Will You Pay The Bill For The Coming Spinster Bubble?

Marriage rates have been plummeting since culturally suicidal feminism was unleashed like a plague on Western society. Women aren’t marrying, because in many cases they’re not worth putting up with in Anglo America, and in others they’re too busy living the Have It All™ lifestyle. They’re also not having children, and this is having numerous consequences beyond the demographic extinction of white people.

As a result of this dearth of marriage, children, and family we can expect to see a spinster bubble forming in America in the next few decades. Women, who already consume far more government resources than they pay in, will need even more largesse from Big Daddy Government as they become old and frail. They will not have a husband or children to look after them in their old age. Fluffy cats don’t push wheelchairs and drive women to doctor’s appointments.

Women will demand Beta male take dollars to pay for the services they need. Are you willing to foot the bill?

Career Girl Consequences

The Have It All lifestyle leaves women lonely in their Twilight Years

The Have It All lifestyle leaves women lonely in their Twilight Years

Establishment media rag U.S. News and World Report recently awakened to this reality, brought on by 50 years of man-hating and female empowerment. It did a story on career girls who are starting to realize the repercussions of the barren, Have It All™ lifestyle when their pussy power rating falls to negative numbers.

When Carol Marak was in her 30s, she asked herself whose life she wanted: her brother’s – the life of a successful and well-traveled businessman – or his wife’s – the life of a woman whose career better accommodated raising three children. The answer was a no-brainer: “My brother was in a position I wanted,” says Marak, now a 64-year-old editor at SeniorCare.com who lives in Waco, Texas. Although she had been married and divorced earlier in life, at that point she had no kids and “made a very conscious decision” to keep it that way, she says.

“My career was No. 1 in my life,” says Marak, who worked in the technology industry for years.

That previous statement along with the following one proves women are consummate users and abusers of not only male utility value, but the utility value of their own children. She only wants children now that she needs somebody to take care of her decrepit, old ass.

But today, Marak and her single, childless contemporaries are facing a repercussion of their decision that never crossed their minds as 30-somethings: “How in the world will we take care of ourselves?” she asks.

Indeed, how will they take care of themselves. My answer is: Sounds like your own fucking problem, feminists. It is supreme irony that women often bitch and moan about being seen as sex objects, but refuse to acknowledge their objectification of men—and even their own children—as utility objects!

There is one bright spot in all this. Men, self-reliant utility objects that we are will not feel the crunch of aging quite like women, who should be left to live lonely lives because they left men lonely in the prime of our lives. Why give women the best 50 years of our lives when they refuse to give us the best 10 best years of their lives?

After the female expiration date, most women literally have nothing to offer but baggage. (Ladies, we don’t give a damn about your education. We want good companions and life partners, not good corporate drones.)

Pay Up, Beta Males

Aging women got their Alpha Fucks in the youth, now they need even more Beta Bucks in their old age

Aging women got their Alpha Fucks in the youth, now they need even more Beta Bucks in their old age

So who’s going to be left holding the bag, another unnecessary drag on society brought about by statistically sterile women? Why the Beta males women refused to marry and refused to have sex with in their youth.

Even the YouGoGrrl dominated PuffHo editorial staff is getting wind that feminism is a bad deal for women as they age, and has been trying to put out a counter narrative, one that states—you guessed it—it’s men’s fault for preferring nubile, young women rather than wrinkled old bags who ignored them and gave their attention and sexuality to bad boys and top tier Alpha males in their youth, while neglecting, using and abusing the “good guys” they’ll need later in life.

Vintage wine is savored. Vintage cars exclaimed over. Vintage clothes coveted. Yet the vintage woman remains uncelebrated. From the moment we are born society sets expectations of us. We are expected to walk and talk by a certain time, predicted to have mastered literacy and numeracy at a certain age. Our worlds are pre-designed for us and we fit into the flow as best we can. Youth is a jumble of growth and learning and the space where dreams and ambition are sparked. Feelings of invincibility abound and we are frequently told that the world is our oyster. Nobody tells the carefree 25-year-old female that in another 25 years she’ll be invisible.

What goes around come around, girls. It seems nature is not without a sense of humor, nor is it without a sense of justice. At age 25, Beta males are invisible to women in their prime. However, later in life these same men will be sought after by women of all ages to pay for things.

Just as the Spinster Bubble starts to inflate, men need to start dropping out of the economy and refusing to pay for this insanity with their hard-earned tax dollars. I personally encourage and teach men how to live lives of minimalism, living well on much less than they’re told they need by society. Going Galt is an extension of the minimalist philosophy. As stated by John Galt in Atlas Shrugged:

There is only one kind of men who have never been on strike in human history … the men who have carried the world on their shoulders, have kept it alive, have endured torture as sole payment … Well, their turn has come. Let the world discover who they are, what they do and what happens when they refuse to function. This is the strike of the men of the mind.

Men refusing to support the very women who rejected them is the ultimate retribution for feminism. Let these aging women take care of themselves.

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798 thoughts on “Will You Pay The Bill For The Coming Spinster Bubble?”

  1. 40% of American women born in the first half of the 1970s never had any children, so that group has aged out of ever having one. I wonder what it is for the second half of the 70s- 50%?

      1. Pundits would say it is too early to rule our older Millennial women just yet. The oldest ones are 35 this year. They may still push out one Autistic baby.

        1. 1980 is still millennials isn’t it? Or what was called “MTV Generation” which was specifically the Late X’ers and Early Y’ers born between 1975-1985.

        2. The exact dates vary depending on who you ask, but generally Millennials are 1982-2000 so 1980 would be a late GenX’r (1964-1982).

        3. I’m 1983. So it appears like I’m the earliest possible year of someone who is beyond any doubt a Millennial

        4. Your autistic need to properly label everything confirms your identity as a Millennial 😀

        5. I think vampires are Autistic: isn’t part of folklore that they have a compulsive need to pick up spilled items?

        6. Yes. They also have a compulsive need to count everything (hence the rather funny creation of Count Count on Sesame Street I’d bet). So you can escape a vampire by throwing a handful of sand in the air. The vampire will *need* to know how many grains there are, and you can make your escape while he’s dithering. This is a semi-serious way to get away from the mythical creature if you ever encounter one.

      2. 32-36 year old still have a shot. A 35 yr old woman I used to work with is finally getting hitched this year…she really got around in her 20s, dude is a lucky man

        1. I bet I could marry an 18 year old in the Midwest. I have a playful spirit.
          Think about that: that 36 year old is old enough to have an 18 yo daughter …

        2. She drove another coworker out of his mind, ended badly. Then a tipsy friend of hers tried to sell me on her by saying “Shes a dirty girl, she’ll do anything, even anal…” what a sales pitch

  2. refusing to support these spinsters.
    yes – agree totally.
    But will not happen with current system of alimony/divorce/tax-rape…
    We will be forced to pay, or system will change… spinsters will not.
    I know many older childless women. Seem to be still partying into their 50s…
    Society will probably adapt to the huge group moving thru their old age…
    the link to your book is great.
    I am mostly there…but also not making a fortune…
    at a crossroads for expanding an IT company – but in NYC I would never spread for the System and rent an office/staff/transgender bathrooms rape…
    better to be minimalist…

  3. Can’t see it making any difference to the way things already are.
    They live their lives the way they want, and working men pay for that life.

  4. There will always, always be beta males that will wife up these spinsters long after their expiration date. As much as I would love to see a cultural shift that leaves aging, arrogant post-wall sluts out in the cold, it is not going to happen. Almost all of the sluts I know are engaged or already married to naive, desperate men. 50-60% of men are average or below average and have no intention on improving themselves. Their only use to women is their financial and emotional utility and they are more than eager to be used for it. Even if the 10-20% of men that “get it”, take their tax dollars elsewhere and check out of society (which they should), the system will continue for at least another fifty years.

    1. 50% of men HAVE to be below average …….. that’s the definition of average, 50% above and 50% below ………..
      But I voted your post up because it made me laugh!

        1. There are 3 averages, mean, median and mode. You choose the average you use in order to manipulate the result you want. 50 above and 50 below would be the median.

      1. Take the following distribution as example…
        [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 100]
        The sum is 115, and the number of values is 6.
        The average, also known as the mean, is 115/6 = 19.2
        If you place the obtained average (19.2) into the distribution, you will see that there are more values less than it than greater.
        The definition of average is therefore not the value where 50% of values are below and above it.
        Your definition is approximately true when you have a perfectly normal distribution (e.g., IQ scores), but this is not always the case.

        1. You might want to ask him what he does for a living before being snarky and superior to him. Just a suggestion.

      2. No, that’s the definition of median. Average doesn’t have to be that way. With a normal distribution the mean (average) and median will be the same value. Otherwise the average could be any value. For instance, the average of 100, 100, 150 and 2 is 88. 75% of that population is above average.

    2. Yep. Those marriages of convenience / desperation are destined to be unhappy from the start though. Passionless. The woman is post-wall and the beta schmuck was never attractive.

      1. The sad part is that the male thinks that they are both in love. Honestly, if the male is aware of the reality of the situation its not so bad. He just says to himself “this is the best I can do”. But unfortunately he thinks he’s the male lead in a RomCom.

      1. She’s the poster girl for “don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do”. She’s only ever gotten with rich white patriarchs.

    3. As long as they know their place, it works out fine. The alpha leaders can find some use for them.

  5. You know what’s weird?
    Sometimes when I travel by train, I encounter Amish people. They all generally look rather healthy, even the elderly ones. The grandmothers – while not attractive – don’t look like the crypt keeper as so many older women usually do. It’s like a life devoted to God and family keeps the Amish women looking human while modern secular women seem to have the legacy of their sin etched into their faces.

    1. They don’t do all those unnatural procedures to maintaining their youthful appearance. Sometimes all that plastic surgery makes them look pathetic.

    2. People had this figured out over 2,700 years ago. Here’s a pearl of ancient wisdom:
      Isaiah 3:9 “The show of their countenance does witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe to their soul! for they have rewarded evil to themselves.”
      In certain ways, a part of what you are on the inside will always show on the outside sooner or later. In the case of ugly-hearted feminazi-man-haters, their bodies ultimately reflect their cankered, cancerous souls. And then they get angry that they can’t stop a lifetime of bad habits, choices, and hearts from ending their charade.
      It’s a two-edged sword: you only live once, and you can have whatever you want in life. So, you better be sure that what you want is right. If you want what’s wrong for you, well, you can have that too.

  6. Who needs children and grandchildren when you can have 500+ connections on LinkedIn? lolz

  7. “Let the world discover who they are, what they do and what happens when they refuse to function. This is the strike of the men of the mind.”
    Couldn’t have said it better mysel…. oh wait.
    As more men go Galt I would surmize the state will invent new excuses/ ways to steal from men. Some states already have this in place regarding alimony in regards to “earning potential” instead of actual earnings. How long before the fed gets around to implenting that to access your personal income taxes?

  8. Female careerism started really being promoted with shows like Ally McBeal and Sex and the City in the late 90s. That was almost 20 years ago. The chickens are coming home to roost.

        1. Three’s Company seemed pretty Red Pill: 1 straight guy with 2 gorgeous female roommates, one of whom (Chrissy) was a complete airhead bimbo.

        2. I call BS on that. Jack never closed on either one of them. Those 2 girls cock block Jack when he brings girls back to his place.

        3. remember the episode when he was in the kitchen, and he only heard half the conversation, and he got the wrong idea? Oh wait, that was every episode

        4. Yeah but even living with them was pretty awesome. The gender dynamic was more healthy back then: men and women living together, creating a balanced environment.
          Modern American society is homosexual: the genders are kept separate with men taking male roommates and women taking female roommates like they’re in a lesbian coven.

        5. Actually ironic when you think muslim society is exactly like this but is anti-gay and a patriarchy.

        6. no doubt. BTW anytime anyone at work looks tired I always say “what’s wrong? rough night with the pigeon sisters?” Been saying it for years. 1 person got it.

        7. Make it two, hermano!
          I tend to misuse the title of “pigeon sisters” to any pair of sisters who are overly friendly with each other. Again, hit or miss..

    1. Ally McBeal contributed to more bad behavior in the 90’s than ludes did in the 80’s. Between the feminizing of men, the mainstreaming of internal misery, fat acceptance / big is beautiful, female careerism and many other things. Of course, it is hard to tell if the show is a product of its times or if the times were a product of the time, but probably a little bit of both.

        1. yes, too many for me to name. You can throw a dart at a list of deviant behaviors and I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that it was somehow glorified in ally mcbeal. Now if you will hold on I have to vomit up my breakfast so I can look like Calista Flockheart.

        2. That show came on right around the time I got my first gig after college. While Ive never seen it, I do remember the over 30 women just loving that show

        3. I don’t find any Asian women attractive that I can think of, Liu included. I am not saying there are none and I just had a short lived tryst with one, but really I have never seen the attraction men have for them. That’s ok though. Taste is subjective of course. To each their own.

        4. Not even Hawaiians? I dated one once, pretty much hairless. It was like petting a dolphin or a baby seal

        5. I have never met a Hawaiian that I can think of. I picture them being fat but I don’t think I have any personal experience. I have banged a few girls from Hawaiian Tropic Zone (one white and one Latina) and they were just terrific.

        6. She foes nothing for me. I mean, if I found her in bed wearing nice lingerie I wouldn’t kick her out before fucking her but if she was giving me signs in a bar I would probably ignore.

        7. I google imaged “hot Hawaiian girls” and meh. Not my cup of tea. Like I said below, if one of the better ones is in my bed ready to go I will wait until I am finished to get her an uber, but if she smiles at me in a bar I will probably ignore. Subjective tastes and all.

        8. LOL- if goog cant find any, then they must not exist…granted she was 1/4 white, but still

        9. it is the asiany features that turn me off that’s all. It’s ok. Loads of different types of broads and loads of different tastes. Just means we wouldn’t but heads if we were in a bar together.

        10. I’m the same way with Asians usually…but. Every once in a while I’ll see one who gets my attention. Like Gemma Chan (below). I suspect she has a dollop of or two of white blood in her, which might account for it. Her father is from Hong Kong and her mother is from mainland China. I suspect Daddy isn’t 100% Asian but can’t prove it. But tell me you would turn this down…seriously.

        11. Yeah, she is a cutie for sure. But this is the exception that breaks the rule and yes, she looks like she has a little spainiard in her.

        12. Satin? I am not a New Orleans pimp. Dreamsacks seamless silk in the summer and and Sferra Egyptian Cotton in the winter thank you.

        13. From Abdel Nasser’s cotton fields to my bed … I will dream of Egyptian nationalism tonight

        14. Yeah, I lean towards the mixed Asians over standard pure East Asian chicks myself if they ring my boner bell. Just preference.

        15. You’re not a New Orleans Pimp, Lolknee? And I always pictured you in my head wearing matching pearl handled revolvers with “GSP” engraved on them.

        16. That was always one of my favourite Patton quotes, from the movie at least, not sure the legitimacy. “Ivory, only a New Orleans pimp carries a pearl handled revolver”

        17. I love that quote. It is up there with the soldier in Africa sleeping on the floor and saying he is trying to get some sleep and Patton responding “Well, get back down there, son. You’re the only son of a bitch in this headquarters who knows what he’s trying to do. ” But they all fail compared to my personal all time favorite:
          Lt. Col. Charles R. Codman: You know General, sometimes the men don’t know when you’re acting.
          It’s not important for them to know. It’s only important for me to know.

        18. “No sunovabitch ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other sunovabitch die for his”
          But I like your two, as well.

      1. I never, ever saw that show. Not even one episode, hell, not even one frame, at the time, nor have I since. I thought that she was bone skinny so hearing that the show pushed fat acceptance kind of struck me a weird.

        1. I saw a few episodes due to a broad I was banging. Yes, they managed to encourage bulimia while pushing fat acceptance at the same time all while pushing the “goodness” of effeminate men along side the attractiveness of natural alphas while still showing that bad boys could (and should for their own good) be tamed and betas can step up and be strong when necessary. It truly was a cornucopia of horrible.

        2. Black woman that played one of the regulars had some nice boobs. That’s all I remember of it.

    2. But the only reason these shows were successful in doing all of that is because people believed that they were true. No one taught them that stuff on TV is fake.

    3. At the time I thought The Ally McBeal revolution was the death knell of feminism, that is, women willingly becoming furniture again, but it was just another ‘have it all’ lifestyle being pushed.

  9. Modern women want to live the cosmopolitan lifestyle: expensive restaurants, all you can drink mimosas at brunch, vacations to exotic lands.
    It doesn’t cost a lot of money to have a child: women are just materialistic.

    1. The travel thing has been a major contributor to childless women. Instagram, Facebook, and all the “50 places you must visit before you die” listicles don’t help.

        1. Yeah for Liberal White American women it’s fuck a “hawt” Australian, Dutch, Swedish, or Italian guy (and 50 others) and travel to at least 50 countries before settling down. Of course they are already 40 by the time that happens so it’s too late.

        2. Every time I’m in an airport it’s a bunch of women traveling somewhere for pleasure followed by people traveling for their jobs. Followed lastly by retired couples.

        3. They can comfort themselves with their memories from the carousel days, along with cats and boxed wine.

    2. Fantastic observation. You’ll find a lot of younger married women stay in a career instead of the home raising a child because “We need two incomes to make ends meet”, which is code for, I want to keep going out, drinking wine, have the latest model car in the garage and a huge giant house, so I’ll sacrifice my time with my children and husband to work for a corporation/government to allow this “lifestyle” to continue forever!

      1. You probably saw the recent fake news out of CNN that claims that it supposedly costs just south of $250k to raise a kid from 0 to 17.
        I want to say that I would wonder if that is propaganda to encourage young women to work so that their children can be indoctrinated by the state, but we all know it is.
        My wife and I manage to raise our kids with her staying home. Yes there are sacrifices but it is nothing that either of us are missing.

        1. Nah, hadn’t heard that. The cost is averaged over time so the big “scary pricetag” thing is meaningless really. Not that most self centered types take that into account of course.

        2. The cost includes housing which is stupid because you’d be buying it anyway and also daycare.
          If a married couple needs to pay for daycare, then they have their priorities all wrong.

        3. Definitely. And there’s also a really two-faced attitude behind the question of whether to have children in the first place.
          1960’s-2000’s: “We need to stop encouraging overpopulation!”
          2010’s: “The birth-rate dipped below 2.0! This is bad for the economy and we need more 3rd World immigrants!”

        4. The reason housing is included is that the house is usually bigger than say a couple or single would buy. And most people put their kids in daycare, because they are bad at math. Daycare costs almost as much as the lower income earner makes. I have never understood the decision to work for less than $5 and hour after the daycare costs are subtracted. If I were a woman, I would much rather stay at home than slave at a job for next to nothing.

        5. It took about 5 minutes of my wife doing basic math for her to confirm that daycare is a bad financial option, in addition to being a very bad option in every other sense.

        6. Sounds like a total cost including schooling so I’ll continue under that notion…. So 14 grand a year and most of that is covered by the taxes the neighbors pay for the inflated costs of “public” schools and much of rest has to do with the rent seeking costs of medical care. Delete the nonsense that people today think kids must have and the fact that a lot of cost is the infrastructure cost of the first kid that’s not paid again with the others and… well it’s not so scary any more.

      2. What aggravates me is that these asshole career couples bid up all the real estate and use their income to pay interest. Because it’s not like they saved up the money for their bid, they just used their combined incomes to qualify for a bigger loan.

      3. Yup! I have a female coworker who just had to have the McMansion and the mega buck luxury car. Then she laments that she has to work. I calmly told her “Well, had you stayed in your older, smaller house, and kept the Toyota, skipped the fancy vacations, etc., you could have quit your job and been a SAHM.”
        But those are not negotiable, not for a woman!

  10. Eleanor, better known as the “Crazy Cat Lady” in the Simpsons is a perfect example of the mentally barren and lonely existence that awaits women who put career over family.
    “I want to be a lawyer and a doctor. Because a woman can do anything.”

    1. That’s my sister. Teaching at the college. Drinking her wine every night. Petting her dog (instead of a cat). Blabbing to all who will listen about how great her life is; while privately, crying into her pillow because she has no kids and no man and she looks used and shriveled up. Ha! “Toldja…”

        1. I am so glad I don’t have the facebooks. I get this email now and again, spam from the facebooks, telling me “You know more people than you think on the facebooks” as if the reason I don’t have an account is because I think if I make one I wont have any friends.

        2. I know a whole mess of people, but why would I want to be in contact with them all the time. That’s a loathsome suggestion on its face. Familiarity breeds contempt. I’d rather know my friends and associates in real life and have something to talk about face to face, and then when I go home, I don’t have to worry about keeping them entertained with “my life”.

        3. thing is – if any of them were truly ‘friends’ you would already be in contact IN REAL FUKKIN LIFE!

        4. Yep.
          During my 30th year high school reunion (yeah, I went, so sue me), a lot of people there asked why I wasn’t on Facebook and “we can keep in touch!”. I offered my phone/text number as an alternative, and only a few took me up on it, and of those, not one has contacted me since. Real friends, on the other hand, are on the line when I need them or they need me.

        5. Further, if you actually had anything to talk about with these people, it would have come up during the last 30 years!

        6. Surely you don’t want to miss out on all those wonderful updates regarding every vacuous seedy thought, feeling, vacation pictures of swamp monsters and their equally hideous offspring and bowel movement updates from these friends of yours?
          Surely not? 😮

        7. Your REAL friends know to email their bowel movement updates directly to you.
          At least that’s how I was brought up!

        8. From what I understand about facebook it is essentially confession for a world with no god.

        9. When I cut the FB cord, I found that 90% of my “friends” suddenly couldn’t remember my phone number, or where I lived. It’s amusing when the 10% come over and we talk, the first thing they say is “oh yeah, your not on FB” then they can actually have to catch me up on their life like real friends do.

      1. That’s my cousin teaching some where in the Pacific NW. Was a hard core SJW even before the term went mainstream. I haven’t heard anything about her since I spoke to her parents at a relatives wedding a decade ago, but heard she contracted a disease that made all her hair fall out and wears wigs now.

        1. I shouldn’t laugh at that (your cousin’s hair falling out), but…hell, even though she’s my own sister I have no pity for her. I look at it like chickens coming home to roost. Bitch chugs Diet Cokes all day long despite being warned by multiple people (including myself) that Aspartame is toxic and causes brain damage. She still chases young dudes and is honestly shocked when they turn white at the thought of banging her. They reach a certain point, and you just have to let ’em go.

        2. I laughed when I heard the news (from her uncle, not her parents), but we were never close nor will be.
          I also heard she married up a guy (Pakistan IIRC), brought him to the US and who then promptly abandoned her and hasn’t been seen since. I don’t blame him. I couldn’t stand listening to her either. Cat lady ahoy!

        3. My sister got so desperate it was embarrassing. I spent a couple of weeks with her a few years back. She cried constantly about how she couldn’t get a man. So this contractor came over to put in a bid on some work on her house. The guy was young (late 20s), and good-looking. So the second time he came over my sister got dressed up in yoga pants and did her workout on the back porch, so he could see her when he walked in the house. I opened the door, pointed at the porch, and I swear to god the guy turned white in horror. Heh! So I finally convinced her to go after this guy about eight years her senior, who was into her. She bagged him but they are having problems (duh, wonder why). She’ll wind up alone. I won’t come to her rescue. I don’t care who they are, if they are feminist-infected, I steer clear.

    2. I have a relative who was very attractive in her youth and had numerous marriage proposals from eligible men in that time, which she rejected for her career in the intelligence field. Now, at the ripe old age of 40, she has convinced herself that it’s time to settle down and start a family. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in years and covers her Facebook in pictures of her dogs dressed up in costumes and being taken to see Santa. Textbook wall-strike.

      1. My cousin is late 30s and similar story…
        Hates Trump and loves cats…
        I wonder if this is a typical correlation.

        1. Haha oddly enough, my relative is incredibly pro-Trump. I would call her an “alpha female”, she was too strong-willed and independent for the average guy to tame. It would’ve taken a Navy SEAL to make her submit. Same result as others past the wall, though….

        2. My cousin just straight up fell for the feminist bs… and now can’t admit she was duped.

        3. I know the feel, I dated a Canadian socialist feminist recently just for shiggles and noted all her behaviors and aspects. They’re strange, self-destructive creatures.

        4. The girl that introduced me to my wife is like that. “Alpha female” is right. She had guys lining up for her in college, then she graduated and did the career thing. Now in her late 30’s, she is regretting it.

  11. We will have to revolt against the tax system, not go minimalist.
    You have to apply future macro-economics like these to other countries too. They will increasingly grow and modernise, their women will adopt feminism and consumerism and if you are a minimalist then sorry but 15 years from now you’ll get screwed. you’ll be ignored by young girls who’ll think you’re a poor chap. Be very wary of all those UN “Educate Girls” campaigns that sprout up a bit everywhere in the world.

      1. Well we will either have to use Ghandi-style passive-aggressiveness or go full civil war.

    1. if you are a minimalist then sorry but 15 years from now you’ll get screwed. you’ll be ignored by young girls who’ll think you’re a poor chap.
      I would rather them think me poor, while I have a ton of wealth they can’t see (or get access to). That sorts a lot of the gold diggers out. But being a minimalist doesn’t have to mean looking like you are in poverty either. There are degrees to it.

      1. I think there are some levels below which you seriously shoot yourself in the foot if you go there. A car for example is absolutely mandatory imo. Most girls will refuse to walk more than a few feet so you seriously get logistics problems if you don’t own one, and that’s not even including how much of a lesser man they think you are when you don’t. I remember a Brazilian term for girls like this (AWALT in fact) was Maria Gasolina.

        1. Certainly if you go to an extreme it can be a problem. But that’s in anything really. I agree that a car is mandatory for most (city dwellers excepted). I personally own 2. One is a classic car, and my daily driver is a Mercedes. I don’t own them to get women, I own them because they are what I wanted. The point of minimalism is to think about what you want and need and intentionally own those things. Essentially breaking the consumerism trap of always wanting new. Instead of buying a new car every 5 years, buy the one you want and take good care of it. The same goes for other things in life. I have a standard philosophy that I use when buying something. I want the best and I try to never buy something twice. If I need a tool, I buy the best available to me. I don’t want to spend money on something that will break and I will have to buy another. While I have lots of nice things, I am minimalist in how I buy any item, it must serve a purpose and it has to be high quality.

        2. I don’t exactly call this minimaism. I think the OP is somobody who claims to live on $400 – $500 / month (not even THAT minimal in 3rd world countries but soon will when they will develop). I have been constrained to live on a buck a day in India and I can only sum it up in one word: incel.

        3. We are somewhat comparing apples to cranberries here. Living in America is vastly different than living in a 3rd world or even some other first world countries. Minimalism in a consumerist country like america is different than the poverty widely experienced in a 3rd world country. Our minimalism is more often middle class in those places. I do see your point, that below a threshold there is a negative impact on one’s social life. However the minimalist lifestyle as seen by the American perspective is not really a hinderance. Hell, I did perfectly fine dating when I only had a pullout couch to sleep on and was eating ramen and beans/rice. Though I will admit that owning my own home and having nice things, certainly assists in creating the right mood when a woman is over.

  12. “At age 25, Beta males are invisible to women in their prime. However, later in life these same men will be sought after by women of all ages.”
    Wishful thinking. A few, maybe, but most beta males don’t improve with age.

    1. Stagnant, parallel marriages at best. Cheated on and forced to pay child support and alimony at worst awaits the beta.

    2. they will not improve, but they will be sought after just to pay the bitch’s bills.

      1. Ha! They are so fucking compassionate, aren’t they – when it comes to animals. Which makes them…animals.

        1. They are insane about animals. I just don’t get it. Calling their pet rat their baby and such. I’ve had many pets, and many kids. They are not the same.
          But then, I suppose if they lived a single life and all they have is a pet (or several). I suppose they need to attach to something. Like the 4 year old girl that gets attached to her dolls.

        2. I can’t figure that one out either. Maybe they are really impressionable as girls and they get bombarded with stuffed animals and Disney films and such. It’s weird, whatever it is.

        3. A pet is a surrogate for affection for a man. This applies if she’s single or married. You married guys who have a frigid wife, I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut that she has a dog or cat that she dotes on affectionately. Every. Single. Time.

        4. Girls naturally have excesses of compassion. When they are very young they direct it towards animals but when they’re old enough to start helping care for the young, the old, and the sick, they redirect it appropriately. And they start learning their self-worth. I suspect the women you’re talking about haven’t ever taken care of someone else.

        5. Could very well be. But I believe that in most cases, based on what I have seen, if they stay feminist/SJW for too long, what you describe is a longshot for them.

        6. One silver lining to the financial mess we went through. Because we are still renting, I have a good excuse to not have pets. Our neighbor has an outside dog that we will take on walks. Best of both worlds, you get the dog when you want it, but none of the responsibility.

        7. I don’t think they become feminists if they’re taught early to care for someone other than themselves.

    1. The self pity in that Huff-Po quote is really amusing. Yes, because all “vintage” men (without tons of money, success, power, or fame) are revered too, sweetheart.
      The only reason there are no invisible men to women is because delusional women see all men as potential rapists. Beyond that rape-facade, you are about as visible as a parking meter to most women. There if needed, but otherwise part of the landscape.

    2. The pit bull thing is the worst. It’s this weird sort of virtue-signalling fad: “I don’t care about dog attack statistics, breedist!” I’m not convinced these supposedly rehabilitated dogs rescued from fight clubs and backyard breeders can truly be saved. A coworker just had to put hers down because it tore apart her other dog after 4 fairly docile/quiet years together.

      1. Pits and pit mixes had 28 documented human kills in the USA alone in 2015. That’s 65% of all kills in the USA by dog bite. That’s more than the number of people killed by lightning. That’s more than the number of people killed by hurricanes, tornadoes, mountain lions, bears, alligators, sharks and poisonous snakes combined. If you add in the maimings (lost limbs, ripped off faces, etc.), the number is in the several hundreds.
        “But…but…it’s the way the dog is RAISED!” My ass. These dogs are a cross between a terrier and a bull dog, and they were bred to fight to the death. If a Golden Retriever bites you, it lets go. If a pit or a pit mix bites you, it doesn’t let go and will rip you to pieces. They are unpredictable. Famous last words: “It’s a tragedy. I don’t understand it. He never showed any signs of aggression before…”
        Here’s a classic example of what frequently happens to SJW chicks who try to “rescue” pits and pit mixes; this woman got killed last year, throat ripped out, etc. –

        1. I’ve heard that the half-breeds aren’t dangerous. The killer instinct to clamp jaws and tear flesh is only expressed in full-blooded ones.
          Still, they’re nothing to sniff at. Remember this mauling back in 2001? Miss Whipple’s crime was to merely WALK PAST a pit bull while she was menstruating.

        2. They’re dangerous and unpredictable, for sure. Here’s a quote from Dr. Douglas Skinner, DVM, on the matter; he certainly knows a hell of a lot more about it than I do –
          ““I have been in veterinary practice for 43 years and never have seen anything like the infusion of this breed. Having worked with more than 100,000 dogs of all breeds, I defy any apologist to offer up such experience.
          “Sure, there are sweet pits, but telling one from the bad ones, the Jekyll and Hyde ones that can be incited to violence by some catalyst, is near impossible. While most apologists fancy themselves good trainers, 95 percent of owners are clueless.
          “Many breeds have a history of use based on genetics; the border collie’s is herding, German short hair pointers find birds, and pits have a history of violence. With that information, it still makes sense from the ‘it’s how you raise your dog’ crowd that any dog could be made to herd or point; I mean, it’s how you raise them, right?
          “A border collie herds instinctively, pointers find game birds, and a pit bull? Well, it wants to chase two girls across a field with three of its buddies and maul them.
          “Neuter all pit bulls, require high, double fencing, and give severe fines/incarceration of owners for such attacks. I’ve had it with pit bulls and their mixes trying to bite me during exams or scaring other pet owners. Six weeks old, three months old, you can’t trust them; you can only make excuses for them.”

        3. Pit Bulls are just their SJW virtue signaling regarding racism. If it is conceded that some traits are bred rather than learned, then that throws their entire social theory about equality out the window.

        4. Exactly. Combine it with a fierce, childhood-induced tendency to “save the poor animals” (be they pit bulls or thugs – “All they need is more LOVE”, etc. ), and you have a recipe for disaster. Like the image I posted of the SJW who got her throat ripped out. She learned – the hard way – but she learned. Heh. Can’t help but snicker. One less SJW can’t be a bad thing…especially when you factor in the way she went out.

        5. Good post. check out dogsbite.org for all the information
          Pits are not good family pets. This DVM is spot on IMO.
          My grandpa, a man who spend his life farming and doing animal husbandry, always told me that an animal’s temperament is inherited. He used that word to describe an animal’s behavior and general demeanor.
          He said the offspring from a mean bull or rooster will have the same temperament as the sire.
          Old sayings like ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ and ‘chip off the old block’ are basically folk wisdom acknowledging the truth.
          We humans are not exempt from this rule either IMO.

  13. Why do you call them spinsters? There’s no other term for a sexually active single woman but a prostitute.
    In the Medieval times if a woman living in southern Europe did not marry in her teens, she was often expected to join a nunnery. In contrast, in medieval England one-third of adult women were single women.
    It shows that northern European people have always been a lot more liberal than the Southerners. The former broke away from the Catholic tradition first and later adopted feminism much quicker than the South.

        1. I don’t mind history lessons. What I mind is when you go all Mister Mxyzptlk and get crazier than a shit house rat. That’s ok. I am still kind of fond of your totally out of touch insanity — it’s adorable. You are kind of like an ill behaved dog but your misbehavior takes the form of cute and nonsensical ideas so it eases the day by giving me a laugh. Still, when you go on the head meds you really do say some things that make sense. Maybe you should consider institutionalization where they force you to take the meds all the time until some big indian smothers you with a pillow and then uses a water fountain to smash a window and escape?

        2. At least you’re having fun (at my expense), so why complain?
          Anyway, let’s not get carried away …

        3. I don’t think I was complaining, complaining. More like just having a larrf.

        1. I’m afraid our life must seem very dull and quiet compared to yours. We are but eightscore young blondes, all between sixteen and nineteen-and-a-half, cut off in this castle, with no one to protect us. Oooh. It is a lonely life … bathing … dressing … undressing … making exciting underwear….
          That crazy Zoot always leaving the Grail shaped beacon on. But no worries, the peril isn’t too great for Galahad

        2. I watched that show with my wife awhile back. I don’t know what was funnier, the movie, or counting the number of times she rolled her eyes.

        3. Strange about the film (80s time period). People either loved it or hated it. A knew a guy in HS who could recite the entire script by heart.

        4. I was one of the dorks who could recite it by heart but not one of the dorks that did. It is a subtle difference, like Nerd and Geek, but an important difference to some

        5. My son at 16, upon viewing The Holy Grail, noted that he should probably go on quest to find Castle Anthrax, to hell with the Grail. Heh.

        6. My son at about 8 loved it. The scene in the cave after the killer rabbit with the bit about the inscription-” you will find the grail in the castle of Agggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh….”
          He was literally (Hitler) rolling on the floor laughing having trouble catching his breath.

    1. Odd, I’d think that she’d be expected to join a convent, since nunnery was actually slang for brothel at the time (hence Shakespeare’s rather witty use of it in Hamlet).

      1. England’s women were comparatively rather emancipated even then so they could join a nunnery as in a brothel.

  14. Take every tax deduction you can… and stretch them as far as they will go. Remember that is YOUR money.

    1. I’m not sure tax deductions “punish” the gov. The gov has these because they want to influence your buying decisions or investments. There are certainly indirect ways it profits from you using the deductions.

      1. You’re right in that in the US the government prefers you spend your money in certain ways and will give you the benefit of paying less in tax on it, but there are things that will benefit you entirely that are also tax deductible… things like retirement accounts, the writing off of non-cash charitable donations, and other such things, which can translate into keeping more of your money in your pocket.

        1. Deferring income taxes for retirement accounts mostly benefit security brokerages on Wall Street. You still pay taxes on it when you withdraw from it.

      2. That’s true, but there’s nothing you can do about it, and a diligent accountant can and will find how your “lifestyle” fits many of these deductions even if you don’t intentionally engage in such conditioning. If the breaks are there regardless, and some of them fit what you’re doing, you’d be a fool not to take them.

  15. As you get older and take advantage of the easy, low hanging, on the verge of rotting, late 20s to early 30s pussy fruit, be prepared to be blatantly lied to, constantly. These women are full on desperate, and they will concoct completely different lives from the ones they truly live, or have lived, in order to snag a man who has his shit together.
    And it’s not just lying about who they are — it’s lying by omission as well (alcoholism seems to be the most common one I’ve encountered, and it’s getting more and more common); and then rationalizing it all away when they get called out on it. I’ve never seen anything like it.
    Their line of thinking is: “I like what you have to offer; I think you’re such a good catch that I’ll manufacture this false human being in order to impress you.” In other words: “I like you enough to deceive you.”
    This is very scary shit, gentlemen, and it’s very pervasive — these bitches are mentally ill, plain and simple.
    They’ll crawl into bed within 30 minutes of meeting some derelict with a criminal record and a neck tattoo, but for you? Well, they’ll hold out on sex, put forth some good girl act (which is totally transparent if you pay attention), and give you the whole “I’m not like that” spiel. It’s fucking insulting.
    These women DESERVE to die alone with no one there to love and care about them. If you want love, you need to be fucking lovable; if you want respect, you need to be respectable. Giving the appearance of being a good person is much more important to a woman than actually being a good person — keep that in mind when they’re attempting to take you for a ride, and leave them in the dust when you’ve got what you want. Let them rot alone and full of regret. They deserve nothing more.

    1. Word. I’m early 30s and women my own age are friggin’ easy. I’m definitely not using a diamond lure though.

      1. Use whatever it takes (not that it takes much). I have no compunction about leading them on in whatever way I see fit. I’ll feign commitment, I’ll lie, I’ll lead them on — fuck’em. Good condoms and consistently using them are a must, though.

      2. Wait til you get to early 40s. As long as you look good and got your life together, it’s like fishing with dynamite.

        1. Even being a married man who has it together, I see the desperation in them. All I can do is laugh at these over the hill skanks.

        2. They’ll hit on any man who looks like he has his life together, married or not. The thirst is real for these women. They chose their fate early on, to hell with them.

        3. In reality, I pity them. They bought the lie that they can have it all, and end up with nothing. It is their own stupidity however.

        4. Early last year, I was fuck-buddies for a couple months with a woman a couple years older than me. She was whipsmart, truly ferocious intelligence, hourglass figure, drives a Mustang, definitely high T, a corporate VP somewhere.
          Her words to me? “At this point I really just want companionship.”
          Her history? Divorced one husband, dropped two long-term boyfriends. IOW she’d walked out on THREE presumably good partners. Now she’s wondering why she can’t find anybody who wants her.
          Funny thing is, I got bored with her. Not because of her conversation — she’s actually interesting — but because she just had too many miles on the odometer.

        5. “Companionship”. What a totally sexless word. It’s kind of like women who advertise on personals “I’m looking for a man who realizes that there’s more than sex in a relationship!”. That, from what I’ve observed with my single buddies taking out these types, means that “Sex means NOTHING to me!”. Likely she’s in the 30% of divorces where the *man* leaves because she’s a dried up vag on a fifty year old frame.

        6. do you know that story of a woman that put a classified ad asking for “a man with the mind of Leonard Cohen and the body of Iggy Pop”? in the end, they responded together but she was only interested in “leading profound conversations”. this “companionship” sexless shit reminded me about this tale.

        7. That’s just the thing… any decently attractive woman who isn’t obviously crazy say about 34 or older puts my thinking to… how many decent men did she cast aside already and why should I want to risk being the next one?

    2. Great comment. Women are consummate users and abusers I’m seeing as I get older. The more I deal with women the more I see just what efficient predators of male utility value they are. The Predatory Female was a book a generation ahead of its time.

      1. Should be required reading!
        Come to think of it, and I do, somebody should put together a ‘Required Reading’ list for Redpill newcomers…

    3. Great comment and great advise. What you are advising against is the trap that the kneeman fell into about 6 years ago. It is exactly how you say. She was getting worried about where her life was going and saw a guy who was physically put together, had a job she could brag to her friends about, a nice home and plenty of disposable income and she transformed herself into the perfect woman. I spent nearly 2 years in this and it was the one and only time I had ever been monogamous. I later learned that what she was doing, consciously or not, was just mirroring everything I did, said and liked.
      Oh you like old blues? Me too. Bogart fan? Me too. Like to work out? me too. I could have told her I like to abduct hobos, cut them to pieces and try to create frankensteins out of them and she would have told me how wonderful it was. I will save you all the ugly details of where this one went — worse than most, not as bad as it could have been — and looking back I accept it as the price I had to pay for the lesson.
      That said, if you do fall for it you shouldn’t be turned off by it. AV8R is right on this. They are there for the picking, just go in knowing what you are getting.

      1. Heh. A great time saving technique to use is to never tell her what you like first, always turn it around when she asks you to “Well dear, what do you like?”. The mirroring thing is very real and so many men think that they’ve found The One when they blurt out all of their interests and she adjusts her malleable plastic “personality” to fit his.
        Keep in mind (lurkers) that this is a feature of women, it’s not really something devious that they control per se, it’s just how they’re wired. It’s why she can be the wife of a French Resistance fighter in May and the bride of a Nazi occupier in December after her Resistance fighter husband was blown up by a tank shell. It’s a survival strategy, just be aware of it and learn to work around it to your advantage.
        I don’t mind the malleable personality much in some cases. My wife started out right wing (her father was a hard core GOP member), and just became much more so after we started dating and then married. I find this convenient. I really don’t care if she down in her heart even has a political or philosophical thought, but her mirroring of her father and then me has made her further to the right than Genghis Khan, which keeps family life nice and argument free on that topic. She actually reminds me a lot of you in a way Lolknee, according to her she’d sterilize welfare recipients as a condition of public assistance (if we *must* have welfare, which she says she’d abolish immediately if she could), and has no qualms with homeless being rounded up and bussed to some blue zone state as she simply has no desire to see them loitering around on the clean pristine streets that she’s become accustomed to.

        1. Yup on all counts. It was a lesson I paid a very high price for and one I do not intend to forget. That said, while I do not think it has paid for itself yet, it is quickly on the way, with the increase in ease by which I can get my dick wet which went from absurdly easy to ludicrously easy.
          I like her forced sterilization plan. AS for the homeless, I think we should just come together and pick one state and make it for the homeless. There is no way we are currently using both Dakotas. ONe of them can very easily just be turned into a gated off land mass for the homeless and criminals. I suggest 24/7 video surveillance and a website which live streams it so we can watch them fall into chaos.

        2. No, the Dakotas are inhabited by decent right wing types. If we must pick a deserted state, then New Mexico fills the bill. It already is corrupt and goes Democrat, but is generally deserted otherwise.

        3. New Mexico is great. We can use left over wall building material to block the whole place off and just ship the homeless and the criminals there. We can reduce the size of jails because there would be no sentence longer than 1 year. Anything longer than that, you go to New Mexico.

        4. yeah, but with fewer casinos and cheap cigarettes and much more gang violence.

        5. Agreed. I mean, many women will take up/give up a religion or otherwise ignore incongruent values to secure a man. Taking up a hobby or three to appeal to you is nothing. I think the most important thing is to look for glaring red flags. IE, if she tells a Cluster B kinda lie about one of your interests(she had a signed first edition set of the Lord of the Rings books but they were destroyed in a house fire).
          My wife was never really interested in camping or hiking. I think she went along with it to make me happy at first, but now seems to enjoy the family time aspect and -seeming like- an outdoorsy type on social media. It bugged me at early on but part of the red pill is accepting and going along with gender differences, culminating in saying goodbye to the media fantasy of a truly equal/loyal/independent partner.

        6. I volunteer Canada’s Baffin Island. We’ll need only a cel phone camaera as this show won’t last long.
          They can’t leave it’s surrounded by water, -50C most of the time and 1500kms from the nearest civilization..
          We could call our show “Spare Change Arctic Edition!”

        7. New Mexico is better than the Dakotas terrain wise, just needs some old school Cavalry delousing teams to sweep through. NM has the Rockies whereas the Dakotas have some pissant hills.

        8. It’s isnt too different than Colorado, as far as the terrain. It just has ignorant Indians instead of hipster stoners. The Dakotas were a better choice.

        9. The “big city” (Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces) are democrat, the rest of the state is Republican. But it’s a perfect example of a large city or two being the tail that wags the dog.

        10. If youre in the Dakotas, youre probably a loser. It is shitty in all regards & not even a cheap place to live in. Being there by choice means you have thrown the towel in on life.

        11. Sure. Just saying that we don’t want to ruin some deep red states that habitually vote our way. New Mexico is as you describe, however it’s a known Blue quantity at election time, so I figure it’s as good a place as any.
          Given my real druthers I’d love to dump them in Oregon or California too.

        12. Oh come now. Not everybody wants to live around other people. Personally I’d love to move out to Wyoming. Nobody around, and that’s just peachy as far as I’m concerned.

        13. Lol politics aside, NM, OR & CA are extremely gorgeous areas. Stellar resources & climates, you’re sounding mildy retarded. If CA fell off into the ocean it would euthanize many libs, but the USA would be rekt.

        14. Crazy. I’m curious what kind of volunteering you are doing all the way up there. I don’t know anyone who’s been to Baffin Island.

        15. Lived in the Dakotas before. The people are great. As long as you don’t mind the cold weather, it is a good place to go. As far as the US, it has some of the more traditional women.

        16. SD is a frozen field that thaws occasionally to grow some corn. WY is like how CO used to be, & has diverse resources with intelligent people. Really, even people wise, you notice an immediate positive change when going from SD to WY. Why would you live on the windy prairie of the Dakotas when WY & MT are right by? Cause your Chevy Cavalier overheated is why.

        17. I disagree. You have the Mennonites up there, which have decent stock. Then you have Sturgis/Deadwood type party gals, and then poor white trash. If she is in SD she has nothing going on in life…there are no great jobs or schools. Economy and life is dull as a board up there, all the food is freezer to fryer, & the cost of living is way out of line. Odd place. You have decent people and businesses here & there, but on the whole- WHY ARE YOU IN SD?

        18. Funny you say that. My wife is scared of heights, I got her into rock climbing……goes to show you how much they are willing to follow. Really it can be a good thing if you know how to channel it.

        19. That sounds made by up. I’m still unsure of this whole “Canada” thing anyway

        20. If we didn’t have some semi-serious acreage here in Ohio, we’d be packing up for Buffalo, Wyoming come next fall. It’s hard to pass up the idea of retiring in my early 50’s on 80 acres and starting my own little boutique farm though, so….

        21. My biggest blunders with women came from that exact fantasy mentioned in your last sentence.

        22. You have an exit plan, so you’re ahead of the game. I’m ready to bail at a moment’s notice myself. A couple more years orbiting larger cities, and I’m done. People are getting crazier and crazier. Not that crazy is bad, necessarily, but this is just the wrong kind of crazy…

        23. Im just imagining the Dumb & Dumber Aspen scene of them in those ultra ghey John Denver-esque outfits.

        24. I have been there. I know what it is. I am not kidding, I really am a yuppie

        25. Oh I believe it, no worry. You can have all that high altitude Afghan climate your heart desires.

        26. I don’t want to go there. I just want to know it is there. I will keep my vacations to the Caribbean

        27. No, pick a blue state that encourages this [email protected] You can dump all of them here in CA. Given the state aids and abets illegal immigration than they may as well take care of US citizens as well.

        28. as far as I am concerned as long as it isn’t in manhattan I don’t care where you put it.

        29. 1. People in the midwest talk. Whether you want them to or not, they will treat you as their best friend from high school, even if you just met in the grocery store line where you’re both standing. It’s like Texas level friendly, only without the twang or the concern about what church you attend.
          2. I’m married. I have no choice about talking to my wife. Try to sustain a marriage for over 25 years without talking to your spouse. Good luck with that.
          3. I’m well aware of what women are for, probably far more intimately than you are if you want to take that kind of turn.

        30. I’ve nothing against any of the Western states. For all of their faults (for the ones with faults) they’re still head and shoulders above living in a place like Massachusetts or Vermont.

        31. The word city will soon come to have little more than a theoretical meaning to me. There isn’t even glow on the horizon at night where I’m building my next house. My wife and I walked the fields after harvest about a month or two ago under a full moon. Her idea, this is High Romance in the midwest, heh. The moon was brighter than the average 40W bulb in a small room, and the stars were bright and beautiful and on the horizon there was nothing but darkness (except for a few neighbor’s porch lights a mile or so away). Beautiful.

        32. I could frankly care less what we “lose” if California slides off into the ocean. You sound like a guy with oneitis for a woman.
          “Yeah, she’s awful and mean and spiteful and sabotages everything in my life, buh buh buh she’s so beautiful, I can’t let her go!” – 90% of men who have a pretty woman and no self confidence.

        33. Divide California in two, then dump them in Southern California. Northern California keeps Silicon Valley, most of the good farmland, and all the water.

        34. Nah, Silicon Valley and SF have been pushing this stuff harder than anyone. They can have the homeless.
          Although, I’ll compromise with you. We split the state in two, everything coast to 25 miles inland; 25 miles inland and east. The Coastal California gets the homeless and illegal immigrants. Eastern California the farmland, water and a state constitution consistent with the federal constitution.

        35. It would appear to be a survival technique only in the twenty first century it’s much less effective because women are failing to reproduce in sufficient numbers. No point in surviving an invasion if you die childless.
          I don’t really care much about what feminists say because although they have worked their way into positions of power I still think deep down most women think it’s bullshit.
          I think there are too many weak men unable to or scared to truly conquer a woman and make her pregnant. It makes sense from an evolutionary point of view for women to pass their genes on to the strongest men. We have a lack of strong men. So we have a weak civilisation.

        36. No it hasn’t. That article, which I commented on, was way off base. There are hordes of young men rediscovering their testosterone and riding motorcycles the last 2 years or so. My son also says that a lot of guys his age are picking up auto mechanic classes as well as starting to learn to hunt.
          It turns out that the education system that tried to turn them into women didn’t count on the fact that they’re still men and are not satisfied to be handed an apron and a mop.

        37. Sounds awesome. So you’re planning on staying in Ohio then, unless a wild hair coaxes you out west…like a nuclear disaster or immigrants taking over the Buckeye State.

        38. I dream of living on an acreage, away from everyone…Wyoming or rural Montana sound very appealing

        39. It is to me too, but the land is so infertile out there. Nowhere, Ohio works for me, and since I already own the land anyway, is a no-brainer. If for some reason I sold it though, yeah, Buffalo Wyoming, here I come!

        40. I think of this every time I see a white women dressed up as a dot head so she can be married to an Indian guy. Like she really converted to Hinduism out of some heartfelt religious conviction.

        41. Yeah. We had some acreage when I was looking at Wyoming, but we doubled it for pennies on the dollar and I’m not wont to turn away from that much arable Ohio farmland. You can grow a ten bushel plot of corn by spitting on the ground here, probably the most fertile dirt on God’s green earth. Hard to walk away from that.

        42. I see your point. Keep your mind open though dude because who knows what kind of changes are in the offing. I know you will. You seem like the ultimate survivalist type.

        43. It’s a great thing. It goes along with finding happiness in the happiness of tigers. Men don’t have that, we feel good that people are taken care of and don’t like to justify ourselves.

        44. Look at how much & what types of food CA produces ALL year. You sound like a mgtow fool writing off something completely over a few defects. In Ohio bitchin about CA, look at their GDP ‘ol patriot.

        45. Where I live now we’re demographically 91% white (that’s a real percentage by the way, I’ve seen demographic reports), and where we’re moving it’s even higher. If there is an invasion I’ll notice it immediately. Fortunately Obama is out so hopefully (fingers crossed and not taking it as a given) this whole “import the third world” trend gets staunched. If not, and Nowhere, Ohio gets flooded with a bunch of Hindus and Dindus and Pacos, well, Wyoming, here we come!

        46. It is, I do it myself. There’s no comparison to taking your woman on a good walk etc, it’s like a dance that isn’t for the crowd and there is no artifice. It is sublimely humbling, and honest people simply can not refuse our natural truths. You know you’re not opening any doors for me and I know that Im not cooking for you heh. All of these ideas about cities… how they work and how people survive in them, how they relate to one another… it sounds like a feverish delusion, a choice they make born of desperation. Like bending reality to lessen the load on their cognitive dissonance, like they would be happy to take over and destroy everything then laugh about it. The earth can’t sustain globalism and all of the accompanying bullshit and deep down they all know it, we all know this. Forty billion people can’t all have avacadoes in the north all year round. Who needs that anyways !? City people ? If they can get around a .308 then they’re welcome to share if they can act right and are needed for something like money or specialized equipment or expertise. Otherwise, not interested in their ways, going to the movies, skating on fake ice, buying useless shit, status over character determining worth, eating meals out for nourishment, not having a loving home etc. sometimes we’ll go to the city and get a room, go for drinks and a symphony, maybe a gallery etc. She doesn’t really like the city, and it’s not for nothing. The same way that a man can access others skills so he can make use of his womans emotional sensitivity. They are scary once you understand how humans can live and the patterns of internal contradiction and unsustainability that are recognized in systems outside of that. It’s violence and degeneracy behind glass. It’s like going to the zoo…but, animals don’t act like that. Romance is the flower of a solid and natural thing between people. ‘The fuck do you find any romance in a place like that ?! Is everybody supposed to buy a diamond then sit in a fancy little box like a little diamond in a fancy little box !?

        47. Yep, we’ll have to wait and see what Trump brings about. I’ve got my eye on Canada, for exactly the same reasons (little towns up there, predominantly white, zero Dindus ane the like, which I’ve already visited). Hell, if I can bag enough loot in the next three or fours years, I’d be likely to get some acreage and a freaking compound complete with armed guards – heh. Or an island. I thought about living the boat life at some point, and cruise from port to port, but pirates are a hell of a lot more abundant than they are in those Johnny Depp movies. I guess no matter where you go, there you are…wow, that sounded all Buddhist and shit. It’ll all work out.

        48. Sturgis has been a “corporate event” since the 1960’s, give or take. Outside of concerts, I don’t see much in the way of corporate dullness there. You’ll have your shops set up at the Chip, but most of them are mom & pop, and the ones that aren’t offer some pretty neat shit so I don’t mind. It’s not like Wendys and McDonalds are the “official sponsor of Sturgis!” or anything. The closest to that are the beer vendors who serve that swill Bud and Coors, but then, so does every other bar in the world. This is why GhostOfJefferson brings his own Scotch and some nice flasks for the road.

        49. That article by Captain Asshole Aaron Clarey pretty much nails it. SD is best us summer when you have all that nothingness to yourself. So, going there when all the crowds are in is like pissin in the wind.

        50. Clarey is 100% correct in all of that. I knew a few diehards and they showed me cell phone pics at the time, the real action was in prairie bars 80 miles out from Sturgis where theyd do a day ride and skanks would be topless. Whew, I know, crazy like a euro beach.

        51. The lodging & food prices in SD get boosted to rates comparable to NYC during rally time, while the quality remains shit.

        52. That’s weird. My first wife, when we first met, apparently shared my love of travelling around Central European cities. When we were planning her honeymoon, I suggested Prague but she wanted to go hiking in Northumberland. More and more things that we supposedly had in common gradually disappeared when I suggested we do them. Then she switched and started actively hating things I liked doing that she had said she shared when we met. It was like she was mirroring me at first then her real self kicked in.
          I’ve experienced something similar with other women since then.
          Add to that the weird moment when I met up with wife #1 to discuss something to do with one of our children, and she asked me who she should be voting for.
          And the Progressives try to tell us there is no difference in how men and women think?!

        53. Chicago beat you to it and we keep the gates open cause it keeps bodies moving through for a chance at culling.
          It’s like natural selection is missing so our friendly neighborhood gangs out of the kindness of their hearts eliminate the weak and unlucky.

        54. Forced sterilization comes right out of 1930s eugenics. One of the way the “elite” get the population on board with their ideas is to make problems to which their ideas are solutions. The welfare dependent underclass was created IMO to control the middle class and to allow various forms of social engineering to go forward. It would not surprise me if it eventually got back to the forced sterilization of the unfit.
          As to your homeless and criminal solution… there was a movie on that:

        55. Ever notice though the people who preach the loudest about diversity live in the whitest places? Sometimes I like to take people I know like that to some of the neighborhoods I’ve lived in and see how they react not being around white people for awhile.

        56. >I don’t mind the malleable personality much in some cases.
          I have to admit I’m guilty of…guiding, my gf into certain beliefs. Whether or not she is just parroting, who knows, but it’s the same result anyway.
          Women are absolutely fucked when you learn their natures.

        57. I would add that some very very hot women are in the Dakotas-MN-Northern IA belt… Marge Helgenberger, Denise Richards – viking stock scandinavian… just catch them young, low-notch, and/or traditional

        58. Wall up NYC,Chicago, and LA; then Der Trumpster will reign for three or four terms easy.

        59. You might find this interesting. I have my eye on Saskatchewan (province in Canada) as a possible part-time hangout of the future. Spent about half a year up there back in 2002-2003. Never been treated so well by strangers in a foreign land. Courteous, affable, considerate. It was like being in some fantasy world where human beings acted like human beings to each other – very much like the way the townsfolk interacted in that Coen brothers’ movie, “Fargo”. There’s only a hair more than 1 million people in the entire province. Yes, it gets colder than heck up there in the winter but everything is a trade-off. It’s about six times the size of Ohio and you can get lost up there (literally). I think the current exchange rate (USD to CAD) is 1.32. So your dollar goes way farther up there, which is normally the case, although a few years back it was the reverse situation. Demographic breakdown by ethnicity appears below.

        60. Exactly. Living in big cities and traveling the world has shown me the patterns of different people. Its almost like some behavior types have a genetic connection!

        61. Yep. I actually heard Norweigian being spoken by some hotel staff 19-ish year old blonde maids when I was staying in Wall back in 2012. Fuck, they were hot.

        62. More and more young chicks are showing up. It’s still a GenX and older show, no question, but things are starting to change to accommodate the new generation that discovered motorcycles.

        63. You reserve a year ahead of time. I can get a nice campsite for a full 13 days for just over $200 bucks. Since I only do camp or cabin, I could care less about what hotels charge. Hotels are for the trailer pulling pussies.

        64. Yep. New England and the North East coast is virulently racist, but the most preachy about race towards others. I’ve heard the word “nigger” from the mouths of transplanted New Englanders (Massachusettes, New Jersey, etc) more times in 2 years than I have from midwesterners in my lifetime combined.

        65. You need to get out more. The Midwest is a pretty decent place, people wise.

        66. New Mexico had the nicest people I ever met anywhere on Earth…but no engineering jobs whatsoever.

        67. So you think it’s a bad idea to date this chick I know who converted to Islam to marry a Muslim dude (she even wore the hijab) only to get beaten then divorced? She is hot though.

        68. This is why is better to be friends first before getting into a relationship. Jumping straight into dates causes both parties to put their best foward.

        69. I know a few conservative housewives who have similar opinions (cut off welfare, get rid of the homeless etc) but they sit at home all day watching Dr. Phil and drinking wine while hubby busts his ass at work to pay for her nice house and comfortable lifestyle. Sounds like the definition of welfare to me. They don’t even have children, which would be slightly more redeemable. Up until school age anyway, then you are basically a leech again.
          Not that I disagree with any of the ideas you say your wife has. I agree 100%.
          I’ve long since stopped taking women’s political views seriously. If a conservative wife divorced her conservative husband and married a rich liberal, I bet you anything she would be saying we need to expand welfare and take care of all the drug addicted homeless bums.

        70. North Dakota voted Trump by 40. Let’s punish leftist dumps like New York or Maryland instead.

        71. This is great. I feel it is by design this way. There really is something about a man handing the reins of his daughter over to a new man at her wedding. She should go from a young lady following her fathers lead to a young woman following her husbands lead and women are built for this perfectly.
          That said, it was pointed out by @bem yesterday that while some people are afraid of heights, I am apparently afraid of widths.

        72. After I’m done with my electrical apprenticeship it’s Montana for me. Big mountains, more snow, less people.

        73. “Keep in mind (lurkers) that this is a feature of women, it’s not really something devious that they control per se, it’s just how they’re wired. It’s why she can be the wife of a French Resistance fighter in May and the bride of a Nazi occupier in December after her Resistance fighter husband was blown up by a tank shell. It’s a survival strategy, just be aware of it and learn to work around it to your advantage”
          Indeed it’s all about survival for women – absolutely no loyalties.

        74. “only to get beaten then divorced”
          How does a muslime female get divorced and NOT have her head cut off and thrown in the dumpster?

        75. I wondered if people would notice. It was figuring out where I went wrong with her that led me to the red pill.

        76. i gotta learn to channel that sexually, and further upstream of that I need to convince myself i want better than meat and potatoes sex (missionary, doggystyle, cum on her stomach or back)

        77. Well first you have to realize Muslim men don’t just kill women or divorce them for no reason. Mass Propaganda/media is just projecting onto Muslims everything we find morally objectionable. This is to foster hate for the huge war coming so no one finds a reason to not pull the trigger. Its too bad there is so much disconnect between men on different hemispheres and countries, I think we all have something in common, which is we are all being used for greater nefarious reasons. It will be to all our detriment to stay hateful and uninformed, used by the Elite rich power mongers.

        78. Because pair-bonding is a fundamental human pattern still enjoyed by people with traditional values.

        79. “I think we all have something in common, which is we are all being used for greater nefarious reasons”
          Try convincing the islamic insurgents being brought to europe of this. I don’t disagree with you, but this type of philosiphizing is not going to be pragmatic when it all goes down.

        80. I think I know what meat sex might be, but what is potatoes sex?
          Seriously though, as long as she doesn’t see it as a moral issue (bad idea to make her break her moral code, she may start breaking it elsewhere), you can get it in time.

        81. The problem is that the VAST majority of women nowadays DON’T have ‘traditional’ values.
          Of course, they SAY that they do…

        82. We have “a lack of strong men” because the women have the support of Big Daddy Government, his White Knights in Blue Uniforms, his inJustice System, and the cooperation of the sycophantic media.

        83. Vasectomy before the first child = free $1.000,-
          That would be a very good thing for the environment. You could plant a 100 trees and still not having a child is better for the world.

        84. She didn’t become her real self. She has no real self. She is just a brown dead leaf detached from the tree and blowing in the autumn wind.

        85. Wall it off yes, but then just give it back to Mexico. They have given us plenty of their homeless and criminals, turnabout is fair play.

        86. And the skiing is not that great. It is just hype and reputation way overdue for a reset.

        87. You get more Loonies for your dollar but you don’t get more purchasing power. I saw tons of Canadians crossing the border from British Columbia to Washington state to buy their groceries and everything else. High taxes drive up the cost of everything. Socialism means high taxes on anybody producing anything, so they can pay everything for the non-producers.

        88. Where in Minnesota did you find these fantastic women. They are the bluest blue state in the union. The women are actually 150% feminists. I grew up in Minnesota and have no passion for tall blondes. The Scandinavian body types tend to become Brunhildas over time. That tall willowy blond at 20 becomes a wide at the shoulder, wider at the hip, big mom battle ax by 30 (maybe 35).

        89. The last time I went to biker week in Sturgis it was all long grey pony tails, male and female. The most common t-shirt was “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t reach my beer.”

        90. I will admit that my last biker week was quite some time ago. I might give it another try.

        91. So, it is no different from the rest of the US. Look at a map of the last election by county. It is a sea of red with bright blue cities, with the exception of the north east. Even the bluest state in existence, Minnesota, which was won by Hitlery, she only carried 6 counties.

        92. Now that Im a little older, Id rather just soak in a hot springs and scope out the talent. Glenwood Springs or hiking back to a natural spring etc

        93. The San Andrea fault would only slice off the coast, eliminating from San Francisco to LA/SD. Most of the productive and beautiful central valley and Sierra mountains would remain. So I say, slice away.

        94. Lot of girls from MN go to school here in Colorado for some reason. Maybe I’m just seeing the better part of the talent?

      2. Called the mirror seduction technique. This stuff is scary, cause in hindsight we realize they were so desperate to trap us, they did mold themselves into the perfect gf. The hurt & betrayal is at the end of the relationship, when they remove the mask.

        1. It’s standard operating procedure for Cluster B personality disordered individuals… it’s also standard operating procedure for the vast majority of women.
          Idealize, Devalue, Discard.
          The trick is to ride the idealization wave, recognize it for what it is, then abruptly end things before part II and part III come along. Be the mindfucker, not the mindfuckee.

        2. Yes, after I got out of my relationship I read a lot about it. I fell hook line and sinker. Took nearly 40 years for a girl to get me to agree to monogamy and it turned out very, very, very badly. Like, cautionary warning tale on this site, police involved, money gone badly. Still, it is over and I am stronger for it. I tell my mother that when I am 60 a woman will be born and when she turns 18 I will get into my next relationship.

        3. Yes, should be a warning tale on this site. These are the types that then put on the victim mask & try to push your buttons with malicious behavior so they can call the police on you.

        4. I find myself taking on the accent of the person I’m talking to. I can fight it, but the tendency remains.

        5. Absolutely. But this doesn’t mean one should avoid them. They are often attractive and will fuck like psychos. The trick is to understand the game before you play it. It is an easy game to win. That 27-29 hot girl who is “done with the scene” which means she is looking to get her hooks into someone is easy, fun and in all ways manageable as long as you know how.

        6. I’ll still pop in from time to time, my friend. Not nearly as much as I used to, I’m afraid.
          My “New Years Resolution” is to finish the several articles I have in work and get them published here eventually. I still got a lot of stuff left to get out there, I’m just not happy with the execution at this time. But I’m plucking away at it, slowly but surely.

        7. If you like this kind of stuff you should check out ROK articles that came out before Trump entered the election cycle.
          There has been a shift towards geo-politics the last while, but before that a lot of the material was just like this.
          AV8R wrote some of the best prose on ROK. Here’s a list. I recommend “If There’s A Mess On Her Floor, Then She’s Probably A Whore”. Shit is hilarious… and true. http://www.returnofkings.com/author/av8r

        8. I’ve been through the Idealize-Devalue-Discard washing cycle so many goddamn times that it feels almost rote at this point.
          The women put on that mask, but it always slips off. For some, it’s a matter of weeks; others, months or years. But it always falls off.

        9. Will they be gems like “Girls Are Fucking Their Dogs”?
          We need some shock value here it’s getting a bit dry!

        10. I was thinking a working title of: “Why You Should Never Date A Woman Who Owns An Un-Neutered Male Dog That Weighs In Excess Of 70 Pounds”

        11. Honest question here, I’m not needling you. What kept you from learning the cycle after the first few times of going through it? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, I’m always curious at what compels men to learn, or not learn, life lessons.

        12. I’ve gone through the cycle with four different women. By the third one, in my late twenties, I had recognized the pattern. The fourth one was my marriage, which started when I met her at age 29, and I was absolutely positively sure the cycle wouldn’t happen again — after all, I was solid, I was an oak, I’d bring her to heel through the force of my personality, etc. Wrong. Her narcissism was too strong even for me, and I found myself in a five-star devaluing cycle, eventually discarded.
          Today? At the first sign of devaluing — even one snippy comment — a woman is ejected. Mercilessly.

        13. Those are the ones that it’s essential to wrap up for. They run baby game like nobody else.

        14. Speculation on my part, because I learned my lesson after my first — and only — long-term relationship. A relationship that ended… well, terribly.
          1) Mentally ill pussy is phenomenally good pussy; nothing fucks better than crazy. It’s frequent, and it’s no holds barred. Whatever you want, you will get. It can be very easy for this to take hold of a man — especially if there aren’t other options on the table and the woman is attractive.
          2) Everyone wants to feel special, and everyone wants to believe that the bad things in life don’t apply to them. Being lying to, cheated on, flaked on, getting used? “That shit applies to everyone else, not me. Losers get that treatment, and I’m not a loser; I’m the fucking man.” It’s the folly of believing in one’s own bullshit. A fragile ego is an ego that is easily stroked, and these types of women know how to stroke an ego.
          They’re copying everything about you, and if you’re delusional enough to believe your own hype, then they’ll sucker you in very easily. If you don’t learn your lesson, and realize that you’re just a pissing, shitting human being like everyone else, then you’ll fall for this basic flattery time and time again.

        15. I meant something different. I get all of what you said. What I’m asking is, after you’ve experienced it to the point that you know the cycle and that it IS a cycle with all women, then what would compel you (not you, you) to continue to go through the cycle? Why not learn, manipulate the cycle to your advantage, and bail before cycle II and III hit?

        16. “Her narcissism was too strong even for me, and I found myself in a five-star devaluing cycle,”
          And the more you try to smooth things over, the more drama and demands increased the next time round? Was my experience around 29 with a narcisstic woman in any case. How long before you hit the ZFG zone?

        17. Ive noticed how serious gfs will start mimicking your vocab & expressions subconciously.

        18. The marriage lasted five years, but because of her behavior, it was dead by the third year. The last two years, I kept myself busy round-the-clock, 14 hrs a day, so that I didn’t have to deal with her. On the plus side: My career is reaping the benefits of all those hours.

        19. I have seen this before. She uses the kids as pawns to get what she wants and shield her from any negative consequences of her behavior and then neglects them? All the while telling everyone what a great mom she is …. sitting in a bar.

        20. A lot of women fight for the kids/child support but then find the kids are inconvenient and get in the way. They then insist Dad take the kids on her time and that he should be grateful she’s ‘allowing’ him more time with his kids. While she travels with her boyfriend etc.
          Know several men with their kids living with them full time just a couple years after the divorce. Their exes still refer to themselves as single moms and milk it for sympathy/image to the folks they meet.
          Learned from that observation to get custody of my kids in the divorce. I drove my son up to start college last year and his mom flew up and helped moving him into the dorm. On the flight back she sent some kind of group text/message thing about how folks on the airplane must be wondering why she’s crying. She’s so going to miss her baby being away.
          My daughter apparently posted: ‘You haven’t lived with him for a decade, what’s so different now?’
          My other daughter thought that was pretty funny. Brutal, but funny.

        21. Got it. Good on you for your new strategy. Best to be safe these days.

        22. Self awareness isn’t their strong suit and despite the lies they tell themselves, most eventually see though the facade– especially the kids– over time.
          Congrats on getting custody. Your kids will benefit from it most of all.

        23. What is scarier is the effect this has on kids. My kids hate it when their mom gets a new boyfriend and changes– they note all of a sudden she likes that guy’s music, pick up his activities/interests. They hate it, how fake they see her as being.. She insists, this is me, this is who I have always been.
          … when they were little she’d told them how much she loved them and that she would always be there for them. But she moved out, and it made them question whether the loving mom had always been an act too. There’d never really been a loving mom, just her pretending to love them. It really messed with their heads. I admire and respect the way they’ve each worked through it.

        24. I hadn’t thought of it until seeing your comment. But, according to the kids it’s exactly what she does. They saw that and then the fact she was willing to just visit them in their home with me vice making a home with them made them question everything.
          A good lesson for my son though, he learned a lot about female nature observing his mom.

        25. It’s sad, but at least your son has learned a valuable lesson about women. Too bad that he had to take the Red Pill that way.

        26. How do you notice devaluation? Examples? In our day to day lives we all sometimes are moody and not so friendly.

        27. It helps to go through the cycle with several women. You’ll get a sense for when she’s tearing you down, because sometimes it’s subtle. Sometimes it’s not — watch out if she’s challenging you, refusing to take your side of a dispute with someone else, failing to keep up her side of a responsibility, or using “you always” or “you never” in her language.

      3. I’m in mid 30s, very healthy and fit, own a successful business. This attracts women age 25-30 like bees to honey. I find it challenging to avoid women and at one point I felt like running a sizeable harem, but since reduced the numbers 🙂 All of those women know I’m married and they do not care – my valuable time and company is all they get. It’s amusing to observe all the tricks they play to manipulate me, but I’ve already seen it all. Plan is simple, stay fit and enjoy this lifestyle while I still can, which looks like at least another 20 years. Plenty of fish out there.

        1. She is still unhappy. Has made several attempts to rectify situation. I ignore. Haven’t heard from her in over a year. Can’t speak for someone else’s mindset but I think she knows she fucked up.

      4. Yep there was a time where one could use a strong pimp hand on these bitches but we are civilized now….fuck and chuck.

      5. I began dating back when this whole mess was getting geared up back in the early 90’s. The cultural rot wasn’t as bad then, but the signs were there. Keep in mind that this was back before internet dating so when women hit their wall, they hit it hard and suddenly would lack attention from men almost entirely.
        What was astounding was that the biological clock chasers would have done anything rather than actually take basic responsiblity for finding and treating men decently during dating. If anything, they were worse than their younger days. They felt they were entitled to a man NOW and he should put up with even more nonsense to demonstrate his value to her. It sounds illlogical to us, but it’s the ultimate shit test. They would offer men nothing to see if he really wanted her.
        Anyhoo, where this fits Yader’s narrative is that it shocked me that these women didn’t bother to cover up their tracks very well. They threw out the warning flags without care for who saw them and sure, there were still men biting (as there are now) but I didn’t. I felt I had earned a right to a spouse that respected me and simply chose to date younger women.

      6. At 33, the longest relationship Ive had is 8 months. Ive always been embarSsed about this. Do you have a similar situation?

        1. I think mind might be more extreme. At 39 I had never once had a relationship that wasn’t just casual dating. Then I met a girl and got into a relationship that lasted 18 months. When it was over I went back to my former lifestyle and never plan to deviate.

      7. mirroring? Sandman calls it being a chameleon. it’s been super effective on me. That shit melts my butter, especially if she’s 20.

        1. Yes I’ve heard chameleon too. Mirroring seems to be an actual psychological/medical term. If you google it you will find out. I spent a whole life not getting got until this one got me good. Hard lesson

        1. It is well known to me now and after my situation 6 years ago I learned a lot and read a lot….before then I didn’t know, much to my dismay.

    4. Fantastic Pro-Tip you posted there Yader. Absolutely and observably true.

    5. Even those that Beta-Bux up and don’t die alone will face the music. I have an acquaintance who has breast cancer. She has tried everything under the sun to cure it, but it is resistant to everything. She says that the docs told her that they are noticing an increasing link to this type of aggressive breast cancer in women who stay on birth control for a long time and delay childbirth (she delayed until her late 30’s/early 40’s). I googled it and surprisingly there are lots of results, like this one (though this doesn’t mention birth control – just late childbirth): http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1294785/Is-late-motherhood-causing-breast-cancer-epidemic.html
      So not only is feminism killing these women spiritually and emotionally, it is probably killing them in a very literal sense too. Sad for the kids.

      1. Considering how biologically sensitive a typical female is to hormonal changes, one doesn’t have to be a doctor to know that long term exposure to drugs that intentionally change such things cannot be good for the long run.

      2. Do you know which cohort of females has rock-bottom rates of breast cancer? The women who gave birth by age 18. It’s like women who don’t follow nature’s orders get punished.
        Civilization v biomechanics: The battle continues.

        1. It’s actually kind of shocking that with all the breast cancer awareness stuff thrown in our faces that this isn’t more widely known. I have known a few people with breast cancer, including my brother’s wife, and hearing this the other day was literally the first time I have ever heard this, despite the fact that if you look it has been suspected to be linked for well over a decade. And of course, what you point to – age cohorts of mothers with breast cancer should be widely available.

        2. We also need more awareness about older women giving birth are more likely to birth a yard.

        3. If the last few generations of children are any indication, older mothers who first give birth in their thirties are also more likely to birth children with mental and psychological problems.

      3. Well the following Research done in India puts it quite bluntly :
        “Women who take oral contraceptives regularly are at a higher risk of
        developing breast cancer compared to others, shows a study by AIIMS
        doctors. Breast cancer risk was found to be 9.5 times more in women with a history of consuming such pills.
        Early menstruation cycle, late marriage and lower duration of breastfeeding were the other major factors responsible for the disease among Indians, according to the study published in the latest issue of the Indian Journal of Cancer.”
        Source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/The-pill-can-kill-AIIMS-study/articleshow/28251469.cms

    6. I am SO glad that I saw this in my early 20’s. Nasty bar hags with nothing to offer but lies and stench. Pick them up early, or leave them.
      Isaiah 3 – 16 ¶Moreover the Lord saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:
      17 Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the Lord will discover their secret parts.
      18 In that day the Lord will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon,
      19 The chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers,
      20 The bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings,
      21 The rings, and nose jewels,
      22 The changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins,
      23 The glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the veils.
      24 And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.
      25 Thy men shall fall by the sword, and thy mighty in the war.
      26 And her gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall sit upon the ground.

    7. “keep that in mind when they’re attempting to take you for a ride, and leave them in the dust when you’ve got what you want. Let them rot alone and full of regret. They deserve nothing more”
      Print these words out (on A4 size) and place on refrigerator.

    8. At age 60, I’m quite happy with late 20s to early 30s pussy fruit. Don’t get me wrong, early 20s is nice, but a bit too expensive, and a bit too much like hard work for someone with my limited energy to pursue every day.
      PS what do you have against my criminal record and neck tattoo?

    9. Sad but true. That being said I will bring some camel backs to fill up on tears cause this Trump supporter only rolls with the sweetest form of hydration known to man.

    10. “These women DESERVE to die alone with no one there to love and care about them.”
      -Indeed. You reap what you sow !
      “Giving the appearance of being a good person is much more important to a woman than actually being a good person — keep that in mind”
      -Advice of the Millennium !
      “If you want love, you need to be fucking lovable; if you want respect, you need to be respectable”
      -Commonsense; which is, unfortunately, not-so-common !
      Actually, your comment MUST be an Article on its own by now !

    11. Good frame for 99percent of women, agreed.
      As mentioned in earlier posts, I have had luck – although 1percenters – with somewhat recently widowed women who married (or pair-bonded) young with low notch counts and traditional checklists. A big bag but just one, and know

    12. It’s so good to see you, man.. This article reminded me of one of yours..Straight to the fucking point and no punches pulled..I thank you and the author of this article and even Roosh for creating this amazing site. There is not a single man on earth that does not need this knowledge and understanding of how the world Really works and how to handle and deal with these crazy ass bitches out here…Thank you all and keep up the good work.. It is not in vain.

      1. Thanks, True King. I still pop in from time to time. Should have something ready to go for publishing by February. That’s the plan, anyway. Take care.

    13. “If you want love, you need to be fucking lovable; if you want respect, you need to be respectable.” – Fucking Beautiful – ‘NUFF SAID!

    14. Have you ever tried to just pick an 18 year old virgin from a religious family, making an agreement with her father and such? These arrangements still go on in the world, might as well capitalize in a stable investment of time and energy if you do want a family. I’m just curious. A woman is incapable of true genuine love for her man the way she is for her children, but like you said, she can still be lovable, and an unspoiled girl at that age who respects men is really the only prime candidate for a wife and mother.

    15. Good advice, spend my teens and twenties treated like trash by women only pay 50 times the original price for a heavily used defective product.

    16. Am from U.K. so go easy on me but it’s the same garbage over here even the feminist German Greer admits she got it wrong. Of course she’s now well into her 70s and realising the reality of her situation. Let’s face it none of us can have it all in this life but since the so called sexual revolution woman have craved and got more power. One just has to look at the Leaders of Countries and of Political Parties especially in the West. But going back to the women want everything. I was going with a lovely girl for about 8 months ( many years ago ) who was a career person. She used to make comments which when I was in love and about to ask her to marry me went over my head. Although I had a very good and well paid job as an Engineer she sometimes said things like ” well you know I went with so and so who was a doctor ” or ” Jim who was a lawyer Etc ” At this time both of us were in our very early 30s. I was a bit of fitness fanatic and she started going to the gym and running with me she looked fantastic. Then she dropped me like a stone crying whilst breaking up with me ,she broke my heart. Anyhow life goes on and 3 years later I was with someone and had a daughter and we were happy. About 8 years later I ran into my ex and I knew I had won a watch . She was at least 6 stone overweight and had aged about 12 years. She was alone and my daughter was with me,she said she was married. I looked at her and said ” well you must have a few kids ” in ref to the way she looked . Al never forget her sorrowful look when she said that it didn’t happen for her and her husband they were told it was to late . I could have said well at least you have your Doctor Husband. I didn’t I just walked away grateful for what I had . My experience of a Woman who thought she could have it all.

    17. No man should “adopt” a woman after 35. And single mothers are out of the question even when they are young and hot. Don’t pay for somebody else’s ejaculation.
      You know what is the conception of old women in poverty? That the men left them and they have no money because of rearing children and not working for decades. But the reality is often different. Stepped out of a decent relationship? Pay your own bills now. No more taxmoney for old spinsters. Daddy government needs to die. No more welfare state. Didn’t save enough money for retirement? Your problem. Don’t come cry at your local municipality for an EBT card and a cheque every month
      But unfortunately.. One man’s trash is another man’s
      treasure. There is always a beta cuck willing to give his time, energy
      and money to an old (30+) spinster. With, or without kids that are not
      his. I’ve seen it with family of mine. I have a niece with two children.
      The simp that was her friend for a couple of years had it all. Big
      house, car, good job. And he payed for her and the children. She had hit jackpot. Luckily that relationship went bad and she now lives in some crappy apartment. She’s not a bad woman, but… she chose the wrong man to have children with and I as a 12 year old even knew, before she even had children, that he wasn’t going to be faithful. We should go back to earlier times. No more daddy government. Marry wise or pay the consequences. No more hammocks, no more safety-nets. They make lazy.

    18. AV. Glad to see your post. Wisdom is always appreciated. I abide by all of the above, but it’s sad to see so many guys duped by the false narrative.

    1. Fuck.
      How can they justify the blatant discriminatory nature of giving a guaranteed basic income to childless women (but not men) in their 40s/50s? What the fuck?

    2. At least the comments section looks promising.
      I hadn’t heard of this but I don’t see how this can make sense… Ontario is already 300 billion in debt… That’s more debt than California and we don’t have a fraction of the population or the industry.
      Kathleen Wynne is fucking insane. If things keep going the way they are going Ontario is done as the economic engine of Canada. Might be time to move soon.

        1. What I don’t understand is what are the consequences of the government creating so much debt. Seems like they continue to do so and things just keep chugging along.
          It’s either having an impact that I am not understanding, or it’s just monopoly money.

      1. 300 billion in debt.. yet our feminist bull dyke Premier wants to subsidize in-vitro fertilization for feminist, career women w ho make a deliberate lifestyle choice to slut it up and put their career, fun and travelling first and foremost during their most fertile years, and who rejected men for marriage because they just weren’t good enough or “hawt” enough or successful enough.. but who suddenly after the age of 40 want to get pregnant and have kids. Why the fuck do I have to subsidize some liberal feminist slut who refuses to understand women have a limited biological clock and insisted on believing dubious and outright incorrect liberal feminist premises without understanding the real consequencies of biological reality until it’s too late???
        Ontario to cover in-vitro fertilization treatments

        1. Don’t even know what to say man. Canada has just been getting worse and worse the last while.

    3. Someone I know who is leftist kept preaching for “basic income” so I said if that happens I’ll quit working. She was rather offended by that. Then I started using the sales pitch against her. I’ll use the time to do things I want to do, to follow my passions, like restore cars, learn to run bridgeport mill, just got her more riled and she went on about how basic income won’t provide money for that. But I have my savings, I just need basic income to pay for food and real estate taxes and of course the free medical insurance. Needless to say that didn’t go over well either.
      See a man like me is just supposed to keep working supporting “society” and getting nothing back from it. That’s the social contract. Sounds like slavery to me.
      On a related note in the USA we have Obamacare which is structured to tie people to corporate employment. Because we must have medical insurance and medical insurance outside of employment is expensive because the government spent a century serving the desires of the medical industry to increase prices.

  16. So perhaps men as individuals can “refuse” to marry and support these women but if we’re hard working, tax paying members of society, I don’t think we can escape Daddy Government who will support these women.

    1. You can definitely minimize your support of the same.
      As you get older, particularly if you have kids and they grow up and move on do you really need the expensive, big house and high property taxes that come with it? Do you need the flashy new car and the high sales tax and fees that come with it? Do you need the latest and greatest of consumer goods and the taxes you pay on them?

  17. A vintage wine from a good harvest year made with the most succulent of grapes that I bought new and aged over time with great care is nothing to sneeze at. It is a joy and a pleasure and despite the age it will and has always served me well.
    Some huckster selling me a 50 year old bottle of Boone’s Farm on the other hand, why in the hell would I ever want that?
    That’s the difference you HuffPo slags. Your career womynz You-Go-Grrrllll corporate bints aren’t even Boones Farm quality, they’re literally (Hitler) the dregs at the bottom of the barrel that went straight to the bottom by choice. The fine vintage wine started from a good harvest (traditional family raised decent and pleasant young lady) and was maintained in a proper environment as time passed. You, on the other hand, went out and put “Me me me me me!” first, sneered at men in your prime and rode 1000 useless cocks when you still had looks yet wouldn’t deign to lower yourself to actually care for a man when you had a chance. You made yourself vinegar intentionally, no man wants vintage vinegar.
    Supporting these travesties of human debris may not be entirely avoidable, but doing a job that requires your manual labor and pays cash more often than not can help alleviate some of that “Me me me support my bad female choices!” tax I’d hope.

      1. Don’t forget the intoxicating delights of Mad Dog or Thunderbird in the complimentary brown paper bag.

        1. I loved bum wine: Irish Rose, MD 20/20, Night Train.
          Thunderbird was that shit only the most broken down Indians on the res would drink haha

        2. back in my alcoholic days, I loved malt liquor. Nothing I loved more than a 40 oz of Olde English 800 … that skunky smell.

        3. Pancho Villa Tequila, Wild Turkey Bourbon and Hamm’s Ice….been nearly 2 decades.
          Reminds me of the last time I threw up. Thanksgiving night, passed out in the back of my Blazer following a bonfire. I thought I hung my head out the window. Completely covered the floor board with turkey and stuffing.

        4. correction: Wild Turkey Bourbon 101 add to this list old granddad

        5. In Austin, Texas I once drank a cocktail made with Everclear, Tang, and crushed ice. It took me from sober to I-can’t-feel-my-lips in about fifteen minutes.

        6. A friend of mine became a hero. Drinking with another friend in his VW bug with a brand new interior. The sickness over came him, intoxication prevented him finding the door release– He pulled his shirt out a bit and vomited down his chest successfully containing the spew until someone could open the door from outside.
          Now that’s a considerate dude.

        7. Good going. I didn’t care too much, it was shag carpet I found at the dump. I cut up another piece to fit and replaced it. I was only out a Saturday of work.

        8. Nice having a pick up truck with rubber flooring, plastic door panels. Kids have dropped ice cream/slurpies and just rinse out.

        9. Everclear, aye, I know that brand. I was stationed in Texas for AIT, in San Angelo. Lots of buddies ended up having bachelor parties that featured Everclear, either in Jungle Juice (drink it by the trash can full!) or dumped into an innocent unsuspecting watermellon and left to cure in the fridge overnight.
          To say that this is a scary beverage is to play really conservative in wording.

        10. A guy in my unit got hooked on it and he started having memory lapses. I’m not sure if he made it through his enlistment. He told me once that after everclear, he tried to get some distance from it. One night he drank a whole bottle of Jack Daniels and it said it didn’t phase him.
          Scare beverage indeed. IIRC it has an industrial use as furniture polish.

    1. only 9:30 am and the internet has already been won for the day. Well done

      1. Actually that’s not the TL;DR. A good woman (at the start), properly handled and maintained, will turn into a fine wine who makes excellent material for the matronly grandmother who bakes cookies and is genuinely happy when the grandkids show up at the door. The Boones Farm Career-grrrl slags on the other hand, age worse than milk, they are worth less than nothing when they age and will be greeted by no smiling faces at their doors when they’re older, and deservedly so.

        1. also, even if you have a perfectly aged vintage bottle of wine you drink the wine and then throw the bottle in the recycling bin to be made into a newer bottle.

        2. Would still not want sex with the happy old granny though, even if I were a grandpa myself. My attraction keeps stuck somewhere at 16-34.

        3. Nothing in life is free. If you can keep a good woman good such that she makes a fine grandmother, then I submit that sex is not the one and only priority in your life. Unless you’re extremely jacked at 60, chances are that your T levels naturally decline, so the entire pussy hound thing really lessens.
          There are Old School ways to handle the sex drive as you age, of course, but you better damned well be a full alpha Patriarch or you’ll find yourself shit out of luck.

        4. That is kind of what I am hoping for at around 60. Time to write a book, travel, build a ship in a bottle…pretty much anything but stick my dick in randoms.

        5. Motorcycles, SCUBA diving, white water rafting, skydiving…
          Had a neighbor who at 70 was still into all that. Once asked him if he golfed, his response- “Well, a lot of my friends do and I may take it up when I get old and slow down.”

        6. I was actually referencing side hobbies, like Bible study or chess. But your ideas work too.

        7. Don’t forget the effect of “wife goggles” when you have grown old together with her.

        1. Considering what they smell like when they don’t take care of their personal hygiene…that’s quite a coincidence.

      1. trigger warning dude, fucking trigger warning. Cheese and Crackers what the fuck is that!

        1. I do not get it. I do not want to get it. I will steadfastly refuse to get it. If someone tries to make me get it they……are gonna get it.

        2. snow-white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, high heels… what is there not to like? lol

        3. Gee, uncle knee, chill… I was just messing with you… Gosh…
          Omg, this is fun lol

        4. willies? don’t you mean excited? ey?
          But yea, seriously tho. That woman is fucked up. For real.

        1. The issue being me just invent new manospherological term: ‘bones farm’. And that’s what the west teeteres on becoming, a great big demographic ‘bone farm’ of rusty infrastructure and stone caucasian statues with hoardes of third world squatters shitting at their feet. Our elderly females are resembling a big ‘bone yard’ of feminized train wreckage. Like a junkyard.
          Turn your head and wince at them no longer. Get the newer model while you can. Like your chevy dealer says: “the twenty-sixteenes are moooovin’ out fast to make way for the 2017s.

      2. “There’s nothing more pathetic than these older women trying to carry on like they’re in their twenties.”

    2. Women age like WHITE wine – most never age properly and the ones that can age are very rare. White Burgundies, German Riesling and some Loire.
      Recently, I’ve had a relatively old white Burgundy – 1999 Domaine Leflaive Chevalier Montrachet. Although, very interesting experience it leaves one wondering if it was worth leaving the cork in tact (pun intended) for that long.
      Similar to modern women, wine connoisseurs have noticed that white wines made 10-15 years ago do not age as well as wines made 20-30 years ago.
      Hmmm …

      1. Interesting about white wine. White wine ages much quicker than red, and has a 1-7 year shelf life, tops. Reds on the other hand can go longer than a decade and get better as time passes. It’s all in how much oxygen gets past the cork and how much tannin the wine has I believe (is it tannin? I can’t remember now).

        1. yes, it’s the tannins (polyphenols) which act as anti-oxidants and increase the ageing potential of a wine. Wine tannins are most commonly found in red wine.

        2. I rarely drink white wine, and when I do it’s on a hot summer evening as the sun sets and I’m sitting on the brick patio with the wife watching the sky turn dark. Generally otherwise, white does little for me, it’s kind of an alcohol place holder.
          Red wines I drink much more frequently. As a rule of thumb though I’m not a wine connesieur.
          Scotch on the other hand, or very select and strange ales/beers/barley wines, that’s where I’m at!

        3. We entertain, so pending the season white wine may be on the menu (plus the occassional fizzy drinks for the ladies with white wine, champagine and fruit).
          Last month we had dinner guests over and passed out some Habano Romeo y Julieta cigars and a few shots of Bushmills and Glenmorangie for the men. It went over real well.

        4. For whites, try Albarino, from the northwest of Spain. It’s really great, especially with seafood.

        5. I can’t tell the difference between a good wine or a bad wine. So when I drink wine it’s Quail Oak Cabernet Sauvignon ($3-4 a bottle) out of a mug.
          Whisky on the other hand should be a good single malt.

        6. I did an exchange tour in the RN and Glenmorangie was about ~7 quid (~$10) for a fifth. Stuff is expensive here in the US, but I can’t resist it- particularly the port and sherry finishes.

        7. My wife threw a suprise BD party for me a few years ago with everyone bringing me a bottle of scotch (which suprisingly is still in tact for the most part). The Glenmorangie was the first we opened and it went immediately to the favorite list. The prices very, but I always cruise duty free when on business to pick up a bottle.

        8. If I hand you a stinky ass wine and a good wine (not the most expensive in the world, but one of the higher end on taste) you’d notice a difference, I’d bet.

        9. Its always funny when a low end wine wins the blind taste contests. But I’ve wondered if it’s one of those consistency things. The low end producer may have a good year or two, but the higher end will be more consistent.
          You may be correct. I have friend who is a sommelier who has tried the taste test thing with me and it is hit or miss whether I prefer the more expensive (and I’ll concede that cost may not be indicative of good) or cheaper wine.

      2. this. excellent parallel.
        as for white wines, I’d suggest trying two others that age great – Spain’s Viña Tondonia and Lebanon’s Château Musar.

      3. Adding to Your good metaphor…only very SWEET (i.e. Sauternes, Port, Mavrodaphne, etc) white wines age truly well… 🙂

  18. When I hit my 40’s I noticed the roles were completely reversed. Instead of chasing women around as I had done from 16-40 years old it was now the single women chasing me.
    I was tired of all the drama and just wanted to fish so here I am single and happy as can be. I plan on dying like a man, just keeling over one day while fishing.

      1. Haha! I fucking love that song. A lot of people hate Primus. The thing I always liked about Les Claypool, he’s truly eccentric, he’s not forcing it or faking it. My friends give me shit about it but I don’t care. This video has some shittyness to it but it’s entertaining to watch Claypool and his weird mannerisms.

        1. Primus rules.
          Claypool telling stories about the weirdos who just don’t quite fit into the modern world.
          Underrated band.

        2. A common spat. So I kissed him upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat
          My name is Mud!

      2. LOL def had a unique sound. I miss the 90s. Heres another offbeat band- Morphine, no guitar, just bass and saxophone and drums

        1. one of my fave bands. they had a very distinct sound, a naturally cool attitude and great short lyrics. Mark Sandman’s early death was such a tragic loss. have you checked the film about him?

        2. No idea about the film- title? Dont smoke 2 or 3 packs a day, thats what I got from his demise

        3. smokin a butt…all the music today sounds the same…telltale sign Im gettin old

        4. that makes two of us, Sir. I just feel the same thing. that’s probably why I’m listening to more and more classical music. aside from the Arctic Monkeys (whose singer is a red-pill guy) and a few random songs, all the music I like are relics from the past century.

  19. A healthy patriarchal society doesn’t necessarily have to conscript women to make them carry out their natural function. But it has to stop creating escape routes for women who want to shirk their responsibility. Stop allowing so many women into college where they can major in easy and useless subjects, and they will by necessity have to look around for men to marry and form families with at the time of their peak fertility.

    1. It isn’t so much the easy degrees though, but the utility and beta support given to any woman who is in school. From the ‘useful’ to the derelict, they are all going to school happy as clams to ‘make their families proud’ while avoiding their true directive, to keep the human race and their family’s clans alive.

    2. Once women are allowed to vote, societal collapse is imminent, and is in fact the only way that patriarchy can be restored under such a condition

      1. It’s not the voting. It’s that their votes are allowed to fundamentally alter the social foundation. Change should be by an act of god not by female whim.

        1. Of course their votes are allowed to alter the fundamental social situation. That’s what voting is.
          Women vote society to destruction. Feminism will be killed off overnight by the collapse, and patriarchy will emerge from the accompanying hardship

        2. No. Can you vote to go to war?
          Voting is what American rules say voting is. Those rules can and should be different from what they are now. You can construct voting in such a way as to prevent women from undermining patriarchy via the vote

        3. We certainly do have a representative democracy, but that just makes the issue one step removed.

    1. wow. you fucking rock dude. Soda Popinski for the win. Jesus, how have I not made this joke before. Just dynamite

  20. I personally want robots for sex and AI for mental stimulation … far superior than your average female!

  21. Disagree with some of the comments here. Its not about cheap wine vs expensive wine. Women are dairy. Its evolutionary biology. Nobody can change it. When they hit menopause their hormones go off the cliff. Men have the slow gradual fade out over time losing 1% testosterone a year which makes them age gracefully. Females just go stinky.

    1. This seems correct to me. That said, if you are the marrying family type an old woman, while offering 0 in terms of sexuality, can offer a lot of other things in terms of motherhood / grandmotherhood.

    2. So….how long have you been married and what are your experiences keeping a decent woman (at the start) in line?

  22. “Indeed, how will they take care of themselves. My answer is: Sounds like your own fucking problem, feminists.”
    Great line, but I want it enunciated by a reporter from the BBC or CNN on prime TV, and for it to reflect the official editorial line. Give it a few years

  23. Corporate drones, that hit the nail on the head for me. Lol. Rok is dead on again, but you know this feminism thing might not be so bad? I’m in my 40s now and it’s true the spinsters as their ovaries dry up and the milk has turned sour their unwanted products now flourish the isles in droves. As I now get seated into my business and home I notice the young chicks taking notes. Be weary of the old spinster who now desperate may be out to trap you when once you begged for her companionship now she hangs out to dry and is replaced by a new younger healthier blood.

      1. Is there any reason to think “young chicks” are going to be anything less than unrestrained hypergamy-bots? I am hoping for foreign-born, old school daughters-in-law. If my sons bring an American girl home, all my assets will go into a trust for my future grandkids, so that when I die *my wealth* doesn’t get eaten up in some hairbrained divorce bullshit.

    1. Younger women may be taking note of the problem, but they are still going to attempt to solve it through unrestrained hypergamy. That is their nature, and they will never give up hypergamy voluntarily.

      1. Hypergamy is a feature not a bug. It’s the enabling of promiscuity by the culture that is the problem.

        1. It was certainly a feature in our distant past, but we evolved to live in small groups of hunter-gatherers. Hypergamy doesn’t care about civilization.
          Act accordingly.

      2. True; all these “anti-feminists” who lie their asses off (“I’m not a feminist, REALLY”) still want to have all of the advantages of feminism.

    1. Some chicks swallow the red pill, too. The only problem is, most of the ones who do, swallow it way after they hit the wall. I have no sympathy for the twat. She had as good a shot at opening her eyes as anybody else did. The problem was, she didn’t have a man around who could help her navigate around all the lies. That’s the price women pay for believing the leftist indoctrination, that they are empowered women who are smarter than a “goddamn man”. That bill always comes due…heh. Suck on it, biotch.

      1. My wife has always been very red pill and getting even more so after she passed 35. Sometimes I have to grab her by the pussy to check she’s still a woman. LOL

        1. She’s got two but they are not like her, she was the youngest.
          And she’s not an unicorn, my married life is not without its problems but as humble as it sounds it’s me willing to put all the work.
          Keeping a woman is like keeping a dog – the training never stops.

        2. “The training never stops”……….
          Agreed, keeping her on a leash is important. However, you cannot buy a pit bull from a junk yard and teach it to be nice around children and expect all to be okay. A tiger is a tiger. A bar hag is a bar hag.

        3. Agree although when I met my wife she was a bit tigress so it took me some year to tame her.

        4. Mine was a Molly Mormon, goody two shoes. I had to corrupt her a bit to get her where I wanted.

        5. there are bad women out there, why anyone would want to get involved with them remains a question.

        6. The problem is that these ‘weak men’ have usually been raised by single or divorced mothers, without guidance from a strong, masculine father.

        7. I think that it’s because the ‘men’ are usually weak-willed, desperate manginas — the kinds that support feminists, voted for Hillary, and still will ‘White Knight’ the women who will use them while despising them.

        8. “happy wife, happy life”………The ‘men’ you describe there are correct in that having a happy wife means you will have a happy life.The feminists have pounded home the idea that you can treat your wife how you would want to be treated and they will be happy.
          Problem is, women are not men. They don’t want to marry a servant, they want to serve. They want to marry a leader that they can respect. They want to marry a man of integrity that they can trust their lives to, not a “yes ma’am” pleaser. Otherwise, they will not be happy.
          At the same token, men are not women. We don’t want a woman that is competitive, that wants to run the show. We want a woman who follows, and supports what we do. We want a “yes sir” pleaser.

        1. You know, I saved the picture from somewhere months ago but never bothered hunting down the article. It reads like hamfisted satire posted on Heartiste’s blog. Especially the bit about trying to turn her ex-fiance into a dial-a-beta who exists to listen to her problems. At 34! Jesus.
          The model representing her younger self near the end of the article is the cherry on top.

      1. I remember this story. To add insult to injury, this woman tried to stay friends with the man she dumped, so his new fiancé made her come along with her to help pick out the wedding dress. That’s brutal.

        1. Brutal, but so is dumping him to look for greener pastures and then having the gall to use him for emotional support. A woman wanting to be friends is a woman wanting to use you.

        2. His fiancée didn’t “make” her, she asked her, and this martyr-wanna-be went along with her.

        3. The fact that the fiancé even asked her is a shiv to
          the gut, that was probably done with the intention of running her off. No sane woman wants her husband’s ex hanging around as a “friend”.

    2. Men learn to control our innate promiscuity in marriage. Women don’t even *acknowledge* the reality of their innate hypergamy, and do nothing to control it in marriage or relationships. This kind of broken home (and associated spinster status) is the pure result of unbound hypergamy.

      1. Well Marriage 1.0, i.e, the traditional, patriarchal model of marriage demanded and expected women to control their hypergamous nature.. or rather, made sure the social cost was very high for a woman to indulge in her hypergamous nature and her desire to “trade up” or reject most marriage suitors because of her innate female nature that makes her think she’s too good for most men. That was the deal: men do their best to constrain their promiscuity and great drive and desire for sexual variety and women constrain their hypergamous nature. It wasn’t perfect.. but it was a fair bargain.
        In Marriage 2.0 though, i.e, marriage in our liberal, feminist day and age, men are expected to bear all the costs while women’s hypergamous natures are allowed to reign free. The current feminist cultural environment encourages women to reject most men and slut it up with only the top 20% of men during their most marriageable and sexually desirable years, and to sexually shut out most men until only when they hit the wall after which they begrudgingly marry some desperate, sexless beta male, if even that.,, and we have the State and legislation to literally give women cash and prizes for indulging in their most selfish, egostical, hypergamous base desires and nature.. i.e., if she gets bored in a marriage and wants to trade up, she can divorce a man at a whim and walk away with half a man’s wealth.. and be granted child support and alimony.. Marriage 2.0 is a rotten deal for most men and a pretty one-sided bargain that makes very little sense for a man. Men need to wake up to how poor of a bargain Marriage 2.0 really is.

    3. hahahahahahaha – to be more serious I knew a woman who ditched her long term boy friend for career and long hours she ended up with a guy who was still paying off his kids from the first marriage, while the long term boy friend went to work on the oil rigs in Indonesia met a local girl married her turned out the local girls father was owner of the oil company – he married into very big money and had the last laugh.

  24. I got news for you guys holding out for the right woman. It doesnt matter. After 20 years or so you will grow tired of her. She will be unfuckable. You will stick in there if she is a good wife, because you made a commitment. Marriage is a good idea if you want kids. Its also nice to have someone who is good to you. Maybe 10% of marriages stay really great over the test of time. The rest of us get shit.

    1. But… but… watching fox news and voting trump is the new red pill and any man can become a patriarch by changing diapers…

    2. You will grow tired of her long before twenty years. And she will grow tired of you long before you tire of her. Women initiate 70 percent of divorces in this country.
      Don’t get married

      1. That’s not true. You develop new interests and skills as you get older. Bring her along for the ride and also encourage her hobbies. When you age life is about more than “thrills!” and “boring!”. That’s a mindset of 20 something and early 30 somethings, but it goes away after that.
        If you married a woman that is looking for “thrills! parties!” at age 40, then you’re a poor judge of character (not you personally).

        1. Agreed, there is more to life than getting laid. Maybe not to a 20 year old, but a good family life and a good steak dinner is quite enjoyable.

        2. I think you’re among the small number of men who can beat the odds due to your character, hard work and (to some degree) fortunate circumstances. Sort of like an entrepreneur who is already prosperous due to his diligent business efforts and then also happens to win the state lottery. Kudos for your success, but I don’t believe most men are able to follow your path

        3. I don’t know how fortunate my circumstances are, I’ve no luck at all in life (not saying I have bad luck, I just have no luck, anything I get I have to work for). I think a man has full control to make the most out of his life that he can. He can suffer setbacks but with the proper attitude and the ability to learn from mistakes instead of falling into self pity or victimization he can get back up, dust off and sally forth.
          I grew up lower middle class man, and that was a “barely” type of situation. Nobody lucked me anything in life. Not yet anyway. But thanks for the compliment otherwise.

        4. GoJ you had the ‘luck’ of white male privilege.
          You knew no one was going to come and bail you out. There was no Superman or government program waiting in the wings to lend a hand. You had the blessing of realizing anything you achieved would have to be by your own hand, and therefore didn’t wait around for someone else’s to lift you up.

        5. Yeah, I wasn’t at all trying to minimize your work ethic and good character. You seem to do a good job embodying the virtues Aristotle was getting at in Nicomachean Ethics–happiness in life through hard work based on proper use of reason. He also believes that happiness does always contain a measure of luck ( which he illustrates using Priam, king of Troy, from The Illiad) regardless of what we do. That’s the view I was trying to put forward there.

        6. ROK has two camps, those who want traditional relationship material, and those who want to use and abuse. Can’t have it both ways. It is up to you to choose.

        7. This is entirely random, but your comment reminded me of a quote from the Last Crusade.
          “Then we’ll die!”
          “My soul’s prepared. How’s yours?”
          😀 😀

        8. “ROK ain’t what it used to be”
          That’s about the third time you’ve written that on an article recently in regards to guys wanting to reproduce. Are you sure you’re not just a bitter gay guy who wants all the masculine dick to himself?

      2. Women only divorce losers. So unless you’re a loser then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

        1. Yeah. That Michael Jordan guy is a big loser.
          Stop saying saying stupid feminist shit.

        2. Obviously he was a loser. It’s not “feminist shit” to be smart enough to realize women don’t divorce men who satisfy them. It’s not a random “chance” of being divorced. Only certain men get divorced. Others don’t. The trick is to be in the favourable statistic, always.

    3. When she gets beyond her fertile years then just get a new, younger wife. That’s what I did.

  25. While it’s true that women leach off betas directly, all men will be paying that bill. It’s called taxes.
    Feminism has stacked the deck so that women contribute only 1/3 of the revenue, but use 2/3 of the resources. So in 2017 all men are cucked. Yes, I’ve banged hundreds of chicks for free, but I’m also paying for million of bitches that am I not fucking, most of who I don’t want to fuck.

  26. “Will you pay for the upcoming spinster bubble?” Only through taxes. They made their bed, let them lay in it.

  27. “I personally encourage and teach men how to live lives of minimalism”
    This in of itself could lead to other benefits – a zen of sorts. I think many men are going to rediscover that the better life is a simpler one, which is a life that excludes some saggy titted grandma leeching off of him.

    1. We value things that we lose way higher compared to things we just don’t have.
      I got my vision fucked because my Lasik treatment optical zone was 6.5 mm while my pupils are 7.4 mm (been to Dortmund today where a doctor finally gave me a measurement result – because the doctor who did the Lasik procedure never measured my pupil diameter) and therefore I see with the untreated and the treated zone at the same time when my pupil is dilated (=no sunlight situations). So my dim light vision is fucked and I suffer tremendously from it. Now think about a person that was born blind.
      She would just laugh at me.
      If a billionaire came to me and told me how his life is miserable because he just lost 800 million and has only 20% left – I would laugh at him.
      What do we learn from this?
      a) Don’t visit doctors – most of them are scammers. Especially don’t go to doctors that give you free pre-examination (like the one in Frankfurt). If you really need to visit a doctor take one who wants money for the pre-examination (like the one in Dortmund who robbed 200€ from me today).
      It’s like visiting a bank consultant who gives you free advice – he will sell you just blank bullshit. Well, most of them do, but these guys are the worst.
      b) Don’t buy stuff you don’t need but that you will fear to lose. For example my father bought a new Mercedes S-Class and now he takes the keys to the car everywhere with him. Under his pillow when he sleeps and in his pocket when he goes to the baker. The Fight Club quote is true: The things you own end up owning you.
      Fun fact: Average dim light pupil is 7.3mm at 25 years of age (Source: Many, many studies) so most of the patients under 30 should be rejected. But doctors don’t give a fuck and will treat nearly everyone.

      1. “Don’t visit doctors ”
        I hear ya but don’t be foolish – eventually everyone needs to see a doctor now and then. I do agree however to never see a doctor for a ‘free’ consultation because indeed these guys just want to sell a service to you.
        I’m sorry to hear about your eye surgery gone wrong, man.
        Were you in Dortmund, Germany? How is the immigrant situation where you are at?

        1. I have been to the Ruhrgebiet (the area where the “big” westgerman cities like Leverkusen, Duisburg, Essen, Cologne, Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund are located) twice in the last 12 month.
          The first time a year ago in Gelsenkirchen and the second time in Dortmund today.
          The Ruhrgebiet is known for the fact that nearly every city already had at least 20% muslims BEFORE the migrant crisis – so of course they are total shitholes now.
          The first thing I noticed driving into Gelsenkirchen (to treat my jeep disease with the pick picking method by John Bascom which is WAY better than the normal procedure where they cut out a piece of your ass and it takes month – if not even years to heal and you have to sit on an embarrassing donut pillow for that time. The pit picking wound heals in a matter of days/weeks. Such an easy procedure. Thanks god I found this method after hours of google. Nearly all doctors in germany use the normal version…german doctors are a joke – stay away. My general practitioner even told me that if I don’t go for the operation my shit will flow out of the jeep disease hole after time – which is complete nonsense 😀 ) was the huge mosque and when I went into the hospital every person around me waiting for the jeep disease procedure (takes ten minutes; with local anaesthesia) was young muslim women wearing hijab – which is especially funny because I read on the internet that jeep disease is mainly a men disease. But I guess hairy arab chics get it more often. I swear to god I was the only native german waiting there. The first person I saw walking the street was wearing a niqab….Gelsenkirchen, Duisburg and Essen are really known to be the biggest shitholes of the country but the only good doctors in germany are located in the Ruhrgebiet because it’s the area with most citizens in germany.
          I actually live in Rheinland-Pfalz, where Trump’s family came from. We have the biggest forrest area of germany and in the southern part of the state (the Pfalz) we have lots of Nazis but where I live (Rheinhessen – biggest vintner area of germany) it’s not much better than in the Ruhrgebiet.
          There are literally thousands of somalian and eritrean refugees in my town and a few young women have already been raped in my town (two of them were raped at the exact place where I celebrated my last school day – I always loved the sight from that point and visited it often but now I hate it).
          Now you may think ‘Wow, you start fighting back now, right??’.
          Well, the answer is plain and simple: NO.
          My city is so cucked that I honestly don’t know a single person right here who is against migration (besides myself of course). I know a few Nazis from the Pflaz of course but here in my town in Rheinhessen everybody is Antifa-Scum.
          Frauke Petry, the head of Alternative for Germany (AfD), came to my town to give a speech in March 2016 and I went there – but I couldn’t get in there because hundreds of Green Party and Antifa cucks where waiting there for the evil Nazi AfD supporters to throw stones at us.
          The police dindu nuffin.
          They held a speech outside of the place and were talking about freedom of speech – while stopping us from listening to Frauke Petry – because that’s what freedom of speech is about.
          Working on my bachelor thesis right now.
          After that I will fly to SEA for 2 months to fuck my brain out.
          Fuck (anti)german cucks.
          Fuck (anti)german fat sluts.
          Well, this post is a bit longer than intended. =)

        2. “Now you may think ‘Wow, you start fighting back now, right??’.
          Well, the answer is plain and simple: NO.
          My city is so cucked that I honestly don’t know a single person right here who is against migration”
          I hear you. I have American friends of german descent who have relatives in Germany, and they tell me the cuckery is rampant – rampant! And it is literally a waste of one’s time, energy and resources.
          Is there any place / town / Dorf in Germany that still remains ethnic white german?

    2. The problem is that minimalism and independence go together but independence starts to require a bunch of tools, spare parts, and so on. It eventually becomes a lot of stuff.

      1. “independence starts to require a bunch of tools, spare parts, and so on. It eventually becomes a lot of stuff”
        I hear ya – but this other stuff is, for the most part, easier to acquire and much more pragmatic and useful than a mcmansion or sports cars.

    1. Nope. In fact, she’ll be quite visible as a force in her children’s lives who approves or disapproves of the boyfriend and girlfriend (as will her husband), and when the marriage occurs and the grandchildren arrive, she’ll be the grandmother that the kids can’t wait to visit because she always bakes such good cookies and is so kind and sweet to them.
      That so many women don’t even know this exists, let alone that they give it up for “Carrreerrrr” is tragic and sad.

      1. Meanwhile, I am in cubicle land at some military base out in the desert. Yeah, career is SO gratifying.

  28. Excellent article. This kind of commentary on the reality of feminism, especially when it comes down to dollars in addition to sense, is a great contribution to society and I hope to see these facts go mainstream. Keep up the good work!

    1. Surprising they pay for it these days. Is this from the pre-tinder era? Even below average females can get attention from thirsty betas, like ordering pizza delivery from their phone.

      1. Yes, true. BUT, do they get attention from the kind of man that they want attention from, is my question?
        Sure, 1000 betas light up her latest post on Whatever-book-gram-tweet-Face, but what does she care if Chad Thundercock ignores her? She wants *his* validation, not the 1,000 thirsty betas.

      2. These old ladies are getting fucked by guys who are way above them in SMv. This ain’t about attention. Of course they are buying.

    2. I didn’t really care, until the doc mentioned that they both have kids AND are bringing them to Turkey to hang out while their mum has sex with the man-whores.

    3. That’s worse than I imagined about women who “love to travel” and I stopped watching at 5:47.

    4. Yes, and these hypocritical bitches have the arrogance and nerve to openly criticize Western men who go overseas and either do the same thing (do ‘sexual tourism’) and/or go overseas to look for wives.

  29. Hmmm I ‘call BS’ on this one. If they’ve given up on male company and children for the sake of career, they will have decent pension schemes and huge gobs of capital and investments.
    I grew up in the 70s and 80s and there were a lot of retired spinsters in my town, not because they’d positively chosen careers, but because their men had been killed in the war. It was moving how loyal many of these old ladies were to the man they had loved and lost to the Hun, and many didn’t want to replace their old Tommy. Many of them had worked hard all their lives and achieved comfortable retirements. In our street, there were several households where close old-lady friends lived together for companionship — it was a well-known pattern of life for war widows in the 70s and 80s.

    1. Those women weren’t spinsters. They were old widows. The current generation of women will be cat ladies. Feminism has poisoned the well a whole lot more in this century.

      1. Agreed war widows are in different category from the OP’s article, they are victims of circumstance which might be worthy of support from the state. Not the same as the “you go girrrrrl” types.

        1. Well, I kind of had the same thought– career girls should have a 401K. But then it occurred to me, it would require them to have saved, regularly made contributions to it. How many will?

        2. Few. They’ll just demand more from men via the state. That’s the history feminism since 1848. Even the ones that did save will demand it. Early feminism was big on her money is hers and so is his.

        3. There was “her” money (what she earned) and “their” money (what he earned).

        4. During the time of the suffragette movement a woman had her assets to which her husband had no claim but he was responsible for supporting her and paying any taxes on her assets and income. If he did not have enough money to pay her tax liability he would go to prison.

    2. These are war widows different attitude raised in a different era with better ethics – nothing like the girls this article is talking about.

    3. Those old women have money because they saved and lived when when investments really paid off. Not this bubble BS we have today. Also real interest rates back then. One of my grandmother’s friends is that type if she’s still alive. never married, career woman. Lot’s of money. In the 50s I was told she had a brand new Tbird. But that’s old generation, old school living. These modern women, they don’t save a nickel. They have shoes and clothes and trips but savings? Forget about it.
      Also back in the 70s and 80s a lot of the old women had husbands who died early. Worked to death most likely. Again, savings. Their husband’s money plus social security would support them for half a century.
      I once joked what’s left of patriarchy are old women who’ve been living off their husbands’ wealth for the last 40 years.

  30. The greatest part about all of it is that a guy who is 45 and not a total beta bitch has a better chance of banging a hot 20 year old than a 45 year old woman getting a jacked 20 year old.
    They wrote off any chance of having a meaningful life for “fun”.

    1. “Fun” is just distraction. *Satisfaction* is a much more enriching goal.

    2. A 45 year old male who is not a total beta bitch and is jacked has a better chance of bedding a hot 20 year old than even that young 20 year old jacked guy. Heh.

  31. “Nobody tells the carefree 25-year-old female that in another 25 years she’ll be invisible.”
    At the rate that I see them abuse their bodies with poor health decisions(alcohol, pills, STDs), abuse their minds with the poor state of fantasy they live in most SJW/Career women I see are wrought with physical and mental disabilities by the time they are 30. Not even 50,60 year old men want their haggard health problems much less their disgusting arrogant “assitudes”.
    “Expectations…,predicted…,pre-designed…,fit-into…,frequently told…”
    Sounds like an occult to me, one they chose and continue to choose to invest their belief, lives, and throw their burden of responsibility that holds them accountable. One big outlook of, “It’s not my fault.”

  32. I see these women on Okstupid, they want a well off, fit, drama free male… But then say I made some mistakes so don’t judge me???

    1. …and that surprises you? M/F ratio is wacked online. All part of the entitlement culture driving female behavior now.

      1. I wonder how much the online dating throws off women’s ego. I’ve never used any of those websites, but from what I gather, a woman has about a 2:1 ratio in her favor. Naturally, she will think she is more special than she is, especially those who are approaching the wall and are using a 5 year old picture. Prime material to use, abuse, and discard.

  33. With the amount of debt most Western countries are carrying it will be surprising if the future has the ability to carry these women.

  34. US Population trends also come into play that contribute to the prevalence of old spinsters. At birth, there are more males born then females. At around the age of 35, the male and female population reaches parity. For the 60 to 64 year age bracket, there are
    8,077,500 male vs 8,740,424 females or about 8.2% more women then men (2010 US Census Data used). The spread only gets larger for older age brackets.
    Old joke:
    Why do men, on average, die 5 years earlier then their wives?
    Because they want to.

    1. This will change due to (((migrants))).
      Take a look at germanys sex ratio in 2013 in the 20 to 30 year age range:
      After migrant crisis:
      1:1,24 (India-China-level)
      The kikes are importing strong sex toys for white women so they can embrace (((racial interbreeding))).

  35. Both my neighbors are old great generation ladies whose husbands died and they are doing just fine. Church, bingo, we talk about our gardens and recipes when I see them outdoors. They very occasionally ask for help moving something etc. Husbands saved all their lives. Boomer women should also be okay like my mom who were the last generation that had steady jobs, pensions and everything else that most American workers have been stripped of. Gen X will have it tough but we still will inherit some of the unspent Boomer wealth which will save us. Gen Y / Millennials / and my kids Z could be living in trailers if Social Security gets overhauled and something is not done about immigration and medical bills.

    1. Unspent boomer wealth? Check out the statistics of what boomers have saved. It’s not pretty.

      1. Better way to say it is what they have left in equity, stocks, 401k’s, pensions, medicare and they will also be the last ones to receive full amount ss checks.

    2. “Gen X will have it tough but we still will inherit some of the unspent Boomer wealth which will save us.”
      No. The only thing Boomers will bequeath on to the next generation is debt.

      1. Yes, I cannot speak for everyone but many of us will be taking care of the boomers. I have seen the start of this with friends inheriting homes, power of attorney and getting paid for all kinds of help. After them I can tell you that my Generation X has been screwed and did not get the chance to acquire such a nice ride. Close to 2 decades of job stagnation and unrealistic real estate prices. We will not have much at all to leave to our kids and so on. The women after us will have it tough unless they have a supportive dad in their life.

        1. I see the same, but there is little transfer of wealth and more “what do we do with mom?” type scenarios. We are proabably about the same age, but I see our gen working until we’ll drop as we (1) won’t be able to afford retirement, (2) those Baboos will need extra care$ and (3) I simply don’t see much agency in the gen behind us.
          The state of the world is alot less stable since the Boomers (Clinton 92′) took the helm and they obviously didn’t seem to grasp (more likely didn’t care about) foreign policy or economics.

  36. The authorities who’ve inflicted these worthless parasites on us will force us to continue slaving for them.

  37. “Sounds like your own fucking problem, feminists.”
    This is the fundamental issue with feminists: They’ve successfully managed to dodge accountability. People, both men and women, seem to be afraid of holding them accountable for things they say and do. Be prepared for them to go into full leech mode well before they die.

  38. The only woman I will do these things for is my mother and she is a typical western woman and a real cunt alot of times but hey shes mom and I still love her monkey ass.
    All you other bitches though are going to have to suck the kindness out of me and not in the way you want.

  39. I am not sure the point of this article. maybe a guy who found the red pill too late in life. Who knows. Face it, we will all pay and then it will be our turn. Woman connect; men would rather kill something. I don’t think woman will have much problem becoming lezbos’

    1. Women take time to get used to the idea, but they do finally become lezzies, and enthusiastic ones, at that.
      Post-WW I Britain is a case history: the bumbling of the high-ranking fools in charge caused the extermination of a large portion of the 20 – 30 YO British male population (for example, they were sent charging across hundreds of yards of open ground into machine gun fire, armed with rifles). The women back in England ended up with few to no men to marry, and the 1920’s through the ’30’s became heaven for the British lesbians.
      (Also, the 1918 Influenza Pandemic — which started close to the end of the war and spread throughout the world for the next two years, and also killed more people than the war did — also made the scarcity of men be felt even more by the women.)

  40. I can recall reading an article some time back – and I wish I could find it for reference – that touched on this very subject. Although the author did not come straight out and say it, it was pretty clear that the majority of impoverished retired people are single (and usually childless) women. Not only that, but the author implied that any woman who reaches retirement age single and (worse yet) childless is destinied to live out her days in poverty and misery. It was also mentioned that this growing phenonon is directly the result of women’s own choices (ie sacrificing family for career, choosing to have no feminine qualities and poor life choices). I recall that there were any number of female commenters who attempted to discredit the article but the truth is the truth. To any feminist, I say this – how many happy, single, childless, retired women do you know?(**silence**).
    Another observation I have made is that whilst society tends to look down on younger single men, no one gives a shit if men choose to be single when they are older. On the other hand, whilst women are (wrongly) celebrated for being single when they are young, almost no-one respects an older single woman (more so if she is childless). This is especially true if the said woman is known to have rejected family to pursue her own selfish ends. I think a lot of this comes from the basic knowledge that older single women have made themselves an unnecessary burden for society to bear.

    1. Actually… I do know one come to think of it. One and one only. But that was a very special case with extenuating circumstances. And also: pre-feminism. I don’t think the feminists are quite old enough yet. Maybe in another 10 years or so then things are really going to hit the fan. 😉

    2. “On the other hand, whilst women are (wrongly) celebrated for being single when they are young, almost no-one respects an older single woman”
      Actually nobody wants to even look at an older woman these days – what with their liver spots, varicose veins and saggy tits.
      I do respect their right to exist, but the only time I lose respect for older females is when they have the gall to speak to me.

      1. Grandmas are respectable. They bake cookies, help out with the grandchildren, have wisdom to share, etc. Single feminists are who age like milk.

        1. “Grandmas are respectable. They bake cookies, help out with the grandchildren, have wisdom to share, etc”
          It was the grandmas of pre-baby boomers that were like this. Seriously. Anything from aged ex-hippy females to the soon-to-be getting old gen-exers are bitter old trainwrecks who deeply resent that feminism didn’t deliver what it promised.

        2. Yeah, and they blame men for “somehow” ‘causing feminism to screw up’, when it worked just like it was supposed to.

        3. World War 2 had a major impact. Women had to leave the home and work in factories and elsewhere when the men were shipped overseas. Once they returned home, the parallel marriage became common where both were working and the father was not so much the head of the household anymore. Although the pre-WW2 generations were taught traditional family values, they did not live them. Both working (and worldwide demand for US goods) made the 1950’s boom, but parents were no longer able to keep the children in check.

  41. Am all set for retirement financially. Fortunately for me, I’m single. Going to sell everything I have soon and just travel, travel, travel. It’s funny when women my own age (50) nearly break down in tears when I refuse them a ‘relationship’. Not going to happen, dears. You’ve been alimony and palimony raping men for decades – and I am not going to be your next victim. For men, ‘relationship’ is now a synonym for legal and financial annihilation. I’m not the smartest man on the planet – but I’m certainly not dumb enough to give a woman legal or financial power over my life. Karma bishes – eat up while it’s hot.

    1. I lot of hopelessly optimistic men in denial on this site can learn from you, well done.

      1. Feminism has long been known to be the cancer that destroys nations. It’s amazing that this secret of history is so well kept from the public. The entirety of Western civilization will be unrecognizable in another century. Why? Because America’s men succumbed to feminism – that which destroys nations. Tis why women are inviting and encouraging mass immigration. “We’ll gladly take rapists over racists.” Women will openly and instinctively betray their own in group when that in group doesn’t insist on keeping their women in check. It’s their biological imperative. Breed with the most aggressive, powerful men.
        It’s sad to watch. I struggled psychologically for many years witnessing the transformation taking place and have resigned myself to the truth – that which has been done cannot be undone. The damage is irrevocable.
        A far more aggressive, patriarchal society will consume the West. Tis why Muslims are flooding into the West by the millions. Islam will in fact one day rule all of the West. Trump is merely a final stand. A speed bump. The West’s final breath – its death rattle. Women are inviting in those that will ultimately enslave them. Tis their biological imperative.

        1. “It’s sad to watch. I struggled psychologically for many years witnessing the transformation taking place and have resigned myself to the truth – that which has been done cannot be undone. The damage is irrevocable”
          * many years * I too – took me a long time to accept what is going on.
          “A far more aggressive, patriarchal society will consume the West. Tis why Muslims are flooding into the West by the millions. Islam will in fact one day rule all of the West. Trump is merely a final stand. A speed bump. The West’s final breath – its death rattle.”
          This has been my position for some time now. It all boils down to both patriarchy and reproductive rates – and unless all anglo-european families go Brady Bunch and start having 6 kids each – the math says whites are done.

        2. My theory is if you infect the muzzies with WOMENS RIGHTS FEMINISM you can substantially knock them down too. Not sure why the feminists are not putting more effort into freeing their sisters over there???

        3. That’s an easy one. They hate the patriarchy (white males). Their #1 goal is forced wealth and power transfer (socialism) from white males to themselves. They’ve achieved much of that through no-fault divorce, alimony, palimony, asset division, child support, false accusations, title IX and now Affirmative Consent, which strips men of their rights to due process and presumption of innocence. There’s even an effort well underway to redefine cohabitation as ‘committed intimate relationships’, giving cohabiting women the same rights to alimony, asset division and child support that their divorced feminist counterparts so enjoy. It’s no small thing that the majority of spending on health, education and welfare goes to women even though men do now and have always paid the majority of taxes either.
          By flooding the country with non-whites, they nullify the white male vote, knowing that those they’re flooding into the country want forced wealth from white males to themselves, too. Feminists are using mass immigration to destroy white male power and believe they’ll control the immigrant males with the same tactics they used against white males – the Democrat/Socialist ‘men are evil’ narrative. It’s a great plan – and it’s working brilliantly. They’re doing nothing but winning – thanks to the cucked right.
          Tis funny to see Obama rail against Israel for putting settlements in Palestinian territory all while mass importing ‘refugees’ and resettling them in Red states. It’s amazing. Each day I wake up and read the news, shaking my head in disbelief. The left’s endless number of media outlets are many and powerful – so there’s that too.
          In short – they stay out of the Middle East’s issues because that is the breeding ground from which those they’ll use to destroy white males emanate. It’s real life Game of Thrones.

        4. Tis not my decline. I’ll be dead before the feminist utopia comes to full fruition in the West. With no kids, I’m not really all that worried about the future either. It’s the kids that will suffer. Tis why I remained childless.

        5. It’s funny to watch Western leaders pretend that mass immigration is only about warm hearts, progressivism and anti-racism when in fact they’re desperately trying to hide feminism’s failures, their knowledge that the declining birth rates will destroy their welfare state and bolster their plan to destroy white males. Tis why socialism never works. It’s a deeply flawed ideology that ultimately destroys the producers in favor of the parasitical. Tis a race to the bottom.

        6. I hear what your saying, and I agree partially because for me it’s somewhat melancholy to witness the dismantling if Western civilization and the literal self-extinction of western people.
          I’m glad I never had kids.

        7. No one can see the future and nothing is certain. There is a reason despair is a sin.
          However I do envy your planned RV travels. I always wanted to the “Easy Rider” thing before I got to old.

    2. “. Going to sell everything I have soon and just travel, travel, travel”
      Cool – any places in mind?

      1. Not really. Don’t want to emigrate anywhere. Getting a big expensive RV and tooling around all of the places in the US I’ve longed to see but never had the time for. Every day will be a new adventure into the unknown. Plan to explore my wanderlust up and until my health and/or eyeballs fail. Going to read all of the great works I’ve never had time for, too. Hopefully, getting started in my 50s will leave me plenty of time to enjoy it all (he says knocking on wood).
        I’ll be one of those old guys in an RV going 10 miles below the speed limit that everyone loves to hate (including me).

        1. screw the RV, travel in a pickup with all your crap and stay in motels. RV’s are heavy, expensive, and suck gas. You could stay in motels for a couple years straight for the cost of an RV and fuel, plus it is more comfortable.

        2. Get a freaking diesel and you’ll keep up with traffic. I’d opt for one built like a toy-hauler so you can bring your motorcycles along.
          Mr. Johnson below makes a good point about doing the cost/benefit comparison with a pick-up. You can also haul a bike in one, you can sleep in them if you want to hit campsites, and they’re much easier to park.

        3. I began the RV journey last year (solo) and I’m maybe a decade younger. I got a big luxury diesel. It’s like having a mansion on wheels. With trailer for car and toys I’m about 50,000 pounds fully loaded and I still drive it 10 mph OVER the speed limit. Plenty of power, I regularly pass big rigs and cars going up the hills. Nothing like being able to “rolling coal” when you need it.
          Maintenance on these rigs will keep you from getting bored and your wallet from getting too fat.
          You ever visit a nursing home though? That’s what many RV parks are like (except for ones near construction sites). In the summer there may be a few families with their kids sprinkled in but mostly your neighbors are blue hairs. Not necessarily a bad thing but one can’t help but feel a little out of place at times (if you’re younger). Outside of that you’re limited to mobile home parks who have converted a few of their empty lots to RV usage for longer term stays.
          The other option is boondocking on public lands out away from everyone. I like doing this at times to just get away from people.
          However that’s just a parking spot anyway, the car and toys you are hauling is there to get out and about for local flavor. If you drag some PYT back to your RV you get some glances of envy (or jealousy) from the neighbors at times, but otherwise nobody bothers you.
          The biggest thing I miss in this lifestyle is my big workshop, the trailer can be used for this but it’s just not big enough, and RV parks dont like you working on stuff. However that doesn’t mean I won’t have one again someday on a large acreage.
          I’m rambling, so good luck with your endeavor.

        4. I wouldn’t be opposed to a trailer to haul your crap with a sleeper. My grandparents had a motor home, Took half their savings, and caused a divorce.

        5. Yeah that’s an option too, and I have done that. Nothing wrong at all with hotels and there are some nice ones, but it got old quick for me living out of a backpack so to speak.
          You are right it is cheaper living that way. However if one can afford it, there is nothing like taking a fully equipped house with you, and in many cases it’s better equipped than a normal house.
          Comfort is not an issue at all in my coach, but it is a big one too. I can go out in the boonies for a couple weeks at a time before needing to return to civilization if I want, longer if water is not an issue… and I still have all creature comforts of being at home. Sat TV, internet if I have a signal, hot showers, AC, heat, a king size sleep number bed, washer/dryer, dishwasher, stove/oven, fridge, etc.
          Yes it costs $$, but if you have it, why spend all of it on a nagging wife or a money pit of a house stuck in one location. I opted to spend it on myself and a mobile lifestyle with some luxury. Of course everyone has their own preferences and budgets.

        6. I hear ya. I’m almost at the point now of foregoing the BigRig and just getting a new diesel F550 4X4 dually with a slide in truck camper with multiple slides. Have definitely considered what you’ve described. The stigma of having a truck camper is the only thing holding me back from going that route. Looked into the luxury truck campers and was pretty shocked at how they’ve evolved.
          Hear there’s a bit of classism involved with being a truck camper vs BigRig RVer. I’d like to be off grid to the extent possible while sacrificing as little as possible in terms of convenience, luxury and mobility. Don’t want to be stuck in state parks or RV parks. Hear that’s not always what one might expect. It’ll just be me and my main-man of twelve years, my dog (the best, most loyal friend I’ve ever had). Want to be able to go well off road with plenty of propane, water, solar and battery to last us for five to seven days – then return to civilization for a day or two to regroup and reload (state park/RV park). That would obviously be a departure from the BigRig intention.
          Don’t care about TVs, microwaves or coffee makers. Have explored lithium batteries and solar wattage quite extensively. Have even learned the pros and cons between gas vs LP generators. Am not a snob but don’t like the idea of others looking down upon me for traveling in a truck camper either.
          So that’s the trade off I’m researching. Have definitely considered the pros and cons of BigRig vs low profile. Don’t want to live the retirement home lifestyle. Main goal is to cut ties with the grid to the extent possible while not limiting myself with “too small” and not overwhelming myself with “too big”. Don’t want to deal with repair issues all the time. Don’t necessarily want to become a tractor trailer driver in retirement either.
          Choices…choices… By the time I’m done with all the research I’ll probably be in a F350 diesel dually with a non-slide truck camper. It’s getting to the point where that seems like the only viable option to completely disconnect and go 100% rogue.

        7. I just may end up doing exactly what you’ve described. Have researched many angles. At one point, I was set on a F350 diesel dually and a Northern Lite 10-2 EX CD SE. Seemed the most viable option given that I want to go well off road and entirely off grid for days at a time. Like the idea of being 100% mobile with no obstacles in terms of parking – though I don’t exactly know how living in such a tiny space would impact me from a convenience perspective. I said to myself, “Self, wouldn’t it be nice for once to have so little with which to take care?” I have so much space in my house and I only use about 10% of it 99% of the time. Have looked at dozens of different options. Thanks for the advice.

        8. There are snobs in every aspect of life it seems…. sport bike rider snobs towards cruiser bikes, cruiser bike snobs toward sport bikes, dirt bike rider snobs toward street bikes (I ride all of them LOL)… the thing is, fuck what everyone else thinks and do what makes you happy. I certainly would not look down on a truck camper, or even a tent parked next to me, in fact I’d probably be sharing a beer or three with them. My rig has both been looked up on and down on, in the same park by different people so LOL fuck em.
          There are RV parks that age discriminate however… on both the age of your RV (a few no 10+ yr old RVs allowed)… and your age…. e.g. the 55+ retirement parks. But I like that they advertise this because those are the types of people I don’t want to be around anyway.
          I have found though, that many folks in this lifestyle are not snobbish and generally just friendly folk, regardless if they in a 25 yr old popup camper or a million dollar coach. For the most part as long as you’re not creating some sort of nuisance in a park or generally acting like a major asshat around other campers, you’ll make plenty of friends regardless of what you end up getting.
          All of the above that you describe can be done (as far as capability) in a big rig, a truck camper, or anything in between. Generally though the bigger the rig, the bigger the holding tanks and more room for solar. My rig can boondock with the best of them. Granted it is not a 4×4 and is quite heavy, however it has no issue in say the BLM lands in Arizona, off road. However yes you are going to be able to get into tighter places with a truck camper than any RV.
          I have 1000 watts of solar on the roof and a 10kW diesel generator for backup. The main issue with boondocking for super long periods is fresh water source, and black tank capacity. Just being by myself though the black tank can go a month or so before needing dumped, and I have dual fill fresh water tank… meaning hose hookup, or gravity fill, with a whole house filtration system after the tank. So I could get my water from a clean’ish creek in the mountains if I wanted to. However with your plan of 5-7 days out at a time is very doable in just about any camper/RV, you’re only really limited by your holding tank capacity, mainly the black tank.
          I’m not a huge fan of RV parks either, but sometimes I have to stay at them, especially so if I am working a contract in the area. Lots of parks are greedily designed in that they have everyone so close together you could knock on your neighbors window from yours. But when I am working a gig, I am only using it for supper and sleeping so I put up with it until gig is done, then it’s off to nicer surroundings.
          You might be able to rent something for a week and try out the experience. I don’t know if truck campers are available to rent, but I know most motorhome types are, so maybe truck campers are out there too for rent.
          Anyway, regardless of what you get, don’t let the snobs get you down, get what works best for you (sounds like you already are). I’d be happy to share a beer with you anytime. A mans home is his castle.

        9. Don’t know if you’ve seen this before, but it’s one of my faves. Thanks much for your advice and kind sentiments. This one always makes me smile. Hope it does you, too. Love JEJ. Great voice. Will be ground zero of my new life’s beginning. Can’t wait! May our paths cross, the smiles be broad and may the beer be plenty stout!

        10. “The stigma of having a truck camper is the only thing holding me back from going that route.” Fuck that shit. That sounds awesome and WAY lower maintenance I suspect. It’s a mass produced truck with easy and cheap parts/maintenance and the cab can be sold/tossed if and when it needs replacement/upgrade. With an iPad and a good wifi connection for entertainment, what else do you need? The size of an RV is just that… SIZE. My parents have been doing the truck/camper thing the past decade and no complaints. Just park, pop and go to sleep.. anywhere! I thought it would be hard to get rid of (fo