What Kind Of Belief System Is Behind The European Migrants?

With so many people from the Middle East and Africa coming to Europe, it’s no wonder that the news these days are filled with stories on incidents involving immigrants. Although it produces some anxiety over what will happen in the future, it’s not surprising that problems arise when civilizations clash.

It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so.

People who think they know more than they do can be dangerous. That’s something to keep in mind before you invite strangers into your home, which Europeans have been doing for many years now. The following list contains three things that the migrants seem to believe, that ain’t true.

1. Ghosts are real


A group of asylum seekers have fled their home in Grännaforsa, Sweden. 35 of the 58 residents left after convincing themselves that the facility was haunted by ghosts. The children noticed it first, says one of the former residents, Hamid Alojaili.

At first we thought that it was just childish stories but now us adults have also heard sounds and seen things like locked doors being unlocked and someone showering without anybody being there.

Noteworthy is that the rampant phasmophobia among these immigrants have gone practically unnoticed by the leftist mainstream media. Not even the #GhostLivesMatter movement on Twitter has brought this story to light. This is evidence of a bias toward privileged immigrants, where their needs and comfort trump the safety and security of the marginalized ghost community.

Joking aside, while this might seem ridiculous at a first glance, what if there’s some truth to it that us narrow-minded Westerners just don’t understand? Is this article expressing toxic Eurocentrism? Return of Kings has assembled a team of scientists to figure out if the asylum seekers’ claims hold water. After a thorough study, their unanimous conclusion is that there’s “no good reason” to think that ghosts exist. According to their report, only children and “mentally retarded” persons are able to believe such nonsense. Fascinating.

Because of the current lack of accommodation, the authorities haven’t been able to find a new home for the escaped refugees. Hopefully they will feel more safe and content on the cold, snowy streets of Sweden.

2. Rape is okay


After a number of rapes were committed by immigrants in Finland last year, the national radio and TV network Yle has published texts in Arabic prescribing how women should be treated. The three articles contain information on “cultural differences,” and are supposed to help avoid “misunderstandings” that can occur when Arabic men interact with Finnish women.

According to one expert interviewed, a smile alone from a woman can be taken as a sexual invitation by an Arab. The Finnish migration agency has also tried to inform asylum seekers about the laws and sexual norms in Finland.

In Norway and the German region of Bavaria, immigrants are now being offered courses on how to behave around women. Coming to the West is an adjustment for these men, since they’re used to women not showing any skin and not displaying affection in public. Seeing all of these sexy Western girls in skimpy outfits, and not being allowed to rape them, makes the men terribly confused.

There can really be now question about it anymore—rape culture is being imported to Europe. Anyone denying that will have to explain why these media campaigns and courses are needed, and why immigrants feel it necessary to take them. All of the women cheering on multiculturalism, and trashing “racist” nationalists and conservatives, will also have to accept the ramifications of their actions.

One wonders how easy it will be for them to say “refugees welcome” while pinned down to the ground and penetrated by a gang of Somalis.

3. Sweden gives immigrants everything they want


While it certainly seemed true just a few months ago, things have changed rapidly. Politicians on both left and right promised a lot, but in the end couldn’t deliver. The very generous asylum laws that made so many migrants come to Sweden before, have now been changed with the explicit purpose of keeping them away.

As the Deputy Prime Minister (shown above) announced the government’s new stricter asylum policies, she was visibly emotional and nearly started crying. No doubt was she lamenting all of those exciting, multicultural rapes that she was going to miss out on.

Some of the immigrants have complained that Sweden did not offer them as much as they expected. While they thought that they could stay here forever on the government dole, now they will only get a limited residence permit. Around 3,500 of them retracted their asylum applications last year.

While it’s a shame that they had to come all this way to realize that Sweden is not the Promised Land—not for them anyway—it’s a good thing that some of them are now returning in disappointment. They can tell their peers that they are not welcome in the European welfare states anymore.

Maybe that could finally put an end to this crisis.

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123 thoughts on “What Kind Of Belief System Is Behind The European Migrants?”

  1. As Ann Coulter correctly stated, “What’s the upside of importing millions of muslims?” There’s NO upside…unless you like kebab or something. The only upside is for communists who simply have been so conditioned to hate Christianity that they will import people who hate their secular, atheist institutions, their “gay” rights and feminism and gladly destroy it if they can.

    1. What is a Muslim’s favorite Star Wars character? 😀
      I thought I was so original for noticing Ackbar’s name.

    2. Who could live without that mystery meat spinning on it’s metal axis hour after hour, glowing in the high intensity heat lamp?

    3. We men just have to grow a beard and wake up for morning prayers. Feminists, Gays, Academia…they’ll all be tossed off the nearest building.

  2. Europeans have believed in ghosts for thousands of years, and it’s a sorry state of affairs when those beyond the grave are the only ones with the (tomb)stones to stand up to the immvaders.

    1. We need to dress up as ghosts, plain and simple. That will scare off the immigrants. Get the sheets, men.

  3. At least liberal kike dykes will get raped by little brown men.
    I’d gladly eat a ham sandwich while watching a muslim rape a liberal.
    “No I wont help you. “…like a fish needs a bike”, remember cunt?” Have at it, Achmood.

    1. No they won’t get raped. The asylum seekers wouldn’t bother with those old hags. They’ll just curse and spit on them.

      1. “Sorry you were rape-impregnated, the national health care plan no longer covers abortions…Europe needs janitors!”

  4. At this point it’s hard to even care anymore, if the Leaders in Europe are this stupid they get what they deserve, the common citizen is the one who suffers though.

    1. “no shit sherlock” and “it doesn’t take an einstein to figure out…” spring to mind when you look at their policies and the consequences

  5. These nordic-feminist countries have gone full retard. Next time one of these nordic women gets raped, they’ll blame the system, that the rapist wasn’t offered a proper course on how to behave around western women. So he can’t be convicted of the crime.

        1. That’s why they sicced female Ghostbusters on them ghosts. Not on Slimer though, he’s green and diverse. Or on Stay Puft, he’s fat and proud.

        2. Oh shit, Stay Puft will win in the end otherwise “Mah fat shaming” will ring out. The movie ends with Bruce Jenner as Gozer.

    1. Dispensations for Muslim men only. White women will allow themselves to be raped by Muslim men but will scream if a White man so much as looks at her legs or breasts. Strange times indeed.

  6. If Europeans behave like a subjugated people, they will be treated like a subjugated people.

    1. “When someone abandons himself to being to being a victim, he’s gonna have to be one.” – Ed Kemper

    2. it’s like they lost a horrible war
      and maybe they have – just not to muslims, but to feminists

  7. Put an end to the crisis? I think you are severely underestimating the leftist pricks of the EU.

    1. It won’t change until nationalists rise up and fight for their country. Then the EU and nations will have no choice as their “nations” will be in chaos. On one hand they’ll have a heavy supply of armed nationalists fighting and on the other hand they’ll have new illegals in their country fighting nationalists (and the police, military).
      It will get ugly and the EU will have to close down the borders to regain order, at least.

      1. I predict mass civil unrest if not civil war in the next twenty years. My interests are now becoming increasingly tribal, I will do all in my power to protect my tribe, family, friends, my surrounding community, allies, like minded thinkers. I no longer care for the state.

        1. You have to, at this point, because it’s what everyone else is going to do (or is doing, now). When things go south, it always gets tribal. Many on the far left will figure this out when it’s too late. The group who things all is well with their “rainbow group” will learn the hard way that when SHTF then they will be on the outs (an enemy)..it’s all about survival at the point (no more PC nonsense).
          I don’t waste my time arguing with these types. I just make sure I’m prepared and I keep all of the people around me, safe. If it gets ugly, then it will get really ugly if it comes my way.

        2. When the time comes, you have to be ruthless… on the downlow, I’m sounding out potential candidates to get a group together and get the hell out of dodge and into the country. I’m pleased to say, that when the subject is broached, many ordinary guys and gals appear to be thinking along the same lines. I should formalise this more, but with my current work it’s a bit of a mission.

  8. It is a good thing I do not have absolute control. I would turn our borders into a bloodbath. If even one of these immigrants impacts our culture then we are a failure.
    Why are classes always the answer? “Men are insensitive, so give them classes!” Not enough etiquette? CLASSES! Rape culture? CLASSES!

  9. They’re used to women not showing any skin…..what does one expect? They even censor Maxim magazine online over there. It’s like letting loose a pack of overcaffeinated children on your living room and expecting them not to knock down your expensive Ming Dynasty vase you just got appraised on Antiques Roadshow.

    1. Yeh, a Syrian Housemate of my FB begged her for sex and offered to pay her £100 for 10 minutes. These were practically the first words he had spoken to her.
      She said no, or at least thats what she tells me 😉

      1. I’m no expert on prostitution, but 100 euros for 10 minutes sounds like a swell deal. Convert that to dollars and it gets better.

        1. Yeah why don’t the Rape Zombies go to Amsterdam? Pretty sure you can get full sex half hour for 30 euro….and it’s legal. No rape required.

        2. “No rape required.” — Oh I’m sure there are clubs in Amsterdam that cater to that as well.

    2. Yeah they’re walking hard-ons with pre-cum dripping from their cut cocks, foaming at the mouth. Rape zombies.

  10. The European leaders and a large portion of their populations are evil. It is as simple as that. They despise and seek to destroy beauty, strength, order, wealth, tradition, dignity and self-respect. They worship ugliness, weakness, squalor, poverty, left wing dogma, sniveling submission. In this context, what could cause them more glee than to import hordes of ugly, poor, violent, ignorant, inbred, borderline retarded brown foreigners – basically Orcs who will unleash a wave of destruction?

    1. It is hard to believe that they once had the Renaissance Period. They lost their culture. They once had all that beauty and tradition, but let it slip away from them. Now they will have to live with the fact that their last chance to reclaim they culture is forever gone.

    2. The seek to destroy beauty, strength, order, wealth, tradition, dignity and self-respect. it’s called Cultural Marxism.

        1. Cease this mindless taxonomy. You only show yourself to be a simpleton incapable of nuanced thought.

    3. The extreme liberalism seems to be a disease that infects a nation. People used to be pretty balanced and they would think for themselves on different issues. Each issue can have a conservative or a liberal value (to some extent). Not today. Today we have people who blindly follow along with feelings with no critical thinking. There is no thinking ahead or the next step..it’s just all about feelings, now.
      The other half is the people have allowed politicians to shame them for being successful or having a beautiful society (usually the shame is on white society). The middle east has been the middle east long before white society “interfered”. War has been going on in the region for thousands of years between tribes, countries, religions, etc…it had nothing to do with white society. Too many people have been brainwashed and shamed into thinking these people deserve better because western societies have bombed their countries…and it’s a lie. These countries have been at war and they have been bombing each other for a long time.
      If you give them another country, then they’ll just turn that into another third world country as well…it’s how they live.

      1. Too many people have been brainwashed and shamed into thinking these people deserve better
        It’s first world countries, and in particular white men, who have given them the first world lifestyle that they want. Without first world countries they would still be living in grass huts, eating and sleeping in the dirt and dying of all sorts of diseases.

        1. I agree…and that’s where they will be (again) if they are given a chance to “take over a first world country”. You see it happen time and time again when many of these illegal immigrants travel to a new area. The place starts to go down hill, fast. Crime pops up and the place becomes a dump (trash everywhere). Then, they want more money (support) from the government and they want to change our laws to their laws.

        2. …they loiter around aggressively on street corners intimidating passers by and ruining the safe feel of the place

      2. Due to events in the middle east a few days ago they will soon be bombing each other even more vigour and passion..

    4. Argument for Monarchy and a ruling elite of educated and martial nobles, perhaps?

      1. Dude they already rule the countries covertly and overtly but they ain’t noble. The British monarch still has tons of investment and money people don’t even openly talk About. All the rich and politicians have ties to the Royal bloodlines or indirectly finance or corporal groups.

        1. We can aim to the ideal of the monarch as the patriarchal head of the family (nation).

        2. Monarchy ain’t that good usually, but there have been some reasonable emperors or kings. Monarchs are usually narcisstic and greedy and careless for human lives. we need select selfless intelligent people to run the country. Democracy without the rich and corporate controlling the candidates would be a good start. Maybe instead of campaign to be the candidates, everyone can take a test of politics, if you score high enough , you get to be the candidates, then people vote their favorite. Seriously they should have a test and pamphlet u have to read or listen to before u can vote, so will be informed before u vote, so u can make a better decision. If u are not wiling to read it u probably shouldnt vote.

        3. I’m quite happy with the constitutional monarchy within the UK… William and Harry appear well grounded and have done military service.
          I agree, not everyone deserves the vote, and a advisory house of philosopher kings should hold a lot of sway but I’d rather have the final say with a philosopher King of Kings….

        4. Hm, on paper it is constitutional monarchy, in actuality it is debatable. The queen still has incredible wealth and invests in many companies. Many of those who are in the parliament have distant or close Royal bloodline and nobility or socially connected to the nobility. Nepotism is still high

        1. My children will be raised with the point of view that they are those nobles; ready to seize leadership positions and rebuild the West. I think that is our only hope, and that my generation can only prepare ourselves for the mass unrest and collapse, survive and raise the new nobility. We have to be the librarians of society, ready to pass the baton and blueprints on to the builders.

    5. Basically this.
      I remeber watching a video of a german politician talking about how germany’s democraphics would change. In it he celebrated how the german population was shrinking, saying that “nazis were having very few kids”. It was very obvious there that he had a profound envy of the german people and its highness, and his only desire was to destroy it so he could rule the ashes, be the best of the orcs.

    6. The French definitely do an a leftist kind of way worship squalor and poverty.. In a language course I once did we had to spend many days reading about Abbé Pierre who devoted his life to helping them, there’s gypsy camps tolerated all over the French countryside, people sleeping under bridges.. And every news show on French TV has a large ten minute segment devoted to how some poor sods were made jobless by a horrible capitalist factory, or someone who has decided they should devote themselves to the homeless of the neighbourhood etc. It makes you want to throw up!

    1. Best quote from #1 above:
      ”Faced with a new enemy, Islam, and the growing threat of further altercations with Muslims in the future, the average citizen will choose to ally themselves with the enemy they know and understand, the Jewish system.
      It is like what happens to a person living in gang territory, not many choose to live independent, most will choose a side if only for protection and a sense of belonging even if that side takes from them their freedom.
      However only those with the mental strength to stay independent, only those willing to face the threat of violence from both sides can see the situation for what it is, a game of chess and we are the pieces on the board.”

  11. What shall they do ? Surrounded by sexi women, touching not allowed, prostitution banned, they horny, what shall they do ?

    1. Good point. In the West, we’re used to men and women wearing absolute minimum cleavage at swimming pools, beaches and spas. I’ve never been to a strict sharia beach. The culture seems to conflict with water sports but the downside of western bikinis and speedos is similar to the deadening or numbing effect of circumcision. For a refugee who’s used to burkas, seeing a bunch of the hottest women who are effectively naked with only their ‘redskin’ covered at a pool must be a real culture shock. A certain ‘etiquette’ is learned at pools and gyms where you simply don’t grab and feel. Gaming these skimpily clad ho’s in rotation could well be part of the master plan to collectivise social agenda. Like fucking with the language itself, tweaking our natural mating calls and rituals is fucking with our most inner assembly language.
      The beaches, the thonged bimbos, these nearly unclad venues for females only exist in countries that are completely feminized. Islamic countries circumcise their males so they are bitches to the imams and bitches to the theocratic state. In Latin American countries, women dress sexy but men are uncircumcised and thus men are more likely to enforce loyalty of their women (honor killings in some cases) than in largely circumcised countries like the US and Canada which are long established turf of the divorce rape cabal.

  12. If the borders are closed now, the ‘migrant’ foreign blood is already within the borders. The ‘browning’ ingredient is already in the melting pot. Next look for Swedish media to begin phase II. There will be entertainment shows and cartoons where the Somali is the coolest kid in school and screws all the blondes. The media has this down to a science. Cartoons with the immigrant non white super hero. The list goes on. Swedes haven’t been subject to near as much diversity race mixing propaganda as Americans have in the past, so they have little Immunity towards it. Swedes who gobble up the programming without critically filtering it are a lost cause to begin with. All we hear on here are the voices of the awake, Swedes included. I’d like to hear candid opinions from the Swede ‘sheeple’, the men and women who are truly too stupid to live. Alex Jones often sends his reporters on the streets of a gay commie community where he takes a poll and gets candid recorded statements showing how brainwashed and asleep the average person is. Every country has these same sleeping zombies. Different land, different tongue but all just as gullible. Sweden shouldn’t have near the problem with Spectre and co if the indipendent thinking and aware Swedes would get a bit more vigilant.

    1. Notice these “refugees” never go back to their home countries either, even if some semblance of peace has taken hold.

  13. Don’t be so sure the ghosts aren’t real. If any condition could make a bunch ancestral spirits angry….

  14. Europe, I mean the Free Western Democratic Europe is FUBAR !! The only place where the white European will survive will be Russia…..

    1. Many people here on RoK mention Russia, but forget that Russia is a 3rd world shithole. Yes, women are more feminine there – but do you really want to pay such a big price in terms of life quality just to have a chick?

      1. Uh yeah one of the strongest nations in the world, and a nuclear nation at that, full of more or less white people, is a third world shithole. Got it.

        1. Black Knight.. Did you have a look at US infrastructure ?? Nahh you didn’t.. First world infrastructure ?? Not like in Russia everything is falling to pieces, all’s rusting Potemkin style …
          Russian Navy is rusted bucket only, not like the US/NATO almighty Naval forces… Yupp Black Knight ..
          BTW .. Could you tell me what do you smoke ?? Is it Morrocan grass or Amsterdamer Skunk ???
          Anyhow.. Mazel Tov to your trolling………….

      2. Stop being such a money monkey. We can make money! Now, making a country and its people vigorous again is much harder.

  15. One myth fact confirmed. Western nations are dumb and suicidal for taking in any refugees.

  16. All these articles are pointless. Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what the force behind all this is.

  17. Hopefully they will feel more safe and content on the cold, snowy streets of Sweden.
    IKEA to the rescue.
    I found this part of the article to be ironic:
    They also have doors that lock, giving added protection against intruders and sexual assault.
    They need protection? It’s the rest of the fucking world that needs protection from the refugees!

  18. I wonder if when the refugees saw the ghosts they did a big, collective Scooby Doo g-g-g-g-g-ghoooosts and then all their feet moved for a few seconds before they started moving.
    As for the rapes. Don’t worry. They may get a free pass to rape all the finish women they want, but in a generation or two they will wind up assimilating and their grandkids will get blamed for rapes they don’t commit.
    Circle of life.
    Hakuna Matata means no worries in some African language that will probably be required by Sweden in all primary schools.

    1. And the “ghost” just turns out to be the lighthouse keeper wearing a burqa lolz

      1. would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for those filthy refuges

        1. This is how I see what happened.
          Ben Gazi was accused of being the Tar Monster. The gang turned their suspicion to Mr. Stoner and Ben Gazi was seen no more. My assumption is that Ben Gazi snuck off and invented terrorism after framing the professors assistant Mr. Stoner who, presumably, went to prison and was gang raped, built a library and bought a harmonica for morgan freedman. Part of the Ben Gazi Master plan has always been to frighten refuges with ghosts.

        2. btw I could actually feel your mind being blown when you looked at that link. I’ve been sitting on that for a while now.

        3. Now we know what Hillary had on her secret server: the deluxe edition of scooby doo with commentary

    2. We gotta do an islamic adaptation of Scooby Doo:
      1. Put a hookah in the Mystery Machine – that’s the source of the smoke
      2. There would be no great dane since muslims consider dogs dirty or some stupid shit
      3. Shaggy and Fred gotta have nasty scraggly beards

      1. Scooby Snacks are hummus and Daphne is actually some slut from Miami who has probably been featured on tag the sponsor.

        1. And Velma was a bleeding heart liberal from Swarthmore who just wanted to bring those refugees some warm blankets and vittles and ends up being kidnapped and driven around in the mystery machine which now features emma sulkowiz’s tear stained mattress in the back

        2. Nice!
          I always liked velma. She is the most successful female scientist that ever lived.
          The anal “rape” mattress is def in the back of the truck as is, I imagine, an enormous piece of unidentifiable meat product slowly spinning on an upright spit.
          They will solve crimes like “who forced Bashir to bathe”
          it a s-s-s-s-s-sooooaaaaapppp monster

      2. “Shaggy and Fred gotta have nasty scraggly beards”
        Would piss off the white liberals more than the muzzies.
        Would love to see how pissed!

  19. My FB had some Syrian Refugees stay in the same house as her over the summer. One of the guys confessed to listening at the door to her and me.
    He then asked for sex and after she refused and told him that he was being socially abnormal, he offered her £100 to have sex with her for 10 minutes.
    If Europe and the US want to Import a few million of these guys without the corresponding amount of Syrian women to sait their sexual frustration, I can see a lot of civil unrest in the future.

    1. Why are the migrants mostly men aged 15-40? I thought the most vulnerable people in society were women, children and the elderly. There should be a quota in place that mandates more women migrants enter Europe than men, by a 2 to 1 margin. Then we’ll start ripping the burqua off their women and fucking their hairy pussies.

      1. Yeh, you wouldn’t know it if you watched the BBC though. I saw them in one piece interviewing a pretty, English speaking 25 year old Syrian woman.
        In another piece when they reported from a refugee camp, I counted 35 men pass by in the background before I saw one woman. I can only conclude they spent all day looking for that woman to interview.

    2. How the fuck does such a situation arise? Syrian refugees in the same house? Who the fuck invited them?
      So Mahmood stands at the door beating his halal meat? wtf?
      Shoulda told your girl to scream loudly, “Oh fuck me with your 12 inch Welsh dick.” That would have made Mahmood insecure forever.
      I betcha if a White man propositioned her she would do a lot more than just say “Oh Mahmood you know not our ways silly tee hee.” She’d probably call the police on his ass.
      Germany has recreated in 1 year the gender imbalance that took China decades of female infanticide to accomplish.

      1. I’d have to have sex with her 3 times to give her 12 inches. Lol.
        But yeah, crazy policies. You won’t hear any left wing SJWs protesting about this though, the left don’t seem to care if your not white.
        (It was supposed to be a student house but the landlord let the Syrians in for a few weeks, luckily she moved out after that.)

        1. Once upon a time a woman I was with for the first time asked me to give her 12 inches and make it hurt. so, I did her 3 times and hit her in the head with a brick.

      2. it fucks up the culture so badly when this happens even in subtle ways have seen the effects in the more “multicultural” parts of europe

    1. Their women asked for it. If I was a German man I wouldn’t be helping them. All women are fucking retard leftists.
      They shout, “let in millions of muslim refugees”! Followed shortly after by, “omg I got raped and molested by molested by a muslim refugee! I can’t believe it!”
      Fucking idiots. They deserve it.

      1. Additional eyewitness reports coming in. Apparently there were also stabbings and brutal beatings. Guests of a new years party in luxury hotel “Excelsior” got attacked. Police couldn’t handle all the arrests, had to release arrested rioters for lack of transport.
        Public transport got shut down partially because of rioters in the stations, attacking passengers.
        Cologne mayor announces publication of “rules of conduct for girls” for the upcoming carnival season. WTF?!
        Source (only in german): http://www.t-online.de/nachrichten/panorama/kriminalitaet/id_76558162/uebergriffe-in-koeln-was-ein-tuersteher-an-silvester-erlebte.html

        1. It’s madness man. So the women now need to accommodate the invaders after they assaulted them? How about the invaders adapt to the new society or gtfo or get stuffed in a prison.

        2. Madness indeed. You can’t tolerate this shit, no matter how much some idiots deserve it. These are the beginnings of a failed state. Riots in so-called-refugee camps are also a regular occurrence now. With more and more of these orcs coming in it’s gonna spill over to the streets.
          The cologne mayor is a disgusting leftist bitch who is probably shopping for her burqa right now.
          At least people seem to finally get pissed off now. Gonna be an interesting year.

  20. They believe in ghosts, eh?
    Well, there may be a way to drive them out of your neighborhood after all.
    Get some remote controlled actuators and have fun.

  21. I am laughing my ass off here in Europe where women get raped by the dozens every day by muslim migrants from the middle east who are flooding Europe by the milions since last summer. What was it again Feminists claim for decades? “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

  22. I will agree to immigrate to Sweden if they will pay for me to lounge around. But warning. I am a tough negotiator and my fee is very high.

  23. Ghosts are the high point of their belief system – those people have minds full of the darkness and ignorance of Islam. And it is not just religious beliefs but the specific religious beliefs of Islam. In the Christian area some people argue that Jesus didn’t exist or that he was only a man. You could believe in Jesus as a prince of peace on his recorded moral perfection alone. No one claims that he was a mad murderous adulterous pedo butcher.
    Yet Islam’s own history and the holy book reveal Mohammad as that and the worst form of it.
    If these people would believe in ghosts only and dump belief in the mad, murdering, dead Mohammad, it would be a big first step forward for them.

  24. 1 of these days I will get raped, while that will happen I will kill the fucker when he is busy with me, I am taking some dangerous self defense courses and it’s paying off. I recommend all you woman in Europe to do the same, our European leaders won’t help 1 bit.

  25. Kuffar cunts need muslim cocks that’s why they invite us and WE ARE COMING!

  26. “All of the women cheering on multiculturalism, and trashing “racist”
    nationalists and conservatives, will also have to accept the
    ramifications of their actions.”
    “As the Deputy Prime Minister (shown above) announced the government’s
    new stricter asylum policies, she was visibly emotional and nearly
    started crying.”

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