Christians In Europe Need Safe Spaces From Muslims

There have been numerous reports of Muslim migrants harassing and even acting violent against their Christian counterparts. Whether travelling on boats over the Mediterranean or living in refugee camps, Christians find themselves in a minority and under attack.

The governments of Europe should take responsibility for their bad policies and act soon to protect Christian immigrants. If something isn’t done about the issue, the genocide of Christians and other non-Muslims in the Middle East might spill over to Europe.

Killed for their faith

A group of Christian asylum seekers has had to move from their home after fundamentalist Muslims harassed and threatened them. They were living together in a facility for asylum seekers in Sweden, but two of the Christian families decided to move away on account of a group of aggressive Syrians.

The majority of the 80 asylum seekers living at the facility were Syrians. The few Christians were not allowed to wear their religion’s symbols, like crosses around their necks. They also weren’t allowed in communal areas if Muslims were present. It got to the point where the Christians feared for their own safety.


At least Angela Merkel is having a good time.

The majority of asylum seekers overall are Muslim, and this is not the first time the Migration Agency has received complaints about religious intolerance at their facilities. In Germany, Christian immigrants have also had troublesome encounters with Muslims. An Iraqi immigrant, called Said, says he can’t be open about his Christian faith. He lives in a facility were most of the asylum seekers are Syrian Sunnis.

They woke me up before dawn during Ramadan and said that I should eat before the sun comes up. If I refused, they called me “Kuffar,” non-believer.

Many Christians coming to Germany can testify to how Muslims are trying to enforce Sharia law among asylum seekers. Christians who have converted from Islam are the most endangered group.

There has also been reports of Muslim attacks on the boats coming to Europe over the Mediterranean. In one case, they threw twelve Christians overboard when they refused to pray to the “right” god. “Here, we only pray to Allah,” the Muslims said before their murdering rampage.

In Syria and Iraq, Christians along with Yazidis and other religious minorities have been under attack for many years. Thousands of women have been taken as sex slaves. Christian women and men are raped and beheaded by ISIS jihadists, when they refuse to convert.

The Assyrian Christians in Iraq have a history of inhabiting the region dating back 6.700 years. They were among the first in the area to convert to Christianity. Now it seems they are on the verge of extinction. Only 300.000 Christians remain in Iraq and Syria.

The religion of peace picks a fight

It all seems a bit counterintuitive. Why would fundamentalist Muslims, with their seething hatred of Christianity, move to the predominantly Christian continent of Europe? Why are they not joining ISIS in creating a caliphate that would be perfectly suited for them? Is it a part of some grand plan, or are they just immensely ignorant? Whether they are stupid or not, they have proved themselves to be very dangerous.


Another strange thing is the fact that the followers of the religion of peace tend to pick a fight with anyone who simply isn’t like them. It’s as if they’re intolerant or something. The European governments have ignored this great threat so far. They’ve been placing Christian asylum seekers in the same facilities as Muslims, which is like putting sheep in a cage full of wolves. Sooner or later, the wolves have to feed.

The least the European governments can do now is to segregate the asylum seekers, so that Christians and Muslims live in seperate facilities. This solution is not ideal—concentrating all Muslims to one place might increase the risk of radicalization—but it would certainly be an improvement when considering the direct safety of Christians.

An extreme situation

Europe used to be one big safe-space for Christians. However, that has been compromised by the flood of hundreds of thousands of immigrants over the past years. Now it might be necessary to create safe-spaces for Christians within Europe. Places were they can live, work, and raise a family without needing to worry about Muslim violence. These areas would therefore be off limits to Muslims.

Another idea would be to put the Muslim immigrants in one big compound, sealed off from the rest of society. That way, both Christians and other people living in the West can feel safer. The Muslims will be under surveillance, and if someone shows signs of radicalizing, that person will be deported. When the general situation in their home countries improves, all of them will be sent back.

These are just a few proposals and they might sound extreme. But when people are killed for their religious believes in Europe, the situation has already gone too far. Something must be done about it.

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150 thoughts on “Christians In Europe Need Safe Spaces From Muslims”

  1. I can feel the darkness increasing inside me considering the injustice in the world today.
    The leftists who have allowed all of this will eventually pay a price. Obviously I’m not going to go shoot up some school or anything, but let’s suppose shtf, I will throw leftist scum to the wolves.
    If I hear propaganda spewing from their mouth I just laugh cause I know one day it will all come and bite them in the ass.

    1. “Obviously I’m not going to go shoot up some school or anything”
      You have just majorly disappointed the ‘guardians’ monitoring this page who would very much like to make a connection between ‘not liking the EU’s immigration policy’ and ‘extremism’.

  2. In the short-term, safe-spaces may be helpful so a better long-term solution can be formulated. However, leftists will never allow them in the first place since it’s not politically correct.
    Safe-spaces for Christians is a band-aid solution to a much bigger problem: gradual wholesale invasion of Europe by Muslims/Islamists.
    With Muslims around, they will eventually become unsafe within a matter of a few years.
    Muslim refugees need to be diverted back to other host Muslim countries instead of allowing them into Europe in the first place because once they’re in, they’re in and there’s no way to get them out. Problem must be attacked at the root.

      1. That shit is exactly how you end up bringing all of this on your own heads. You want a Jew free Europe? You are getting it. You want a weakened Israel? You are getting that too. You prefer to blame us for every problem under the sun instead of holding your own elite responsible? You are getting that too.
        Enjoy the consequences of getting what you want.

  3. this is article has no credibility, full of hearsay and these Christians will lie and exaggerate to gain sympathy and play on the xenophobia and bigotry

    1. It definitely has credibility – All claims are supported by links (ex. the dailymail for the Christians being thrown overboard).
      “Xenophobia and bigotry” – I think I know what type of person you are now.

      1. ooh yea, links, that’s proof. Even if it’s true not sure that qualifies or requires internment camps, unless you’re a nazi and well then internment camps are always the answer.

        1. Adolf Hitler was great admirer of Islam. Try Again.
          “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t
          we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the
          Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion [Islam] too
          would have been more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have
          to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?”

        2. There is enough proof of the evil of islam that you simply trying to defend it explains all. There will be no internment camps.

    2. Right, because Muslims and Muslim sympathizers are incapable of lying and exaggerating. Oh wait, actually they do lie. The saying “Islam is a religion of peace” is one of the biggest lies ever told

      1. They are incapable of saying the truth you mean. Lying is basically all that come out of their mouths.

        1. There is a chinese saying that sums up leftist virtue signalling concerning this: ”Point at deer make horse”
          By saying that the deer which is paraded in front of you is a horse is a way to signal loyalty to leftist religion.

  4. “Another idea would be to put the Muslim immigrants in one big compound, sealed off from the rest of society.”
    …called the Middle East.

    1. Let’s really put a boarder around that compound and send them all to the Saudi peninsula — the birthplace of the psychotic fantasy known as Islam. I suggest we call the new segregated home of Islam, Muzzie Land.
      Hire Trump to wall off that god-forsaken swath of desert from the rest of humanity Let the crybaby Israeli based Zionist bankers pay for it. Even at a trillion dollars, fencing off waste of planet earth would be far more cost effective than the 100 year war we’re engaged in with Islamic conquest through state-sponsored terrorism.

      1. For your information,Islam is not a psychotic fantasy but a religion like any other.It is also growing fast,just so you know.What you are saying is purely hate inducing propaganda and is extremely offensive even to people who are not Muslims.Please think before you act.

        1. Yes. I hate Isalm. I hate what it represents. And depending on the behavior of those who practice it, I may just hate you and those who practice it — especially when they REALLY hold to what they profess in their own GD scriptures.
          Unlike you, with the unthinking knee-jerk reaction of everyone who thinks Islam is a peaceful “religion,” I have evaluate Islam both in contemporary practice and historically to conclude that it is nothing more than a front for Global conquest.
          Religions, ideologies, and ism’s in general are tools used by masterful manipulators and outright liars to control large group of generally non-thinking people to do their bidding. They use the authority of invisible sky-dwelling deities or sacred set of philosophical or political ideals to compel obedience from their followers, include, but no limited handing over their money, fighting against other humans, and outright murder in the name of defending the faith. All major religions are guilty of crimes against infidels. Some, especially Islam, even kill their own because some Muslims are just not Muslim-enough,
          Yes, more Muslims die at the hands of Mohamed following Muslims than non-Muslims. And yet, I have to listen to some weak pussy ass reasoning that it’s a religion that should be respected. Whatever man. I think that’s insanity to believe that.
          But hey, I’m an equal opportunity “hater” and believe that early Christianity was the same, providing the declining Roman Empire to maintain a new level of control over it’s holdings by using the insane fear of a invisible make-believe sky-god who who promises eternal hell-fire for all but the most devout followers — akin to Islam. However, unlike Islam, Jesus’ followers are to endure hardship and persecution for their “religion” to the point of death on a cross, whereas Muslims are to follow the psychotic murderous conquests of it’s prophet.
          So, be careful throwing stones in the glass cathedrals of religion, because sooner or later you’re gonna get stoned by your own brothers and sisters.
          And just FYI, here’s a little education video on the wonderful history of Islam and the purpose of Muslims — every follower — around the world, from today back to the 7th century. Enjoy!

        2. How about you tell that to the muslims doing all the killing?
          No one EVER preaches to them that way nor demand their “moderates” actually moderate their psychopaths.
          That you side with them is the real “hate.”

        3. Get your facts straight: Here are some facts published by the CIA: Muslim behavior/terrorism correlated with population size.
          Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system.
          Islam has religious, legal, political, economic and military components. The religious component is a beard for all the other components.
          Islamization occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called ‘religious rights.’
          When politically correct and culturally diverse societies agree to ‘the reasonable’ Muslim demands for their ‘religious rights,’ they also get the other components under the table. Here’s how it works (percentages source CIA: The World Fact Book (2007)).

    2. That america and the west is constantly trying to bomb/take over/control or setup military bases in. Wonder where the animosity stems from?

      1. Man you are suffering from westerners guilt it sounds like, no, it’s in their nature, their history, their culture. People say the same rubbish about Africa, if only we didn’t colonize their countries. Have pride for western achievements and culture, you only need spend a little time around these people walking around their ghettos in Europe (can recommend France or Belgium, parts of the UK), perhaps having a conversation with them and you won’t be blaming the west for bombing them anymore

        1. You are trying to reason with someone from the race who never invented, explored, or discovered one single thing. His comment has no relevance to the world of real thought.

        2. I didn’t like the Chinese or the Indians or the Mexicans for that matter. I didn’t like anyone who didn’t look like or talk like me.
          But I’m wiser now because of certain events in my own life and acquired wisdom.
          The wisdom is to judge each man strictly on the basis of his own actions. In other words, to do unto others what you’d have them do unto you.
          This will probably not change your hate, but I say it for the younger people who have not grown into negative and destructive prejudices they can’t get rid of.

        3. Thanks for the moralistic preaching, tinkerbell.
          You speak of my “hate?” So how am I a hater? Because I am aware of racial differences, and made a true statement about the lack of any accomplishment by a certain race? What makes you think I don’t also judge each man strictly on the basis of his actions?
          You come across as a hyper-sensitive liberal. Your SPLC masters will be very proud of your post here. Now go away, child. Back to your unicorns, rainbows, and dreams of racial equality. 😉

        4. My argument is simply that every man has a right to be treated fairly, and equally regardless of the color of their skin. I particularly disliked the Chinese and Indians, and still not so drawn to them but if I ever have to deal with any of them, I commit that I will judge them on this basis.
          As for the Blacks. Their greatest failure, is in the area of government. In the organization of society. The establishment of the Rule of Law.
          When they come to the West, they often blossom, in a way they could never do in their homelands.
          You can say they should stay and fix it, I would ask you if you, by staying back, have had any effect, on the redefinition of the Family, depravity and degeneracy we abhor on here?
          Some things are not easily changed.
          I ask you, man to man, offer to take a christian black man who seems to have his shit together, to lunch, talk shit out with him.
          Get rid of your hate based on race pls. And I’m as conservative as they come.

        5. Said the Frog to the Scorpion or the rattlesnake to the mouse – Muslim behavior/terrorism correlated with population size

      2. I don’t owe anyone shit, and anyone who tries to hurt me or the people I care about is getting a bullet to the face. End of story.

  5. Why is it a replete in history that the average people fail to learn from it. If you look at how the religion of Christian spread vs Islam spread and the history of the civilizations that lived by the rules set out and the teaching set out by the different befits you should not be surprised. What are the areas of the world that are having problems? Why is one part of the world using theirs words and debating with other and another part of the world that is putting people to the sword for disagreeing?

  6. As the muzzies in Europe are so keen to live in Europe, dump them all in Cyprus or Crete and get busy with the patrol gunboats. everyones a winner.

    1. I also wonder why this option is not explored a bit more, probably a few other islands that would also suit..

  7. Meanwhile, leftists want “safe spaces” for black felons and muslim extremists. They need to be safe from their potential victims.

  8. a little silly
    just be more xenophobic, stop letting so many in, and make the tolerant locals pay for their treason

    1. that doesn’t help since the established politicians are way too powerful. Consider France: despite having huge success, Le Pen lost the elections yesterday anyway. Even though there is a minority able of rational thought, it is still a minority. And when they become too vocal, then the media, the left-wing politicians, the unions, etc. will do everything they can to silence them. And they succeeded yesterday.
      That’s the beauty of democracy for stupid people: if there are enough of them, the politicians have to take them seriously and become evenly stupid

        1. Agree. It is better to have 1 smart guy in charge than 10 stupid politicians who are elected by 100000 evenly stupid people.
          People don’t choose for the common good in a democracy, or for a better, stronger and stable society, but for their own hedonistic individualistic desires. Maybe that’s the end point of every democracy: if the number of stupid people outnumber the number of rational people, society will collapse eventually and things will have a fresh start. Unfortunately people will think they will do better next time … even when making the same mistakes.

        2. Also thinking there’s going to be some kind of collapse/abrupt turning point sooner or later, question is what form it will take…

        3. I would suggest that the Left is driving us to the Collapse so they can create the form they ultimately want.
          …and it might not work out quite like they want.
          Be prepared is as good a motto as ever.

  9. An article I can get on board with.
    It is no secret that in most areas of the Muslim world, non-Muslims suffer, sometimes horrendously, under both societal and political Islamic fundamentalism. Just look at a place like Saudi Arabia, where there are no churches. Yet the rest of the world is supposed to not only welcome with open arms the seemingly endless stream of Muslim refugees, but to satisfy their socio-political and economic demands as well. I lived in Germany, and the Muslims there, unlike those of France and England, were relatively liberal (perhaps “secular” is a better term). Now, however, that is changing quick. Europe is quickly being infested with Islamic fundamentalism. I’m black, but I believe in the right to preserve one’s culture. I don’t want to visit Munich if it’s turned into little Damascus.

  10. They should be stopped at the borders and refused entry – This is an invasion by men of military age from an area we’re at war with, where direct threats from ISIS have been made to infiltrate the West. Armies should be raised to face them down and engage to protect the borders.

    1. There were invited and are being funded by the European elites and their NGO co-conspirators. It’s all by design.

  11. Israel, the US, the Saudis, the Turks, and Qatar all want Assad out of power in Syria; and it seems as though with neocons and Zionists no sense of morality will get in the way of their plans.
    Historically, Assad has protected (to an extent) over a million Syrian Christians attempting to live in peace; he made sure it wasn’t *all out chaos*, so to speak. But then, because the nations I mentioned above want to undermine Iran (the Shi’a Moslems) and also undermine Russia, here we are again engaging in destructive foreign policy that very few Americans even understand.
    If Assad goes, I fear that *all* Syrian Christians (historically 10% of the pop.) will be either exiled or outright murdered by Sunni Moslem extremists. Over 500,000 Syrian Christians have already been displaced since these nations started funding Sunni extremists to do their dirty work.
    EDIT: And let us not forget that the massive “refugee crisis” that we are causing in Syria and other ME nations fits in nicely with elitist plans for multiculturalism and diversity in Europe and America. Mark Zuckerberg and the Cuckservative neocons agree:

  12. I would vote for Trump if he actually was like Hitler. I would love to be involved in a genocide of Muslims. Fuck walling off the sand rats. They want to use violence then let’s use violence instead of this handcuffed fighting we are doing now. Time to see these fuckers to camp!

    1. Muslims are just useful idiots for the elites who are conspiring behind the scenes. Their “faith”/political doctrine and their -on average- low IQ prevent them from realizing they are being used as pawns in someone else’s game.

    2. Stormfronter confirmed. This place has really turned into a vile place, roosh loves feeding into the click baity hate filled rants of right wingers.

      1. Calls of ‘racist’ as an argument are as blue pill as it gets. This is a shaming tactic; not even an argument.

        1. Calls for hitler like extermination are a rational argument then? Please, man grow up. Human beings are human beings, this type of ideology is not going to progress human civilization into the 21st century.

        2. I don’t see you preaching this to the violent muslims. Go tell them to stop, rather than cursing those who Haven’t. Even. Fucking. Started.

        3. stopping bombing their countries leave syria/iraq to themselves etc… guess you’re not against that,

      2. I imagined you typing this emo nonsense while hyperventilating into a brown paper, inside your boyfriend’s coat closet. Either make a rational argument, like a man or go somewhere and cry about it, like a little faggot.

    1. Crusaders killing other Christians (orthodox)? Haven’t we done this already!

    2. That was exactly the first thought that struck me reading this article…what would the world do if Christians suddenly became militant in defense against all the current “persecutions,” including, but not limited to, those by Marxists and anti-Christians hiding within the umbrella of atheists?

      1. The Muslims would get wiped out. Europe has the heavyweight champ genes that keep on going.

  13. Countries like Germany and Sweden are dumb. Put these troublemakers on planes and ship them back.

  14. Monotheism is an inherently intolerant concept – “there can be only 1 true god which is my god.”

    Reality is intolerant, deal with it.

  15. Christians need to fight back REAL hard. You can try to be peace loving but militant atheists, liberals and SJWs will shit on you whether you like it or not. Christians need to strike hard at the Muslims who are invading Europe. Even the Jews dislike Christians and it’s evident in their tone and attitude.
    No need for this “Slap the other cheek”. Just fight back real hard and screw political correctness; tell them to kiss your ass and form a group to fight back and defend yourself at all cost. Have no shame in that. Have a pride. If you are White European, you should really be proud of yourself seriously. No other race have contributed and achieved like the White Western Europeans did.

    1. “Slap the other cheek” was intended to cover minor insults, not something that threatens life and limb.
      The problem with most Christians and people (especially in the West) is that they have the idea ‘Christian = nice person’, when Jesus, his disciples, and others (given a good reading of the Bible) are anything but nice [and when I have asked people to point out in the Bible where ‘nice’ occurs, they give me a blank look].
      Or let’s even take a slightly more timely example: St. Nicholas. It is said St. Nicholas punched Arius for heresy at the Council of Nicea. (

      1. hmm. The only time I remember Jesus being mad was when he saw Jews selling animals in the temples and raising interest rates and scamming people, that’s when Jesus released the cage and let the animals out and he ransacked the marketplace. Correct me if I”m wrong. I think I read it from somewhere before. Besides that, Jesus is known to have good reputation.


          Actually, if we behave the way Christ and his apostles behaved:
          -To honest seekers: Be gentle.
          -To scoffers in private: Avoid them.
          -To scoffers in public: Humiliate them.
          -To people who claim to be part of the church, but are willfully and proudly disobeying: Kick them out.
          -To false teachers: Silence them and/or kick them out.
          -To those who repent: Welcome them back.
          Notice under churchian definitions, in four of those six situations, Christians are required to be dicks.

    2. I’m an atheist and have contempt for all stupid religions but give me Christianity in it’s current form (separation of church and state) over Islam any day of the week. There are crazy Christians but if I criticise them or make fun of the Pope I’m fairly confident they won’t kill me because of it unlike the intolerance of Islam.
      I read a comment on CH that liberals and SJWs side with muslims because muslims hate Christians as do libtards because they represent everything they hate such as a strong family structure and strength. So for them it’s a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
      Yeah screw political correctness. Libtards are unable to refute any legitimate argument against the Islamic invasion without falling back on name calling.
      My heritage is Polish and I’m damn proud to be white and I’ll say a big fuck you to anyone who suggests I should feel otherwise.

      1. If you insult Christianity, most likely Christians won’t beat you up physically. They will probably say “you go to hell” but you won’t have to worry about being stabbed, shot, etc. If you assault a Muslim, most likely you might risk a beatdown if it’s from a mob because they most likely attack via mob style. You deserve to be proud of your Polish culture. They contributed a lot to America (Polish immigrants who came to the US). Some Europeans are not Christians and believe in Nordic Gods and I can respect that.

      2. White Poles have an average IQ of 106, among the best in the world. Such a thing should not be lost.

      3. What a great vid “…we are told we need to bring in the third world to enrich us with their diversity. We have plenty of beautiful diversity among our own people” Am pleased she used the term “racial identity” we need to hear more of that coming from the center..

      4. I’m glad someone else on this site has some pride in their race. I wear my red beard and blue eyes proudly; I won’t bow the knee to any Muslim who invades. I’ll be happily singing my praises to God before Allah, and you better believe I’ll help ship them back home before I lend a hand.

  16. They will not make accommodations for Christians because the ruling fucks want us out of the game permanently. There is nothing these people have more hatred for than Christians. Call it vengeance indescribable, there is a part of their DNA which incorporates a ‘purge all Christians from existence’ nitrogenous base into its genetic structure, and they carry this inherent belief with them their entire greed-filled lust-dominated lives, and now we see it playing out in politics and media babble before our very eyes yet no one will say anything. I’m calling on you guys to wake up other Christian, catholic, nonsecular people, etc – to see that being a sellout and a traitor = death.
    Damnit, if we had one good Christian who was willing to take up the sword and die for his cause for every ten of their radicals, this war would be much more balanced, but the ratio as it stands now is around 1 to every 10,000. No one is making a stand. The media has succeeded in demoralizing our people. Fucking leftist technology manipulation 101, technology which was created by thinking men is now being warped to carry out the unsaid genocide.
    I may not even be that much of a Christian with my sinful behavior most of the time, but I damn sure will take a stand for something in this life, even if it doesn’t make a difference I can at least go to my grave knowing I gave my best, and the struggle alone was worth it.

    1. Maybe, just maybe, the Europeans expanded throughout the world once because they, during the renaissance, rediscovered what was true European. The philosophy of the greco-roman society, and not Christianity.
      Then maybe our strength is vanishing today because we have become ‘too Christian’, and only ‘turn the other cheek’. That is one of the few parts of the Christian faith the leftist cherish. As they have no strength, they hate strength, and Christianity suits them all the way to the ground. In their perversion they find strength in destruction.
      This may be a personal matter, but I started to find religious strength when leaving Christianity, og start looking for the true European spirit. Would I cooperate with the Christians to fight the Islam madness? Absolutely! But they are a troublesome gang to work with, given their obsession with being humble.

      1. ”turning the other cheek” was in response to insult which being hit by a backhand entails(note the passages that talks about this refers to the right cheek being struck). Only dumbasses(Like leftists) think its in response to physical threat and attack.

      2. It was technology which led Europe to conquer the World, not the “rediscovery” of anything in the so called “Renaissance” during which the base for many of our problems started, hell, during that time the French thwarted any attempt to beat the Turks, they were their allies against Spain after all. Not just engineering and science knowledge preserved and improved on by the Christians you mischaracterize, but “social technology”, the cohesion and unity of purpose which the Norse pagans lacked.

        Would I cooperate with the Christians to fight the Islam madness?
        Absolutely! But they are a troublesome gang to work with, given their
        obsession with being humble.

        Pretty funny coming from someone from the “equality überalles” land.

        1. Agree to disagree. The technology was not there in the first place. It required a change of mindset to reach the dynamics it did during the renaissance. Must of the thought pattern that occured during this ‘reawakening’ had been dormant since the fall of the roman empire. A long period of which Christianity ruled most of Europe.
          As to the equality über alles – that goes for most of northern europe, which the immigrants understand all too well. We have a long way to go up here…

        2. And that change was brought about by the church starting the modern college system. Many prestigious colleges in Europe were started by the church.

        3. As you just said, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Technology doesn’t come from the ether. The bases for the plethora of discoveries in the 16th century onward are to be found in the foundations set up in the Middle Ages, where humble monks, philosophers (Nikolaus von Kues for example) and many other laymen preserved and enhanced the knowledge from Rome leading to breakthroughs in metallurgy, smithing, engineering etc. Contrary to the accepted discourse and politically correct history (a curse inherited from the “Enlightenment”), the middle ages were not terrible due to Christianity.
          The only major difference between the Middle Age and the time of the Renaissance was the rise of the Modern States and the stabilization of many parts of Europe. The mess of having to many lords to answer for (feudal lords, sometimes bishops, sometimes bandits) started to fade and great minds like Michelangelo were able to focus on his craft without been locked in a castle and without having an eye on the back for his life in case the barbarians were in the city.

        4. Exactly. Couple that and the rise of some order (greater security at least for the people in the cities) were enablers of the era of discovery.

      3. “Maybe, just maybe, the Europeans expanded throughout the world once
        because they, during the renaissance, rediscovered what was true
        European. The philosophy of the greco-roman society, and not
        This is either dishonest or very ignorant.

    2. Count me as one against the ten. Christ warned that persecution would increase as the endtimes approached, and guilty white Liberals, who hate their own race more than any other ethnic group does, continue in their willful ignorance.

      1. Check out this website about the Islamic plan to infiltrate and passages from the bible Ishmael (Islam) would seek to destroy christians “In the Bible, God prophesied that Ishmael and his descendants would be wild and fight with everyone. This prediction has held true throughout history. Will the world ever have peace with Ishmael? Will Ishmael even find peace himself? Deep down, don’t we all want the same things (love, peace, acceptance)? I wonder how much longer we will have to wait before real peace comes to humanity.”

    3. They have to use guilt against us; we can’t be beaten in a straight fight. If we even have the guts to engage in a straight fight, William Sherman style.

        1. I believe you were equating me with Lucifer and I told you that from your frame of reference, that makes sense. I guess that from that frame of reference, I also have feet of clay – as you seem to believe in only one way to have a solid spiritual stand.

        2. I don’t think I had that thought. If anything I was wondering about your frame of reference. From God, to demon….or daemon, which may or may not mean the same thing (c.f. phillip pullman’s dark materials for instance). People can say stuff and mean it playfully or seriously or sometimes both

        3. Somebody already recommended that book to me in the last days. Was it you? Gotta read into it sometime.
          Interesting. Just googled etymology of ‘demon’. The greek root is ‘daimon’ which means ‘deity, genius’.
          So it is quite fair to say that Jesus is a demon, as I have come to believe. A quite powerful one.
          But I still do not get what this particular line of comments is all about!

        4. no not me. I haven’t read it beyond the first few pages. But I remember reading about it, and the fact that the use of daemon / daimon was different from the meaning of demon. Re. my commenting about ‘demon’ its because a couple of days ago you said ‘god’ – that’s all

        5. Ah wait. I think I know what you are getting at now. Because I was talking of the Kundalini god, right?
          In this comment, I was inspired by a comment from ‘Marcus’, who had posted a video about a Christian who had acquired healing powers, but then found out they were from ‘evil’ demons who expressed blasphemy towards Jesus.

        6. Oh ok, yes, that was it. I read the article on my phone and don’t remember seeing that video – it probably didn’t appear in my browser. Cross purposes then I guess

  17. From experience and conversation with people with more experience with Islam, Muslims will always follow those who are strict and devout to their faith. A Christian will be wary of such people, but a Muslim will follow the them. You can have a Muslim guy drink a beer and hanging out with his mates one day, and in the next become a devout Muslim who drinks no alcohol and mingles with only with fellow believers. This one factor that many people harping for accepting refuges have not seen in their day to day dealings with Muslims that they know. Once you get the hardcore lunatics in large number, there goes the ‘safe space’ that moderate and nonpracticing Muslims have. There will get into line to avoid becoming the ‘Kuffar’ and the consequence it entails. The elites are too drunk with power and money from Saudi, combine with blindness of their “Narrative” detached with reality is going to screw over every Christian in the Western World. There going to be fight at end of this mess, i prefer that Christendom to win it.

  18. We, europeans, are already fucked. The biggest danger is not these invaders with their religious bullshit, but the so called europeans leaders, Merkel and Hollande, these traitors who let them in. Those suckers.

    1. The left have their “religion”, but they are willing whores of islam. They both hate the same people.

    2. It’s the European Union too, probably in particular. I love Europe but that organisation in Brussels and Strasbourg, which sounds in principle like a good idea is actually run or infiltrated by islamists and leftists. They squash healthy nationalism, and impose leftist policies on formerly sovereign countries. I think without it, Merkel and Hollande would not be that powerful, not have the clout to do what they do. Then there’s the common currency and the Schengen agreement. They make such an incredibly big deal about those two.. Doing wacky economic things because of Greece. And what is the big deal about standing in a queue to show your passport at the border? ..or to an inspector on a train or at a boom gate in your car? I’d feel safer if I had to start doing that again. The big fuss they are making about preserving Schengen is also a farce, it’s not really such a big deal for the people of Europe if Schengen ends. The powers that be fear it, not because they don’t want to stand in a queue at the airport, but they know that it could precipitate the end of the European Union and their ability to impose their leftist ideology. I think the salvation could come if the EU is wound up and it goes back to nation states, and that is a lot less bad than a war or another decade of muslim influx.

  19. You guys are ridiculous. Israel is a dagger poised into the heart of the Islamic empire. You should support us and encourage us to throw all the Arab Muslims out of our country. If you would have done that, they would have occupied themselves with us,and been nice to you. Instead you sold us out completely, forced us to hand over more than half of our country to those bastard, land we won in wars.

  20. Segregation+Apartheid, German police chiefs suggests!
    Syrian Christians need separation from violent genocidal Syrian Muslims
    The question arises why we don’t need to separate German Christians from violent Syrians.
    German police suggest segregating Christian refugee housing from Muslims, because they tend to “clash”.
    would be too racist and islamophobe to explicitly state that Muslims
    persecute Christians everywhere, be it Syria, refugee boats, or German
    refugee camps.
    Persecuted Christians: No asylum, no safety!
    Refugees Drowned for Being Christian
    also is no questioning why German police is unable to make Muslims obey
    European standards religious tolerance and allow Christians religious
    Half a century of world wide racial de-segregation and
    abolition of apartheid. And now we find that separation is needed to
    save Syrian Christians from Jihadists and Muslims in general.
    would be extremely racist to question if such segregation would not
    protect Swedish and German citizens from the likes of the Swedish Rape Epidemic.

  21. I think the banking elite wants to destroy Christianity and the nation state at all costs.
    THe concept of Christ as your brother is overly subversive. When you can seed the deep psyche with Islam (wchich means submission).
    Create submissive zombies, weaken the nation state so it can be merged into supranational structures.

    1. Seriously does seem like a conspiracy coming from somewhere. I used to think they were just getting bribed by arab oil but the way you put it maybe there’s more to it..

  22. You have it all wrong. Theyre doing to Europeans what Christians did the first time… Its about destroying Europeans racially. Our pagan ancestors were massacred and butchered by Christian bastards like Charlemagne.
    It’s no war on Christians, but a 2000 year old war on the European blood. I would urge you all to learn about your ancestors. Thulean perspective is a good place to start.

    1. Ignorance runs deep, another signal of public education failure not only in America it seems. What else, millions of women were burnt as witches?

        1. I was responding to one of the more than likely arguments people like him spout out of malice and ignorance. Just like the Feminists and atheists, most pagans are liars at heart.

  23. Know why Lebanon is an unlivable hell-hole today? Because in the early/mid 70’s they let in Muslim ‘refugees’. Prior to that it was a beautiful & safe vacation spot, Damascus was the ‘Paris of the Levant’, Lebanon was a banking hub, the ‘Switzerland of the Middle East’. In less than 30 years after allowing ‘refugees’ they went from 80% Christian to less than 30% & became a place NO ONE SANE would even consider going without a pressing cause.

    1. Man that is tragic.. we’re going back to the dark ages. I also remember reading about Beirut as a tourist destination even more recently than that…

    2. that is a rapid transformation which only reinforces all these predictions about how France and other Europe nations will have a HUUUGGGEE muslim problem within the next few decades.

  24. Wonder why Republicans don’t jump in on this issue and actually start bringing in Christians, even by covert means.

  25. F*ck man I’m not even going to read this sh*t. Nothing personal, but if I read the phrase “safe space” one more time in a day I’m going to vomit.
    Cowards need safe spaces. Even those libs running the U of Wisconsin have started criticizing the SJW’s and safe space horse sh*t.

  26. Why are they not joining ISIS in creating a caliphate that would be
    perfectly suited for them? Is it a part of some grand plan, or are they
    just immensely ignorant?
    Uh, I believe we call this a takeover. I know it ‘s a stretch for the liberal mind to conceive the fact that not everyone wants peace, love, and every one to be left alone to life as they please but that’s the reality.
    Agree with other posters, enough of this “safe space” shat. Whoever dreamed up this whiny crybaby term anyway?

  27. After reading about the FN losing the French elections, I have diminishing hope for Trump to win, let alone anything to change. Time to start buying guns boys. It’s the quickest way for us to commit suicide once the time comes. We’re losing bad, and I don’t think there’s any way to turn it around at this point.

  28. If you study the origins of Islam, you will notice that one of the earliest elements of it is hatred of more developed socities. In 7th century, these were primarily Persian (Zoroastrianism) and Christian (Orthodox). Through the next two hundred years, Islam grew by devouring everything the other two cultures developed (or adopted from elsewhere), enslaving and forcibly converting members of these two cultures.
    Islam could afford to be violent and militant because Christianity was a religion of stability and empire building, made to pacify large regions and their populations. Being violent was good for early Muslims, it gave them everything they wanted without developing it themselves.

    1. J. Rushdoony talked about this. This fact is one of the things I never forgot when I used to listen to his lectures on tape

    2. Please know your facts well before you go about spreading stupidity and showing your ignorance.All you have said is pure nonsense and hate propaganda.Go learn about Islam first before exposing your stupidity.

      1. Nope. Nice try. Sleepy Nazgul is completely correct.
        But do keep your head in the sand (makes it easier for the violent muzzies to lop off). And the moderate muzzies won’t need to bother burying it.

  29. With 300 million firearms in the hands of private individuals, I have my doubts that the brown invaders will dare to use any force or try to institute Sharia on the natives of the States.
    The massive private gun ownership is what differentiates us from Europe

    1. Apparently though us Canadians are weak kneed SJW’s and the biggest threat to the US by allowing free rein to the muzzies. Here’s a small sample of our wuzzy ways.
      I apologize in advance America. The article was in the Daily Beast.

    2. I am South-Asian, Christian, extremely conservative and despise Islam.
      Make sure when shtf you dont group us all in together with the Shariah fgts.

      1. Duly noted. I too am a Christian and my faith is what keeps me balanced and tempers my blanket prejudices.
        God speed brother – May His face be upon you during these are dark times !

  30. I’m confused. I thought you (ROK) were against the immigration of all Syrian immigrants, because it makes Europe less white. Are you against all Syrian immigrants, or just the Muslim ones? The Christian Syrian immigrants are still brown people, and just as capable of de-whitening Europe, right?

    1. It’s the lesser of two evils. If the European governments were strictly filtering in Syrian Christians, albeit brown, it would be not as much of an issue. Would be a humanitarian gesture rather than an attack on the indigineous Europeans and not harm Europe that much if the numbers stayed small. Must confess I know a few of the brown people from those countries who are very successful in Europe, one of whom I know hates Islam and votes conservative and the other has nothing to do with religion as far as I can tell. So yeah, I think the ROK thinking would be the lesser of two evils, letting in a more benign race of people that is not covertly aiming to conquer and behead.

  31. Ironically, the Leftists Utopia is made possible by the silent complacency of the strong Traditionalist fringe. Leftists are weak, but good at talking. Traditionalists are doers, yet dont talk much. Its time Leftists were left to protect themselves.

  32. Arabs! You think they’ll live in the lands were the vikings once roamed as free men? No. I can’t see them live in the great white north of Scandinavia and Russia. This is the Norse man’s kingdom. The place of mythical battle between those eternal forces written about in Norse mythology

  33. very interesting last 2-3 sentences. Christians consider Jesus to be the perfect ( human (while on earth)) so they emulate him. Muslims consider Muhamed the perfect being so it makes complete sense to emulate that psycopath.

  34. I’m surprised there are still Christians left in Europe. I know that there are Pew polls that put Europe at like 75% Christian, but “Christian” usually just means that they went to church as a child. Europeans always turn their noses up at Americans for being Puritanical and uptight about sex. And the US is pretty debauched. So if we are the weird, sheltered religious country compared to Western European countries, then they are totally fucked. How Christian could they be?

  35. I’m afraid once they got to Europe they’d find nary a Christian to massacre! The only substantial Christian populations remaining are in Eastern Europe (which will never let them past the gates anyway, see Hungary & Poland).
    One of the most shameful chapters in Occidental history will be the silence as the Christians of Syria and Iraq were slaughtered, and let us speak the truth and say, the Left looks at this and says “good!”. They’ll cover their attitude up with so many words and in fact no words at all, but they do not give a damn about human life. Anyone deemed an enemy of their agenda can go ahead and die. Trust me, if it was white men being brutally slaughtered (as they were in South Africa), they would be just as silent. Enemy groups are worse than maggots in the left’s eyes. They don’t realize yet that Muslims don’t want to be their friends.

  36. Stay strong my brothers in the faith! Jesus has crowns for anyone willing to suffer persecution for His sake! God bless!

  37. true. Considering my shift in mindset to accomadate some dark triad traits in this dark world, I can understand that it is human nature to conquer and seize as much power as possible.
    For me I just have to find a nice balance between the dark traid traits and my on Christian faith.

  38. You should not stereo typically generalize all Muslims as terrorists since there many who have compassion and sympathy and general care for people regardless of who they are or their religion. Only some few misinterpret the Koran and refer to it when doing evil deeds therefore soiling the name of the religion.So do not blame all Muslims or Islam as a religion .Instead blame those and only those responsible for causing terror and making life scary and hard for Christians and people of any other religion out there.And no,safe zones for Christians are not required.So those with bad and hateful comments about Islam and Muslims,please take time to gather true and meaningful facts before deciding to degrade the religion and its followers.See this link;

  39. I’m late to respond, but well played. I was looking for the argument intersection, and you gave a great one

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