4 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Alaska Chaga Tea

Clown World is not without a King. His name is Daniel Hernandez, aka Tekashi 69. As a rapper with rainbow hair, absurd facial tattoos, and history of underage sex crimes, he has single-handedly proven President Trump’s infamous quote: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best” to be true.

It’s almost as if Donald J. Trump was describing Tekashi 69 when he said, “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

In fact, Tekashi 69 might meet all the criteria listed above.

Tekashi 69 “pleaded guilty to three felony counts of the use of a child in a sexual performance” after video was discovered of a naked 13-year-old posing naked on an 18 year-old Tekashi 69. In Mexico, where the age of consent is 12, this wouldn’t be considered a crime. In Tekashi’s defense, he claims he did not know the girl was underage. As part of his plea deal, 69 was ordered to complete his GED.

In regards to drugs, Tekashi admitted to getting fired from a convenience store job for selling heroin and beating up the storeowner. After returning home from his European tour he was arrested in NYC for choking a 16-year-old fan. Tekashi is also currently being investigated for a shooting involving rapper Chief Keef.

Beef with Chief Keef

On June 2, 2018, two black males wearing hoodies fired at rapper Chief Keef and missed outside the W Hotel in Times Square, NYC. No arrests have been made as a result of the broad daylight shooting in the City’s most populated district.

After news broke of the attempted slaying, Tekashi 69 took to social media to taunt his rival and imply that he may know something about the shooting.


The beef with Chief Keef stems from  Tekashi 69 publicly face-timing with Chief Keef’s cousin Tadoe’s girlfriend. Tadoe later beat the shit out of his girl for face-timing with Tekashi.

After the shooting, Tekashi continued ruthlessly trolling Chief Keef by posting videos fornicating with one of Chief Keef’s baby mothers and later taking her out shopping. Tekashi even traveled to Chief Keef’s old neighborhood to broadcast his disrespect virally.

Chief Keef

Prior to Tekashi, Chief Keef held the title of the most ignorant rapper likely to kill somebody in a fued. It’s important to put Chief Keef’s thug status in context because before 69, few dared cross Chief Keef and Lil Reese– two Chicago thugs with a reputation for murder.

At the age of 16, Chief Keef was placed under house arrest as a result of a shootout with police. After filming a video for smash hit, “I don’t like” Chief Keef signed a deal with Interscope Records. The record deal didn’t stop Chief Keef’s and his gang’s penchant towards violence and crime.

In 2012, Chicago rapper Lil Jojo began trolling Chief Keef and his affiliate Lil Reese on social media. In a viral video where Lil Jojo and his friends drove by Lil Reese hurling insults, Lil Reese can be heard saying “Immah kill you” at the end of the clip.  Later that evening, rapper Lil Jojo was shot and killed on his bicycle during a drive by shooting. Hours after the shooting Chief Keef tweeted:

Rap beef is fascinating to study from a sociological standpoint. Within rap and it’s criminal underground kin there is a process of “checking in” when traveling into rival territory. This process involves contacting local gang leaders, and “OGs” of a city or territory prior to arrival. If one does not “check in” he is subject to getting robbed or killed.

Does the King of Clown world show respect to the “territory” of feudal ganglords? Absolutely not. Tekashi is notorious for refusing to “check in” when traveling to other cities. As a result he receives constant death threats  from gangs.

Does it not make perfect sense that the King of Clown World would have rainbow hair, teeth, and a tattoo of Jigsaw from the Saw horror film series tattooed on his face? Would the King of Clown World not be a rainbowed rhyming criminal with YouTube views in the hundreds of millions? Would it not make perfect sense that the King of Clown World is an Insane-Clown-Posse-Beastie-Boys-MS-13-hybrid? If Donald Trump is a misunderstood billionaire possessed to save Gotham, is Tekashi 69 his not so serious counterpart? If there were an open audition for the King of Clown World Tekashi 69 would make a convincing lead.

50 cent has confirmed Tekashi 69’s title of King of Clown World by co-signing 69’s claim as “The King of New York.”

Be Royal in Fashion: Act Like a King to be Treated Like One – 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

In a world where dissidents of a global technocratic world order largely choose to remain anonymous online out of fear of being “doxed,” the King of Clown World doxes himself. 69 has given out his address repeatedly and brags about it on record.

These niggas lookin’ for me, you could hit my jack
I done dropped my address, y’all know where 6ix9ine at

In a time where literal clowns behave with more class than a significant portion of American women, a bastardized constitutional republic referred to as a liberal democracy begets Clown World, the only true Monarchy of the West. It only makes sense Clown world would eventually crown a King.

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34 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Should Start Drinking Alaska Chaga Tea”

    1. British Breakfast tea for me, with milk and sugar, you can’t beat it.
      (Grown in a country formally known as Ceylon)

      1. Hmmm.
        Milk is something only young babies should consume, Lactose sugar is bad for older humans even if us Westerners can digest it. Milk also ruins the antioxidant content of Tea, Coffee too; Asians generally don’t put Milk in Tea, so get more benefits from Tea!
        Sucrose is a bad luxury too.
        I prefer decent Matcha, it’s richer in nutrients than Tea and tastes nicer than Green Tea too.

  1. Chaga was a prominent plot moving device in Solzhenitsyn’s magnificent novel “Cancer Ward.”

  2. I would try it at least. Maybe it also has properties to connect me with my native American spirit self enough to also enlighten me as to future events. Don’t know until you try I guess.

  3. What a bogus article disguised as a blatant sales pitch. Alaska chuga is no better or worse than Quebec or Ontario chaga. There is absolutely no verifiable scientific data confirming any significant benefit from chaga, no matter where it is sourced from.

    1. I think most men would like Longjack *Tongkai Ali) rather better, it has a noticeable effect….
      Expresso Coffee made from ground coffee, rather than (acid) Instant is a nice source of antioxidants too and doesn’t need any Milk or much sweetener.

    1. Most welcome! I won’t even mind to CLICK on the Sponsored Article with the title: “Vote for Hitlary”, as long as ROK gets PAID for that Click !!
      As I already said in my previous comment(s); take the Good and leave/ignore the Obvious!

    2. Now that’s an idea.
      I’m in the market
      for yoga pants and
      Sketchers slip ons
      …NOT! :p

  4. I love to drink tea but when I look at the author I can’t help but ask “do u want some soy with that good sir?” Hahah what is with all the soy boy pics on these writers here, show me some muscles, some hairy chests show ur self proclaimed masculinity, otherwise u are no differet than the hated sjw hipsters.

  5. Seriously. . .this is what masculinity has been reduced to: drinking fungus juice?

    1. Real masculinity disappeared long ago when office work replaced male providers and ladies night out replaced being intimate with ur man.

  6. Note the shit carrying grin in biopic of author of this infomercial. If that’s what drinking chaga does to a man, count me out.

    1. Beer and Bourbon my friend! After working in the yard for a couple hours or even after a workout, beer is a close companion of mine. I go from Hacker Pschorr to Weihenstephaner to Carlsberg to Pilsner Urquell to LaBatts to Budweiser…Right now, I’m enjoying Baltika from Russia. Not bad! A little pricey but better then almost any American beer around.
      I don’t mind trying this tea during a workday! Anything for stress to combat the Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, Directed Energy Weapons, Chemtrails, GMO foods, Atrazine, Glyphosate, and Fluoride and lack of decent female companionship, I’m going to try it at least once. To be honest, out of all these new superfoods and beverages that show their face, beer and bourbon (or tequila) are usually in my stock then some fancy liberal matchstick arm soy tea. I hope I like chaga, so we will see! Let you know in a few days.

  7. I go out for mushroom hunting when it’s season and one of my favorite ones is Reishi, which has similar effects to chaga or maybe even more, with the added benefit that unlike chaga it’s very easy to recognize. One of the best drinks I’ve ever had, but quite hard to prepare as I had to boil it for almost two hours.
    Picking fungi is quite a nice hobby with lots of benefits, as long as you know what you’re doing.

  8. If it helps with stress, I will try it during the day and see the results. A couple shots of tequila or bourbon, I take on nights when I can’t sleep. I haven’t had sex in a long time since every woman I see is a white feminazi or a land whale…After a 12 hour workday, I’m beat up and fatigued at age 38.
    I almost got chatting with this one Uzbeki babe (dark olive complection, straight black hair, aquiline nose, black eyes, attractive, slightly narrow and symmetrical face of many Asiatic Mediterranean women) but one of those fuckin’ late 40 something obese mother hens stepped in to make sure I didn’t make any moves! I take Roosh’s advice, I dive right in when these women are alone and I’m ready and confident! I’m getting very thirsty!

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