I Was Interviewed About Liberals, The Manosphere, And Making Money Online

Recently I was on Bernard Chapin’s show for an excellent chat about events of the past year, my opinion on various political and cultural issues, and what it takes to make money on the internet. Here’s the video:

Here’s the interview timeline:

1:05: How the launch of my book Free Speech Isn’t Free went.
2:35: Infusing humor with my writing, how my memoirs reflected my life stage, and being internet famous.
4:50: Getting ambushed on the Dr. Oz show and how I used the lessons learned from it to hurt the media later.
8:30: Do social justice warriors really believe I’m a pro-rape advocate? How they use bogus accusations to their advantage.
14:00: The left is full of shit when they talk big about overthrowing Trump.
15:30: Why are liberals such cry babies?
16:30: The reason I won’t come back to live in the United States.
18:45: How I got into the initial pickup artist sphere.
23:00: The lying game of association that the media plays.
25:20: Being infamous in far-off locations.
28:00: How stoicism can help your life.
32:10: Why I don’t sleep with groupies.
36:00: Marriage is not necessarily a better deal in Eastern Europe than the USA, and the big problem with MGTOW.
41:30: The left is an ideology of totalitarian control.
43:45: The anti-male environment of corporations and how it’s turning work places into a day care like universities.
50:10: Advice for people who want to make money online through writing or videos.
54:20: People are reading less, so you’ll have to work much harder to be a writer today.
57:25: Should you cater to the audience or simply create the work that you like?
60:05: The phenomenon of daily vlogs.

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31 thoughts on “I Was Interviewed About Liberals, The Manosphere, And Making Money Online”

  1. Looks interesting as always. Too bad my battery’s about to take a shit. Will have to check back.

      1. He should get the turban, and the whole Muslim wardrobe, stand on a balcony somewhere in London, and read out loud an excerpt from one of his “Bang” books. That will surely upset a few people I think.

  2. Almost Full Moses there, Roosh.
    Is your next book going to be “Bang The Promised Land”? 😀

  3. For the love of……
    Oh forget it! Can you at least wear the cool Orthodox hats while you’re at it?

    1. I went into Jewish neighborhood to buy one of those hats for a Halloween costume years ago. They are fucking expensive

  4. My hats off to you on the coup you played on the media around the world. I have to admit it did indeed bring me great joy to see the incredulous looks agape on their faces. They did not even realize that they played themselves. They look upon the ideological world they created, and are now just starting to sense the growing alarm they should’ve had decades ago. And I enjoy their despair. Going back to school, and toying with my professors egos as an older, world travelled, multi-flag man, I find their aghast looks almost as pleasurable as a three some with tens. Yet I could leave either.

    1. You guys are killing it seriously though good stuff. We are all brothers of the fuzz.

        1. Oh really? Well that’s not as much fun. You have to actually feed real dogs. 🙂

    1. I am with you here. Unless he shaves his head and goes full Wooly Willy I can’t watch. I just can’t take men with beards seriously in 2017.

      1. I first grew a long beard in 1992, and few of my peers were wearing beards at the time. This hipster beard thing feels like a 21st Century invention.
        And I couldn’t become a hipster, even if I tried.

  5. I actually thought you handled the con man Dr Oz ambush pretty well.
    You stayed on point and maintained a level of frame as to not look apologetic or doubtful to the hysterical obese herd of women emotionally manipulated by a ringmaster.

      1. Because dear sir, it marks you as either a religious fanatic or a hipster douche. Likely both.

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