The Political Nature Of Man

How involved should a man get with politics? Should he become an activist who is eternally politically aware or should he forget about politics entirely? In this podcast, I explain both the benefits and costs of getting involved with politics and how my inclusion on a “hate list” in 2012 caused me to dedicate much of my life to the political, with little to show for it in the end. I describe the threat of social justice to a heterosexual man’s existence and what I believe is the ideal strategy for balancing a well-lived life with avoiding oppression. I also share my rules of engagement for when there is no other option but to fight back.

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81 thoughts on “The Political Nature Of Man”

  1. Maybe if we all turned into activists we wouldn’t be neck deep in SJWs and fucktard leftists.

    1. This comment really makes me think–specifically the neck need thing. How neck deep in SJW and fucktard leftists are you really? I feel that 80% of my Interaction with SJW bs that makes me grown and think the world is doomed comes from this website.
      Where is the line between staying informed and creating more problems by obsessing over them.
      The vast majority of this nonsense I simply don’t encounter in the real world. It’s like that one summer when every shark attack was reported on and they called it the year of the shark but it wasn’t more shark attacks it just seemed that way because of focus

      1. It’s a fine line.
        In my little corner of the world most every body thinks like me but, evidently judging by a lot of legislation and government programs most of the people in politics don’t think like me. Shark attacks are just click bait, they have to keep us scared and worried about something we can’t do anything about I guess. It reminds me of a popular book where an obscure enemy military in an obscure war wins for a while then loses for a while but it never ends.
        Edit- now that I re-read that it makes no sense….I just got up a few minutes ago.

        1. I’m my corner of the word people I know think like me. I have to assume that most people occupy a world where most people that they interact with think like them. If not they should reconsider their social cicrcle. Meanwhile, in over four decades I have never seen an instance where politics trumped personal achievement.

        2. I have seen quite a few times where legislation and/or government policy (hence politics) have trumped personal achievement. It does it every day by choking out legitimate businesses.

        3. It does but here is a question. I know it isn’t fair, but the world isn’t fair. If it was something foreseeable then it should have been avoided. If not, then you have to pick up and try again with new knowledge. To make steel it needs to be beaten and to make a man we need to overcome obstacles. The world will never be fair. That doesn’t mean it isn’t beatable

        4. No, there’s no point of expecting the world to be fair however, whether you pay Arturo to it or not politics affects us all daily.

        5. Who in the hell is Arturo?
          Fucking spell checker, that’s supposed to be “attention”.
          I wonder if making yolks about spellcheck will ever go out of style?

        6. I am assuming Arturo means attention and not my cousin who does collections for the Gambinos 🙂
          Of course it affects us all daily but here is the thing: some obstacle will affect us daily. Whether it is war or a Great Depression or bears or a frost in Florida that fucks up the orange industry. I’m not saying it’s great I am only saying that we don’t need to make it more important than it is

        7. Arturo is the guy who breaks your legs if you don’t promptly pay for your crack.

      2. Yes, this BS exists and it matters. And ROK made me recognize it.
        I know what you mean with this website exaggerating the problem and presence of SJW, but the consequences of their politics are present 24/7 in our lives. Abandon nihilism and you’ll see it very easily.

        1. Abandoning nihilism, in my opinion, is for cowards.
          I don’t feel the weight of the SJW stuff very much at all to be honest. I don’t doubt it’s there, just not quite as much as we make it out to be and how much it really matters is debatable to me

        2. I feel the weight of it, I suppose since I’m sort of a traditionalist at heart.
          Technology wise we are apparently ever moving forward, society wise it seems like we are backing up.

        3. I feel the same about tech v culture but, like you, I am a traditionalist. The world is moving. Guys like us have always felt it was moving in a bad way and probably always will. The truth is that some stuff gets worse and some stuff gets better and that is the nature of change which is necessary and inevitable.
          I don’t doubt a lot gets worse but for me most of it is avoidable. I find that I can, with minimal effort, create my own immediate world and am not hampered by the stuff I find annoying so long as I ignore it.
          Of course this is to a degree. I’ve no doubt there is bad shit going on I just don’t know if it is quite as bad as t seems when you read ROK every day

        4. first they came for the communists, but i wasn’t communist… then they came for the jews but i wasn’t jewish so i didn’t say anything that time either…. then they came for me and there was no one left to say anything.

        5. it’s not that different to the pigmy tribes in the amazon… sure they can eke out an existence even as the massive earth moving machinery levels the next valley over…. but eventually if they do nothing they are doomed….

        6. I get the sentiment, I really do. I am here for a reason and it’s not because I feel that the world is all perfect and stuff and going in a great direction ya know. But it’s still something that one needs to question.
          In the way that globalism steals national identity I do believe that nationalist steals individual identity.
          I don’t think the Pygmy example is an apples to apples cooropondence as I can live in the biggest financial capital city in the world with a track record for leftism and have great success as a man as well as financially, feel happy and feel fulfilled on the biggest stage in the world while all this stuff goes on and escapes my notice.
          If anything, they are the Pygmy eeking out an existence while ignore them and continue on with my life

        7. I wonder what the “doing something” is though. Obsessing over the politics of something seems to be a leftist game. We have fallen into the game which they invented, victim identity politics, and you cant best them at their game. In the end, this world was created by men who didn’t pay attention to the petty politics of women and faggots and went into a world, assessed its obsicles (of which there always are many and they are different from generation to generation) and carved out a world for themselves

        8. Yes, but like Roosh says… if you set out into this world, where its basically become a fashion and an advantage to be a feminist or gay or out to make the world a better place etc. etc. … suddenly it’s not that different to the USSR nightmare, where speaking up will likely get you a term in the gulag… things are more low key these days…. they don’t need to send you to Siberia, they can simply castrate you financially and socially until you are just a broken impotent gook living in the sticks to avoid any further heat…… it’s not that different to the treatment sex offenders might receive in a community….. when it’s all said and done, you are literally paying to eke out an existence in your own mini jail that you have to pay for. in some respects you are better off in jail itself than what the social system than throw at you….
          the question is whether it’s being done deliberately with an agenda, or more as i suspect that it’s more a question of the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing and what might have started as a reasonable social goal – for example to leave gay people in peace – has turned into a huge sprawling fashionable social movement that tramples anyone that comes in it’s way. It’s not that much different to the medieval burn the witch … pitchforks at sunset type herd mentality…. the herd has accepted this kind of attitude and action and approach to people that threatens it and it behaves automatically – rather than with a real conscious planned agenda – this makes it easier to defeat than it might appear, but also more dangerous to leave alone.

        9. I don’t mean to sound all doom and gloom like the world is about to end tomorrow or anything I just am under the impression that over the long term we have some problems that are only going to get worse on down the road.
          Even if you aren’t religious look at it like this- the writers of the Bible weren’t many generations away from cavemen but, they knew what made for a stable society and culture. Evidently they saw what kinds of consequences there were for a free sex society where people’s only thoughts were for themselves. We have been busy throwing out all the lessons they learned the hard way.
          The wages of sin is death as they say.
          Politics affects all our daily lives whether we notice it or not.

        10. I don’t think you and I disagree very much and on this I think Roosh is right as well. To me the question, and mind you it is a question I am not pretending to have answers but rather working out my own questions with likeminded men like yourself, the question to me is whether or not those are the only two options.
          Remember, it has always been fashionable to be a fag—in fag areas. I doubt it is fashionable to be a fag in 99% of the country. The problem, or part of the problem, is that fags are attracted to the performing arts (which is natural given their personality) so while being a fag on broadway or in Hollywood in the 20’s was still a thing, entertainment was not as much an important part of our daily life. The problem is that when technology and entertainment merged all of a studden the homos were important, wealthy and had a voice that reached everyone.
          Even when I was a kid (I was a music lover) I would save up to buy a record or, later, a tape, it wasn’t a small choice. I didn’t have money to just buy everything so I would have to pick something I really wanted. If the record was a let down it was a big hit to me. I would share music with friends, coordinate what we bought.
          Now a 13 year old in near poverty conditions had free access to literally every single thing ever. Hollywood has More influence so the gay agenda reaches more people.
          However, who is worse the idiot or the idiot that follows the idiot. Fighting gay influence in Hollywood is like holding back the tide with a broom. But ignoring main stream Hollywood and teaching your kids the same … that is real.
          I am simply of the belief that like all bullies you rob these faggots and feminism of their power when you stop paying attention to them. Don’t cow tow. But don’t give them attention. They love that…even negative. In the meantime, I think of the culture BS a lot like our saver tooth tigers. Simply part of the danger which needs to be avoided in our daily life.
          It is a tough question of what to do in this life for sure.. like I said…these are questions I have not answers I’m giving.

        11. This is all true. The question becomes whether or not it can be changed. The writers of the Bible did know that this was in the cards. If it is in the cards I wonder if we can really turn it back. You can win a game of poker with a pair of 7’s. It isn’t easy and you have to play it well but we are men and doing what isn’t easy, avoiding pitfalls and playing our cards right is our job.
          I have, at the very most 50 more years on this planet. Of those 50, if I get them all, the last 10 will suck. That leaves 40 years. Of those 40 years I will work for 15 and sleep for 15. That leaves 10 years. Of those 10 I’ll spend 3 of them shitting or sick or visiting people I don’t like or cooking dinner etc.
          So I have 7 years to really enjoy my life. Fuck if I’m spending any of that time worrying about what the fags are crying about

        12. Point taken I laughed out loud at that one and will probably appropriate it for myself for future use.

        13. “I don’t feel the weight of the SJW stuff very much at all to be honest”
          I hear ya – but it might be an issue of nobody feels the weight until it’s too late.

        14. It very wel might be. It is just as likely that it will be less than everyone thinks. What I know is that the world will change. Some things will get better and some will get worse. I will figure out my way. Are there things I would change? Sure. And if I could I would and then other people would wish for them to be changed.
          I honestly do believe that the lack of direction has made men hungry for relevance. There have been no big wars or Whatever where we all join together. I think a lot of what we are “fighting” against is being manufactured by a generation of men who are struggling to find relevance and if they can’t find it they will just create it

        15. I used to pump gas at a local gas station for tips. Just walked there one day and asked if I could do it. They didn’t offer full service at the time. They taught me how to check oil and wash the windows properly. Didn’t bother paying me. I was probably like 10. I would here the bell when the hose got run over and run out in a sprint. So funny, can you imagine a kid today when school ends running over to the local auto shop and asking if they can pump gas for the summer? I remember when I finally had enough dough to buy a record I would take a bus over to the mall in queens and spend an hour picking out which one. Tapes were out but they were more expensive at that point. lol.

        16. Oh man, I had actually forgotten about the bell that summoned a REAL person.
          Yeah back in the day a cassette tape cost a days wages.
          I can’t imagine one of today’s kids running to work at the gas station because it would require them to be outside along with having to “work and stuff”.
          Even Beavis and Butthead had jobs. When I was coming along when somebody started cussing at you for screwing up on the job the only “safe space” was to get back to work and stop screwing up.

        17. HA! I forgot Bevis and Butthead had jobs. That is an excellent insight and perfect indictment on today’s youth. That gas station was great. I learned so much there. And I got to hang out with the guys and listen to them talk about women and shit when I was young. At the end of the day I would go to the slop sink and clean the tools. Back then there was a faucet and a pedal. You would push the pedal and a stream of gasoline came out. The gas was much cheaper than the industrial strength Zep soap that cleaned grease. So I would stand there washing the guys tools for them in a slop sink with gas. They would all tip me a few bucks at the end of the day. As I got older I still worked there but they started to pay me. IN high school I did oil changes, fixed flats and eventually even cleaned brakes. From there I got a gig at an auto body shop doing bondo and then I wound up at a tow truck company riding shotgun while repossessing cars in harlem and the south Bronx” These are the kinds of experiences that helped me grow up, learn the value not just of money but of work as well as bonding with older men.

        18. Lol. Fuck this quote. Its the jews and communists who are the “they” who are coming for us. How many Jews speak out against the demonization of whites, males etc.

        19. It is known to the State of California that gasoline causes cancer, genital warts and babies to be born naked.
          I am also familiar with using gasoline to clean parts. We used it to clean grease off the chains on KMC Tillervators ( farm implement) back in the day. Every time I touched one of those chains I got that thick grease from head to toe and gas was about the only thing that would remove it.

        20. It is funny, when I tell people that I would spend an hour or so a day at a slop sink cleaning Mac and Snap On Tools with rags and gasoline they look at me like my life must have been this horrible, oliver twist misery. I might as well say I was sodomized by satan on a daily basis. I think back to this as a great time. A time where I learned things like coke poured on a battery contact in a car would meld that corrosion right away, where I learned to take the air filter off by removing the wing nut and reaching in an unstopping the fuel intake to get a car to roar back to life (something not really valuable anymore) and where I learned that fat women’s tits DO NOT COUNT as big.
          I am pretty sure that a satire book of “California Science” would sell a million copies and be just hilarious.

        21. It is funny the things I remember. Sorry, the gasoline has acted like Proust’s Madeline and has me thinking of that time. My paternal grandfather at that time used to take my sister and I to the movies once a month. We would sit on either side of him. This was the old projector stuff so if you looked up you could see the beam of light. My grandfather would sit there and smoke a double corona which would usually take about the length of a movie. I remember when he took us to see the last Starfighter and I sat there looking up at the light with his smoke running through it. I don’t know why that is such a clear memory. I believe that that is technically considered child abuse today and according to California Department of Science and Stuff it carries with it a 100% chance making me a man who rapes nuns.

        22. “I honestly do believe that the lack of direction has made men hungry for relevance. There have been no big wars or Whatever where we all join together. I think a lot of what we are “fighting” against is being manufactured by a generation of men who are struggling to find relevance and if they can’t find it they will just create it”
          I was thinking this exact thought just the other day. War has a way of unifying groups of people – as well rethinking what is more important in life, and getting rid of stupid shit in life, i.e. to “get real”.

        23. It is something that was pointed out very nicely in fight club. Palahniuk writes (through the voice of Tyler):
          “We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off”

        24. interesting chat… it’s clear that the underdog gays and women have started to turn into the very bullies they accused straight men of being…. whereas in most cases the men were simply preserving tradition and moral integrity… if that put a few noses out of joint so be it… but now everyone’s nose is out of joint…

        25. The idea of the individual identity i feel is a purely american concept or at least the nation that is most well known. In a purely homogeneous society such as north Korea or similar nationalism could strengthen the individual because they could identify with someone who shares more than just skin color with them. To and extent this could also work in European and middle eastern nations. As for america the only nationalism that would work would one that would be all inclusive (read races, ethnicity , etc) because even in its founding fathers came from various parts of Europe. America is essentially a melting pot of various European cultures and really have no long standing unifying culture to inspire nationalism.

        26. Agreed that it is a uniquely American thing. Like you said, the only national identity that can work here is one that involves everyone. I think that the individualism fostered by America is one of the reasons so many individual personal accomplishments have originated here.
          Europe and Asia etc play by different rules. Two Frenchmen or Two Japanese has a bond, even if they never met one another, that I simply can never have with another American even if I’ve known him all my life.
          Part of me believes that this is at least a part of what was intended by this country…though probably the end results of a country of narcissists was something that the founders could not have guessed at…and when it is used correctly this individualism has the power to move mountains in amazing ways.
          I will never feel a sense of connectedness to most of this country in the way that people who have an ethnically homogeneous nation can feel to one another. This isn’t a bad thing. It is simply something that ought to be understood as different. The problem happens when people want this kind of bond that you would get in, say, Scotland amongst Scots. They can’t achieve it here no matter how hard they try. This is why when you ask an American “what is your nationality” they always will tell you their lineage back to a country that isn’t America. Could be here for 5 generations and Patrick McGowan will still call himself Irish.
          Trying to shoehorn this identity in America is problematic on two fronts. 1) It takes away the thing we actually are really good at….individual accomplishment and 2) it incorrectly assumes we can do something we aren’t made to do. Much the way that people say that back when only the top 10-15% of students went to college that those 10-15% of people lead better lives and their idea was to degrade admissions and, subsequently, graduation requirements so 80% of the population can go to school. As it turns out it just ruins the education for the 10-15%, it doesn’t make those other 65-70% perform at the top of their field.

        27. I believe the founding fathers intentions were to take the best parts of Europe, primarily Roman culture, and expand upon it. This means that the country would be primarily driven through strong military presence and expansion which creates rapid growth and what you would call nationalism, i would say pride or the desire to see your country be the best. America went from nothing to a super power in less than 240 years which is an incredible feat. The only problem with this military conquest is that, much like Rome, you become stretched too thin and run out of room to expand. Combine that with the rapid increase in wealth and this creates boredom. Boredom leads to apathy, apathy to narcissism, narcissism to degeneracy. This leads to a rapid decline in pride or nationalism which in turn leads to a decline in standards and so on. Alot of people on this site like to point to jews or whatever, back in my day it was the illmunati, but it’s simple the fact that we were born during the decline of America. The wealth achieved from waring with European superpowers was far greater than third world shit holes and even most of the wealth acqurired from both world wars was squandered on more wars.

        28. This sounds absolutely correct to me. I would add that the founders probably envisioned a place where a man could make his own way by his wits because they wouldn’t have the kind of government interference that the European monarchies placed to keep the class system as is. Their idea was not to let great men be hindered by government. That was perverted somehow into “everyone should be great” and the wealth made it all seem possible. The arc of this country is fairly predictable.

        29. He’s right about the desire to be famous. It’s part of american culture now. Makes me sick. It’s even spreading to other countries. I went out with a 19 year old girl in TJ who is obsessed with justin beiber. She doesn’t speak much english at all. It’s crazy.

        30. Great points man. Americans have accomplished so much. Maybe it’s the lack of nationalist camaraderie or desire for fame that drives them.
          But who’s happier? I love traveling through latin america. It’s so awesome to see super close friendships and families that I never see here. The don’t accomplish shit or work hard from what I’ve observed. They certainly seem close with each other though.

        31. I have observed the same in Latin America as well as the Caribbean. I don’t know who is happier. They seem happier. I mean sitting around, drinking some beer in the afternoon, enjoying the weather, no real stress or pressure. I don’t know. It is a world that I only have access to on vacation. I have been civilized and socialized in a way that their lifestyle, if I tried to live it for a prolonged period of time, would drive me nuts.

      3. I agree with knee on this. I feel like alot of the SJW stuff only exist in upper tier colleges filled with trust fund kids who end up back tracking after they get there first taste of the real world. I only know one woman who took up the SJW bit and she was the definition of a trust fund hippy.She moved to chicago to work for a nonprofit but occasionally comes back home. She is a supposed lesbian who is committed to dismantling the patriarchy but i find it hard to believe because she tells me this while making me food after I completely degrade her during sex.

        1. Even at those colleges — I went to one — those types were over represented in terms of the nation but still made an avoidable group of outsiders. I played sports, played in a band, wrote for the school news paper. I knew where they hung out. I didn’t want to be in their group and they wouldn’t have wanted to have me. My buds mocked them. I am sure they mocked us. I graduated without knowing any of their names.

        2. College, to me at least, just seemed like an extension of high school for most of my peers. Their parents paid for everything so they had free time to explore “fringe” politics and think they are entitled to an opinion because their parents never told them no. The SJWs were just basically the rich version of the kids who played magic in highschool.

        3. The correct term is LUGs (Lesbians until graduation). I think Gavin McGinnes came up with that one.

      4. I encountered it every day since moving to california. Previous job had a “hire more women” movement. At least 3 really talented sales guys were let go over technicalities and replaced by women. The ass-kissing female manager made it clear. 80% of the next new hires were female. Next job I had was overrun by bossy females who joked about “firing all the men” because “testosterone is bad for the workplace.” Not super motivating. Plus, privately the CEO told me he hates firing women because he feels sexist! WTF!?
        With dating, I used to do a lot of voice impressions in Ohio. Denzel washington, Apu (from the simpsons.) It was a great way to get a whole group of people laughing. In California, I just get called racist and homophobic.
        Happened to me last week. How is it racist to do an impression of Apu? It’s a white dude doing his voice on the show! I almost punched a guy at a bar trying to explain this shit.

        1. Sounds like you are in an unholy land. But you are in California. To be fair, if you moved to a major city in California you really should have seen it coming. Then it is about making a value judgment….is it worth staying. I encounter nothing like that in NYC. Now I don’t work in a very politically sensitive industry and I don’t work for a publically traded company so I may have found myself a comfortable little niche…but I didn’t find it accidentally ya know….

    2. “Maybe if we all turned into activists we wouldn’t be neck deep in SJWs and fucktard leftists”
      Not sure about that. Activists and those who go to rallies and protests look like a bunch of poncy hairdressers on the rag – bitchy little fags. And one might think it is because lefties are activists this makes them appear successful, but I sure as fuck don’t belive this. Activist and other retreads who dedicate their time and efforts are just simps who are being sold a load of bullshit by those who are in charge of social engineering. Many times activists are just paid for, and even Soros was exposed for doing this a few times.
      I don’t know what the answer is but this is the reason I do not participate in activism.

      1. Lol I didn’t really mean that we should all turn into hippies. Just that maybe if more right minded men were involved in local politics would be better than having people listen to protesters who probably aren’t even gainfully employed.

  2. Unless you’re born into it politics really isnt worth it. It’s nice to debate with people who are willing to but if i’m trying to sit and discuss the complexity of humanity i’d rather talk about philosophy.

    1. Exactly. I was good at debating and so on, even political parties were giving me a wink. One day I realized that most people in politics, and this fact is country independent, came from families which could either provide a safety net or were already in politics. I looked at myself and said: I’m not getting there.

  3. If more men were active in discussions and activism, most of the ills of the USA would have long ago disappeared or been minimized. Unfortunately, until a LOT more red-pill men become active in politics, it feels like pissing into the wind.

    1. like they say… all it takes for evil to spread is for good men to do nothing…. .notice the emphasis on MEN.
      many women and office working betas in pissant jobs have oodles of time on their hands and axes to grind on some pet cause or other… what’s more is they have made it fashionable to do this… so they can share it and support each other and even become famous and make a living from it, gaining not only social validation but also financial gain…
      a red blooded man is unlikely to share, unlikely to complain in the first place and thus unlikely to be active in these spheres…. further more, unless you go for the gangster approach the entire ethos of politics is wholly a feminine pursuit of social manipulations, back scratching, back stabbing and back handers…
      almost by it’s very nature it leads straight into socialism… a red blooded man engaging in politics is a little bit like a priest engaging in combat.

  4. MSM are a one big steaming pot of shit. I hope the day of reckoning is not far away. Cant believe millions of people actually pay to read/watch that poison.

    1. I’m unable to tolerate for more than a few seconds…
      And movies – mostly unwatchable because of the overt anti-whiteman, strong and independent and powerful womens…

    1. yes – we will see how the next 4 years play out… even 12-18 months is probably enough to judge…. is Trump and Brexit just business as usual under a new banner…? it sure looks like it… and i think this time people will have had enough…. and thus next time they will be burning govt buildings and etc.

      1. yep — need to see what happens…
        I don’t think anything will change…
        But, maybe, just maybe, there is a chance…
        After all, why would a billionaire wish for such a horrible job/attention/negativity???
        And he is the artist of the deal…
        Obama? a crook, and a communist shill.
        Clinton’s? – same

        1. Worth noting though that Herbert Hoover was also quite wealthy and had little to gain and everything to loose and put protectionist barriers and fired up the great depression….. the road to hell is paved with good intentions….
          1.) Trump is a convenient deflector to pacify the restless male / right wing and is in on the game… seems hard to believe, but some people just can’t get rich or powerful enough. Can be.
          2.) He intends to good but will not be able to and or will be foiled in his attempts. It seems to some extent that Obama falls into this camp… until his inauguration there were many promises and possibilities and he basically dropped the ball / lost all will to try.
          3.) Trump is what he says he is, but will be tempted by the spoils of gains and the military industrial complex and shadow Govt will prevail (as usual) – see no# 2.
          4.) He’s the perfect straw man for the most aggressive socialist uprising in 4 years time as the economy falls apart and socialists everywhere rise up against him with validation and popular support.
          There are so many negative outcomes and pitfalls for him it seems like he’s taken on an impossible task. Half the world already wants to see him fail. Obama had everyone lapping at his feet and achieved fat zero.

  5. After being very politically concerned since adolescence, I have recently abandoned any political information besides occasional ROK. I used to believe in activism and changing stuff and so on, but after dropping, my life is much more relaxed. I just don’t give a shit about anything anymore. Let mankind go to hell. It is sad to say so, but I have completely lost faith in changing anything: we are way too deep in shit.

    1. Same here. For years, I was infatuated with talk radio and stressing out about politics. About a year ago, I said to myself, “Self, what the hell are you doing? You are not changing anything by stressing about politics” Really my opinions are still the same, I vote and contribute what I can, but stressing about it can be counterproductive.

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    2. I’m opposite.
      never cared.
      believed this: “blaming Ronald Reagan for the Economy is like blaming Ronald McDonald when you get a bad cheeseburger”
      But the wrestling/reality-tv show this year has got me somewhat interested…
      And, I do see we are very far down the path to full blown 1984 totalitarianism. So gotta watch, and be aware.

    3. I take it you’ve heard the Billy Joel song “Angry Young Man”? It describes exactly what you’re saying.

  6. Will listen, Roosh. Great topic. I have striuggled with same issues. 12 years ago, an anti-war activist with Quakers. At times a right winger pissed at how Jews destroy societies by promoting multi-culturalism. And at times a gentile zionist looking at bible and how Abraham promised Jews land from today’s Israel all the way to the Euphrates.
    In 12 years, I have gone from Quaker pacifist to let’s say, heavily armed.
    I have sort of come to the conclusion that solving the world through ideas and ideologigies is like squaring the circle. God was showing us through math that reason is very useful, but is limited. SOmething more is needed.
    A further step of consciousness is needed. How is it to be acquired ? Once again, squaring the circle is impossible.
    Should it be through action or inaction ? Working in a job, making money to pass on to your kid ? Or is it better to give the money to a homeless person who will buy one meal and drugs and squander it all ? Or should you sit in a cave and meditate. Pray for the world but doing nothing concrete to help it ? Just practiciing detachent for yourself ?
    It’s all too much. In the absence of answers, I just get up, go to work. Read some, pray some, enjoy some time with my son. Try to get along peacefully with everybody, but still enjoy my guns.
    It all sounds so trivial to come back and say it is all about balance. But that’s what it is. Balance but awareness of the virtues and vices of every one-sided extreme.
    I think that is why Jesus had 12 disciples just as a clock has 12 hands that point in opposite directions depending on the time. Christ likely chose disciples what had perfected one sided virtues on a pure form. All true but the opposite of their truth coUld also be true.
    The begininng of Ecclesiastes is a good sTART for it all.
    1There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven—
    2A time to give birth and a time to die;
    A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.
    3A time to kill and a time to heal;
    A time to tear down and a time to build up.
    4A time to weep and a time to laugh;
    A time to mourn and a time to dance.
    5A time to throw stones and a time to gather stones;
    A time to embrace and a time to shun embracing.
    6A time to search and a time to give up as lost;
    A time to keep and a time to throw away.
    7A time to tear apart and a time to sew together;
    A time to be silent and a time to speak.
    8A time to love and a time to hate;
    A time for war and a time for peace.
    9What profit is there to the worker from that in which he toils? 10I have seen the task which God has given the sons of men with which to occupy themselves.

  7. It’s a dual world. Comprised of equal measures of light and darkness, good and evil, and similarly extreme polar opposites across the entire spectrum of categories. Nothing that anyone can do, will ever change that. Bitching about it, really, is like an SJW bleating about how they want the world to conform to their desires.
    Pick your side, or remain neutral, and leave the door open to changing your position. Because life is all about change – and in the end, it’s about survival. And ascension to higher states of awareness and being. And both of those things are possible. But they aren’t possible to attain, if you burn up your precious energy trying to wake the dead (most people can’t, or won’t, wake up).
    With that being said, I will continue to get ticked off, and act political in some of the conversations I have, and in some of the things I write, both here and elsewhere. Why? Because, like everyone else, I’m a demented human being. I’m still part machine. I’m trying to quit, but it’s hard. The first step toward quitting, however, is knowing you’re a machine…and most guys can’t admit that. So it goes.

        1. Does that mean the media wins…they seem to terrorize us 24/7. I have noticed that the denisty of trolls in here (paid or otherwise) has really dropped off…I like that.

        2. Until you mentioned it I hadn’t noticed that most of them went back under the bridge.

  8. men always eventually out whit and change the government but look at what happens… in many cases they become that oppressor themselves… just look at Mao and Lenin for starters…
    things can also sit in a state of oppression for many decades and many generations… USSR lasted a good 70 yrs.
    plenty of men went bankrupt deliberately to avoid divorce costs, but they suffered doing that, they had to fight for something that made them unproductive and restricted etc… it’s not only a black and white question of winning or loosing, it’s the efforts used up just to stay on the level and if there’s even any value or freedom left at the end.

  9. All wars are fake,
    All revolutions are fake,
    All highly publicized trials are fake
    All political assassinations are fake
    All elections are fake
    All ruling politicians are fake
    All oppositions are fake
    All economic crisis are fake
    All hunger is fake
    All music, movies, dance, entertainment are fake
    All modern technology is fake
    All alternative and mainstream media are fake
    All festivities are fake
    All drugs are fake
    All your heroes are fake – Plato, Napoleon, Hitler, Columbus, Trump, Obama, Clinton, Putin, Le Pen, Nigel Farage, Julian Assange
    If you believe that any of the above are true it is because you are simply BORED and do not know what to do with yourself.
    “But what shall we do then?” I will be asked.
    Learn to paint and paint your own pictures. Learn to play an instrument and make your own music. Learn to write and tell your own stories. Go on a hike, ride your bike, take a swim. Find a lover and make whoopee. Or protest and educate locally. Take control of your own life, including your own entertainment.

    1. i told my own stories – but they were fake too.
      My luck with women is drastically improving.
      on xmas day enjoyed breakfast at a NYC diner with my daughter.
      An elderley women shuffled over using her walker.
      “young man that is a beautiful beard you have”
      a while latter she shuffled past again.
      “make sure you don’t shave it”
      If only she was 60 years younger…

    2. Everytime I think you could not reach new levels of madness, you show me wrong……you are such a freak.

  10. If you don’t do politics, politics does you.
    If you don’t pimp your woman, your woman pimps you.

  11. When you obsess over politics everyday is when it become problematic. The most you can do is hope that the “right” thing happens once in a while so things can be set in place down the road.
    Trump won so i’m okay for now but I’m not so stupid to think that he’s the messiah or something.

  12. A bearded guru in a cave or street preacher/teacher can influence the world more than a politician. Keep growing the power beard Roosh. Also keeping the upper hand in managing a female gets to be more of a piece of cake the bushier the whole head gets all around. Even other men and associates are more managable.
    Some whiskers hurt when plucked. Leave those ones alone. They’re live and active antennae receptors connected to the nervous system. Conversely hairs that don’t feel a thing and go “bip” when pulled don’t matter and won’t transpond brainwaves anyway but it’s best to leave all head hairs in place. Notice Hitler left all his ‘ouchiest’ hairs under the nape of the nose intact? Riight. Exactly. Correctimundo.
    When the time comes to corall the shebeasts, the mighty all seeing and all knowing patriarch BEARDMEN will be ready with 10 year beards. When the gong tolls to defeminize the last of the warring shebeasts, magnetized and energized beard hairs will identify and point to the last of the crazy kamakazi feminist warriors in the crowds.
    Also drinking straws for the hot coffee and warm bread is much more fulfilling and relaxing when you have some level of bearded control command over the females around you.
    Plus maintaining a well functioning and receptive beard requires a wholesome diet of fish, meat, eggs and vit E.
    In this next vid, this chap seems to have realized the importance of beard early in life and is pursuing on a hunch perhaps that there is power in maintaining a healthy beard.

    I notice he kind of resembles a younger Roosh but there’s probably no relation. He has some curious unique symbols on his jacket and the ankh looking thing. He’s getting his beard on young and he’ll no doubt fare well in the coming decade, sporting a nuclear sized brahma beard by the time the patriarchs rise and begin smashing to powder the last vestages of feminism with sledge hammers. When I was his age there were no beards. Reagan was president and the powerful and influentual men in the world all had bare boy chins and took orders ultimately from some fat queen bitch. No way for me Jose. Not this time.
    Civil War generals pre feminism all had power beards and their recruits and underlings were boy chinned. The elites will lose to the beardmen this time. Soros’ face looks like a bare dragged butt. Men need beards now more than ever. This is what happens to a bare headed man who would otherwise be strong:

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