7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try To Save A Woman You Don’t Know

There is no denying that humans can be altruistic beings who are often willing to help others in need. But many men specifically seem to be hard-wired by genetics to want to help women even if it means putting their own lives at risk. Whether this is due to biological drive or cultural conditioning is of little importance. What is important is to understand the implications of helping a woman who you have no previous connection with so that you are not putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

Know that we are living in a modern society where most other people you encounter are complete strangers whom you know nothing about. It is understandable to protect and save someone you know and care for, but there is no reason for you to jump in and be the knight in shinning armor to save some nameless person just because she happens to lack a Y chromosome.

Of course, it all depends on the specific situation you are faced with. But if you find yourself habitually white-knighting for women, here are 7 reasons to pause and reconsider your motives and what you’re getting yourself into.

1.You Don’t Even Realize That You’re Thinking With Your Dick


Most men who help female strangers are completely oblivious to the fact that their altruism is heavily influenced by their subconscious desire for sex. For a demonstration, experiments done using college-aged women found that men were much more likely (82-83% compared to 42-47%) to comply with a request for a survey and offer help if the woman making the request was wearing high-heels as opposed to flats.

If something as simple as feminine shoes are able to elicit much more altruistic response from men (female subjects, on the other hand, were not affected by the types of shoes that were being worn and were much less likely to offer help than the men), then you know that you are more than likely thinking with your dick and doing something that you normally wouldn’t do.

2. She’s Not Going To Fall For You


The secret desire of all white knights.

Continuing on with the first point, helping a woman out will never make her fall in love with you. You’re just some random nobody who happened to be there at the right moment when she needed you. Once she’s got the service she needed from you, you are a nobody once again. You are expected to disappear.

All the poor, desperate simps who believe that a woman will fall in love with him for his heroism are only bound to be rewarded with disappointment. Look at it this way: You are more likely to have a woman fall in love with you by using violence to take her hostage (via Stockholm Syndrome) than by being the one rescuing her.

3. She Will Likely Bail On You


Not only is a woman unlikely to fall for you, she is also likely to bail on you. Whenever a man jumps in to “save” a woman from another man, you can almost guarantee that she will simply run away and treat the situation as if she was never involved in it the first place.

We have already covered how the French train hero was stabbed when he stepped into help a woman who was being “attacked”—only to have her run away with the same men who supposedly attacked her. You have to understand that while you are driven by your male instinct to save her, she’s driven by her female instinct to preserve herself by using you.

4. You’re Degrading Yourself As A Utility To Be Exploited


It’s no secret that women see men as utilities to be exploited. For women, men are not human beings, but drones to be manipulated to do their bidding. Many men today are so desperate for female validation that they’re willing to shovel snow for some entitled princess on Tinder with full knowledge that they will get nothing in return.

Can you imagine the sort of reaction you would get from women if you asked them to iron your clothes, with “no strings attached” on Tinder? It’s simple: don’t be a tool.

5. She Would Never Do The Same For You


Feminists continue to propagate their garbage about equality because it enables them access to male privileges without giving up any of their female privileges. One of that privilege is the ability to have men risk their lives to save them while they’re not expected to do the same for men.

For a dramatic demonstration of just how little women care about men—especially when they’re being abused and attacked by another woman—take a look at the following videos:

Note how gleefully they smile and laugh when men are the ones being abused, claiming that he must be guilty and deserve it (excuses that would never fly for men who abuse their partners).

6. You’ll Be Accused Of Being A Sexist


“You saved Princess Daisy? Sexist! She should be able to save herself without a man’s help!!” —Says the woman begging the UN for protection while being guarded by armed men.

As if all the above points are not insulting enough, you’re likely to be demonized as a sexist prick by the feminists instead of being praised for helping a woman. Why? Because it’s benevolent sexism. Feminists love to harp about how strong and independent they are and how they don’t need a man. Give them their wish and let them help themselves the next time you see them in trouble.

7. You’re Putting Yourself At Needless Risk For Nothing

The man in the blue jacket died while saving the woman. And for what?

In the end, what are you really trying to accomplish? Are you not simply acting upon your male instinct in a knee-jerk reaction? And for what? To save some ungrateful broad you don’t know anything about? Do you even understand what the situation is?

One man got out of his car and onto the train tracks only to get killed by the incoming train while trying to save a woman who jumped there to kill herself—he couldn’t even save her. Is that how you want to throw away the only life you have?

Or how about the man who was stabbed and bled to death when he jumped in to save a woman he knew nothing about? The woman just ran away (see point #3) while he bled to death on the street with more than twenty people just walking past him.

Congratulations stranger, you just earned a posthumous title of “hero” which will be forgotten in a week.


All that said, I’m not suggesting that you should never help anyone in need no matter the circumstances. But you should consider each scenario carefully and make the right judgement instead of letting instincts from your penis take over you. Trying to help or save someone just because the person happens to have a vagina is both incredibly foolish and risky.

Always put your needs first—because she most certainly is putting her needs above yours.

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  1. Succinct article that cuts deep into the very heart of White Knight Syndrome. It’s only fair to share. So c’mon and share this article far and wide on social media.The reaction from Hardcore feminist will be hilarious for sure.

  2. Great article. Never put yourself out there with nothing to gain. If you want to fuck her, by all means, feel free to take a shot. But if you’re just trying to be nice, you’re contributing to her entitlement and helping to create a monster. It’s like giving a kid a cookie every time it cries. You will up with a lot of crying and a fat kid.

  3. Very good article. Thank you. I find that if you train yourself not to emotionally react to things, either in words or deeds, your life will get better almost immediately. It isn’t easy. We live in a society where we have been taught that feelings are what matters. Rationality should matter most to men. This is why when women act like raving lunatics men of old used to think it was adorable and then move on to more important thing. “Sorry hun, men are talking. I will humor your histrionics for 15 minutes later.”
    I would like to lay down a challenge to the men of ROK. For one week. Just 7 days. Before you say or do anything just stop and weigh the pros and cons. I mean everything. Everything from turning on the tv or eating something to responding in a conversation. Act, for one week, with total intention. It is a bit of a pain in the ass, but give it a shot and you will notice your life will immediately improve. What’s more, if you act like this as often as possible all the time it will get easier. Slow down your response time and live with intention for a week.

    1. Sounds interesting and potentially beneficial. I am in. Starting today and I’ll post here in a week.

      1. So I tried it. The hardest part was remembering what I pledged to do. I would say that I really only put it into practice about 15 or 20% of the time. There were a few things that shed right away. I watched very little T.V. went to the gym at least twice more than I would have.
        I found that the best part was being able to spot and reject a “con” right away. What I mean is something like, should I finish up some important project or watch an hour of T.V. It was pretty easy to reject the worse choice as long as I did it quickly. It ended up freeing a lot more time because “just an hour” quickly turns into two.
        I also found that with making good choices it is easier to get them rolling.
        The downside was taking on to much and trying to cram it all into each day. I think that like most things the greatest gains are initial, and I would have to calibrate more to get more out of it once I got the basics out of the way.

        1. I think that the percentage rises and the time fades with practice. Like anything, you will just got better at it. I am currently jotting down notes for a book on this.
          It will always take more time than just shooting from the hip, but with practice will take less and less time than before. But it also takes more time to, say, properly set up a squat and execute than it does just to drop it fast and, especially at heavier weight, we know where rushing leads.
          I’m really glad you gave it a try and reported results.

        2. No problem. It ended up being a net positive and would be a good article or forum posting.

        3. She doesn’t care if you go to the gym, she only wants her lifestyle enhanced. How often do you think Hugh Heffner goes to the gym? The biggest RoK (slightly gay) male fantasy is muscles gets you pussy!
          Money and power gets you pussy.
          Muscle only gets you admiration from gay men.

      1. I mean to say that every word or action you say or commit you stop, pause, and really mean to do. Don’t just respond. Don’t just act. If you have a natural impulse to help someone out then stop, ask yourself if you should. If someone says something and you just want to auto respond stop yourself and review your words. Every time you eat think it through…each bite…mean to eat it.
        I don’t know if you lift, but I take this idea from that world. If you have to do 6 reps of, say, a barbell squat. Each individual one is important and needs to be approached. Too many people rush through their lifts and then put it all down on the last one.
        Even when deadlifting I have begun to take my hands off the bar, stand up, reset and go for the next…even if I am doing sets of 12.
        I wish I had the time to write a book or something on applying my lifting technique to general life situations. It is something I am passionate about.

        1. no, my attention span allows me to think about broad and varied subjects with nuance.

      1. I guess there is a bit of the fat man in there. Really, I have tried to connect my actions and my words to my conscious intention the way I do for lifting. Replace the Buddha with Arnold.

    2. Stuff like this is why I consider the comments as important, if not more, than the article itself.
      I’m In.
      Big ups Knee.

    3. Women can “act all emotional” because they are, generally speaking, psychologically stronger than men. It’s a form of hyperbole they can indulge because they know fundamentally it doesn’t mean anything.
      Men – and given whom I am addressing I use the term loosely – feel a pressing need to bottle it all up for fear of just how totally they would lose it otherwise.
      Just look at the stats: murder, rape etc. So many weak men acting out their inadequacy.

      1. The people being murdered and raped are the weak ones, otherwise they would be able to defend themselves. It’s just a strategy perps use in order to get a lesser sentence to claim they lost it and can’t be held criminally responsible due to psychiatric reasons.

      1. I try to. I admit that sometimes I don’t succeed, but I know it has become easier with practice.

    4. Inattention is normal for men in my part of the world. It’s only you white guys that are such pussies. Try to save anyone here during a ‘domestic’ and you risk being stabbed, shot, or gang beaten.

      1. I don’t know where you are who who these save a hoes are. Not sure what it has to do with white or black or orange. If you live in a part of the word where “gang beaten” is an option I would suggest finding a different part of the world

    5. Thank you, It’s the little known and perfect extension of ‘traditional mindfullness meditation’.
      Treditional mediation is extremely good for ‘digesting’ problems or fix you in the present moment, but it’s somewhat passive.
      It’s a good thing to heal, it’s not so good to work.
      This advice/exercice is very convenient for westerners. It helps to apply some of the beneficits of Mindfullness to our ‘prone’ to question everything’ culture.

  4. This U.S. serviceman contacted me as a Swede out of the blue and wondered how to locate a girl in foster care that he’d been talking to, one who’s told him all sorts of stories about what’s happened to her, her parents dying etc, with him lapping up every single thing she tells him. Just before Christmas, she suddenly disappeared after saying she might be in for hard institutionalization. Apparently she’s originally from Syria, and he’s all worked up about her, spending every waking moment trying to find her from what I can gather. To me it sounded like she was playing with him, working her manipulation skills, and I told him so – but he has made this his quest.
    Women certainly are adept at fooling men and exploiting them, something we need to be immunized against. Next time I talk to him, I’ll definitely point his way to this article.

    1. Men are fooled because they fool themselves. They wouldn’t be so prone to being fooled if they weren’t so prone to fornicate.

      1. True, if men would stop “thinking” with the little head and instead use the head on their shoulders, a lot of bullshit could be avoided.

    2. If he’s willing to hand someone else a knife and stretch out his neck, it’s not your problem. If anything you should laugh at his stupidity as I have.

    3. While I was in the military, I saw a lot of young guys being played by local women like that. Late teens-early twenties guys away from home for the first time, are too susceptible to the ‘damsel in distress’ scam (for some reason, the young officers seem to be more susceptible). They usually wise up after being scammed once or twice.

  5. What do you think of making an exception for a heavily pregnant woman? I wouldn’t see that as helping her so much as helping her unborn baby.

      1. Even then, if it was unwanted and she refused to get an abortion to guarantee herself a meal ticket at your expense or if she impregnated herself with a used condom she fished out of the garbage
        her attacker would be doing you a favor.

    1. Lay out the scenario. How do you know her, what’s the trouble, what will it cost you, what do you stand to gain? Be specific.

      1. I was just thinking in general terms of giving them a little extra leeway. For example, if a pregnant woman asked for my seat on the bus I’d probably oblige but if a strong-and-independent woman asked because her poor choice of footwear was coming back to haunt her I’d tell her to fuck off.

        1. If this was 1960 I would agree. I wish we still lived in a world where basic manners was rewarded by society. But this is no longer the case.
          As to your specific scenario, if you are with a girl then giving up your seat will make her lose attraction to you. Make your choice knowing this.

        2. Well, I can’t see you so don’t know whether you look your age or not. I’d give my seat up for a crotchety old coffin-dodger hobbling along with a cane, but not for some guy who just retired last year and looks like he’ll still be alive and kicking when I’m coming up for retirement.

  6. Yes, being a white knight won’t get you the girl. However, I totally disagree with this article.
    I met a girl once. We only knew each other for a couple weeks before she came to me saying her ex had abused her. I dropped everything, and worked pretty hard for the next couple months to help her get out of the situation. Yes, she was attractive. No, I didn’t end up with her. But at the same time, neither did her ex. Now, a couple years later, she’s married to another guy, and very appreciative of how I helped her. And I would do it again in a second.
    Am I my brother’s keeper? The answer in this article is a resounding NO. It’s funny how ROK likes to use Biblical principles in some articles, but completely disregards them in others.

      1. I don’t know if you’re being difficult, or if you don’t actually see the theme behind the story. Yes, they are a little different. Cain was lying about murdering Abel. But there still is a pertinent theme in that story,

        1. The Bible is not a mere story book. There are themes that are present. Tell me. How are the “fruits of the spirit” present in this article? Or going further. How is this loving your enemies?

        2. Religion is a tool to control how people act and think. Look up social programming if you have the stomach for it.

        3. The bible is full of examples manipulative female behavior. But if you’re a mangina then you might want to deflect.

        4. Haha absolutely. Women are very manipulative. That’s where feminism has its roots. But I fail to see how, if I try to care about other people in the world besides just myself (to be honest, I’m not very good at it), that makes me a mangina. Thank you for your criticism though.

        5. In your mind you’re conflating caring about other people with allowing yourself to be manipulated by women.

        6. Ah. No. I watch for that. That’s where our misunderstanding is. I understand the difference between being manipulated, and being caring. In some cases, it may be subtle.
          If this article was titled “7 reasons you shouldn’t be manipulated by women”, and addressed that, I would agree.

    1. “Being a white knight won’t get you the girl, so I disagree that you should not white knight”.

      1. So you’re only going to help a woman if she pays you with sex? That’s a healthy attitude. Oh, and totally unbiblical.

        1. Screw your religion.
          And, yes, ultimately everything we do is so that we may one day procreate. Sex is the real currency of the world.

        2. How very Freud of you.
          I would actually appreciate if ROK would say “Screw your religion”. Then they would at least be more consistent.

    2. Her ex is just abusing another ‘victim’. Are you going to save her as well? And the one after that?

      1. One thing with feminism is that real victimhood is undermined, which is a serious problem. She may have done things earlier that I don’t know about to propagate the abuse. But when he’s 60 pounds heavier than her, and leaving bruises all over her body and face, I’d say something is wrong. That’s a pretty one sided fight.
        And yes. If I’m put in a situation where I can make a marked difference in someone’s life, I hope I have the balls to help. Every time. Of course, every situation has to be evaluated, whether interference will actually help, or whether there actually is a problem in the first place. And I hope I have the morality and humanity to help out without expecting a reward, whether it be sexual favour or something else.

        1. Regardless of who’s hitting who, she made the choice to be with someone who abused her. Was she somehow forced or coerced to be with him? No. So why potentially put your head on the chopping block because of the crappy choices of a relative stranger?

        2. Ok sure. We’re talking about different situations here though. There is a tendency for women to go back into or stay in abusive relationships. That’s a serious problem, and very hard to address.
          However, in this situation, according to her, this was the first time it happened. And judging by how scared she was (some thing you can’t fake), and how much she wanted to get away from him, and the fact that she got away and stayed away from him, I believe her.
          Also note, at this point it was her ex-fiance. She had already made the choice to get away from him.

        3. It is one sided, but not in the way you think. She chose to stay. She could leave at any time, but she chose to stay. She WANTS to be with that guy, or she would not be. Women never stay with men without getting something out of it.

        4. Ahem. She chose to leave. It was her ex, who was now causing trouble for her after she told him to pound salt.

        5. Why was an ex in a position to be abusive. Unless he is criminal, the only way it could happen is if she willingly chose to be alone with him. And if he is, then why was she ever with him in the first place?

        6. “That’s a serious problem, and very hard to address.”
          If so, why do you, a single man who’s basically a stranger to her and in whom she has no investment, think you can fix it?
          Women wanted Big Daddy Government to look after them, and took away a lot of men’s rights to ensure that happens. They have refuges, women’s advocates, police, restraining orders, and a compliant judiciary to attend to their every need. Leave it the fuck to them. That’s why they rip your taxes out of you.
          Seriously, you were a fucking suicidal idiot to do something like this. You intervened in a situation when you had no idea how violent the guy was and you had no idea whether you trying to be a hero would “make a marked difference in someone’s life”, to put it in your words. If she was scared as fuck of the guy, don’t you think she had good reason to be? What makes you think you’re bulletproof? Or knifeproof? Or punchproof, one-punch deaths being a not uncommon thing these days?

        7. Keep reading my comment you quoted. This situation was different. Why? She had already left him; then he got violent. As opposed to: he got violent, she left for a while, then went back.
          Thank you for calling me a fucking suicidal idiot. I appreciate you thinking that I have the balls to stand up and try stop injustices, even when there’s harm to myself. Really, I do.
          Also, you really know nothing of the situation. You don’t know me, or her, or the people around me who would step in the second I said I needed help. No, I’m not bulletproof. The risks I take are calculated, and I seek to mitigate danger when I can. Yes, they are still risks. But I accept that.
          “Blessed are the peacemakers…”

        8. “Thank you for calling me a fucking suicidal idiot. I appreciate you thinking that I have the balls to stand up and try stop injustices, even when there’s harm to myself. Really, I do.”
          There’s an old picture of a buffalo sprinting up a set of train tracks into the path of an oncoming locomotive. The caption to that photo is as follows: I admire your courage, but I question your judgment.

        9. I’m not sure if you choose to ignore most of my comments, or just key in on one thing and forget about the rest. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter.

        10. Good points. Also, men need to realize that they are only hearing (usually) one side of the story. Plenty of these women are a little off in the head and they create drama in their lives. They are with men like these men (abusive) because they crave the drama, have mental issues, a bad family life, etc…
          The new drama in their lives is seeking another man (a new victim) to pull them out of their mess.
          My advice to young men is to stay clear of women who have this baggage. It’s not worth the time or money. A buddy will appreciate (and remember) your help. A woman will forget about it in 5 minutes and she’ll even create a delusional new world where it never happened.

        11. Too many young men have been programmed to take these actions as a “default”. Women, now, take advantage of it.
          Men need to reprogram themselves and think before they act. By default, a woman will always be the victim and she’ll act that way (no matter if she is the guilty party). Men have to realize they are only getting one side of the story with any woman (and most of them lie about the situation).

        12. Don’t listen to those guys Mike. You did the right thing, and if I were in your situation I would’ve done the same. It’s not your fault you can’t get them to understand that not all (or even most) women are the shrill, emotional, manipulative, bitchy one-dimensional cardboard cutouts that this website will have you believe.

        13. The situation was beyond complicated. In the end, I still managed to help her out. If I hadn’t, who knows what would have happened. I was perfectly willing to do it then, and I’d be perfectly willing to do it now.

        14. That’s what we call a non-answer. If you don’t wanna answer a question, just don’t.

    3. “how ROK likes to use Biblical principles in some articles”
      Apparently you have never read Proverbs 7:

      And beheld among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths, a young man void of understanding.

      From how you described your situation, you might have dodged a bullet.
      On the other hand, you may have some discernment that told you she was okay.

      1. Not sure on the point you are trying to make. I’m not being a dick. I’m interested; just don’t understand.
        And I actually do think I was pretty fortunate with that situation. She could’ve gone back to him, at which point I would have had to back down. Things could’ve gotten worse (they did, until he was arrested and convicted). Things did turn out well in this one situation, which is pretty rare. But I had no idea they would turn out so well going in. And who knows what would have happened if I didn’t help out.

        1. 1) Being a white knight is a not a Christian thing, but part of man’s nature to want to be helpful.
          2) In today’s society, women tend to take advantage of this sort of thing (at the best) and at the worst it’s a “honey-trap” (eg rape accusation, robbery)
          3) To be safe, the only classes of people that a man should help are those people that he is familiar with (relatives, girlfriend, wife. etc), those who can’t help themselves (elderly ,disabled), or those that a retrained gut instinct tells him is okay (discernment; my grandfather was especially good at this)

        2. Sounds like we agree. Being a white knight isn’t Christian. You have to use discernment. But this article has strong overtones of helping nobody unless you are intimate with them.
          I would also add one situation where someone should be helped:
          Emergency situations. Relatively uncommon, but for example if a man happens to witness a rape, or flagrant abuse, he should do what he can to stop it. Of course, this refers to helping both women and men.

    4. Women want equality all of the time but it’s selective equality. They want equal pay for equal work but they only want certain jobs (they don’t want to equally share the load with those other dirty jobs that men do).
      The point here is that men jump in all of the time to help out but women only jump in when they have something to gain from it. Women will be very friendly and nice to men (to get them to help them move something heavy or do some other task) but on a regular basis they wouldn’t even “see” these men. Men, on the other hand, are willingly to help out when they see the need.
      This point (in this article) is too obvious (if you want to see it). Women abuse men (their time and their help) on a regular basis. If you’re ok with it, then it’s your time (and money).
      Most young men need to know that they are being used by women.

    5. Girls often lie about abuse. Did you see him hitting her? Did you see any bruises or other physical evidence?
      Plenty of official channels to help abused women, needing your help seems like an obvious lie.
      Nowhere for abused men to go though!

  7. Good. Next time I see a woman stranded on the side of the road I’ll tell her: Honey, first you blow me and then I fix your tire blowout.
    What do you think she’ll do?

    1. Maybe she can use her mobile phone to call the service station to send somebody over to change it for her and pay them $50. Or you can be a tool and get used for free. Then you can offer to buy her a tank of gas. Then wash her car. Simp.

      1. Or have her learn how to change a flat. After all, equality. If not, back to the kitchen.

        1. Woman I know was wining about this the other day. Flat tyre and she waited ages for somebody to stop and help her. She’s not disabled so why can’t she change a tyre herself? Lazy cunt.

      2. He could help her for free, or she could pay Triple A and help a man feed his kids. Or he could help her for free.

  8. I would hesitate to “save” even women I know. Because women won’t listen to men any more, they need to learn the consequences of their own stupid choices in life. As Ben Franklin says, “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other, and scarce at that.”

  9. This article reminds me of what my parents taught me growing up: “If it doesn’t affect you, mind your own business be it in love, finances, family, etc. Worry about yourself first and then others if they desire it.”

    1. That is the most simple, basic and true advice in all cases. Anyone who ever took an airplane knows that you put the oxygen on your own face before even your own children and as for the stranger in the other aisle, if that idiot can’t figure it out it is his fucking problem not yours.

      1. Exactly. I’ve lost count of how many times people have gotten in my face for having this attitude and I don’t even respond simply because if they’re willing to stretch out a knife and hand it to someone who’s willing to slice, it’s not my problem.

  10. I’d like for politicians to stop helping women at men’s expense. Even conservative politicians do this indirectly because they have given a pass to all the corruptions of women’s political and sexual freedom – the franchise, abortion, contraception, divorce, premarital sexual relationships and so forth. Frankly I think that restricting women’s right to vote would accomplish the conservatives’ goal of shrinking the government: Women outnumber men, and in a democracy women tend to vote on the margin for politicians who offer them government programs to replace their dependency on yucky husbands.

    1. I’ve been telling others this same thing lately. It’s obvious that laws and policies have gotten more “feels” based. Giving women the right to vote has shifted politics farther away from rationale and more towards emotion based ideals.

  11. If you want to save someone, start with people that can’t truly help themselves, like the elderly. At least they should have enough wisdom and maturity to thank you for it. Unless it’s Scrooge, then you’re fucked.

    1. True. I only help people with physical deformities (no legs, facial disfigurement, etc.). And there are plenty of those to go around.

      1. A girl with no arms and no legs once told me all she wanted in the world was to get fucked. I threw her in the ocean. Boy was she fucked.

        1. Sadly, a girl with no arms would be sweeter than your average Westernized woman.
          She wouldn’t be able to cook though, which would be problematic for me.

        2. Who knows. You constantly display douchebaggery on RoK, so I supposed you were serious.

        3. Indeed because due to her low SMV. If a higher status guy falls for her, you’ll be nexted so fast.

        4. I display no such thing. I am honest and live by a philosophical and moral code that puts me in the center of the universe. I don’t think I have threatened violence in the past….I am not advocating hurting cripples. I just don’t see any reason that their being broken makes me responsible to help.

        5. “I am honest and live by a philosophical and moral code that puts me in the center of the universe”
          Out of interest Is that the origin of your interest in Nietzsche? Are you a thelemite of some sort or just looking out for no. 1 as a rule of thumb?

        6. I can’t say it is the origin in my interest in Nietzsche or that it is a result of it. It has been so long and truthfully, as for my philosophical interests, Nietzsche is just one in a pantheon of people, often who are opposed to one another, that I find interesting.
          If I had to put it in the most simple terms I would say that in the absence of a world where something like God makes sense people have to put that very natural human instinct to worship something somewhere.
          Most people seem to put that focus on celebrities or consumerism or social media…some put it in the educational system, their jobs, some idea of community, a collective of like minded people (hunters or techies or race cars)…I have just taken the human instinct to worship something greater than myself and have aimed it at an idealized version of my self which I try to get closer to at each and every opportunity.
          As I type this I think I will, paraphrasing Dante’s use of Virtuous Pagans to talk about good people who couldn’t be saved because they lived before Christ, call myself a noble narcissist

        7. thanks for an honest answer. I’m actually in two minds about such things. I still believe in charity in principle, but so often it seems to go horribly wrong. I’ve worked for charities, social care etc, and while there can be dividends too often suppressing ones ego can result in dishonesty to the self – and more often than not those who work in the helping professions end up being resentful or simply hypocritical . Altruism has to be pragmatic or it becomes part of the problem. I don’t think I believe in worshipping the self though, but equally when one fails at caring for the self, and one ignores one’s own needs in favour of another’s the outcome is often disastrous. Its something I think about quite a bit
          I haven’t read Dante – I will need to check out the idea of the noble narcissist

        8. I wouldn’t want to say my way of thinking is better or worse for anyone…it is what I do and it is something I spent time on and frequently revisit as I get older.
          I will say that if you find charity rewarding and that “there can be dividends” and that the downside often comes from dishonesty to your self through suppressing the ego, there is no reason for me to assume that charity isn’t selfish and narcissistic…which is something I long suspect.
          I think everyone, deep down, is self interested to a degree…it is basic human nature…it is when that nature is covered up, subverted, lied about and hidden, for whatever reason, that people seem to get all wonky.
          I think the extreme nature of absolute narcissism masked by charity is like Bono from U2 or Angelina Jolie and Madonna buying African babies and shit like that.
          As for the noble narcissist, that is my creation. The virtuous pagan is Dante. However, I think the inferno ought to be required reading for all men.

        9. “I think everyone, deep down, is self interested to a degree…it is
          basic human nature…it is when that nature is covered up, subverted,
          lied about and hidden, for whatever reason, that people seem to get all
          That’s very much what I’ve come to believe, but I’m still working out the implications, for myself and in terms of the wider politics of the thing.
          The nature of hidden narcissistic reward and other such unregistered payoffs is something that needs a lot more investigation, but we don’t exactly live in an open society when it comes to investigating narcissism / hypocrisy. There is a lot of work to do, not least because society seems to be increasingly organised around concealing rather laying bare such hidden dynamics

        10. All very true. you can, however, conduct the investigation inwardly without any external trouble…just your own defense mechanisms in the way. It leads back to my self interest. I can’t investigate, much less change society…I can, however, exert some degree of self control.
          I would love to play short stop for a major league baseball team. However, that isn’t realistic. I am not going to put on the uniform and show up at the ballpark. Likewise, I would love for the world to be the way I think it ought to be, my weltschmetz is strong, but I am not putting on the uniform and faking it.
          I have a real opportunity to effect change in myself. To be both, as they say, the sculptor and sculpture and that is something I want to work, in earnest, at.
          It is not for everyone. I literally have no friends. I have acquaintances and some bartenders and restaurant people who like me because I tip well and I have a revolving cast of one off cum dumpsters but I am essentially very much alone. I enjoy that. Some people would not. But both my philosophical and practical decisions lead to that.
          My biggest problem with altruism or, for that matter, any form of giving a shit is that it is so deeply ingrained in us that we should care for people that I am suspicious of it. When there is something ingrained that is contrary to evolutionary biology or psychology I have to wonder who put it there. Often times it is the church or the government and I have no reason to want anything to do with that.
          All that bowing and kneeling and cheek turning and charity shit comes from a place that isn’t helpful for me.
          Ultimately, this is what works for me. Every man needs to find their own way. What worries me is that so many people don’t do this. They just enter the world and hope for the best rather than thinking about the world and making decisions based on their best judgment.

        11. “you can, however, conduct the investigation inwardly without any
          external trouble…just your own defense mechanisms in the way. It leads
          back to my self interest.”
          I can relate to most of what you describe, including the need to isolate oneself from distraction in order to live with some measure of control / self-sufficiency – for me at least it is mainly about control. Working on oneself is always going to be the starting point, sure, and I agree that self-knowledge / improvement in that sense is most probably going to involve discovering / dealing with defense mechanisms, something that may well involve work that is somewhat uncomfortable. No doubt failing to do that work will lead one towards an unwarranted externalisation / projection of problems etc, that may lead one nowhere, but equally not everything is an internal issue – it is simply as perhaps you suggest that it is ourselves, our own minds and bodies that we have control over – that must always be the point of departure.
          I’m reminded of a passage from Freud I’ve been trying to re-locate for some time in which he describes the origin of self-awareness as arising when an animal experiences pain or other stimulus – hunger or an ache – and then imagines that animal trying to run away from that stimulus: such a creature only realises the issue lies within on discovering there is no running away. Of course if the stimulus in question is hunger it might also be true to say the solution does not lie within but without: the animal in question must look beyond its own self: to forage or hunt. So the turn inward is necessary, but so also perhaps is the turn outwards. At the risk of becoming trite, one has to investigate inwardly to understand what lies without, but also the other way round.
          When it comes to issues relating to a restraint on ego, or self-determination then I think those tasks are one. Why do we have a superego? Are we responsible for our own altruism etc, or did someone else put it there? I’d say so long as we live in a society with any kind of value system then its a pretty sure bet that someone else put it there so to speak. But still I’m against any kind of knee-jerk reaction in this sense. If we’ve been taught to give up our best interests for some supposedly pro-social reason that we might have reason to be suspicious of, then its certainly imperative to look at what is going on there with a view to determining where our interests actually lie, but still it’s not wrong to ask ourselves equally where ‘the good’ lies in all of this. Once we become conscious of such mechanisms whereby we may have been deceived etc we have the opportunity in light of that consciousness of deciding how to proceed, whether to continue, abandon or modify that behaviour. I think that’s another way of saying that every man has to find his own way, and yes, too few seem inclined to do that.

        12. Well said. It is not trite in the least to suggest that inward investigation is necessary for understanding that which lies outside of us. It is a very old idea. Heraclitus nicely put it when he said “i went in search of myself” playing with the subject and object of actively going to find oneself…Heraclitus is beautifully complicated. It is again restated in the often misunderstood Delphic maxim which people say is “know thyself” but which the original greek, gnothi seauton, is better translated as recognize yourself…and breaking down recognize to re-cognize…The idea that inner reflection is necessary is an idea that predates even plato by some few hundred years and is brought up again with the neo platonics and early fathers of the church like Aristotle who, relying on faith that man is created in the image of god suggest that people better understand themselves in order to understand the divine.
          I am not against learning about the outside world. I am friendless, but not a hermit. I just see friendship as a reciprocal responsibility between adults and I am simply too selfish for that. I do, however, interact with people and study them and, to a large extent, can usually predict their actions and reactions….also I can get women much younger than me to remove their clothing and do filthy things they ought to be ashamed of…all of that is great.
          The problem is what I like to call the McDonaldization of Consciousness. People get fat because it is just much easier to grab a big mac than it is to cook nutritious food and eat right. Likewise, people live their whole life grabbing at the easiest possible thing — no self reflection, blow jobs from fat bitches, dead end job that isn’t fulfilling but pays enough to prop up a system of minimum payments and occasional new toys….rather than opt for something more complicated but, in the end, far more valuable.

        13. Thanks. I’ve heard a lot about Heraclitus but have never read his work (or the neo-platonists for that matter) although I will when I get the chance. The translation issue re. know / recognize one-self is an interesting one, which I imagine could have substantial implications. Self-knowledge can I suppose be understood as self-examination, but it can also perhaps be understood as naval-gazing perhaps, as an idle rather than a practical pursuit – a reflection perhaps echoed in your paraphrasing of marx in the german ideology – “philosophers have only interpreted the world whereas the point is to fuck young women and get them to do filthy things”
          my point here isn’t entirely flippant. Self-knowledge as naval gazing doesn’t necessarily go anywhere, it has no necessary product perhaps. Maybe the same is true of self-recognition as well, except it reminded me of something I was reading a while back in respect to Hegel who as far as I understand (which may not be very far as I have not read him deeply) understands recognition as something motivated rather than purely intellectual. I’m thinking of the master / slave dialectic (which again I know of imperfectly) insofar as the dynamic involves a quest for recognition, a recognition which of course involves knowing oneself, but through the eyes of the other. Later psychologists like Cooley would refer to the looking glass self with respect to how we would come to see ourselves not through our own eyes but through those of others. The desire for recognition then becomes both a motivator for self-knowledge and something distortive perhaps – we want to be recognized as something we as yet are not? So what becomes of self-knowledge then: facebook likes, social approbation, and that same macdonaldization of consciousness that fails to separate knowledge from validation. Yet, failing to allow for this other wilful side to self-knowledge also leads to misidentification of ourselves as un-creaturely.
          Actually I quite like the idea of being a hermit. I always liked the idea of being Simeon Stylites stuck up there on his pillar – he is exposed to the elements, which is less than desirable but he has a fantastic view, and what a soap-box for shouting at the world

        14. It’s alright. You’ll be in the highest circle of the inferno along with the good pagans, like Plato and Seneca. I suspect Nietzsche might be listening to Wagner there, hey, it’s not that bad company, is it?

        15. Society wouldn’t actually function very effectively without a degree of “necessary” hypocrisy. Just like the capacity to love, the capacity to be truthful is a state quite selective that one uses with discernment learnt by often bitter experience.

        16. Individually we often avoid hard or unpleasant truths as a way of keeping our heads above water emotionally or otherwise. One could call that a kind of necessary or rational self-deception, and I would say something similar happens at the societal level. What interests me here though is the way altruistic motives may disguise egotistical motives either in part or whole. Partial self-interest probably goes without saying – there are perhaps no ‘pure’ motives in reality – but when the selfish or self-interested reason preponderates – is the real reason for the action done – then I would say that vitiates any value such an action might have as altruistic. If we are always self-interested to a great extent it would be better to reconceive altruism as some kind of shared self-interest. If you leap into the water to save a drowning man risking your own life in the process a part of you recognises that beyond a sense of Kantian duty you may also be aware of the consequences for your own conscience (selfish or unselfish?) or in terms of social judgement that might follow were you do nothing. I don’t see why recognising this to an extent would remove any kind of psychologically necessary ‘protective factor’. One could still maintain a sense of right / ethical action, but it would be on a slightly different basis

        17. I believe human beings do have real altruistic instincts that are outside of any egoistical self interest, even those interests that can be disguised behind so-called good deeds.
          I remember talking to old timers on the Greek Island of Naxos who remembered the Nazi occupation telling me how strangers had on occasions volunteered to have themselves substituted into a firing squad line up, so as to save the life of someone they didn’t even know, so the other person could live. I find such self sacrifice even more altruistic than the person who jumps into a fasting moving river to save another person they don’t know, as this is a purely instinctive response, where as the former was a conscious decision taken in the full knowledge of the outcome.
          The other fact that cannot be ignored is that people actually feel a deep sense of goodness when they give either their time, money or perhaps just their company to a fellow human being. You cannot equate this sense of goodness with egoistical self interest as there’s no self interest involved in such relationships. Sure, cynical people will say it makes you feel good, but, that’s not the point, as making you feel worthy and good as a human being in such instances are perhaps intimations of are truer, better or higher selves that most of us have long since forgotten since our childhood days.

        18. I jest. Perhaps we’re all in purgatory. I like Milton on a similar theme whose Satan informs us that “the mind can mak’it a heaven or hell out of life”

        19. I’d certainly like to believe that is true. Your example on Naxos was exceptional perhaps. Was it duty, a sense of the good, or simply a refusal to submit to evil? For the most part there is no need to over-examine such things.
          Some types of heroism though will almost certainly be at best mixed in terms of motives – it isn’t cynicism necessarily to point out that. Even if your example is a question of duty / instinct / being moved to act from ‘pity’ or whatever then in most instances of heroism there will also be ‘hidden motives’ that will be all the more effective for being hidden. These could be rewards, material, narcissistic or as you point out more ‘spiritual’ rewards that perhaps should not be exempt from a cynical evaluation, but equally we may be moved to act by instincts which might not entirely be our own so to speak. In this neck of the woods one of the things we come up against time and time again is the notion of the white knight, the idea that men will sacrifice themselves for some sense of either duty, or anticipated (sexual?) reward that in light of changed circumstances (or alternatively political ‘consciousness’) may be considered misplaced, or exploitational of the men concerned. In many ways the white knight is a good example of the complexities of altruism, precisely because now we are conscious of the issue there appear to be so many factors involved, and the ethics of the situation are no longer clear. Rescuing a pretty girl will never again be a straightforward act of altruism, even if it might still be the right / decent thing to do in some circumstances. A pregnant lady, an old woman / man? Maybe one can still act rightly simply on account of humanity, as presumably was the case in your example, but as you suggest this is only achieved in that instant because it appears to have been a fully concious decision on the part of those who sacrificed themselves, presumably without regard for the kind of micropolitics of politics, ethics, psychology that I’ve just described.
          For the most part though i think the real motives of altruism are disguised. This may or may not matter. It isn’t necessarily a question of corruption, but of complexity, where that complexity may perhaps matter more than was thought to be the case. Having said that I would also note the truism that believing people to be good might in itself be self-fulfilling as a policy if not necessarily in each individual instance, as good is met with good, evil with evil. Is the exhortation to ‘know thyself’ then bad policy perhaps?

        20. γνῶθι σεαυτόν. Know thyself. The only people who ever knew themselves were does whom precisely lived in complete ignorance of this credo which has been churned out by every pop psychologist and self help guru since the 1960s. You take any young lad living in 15th century Florence and he’d know himself a 100 times more through his family, hereditary, social class, religion and professional craft and trade than any of us could ever hope to know. If you ask this question to a modern educated university student and they look inwardly to know who they are and guess what most will find nothing to identity with and as a result the act of “knowing” is mostly a void experience. They’ll revert, with perhaps a degree prudence and insecurity to the ideals of the manufactured self we see all around us in the modern world which are mostly produced by some ideology or by the market forces of being some type of successful player. Needless to say, I don’t value this time honored maxim very much anymore.
          On the issue of altruism, like crime, it boils down to motivation. If there’s no motivation relating to self interest it’s then difficult in my opinion to argue against the real presence of altruism that does exist in the world. It’s the pure reward of just living as a better human being on occasions like this, that remind you, that generosity and kindness can be their own rewards. I don’t agree about the notion of a disguise being used a facade to feed our own narcissism as this state by definition breaks down and disappears in the act of relating to others in the act or “gift” of sharing.

        21. In agreement with a lot of that, particularly with regard to modern identity being almost entirely manufactured, although if your cynicism about our capacity to “know ourselves’ is right, then perhaps as an imperative it becomes more vital still: if we are fake and produced in the smithy of identity politics and consumerism shouldnt we be all the more concerned to strip that away, even if means there’s nothing left at the end of the process. Not quite sure why you chose 15th Century Florence of all places – I am sure your young lad would indeed know himself in terms of all those dimensions of arguably genuine identity – but of course Florence however civilized was also a hotbed of machiavellianism and manipulation. Such a strong identity wouldn’t necessarily ensure who to trust in the moment, but yes I imagine that such a person, almost any person before the last century or two (before industrialisation at least) would have had a strong sense of rootedness, of belonging, of caste or class – that’s the other more positive side of social immobility. Back then we were all rooted into position, and now being all notionally the same we are all interchangible (even if that is ultimatley a lie) but with increasingly little in the way of a sense of roots. The question arises though if there is something in between that can provide us with that sense of rootedness with a greater sense of certainty: often that quest for an identity with a strong basis leads us back to the question of ‘the good’, morality, religion or whatever happens to be ones poison.
          Performing duty, pursuing what is good, doing right, being altruistic etc, are all forms of idealism though. The ought rather than the is. I think we can hold the two separately from one another at least to investigate what is in fact the case, with respect to the latter. I agree that altruism boils down to motivation. I’m suggesting that we don’t always know our motivations, and that when we learn something more about them, we often find that they are less pure than we suspected. The case of working for charity is a (slightly crude) case in point perhaps: in this case you wish to pursue a morally rewarding profession rather than a materially rewarded one. Except people don’t work for love alone. They work for money. My contention would be that they do not always know which one of the two pursuits they are engaged in.
          In a sense though, the problem is also the problem of self-awareness / self-knowing itself. Plato’s just man performs right with no expectation of reward, even in the next life if there is one. He simply does what is good. But the more conscious we becomes of the politics of the thing the less it is possible to simply do good. We are always aware of how we look so to speak

        22. Plato’s good man is a pure fiction. Modernity dictates that we cannot know the true meaning of good until we’ve tasted the joys and bitterness of evil. His good man would do “good things” that would be evil to the majority of people. He’s an example of the indoctrinated SJW or Communist party official who signs off on the death warrants of “counter revolutionizes” in the name of a greater or Utopian good that will eventually arrive for all humanity. He’s a deluded innocent who’s nevertheless a very evil person despite his good deeds. Plato was incorrect on this notion. Modern history proves him wrong.
          As I said earlier, the notion of altruism can simply relate to the communal feeling of bringing a sense of caring to other human beings who we relate to in some measure in our own being, and this is it’s own reward. I don’t see any reason to ascribe ulterior or narcissistic motivations behind these acts.

        23. there is indeed a totalitarian tendency in plato’s thought, and criticism of it in the vein of popper may have some justice, but the notion of the good in the republic was just one notion of the good – why do we have to throw out the baby with the bathwater? We were talking of the just / good man rather than the state (even if they are related in Plato’s schema) – he’s not necessarily universalising his notion of good / right / justice for everyone as a philosopher king might, but he is a philosopher king with respect to the domain of his own soul (which rightly is not a democracy). This soul he governs by reason to suppress uncontrolled desire, or unreasoned action. I’m not sure where a sense of caring would come into that. Perhaps its some other part of the soul, or the part of our reason that recognises that others are similarly constituted and of similiar worth. In this schema one would want to ensure that one was guided more by ‘reason’ – if such a thing exists – than by passion, emotion or desire. People like Damasio have tried to move away from the idea that reason is separate from emotion / passion i.e. they (the reasoning mind and the impassioned body) inform and influence each other. Whether this is so with respect to being just or altruistic is less clear. A just man might be less altruistic if he thinks the latter tendency depends on ‘passion’ perhaps, which might include unclear or mixed motives.
          I don’t see examining such motives as cynical or as necessarily diminishing of (supposedly) selfless acts. We live in a manipulated world, where the rich dole out charity in the form of philanthrophy and seem to get richer in the process (thus making the world more rather than less unjust). Maybe we should give those selfless people in Naxos the benefit of the doubt for being prepared to sacrifice themselves but should we give Bill Gates, Soros, Buffett etc the benefit of the doubt too for something that involves no real sacrifice?

        24. With Plato it’s nay impossible to remove the notion of the State as the substratum that underpins the actions of the Just Ruler, the Philosopher King and the Guardians in his ideal State. It’s difficult to believe that the just actions of such people would be purely altruistic and “disinterested” in say the Kantian manner. His rather dictatorial approach to educational matters could hardly be defined as a program that’s impartial and disinterested? What would happen if certain citizens did’t approve of it? Would they be banished from the ideal State? Executed? And how could these actions be attributable to the Just Ruler? Popper’s point about Plato’s Republic being the template for Communism is a salient and highly relevant one in light of the 20th century’s flirtations with the ideal State on both sides of the equation. The problem with the Just Ruler or Philosopher King is that they may think they’re just, even if they’re not, and history has shown us that such leaders will use violence and force to bring about their “Justice and Goodness” to their own citizens, which is of course the definition of a tyranny. The Communism of Stalin is a perfect example of this lunacy.
          I think altruistic and justice are two very different reactions and attitudes to the world. The former is primarily a natural and spontaneous (emotive) response while the latter is given to ideological imperatives to act in a prescribed and often inauthentic manner. I don’t necessarily have any issue with very wealthy people giving money to the less well off, as pragmatically the recipients are in a better position because of the intervention of the wealthy donors. Who care’s about their motivation or the lack of sacrifice they make, besides none of us can answer this question?

        25. Maybe focusing too much on the totalitarian aspects of Plato’s thought is a totalitarian way of reading Plato? I’m in two minds as to the centrality of the system laid out in the Republic. If you read Nietzsche do you take what you want from him, or lay yourself down before the entire edifice, if that is even possible? There are many who regard Popper as having misread Plato, but fair enough, the idea of the good is supposed to be something which should be discernible to all with the right faculties of perception. But anyone who’s tackled the Kantian categorical imperative faces the same problem: the contentlessness of the maxim’s to be universalised. How is that different from some idea of the good? Well potentially its different because Kant wasn’t talking about a utopian republic ruled over by a philosopher king, but is it really so different? The categorical imperative arguably accesses that same realm of the good, the rational, via duty. The fact that it may resemble the golden rule hasn’t stopped some from seeing Kant as a progenitor of the nazi / totalitarian experiment. So what do we have: Plato, Kant, Rousseau,Hegel – all implicated as potential theorists of of totalitarianism, and of course Nietzsche as a providing the wherewithall for nazism for good measure. My point isn’t that Plato doesn’t have a totalitarian tendency – all thinkers who see good, reason etc as potentially singular and applicable for all have that tendency. As far as I’m concerned Popper got it right for Marx, and was on shakier ground with respect to the others.
          With respect to the idea of the just ruler, while I respect the fact that that may have been an integral part of the platonic system that is not something I myself am interested in, as I am believer in democracy myself. There are many here who believe in the possibility of monarchical rule, of the benevolent despot / dictator variety. I consider that a mistake, regardless of whether its based upon the ideal of the philosopher king or otherwise. But I see no reason why one shouldn’t combine Platonism with democracy including with regard to the potential of education for the demos: Simone Weil did. Weil was a Platonist and an absolute believer in the possibility of all people to understand what they needed to understand in order to make reasonably informed decisions (although in this she may well have been an idealist)
          On the other hand there have been others who have believed in plato such as Leo Strauss who have preached both Plato and democracy (albeit it an arguably corrupt and deceptive form): the point is that Plato can, will and has been used by all and sundry for every purpose under the sun. One might also mention the western esotericist tradition who have borrowed heavily from neo-platonism and other greek philosophical and mystery schools, although in fairness there is often a strong elitist element in such thinking – ascended masters aren’t entirely a different kettle of fish from the philosopher kings perhaps
          Re. your schema for altruism vs justice based thinking I’m half inclined to agree, but equally one could think of altruism as rationality based (in a utilitarian sense) and perhaps therefore closer to justice based thinking (c.f. ) whereas what you describe as a natural and spontaneous (emotive) response could perhaps be seen as compassion or pity as something more empathy based. In a sense I would be more inclined to conced that an empathy based action could be genuinely self-less or absent of any other kind of self-interested calculation than an altruistic action, as the latter might be seen as being at least partly pragmatic / rational
          Re. wealthy people being altruistic in their philanthropy I’m less inclined to agree with you here. The point here for me is that as they give away they seem to get richer. A philanthropist who denuded himself of wealth might well be considered selfless in his altruism, but that is not obviously what we see here. Gates & his wife give to their foundation. Likewise Soros (and Buffett?). Philanthopy and foundations are a very effective way of serving self-interest beyond crude accumulation of capital / wealth. Foundations provide opportunity for power and wealth beyond that that could be wielded by a typical plutocrat. Soros is the great example here. The influence he wields through his Open Society foundation (the irony here being that he acts in every way as a philosopher king does while indemnifying himself as a defender of democracy and the open society) is far greater than the power he could exert directly as the owner of a mere $27 billion in liquid funds. This is a man whose philanthropy and political initiatives have enabed him to shape the fate of nations for the last half century of so.
          So I agree with you in one respect at least: one can have too much of platonic philosopher kings, whether they infliuence directly or behind the scenes

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        27. I will take your word for it. I only like attractive women. I have no blowjob complaints

        28. Not to mention, having a hungry woman chomping on your parts could lead to disaster.
          There are no parts of my body ever going near a fat girls mouth!

      2. Exceptions would be the fatasses in the scooters. They flip, they flip. As fit as I am, I’m not risking a herniated disc for them.

    2. I can’t stand this shit with the elderly. Fuck them. Being old does not make a person special. If they went through their entire lives and have no one to help them chances are they were shits to begin with. Those elderly people you are talking about are also the ones who planted the seeds to destroy this country. Greatest generation my ass.
      People tend to look at the elderly and think they are wise. Some are…but most of them are just old.

      1. I do disagree with you to some extent, a majority of them are not brought up by the society on how to grow old !, social conditioning is a bitch.A majority are genuinely naive in raising their grand children,Confusion cannot be negotiated across generations.

        1. They shouldn’t be raising their grandchildren. If they are it means they weren’t good parents and created shit children and if they didn’t they wouldn’t be doing it.
          My grandfather, if he ever needed help, there would be a line of people around the corner because he spent his whole life being a great man. If an old person needs help it usually means they are an asshole anyway.
          Giving a pass to the elderly is no different, in my opinion, than giving a pass to a woman…so they are old? who cares.

        2. Can’t fully agree with you here. At least in terms of the elderly some earned a free pass. There are very few women I know who truly earned a free pass. So elderly peeps, lets say 40% earned a free pass… just to be generous. Now with women? Let’s say maybe 4% truly earned a free pass. Big diff right?

        3. Yes but the elderly who earned a free pass, for the most parts, lived lives conducive to them not needing help in their golden years. If they don’t need help then don’t help them and if they do, chances are, they don’t deserve it.

      2. I’ve learned the hard way, the elderly, disabled people, et al are just as big of pieces of shit on more occasions than I’d like to admit. Just had this both elderly & disabled guy (no lower right leg.. guessing diabetes looking at his disgusting feet) apparently wring out his swim shorts into my fucking left shoe that was partially tucked under the bench in the gym locker room while I was in the shower.
        I had to wait for this guy to get off the bench to access my locker, so after waiting 2-3 minutes, and him asking if I needed to get where he was, he had dressed and walked out with a walker and his prosthetic attached. Got dried off, dressed, was putting shoe on and the whole damn thing was completely soaked obviously by this asshole who had wet swim trunks on, and likely threw a fit bc my shoe was on the floor in the way of his walker. Funny, nice to my face, even had brief friendly convo with him, but a fucking total pile of shit to a total stranger’s shit. We’re finally getting to point where these POS baby boomers are all old enough to encroach on GenXers or younger with their shitty entitled ways. Fuck them all.

        1. I am with you here G-Rock.
          No Pussy Pass
          No Oldie Pass
          No Gimp Pass

        2. Cripple. I am very sorry if you are in a wheelchair but I am going to work so gtfo of my way

      3. Living to old age is only an accomplishment when there are no cops and people have been trying to kill you your whole life.

        1. I don’t care about all that. But living past where you can wipe your own ass is a shame

      4. ” Those elderly people you are talking about are also the ones who planted the seeds to destroy this country”
        If you are talking about the aging baby boomers then I agree. I am however, more inclined to help an old guy who genuinely is in a bad way than some young, ditzy trollop with her tits hanging out.

        1. I know it sounds shitty, but the only person I’m looking to help is me.

  12. I don’t mind helping anyone if it doesn’t take too long, male/female. I do it because I don’t want to be a douchebag. Since I am only attracted to a certain type of girl, I’m not sending any vibe that I’m into her anyway. It’s rare I even see an attractive girl each day.

  13. Are you brazilian by any chance, lad?
    The guy on the #7 gave his life away in front of a church. Very morbid and dramatic.

    1. Another reason to get as much money out of the welfare state as possible. Take a bite out of the beast instead of feeding it.

        1. The correct answer is to be pretty and pleasant enough for a man to willingly feed and clothe you and provide for your kids, dear. But I suspect this is too late in your case.

        2. Yup! According to RoK criterias I’m certainly one of the numerous women who should starve to death.

        3. We don’t actually wish for anyone specific to starve. But you must give men reason to spend money on you if you want them to do so. It’s all on you sweetie.

      1. What are you talking about? You’re acting like women have branches of the legal system that pander almost exclusively to them, while marginalizing men in the process. Oh wait…. But seriously, this society has created a legion of women who will not only play the victim at every opportunity (progressive women my balls), but will DEMAND help from “the Man”, in order to get financial retribution for getting their feelings hurt. And these are the same “women” that claim to want equality. Must be nice living a life of perpetual delusion.

        1. What Ryu is saying is the fact Anglo/westernized women make their own drama and troubles, only to expect outside help for their own self-inflicted problems.

        2. >You’re acting like women have branches of the legal system that pander almost exclusively to them
          … but they do.

      2. That’s the truth. If you see a man beating on a woman you’ve got to remember that SHE PICKED THE GUY, AND IS SLEEPING IN THE BED SHE MADE! Also, in nearly all of dometic violence cases answered by police, it was the woman who started the fight. (Either it got out of her control, or she did it on purpose so she COULD call the police as part of her psycho-drama.)

        1. I had an Aunt like that. Her boyfriend regularly beat her and she would call my family to borrow money to get the locks changed because, “She was finally done with him”. She would then also need money to bail him out of jail (after she had placed him there), and after he arrived home she would promptly give him the key to the new locks.
          Now mind you, this happened every 8-12 months
          To make a long story short, they’ve been married for about 20 years now…

        2. I’ve mentioned here before about my time working at the Domestic Violence Court in my city. It’s accepted that women are the 99% of the instigators, and the system crucifys men just to clear the dockets. When you consider that around the entire country, it’s the same story about women and domestic violence, you have to conclude that there’s a behaviour attributable to thier simply being women. Psychiatry works because human mental conditions are predictable. Women’s behaviour is predictable in the same sense.

  14. Just think to yourself “if she was a man would you still help her ? ” it saves you alot of trouble

    1. That’s a nice advice. I use it.
      Another one is, if you can, to masturbate before considering doing something for a woman. It will depolute your mind.

      1. As much as this site deplores it masturbation has saved me from many an std , baby , and other bad decisions

        1. I think the critique on “no fap” is that if you are not overall and well-roundedly ready to stop wanking, you should keep wanking.
          Being horny can be an outright fucking dangerous and life-destroying thing.
          I know from experience. I had a simple life in my 20s when, after some extremely horrible experiences, would wank every day, even if I was not feeling like it, as a means of shutting down attraction. Yeah it gets old.
          But one year I decided to give up that daily habit.
          I won’t get into detail. Let me just say that being curled up in a ball bouncing between “OMG what have I done” and “God please just kill me now” was the result.
          Thankfully I’m older now and taking advantage of that “reduced testosterone” that the system wants to make us afraid of.

        2. That’s a Feminine trait “letting out and showing everyone how you feel” nonsense

        3. yes.
          I know this site and religions and society rag on masturbation as pure evil….though funny side note the bible never mentions masturbation not even once. that said what is rarely and I do mean rarely talked about if ever is the effect of holding it in.
          if a man doesnt have a regular release of semen….the effects are purely randomly chaotic. its controlled chaos at best.
          if a man has been used to masturbating or releasing semen on a regular basis and suddenly stops? his mind is going to flip the fuck out worse than any hard drug.
          Im not saying its a healthy thing if you’re addicted and Im not even really pro porn as that can be devastating on its own right and is basically prostitution….but on the other hand blue balls can cause a man to flip the fuck out and feel like they are bouncing off walls all the while they must ask themselves….”why am I putting up with this when in under 5 minutes I could feel better?”

        4. NEVER got that, it’s all in your head. There’s something called wet dreams which naturally releases the semen also masturbation en masse is a fairly new thing

        5. masturbation is NOT A NEW THING….oh my if you think that LOLOLOL
          wet dreams are randomish. they tend to occur when its built up to the point where you cannot hold it in anymore aka you piss your pants.
          and im going to call BS….most men who dont release themselves will get irritated quickly. its called hormones and chemicals bud.

        6. It being popular or encouraged is a new thing which is what I said.
          Care to post any biological information backing any this up? Seems contradictory considering it’s a monthly cycle
          You only get irritated when there’s high levels of estrogen or stress in your body. Seems you got a problem LOL if that’s the case.

        7. its not a monthly cycle buddy. men need to relieve themselves more than once a month. I dont know what straight man will say otherwise.
          and estrogen is not the only thing that irritates people…..got some proof saying that estrogen is the only irritant???? cause thats a load of BS and we all know it.

        8. LOL
          But too correct, then yeah you gotta problem. How did men survive pre 1980’s?
          High levels of estrogen makes you angry easily it’s also stress that could make you quick tempered

        9. oh I do agree too much estrogen will make a man irritated at the very least. or maybe make him a transsexual.
          that said….men can jack off just fine without porn…the biggest problem american men, especially american men face is most got half their dick cut off when they were born as a result masturbating and sex don’t feel near as amazing as they should so to supplement this i suspect most must rely on porn instead of the 20,000 nerves they would have if they had not gotten their foreskins cut off by sick fucks masquerading around as doctors.
          i know Im not alone when I say masturbating without lube and porn doesnt do anything for me and thats most likely due to a lack of foreskin which foreskin is one of the primary parts to making sexual things enjoyable.
          but then again this all crazy talk….we cant discuss this openly you know. its taboo and everyone is just fine i tell ya, fine!!!

        10. hormones arent static. they should naturally go up and down. its only a problem when they dont rebalance to the right levels i.e. you get back more estrogen than you lose.

        11. That’s the problem unnaturally jump starting hormones for example chronic masturbaters tend to Sutter due to anxiety problems

        12. chronic anything is bad really.
          but look heres the thing….and i speak especially of America. most men got half their dick cut off when they were born….this to be simple ruined their natural sexuality and caused brain damage.
          to this end….because of the natural way sex works, due to missing half their sex organ, many men will actually find masturbation and porn more fulfilling than actual sex with a woman. its a sad reality. but now combine this with the chronic never ending stream of social bullshit feminism liberalism everywhere and its completely possible his woman if you can even call her his, will probably also be withholding sex….not only because she is likely a feminist bitch, but because sex with only half your dick sucks for her too. it is why she will sometimes not be in the mood.
          to that end….a man has urges and needs….and with sex being terrible and porn strangely being better….well he morphs into a porn masturbation addict.
          that said….masturbation itself isnt bad and has a place….but chronic porn masturbation is quite unhealthy. but in some cases due to missing half their dick porn is the only way they can still get it up and even then it can be painful and a struggle.
          so what we have here is society telling men to behave properly sexually all the while doing everything in its power to trip them up.
          I also dont think something that every teenage boy naturally does should be shamed as evil. they need to be taught how to deal with it, not shamed into submission. i also think too many bitchy ass wives refuse to acknowledge their own bitchiness that drove men to becoming porn addicts in the first place.
          i mean really…..wtf deal with todays woman, when you can whack off to porn now and then and it will actually be MORE enjoyable all because some asshole cut off half your dick when you were born?
          masturbation isnt so simple as to say its bad cut it out….lets rather ask ourselves how this became a problem in the first place.
          and anxiety….yeah Im pretty sure theres 1000 other reasons contributing to that too.
          to that end….the red pill PUA isnt any better really. fucking 100 girls a year aint healthy either and is turning them all into sluts. a fun fact is if men had standards and then held those same girls to those same standards strangely enough sluts would start vanishing but because men in the red pill circles have said go and fuck 100 girls a year, you actually ENCOURAGE slut behavior of both sexes.

        13. Actually yeah your sex hormones could effect you a lot more than you think. Think about the “Absolutely true dairy of a part time Indian” the main character masturbated *A LOT* because of that had a really bad stutter.
          Also yeah Masturbation wasn’t widely practiced as it is 50 years ago when circumcision started around the 1910’s.

        14. Im unfamilar with that indian story.
          Im not disputing hormones are a key factor….just disputing that there could any number of 1000 other reasons besides chronic masturbation that causes stuttering.
          to that end….Im sure masturbation always existed….but how common was it? its an interesting thought. old books like the bible dont mention it oddly enough but they do forbid animal and human sex. perhaps because back then girls got married off when they could first have kids, men never had to masturbate because girls were married off, and prostitution wasnt illegal and your wife couldnt refuse you sex. perhaps all those factors and maybe others curbed chronic masturbation? unlike now where girls can cry rape at anything, and there is a serious argument to made that masturbation is better than dealing with these girls we have today.

        15. for the millionth time you seem stubbornly hellbent on blaming masturbation on something that can be caused 10000 different ways….dopamine gets released in countless other ways….sex, drugs, addictions, excitement, etc.
          so again how can you prove this is solely masturbations fault? the same dopamine gets released during sex and 1000 different ways.

        16. Yeah and what’s wrong with porn and prostitution? I rather pay for sex than getting a bitchy gf who don’t want to fuck.

      2. lol Dumbmann walks past a woman being sexually assaulted by a man in a rough neighbourhood, begins to start wanking as he watches and weighs up the decision to act.
        yeah i don’t think that will work quite the way you thought it would, chief haha

      3. Don’t you know fapping isn’t alpha here. You need to get all backed up to bother with self improvement lmao

    2. Bingo.
      That’s the question that should be asked just about every “time” something comes up. No matter what the subject is, or what’s being asked for.
      “If she were a dude with a dick, would you be putting up with/paying for/tolerating this right now?”
      If the answer is no, then your answer is also no.
      (I have given money and time to fellows who were down on their luck, but that’s what real friends were for).

      1. That pretty much settles the question, and defines wether one is being a decent person or a pathetic white knight trying to impress a pussy he will never get by acting like that..

      2. Atleast the guys will help you back in some form or the other.
        Women on the other hand bring absolutely no value to the table.

    3. Spot on, also, You have to ask yourself : do you see this person that you’re about to risk life &/or limb for doing the same in return ? Too many guys think with the head in their pants, not the one on their shoulders

    4. Right. That shit doesn’t happen to men unless they’re in over their heads in something they started themselves. Women get themselves into those situations because they’re not rational and are used to letting society take care of them when they make messes out of things. Nobody comes to rescue a guy.

  15. Here is a list of women that men should help:
    1) Relatives
    2) The ones who obviously can’t help themselves (eg disabled, elderly)
    3) Significant other (girlfriend, wife) or the one you’re having sex with
    4) What your retrained gut says is okay
    If they’re not on the list, it’s probably not worth the effort.

    1. This list is far to broad. I would narrow it to
      1) Deserving Relatives….the simple accident of birth connecting you to a woman isn’t nearly enough. Is she deserving of help or is she the type of person who draws drama to her like a magnet? Also, would she help you? Is she a cunt? Being your sister does not make her not a cunt. Lot’s of cunts are sisters to someone.
      2)Fuck the disabled an elderly. I am sorry but I want to know how much effort I am exerting and what the reward is. Being old doesn’t make people special it just makes them old…and often times a burden. Sorry if it is harsh but it’s true. As for disabled…why should you help them. I mean if it is no big deal then fine, but why would I go out of my way to help someone just based on the fact that they are a gimp or a retard?
      3) Wife and girlfriend? Fuck that. Quid pro quo my friend.

      1. Perhaps #4 should be a overarching theme than a line item. It is true that you can’t help those who don’t want the help.

      2. Good points. Family, the weak, the elderly…it doesn’t matter. I don’t enjoy seeing people suffer or fall on hard times, but the reality is, I have myself to worry about, and if you’re not in a position to return the favor down the road, don’t expect me to do much for you out of “selflessness”.

        1. And the truth is, if everyone did their part to take care of themselves this world would be a lot better.

      3. A well structured society respect his elderly crippled and familly, despises brats, and cast out/eliminate deviants.
        Being an asshole or a white knight is two face of the same coin.
        The point is to be a Man. A person that takes his personal responsabilities. Not a child trying to make points to stranger, or ignoring anything exept himself.

        1. I generally agree with this. However, then blanket respect for the elderly I don’t get. Being older doesn’t confer any special status. Being older and wiser/great/in some way special ok I get it. But just being 85 doesn’t earn respect.

        2. By showing respect to the Elderly, you show your kids that you have to be respected, for your position in the Familly.
          That’s why societies used to be stable. China, understood it quite well. Besides their communist background, they restore Confudean values, because without familiy values, you got useless drones and social instability.
          If you want to destroy one nation, destroy its familly values.
          I don’t mean: obey any old schmuck for being old, but show respect

        3. Well I don’t suggest kicking random old people in the street or anything but I refuse to sit around and listen to old people tell stories about how great things were when they were young blah blah blah. I have a lot of respect for people of all ages once they earn it but more often than no shitty people just see a whole lot of birthdays and that doesn’t make them any less shitty or any more respectable

  16. Really if you heed the advice in step #1 and not think with your dick, most problems with women go away, especially these problems.

  17. This reminded me of the famous “door test” in A Bronx Tale. Corny and a bit old yes. Also, it’s not a guarantee that he was gonna get laid, much less end up in a relationship, especially with the subsequent race tensions. However, one can appreciate the manly advice about character.

    1. the door test is a classic.
      I think the next time I cum on some girls face I am going to say “Look at me! I did this to you!”

    2. If the door test is all a woman has to do, then WTF. No cooking, cleaning, nurturing, viruous past, etc. Just open a door, after you’ve already opened hers.
      The bar is so low, it’s lying underground.

      1. I see your point. However, mine is pretty simple. If a woman doesn’t bother doing something as opening your door lock, then she’s not worth keeping. Then again, this was the 1960s, and by simple context, feminism was not yet rampant. Also, this was an old school neighborhood, like the one I grew up in, where as rough as it was, at least there was a bit of grace and dignity in little things, like opening a door lock. Try that on women today. A woman today won’t even buy you a Coke.

        1. True. Little details are symbolic of larger trends. So if you don;t get something basic from a girl, then you will not get the superstar treatment later.

        2. To further emphasize our point, here’s this Campbell’s soup commercial. In her defense, I’ve tried making chicken noodle soup from scratch, and unless I’m doing something wrong and being an idiot, it is a long and laborious process. Yet, I like how she told him I’m not your mom so go fuck yourself. Also, get better because I am going to need saving in the form of a back and foot rub. Of course, anyone who’s dealt with sick women know that they need to be treated like you’re their mommy.

        3. That shit really pisses me off. And for millions of guys in this country, getting a bitch like that is the best option they have. I thought she was going to go back in the kitchen and heat up a can of soup, takes 2 minutes. And that was going to be the punchline– “I can’t be as good to you as your mom was, but hey, look, I did *something*”
          But no, she only has enough time to throw a phone at the sick guy as she rushes out the door to go shopping or do whatever petty shit is on her agenda. Guys, do not wife up entitled, shitty Americunts. I haven’t yet figured out how to stop my friends from doing the same.

        4. “Of course, anyone who’s dealt with sick women know that they need to be treated like you’re their mommy.”
          True. Some women act like Chernobyl exploded when they have the flu.

  18. An excellent article that matches my day to day observations and experiences. I work in a math center on a college campus as a tutor and I have for almost a decade. It was my main job while earning my degree and it is my side job currently because I do genuinely enjoy it. It is a fascinating study in social interaction. The new male tutors that come in are put in a position where their jobs are helping people. Since the dominate demographic that tends to need help with math are girls, essentially these guys are being put into a position where white knight behavior is very easy to come by.
    Most of the men are not as experienced as they ought to be socially and the girls that need math help can pick up on the newbies right away. They will then use manipulative tactics to get the newbies to only tutor them, when there are 50 other students that need help and hundreds throughout the day. I have seen girls manufacture crisis, even so far as deliberately weaken their grades, in order to receive consistent one on one attention. I have seen girls fawn over certain guys in order to gain their trust and time outside of the center for math help. At the end of the semester when those girls are gone, the guys find out the hard way what being used really is.
    Many of these guys burn out within a semester or two and quit. Some of these guys, though, figure out really fast that they need boundaries and these are the guys that become very, very strong in their social interaction, their skill level in math, and ultimately this translates to strong grades with a great outlook for jobs.
    A key thing that I have come to realize is that young men have a strong innate desire to feel needed and no outlet for this desire. Bitterness comes about when these men learn that no one cares and that being used is the new norm. It’s sad what I have witnessed in genuinely good men, they either become slaves hoping desperately to gain approval, or they become hardened and mistrustful as is necessary for survival in today’s world. There does not seem to be a healthy approach and that is the core of the issue put forth today.

    1. young men have a strong innate desire to feel needed and no outlet for this desire

      Very good observation. There is indeed no outlet for this. If government was wise and wanted to continue this house of cards as long as possible, it would at least create an institution where men *feel* important and needed, even if it was all bullshit (the military is mostly this… America hasn’t been invaded since 1812 and has very little risk of invasion yet most members can feel proud and strong that they are “keepin us safe”

    2. The moment a man gets rid of his desire for female approval is the moment he gets liberated and makes him infinitely more attractive to the opposite sex.

      1. There is no evidence anywhere on this site any of you have ever been considered attractive by the opposite sex.

        1. A lot of people are here to discuss with like minded people. You are here just to troll.

      2. Exactly. You have to cultivate your personality, live your life, treasure your family and friends, and get money. It’s like 4-course meal. And women are the dessert that you don’t really need, but is always gonna be there if you want it. That’s how women should be treated. I know it sounds cold, but that’s the belief system that easily strips women of their entitlement, and brings them right back to reality.

        1. “I know it sounds cold, but that’s the belief system that easily strips
          women of their entitlement, and brings them right back to reality.”
          Amen !

    3. Being used is the new norm – you have to be constantly vicious and vigilant in many spheres of life to ensure you don’t succumb to this.

  19. This article should link to Roosh’s “How to stop rape” because the same applies here. A woman should be careful of who she is hanging around with if she’s an adult.

  20. As the women in the West get uglier by the day, it won’t be too hard to apply rule #1.

  21. I’m to the point where I will not help a female with anything, period. The last time a female in public asked me for help l said to her; “I’m sure you are a strong, independent, empowered woman. Figure it out for yourself like a man would.” And then I walked away. Was I a jerk? I’m sure she thought so. But women want to be men and I was just giving her the opportunity to be one. I did her a favor by not giving her a fish, but instead making her learn to fish on her own. What could possibly be wrong with that?

    1. The only time helping a woman is a good idea is when she desperately needs her mouth filled with cum and even that backfires time to time.

      1. After all, you can only jizz in a particular girl’s mouth so many times until you get bored. Also, regrets on her part, which may lead to rape accusations.

        1. My only personal regret is not being able to make more jizz than I can currently. It would help me spread the word, so to speak.

    2. The last time a female in public asked me for help l said to her; “I’m
      sure you are a strong, independent, empowered woman. Figure it out for
      yourself like a man would.” And then I walked away

      I’ve done that before. They literally have nothing to say when you tell them that.

      1. They go deer in headlights when you do that. Giving them what they say they want is the last thing they really want. Thanks for the support in what I did. It means a lot. Cheers.

    3. There was a few times where I used to hold doors. After getting chewed out by them, I have no problem slamming the door on them. It is more fun when they have sandals on and the door smashes their feet.

    1. E=cocksshoved2
      Ok I fail at humor. But I am definitely putting that last one as a wallpaper on my laptop.

    2. That first pic and this article reminded me of the girl that set me on course for the red pill. She had an ex that beat her, cheat on her and stalked her after they broke up. The dude was a drug dealer, apparently prolific enough that she got abducted by federal agents to try and get her to narc on him. At one point when we were together she actually told me “you’re too good for me”. Later I realized she meant I was too nice to her. I had never been that nice to a girl, I figured because she had been through so much that I had be kind to her, to show her how much better I was. Women don’t fuck nice guys gentlemen and if they currently are they will put an abrupt stop to it when they find out their mistake.

  22. Very true words-pay attention gentlemen. I recently had some broad ask me for money every so often, $50 here, $60 there. She was always in some “crisis”-about the get evicted, no job, no food… I never even went on one date with this bitch nor ever banged her ye she had the nerve to keep asking for money. After ignoring her she finally stopped-assuming she found a true sucker to pay her bills. Never give these users a penny.

  23. The most dangerous call a police officer can get is a domestic disturbance call. Reason being is the woman being beaten will often turn on and assault the officers to protect her “man”. Unless you see a random woman being assaulted or robbed, don’t get involved and call 911.

  24. Excellent article that should be required reading for all young men. Much of this was learned the hard way by many men. All women will use you if you let them (and promptly dump you without notice if you stop assisting them). In any transaction, either with men or women, but especially with women, always ask “What am I getting out of this?”

    1. “All women will use you if you let them (and promptly dump you without notice if you stop assisting them).”
      …and promptly dump you without notice if you’re of no use to them.

  25. I think the pattern starts from mothers rewarding boys for ‘being good’ which usually means doing what the mother wants them to do rather than what the boy wants to do. Get a pat on the head for being a good boy and mummy might buy you an icecream, or not shout at you.

    1. True, and this is going to get worse with more and more homes being headed by single mothers.

      1. Especially in the States. Although it seems, in third world countries, the tendency is going in that direction. At least in the past, mothers there at least let their boys and girls out to explore and learn, at the real risks of murder, bullying, rape, etc. Nowadays, even their shows are promoting this nonsense American bullying crap.

    2. And without a strong masculine father, he ends up being a nice beta boy ready to be chewed and thrown by women.
      Single mothers are producing a generation of chumps.

      1. “Single mothers are producing a generation of chumps.”
        Former single chump right here, good sir! Right here! Please note I stated “former” chump. No more. But I can say that you are indeed correct.

  26. Sorry. I don’t help women anymore. I’ve done the white knight thing, and in the end, my horse, armor, and sword was gone.
    Never again.
    I’ll step over the corpses of a million women and not bat an eye.

    1. Ah, Dok, always making me chuckle with such vivid imagery. I know you are not joking too.

      1. Be thankful I’m not an artist or a filmmaker.
        For too long I heard the wings of doom flapping around my head.
        Then I realized those wings were attached to my back.

    2. Agreed. I’ll walk across the street, to avoid helping them. With 3.5 billion vaginas in the world, the market is saturated and their individual value is low. Fuck ’em

    1. Let the subhuman rape and murder the kike-dyke. After the women is victimized, “Stand your ground” against the immigrant filth.

        1. I have no interest in conforming to your definition of nobility.
          “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bike” remember?
          Defend yourself or die. You are not my problem.

  27. One of my favorite all time lines was said during the Roast of Dean Martin. I wish I could remember who said it to him, but he said “Dean Martin loves to watch Pornographic movies. He takes them home and watches them in reverse. He loves watching a woman put her clothes on and leave”
    Before helping someone….remember how many times in your life you have planned an exit strategy at about the 75% finished stage of boning her.

  28. ” Feminists continue to propagate their garbage about equality because it
    enables them access to male privileges without giving up any of their
    female privileges.” ….. Learn it boys. and learn it well !!!

  29. The only reason I would really help anyone (a woman included) is if their life were in immediate peril. Like if I saw someone getting stuffed against their will into a van or trunk I would take down the tag number and make/model of the car and immediately call police. No way in hell would I ever physically intervene though. The only time I might is in an active shooter scenario, but only if I didn’t have a clear route of retreat to safety.

  30. During my four-plus decades on this earth, every time I’ve gone out of my way to help an adult female (outside of my immediate family that is) it’s backfired on me.
    Without exception.
    Don’t say you weren’t warned young fellas……………

        1. Says the man who trolls 1-2 year old comments just to get a rise. Give me a break ..

        2. You’re discouraged from being on this site, by the terms of its TOS; you are a woman and not welcome here. Your comments will continue to be challenged until you get that message. Meantime, why don’t you head over to Cologne, Germany? I hear they have a couple of very picturesque train stations and lots of local colour.

    1. So your saying a land whale ham beast who probably just ate a 3,000 calorie snack needs help opening a door? The help she needs is someone putting a padlock on the door so she couldn’t have gotten in.

  31. Was walking into an Olive Garden to spend a holiday gift card with my daughter in tow, a feminzed looking land whale was blow-holing on the other side of door I wanted to enter. She waited in between the inner and outer doors expecting me to open the door to let her out before I entered.
    I flung the door open long enough I could scoot in with my daughter right behind me, then let it close while fatso and her blubber crew waited as I walk past them in disregard. As if bitch! Not holding doors anymore, not only am I not chivalrous anymore (except for old ladies from a respectable generation, and slightly to the occasional girl I’ve been fucking a while), but I’ve idled down my basic manners to remain slightly beneath what I receive from each individual woman I know, strangers included.

  32. of course why bother? Strong independent women need to learn to pick up after themselves.

    1. Going by your posting history that was also your first contribution to any Disqus thread ever, and apparently in response to someone who challenged your uninformed views on homosexuality, albeit you probably took it as an attack on your homosexuality itself. Anything more original to add, or is that just your standard troll to people who prefer vagina over penis and/or asshole?

    2. Shaming language doesn’t work on us Red Pillers anymore, didn’t you know that?

  33. Several years ago I held the door open for a couple of girls, they walked right through without saying thank you.
    And that became the last time I held doors open for girls. They simply do not appreciate it and are ungrateful.

    1. These days I just walk through and only hold my door until I’m no longer within reach to hold it.
      Just recently I was walking through a door and a hot blonde was 3-4 metres away coming towards me. I looked her straight in the eyes and let the door slip out of my hand and close in her face as I kept on walking.
      All she had to do was speed up a little and give a pre-emptive thank you and MAYBE I would have kept that door open half a second longer.

  34. Black Knight Code: Never do a favor for a woman, that you would not do for another man.

  35. It reminds me of one of those joke “rate your sexual deviancy” quizzes I saw years ago. One of the questions went.. “When you see a beautiful woman, do you ever fantasize she’ll get into a dangerous situation so that you save her life and she’ll have sex with you?” LOL. Because as this article reiterates, white knighting is the world’s worst mating strategy.. but sadly, the only one a lot of guys know.
    But as for that 2nd video under point #5.. I must point out, in the end it was a couple of women who came to the guy’s rescue. That’s right, women. Meanwhile all the fellow men walked right by, including a fucking off-duty cop.

  36. Sometimes when a woman asks a man for help its just another shittest.When the man agrees to help her, then she thinks : ” What a beta jerk”
    Whenever a woman ( which you barely know) asks for your help while she has a strange hidden dirty smile in her face, just dont do it.

  37. This article is gold & so spot on! Self preservation is the way to go in this world, it’s every man and (wo)man for themselves. I’m not sure I’d even help a woman if she were laying on the ground on fire…maybe only if I had to take a piss badly enough LOL.

  38. The last time I passed a couple rowing and the girl was screaming hysterically and ranting (Possibly a white knight beta bait ruse) I approached him rather than her, and asked if he was OK. He seemed to appreciate it and she quickly quietened down.

  39. Its patently obvious that women only care for themselves and don’t care about men or other women. See it in the news everytime..its always men (not just firemen) running back into that building on fire or reduced to rubble by earthquakes to rescue or check if theres anyone left behind. its always the men carrying out & escorting the children, injured or elderly to safety.
    Meanwhile the women are giving street interviews to the media at a safe 500 yards distance whining about how much danger they were in and how hard it was for them to run and escape danger. They couldn’t give a f–k about anyone else. They are only concerned about their own welfare.
    Same thing after the 9/11 attacks. all stories about male office workers running back to check for stragglers or injured survivors. fuck all heroic stories about women putting it on the line to help others.
    Men should take a leaf from the feminist bitches abortion mantra..’my body, my choice’.
    When asked why you didn’t rescue that drowning woman and walked on by, reply ‘why should I? My body My choice’. lmao.

  40. Excellent article.
    But let’s not sugar coat anything here, the only reason the white knights died was because they were stabbed by negroes and the people who passed by without helping him were also negroes.

  41. I agree with many of the points in the article. Nevertheless, I would still help a woman or man in difficulty if I could. The important thing is to do it for the right reasons, not to be a white knight.

    1. Not when there is danger to yourself in doing so. My responsibility is to myself and my friends and family. I can’t help them if I’m dead or disabled from pulling some white knight stunt for a random damsel.

  42. The gist of the article is- if a women is in need, don’t help her! She isn’t going to give you sex anyway, so what’s the point? That’s all women are good for and a man who helps her should be rewarded for being a decent human being. You people are selfish human beings. You should help people whenever they are in need and expect no reward. Also, not all women have vaginas. This was implied in your article.

    1. Like the guy in some big city, at 3 AM, in the bad party part of town, that was killed trying to get a woman’s purse back from a purse snatcher. She walked away saying, basically, fuck him, he didn’t get my purse back, so what do I owe him? This is the level of human being the average western woman is these days. Help human beings, not the western woman. Helping the average western woman is just making things worse and being a door mat to abusive users.

    2. “You people are selfish human beings.”
      And women would know, because the baseline selfishness of a woman makes most sociopaths look like altruists.

    3. And yet, I don’t see any women risking themselves to save men. Shut the hell up bitch. There ain’t no feminist in a burning building or a sinking ship.
      We all know that women are selfish coward and would gladly throw any man under the bus to save their own asses.

  43. If there’s a risk for yourself for saving another person in danger call the emergencies or go to the police. That’s what normal people do.

  44. About 9 years ago, here in Brazil a woman dropped her keys in a sidewalk manhole, and asked to some dude to grab the keys for her.
    He end up stuck for a quite long time and she left even before help came in saying she was late for an appointment.
    I found a pic from him (Don’t know why I cant post the image here):

  45. About 9 years ago, here in Brazil a woman dropped her keys in a
    sidewalk manhole, and asked to some dude to grab the keys for her.
    He end up stuck for a quite long time and she left even before help came in saying she was late for an appointment.
    I found a pic of him

  46. I consider myself pretty altruistic. But as I’m digesting the Red Pill and tying to keep female mentality and social constructs in mind, I’m kinda torn about just up and helping women I don’t know. The thing is, they expect a free handout from men when they get themselves into stupid situations due to life-long habits that encourage their own ineptitude. And then, they don’t consider you as a person, or even remember to thank you for it.
    As an aside, our weather went from 50 degrees + yesterday to below 20 today, and freezing rain. So I’m at the coffee shop right now, and a guy left his girlfreind outside to hold their puppy while HE got drinks. And he’s being a really long time about it. She looks like she’s freezing and very un-happy. As I’m reading this article and comments I’m having a pretty good laugh.

      1. Oh yeah, totally. Now, the question is: Did she harbor resentment and give him shit tests later, or did she accept that it was her own doing and be nice to him the rest of the day.

  47. almost choked on my coffee when I saw the medieval couple… I’m the Lady of a White Knight, you see – that rare charismatic Alpha bound by love’s duty in a world out of touch with courage, honor, and personal integrity. Breathing this world into our union like Merlin himself, all the while realizing its full separateness from modern life’s social obligations – which we navigate because we have to (he seamlessly, me with a few wrinkles since I’m a bit of a she-wolf loner). But at the end of the day, after the schmoozing is over in this midwest city of brilliant musicians, amazing conversation and intimacy await us. Hail the Gentleman and the Knight with Ridiculous Street Cred! Women will drop at your feet. Guaranteed. All you have to do is choose wisely.

    1. white knights are wonderful assuming the woman they are saving is actually a virtuous woman and not a harlot…
      also,as you mentioned “in a world out of touch”…its just that. back in the day,white knights were honored. now its the opposite. theyre taken advantage of.

  48. Some years back, 2008, I was on the SkyTrain in Vancouver heading home from work. The car was packed with commuters and I was standing in the aisle. A female commuter was sitting down at the window seat and a street urchin was sitting beside her in the aisle seat. He was saying things like, “Aren’t you my pretty little bitch.” “I’m gonna fuck your brains out and then slit your pretty throat.” at conversational volume. She was visibly frightened, sitting there frozen. I looked around, incredulous that everyone was just minding their business since I was sure everyone could hear him. So I addressed the guy and said, “Hey buddy, what’re you doing? Don’t talk to her like that.” Which started him railing on me calling me every epithet under the sun. I felt anger rise within me but then I realized; this is perfect, I’ve diverted his attention away from her. He eventually got up and left and someone else took the empty seat. My stop was Burrard, and she got off at Granville, one stop before me. As she walked by she looked at me and gave me a “Thank you,” in a loud whisper and walked off the train.
    While I get the gist of this article, I still think I did the right thing.

    1. I always tell people that if you feel like someone needs help the proper action is to call 911. First responders have the tools to assist people and the legal qualified immunity and insurance if they mess up. Private citizens do not posses these things in general. I make exceptions for really close friends and family of course, but some stranger in public is much different.
      The only other exception I make is if someone’s life is in immediate peril. Like one time I grabbed a woman who was on her smartphone (head down not paying attention) and literally stopped her from walking into traffic. Another time was when a man on a bike got hit by a car that then drove off. I kept the man calm and told him not to move while calling 911 and giving a general description of the car and a partial tag.
      Don’t get me wrong, I do not like this reality. I wish we could all stand up for one another like some kind of cohesive private community, but the elites have done their best to spoil that for all of us.

      1. On a subway train? Even if the call went through there would be no logistics for them to intervene.
        Even though I expected nothing in return she said thank you, so there is no way I did the wrong thing.

        1. Didn’t say you did anything wrong man. Just stating my personal policy. The biggest part of being a man these days is doing what you believe. Stay true to yourself.

  49. Damn good advice in this article. In my law enforcement days, it was almost cliche. Take down the douchebag beating his old lady, then find yourself fighting them BOTH.

    1. yep… cop buddies of mine have told me that they will respond to a domestic violence call that the girlfriend made,then once they arrest the guy,the woman goes batshit about you arresting him. wtf is up with women these days?

      1. True and it has always been that way. When you put the cuffs on the guy, you never do it with your back turned to the woman. Twenty-five years ago I knew LEO who did that and got a kitchen knife in his back.

      2. “…wtf is up with women these days?”
        It’s called, “wanting to have their cake and eating it, too”; IOW, “wanting to have it both ways.”

  50. After reading these comments and seeing how people are weighing different scenarios, I realize the actual problem. The problem isn’t helping women or not, the problem is women are in a state where they can’t be helped.
    Who speaks for a woman? Supposedly a woman now, but we all know that they’re not able to speak for themselves but by modern cultural rules we as men have no choice but to accept this ridiculous quantum superstate.
    Traditionalism .. or death!

  51. i’m trying to find it but there’s a very funny video of a russian woman [who is very attractive by the way, but also a cunt] who drunkenly stumbles around in the road trying to get into people’s cars and generally stop the flow of traffic. the russian drivers reactions are fucking hilarious because they know there is always the threat of carjackings and the like. it really does showcase that even they know you shouldn’t white knight for unknowns.

  52. >All the poor, desperate simps who believe that a woman will fall in love with him for his heroism are only bound to be rewarded with disappointment. Look at it this way: You are more likely to have a woman fall in love with you by using violence to take her hostage (via Stockholm Syndrome) than by being the one rescuing her.
    This paragraph cracked me the hell up

  53. Months ago I was dizzy with low blood sugar on the street, and a car almost hit me if a certain man didn’t come and pull me at the right time. Now, I’m engaged to that man. So please don’t generalize! (I’m a girl)

  54. “She Would Never Do The Same For You”
    Unfortunately, from experience I say…100% agree!!!

  55. On the other hand, IF she secretly wants you and you defend her, she’ll love it. Witnessed a female acquaintance who had the hots for her husband’s friend love it when he defended her against her husband’s insults.
    Bottom line is rescuing is akin to making a pass at a woman – if you are attractive she will love it, if you are not she won’t. You won’t get labelled a creep if you rescue her from a boorish husband but it won’t make her fancy you if she does not ALREADY.

  56. Just for a laugh ..
    Sweet Tea
    A woman goes to the doctor, beaten black and Blue.
    Doctor: “What happened?”
    Woman: “Doctor, I don’t know what to do. Every time my husband comes home drunk he beats me to a pulp.”
    Doctor: “I have a real good medicine for that. When your husband comes home drunk, just take a glass of sweet tea and start swishing it in your mouth. Just swish and swish but don’t swallow until he goes to bed and is asleep.”
    Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor looking fresh and reborn.
    Woman: “Doctor, that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband came home drunk, I swished with sweet tea. I swished and swished, and he didn’t touch me!”
    Doctor: “You see how much keeping your mouth shut helps?”

  57. Agreed on all points made in this article.
    “1.You Don’t Even Realize That You’re Thinking With Your Dick”
    I’ve been guilty of this a few times in the past; but no more today.
    “Always put your needs first—because she most certainly is putting her needs above yours.”
    Fuck yeah – words that every man needs to embedd in his psyche.
    Plus with all the rampant hate that western women are giving to men of their own race, at the same time mudsharking with lower primates, I could give a shit if the damsels in distress die of AIDS.

    1. And an afterthought: One has to wonder if and when europe goes to civil war with Germany being the flash point, one has to wonder to what percentage native anglo German men are fed up with having been treated like shit will simply sit back while the native white german females get raped and left for dead.
      Case in point: a while back this 16 year old German girl put out this video pleading for help for her country, and that she was appalled at how complacent the German men were about the attacks.
      Among the comments made about this video were numerous men stating something along the lines of:
      “…oh now you want help? I’m sure just 6 months ago prior to the immigrants coming you were too cool to give any german man the time of day”
      I have to say that a part of me agrees with this sentiment. Some major amends on the part of German women to Anglo German men in the form of genuine respect and full-access-to-pussy will need to transpire before the men who are fed up will reconsider protecting the german womens’ once, self righteous feminist asses.

      1. Problem is, German men are already a laughing stock as are men of Western culture in general.
        That will likley happen due to the wimp factor. As much as I am feeling sympathy for that, the result is this.
        Children will belong to the invader. Our civilization will lose. Women don’t mind going over to another tribe.

        1. “That will likley happen due to the wimp factor. As much as I am feeling sympathy for that, the result is this.”
          I hear ya – I was just commenting that there could very well be a certain percentage of German men, red pilled & unplugged who are capable of fighting back but might refuse to do so after years of being marginalized by feminism & misandristic culture.

        2. German men are not pussies and especially those from the former East. Stop relying on stereotypes, my dude.

        3. What those german men need to understand is that they are not fighting for “her” or the country that treats them like shit. They are fighting for themselves. They need to kill their government along with the muslim invaders. At the end of the civil war every government official needs to be killed at all levels. Ignore the women and if they give trouble they die with their enablers. Anything short of that and they are just fighting for which master they will appease.

        4. Good point – it’s just sad that in addition to fighting the islamic insurgents brought in by the government, that the german men will have to initially fight as well with the hormonal driven beasts of their culture too.

        5. “German men are not pussies and especially those from the former East. Stop relying on stereotypes, my dude”
          If that be the case then why has not the government been overthrown and Merkel not been strung up by her saggy tits yet?
          Deutschland needs more men as shown in that video – but I’ve been to Germany numerous times and the vast majority of German men are limp wristed socialist pussies.
          I’m serious.
          And I’m also serious about this: If there is a concerted effort by a substantial percentage of the german population to take to the streets and smash in some windows and doors, and properly dispose of all of the political elites who played a role in bringing in the islamic insurgents – then I will personally come to Germany to fight for Germany. I just do not see as of late any hope of change yet, and it may never come.

        6. For the same reason as in the West, people have no incentive to risk their pleasant life only to revolt.
          No incentive.

        7. There are movements there and they’ve been labeled exactly as you imagine and laws passed against them. When people from the refugee population commit crimes it’s often covered up and kept from media coverage to prevent the counter movement from gaining strength.
          The resistance exists, but the government is winning still.

        8. “, people have no incentive to risk their pleasant life only to revolt”
          Valid point Unfortunately more rapes and robberies will have to happen before all of this hits critical mass and Germans get fed up.

  58. “All that said, I’m not suggesting that you should never help anyone in need no matter the circumstances. But you should consider each scenario carefully and make the right judgement instead”
    Good point. One exception might be: I live in a very small community where everybody knows everybody else. Most likely if one of the local women need an assist of sorts, I’d help out.

    1. I was from one of those, and in that case, yeah, probably.
      Definitely not near a major capitol city where I am now. On rare occassions I do, but for the Starbucks stereotype white/middle class girl, I couldn’t care less. Men don’t exist in their world until they need them for utility and momentary use.

      1. I hear ya. I’m currently in a small town in europe where everybody knows everybody else, and despite massive westernization, women in small town europe (unlike American females in major cities) are not total cunts who have lost their humanity; the small town european females imho are worth helping, within reason.

  59. 7 Reasons Why You SHOULD Save a Woman You Don’t Know
    (Uh…okay, let me think about this for a few weeks.)

  60. France is different. I remember in France once seeing a French dude sitting in a huge mud puddle on top of his girlfriend just beating the hell out of her in front of a cafe, pounding her with his fist, screaming, you bitch, you bitch ! I certainly would not have wanted to take those full force punches this small framed girl was on the receiving end of.
    Cafe terrace was full, all the French just sat there sipping their coffee. The dude was pretty big, I was not going to jump in alone. But I did ask a couple of athletic looking French dudes walking by to help me pull him off of her, and the three of us broke it up. They were actually kind of laughing as they broke it up. And then, having done their good deed, walked off, still laughing nonchalantly about it. For me, it was a very serious matter. They were both covered in mud and it was hard to get him to even let go of her hair. This girl had truly had the shit beat out of her.
    After, I told the story to a French buddy of mine, said to him that nobody would help her.
    His answer was, “Maybe she deserved it !” Maybe she did, I will never know. That was in 1985 in Montpellier.
    Beautiful town. But the scene would have played out very differently in the USA.

  61. Male disposability and cultural misandry are programmed into men and women from birth. How? Through movies, books, music, TV, parents, schools, universities, etc. It’s everywhere. Tis why we have the male-only draft. Tis why men run to war (to die protecting women) and why women run away from war (not caring about the male-only human sacrifices). Gynocentrists exist because they are terrified that this truth will be exposed and acknowledged by the mainstream. Tis why feminists virulently attack anything remotely to do with men’s rights groups, PUAs, MGTOW, etc. Hyper-gynocentrists (feminists) have been working furiously for several decades to re-write history and to make the de-facto hatred of men the culturally accepted norm.
    The real human trafficking is the men herded off to war for women’s advancement over men and women’s rights over men. The real human exploitation is that, everything you see when you drive down the road, including the road, was built by men, not women. Women didn’t even want jobs until it became reasonably safe and manual labor free enough for them to participate without mussing their hair or damaging their nails. In which jobs do women demand quotas for women? Why the most prestigious, lucrative and most powerful, of course.
    No-fault divorce was written by NAWL (National Association of Women Lawyers) for the express purpose of guaranteeing women their unworthy X husbands current and future income and assets post divorce. They even brag this their greatest ‘accomplishment’ for women – forced wealth and power transfer from men to women. Title-IX? Affirmative Action? Affirmative Consent? It’s all about forced wealth and power transfer.
    Wake up, men. You’re being duped, exploited, trafficked, used, disposed of and conned. Tragically, in 2017 alone, hundreds of thousands of men, in just the US, will awaken too late to save themselves. Countless millions of men, in just the past few short decades, in just the US, have had their lives and futures stolen through malevolent, culturally accepted and mandated male disposability and cultural misandry.

    1. Men are waking up. I am a gen-xr. I am awoke but you can’t blame people pre internet and female religious influenced doctrine….All you can do is train your kids; and show them the red pill.

      1. Something else we awoke to is most women we were raised by lied to us. Even our own mothers.

        1. In a sense- my own mom lied opportunistically – to my dad; they are both silent generation-mid 80’s married 60+ years. Its been this way for a long time. …The difference is these woman usually had no where else to go. Now, their are a lot more ways to connect for females and get their security from society social nets. So males have to play a harder game but just knowing your in a perpetual game is what its about.

  62. lol .. The motto is simple – none of the above drive woman’s attraction as defined by society. Woman would call you all haters for the above- but they are missing the point. The male hindbrain is in it for some peanut butter spread easy legs and that isn’t on her radar.

  63. I’m up to the point where I no longer intervene in couples fights. The only exception, and that’s a big maybe, would be if weapons are drawn and there’s a crowd, and that’s only because then it becomes a public safety issue.

  64. Not long ago, we just had an incident involving a contractor, a coworker, and one of the cleaning ladies at a hospital we are renovating who also happens to be decently hot but has five children and is a single mom. I was on leave and didn’t see what happened, but apparently the coworker was harassing the lady, so the contractor came from out of town to try to pick a fight until he was run out of the jobsite and banished permanently. Turns out he was banging her and must have fallen in love, or some shit like that. To be fair, coworker is a bit of a creepy perv who has been warned before to cut it out. And top of it all, he’s a married man and a practicing Christian. And so is the contractor.

  65. Just go on You Tube and search woman saves man, you will not find a single video of a woman putting her own life at risk to save a man. What you will find are plenty of videos of men saving women, even videos of dog saves man. Women do not have it in them nor do they care to put their own lives at risk for men.

    1. I knew before I clicked “Play”: Nigerian scam.
      I don’t usually call people this, but damn that guy is an idiot. Words can’t begin to describe how much of a sucker this man is. UGH almost gives me a headache thinking about it.

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  67. I would help women in these situations…these women are: my mother, grandmother and thats pretty much it. Helping to get access to a random girls pussy? Hell no!

    1. Helping to get access to a random girls pussy? Hell no!

      I look at it from the other angle. Help is supposed to be an altruistic act with no expectation of recompense. White knights who expect to get laid as a result of helping are by definition not helping; they’re just not willing to enforce what they think is a reasonable price for their services.

  68. Best part is, you dont have to wait for a public beating to help a woman learn the meaning of being “equal”.
    -Open the door yourself, youre not crippled.”
    -No, I won’t tack your drink onto my order.”
    or my favorite: “Can’t get your luggage into the overhead bin? Its a long flight, whatta you gonna do for me?”

  69. Best to mind your business. The reason women behave so badly is because they are saved from consequences.

  70. The reason you’re helping is the important thing here. When faced with a situation, ask yourself if you would help said woman if she were an old grandma. Or some hideously overweight female. (I.E. American. 😀 :-D) If the answer is yes, get to it. Otherwise, move on. 😉

    1. That doesn’t work. I used to help people with car problems on occasion. I would ask myself if I would help a man in the same situation. It didn’t work. It didn’t matter because women always saw it the same way. I got tired of the way women treated me. So I’ll still help a man if the situation is right, but women, especially young/attractive women? Probably not.

      1. Well it’s not the reward, it’s what’s right. If it’s the right thing to do, it doesn’t really matter how you’re treated. 😉
        Can’t say I’ve ever been mistreated once in fact. But on the other hand, I’m not trying to get into anyone’s pants that way either. 😀

        1. Not mistreated, just treated as well… disposable, a utility, or assumed to be trying to get in her pants by default. It got old. let them wait for a cop or tow truck.

        2. Ah that, yes. Totally agree. To be honest, unless it was some kind of dire thing, I wouldn’t even consider stopping to help anyone on the side of the freeway when I was back in the states. You never know when the person is some kind of nutter. 😉

      2. Thank you, I was thinking the same thing. If a man appears to be in serious danger, I would help, so why wouldn’t I do the same for a woman? Obviously if the situation isn’t dangerous it’s none of my concern either way.

  71. Still solid advice.
    And it cannot be emphasized enough that the only proper course of action when witnessing a domestic dispute is to remove oneself from the situation and call 911 if possible. Never try to get between them.

    1. Why even call 911? Let them sort it out themselves. I think 911 should be used for life threatening situations if it doesn’t involve you personally

  72. If anyone is in trouble given our current social dynamic the proper response is to call 911 and stay far away. Unless my personal safety is at risk or I can immediately intervene to stop say a massacre by drawing my firearm then that is my personal policy. If it were a family member or good friend I might make an exception. But, other then that call 911 and let those first responders do what they are paid to do.

    1. Probably the best advice. Things have changed so much in the last few decades, but sadly you run the risk of a lot of consequences later if you don’t stay out of it.
      “No good deed goes unpunished.”

      1. I concur and think things have changed drastically just in the last 10 years or so. Back in the early 2000’s I was mid level management at a large company and had both an assistant and file clerk. I would request paper files from the file clerk and the assistant would type up and mail my correspondence. I had a computer on my desk but would maybe send 20-30 emails a day. Now at a different company almost same position I have neither, am expected to do all my own admin, and have a tablet laptop where I send around 200 emails a day. Instead of telling my assistant I am going out to lunch with some fellow managers for the next 1.5 hours at a fancy sit down restaurant (paid for by the company) I barely have enough time to grab a slice of pizza from downstairs. Don’t even get me going on the millennials in the office. Times have certain changes and very quickly too.

  73. Me and a buddy saw a distraught young woman being dragged into a car by what turned out to be a bitter ex. I didn’t instigate a fight I just removed his grip and stood between them while waiting for the cavalry( he was no threat to me). What really p*ssed me off was the amount of women who just walked off once we had secured the scene. The young woman was very very upset and you’d think they’d want to help console but nope, they didn’t give a sh*t. Far more interested in their phones or shopping.

  74. Unless she is paying UPFRONT for my services, Mrs. Strong-n-independent can take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.

  75. Gospel truth right here, and I’ve written the same here, too at Return of Kings.
    Also, “Once she’s got the service she needed from you, you are a nobody once again. You are expected to disappear.
    This, so many times!
    Additionally, it is a rare thing indeed when a woman might – even to a marginal degree – offer help to a man.
    I think the news stories about men who attempted to save Ms. Snowflake from an abusive or violent man say it all – the woman either went back to her abuser, or even joined in to fight the man attempting to save her.
    No thanks. I hope I continue to hone my wisdom to know who deserves my help and who doesn’t, but I’ll no longer be the little Boy Scout I once was and jump in to help some twit. Let these self-entitled, arrogant princesses sort it out themselves.
    Why would you risk your own well-being (and pride) to rescue some of the most entitled, pampered, and priviledged creatures on the planet? Food for thought!

  76. It’s purely biological. Women’s lives with regards to procreation are drastically more valuable than men’s.

  77. Another reason that should be listed here and isn’t: women who constantly need saving are toxic, dysfunctional people who will ruin everything they touch. Learned my lesson as a very young man, and saw a few friends make the same mistake in their younger years as well. Smart, organized, well rounded people don’t constantly need bailed out, and that goes for women too

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