

    1. I think you’re misunderstanding the point. We all have our standards of what beauty is, and I won’t question yours. Fact is, no one is telling her to be a model. What we’re saying is, instead of being proud to be fat (which, you can’t disagree is very bad for you physically, on a health basis), you should try to lose the weight. Being fat isn’t a good thing, she tells herself that to sleep at night, this sets a bad precedent for kids growing up in this country telling them it’s ok to be fat, when it’s not.

      1. Okay, sorry this is so late, but have you ever thought that maybe she HAS tried to lose weight? Maybe she does try and all of you are calling here a lazy fat bitch.

        1. Sorry to be even more late than you! When you are that overweight, it is actually extremely easy to start losing weight. Getting your ass in gear is a different story.

        2. Maybe she didn’t stick with the diet. Fact is the bitch didnt try hard enough. She saw she wasn’t losing weight then said Fuck it and got lazy.

    2. Have you been living under a rock the past few years? Bone-rack skinny (or skinny-fat) is no longer attractive. Muscular-lean (low body fat) and being fit is now attractive. Fat, with double or triple chins, and fat rolls and stretch marks never has or will be attractive.

      1. It has actually been very attractive to be fat, take a look at Peter Paul Ruben’s paintings

        1. It’s never been attractive to be, by defintion, FAT. Paintings do not often reflect simple human biology.
          The irony is that even obese women often, despite their poor physical appearance, still desire a fit, masculine, attractive man. That should say quite a bit.

        2. Venus figurines…in caveman societies the obese women were the ‘breeders’ as it was felt they could lay around and spit out babies for the tribe.

    3. Sorry, no. Because once this girl gets older she’ll have a series of health conditions (and don’t let have any kids…she’ll ruin their lives too). Stupid is just that…stupid…just ask Paula Deen. Was anyone really shocked by the news when it was announced that she had developed Type 2 Diabetes?

      1. They all have pretty faces because they are
        young and puffy faced due to being overweight. Let’s fast forward 10 to 20 years.

        1. It’s a slap in the face for women like me, who bother with discipline and who remained the same size from our teens to our current age.
          And this is also crushing the excuse about slowing metabolism. I KNOW. But I did it through sheer discipline because it makes me feel really good.

    1. My exact thoughts when I saw her photo. I arrived her pretty much at random. Who is this Roosh wanker?

    2. That girl is fat…don’t sugar coat it.
      You wouldn’t tell an alcoholic to keep drinking. Someone needs to level with this girl and tell her to stop eating.

  16. She’s not morbidly obese. If she shed a mere 25 pounds she’d have an hour glass figure. Another 25 and she’d be stick skinny.

    1. Yep, and we’re not shy about it, either. Giving people what they deserve when they deserve it. IN HOC SIGNO VINCES!

  17. hello dear
    take this from and ole lady….you are beautiful, no question there. you maybe should try to loose weight for health factors. i am morbidly obese and being just told that yesterday really hurts me. i have always been told i am very beautiful or you have a pretty face and i know that is true. being very overweight as you age causes many health problems and for that reason alone i have to loose weight to live. my dear please consider getting help as i have. you are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
    may GOD bless you

  18. I’m 24 years old young man I’ve got an athletic muscular body actually I had already practiced bodybuilding about 4 years and still do instead of that I see that she’s hot by the way I prefer those kind of girls I’ll marry her if she accept me I swear I’ll never ever be shy that she be my children’s mother!

  19. I wonder if people know that a lot of guys happen to like big girls? I prefer them over the stick figure boyish looking things that are out there, give me a big girl an day over that.

  20. At 24, I was a size 4 and had a body by “Playboy”. She needs to loose weight and do strength training. You can’t get fat without the food-exercise ratio being out of order.

  21. Regardless of her weight, you don’t know what she’s been through. Her “extreme measures” to try and control her weight could have been eating disorders for all you know. And stretch marks are normal, I’m 105 lbs and I have them…

  22. Just saying what’s wrong with you your perfect and I seriously want to marry you

  23. Contemporary life must be getting sicker and sicker with this fat phobia thing; if this is morbidly obese then Gwynth Paltrow must be somewhere between overweight and seriously obese. This woman hardly has enough plush and fluff to even get my attention; I like em’ about l00-200lbs more than that. I mean, I wouldn’t throw her out of bed or anything, but while we were doing it I’d be trying to imagine a lot more love handles where there really aren’t any. I’m presently going with a 475-500 beauty queen and sex is absolutely nirvana, even if I have to drive her around everywhere because she can’t fit behind either of our car’s steering wheels. So go around with your little skeletons, folks. They feel like sleeping with a bicycle.

  24. This is exactly what is wrong with our society. When someone fucks up instead of calling them on it people justify it. The bottom line : she is overweight. She needs to get off her ass stop blogging and walk around the block a few times a day. People always try and use their past as an excuse for bad behavior as well.
    Well, I have friends that were larger as children. Did they grow up and write a self falaciating blog? No, they got off their asses and changed their lives. It is not ok to fail. It is not ok to “try”. Just fucking succeed. Dont give failure a chance!

      1. I was reading your troll comments. If it is true you only date fat women good for you. I am sure if that is true you are unattractive and/ or have self esteem issues. The thing about my comment is that I was not justifing it (you stupid fuck) was saying it. I say what I want with no justification. I think because you are a beta pussy you are used to having to explain why you voiced your opinion. You project that unto others.

        1. I’m not the troll, and no, I have no self-esteem issues and am considered between average and fairly attractive for a man. I date fat women because that’s all I’m interested in. I don’t notice thin women, they do nothing for me.
          And yes, you were justifying it. You’re saying that because she’s overweight, it’s okay for you to say whatever you want. Definition of justification.

        2. I do not think you understand. I was saying what I want because I say what I want. I don’t need a reason. You felt the need to comment regarding your attractiveness. That leads me to believe you are insecure about your appearance and neede to state you are attractive to validate you own self worth.
          Again, I do not care if you have a fat fetish or not. Again you asserting the fact that you are only attracted to fat women leads me to believe you are trolling.

        3. Further more, I am done commenting on this topic. Ive lost interest. My parting words to you are that you are a degenerate, weak , pussy. Man up and fix yourself.

        4. Believe what you want. But how am I the weak one when I’m the one who’s willing to ignore the lies of the fashion industry and like what is actually beautiful. I would say that YOU are the weak one.

        5. And yet, you did need a reason. You were the one trying to justify your position, not me. That leads me to believe that you know you’re wrong.

  25. “You go girl.” Lmfao. How do they not understand the health problems? Stuffing your face full of crap everyday, you call that “extreme.” Someone please send me a link to wherever her corner of the internet is, apparently shaming doesn’t help these people, I feel like if I don’t send her a message of advice I’m part of the problem. Physiologically speaking, there’s a reason, you’re happier and in a better mood when you exercise, and are in shape. That’s the body thinking you, these people are the beggining of the end for America.

    1. How do you not understand the health problems are a lie? She’s not morbidly obese, she looks average.

      1. I don’t want to bash the girl above because I don’t like to be mean, but she’s not “average”. She’s only average by America’s standards because we are in the middle of an obesity epidemic. “Average” is probably a size 4-6, it just seems skinny to us because we’re so used to seeing overweight people.

  26. Wow. That girl is no where close to obese. I hope my children live to see a day when human consciousness has evolved to a point where people like you no longer exist.

    1. By medical standards (meaning a doctor) she is obese (fat) pick any word similar to it.
      People should not give fat people a pass just like they shouldn’t give alcoholics a pass.

  27. They can say fat is beautiful all they want, it will never change the fact that men are attracted to fit women. Barring a select few chubby chasers out there, thats just how it is and it will not change. They need to accept that they are hideous or do something about it

  28. Body acceptance is fine, when it comes to accepting things that are out of your control (like small boobs or narrow hips, for example), but weight is totally within our control. When I “accept” aspects of my body, I’m talking about things that will never change, barring major surgery. However, if I gain a few too many pounds, I’m off to the gym.

  29. She’s not morbidly obese, she’s actually very pretty. We all have different standards of beauty. Now look some girls are fat, some are skinny, some are normal. If you don’t like one type of body shut up and deal with the fact the world is gonna have these types of people. What are they actually doing to bother you? Are they going up to you and grinding all over you? Are they screaming at you? No? Then shut up and deal with it, people have different body types

  30. (i know this is an old post but still) What the hell, this girl is clearly not obese, and to say morbidly obese is plainly ridiculous. shes on the wrong side of chubby maybe but that’s about it. douche

  31. Ah, of course there are the standard Marilyn Monroe posters in the background – an essential component to every deluded fat girl’s repertoire of [inaccurate] validation materials. “Marilyn Monroe was a size 16! Because men loved her, this must mean men will also love me at a size 22!” <—-fat girl logic.
    Too bad MM was actually what would translate to about a size 4-6 today. Aside from that, MM was a mentally unstable, drug-addicted, morally loose actress without an ounce of talent. What’s there to admire?

  32. If the fat shaming didn’t work, she wouldn’t be posting that picture for validation. At least at some level she hates her body enough to go whoring for compliments. It’s not the fatties we need to deal with, it’s the people who support them.

  33. There are so many teen girls that are morbidly obese and think that there is nothing wrong with the way they look. News flash: BEING OBESE IS NOT HEALTHY, DOESN’T LOOK GOOD, AND IS DESTROYING YOUR HEALTH! Put the fucking fork down and show some will power; maybe get outside and DO SOMETHING instead of lying in bed eating and texting. When these kids hit their 30s and 40s I can just imagine the health issues they will have: failing joints, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, infertility, and other issues….

  34. Despite what she says about her body, if she could snap her finger and be 40lbs thinner, she would…it is easier to stay fat and justify it than put the work into getting to a healthy fitness.

  35. I choose to deal with it by not letting my retinae be seared by that image of her pussy eating her bikini bottoms while her stretch mark-lined belly button looks like the opening to some cave in the Ozarks.

  36. ..if the picture is “just for her” why did she post it on Internet and subject us all to the obvious results of her blatant lack of self control? what a big, obese, hypocritical thing in a bikini

  37. A vagina that you have to dig through a bag of lard in order to find? No thanks! Repulsive, the stuff of nightmares, even the demons from Hellraiser cannot show you a more disgusting sight.

  38. I’d fuck her, but never marry her or make her my girlfriend, or even a Tuesday night. What she doesn’t realize is that girls twice as busted in the face with good bodies have more friends and better relationships. I’d take an athletic chick missing teeth over that any day.

  39. “This picture is for my horseback riding trainer telling me I was too fat when I was nine”.
    Love, let me explain that for you. He was just worried about the horse and didn’t want PETA to shut down his buisiness. Like the saying goes, you were the fat bitch who broke the horse’s back. That’s how it goes, right?

  40. I’m new to this site, so there is probably much wisdom here I have not yet discovered, but so far I have learned there are a lot of omegas “that never get laid” and also a lot of lesser betas that struggle in the sexual marketplace with at best intermittent success, with long “mean time between successes”. (The last one I just made up on the fly.)
    So aren’t most morbidly obese women ALWAYS going to attract a following of men? Should the chasers with no better sexual alternatives stop enabling these women? If what these women are doing works for them, what incentive is there for them to stop?
    Are there better and sustainable actionable alternatives for “basement dwelling losers”?
    Should those with the lowest SMV sit on the sidelines until they increase their value, or should they go for what they can get?

  41. A. As long as a woman can fight, I will date her regardless of size.(unless her weight is not spread out evenly.)

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