The Biggest Startup Failure Of The Decade Was Caused By A Woman

Elizabeth Holmes, the hope of you-go-girl career hamsters throughout America, hyped as a billionaire and “the next Steve Jobs” after dropping out of college and claiming she had an amazing new way of doing blood tests that the FDA later rejected, recently announced layoffs of almost half her remaining staff, as she continues to milk her New Economy fame and fortune for whatever she can until the tap of free credit that crowned her a billionaire without ever selling or producing anything of value runs dry.


We’re gonna miss you, Crazy Eyes

ROK covered Holmes and her new uber-cool startup company that was going to, like, totally revolutionize the world and stuff, in prior articles here and here.  What’s shocking is how this black turtleneck wearing Emperors-new-clothing genius is still running this fake business almost a year after providing no workable product. Even after this new round of layoffs, and the closing of her laboratory operations announced on October 5, her company Theranos will still have around 450 employees, all headed by the college dropout but media darling and medical “genius” Holmes.



Warning: Teen dropout medical tests may be hazardous to your health

After starting the company at the age of 19, the establishment moved in quickly to crown her as the next big thing, estimating her company’s worth at $9 billion, so confident that this teenager was going to revolutionize the health care industry with her strong entitled self.

In July of this year, the Center for Medicare and Medicare Services fined and banned Holmes for two years from owning or operating a blood lab, after sending her a letter warning that “deficient practices of the laboratory pose immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety” as the tests put patients at risk of internal bleeding or stroke.  Perhaps before creating medical devices it would be wise to study a bit of medicine, or at least gain an understanding of basic research and scientific procedures and methods.

Dubious background

Holmes is the daughter of Christian R Holmes IV, almost certain US government spook with several foreign government positions including working for USAID in the US, Africa, China, and former member of scamster company Enron.  Director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (TDA), Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Refugee Programs (State/RP), and Acting Director of the USAID Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). At TDA, he directed a global economic and trade development agency, concentrating on China.  Her mother was a congressional committee staffer.


Just a coincidence that I always dress in black and named my company after the God of Death.

After founding Theranos, whose name is suspiciously similar to Thanatos, the Greek daemon of death (coincidentally she has used Sympathy for the Devil as her musical introduction when giving speeches), Holmes hired some scientists and researchers, and engaged her family’s connections in order to obtain deals with the US military and Walgreens drug stores.


She assembled a board of directors that appears slightly odd for a teenager, including three former US cabinet members (Secretary of State Treasury, and Labor), a director of the US Office of Management and Budget, CEO of engineering multinational Bechtel Group, Secretary of Defense Bill Perry, former US Senators Sam Nunn and Bill Frist, and 92 year old National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger.  The firm’s legal council is 74 year old trial lawyer David Boies, one of the most prominent trial lawyers in the nation, famous for government antitrust work, prominent role in the Bush v. Gore election recount decision, and successful advocate for legalizing anal marriage.

Her board seemed more qualified to select the next UN ambassador than run a medical company.  Seems perfectly normal though, right?  Nothing odd or suspicious with a teenager having those kind of world leader level connections, right?


Raising money for Hillary

She added Commander of the US Central Command and chief of US military operations in the Middle East and Central Asia General James Mattis, who succeeded David Patraeus in 2010, to her board of directors, and soon after her company was miraculously approved to test military troops abroad.


When asked about what sets her blood tests apart from competitors, she responds with pure feels, saying she “optimizes the chemistry” and “leverages software” but uses the same basic methods as established blood testing centers.  She hired as an enforcer, Sunny Balwani, an older man she met after graduating high school in China who gave her the bang, a man with zero medical industry experience.  (Note: Balwani’s age is unknown but the next-youngest board member is 63)  Balwani would threaten employees who questioned the companies methods or procedures, and employees who spoke publicly about the company were sent threatening legal letters.

Proud, Brave and Stunning Feminist


Actual screenshot of the feminist firm’s hiring practices

Holmes proudly talks about how she never played with Barbies as a child, and, channeling Kim Jung Un’s miraculous childhood, claims to have invented a C++ software compiler at the age of 9 that she sold to Chinese universities.  She is now 32 years old, wears close cropped hair, often flies alone on a $6.5 million Gulfstream jet, is a vegan, wears a Steve Jobs turtleneck at all times, and drinks a concoction of green vegetables at pre-set hours throughout the day.

She rarely leaves her office, even celebrating birthday parties there with her entourage of adoring coworkers in her 140,000 square foot Palo Alto, California complex.  She couldn’t handle the sight of blood as a child, and one can only imagine that the incessant “You Go Girl!  You can do anything you want!” messages encouraged her to think opening a blood lab was a good idea.  Watch the video above at your own risk.


Theranos employee. A picture speaks a thousand words.

The company’s website is plastered with feminist faces, and indeed the promotional video offers an interview with several employees, all of whom are women, who praise what a great, empowering roll model Holmes is.



Is Holmes simply a victim of the silly propagandizing of American girls, encouraging them they can perform far beyond their means?  Is she a nefarious creation of elitists, simply beginning her massive theft and deception at a younger age than normal?  Is this the future of the feminist economy?  How long will it be before Theranos offices are raided and finally shut down?  How much longer is Holmes’ operation going to continue before her pussy pass expires?  Are the workers of Theranos actual women or post-op trannies?  Is Holmes holding out for a position in the Clinton administration?  Keep your eyes on this one, brothers, she’s not done yet.

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  1. If only men entering adulthood could be presented with at least a fraction of the opportunities she was given, the things they could make of them. Alas, today white men only face stop signs. These disenfranchised men suffer, and society does as well. No woman has ever discovered or invented anything of value, and no woman ever will.

    1. Just read a blog entry on
      In January feminists defended migrant rapists of Cologne with the ‘german men rape hundreds of women at the Oktoberfest every year!’ bullshit.
      Now the guy who wrote the blog entry looked at this years statistics of crime at Oktoberfest, Munich:
      17 women filed charges – in only ONE case the man was german. Now add to this that most visitors of the Oktoberfest are german men and the result is that the ‘german rape culture’ crime rates are thousands of times lower than the ones of migrants.
      But still feminists love to shit on white males and apologize to muslim rapists.
      Yeah, keep insulting the intelligent and hardworking men while getting your asshole raped by a black thug – good goyim bitches!

        1. Well thats where the dog is buried, german men by large dont have much muscle, go into any gym and you will see the majority of dudes working out are foreigners

      1. The left uses nationality as a red herring. Don’t fall into their trap. Always use race and never nationality in these cases.
        Anyone can have citizenship and be German or whatever on paper but they can’t change who they are. So when the left claims there are just as many “German” rapists as there are migrants and that it’s a male issue, you say
        -“I don’t deal in nationalities, were the perpetrators white or non-white?” The answer is they don’t know. So they will be on the defensive and bury themselves deeper trying to come out on top. Then you push again. -“If you don’t have any proof, why should we/ I believe you.” etc.

    2. Hence why I’m trying to make #burnitdown gain traction. The time has finally come!

    3. Some white men. White men still dominate wall street and politics. A lot are still doing well. Lots live in nice houses and drive nice cars, and have professional career wives to help support thir standard of living. Being born into the right family and having connections help more than ever. Its getting harder for the average joe though and I’d dont see a bright future with a strong feminist agenda, globalisation, immigration, increased automation & AI and consolidation of industries by fewer companies.

      1. Wall Street is not dominated by “white” men, it is dominated by Jewish men. Same with the entertainment industry. As for politics, those fuckers are spokespeople not decision makers.

  2. I imagine Theranos is like the Huffington Post meets science.
    I find it delicious though to see the Wall Street libtards who hyped this company to no end because–oh, a super-duper genius woman is running it–with egg on their face and empty wallets.

      1. It was supposed to be more rapid/efficient blood testing technology. I saw her on Jim Cramer “Mad Money” touting it, and he was lapping it all up. Ha, ha, got to love it.

      2. The Snapchat app is about to launch an IPO and go on the stock market. Its value is going to be 25,000,000,000. At least with Theranos which did pathology testing more efficiently I can appreciate the hype more than with snapchat’s value.

        1. It is a perfect storm of overhype since the market has been devoid of IPO’s for months. The last IPO I hyped and jumped on was PayPal. While it is actually a successful company the hype train didn’t leave much room for growth from the initial offering. Snapchat will probably go the way of Twitter but it will take 2 years.

    1. Don’t use the word delicious in a non literal sense.
      You’re not a faggot or a middle aged woman.

    2. Personally I don’t buy that. The either fed a bubble or helped hustle that scam for a reason. There was never any evidence of this companies viability. Every single indicator of their readiness pointed to scam. There was nothing to this thing but hype and everyone knew it. Did anyone else notice that the production floor was entirely non white males ? Oh right, the one idiot wearing short sleeves and a touque looking at the camera. The ONLY guy not facing his post.

  3. Given the elitists on her company’s board of directors, I have to wonder if they ran Theranos as some kind of money-laundering scheme.

    1. Exactly. This Theranos thing has to be FULL of shit. And everyhting, behind the screen of a cunt CEO.

    2. Are the sources of their funding known? The amount of money involved would probably have to be raised from numerous sources, all who would actually be expecting a return on their investment.
      I don’t know if it’s money laundering more than it is simple theft.
      It was a massive operation with 900 employees and investment in infrastructure to match. Massive fraud requires a massive cover-story.

      1. I thought most of the millions would have come venture capitalists with some early on angel investors. Their shares are worth a lot less now and there wont be any IPO pot of gold. Given her dad worked at Enron (the ultimate case study for a corporate con), I’d suspect its a similar play, but if it is she/her backers did a good job to get as far as they did. In an article I read there were accusations of fraud with the results her technology was supposed to be getting. Somehow its still hanging in there.

      2. I don’t think the company was generating any revenue to this point so the only ones royally losing are the investors. The valuation of the company went up to 9 billion I think, of which she owned half the shares. But that valuation means absolutely nothing bc she or the other stock holders did not have a chance to sell prior to the value dropping to zero. Plus I don’t think it’s a publicly traded company which means the only benefit the investors would get back is to declare a loss on their taxes. Good, fuck them for investing on feels instead of doing their own research.

    3. Either that or it’s a slushfund for “off the book” operations hiding in plain sight.

  4. I love this story because it validates not only the patriarchal wisdom tradition, but also the Alt Right’s view of man. Given the current political climate, you’d think these elitists could have found a plausible black girl to wrap in a black turtleneck sweater and prop her up as the next Steve Jobs; instead they had to settle for a not very attractive but privileged white girl.
    Yet even with her white privilege and the help of a lot of accomplished white and Jewish men behind her, she still fucks it up.

  5. This article is no where near the litmus test needed to make these assumptions, BUT, with all that is listed it seems likely the billionairess in question was a child toy, whose handlers saw fit to stay in her life and realized the times allowed the perfect money laundering cover. With all these minds together and a female figurehead as the public face, what could go wrong?
    I do hope to be wrong and have her just be a weirdo, but weird stems from some where, so I’ll stick with pedophile victim and consistent handlers using her to front a potential money laundering scheme for 200.

    1. Agreed. The shit doesn’t add up. Of course, all that woman bragging makes for good surface perception amongst the moron public.

    2. Smells like a giant kickback for all these government old timers for there years of “service”. I bet the investment money trail leads back to Lockheed, Raytheon, ATK, Monsanto etc…

    1. Yahoo is a groolers wet dream. It’s the Grand Central Station of online bullshit.

    2. And yet no outrage from the MSM. Am I missing something here? Yes, they will claim that women can act just as discrimatory as men nowadays. Well I thought that was always the case, what with all the broads who pulled all kinds of horrible stuff on yours truly. Don’t ever ask me about my “Sweet Sixteen”, it was a nightmare so horrible that even the great Wes Craven would have fainted from it!

        1. No and I am not interested in his emo girlfriend there either. I have read the works of Moses Hess though. What say you?

    3. Absolutely true. When women are trusted with higher positions in a company, they don’t implement equality or fairness. They don’t believe in that. They turn the tables. We had a female CEO that did exactly what Mayer is accused of. We had a ton of new hires within the last 6 months (as if we needed them), all women and then there was a massive layoff. I mean massive. Only two women were laid off and many of the men laid off had been there a lot longer than these new hires. Obviously she ran the company into the ground, lost nearly all of their clients and was forced out in less than 8 months. Women simply cannot be trusted to maintain equality in the workplace. Too much “oppress the oppressor” and “revenge” mentality going on there.

      1. I would not paint all female bosses with the same brush, but definitely there is an element of “”oppress the oppressor” and “revenge” mentality going on there”, especially with the ones who strongly identify as feminists I’d say and that would be quite a few at the very senior levels I’d suspect. I also feel another aspect would be that quite a few female bosses feel more comfortable and top dog with a team of female executives/workers reporting to them and taking orders from them than a team of men. I also have read articles from female executives complaining of a lot of catiness from other women and lack of female mentors, so there that aspect in some firms.

        1. A lot of male bosses suck, too. Anyone good in management tends to be male. Women in management or higher level positions almost always suck

      2. I’ve also worked with plenty of mangina bosses who will micro-micromanage men but let the women get anyway with anything and everything. This is especially true in jobs involving commission and/or tips.
        And lest we forget, the female biological imperative to wish to destroy any female younger, prettier and thinner than her runs especially rampant amongst females with a shred of authority. Woe betide any woman with a sexual market value of 9 working for a 6 or less!

        1. “I’ve also worked with plenty of mangina bosses who will micro-micromanage men but let the women get anyway with anything and everything.”
          Been there and done that. In my two most notable examples of this, the men tended to leave and the hopeless women remained. Ultimately, both of the businesses fell over. I have worked for a company that has a masculine male-dominated management for the last eight years and all is rosey. Basically, the man up top (who is actually a man) treats everyone on their merits. The other men appreciate this and the women hate it. This alone proves to me that women have a very distorted view on what equality actually is.

        2. One needs to only enter the workforce at a tender young age to pull the “Been there, done that” card on this one.

        3. I had a female Boss. I can tell you this from my experience she was petty and used to cry to the business owner when quotas were not met.

        1. Yep. Hillary + Satan = Chelsea.
          And who names their daughter after their favourite premiership football team anyway?

        2. I thought she was named after the Joni Mitchell song “Chelsea Morning”. Or does the reason change according to Hillary’s audience…

        3. Chelsea FC = Satan too, as the team is owned by one of those darned meddlin’ Russkies that the Dems hate so bad.

    4. Women suck. They can’t build shit, and that applies doubly to companies that produce useful products (sorry, can’t include cupcakes, lingerie, and cute socks and fashion accessories as useful products). If the wall street market makers want to defraud investors by propping up females as the the saviors of business in America because they speak from and lead with their vaginas, than let those who invest with them lose everything.
      I never invest anything in women, or things led by women. They suck at leading anything including their own households and children. Anyone stupid enough to give them the charge to lead a billion dollar company deserves to lose their shirts and their reputation. They should know better.

      1. “Women suck.”
        Many of them can’t even get that right.
        ” Anyone stupid enough to give them (women) the charge to lead a billion dollar company deserves to lose their shirts and their reputation.”
        True that. Anyone with any sense only invests in ventures or with people with a good track record. Where was the track record of the dumb cunt in the above article?

    5. If she was smart she banked a lot of that wealth into somewhere untraceable and off shore. Fraud, deceit, and incompetence, while all common qualities for the average woman and political office seeker, doesn’t fly very far in a world of required results, and rates of return.

    6. Not only should you not trust female “leaders of the industry”, you should also not invest any of your money in, or do any business with any company that has a woman at the helm.

    7. As soon as I read that I deleted my yahoo account. Although I never used yahoo anyways and the last time I logged on was like 3 years ago. If you liked yahoo answers you can use quora. It’s better, you got more and better replies on there.

    8. AGREE agree agree. I work for government and never had an issue under a male supervisor, the last year I have had two female supervisors who are over 300 pounds, a face that is ugly, and a personality/attitude who is ugly. Both have 1 child and no man in their life. My husband was the one who pointed out to me “It’s because you’re thin and attractive that you are having problems there” Of the women in the office the only one who is kind to me is a lesbian. Go figure.

  6. That’s what investors get for ever validating some dumb hoe. I hope they’ve learned their lesson.

  7. Let’s hope the simps that invested millions upon millions in Holmes stand to lose it all.
    They need to be taught a lesson they won’t soon forget.

    1. They already have. Walgreens got burned too, along with the biggest simps of all, US taxpayers

      1. I expected better from Walgreens, if only because I wanted them to be a viable alternative to the unctuously liberal, and flagrantly crony corporatist CVS.

    1. Oh, because she holds the keys to the future and NWO, don’t you know? How could she be a F-R-A-U-D??? It’s fucking ridiculous, yeah.

  8. Start-ups are a scam, but an uncontrolled one. Very few are successful, most plunge down fast, but causes not much further problems. The failure to see this is that the media, near always show the successful ones, which are only the 10% according to forbes!
    When one start up gets hyped before it becomes a success that is cause for concern. ANY OTHER REASON FOR THAT EXCEPT THE OWNER HAD A VAGINA!!!

    1. She was hyped in my opinion for a second reason. The biomedical industry has been a constant target for the silicon types for years. They maligned the FDA process and assume it’s all red tape, not safety and consumer protection.
      A few years ago there was an automated insulin pump company that was possing to avoid the need for finger prick blood tests through constant monitoring. That was shot down for various reasons, but that idea of technology blended with hardware in a high margin industry is hard to resist. Fast forward, and you have Theranos with its unicorn fantasy product.
      The “tech” industry has no grasp on the level of zero error allowance there is when dealing with human life. I could say the same thing about other products as well. It is a case of big money pumping a dumb idea, because silicon valley executives conflate making money on apps and consumer trash with real science and technology.

        1. Don’t know if that’s sarcasm, but I think the hubris in the tech industry is impressive. It’s a lot of people with no respect for engineers who have dedicated decades to manufacturing and hard engineering science because they wrote some lame code that allows for the 29th iteration an IRC chat board.

        2. those in the tech industry are beyond hybris in many cases. They thingk they can real machine gods! They believe because they made some good programs that they have become higher than gods. The power these geeks try to project is really worrying.

      1. Musk has plenty of “Pepe” in him. He’s got that wry little smirk!
        In so many ways he is among the very best of Generation X.

        1. So the best of GenX is a scam artist whose claim to fame is that he uses his ties with 0bama ‘n friends to reap billions in government subsidies, special dispensation and apparent immunity?
          Musk doesn’t have any “Pepe” in him, he has the essence of Hillary Clinton.

        2. I’m pretty ignorant of Musk’s problems. What did he do that every other big business in America doesn’t do? As Trump said, if you don’t like the rules, change them.

        3. Musk runs his businesses entirely on government largess.
          Other companies benefiting from crony corporatism tend to pull in the bulk of their funding from the private sector but Musk’s enterprises operate on a level of taxpayer funding rivaling or exceeding that of defense contractors.

        4. The libertarian ideologue me of a few years ago would be really upset at this, but the realist in me today says, “better giving us innovative new cars and cutting edge technology than useless defense programs or whatever else the government would waste the money on.”
          I’d never, ever buy an American car. But a Tesla? Give them a few years, and I’m interested.

        5. The core issue is that Musk is not developing new and innovative products. Even if he were, the products can only be sold due to government tax breaks to purchasers,atop the other cronyism.
          He’s delivering a stream of overhyped and underperforming products.
          A company that runs so entirely off of government dollars strikes me as being like a taxpayer-funded non-profit as if the goal is ever accomplished then the funding dries up.

        6. Hard for me to buy the argument that an electric car getting the equivalent of 100+ MPG is not innovative. Sure, he didn’t invent the electric car, but he’s a hell of a lot more innovative than Ford, GM or any of those old economy dinosaurs, and they get shit loads of taxpayer dollars. Remember the auto bailouts?

        7. The Tesla is an ineffective, unsafe scam that only survives due to extensive favors from government.
          Without the grants, loans, mandates and tax breaks (for both Musk and, more importantly, purchasers of Teslas), the car would be just the curio for the wealthy that it ought to be.
          As awareness of Musk’s perpetual scamming has spread, Tesla has suffered financially and publicly, including the massive stock dive that it underwent this past summer.
          BTW Ford wasn’t bailed out by the Dubya/0bama bailouts.

    1. Musk is quite the showman and con-man. As the guy who got rich from Pay-PalI could respect him. It’s when he leveraged that to use the political process to steal my money to live out dreams of owning a car company and going into space that he became Lyle Lanley. He didn’t want to use all his money. He had to steal the money of millions upon millions of americans.

    2. Too true, he has benefited immensely from scamming tax dollars during the 0bama Administration.

  9. “…this black turtleneck wearing Emperors-new-clothing genius…”
    Uh, don’t you mean “Empress”??
    Well, these days, I guess you truly don’t ever know! Let’s ask her what she feels like being today. Wait, nah, then we’d have to listen to her talk!

  10. Yeah, it should raise a red flag when a company’s board of directors looks like Jack Ryan’s Rolodex from a Tom Clancy novel.

  11. ““deficient practices of the laboratory pose immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety” as the tests put patients at risk of internal bleeding or stroke.”
    Wha? Hey, I know nothing about this company, so here’s a question for those who know: DID the company actually run and provide a service to somebody? And what the fuck is this ‘risk of internal bleeding or stroke’ thing? Sorry, but that sounds dangerously like some kind of FDA fear propaganda for the unknowing dumb sheep to close down a company. (Not that I like this woman or anything, but just imagine this same thing happening to some guy, what would you think?)
    From her speech: ‘… it’s about technology, it’s about people, it’s about the dedication that …’.
    Aight, no content spoken here.

  12. Women can’t run business as a rule. Too inward looking, petty, risk averse.
    Working for women is a fucking disaster

    1. I had this thought yesterday, regarding women leaders. Women DO have some form of power. But I think the problem is not whether a woman can be powerful, but what a woman is motivated by and consequently what she can and will use that power for.

      1. Women can only rule through fear, never example.
        If I were a tyrant in the Stalin/Hitler mould, my network of internal persecution would be entirely staffed by females.
        Gadaffi understood this on some level

        1. And in my experience, it’s not even a convincing form of fear, because it comes from the root of their inherent insecurity. I’ve seen them nerve-jangled and blind with rage when confronted by resolute, intelligent men who don’t mince words. They sort of go blank and default to a “mommy punishing the bad little boy” mode because that’s a formula they can relate to instinctively.

        2. Very true. The project becomes all about their personal fucking grievances and shortcomings instead of the actual subject matter.
          Depressingly consistent

        3. They are insecure and terrified of making a mistake, in which event they will blame everyone but themselves. They do not know how to manage risk. the idea of risk makes them very uncomfortable, b/c as natural born control freaks, uncertainty or unpredictability freaks them out

    2. You got that right.
      Plus women are micro-managers. They can manage you to death. They not only want you to do the job but you must do it in their particular way, although there are a million ways to do that job.

      1. That describes my current boss. Never do anything the slightest bit bold. Always react. Always ask permission. And no matter what, even if common sense shows otherwise, it’s always Must. Follow. Process.

      2. Amen. Complementary to this is that women in management generally are control freaks, and cannot accept the idea that people working under them will unilaterally make decisions and take actions without their oversight, approval and dominance. They don’t understand a need to make quick decisions that may be imperfect but that are ‘good enough’ and that will save time. They can obsess over tiny details that don’t matter, b/c they need to control everything. they love meetings b/c it makes them feel important, and allows them to run their mouth instead of working. They tend to be pretty shitty in setting priorities. They cannot set hierarchies of various tasks and tend to see everything as equally important. They waste time obsessing over meaningless details while missing the big picture. If you dare to mention any of this, my experience is that you then are told that you are sloppy and lazy b/c you don’t want to spend 5 hours obsessing over minutae that in the long run is meaningless (and b/c you would rather be spending your precious time on more important things). They also don’t seem to understand that there only so many hours in a day, or a week, or whatever, and that you should prioritize and get the important stuff done and if you miss some less important things, to not f’n freak out (they like to freak out and scream at everyone who has accounted for mistakes, b/c it is always someone else’s fault). All this adds up to tremendous inefficiencies and huge amounts of wasted time.

  13. This wasn’t a “Startup” with a possible legitimate idea but more of a “pyramid / Ponzi scheme” where it is clear that there was no possibility perhaps intention of ever even creating a workable product.
    Her parents connections to US GOV were used to stock the board with hired guns for cash to make things “look good” and perhaps deflect the FDA, media and anyone asking legitmate questions like “Where’s The Beef?”
    Now that she’s purloined investors money I imagine the law suits will fly but mommy and daddy’s connection as well as her ill gotten gain will allow her to get away with it..
    Since her vagina was part of the public image or a sort of “vagina washing” if you will I imagine it will also be part of her defense as well..
    I’d be shocked if we saw criminal charges ..

  14. How are Holmes and her politician cohorts not being prosecuted for running a ponzi scheme??

    1. Because all of those people on her board + Chelsea Clinton would be implicated by association, and that situation has to be rigged by the powers that be. They cannot lose face. “Ministry of Truth” kinda shit.

  15. “Is she a nefarious creation of elitists, simply beginning her massive theft and deception at a younger age than normal?”
    Uh…yeah. Her daddy’s spook background is the tell on that one. She’s a cutout created by spooks to provide cover for massive wealth accumulation by the usual suspects (i.e., huge investment firms, backed by blue-blood, mega-rich elitists).
    Just like Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Spencer Raskoff (Zillow), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), et al. If you look at the investment groups that own the lion’s share of the stock in these companies, you’ll find the same insider firms, all controlled and owned by elitist blue-blood families.
    Question: What do the last four individuals noted above have in common?
    Answer: They all attended Montessori schools as children.
    Start digging into that one, and if you can see through the veil, you’ll discover a whole new, eye-opening world…
    “Maria Montessori was a woman of her times who believed that educating children in a different way would provide the gateway for a much-needed NEW WORLD ORDER. Europe was torn apart by war twice during her lifetime and she devoted her life’s work to the belief that if children were allowed to develop according to their own inner sense of order, this would give rise to a more peaceful and enduring civilization.”
    And those are all the bread crumbs I’m gonna give ya…neener-neener-neener.

    1. Prussian model schooling is used to turn children into fungible human resources. This is why the wealthy ruling class have instituted it where ever they can and made it compulsory. People just lap it up too.

    1. Holmes can’t be any higher than “second place” in the contest for who is the bigger crony corporatist as Elon Musk has that place locked down.

  16. Feminist hype is free money. The press will artificially inflate stock prices… so buy. Sell before the truth hits.
    This doesn’t just apply to ceos. I made 10x my money on Ronda Rousey. She was fed meat by Dana white so that she would appear to be better than she was. Holly Holmes then crushed her face.

  17. Don’t forget it’s the central bank, the federal reserve, that makes these things possible by stealing money from savers and wage earners through monetary expansion. Producing a working reliable product is not the first priority of this sort of thing. The priority is making money for those on the inside.
    BTW, this is still a feminist hero story. A woman has been behind a type of thing that for decades was run by men. Of course the story for this one needs a woman to make it work. It probably would have worked with a man but would not be as profitable.

    1. Yeah, and she actually was “successful” from her point of view. She’s like 30 something now so she paid herself a huge ass salary for over 10 years, probably has enough stolen funds to retire on from this massive scam.

  18. The rise of women has seen the rise of the blame game and the rise of “no personal accountability” .

  19. Give women power and they abuse it to a far greater degree than a man would.
    A President Hillary will see many innocents killed.

    1. Carlos Mencia’s skit about the “First Female President” was distressingly on point.

  20. Its like trying to argue with a woman. She will only be able to hear SOME details and not all of it
    I am sure her intentions where in the right place but overall her measurements were off. Its why its stressful dealing with women on some level.
    “They only pay attention to the sprinkles on a 8 layer wedding cake” -MDP
    Give a woman a inch and she wants a mile.
    If Hilary wins, prepare for more posts like this in the future

    1. Hold me up to all whom you’ve deceived
      Promises you break you still believe
      And all your weight
      It falls on me
      It brings me down
      And all your weight
      It brings me down
      It brings me down
      And all your weight
      It falls on me
      It brings me down
      And all your weight
      It falls on me
      It falls on me

      1. obviously only the relevant parts.
        but man oh man this song is gold….and the lyric about divorce is probably how every man feels

        1. Sweet, that last one. Man-eater…meat-grinder…
          I think this one works. “She’s Not There” by the Zombies (heh, she’s not there…zombies).
          Well no one told me about her
          The way she lied
          Well no one told me about her
          How many people cried
          But it’s too late to say you’re sorry
          How would I know, why should I care
          Please don’t bother tryin’ to find her
          She’s not there
          Well let me tell you ’bout the way she looked
          The way she’d act and the color of her hair
          Her voice was soft and cool
          Her eyes were clear and bright
          But she’s not there

  21. I see a lot of why isn’t holmes in prison? She is playing by corporate rules. She will only be culpable if there is a paper trail or multiple executive level witnesses that flip on her.
    She could give illegal verbal instruction all day for any number of offenses, but as long as she has a non executive level fall guy carrying it out and nothing in paper when the shit hits the fan she can claim ignorance.
    The worst that will happen is Theranos, Inc. will get fined out of existence. But all the top brass will walk with a fortune, without any hard evidence connecting them directly to fraud.
    Come to think of it, it sounds like most major non profits.

    1. Interesting that her dad had worked at Enron. I’m sure she knows the lessons learned from that massive corporate scam, both with how to create the illusion for investors, and also this time how to not end up in prison. For sure being a woman entrepreneur in this age, helped her a lot with influential people wanting to be associated with a new hope female hero breaking into this league without wanting to dig too deep into what she presented them. She did a good snow job though to get herself into the billionaire league even if it was for a short time.
      This whole story just stinks of irregularities. I have to admit I’m surprised the business is still going and she is still flying around in her gulf stream jet. I’d be interested in the cash flow of her business. So she has $700m of investor money to play with at least. I’m sure a decent chunk of that has been siphoned off by those at the top.

  22. But let me get this straight Donald Trump is still a bad man because 4 of his 50+ business went into bankruptcy and some random employee twelve rungs below him did something bad once or twice which obviously means he personally authorized the action, right?

    1. Shhhh don’t you know she’s been oppressed because the men denied the women with positions in the production floor! /sarcasm

    2. And the one planted white guy who is t doing anything but looking like some kind of asshole hipster.

    3. Women detest machine production work unless they have a chance to socialize with other women. Real factories are loud and smell like cutting oil. There is little opportunity to gab with your co-workers.

    4. I did notice that, too obvious. Without men she would be living in a naturally formed cave, if she could find one and fight her way in.

  23. The entire Wikipedia article on Elizabeth Holmes is worth a long look (Wikipedia was founded by Montessori graduate Jimmy Wales, as noted in a previous comment of mine in this thread.)
    Here’s the link –
    Here is the preamble to the article:
    Holmes was born in February 1984 in Washington, D.C. Her father, Christian Rasmus Holmes IV, worked at Enron[3] as well as in the United States, Africa, and China in governmental agencies such as USAID.[4] Her mother, Noel Anne (Dauost),[5] worked as a congressional committee staffer. She has a brother, Christian Holmes V, who is the director of product management at Theranos.
    Her parents’ work in disaster relief encouraged Holmes to pursue science and service early in her life.[6] When Holmes was nine, her family moved to Houston and then China, where—she later claimed—she started a business selling C++ compilers to Chinese universities.[7][8] Growing up, her family moved frequently, which made it challenging for Holmes to make close friends.[5] In a 2014 interview, she described herself growing up as having been a “happy loner.”[5]
    After graduating from St. John’s School in Houston in 2002, Holmes enrolled at Stanford University to study chemical engineering, but she left Stanford after 2 years before completing her undergraduate degree.[9]”
    Holmes originally founded the company in Palo Alto, California as Real-Time Cures to “democratize healthcare.”[7][10] She changed the company’s name to Theranos (an amalgam of “therapy” and “diagnosis”).[11]
    Theranos claimed to have developed a blood-testing device named “Edison” that uses a few drops of blood obtained via a finger-stick rather than vials of blood obtained via traditional venipuncture,[12] using microfluidics technology.[13] Its founders have raised over $700 million from investors, valuing the company at $9 billion, without their testing device ever being subject to peer-reviewed study.[14] As of 2014, Holmes held 18 U.S. patents and 66 non-U.S. patents. She is also listed as a co-inventor on over 100 patent applications.[7]
    (Nothing weird about all that, eh? Chick leaves Stanford two years before graduating, founds a company that will “democratize healthcare”, then raises over $700 million from the usual suspect investors, gets valued at $9 billion, and all of it happening “without their testing device ever being subject to peer-reviewed study”. Sure. Happens every day. No chicanery afoot. Nothing to see here. Move along.)

  24. Who in their right mind would invest in a company that makes these sorts of devices that was run by a 19 year old drop out with no medical training or research credentials? That doesn’t sound crooked to me at all.
    I wonder how many investors lost a pile on that one and how many people involved knew from the start there would never be dime of profit?
    Sounds like a scam from the start.

  25. How many 19 year olds do you know who have access to top tier contacts, and insane amounts of cash to invest in anything?
    Go on… I can wait…

  26. Yeah, women are so oppressed they can start their own billion dollar business, with political and business connections included…

  27. I can’t really blame her for being a young person who tried and failed. I think the greater blame goes to the line of cucks who bent over backwards to promote a “girl power” agenda with tax payer dollars.
    It goes to show how high the level of cuckoldry is in the US government.

  28. Boards of Directors are just gravy trains. Like most middle and upper management, they do bugger all. Just people giving their friends high-paying jobs which are repaid by appointments to other BoD positions later on.

  29. “leverages software”
    Translation : force software engineers to work 100 hour weeks at low salary while threatening them with termination if they don’t save the company through heroic programming feats.

  30. the fact that this bitch keeps on talking using generalities shouldve tipped people off that this was all a pile of fuck.

  31. Some teenage feminist claims she has a magic way of testing blood that’s way better than anything doctors or scientists have considered, which only exists in her imagination, and gets billions of dollars. Meanwhile, Kratom is banned. WTF!

  32. Women can’t be leaders
    Women don’t want to be leaders
    Feminism has forced these poor girls into thinking they are incompetent and worthless if they can’t lead a mans industry.
    If feminism cared about women at all it would reward them emotionally and socially for their feminine qualities, instead of forcing them to try and be people they aren’t.

  33. How fucking CONTRIVED is this bitch?!
    That fucking turtleneck!
    People arent as dumb as the elite think.

  34. What you’re looking at is a laungry machine where she do service for those bigwig. People with thick political background like that making it only throught some extensive string pulling. The bigger the company, the more money passing through and in the end it can simply go bankrupt.

  35. i do appreciate your reporting this.
    I was waiting for this to go belly up already.
    my favorite sentence here is worth repeating:
    She assembled a board of directors that appears slightly odd for a teenager…

  36. There’s an old adage:
    The World does not revolve around its own axis, but around woman’s ass

  37. claims to have invented a C++ software compiler at the age of 9 that she sold to Chinese universities.
    This shit is so amazingly preposterous and nonsensical, I nearly choked.
    What’s next? She says she’s the earthly reincarnation of the godess Isis?

  38. “this fake business almost a year after providing no workable product”
    Pretty much described half of Silicon Valley right there. I wouldn’t shed a single tear if the entire tech industry burned to the ground overnight.

  39. That sixth question in this article’s last paragraph was definitely answered by the second-to-last photo.

  40. $6.5 million Gulfstream jet, is a vegan
    Fiscal much …
    Vegan diet and she still has a double chin

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