3 Reasons Why The Corporate Elites Support Mass-Immigration

Much has been written about the strange bedfellows of the establishment left. What unites feminists, Islamists, anarchists, Bernie-bros, LGBTQ+, BLM rioters, and Hillary voters often seems to be little more than rebellious hatred for Western Civilization. However, that still does not explain what motivates their upper-echelon donors. What causes the—mostly white and male—chairmen and executives of the Western, corporate elite to financially support the very people who would gladly see them hanged in the streets?

The short answer is a deadly combo of greed and virtue-signaling, exacerbated by a small cohort of anti-white agitators. While this is a varied and complicated issue, for simplicity’s sake this article will focus solely on the effects this has on immigration policy.

Quite tellingly, the entire left and most of the right take it for granted that mass-immigration is not just good, but necessary. Diversity is, after all, our strength, and each year executives across America and Europe fund open-borders politicians, organizations, and media conglomerates to the tune of billions. Why do they do it? What makes the majority of corporate elites support mass-immigration?

1. Cheap Labor

The first reason is cheap labor. In the first world, labor is expensive. This is not because Western workers are spoiled, but rather because the costs of living are significantly higher. We have an industrialized economy, massive infrastructure, and a modern educational system. This all makes the West a very good place to conduct business, but as a corollary Westerners can demand a higher price for their labor.

But what if corporations could gain all the benefits of the Western world’s infrastructure and institutions without having to pay first world wages? Historically, this has been partially achieved through outsourcing and offshoring. However, these schemes incur costs of their own, often requiring bribes to foreign governments and installing roads and other infrastructure. All of this is expensive and raises the question: why trouble bringing the factories to the third world when you can bring the third world to the factories? After all, people are cheaper to ship than tons of steel and concrete.

Mass immigration side-steps all the pesky issues associated with employing third worlders in their home nations. It combines the benefits of cheap labor with the comfortable infrastructure of home. As an example, if Carrier air conditioning were to relocate all 21 million denizens of Sri Lanka straight into downtown Indianapolis, they could pay their assembly-line workers thirty cents per day, without the inconvenience of building a factory half-way round the world.

It doesn’t take an MBA to see the serious benefits to the bottom line. An extreme example to be sure, but it illustrates the first major incentive driving pro-immigration executives: the prospect of third world wages right here at home.

2. More Consumers

The second and arguably more insidious reason corporations support mass immigration is to inflate consumption. Capital is always seeking new markets, but investing in and developing those foreign markets can be risky and expensive. The solution: bring them all here. Instead of waiting for the third world to develop, elites can create first world consumers overnight by importing the populations of the third world  to Western countries. The entire project of development can be skipped with a quick boat or plane ride.

Needless to say, the people of Angola will be significantly better positioned to take out car loans and buy cell-phone plans once all 25 million of them have been safely relocated to Denmark.

Similarly, only 7% of the Africans in Burkina Faso have reliable access to electricity; a developmental technicality severely curtailing their ability to order cheap, plastic trinkets off Amazon.com. If we fly them all to America, Amazon won’t have to wait for the Société Nationale d’électricité du Burkina Faso to get its shit together. Whether these new arrivals can afford first world consumption habits is inconsequential. The indigenous white tax-payers will supply the difference via the welfare state. Anything less would be racism.

All joking aside, what these circumstances effectively amount to is the citizens of Europe and America being forced—through taxation—to subsidize corporate profits by financing the very people who are imported to replace them. Any objection has historically been shouted down as racism or xenophobia, and thereby the process has continued unabated.

The banks and businesses of the West generate an ever-growing consumer base for their loans, credit cards, and electronics by siphoning off the fertility surplus of the third world. The effects of this process on the lives, communities, and ancient cultures of the West have been deemed acceptable collateral damage.

3. Cheap Virtue-Signaling

The final reason is the twofold benefit provided by virtue-signaling. On the one hand, virtue-signaling about open-borders allows executives to market their corporations as somehow more moral than their competitors. 84 Lumber’s Superbowl commercial provides a memorable example of this ploy. At the same time, doing so allows them to satisfy their own personal need to feel like good people.

Furthermore, I suspect that supporting uncontroversial leftish shibboleths—like open-borders—constitutes a kind of social currency among elites, wherein they compete with each other over who can write the largest checks and proselytize the loudest.

Interestingly, I also suspect that were you to confront any of them on the horror that their philanthropy inevitably produces, you would likely be meet with their genuine shock and disbelief. Their worldviews are formed by the candy-coated narratives presented at galas and fundraisers for wealthy NGO’s such as the International Rescue Committee (IRC). In the below IRC propaganda piece, refugees are presented as aspiring female lawyers and gregarious old Muslim kite-makers. The hoards of young, male economic migrants are strangely absent.

They see this:

Not this:

Reality, it seems, constitutes an unimportant distraction from the feel-good echo-chambers in which elites get to play at being virtuous ‘citizens of the world’, and keep their corporate profits too.


It is this last reason—virtue-signaling—that most damns our elites. It is one thing to knowingly do great evil. It is entirely another to convince yourself you are good for doing it.

Despite careers spent singing the praises of open-borders, in their personal lives elites distance themselves as much as possible from the diversity they claim to love. The hypocrisy is mind-numbing. By dint of their enormous wealth they will never live in the ghettos, favelas, and no-go zones sprouting across the West. Their children will not attend schools equipped with metal detectors and knife wands. They will never wait in line at 7-Eleven behind a scowling Salvadoran draped in MS-13 tattoos. Most of them will live out their entire lives without ever once having to face, publicly or privately, the odious reality of their treason.

Prepare for enrichment…

I cannot see our elites stopping this madness off their own accord. They will likely double down until the bitter end. The only thing standing between them and the total destruction of the Western world are the few of us who know the score. We lack the billions in corporate funding, but truth is on our side, and we won’t let the West go down without a fight.

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        1. I am not sure which quote CB is talking about but Bogie is very quotable with one of my favorites being, after his 4th marriage, “i always cry at weddings….especially my own”

  1. The three real reasons why they’re all for bringing in moslems, africans
    and other two-legged, low-IQ bio-weapons in order destroy western
    1. Whites of European origin are a potential threat to their plans for an NWO.
    2. They just hate Christians.
    3. They’re fucking evil. This is their way of having fun.
    “They” obviously refers to the ultimate owners, string pullers, shot callers, whatever you might want to call them. It’s not at all about cheap labour, more consumers or virtue signalling. Not at all.
    at Africa, full of potential consumers and cheap labour. See any
    globalists making great profits there on anything but natural resources?
    Think bringing Africa to the West is about profits? Think again.

    1. Agreed- its not like we need more factory workers as we sent most of those jobs overseas decades ago- so, why are they here?

      1. So they can create debt, and necessitate borrowing in order to pay for their social services.

        1. I have no idea how to judge what is going on in Sweden– the nation is like a big suicide cult, like Jonestown or something.

      2. Three reasons:
        1. Rape, murder and other crime
        2. Breed
        3. Explode welfare costs (the Clovard-Piven plan)

        1. No….crazy talk is my cousin. He’s never been quite right.

    2. I agree this is why the anti-white NWO super elites push this stuff.
      My article is about why the average white executive who is a millionaire but not a billionaire goes along with it…
      But I totally agree that behind it all at the “super-elite” NWO level it’s all just hatred for Christian Europeans.

      1. Fair enough, I would agree with that.
        I used to be an average white executive, and many of my acquaintances and former colleagues have bought into the flawed reasoning about “economic benefits”. Virtue signalling from their (still) safe enclaves is also indeed very prevalent.
        Indoctrination, propaganda and short term greed. It works.

  2. I dig the picture of the cute girl up there.
    #morethanarefugee #alsomybabydaddyand thebabydaddyofhalfadozenotherchicks.

  3. The number one reason is to sell more debt. More people = more consumer debt. More poor people on social services = more sovereign debt.
    That is the central issue, right there. It is all about debt. Debt, debt, debt, debt.

    1. Bingo!
      Because the more debt they incur, the more money the central banks can print.

      1. The mass migration of the 3rd World ensures those debts will never be paid.
        This is precisely how national sovereignty is lost. Every industrialized nation will become permanently indentured to its creditors.

    2. Which on the long run is unsustainable and leads to civil war. Then again, the elites see that and laugh. That’s why they have bunkers.

      1. The governments of the West will need to borrow money for any wars, civil or otherwise. So, that is just another debt generator, and works for banking interests just fine. Why do you think the USA has been in Afghanistan since 2002? For “freedom?” For “security?” Answer: to create sovereign debt.

    3. Well, debt and private central banking is clearly central to “their” operations, but when you own virtually all media, politicians and financial institutions, you have endless options of creating any amount of debt you want. You don’t need mass migration to create debt.
      Mass migration does create debt, but it’s much more destructive than on a purely financial plane. Mass migration of the wrong kind irrevocably destroys nations and civilisations. That’s why it’s happening.
      Just read Coudenhove-Kalergi or, say, the Hooten Plan if you want to see this actually described as a method for destroying the West.

      1. I think you’re underestimating the value of sovereign debt, especially the portion generated by social services. It is the majority of the (unsustainable) federal budget.

        1. If the end goal is to actually make debt unsustainable then why does my bank want me to provide at least some form of down payment and sufficient proof of repayment abilities? It doesn’t make any sense to me. They should then lend willy-nilly and not care.

        2. because they expect you to spend your life servicing the debt, not defaulting on it

        3. well, it wasn’t in 2008 e. sub-prime loans, and given the widening (inflationary) gap in affordability of property (at least) i.e. salaries in relation to house prices then the only way it is sustainable is for interest rates to never rise – at least not significantly (and that’s ignoring inflation). It’s a wicked system

    4. The other reason is the blatant loopholes in our immigration policies. It’s so easy to get a green card or a work visa by fooling our dumb USCIS officials. Indians are master con artists of exploiting our immigration system. That’s why it’s Indians who are coming in large numbers. Mexicans are just a quarter of the number. But Indians – they hoard all the H1b visas and bribe people to sponsor them for a green card.
      Blame our poor immigration system. Corporations have taken advantage of this loophole.

    5. “Couldn’t have anything to do with importing terror, crime, drugs and mayhem, to destabilize previously stable countries. Or increasing miscegenation. Nope, it’s about debt. Don’t forget to watch Fox News. And read all you can at Breitbart.” – Gandhi

      1. Terror, crime, drugs, and mayhem make the government more powerful, not less. They crush social capital, and create a demand for “law and order,” especially among the “conservative” Fox News demographic. “Destroying a culture based on individual rights and liberties is just gravy!” – Gandhi

        1. India has been chaos and nothing but mass levels of poverty since the arrival of Gandhi. Why does no one highlight this fact?

        2. India has no welfare, which is actually the reason you have so much poverty.
          I can assure you that Western countries would be worse than India if welfare didn’t exist. Why? Because in India you can always rely on family or religious charity. This is not common anymore in Western countries, so without government support most people would be on their own. You should be glad with your welfare system.

        3. You are correct. Creating a well-rounded welfare system in India would change everything.

      2. These are the ultimate goals of the ((anti whites))
        But the average white exec really is just going along with it to sell more credit cards…

        1. Opinions vary. CEOs don’t get there by hard work alone. These guys are all related. Pulling for the team…

        2. Some do. Doing it through manipulation makes that CEO weaker in the end. Interestingly many of the highest paid CEOs are in dead businesses. Theyve captured the board and are just parasites sucking as much as they can.

      3. Its amazing how watching that old movie Its a Wonderful Life called it. The bankers want everyone renting and drunk and violent…

      1. Hence why I cut my credit card up years ago! I was a slave before then were I’m going to buy a new car when I have the money not taking a fucking loan again (5 year slavery).

        1. If you’re American, you and your grandchildrens grandchildren will be servicing that twenty trillion dollar and rising debt. Credit card or no credit card

    6. I’ve been saying it all along that the reason for the flood of immigrants is for cheap labour and irresponsible spenders. We’re talking about people from third world shitholes where getting a decent meal every day is an uncertainty, but having a smartphone and a satellite dish are necessities. These niggers can live 9 to a studio apartment and work for minimum wage until the end of time.
      The white man is not in the corporate or political plan for the future.

    7. “he number one reason is to sell more debt. More people = more consumer debt. More poor people on social services = more sovereign debt”
      Indeed. Also to this equation: debt from finamcing war and for rebuilding.

      1. War is a racket, as Smedley Butler said. It would make sense to stop/punish enemies by blowing up their stuff. Instead we punish our own citizens by paying to blow up “enemies’” stuff, then paying to buy and build new and improved stuff for them, then paying to protect and police all our enemies’ new stuff. If that is “victory,” precisely who won?

    8. Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to just build factories in the developing world and just ship the products back? Isn’t that what actually happens?
      Also, just using the UK as an example, mass immigration is actually coming from Europe, not the developing world and we just put a stop to that with Brexit.

    9. There’s a simple two step process to fix mass illegal immigration.
      1) National ID card w/ business database links
      2) Massive gross profit fines for businesses that knowingly employ illegals

  4. We should hire a few helicopters and drop some of their beloved rapefugees right in the middle of their posh gated communities.

  5. The real reason: to import more leftist voters into the hemorrhaging Democratic Party. You almost have to be a brain dead Feminazi, a convicted felon, a welfare scammer or NOT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH in order to vote for Democratic candidates these days.

    1. Yup, that is why the Liberals are doing what they can to create more feminazis, felons, welfare scammers, and immigrants.

      1. It’s also easier to convince those imported illegals to vote more leftist/socialist policies because many of them come from 3rd world shit holes that don’t value individual freedom, free speech, gun ownership, land ownership or Capitalism, and assume the “1%” or even wealthy folks didn’t EARN it as much as just being corrupt. Makes it a lot easier to get them on board with ideas most Patriots and sane people would find obsurd or borderline tyranical.

        1. It would be nice if the USA would stop bombing these third world shit holes and stop making CIA coups to further destabilize those country and lesson the tide of those people wanting to leave. Lybia and Iraq were not the panacea of civilization but they were not utter shit holes until the US military went in there to raise hell.

  6. well sir…some men just want to watch the world burn. (or something like that)

  7. There are several reasons:
    1. The elites are insulated from the shit they import. They send their precious little children to private schools like Exeter and Andover so they don’t care they fuck the public schools up by importing tons of third worlders who will mean AP Physics and AP Chemistry get cut from the curriculum in favor of remedial English for new imports.
    2. By bringing in more immigrants, the overwhelming majority of whom are young men between 15 and 35, they skew the dating market horribly against white men. The gender ratio gets skewed plus any Arab women aren’t allowed to even talk to a man outside of their family / culture. More white men who will never reproduce.
    3. Bring in more consumers: most of these immigrants either don’t work at all or work off the books (like the Mexicans working construction or as bus boys in NYC restaurants) and hence do no report income or pay taxes. We’re not bringing them to shore up entitlement programs but to serve as new consumers.

      1. you know, im like 50% sure that you and I are the only ones who get that joke.

        1. I think I once said I coulda gone to Columbia U is it wasn’t for my grades, SAT scores, lack of athletics and the tuition….

  8. Good article. Not sure I’m 100% on board with point #1, however. He doesn’t take into account that one of the primary reasons for offshoring manufacturing bases was not only to save money on cheap labor, but also to circumvent unions and labor legislation in first world countries.
    I highly doubt they’re endorsing importation of third world people who have minimal to no education, language skills, or work experience with the express purpose of making significant contributions to the work force and economy.

    1. Good point. Had word count permitted I would have addressed the idea that mass-immigration destabilizes existing unions and makes forming new ones nearly impossible.
      Mass-immigration has always been partially about busting unions and circumventing labor regulations.

      1. But that’s the thing, they don’t need third world immigration to do that. Hell, look at the Chinese. Not only is most of what the world uses and consumes made in that country, but they’ve already colonized huge chunks of Africa in order to mine the materials they need to do so – and that’s not taking into account the manufacturing operations they straight up took over because the indigenous populations were too lazy and stupid to figure out how to work then when they inherited them from the Dutch, Germans, and British.
        It’s A LOT easier for them to do their shady business in parts of the world where the public eye is not on them and there’s no red tape for them to go through.
        That said, I think you’re on point with #2. They are DEFINITELY importing these people to consume and they’re doing it with the express purpose of fuelling the fractional reserve banking system/debt based economy. They’re kicking the can down the road.

        1. I think that cheap labor is still a motivator. The two are not mutually exclusive… Walmart can source its wares from outsourced factories but it still needs truck drivers and cashiers stateside. Through both outsourcing and immigration they can flatten labor costs across the board.
          China is a developing economy they still have peasants within their boarders willing to work for peanuts. If American wants such people it has to import them…

        2. looks like one of your posts got deleted using the double parenthesis.

    2. Yeah, they’re probably so indiscriminate that they don’t look at skills or work experience.

  9. Things can’t be this simple. If the corporates just wanted more cheap labor , why not import people from poor EE countries who are culturally compatible with the locals or friendly East Asians who don’t blow shit up ? If they just wanted more consumers why not encourage the local population to have more children but do the opposite ? It seems to me that the Corporate Elites are taking great financial risks atm (how can economy thrive when the West is on the verge of civil war and muzzies are blowing shit up all over the place after all ? ) to ensure they succeed in some greater long term goals which do not seem good at all for the rest of us. Maybe the authour can address these points ?

    1. Excellent & very thoughtful post. I request gentlemen around here to reply so that i can learn something. 🙂

    2. They could import docile, blue-eyes Europeans if they had a mind to do so. But they don’t. There’s a reason for that. More than one in fact. One thing’s for sure – it isn’t done with joy in their hearts and a caring concern for humankind.

        1. Don’t get too hyped up about this stuff bro. First of all take care of your own life. Things will happen when the time is right.

        2. Too late on getting “hyped”. I’m the article author and getting you all out of this shitshow and into the bright white future is my life goal.

        3. I appreciate your studied nihilism. It’s true, caring about anything is quite déclassé of me. My apologies.

        4. Moment is about it. Look at the statistics on the life expectancy of flame thrower operators in combat. There is an apocryphal story about a replacement Marine arriving for battle in the Pacific during WWII. His sergeant tells him he is making him the pack mule for the mortar squad. He objects and says he wants to be a machine gunner. The sergeant informs him that the life expectancy for a machine gunner is about 60 seconds. He wisely smiles and says he loves carrying mortar bombs.
          One of the rules of infantry warfare is: do your best to look unimportant, the enemy may be low on ammunition.

    3. The answer is that at a level higher up than the average Western CEO is a cabal of anti-white, Kalergi plan following, NWO, super elites. They specifically want to destroy western civ and European peoples.
      The average corporate exec is just using all this for a short term cash out. I know some of these people they’re just boomer businessmen like Don Draper kinda. They don’t really know or care what’s going on as long as q4 revenue is up.

    4. I believe you’re underestimating #3. Plenty of people inherently believe they are making a positive difference in the world by importing these equatorial peoples into civilized society.

      1. #3 comes as a result of an intensive propaganda to push virtue signaling into the minds of Westerners. Otherwise why would we care what happens to equatorials in equator ? It’s not in the human nature to care about such things. Do the Japanese care about the equatorials ? No. Does it make them worse people than us ? No.

        1. That propaganda wouldn’t exist if it didn’t carry visceral appeal to a significant percentage of westerners. Primarily those driven by emotional decision making. Which to logically driven people like you and I, is an unsound process.
          Before modern times, those people would have been marginalized by reality. Now they are insulated from hardship and most detrimentally, allowed to shape policy through voting (i.e. women’s suffrage). Which then places elected representatives into power that follow their emotionally driven decisions into state policy. So again, the problem is with universal suffrage.

        2. I understand but why take in poor people from EE , South East Asia , heck even India ? There are starving children even in the Balkans but they never make in the media’s radar. The Westerners could relieve their stupid feelingz with them. My point is their feelz are being manipulated for dark reasons.

        3. Perhaps. But I place much greater blame on the people behaving against their own self-interest in enabling this to happen than anyone else.

        4. There are days when I also blame the dumb indoctrinated and misinformed suckers that behave diametrically contrary to their own self-interest (particularly tempting when you actually meet one), but then I consider the highly intelligent, extremely hard working, and spectacularly well organised evil motherfuckers that have made them that way.
          The real blame lies with the “Globalists”. The brilliant bastards.

        5. I’d argue the real problem is the people who are not of equatorial IQ and also not in the elite status. They should be intelligent enough to have foresight of their decisions and stand no chance at benefiting from the decisions. Many American libtards fall into that category.

        6. Not that IQ and decision making always go hand in hand, but large percentages of the equatorials simply don’t have the capacity for rational thought. It truly is the white (modern) man’s burden with them.

        7. The power of indoctrination and disinformation cannot be overestimated.
          Critical thinking is closely correlated to IQ, but there are clever ways of turning the former off even in people who have the pre-requisite intelligence it seems.
          Even if you have the brains and an inclination for critical thinking, you still need the facts in order to connect the dots. This is where owning 95% of the world media, and influencing education through your corrupt politicians, college/university donations, etc., comes in very handy.
          I’m not overly excusing libtards, I fucking hate their guts, but I hate by hierarchy and priority, and thus I hate the globalists a helluva lot more.

        8. Nobody else is going to bother doing the mindless labour needed in all our factories, gas stations, and service positions for minimum wage (which is impossible to build a family with). The only ones who would submit themselves to such hardships are the emboldened immigrants who are sold on the notion that the West is the promised land. Little do they know they are like an insect coming to rest in the jaws of a Venus fly trap.

        9. Exactly! What started this flood (or at least made it a thousand times worse) was Angela Merkel’s visceral response to a photo of an immigrant baby drowned on the beach in Greece. She opened the flood gates, and begged them to come, because, “dead baby”. Of course the logical person says if you invite more of them to take the risky passage, and guarantee a lifetime of free bennies, then there will be many more dead babies along their escape route from third world shitholes.

    5. Here’s the short answer: satanic jews implementing their plan to rid the world of Christ’s true descendants forever. Everything else is a euphemism, or a non-issue, or a distraction, cover-up, etc. Destroy the white race and mix every one else until they are coffee-colored and identity-less so they can forever be the race of cows subservient to the aspiring transhumanist-wannabees that live for power and nothing else. They have the upper hand only in illusion because of money. If that is fucked with, they will have lost all leverage over all peoples.

      1. Not sure about the satanic jews (the elites that push for liberalism may not necessarily be exclusively jew) , but other than that this is exactly the idea.

      2. From all the research, logic, and critical thinking I’ve done, I wish I could dispute your conclusion…But I cannot, listen to the Rabbi’s speak, the destruction of Western (European) society is a sign that their messiah is about to return. They are intentionally doing this to fulfill their whacky religious prophecies, at our expense of course.

    6. The short answer is that the elite are not anti-white; they are mostly white themselves (Jews are white, deal). They want to concentrate power and that requires taking it away from the ones they compete with. I.e. other mostly white culturally established people making up the working/former middle class. So they employ the ‘other’ in the classic divide and conquer strategy.
      Further, the west doesn’t win these foreign imperial wars with superior arms. The west wins with bribes. Native populations and their leaders are induced to accept western benevolent rule with the mother of all welfare provided they move their recalcitrant populations to western countries. That comes at a massive cost that the aforementioned competing class must pay. This is what the elite mean when they talk of the “White Man’s Burden”.

      1. If 100 white families (ashkenazi jews included since they are white too , despite what some loons on the far right might say) want to rule like Gods among a low IQ black/brown population they can control like puppets in the West , at the cost of genociding all the white race , doesn’t that make them Anti-White ? Other than that I totally agree with you.

        1. Well if it’s dependent on degree of social engineering I don’t think it has to go that far. I don’t think they want to eradicate all whites and rule over low IQ darker races (I may be wrong). The key to protecting power is to reorder the hierarchy of needs versus wants; lower expectations to keep challengers at bay. It is still natural to human power dynamics to want people below you to look like you but to worship you.

        2. Maybe , but their interests are against the White people atm. That is all I need to know. Also , regardless of your race , to prevent ending up like a puppet you need to side with the White working/middle classes right now.

        3. Remember, the Creator made man in His own image, and the elite fancy themselves gods.

    7. One thing’s for sure is that it’s not about cheap labor. Nowadays, there are very few blue collar jobs left in First World countries. So exactly what labor-intensive jobs are these refugees supposed to be working on? It’s more likely that the liberals just want to bring in more people who they think will be so grateful for being allowed to live off the gov’t dole that they’ll temporarily set aside their Muslim beliefs, pull the “Democrat” lever come voting time, and offer themselves up as sex slaves to various degenerate elites. Sound farfetched? At least it’s a plausible rationale, which is more than what you get in the MSM. The people at the top aren’t even ATTEMPTING to give a logical reason for the influx of immigrants. Just take a look around on the web. Good luck finding ANYONE who is trying to give a sensible rationale for any of this.

    8. Eastern Europe is not as poor and desperate as you think, its not the 1990s anymore. I was in Germany since that time, there used to be many EE migrants there around that time, the number of EE migrants in Germany has fallen over the years, mostly because many EE states are now part of the EU, and many are prospering, most EE migrants these days in Germany tend to be Romanian or Bulgarian which are still very poor, years back there were others.
      Also the third world ones tend to be more desperate which means its easier to control them and they are willing to work for less money. As I said they want mass migration to lower wages for working people.

  10. So what could possibly be the real plan behind mass-immigration…well…lemme think a minute here….
    Step 1) Start wars in Third World countries. (Of the military or economic kind.)
    Step 2) Destroy the economy and infrastructure of said countries and make the conditions untenable for its inhabitants.
    Step 3) Relocate the inhabitants from those unstable Third World countries to stable countries.
    Step 4) Destabilize the stable countries via the importation of unstable, Third World immigrants who bring terror, murder, drugs, mayhem and miscegenation.
    Step 5) Chaos ensues.
    Step 6) Impose jackbooted order out of chaos.
    Step 7) Checkmate.

      1. Step 6) Impose jackbooted order out of chaos. (Bring in the stormtroopers to quell the chaos. Create order out of the chaos that was created by the deliberate importation of Third World mercenaries.)

        1. Isn’t it regerts. I saw that in a Milky Way commercial. Or maybe in a Common Core class. The fluoridated water has made my memory hazy…

    1. You maybe missing a factor – the immigrants do not necessarily need chaos; they will take over, aided by their jewish controllers, via demographics/ democratic means. It could be a slow methodical elimination of whites and Christians. Any white dissidents will simply be arrested under the Mental Health Acts, for racism, and induced into a catatonic stupor via psychiatric drugs – and sterilised.

  11. Remember Geraldo Rivera? His daughter was in Paris when ISIS was shooting it up. It temporarily woke him up to the reality of open borders. He went back to his seat and shut his mouth.
    Cheap labor is the biggest reason why the corporate elite support mass immigration. The doing good part is PR bullshit to make them look good to the public sheep.

  12. It’s always been about the almighty dollar and screwing over the working class. With all of these socialist moves being made it is becoming damn near impossible for the average joe to thrive in this country. But as long as everyone has their “feel goods” right?

    1. don’t forget that it is the greed, sloth and avarice of the average Joe that tanked the banks and nearly broke the country just a few short years back.

      1. That’s true, there is a small minority of us who are responsible with money and only spend what we can afford but we end up paying for it through the actions of others

        1. Yes, western society has effectively made it illogical to be a prudent saver and greatly encourages excessive spending.

        2. we aren’t there yet, but that is the direction we are heading in.

      2. A huge part of that was social engineering imposed by the government too.

  13. I think the ‘melting pot’ analogy is apt, for the simple reason that the whole thing is a vast alchemical experiment
    Think mad scientist + wizard hat + gonzo porn + reproduction

    1. see, you make it all sound much more palatable – who doesnt like alchemy, wizards’ sleeves, and smut?

      1. it’s a kind of variation on ‘fantastic beasts and where to find them’ except with scary immigrants instead of magical creatures

    2. actually alchemy is the art of turning lead to gold so i don’t think it is an alchemical experiment — to be honest, it is actually the exact opposite.

      1. well that depends on what the purpose is. Since Jung Alchemy has been understood less than literally. George Soros both was and wasn’t referring to gold when he wrote the alchemy of finance, after all this is a guy who has used his gold to transform societies (whether they like it or not) according to his political / social vision

        1. “All power comes from the barrel of a gun”
          Mazi Tong (s?)
          so, literally , gold created from lead.
          soros too by proxy

        2. Hadn’t thought of that. Very good way of looking at it. On the other hand silver bullets might be necessary too…..

      1. There is such an argument. I am myself the product of such alchemical experimentation. Pure Gold, although perhaps not everybody agrees

        1. Ever met Muslims in Europe? Many have been here for decades and stick with their own. Even if they marry Europeans, their spouses convert to Islam.

        2. I’m against mass immigration, at least – I am not against immigration in principle – which would be silly since I am a second generation immigrant – but it needs to be controlled, including with regard to expectations etc. There is clearly a great deal wrong, particularly where communities form ghettos but equally it would be hypocritical for me to say I would prefer to live in an exclusively white society

        3. Then we are agreed. Immigration
          will be permitted, but controlled, and Don Corleone will give up
          protection in the East – and there will be the peace.

  14. It’s a very good article, however the author is wrong in some things: The salaries in the West are higher not because our costs are higher but due to the diversity (the only one that counts) and sheer amount of available occupations. More jobs + same or slightly growing amount of people=higher wages. That’s why since the industrial revolution the wages have only increased in real terms (buying capacity), that is until the 1970s when the buying capacity of most workers has stagnated mostly on account of women’s massive entrance in the workforce and, depending on the country, due to massive immigration, offshoring and outsourcing. It doesn’t help that many activities that used to be performed on Western countries have gone, thus effectively reducing the number of available occupations while increasing amount of workers. So less occupations plus waxing population== lower and lower wages in nominal and real terms. This is taking into account that information technology has generated many occupational fields that didn’t exist in the 70s.
    The other points, while they find some profit in them, I can almost certainly assure you are not the main reasons behind this push. No matter how much welfare you extract, starving Africans and Muslims will never consume as much as their white counterparts on account of their lower incomes, even in welfare. They will never buy luxury items and while the effect on the real state is “positive” at first (higher costs for renting since they crowded out the native population in search for new homes), in many cases the neighborhoods in which they dwell undergo depreciation (no one wants to live amongst them for obvious reasons).
    While they can become part of the workforce, only few of them have what it takes to become programmers, developers and insert themselves in other specialized fields. Their position as “ersatz” workers in many non-specialized fields is threatened by the automation. So what is the point of bringing millions, supposedly to bolster your workforce, if at least half of them will remain unemployed for most of their lives…on the host countries’ dime? From a purely economic perspective, their actions make no sense whatsoever.
    As someone else said, the motivation for these policies ismuch, much darker, and if truth be told, everything points to an oncoming purge. They are priming these populations for war, whether they know it or not (hahaha who am I kidding…)

    1. Lots of good points. I agree on all of them. But ROK word limit is 1200 my dude. I had to go really general to fit it all in.

    2. I believe you are quite right. The “rapefugees” are predominantly military aged males. What we are seeing is an invading army. They may not be in uniform, they may not be armed (openly) and they may not be disciplined, but these men are an invading force; useful idiots on a number of fronts. Their crimes will cause the populace of the target countries to cry out for more laws, more police and heavier enforcement. When the national authorities can’t get the situation under control, then the globalists will step in to “help” with UN “peacekeepers” (i.e. armed and uniformed rapists and paedophiles). A big part of this in my view is to further push the masses into accepting a world government…for their own good, of course.

  15. I look forward to the day when people will be able to move off this planet to colonies between earth and the moon (L4 and L5) so that the liberal power elite and their imports can be together without us.

      1. In a red-pill world, would guys apologize for plundering any whore…I would hope not. But that was still fuckin’ funny as fuck, Chip.

  16. You missed the main reason. The Left’s war on Father’s and Families is causing a serious population shortage. A shortage of workers and of consumers. Looking to Japan and the bursting of their populatioon bubble, leftists have hit upon the idea of importing more citizens to exploit.

    1. But do you really think the planners weren’t aware that pushing feminism wouldn’t result in reproductive death for societies. Is immigration an afterthought? Either way uncontrolled mass immigration needs to be firmly associated with feminism in the public mind

      1. I am reasonably sure that feminists thought that American men would meekly assimilate into the feminist state and be good little boys in their new position as family pet.

        1. well too many have done, but hopefully the worm is turning in the west generally

        2. in my 8 years as a Father’s Rights Advocate, I have seen a lot of hopeful changes. The rise of MGTOW and even this website give me hope that eventually things will be righted. It will just take a lot of time.

        3. there are a lot of battles ahead. Ideologically the paradigm hasn’t shifted as far as the mainstream is concerned. They are treading though on fissures that are opening up beneath their feet

        4. could you elaborate a bit more on why you have hope MGTOW is a good thing to have happen to people?
          i see “true” MGTOW (men who have ambition, money, intelligence etc, not the wimps who hate on women on the internet) as very dangerous to a culture personally, but im interested in your answer.

    2. From what I understand, Japan is comfortable with the population shortage so long as technological advances compensate for the differences.

      1. There are a lot of articles that have been written about the Aging population of Japan and how it affects their economy, I haven’t seen one yet that puts a positive spin on it.

        1. Not sure I would call it positive, but manageable. Better to have a small productive population than a growing population of welfare recipients.

      2. What good are those technological advances if you still have to show up at work for 14 hours every single fucking day and get 10 days of vacation a year?

        1. The assumption is not that people will be forced to work long hours, but rather that there won’t be sufficient positions available to approach full employment for future generations. Which is where the concept of universal basic income is introduced.

    3. The Japanese are fine with a decline in population, they don’t want a cultural decline.

    4. Agreed. But this is a reason why anti-whites push mass immigration. My article is about why regular white executives parrot the anti white agenda.

    5. If there were a shortage of workers, which is debatable, you would not address that by importing masses of pre-dominantly unemployable individuals.
      An IQ of around 87 is generally regarded as the minumum level for productive functioning in the most menial and simple jobs (of which there aren’t that many in the Western world). Even the Armed Forces won’t take anyone with an IQ below 83.
      Now, the migrants currently overflowing Europe and the US come from regions with average IQ levels from the low 70’s (sub-Saharan Africa and certain parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan), up to at best the mid 80’s (South America, Syria, North Africa).
      In other words, on average the entire inflow of migrants is unemployable. The “Elite” is fully aware of this.
      This has nothing to do with workers or consumers. That’s smoke and mirrors.

  17. With the way things are going in Europe, they will be introducing the following within a decade or two:
    – the tagging of all natives
 with microchip implants
    – forced euthanasia for “undesirables”
- those whose criticize the unelected EU bureaucrats, immigration, or muslims will be denied basic necessities like food, water, housing
- travel restrictions for natives (migrants conveniently exempt)
    – people will no longer get cash but “allowances”
    – access to information will be severely curtailed (internet crackdowns because of “terrorism”)
    And it will all be under the guise of “human rights”.
    In the meantime, the elites are like this:

    1. “Hey. As long as I can eat at McDonald’s, jerk off to porn, and play video games, I’m good.” – Gandhi

      1. I’m calling Shenanigans. Gandhi never said that. That was Teddy Kennedy.

      1. Swedish cucks volunteering to get themselves tagged like cattle. How utterly unsurprising.

    2. “people will no longer get cash but “allowances””
      It will start with helicopter money probably

  18. Yeah, that whole diversity is our strength thing, the people who say that aren’t living with diversity.
    The most important things I’ve seen that come from diversity is more crime and urban blight. The more “diverse” the neighborhood is, the more people want to move out of it.

  19. Americuck, Americuck
    God shed his gays on thee
    And crowned thy brood
    With gangsterhood
    From sea to shining sea…

    1. Americuck, Americuck
      You pledge allegiance to no God
      But only to faggot blood
      Liberty is just a dream
      While you’re dying in the mud.

  20. The media and politicians refuse to discuss jailing people that employ illegal immigrants. They are the equivalent of pre-civil war slave holders. Import cheap foreign labor and take advantage of their lack of citizenship and create an abusive work environment.
    You should also mention that many of the elites are landlords. So they make massive profits from the housing shortages in cities. The same people that hire illegals also fight against building more housing. So for every foreign refugee, and American born person becomes a homeless refugee due to being priced out of housing.

    1. All true and good points. Due to word count I could only go into so much detail. My next article is actually about the housing market and how both immigration and allowing rich foreigners to buy property prices the middle and lower classes out of home ownership.

  21. Has anyone seen the new GOT? 12 min in and feminist agenda is revealed!

      1. The whole thing is really childish! I get that it’s just fantasy but there is an agreed consensus as to what middle ages politics was like even in made up scenarios.

        1. Sansa stark should not contradict the king of the north, sansa is a stark with name and titles, jhon is a bastard, sansa giving orders and shit will hurt jhon snow claim to the thrones. Who is the boss the heir or the bastard?

    1. Jon snow wants to draft women to fight the army of the death, god luck with that

      1. It is not that he thinks women are equal or wants women to jump into man’s affair. He decided this because the North is densely populated and since the Night King wants to kill the humans the women best learn and accept they will have to fight in this war.

        1. The north is not densely populated, the north is just big, the barbarians also kill all, worse, they rape then kill the women, and yet no one think of train women in self defense, that´s the work of men, if you can´t defend your family you are less than a man. That was HBO feminism.

      1. Maybe similar to a GOJ? But lower quality, though, since it has a feminist agenda.

  22. I think the main force behind all of this is Jewish hatred of the gentile.
    (((They))) trickled into every Western government, association, University, school board, and such. And are capable to band together and swing decitions toward desired goals and outcomes.
    If you see all the anti-white procceses in the West as a result of Jewish hatred of the goy, then all becomes clear.

  23. I’d say that #2 falls in line with support of a mass welfare state. All these poor rapefugees can’t afford to be crass consumers on their own of course.

  24. Here’s one of the elite who has his head screwed on right : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6cxRYgqfHY at least he did 21 years ago, probably still does. What I don’t get is if he was co-founder and CEO of paypal, how come Roosh got blocked but who knows perhaps other shareholders pushed for these policies..

  25. What country would not want more ‘duh-versity’?
    What We Should Learn from the Lack of Maintenance in Africa & the Rest of the Perennial Third World
    Posted on 23 May, 2014 by alfin2101
    All technology requires maintenance. When technology is not maintained, it eventually stops working as designed. This is a problem everywhere, but particularly in third world countries — especially Africa.
    Mexico moves to lock down its OTHER border wall: Government tries to stem the flow of migrants heading north by tightening its porous southern border

  26. Cheap labor is the biggest reason, population replacement is the other because the native populations of all Western nations are all aging. Average age in countries in Europe are over 40, the US is around the same, much of it is due to low birth rates which is due to feminist dogma that has change women’s roles in society. Women are hypergamous, they have sex with many partners, but they do not have many children.
    The part about providing needy immigrants with a better life is just PR to make the masses feel good about the whole thing. In reality its human exploitation. Watch the movie Dirty Pretty Things, it shows what immigrants really experience and then say if the the pro immigrant community is really doing good by promoting mass migration. The real good thing is to prevent conditions that cause people to leave their countries, like starting wars.
    The elites do not care about the social effects of immigration because many of them live in gated and secured compounds where they do not have to fear for their personal safety. You think George Clooney and Amal are going to have Syrian refugees stay in their Lake Como Villa or any of their other palatial homes? When pigs fly.

  27. Shockingly off-target article.
    Here’s the real big 3:
    1. It primes western Europeans for coming martial law conditions during and after WW3;
    2. It flags, through NSA / GCHQ data trawling, who is liberal and who is conservative, in readiness for a future roundup of the latter;
    3. It provides narrative for the justification of the post WW3 ban on all ostensible causes of that war, one of which would be religion per se.

    1. You got to be kidding, the US is more far gone than Europe with third world immigration. Rather than Muslims the majority are from Latin America. America is only 63 percent white and even with Trump that number will shrink. The white birth rate is not going to rebound.
      The powers that be are reprogramming the West to be a more brown place. When I was a kid you couldn’t find tacos and burritos where I lived. Now every American kid has eaten them. And even with Trump, America will become more diverse. Only difference is Trump wants some order to the system. He never said he was going to shut down immigration outright. Even his strategist Steve Bannon who leftists call a “white nationalist” is trying to get black and hispanic votes in 2020.

  28. “The first reason is cheap labor. In the first world, labor is expensive. This is not because Western workers are spoiled, but rather because the costs of living are significantly higher. “ ~ Peyton Farquhar

    Peyton Farquhar seems quite confused about how capitalism works.
    A wage rate is a price. All prices conform to the infrangible Law of Price — the winning bidders of purchases and sales in the face of what is on offer set the price.
    A cost is an outlay. Costs never set prices. It is fallacy to believe costs set prices.
    Firm operators can pay wages only from the return to capital (plant, machinery, etc.) Where there is no capital there can be no wages (think: Africa). Where there is high capital return per capita, there are high wages (e.g., USA from the 1950s through mid-1970s). Where there is low capital return per capita, there are low wages (e.g., India, China).
    Swelling the working age population at a rate faster than the return to capital requires wages to fall. When wages fall, prices must fall as wages are the source of all other prices. With falling prices, returns to capital fall. To maintain profits, the working age population must be swelled further.
    This is known as the capitalism death whirl. Americans have been living through the capitalism death whirl since the advent of globalization.

  29. “but truth is on our side, and we won’t let the West go down without a fight.”
    Sadly I think we will, because most western men are too comfortable in their daily lives to actually fight. Complaining about women on RoK or hurling anonymous insults at Twatter sjws is not fighting. When it comes to risking their fortunes and their lives to dispose of the elites, I don’t think there will be many takers even though that is clearly the only way. This is a war and wars are won with violence, not votes.
    Great article, though, quite a lot of truth in it.

    1. Bollocks, as an atheist I don’t like Islam either.
      Leftism is the problem, not atheism, even if many leftists just happen to be atheists.

    2. Don’t talk nonsense. A logically consistent atheist can take the tragedy of the human condition straight, without indulging in childish utopian fantasies. Gods don’t exist, and neither can “social justice.”

  30. As I keep saying, these immigrants have the job – the job, as in their main purpose for existence – of making white people’s lives demonstrably worse, especially in conjunction with their allies the Jews, feminists, blacks and sexual defectives.
    Anyone who argues that these people won’t spoil white people’s lives has the burden of proof to support his claim, not the white nationalists who espouse sensible pro-white views based on history, experience and evidence.

    1. Well problems build character as grandpa used to say. It takes a villian to give rise to superman.

  31. Apparently Minnesota’s police forces hire incompetent Hispanics and Somalians to fulfill nonsensical diversity quotas, then these departments act shocked that these genetic fuck-ups murder innocent people.

    1. Its intended not accidental. You might watch clockwork orange. Kubrick told us everything in his movies.

  32. Those are the low level reasons. The real reasons are to bankrupt the welfare state, cause ethnic wars and break the attitude of nationalism. With that chaos you can bring in the new world order..huzzah! Just they never actually manage to because they are a bunch talkers not doers.

  33. I don’t know if the article covers this because I didn’t feel like reading most of it, but won’t amnesty increase the cost of labor? After all, they’ll be Americans then; a too expensive work force.

    1. The article is not about illegal immigration. It’s about legal immigration.
      But, the short answer to your question is no.

  34. A. Increased labor supply, means cost of producing is less. This is why women are being forced into STEM jobs. Five years ago, the price of labor was one of the highest of any job in the US, now that they’ve attempted to double the labor supply with women’s affirmative action, the price is plummeting despite increased demand.
    B. See reason A.
    C. Season reason A.

    1. Executive salaries keep going up
      and up. Regular working people are screwed. Honestly if you work in a cubicle you should try your own business.

  35. Finally some good points instead of the tired “they want to cause white male genocide” nonsense that floats around here. The fourth reason is because corporations made a fortune up till now on playing hero, humanitarianism, feminism, virtue signalling etc. That they’re fearful that it can all be brought down from good old fashioned rationality and common sense. They have to force feed their messages and brainwash thoroughly to keep the money flowing in. They can’t afford to switch to any other tactic of making money now. Like all those celebrities giving out donations, you sure those donations isn’t more like protection money for the invisible mafia that can easily defame them? Fundraisers are also not what you really think.

    1. To be clear the end result is still White Genocide. But I seriously doubt the average CEO has that in mind as a motivation.

  36. Another reason is for doctors getting more business. Third world immigrants are bound to need more medical attention racking up that medical debt. The obesity epidemic is also joy for physicians.

    1. I notice third world immigrants got higher obesity rates. You think their more traditional eating would make them thin but it’s not the case. Not that whites are thin but many immigrants are not healthy either.

  37. If immigration is wrong, then 99% of the Americans have no right to live on the American continent, since it’s not their native homeland.
    Immigration only works if people are on the same level of what they want to accomplish. This won’t work if there are huge differences in intelligence, mentality, culture and religion. This will ultimately lead to unrest and war.
    So let’s see which people are now massively migrating from their homeland:
    Sub-Saharan Africans (Extremely low IQ)
    North Africans (Low IQ + Islam)
    Middle Easterns (Low IQ + Islam)
    These people are useless because of their low IQs and/or won’t fit in a non-Islamic society. I can’t find any reason why you would import useless people and pay for their living expenses. That’s suicide of your own society.

  38. The only thing that stands from this list is the last…
    These people are too stupid to replace the indigenous workers and their consuming power is nothing in comparison to them! Virtue signalling is the only one. Besides White Genocide I can’t think any
    serious reason whatsoever why this persists. After that goal what they want is beyond me! It becomes evident that their long-term planning skills are not as good as we tend to think them to be.

  39. All corporations are simple. They are out to make money and anything they say is full of shit. Period. They don’t give a flying fuck about anything or anyone unless it benefits their bottomline. Period. If a corporation was a person (and under certain legal definitions , it can be one) It would be narcissistic, self centered and sociopathic/psychopathic. I recall an article saying that that is the the type of personality that would most likely get to the top of the corporate ladder. So that type of person runs it so of course it will reflect that type of personality. Lol. A entrepreneur associate of mine calls them “MDC” or “Multi Death Corporations.” I call them “Whorporations ” because they’ll do ANYTHING for money. And fuck anyone or anything that stands in its way.. lol.

  40. I believe there is a fourth major reason as well. For all their apparent aggressiveness and violence, the migrant populations are quite docile. Most have been raised from birth to submit to arbitrary authority without thought. Contrast that with the pesky Americans and Europeans who have been raised in a culture of questioning authority. If you were a member of the “elite” which population would you prefer?

  41. Only thing I questioned in this article:
    “As an example, if Carrier air conditioning were to relocate all 21 million denizens of Sri Lanka straight into downtown Indianapolis, they could pay their assembly-line workers thirty cents per day, without the inconvenience of building a factory half-way round the world.”
    Could they? Could they really pay them 30 cents a day? Is this suppose to be hyperbolic or do you seriously think that?

  42. The very same capitalist system the right defends invites the very same border-jumpers that the right hates.
    How ironic.

    1. Alt-Right doesn’t really care about capitalism. We’re about preserving European people and culture from the equalizing effects of globalism – global capitalism included.

      1. Oh, but you people do. Hence why you jump and call people socialist when they criticize capitalism, even when the same system is enabling the border-jumpers and SJWs.

  43. Now if you guys could stop writing pro-Trump peices. A guy who makes MAGA caps in China, his ties in Mexico, while owning investments in Islamic monarchies, and hires immigrants to work at his properties in the US. He is part of that same elite.

  44. While I do not entirely disagree with your assessment of the “refugee” crisis, here’s a few things: This crisis is an INVASION, fomented by the top of the pyramid against the base of the pyramid. You could also probably call this Rich vs Poor or Lucifer vs Christ, Dark vs Light, all are useful descriptions of this. Listen, their weapons of choice are dumb, diseased, damaged hordes which they use to overwhelm our systems: namely local culture and customs, law and order, the medical system, the welfare system, and even the family unit (especially the family unit, which has been under attack for decades, but I digress…). To address reason 1, yes they may become cheap labor, but it will be largely unskilled and training it would be a nightmare. Also, they are CLOSE to replacing human workers with robotic labor. Sure they need some people to work with the machines, however, these people will not be uneducated deadbeats who abandoned their women and children for a free smart phone, new wardrobe and spending card… Reason 2, more consumers yes. Their consumption drives the immediate economy in certain sectors such as the need for health care and the need for more police (both of which is being used against the native populations…), however the same government entity paying to hire in the need-based sectors to keep up with demand is also footing the bill for the services to these indigents, which I’m sure is driving inflation ever-faster to keep up. Inflation is such a huge problem that many workers find it difficult to be “good consumers” AND pay their rent, mortgage, food, schooling, ever rising fuel and utility costs, all the regular shit that regular people work towards having. Many people DO NOT receive cost of living raises. If corporations really wanted to make more money, they would work against taking in refugees because they drive up the cost of EVERYTHING. Inflation is designed into the evil banking system we find ourselves in. It is true that some of us have used this system for great good and benefit, while some suffer with it daily for as many reasons as their are people. But anyway… Reason 3, virtue signaling? There is some of that to help keep people dumb and confused, but for the most part these people don’t give a shit what people at the base think. There are laws in place which force the elite, the governments and corporations to keep a lot of their most evil shit on the D/L (they all scratch each other’s backs), their virtue signalling is smoke and mirrors to cater to enough useful idiots who really believe all this diversity bullshit AND to put up a smokescreen of plausible deniability for the great masses who really aren’t paying any attention… unless and until one of their dire needs isn’t met or one of their vices gets interrupted, then their mindless anger can be channeled onto other targets. Conclusions: The targets are western civilizations, Christianity, and Testosterone by proxy. The weapons are Islam, The Great Unwashed, Estrogens, xenoestrogens, GMOs, chemicals sprayed on food, water and into the environment, the media, the government, inflation, taxation, the money system, the Cloward-Piven strategy, the Kalergi plan, the military industrial complex, and I’m sure there’s some I forget. The game is complex and uses ancient strategies (there is nothing new under the sun): Divide and conquer is being used to a large extent. The evidence is everywhere, but there’s so much to look at, which is one of the ways they get away with it. Read the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, Behold a Pale Horse by Bill Cooper, Satan Prince of This World by William Guy Carr, and there’s about 5 years worth of reading to do while you still can before antifa burns down the libraries. Also read the Georgia Guidestones, because they want to kill a bunch of us off after they’re done fucking with us. We are the big human sacrifice.

  45. The cheap labour argument doesn’t look so hot when one considers that almost none of these parasites actually work.

  46. White genocide is easy when stupid goyim just let the barbarian hordes in through the front gate.

  47. Ever speak to immigrants or children of immigrants? If you get to know them really well, they will admit something they won’t say in public, that they often prefer their own homelands to living in their host country. I saw it with immigrants in America, and I am talking about immigrants from all over the place, including Europeans who wanted to go back eventually. Part of it is that you lose your social standing when you move to a foreign land, another part is having to change your way of life. Its usually the prospect of financial gain that attracts people into the West, particularly America.
    When the economic tables turn, watch the immigration flow go the other way. I already see it to a slight degree in Asia, where the sight of Westerners are becoming common. Many are seeking ground floor opportunity in growth market countries. At the same time, you will find many often do not feel at home and often feel they are an outsider. And this is definitely going to happen in our lifetimes, maybe not overnight but eventually the East will have the power and wealth and determine humanity’s destiny.

  48. When is someone going to smash Trudeau’s face in with a claw hammer? Seriously, someone needs to wipe that smug look off his face. It’s the same look you get from a sleazy used car salesman who is totally raping you on the deal.

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