How Black America Has Predicted Our Future

Much has been made in the manosphere of the ongoing rise of negative social indicators in the United States and the general societal decline that they seem to be predicting, particularly as they relate to gender relations. Many guys are worried sick about this, and rightfully so.

In the midst of this concern, however, I would like to present some information that could shed some more light on what may come of all this: we have actually been here before. In fact, there exists within our society a model for the outcome of all the ongoing negative trends we are seeing, a culture that has already felt the impact of those trends and suffered their consequences.

That model or “prototype” for our future is Black America.

The manosphere is a predominantly white corner of the net, but many of the problems discussed there are quite familiar to the relatively few blacks who frequent it. Almost every social problem guys in the manosphere cite as a growing concern within the general population has already played itself out within the Black American community.

Let us examine some of them individually.

1. Concerned about growing obesity rates? Black American women already lead the nation here. 41% of those over 18 are obese, compared to just under a quarter of White American women in the same age range. African-American women are 70% more likely to be obese than non-Hispanic white women.

You think white girls are getting fat? You’ve got a long way to go.

2. Concerned about illegitimacy and rampant out of wedlock births? Black America has already been there and done that. The illegitimacy rate within that community has long been close to 70%. The nightmare scenarios being predicted in much of the manosphere regarding increased out of wedlock births and the complete breakdown of the family have already been played out there. Everyone else is playing catch-up.

There is great concern about the potential for the young men of the future to grow up without a father in the picture. For most black men (including myself), this is simply routine.

3. Concerned about the spread unchecked hypergamy is having on the dating market? Worried that it could lead to unrestrained bad-boy worship? Want to see where all of this is going?

Once again, look no further than black America. There may be no female more hypergamous than the average black american girl and, interestingly, there is no female with a lower rate of marriage. The culture places a tremendous emphasis for men on the possession of traits matching those of urban masculine culture (read: “swag”, aggression, edgy appearance, etc).

In no culture are decent guys and more academically inclined males more marginalized and insulted than they are in Black American culture.

You think the sexual market value of the average white or asian nerd is low? Try being their black equivalent and having your entire culture essentially disown you and claim that your intellect makes you an insult to the culture/race.

Bad-boy love and the extreme form of hypergamy that comes with it has ruled the black community for a couple of generations now. That nightmare is reality there.

4. What happens when men in a certain culture are marginalized and their households become largely matriarchal?

Long Answer: Men will have high unemployment and incarceration rates, and young boys will be prone to violence, academic reticence, and poor performance in school. Nearly 70% of undergraduate and graduate degrees will be earned by females, while their men practically disappear from the higher echelons of the professional world and leave those women without suitable mates. These women will then proceed to ponder where all the good black men went.

A culture hostile to academia will arise, excessive male posturing (see modern urban gang culture and the media that imitates it) will become the norm to compensate for the lack of productive pursuits among the men and the next generation will live out a cycle characterized by generally dysfunctional behavior.

Short Answer: Black America will happen.

5. Are you concerned about the rise of anti-male attitudes among women? You’d likely already know the end game were you a black American male. The manosphere’s archetype for the worst-case scenario of western womanhood is already normal in Black America.

“Backbreaker”, an African-American male who posts on the forums, broke this down quite well (emphasis is mine):

“The thing is, and this isn’t race bating or racism in the least bit, but because African Americans in the 70′s and 80′s were more single parent house holds than their Caucasian counterparts, most African American women today were raised not only without 2 parents around, but are fully convinced they don’t need a man. we kinda like have a 20 year head start on this whole feminism thing.

Black women have been telling black men they aren’t s**t, weren’t s**t and never will be S**T well before their Caucasian counterparts thought it was cool.

…and well before any white woman decided to crow about “The End of Men”.

Continuing (emphasis is again mine):

black women are the manosphere punch line /archetype of women who are too demanding and unrealistic and they all end up single. the only people who get got by black women are guys who want to get got. the only guy who was stupid enough to put a ring on my mom’s finger (who is the ultimate alpha widow) was the beta male who bought into the church hype.. and we all know better. and in 2 years she had rented her own apartment to get away from him. my mom has dated a school district superintendent, an engineer, a lawyer and a bishop of a church, and none of them were good enough for her independent ass lol

In short, the multiple nuclear bombs of societal decline that concern the manosphere have already went off in Black America. The end game is already on display.

It wasn’t always like this. Black Americans used to have more stable families and much lower illegitimacy rates (on par with or somewhat lower than those of modern white Americans). They had thinner women and lower crime rates. Their men were valued once, less marginalized and expendable than they are now considered to be and not as frequently incarcerated either.

In other words, there was a time in which Black America was a much closer parallel to the White America we know.

White Americans still hold on to pieces of this old reality, and now sound alarms throughout the manosphere of decline as more negative trends come closer and closer to home. Meanwhile, Black Americans have no room left for decline-the destruction is already complete.

If current trends are any indication, others may be soon to follow. Perhaps the numerous misfortunes that have befallen the Black American community could serve to warn others of what to do next and how to proceed into this more disconcerting future.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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312 thoughts on “How Black America Has Predicted Our Future”

  1. Good post. I think that I have been waiting for a post like this for a while, from somehwere.
    And to think of how many times we’ve heard blacks say “they don’t want to go back to the ’50s, they don’t want to go to the back of the bus.”
    Its a shame, how far we’ve all fallen.
    I’d guess that we could look to other countries for example of what our economy will become in the near future too. Hello Greece! Hello Argentina!

  2. Very thoughtful post. I never had given this the consideration that it deserves, but you are absolutely right. It begs the question: is feminism the ultimate destroyer of culture, or does an already declining culture embrace feminism?
    It seems to me that African American culture took its biggest hit when LBJ enacted most of what we know as the modern welfare state. That was what ultimately allowed for the marginalization of black men by black women. So perhaps a solution lies in rolling back, or more likely, the implosion of the welfare state.
    At any rate, great post

      1. Thank you for correcting this frequent misuse of the term “begs the question,” which correctly refers to the illogical ploy of assuming the question that is being debated as part of one’s argument in favor of the proposition. “Question” in this sense means a proposition under consideration, not a interrogatory.

      1. I think that’s the conservative argument– LBJ’s Great Society programs killed the black nuclear family by replacing black fathers with the federal government.
        Seems to have finally caught up with whites.

      2. That is a load of crap! When LBJ brought out all of the Great Society giveaway plans, he stated that he would”…have those naggers voting for us for the next 200 years!”. Urban renewal, that was ramped up during his administration was referred to as “Negro removal’ in the black communities.
        That is the problem. All of these government goodies were given to minorities so they can vote for the big government tyrannies. Reconstruction? Get the freed slaves to vote for the radical Republicans. FDR? He spread out government aid in order to get votes. Obamacare? Same thing.
        You want to build up a free society? Guarantee property rights, not the right to vote.

  3. It’s good to see the Manosphere finally acknowledging us. Its only going to get worse before it gets better. Solid article by the way

    1. I actually owe you a bit of gratitude for this post. It was your article on “Why Black Men Don’t Relate To The Men’s Rights Movement” that got me thinking about exploring this topic in more detail. It also put me on to Backbreaker over at SoSuave, and led me to his excellent post that I quoted above.
      Here is the article for the curious-I recommend a read:

      1. You did a great job sir. I shared this article with a few of my educated black friends and they co-sign everything you said. I give you your props this article its a stepping stone and proves that not everybody in the manosphere is a racists bigot so kudos to you

        1. I’m a white, all bigots are white, therefore I’m a bigot. At the same time, you’d do well to not regard white femmes as your friends or allies. They just want to use you to get at us. Our half-educated cooz hate men, society as it exists, and capitalism. But what they really hate are families (and babies…and birthin’ babies). Families mean hierarchy. Families mean there’s a ‘Mom’ figure and a ‘Dad’ figure. Families mean no time for ‘woman’ to play her rightful role alongside men. And families interfere with the State’s needs and concerns.
          I’m now leaning towards the suspicion fate/species survival intends for Muslims to take over. Because they’re the only ones left who won’t put up with this sh*t. Mecca lies east, right?

  4. Excellent post. Extrapolating even further though you have a generation of men who become Alpha just out necessity and shit conditions. Dog eat dog eats through to the bone and you have people coming out on top for a little while atleast before they are cannibalised by the very environment that produced them.
    See majority of drug lords in the US, and there fast rate of turnover, then see Rappers, early success before getting pushed out when the record industry has milked them for all they are worth.
    The 50th law is an excellent book outlining this phenomenon. You’ve got these hyper masculine dudes all fighting each other, bumping up the crime wave, but the very few (1% of the 1%) who get out on top, are quite literally top of the game.
    So i wonder if this will happen in mainstream society as well?
    I think most people who got into game (myself included) got into it, so we could be fairly good with women. That may not longer be enough.
    It might have to get to the point where we ‘go big or go home’
    or more to the point, ‘go big or ‘go move somewhere where feminists hasn’t totally shit stopped on traditional society’

    1. I think Roosh had a twitter post once about how the “alpha” male doesn’t live as long in many of the mammalian species. One video was about how the younger lions ganged up on and castrated the older alpha male. I think this is why the urgency of sex in men is stronger, since you have to use your little bit of time at the top to fuck as much as you can.
      I don’t think women care that society is going to shit to the degree men do, because they don’t face this dog eat dog sociosexual dynamic. They are the preserved sex, they don’t have to fight for status. Even if a girl isn’t #1 or 2 in looks, she can still get fucked by the alpha male.
      In the black community, you have the top dog “alpha” type guys and the women on one side, and they’re using their enforcers (the state) to make everyone else work for them (the taxpayers/betas in this dynamic). It’s basically a feudal system with male-only peasants.

      1. And I see all this playing out in the white community as well (divorce rates with women taking men to the cleaners).

      2. It’s not just in the black community alphas and whoring women are leeching off the productive classes. Female suffrage, and the relative disarmament of men vis-a-vis the state was enacted for the exact same reason.
        It will continue anywhere where productive people don’t realize they need to turn their individual productive advantage into a practical, personal military one, or be forever nothing more than bent over slaves.

      3. “…male-only peasants.”
        Precisely. That is linguistically confessed in the expression “ladies and gentlemen.” These are a false equivalent. Ladies’ counterpart are Lords, not gentlemen. “Lords and ladies”, or “gentlewomen and gentlemen”, yes. “Ladies and gentlemen”, no.

  5. Great, great post. Deserves to be widely distributed. I like it’s matter of fact tone and that it avoids the emotional/hostile direction it could have easily gone.

  6. Great article, but was wondering what you saw as the cause?
    Decline of religion
    Loss of traditional jobs for working class men?
    Seems simple to blame it all on feminism
    Also I would imagine slavery would be a factor,
    Blacks in Africa are ultra conservative and single parenthood is much rarer

    1. I blame the welfare state. Once we started paying women not to have a father around, fathers weren’t around.
      I don’t blame slavery. For much of the 1940’s and 50’s, the black family was stronger than the white family (lower divorce rates, out-of-wedlock births, etc.). If slavery were the cause, then as you go back in time, those problems would be worse.
      Despite the massive unfairnesses blacks had to endure earlier this century, the progress they were making was nothing short of astounding. As awful as whites were to blacks, blacks were far better to each other.
      Unfortunately, when shortly after we rectified the legal injustices we bagan the War on Poverty and sanctioned the victim mentality. As I’ve said on other blogs before, if we combined the modern racial attitudes among whites with the moral foundations of blacks 70 years ago, I doubt there would be any economic discrepancies between races at all.

    2. Progressivism in its entirety. All facets of it. From income taxes and fiat money allowing slimeballs to expropriate the work of others, to female suffrage giving said slimeballs a support group.
      In the final analyzes, productive people giving up their ability to say no, militarily, to an encroaching leeching caste; women, alphas and their sycophants; is the real culprit. Things probably won’t change until said productive people grow the heck up and realize what the Somalis did to barre et al in the nineties was likely the only way to break out of ever more oppressive enslavement.

  7. Mainstream media has so much to answer for, given the way it helped in the glamourising and spreading of the cancer and the entitlement-
    chip on shoulder mentality. It is now exporting it to communities outside the US. Poor young kids will aspire to become the apes the MSM glamorises so much and other societies will be destroyed. This article should show everyone that this degeneracy isn’t a ‘race’ thing. Ultimately as men we all face the same hurdles, irrelevant of our ethnicity. It is a culture war that we have on our hands.

  8. I agree as well this is an excellent analogy, and admittedly it should be more obvious to me. Essentially then America is becoming ‘ghetto-ised’ across the board. Sort of something out of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome type of existance. Not a very bright future to say the least.

  9. Feminism exarcerbated the damage previously done by the same politics, policies, and politicians that the (white)manosphere endorses.

    1. So true.
      The biggest obstacle to curing the real rot, progressivism in its entirety, is that even people who see the damage done by one of its components, feminism mainly in the mango sphere, are so darned dense they still end up shilling for the rest of the wreckage.

  10. i had for the past couple of years felt that our society is slowly pushing everyone towards the negative aspects of what is today modern black american culture. its not all negative, but the glamorized violence, aggression, carelessness shown towards others and lack of respect for our elders would be things to point out. and i see them creeping into the rest of our cultural groups as well.
    the racist white dudes, like the nationalists and stuff, look at this on a racial basis and blame black people for polluting everyone else. i dont agree with this.
    but i could never put a finger on it and thank you for this post. it really helped me connect the dots and put things into perspective. certain aspects of our modern social conditions make a lot more sense after reading this.

    1. A phenomenal book on a related topic is “Life at the Bottom” by Dalrymple. It explores what’s happening to poor whites in England, and it’s almost exactly what’s happening with poor blacks here.
      I’ve found it to be a great weapon against racial theorists who blame black problems on racial inferiority because it proves that people are people. If you reward backwards behavior, that’s what you’ll get no matter the color of one’s skin. Also, it shows how pathetic people can be even if racists aren’t holding them down.
      It’s also incredibly funny.

      1. yep, england lower class whites = us blacks
        its not a racial thing; lack of cash + lack of parenting/poor values instilled by schooling = devolving society
        it shocking how much england has changed since 2009/2010. Now its dog-eat-dog/ who is the baddest m/f*cker. Even in the field of being a medical doctor. Style over substance. The women absolutely don’t tolerate any weakness. It’d be okay if these b*tches didnt bring their whiny relational aggression into the workplace. I’m leaving the country its gotten so bad.

  11. This is incredibly perceptive. It’s uncanny how well this subculture confirms the red pill truths we discuss in the manosphere.
    Just another data point in the growing mountain of proof. I’m curious how much we can attribute this to economic decline vs attributing economic decline to this effect!
    Anyway, just stopping by from

  12. Mr. McGinness: Are you on twitter? Also, are you familiar with the works of Thomas Sowell, especially “Black Rednecks, White Liberals”?

    1. 1. Nah, no twitter.
      2. I’m very familiar with the work of Sowell, as well as the work of Walter Williams and other black conservatives. When I was in high school they were frequent reading-I was much more conservative back then.
      Some of the basis for this post (particularly the bits about black illegitimacy and other social indicators in the past vs. the present) came from the reading I did then.

      1. Cool. I suspected as much. Another great book that touches on this stuff is “White Guilt” by Shelby Steele. He’s a former black radical who changed his mind on stuff. It describes how the original nobility of the civil rights movement got taken over. Incredible book.
        Thanks for the article.

  13. It happened to blacks first because they were labeled as a special class of people that needed to be coddled and helped. I can’t imagine a faster way to destroy an entire people’s sense of self worth than to have their own government enshrine inferiority into law. Jim Crow was horrible and needed to end, but rather than allow the protests to work and allow blacks their hard earned victory, government came in at the last second and enacted something far more sinister in the laws the followed.
    Project housing caused more suffering than any segregation law could have ever hoped. Food stamps, welfare, etc., as mentioned above, stripped the need for self sufficiency and all the benefits that come with it. The negative effects are so obvious, yet so hard for most to see. To top it all off, you’re a racist if you mention these things, even when you freely admit that it has nothing to do with race at all. Very frustrating stuff.
    Great article, by the way.

    1. We see the same phenomenon among Native Americans. There were genuinely screwed over, yes, but the more we “help” the more they stagnate (except for the lucky ones with casinos).
      It’s even worse in Canada among the Inuits.

      1. C’mon, Elizabeth Warren and her casino-owning brethren have taken great strides forward, in spite of their 1/32.

  14. @ Roosh
    As a mullato, I have one comment that I’d like to make about the last picture with the black men in suits and Lil Bow Wow. During Jim Crow and the Slavery era, blacks strived to obtain an education, become functionally literate and end institutional racism. Films like the Great Debaters (2007) with Denzel Washington and that picture document this nicely. White people didn’t want us to learn how to read because they knew it would empower us. Why do you think they would not allow it? After Slavery and Jim Crow was abolished, blacks were afforded better educational opportunities. However, after they graduated from University, Caucasians refused to give them jobs!!! So blacks naturally attacked academic achievement because they saw it as a waste of time. Why obtain an education if you no one will give you a job? Don’t leave that out Roosh – that is absolutely critical.
    I agree that there are some very serious cultural problems with the Black culture and I don’t blame whites for all our problems, but four hundred years of slavery, and the fact that you wouldn’t give us jobs immediately after Jim Crow was abolished is a rather large factor that shouldn’t be ignored. In general, I find educated blacks to be a lot more awesome than educated whites.
    In short, there is no such thing as white people or black people, just rich people and poor people. You should see how many white pussy I get when I’m wearing new clothes. Do you think if all those black people in the pictures had rich parents they would be like that? If you give them good educational opportunities and well-paying jobs, I doubt they would resort to those things. If you see someone who is very successful, 9 times out of ten, I bet you that his parents were rich or at least middle class. Ask him how he did it. In a nutshell, his answer will be, “My parents were rich, my parents were rich, my parents were rich”. The income of your parents largely determines your success. Roosh, I think Sociology is a little bit out of your leauge, but I’m still a big fan and I appreciate your work. I understand that you are writing about another culture that is a different from your own and I’m not offended at all, I’m just offering a different opinion.
    Some of my favorite blacks/mullatoes: Will Smith, Barack Obama, Denzel Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, Thomas Sankara, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Burnie Mac, Kwame Nkrumah, Immortal Technique , Currency, Notorious B.I.G. Tupac, and a lot of my friends.
    PS -Roosh, I highly recommend Immortal Technique’s Revolutionary Volume 1 and Volume 2 from I-tunes to learn more about these social issues.

    1. Then why are SAT scores for rich blacks lower than for poor whites?
      As far as belittling education because whites wouldn’t hire educated blacks, I grant that this is a disadvantage. However, in America such blacks had the opportunity to start their own businesses, and many did so.
      And even if 75 years ago educated blacks wouldn’t get hired, today they are, so this is a really dumb reason to not get educated. If you’re a great rapper or athlete, chances are really small that white people will hire you (unless you’re phenomenal), but somehow that doesn’t seem to keep blacks off the court.
      Concerning the little “only the sons of the rich can ever get rich”, pure nonsense. Yes, it’s easier for rich kids in many ways, but there are countless success stories among poor Americans of all ethnicities. Damn near everybody in this country is descended from poor people (rich Europeans came here far less often than poor ones–why leave home when you’re already doing great in Italy or Poland?)

      1. Personally, I don’t believe in the SAT. I think it just measures test-taking skills, and favors rich kids. I think academic grades are a better measure of readiness for college. I was in the top 10% of my high school, and got into Harvard. My SAT scores was so-so, 80th percentile in most subjects.
        Today blacks are being hired but the damage has already been done and is difficult to reverse. Furthermore, how many times did the KKK attack blacks who established businesses that were doing well? You can dig that up for yourself. I guess Terrorists are not just from one civilization, some are highly educated American whites as well.
        Rich kids live in rich areas, and schools are funded by real-estate taxes. So if you live in an impoverished area of America, you are going to be attending a lower-performing school since it receives a lot less funding. Being rich, having parents who are already professionals is a rather large factor.

      2. The SAT was developed to help poor kids so that there was a standard basis for achievement for everybody. Granted, rich kids get extra test prep, but test prep can’t make up for being a moron. Poor whites don’t get the extra test help, and they still do better. Asians don’t benefit from any cultural bias, and they kick all our asses at it.
        Grades have become a joke. There’s grade inflation, and a huge discrepancy from school to school. At some schools you get an A just for showing up sometimes and not knifing the teacher. Commendable, but not exactly AP level work.
        The KKK was downright awful to successful blacks, no question about it. However the KKK was a much more potent force in the 1920’s than they are today, and blacks owned more businnesses per capita than they do today. If it’s the KKK’s fault, then why do the problems get worse as the KKK gets weaker?
        And the schools with “less funding” argument is absolute crap. Farmers’ kids in Kansas with almost no education budget could read and do math in eighth grade better than most suburban rich high school graduates today. A lot of our worst schools spend tons per student. A few years back St. Louis literally had an unlimited education budget. It didn’t accomplish squat.
        One advantage rich whites do have is a better culture. A rich kid doing well in trigonometry is less likely to get the shit kicked out of him by his classmates. The poor black kid’s most tangible and fierce obstacle to getting ahead in life are other blacks and white liberals telliing him he should fail because he’s a victim.

    2. As others have already made clear to you, Roosh didn’t write this article. I did.
      That being said, I’m well aware of all the social issues you mentioned. I understand the role that Jim Crow, The Discriminatory Nature of the GI Bill, and Redlining (among other things) played in disadvantaging the Black American community. I’ve written about it extensively before over on RooshV.
      That being said, those things don’t tell the entire story. I’ve attempted to outline some of the less frequently discussed aspects of that story here.

  15. A lot of guys and feminists are going to hate my answer, but I believe the downfall comes down to the sexual revolution and feminism. Women began acting like men, and men stopped valuing them. Who wants a woman that has had several cocks in her bigger than yours? Who wants a woman who may have been fucked better? I’d rather pump and dump. Men don’t like to admit it, but a woman’s sexual history is always in the back of our minds when we commit. What is left beyond virginity at marriage that truely binds a couple? Love? The sexual revolution gave permission for people to live together and fuck before marriage. People fell in lust of having a warm body next to them (rather than love). Why do you think so many people get divorced and say, “This wasn’t the man I married”. She didn’t know him in the first place. She fell in lust with his “mind blowing sex” or security that he offered.
    Feminism told women that they are weak if they didn’t work. So women put their families second to their careers. The man would come home to a tired woman, tried to do housework and “pick up the slack” to raise the kids. The marriage ends in divorce. The boys have no male role models other than the old kid down the street who is selling dope and pulling a lot of pussy.
    Jesus was right. No sex before marriage, put your family first (under God), and respect one another. The blacks were the first to fall, because more of them were growing up in poverty. Growing up in poverty makes the thug down the street selling crack a more attractive role model.

    1. Very true. Whites have had to suffer from feminism, but blacks have had feminism, greater poverty and discrimination (initially), AND a victim culture espoused by the left.
      The breakdown of the family has hurt whites, but it’s hurt blacks a TON more. Strong families were the best weapon they had against all the crap beating down on them, and feminism caused them to loose it.
      Of course, if you point this out, it just means Whoopi will get mad at you for picking on single moms.

    2. If you admit to pumping and dumping, then you are engaging in the type of conduct that contradicts God’s message.

  16. I know it’s frustrating to see blacks like that. I agree that there are problems, and blacks need to change. The blacks that I see in those pictures make me feel bad, and I’m sure they make you feel bad, too. They’re not living their lives to the fullest potential. I think that Americans treat blacks better now but racism will always be a vital part of your psyche. What I am saying is that when we got an education and tried to be like you, you wouldn’t give us a job! YOU belittled our education and terrorized us instead! You left us with no choice. I think those pictures are your fault, too. You imposed those conditions upon us. That check you gave us for the riches of freedom……we went to the bank, and they wouldn’t cash it!
    I think most white Americans are good people now, but don’t act like nothing ever happened. I’m no longer benefiting from the discussion from this topic, so I’m going to leave it at that. I see peoples attitudes towards blacks getting worse, and I see schools slowly slipping into segregation again. I see Neo-nazism on the rise the US and Europe as well and I wonder what the implications of that will be for my children. I’m glad I have my own business and don’t have to worry about dealing with a racist employer and colleagues. I think white people are cool people, but I think you’re more afraid of being accused of being a racist than actually being racist. The racism that I experience in this forum, in my life and the work place and in general, is not a overt racism but a deep ignorance of very important social and political ideas. That’s the kinda of racism that I face.
    – Dr. Science.

    1. “I’m no longer benefiting from the discussion from this topic, so I’m going to leave it at that.”
      Amazing how every lefty leaves it this way. I might actually question my own views on some of this stuff if the lefties didn’t leave like this EVERY DAMN TIME.
      I grant that we weren’t willing to give blacks the breaks they should have gotten, but it’s not like that any more. And the better whites are about wanting to give blacks a chance, the more we hear about how whites didn’t give them a chance decades ago.
      “YOU belittled our education and terrorized us instead! You left us with no choice.” I never did shit to you. Oh wait, I’m not an individual, I’m just part of my group. Some other bozo did it in 1932 who looked like me so it’s my fault.
      “I think white people are cool people, but I think you’re more afraid of being accused of being a racist than actually being racist.” I’m not scared in the slightest of being called a racist, because anybody to the right of Barbara Boxer gets accused of being a racist no matter what.
      As far as “deep ignorance” is concerned, I find it ironic to be accused of ignorance of people who run screaming like terrified children of any viewpoint that opposes their own. Granted, I don’t know what it’s like to be black, and I never will. However, I do know OBJECTIVELY that blacks have far more opportunity in today’s America than they did 60 years ago, but blacks 70 years ago were heroes who made the most of a terrible situation, whereas today, it’s all gimme more government money.
      Grow up.

    2. And as far as racism being on the rise both here and in Europe, I sympathize. However, virtually every criticism of Obama is decried as racism, every criticism of urban culture is racism, every time we notice somebody buying a 40 with an EBT card its racism…
      There’s a story called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” You should read it. Racism is a problem, but it’s not the cause of every single problem every black faces in America today. Unfortunately, more ignorant whites are starting to think that no matter what they say or do they’ll be accused of racism, so they stop giving a shit.
      Actual individual-focused arguments against racism are belittled by the left as racism, and leftist supposed anti-racism ranges from black supremacy to socialistic political opportunism to white liberal paternalism (poor babies can’t do shit unless we give them everybody else’s money).
      So yes, racism is on the rise, but it’s not because whites are losing power, it’s because we’re being told we have to excuse every degenerate behavior imaginable for fear of being called a racist.
      Guilt will only get you so far. Eventually they fight back. I sincerely pray we’re able to stop the over-reaction.

      1. You literally CANNOT buy beer with an EBT card(you can put money on a EBT card and use it like a regular charge card, however).
        So, your little scenario of being accused of racism every-time you see a black person purchase a stereotypical alcoholic beverage is obviously racist and a fabricated non-issue. Your false victimhood is showing

  17. Some black women are completely discriminating against black guys when it comes to dating. I’ve seen quite a few profiles of black girls stating they “only date outside their race.” I also briefly dated a black chick. She was as white as Maury Povich and claimed she wasn’t into dating black dudes at all.
    Another chick I took out on a date was 20, already working as an accountant, and living in New York City on her own dime. Fiercely independent and didn’t need no man. She was also pretty aggressive in trying to get me to go out with her. So we go out, I try to kiss her in the corner of the bar and all of a sudden she had to go to the bathroom. You can guess out that turned out.
    I wonder how many black chicks are like that.

  18. This is a very thought provoking post. I’ll admit it never occurred to me that this has been the situation for blacks it’s such a crystal clear example. I can personally attest to how a black woman in America behave even when they’re with a white guy to stroke their hypergamous sentiments. In a nutshell I went through the same shit. I still think their sexy as hell but I found that even a girl who has a family like the what you’d see in the fucking Cosby show, is a virgin and all that jazz well lets just say you better be very careful that you don’t “get got”, I almost did.

  19. Great piece, Athlone.
    Black America was the canary in the coal mine. I blogged about this topic 5 years ago.
    Senator Moynihan came up with his report on the dissolution of the nuclear family in Black America. The liberal/progressives and feminists (many of them Black Feminists I might add) immediately denounced the findings as racisss! This was all prior to LBJ instituting the “Great Society.”
    As Senator Moynihan stated in 1965, “from the wild Irish slums of the eastern seaboard to the ghettos of Los Angeles, any society that allows large quanities of its young men to be raised without any proper male authority asks for and gets social chaos”.
    Dr. Daniel Amneus from The Garbage Generation – the more Matriarchy became ascendant, the more America would resemble the matriarchal ghettos of the inner cities.
    It really has nothing to do with race. I see all the exact same shit here in Hawaii…and our ghettos are full of “diverse” minorities (including whites..or “wiggers”), all living under the conditions of bureaugamy.

    1. Great word, great post. Nobody realized the difference between common, statutory, and regulatory law, but it’s essential to understand how our country’s foundations are being torn apart.

    2. What Moynihan omitted, was that any society that does not do its best to manufacture despondency and dependency amongst people, will not be receptive to progressivism or any of its tenets; since only those raised to helplessness have any use for governments extending beyond very basic, per progressive, functions.

    3. It is not for nothing that the Irish have long been known as the “Negroes of Europe.”
      Now, which group that is supposed to offend the most, I wouldn’t know.

  20. Hmmmm
    I’ll have to admit that more reasearch needs done in this area.
    Racism is certainly a factor, but as has been pointed out, I’m not sure it’s as much of a factor as many academics on the Left are saying it is.
    OTOH, while I think that the level of racism in the US is often overblown, I also do not think we should go beyond that and say it’s not a factor, because it certainly is.
    The question is, how many discrepancies in success between races are due to discrimination, and how much is due simply to cultural differences that may or may not be related to past discrimination.
    There have always been more poor white people in absolute terms than poor minorities, blowing a hole wide open in “Scientific” Racism theory. This means that there is something more intrinsic to our economic system and how we approach education.

  21. It’s funny. I agree with the hypothesis and the points made in this post but I think the “theme” of this post is off…? Maybe “theme” is the wrong word?
    It seems off “culturally” to me. Maybe an apples and oranges situation?
    The author is British-Jamaican, who is now studying in the ivy league. This is very important to note.
    I think this post shows some lack of understanding and familiarity with Black America.
    I’m not trying to start an argument. These are my honest thoughts. How much time has the author spent in black america?
    I will explain more later. Gotta work!

      That is true. I’m a Caribbean-american and a British national.
      “I think this post shows some lack of understanding and familiarity with Black America.”

      1. Athlone, you’re missing the point.
        If you don’t agree with the party line on black America, it means you don’t “understand”. Any facts you may cite are completely irrelevant if you haven’t seen things through the correct eyes. Reality is entirely subjective.
        Rich white people like John Kerry therefore “understand” more than you do, even though they’ve you’ve probably faced more anti-black racial bias than they have.
        Then again, if you do “understand” because you’ve undeniably been there and lived through absolutely all of it, if you happen not to agree with them, you then become a race traitor and Uncle Tom.
        Tim Scott may “understand” but he’s evil, whereas Harry Reid doesn’t “understand”, but he’s good.
        It’s not about whether or not you “understand”, it’s all about whether or not you support the left.

    2. Giovonny,as a Black American who has lived in both inner city and suburban settings, Athlone’s commentary couldn’t be more spot on. It’s pretty disengenuous to make an attack on the author based on his background, especially when what he speaks of resonates deeply black scholars(Cornell West) and the Black community as a whole.My friends and I discuss these rissues regularly. One of my best friends is Jamaican and you wouldn’t even know unless he told you, so that delineation of ethnicity(as far as Blacks go) is not really significant. If you have Black skin in America you are seen as Black period and are treated accordingly. Grammar school, middle school, and high school were a bit of a struggle for myself and kids of my ilk in the sense that we constantly had to navigate the tightrope that was social interaction. I remember having to dumb my self down around some of my academically un-inclined friends, while also making sure to play the other side and condemn the so called “stupid kids” ,with my smarter more focused friends. The hottest girls wouldn’t touch you if you were seen as too smart and dumbing yourself down to hang with the cool kids and thus be allowed access to the best girls in school was normal. I could go on and on, but the crux of my argument is that what Athlone speaks of is being experienced by many Black kids who don’t want to fit the stereotypes that society has cast on us

      1. Arguably America’s greatest tragedy is that so many blacks have internalized what their former oppressors instilled into them.
        “Blacks can’t do math.” Fuck that. The guy I lived across the hall from freshman year was my go-to guy for calculus help.
        I know that as a white guy I don’t completely “get it”, but I do know that a lot of the blacks I’ve known were downright brilliant and could have done far better for themselves if they weren’t having kids at 17.

    3. Having been exposed to black america, jamaican england and jamaican canada (toronto) I think they share some pretty similar cultural experiences. Jamaican stories about “Joe Grind” for example are very analogous to black america.
      Athlone reference linked this article so hard that he could have been a burmese-australian and still come to the same conclusions.

  22. Good analysis Athlone. I’ve discussed these things before on the forum and it’s great to have it all in one place here. My only concern though are the images under part 4. While that may represent certain segments of the black underclass, I’m concerned that people will see that and link such criminal elements with black men in general rather than recognizing that those gangbangers are a minority subset of black America.

    1. I suppose I can see your concern. The point of that section ws to document the result of matriarchy and the impact it has had on black males. I posit that this impact has been such that it has caused young men to rebel, lash out, and look for entirely nonconstructive ways of expressing their masculinity.
      The gang culture, which is probably the most visible outgrowth of this development, just seemed to symbolize this whole dynamic the best in photographic form. I was hoping that the gangs themselves in the first two photos were obvious enough (clearly crips and bloods) that folks wouldn’t generalize too much (ex: “those are crips and bloods!” not “those are some violent young black guys!”).
      I hope you can kind of see my reasoning.

  23. “The manosphere is a predominantly white corner of the net, but many of the problems discussed there are quite familiar to the relatively few blacks who frequent it. Almost every social problem guys in the manosphere cite as a growing concern within the general population has already played itself out within the Black American community.”
    But the racists in the Manosphere blame all their problems on women, feminism, society and other people (including blacks) and none on themselves or their “genetics”. When it comes to Black people problems, they say its all “genetic” and Black people need to stop blaming society and other people like whites.
    I’ll say one thing though, Black people have a bad reputation even in countries where there are none. I remember seeing them on TV in Pakistan and thinking “what the fuck?” and reading about the crime rates in USA linked to the ghettos.
    Its only after coming here and going to school with them, making friends with them and dating a few black men (much to my family’s objections) that I got some good impressions.

  24. You guys, we can fix this problem. We red-pill betas just have to unite and determine that that’s what we’re going to do.
    But we can’t do it on a blog that glorifies mindless one-night stands, and takes the collapse of civilization for granted. We have to meet somewhere else.

    1. You have to withhold resources from those who are part of the problem. Either produce and behave decently enough to not encourage others to kill you, or starve and be killed. Simple always works best.
      Once productive, decent people reneged on this, and started supporting and refraining from protector themselves from leeches and sum, surprise-surprise, leeches and scum thrived.who would have thought?

  25. I know that there is a plethora of current black jazz/blues musicians. But overall most blues and jazz shows are filled with white people, and white musicians have largely extended jazz and blues in previous decades. When I look tacky commercial rap/rnb I wonder if they are aware of what blacks had done for music, and if so why don’t they explore that music? The young dudes in the ‘today pic’ above seem to ahve turned their backs on a musical past that was genuine, subtle and tasteful.

    1. Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ray Charles, Count Basie, Robert Johnson.
      Amazing and so much of what made America geat.

    2. Funny I’ve been going through a big bout of procrastination that has introduced me to the ‘manosphere’, game, red pills, alphas, eugenics, PUA and finally this excellent article. What an article!
      It helped prove what I’ve always believed: It ain’t about genes or skin colour but social conditions.
      Re the music post: A few years back I did an interview with James Collins of Fertile Ground, a band that have the musical DNA of the past masters mentioned. The subject of the interveiw was a series I did called, The Future of Vinylism In The Face Of The Digital Revolution.
      In it he asked how many music students of the the future would be buying the sheet music to Beyonce and her ilk? And that we seem to have turned our backs on the music we created, gave to the world and are having it sold back to us. Utterly depressing.
      I’ve also noticed when going to both jazz as well as conscientious/interesting hip hop (doom, quasitmoto, Mos Def) I’m seeing whites as the massive majority in the crowd. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this but I wonder where the young bloods are at?
      Grime shows probably 🙁
      (I’m in London by the way)
      Colors of the Night
      Yellow Flowers

  26. pshaw. this is just an effect of joblessness – no one respects the man with no job, he doesnt even respect himself. dont blame it on the wimmenz – sure they can get an easy out by having a few welfare kids, but its no accident that for men the final options are the military or the prison corporation system. both are quite profitable, just not for you…but you are right, this is where the country is heading.

  27. Shout out to Athlone for pointing out this well-known but rarely spoken raw truth that is never acknowledged by the minority community. The reason I say minority, is because this very behavior is found many urban communities that not only black, but also in Hispanic communities, Caribbean communities, and now in certain parts of white America.
    I live outside New York City, in Jersey, in a small city where most of the American born Hispanic kids aspire to grow up to be hustlers – because of social pressure from their community. And I’m not just talking about your boy peer pressuring you into this decision directly (“Yo try this shit out!”). When you enter as a high school freshman, hustlers who are getting into the game from 7th to 9th grade, have more money than you. They will more likely a car, or even Kawasaki ninja bike. But, most importantly they have access to the best pussy. The thug is the quintessential star quarterback with the money and the car.
    The advantages these young thugs have put pressure on most regular guys and dudes with beta interests like computers, science, literature, etc. to put down their books and keyboards in order to avoid being socially stigmatized. A black Mark Zuckerberg at that age won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor until his twenties, when he might finally get access to the resources that will make his big idea happen. Fuck that! Black mark will hustle hard instead.
    It’s obvious what this brain drain will do to a community in the long term.
    Anyone reading this should check out “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth” on Netflix. It delineates the beginning of the downfall of black America, with arguments you will never hear from the Media, academia and feminists:
    1: Lack of job opportunities, during postwar prosperity kept these men from home ownership and having the economic power to strongly lead a household.
    2: Welfare from the big daddy state (by the decision of not allowing fathers to live in Pruit-Igoe) made women less dependent on men, creating broken homes and a roving carousel of boyfriends.
    3. Lack of money to maintain this because you didn’t have enough financially stable households around to pay enough rent and maintenance, or older, wiser men to maintain order.
    This is what’s happening to America now in a nutshell.
    So props to your writing Athlone McGinnis. You remind me of T aka “Ricky Raw” from back in the day when he used to write about this stuff on “The Rawness.” For those who are curious, I recommend reading only the first few years of the archive. It hasn’t been that good lately.

    1. “I live outside New York City, in Jersey, in a small city where most of the American born Hispanic kids aspire to grow up to be hustlers – because of social pressure from their community. And I’m not just talking about your boy peer pressuring you into this decision directly (“Yo try this shit out!”). When you enter as a high school freshman, hustlers who are getting into the game from 7th to 9th grade, have more money than you. They will more likely a car, or even Kawasaki ninja bike. But, most importantly they have access to the best pussy. The thug is the quintessential star quarterback with the money and the car.”
      Do you think child labor might be the answer? Like say take black boys from the age of ten and put them to work in factories (bringing back manufacturing from cheap labor in Asia), starting them out at may 5 dollars an hour and going from there?
      I have heard that since technology is advancing at an ever increasing pace that black geeks and nerds are slowly but surely gaining in popularity and its becoming uncool to be a stupid loser thug. Is that true? Like they see the real money is in doing mainstream stuff and going corporate instead of being seen as a government tit sucker who sells dope but lives with his mom in section 8.
      True or false?

      1. he was talking about hispanic youth in his neighborhood, not blacks, so why bring that shit up?

  28. There’s one last comment I want make that deserves it’s own post. You will endure the WORST shit tests from these women. Even your mom will shit test you, possibly even harder than from your woman. And they will never end (do they ever?) but the thing is the same intensity will be there (unlike white girls who tend to turn the knob down over time) until…you…CRACK! And pull a Chris Brown. Which is what they want. If women could, they would summon his from the Necronomicon, Evil Dead Style, to take over your body. That book would definitely put “Fifty Shades of Gray” out of business!

    1. I have no idea if you’re right or not (the black women I’ve dated weren’t like that), but I really think somebody needs to make this point on The View just to see if Whoopi’s head actually explodes.

      1. I’m black. He’s right. Almost 100% right.
        Matriarchy leads to masculine women, round-the-clock shit testing, watch-your-back-365 scheming, and down-for-whateverness on steroids.
        And, if you are not prepared to risk jail and deliver a beat-down, you are not a “real man.” You may get a temporary pass if you’re white.
        White guys have no idea what’s coming down the pike. Run! Run for your lives!! Or shut down feminism tout de suite.

      2. “And, if you are not prepared to risk jail and deliver a beat-down, you are not a “real man.” You may get a temporary pass if you’re white.”
        This is the conclusion I’ve drawn to as to where it’s going. Basically unless you’re willing to jeopardize yourself, you won’t be man enough. Goes back to the expendibility of men. Women WANT men to fight, so they know who to screw (i.e. the winners/survivors). Civilization exists in spite of biology, definitely not because of it.

  29. How is the “new swag” cited by Athlone any different than poor black neighborhoods in the 50s having the highest per capita of Cadillacs than other hoods?
    Feminism was not sprung from socio-economic declination via targeted marginalization as it was in black America. Black single family households have affected that more than in middle-class white America, which is subconsciously driven by corporate culture that pushes paranoia and a consumer culture of me me me.
    Narcissism can be born from both separate spheres, but I am not sure that precludes the results from being inherently symmetric. White girl attitude is born from being spoiled whereas black girl attitude is born from having to rely on themselves.
    What’s not surprising is that if you look at it from a psychological perspective, the two leading causes of narcissism is having an enabling indulgent and over-protective parent (white America and China), by neglecting a child (black America), or providing comfort via a rewards-based household, which makes the child trust comfort only within themselves (China).
    You should hear my Chinese friend talk about how bitchy and spoiled their wives are. Chinese guys joke about marrying Korean or Japanese girls. One of the downsides of the One Child Policy but I digress…

  30. Fine, but why can´t Blacks acknowlege that their community is uniquely dysfunctional? Black criminality rates have always been higher than white rates, even when Whites catched up on other variables, like unemployment or illegitimacy.
    Why is that? You can´t blame the zeitgeist.

    1. Admitting your community is uniquely dysfunctional is akin to accepting primary responsibility. If you do that, you’re less likely to vote for your government “helpers”. The left can’t allow it.
      Blacks often readily admit everything others criticize them for when they don’t think any whites are listening. The thugs we hate they often hate too, but if a white guy joins in, they’ll often switch sides and start defending him. As long as white judgementalism is more openly criticized than black thuggery, the problems will persist.
      A couple of hundred years back, Scottland had a moment of truth and recognized that it was utterly backwards compared to England. They pissed on ethnic and regional pride and decided to emulate the English. In fact, they did so to the point that they soon surpassed them.
      There’s a lesson in that.

  31. There are many reasons for why Black communities fail, not only in America but elsewhere. But there is a fundamental one, and unfortunately awfully hard if not impossible to change with current technology, because it has to do with genetics. It is discussed at length in books like “The Bell Curve”.

    1. During World War I IQ’s of northern blacks exceeded those of southern whites. IQ is influenced by genetics but can be improved within a generation or two when cultural factors encourage it.
      The Bell Curve acknowledges this.

    2. In addition to Martel’s rebuttal, it needs to be noted that IQ measurements are not a wholly genetic in origin.
      When you do the math and actually tease out the theoretical genetic measurement of black IQ (yes, I’ve had this debate before), you’ll realize that genetic IQ simply does not even begin to explain some of the outcomes seen in black communities here and abroad. Going by genetic IQ alone, blacks (especially those in the diaspora) are capable of VASTLY more than most in the HBDsphere are willing to give them credit for, and that would include matching many white populations.
      This, of course, is assuming that IQ is a perfect measurement of intelligence in the first place. That statement itself can also be questioned.

      1. Also, intelligence is one of only many factors that determine success. I’ll take a “dumbass” with strong work ethic, common sense, and a coherent moral code over most Ivy Leaguers any day (Athlone excepted, of course).
        Besides, many of history’s greatest monsters have had high IQ’s (Hitler, Pol Pot, etc.).

      2. Do you want to cite your claim that a black population can compete with a white population, in say, creativity and ingenuity?
        You’re quite literally vomiting liberal bromides.

      3. No, I’m just “vomiting” common sense. If you take commonly given measurements of diasporan black IQ and white IQ in the same nation, and then apply the commonly stated standards for IQ heritability to tease out the genetic component of the gap, you’re not going to get a result that actually confirms any of what you’re saying.
        Believe whatever makes you feel better about yourself, but the reality will remain whether you are comfortable with it or not.

      4. Athlone:
        That’s ridiculous on its face and proof that you have an unrestrained ego investment in these pretty lies that you peddle like a drug dealer.
        Blacks in white countries will naturally have higher intelligence than their brothers and sisters who live in black societies. Even with the intellectual boost found in blacks who live in white host populations, the racial gap in intelligence still exists, even after 50 plus years of forced integration in America. Indeed, this gap can be found in white countries, all across the globe, with black populations … even in those countries with no history of slavery or Jim Crow.
        Because intelligence is rooted, primarily, in genetics.
        Intelligence is even distilled differently in peoples, observe:
        The Asian and Caucasian IQ are expressed as follows: the former have an adaptive intelligence while latter a creative intelligence.
        The evidence for this HBD fact can be found within the science Nobel prize winners: Every Asian Nobel Laureate accomplished his feat on a base of knowledge discovered by a Caucasian(s).
        Has there ever been a black science Nobel prize winner? I don’t ask to belittle you or your people … rather, I want to illustrate that intelligence was not distributed equally among the races.

        1. Even with the intellectual boost found in blacks who live in white host populations, the racial gap in intelligence still exists

          And only a portion of that gap could even be considered genetic.
          I see my argument went right over your head. That’s fine-I may address this IQ question in a blog post later.

      5. Athlone,
        I don’t think any academics who issue forth explanations on the link between black outcomes and IQ would argue that IQ is the whole story. Rather, what they do argue is that it is a significant part of that story. Indeed, looking at Herrnstein and Murray’s data in The Bell Curve shows that among all groups in America IQ is the single biggest predictor of most of the negative behavioral and social outcomes they examine (though of course that IQ variable has been ignored by most social scientists, for obviously political and ideological reasons).
        Furthermore, one of Herrnstein and Murray’s points in their discussion of intelligence and its relation to black outcomes vis-à-vis white outcomes is that the two groups do not overlap in their respective IQ distributions. This means that the percentage of each respective group succumbing to the negative behavioral and social outcomes examined by Herrnstein and Murray will differ – viz., that a larger percentage of blacks than whites will be afflicted. Certainly, there are large numbers of blacks among the diaspora, for instance, that possess high IQ scores, are successful, and score well on just about any positive metric one looks at. Of course, to think otherwise – to think that all individuals of African-derived populations are uniformly the same in general intelligence — is to cast the issue in typological terms which are belied by the actual data, which instead displays a natural distribution, and therefore much population-specific, inter-individual variation.
        Also, on the allegations of whether IQ and the psychometric tests that aim to assess its underlying ‘g-factor’ is a valid and powerful measure of fluid/general intelligence: within the intelligence research community it has for some time been established as a consensus view, analogous to the way in which evolution is a consensus in the evolutionary sciences. (Anyone will, of course, be able to find some small number of dissenters in any area, but it does not follow that they represent the wider view of the fields in question.)
        On the issue of possible between-group heritability in IQ, a firm verdict, one way or the other, has not been reached. Both so-called ‘hereditarians’ and so-called ‘environmentalists’ have advanced arguments both ways – that at least some portion of the between-group variance in IQ actually observed in psychometric testing is explicable by genetics, on the hand, or that all of the between-group variance is due to environmental variance, on the other hand. (Personally, when the science is finally in — i.e., IQ pinned down to its molecular-genetic basis — I believe that a significant portion of the between-group variance in IQ will be shown to be genetic in origin, even though I also personally wish that were not the case. As things stand, I am more moved intellectually by the arguments proffered by the hereditarians (e.g., via trans-racial adoption studies, etc.) even though once-upon-a-time I personally abhorred such arguments on ideological grounds.)

    3. Martel,
      I’m reading through your posts … while you have some nuggets of truth, you are dead wrong on the rest.
      Indeed, you have not taken the redpill on the racial realities … you mutter along with bluepill nonsense that is laughable.
      Northern backs had higher IQ’s than Southerners? Do you want to cite this? I thought not.
      Blacks, as a group, are incapable of creating or maintaining a desirable civilization, and it has nothing to do with the melanin content of their skins.
      The longest standing black republic, Haiti, over 200 years now, is the single biggest refutation of negro equality with whites.
      Equality does not exist anywhere in nature.

      1. “The longest standing black republic, Haiti, over 200 years now, is the single biggest refutation of negro equality with whites.”
        Haiti is a Caribbean nation.
        You understand that there are nearly a dozen other black nations in the Caribbean, correct?
        Assuming you grasp this, then surely you realize that all of those other nations have higher living standards than Haiti. And by higher, I mean VASTLY superior. Haiti is by far the poorest and least developed nation in the western hemisphere.
        Several black African nations are also much more highly developed than Haiti.
        Why, then, do racialists insist on citing Haiti as some concrete, overarching example of black capability? Blacks are building and running far more developed nations than Haiti right there in the Caribbean. It seems rather unwise, given this fact, for racialists to lean so heavily on Haiti in their arguments as you do here.
        I’d change my course if I were you.

      2. Athlone:
        The Republic of Haiti is one of many black countries in the Caribbean. It just happens to be the lodestar of black dysfunction is the western hemisphere, a shining example of a typical African society.
        Those black nations which are “vastly superior” to Haiti, are dependent, largely, on white tourism. Take away the cruise industry, travel from abroad, and, well, you’ll have Haiti writ large scattered throughout the Caribbean. Moreover, we can’t forget about the tax shelters that breathe life into a minority of those “superior” black Caribbean countries.
        With respect to black African nations: The most advanced nations are the ones that were heavily colonized by whites, e.g., Nigeria,South Africa, Ivory Coast (none of which any sane person wishes to immigrate), the most destitute nations, e.g., Ethiopia, Liberia (none of which any sane person wishes to immigrate), are the nations that were NEVER touched by the “evil” white man.
        It’s reasonable to conclude, then, that contact with whites have improved the black IQ, not to mention the benefit infused by European admixture found in American blacks, et al.
        I have no ego investment in this exchange, however, it seems, without surprise, that you do.
        Facts are simply facts, no matter the mental gymnastics or intellectual judo used to digest reality.
        Did you know it is the same lie smashing spirit, found in the Manosphere, that enlivens the white nationals’ mission?

        1. Those black nations which are “vastly superior” to Haiti, are dependent, largely, on white tourism. Take away the cruise industry, travel from abroad, and, well, you’ll have Haiti writ large scattered throughout the Caribbean. Moreover, we can’t forget about the tax shelters that breathe life into a minority of those “superior” black Caribbean countries.

          If you took any nation and removed it from its sources of trade and foreign investment, you would generally be left with a basketcase, especially in this modern globalized economy. The caribbean is not special in this regard.
          Here is what interests me, though.
          The Chinese (as well as the Koreans, Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Indians, and a host of others) have built much of their economies’ foundation on their ability to build things for westerners (read: white people) to buy. They’ve relied for decades on the willingness of white people in the west to spend money on products that they build at low cost, and to make substantial foreign investments within their economies (often for the purpose of building more things). Their economies are heavily reliant on western consumerism.
          The Japanese have built a similar model, using trade to build their place in the world and doing so quite well. Hong Kong and Singapore rely heavily on the movement of western capital and goods in order to build and maintain their wealth, leaning extensively on trade, gambling, and finance.
          You do not begrudge these nations their place because of their reliance on western spending. Yet when caribbeans attempt to do the same thing and actually do it well (tapping into the spending power of the white western consumer and using it to fuel their economies), you attempt to discredit them for it.
          Switzerland, Monaco, and Liechtenstein all rely heavily on their ability to move money and shield the wealthy from taxation, and have done so for quite some time. I do not see you writing them off. Belgium, Luxembourg, and Uruguay are all considered offshore financial centers, yet you do not attempt to discredit them.
          Italy, France, and the UK all have substantial tourism sectors that would create serious hardship for their respective economies were they to quit functioning. You do not note this.
          Everyone else can profit from the spending power of others, but when blacks do this by getting white people to travel to their nations and give them money, there is a problem? Monaco, France, Belgium, Hong Kong, and Singapore (among many others) can do this, but Caribbeans cannot?
          If you must maintain this double standard in order to hold your own in this kind of discussion, then I suggest you change things up. Right now, you have no argument.

          With respect to black African nations: The most advanced nations are the ones that were heavily colonized by whites, e.g., Nigeria,South Africa, Ivory Coast (none of which any sane person wishes to immigrate), the most destitute nations, e.g., Ethiopia, Liberia (none of which any sane person wishes to immigrate), are the nations that were NEVER touched by the “evil” white man.
          It’s reasonable to conclude, then, that contact with whites have improved the black IQ, not to mention the benefit infused by European admixture found in American blacks, et al.

          Where do I begin with this?
          1. There were only two nations in Africa that were not colonized: Ethiopia and Liberia. You don’t have a large enough sample size to try and establish the correlation between extent of colonization and development that you want to build. You put the letters “e.g.” before listing Ethiopia and Liberia in order to give the impression that you do have a large sample size to draw from, but you do not.
          2. You claimed that Ethiopia and Liberia were the most destitute nations on the continent. Ethiopia is 14th from bottom in development as measured by the UN Human Development Index, ahead of 12 more heavily colonized nations and right next to Zimbabwe, whose history I’m sure you’re familiar with (plenty of touching by the “evil white man” there). Liberia is 6th from bottom, ahead of 5 formerly colonized nations. The least developed nation on the continent is, unsurprisingly, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which we know was quite heavily colonized.
          3. You list Nigeria and the Ivory Coast among the most developed black African nations. This is plainly ignorant, and shows me you know very little about the continent or the living standards enjoyed by those living there.
          The most highly developed Black African nations are, in order form highest to least: Seychelles (mixed), Gabon, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Cape Verde (mixed), Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, the Republic of the Congo, and Kenya.
          Both Nigeria and the Ivory Coast are far below the last nation I listed there, Kenya. There is no way they can be considered among the “most advanced” in black Africa. Nigeria isn’t even in the top 10-the Ivory Coast is right next to Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.
          There is also a wide variance in development between nations with similar levels of colonization, which also does nothing to help your argument.

          I have no ego investment in this exchange, however, it seems, without surprise, that you do.

          Ego investment? You thought my last response showed ego investment?
          Ego investment would have seen me simply delete your comments long ago, censoring you and telling you to piss off. I’ve instead chosen to let your words sit here and engage them directly. If you’re going to come on my blog and start jabbering, you’re going to back up what you say. I’ll not sit here and passively let it go.
          If that feels too “invested” to you, then so be it. Your feelings are of no concern to me.

      3. “Blacks in white countries will naturally have higher intelligence than their brothers and sisters who live in black societies.”
        This supports my contention, not yours. If genetics are the overall determinate factor, then why would a change in environment (but not a change of genetics) result in higher IQ’s?
        “Even with the intellectual boost found in blacks who live in white host populations, the racial gap in intelligence still exists, even after 50 plus years of forced integration in America. Indeed, this gap can be found in white countries, all across the globe, with black populations … even in those countries with no history of slavery or Jim Crow.”
        Much of this can be ascribed to environment, or more specifically, culture. In American blacks were deprived of educational opportunities and lega equality, and the moment that such injustices were on the point of being rectified, in stepped lefty government programs to discourage blacks from educational achievement. Sure, they pump lost of money into the schools. Furthermore, multiculturalists encouraged separatism and resentment over achievement. We’ve yet to see an American in which blacks have been simultaneously free from both Jim Crow (and similar policies in the north) and leftist victim culture.
        And I guarantee that in prior epochs, Arabs and other ethnic groups would have exceeded those of Europeans. When a culture values learning and encourages individual acheivement, IQ’s rise. When it fails to do so, they go down.

      4. “The Chinese (as well as the Koreans, Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Indians, and a host of others) have built much of their economies’ foundation on their ability to build things for westerners (read: white people) to buy.”
        This sentiment is echoed in where racialists place credit for nearly any achievement. The West could not have become the technological powerhouse it is were it not for Arabs developing the concepts of 0 and algebra. Of course, because whites expanded on these developments more than the Arabs did, whites get all the credit.
        But if an Asian gets a Nobel prize, it’s only because they latched onto the intelligence of whites.
        There have been times in European history when Europe was downright backwards compared to other parts of the world. Western culture has been man’s greatest gift, but today I see millions of whites pissing on it and millions people from other races learning and benefitting from itn.
        If we view mankind appropriately through the lens of individual merit, even if the racialists were correct in their assessment of racial tendencies, they would be wrong.
        The Irish have traditionally lagged behind in technological achievement; there aren’t many Irish engineers. However, anyone seeking a quality engineer would be foolish and unjust to reject somebody simply because he’s Irish. Individuals blacks have enormously high IQ’s, so even if blacks tend not to have them, any individual of any race who deserved the job should get it.
        Furthermore, even if we’re not equal in terms of intelligence and achievement, we are equal before the Law, and most importantly, equal before God. It’s this belief that has made our nation greater than any other, and racial theories from the left and the right have served only as a barrier to Western Civ becoming even greater. They’ve stunted our growth before and are tearing it down today.

      5. Athlone:
        Indeed, you’ve let my posts pass and you’ve subdued your liberal reflex to slander me with the word: “racist”.
        For that I commend you.
        The white man has been a great benefit to humankind the world over. I agree with you. However, most of the countries you cited would function properly, if not in the short-term, the long-term, in the absence western economic exchange or cultural influence.
        African societies, however, are uniquely dysfunctional for a constellation of readily measurable and observable pathologies. Haiti, with its billions in western aid, is still, well, Haiti. The Congo is still, the Congo. Somalia is still, Somalia, Liberia, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ivory Coast, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.
        Could anyone imagine, for example, Japan, descending into third world chaos under any circumstances? Two nuclear bombs couldn’t do it, a tsunami couldn’t do it, and they refuse to let massive third world immigration do it.
        It does not matter what economic rank the U.N. assigns an African nation. No sane person would immigrate to black Africa, so I take that fact for granted, because, in reality, Nigeria and Ethiopia offend westerners with equal measure. It’s safe to say that EVERY black run nation is a cesspool, not because I say it is, or because I wish it to be, but because, OBJECTIVELY, it is. Period.
        And again, your ego investment is rearing its ugly head when you say: “you would not begrudge”. I’m not begrudging you or your people. I’m simply identifying facts that offend your sensibilities.
        You understand the fundamental inequality between men and women, but you can’t acknowledge the fundamental inequality of, say, for example, black people and Japanese people. Now, I’m not without understanding, because these facts, necessarily, implicate you as you are the genetic extension of Africa.
        Thus: in gender relations you accept “Nature” as a primary, in race relations, you become a reality contortionist to convince yourself “Nurture” is the primary … the explanation of black failure. Why? Because of your, understandable, inborn ego investment.
        An aside: Why do so few blacks frequent the Manoshpere? Because it takes a measure of intelligence to digest the material: nature … not nurture.
        The [only] thing every human being, regardless of skin-tone, deserve equally, is the right to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, at whatever comfort level acquirable. Outside of that, inequality needs to be celebrated, in both gender and race relations.
        Finally, Athlone: The African countries most HEAVILY colonized are the most advanced compared to their less colonized neighbors. I’m sorry this fact give you a pang of discomfort, but, nevertheless, this is FACT, it’s not up for debate. As for Liberia and Ethiopia, I could have used an “i.e.”, but chose not to because it’s up for debate.

      6. You addressed the author specifically, but I’m here at the moment so I’ll go anyway.
        You confuse correlation and causation. Granted, there are no black-run countries to which I’d like to move that I’m aware of, but I’m sure there are plenty I would rather move to than yellow-run North Korea.
        I’m all about swallowing the truth about everything. However, there’s nothing that you attribute to race that can not be just as easily attibutable to culture. The next jump, of course, is to claim that race=culture, but this is demonstrably false. The yellow man (for whom you show some respect) 100 years ago was completely and entirely backwards everywhere except Japan, and go back in time some more and Europeans were even more backward than that.
        “Could anyone imagine, for example, Japan, descending into third world chaos under any circumstances?”
        Yes! Japan is undergong a demographic death spiral, and Europe is soon to follow. Civilization can crash quickly. Japan, as evidenced by its refusal to breed, does not believe in itself or its own culture enough to continue its advanced status, and you can’t blame their immigrants (they don’t have any). Europe is about to implode as well. Yes, their immigrant populations are making their problems worse, but the European whites don’t need any help on their way to hell.
        I agree with differences between the sexes more than between the races because the biological differences between sexes are substantial and between races negligible. If you raise a white in black culture, he might end up as Eminem. Raise a woman as a man, she may be a manjaw, but she’ll still be a woman. You can’t teach the hamster out of her, but we have, and can, teach (or unteach) and any member of any race to adopt the native culture of another race.
        “Thus: in gender relations you accept “Nature” as a primary, in race relations, you become a reality contortionist to convince yourself “Nurture” is the primary … the explanation of black failure. Why? Because of your, understandable, inborn ego investment.”
        This is a cheap shot used by the left all the time. Instead of attack the argument, attack the motivation. I have no clue if or to what extent he has an “inborn ego investment” in this, but his arguments make sense. You may have no “ego investment” whatsoever, but yours do not. That’s what matters.

      7. @Sigma Male,
        FYI, there’s quite a few white expats in Kenya. There may be other countries in SSA that have a sizable number of white expats as well but I don’t have any figures handy.

      8. The grand irony is that blacks were the first race on the planet and may be the last race standing. Whites are demographically imploding and there are similar trends in Asia.
        Nature doesn’t define inferiority or superiority based on who makes more money and creates more cool gadgets. Nature defines it by who survives and perpetuates their genes. If whites die out before blacks(which looks like it will be the case) then blacks would be the superior group in the eyes of nature. Case closed.

      9. A large part of the reason Haiti has been dirt-poor for centuries is that they’ve been paying France indemnities since they “successfully” rebelled to the tune of 90 million francs (that’s approximately 12 billion in today’s money).
        They were paying from 1825 until the earthquake a few years back. All the impoverished black nations HBD’er refer to highlight black inferiority don’t exist in a vacuum.

      10. @Danny ch
        Thanks for the info on Haiti’s indemnity to France. I had no idea about this. Unbelievable that France would make slaves pay them a fortune for rebelling against their slave masters and this debt was only rescinded a couple years ago. Just wow.

    4. Nyk, very true.
      The thing is, you have reality contortionists like Martel who spread self-serving, masturbatory, pretty lies.
      Look at the world around you. Look at the history of the white and Asian races, and compare that history to the stunning lack of history of the black race.
      No. Your eyes are not lying to you.
      Until we all can acknowledge that blacks, by-and-large, lack the intelligence to compete with the white and yellow races, nothing will change.

      1. From the aforementioned article:
        “A feature article of mine in the Sunday New York Times Magazine of March 27, 1977 pointed out that any number of white groups, here and overseas, had at some point in time had IQs similar to, and in some cases lower than, the IQs of black Americans. During the First World War, for example, white soldiers from some Southern states scored lower on army mental tests than black soldiers from some Northern states.”

      2. But viewing the world through the “by and large” in this regard is useless. Whites in Applachia and the slums of Manchester are backwards, and the blacks two to three generations out of slavery who became Ivy League educated doctors and engineers each require acknowledgement and subcultures and individuals. Any ideology that lumps Clarence Thomas in with Rodney King, or that lumps in The Situation in with Louis Pasteur is missing the point entirely.

  32. Brilliant post. I suppose the most glaring question that’s left is now that the black community’s hit the dystopia jackpot…what happens next? Is there nowhere to go but up or is it likely to get even worse?
    What’s also interesting is that (from what I can tell) when these harbingers of disaster started showing up, feminism as a political ideology had virtually no currency within Black America, but as noted in the article black women began exhibiting a decidedly feminist mentality in concert with the overall trends. It seems that, as some have suggested, feminism itself is essentially nothing more than a rationalization en masse.

  33. The pictures in this post do not represent black America. These pictures represent a small, minority of dysfunctional black youth. The worst of the worst. Not an accurate portrayal of the culture. A misleading portrayal of the culture actually.
    I would like to go over each picture individually but I can’t repost the pics on this blog.
    We have had this debate before. You have stated before that hop hop culture defines black america, I always disagree. Hip Hop culture doesn’t not define black america. Gang culture does not define black america. Hip hop culture has only existed since the 1980’s. Black culture goes way deeper then that.
    We have had this debate before:
    Also, please answer one of my questions…
    How many years, if any, have you lived in a black american community?
    We can continue this conversation here or on the forum. Let me know..
    No offense. This is intellectual recreation for me.

  34. Specifically,
    The last picture, with 2 black guys from the 1950’s and also 2 black guys from the 2000’s, and the caption – “What Happened”?
    Isn’t that “Bow-Wow” and “Solider Boy”??? Two hardworking and successful young black dudes? They are rappers, they are in costume.
    In the 1950’s, black guys were on their best behavior because they didn’t want to end up hanging from a tree.
    To answer the question of “what happened”..
    #1 – fashion changed
    #2 – the culture changed
    #3 – black superstars were created
    #4 – individual expression exploded
    In the 1950’s those 2 black guys would not even have the opportunity to do what “bow wow” and “soldier boy” have done.
    The world is a much different place. That’s what happened.
    A few of those pictures a good. But, a few are quite misleading and misplaced, in my opinion.

    1. Here’s a big difference:
      In the 1950s, black culture was driven by the top; not by the bottom of society. Today it’s the reverse.
      Cultural advancement requires embracing high culture and casting low culture aside. Discipline is necessary for cultural advancement.
      Father-led households produce more disciplined sons. Discipline is a sine qua non for manliness. Manliness strives for improvement. Mothers do not know how to raise manly, disciplined sons.
      Fatherlessness is the cause of cultural decline.
      I’m black; I have been black since forever; I know.

      1. Agreed, and we’re seeing the same phenomenon with whites. A working-class shop girl eighty years ago tried to emulate those with of higher social standing. Her clothes were a cheaper imitation of what the rich wore. Now, it’s the rich that imitate the poor.
        As far a hip-hop culture not being black America, partly true, partly not. The underclass sets the fashion, cultural, and music trends for the vast majority of blacks. When an urban thug and an educated black lawyer get together, it’s the lawyer who changes his speech to match that of the thug; the thug makes little effort to impress the engineer. (And I’ve seen this happen often enough firsthand to know that this is true).
        And there were black superstars before hip-hop. Louis Armstrong, Jackie Robinson, Duke Ellington and tons of others had immeasurable star power. They faced horrid injustice, but they maintained their dignity and did more for other blacks than the “individual expression” of Charles Barkley ever could.

  35. You should check out Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart.” I deal specifically with the differences between the white working class and the professional class and how they have drifted apart over the years. (He looked only at whites in order to disaggregate racial phenomena). What you’re observing in the broader culture is straight out of the “Fishtown” (working class) discussion. And what you’re saying isn’t new, just impolitic (and I applaud your courage).
    What caused all of this? Modern welfare, more than anything else because it made widespread fatherless families possible.
    I know a bit about 19th C black american history. It’s so incredibly sad to compare the stories in, say, Frederick Douglass’s biography about black slaves secretly learning to read with the modern “urban” culture.

    1. Also among America’s unsung heroes where the freed slaves who searched for hundreds of miles on foot to find their families to be good fathers to their children. We don’t know their names, but they are among the nameless who have made this country great.
      Now, you’re kid might be two miles away and you never even try to see him. Pathetic.

      1. Thanks to feminism and laws that favor women.
        I believe that blacks are the canaries that signify what’s to come.

  36. not to mention that single mom houslholds also are more likly to have kids that get into trouble, more likly to be obese(mom finds easy food to feed), more likly to do drugss and get knocked up and struggle as ateen parent
    50s everything was good….70s started to slowly see the change….perhaps the 60s feminism did this….hope other countrys are watchin this to not repeat our mistakes

  37. It’s nice to see a new perspective. Two areas you should have addressed:
    1. A lot of the disparities can be addressed by looking at the correlation of socioeconomic level. Adjust for that and race becomes much less of a factor.
    2. There are frequently articles in major newspapers about how black women have trouble finding a suitable (black) mate because so many men are criminals, undereducated, etc. The data supports this situation. So, if we all end up in the supply/demand situation of the black community, won’t that make things EASIER for men since suitable men will be scarce?

  38. Sigma, in the UK second-generation immigrants of Nigerian and Ghanian descent cluster closely with Indians and Chinese in terms of academic and professional success.
    Engineering and math courses have a disproportionately high number of British West Africans.
    Meanwhile third and secon generation Caribbeans are associated with criminality and academic failure.
    Also re: civilisations look at Benin, Kongo, the Ashanti kingdom, Greater Zimbabwe, Mali, Sudan, etc. I like how HBDers ignore history and science. I’ve not even touched on Egypt which was mulatto.

    1. Yes, there were great Black kingdoms/civilizations in Africa; Egypt, however, was not one of them. The people of modern day Egypt–“Arabs”–are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptian dynasties, not black sub-Saharan Africans.

  39. If I really felt so inclined, I could duplicate this post and substitute pictures of the hood rats and welfare matriarch Wal Martians we have here in Hawaii….and I could do it literally with any race you’d like. White. Black. Filipino. Samoan. Hawaiian. Japanese.
    The HBD’s want to argue nature vs. nurture.
    Open your eyes? Yes, quit seeing everything in black and white. You want to see the big picture, you need to look at the culture of dependence that subsidizes matriarchy IN FULL COLOR. Matriarchy IS “thug” life. And it doesn’t matter what race, the culture of welfare dependence cripples all human communities without regard to race.
    Of COURSE the IQ test results of a population raised in the conditions of Bureaugamy are going to be lower. They are the children raised in a single mother household.
    Now look at what Athlone points out regarding the prevalence of obesity by Black ghetto Baby Mama’s. That’s because they’re all on the WIC, and the EBT.
    What does this have to do with IQ?
    Easy….WIC is the largest buyer of baby formula in the country. Ghetto matriarch’s are far more likely to formula feed their babies from birth and eschew breast feeding. In addition, even if they do breast feed, their own diet is crap, making their breast milk not as nutritious as it could be.
    You want your child to have a high IQ? Than you have to eat a healthy diet while the fetus is gestating, then you have to breast feed it and avoid formula feeding as much as possible. You want to point out IQ differential, how about you take IQ testing averages for middle class black communities where the nuclear family is intact, and the Father is in the home, and compare it to the average IQ’s of a white trash trailer park (which of course, is a community of single mother trailer homes). It’s not going to even be close.
    You can go to any Wal Mart or any grocery store in the nation, in any community in this nation where the Bureaugamy paradigm is ascendant, and you’ll see the obese single mothers with their jewelry and their tattoos, (often times with their tattooed and bling bling sporting thug Baby Daddies) pushing shopping carts full of processed junk food, paid for by the WIC and EBT.
    I see this shit from ALL races of folks that live in the welfare dependent communities. I see it in Hawaii. I see it in Nevada. I see it in California.
    If your focusing entirely on race – like all blacks are intellectually inferior simply due to genetics, you are not opening your eyes to the “red pill.”

  40. I see the parallels but I don’t think you can compare the downfall of black america to the rest of society. It originates from a totally different place (slavery, media, etc.).

  41. The gist of this article, distilled:
    Whites are not immune to black dysfunction, and, in fact, black culture has had a net negative effect of white people in the US and abroad.
    I agree.

    1. Yeah, that probably explains why Scandinavian countries with low black populations are in cultural decline.
      It may also explain why black families in the U.S. and other Western countries have acquired negative attributes not found in black families unexposed to majority white culture.
      You’re a cheap troll and not a particularly intelligent one. You need more contact with whites and additional European admixture to increase your smarts.
      I am not invested in this exchange. I’m just trying to help the intellectually challenged. You appear to be a good candidate.
      You’re welcome.

      1. lol
        Do those Scandinavian countries not have burgeoning non-white populations??
        Hmm …
        “It may also explain why black families in the U.S. and other Western countries have acquired negative attributes not found in black families unexposed to majority white culture.”
        Such as?
        Yeah, you have a major ego investment in this exchange.

      2. It’s not the ” burgeoning non-white populations” that are setting up the gender-neutral schools and denigrating every aspect of masculinity they can get their hands on.

    2. You seem to be implying that dysfunction in white culture is CAUSED by black culture. If that were the case then I could agree with your statement. But white people in Scandinavia are not having out of wedlock kids because they see blacks in Harlem doing it and now think it’s okay.
      There are some underlying commonalities that are at the root of this problem. Namely, the unhinging of female financial dependence on men combined with a culture where men are marginalized. This happened to black Americans first, and whites seem to be moving in the same direction. Not BECAUSE of black people.
      Also, whites have their own form of ghetto dysfunction. Whites will behave every bit as ghetto as the worst blacks if reared under the circumstance of concentrated poverty. Look at this clip on the gangs in Scotland. Now tell me that blacks are responsible for this:
      Read about what NYC was like during the tentament era when the streets were rife with murder and gangs. And these gangs were all white.

  42. This highlights the basic problem with progressivism: the present state of the world is the result of genuine error on the part of well-meaning people, and that the pursuit of some of our most cherished ideals (the elimination of poverty, for example) has produced results utterly different from those we expected.

  43. I don’t think there is a singular cause that can be defined. It became a deadly mixture. Progressive Eugenics “getting rid of the weeds” has been a mainstay of the democrat party for a century yet 98% of blacks vote for the same party that wants to eliminate them. From inspiring Hitler’s death camps and beyond Progressive ideology had them still sterilizing poor people until the 80’s.
    78% of all abortion clinics are located in minority neighborhoods.
    Welfare was started with one of the excuses being it was to “save” the black women who had just surpassed 24% out of wedlock children. I just went past 80% last year.
    “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” — Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One Ronald Kessler’s “Inside The White House”
    “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.” — LBJ
    Take away real men from being fathers, thug culture spreading, and everyone with their hand out wanting the government to fill it. Not a recipe for success.
    On Haiti you can also look at religion. Haitian side is all voodoo and crap while on the same Island the Dominican flourishes with a Christian based society. Christianity is what pulled civilization out of savagery and saved the western civilizations from the pedophile death cult of islam with the crusades.
    Take away God, good role models, and insert feminism and you have the modern black/poor culture.

    1. David, you wrote:
      “Progressive Eugenics “getting rid of the weeds” has been a mainstay of the democrat party for a century yet 98% of blacks vote for the same party that wants to eliminate them.”
      This is bluepill nonsense.
      The democrat party is now running a dysgenic program primarily aimed at blacks and browns, via TANIF, SNAP, EBT, Obama phones and a panoply of other government goodies.
      Sheniqua’s wonton promiscuity, often resulting in broods of 9 + bastards, sired by a combination of fathers, [will] be subsidized by the largely–white–tax base.
      The democrat party wants nothing more than to increase the count of the lower IQ peoples through dysgenics, i.e., the modern welfare state, and massive third world immigration, c.f. the coming amnesty.
      You wrote: “78% of all abortion clinics are located in minority neighborhoods.”
      This is because promiscuity is higher in the darker races, especially blacks, because of their, on average, higher levels of testosterone.
      You wrote: “Welfare was started with one of the excuses being it was to “save” the black women who had just surpassed 24% out of wedlock children. I just went past 80% last year.”
      It might be offensive to posit, but, could it be, that freedom, by and large, failed for black people? Were they not a more cohesive group under the conditions of slavery and Jim Crow? I’d like to hope freedom has not failed for blacks, but more and more hate truth, e.g., the color of crime, illegitimacy, intelligence tests, ect … seems to be unearthed every time one looks under the veil of pretty lies.
      Regarding LBJ: U.S. appeasement of blacks has lead to what exists now, in all its dysfunctional glory.
      The Dominican Republic is not exactly a beacon of First World prosperity … have you ever been there?
      I thought not.

      1. The problems is that we went from the dehumanization of Jim Crow almost directly to the dehumanization of leftist welfare policies. Blacks have always either been the focus of outright oppression or paid to be unproductive.
        Deprive people of their legal rights, it holds them back. Pay them to remain poor, they hold themselves back. (yes, even whites)

      2. This post is so full of shit I don’t even know where to begin:
        First off you believe in a whole of right-wing bullshit mythology about welfare. The average welfare recipient has about the same fertility rate as non welfare recipients:
        MYTH: Most of the people on welfare are unmarried mothers who have extra children so that they can get more money.
        FACT: Although one in four children under 18 receives welfare benefits, that does not mean that a few women on welfare have lots of children. From official government figures, “The average monthly number of TANF families was 3,176,000 in fiscal year (FY) 1998. The estimated total number of TANF recipients was 2,631,000 adults and 6,273,000 children. The average number of persons in TANF families was 2.8 persons. The TANF families averaged 2 recipient children, which remained unchanged. Two in five families had only one child. One in 10 families had more than three children.”
        Other sources:
        What is your evidence that promiscuity is higher in “dark races”? Promiscuity is pretty damn high for white people as well. Go to your nearest party college and then tell me this bullshit again. How many white guys are living the lifestyle that Tucker Max had? A lot. Why would you even be on a blog dedicated toward game if you weren’t promiscuous(or desire to be) yourself?

      3. @Sigma Male But at least is a lot better than Haiti and by the way most Dominicans safe for a little elite in the island practice witchcraft (santería style) as their religion while in Haiti almost ALL haitians practice voodoo and savage African cults, and not only I know people from this country (Dominican Republic, I’ve been there (the “advantages” of working in the logistics industry I suppose…).

    2. As a Muslim born Pakistani woman who rejected Islam for her pre-Islamic roots – a philosophically Vedantic based Kashmir Shaivism, I call bullshit.
      All three of the Abrahamic faiths are freedom hating, anti-intellectuall nonsense.
      The Jews at least have the decency not to indulge a conversion fetish.

      1. Xtianity has no concept of freedom or sovereignty.
        “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”
        Bishop Desmond Tutu

      2. And for being from the Indian subcontinent, you are really ignorant if you believe most Africans are even Christians…
        BTW the fact that the muslim religion is odious and backwards in most cases doesn´t mean at all that Christian based ethics and culture are, in fact almost everything good in the West comes from the European Christian ethic, not from any heathen religion. So your post is bullshit.

  44. One important element to focus on when attempting to understand both the current dynamics within the African-American community, as well as how we got here in the first place, are the socioecological conditions which elicit female polygyny (essentially, the mating arrangement among humans whereby multiple women mate with one man). On that score, there are two key factors that have been documented in the empirical literature, particularly within cross-cultural anthropology: (1) local pathogen prevalence, and (2) women’s capacity to provide for both their own subsistence and that of their offspring.
    As for factor (1), local pathogen prevalence, and as taken within the context of a modern state such as America, health care may also have a bearing on women’s mating preferences for cues of male genetic quality — particularly if those that possess less access to health care, as we might suppose to be the case in communities composed primarily of individuals at the lower end of the socioeconomic hierarchy, reside in areas or regions of the country where pathogens might be found. As for factor (2) — women’s capacity to provide for both their own subsistence and that of their offspring — women’s economic empowerment and government welfare are a crucial game-changer.
    Another important layer to all this can be broached by considering the work of evolutionary psychologists Martin Daly and (the late) Margo Wilson. They have compiled much data among inner-city (mostly black) individuals convicted of homicide. Such data evinces associations between homicide, on the one hand, and both (1) income inequality, and (2) higher mortality rates in one’s local community. Indeed, many of the larger economic, social, and cultural trends that have occurred in America over the last 50 years have likely induced the socioecological conditions that have led to the homicide patterns that Daly and Wilson have documented. That is, with the burgeoning ‘knowledge economy’ and the concomitant rise of the cognitive elite, greater economic disparities have emerged on its coattails (perhaps tying into the first of the two factors found by Daly & Wilson above — viz., income inequality).
    Secondly, since African-American women came to increasingly secure subsistence for themselves and their offspring either through their own economic empowerment or government assistance in the form of welfare, their mating preferences have facultatively shifted to place greater emphasis on cues to social dominance and good genes. (Cues to social dominance as found especially in the African-American community would include the usual bravado on display in hip hop culture, inter alia, while good genes cues would include muscularity, facial features indicative of high amounts of testosterone, displays of intra-sexual competitiveness, etc.)
    With these socioecologically-induced changes in women’s mate preferences, men, in turn, have their own mating psychologies shift adaptively to a more ‘cad-like’ mating strategy, whereby they come to increasingly display the traits now being prized by women — via, amongst other things, climbing dominance hierarchies and broadcasting cues of good genetic quality. Additionally, the distending of African-American prison populations has in effect further exacerbated the whole situation through its impact on local operative sex-ratios. Sex ratios are yet another critical variable, and not just among humans, but also among many other sexually-reproducing species. In humans, cad-like mating strategies in men are elicited whenever local operative sex-ratios are such that there is an imbalance of more women than men. Although it may defy subjective intuition (in the sense that one might suppose that more reproductively-aged women than men would spell the availability of at least one partner for every available man), in truth such disparities appear to cause men to become more unruly, as well as less monogamous on the whole.
    Indeed, part-and-parcel of the above cad mating strategy in men are the twin perils of men’s reduced emphasis on both monogamy and high-investing paternal investment in offspring (paternal investment, in the broadest sense), the latter of which is apparently even more strained under conditions of higher mortality rates (as documented by Daly & Wilson in inner-city black ghettos).
    In sum, and to tie all of the above strands together, we should frame these phenomena as naturalists and evolutionists. Lurking behind both women’s shifting mate preferences and men’s response to them is a deeply-entrenched adaptive logic that has been forged diachronically through evolutionary time by sexual selection. That we are dealing with deep drives embedded in human nature is bolstered by the global empirical patterns that have been quantitatively documented across different types of societies — e.g., extant hunter-gatherers, agro-pastoralists, etc. The empirical patterns display an underlying systematicity cued to specific socioecological parameters, and which are cognitively processed by their algorithmically-mediated computational underpinnings, as subserved by an evolved, domain-specific, modular basis instantiated in neural tissue.
    Futhermore, and just as critically, all of the negative social, economic, and behavioral trends that have become problematic in and endemic to the African-American community are no longer concentrated exclusively there. As Charles Murray showed quantitatively and qualitatively in his recent book ‘Coming Apart’, such outcomes now also afflict whites as well. But there is something crucial to note in this regard. Even among whites, the negative outcomes are all concentrated on the lower end of the distribution for IQ. To wit, it is lower IQ whites which have been least able to buffer against the tsunami wave of social, economic, and cultural change that has swept the nation over the last 50 years or so. While such negative outcomes now affect all racial groups in America, the extent to which they are affected is not equal.
    And it is at this point in the analysis where we uncover perhaps the most disquieting and politically incorrect point: Different groups do not overlap in their respective IQ distributions. (And however much we might want that to not be the case, the fact is that it is an empirical reality that we must come to grips with if we value the truth and aim to understand the focal social phenomena in question). And since IQ is the single best predictor of these negative outcomes, it follows that each group will not be equally afflicted, in a relative sense. The powerful association between low IQ and negative social and behavioral outcomes, as well as group differences in the distribution of IQ, can all be examined in Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray’s excellent book, ‘The Bell Curve’.
    In our new highly symbol-based, information-intensive economy, which both values cognitive talent in the service of evolutionarily-novel tasks and post-secondary university credentials, those at the lower end of the IQ distribution — white, black, Hispanic, or otherwise — are simply ill-suited for it. Short of turning back the clock to pre-1960s America, it is doubtful that much will change on this score. When you are an inner-city black youth, for example, who does not possess the cognitive ability for university education and hence the currency for socially-sanctioned economic status and occupational prestige, and combined with a mating mind already running on cad-mode, just about the only pragmatic means of appealing to women’s now-operative mate preferences (conducive, as we’ve seen, to polygyny and enhanced degrees of hypergamy) is to climb the status hierarchy by other means — i.e., gang-banging guns-a-blazing and other dominance displays).
    On the relation between homicide and high local mortality and economic inequality:
    Daly M, Wilson M (1988) Homicide. New York: Aldine de Gruyter.
    Daly M, Wilson M (2001) Risk-taking, Intrasexual Competition, and Homicide. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation 47: 1-36 [ ]
    On the relation between female economic empowerment/resource acquisition and polygyny:
    Low, B. S. (1990). Sex, power, and resources: Male and female strategies of resource acquisition. International Journal of Contemporary Sociology, 27, 49–73.
    Schlegel, A., & Barry, H., III. (1986). The cultural consequences of female contribution to subsistence. American Anthropologist, 88, 142–150.
    On the relation between local parasite prevalence and women’s mating preferences for good genes indicators:
    Gangestad, S. W., Haselton, M. G., & Buss, D. M. Evolutionary Foundations of Cultural Variation: Evoked Culture and Mate Preferences. Psychological Inquiry, 17, 2, 75-95.
    On the relation between low IQ and poor social and behavioral outcomes (i.e., crime, unemployment, dropping out of high school), and group differences in IQ:
    Herrnstein, R. J., & Murray, C. A. (1996). The bell curve: Intelligence and class structure in American life. New York: Simon & Schuster.
    On the relation between low IQ and poor social and behavioral outcomes (unemployment, crime, dropping out of high school) among white Americans:
    Murray, C. A. (2012). Coming apart: The state of white America, 1960-2010. New York, N.Y: Crown Forum.

    1. +1
      The effects of sexual selection on mate choice and women’s dual mating strategies do more to effectively explain our current state of affairs than almost anything else.
      Essentially, women need good genes, and they also need provisioning/resources/protection. When Big Daddy Government provides the latter, women are free to pursue the former without restraint.
      Alpha fucks and beta bucks, indeed.

  45. speakeasy said:
    “Nature doesn’t define inferiority or superiority based on who makes more money and creates more cool gadgets. Nature defines it by who survives and perpetuates their genes. If whites die out before blacks(which looks like it will be the case) then blacks would be the superior group in the eyes of nature. Case closed.”
    White people are very sick, suicidally sick, suffering from a natural inclination toward fair-play that the darker races do not share, and, in-fact, aggressively exploit at every opportunity.

    1. White people are either just not that into each other (enough to have babies with each other that is) OR they just don’t have any sense of family and love of the other (someone other than the self).
      My impression as a Pakistani is that they value their own individual self above all others, including their own parents.

      1. No…they’re responsible…and don’t see the current societal culture advantageous to raising a large family.

      2. Excuse me, but did you realize that there are 7 billion humans on the planet already. Clearly, educated couples (whether white or otherwise) are focused on more noble pursuits such as pursuing personal interests and living sustainably, rather than irresponsibly birthing more children into the world because they have nothing better to do. Making babies doesn’t require love or a family, taking care of them does and rich nations with stagnate population growth (US, Canada, Japan) more commonly provide traditional families than less developed countries with steadily growing populations.
        “White people are either just not that into each other (enough to have babies with each other that is) OR they just don’t have any sense of family and love of the other (someone other than the self)”
        You are clueless if you believe this.

      3. I am white and highly value anyone who values me. People who don’t whether in my family or not (and there are those in my family who don’t value me) can go to hell for all I care. However, I see as a general rule that most people in society don’t value me as a person so that has resulted in me realizing that I must take care of myself first and foremost.

      4. We’re too busy with working, and donating to feed your starving 12th child via Red Cross. You’re welcome btw.

    2. While I agree with all you say and what the post you quoted said, I have to admit this scenario doesn’t seem like a world worth living in. That’s why there needs to be some sort of pushback.

    3. I don’t see how game/PUA and white nationalism are compatible. That’s what trips me out about Heartiste’s followers. The game lifestyle encourages promiscuity and discourages settling down, marrying early and having lots of kids. But the thing is, the only thing that will demographically save the white race is the later.
      If I was a white guy and I had those white nationalists views, I’d get off of game forums, marry a white woman and have a large family. Some whites still do that, like Mormons, but this doesn’t seem to be the lifestyle that the guys on game forums want. So pick your poison. If you aren’t willing to do that, then don’t complain about your race’s declining demographics.

      1. In America, it is insane for a White man to marry and settle down with a white American woman. This situation was created on purpose by the Inner Party. Whte Nationalism will not succeed unless the Inner Party and it feminist allies are exterminated.

        1. “This situation was created on purpose by the Inner Party.”
          How do you define “the Inner Party”?

        2. The inner party is a reference to 1984, and in America’s case, are mostly jews. Just look at a list of american millionaries and you’ll notice the pattern.

  46. Its amazing to me that this argument hasn’t yet degenerated down to Heartiste levels yet. THAT’S something…isn’t it? Well isn’t it?

    1. I’m sure the author of the post would delete any overtly racist comments. Heartiste on the other hand revels in them. Classical Freudian penis envy at its finest.

  47. This was a powerful post and I have to be honest, I never really made this connection before. Kudos to you sir. It made me think. I’ll try my best to keep this short as I assume most people have moved on from this post.
    I grew up in a stable, traditional and educated household. I was raised by a loving mother and father who remain together to this very day. Their mistake was not relocating from a toxic environment they couldn’t comprehend.
    They moved when I was a newborn to an up and coming neighbourhood in a decent sized city in CANADA. Little did they know by the time I would be a teenager this one-time, predominately white upper-middle class neighbourhood would see it’s value quickly deteriorate. Poor immigrants and families quickly moved in during a housing crisis in the early to mid 80’s. My parents bought early enough it never harmed them financially (they sold long later, after prices had more than recuperated), but socially I suffered.
    I was a smart kid in elementary school, an “over-achiever” if you will. Once I got in junior high I was surrounded by white trash and thug wannabes. The girls used language my mother never thought possible from young women. The boys were smoking, doing drugs and fighting. I had to dumb myself down to fit in. I turned into a bad kid.
    I started to mimic my surroundings just so I could be socially accepted. I really struggled. The transition wreaked havoc on my vulnerable teenage state. I purposely did things to fail classes and get kicked out of school all the way up to 16. I don’t even need to get into social interactions with the females who were crude beyond belief. It wasn’t until a visit from the police in front of a sobbing mother and consoling father did I realize I needed to change.
    I removed myself from my troubled peers and isolated myself for my final years of high school. I got in to university and made a man of myself, following the example my father always tried to set for me.
    This post may have been about the black american male, but its point is evident in my experience growing up. Feminsm, the welfare state and a broken society almost led me down a dangerous path and I would not have a clue as to why if I didn’t have a father figure and a stable household to wake me up.
    If something as simple as the love of two classy, well-adjusted and educated parents was enough to make me see the light, what could that do for many others in similar environments?

    1. “I grew up in a stable, traditional and educated household. I was raised by a loving mother and father who remain together to this very day. Their mistake was not relocating from a toxic environment they couldn’t comprehend. ”
      It takes a village to raise a child!
      ” Feminsm, the welfare state and a broken society almost led me down a dangerous path and I would not have a clue as to why if I didn’t have a father figure and a stable household to wake me up.”
      Welfare state and broken society, ok. But Feminism? Why so? I’m considered a Radical Feminazi by some of my regressive family members back in Pakistan (but I’m mild compared to Feminists here), so what’s wrong with Feminism?
      Certain European countries are doing quite well with smart and productive citizens despite welfare state and divorce/single parenthood, so even that is questionable.
      Its gotta be something else. I say its American anti-intellectualism.

      1. Are you dense? I said I was Canadian. I now live in Europe and can tell you many countries are in fact not doing well due to an overreaching welfare state. In fact, it’s doing so badly that even Brits have told their government they want to cut back severely on the welfare state.
        I have witnessed two examples in Western Society outside of the US.

        1. They’re doing so poorly that none of them has accumulated debts in the 10’s of trillions quite yet.
          Ah, if they only knew the road to progress were paved! Show us, oh happy Americans… watch out, another shooter!

      2. The UK has high immigration rates of Bangladeshis and Pakistani Muslims (heh). Yeah I’m a Paki but even I can see the quality of Pakis the Brits are letting in is very low. They are non-assimilating leeches who ghettoize themselves. Another reason I left Islam and returned to my pre-Islamic heritage of Hinduism. The Hindu and Sikh immigrants to the UK are of much higher quality and actually contribute to British society.
        But the countries I had in mind were the Scandanavian and other countries that do not have an immigrant problem. Immigration needs to be kept in check and only those immigrants that are willing to assimilate to the general ethos of the new culture and contribute should be allowed in.

      3. I don’t think it’s feminism as much as the welfare state. We reward people for poor decisions. If women couldn’t rely on welfare I doubt they would be having sex with thugs who won’t be good fathers and providers. However, feminism seemed to push for the destruction of the family unit and programs like welfare, so it is somewhat responsible. However, if men would stop thinking with their dicks and stand up to women more I don’t believe society would have devolved to this point.

        1. So, true.
          Both women and men are to blame, BUT when a woman has a million choices, ie. A slew of pills, shots, hormones, IUDs, Rings, adoption, and abortion, and a man only has, no sex, condom, and sterilization, there’s a lack of choice. If it’s HER body, we should give HIM more choices than to trust lying women, who say they are “protected”, when in fact, they are using nothing. Now, the poor guy has a lifetime of responsibility he might not have chosen, if given the choice.
          I was told I’d die if I got pregnant, made it to 31, without a child, death OR an abortion. What’s so difficult about being responsible? Maybe if they felt they were putting their lives on the line to get pregnant, it would be thought about with the reverance, bringing a new life into the world should deserve.

    2. The Scandinavian countries are starting to have an immigration problem. For years they were a homogenous society. Sweden is experiencing the highest amount of non-EU immigration growth ever. Some of the authors of this site have pointed out some of the problems that are starting to show as a result of this.

      1. Yeah I know. But I’m talking about the countries that are NOT. Also, its the MALE IMMIGRANTS who pose the most problems, as single adult female immigrants tend to assimilate very quickly.

        1. True to some extent, but it depends on exactly which immigrant group. I’m living in Germany, and most here are from Turkey; a diverse group (religious fanatics and moderates in the same category) but still completely incapable of integrating.
          Why? Because only half of the family needs to integrate in order to succeed. There are entire neighborhoods of stay-at-home Turkish moms in their 40’s and 50’s, who have lived in Germany for decades but can’t speak a single word of German. Their entire existence is based on cooking and birthing. Young Turkish men are simply incapable of severing old cultural ties to adopt new ones as a result of this long-term influence.
          In general, I would say you are correct, but it all depends on the origin of the immigrants. For any other group of people (except Muslims) integration for both sexes is quite effective.

        2. I know you meant no-disrespect the last part seems a bit insulting, no harm intended of course. Me myself being an East African Muslim who was born in America and raised in the Middle East. I do realize that a lot of women don’t work from the Islamic background as me, but you have to understand where they came from, some of you Westerners have hard-time understanding, but my great-grandmother lives in a 3rd world country with no INTERNET CONNECTION. You can’t come from one culture and totally ignore it, my family assimilated as possible as it cans. There is nothing more to add, my father is Computer Scientist and so am I (student for now), my Mom is technically a housewives since I have many brothers and sisters and has to take care of them. I know other families with more free time here in the Western world, my aunt worked in a Court (translator) and my other aunt in Social issues/Counselor. My mother is trying to start a business from out house, so I wouldn’t rule out Muslim in your example. People always assume that Muslim are anti-Western and you forgot that our Islamic Golden Civilization was built on Western GREEKS.
          The whole FEMINISM thing hasn’t come to Muslim families in Western world yet I’m Black too, don’t see myself Black though.
          One thing why we came to the Western world is EDUCATION and I kid you not I’m a better Muslim this way.
          Others came her for something else and are mentioned in the NEWS more than the other which taints our image

        3. Not true, here in America, we can see Asian, Mexican, Russian and many MANY other immagrants, where only a portion of the family can assimilate and speak English. My neighbors, here in CA, are Russian, and have been here for over 5 years. The husband speaks fluent English, the “stay-at-home” wife, can ONLY say hello.
          I’m a female and I feel the idea of men being screwed by women’s lib, is sooooooo true. Most women have rediculous ideas about life. They want to be treated as equals to men, when they arnt, AND to be coddled by their men. You can only have it one way.
          If women had stayed home, where they belonged, the idea of a one income household, would still be a posibility.
          Now, BOTH partners HAVE to work to survive. Womans lib, my foot. All it did was ask more from already overly emotional woman, who took their emotions and feelings of inadequacy to the work place.

  48. Go to YouTube and search for “Tommy Sotomayor.” He’s based in Atlanta and has been doing his show for about two years now. I just happened upon him the week before last, and it’s astonishing to see how he’s hit the nail on the head. What he has said dovetails nicely with this post.
    Tommy has shown what I’ve suspected for a long time, regarding the end state: viz., Black American women are the reductio ad absurdum of hypergamy and self-hatred.

    1. I’ve seen over 100 of his videos, and am a regular viewer and subscriber to his (many) youtube channels.
      I also highly recommend his work for folks interested in this topic.

      1. Just gave him a listen. He comes off as kind of low IQ and anti-intellectual. He was yelling about black women saying “niggas ain’t shit”, meaning unaccomplished, and then bragged about how black men are the best atheletes, dancers and musicians – the stereotypical black stuff. What about the best astro-physicists or the best brain surgeons. Smart black women are looking for that, not ball throwers.

  49. Sigma, why did you ignore all my points re:academic performance of British-born West Africans and my list of black civilisations such as Mali, the Ashanti Kingdom, Nubian kingdom, Greater Zimbabwe, Benin, etc.
    They all had advanced political systems, trade, irrigation, impressive engineering projects and buildings, etc.

  50. What a great observation. I would like to add that the typical hip lyrcis revolving around cash, drugs and bitches are also a candid insight into our entire society. It’s just that black culture and music is more honest about what people values while white people are more reserved or hypocritical about what they are after.

    1. Not at all true, while everyone has needs for sex and money, educated and hard-working people of any race can find efficient ways to meet these needs and then easily “move-on” from such primitive obsessions toward more noble pursuits.
      Most hip-hop lyrics are simply naive and narrow-minded. If all of the people of the world were as posessed by money, sex, drugs, and power, then the knowledge and cooperation necessary to invent our many modern conveniences, such as the computer you are typing on, just wouldn’t exist. Most hip-hop music is plain propaganda for the uneducated, and not very musical either.

  51. Changes in legitimacy rates, etc. are extremely social-class-based. Read Charles Murray’s Coming Apart: The State of White America. The affluent parts of America aren’t going to be changing any time soon.

    1. Having spent the past 3 years at an Ivy filled with the citizens that compose those “affluent parts” of America, I can say that my observations conform with your prediction.
      Whereas the masses are still experiencing high rates of divorce and obesity, there is a small elite in this country that exists in almost complete isolation from these problems. Their obesity rates are at European levels (similar to where America was a generation or two ago), they marry more frequently (illegitimacy is quite rare among them), and their divorces, while noticeable, are less common.
      They basically live in a different world, not just economically but socially as well.

      1. I too went to an Ivy, and I’ve since found that just because I’m non-white the world ceased to believe I could have possibly gotten IN after I graduated! I basically grew up living the same life as everyone else who got in to any of the Ivies (and other prestigious selective universities) but have since then been relegated to having to live right alongside the low-class ghetto types everywhere I’ve gone in now THREE countries (the US, Canada and the UK)…all because of the color of my skin and the cultural assumptions that go with it. The Ivies also have their “token” “poor but brilliant” admits, for whom they basically comp the entire cost of attendance. That’s the part the world doesn’t understand when they automatically assume that anyone with brown skin “must not” have been able to get IN to an Ivy let alone actually ATTEND and graduate.

  52. I’m a black male in my mid 20’s with a college degree and #3 is very accurate (All of your other points are also correct). The fact that I speak the language correctly basically ruins my chances of having any kind of relationship with black females. They are immediately turned off by it and it has forced me to pursue women of other races exclusively. I couldnt tell you the last time that I even approached a black female. I also liked the point about our culture not always being this way. My parents are old (in their 60’s) and they tell me stories all the time about the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s and black people were respectable and hard working people. They were uneducated but they took care of each other and worked to make their community better. It hurts me to say it but I dont think that there is anything that can reverse the damage that has been done.

    1. Study French, take courses at the Alliance Francaise, it sponsors numerous social events. The Black ladies are rarely Americans, but the ones that are would find you attractive.

      1. bingo, black chicks who live in north america are(generally) pure garbage i wouldnt want to puke on, but everywhere else theyre much better. As a canadian who has been to cuba i can tell you the black chicks there are feminine, pretty , act like ladies (none of that hand waving ‘oh naw he di int!’) and arent FAT, yeah i said it, they take good care of themselves, and are fit

        1. In the United States the ones in Canada speak and act like civilized people. I suppose because they mostly are immigrants.

      2. Going to UNI is almost free in France. Really ! One of my female friend is doing research in astrophysics, she is a published researcher. The totallity of her ‘tuition is above 2500 euros (+- 2800 dollars).
        Sure, our universities are not as pretty as US campuses.

    2. “It hurts me to say it but I don’t think that there is anything that can reverse the damage that has been done.
      Maybe not in our lifetimes, but history is neither constant progress nor degeneration. It’ll get worse, it’ll get better. Do what you have to do for the present.

      1. It’s clear that it won’t get better in America within the next few generations, whereas we’re all sure that the bankrupt U.S. government will make things better soon enough. Not.

    3. Only hood rats are turned off by a young black man speaking good english. But you may be right about the damage and it’s reversal.

      1. Apparently it isn’t limited to hood rats, if you could be bothered to read his entire message.

    4. I don’t think it helps that the CIA spent a good part of the 70’s and 80’s distributing drugs to the black communities.
      That’s just sad, and says a lot about the U.S. in general.

      1. These were neocons (Jewish groups) because they took over the GOP party during Reagan’s reign.

    5. this is messy. a) respectability politics is and always was bullshit. b) most black folk are bi-lingual. standard american english and then whatever form of regional AAVE you speak. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH “BLACK” ENGLISH. and I think its ultimately seen as a beta male, colonized trait to approach black women speaking standard english. never forget that black males, as a colonized people, have been routinely emasculated by dominant white society… so to then approach a woman, showing that there’s no “blackness” left in you is always going to be a non-start in terms of game. you were born with game, I don’t care what school you went to, I don’t care how much they stamped it out of you in order to get whatever corporate job you slave at to make money for other people (aka still powerless and not a man of your own destiny) … don’t be a simp and give up. tap into your black manhood and work. may the force be with you.

    6. The Marxist left (Overwhelmingly Jewish) instituted this cultural destruction. They want the destruction of the west and using Blacks, Homosexuals or feminists to accomplish this is the goal.
      If it destroys these groups, well those oligarchs are will to pay that price. Read E. Michael Jones book The Revolutionary Jew and Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique. You’ll be shocked and appalled at the hubris and fall of these people.

      1. Well said and totally agree with you.The Jews are behind race mixing and the damage it does to each race involved.The Jew is behind pretty much every evil thing the Western world has had happen including both World Wars.Glad people are waking up to this.

    7. There was another article on RoK discussing what happened – that a San Jose Mercury reporter investigated and uncovered systematic (CIA) programs to have South American drugs delivered to black neighborhoods. He was killed for his efforts.
      I am sure this drug delivery was just one of many debilitating efforts made by the government to keep the black man down.

  53. Apropos:
    By John Derbyshire on January 3, 2013 at 12:08am
    [ note: His what? Helpful definition of vade mecum here).
    Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens, observes one of Schiller’s characters sagely: “Against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain.”
    We all know the feeling.
    And those of us in the tiny minority who keep up with race-realist and patriotic immigration reform websites know the feeling particularly well. So comprehensive is the Main Stream Media [MSM] blackout that policies we have been patiently promoting for years, facts we have long since uncovered, ideas we have worn so threadbare with discussion that we can no longer be much bothered with them, strike too many unreflective ordinary Americans as: astonishing! Radical!! Impossible!!!! Outrageous!!!!!!!! (I have been reading Tom Wolfe.)
    Contrariwise, when we engage in discussion on these topics with that Ordinary American, we know with dreary certitude the slogans we shall hear:
    Nation Of Immigrants! Culture of poverty! Fix the schools! Etc.
    This is what the Ordinary American has heard from the MSM and not bothered to reflect upon. From Fox News or MSNBC, the New York Times or Weekly Standard, it makes very little difference—any more than it makes a difference which party’s politician he most recently heard them from. Seven years ago, a Republican Administration was vowing to “reform our immigration system” (by which it meant amnesty). Now a Democratic Administration is vowing the same thing, in well-nigh the same words.
    We live in a one-party state, adrift on an ocean of clichés.
    Readers often ask me how to counter the commonest points that opponents make.
    There is a misconception there: I am a retired and uncourtly scholar with only meager argumentative skills and a tendency—fatal to success in verbal combat—to see the other guy’s point of view.
    A couple of years ago I was invited on The View to discuss something or other. The opportunity for a moment’s fame tugged at me briefly; then I realized what easy meat I would be. I all too clearly saw myself ineffectually mumbling “Well, yes, you may have a point, but…” to some snarling Gyno-American gargoyle who wouldn’t know a database from a dildo. I politely declined the invitation.
    But in arenas less fevered than daytime-TV screech-fests, the clichés are, in fact, easy to refute. Here are counters for the half-dozen commonest. I have kept the wordage low enough that you can print them up on a two-sided sheet to laminate and carry round with you as a vade mecum.
    But that just shows my age: you will actually bookmark it on your iGadget.
    It’s not race, it’s poverty. (By far the most common assertion when black-white gaps in school achievement or criminality are discussed. A third to a half of all race-denial arguments are some version of this. Vast multi-billion-dollar federal programs are premised on it.)
    Of our 40 million self-identifying blacks, 25 percent are on food stamps; of our 268 million self-identifying whites-plus-Hispanics-plus-Asians-plus-Amerinds, nine percent are. Put it another way, blacks “commit poverty” at 2.8 times the rate of non-blacks, if we take food-stamp usage as the proxy and ignore the one-in-seven Americans who write “human” or “Klingon” in the census race box.
    So if blacks commit crimes at 2.8 times the rate of non-blacks, then crime-wise it could indeed be that “it’s not race, it’s poverty.” But if the multiplier is much different, then the assertion is false.
    Guess what? The multiplier is way different, depending on the crime. For homicide it’s about seven; for robbery, eight and a half. Even for white-collar crimes like fraud and bribery, it’s in the four-to-five zone. The statistics are easy to find.
    For school achievement, you can remove the poverty factor. Just study test results in an integrated middle-class suburb. It’s been done, years ago. John Ogbu wrote a book about it. Years ago.
    And empiricism aside, pure logic tells us that if the poor are more characteristically X (criminal, low-achieving, addicted, whatever) than the non-poor, three possibilities are in play:
    (1) Poverty causes X;
    (2) X causes poverty;
    (3) Some underlying factor causes both poverty and X.
    For crime I’d guess all three are at work, weighted about 10-20-70, with feedback loops from one to another. (Try getting a job when you have a prison record).
    It’s not race, it’s culture. Notwithstanding that it’s one of the phrases most commonly heard from the inattentive, this is in fact empty of meaning—what logicians call a tautology, like “All bachelors are single.”
    “Culture” in the properly anthropological sense, means “the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.” So if you say: “This group characteristically behaves and thinks like this because of their culture,” you are saying “they behave and think like this because this is how they behave and think.”
    This invoking of culture as an “explanation” of culture is a bastard child of some genuine anthropology. The sire of the bastard seems to have been Alfred Kroeber, fl. 1900-1950. Prior to Kroeber’s time—and indeed in his own early writings—what we nowadays call “culture” in this context was called “history.”
    Fine, OK: then it’s not race, it’s history. Well, up to a point, Lord Copper. If there’s a big, long migration in your group’s history, then geography comes into play, affecting subsequent history—more feedback loops. So it’s history and geography.
    And then, if the environment in which your group lives—geographical, climatic, zoological, nutritional, or social—undergoes some big change, the group’s genetic profile may be affected. But then it is race, because that’s what race is: the genetic profile of a mostly-inbreeding group.
    One of the greatest advances in our understanding this past few years is that group genetic change can happen more quickly than was previously thought. Dmitry Belyaev bred the wildness out of Siberian foxes in just ten years.
    That’s anecdotal. (Said in rebuttal when you mention some particular anti-white outrage by illegal aliens or other malefactors.)
    Oh, you don’t like anecdotal? Fine, let’s talk statistical, then. Which database would you prefer to use: NCVS, Uniform Crime Reports, Supplementary Homicide…? I’m pretty familiar with them all, as I’m sure you are…
    The guy who shot up a school just recently was white. Anecdotal!
    OK, but serial killers and spree killers are predominantly white. Americans are predominantly white, so if all else were equal, this is what you’d expect.
    But all things aren’t equal. Justin Cottrell’s book Rise of the Black Serial Killer does a proper statistical analysis. Conclusion: Per capita, there are at least twice as many black as nonblack serial killers. has reported extensively on the topic: here, here, here…
    The only people with any right to be in this country are the Native Americans. If true, this suggests two possible courses of action:
    (1) We non-Native Americans should all leave the U.S.A.
    (2) We should learn an obvious lesson from the experience of the Native Americans: If you let masses of foreigners flood into your country for long enough, it will eventually become their country.
    Which of these two courses of action do you recommend?
    This is a nation of immigrants! As Peter Brimelow said in Alien Nation back in 1995 (!): All nations are nations of immigrants. There is no known case where people grew out of the ground.
    Sure, America has at times been a nation of exceptional population inflows. We have at times been a nation of heavy tobacco smokers. Then we decided it wasn’t a great idea and cut down on it. Mass immigration is no more a fixed component of our national identity than tobacco smoking.
    It’s wrong to generalize. We should treat people as individuals. And so we should, in our one-on-one relationships. I actually said this in my much-denounced article The Talk (not that it did me any good).
    Without generalizing, however, thought and language are impossible. Every improper noun is a generalization. The English noun “table” need not refer to this table or that table: it can refer to tables in general: “A table usually has four legs.” My use of “Native Americans” under a previous heading is a generalization about human beings.
    And there is much more to social life than one-on-one relationships. Entire professions and industries are built on useful generalizations about human beings. Public restrooms, drink laws, hair salons, and numberless other facilities divide humans by sex, age, religion, disability…
    But OK, I’ll quit generalizing about human beings—when society at large does: the federal power, the judiciary, college admissions officers, TV cable providers, professional associations, rapists…Just let me know.
    Stephen Jay Gould said . . . Did he? Great. Would you like to know what my Aunt Muriel said?
    Gould was a brilliant propagandist for his own ideas, which were Marxist-inspired. Where he engaged with actual data outside his field he was untrustworthy, perhaps willfully dishonest.
    So there’s your vade mecum. It won’t do you much good, of course. “We would rather believe than know,” said Nietzsche. And he was not wrong.
    We are up against a mighty system of belief, with rich social and career rewards for believers.
    Against that, the gods themselves struggle in vain!

    1. Immigration problem of any country can be solved by only allowing in potentially high achieving female immigrants. I say female because lone, single female immigrants are more likely to assimilate faster and deeper than male immigrants, married or single. This is especially true for immigrants from South Asia, Africa and the Arab world, and particularly true for Arab, African and South Asian Muslims.
      I say don’t let the men in, but let the women in because we women will assimilate, contribute positively to your society and also marry local beta guys.
      The men on the other hand will just bring with them all the backwardness of their original cultures. And they will bring their parents, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc, all will become a burden to your countries with no positive gain.

      1. women on average tend to be more conservative and more relgouis than men.(there are surveys that back it up)
        marry beta guys….ya for green card citizenship(happen to this indian BC.killed himself when she got the citizenship from the arrange marriage…another to iranian dude but didnt kill himself ,she brought her alpha fiance over
        guys come here they quickly start drinkin partyin it up an sleepin around
        whole point of leavin is to get away from the folks…guys dont care bout family…but the girls want their family over and disputes occur
        backward culture women are no different they mastermind everythin an then just hide behind their man when shit blows up in theri face
        doubt youre pakistani…cuz its the mother that teaches these traditions while father is out at work

        1. Women are not more conservative than men, far from it. It is the feminization of our society that has allowed the liberals to take over … idiotic compassion is the rule of the day. We need a firmer hand as it was in the past when the great American society was being built. The prosperity that was achieved has made us soft and allowed women to get out of the kitchen and make a huge mess of things that we see in the nanny states of Europe, Canada and now the USA.

    2. All you need to do is look around this planet and zero in on the areas and/or countries that have large black populations and you will see the same things … crime, violence, poverty. Africa, Jamaica, Haiti, Detroit ….it doesn’t matter, the black race obviously has those innate tendencies to lose big in the modern world. You cannot blame it on whitey when you look at those places I named … Black are the vast majority and dominate those places.
      The only times that blacks behave well is when they are under the strict control of a more civilized group. I suggest that the Negro race may have a lot more evolution to go through before they can learn to get along with each other and with the rest of humanity,
      I am aware that there are many exceptions such as Bill Cosby and others, but then there are also many white folks who behave in a similar way, but far fewer per capita.
      I suggest that nothing will ever be done and it will get worse and worse until a merciful asteroid hits this planet and kills all the dinosaurs again.

      1. 1. Africa is a big place. Be specific.
        2. Did you just compare Jamaica to Haiti?
        You understand that Jamaica boasts a higher level of human development than China, India, Brazil, armenia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, among others. In fact, unless you live in Singapore, Malaysia or Brunei, you are not going to occupy a nation in South Asia with higher living standards than Jamaica.
        Are you going to say the same crap about the South Asians, then? Or is it just the black people who bother you?
        How did black-dominated Jamaica come to provide better living standards for its people than the nations I mentioned above, which are dominated by the supposedly superior Asians?

        The only times that blacks behave well is when they are under the strict control of a more civilized group. I suggest that the Negro race may have a lot more evolution to go through before they can learn to get along with each other and with the rest of humanity,


      2. Thinking like that supports the common belief that NO black, Hispanic or Native American can EVER get accepted into an Ivy League university because NONE OF US have lived decent lives, learned to read at age 3, learned Latin, French and Sign Language by the time we graduated high school, NONE OF US got straight A’s in all Math up to and including Calculus…..everything that tends to get thrown at me on a regular daily basis starts with attitudes like these. Skin color = culture = the culture that the world sees as the most stupid and incorrigible = “how did you get into Yale; I thought you had to be smart to get into Yale”….attitudes like this are based on ideas like the above and are the reason for my high blood pressure. I have to remain civilized and not SCALP people who say things like that to me so from INTERNALIZING all this for most of my life I have the resulting high blood pressure!

  54. So the solution is for men to become alphas, sleep with a lot of chicks, never marry, and ultimately go their own way? Seems like that will only make the problem worse. As for me, I am happily married to a good and loving man, raising children who will become STEM educated, so I sleep well at night.

    1. Yep Hot Chick, that’s what the rest of the world is doing too. Only these Manosphere guys will die not having any genetic lineage to leave behind. Darwinian failures.

      1. Only these Manosphere guys will die not having any genetic lineage to leave behind. Darwinian failures.

        What on earth is a “Darwinian failure?” Did Darwin administer some kind of test and declare anyone who didn’t pass it was a failure? Darwin just described the mechanism by how evolution works, he didn’t pass down some grand moral imperative to reproduce. What a stupid shaming tactic.

      2. These two posts almost sound deliberately apologetic for rampant hypergamy. That’s right guys, you have no choice but to marry the women that exist no matter how self-important they feel and no matter how disposable they may feel you are, otherwise society will decline. Remember men, Sacrificing yourself for the better good is your job!

      3. Yes it is Darwinian – and perhaps that’s why black communities are not doing well…if you don’t propagate AND PROTECT the species it will not survive over the long run. Men have to take care of their young and women have to make sure that men are cared for in return.

      4. Better to be a “Darwinian failure” than to bring a child into an increasingly dangerous world where that child is likely to not have the stability of a two parent household to guide them through life.

    2. As for me, I am happily married to a good and loving man, raising children who will become STEM educated, so I sleep well at night.
      Yes, because raising STEM kids is the solution to everything:
      You must be Indian or Asian. Those tend to be the people insane enough to think that raising kids to be STEM is the be-all and end-all of existence and that that solves EVERYTHING.

    3. The shooter at the Dark Knight theater was a STEM student, as was Ted Kacyznski. Are you Asian or Indian by any chance? I’m just curious because you seem to have the ridiculous belief that raising kids who grow up STEM is the be-all end-all to happiness and that as long as you accomplish that you can sleep well at night. It’s usually Asians and Indians I find to be that delusional about what STEM can or can’t do.

      1. “The shooter at the Dark Knight theater was a STEM student, as was Ted Kacyznski.”
        Wow, talk about a hasty generalization.
        I just want to say this is an epic post. I’m a white guy who lives in the southern U.S. who is alarmed by anti-intellectualism in American culture. Black culture isn’t the only strain of anti-intellectualism around, it exists in poor white rural areas, as well. Another post in this thread brought up areas in the U.S. with high poverty rates having features similar to black America, e.g. low employment, broken families, high rates of violence, etc.
        Your argument that black culture is a leading indicator of the direction in which American culture is generally moving is very convincing to me. No one wants to see a return to race relations as they existed before the civil rights movement, but I believe it is possible to look at the past without romanticizing.

    4. The solution is for women to reject feminism and become marriage worthy. Modern playerism is a REACTION to the behavior patterns of modern women. Men in the west typically do not feel they can find a woman who is suitable to settle down for the long-term and they notice that ‘thugs’ and similar men are getting the women, hence they emulate that behavior.

  55. The Black Population has some huge hurdles to overcome. First and foremost, the black population is not in poverty. The black population has returned to Slavery, they just don’t know it. Second, when entitlement becomes an expectation, Slavery has been solidified. Third, contrary to popular belief, the Democrats like the Blacks right where they are. Blacks constitute no threat to the status quo. Forth, America is being trained to HATE the Republicans. What political Party wanted to Free the Slaves and which Party wanted to keep Slavery? Democrats are saying to the Blacks, “that’s OK, we’ll take care of you.” Personally, run and hide when any body makes that claim. Republicans are basically saying, “get your ass out of that chair and make something of yourself and if you don’t we are going to force you to do it.” (The Republicans aren’t stupid, they see if a group can make money doing illegal businesses, they certainly can make money doing legal business). Fifth, the Black Colleges and University’s have the right idea. And they have for a long time. I can tell where a Black person went to college by how they act, talk, present themselves, think, and their professionalism. Sixth, Blacks need to learn English. You have no idea how our Blacks are perceived by other countries based upon the way we speak English. Ax’s are used for chopping down trees. Ask means to present a question. And this is the tip of the iceberg. Public Colleges and Universities accept any level of verbal behavior from the Black Students. The Black Colleges do not accept only proper verbal behavior. Public Colleges and Universities allow students to dress however they want when they come to class. Black Colleges, students had better be dressed appropriately and one day per week is dress up – Suits for Men (notice I said Men not Boys) and Dresses with Heels for Women (notice I said Women not girls), no exception. Black Colleges prepare their students to be PROFESSIONALS, the other Colleges prepare their students to graduate (this is true of all races and cultures). Seventh, we laugh when we hear somebody on the phone and they have a foreign accent. I have listened to American’s rip the person on the other end of the line for their accent (meaning not American). I have listened to many an individual who has learned English as a second language. Of those who took learning English seriously, demonstrate no accent other than an American Accent or British Accent. English folks, is our NATIVE LANGUAGE, not our Second Language. Eighth, Black thinking needs to be changed from “Whoa is me” to “I’m going to show you sucker.” Black people who do the latter do become successful. Ninth, Blacks are their own worst enemy. A Black person becomes successful and their entire community and Black population turns on them. IE. so and so sold out, he’s an Uncle Tom, she’s whatever, and so on down the line. Blacks run successful Blacks down. Other races and cultures look up to those who have demonstrated success. Blacks do not always want to share with others what it takes to become successful. Other races and cultures are willing to share how to become successful. Yes, this is pretty prejudice, but how many motivational speakers are Black, how many are trainers for Black entrepreneurs, and so forth. Tenth, a friend of mine (who happens to be Black) made the statement the other day that Blacks may live in America, but they never left Africa!
    Keep listening to Rev. Jackson, et. el., they will keep you in poverty because they make excuses for the LACK of Success Blacks demonstrate. Yes, I’m white, however, my children are Part Native American Indian, my grandchildren are Part Jewish, several of my cousins are of oriental extraction or of Black extraction. But yes you can call me prejudice. I’m prejudice when I see people who have a gift and don’t use it. Now do all Blacks think as I have stated? No. I would like to thank my friends of color for helping me with this article. Incidentally, my grandparents came to America on the boat. Neither could read or write. Cloths on their back and not a dime in their pocket. They became exceptionally successful and they expected that of their children and grandchildren. THIS CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED BY ANYBODY.

    1. If you think you are talking the black community, you are wasting your time with your rant. They don’t read. Most of them cannot read. They are on their way back to the trees. Forget it. Live you life and be glad you lived in a time before the monkeys completely take over the zoo.

      1. I agree that “the black community” as a whole seems illiterate and stupid; but that doesn’t justify the societal belief that EVERYONE with brown skin must be one of those illiterate, immoral, drug-dealing, promiscuous, failure-worshipping cretins. I’ve recently decided that I’d rather try to teach the Deaf because deaf people of ALL SKIN COLORS (as a “community”) aren’t illiterate and don’t pretend to be — Hearing people these days are so proud to be stupid and illiterate it just leaves me speechless.

      2. Chris Rock put it very well:
        “Wanna keep yo money? Hide it in yo books. Books is like Kryptonite to n*****s!”

      3. Chris Rock put it very well:
        “Wanna keep yo money? Hide it in yo books. Books is like Kryptonite to n*****s!”

      4. As an American black man, I can honestly say that not all black people can’t read.

    2. There’s a lot here, I wish that we could
      regain our strong communities again. I am an African American female married to
      a Jewish man and I have observed a strong sense of community among them. The
      present day Jewish community is similar to that of AA community of 60’s and
      70’s but somehow we lost that.
      Look for my book Aug 2013- “Why Every Black Woman Should Marry
      A Jewish
      Man- A Book for All Women Looking
      for the Perfect “Alpha” Male”- blog page:
      or Tweet @NazHinesStarr

      1. re; Jewish men – I couldn’t agree with you more. I am white, Protestant – my college roommate told me to marry a Jewish man. Even knowing that, I didn’t set out to – but in the end did; we’ve been married 29 years. We raised out girls Jewish (proudly). We are not strongly observant but we do observe Shabbat Friday nights when everyone is around. Jews revere two things above all else: (1) family and (2) education. They will work hard to obtain and retain both.
        There’s a lot to be said for this combo…..
        That said – many Jews do not seek to marry outside the religion so as not to dilute the community…..

      2. Not Jewish but white and I’ve always heard the Jews take care of their own. They try to raise each other up, not just people in their family. Sadly, although my family is good, a lot of white families don’t even help each other out, let alone the community. It’s a big mistake on our end.

        1. Jewish men are mensches and hard workers, but many of us, emasculated by our mothers, are quintessential beta males. It depends. Both of the women who commented here are shiksa- Gentile women. Jewish women (such as, oh, Andrea Dworkin, etc) are entitled princesses. Literally the worst traits of all American women are magnified in our women. Shrews, nags, wretches of all kinds- the J.A.P is a real thing and it. is. terrible. Jewish men should marry out and escape. I know if I have kids (although I have no desire to spawn) I don’t want them having to deal with the neuroses that will inevitably be shoved into them by the emotionally manipulative style of Jewish motherhood.

        2. Black men claim they’re emasculated as well by their women as well but in a different way. I believe women unconsciously shit test men (looking for men to stand up to them because they get a charge out of it) however most men are conditioned to just nod and agree with women because it’s less work. Men need to learn to stand up to women but most won’t. I’ve heard of the Jewish American Princess. Quite disgusting creatures.

        3. The greater problem IMO is that too few Americans have pride in their communities other than whatever sports team happens to be the area.
          Of course, how can they identify with anything when they are tucked away into their isolating subdivisions?

        4. The J.A.P.s certainly do a great job of continually finding new high-quality victims, as my uncle and two (former) friends could attest.

    3. I have to say that everything that you said is very true. However my people will never listen. Instead they want Big Brother government to take care of them or lay all of the blame on black men. I grew up in the worst place to live in my city and everyone basically disowned me because I didn’t sag, wear Air Jordan’s, or skipped class occasionally. unfortunately I gave in for a while and changed mid High School with a 3.3 GPA ranking #13 in my High School. However the behavior that blacks exhibit is extremely protected and defended as you said so there is no way that we will ever listen because we are constantly being lied to and the blame is always being placed on White America. Blacks will never change until our culture, economic power, and family structure reaches a point of stability, efficiency and productivity.

  56. To see what America will become within the next 20-30 years, just take a look at S. Africa. Enough said.

  57. Very perceptive article, but he missed my favorite one (I figured this one out in the early 1990′s):
    5. What happens when white people find out what “The Talented Tenth” is?
    The Black community refers to the upper 10% of black young people (the best students, athletes, and entertainers) in this way. Big corporations are happy to make use of these upper tier people. The other 90%, though, get subsistence-level employment. Or welfare.
    As off-shoring and outsourcing and unconstrained immigration takes good-paying jobs from all but the top tier of white young people, white folks find out what “The Talented Tenth” is all about.

    1. Except that the “black community” doesn’t value their STUDENTS. They only seem to value entertainers and athletes. Being a good student, to them, being smart and “bookish” and qualifying for, say, admission to Ivy League universities, is “dissing the race” and they treat those of theirs who do this like Benedict Arnold.
      More to the point, almost all these entertainers they idolize seem to be on drugs. Coincidence that the black community thus condones drug use??

  58. why is this post designed and set up to blame societal problems on black women basically? Femmenism was started by white women way before black men were allowed to vote. And way before black women had a voice in anything. There are several statments in this article that comes under suspicion. One is the fact that he or she says that in the 70’s threre were a lot of unmarried black women well what about the roaring 20’s when they were and single white women were being liberated and begin dating around. Anyway in the 70’s that wasnt the case in my demographics black women got married and its been recent as about the last four or five years when over 40% of black people were married to each other. Rejected black men put out a lot of the gosip and or whites disquised as blacks sit on black forums and listen to us discuss and try and identify things that do or do not work in our community and they run with the info to dum it down and to put a negative spin or twist on it. Most of this will just be a shock to most black folks because theyve never had these issues but some of them will seem familiar to them thats the part of them that will be confused and ready to agree. But its all made up to futher widen the gap between black women and black men as a direct attack and assult on the black culture and family. This author simply needs to get their facts straight or just reveal thier true agenda here. Why are all the numbers 70%. Andmost black people are not going to be familiar with any of this unless they sit on some sort of gossip board where they hear all sorts of stereo types going out about black people specifically black women.
    Black women are under attack before some of yall go co signing to this pile of BS.

  59. Weird(stupid, to be more accurate) that so many comments are crying & complaining about welfare and not one mention of the prison industrial complex.

  60. This is the best, most powerful article I’ve read on this site yet. Wow. Fucking scary. I’m in Australia. But I known exactly what you mean. We don’t have many blacks in Australia, but currently there is definitely a shift towards men with intellect and achievement being less desirable (unless he’s rich). Australia is 2nd to the U.S.A in obesity rates yet, most of us are white. Its a scary future we face.

  61. Black women are to blame for the degradation of black society. They don’t think much of themselves, so they don’t demand respect from their men. Having children out of wedlock is the first step on the road to poverty. They should demand more of their men and set better examples of how a ‘nice’ woman behaves. You’ve heard the saying before that women ‘civilize’ men….that has been the same throughout history – nothing’s changed in this regard. So until black women start respecting themselves and observing ethical and good behavior, the black community will only continue to degrade.

  62. I hear you on this… But I think it’s ridiculous the way black women are looked down upon by especially even black men. I mean… One black women can do something and all of a sudden she represents every black woman in America. I mean… You’re looking at the surface of it all but you’re not really reaching deep. There is absolutely NO excuse for some of black women’s behavior because when you reach a certain age you know right from wrong …but imagine generations and generations of black women and men who are fatherless. Yes, it makes all the difference in the world, especially for a woman, to have a father figure on her life. There’s only so much mom can do. But who do you look up to? What do you look for in a man? Lil Wayne? Some rapper? Well thats seriously probably all they know. Helllllo. If all black children were able to grown up with both working intelligent parents… Don’t you think things would be completely different for black people as a whole? To see unity ? That actually begins in the household? Well no. Stop blaming black women for black men getting them pregnant and then leaving. Just like any other woman.. Black women fall in love and get feelings and get played and trapped. Dont you think it would be pretty hard to raise children ALL on yoir own. No one wants that. So I don’t buy the “black men are getting fed up with black women) stick around in your child’s life and so much could be cured. At least for the child’s sake even if black men don’t want the black women anymore. Black men always point fingers to black women for having all the wrong qualities when they’re just the male version. Loud, always trying to fight someone, always mean mugging, treating women like trends instead of women. There are plenty of educated black women out there.. But perhaps you’re not looking because you don’t want to. Or maybe they’re not your type.. Either way I think it’s ridiculous to talk about black women as a whole when you haven’t even met all of them. And it’s all so funny because everyone knows that black women (when not overweight of course) have the best body figures and have the best pussy hands down. Most (especially white) women can’t even compare which is why their competition is head. The best love makers in my opinion as well. But that’s a whole new bag of bread. It’s all a matter of whether you let the known evil stereotypes continue to wash your brain or not. It’s simple. But hey, this is just opinion

    1. Haha. Nice try black woman. How do I know? You just can’t accept responsibility for your actions. It just HAS to be the black mans fault at the end of the day right?
      Typical woman

  63. This is a hell of an intelligent article. I’d pondered some of these issues before regarding the black community in America, but you’ve really connected all the dots into a larger framework. Well done!

  64. Once again some people are going against nature and science and acting like crazy feminist. Im part black, but raised in a white community. I beat the shit out of calc daily, and go to the best business school in Canada. Race does not play a role in success, however culture does. Black America has a generation of young men who have been wasted, and will likely not recover, same with some of black Canada. However, Nigerian Canadian immigrants are all graduating with high honers. This particular group of immigrants work like the Chinese and get degrees like jews. BLACK is not a culture. There are many black cultures, its a fucking skin pigment you idiotic uneducated fucks.

    1. The part a lot of us don’t want to admit is a lot of us still think skin color makes some folks inferior.

    2. Great to see someone is doing what they are supposed to do. I just recently graduated in Computer Science and am a black man (still looking for a job though). The point is, I indulged in my culture very slightly (I DO NOT GO TO PARTIES/CLUB EVERY WEEKEND NOR WILL I EVER DO SO) and I made it much farther in life than any of the people who wanted to fight me while I was in grade school.

  65. Great article but a biased look at the future of Black
    America. I suppose it’s how one wants to perceive Black America. No one denies the mass incarceration rates and other forms of institutional racism that exist. But what I failed to see was a strong counter argument. There are nearly 100 historically Black colleges and universities in
    America. Are they not graduating Black students? Dr. Ben Carson is a
    famous Neuro Surgeon. Is he an exception to the rule? Ohio State
    University is one of the largest public universities in the nation and
    they just hired a Black president. An OSU president makes over 600K
    annually. What about athletes like Richard Sherman, the best DB since
    Deon Sanders. Sherman is a Stanford Grad working on his masters.
    Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali is a young African American translator of Arabic classical texts–does he not matter. Imam Zaid Shakir assisted in the founding of the first fully accredited Muslim college in America (Zaytuna)–where is his props? Gabby Douglass was the 2012 Olympic all around gold medalist-does her future look bleak? These are just a few examples. Let’s be more optimistic and look at the whole picture and not just the picture that the “slave master” wants you to see. There are many Whites, Blacks, Indo-Paks, Arabs and Asians who live in America that do not benefit America. They contribute it’s troubles as well–from doctors false billing insurance companies and unnecessary surgeries to drug trafficking in the Black communities….

    1. And how many of those educated, successful men are viewed as ‘sexy’? It’s missing the point to talk about those who are successful for their talent; the point is that They Aren’t Valued. And while it may be great for them as individuals to rise above what the culture expects of them, the culture continues regurgitating self-destructive messages and the people eat it up.

  66. I noticed this a few months ago while listening to NWA and learning about game. I was like “damn, they knew this 20 years ago.”

  67. Free will. I have this conversation with all my friends.. Im 28 and educated as well. Its so disheartening to see what has happened to our communities and there doesnt seem to be any leadership or platform to begin putting the pieces back together.. And its so frustrating becuase we are attracted to black women but can no longer relate to them. But looking outside the race is more of a concious decision and has a bit of a learning curve. Im just not used to being the only black guy with the white girl surrounded by white people at the bar on the white side of town.

  68. if you don’t think that your children your great-grandchildren your grandchildren will not be affected. I think you should read this article and share amongst others immediately. tomorrow does not look any better for the African-American share this information, the death of the African-American is sooner then we think.

  69. Until the rest of the community (and America as a whole) realize that in any culture where promiscuity is praised, fathers are abandoning children etc., crime and poverty will rise. Two parents sharing time and resources (one house note or rent, one set of utilities, etc.) being involved in their children’s day to day life will always outperform societies with a high rate of familial dysfunction (on a macro level just like not all smokers get lung cancer but the trend remains).

  70. I’m not black, but I’ve found that often the people who fear or despise blacks the most are their own.

  71. Holy shit. This is some of the realist shit that’s ever been written. This article should be spread throughout the black community and referenced whenever the American black community is brought up. I’ve thought a lot of this stuff, but could never put it into words as eloquently as Athlone did here. Bravo sir. The black community really is the endgame of feminism.

  72. Blacks have long been the guinea pigs of society. Even this infatuation with ‘game’ is nothing new. ‘Game’ has been in the black community for decades, except it originally started off in a much more potent form. The term ‘game’ came from having knowledge of various street games, such as gambling, con, or pimping. You were someone who was involved in a street game to make money, hence you being a ‘player’ in a particular street game.
    Having ‘game’ meant that you were a master at one of those particular street professions. Black men were locked out of most jobs, so it was someone who knew how to make money illegally, like a pimp, that had the fly rides and all of the money. Black kids would see this guy driving some of the best cars and having a ton of women with him and would wonder how he did it. These pimps were a highly secretive community, and many on the outside looking in attempted to emulate them. Time passed and definitions changed, and instead of associating people involved in various street games as ‘players’, player eventually meant someone who emulated what they thought pimping was and came to refer to someone who had a lot of women.
    This infatuation with ‘game’ and ‘being alpha’ isn’t going to lead you anywhere except to a road of poverty. All that’s being used on mainstream society has already been field-tested on the black community. Feminism, having the government step in and play daddy and using welfare policies to get the men tossed out of the house? At one point the black community had very high rates of marriage. Once welfare and feminism were injected into the community, everything changed. Marriage rates plummeted, men were thrown out of the households and violence and other crimes exploded. Women in the black community were given jobs over the men because it destabilizes the community. Women simply do not want to build with a man that makes less than them. They look down on them, and hence you have a lack of respect for the man, and eventually, you have a woman who refuses to listen to her man because she feels as if she’s running things. You will eventually have a large group of men who check out of the system, which is why women in the black community are significantly more educated than the men. You will also get widespread unemployment among the men. All of these policies were perfected in the black communities and now they are being rolled out into mainstream society.
    Boys, who grow up in an environment lacking masculine influence, will go out and attempt to seek it anywhere they can find it or attempt to overcompensate their expression of masculinity. Hence, you have violence and gangs which fill the void of masculinity that a father should have provided. You can already see the signs reflected in some of the articles here. “You need to be a bad guy/villain/have dark triad traits. Start up a crew.” Sounds eerily similar to what a gang member is.
    In closing, everything that was used to produce the modern black community is now being brought to the white communities as well. Women who lust after thugs? Been there. Women being more educated and getting more employment opportunities than the men? Nothing new. Men attempting to define themselves in playerdom only to leave a string of broken homes in its wake? Not new. Plummetting marriage rates? Old hat. Also, after the cops are done beating us, don’t think they won’t come for you just because you have the same skin color. What do you think the militarization of the police is all about?

  73. I read this carefully and I have to say as a white man that lives in South Central. I am disappointed in this article. I live in an affluent African-American neighborhood. This article does not represent what I know and understand about the Culture of my neighborhood. It is sad to see us fall back into the look back at the 1950’s and then place that next to today. Look at the White kids too!! Young people will act out and play loud music that everyone will hate. It is part of being a young person. Not a Black person or White person. We are so far away from the kids that are right in front of us. This article mashes down and makes permanent what the mainstream media and white culture already believes. I felt heavy and oppressed when I finished this article. Sad and no research. Sad.

  74. The major problem with this article is that it equates white america to being “good” and the model for which all should emulate.

    1. What, a low crime rate, high wage rate, high university participation rate, high rate of producing innovators who push civilisation forward is nothing to emulate?

  75. Actual African ladies can be pretty fine. White trash ladies are not much better than hoodrats except a trailer park probably being a better childhood than a ghetto

  76. What we are seeing dates back to slavery. Blacks have been held up under the microscope for almost 500 yrs. We as blacks have had our relationships manipulated during slavery the master always went to and communicated with the black woman not the black man planting the seed of distrust. Even now we live under a triangle system of economics the white man, white woman, black woman, then the black man. The Welfare Program made it even harder on black males. Our black queens were left with there hands out to the man. Black women have that sense they don’t need a man, because the white man is always there she get her paycheck her hand out. All done to insure the black man end up with a unstable home kids without fathers. Ask yourself why is all the hate, violence, aggression, and oppression directed towards us our ancestors we were the slaves, It’s through the observations that they learned blacks are a gifted and blessed people that can aspire to do great things. We are a tribal people my people were warriors. So we have gang violence. But are media is propaganda you only see the bad blacks do my mother taught me black history you know where you come from to know where headed. It’s all a attempt to erase the black man because all the violence stems from some a deep seeded fear of something you know nothing about. How can you hate someone you don’t know. Our women are suffering they are women in the work force and they are black. My brothers can find drugs and a gun before they can find a job. It’s more guns and drugs in our communities than jobs. Blacks ain’t flying planes I was blessed to have loving parents who raised me with love Jesus way love, peace, and joy.

  77. The scary part about this is black women discriminate against us more than any white americans. We also have bad communication amongst each other.

  78. That’s. Really sad young man to see that your vision is so small I don’t know where you live but there are a lot of well intelligent black females in this word. It sounds like you and this person who wrote this is using your wrong eye when it comes to knowing about life true value. There is more to meet your eyes. And black men just have a harder time in awaking up thosr beautiful eyes of theirs says the black women in the mirror

  79. Wow! This makes me wonder how soon before civil unrest sweeps around the world. Everywhere it seems there are these kinds of people.

  80. Hey, i really like this website but, i have a question, it is ok if i am latin right?
    I mean, to you as the R.O.K community , beacause if you are not ok with it, i must be in the wrong place.

  81. I think a big problem to consider here is the problems inherent in a welfare state. Blacks in America are disproportionately dependent on government handouts. In a sense, white America has bailed the degenerate portion of the black community out of the misery this kind of behavior has caused. If white America goes down the same road, who bails us all out? And if there’s no one to swoop in and save us from a collapse, just what will that collapse look like?

  82. I’m brazilian and here we don’t have such “racial issues”. At least it is not a common thing. I’m a spanic-black, my mother is direct italian descendant and my father is mixed brazilian native, african descendant… to say the truth I don’t even know my breed, and it doesn’t matter to a brazilian. I have totally black to totally white cousins on the same side of family, and most middle-to-low social class brazilians are also. Brazil is a totally mixed country.
    What I want to say is not so related to the topic here, but I found curious how black society are distinct of white society in America. Here we have little to far nothing information about America aside of movies, and for times it sounds confusing how american movies portrays Black and White people on different sides. This article help a lot to better comprehend this issue.

  83. It is sad what the white liberal elite has done to black culture. Blacks were progressing in the 60’s only to lose ground and decay after the 60’s.
    why do blacks allow this kind of damage be done by liberals?

  84. I’ll be 63 July 6 and am a Canadian rather than American lad,but imagine if someone such as I were to come along in “Black America” in 2016.I’ve got cover boy good looks AND a 150-160 IQ (not to mention my love of Country and rock and cowboy duds).Add my typical braying Canadian accent rather than the churchy or FM radio baritone voice,and about 85% of black women can’t identify with me.
    sssuido,I DON’T speak AAVE (as a Canadian lad),don’t give TWO CRAPS ABOUT “GAME” (that’s for dull-normal dudes) and as for “colonization,” well,most of Africa,which is “uncolonized” today,is run by kleptocrats who,like today’s African American “mis-leaders,” steal from their citizens the was Jackson,Farr-A**-CLOWN,Sharpton,Dyson,etc.,rob the black underclass.(And the “Re-Thuglicans” want to return blacks to the Pre-Civil-Rights days,so TO HELL WITH THOSE BASTARDS!!!)
    Black Progressives should join the Bernie Sanders movement and other leftist organization to finish bringing down this oligarchy which divides the masses by race.creed,sex,sexual orientation,etc. while these FILTHY RICH LOOTERS CONTINUE THEIR ROBBERY OF THE 99.9999%!!!!!

  85. Culture is just a way of life. You can change that by changing your own perspective. It will always be your choice in the end. Nobody can force you to become someone you don’t want to if its against your will. Please let me share this new fake sonogram videos from fake ababy. It is a one time fun for all. It is very funny. It will relax your mind laughing so hard hahaha. Yes and it is also best for gags.

  86. Sadly, most of the “cultural experiments” were first done on blacks because too many of us white people said “o it’s only the black people it’s happening too, not us”. Certainly, many racist white people even applauded these “experiments”.
    Once they were found to be successful they were “reapplied” to white people. In my opinion the best one is the break down of families and the explosion of out of wedlock births.
    In total disclosure, I have two children and at 46 have still never been married. I am not with either of their mothers for at least 10 years. I am however very involved in both of their lives. Coming from a divorced family where my father was lazy, absent and often unemployed, I didn’t want my girls to experience that.
    It is much harder growing up without a father or at least a father figure around and I grew up in a middle to upper middle class town. I would imagine it would be much harder the more difficult your social/economic status.
    If you are able to open your eyes and look around you will see that what has already been done to the black population is now being done to the white population. It’s not about black or white, it’s about the wealthy(Top 1/2 or 1%) and everyone else. Crazy we let these small number of people control the rest of us.

  87. This article is spot on, if America was lucky we would follow the Hispanic model which emphasizes traditional family values. The state of black America is very sad, Martin Luther King would shake his head in disgust to see what happened to African Americans after civil rights and the first African American President.

  88. Andrew Fletcher, one of several founders in the Scots Enlightenment, warned us: “Let me make the songs of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”. From Duke Ellington down to Snoop Doggy Dog – what a falling off there has been.

  89. Black communities should organize themselves again for being one of the worst victims of cultural marxism in the past, these days are just a mess and Black Lives Matter are in just to seal the deal of hate and prejudice against people who have nothing to do with their problems.

  90. A real eye opener, thanks, yet I’m not surprised. Meet a black man in Europe, and you’ll realize how destructive the poisoned media and drug-delivering U.S. government are to their unloved black minority.

  91. If every man was “His Own Man” then the problem would cure itself. Adapt, improvise, overcome. Quit being so afraid, just lift some weights and put that superior White brain to work and you will be fine. There is always a market for the best item even in the worst of times, a strong smart White man is and always has been “the prize”. Start dressing and acting like the superior male and you will start thinking like the superior male. All this crap going around today is born out of Fear. Quit being afraid and get out there and start kicking some ass.

  92. 1950’s Black America was imitating White America.
    2000’s White America is imitating Black America, if not morphing due to more and more race mixing.
    Black America didn’t predict white future, it is just behaving the way it does naturally when not forced into copying whiteness by the authorities around. The author is the exception that confirms the rule.

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