10 Feminist Fantasies That Could Become A Reality In The Near Future

Around 2013 when I first discovered the manosphere, I knew things were bad in our society in terms of sex relations along with the corroding effects of feminism. But at the time, I didn’t appreciate just know how bad. In just few years since then, I’ve seen enough madness to know which direction we’re headed and it doesn’t look good. We already live in a feminist society and the harpies are pushing to make things even harder for ordinary men who just want to get on with their lives. The following will demonstrate what will happen to our society if we were to give into all the demented demands of today’s feminists.

Although this article is meant to highlight the craziness of it all, note that many of these concepts are already starting to take shape in our societies to become a reality.

1. Expansion Of Hate-Crime Laws

“You can’t save Mary Jane anymore, Spiderman. It’s ‘benevolent sexism’, and therefore, a misogynistic hate-crime.”

In England, trying to pick-up a woman or even just whistling at her is considered a “hate crime” if the woman gets upset by it. It is a real possibility that this law might spread to the rest of the West and expand to include other misogynist offenses including: looking at a woman (what feminists call “stare rape”), calling a trans-woman a he (there’s already a similar law in New York), arguing with women online, manspreading, mansplaining, helping a woman, and so on.

2. Consent Forms

Since women get to dictate the terms of all sexual interactions, consent forms will have to become a necessity in the future. And not just for sex, but in all forms of interaction like being able to approach a woman on the street. Maybe an app will be developed where a woman could consent to sex, conversation, or being looked at so that she could screen out all the low-life misogynists who want to compliment her for her looks.

3. Anonymous Rape Accusations + 100% Belief In Woman’s Testament

All men are rapists; we need to believe her because she’s a woman. It’s a perfect circular logic.

Feminists claim that the reason we live in a patriarchal rape culture is because our society discourages rape victims (always women) from coming forward and also because their words are not taken seriously. So, what they’re proposing is clear: rape accusations should be done anonymously and the “victims” should always be believed against evidences that are biased because… patriarchy.

Men have already lost their jobs, kicked out of school, jailed, and even murdered for false rape accusations while their accusers faced no legal consequences (and got to keep their anonymity). So, we’re not really that far from reaching that level.

4. Feminist Re-Education Camps

This book is not a mandatory reading in kindergartens yet. What more proof do you need that we are all oppressed by the patriarchy?

With feminism taking over the educational institutions and already working to reprogram men to serve the system, it won’t be long before men who have been found guilty of misogynist hate crimes to end up in re-education camps. We already have sensitivity training in jobs while colleges are adding courses on toxic masculinity to re-define what it is to be a man on feminist terms. It probably won’t be long before “toxic masculinity” is added to DSM as a mental disorder (in place of homosexuality) and treated like a disease in mental health institutions.

5. Government-Sponsored Feminist Tribunals

Canada already has an actual social justice tribunal.

Since it’ll be difficult to charge men of bogus hate crimes against women with nothing more than a woman’s feelings as a proof, the government may introduce tribunals similar to the kangaroo courts in universities and HR departments at workplaces, all in the name of creating a harmonious society free of hate. Those who enter these tribunals will also be destroyed by the media and have no chance of being employed and be subject to permanent social ostracism even if they’re found not guilty.

6. Systemic Castration

As I’ve mentioned in my other article, docile and compliant dogs are the ideal that feminists aim for in their efforts to domesticate men. A significant number of boys are already on ADHD medication to have their behaviors controlled while male sex offenders are given chemical castration. If all men are violent hooligans and rapists as some feminists claim, then the next logical step is to let the government control men’s testosterone levels to an “acceptable” level. Note that we already have many parents who are letting their children take hormones to alter their “gender.” This practice will likely become more common in the future.

7. Non-contact Sex

“She did not consent; I must not touch.”

Feminists have been so effective in terrorizing the beta males that many of them are afraid to interact with women in any shape or form. Consider that we already live in a world where walking past some deranged woman will get you accused of sexual assault. In the future, all physical contact with women may become sternly discouraged or even forbidden that more men will retreat to porn and sexbots as alternatives. Haptic technology for sex is already being developed to pave the way for a culture of non-contact sex.

8. Bachelor Tax

Did you think you pesky “MRA’s” could escape the gynocentric order by refusing marriage and going your own way? With the drop in number of men who are manning up that coincides with the rising number of single mothers who need to leech the welfare state, it’s not too unreasonable to expect a push for bachelor tax that will penalize men who refuse to put a ring on an aging, post-slut sow.

Knowing that it will cause a major backlash, the bachelor tax will probably not come into being in an obvious way. Instead, it will be introduced under the guise of supporting the poor single mothers and helping to foster families. Heck, considering how men are the primary tax payers while women are the primary beneficiaries of the welfare state, you could say that we already have a gynocentric taxation system in all but name.

9. Polyandry

Women already practice ‘Alpha fucks, Beta bucks’ strategy. So why shouldn’t an empowered woman be allowed to do it openly without shame?

With the institution of marriage already destroyed and with many men already accepting cuckoldery as the norm in the form of “open marriage,” women may as well be allowed to have multiple husbands. And why not? We already know that there are far too many men for the number of women in our society and that those lazy men should do more to support women. Is it that crazy to have one husband for sex and another three for money? I’m sure many desperate simps will have no issue sharing a wife with several other men as long as they get some cuddling action when she’s not too busy banging her more attractive husbands. The implementation of bachelor tax, mentioned above, will also make marriage more desirable.

10. Concentration Camps For Men

The final solution to the testosterone problem.

If the above measures to protect women and ensure equality are implemented, it’s likely that all the misogynists will grumble in anger and resist them. If that is the case, it might be best to take the advice of the feminist, Julie Bindel, and place all men in concentration camps. No man, no problem! If you’re wondering how feminists could even achieve this, know that there is already an army of goons called the police who will gladly do as they’re told to maintain the gynocentric order.


As I’ve said in an older article of mine, feminism is practically a terrorist movement that demands more and more political, social, and cultural oppression of men for the sake of radical women who play the eternal victim and cry for never-ending privileges. While you may think that the above nightmare scenarios are over-the-top and unlikely to happen, I bet those who lived just few generations ago couldn’t have imagined what we’re witnessing today either. Feminism, by colluding with the government, will continue to grow like a tumor and it will not stop until you make it stop.

Remember that if we don’t fight back, no one else will.

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370 thoughts on “10 Feminist Fantasies That Could Become A Reality In The Near Future”

  1. Feminism taken to the logical extreme will see a push to eradicate consent from men. Any man will be forced to have sex with any woman whenever she wants it. Although this does not sound so bad now in a completely feminist country the vast majority of women will be like Rosie O’Donell hence necessitating the law.

  2. If you think a woman is about to accuse you of rape, just murder her.
    The prison sentence is the same, no listing as a sex offender for life, and who knows, you might not get caught.

    1. CNN Reports “Pro Rape Site Return of Kings lead by Rape Enthusiast Roosh Now Encourages Murdering Women”

      1. The same fucking CNN DOES NOT report this:
        “Lousy, putrid pussy Madonna said she will BLAST the White House” !

    2. That is actually sane! Well done!
      Hopefully in Greece it will be a long time for false-rape-accusations, having to deal with the attitude of the average Greek girl I wouldn’t dare to see it…

      1. I can’t see that mentality gaining much traction in Greece. Greek women love to hate men rather than outright hate them like in the Anglosphere.

    3. I said this the other day:
      2 Chinese generals were late for meeting with Emperor.
      Penalty for being late – death.
      Penalty for Revolution – same – and became the catalysts for the overthrow…
      Women should be aware they push the pendulum too far…(but they are not self aware)

        1. they are synchronized.
          point is the penalties for doing nothing are approaching those of the maximum…

    4. If you murder them first the rape part gets easier. And really, with most of the pillow princesses, it doesn’t make the sex all that different either. Just sayin’.

    5. There are ways around both; basically one needs to kidnap the said female, yet do so without making any marks on her body – e.g tie her up with cling film and put gloves on her hands so she can’t do skin damage with her nails. One can then enact revenge (maybe actua rape) against her for several days whilst getting her addicted, forcably, to heroine, so when she is released – scar/mark free, she is completely out of it as an addict, yet there is no physical evidence. Obviously this is an absolutely last resort in the case of a bogus rape claim against oneself.

    6. For real though. Chances are your sentence may even be shorter if you just murder the bitch.

  3. Fear can settle into a man’s life and take control of it. I know that all of the things outlined in this article are happening, but fear is our biggest enemy here. I see occasional instances of feminist bullshit when I’m out and about, but they are few and far between. But then, I’m in the USA, and we didn’t give up our guns, like people did in Canada, the UK, Australia, and elsewhere.
    For the most part, I see women who are nice, pleasant, and feminine. There are some angry, bitter women who made the mistake of having a kid or two, while having no husband around, or what have you, but even those women seem to be pleasant when it counts and they seem to be of the non-man-hating variety.
    I have not seen a single feminist rally in my life. I don’t see groups of women with blue hair, chanting and holding signs. I’ve never been accosted by a large group of women and shamed, or shouted at, or anything like that. I’ve never been accused of misogyny, or a hate crime, for looking at a woman (and I don’t know any man who ever has been). In fact, I have never looked at a woman in my life, and had her respond in a negative way.
    The mainstream media (which is the mouthpiece of the government) is trying to scare men with stories like these. And if they succeed, we’re all fucked – because fear is the greatest prison of all.

    1. But the consent things are happening in college. You can be railroaded easily in college. Its the younger generation of men that have the real challenges.

      1. Being aware of it is important. No doubt about it. Letting it take over your mind – fear – that will stunt your growth. I guess I’m hoping guys can get the right balance. Fear will destroy a guy’s life.

        1. fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to neck beard and Cheetos.

        2. Heh. It only has power over you if you let it have power. Cheetos and a neck beard, now, that is definitely something to fear.

        3. Ashley Judd read some teenagers “poem” at that rally, it referenced Cheetos. Id post it, but I used to love her, and she hit the wall really hard, dont wanna bum you out

        4. I know the competition is fierce but in the Olympics of unhinged women, I’d suggest that the gold go to that deranged and hysterical old whore Madonna. Yelling expletives about the resistance to the new dark age? Why is she even talking? Shouldn’t she be somewhere in California with a mouthful of phalluses? She promised blowjobs to anyone that voted for Clinton didn’t she? Or was that only if Clinton won? Hey she won the popular vote, doesn’t that count?

        5. She was only in her late 30s when she made Bug in the mid 00’s, but I barely recognised her. She looked like she had aged by 15-20 years since her Kiss The Girls/Along Came A Spider period.
          Her looks faded quickly.

      2. The time I spent in college recently I was super careful to avoid the females. Try asking some ditz for the date (cause I rarely care) Holy shit they will hamster that into “what!?!! a date??? wtf? Ooohhhh the daate…yes.”

    2. Whereas I do understand fear is a factor, I think the items outlined by the author are plausible. And some posters here have even asserted that some items are already in place. Fuck…I remember college when it was something similar to the movie Animal House – a lot of fun. Now I can’t even imagine, for young masculine men (no faggy liberals) the morale-breaking shit hole it has become today.

      1. seems to be the case.
        I just began watching Solzhenitsyn’s Harvard talk.
        Hundreds, thousands? of students, politely watching and cheering…
        Imagine now — there would be commie-feminists screeching and rioting…
        And probably prohibited from speaking…

      2. I had this Irish gal a few years back in the shit college I attended and I was scared to approach her for fear of reprisals from the admin or some other non-sense.
        One little mistake in college can see you castrated for life (figuratively).
        I got that sense that unless you are chad or good at not saying the wrong thing at the wrong time it’s too risky.

    3. “I’m in the USA”
      USA is diverse of people and laws.
      unfortunately I spend much time in NYC…
      Chelsea NYC — ground zero for demented man-hating feminists…
      I’ve dealt with all of it…
      The literal assaults (by walking into you) on the streets by demented violent feminists(of any of the many “genders”) is a regular occurrence…
      Some are consumed with iphones.. and walk into traffic…and nothing ever goes wrong…
      Wondering where Darwin has been lately.

      1. This is why I avoid Chelsea. Speaking of walking into people, I refuse to cede even an inch of sidewalk space so long as I am walking correctly…..If I am at a decent stride, on the correct side of the sidewalk, walking straight and not being a dick and looking at my phone I will not move one fucking inch out of the way. So this morning I was walking and of course walked straight into this little fucking mary. You have to realize that I am 200 pounds of pretty solid muscle at this point. The kid didn’t get knocked to his has, but it was damn near close. I smiled and just kept walking. He called me an “asshole” and that got me thinking while I was on the downtown 6. Did he mean that like to call me a jerk or was it a compliment. I know that those people are very fond of the anal cavity so when he called me an asshole was he saying that my ability to mow him over like an nfl running back straight arming a girl scout was just awesome. I mean, if a jew called me “money” or an Irishmen called me “whisky” I wouldn’t be offended at all….so when a fag calls me asshole should I take it as a compliment?

        1. Yea me too – I’m 220 LBS nasty bearded Old veteran Viking asshole…
          I’m perplexed as to why these skinny little fuckers think they can walk into you…But I don’t move either. Takes a lot of will power to not “do the right thing”..
          But tick tock

        2. actually The Savage Lifestyle explained this phenomenon to me in a way that I really believe was correct. There is an assumption on the part of the strong that they will pull aside for the weak. This is related to the ideas like “it is NEVER ok to hit a woman” or a million other situations where by virtue of being stronger you are simply supposed to give up your advantage. This is the mentality which has been thrust upon us since childhood. By nature I always default to helping out or getting out of the way of someone weaker than myself. This is just what we are taught. I had to consciously train myself to say “if this scrawny fucker is going to walk into me let him”
          Even on the subway: I will give a seat up for a pregnant woman. That is fine. I have no problem with that. However, I don’t know if you have noticed by now it is like you are supposed to give you seat up to little children. Absofuckinglutely not. My subway riding has become so hyper aggressive it is funny. Commuting to work is now a contact sport.

        3. The littler guy is interrupting a trump protest and that actor is crossing the line. No way I could take that and not do something, even if the guy was bigger

        4. Which one is the actor, the bearded doofus screaming? Short of that being mike Tyson in 1986 I am pretty sure I would remove the teeth of anyone screaming in my face like that.

        5. I would def have knocked his teeth in…however, to be fair…why was that other guy there? I mean, was he just walking down the street minding his own business. If you go to any kind of political rally I think you are kind of inviting this shit upon yourself…even if it is total bullshit….I mean, I don’t think I should get beat in the head with a pipe by a stranger in the middle of the street…that is just wrong, but I am not about to walk around the south Bronx at 2 am with a ton of cash hanging out of my pants.

        6. I am perplexed….
          I swallow my pride these days and walk away — but I am very experienced at not…
          Don’t know what I’d do with this level of assault…
          Most likely him broken jaw – and me in jail

        7. Its as if the actor thinks a director is gonna yell “Cut!” at some point, that dont happen in the real world

        8. Reminds me of an old college memory:
          Some whacked-out bum is being questioned by the police, so he strips and starts gouging himself with a broken bottle.
          Everyone, including the cops, gave this wastoid a wide berth.

        9. Lolknee, let me just say that you are pretty fucking pimp and I, for one, am truly glad to breath the same air on this planet as you do. No homo of course, just saying though.

        10. I would still give up my seat to a pregnant woman (sexually viable) or an old woman (respect for elders). But kids? No. A little hardship everyday makes them better at dealing with disappointment.

        11. I have a strong attraction to pregnant women, so I would most likely give her my seat so I could ogle her or as feminists say “Stare rape” her. (never said I was a good person). Elderly women I will assist as they probably did grow up in a time when men offered their seats and did things for women, and they probably don’t deserve the same derision as does the purple haired, tatted up hipster girl that scowls at you for having your legs open further than she deems acceptable.

        12. You know what man, I have ALWAYS wanted to bone a pregnant woman too and whenever I see one (who isn’t just a fat cow) I am always stare raping them. I am not even a titty man but I will eye pregnant cleavage half to death. Maybe it is just because I have never had it, but I have always just wanted to beat the brakes off of a pregnant chick. Elderly the same…men of a different age. Glad to know, however, that someone else has this pregnant jones.

        13. Yeah preggos are sexy if they aren’t actually eating for two. The extra curves, widening hips and growing breasts, exude femininity. I have had one preggo girl and it was awesome. They tend to be really horny and the hormones are going crazy. I always flirt with pregnant women. They seem to enjoy the attention, since they oft feel like they are unattractive, and I am still hoping that another is convinced enough to give it a go. 🙂 So no you are not the only one with the jones for them. Tumblr does provide some nice examples regularly.

        14. the way to exploit this slave morality pyramid is to act mentally ill: people will get out of your way. I’ve done this: make hand gestures, mumble to yourself. You then become the biggest victim and assume the crown of most vulnerable. Even the homeless get out of your way then.

        15. That’s an odious thought. Want to get away from the slave morality, just do it. Kick the next homeless fuck you see on the street and then toss a dollar on his head.

        16. Remember how cool I used to think NYC was when I was younger and how proud I was to be from the area. City makes me sick to my stomach now and every time I meet someone in my travels who tells me how cool it must be and how badly they want to go, I correct them and tell them not to .

        17. Not everything is for everyone. I’ve been here all my life and I have no desire to ever live anywhere else until I retire to some place sunny

        18. Indeed. MEN giving/offering seat to pregnant or elderly (elder MEN or women) is quite obvious, in any Country & Culture.
          But the problem comes only if the women feel and behave as if they are, somehow, privileged !

        19. Nothing wrong sir ! You are “stare raping” the OPPOSITE sex, and that’s how nature works !
          Who said the damn pussies never “stare rape” at MEN !? I have noticed pussies (in Bharat, United Kingdom and this Country) literally getting WET when they look at attractive MEN. In fact, they find hell number of ways to “deliberately” come close to MEN !
          MEN and women are equal, ain’t they !?

        20. It’s rather normal I think, perhaps even biologically wired. It would serve an evolutionary purpose by keeping the father around during the pregnancy. It’s just pushed off as a fetish culturally.

        21. I would break his jaw and piss on it while bear spraying his back up but hey I am a nice guy.

        22. A solid choice my friend and I would do the same only with more urine and bear spray

        23. Yep those viking genes are a thrashin waiting to happen and I do believe we are mentally very strong not to give into the urge to wade into these protestors with a large axe and good old fashioned blood-bathing viking attitude.
          I have more hair on my chest than some of these protestors have on their entire body.
          Sure vikings were thugs of a sort sometimes but that does not reduce the fact that if you wanted your asses kicked and raided vikings were perfect for the job.
          If anyone ever fucks me hard enough I will take a blade to that ass if they really really deserve it…life is not so precious when most of what makes it worth living is taken from you.
          Remember that you liberal fucks.

        24. I had some negroe on the bus one day tell me I could not take the empty seat next to him…the bus was about full so I just said in a normal tone thats fucked up and everyone on the bus looked at me like I was trying to start trouble.
          Then I noticed on later rides the operators were watching me like I was a troublemaker.
          That guy is lucky they have audio and video cause I was of a mind to take his ass back to task where he belongs.
          It dawned on me that the guy was obviously not right in the head after I watched him for a minute so I settled down.
          I’ll be damned though if I let that shit slide again…I do not need to ride the bus anymore though.
          New York would see me slaughtering someone on pub trans I am sure of it. More power to you knee for taking it well.

        25. Christ bro I saw a video on Netflix about Rats and New York is full of them shits.
          Maybe most rats are not wealthy enough to dwell in your neighborhood but rats and poisonous snakes kill it for me.

        26. There are rats for sure. When they tear down the old Bildings to put up new high rises it’s terrible. I see at least one a week in the subway, sometimes the size of a small cat

        27. Wait, did you just say you want to beat the breaks off of men of a diff age and elderly as well?

        28. But seriously though, why would you not give a seat up on a train or something similar to any woman? Unless she was wearing a crush the patriarchy t-shirt ofc.

        29. I wouldn’t give my seat up to a woman, because she can stand just as well as I could. Just as I wouldn’t give my seat up for a man, unless the man in question was elderly and frail or obviously needed it more than I did.

        30. It’s not about her being able to stand just as well as you though. Are you one of those on here that argue for full equality and women serving in combat roles in the military?

        31. Then what is it about? Chivalry? LOL been there done that, I don’t do chivalry for women I don’t know. My personal preference is that women stay out of the military. But that is no longer an option, so if they want to be equal and be in the military then yes they should sign up for the draft and have the same burdens that men have. Either they are equal or they are not. Women want equality, they must take the good with the bad.

        32. So you don’t care at all about the crazy effects that would ensue if we had another war like world war 1 for example, and young women died en masse? It would be demographic suicide and probably help dysgenics more than anything else. Then there is all the other reasons and also sure, it just feels wrong. You tell me why women should have to sign up for draft if they are unsuited for war and certain other occupations? Equality in other occupations is another matter. How can you be chivalrous if you don’t do it for women you don’t know? That’s kind of a key tenet of chivalry. But I agree that women have completely abandoned all the things (well, many of them have) that they used to do for men.

        33. First off, most women can’t qualify for combat physically unless we reduce the standards. Second off, a world war like ww1 or 2 is unlikely. 3. Yes it would be traumatic and horrible to watch women getting killed like men do. But that’s real equality and maybe that would wake up people to the idiocy of sending either gender to war.
          Women should have to sign up for the draft just like men do if they want equality. Signing up or going to jail is a responsibility that men have in society, and if women truly want equality they should also have that responsibility.
          Chivalry was a knights code, which wasn’t often followed. It was simply a guideline of how to treat those of lesser stations. American writers romanticized it and created a set of social codes for both sexes, that no longer apply, thus no reason to be chivalrous to anyone that one doesn’t know. And for me and my life, I only help those who I know and care for. I could walk by someone getting beaten without missing a step now. This was not always the case, I have thrown myself into fights before because it was the “right” thing to do. Now, I let people sort out their own problems.

        34. I wouldn’t say it’s unlikely, I could see civil war breaking out in Europe and then the Arab nations supporting the muslim side, and then other states stepping in……
          But men and women are different, and we should set up society to take these differences into account…..
          Chivalry has changed over the centuries….

        35. You could be right, but that would take some backbone in Europe that we really have not seen in generations. They will likely just accept the Moorish Invasion this time and call it teh Moorish Inclusion.
          Yes men and women are different, but as a culture we have decided that equality is all that matters now. So society will be set up accordingly. And so women get the responsibilities as well as the rewards of equality.
          Chivalry is dead, and women killed it with the sword of Equality. Chivalry is predicated on protecting the weaker and lesser, that was it’s whole purpose. Equality says that no one is lesser or weaker, just differently abled but still equal.

        36. If that’d been me? I would’ve thrown a punch, and kept on punching until he was on the ground, then started kicking. And you bet I’d tell my grandkids about the day I gave that ‘Transformers’ actor a beat-down…

        37. On a crowded subway car, I will give up my seat to a hot babe. Of course, it’s so crowded I am forced to stand with my crotch in her face for the entire ride. So empowering!

        38. The women that argue for all this full equality should give up their seats to ME.
          And while you’re standing there, go make me a fucking sandwich.

      2. it’s slave morality: there is a hierarchy: cripples at the top, then women, then minorities, then able bodied physically large white men.
        In the animal kingdom, the small and weak scamper out of the way of the large and strong or they get crushed. Only modern humans have inverted the order of things.

      1. Or so it appeared. You have to stop and wonder how they organize these things. I see George Soros, and guys like him, passing around the cash. Trying to convince me that they are spontaneous would be impossible. Women don’t plan like that. “Oh, let’s start a Trump protest!” No. They shop and lie and suck dick, mostly.

        1. Yep. Way before. That one on TV, allegedly outside the Trump inauguration, was obviously staged. “Okay, Steve, get your camera right in here. Nice. Now protesters? Walk up to the line of police. Now Chuck, you throw that brick – sweet!” Etc.

        2. Hackers! That makes so much sense. I thought it was Russian Hackett….the Eastern Block’s answer to Buddy Hackett

        3. “Trying to convince me that they are spontaneous would be impossible.”
          I find that with any leftist protest. The logistics alone is beyond their capabilities let alone orginization.

        4. Absolutely. If it’s on TV, the elite want people to see it. And it’s probably contrived. If they don’t want you to see it, they don’t put it on the TV. Pretty simple.

        5. One theory is that the 50+ organizations (((coincidentally))) working together with Soros money were all supposed to be a staged “Muh Vaginas for Madam President” celebration that had been in the works since last year.
          When it turned out they lost all the money they spent was wasted, but they’d already spent months sewing up all their cosplay costumes, and the bus rentals were non-refundable. They had to do something.
          Boom. Instant “spontaneous global protest” that is somehow coincidentally all in English for US distribution, even when photographed in foreign countries. Coincidentally.
          It’d be easy to track the jew money ties if the (((journalists))) spent even a tenth as much time investigating the financial connections between these groups as they spend trying to find conflicts of interest among hundreds of Trump investments.
          The weaponized autism of 4chan or Reddit have done more hard-probing investigative journalism in the last 8 days than (((CNN))) has done in the last eight years.

        6. If you watch these people from an outside camera, you always see that. It’s so very obvious that the thirty faggot hipsters with their cameras and phones are 100% in on it. They know what’s going to happen when they start lining themselves up for a picture and a photo-op. Then they all start screaming about police abuse when the line finally moves to swallow Chuck up.
          Every damn one of them should be put up on charges for conspiracy.

    4. Bob you’re lucky to live in an area where that’s true. Unfortunately some of us live in places like Toronto where you can’t go half a block without encountering these feminist types who will actually walk straight into you physically because they expect you to move out of their way. I’ve had girls go obviously out of their way to walk right in my path. It’s actually funny to see the stunned look on their face when they get a hard shoulder instead because most guys here will simply move out of the way. But I know it’s a dangerous game because all it takes is for one of these strong independent women to start shrieking and an army of white knight betas will come to their defense. Could easily end up in an assault charge. It puts guys like me in a bit of a predicament because I refuse to move out of the way of these entitled bitches because vagina. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m actually extremely courteous to all people (will hold doors open etc.) but if some chick is power-walking straight towards me, and doesn’t even make the slightest effort to alter her course, well she’s getting a lesson in physics.

      1. I know it’s different for others, based on where a guy lives. NYC, Toronto, etc. I guess another thing I hope some guys will consider, is getting the fuck out of those hell holes. If you aren’t around those types of cunts, you won’t be put into dangerous situations. I admire you for standing tall in the face of those confrontations. More men need to do the same thing – but then, most men aren’t really men, are they. I have never had a woman do that sort of thing to me and I frequent some fairly good-sized metropolises – namely Phoenix AZ and Las Vegas NV. Maybe it’s a calculus equation, and I’ll eventually run into it, once the limit reaches the breaking point…however that plays out, good luck to you up there in the Great White North, my friend.

        1. Thanks I appreciate that. Ever since I started reading ROK about 3 years ago I’ve become serious about taking steps towards financial independence. I do have a plan in place to get the hell outta here but that’s still a couple years out. I don’t comment on here often but I gotta say that this site has changed my life in a lot of positive ways and I always enjoy the insightful and entertaining comments from guys such as yourself. Cheers!

        2. Cheers to you, too. I think positive support really helps a guy. If we stick together we can help each other climb the ladder, even if we are only connected by our keyboards.

        3. Don’t look at us! I know it exists here in NYC but it is segregated to neighborhoods that are easily avoidable. I haven’t seen any of that shit.

        4. When the Shitlords outnumber you…you must play dirty sanchez or move to greener pastures.

        5. Buddy I’m with you all the way man ! I live in Toronto as well man. All my life. So much feminists with attitude! I wanna get out of here ! They make me sick literally ! And I work in the public school system as well. EVEN WORSE ! There so politically correct and pro-women ! It Makes me sick ! Even though I just mind my business and do my work yet still I will encounter feminist bullshit every now and then. I’m thinking of retiring someday and moving to an Asia country where men can be men

        6. You can choose who to associate with here. Go to a bar filled with with corporate guys and the women that follow them around and you won’t find many feminists

      2. I agree with this. That’s why I think men who want to be around normal women may want to consider leaving Toronto.

        1. YES ! That’s 100% true ! I live in Toronto. You won’t get laid here unless your rich and good looking. As a matter of fact, it’s even hard to get a fat ugly one here. If you’re good looking guy but poor, you’re fucked ! You need to pay or watch porn.

        2. I think a man who isn’t rich or gorgeous can still get laid in Toronto.
          Finding a good woman to marry is very difficult though.

        3. The sad thing is, even though Toronto has always been the epicenter of “progressivism” here in Canada (and probably the world), it hasn’t always been this bad. It seems to have gotten especially bad in the last 8 years or so with the advent of social media and smart phones. I actually remember a time when you could walk down the street and make flirty eye contact with girls and get smiles and friendly “hello’s”. That type of stuff doesn’t happen here anymore. I’m not god’s gift by any means but im a good looking, tall guy who dresses well and it’s rare to even get a girl to make eye contact when I walk down the street. It’s so bizarre. And you’re absolutely right about how even fat ugly girls have the most stuck up attitudes. It’s like some alternate reality.

      3. I wish I could disagree with you but I can’t. I too live in Toronto and even as a female I find the strong feminist vibe here a little overwhelming. Actually the whole PC thing is way overboard here. Not that I’m advocating calling people racial slurs but I’m afraid to even ask someone where they’re from in case that’s seen as offensive in some way. I assume every other guy is gay because I honestly can’t tell the difference anymore with the rolled up skinny jeans and hair buns. And more and more women here are looking drab, with lazy bun hairstyles, over sized baggy shirts and sneakers. Mostly the younger ones. I saw a girl last week on the subway and I thought to myself, ‘ wow she’s really pretty.’ Then I realized, she’s actually average, but has nice styled hair that was’t green, was wearing some make up and had form fitting clothes on with a nice heeled boot. I noticed her because she looked like a female.
        I don’t share the same views as most of the people here but I can say with certainty whatever guys say about Toronto women is most likely spot on as the majority of women are like that it seems. I would not want to be a guy living in Toronto. I hope you can get out and find a city with normal girls.

        1. The man buns and skinny jeans kill me. I lift weights and snowboard. My ass and thighs are enormous and couldn’t fit into pants like that if I greased em and squeezed em in!! 31 in waist but I have to buy 33/34s just to find pants that fit!!

      4. Yeah that shit drives me nuts and one time I tryed that in an Air Force chow hall (not moving out of some bitches way)
        The fucking indignant look on that cunts face when we brushed shoulders was gold. Fuck these bitches if they show respect they get it back otherwise bump these biatches.

      5. I’ve noticed that too. One day I was carrying a bag with something hard it, don’t remember what. But this girl comes barreling down at me like I’m supposed to step completely out the way. My bag slammed right into her

      1. My home base is in Phoenix AZ (sixth largest city in the USA), and most of the rest of my time is spent in Las Vegas; this covers the past four and a half years. For the eight-year period prior to that, I traveled the USA and Canada extensively on business, spending large amounts of time in California (the largest cities), New Mexico (Albuquerque), Texas (Dallas/Austin/Waco), Illinois (Chicago), Oklahoma (OKC/Tulsa), Michigan (Detroit), Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh), North Carolina (Raleigh/Charlotte/Wilmington), Georgia (Atlanta), Florida (Orlando/Miami). Spent the bulk of my Canadian time in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan, in the largest cities in those provinces.

    5. Sadly I’ve been tricked into going to a feminist art exhibit, I ended up analyzing the people more than the art. One thing I did notice (other than the many painting of cats, vaginas and fat naked women) is that loneliness and unhappiness were themes more prominent than their so-called independence.
      The same goes for these feminist women who go to these rallies. If they are young they just look sad that they are not appealing to men. If they are old, they look angry that their prince never arrived and all that came were beta simps not worthy of respect.
      IMO these women are crying out for men to save them from themselves. A sign that reads “Smash the Patriarchy” might as well say, “I Need a Father Figure to Tell ME NO!”.

        1. just words describing the art exhibit. Write it, wait a few months, then ask for it to be published

        2. Possibly for later, I’ve got a few articles in the works but it might be a quick one to write since it isn’t that analytical.

    6. I agree with this, but unfortunately, to some extent, our culture is downwind of the MSM’s warped view of reality.
      Hence certain groups receiving hugely disproportionate focus whilst being used as the perverted left’s cultural battering ram

    7. so you think it’s a loud hysterical minority of gals that are driving this ?? I hope so…

      1. I think so. Most women, though still emotional and troublesome, want men to be men. They like doors being held open for them, like compliments, respond positively if you’re nice to them or help them with something, etc., etc.
        However, the more radical feminist chicks are often in positions of power and influence… in politics, the media, universities, in the entertainment world, and so forth. They have big mouths, and I think give the appearance of larger support than they actually have.
        But the danger is still the fact that because many are in those positions of power and influence I referred to, they could get a lot of laws and crap enacted, even though most women wouldn’t be on board.

    8. Yep. Most of the world is still like that. It’s the loonies who get all the publicity.

  4. Maybe sharia law isn’t that unattractive after all. At least they realise that women should be treated as second class citizens and kept in check.

      1. As an atheist I don’t identify with any religion and was merely being facetious. I’m sort of amused though at how leftists embrace the islamic invasion and are in for a shock or as the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for as you might as well get it”.

      2. Yes, but you can look at every religion from a red pill lens & see where the wisdom shines through in some areas, regardless.

    1. I repeat my contention that there’s nothing about any of them that couldn’t be fixed with a beating, a circumcision, and a burka.

      1. Why a circumcision? I like an aesthetically pleasing pussy, not that sown back together mess FGW victims have as an excuse for a pussy.

    1. This picture needs to be in the Infogalactic online encyclopedia under the entry “Useful Idiot” (as an example, with emphasis on “idiot”).

      1. why not opening a section on ROK with pics of all useful idiots we could find ? can someone submit the idea to rooshv ?

    2. I have faith now that Trump is president! I heard something about him cleaning up the universities… He needs to take down the fake media first!

  5. Free abortions! Freefreefree! These signs they hold up are the best.
    Maybe we can train inmates in how to perform abortions, no additional taxpayer cost beyond what is it to kept them boxed up

    1. I am very much in the pro abortion camp….that said, I am not in the free anything camp. When federal tax money is spent, on anything, you are being forced, by law, to spend money in a way that you have no say over. This needs to be as limited as possible. The standard of proof is that a reasonable person should be able to understand how that money being spent is for the greater good of the nation as a whole.
      Want to defund planned parenthood on the fed level? Great. They can do a fucking telethon. Shit, I will donate money to them. Private funding. There is no such thing as a “free abortion” There are abortions you pay for and abortions you ask the federal government to pay for. The former, imo, is your right. The later is total fucking bullhonkey

        1. I read about that- “International Planned Parenthood”? Is that for American citizens overseas, or are we just paying for the entire world’s abortion?

        2. I don’t know. I’ll bet the red tape, and the books they keep, send a guy down a really deep rabbit hole though…

        3. yeah, heard that. It is being reported with a scare tactic. If you didn’t know better, by reading articles like the one you link to, you would think that Trump is going to seize their assets. He is merely talking about not giving them federal money. That is fine in my book. Let them have a fucking fund raiser.

        4. The plan is probably to generate even more money for PP via private donations. No way the elite want undesirables squirting out kids left and right. They have worked too hard for too long at keeping their numbers down.

        5. I mentioned in a comment below, they aren’t upset about losing out on the federal funding. One fucking Beyoncé show and they can pile up fetuses like jews in Poland in 1942. It is about the principle that big papa gubment need to pay duh billz

        6. Yep. They’ll stack up so much cash via other avenues they’ll be able to buy a zillion more coat hangers (or whatever they use these days)…

        7. Whether youre rich or poor, Im all for degenerates killing off their own genes. How do I say this…I am anti abortion, consider it murder, wouldnt touch a woman who had one in most cases & think it takes a stone cold bitch to get one. However, I read some quotes from the Planned Parenthood founder & totally agree with her take on human weeds. Plus, look at these women’s rights protesters, we hope they never try to raise a kid & abort the little sjw spawn instead.

        8. Actually, most cars come standard with an abortion switch now. It is in the back seat. It is a little lever near the top over the window recessed into the underside of the hood. There is a little diagram of a coat hanger. If you pull that it immediately aborts the baby of a pregnant woman sitting in your passenger seat.

        9. Planned Parenthood has its good points. Admittedly, a few less thugs on the street selling drugs does not bother me one little bit…

        10. The truth is that babies who the parents abort are unwanted babies. If they were born and grew up as unwanted babies they would be problematic.

        11. I hear ya. Even though I often point out dots that connect, that doesn’t mean I disapprove of the overall sentiment. Sanger had her really good points, IMHO. The fact that minorities were mindfucked into reducing their own numbers due to point men like MLK, and hordes of liberal feminists (“My body, my choice!”), I find to be somewhat hilarious. Caveat emptor. Fuck or walk. Eat or be eaten. Or…sleep…sleep on.

        12. It is a fine point. I think it is very important for people who are a) qualified to be parents and b) desirous to be parents to be the only people who are parents. The rest of us aren’t going to stop enjoying sex because of it and if some bitch gets knocked up I don’t want to have to scrape her out myself…I don’t even really want to reexamine her current methods for descending staircases. Pop her in an uber, send her over to a clinic, have that shit handled and move on.

        13. Absolutely. There’s something beneficial in it for everybody. Except the fetus. But even then, hey, at least they aren’t born into this hell on earth. Win/win/win.

        14. fuck the fetus. I think parents should be able to abort their fucking spawn right up to the point that the kid has a full time job and moves out of the house. Fuck that noise, until it is on its own it is property in my eyes.

        15. If we limit that ability to kill their spawn to men, then yes. Men tend to be responsible logical and temperate. We all know women are none of the above. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where if a woman gets a hair up her ass she can kill you or have you thrown in jail because you abused her. OOOPS. We already live in that world.

        16. Okay, but only if, while in restaurants and airplanes, we extend the right to abort said spawn to any adult within audible or visual range.

        17. I think there needs to be some fine details worked out on an objective line which, once crossed, anyone in audible or visual range can perform an abortion on a child that does not have a full time job but I applaud the thinking.

        18. Sorry, when I talk about rights being conferred on people I always mean “men” 🙂 Should have been more specific.

        19. I agree with you — which is why I think that every female who has an abortion for no good reason (rape, incest, etc.) should also be sterilized.
          With this society’s abundance of different methods of contraception which are also cheap/affordable and widely available, WHY is there a ‘need’ for abortion? (That is, other than two dummies who can’t think further than the next five minutes?)

        20. I’d promote sterilization for women on that path, free if necessary, a lot cheaper than multiple abortions and contraceptives in the short run let alone in the long run and a lot more humane.

        21. I would have to see a test sample. I would want to make sure that the sterilization didn’t remove any of the sexiness.

        22. If thats true, why would any American oppose defunding this? The MSM is only saying he wants to defund Planned Parenthood…lies of omission

        23. Well, that’s a good question that Americans should ask themselves. It´s a bit like funding NATO while discouraging Europeans of building up their own defenses.

        24. “look at these women’s rights protesters, we hope they never try to raise a kid & abort the little sjw spawn instead.”
          – Amen

        25. “every female who has an abortion for no good reason (rape, incest, etc.) should also be sterilized.”
          Also, It would be more reasonable to “extend” the “sterilization” for any female who “falsely” accuses MEN for rape & sexual harassment !!

        26. When push comes to shove the so-called elite will fund their own programs. They simply prefer we fund it.

        1. hey, I will pony up for the abortion if necessary. If PP has a fund raiser I will donate money. I think the more poor people who get abortions the better. We will just wind up paying for the drug rehab or incarceration or whatever of their absurd whelps. The fact of the patter is that PP can totally be funded privately. It wouldn’t even be hard. One celebrity studded concert can probably net them enough money to scrape out a million wombs. They aren’t upset or afraid at losing funding — it is the principle that the federal gov’t should pay they don’t want to lose.

      1. “I am not in the free anything camp.”
        Agreed. I hate when someone demands something for “free”. If I can’t afford, I should be content with what I have, it’s as simple as that.

    2. Now that’s a hell of an idea. Once they’ve been trained they can do it for pennies on the dollar once they’re free men.

    3. The next logical step would be to outsource it to Banglehesh – these freaks would LOVE a free trip to some third-world cesspool where they can virtue-signal AND ‘get rid’ of a baby all in one trip.

      1. I still think we should just use the in car abortion switch. I mean there is a coat hanger right next to the level so you know what it is for.

        1. Call that kind of car a Pervertable – it’s like a convertible, but the top doesn’t go down, the driver does!

      1. This episode pretty much encapsulates my entire political philosophy….and since it was just one vignette on the Halloween special we are talking, what, 7 minutes?

    4. We have to remember that when the government uses the word “free”, it really means “this is supported by taking from one group and giving to another”.

      1. I like trying to confuse a liberal by telling them it’s a “free wall” because none of them pay any fucking taxes regardless. Exact same logical application they use for their “free abortions,” “free birth control,” and “free health care.”
        Though I admit, I’m for free abortions. I cannot take the moral high ground of being against the mass murder of infants (which is is…) because I’m all for the mass murder of their parents. It would just make me a hypocrite if I tried to argue that life is at all sacred when I’m rooting for Right Wing Death Squads.

        1. Not hypocritical if you caveat your thoughts in that the children are blameless/innocent whereas the parents have committed innumerable crimes. Simple really.

        2. That is generally how the Republicans think, yes. It’s also why the leftist false-equivalence comparing a reduction of welfare to “the death penalty” is equally laughable.
          Letting a child die before it has to grow up with liberal parents is not murder, it is mercy.

        3. Indeed. It is a kindness because ‘liberal’ parents are sick and demented misshapen creatures.

    5. It seems they want everything for free; contraceptive pills, self-defense programs, “tax free” tampons and now abortion ! Why on the earth they should be given “things” for free (on tax payers money) !?
      Parasitic leeches ! and they talk about respect, empowerment and being independent ! What’s next ? free tissue paper ? free padded bras ? free thongs ? free dildos ? free butt plugs !?
      They are already getting the MOST gifted & pleasured experience for FREE; the SEX !

  6. Feminist Re-Education Camps may be taking it too far, but feminist indoctrination being rampant in schools is either a reality now or we are very close to it. Future generations will notice its effects.

  7. It is only the natural conclusion to the modern day lunacy of pandering to the feelings of the most unstable and disloyal creatures of the world. In truth we are starting today to resemble not only the pre-Christian world and specifically the decadence of Rome, in which at least men did have some control, but also the pre-patriarchal times of pre-civilized peoples.
    In truth patriarchy, together with tri-partite class division social system, was enforced upon Europeans by the indo-europeans, most probably the Kurgan people, to whom we owe the similarities between our languages. That subjugation was good though in the long run: with patriarchy women had their roles and wants defined by the far more stable males, so they were doing things that fulfilled and where useful to the society, and with the tri-partite class division system we made easily working societies which were far more efficient in day-to-day matters as with warfare.
    These simple advancements made states possible making orderly societies possible while giving room for civilization to rise. To these we owe all our advancements. Today tired from the struggle, pandering to minorities and women all that millennia of human self-betterment all are at the brink of being eaten by the shadow that barbarism brings. And women were the first to extinguish that fire.
    Hopefully now in the near-future we will be seeing an inversion to the good side as with all the failures of society failing today even by their own failed standards, not only by our higher ones. Those in which every sensible person believed in before the rise of the darkening, the enlightenment as we call it today. For that I’d only point out that the idea of the noble savage became formulated then and believed today. From which we ascribe more wisdom to forgotten stone-age tribes rather than our own civilization, which could build cathedrals and skyscrappers instead of glorious minimalist mud-huts
    A video about the Proto-Indo-European culture:

  8. good article – we are well there now….
    read the “gulag archipelago”
    alexander solzhenitsyn
    Remember 30,000,000 well-adjusted women marched to the voting booths and selected Trump…

  9. None of this shit could come about without the cooperation of (other) men…after all the state is organised violence…the majority of the Police and Army and politicians being…men.

    1. The death of patriarchy is mostly illusory, women could not have gained all the benefits they get now if it wasn’t for top men giving it to them.

    2. exactly. ‘men’ voted to allow women to vote. we can thank those fools for the current culture rot.

  10. The feminist ghost dance on Saturday made me laugh, especially when I saw all the degenerate multimillionaire actresses in attendance who complained about their oppression.
    Like Scarlett Johansson, for example, who reportedly has a net worth of $80 million from acting in those ridiculous Avengers movies. She basically admitted that the sort of “strong woman” superheroine character she plays on film can’t exist in real life. When Barron Trump becomes a teenager in a few years, he could kick her ass.

    1. I agree with your overall point here and especially wrt to Johansson being ridiculous, but I am not sure barron trump will be able to tie his shoes in a few years.

        1. I do not see it as possible at this point. Between the opulence of the life style, the trappings of the first family, the ostentatious pomposity of his father and the fact that his mother is a prostitute who accidently found herself being first lady coupled with how insane the media is I just can’t see that kid turning out anything other than just wretched. I actually feel kind of bad for him.

        2. Oh no doubt…the thing is that there are hundreds of her between 18-25 roaming around the meat packing district in New York every night…all of them fairly easy to bang

        3. I’ve been to NY a couple of times, and didn’t have the time for fun; but that’s a thing I like of that city, the quality of prey. Here is more difficult to find an 8 or a 9 (in my standards), and the social dynamics are different: game works here too (after all, its a universal constant), but the 8’s and 9’s are more partial for wealth than for game. My socioeconomic position here is good, but I’m not the richest kid in the yard, there are plenty of competition; so I have to rely more on my game than my wallet.

        4. Yeah, here you have two things working for you 1) there is a very high quality of poon and 2) the market value is totally askew because of the ratio which favors men considerably. It is actually quite easy to pick up what most of the civilized world would consider an 8 without even spending too much money here. I was on a date this weekend and there was one morbidly obese guy, two fags and, kid you know, a guy who was third knuckle deep into a fucking nose pick to end all nose picks. I straightened my tie and smiled and simply said “behold, the competition”
          There are simply a lot of people here so there are many, many men with their shit together, but it is a small percentage of the guys that are out there. I have had dates in their late 20’s who have never met a guy who has his own apartment. lol. These are stone cold foxes. Well employed, live alone, even somewhat in shape and have a modicum of game? welcome to the top 10% of men. Change that job to something with a title their friends will be jealous about, living in a good neighborhood and are in better shape you are now part of the top 1% of men hunting in a city with a 4:1 ratio of single women to single men in the appropriate age group.
          It is funny because I always worry that it is possible that I have zero game. I have a good job, a nice home, I am in shape, I am out going and I am not afraid to talk to women. That alone makes me the one who is hunted. When I got to LA I couldn’t get my dick wet in a swimming pool.

        5. they will probably die of cervical cancer at 40 … this isn’t the 60s where everything is curable with a shot of penicillin

        6. What do you attribute your lack of success in LA to? Not the right look? Perhaps the surfer look (or something) is more in there?
          The dandy look would not fly in the Midwest for instance where your level of dress would probably make most women feel inadequate.

        7. Has nothing to do with look. My problems in LA had to do with my lack of connections. I didn’t know people who could get me into clubs, I didn’t know industry people and there are far more women than men.
          Women are inadequate. In my experience that makes the work harder. I have been lucky all over this county and all over the world, but LA was a brick wall.

        8. A friend of mine has the same issue with Melbourne and Sydney. In Melbourne he has his pick of women whereas it’s much harder for him to pick up quality women in Sydney for the same reasons you mentioned.

    2. my daughter is the same age — I’m transferring her to the same school as Baron…
      But, yea – I wonder if these demented wealthy feminists believe the lies emanating from their mouths. Or paid to act from their regular employers…

      1. It is a good split. I think a lot of them actually do believe it. It is a religion to them, so facts and logic are not something that can penetrate it. The best I can describe the way they believe this, I think, is the way a 14 year old girl believes she is “in love” with her boyfriend. That kind of immature, emotion based, extreme feeling….when a 14 year old girl is crying her eyes out and is tearing at her hair or worse cutting her self or starving herself you can’t ask if she really BELIEVES she has lost her great love…of course she does. To her it is the most real thing in the world. The same with these women. Some of the people near the top who are chumming the waters are probably paid, but the frenzy of the rank and file is basically the same as adolescent girls mixed with Nazi group think.

      2. Question: Do you have only one child?
        Here’s my take on private schools. I never gave the matter any thought when I was in high school. It’s only in retrospect that I’ve started to think back. I went to a public school in the Midwest. Was probably 95% white back then and i never had a black student in any of my classes. Most people send their children to private schools to avoid the urban jungle. But does private school make your kids smarter? I doubt it. I think intelligence is innate and the will / desire to learn must be internal.
        How do you explain that some piss poor White kid like me scored much much higher on standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, AP etc than the average reported scores at elite prep schools that cost $50k a year and feature tons of prep sessions for exams?

        1. The modern “public” schools were designed to create fungible human resources for government bodies, corporations, and the military. However many private schools available to masses follow the same design. Now not all public schools are equal either. The degree of local control maintained and the locality make a huge difference.
          The type of schooling the so-called elite have retained for themselves doesn’t focus on test scores. Test scores are for sorting the masses to where they will best serve the status-quo. The traditional american education focuses on building businesses, talents, and so on. Dealing with the way society is ordered, seeing it as it really is, to manage, instead of being put into conditioning to be employees.
          The system identifies and grooms people like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama but then there are people like George W. Bush who is born into it. GWB if he had been born to some ordinary middle class family would have gone nowhere. The public schools would have conditioned him to be a fungible cog and that’s where he would have been. But he was born a Bush so it turned out differently. Clinton was identified and sorted for his role somewhere along the way. Obama apparently had various family connections that allowed him to be picked out. These guys didn’t rise all on their own. They had mentors and help along the way because someone or someones saw something in them.
          Anyway… “The underground history of american education” by John Gatto is what finally made my school experiences make sense.

        2. “to avoid the urban jungle.”
          that gets a New York City kid 90% more time at study, and not stressed about survival.
          “But does private school make your kids smarter?” no.
          Private schools are full of commies too. However, I think more organised and focused on the kids, and the teachers don’t have the powerful union of the public indoctrination centers.
          Also, I’ve said it before connections are the most important. All the friends are lifestyles of the rich and famous…
          So for a young man. I highly recommend getting into a Ivy League style prep school. The connections are worth more than gold… And financial degree with a school pal’s family connections – set for life…

  11. And we all know consent forms won’t mean anything if the woman changes her mind later.

      1. Can Alexa look up credit history and prescription meds too? Can I install it on a 1982 Trans am with a red light in the grill? If so, I might reconsider purchasing one

        1. ha, I am not sure. But I am seriously thinking of getting Alexus and recording sexual encounters…at least long enough that I can get verbal consent. It is sad that the thought of this type of protective action even crosses my mind, but this is the reality. We have technology to protect ourselves it would be foolish not to use it.
          As for the trans-am..if that is possible that is great. God love the 80’s. Look at the synopsis of this TV show…if this isn’t 80’s hilarity at its best I don’t know what is
          –From Wiki
          Self-made billionaire Wilton Knight rescues police Detective Lieutenant Michael Arthur Long after a near fatal shot to the face, giving him a new identity (by plastic surgery) and a new name: Michael Knight. Wilton selects Michael to be the primary field agent in the pilot program of his public justice organization, the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG). The other half of this pilot program is the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), a heavily modified, technologically advanced Pontiac Firebird Trans Am with numerous features including an extremely durable shell and frame, controlled by a computer with artificial intelligence. Michael and KITT are brought in during situations where “direct action might provide the only feasible solution”.

        2. They could redo that show, sponsored by Amazon. All good guys drive the 82 trans am, although we need a more masculine voice, like Orson Welles or Rober Redford. The bad guys could drive a cooper mini or Mazda miata, AI voiced by Rosie Odonell

        3. Having Rosie voice the Miata would be especially funny because other than a disembodied voice there is no way she could fit in one.

        4. STDs can slow a man down, but being NYC resident you are probably more aware of the dangers than most.

        5. I think std’s are far more rare than people think. Non drug using while heterosexual males who stick to attractive women are pretty much insulated

  12. American mainstream culture has been a matriarchy since they let women vote & it went full Hollywood. Then sadly that culture got exported to Europe. Sorry guys. Ever watched the old movie ‘Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” see the quote from it below from the limey coronel guy to that poor brow beaten husband:
    J. Russell Finch:
    “Wait a minute, are you knocking this country? Are you saying something against America?”
    J. Algernon Hawthorne:
    “Against it? I should be positively astounded to hear anything that could be said FOR it. Why the whole bloody place is the most unspeakable matriarchy in the whole history of civilization! Look at yourself! The way your wife and her strumpet of a mother push you through the hoop! As far as I can see, American men have been totally emasculated- they’re like slaves! They die like flies from coronary thrombosis while their women sit under hairdryers eating chocolates & arranging for every 2nd Tuesday to be some sort of Mother’s Day! ”
    I watched this the other day and laughed, even in the early 60s people knew something was vastly screwed up concerning gender roles in the West.

    1. The second Derek Flint movie, In Like Flint (1967), pits James Coburn’s superspy character against female supervillains. Their leader gives a 1960’s version of a feminist grrl-power speech that just sounds ridiculous.
      This film didn’t do as well as the first Derek Flint movie, and the franchise died afterwards. The dumb premise probably killed it.

      1. “how do you find time to read all these books?”
        “read them?!?! I WROTE them.”
        fun stuff

        1. Never seen those flicks, but Coburn was a badass- I wonder why he didnt make more movies? He was great in Affliction, and as a doctor who tries to uncover a botched abortion (pre R v W), movie name escapes me

        2. well @disqusbobsmith:disqus you are our resident movie guy…..any answers?

        3. About James Coburn, from IMDB –
          Has 174 film and TV credits on his resume.
          Appeared in 48 TV movies.
          Appeared in 74 TV series (and was primarily a TV actor during the early part of his career).
          Appeared in only 52 feature films and short films.
          In 1979, Coburn started suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis, which left him debilitated at times. In 1998, a holistic healer started him on a dietary supplement, which resulted in a drastic improvement in his condition.
          Movies can often take a long time to film, especially if you have a major role. A guest shot on a TV show, or a part in a TV movie, doesn’t take as much time. I don’t know for sure, but due to his arthritis, that could be one reason why he didn’t appear in that many feature films.

      2. haven’t seen any Derek Flint movies before. if I get a chance I will check them out. I typically find most female villains to be as unbelievable as most female heroes in movies & novels. the majority of writers refuse to realize women are good in sneaking & manipulating roles not physically confronting ones

  13. I think we should be vigilant regarding these kinds of things and, sometimes, assume they will be a reality as a means of motivating people. But, honestly, none of these things will happen. Especially now with the zeitgeist changing.

    1. The Trumprising gives us permission to disregard everything feminists, gibsmedat blacks, sexual degenerates, Hollywood celebrities, etc., say from now on.

      1. Not saying you are wrong, but were you paying attention to that stuff before?

        1. I never pretended to care about any of that stuff and, honestly, I don’t know many people who did…and those that I did know I mocked openly….

  14. “Man tax” feminists are easy to defeat. Just claim you identify as a woman at the register, and throw all their jew-written propaganda right back in their faces, accusing them of every hate buzz-word you learned laughing at them on Tumblr.
    Failing that, firebomb the place.

    1. I came up with one that will short circuit the feminist brain
      “Fuck Trump! He Is A Coward! He Says To Grab Women By The Pussy But Bill Clinton Actually Rapes Them! Now There is a Man of Action!”
      No firebomb needed btw, that place is in the gayest neighborhood outside of san Francisco. There is no way a heterosexual man would go there unless he was going out of his way to make a point. Best to just avoid.

      1. Ha ha, sweet….I hit them with “Trump actually said that if you are rich and famous women will let you do anything to them even “grab them by the pussy”, ask any male Rock star or male movie star if this is the truth……”

        1. For all the complaints about what he said (I think it was shitty because it shows he is trying to impress nobodies and reinforces my idea that he is insecure) I haven’t heard one single person deny it was true

        2. Exactly, how about all the groupie “kiss and tells” that are part and parcel of the celebrity culture. Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful (I mean come on the irony is just too obvious) and a Mars bar comes to mind. There are thousands and thousands of stories of rich celebrities caught en flagrant. Boris Becker in a broom cupboard? Goes on and on…….
          I thought the whole incident with Trump was exactly what it was…. off the record. I have said worse and I know other men have said much, much worse about women. I just laugh at all the cucks getting all hot and bothered, looking the other way when decrying such talk in front of a camera. Cucks!!!!!

        3. I think it was Tommy Lee in his biography who said that Motley Crue had a contest to see who could go the long without bathing but still getting laid. After week 5 where no one had bathed and they were still fucking at least one groupie a day they gave up on the bet. It was too disgusting. Tommy Lee said they would send the roadies out into the show and just pull girls behind stage and fuck them then he would get a burrito on the way home and stick his dick in it? Why? When he got home his wife or girlfriend or whatever would say “what is that smell on your dick” and he would say “oh its a burrito, the guys dared me to put my dick in a burrito and at least he wouldn’t have to admit that he fucked a dozen women after the show.
          While the incident was off the record Trump really showed a lack of class I think. After all, here is this 60 something year old man, real estate mogul, billionaire and he is chatting with Billy Bush about this shit in the access Hollywood van. At the very least we can say that it showed poor judgment but I think it shows an underlying character flaw. That said, what he said was absolutely, 100% true. Feminists don’t want to address that.

        4. Sometimes I wonder just how many mulattoes born between 1960-1975 are the child of either Marley or Hendrix. My guess is somewhere between many and most

        5. Classic……I remember one about Billy Duffy from the Cult, particular favourite band of mine. When they moved to LA he fucked so many groupies only giving it up the poop chute would get him off. One time he fucked this particular young lady and when he pulled out there was a bean on the end of his Dick. From then on he was nicknamed Billy “the Bean” Duffy……

  15. Check out the novel “Search the Sky” by Frederick Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth, about 5 chapters in. They saw this coming in 1954.

  16. Hillary got beat by a negro, and a reality TV show host. Feminists must own this.

      I shove this in their fucking faces at every single opportunity. It’s never shut up a single goddamn one of them, but I enjoy watching them attempt to come up with excuses. Generally they don’t even try. If a Jewish comedian hasn’t pre-written witty comebacks for them they’re lost.

  17. “In England, trying to pick-up a woman or even just whistling at her is considered a “hate crime” if the woman gets upset by it. It is a real possibility that this law might spread to the rest of the West and expand to include other misogynist offenses including”
    A lot of evil strategies by the globalists get beta-tested in the UK.

  18. I got in trouble at an old job for arguing with a fat woman during a meeting over her handling of a project. That afternoon I was called into HR to get a lecture over it they said “fortunately she didn’t want to file a formal complaint.” I got a look like that would have been an automatic termination. I resigned two weeks later just not worth it.

  19. The last one cracks me up. Concentration camps for men? Wouldn’t work. You’d need men to oversee guard and monitor duties. And to fix the inevitable flaws in the system when Steve Mcqueen tunnels out or Clint Eastwood escapes the island. And there’s no way a squad of Rhonda Rouseys is gonna quell a riot.
    Feminist IQ…

    1. If history shows us anything, it’s that men can be cajoled, intimidated, and shamed into unspeakable acts of cruelty against other men, even men of very similar backgrounds. Look at the Katyn Massacre etc. Or the Stanford Prison experiment.

  20. This is depressing. For your amusement, please watch this video:

    It was at this very moment that they realized they f*cked up
    Posted by Baller Alert on Thursday, May 19, 2016

    1. The video is fake, you can see that the ‘AK’ is a prop. However, I’m 100% sure this has happened in Africa more than once.

  21. “Systemic Castration” This is already happening. Maybe that’s why they put soy in everything we find in supermarkets

    1. I’ve read recently that even plastic is very estrogenic , so every liquid that we drink from a plastic cup / bottle is bringing more female hormones.
      More importantly , alcohol is estrogenic and apparently the hops used in all the beers are some of the most incredibly estrogenic things to ever roam the earth. It’s said that even women that were plucking them by hand developed menstrual problems , that’s how powerful they are.

      1. Just as well I use glass and abstain entirely from alcohol. If and when I do drink its scotch for me.

    2. Ugh. Perhaps that would explain why the Japanese and other East Asians can at times be very emasculated being they ingest so much of the shit.

  22. Let’s face it, this article does a good job outlining the fact (and you guys already know, anyway) that given the opportunity, women will always support moral rot because human females are simply utterly amoral chameleons. Granted, in a sane culture, male guidance might effectively coerce women to mimic male moral standards , but given the opportunity to exercise what (for females) amounts to agency, women will collectively support every negative, degenerate and utterly destructive impulse that they can. Can there be any doubt?

    1. I’ve come to think that only high-testosterone men can and should lead countries. Women and low-t men have no agency , no logic , no intelligence , no common sense , no principles or honor. Nothing matters to them.

  23. Ah. Good old Corey Savage adding fuel to my fire. Your articles always rev me up. As i see it , these western problems are slowly coming to Europe also. For example i have seen number 3 a lot (always believing in a woman’s word) , also polyandry. In Romania women are starting to ”catch up” , they see it as cool and trendy to be like American women. You cannot contest a woman’s word here. Men are second-class citizens. For example if i have to buy some clothes , i have to traverse the whole shop , because the first 90% of the shop is women-only , the other 9% is kids , and then you can find 1-2 man clothes in a hidden shaming corner.
    Women’s ego is so inflated by all these beta’s walking around that they all think they are princesses. Many men here are welcome carpets and toilet paper , women piss on them and they still ask for more. It’s astounding.
    Anyway , great article. Thanks man.

  24. Had a feminist (proud survivor of an abusive relationship type) try to be editor of the county paper. Didn’t even last a single issue.
    This in the state that allowed Bernie loose. Things are changing

  25. Trump tax cuts are going to be yuuuuuuuuuge, and he’s going to pay for it by firing all government workers who voted for Hillary.You’re ugly. You’re fired.
    Now get the hell outta here.

  26. for all you foreigners
    c-span.org is good for watching USA political stuff…without the CNN fake news spin…
    so far as i can tell…

  27. If the feminists got their way with these points, all it would do is cause misery for them. Nobody would want to do anything with them, ever.

  28. So madonna gets to use the poosy pass and doesn’t have to take responsibility for inciting a mob to bomb the white house? Would male speaking at anti-hillary rally get that social foregiveness?

  29. I think with the Trump election ,we are seeing the beginning of the end for American feminism

  30. These things will never happen.. Men rule the world and always will; feminism was created by men for what they thought was beneficial. Never make the mistake of thinking that women can do anything by themselves; they cannot cooperate with each other much less create a movement. Feminism was strategically planned and can be crushed in a week if men of power wish so.

    1. “Feminism was strategically planned and can be crushed in a week if men of power wish so.”
      Well you may have put your finger on the problem.
      IF men of power wish so.

      1. Women can’t cooperate with each other; this is a fact. They aren’t a threat; they are sheep that follow trends blindly out of fear of rejection and exclusion from society. Men of power have learned how to make women willingly become workers and consumers and renounce what truly makes them happy— that is feminism.
        Women are very angry, that’s why they act in the crazy ways mentioned; and they are angry not because of anything they claim; but because they don’t want to be forced to be men anymore.

  31. I don’t think women want multiple husbands. What they want, and is openly talked about by feminists, is a tax on unmarried men to finance women and their children, and for women to pair up with the alpha/ rich males in polygamous marriages. Watch YT videos on Mormon polygamy and you’ll see the dynamics where the group of wives control the one husband…and they love it. The sex rotation syncs with their sex drive, and they are a big happy commune with a rich guy providing for them all. Meanwhile the 95% of men who are poor, have no prospects of sex or relationships or children.

  32. The feminist saying “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” is actually true.
    Who needs men when you have Big Daddy Government?

    1. But who does Big Daddy government tax to fund women’s needs and wants, use to build the roads that women need to use, work to develop the drugs to treat women’s health problems…etc. Men. So, in actual fact, women need men like a fish needs water.

  33. Just because only about 15% of women identify as actual hard core feminists, the ideology still controls our major institutions – education, social services, and Liberal politics. It is so pernicious at this point it will take decades of fighting to rid our institutions of this crap. It is called ideological subversion, and it has been going on for 60 years, it was a communist move for the start.

  34. Extermination by depression and lack of meaning has already begun, for sure… But there’s a new hope, nowadays…

  35. Systematic castration is already here: plasticizers, BPA, estrogen in the drinking supply. The average 75 year old man 100 years ago had higher testosterone levels than a 20 year old man does today.

  36. I’m pulling for a return to tribalistic barbarism, Mad Max style, before we reach this point. Feminism can only exist in an advanced, comfortable society. You pull stability out, and natural law returns.

  37. While all of this is certainly where the leftist SJW culture is heading, it has a fundamental flaw similar to that of the Soviet Union: The economics doesn’t work.
    There isn’t enough money in the universe to fund women to pretend to work, to blow six figures on consumer crap, to have the state handhold them 24×7 AND…
    Also to fund 3rd world immigrants to invade and consume resources and sit around…
    AND to incarcerate everyone. Even in the USSR with concentration camps, they didn’t work that well. Eventually, the USSR started running out of productive labor.
    And of course, the whole system is soulless and drags down productive individuals as those who are entitled needn’t be productive and those who aren’t entitled, become MGTOW types who just drop out or “tread water”.
    If you’re a typical feminist you have a low 6 figure college debt, face a mortgage if you want to live in a crack house, and all of the men you’re surrounded by are “beta boy” losers and all your women friends all seemingly have new clothes every other week and keeping up with Sex and the City already has all your charge cards maxed out.
    “Oh my God, Buffy! Gag me with a spoon!”
    So these valley girls are amazingly disempowered and little better off than welfare queens since their baby boomer or Gen X parents are uninterested or unable to bail them out and the future doesn’t appear bright for many of them.

  38. “it’s not too unreasonable to expect a push for bachelor tax that will
    penalize men who refuse to put a ring on an aging, post-slut sow.”
    Hahaha! I have been telling people JUST THE OPPOSITE for years!!! Single working guys like me should have MASSIVE tax cuts.
    1) We do not use any “free” public services, like wel-fay, foo-damps and public school.
    2) We are not contributing to the breeding ant heap, which creates more useless eaters on wel-fay, foo-damps and in public school.
    3) Most importantly, we need to keep our money so we can get laid. Does society really want single guys without access to poon? Then you will really see some bad stuff happening.

  39. As the violence against men escalates, I see the resistance emerging in three stages:
    First, random violence against women. We are already at that stage, and it is very counterproductive and not making us any friends. It’s origin can be traced back to Marc Lepine in Montreal as far back as 1989, and more recently, in such perps as Adam Lanza, Elliott Rodger, and George Sodini. Not good.
    Stage two will be more directly targeted at women who ruin a man’s life on a whim. A man may figure if she’s going to destroy my career and my finances, and possibly even have me incarcerated or even executed, I might as well exterminate her and take my chances in court. Imagine how Paul Nunngessner might react to Emma Sulkowicz in such circumstances.
    If things get bad enough, stage three will take the form of direct violence against women in power setting public policies like those cited. Expect targeted assassinations of feminist politicians, executives, and academics.
    None of this is going to be pretty, but men are catching on that this is not about “equality” but about raw power. Orwell conjured up the image of the future being that of a boot stamping on a human face forever. He didn’t foresee that the boot would be a stiletto heel, and the face would have a beard.

    1. Lucky for him, his harridan wife also happened to have been the other candidate who also gets worshipped by feminists. That’s why he can get away with this kind of behavior. No one will call him out on it. And certainly not Trump. After all, both them and the rest of us can agree. Ivanka is hot. Even if she did marry a Jew who also happens to be a real estate developer and may or may not have connections to Wall Street and Israel.

  40. “Note that I am not mincing words. I will not tread lightly around this subject. I will not resort to euphemism or conceal my message ‘between the lines’. I will not leave you with the mere implication that Male Holocaust is the eventual outcome of feminism, before quickly moving on to talk about other things, as though airing the idea should be an embarrassment for the speaker.”

  41. On the issue of bachelor taxes.
    Ummm, hate to break it to everyone but we already have them.
    Have had them for a very long time.
    They’re called tax CREDITS for marriage.
    Tax credits for doing something is the same as a tax penalty for not doing it.
    To argue otherwise is like saying that giving money to a crack head to buy food isn’t subsidizing their drug habit.
    The money you give them for food frees up their own money for drugs.

  42. There was some crappy made for TV movie about feminism run amok. It was basically the world outlined above. Found it… “The Last Man on Planet Earth”. From some search matches apparently feminists don’t like it much and are unable to grasp a point of it. They complain that its sexist because it shows women in power as a dystopia… What it shows as dystopia is a political ideology taken to its conclusion. A typical projection used in science fiction.
    Too bad its such a poorly executed film.

  43. Crowder trolls the femtards dressed as a tranny LOL
    and none of those dumb bitches could answer why or what they were protesting.

  44. In decades past men have grossly underestimated the toxic onslaught of unbridled feminist demands to build an authoritarian matriarchy while pretending to champion a complimentary and equal society. I believe men and women will eventually part ways, at least in heterosexual interactions. Sexbots will become the only safe option for men providing a risk free alternative in comparison to even speaking to a woman.
    It breaks my heart to see how much hostility has been cultivated between the sexes due to talent-less, unhinged harpies with hairy legs, unwashed vaginas and triangular baggy jumpers brainwashing and manipulating their far more attractive and talented female peers into the misandric hate movement that is contemporary feminism.

  45. Mr President just crushed the feminazis with a global gag order on abortions. 4 more years of epic glory to come. And the icing on the cake-surrounded by men in signing such. MAGA!!!

    1. Except the idea that the average modern woman is a naturally great mother is itself feminist bullshit.
      Except that paying for the barbaric underclass to abort itself is the cheapest, legal way to deal with these savages.

      1. The former is a valid point-the modern woman is damaged but with the right sociopolitical climate that can change.
        As to the latter-also valid but you’d be missing opportunity to have them generate profit/wealth for the nation so you would need to bear the hurt of educating them to the point of responsibility to paraphrase The Duke.

        1. Attempting to educate savages isn’t an opportunity to do anything except be a typical cucked-out fool. Aborting them before they’re old enough to stage drive-bys, cop-killings, and home invasions is the simplest, cheapest legal way to ELIMINATE them.
          I might add it’s also the most humane way to rid society of them,
          not that I care.

        2. Very blunt but I can appreciate your view-I like to think I’d give them an opportunity but ultimately if they don’t want to take it or improve themselves then you’re left with little recourse as you observe-and it would ultimately prove a humane thing as regards the rest of society.

        3. I’ve been following this issue for almost half-century and I long ago lost any sympathy for the inhabitants of the Demo-controlled barbarian ghettos. The existence of these enclaves is a standing threat to civilization itself, let alone America’s libertarian version of it. Barring some apocalyptic WROL (Without Rule Of Law) scenario, the only legal way to significantly reduce the numbers of these savages is by government-funded abortion. Conservatives who oppose this have simply not thought it through.

  46. I disagree. Feminism is so crazy it would certainly like to impose all this, but recent events in the US and UK show, at least, that the tide is turning. When the high tide of PC insanity recedes, there’s going to be a lot of stranded feminist whales. And don’t forget, most women are sick of this stuff too.

    1. Far too many beta cucks that will ALWAYS support female superiority. Unless real men universally reject these cucks it won’t go away, you’re hopeful and delusional.

  47. This is why I am moving to a farm in Uganda and if they reach there, then weapons will be taken out of their slumber.

  48. Well. If it ever comes to that point, there’s no more reason to pretend feminists are not an enemy and we’re not at war.
    But that begs the question: once the cat is out of the bag, will men just roll over and die? Or they’ll raise arms against another tyrannical government, and all of its agents (feminists included)?
    This is one of the reasons the commies are so desperate to disarm the citizens.

  49. My country isn’t influenced by the feminism yet (and hope never!!).
    Didn’t heard for cases where man go in prison just on accusations. No alemony.
    No man spreading. No stare rape.No touch rape(in bus).
    Yet didn’t heard about radical left mob violence agaisnt outspoken individuals.
    But the sickness that toke place in USA (and in the whole west)is alarming for me, that this is our future too. It must be stopped at all cost.

  50. Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’.
    CBC now openly supports full internet censorship. Meaning: no truth.

    CBC’s “civil libertarian”: Only write “bland things on the internet”

  51. Is 7 even real? Looks like cardboard cutout if actor who was Jesse Linkman in Breaking Bad.who now stars in The Path.

    1. The pic in question might be fake, but “hover hands” is a real thing. Just google it to see what I mean.

  52. I’m so glad I live in the rural American South. People here resist all change, good or bad. Hell, there isn’t even a major highway within 20 miles of where I live. The majority of people here voted for Trump and fly the Confederate Battle Flag openly. I don’t see those ideas being enacted in my neck of the woods.

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