The Turning Point In A Man’s Gaming Career

When a man first takes the red pill, he accepts a burden: he will have to provide for himself. He acknowledges that women won’t be showing up, knocking at his door, and begging him for sex.

This, of course, is true for the chumps that haven’t take the plunge yet as well. The difference is that they haven’t accepted this burden. They still live under the false pretense that women will find their way to them. Somehow. Someway.

Even when a man knows what he must do, he may still struggle to see it done. Game is challenging at first– demoralizing, even. I know plenty of men who haven’t had the balls to persevere past the initial phases of rejection. But if you do persevere past a certain point, you’ll reap the benefits of your time and effort. You’ll enter poosy paradise.

This article will cover exactly what this critical inflexion point is, and how to use it to your advantage.

Stage 1: Fear


Imagine you’re out at a venue with many attractive women. It’s one of your first nights out with the explicit intention of gaming girls.

You notice everyone who looks your way, and feel the weight of their eyes on your shoulders. As you scan the room you notice a cute girl standing alone by the entrance. She’s on her phone. She must be waiting for someone, you think.

In a room full of groups and pairs, this seems like the easiest catch of the night. You tell yourself, just do this one approach. Just go say hi.

And so you walk over to her and use that one opener that you memorized for tonight. “Hey, you seem cool. Are you friendly, too?”

She glances over at you and smiles. “Yes, I’m Jess. What’s your name?”

She continues to reply warmly to your questions, but you feel like you’re running out of things to say– the clock is ticking. After a few minutes, you can’t take it anymore. “It was nice to meet you. I got to go back and find my friends.”

This scenario is all too common. You struggle to even approach a single girl, and when you finally do, all you can think of is how to exit the interaction. It’s like you don’t even want to talk to her. In fact, you really don’t. It’s uncomfortable for you, and so you take the first exit you find. Or maybe she responds very well and you put it off and take the second or third exit that presents itself. Either way, you rarely extend an interaction past a few minutes and never push for rejection beyond the act of approaching.

Stage 2: Comfort

dos equis guy

I’m at the grocery store talking to a cute little brunette.

“Well, I have to finish up my shopping list and head home,” she says and walks away.

I’m frustrated. How dare she walk away? I was just getting started. And that’s when I realized I had crossed the bridge. At one point I would’ve breathed a sigh of relief when girls excused themselves like that. But not today. Today I wanted to keep going.

I also realized that girls often excuse themselves because they’re the one who’s nervous. Sometimes they fold under the pressure of an attractive man who’s seemingly randomly approached them. And that is their burden to carry. Not the man’s.

Don’t look for a way out. Stay as long as you can.

I passed the point of no return when I consistently and genuinely wanted to stay in, and advance conversations. Up until a certain point, I was always looking for a way out. I would approach and bounce. Then I would approach, try to get a number, and bounce. Then I would approach, touch lightly, and bounce. Then one day I stopped looking for a way out. I began to try and extend every interaction. To see how far it could go, rather than flee in fear.

Do you prematurely bounce? If so, recognize that it’s holding you back. Even when you’re nervous or uncomfortable, push on. It will raise your tolerance, and eventually you will crave it. Take the role of the aggressor– let the women be nervous.

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47 thoughts on “The Turning Point In A Man’s Gaming Career”

  1. Quickest easiest way is to objectify all women that you don’t know. They are sex objects and nothing more until they prove they have some other value. Once most women are objectified, rejection means nothing.
    When in doubt turn to good ole fashioned male chauvinism. It’s hated by feminists for a reason and that reason is because all men know in their hearts that they are above all women. That’s why it has to be brainwashed out of us.

    1. “until they prove they have some other value” You can wait a long time for that to happen if you live in the West. A very long time. A needle in a haystack, indeed.

      1. I disagree with this though. For wife and mother, then most girls fall short but there actually a lot of girls that are cool to hang out with. The key is to not expect them to live up to having the same code and ethics as a guy and accept them for the flawed chicks that they are but you certainly don’t sacrifice your own well being for them.
        The main point is that you shouldn’t respect a random woman just because she’s a woman so you don’t have to care about whether or not you likes you or how she feels about getting talked up. If the extent of girl’s problems is that she gets approached by ‘creepy’ guys then she is certainly living a charmed existence.

        1. True, but I think a big part of it also depends on someone’s experience. I’m seeing a lot of girls destroying themselves with chain smoking, boozing, and furiously riding the cock carousel. We’re talking about some serious degenerate behavior here, behavior that’s in the process of being normalized in today’s society. Not all of them are guilty of this, no, but it’s getting more difficult with each passing year to find a young woman in the Western world that has something decent to offer besides sex. I’m talking femininity as opposed to being masculine, feminine warmth, the ability to hold a conversation besides talking about shoes and handbags, and the willingness to support you in your endeavours.

        2. Really? Not sure where you are from but there are zero cool girls to hang out with where I live.
          Cliquey bitch-faced stuck up cunts are all I see as far as the eye can see. You guys are more than welcome to “game” them.

    2. Step 2 after that: realize that rational thought and logical responses are largely absent from the female thought process. Don’t expect the kind of ideas you get from male friends or books by male authors. Don’t expect agreement on ideas about justice, the law or anything of the sort. Shows like “Gossip Girl” operate at an emotional fever pitch for a reason. Understand this and you’ll get women.

      1. True. But that means you need to lower yourself to their appalling intellectual level. I’d rather pass without sex, most of the time. Having stupid superficial conversations, which is what 99% of women react positively to, is degrading myself.

        1. I have an IQ of 169, making me one of the top percentile for intelligence in the UK, so no sweetie, we’re not all stupid. My first actual conversation with the guy I’m engaged to was about comic books and the upcoming game releases. I won his heart simply quoting Deadpool – who happens to be our favourite marvel character. He did immediately strike me as the nerdy type, which was cool, cause so am I. The thing I’ve worked out about guys is to quickly find their interests and talk about those – generally because I usually share those interests. Ironically, I don’t have many female friends, because like you said, they have stupid superficial interests, and that bores me incessantly, so I can imagine its even worse for men. The only superficial interest I have, is when I’m having my hair and make up done for a shoot, but that’s not fun, its work and it pays my bills.

        2. It’s always the dumbest bimbos who talk about their 140+ IQs and all their credentials.
          Even if you had a high IQ that would be about as useful to you, a woman, as a bicycle to a fish. If you were really smart you would have figured that out by now.

        3. Most of your comment is good, but solipsism alert in your first sentence – he’s not talking about you specifically, but generally. So don’t take it personally and don’t take offence. Which brings to Step 3: realise women are solipsistic.

        4. IQ of 169? LOL, stephen hawking has an IQ of 160 allegedly, so I call BS on this one. Just because an internet IQ test told you so it doesn’t mean it is so. And even if it was assessed by a psychologist, high IQ scores are largely anomalous since there’s not many individuals taking a test to make it precise enough to measure scores above 4 sigmas (assuming an SD of 15) and at the same time difficult enough to have only those with “true” IQs above 4 sigmas. Neither the SATs, GREs, etcetera have been qualified for giving a proxy for IQ scores that are so high. even though the tests are taken by millions of individuals. especially because a lot of people (relatively) can score perfect scores. All other tests that allegedly work for testing high IQs have no evidence to support what they allegedly work for, since you’d need at least hundreds of thousands of people to prove that you are not only so far above on the IQ scale, but to have high statistical significance. But even then, performance on IQ tests does not mean having the intelligence to solve the most complex and useful problems that boggle humanity. It also doesn’t mean that you’ll be a high income earner, since the correlation between income and IQ has been calculated using people in ranges of plus/minus 3 sigmas. So really, the only way to actually give credence to an allegedly high IQ is to have massive achievements, intellectually speaking.
          By the way I have an IQ of 2093098098

    3. True as hell. Good article. This is one of those posts that will not get to many clicks due to its positivity, and solid advice. It is a good analysis of inner game and how to approach . Stay up.

    4. Practical advice would be: If it works, use it.
      but objectification of women is a direct product of feminism.

  2. Nice simple article. Stay in the game….let them leave. Show’s you are very comfortable in your own skin…..confidence.
    But sometimes you’re in the carpet bomb mode….getting quantity in a short amount of time to weed out the no’s for the yeses.

  3. One distinction I think red-pillers possess is an understanding of how little confidence most women really have (and people in general). Even the best looking women are incredibly self-conscious. If more men realized that, they would find approaching much easier.

    1. True. Other things one eventually realizes: how devoid of clarity and completely hamster driven they are (which accounts for their nonsensical quirks, all their flaking etc), and how amoral and lacking integrity most of them are.

      1. Having two sisters I believe provided me with insight into the manipulative mind of American women. They play men on a whim and I ALWAYS assume every American girl is the same way. And it has never misled me yet.

        1. While of course your observations come mainly from your own environment, I not only agree with that but will also say it’s pretty much universal, not just an American phenomenon. Maybe it can vary from culture to culture due to how much feminism and go-girl-ism encourage certain things, but I’d say the tendency itself is genetically built into the female species.
          A woman’s biological imperative is to acquire resources for herself, and she uses her sexuality to get there. She’d be willing to throw anyone under the bus for that, and the only reason she doesn’t do that to someone is because she feels she needs him. Always been like that and always will be. Again, red pill attitude means that we know about this and accept it.
          I don’t remember it perfectly right now, but I think there was a scene in Shakespeare’s Macbeth that really drove this principle home: when Lady Macbeth, on knowing of her husband’s plot to murder the king to acquire power, goes crazy at the thought of such power and states that she would gladly “dash her own baby’s brain against a wall” if it was necessary to achieve that. The old bard sure knew a thing or two about human nature.

        2. Co-sign everything. Growing up with the most manipulative sister imaginable has been great training. Now as I further absorb the red pill, all that I saw and experienced with and around her is being applied like a seen out of “Limitless”.

        3. Honestly I don’t think my sisters are all that great of manipulators. I do think they are untrustworthy and unreliable and that is what I extrapolate over to other women.

        4. I’m not saying your sisters are great manipulators, but as you put, as with my sister (who I think is), its been a great lesson. I’ve long passed trying to connect with my sister based on the way she’s treated me in the past as a tool of use and convenience. She’s now panicking that I don’t buy into her shit and putting on Emmy calibre performances of such range, if you were a 3rd party observer, you’d think were genuine and heartfelt. But thanks to RedPill, I can connect the dots even clearer and see her coming.

        5. My sisters are great to me. But i know they don’t treat guys that way based on my own observations. I treat them a lot better than any American girl I have ever met since they don’t screw me over. I just figure that the way they treat guys is going to be how women treat me. Interactions with siblings SHOULD be different. If it isn’t, I feel sorry for the person. If you can’t trust your own blood you are fucked.

  4. I have crossed another line recently. I like gaming women until they ask me if I want their number. Then I say, “Why?” If they get offended and leave, they are not bought in. If they start sputtering and explaining, I say “OK, OK. You win” and take their number.

    1. well yes, i believe this is the ultimate in game, and although Jefe says that women don’t chase for sex and won’t come after you, that has not been my experience….. they have often come after me to the point i got lazy and forgot how to hunt for myself….. the most amusing thing that goes far beyond gaming the girl into bed, is gaming the girl not into bed, and driving her up the wall instead… at this point you start dismantling the matrix, instead of just manipulating it…
      there’s nothing funnier than reversing the roles and making her beg… then you know you are a real master, not just of game but of your own desires…
      women always assume that the man will have sex if they decide, so making them decide and then making them jump hoops…. MASTERY !

    2. It’s always a good situation when they ask if you want their number. Replying with “No, but you can have mine” is yet another victory you can pull out of that situation, which puts them even more out of their element. Their hamsters run wild figuring out when and what to say if they choose to follow up. And once they do, it’s about as easy as it gets.

      1. Then have them text you? Not bad.
        After its all over, throw in a “Just wanted to see if you were really into me. You know how it is.”

      2. No, but you can have mine *handing her a tasteful business card*. Your status is raised proportionally to her lack of status.

    3. Talk about flipping the script. That’s what you want. A good filter/shit test. Nice work.

  5. Thank you my fellow brothers of ROK. I wish more articles were like this: a mentoring to those who only begun the journey. To give them practical advice so as to slowly but surely unplug from the matrix.
    As much i agree with Hartiste, he gives bitter medicine that’s hard to swallow especially when one’s inner game muscles are still weak (mine still are). This article is much more practical & useful.
    We need articles like this especially those of us who are on the mra side of the resistance (i swallowed redpill a while back with happierabroad & its ilk – not the best of the proto-manosphere but it buoys the hopes foreveralone betas such as myself). I believe we can still unite under one banner but many of us will need tremendous help (& yes there are some of us mra betas that are working hard to change our ways to be alpha gamers, we just arent heard from as often, pls be patient with us)
    As a beta on the recovery stage & a miserable failure of game 1.0, this site is an oasis for me.
    I’ve learned about frame control & emotional state back in the 2000’s (as well as negs & push-pull) but due to my weak inner game & w/out calibration, i’ve fucked up so much in college that i feel like i missed the boat. Im working on inner game & confidence so i cam better use the weapons i learned during the game 1.0 era.
    Anyways you hear praises from men everywhere everyday for your good work for all men, add mine to chorus & know i will be supporting this site via the tip jar soon.
    Thank you roosh & the men of Rok.
    Btw, the bang books are awesome & practical. Im planning a trip to poland this year to capture a polish flag just because i was so inspired by roosh.

    1. Welcome aboard, looking forward to more of your posts. Thanks for being honest and candid. Its quite refreshing from all the bullshit over-achievers and their “maybe – true” conquest stories.

  6. The West has lost touch with its roots. When modernism took over, and education began to be focused on preparing people for science and technology rather than studying the Great Books of the Western Canon, that is when the first tolls of our death bell rang out. Since the late 1800’s, we have been taught meaningless facts and useless information. The Founding Fathers, or anybody who lived 300 years ago for that matter, would be appalled at the state of education today. A 16 year old finishing up school 300 years ago would be a lot more intellectually adept than your average college graduate today.

    1. Absolutely, and if you want to see some interesting proof of that fact then check out the Manhood Academy forums for some extra lolz on the side.
      Unbelievable, the incoherent nonsense that spews out of some of our best and brightest college grads, along with their rolling red carpets of credentials and degrees.
      Sadly none of this safeguards against stupidity.
      But you’re right, I have a tremendous and well-placed faith in the great classics of Western Culture. I believe a good reading of our greatest books will improve a man beyond any measure that a college degree could. And at a fraction of the price.
      I remember that scene from Good Will Hunting:
      “you dropped a 150 grand on a fuc&in’ education you could have gotten for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library.”
      Hahaha, I just love how in that movie you got a competent man who propels himself forward by his own sheer will and effort. Quite inspiring, in comparison to the average brain-dead degenerate who needs their professors to be reading them bed-time stories before they get off their lazy butts and do anything worthwhile.

  7. I do have a question, though. I just started learning game, and have been having amazing success, even though Roosh and others seem to think that I should be failing almost every time for the first year. Is this because High School girls are all incredibly horny or what?

  8. Kind of sad how low we men have to stoop now just to engage a women in some conversation isnt it?
    Not really worth it. If you value your dignity.

    1. A conversation should take place because two parties are interested in each other. Problem here in the USA is nobody is interested in anyone unless you look like a model.

  9. Oh man this reminds me of Saturday night lol. I approached this mexican girl with blonde hair at this nightclub. “blah blah, I couldn’t walk past you without saying goodbye” We talked for a few, I grabbed her cell, went back to my friends, she was there with her female friend and a guy. Never responded to my texts though the interaction went well.

  10. Who is that pretentious looking old fart in these photos. Is this an… Alpha Male? Lolzzz!
    You do realize that it’s a staged photo and that such people don’t actually exist in real life?
    So, you think being Alpha means wearing Armani suits, smoking cigars, and for some vague, unknowable reason having women fawn over you like a James Bond movie? It must be the CK cologne.
    You’ve been watching too many Rolex ads.
    You’re not going to learn anything about masculinity as funneled through a consumer-driven marketeer’s take on reality. Forget it, they’ll turn you into faggots faster than you can say “fabulous”.
    Rather you will learn masculinity the old fashioned, unglamorous, unpretentious way. The real way, that is.
    Saddle up boys, you got a long journey ahead of you.

  11. A quality article. Thank you Jefe.
    (As opposed to the current #BackToTheKitchen gender politics drivel around here that does zero to help a man improve in Game and Life.)

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