Men Should Start Recording Sex With A Hidden Camera

False rape accusations have reached such a fever pitch, as recently signified by a mattress-carrying attention whore and liar being rewarded for her phony story with an invite to the State Of The Union address, that it’s time men take extra-legal measures to protect themselves from Western women.

Not only is a woman’s word being taken above that of a man’s, often with full media encouragement and provocation, but 1 in 4 women are now certifiably mentally ill, at nearly double the rates of men. We’ve just started a storm of male persecution that may take years to resolve, and instead of waiting for everything to become rosy again, you must take the proper precautions today to not be victim of a bogus accusation that could ruin your life.

Many of you already have the awareness to save all text communications from women. In the past, this was especially important for black men having sex with white women, since blacks were seen as “savages” who violated white purity, but today’s rape hysteria has a fixation on white men like we have seen recently in the Duke Lacrosse, UVA, and mattress girl rape hoaxes. White men are now a “privileged” class who must be punished for historical wrongs by accusing them of fake crimes, but even men of other races are seen as privileged as well, especially when faced with an accusation by a white woman. We’re now all vulnerable to false accusations by predominately white women who are mentally ill and brainwashed to think that consensual sexual encounters are rape.

I recommend that from this point on you strongly consider recording casual sexual encounters with a hidden camera. If a he-said-she-said dispute concerning rape occurs, your word will carry less weight than that of a hysterical woman, even if there is not one sign of violence against her. Your situation will become dire if the media gets involved and destroys your character without even asking for your side of the story. Therefore to immediately destroy any accusation, you should provide a video recording that disproves it. Video is far more reliable in disproving rape than friendly text messages or having witnesses confirm the girl was flirting with you in the bar before the sexual encounter.

In many states, recording hidden video with sound is illegal, but recording video alone is not. Legal experts stop one step short of encouraging men to record their sex acts:

Two college students in New Mexico had a gang rape charge against them dropped earlier this year after they turned over video of the reported victim giving lap dances in her underwear and grabbing a man’s crotch. Experts predict an uptick in video as defense in court as an unexpected consequence of the Obama administration’s toughening of sexual violence policies.

John Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University, researched dozens of cases of rape defendants successfully suing to repair their reputations, with evidence increasingly consisting of video introduced to show that the woman actively cooperated in the sexual encounters. “Changes in technology make video recording more effective and readily available,” Banzhaf explains. “It’s cheap, easy to hide, and the cameras shoot well in low light.”

There was also a case in San Francisco where a man was falsely accused of three rapes. Because he secretly recorded the sex acts, all charges were dropped. Even if you break the law with your recording, that punishment is lower than a rape charge (research your state’s law for clarification on the matter). The best advice I can give is not to show any hidden recordings to your friends and only use it when you’re facing a genuine accusation.

Hidden cameras are getting cheaper and many models even have night vision. Here’s one that costs under $100 on Amazon:



Alarm clock or hidden camera?

If your budget is higher, you can visit a site like and try for a camera that is wireless and can be switched on through your smartphone. The technology is here to make recording your sex acts cheap and simple enough that it won’t disturb the progression of your sexual encounters.

When you are recording a girl during sex, it would be wise to have her riding you on top for a while with your hands laying to your sides to clearly show that she is engaged in the sex act and loving your cock, regardless of how many Jager bombs she later claims impaired her mind. Once a DA prosecutor sees that footage, you’re as good as free and can then pursue a civil case against her if she has rich parents.

The men who are in the most amount of danger from a false accusation are those in college, because girls there are being fed a daily diet of rape hysteria. I recommend college-aged males to put as much importance in buying a hidden camera as textbooks, especially if they’re sleeping with girls after alcohol consumption.

The threat is less for men out of college, but $100 is a trivial cost for complete peace of mind when a girl starts acting weird on you after sex or when you aren’t quite sure if she’s a feminist or mentally ill (the two seem to go hand in hand). The odds of a false rape accusation are still minuscule, but it happens enough that you should take the inexpensive steps to prevent it, just like how you are careful not to walk down a dangerous alley at night. A hidden camera is insurance that allows you to pursue sex without having the bad luck of getting caught up in a girl’s twisted fantasy, like has happened to a Return Of Kings writer.

Even though I live in Eastern Europe, where false rape accusations don’t exist, I’m ready to implement the camera precaution if conditions change. If rape hysteria doesn’t taper down in the USA soon, I’m afraid it will begin spreading outside of the Anglo world. Not only will we be required to have bedroom hidden cameras, but even dashcam-style cameras we wear when speaking with women in public locations to prevent accusations of sexual harassment. Things are about to get weird, but don’t count on anyone else to help defend you from the sexual dystopia we’re now facing. It’s entirely up to you to protect yourself.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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208 thoughts on “Men Should Start Recording Sex With A Hidden Camera”

  1. I was planning on a hidden security camera for my bed room anyway. You just made the search much easier.

  2. So this is what a witch hunt against men looks like. The anti-male bigotry has gotten so bad we have to record everything.

    1. This is also what it looks like when Men Do nothing an Remain Reticent, the reason we are in this Predicament is not because we can’t defeat feminism, it’s because western society(Mostly Men) choose to do nothing. Men’s Rights needs to get involved in Politics, and every Man Must Vote this Coming Election.

      1. Maybe liberals are trying to bring in Islam as a passive-aggressive way to let someone else fix their problems?
        Feminism does not exist under Sharia.

  3. Re colleges, if there is no sound (to stay within the law) affirmative consent will need to be visually apparent.

      1. It is on CA college campuses. Of course according to the letter of the law it sounds like its possible for two people to rape each other if they just don’t talk about it. I’m sure the no verbal consent will only apply to the male even though the law isn’t written that way.

        1. Yes but one can’t be criminally charged based on that silly rule. But yeah they can still ruin an innocent man’s life by throwing him out of college. When arguing with leftists on this issue I tend to summarize Milo’s argument about this “affirmative consent every 10 minutes.”
          – First of all, gross. Second, college guys don’t last ten minutes. Third, normal people are able to communicate during a sexual encounter without ruining the moment.

  4. There have been many incidents of where so many innocent men have been prosecuted and convicted of false rape charges, that millions of innocent lives have ruined. This rape epidemic has turned into a malicious and vindictive assault against men and the fact is, the system is designed against most men. If a woman is going to accuse a man of rape, then the reality is that by default, you are guilty until proven innocent.
    What empirical evidence has shown is that genuine rape victims have a very difficult time disclosing the fact that they have been raped. The sad matter of the truth is that so many girls in America and the Western world are screaming and proclaiming that they have been raped, like a fashion statement, with no sense of shame and disregard to not only innocent men, but also to the genuine rape victims. Where did this disgusting and atrocious mentality come from? It seems that anytime a woman’s feelings have been hurt or if she does not get anything her own way, then she has no problem screaming rape, just to get back at the man. She has no thought or care in the world as to what her actions can do to other people.
    There have been many incidents where people have had to resort towards using recorded footage to protect themselves from false accusations. From taxi drivers to even police officers being accused of sexual harassments, the dashcam footage was what allowed these men to protect themselves from having their lives ruined. Just the time it takes to getting your case heard in the court of law, can have a bad affect on you psychologically and deteriorate your health.
    Men are now absolutelty afraid to even make eye contact to women or shake their hands in the event of some false sexual harassment lawsuit and the trip to the human resources department. It is is the unfortunate result of decades of feminism being practiced as well as the brainwashing and self entitlement propoganda that young girls are brainwashed to believe in. Just as women scream “rape” and use it as their sword to destroy men, it is very important for men to protect themselves with their shields such as surveillance pens, dashcams and other recording footage which can make the biggest difference in clearing their name, in the event of a false rape accusation.
    But be warned, in the future, there will be laws that will prevent men from being able to protect themselves with reliable recorded footage. Only time will tell when this will happen.

    1. It’s not even “guilty until proven innocent” anymore, more like “guilty until proven guilty.”

      1. More precisely: there is no innocent unless the you are in a protected (women, minorities, LGBT, etc.) class.
        The exception, of course, is when you have membership in a “privileged” class (i.e. white women) then you are guilty of fill-in-the-blank privilege and must recompense each and every being (alive or dead) you and/or your ancestors have or may have possibly offended, wronged or otherwise didn’t make feel happy.

      2. …and remember even if proven innocent, she can still tell the internet, her friends, family and the media that you ‘did it’ but just avoided punishment on a technicality. (of course to them, the technicality is that it never happened.)

      3. I’ve actually argued with dozens of liberals who hold the position “the court can’t find someone innocent. There just wasn’t enough evidence to convict, so he’s not guilty. Being found ‘not guilty’ is not the same as being innocent.”
        Doesn’t matter what the charge. I see it come up in rape trials, self-defense cases, anything liberals don’t agree with means you’re guilty, or guilty with white male privilege which made you avoid charges.
        Since liberals are such compulsive liars and have evolved a complete immunity to any application of facts, any attempts to explain the last few centuries of Common Law and the concept of innocence as the default state are lost completely.
        There is only one cure for liberals; that’s a bullet in the head. The mentally ill can’t be fixed or reasoned with.

        1. “There is only one cure for liberals; that’s a bullet in the head. The mentally ill can’t be fixed or reasoned with.”
          Truer words have never been spoken. You sir win the internet.

        2. “I’ve actually argued with dozens of liberals who hold the position “the
          court can’t find someone innocent. There just wasn’t enough evidence to
          convict, so he’s not guilty. Being found ‘not guilty’ is not the same as
          being innocent.””
          Hmmm I do understand what you’re saying here, but I do think there is a distinction between “guilty/innocent as proven in a court of law” and “guilty/innocent in actual fact”. Courts strive (supposedly) to ensure the two are the same, but sometimes fail.

        3. Amen, my good man, truer words have never been spoken – liberals are truly mentally insane. Unfortunately, most modern conservatives are borderline libs too – kind of like Paul Ryan and Boehner.

    2. I hope, for the sake of women in UK, France, Germany, Sweden and other nations, that ISIS doesn’t rape… oh wait.

    3. “But be warned, in the future, there will be laws that will prevent men from being able to protect themselves with reliable recorded footage. Only time will tell when this will happen”
      Exactly. As I mentioned in my comment, in cases of a female acusing a man of being the father of her illegit child, many judges will disallow a dna test proving he is not the father.
      Indeed I too see secret video footage being disallowed, and even further charges brought against a man who made the video without her consent.
      We are in need of another civil war in the USA.

      1. No time in the near future would such video be disallowed. Every American has the right to maintain surveillance inside their own residence to protect themselves from crimes – and that includes the crime of a false accusation.

        1. “No time in the near future would such video be disallowed”
          You obviously do not know how the system works and what the agenda is.

  5. “In many states, recording hidden video with sound is illegal, but recording video alone is not.”
    This begs the question, could an individual videotape the encounter with no audio and have a separate recorder for the audio portion? This would provide audio and visual proof that are technically separate.

    1. Alternatively, record with sound, remove the audio if needed. If the video sans audio isn’t good enough, give them the one with audio.
      Benefits of digital is you can remove audio easily.

    2. I think the audio can’t even be admitted, though you might be able to convince some cops to lay off with it.

  6. Self recording might not hold up in court because the woman could allege that since the man was the source of the recording he could have tampered with it, or the recording is incomplete… etc.
    It also assumes you’re never going to be staying over at her apartment.

    1. Maybe a hysterical psycho might try to claim you doctored the footage, but her lawyer won’t. Courts have the resources to detect doctored videos.
      Try to bring her to your place on the first bang. That’s the time that will matter.

  7. Yep, we are our own big brother now. The government doesn’t have to record our most private moments, because we will do that all by ourselves out of fear. The easy solution is to not have sex with white American women.

  8. I long for the days when a one night stand made a man feel lucky, confident and happy. Not paranoid, helpless and fucked..

  9. It’s not just the ultimate legal implications fellas.
    As we’ve seen in the last couple years, a chick can accuse you of abuse of pretty much any form and put you under the microscope both socially and professionally.
    Even if you didn’t do shit… And even if everyone knows it… We live in such a blue-pill world right now that other men and women will gush at the opportunity to see a normal dude fail.
    It’s completely understandable that to any normal healthy person this all sounds like science fiction. As if it’s just another conspiracy theory where paranoid weirdos are creating an Orwellian false narrative.
    But I assure you… At least in the most degenerate parts of the Western world, this is the unfortunate reality.

    1. And they really haven’t yet felt the true sting on society that punishing the strong and rewarding the weak brings. Mostly due to the government shielding them.

      1. Yes, exactly. Just wait until the financial reset occurs, I’m just not sure what these people will do, but I know they will panic.

    2. It’s not only that. Nobody should know what your deal is. It doesn’t matter.. women, men, friends, enemies.. Unfortunately you can not share any of your secrets, personal life/issues/etc. with anyone. And indeed everything you say can and will be used against you. And it will, one way or another. I am in general an open person, and people do take advantage of you any way they can. What a dog eats dog world we live in. I am beyond disgusted. It is what it is…

      1. After some of the shit I’ve seen people do to each other in corporate culture I hardly trust anyone. If I can trust even one dude in a department at any given time, I’m very happy about it.

        1. Corporate culture typically houses the mice amongst men. If there is a hole to scurry to, if there is a buffer to hide your action, if using niceties to potentially add a few more crumbs to your year end bonus is your deal, corporate life is for you. That’s why beta men and women love it and all of the alphas reside at the top.

        2. What I hate the most about corporate culture is emails.
          I’m serious. The passive aggressive shit people sitting 8ft away from you send in a “formal” email makes me wanna punch them.

        3. Corporate culture has degernated to the point of effectively being like politics. It’s backstabbing, claw your way to the top using any means necessary. I’ve made a lot of money just being friendly with the right people, floating above the bullshit and keeping my mouth shut. Sadly, none of those are my actual job description. I actually love the work I’m supposed to be doing on a daily basis. But the higher I go, the less of that and the more bullshit I wind up doing. I haven’t actually done my “job” in weeks now; it’s just been non-stop spin/politics that’s provided no value to organization what so ever. I could provide a clinic on why shit costs so much, the waste in the big companies I’ve worked with in the past 10 years is fucking staggering. Imagine the 100 dollar paperclip. It’s worse.

        4. Yes, email has turned into a clown show and allows people to simply pass the buck/hot potato.

        5. Great post
          As a “senior” developer i now do more actual developing fucking around on my laptop at home.
          The whole corporate world would be more efficient if we stayed at home and set fire to piles of cash

      2. yeah sadly that’s how it is. Many people mistaken and interpret niceness (general friendliness) as “weakness” and will try to exploit you and when they step on you and you call them out, they will tell you to “relax why so serious?”

      3. This is fantastic advice that can be boiled down to:
        “Know how to keep a secret from everyone, and keep it forever”.
        I travel a lot for work. Most of the men I travel with want to “hang out” and “pick up girls”. Most of them are terrible at this, so, I always beg off with “early day tomorrow”. Then, a few hours later, I’m out prowling.
        There are 2 reasons for this. One is that most of the guys I work with I’d never hang out with in my free time; they just aren’t very interesting and would be terrible wing men. The other is that I never want them to have anything “over” me. I never replay my exploits, never tell them what a great night I had. Nothing. I’m like a ghost in a city, I come in; find a willing woman, do my thing, disappear.
        Most men are white knights and would love nothing more than to somehow damage your reputation by telling someone that you’ve been with dozens of women in different cities this year. Fuck that; don’t give anyone that kind of power over you, it’s stupid and while it strokes the ego (to have them know you’re attractive to women), it’s a surefire way to land in the HR office.
        Never share money details with anyone who’s not a professional either. Friends/family (especially family)/wife/GF. Getting a windfall from work? Keep it to yourself. Got a raise that doubled your salary? Tell people about your new title, downplay the financial implications.
        99% of the time, people who want to “make smalltalk” or “know more about you” are looking for things to use against you in the future. Don’t give them the opportunity. As much as possible, stay out of those conversations, they aren’t going to help you professional or personally.

        1. “Most men are white knights”
          I change jobs a lot. Every 6 months or so I am in a completely different environment. I do talk to people, small talk BS.. but you can tell where they’re coming from. I’ve never ever sensed one red pill man. I don’t know, either 99% are BP/white knights or whoever is RP hides it very well. Either way, it doesn’t matter, same difference. Can’t take any chance..

    3. I strongly recommend a POV angle of her sucking your cock. This serves a dual purpose since you can then upload it to YouPorn.
      Make sure you use your mobile phone. If she asks what you are doing, just say you’re taking a selfie. Women love selfies.

      1. Love this, hilarious post. But seriously, be very careful with this: it is a felony to upload porn without a woman’s permission and if she’s not an unemployed swinger, street hooker, or ghetto bar trash, you could very easily get sued and prosecuted.

  10. Just game her after sex you fools. It’s pretty easy. If you wanna record that’s cool but these situations can be avoided entirely if you know how women tick.

    1. But, but.. all I know how to say afterwards is “make me a sandwich bitch.” Could this be my problem?

  11. This is stupid. Don’t be a piece of crap whoremonger. Don’t have casual sex with women you hardly know. Become a good and honorable husband instead. Find a good woman (or several), and marry her (or them), and have sex with your own wife (or wives).

    1. Sounds naive. I’ve seen clergy whose wife demanded divorce after lifetime of marriage and kids because she found sex with another man more exciting.

      1. I guess those women weren’t quality women. Frankly many clergymen aren’t quality men either. It is true that our divorce laws in this country are profoundly destructive. The Bible calls for the death penalty for the adulterous wife (and her lover).

        1. “The Bible calls for the death penalty for the adulterous wife (and her lover)”
          The canon of the Bible comes from the tradition and authority of the (“Eastern Orthodox”) Church, just as monogamy for Christians to remain in communion with the Church does, you can’t have your polygamy and your New Testament as well.
          “Find a good woman (or several), and marry her (or them), and have sex with your own wife (or wives).”

        2. You can talk about your own personal idealized interpretation of the bible all you want but women are still going to be women.

        3. You seem obsessed with claiming all Christian virtue for the Orthodox, and none for anyone else–Catholicism in particular.
          Get off your soapbox, stop indulging in your childish zealotry, and get in the spirit of this site.

        4. The authority of the Scriptures comes not from any assembly of men (such as the Eastern Orthodox or Roman Catholic churches). The authority of Scripture comes from the fact that it is Divinely inspired/authored.
          “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,” (2 Tim 3:16) ESV
          The Scriptures that Paul is primarily addressing here are the Old Testament Scriptures since the NT was just being written. Apparently, Christians are to be morally instructed by God’s Moral Law.
          Do not despise the moral instruction of Old Testament or try to set up a false dichotomy between it and the New Testament. God is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
          Do not follow the way of the Pharisees of old who tried to reject and nullify the Law of God in order to establish the traditions of men.
          God has always called adultery with another man’s wife an abomination, and an unclean act. It is a very great evil. God never said anything remotely like that about a man having more than one wife.
          The Living God who inspired all of Scripture never prohibited a man from having more than one wife. He did not prohibit it in the Old Testament. He did not prohibit it in the New Testament. Neither the Lord Jesus Christ, nor His Apostles ever denounced any man for having more than one wife. On the other hand, the God of the Bible clearly commends many polygamous men as being godly men of faith. One example is David in 1st Kings 15. Verse five tells us that:
          “David did what was right in the eyes of the Lord and did not turn aside from anything that he commanded him all the days of his life, except in the matter of Uriah the Hittite.”
          David had more than a dozen wives, and God called it “doing what was right in the eyes of the Lord”. Then, David committed adultery with another man’s wife and God calls him out for it.
          2nd Samuel 12:9-12 tells us that God said this to David after he committed real adultery.
          “Why have you despised the word of the Lord, to do what is evil in his sight? You have struck down Uriah the Hittite with the sword and have taken his wife to be your wife and have killed him with the sword of the Ammonites. Now therefore the sword shall never depart from your house, because you have despised me and have taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be your wife.’ Thus says the Lord, ‘Behold, I will raise up evil against you out of your own house. And I will take your wives before your eyes and give them to your neighbor, and he shall lie with your wives in the sight of this sun. For you did it secretly, gbut I will do this thing before all Israel and before the sun.’”
          The Bible is completely uniform in treating adultery and patriarchal polygamy in totally different ways. The Bible clearly regards patriarchal polygamy (polygyny) as marriage, and not as adultery or sexual immorality.
          God has spoken. He has spoken in His written word, and in His Incarnate Word. The opinions of Popes and Church Councils will never nullify the voice of the Living God.

        5. …. Ok, but which men decided which books were divinely inspired and what was their reason for doing so? More importantly, what gave them the authority to do so?
          Different groups of men, and one man, came to different conclusions about which books were inspired. 7 specific books by Martin Luther which he deemed non-scriptural despite a group of men ~1200 years earlier deciding they were.
          What about the books that were rejected? Perhaps they should be added? Letters of Justin the Martyr, Gospel of Peter, Apocalypse of Peter, Gospel of Martha… just to name a few.
          Bible’s just a nice book- unless you can cite some authority behind its determination as scripture.

  12. I saw mattress chick’s porn movie last night. What a piece of garbage. Not only is she not hot, but if it’s trying to dramatize the supposed rape, it fails. Plus, that’s the best stud she could get?

    1. A good looking stud wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for that trap. You already know she filed a false rape accusation. Why would you even take that risk?

    2. she chose an unattractive guy because its a ‘reconstruction’ of sorts, and she’s having a dig at nussbaumer or whatever his name is

    3. Do you know the Difference Between Rape and Consent with a Whore? It’s Consent when a Whore can Gain something From Sex (Money, Fame, Promotion, Etc etc) , it’s Rape when a Whore gets nothing.

  13. It really turns me on when I get to disarm a vaginal bomb before getting laid.
    Wait a minute that sounds like a fucking hilarious pick up line. So trying that.

    1. I know – it would seem safer to either just rub one out by yourself, or just hire a top class hooker every few weeks. Casual sex with strangers doesn’t seem worth the risk.

        1. Feminists would never end their favorite pastime of whoring themselves for money. They’d simply demand it be legalized, unionized, and increase the rates.

  14. I don’t know Roosh, these sick fucks will surely find some way to twist even this ingenious method against us in the kangaroo legal system that currently holds the puppet strings.
    Maybe if we could come up with some way to read wymyns horniness on a scale, like a hornimeter, to prove that they do want it. Just take a reading every time you bring a girl home and keep the file saved like how we used to use floppy disks in the 80s and early 90s to save documents. That way when the honorable judge cuckoldson and his legion of blue-pill bailiffs come scampering after one of us, we have irrefutable proof that the girl consented.
    Oh the bullshit we must go through to protect ourselves from the inconsequential…

      1. Not sure about how it is across the pond, but in a lot of states within the USA, only one person has to consent to being recorded, not both. Seems kind of silly when you think about it since the very act of turning on the recorder implies that you’re consenting.

        1. I think the greater point is, when dealing with liberals and feminists the law quite often simply doesn’t matter.
          Despite being 100% legal they may find a way to throw evidence out regardless.
          Worth the chance, of course. Just make sure that evidence can be “leaked” to the open public and have your outside contact be prepared to make it go viral.
          If the system cannot be shamed into doing the right thing, there are always 2nd Amendment Solutions as well. Corruption must be purged.

        2. You are correct. And there’s a website that charts out the one-party and two-party consent states.

      2. Not entirely sure per state, but in the case of “violent” crimes, rape surely qualifying as violent in nature, the recording laws likely get thrown out the window.

        1. You may think so, but in reality, it is all about the interests of the involved parties. No law is ever enforced unless important parties want it to be.

    1. I’m thinking have her sign one of those Charlie Sheen non-disclosure forms might work.

  15. This rape hysteria should bring good business to the legal brothels in Nevada and to the illegal street hookers.

    1. Just wait: all sex with hookers (legal in Nevada or otherwise) will be prosecutable as rape. One of those legal brothels will have a client list subpoenaed and everyone who was there will be charged with rape because prostitutes are, regardless of what they say, involuntarily having sex. It is society that is to blame for turning otherwise wonderful young women into prostitutes and it is just as impossible for them to give consent as it is for a girl who has had 2 cocktails. Look out boys, here it comes.

      1. The irony of it all, is it was the USA who clothed bodies for centuries, to never be seen naked at so much as a beach, only to make shame of it unclothed… then slowly piece by piece remove as much as possible and still be covered creating the guilt and shaming that goes on today.
        Consider the James Dean case.. I mean really, c’mon, porn stars claiming rape to other porn stars? Bullshit. (although a publicity stunt as well).

  16. For anybody worrying about the legality of the situation, this can easily be avoided with a nice placard placed on your front door stating that by “Entering the premises, you consent to being recorded”. The excuse for when she asks – “My place was robbed a while ago”
    The main reaction will be the slut asking about it curiously and then forgetting about it a few moments later. If any trick refuses to step inside because of it, then you have a predatory hoe who has a false rape claim in the back of her mind.

  17. A solution to the recording illegally is to post a sign in broad day light that is with in view of the camera the plainly states
    “This room has 24 hour surveillance”.
    Case closed.

      1. And you know how girls love to play to the camera.
        Just make sure to not say where the camera is. She will more than likely play in to it.

        1. “And you know how girls love to play to the camera”
          Attention is like drugs to women. They get off on attention more than having an orgasm. In fact some chicks enjoy sex more if they think they are being video taped.

    1. I’d make it even more clear.
      “These premises are under 24 hour continuous video and audio surveillance. Every movement and sound you make here is being recorded. This is not a joke. If you do not like this, please leave.”
      Tacky and pedantic but it gets the point across.

    2. Just get one of these signs to put on your door (maybe a couple more to put on your walls in case she claims that she couldn’t see the one on your door):
      Don’t worry about this sign cockblocking you. I have these signs EVERYWHERE in my shop, and yet idiots still shoplift. I have a camera right above the till which can also just about see a customer’s face while they’re paying. Didn’t stop one customer from producing a small baggie of weed and plonking it on the till – in full glorious HD view – and trying to barter with it.
      And he didn’t even have the excuse of not knowing where the cameras were and assuming that there wouldn’t be one on the till – I have a big screen in full view of all customer displaying in live view the CCTV.
      If all of these little hints don’t stop people from engaging in criminal activity in full view of the cameras, I doubt that a couple of little signs will put off a horny drunk slut.

    3. Only in cases of voyeurism is recording illegal in your own home. You can run cameras inside your home all day long, every day – perfectly legal unless there is some illegitimate purpose being served. For the purpose of protecting yourself against the crime of a false accusation – very legitimate – though disseminating the recordings in any way would be foolish.

    4. That would destroy comfort and prevent the lay if girls see such a sign. I already had a lot of girls falsely assuming I would be recording them, although I wasn’t.

  18. A convenient state-by-state guide for the legality of recording video / audio (may need to research updates?). The link also gives smartphone apps and other information
    Website I have bought from (only the dash camera / keychain camera)

  19. Of course the Next Thing Feminists will Claim is, Recording Sex without consenting to be Recorded during Sex, is a Form of Rape.

  20. If we just did this for 5-8 years, we could compile a ‘the truth’ video where we show just how prevalent the false rape/sexual harassment racket is.

  21. While the hidden-camera idea is a good one, there’s a danger that even that can’t avert: the accusation from a woman you’ve never even touched. Now that the burden of proof is de facto on the accused to prove his innocence, that particular hazard looms very large. Do anything to elicit the anger or envy of a woman without morals, and you could be on the receiving end.

    1. These kinds of accusations almost always fall apart very quickly. Women are terrible liars and can’t keep their made-up stories straight for more than two cross examinations.
      Of course thanks to the feminist courts and the jewish media the damage is already done by this point and your name is forever slandered, but you’ll avoid rape charges.
      Avoiding the murder charge when you kill the lying whore later is for a different lawyer.

      1. “Women are terrible liars and can’t keep their made-up stories straight for more than two cross examinations.”
        I know a guy who was accused of rape and took the plea bargain and did 7 months. He was facing 30 years if found guilty. His (crappy) lawyer told him afterwards that he found out the chicks testimony kept changing according to the investigators and the prosecuting attorney didn’t want her on the stand for cross examination. The facts behind it all: Her boyfriend confronted her about the rumors and she claimed it wasn’t concensual.

        1. Prosecutors that hide evidence of another’s innocence need hung from a lamp post outside the courthouse. Not a proper drop-hanging, mind you… those are designed to kill cleanly as it snaps your neck. No, it should be a nice gradual choking, with them eased down slowly onto the rope so they have time to enjoy dying and the gallery can enjoy watching.
          … or we could just shoot the fuckers like the founders of this Government intended. But the hanging sends a better message.

  22. “…but 1 in 4 women are now certifiably mentally ill, at nearly double the rates of men.”
    Something tells me that the numbers for women are higher. I’m gonna wager around 40%.

    1. Notice he says “certifiably”. We live in a matriarchal culture of fear where the voices of doctors are silenced from diagnosing female mental illness. The most important thing is to support these doctors when they speak up and never question their narrative. They are victims. I BELIEVE psychologists who diagnose women as mentally ill.

      1. My favorite part is banging a female psychologist / psychiatrist, telling her she’s her own greatest case study, afterwards she agrees to my comment. Yup, the ability to diagnose and write scripts, the the very female MD diagnosing other crazy bitches, is actually crazy herself.. seriously.

      2. I once had a woman (a college teacher) flip out on me when I mentioned that statistic. So there is a lot of emotional bullying on the part of women on this topic.
        I imagine doctors are conservative in their numbers because of the scene that some women will create upon hearing the truth.

    2. Oh totally. 40% in my spatial awareness is pretty darn accurate. Within 1-2 minutes speaking I can usually have a clue if they’re head-fucked or not, but within 20 minutes my gut instinct kicks in and has literally not been wrong 1 time in 20 years. 2/5 are fuckin quacks. Truth.

    3. Interestingly, rape culture pushers insist 1 in 4 women are raped, too. Wonder if there’s a connection between the stats? 🙂

      1. Interestingly enough, Harvard recently released a study indicating that 1 in 5 rape accusations are demonstrably false. Not unable to be proven, or not enough evidence to prosecute– demonstrably false.

    1. We live in a high stakes world. Long ago people dealt with regular tradgedy and just moved on with their lives. Today simple acts can have long term consequences. It just takes one nutty bitch to ruin your life.

      1. True. Only paranoids will survive this mess. You know what they say, and it can’t be any more true these days: Just because I’m paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not after me. Be paranoid people, more than anything else.
        You work hard on your life, all your life and it only takes one nutty bitch to absolutely destroy it. It’s so simple for them. They just need to show up to fuck you over. And they do show up and ask what’s theirs. You will not get any mercy, you will not get any break from them. And the law is on their side. The full extend of the law (not only on the rape front) is on the side of some very unstable beings. I don’t know, maybe I’m just going a little bit off the rails here…

      2. I don’t live in the States, but, I think filming yourself is going to the nth degree. I kind of think it takes the whole je ne sais quoi out of it.
        Besides, if you she doesn’t know she’s on candid camera she’ll likely sue you for invasion of privacy.

        1. She’ll never know unless she files a false rape charge. Then it becomes a bit of a standoff– she sues for invasion of privacy, you insist on her arrest and prosecution for filing a false charge. Which could kind of mess up her suit, if your lawyer is smart enough to get that in front of the jury. ‘How did you come to know about the tape, Miss X?’ ‘Well, I accused him of rape.’ ‘Was that accusation true, Miss X? “Absolutely!!” ‘Isn’t it true that you just pled guilty to making a false accusation in that case?”….

    2. Or making sure you have a record of what happened so that when someone accuses you of something you can defend yourself.

      1. Yes, it might be prudent, but, I suspect it rather takes the fun out of copulating, does it not?

        1. I don’t see how it would effect the fun either way. They have hidden cameras that you don’t really have to do anything with. They’re motion and/or sound activated and you can’t see them, so in reality you would just go download the video if/when you caught something on video you thought you might need to keep.

    3. In this case, it’s legal protection. You don’t have to view it afterward, and you store it archived strictly for legal defense. It’s rather prudent actually, and precisely why I carry a voice recorder when I open carry a sidearm, for evidence should the need arise.

      1. It gives a whole new meaning to making sure you have the right protection on before you do it!

  23. wow just wow…recording your own sex activity with a girl, something that used to be intimate and private now you need to expose it. Thank you you inferior POS (Feminist)

    1. Stop your sisters making false rape allegations and you can have your “intimate” and “private” activities back.

    2. You miss the point entirely. The video is not to be exposed to anyone, did you read the article? It’s supposed to stay in a safe place unseen by anyone —UNLESS a false rape allegation is filed. Then it is only to be exposed to the minimum number of folks necessary to keep the charge from being filed, or if filed, defend against it in court.

  24. A guy stole a family members truck. Driving it around the guy stole some gas from a commercial outfit. They had set up a wild game camera apparently to stop theft, which he stole too. Of course in the truck with him when they caught him was said game camera including the photos of him stealing it. People don’t become thieves because they are geniuses.
    I’ve wondered at what point it becomes beneficial to live life with an alias, even getting a fake license or something of that nature for a one time get out of jail free card. As Roosh mentions above, better to be nailed for taking the video than nailed for rape. Amazing what sort of shit government we live under where you are treated like you’ve broke the law no matter what you do.

  25. Protect yourselves on an individual basis as you see fit gents, whether video. audio, whatever, but also don’t forget to protect both yourself & your fellow man. Get involved with demands that false accusers serve double jail time. if the going rate for rape is 5 years, false accusers should serve 10 years. These bitches need a deterrent. The reason why men get crushed time & time again by feminists & their mangina helpers is because they just will not present unified opposition to all this shit & stand up for each other. You allow yourselves to get picked off one by one. easy target. easy to defeat. And you are being heavily defeated. You have been for 60 years.
    You could have every ‘game skill’ on the planet, and pride yourself on being a ‘master of women’ but you are always just one phone call away from having your life & your childs life ruined by a bitchy female.
    And that’s solely because you did f—k all to stand with your fellow man and fight all that anti-male legislation & bullshit aimed right at your head. There’ll be more coming along soon. There always is.

    1. It will never pass. They are too worried about protecting the rights of the accuser and their story is that it will keep people from coming forward.

      1. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. Anyway, double jail time is just one example. All men should be in the fight to kill all this false allegation crap and all other anti-male legislation.

  26. You could also just record the sound with your phone. Switch it on, put it down near the bed.

  27. I really am amazed that anyone freely chooses to live in the west at this stage. Find a developing country and live the life you were meant to live.

  28. Camera, who needs a camera? Just get married and there will be none of that casual sex in the first place.

    1. In some states (and other countries) it is actually legally presumed that your wife has consented to sex by virtue of marriage. It is an “affirmative defense” that the prosecution must overcome to prove their case.
      Plus the whole reason why society condemns rape is because each sexual partner decreases the “value” of women. If a woman has her sexual partner count increased involuntarily it lowers her market value. (This is also why society views man on man rape to be funny as it lowers no one’s market value absent embarrassment or women raping men as that actually increases the man’s market value). You can’t simply decrease the market value of a married woman in the eyes of society when she has pledged herself to only having sex with one man for the rest of her life. Who cares if she got boinged when she was passed out if the same would have just happened any other Friday night.

      1. I think what Mr SoloistZ means is, get married and you won’t have to worry, coz you won’t be having sex at all. Lol

        1. I don’t endorse marriage but I know plenty of guys who plow their wives to their satisfaction. Also nothing says marriage doesn’t mean you can’t discover new pussy on a business trip (just don’t let the wife find out, unless she is doing the same, or you get divorced rape).

    2. Just get married and there will be none of that sex in the first place.
      There, fixed it for ya.

  29. In this video you see some women falsely accusing a taxi driver of attacking them and he was saved by having a camera in his taxi.
    I am recording more and more any interaction with women. If on a one night stand another good idea can be in the morning to take a “seflie” together or a short video laughing and joking with her while you eat breakfast; nearly all women are narcissistic and love posing for the camera. Yes it’s annoying but these days with extreme feminist indoctrination women are deciding days or weeks later that in fact they didn’t consent and it was “rape”, extra footage from the morning after would be pretty conclusive.

    1. This has been a growing trend lately that I’ve heard has been going down, especially with Uber drivers. One MGTOW that I listen to on Youtube named Sandman has reported that it’s been a problem in Toronto. His dad was a cab driver in that city for decades. According to him his dad’s buddies who still drive are rumbling about being extorted by drunk female passengers who threaten rape if their fare isn’t waved. The cab drivers have responded by refusing to pick up drunk or very enebriated females.
      There are a lot of reported stories of attempted rape by Uber drivers. As a resuly, a lot of females I talk to don’t use the service because of the bad press they are hearing. I think media’s laziness in substantiating these reports are creating a false narative. Combine this with alcohol and a sense of entitlement, the truth is more like the video above.

      1. Just wait. Civil rights lawyers will be going after the cab drivers who refuse to pick up the drunk harlots.

  30. While I agree with the majority of the article, I don’t think that the advice to male college students should be to buy hidden cameras. The farcical college “rape tribunals” aren’t going to care about your video footage of the encounter and are just as likely to assassinate your character further by suggesting that the existence of such a recording makes you that much more of a sexual deviant. If anything can be taken from the scandal at UVA, the Duke LaCrosse team, and Emma “Fuck Me In The Butt” Sulkowicz, it’s that the bar for proving rape allegations is set laughably short of anything resembling due process for the accused.
    The advice to college aged men should be to abstain entirely from any involvement with their school’s herd of female students. Don’t go to parties with them, don’t invite them to your dorm, and don’t ever be in the same room alone with them. Don’t fuck them, or even touch them at all. Find local females that don’t go to your school and socialize with them instead. Leave the femicunts at your school to their Jezebel articles and battery operated boyfriends. Above all else, remember that you’re going to school (and probably into a massive amount of debt) for an education. You’re after a degree, not a criminal record. Don’t shit where you eat and keep it in your pants while on campus or at any school related events.
    In short, the best way to avoid false rape claims in college is to never put yourself into that situation in the first place.

    1. This is really a good advice; I’m glad you brought up the part about college especially when you get insane colleges allowing students to indoctrinate feminist bullshit to other students and give bad influences to other girls. With alcohol mixed in at typical college parties, it’s only matter of chance when the girls get the “buyer’s remorse” feeling and peer pressure and just accuse a dude of “rape”. Best to avoid those parties period.

    2. I disagree. I think it would help immensely. Which is better, recording a girl or a rape charge?

      1. As I clearly stated in my response, under no circumstances should a male college student engage in any sexual activities with any female who is a student at his school. Period. You don’t do this for the same reasons you don’t sleep with coworkers. Shitting where you eat is an insurmountably stupid idea that isn’t made rational by virtue of a video recording. If you’re in college, STAY AWAY from women who go to your school. There are plenty of local women outside your school to bang.
        As I also clearly stated, if you’re not in college, then I wholeheartedly support video recording your sexual encounters as a precaution against false rape charges.

        1. I don’t think its realistic for a person going to a 40000 person college in a college town to never sleep with another college student.

        2. It is perfectly realistic if you go into college with the mindset that your education should take priority over everything else. This myth that college is about banging as many chicks as possible at the expense of the educational aspects should be wholly dispelled. You’re there to learn, and hopefully it’ll be something of use to society. You’re not there to try on as many vaginas in four years as possible. If I were going to spend five figures on a degree, I’d make damn well sure I got the degree, not trumped up criminal charges of rape because I chose the route of stupidity and banged a girl with a bad case of buyer’s remorse.
          Shit where you eat if you want, but you only have yourself to blame.

        3. True enough. Luckily the environment wasn’t as ridiculous when I went through college. I managed to “try on” more than a few and also graduated but I do understand your point. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the average college guy on campus understands the true danger until its too late. It may be better just to go online in today’s environment.

        4. Yeah your right. Male students have every right to use personal surveillance inside their dorm to protect themselves from the crime of a ‘false accusation’. But they need to be careful not to disseminate the material – otherwise they’d be accused of voyeurism.

    3. The communist “tribunals” are just a reminder that not all school shootings are bad; you just have to be smarter picking your targets.

    4. Plain fact. The best way to protect yourself is to avoid the fight in the first place. Most young guys aren’t smart enough to do that. Oh well…..the best thing to do is hire an escort once a semester. If that’s what you have to do.
      Here’s the thing…..and you really need to understand this……you can’t trust anyone. Paranoia is a rational response to feminist hatred. A smart man will go to classes…..and that’s that. Dissimulation will be your protection. The best defense is to use women’s disdain against them. Let’s say you have some money. Don’t show it. Don’t stand out.
      Let’s put this where it’s at……young feral women who are being indoctrinated to hate men by the folks who are supposed to be teaching them. Don’t give them a chance to ruin you. Act gay, stutter, dress weird, act semi autistic…..learn to hide in plain sight. If you don’t understand this, or don’t think you can act this way, well, it just might be that you’re not suited to survival.

    5. NO. There is no nobility in making yourself out to be a gameless fool. instead, leverage appearances and showmanship. Play up your attractiveness more. Become the devastatingly attractive alpha male who turns them down and rejects them at every turn. This is most effective when you have other outlets to hot women outside of college; stunning backpage escorts ($150), overseas excursions and learning how to fully exploit online dating to find hotties away from college. Get photo ops at quasi celebrity parties, then leverage social media fully. Hot women are insecure six year olds: if you can’t have them and get them to do what you want, the next best thing is to — indirectly and in an unstated way that makes them infer it themselves — show contempt for them: You want to smile every time you see them, reject every advance until you make them look in the mirror every morning wondering why they are not “good enough”for you. Donald Trump may not be presidential material but he wins in life because of this key word: LEVERAGE. learn to wield it with women or rest assure they will wield it upon you —

  31. I have a male relative who is going through a false rape accusation at the moment. There’s one thing no one has mentioned about this Issue that everyone should be away of. You will need a private lawyer to successfully defend yourself against a rape charge and It will cost you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    This happened to him a week ago and now he’s down $5,000. It would have cost him twice that had he not known the lawyer through a family friend. Rape accusations cost nothing to women because the state prosecutes the offender for FREE on her behalf. The cops make the arrest and the local prosecutor fight for her case. As a man you have to shoulder the burden of paying thousands of dollars for your defense. If not you may not win if you don’t have clear video evidence that will immediately exonerate you.

    1. Good points. I want to see civil suits against false rape accusers for at minimum the legal fees if we can’t have punitive damages because they face no criminal charges.

    2. In most places $5,000 is just a retainer amount. It would cost many times more to fund a defense through a full jury trial.

    1. That was my concern too. Then again, if you’re fiming your own property and you claim that you do that all the time, regardless if you bring a girl home, maybe it would be okay. It’s not like you intentionnally filmed a porn video in the aim of distributing it to an audience, you’re simply using the footage to avoid being the victim of a crime, i.e. a false rape allegation.
      But, of course, judges always find some special rule when women are involved, especially if the case picked up media and women’s groups attention.

    2. true, in some states only 1 person in the room has to know, in some both have to know. However, in all cases it’s certainly better if you have some proof they’re just straight out lying.
      The best thing you can do is if it’s your home, have a sign on the property that says, “This home is monitored and recorded with an alarm system”.
      You can argue then that the person was informed.

    3. It might be allowed if you use your residence as your work place. For example an artist in his live/work loft space that is used for his own private art gallery. You’d need to show 24/7 continuous surveillance with the data being archived off-site for 1 year, date and time stamped, by 3rd party security service so you can’t be accused of mishandling it. You’d need to have an “art piece” in every room with a camera, bathroom, kitchen etc. That goes way beyond what the average guy is willing to do.

    4. Most states are “one party consent” only states. It does behoove you to know if yours is or isn’t, of course. And the purpose isn’t to post revenge porn, but to have evidence should she get “he didn’t call me back” regret rape two weeks later.

  32. Here is your cheap home arts and crafts version of a hidden sex camera.
    1 cube size tissue box, the kind where the tissues puff out the top
    1 old cell phone with decent camera
    power supply for cell phone (if desired)
    hole punch
    1. Cut out bottom of tissue box and remove tissues
    2. Hold phone to outside of the box as though it were taped to the inside and mark where the camera would be located. Mark the camera location.
    3. Use hole punch to make hole at mark.
    4. Tape cell phone into position so that camera comes through punched hole. (This can be a little tricky but testing it is easy. Just put the phone in video mode until it is positioned perfectly.)
    5. If you want to get fancy you can use two sided tape, but I find a good strong tape such as packing tape will suffice.
    6. If you want to get real fancy insert a charger into the phone and run the wire out the bottom so that it can be plugged in all the time.
    7. Insert a bunch of tissues back into the top of the box. Remember to put a bunch in and not just a few in case the girl grabs the box to find something to clean up with after you are done with the dirty work.
    8. If you are super paranoid tape the bottom you cut out back on to the box. (This makes concealment a little harder though).
    There you go. Your own hidden camera for the cost of an old cheap cell phone. Concealment factor is high. In a dimly lit room no girl will ever suspect that this common bedroom item possess a hidden camera. All you need is 15 seconds to launch the right app (disable a passcode to speed things along) as long as you keep it properly charged. Bonus is these are so simple and cheap to make you can always have multiple on hand in case you want different vantage points for your viewing experience.
    (Edit: Obviously this will still need some dim light left on somewhere in the room. Also it isn’t going to produce sex tape quality results you can use to gain revenge on a cheating girlfriend. But, it will document your encounter well enough that when she is scream “give it to me harder” you clearly aren’t raping her.)

  33. The economy is ready to implode, the inter human relations are fucked, the family unit is destroyed… When this shit is going to blow up, it will be extremely ugly. I don’t even want to think about the time when America collapses. All these will go out with a bang.

  34. Reaction: “OMG is my ass really that hairy??” Lol. But at least the footage will see me thru the long lonely voyages at sea. Arrrrrr.

  35. The thing to watch out is if any of you guys are into younger girls, some girls will lie about their age (lower their age) and you can definitely be fucked over (especially if you are in the states) so be extremely careful who you deal with. I would advise those thick nerd sunglasses with hidden camera installed on the middle. I remember long time ago like ten years ago, there was this porn website called 18th street latina or pov 18th street blowjob or something like that where this white guy was doing amateur bangbus style porn where he picks up fresh latina and captures the pov blowjob through his eyeglass hidden camera.
    I would invest in those; they are inconspicuous and also to go extra careful, I would save emails, text messages especially. When after you are done with her, text her with “so did you like our session?” or “It was fun seeing you, let’s do it again, text me back when you get this.” or some shit like that so you can save as further evidence. And this is crucial, don’t turn beta after this NEVER. Oh and never reveal your real name to a female you are fucking. Always ALWAYS stay anonymous; they can fuck you up, stalk you, get you fired, etc… there are some crazy sociopath chicks out there.

    1. her lying isn’t getting you out of legal hot water either… so make sure no one knows of your evidence, because many times evidence can hurt you. Get the videos, texts, etc, and offload them and keep them in a safe place, then destroy the source (always as a practice so it isn’t evidence tampering). Then if it helps you can produce the evidence but if it doesn’t help you don’t have access to it anymore.

      1. In many states, the court won’t accept your text records since you could have edited/tampered with them – the judge will have to issue a subpoena to your service provider to cough up the entire record. (Found this out preparing for child custody possibilities– didn’t need them as the ex gave me full physical custody without ever going to court).
        However, your records may be handy in presenting to the police/DA and her lawyer to keep it from ever getting to either criminal or civil court.

  36. Hey fuck you roosh,you banned me from your bullshit forum,you ugly rat faced cunt,keep lying about how many prostitutes you fucked,the fanboys who pay for your crap are neckbeards who wouldn’t know what to do with a woman
    I currently have 5 accounts on your forum wanker, faggot what you gonna do?

        1. He’s not my hero… but why are you attacking? You’re just name calling and not actually saying what you have a problem with. Maybe we would agree if you said what your problem with him (or his ideas) actually are?

        2. He’s full of shit and likes to make lies about people, people give him money and he talks crap about them,he’s disgusting

        3. So can you be specific? Who did he do this to? What did he say? Did he do it to you? Is there somewhere we can read the victim’s accusation?

        4. So you bought his book and you STILL couldn’t get laid?
          How pathetic.

        5. Let me guess.
          Your first identity was as an offended little princess in the tattoo thread?

        6. He lies about everything. So, if he appeared before me and said, “everything I say to you is a lie”, would he be lying, or telling the truth?

        7. I just saw your comments that you left on “Daily Stormer”, (by clicking on your profile) and you most definitely need help. All jokes aside, you need to talk to somone. You have issues regarding black and jewish people, very obviously.

    1. What does your post accomplish? It’s a website. You don’t know anybody on here, or even the site owner. Are you this desperate for attention that you need to do this kind of thing just to get some kind of validation?

      1. Why are you getting mad? Another one of rooshv dick riding fanboys
        I’m posting here as that scrawny rat based me from his site,returnofkings is linked to rooshvforum,attention? Because my real name is dindu man isn’t

        1. Mad? Heh. So basically you’re here for attention then?

  37. You should always record. Yea, it’s illegal in some states, but it’s much better to get in trouble for recording someone without permission than going to jail for rape or having your reputation ruined.

  38. I used to be stupid and think, “Why would a woman lie about rape? That wouldn’t make any sense; she has to be telling the truth!” Thankfully that was a long time ago and I’m not (hopefully) that stupid anymore.
    These recent false rape cases got me thinking about just how it all goes back. One of my buddies and I were talking and he mentioned it would not be uncommon for white women in the U.S. way back when to have consensual sex with a black man, and predictably, when found out would lie that she was raped to save face. Said black man would usually get lynched.
    These women didn’t care that their lies could kill a man back then, and they don’t care now. And it’s not a case of race either, just look at the Hofstra case: a black woman falsely accused black men of rape.
    False rape accusations are one of the most evil things a woman can do to a man and if it gets you killed or jailed then oops, too bad but that’s just how she FELT at the time. I’m convinced that as a man should have a fire extinguisher for potential fires, a man should have a camera or recording advice for potential false rape accusations. Sure, a man’s house may never catch on fire and a ONS might never falsely accuse you of rape, but do you really want to play with chance, where if you’re right you lose nothing but if you’re wrong you lose everything? Stay smart, buy a recording device, and fuck responsibly.

  39. The funny thing is I was thinking about doing this too. My worst fear is sleeping with a girl, not being into her and she cries rape out of vindictiveness. Can’t be too careful in this world

    Yes, I did purposely write the above paragraph like that, all because of the fate my late granduncle suffered in 1938.
    Believe it or not, false rape accusations are Victorian ideals, especially when false Jack the Ripper accusations were the norm of Victorian England.

  41. Roosh, If I had read this twenty years ago, I would have just assumed you were out of your mind.
    I wish my 15 year old son could have the good times I did. The odds are not great that he will find a good woman right out of the chute. This bogus date-rape bullshit really has me concerned. He’ll have to read this article and we’ll talk about it when we are alone.
    This definitely needs to be on every young man’s radar.

  42. Other thing to consider: just as when a female acuses a man of being the father of her illegitamate child, many courts will disallow the the evidence of a DNA test despite the fact that the test proves he is not the father.
    Likewise with the hidden camera video. It could very well not matter how much the video recording clearly showed she enjoyed riding your cock or delighted in having the two liters of your cum spew in her face, because the gavel wielding fascist pig has the mandate to throw as many men in prison as possible. He could very well reject any video regardless (on some bs thing like maybe it ‘violates her civil liberties’) of how obvious it shows that the interaction between the acused and the acusing female was consensual and enjoyed by her.
    Unfortunately today any man who has his day in court will be his last day, ever. It wont matter how minimal the jail sentence is, because once that is on his record, he loses his job and will be virtually impossible to get a new job, and his life is put into a tail spin. And in many cases despite the fact the acused is found innocent in a court of Law, he will still be found guilty in the highest court of the nation: the media.

    1. “And in many cases despite the fact the acused is found innocent in a court of Law, he will still be found guilty in the highest court of the nation: the media.”
      List the media as accessories, while we’re at it.

  43. The video taping may currently work, but eventually not even that will matter. As the definition of rape keeps getting watered down, the act of recording the event without her permission may be treated as a sexual assault, all by itself. Even if she’s performing every Kama Sutra move there is.
    There’s still the method of not telling her your real name to begin with, and then fucking off somewhere. I do love the classics.

  44. A solider get accused of sexual harassing his ex-girlfriend who was also a solider. They pulled him out of class and stopped his reenlistment while the investigation was going on. After six months and being confronted with unquestionable proof she had lied she admitted she did it because she was mad he was going out with one of her friends.
    She got away with no punishment for the false claim too because they don’t want other females to see anyone get in trouble for reporting sexual harassment.
    But the guy decided that after the unfair treatment that he was put under, so much stress, and being treated like a rapist, that he had PTSD from the experience and got chaptered out with 80% VA disability and an Honorable Discharge.

  45. “When you are recording a girl during sex, it would be wise to have her riding you on top for a while with your hands laying to your sides to clearly show that she is engaged in the sex act and loving your cock” Yes your honor, I was blacked out drunk as she took advantage and rode me LOL

  46. It’s basically health insurance for your freedom and rep.
    I see no reason every man shouldn’t have this. You could say it’s paranoia , but I doubt I’ll need life saving surgery in my lifetime and I’m still covered.

  47. Problem is, many states have eavesdropping statutes.
    Illinois, for example, prohibits and “surreptitious” audio recordings.

    1. Simple solution. Get a video surveillance sign and post it in the camera’s view. Post other commercial signage around it. Favorite logos and such. Perhaps an edgy danger sign or warning sign. Make it blend in.

      1. Sly, man. I wonder if that’d stand up in court, I can imagine it going both ways.
        Get some pinko SJW fucktard judge, and it’s a no go.
        I’m probably still going to do it anyways. 😛 I’d rather get eavesdropping charges than rape charges.

  48. A very sensible precaution…especially for very active men.
    You have every right to maintain surveillance inside your residence at all times to protect yourself from crime – and the crime of a false accusation is no exception. However, I absolutely would NOT set up a camera in the bathroom…so that area would be off limits for sex.
    As for any other ‘precautionary’ surveillance; be careful not to disseminate the recording in any way shape or form – without a doubt a whining fraud will accuse you of voyeurism. I would only access the recording to confirm that it did in fact record, then make a copy for backup, then store both of them in a safe location in case they are ever needed to disprove a liar.

  49. I understand why men want to be cautious, false rape allegations are poisonous and women who make them should be prosecuted. But from my point of view it would be heartbreaking to think that an act of love could be taped and possibly passed around. It’s one of those things that, though legal, seems wrong to me.
    I use the term ‘act of love’ advisedly- I think some on this site assume that sex is something we give to men solely to get personal advantage.

  50. Media, in the form of audio recordings or video recordings are a huge shield against false criminal complaints. I was arrested last year for “assault on a female”. The truth was the woman punched me in the jaw with a sucker punch out of nowhere and tried to follow up with a volley of punches. The only time I touched/pushed the bitch away was after the 3rd blow glanced off my jaw and almost put my teeth through the side of my cheek. I was spitting blood for days. After I bonded out of jail I found out she made marks on her throat with her necklace and scratches on her neck none of which I had anything to do with… I went back to gather my media which was put into a nice little production and dropped off with the assistant to the D.A. Not only was my case dismissed but another poor guy who had been accused of rape by this mental case was let go, all charges dropped against him as well but he spent a year in jail waiting trial. Both the 21 year old woman and her mother were thieving little mental cases. At one point during the months leading up to trial day I was asked “how much money do you have” ??? While they were busy playing me I was putting the finishing touches on audio clips and all. The girl was a druggie loser, the mother was an alcoholic piece of garbage… and had nothing to go after. The D.A was really pissed, I can only imagine the D.A sitting the mother down to ask her about my situation with my recordings in hand to see how badly they lied. I did get a chance to make the case for men being falsely accused in the video, and the war against men in general, it was a woman D.A. It was a win for me, and men everywhere. The DA admitted their case would have fallen apart under a defense lawyers questioning but it would have cost me a kings ransom to do so.

  51. Any woman worth fucking in the first place LOVES shooting porn. Just bust out the camera boys, don’t ask for permission and make her push the record button. Most women have porn fantasies and if she feels safe with you (this is key), you’ll be amazed how few women say “no.” —

  52. Lots of people seems not to understand this article. Don’t Broadcat your videos ! Save them on the cloud, and only talk about them to your lawyer IF NEEDED !
    Don’t even threaten your accustor with them, because she will just change her accusation against you
    They are not ‘prooves’ by themselves.
    Your accusator had to make a legal statement, THEN your attorney could use them to try to dismiss the case.
    (And even then, you could be charged on a civil case, but it’s far better than a rape trial.)

  53. Would there be a situation where a judge would say that the tape is ‘not admissible’ because she did not consent to the recording? This would obviously be total BS and another tool for women to falsely accuse men, but I can see that happening thereby creating another he-said she-said issue, which always goes in the favor of she-said. Anyone know if that would happen? “not admissible”

  54. I couldn’t agree more! Some women get bitter and accuse you falsely! Other women get messed up, and swear they were raped! in fact, and this is serious, you might consider hosting a place to store them here! As funny as it might sound, it actually would be good backup to have them publicly posted somewhere, in case it’s alleged that the video was taken of a different encounter. Having it posted with a history would solidify the timing and help protect men from false rape charges. it would also surf as examples of how to safely film the angle to make sure we did it right for our best protection!
    Thank you for the great article, and reminder of just how risky sex in modern America is!

  55. I am not sure how any of this helps you if the definition of rape is so broad that her being drunk prevents her from giving consent. What prevents her from just claiming she was drunk? How can you tell the difference on the video?
    Face it: anyone can accuse you of rape and as long as it’s “guilty until proven innocent” you have no chance. Even prior lies will not destroy her case. It is truly, absolutely insane.

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