29-Year-Old Feminist Demands Government Money For Her Own Sterilization

A British feminist has been whining to high heaven because doctors on the NHS are unwilling to sterilise her on the taxpayer’s dime. Holly Brockwell, 29 (pictured), is now complaining to every media outlet that will listen that she never wants to have children, and that doctors refusing to seal up her fallopian tubes is discrimination.

Brockwell’s case signals a new plateau in the depravity of modern feminism: women demanding state-funded mutilation of their reproductive systems as a human right. This confused character writes as follows:

Since I’ve never wanted children and firmly believe I never will, the clear solution to me is sterilisation, which these days is a relatively quick procedure under local anaesthetic.

That recent trip to my GP is not the first time I’ve asked. In fact, I’ve made the request to be sterilised every year since I was 26 — I’m now 29 — and have been refused every time.

I can’t even get a referral. The response is always: ‘You’re far too young to take such a drastic decision.’

A woman who “does not want children” is at war with her own biology, and quite likely mentally ill. A woman who wants to have her reproductive system mutilated because less intrusive contraception is too inconvenient, is a danger to herself and ought to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 00.44.31

Holly Brockwell, a walking compendium of Red Pill truisms

She goes on:

The only way I can explain my attitude is that when I imagine all those beautiful moments everyone talks about — holding a new baby in my arms, my child’s first day at school, teaching them about the world — I feel nothing but a strong sense of ‘no thanks’.

This woman, if she can be called that, is repulsed by prospect of teaching a child about the world and guiding that child through important life experiences. The pendulum now sits squarely between “mentally ill” and simply “evil.”

I don’t think it helps that my mum never wanted children, and got talked into having them by my dad.

As a result, she’s never had any money or freedom, missed out on a lot of the things she wanted to do with her life, and feels trapped by choices she made decades ago. I don’t want that to happen to me.

Blaming men, of course.

I want my own life. I want a career, money, time and energy. I want to be Holly, not Mummy. I want to be able to travel and say ‘yes’ to opportunities without worrying about school catchment areas or baby-sitters.

What Brockwell wants is not only to ride the carousel, but to ride the carousel until the rivets pop out. She wants a career in a vapid corporate environment surrounded by square-jawed executives in the Don Draper mould. She wants to travel, she says, so she can say “yes” to opportunities to raw-dog local yardies on holiday in Jamaica.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 00.55.51

Holly Brockwell, “finding herself”.

The AMA’s journal has linked promiscuity to an increased risk of cervical cancer, so for Brockwell, repeatedly saying “yes” to the “opportunities” she’s looking for might precipitate an extra bonus she won’t avoid through sterilisation. If the empowered femcunt doublespeak doesn’t convince you this woman is not the full shilling, this should:

I’ve given impassioned speeches like this to endless parents, but they just look at me sadly, as if I’m dead inside. How could I not want this tiny screaming demon that wakes them at 4am and breaks their favourite possessions? Why wouldn’t I want baby sick on my clothes or years of teenage tantrums?

A child is a “tiny screaming demon.” They are looking at her sadly, like she’s dead inside, because that’s exactly what she is.

Why Holly Brockwell is “working in tech journalism” and not a doctor


Brockwell wastes no time in directing her narrative to “muh patriarchal oppression”:

I can’t help thinking part of the NHS’s reluctance is down to my gender. There is such a strong belief that all women want to be mothers that both male and female GPs seem to find it hard to believe me when I say ‘never’.

Unfortunately for a loon like Brockwell, who subscribes to a dogmatic and inflexible equality, GP’s will be skeptical of outliers like her because they have wisdom. This wisdom, gained through countless hours of empirical observation of real people, has taught them that the drive to have children is innate to human biology.

I pay my taxes, and the NHS offers this procedure, so why can’t I have it? Because GPs can’t seem to accept that a young woman might aspire to be more than a baby factory.

Brockwell writes that she first tried to get sterilised on the NHS at 26. The doctor at the time told her he couldn’t “in good conscience” commit her to hospital to have her reproductive system shut down because condoms are too much hassle for her to use. What Brockwell has not mentioned in any of her articles on the subject is the small matter of the Hippocratic Oath, which binds the conscience of all doctors in their medical practice.

The Oath is long and detailed, having undergone many revisions since the time of Hippocrates (460 – 370 BC), the Greek physician who authored it, but the essence is the following:

I will use treatments for the benefit of the ill in accordance with my ability and my judgment, but from what is to their harm and injustice I will keep them.

Brockwell’s demand will not sit well with a medic’s conscience, since, firstly, a healthy woman who is able to reproduce can in no way be considered “ill.” Secondly, it is easy to see how blocking or sealing a woman’s fallopian tubes, preventing a woman’s eggs from reaching sperm and becoming fertilised, might be considered a form of harm.

The straitjacket question


Hippocrates, the founding father of medical ethics. A little too “cis scum” for some.

It’s not too far fetched to think that a good and conscientious doctor, hearing the demented ramblings of Holly Brockwell, might take it upon himself to consider that Holly is in fact insane, and commit her to an institution for her own benefit. I would have gone with that view, but the following paragraph from Holly made me reconsider:

People consider me headstrong and driven – the phrase I hear over and over is “she knows what she wants” – yet in this one area, they don’t believe I’ll carry it through. And in my weaker moments, I worry that they’re right. That I’ll fall in love and capitulate, like my mother did, and live my life a slave to children I resent, my dreams in pieces beneath their tiny trainers. It terrifies me.

Holly Brockwell is not mentally ill. She is simply a modern, silly little girl who has bought into girl-power garbage a little too readily, and now considers being “child-free” is a valid life choice.

She does, however, worry that the not inconsiderable number of people telling her she’s wrong, might actually be right. That flicker of a conscience shows us that Brockwell is not insane. She is simply in the deepest depths of denial.

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466 thoughts on “29-Year-Old Feminist Demands Government Money For Her Own Sterilization”

  1. Personally, I support this. I hate taxes, but if they will be used to sterilize feminists, that’s like snatching a small victory from the jaws of defeat.

    1. Agreed. Every sterilized feminist means one less innocent little boy being raised by a single mother and ingesting feminist puke and while growing up to be a confused and lost mangina.
      He watches mommy ride the carousel.

  2. If woman does not want kids that is good; there are 7 BILLION people on earth already. Why would anyone WANT here to have kids if she thinks of them as “devils”? I think it would be a good use of government money to help her not to be a mom. As for personal responsibility, we are living in a country where a woman, who’s only claim to fame was crying about her birth control, was given the podium at a major party convention. It is far too late to talk about “paying for it yourself like a grown-up”.

    1. LOL! Essentially her speech boils down to “but I want it! Why can’t I have it?!
      The same argument any child puts to its parents.

      1. The “parents” of this “child” is the government, and they shall grant princess bitch her wish, then she can live her life like “barren cuntress & chosen whore of babylon” gloria steinem.

  3. I’m curious what her “dreams” are that would be stopped because of kids.

    1. No more party life, no cock carousel, etc….kids get in the way.
      Two plane tickets abroad to find herself (kid in tow) are more expensive versus one.
      Plus, it’s hard to drag the kid into the club bathroom with a guy she just met.
      So many dreams.

      1. Sums it up perfectly, actually, this is probably the one & only area (when it comes to gobblemint sponsorship of cunt issues) that I’d be more than happy to support; free taxpayer-funded sterilization for all femicunts and their mangina-ballasts in tow.
        Imagine how many problems in the west we could solve in 1.5 generations with feminazis & co. willingly having their cunt-tubes knotted.

  4. I am okay with this. I don’t really want her to reproduce and if guys can use her as a cum bag then double bonus.

  5. Society needs to start giving these idiot bitches what that ask for. World will be a better place with this silly girl sterilized.

  6. What she doesn’t consider is that by her becoming an entitled corporate whore feminist she has already inoculated herself against the risk of sex, let alone child bearing. Give her three years in a cubicle and she will balloon out fifty to one hundred pounds above current weight, problem solved.

    1. That does seem to be the order. Years away at school, start at being a whore, career shot and boredom, decision to be a whore and jump ship, late decision to have children, hatred for unaccepting men, indoctrinate young women to hate men too and start the cycle again. All the while taking selfies, loans, and cocks along the way.

      1. If she “takes cocks along the way” and is a “whore” isn’t that contradictory to hating men? Oh yeah look where I am.

        1. There is a level of hatred that comes up when a woman realizes that men will take her body but want nothing to do with her soul. This happens enough times for any number of reasons, career gets in the way of relationships, can’t have kids, too many sexual partners, possessing some mental disorder that is hard to deal with, massive debt, single parent, are all borderline rescue options that a quality partner shouldn’t settle for. The older a person gets the tougher these are to excuse. Hatred for the opposite sex occurs when you can’t admit you’ve burned out all your options and now must settle. If anything this site does it’s best to discuss the root of the problem and apply workable solutions. It just seems women don’t look typically think of the future in this way and enjoy the moment. That is fine, but men can’t afford to be up shit’s creek as no one cares for us but us.

        2. Hating Men and Hating Sex are two different things. Most women love Sex.

        3. Ah. Words and their precision. As a man you can only rely on yourself for the results you want in life. Anything given has a timetable. A surprisingly small one. The lack of care for men isn’t stated enough.

        4. Haha!! Thanks! I was worried old bat’s wanted to sit me down for some milk and cookies. Then ask me if I want hug.

        5. Jeez don’t think too highly of yourself. Just because I pity you doesn’t mean I like you.

        6. “Jeez don’t think too highly of yourself. Just because I pity you doesn’t mean I like you.”, said bat(shit)cuntree1 to the goblin-like figure in the mirror.

        7. Oh yeah, look where you are. And oh yeah look where you should be. Over there. Away from here. Dummy ——–>

        8. He wasn’t talking to you dummy. Haven’t you been asked to leave? Beat it asshole——>

        9. This^^
          “It just seems women don’t look typically think of the future in this way and enjoy the moment.”
          Every time I run across one of these delusional fems I think of this scene and want to scream out. Think about the future!

    2. Sadly, her “career” will likely bring little benefit to her employer and may even represent a net loss. Due to quotas, preferences, and sexual “discrimination” suits, women can extract large sums from companies while providing minimal work in return.

      1. Talking about your career again? No thanks I would not like fries with that.

        1. A dumb broad trying to use the word “career”? Why yes, you dumb asshole, please give me whatever side I ask for.

      2. No. As an employer….nothing pleases me more than a childless female employee. No sick outs for kudos or early labor. No risk of covering three months off federally mandated leave in which I can’t hire someone else and my regulars are getting ready to quit from covering her workload.

        1. You must not be an employer. Go back to working for someone else and leave the discussion for the grown ups

        2. You loved some imaginary right that other people have to end up paying for??? You don’t say….

        3. Governments don’t mandate nor instill nor create rights. Rights exist of their own accord, and are merely protected and affirmed by the government. Unfortunately the feminazis of this culture have insisted on changing the definition of the word “right” to mean “something I think I should be entitled to”… just as they have tried to change the definition of “rape” and “harassment” and all sorts of words. Sorry sweetie… you’re not Webster and nobody cares what’s in the sordid dictionary that exists in your head.

        4. Sweetie? Sorry bud I don’t swing that way. Good luck finding a man that does though.
          There’s a difference between “something I think I should be entitled to” and “something I AM entitled to by law”.

        5. Dummy. Was that too much logic from Coach for your hamster to process? Beat it creep.

      3. just saw that discussion down there about the definition of rights and it reminded me of a girl who worked for my ex customer. i kinda liked her, but her definition of “right” was purely based on what government said was okay. she was fired after her probation and my customer then demanded her to leave earlier by the amount of days of holiday she still had left.
        in her mind, she would rather stay to work and then get paid extra the holiday days. then she started to inquire whether there was a law that gave her the right to demand that. to her, “right” was simply a matter of standards that were defined by someone – as long as it served her.
        she dragged my customer to court and they made some kind of agreement eventually.
        this woman was definitely a rather red pill one, yet she was still behaving like this. i still had sympathies for her for the fact that she had a quality character – shaped by a childhood in warzone – but i was disgusted by this lack of moral reasoning.
        how can i let the law define what i have earned and what not? how can i be an independent thinker when i don’t have any internal moral standards? yes, you can use the law for your purposes – if it is in congruence with your values. i don’t see the point of using every thinkable law to your advantage just because you can. i use the laws i respect and don’t let the law dictate what i respect.

    3. It seems like a steady diet of soda and big macs fed to her would be a lot healthier for society at this point.

      1. She is likely already on this dietary regimen, looking at her wide hips under that skirt.
        She may repel men, but Mayor McCheese will probably tap that ass eventually.

        1. If I was her doctor I’d probably encourage those eating habits; it’ll fix her in the long run

    4. And there will still be thirsty dudes drunk on Coors light willing to buy her drinks and take her home from the TGIFriday’s bar on a weekend night.

      1. For now. Consider her two or three years from now though. She’s on the ez pass lane towards land whale unfuckable, and she already has a cat lady starter kit.

      2. Imagine her big ass at age 38?
        We have to educate more men…just say no to fat women.

        1. She’s actually killing her negotiating position. Not being able or willing to have children is a major deal killer if you are a woman. In a sense she wants to turn the clock forward 10 years to a point at which she has zero to offer a future husband other than a worn out vagina.

        2. Me and my buddies used to have a no fat chicks flag that we’d plant in the back of a pickup truck back in the mid 1980’s. That, a cooler of beer and a sandy beach, with countless skinny girls in bikinis walking by or stopping to talk to us and giggle, twirling their hair, then later that night they were with us walking on the beach at sunset…good times man, good times.

        3. Nah, probably not. Feminists are notoriously silent around me for some reason. Being tall and intimidating keeps them and their manginas quiet I guess.

        4. I made the mistake of experimenting with fat chicks. Don’t do it. They tend to have a pleasant disposition and will suck dick with a particular passion that you don’t find with most skinny chicks, but it is not worth it.

        5. Dude she wont tell her BF she had the procedure, then milk it for sympathy points when she cant conceive.

        6. You’re actually probably not intimidating them, they’re probably silent because they’re waiting for you to charm them as they feel they deserve.

        7. Exactly. Killing off her one core ability. Wouldn’t wanna be the one navigating a trip through her psychological wires, man..

        8. You’re a very brave man sir. Like a canary sent down a coalmine shaft. Except you survived.

        9. A woman that does not want my children has an immense appeal at my stage. Perhaps it is an age thing. You may understand when you are older.

        10. I now know why my mother hated that show. It was so full of wisdom. It taught me so much growing up. I understand it was written by a black man. I don’t think that is coincidental.

        11. I didn’t know that!! No wonder I couldn’t look away as a child!

        12. A Black man and a White man (Gerry “Cohen” obviously part of a certain ethnic group) were the two main writers and sometimes Amanda Bearse.

        13. Irrelevant. He’s still funny as fuck. It’s a sitcom. Nothing more, nothing less. Not to be taken overly seriously. Like my comment.

        14. I strapped a 2by4 to my ass so I didn’t fall down that shaft. She had a pretty face and a pleasant disposition but it was not worth it. Aim for a girl with a BMI of 22, but don’t go above 25.

        15. Laughing about what? The fact that she will be flicking herself to sleep tonight? Beat it dummy——–>

        16. Serious question.
          Are you just having fun being a troll? What other possible purpose could your inane comments serve?

        17. Easily, the last joke should be a staple law taught to every man, with the required flogging should they forget.
          Al: Ah Peg, would it really make ya feel better if I told you I needed you?
          Peg: Yes it would.
          Al: Ta, HA,He,HUH!!
          Al: But I Don’t!!

    5. Would that it were true GoJ. But you and I both know that she will be a decade past the wall when drunken business men at conferences, black guys, late night bar goers and low sexual value men stop reaming her out and, even then, she can pass her pussy (which at that point–if not already–will look like chewed up and discarded bubble yum) to the dozen beta orbiters who will not only ignore the destroyed soulless vagina, but make her feel special and pay for her escapades where she will, if given half an opportunity, take a nostalgia ride on the carousel. In fact, this girl will be on the carousel for so long she won’t even need a horse. Just put the pole right up that flappy wizards sleeve of hers.

    6. In all honesty I think sterilizing women like that would be tax dollars well spent.

        1. As long as it is HER choice, let her get sterilized. Same with any other feminist: As long as it’s their choice why should I care they’ll never I breed another feminist? I won’t say encourage it, but in 10 years when this bint is yearning for a baby and can’t have one she’ll no longer be a feminist.
          Let her, and her like-minded sisters, serve as a warning to a generation of future women about the dangers of unbridled feminism.

        2. Fuck that, I’ll pay for the bint getting sterilized. That’s a one-time cost versus the carousel whore getting knocked up, followed by the inevitable years of support payments from the state.
          Not to mention the costs her unwanted spawn will inevitably incur in a legal sense. We can see how selfish this bitch is, and I can’t imagine that getting any better. Her neglected brat(s) would inevitably be in trouble starting early.

        3. will you also pay for her getting unsterilized or for the lawsuit when she claims the state should have prevented her from doing such a stupid thing?
          nevermind that. you can pay for anything you like as long as you leave me out of it.

        4. Suing the state is notoriously fraught with difficulty. Most lawyers won’t touch it in the end. Give her 4 counseling sessions (who knows, maybe it’ll break her feminist views), sign a release, and sterilize her if she still wants to get it done.

        5. That would only work for this single person, or a very small group. I’d like all toxic feminists to have the ability to choose not to breed. You’re not thinking big picture here, one bint is insignificant. A wave of toxic feminists taking themselves out of the “gene pool” by choice is beneficial to society as a whole. Not just in a “they won’t have babies to raise in their toxic message” kind of way, but they will ultimately serve as a warning. The inevitable self-loathing, and public (they’re attention whores) whining, will highlight their idiocy in a way no one else ever could.
          If you want to decimate toxic feminism, this is but one more thing to support.

        6. sounds all nice in theory, but:
          1. sterilisation is somewhat reversible and medicine would aim in that direction:
          2. they will otherwise just follow the feminazi manifesto and get in vitro eggs whenever they want children, ideally even without sperm, wohoo:
          3. they would probably not even admit that they regret it and rationalize it.
          4. years ahead, people will be even more coddled and don’t make the connection: my choice -> my suffering.
          5. they can adopt children from normal people and make them into little feminist monsters whenever they want. ideally, two lesbian mothers. or three? or four? how about a whole community of polyamourous lesbians? hurray!
          i’m still not buying it. at least i’m not paying for it.
          but as i said, i had to giggle.

        7. True.But who knows the extent of an attention whoring and money loving Attorney’s greed?

      1. Sterilize. Why not just get her spayed? Cheaper and gets the same result: no kids.

      2. I think those tax dollars would be better spent setting up a program to warn men of bitches like these – like a sex offenders registry.
        Because after 50 low-lives raw-dog her skank ass your ass is gonna get an STD

        1. yeah. But proposing it to City Hall for legislation will get you on the “Dangerous People” List

        2. and once sterilizing people becomes a thing the program can be extended further

    7. If I put a baby in her I wonder how quickly those female hormones would kick in to have her come to her senses?

  7. Ride the carousel until “The rivets fall out”. Lmao, Extraordinarily accurate.

      1. For the rest of my life, every time I see the picture of Rosie the Riveter, it will take on a whole new meaning.

        1. If she begins a kickstarter campaign to pay for her sterilization, I’d voluntarily contribute.
          I don’t want people like that breeding.

        2. That’s a good suggestion. I bet that she would easily get enough money.

      2. Ah, yes….. I am all for this actually. Someone please sterilize her. Without her progeny in the future, her line of genetics and feminism will not be passed on. Saving the human race, one sterilization at a time.

        1. Let women take care of women’s shit and stop gaming the guberment through taxing productive men top pay the tab.

    1. so she can say “yes” to opportunities to raw-dog local yardies on holiday in Jamaica.
      That had me laughing

      1. yep if she really didn’t care about sex she would just get herself spayed.

      2. those yardies have an abnormally potent level of sperm, I reckon she’d be banged up pretty quickly, with a brown baby to cue over

    2. Exactly, she just wants to be able to spread her legs so all the thuggish alpha Brits can raw-dog her til she gets old and ugly.
      One to stay away from

    3. Accurate description of modern bitches whining about the “lack of good men”
      “ride the cock carousel to oblivion
      ” get passed around more than a project stump”
      Now we have
      “ride the cock carousel till the rivets fall out”!!!!
      You guys are OUTFUCKINGSTANDING!

    4. I think it is better if she doesn’t reproduce, what I do not agree is with the fact that she’s using tax payers money to seal her tubes, I mean, work and pay for your own damn things.

      Glad to see you!
      Hope all is good with thee.

  8. Feminist Demands Government Money For Her Own Sterilization

    I very much support this. In fact, making sure that feminists won’t spread their genes and won’t have any kids to mess up is the only way how government should support feminists. It comes very close to suicide feminism.
    That they can’t sue men for child support is an extra bonus.

    1. Problem is that they are brainwashing everybody else’s children, through the educational system, Hollywood and the MSM.

    2. The problem is the other side of this equation (when she changes her mind to have children at age 38).
      Then, who will she sue?
      This action is similar to women wanting plastic (elective) surgery because of (insert mental health reason, here)…and all on the taxpayer’s dime.
      These women truly do belong back in the nut house. Women have plenty of means of birth control until such a time that a medical professional deems it necessary for her to have her tubes tied.
      It has nothing to do with gender and all to do with being an adult.

    3. Feminism is not just an organization, or the people behind it. Feminism is an idea. It cannot die.

      1. Sure it can, who taught you that foolishness, Hollywood?
        The notion that the earth is flat was an idea, now it’s paening for the fjords, pushing up daisies as it were. Feminism, especially at this level, is an acceptable idea only to the truly mentally ill.

        1. Feminism is the great idea that women must have the same rights as men because both are human beings. This is totally different from the ‘Earth is flat’ BS.

        2. LOL. Feminism is about crazy women (and their mangina followers) demanding whatever they feel like at any given moment.

        3. and women have (had) that a while back. They’ve gained those rights.
          Today, it’s adult children (women) crying about what they want or “need”.
          If they don’t get it, then they continue acting like children (i.e. stamping their feet, crying) until they get it. Watch any child, today, in the grocery store with an adult present who says “no” to the child.
          You’ll see the same behavior in women.

        4. Feminism seems on track for death when America gets stomped into the ground by a physical strike from China and Russia. When it has proven our men are weaker, ourr nation unable to protect itself, and outsiders gain privileges equal to or superior to American citizens, only then will feminism subside. And only then will our new rulers say, we never followed our women. That was our first mistake.

        5. Ah, a dyed in the wool feminist.
          I won’t even bother debating you.
          Instead I leave with a hearty “Go fuck your self and die” to you, and we part ways.
          And hey, have yourself a zipping do dah day, you social retard.
          That is all.

        6. Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment, my dear.
          Btw, everyone will die and almost everyone likes to fuck, so you can’t even insult me, sweetheart.
          That’s all for now.

        7. Chinese wont need to fire a bullet- seems they are colonizing parts of the US and Canada right now. Apparently over 300,000 chinese nationals have moved into the outer boros of nyc in the past few years. They are also building their version of Disney World in upstate NY(and I believe itsin a tax-free zone, just like Walt’s version in Florida).

        8. The dude (actually I think he’s a woman) keep liking his own comments… do we need any further proof on how much of a retard he is??

        9. These types are nothing if not predictable. Solipsism and narcissism on the half shell, the whole lot of them.

        10. They are also terra-forming the shit out of the Bahamas. Ecologically a lot of life forms will be gone. Coastal, they’ll be in good position to form a beneficial alliance with Cuba. And the Bahamian locals can’t do a thing as they need the revenue.

        11. terra-forming for what purpose? Would great if this shit was on the news instead Jenner’s “transformation”.

        12. At this time the word is to build a larger resort space. They are adding land to smaller islands and removing marshes that housed annual breeding grounds. Removing the marshes will likely cause some islands to be destroyed. The locals need the jobs so they stay. And the projects are being fronted by multi-millionaires. But adding land and destroying marshes so more foreigners can tee off and swim with dolphins? Just makes sense for a base that is closer to an enemy.

        13. In a way I guess I am contributing to the problem as I just got engaged to a Chinese woman. Two or three years from now I will return to Canada with my wife and hybrid children to invade Ontario. At least they will not vote Liberal.

        14. Am I detecting Catholic guilt or Irish sarcasm here??

        15. Na. I am Scottish if anything. I am all for the Bulworth school of gender relations where we fuck until we are all the same colour.

        16. I don’t mean to come off as paranoid but i can draw a historical parallel to what the Japanese Imperial Army was doing in South East Asia back in the ’30’s before the Second World War officially kicked off. Decades long infiltration through economic & cultural means inside various countries. Lined up their ducks before taking their shots.

        17. It isn’t paranoia at all. Patterns tend to emerge when it comes to people and how we subdue our enemies. And as long as our group affiliations aren’t the same there is a potential to become enemies. The odds run even higher when we compete for the same resources *cough* Saudi Arabia *cough*. Keep the parallels in your back pocket in case the similarities ramp up. Also choose a favorite destination in case leaving becomes necessary.

        18. “Feminism is an acceptable idea only to the truly mentally ill” said no one with any training regarding mental illness.

      2. That idea can die once enough people become sick of it (and supporting it).
        That kind of idea can only flourish with the right conditions. You don’t see it in many other countries (outside the west).

        1. I don’t live in the west. And there always will be people who support feminism.

        2. Like I said, it didn’t exist before and the “shine” is starting to wear off.
          Women do have equal rights. They vote, own land, etc…(at least in this country). That shark was jumped a long time ago.
          What we have, now, is delusional thinking (by women and men who support it).
          An example: women not making the same as men is not the fault of men (or corporations). It’s the fault of other women accepting positions for less pay. Corporations would have gladly “tapped” into that resource a long time ago (like when they exported their facilities outside the US for cheap labor).
          This “feminist” stuff (2.0 or 3.0?) is nonsense, today. It’s woman crying “what they want” and if they don’t get it, then they pull the gender card.

        3. “At least in this country”. That’s the point. There are still countries where we should fight for equal rights.
          And in your country (the US), though there are equal rights now, there are still misogyny and misandry which should be stopped.

        4. We’ll start pretending to take you seriously when you head over to the Middle East to fight actual horror and injustice against women. Otherwise you sit safely at home behind a comfortable keyboard and do nothing but whine knowing you risk nothing for your idiotic advocacy.
          Put your money where your beliefs are and fight real oppression or shut the fuck up, you jackanape.

        5. The misogyny (according to the media, feminists, SJWs, etc..) is running rampant…the misandry (according to them)…not so much.
          We have to live in this world (first), not the delusional world that many are living in before we can stop it.

        6. You know nothing about me, only a few comments. And I don’t take orders from you, itty bitty little redpiller.

        7. You’re all about equal this & that until real work needs to be done, aren’t you? No. What you really want are equal outcomes for unequal quality of work & labor & risk.
          I’m all for equal opportunities for both men & women. But i’m not for equal outcomes based on one’s genitals. Meet a fixed standard, whether you’re a man or a woman & bear equal consequences & responsibilities & then you can talk about equal rights.

        8. Despite protestations to the contrary from feminists and their sympathizers, it is quite obvious that this ideology is in favor of equality of outcome, that is, parity. Fortunately, it is becoming more obvious among an increasing number of men with the passage of time.

        9. Then, we agree on this one. I don’t believe in women-superiority, nor men-superiority. How strong or weak you are depends on your abilities and personality, not on your gender.

        10. Fuck the poor, fuck the over taxation, fuck welfare reforms, fuck the homeless, fuck the sick who cannot obtain health care, fuck the infrastructure, fuck the massive spying of the NSA, fuck the huge debt the country is in, fuck the idiot children our public schools shit out, fuck the corrupt public sector. Fuck that and many more! WE MUST STOP MISOGYNY!
          GTFO of here faggot

        11. I’m a student at the most respectable engineer university in my country, so I know what hard work is.

        12. No, you don’t. You have potential. Having the best ingredients to make a great meal is not the meal itself.
          That requires..well, work. Your university experience isn’t an end itself. It’s giving you the ingredients & molding you to be able to give back meaningfully to society. You won’t really know work until you actually graduate, get out & test yourself in the working world.
          You’re obviously smart enough to get into a top university. Don’t waste those smarts on buying into an idea before it’s reckoning with reality.
          And good luck with your studies.

        13. Yeah. That’s why self confessed male feminists boil my blood more than the actual garden variety feminists.

        14. I know it’s not the real working world, but still, it requires a lot of hard work.
          And thanks, I wish you good luck as well.

        15. Exactly the type of reply I expected; the only type your kind knows. You forgot to up vote yourself.

        16. This place provides me with endless entertainment watching little boys trying to act like men.

        17. Arthur Chu. What are you doing here Arthur Chu?
          Haven’t you got some recent revelations to see to, Arthur Chu?
          Arthur Chu. We know it’s really you.
          Peek a boo. Guess who? It’s Arthur Chu.
          Wouldn’t wanna be you for all the tofu in China .Arthur Chu.
          Enjoy the haiku. Arthur Chu.

  9. I say we start a GoFundMe for women like this. My son’s mother is like this and I have to work twice as hard to make sure my son doesn’t end up like every other beta orbiting a twat that behaves like his mother.

  10. The problem here is a Nationalised health care system that “needs” to cater to every possible whim of the population with whatever resources it has available.
    A man is able to get a vasectomy for “free” on the NHS so I see no reason why this woman should not get her tubes done….besides why bring more future feminists/manginas into this world?
    Also….if the NHS can do THIS (link below) in addition to boobjobs, gender reassignments, abortions….etc…then Why not?

    1. I hear you, but having worked in thr NHS and assessed people for said procedures I will tell you about the boob jobs and reassignments you speak off. The reason these are afforded isn’t because you “feel like it”. There should be a clear link to your mental health. You are referred to a psychiatrist to make a full assessment (lasting several sessions and months in some cases) of your mental health to make sure this isn’t a psychotic episode from which you will one day recover from and sue the NHS for snipping your bits off. Once this is established then there is a need to establish if not doing the procedure will result in any harm to your mental health. Only if the psychiatrist is convinced that your request is not because of mental illness, you have valid consent and that without the procedure your mental state will deteriorate(mostly depression & melancholia) then the procedure is approved.
      This lady although has the ability to consent and is not mentally unwell will not suffer any mental or physical problems if unsterilised so does not qualify through the NHS. If she had a disorder of the tubes like cancer or potential cancerous growths that will be different.

      1. Hmmm. A woman needs her breasts enhanced because of the effect her small tits are having on her mental health?

        1. If you want it on the NHS then yes you will have to demonstrate to a psychiatrist that they are having a negative effect on your mental state. You will be surprised how many women claim their small breasts cause self confidence and depression issues. No word of a lie. I worked in the NHS and this is all from experience.

      2. I hear you….and I can see (as per my link) that chopping a guy’s legs off because he has “issues” is serious stuff…..however what is the difference between the procedure she wants and a vasectomy?
        (Unless a consultant on the NHS would decline to give a 29 year old man a vasectomy as well).
        The only explanation possible could be that she has options as far as birth control and a man does not.

        1. All things aside, if you read the NHS guidance of a vacectomy it states that your G.P has the right and can refuse to refer you for one if he feels its not in your best interests in which case you can pay for it privately. I am sure this guidance applies to the woman as well that’s why she does not have any legal standing and is trying to bully her G.P’s by going to the press and social media.
          The guidance states that can pay for it privately which she should do.

        2. Right. It’s the same behavior that you see in children. It’s something she wants and she’s not getting it so she’s stamping her feet on the ground, crying (plus using the gender card).
          No one is denying her the right to get the procedure…taxpayers just don’t want to pay for it.
          Her body, her choice…..her money. See a private doctor and pay for it.

        3. She should go to somewhere like the middle east, the doctors there would fix her and sew her vagina shut for good measure.

    2. Because your dealing with logic when dealing with a man and you’re dealing with feelings when dealing with a woman.
      This woman is delusional (a bit crazy) and I can see her “wanting” children approaching 40 (changing her mind like all women do). I think the medical professionals are doing the right thing (and they should require counseling for this one).

        1. Yes, the subject broad of this article is a dummy. But I didn’t think dumber was possible until you came along. Beat it creep. You keep validating the article and embarrassing yourself.

  11. Here’s the kicker: she already IS sterile because of the cocktail of STDs fermenting inside her–she just wants to get the government to pay for a “symbolic” sterilization. Ok, that’s not true. I mean… it might be.

    1. She knows nobody wants to marry her and its a defense mechanism. She can always say it was her choice, not that men find her “she knows what she wants” attitude repulsive.
      Look at the picture above, she’s holding her cat like a baby. You can’t deny biology.

      1. Her elephantine lower body is all the birth control she’ll ever need.

        1. Exactly, judging by the ass hiding under that skirt, she is a split second from hitting the wall.

        2. Yeah. My SIF detector just bleeped to level orange as well.
          (SIF= Secret Internet Fatty)

  12. There is only one part of this article that is incorrect; the section where its claimed that this woman should be locked up in a psycho ward.
    Incarcerating her will cost money; money stolen from other people. It makes far more sense for her to simply be denied “free” treatment on the NHS and permanently barred from attending a GP’s surgery to ask for it.
    If the aim is to stop her from sterlizing herself, then that aim is achieved, and this crazy attention seeker can simply fade into the background hiss of the intertubes.
    She could always go to a private sterilizer of course. They are available in the USA and are plentiful and willing to serve.

    1. Give her cats, lots of them. My father just brought a dump of a house for a rehab from one lady and she have around 7 cats. Then he found dead cats on inspection. He called animal control and they found more cats, some down to clean bones in the pile. The control guy told him it was the worst he have ever seen. They have to collect 9 cats and cremate 5 more bodies I think. This is way cheaper than paying any medical stuff.
      Let us now tip our hats to the cats who gave their lives to keep her from reproducing.

  13. Does it occur to her that her mother’s lack of nurturing has made her this way? That her fear of becoming like her mother has already come true in the worst way? The more disturbing part of the article is that she wants to spend her “freedom” in an office building. When is someone going to tell these broads that men hate “careers”, since I’m assuming she is trying to be like men. The only men happy with their lives start businesses. What a cold, heartless drone.
    I’m in favor of her decision though. Motherhood is a failing institution in the world today and we dont really need any more dysfunctional mothers ruining children’s lives. End her genetic line right now so the state won’t have to pay for their welfare later on. If she doesn’t want to commit her life to a child, chances are her beta husband is going to get in the way of her climbing the corporate ladder. Divorce and alcoholism/drug addiction are in her future anyway.

      1. She needs to see a priest. No cost to the taxpayer.

  14. We should all donate.
    Yes, I am serious.
    Any feminist who wants to be spayed, any mangina who wants to be neutered, we should all open our wallets and cheerfully donate.

    1. I will donate some pounds for her sterilization. Gladly. But I want the footage as an MP4.1080p.H264.AAC

    2. Can’t do it. Too much of a risk to be sued later down the road (at 38 when she changes her mind on children).
      Insert multiple child supporters here paying for the “damages”….don’t want to be one of them.

        1. Ugh…too many risks for us (men), today. I’d donate to send her to the nut house (I’ll give her a free ride to it).

        2. I agree with you in that yes, there risk of her suing any donors in this scenario is very real.
          But the rewards of ending a line of feminazi genetics before spawning a future generation of the same I think outweigh that risk.

      1. Too much of a risk to give MOST western women the means, directly or not, to dictate their own script. When one female succeeds at these machinations, others quickly follow suit. The result is uncontrollable greed.
        The means include current societal directives, men’s money, attention, validation, time and skills…all the way to a man’s sperm.

  15. Nothing is for free, but apparently In the NL birth control for women till 21 are reimbursed in most basic health insurance policies. I’m against that. It’s disadvantageous for other policyholders. Health Insurance should cover only basic care and the ones in case of disease. No reimbursed birthcontrol, no excess skin removal for ex fatties, no free glasses, no free crutches or what these socialists come up with.
    Guess no man ever came up with the idea that somebody else should fund getting snipped. Says something about the rationality of the sexes.

  16. I say they should foot the bill to sterilize her. Imagine if a larger portion of a generation of women ( that manipulate and use men,ultimately enslaving them for twenty years after’accidentally’ getting pregnant. ) opt to go this route? They’re genes have effectively been weeded out of the gene pool. This will make a better world for the coming generation because these withered fruitless hags will be considered old,irrelevant and weird .

  17. I actually don’t have a problem with her not having children. Many men, including a lot of commentators on this site, say the same. The issue I have is with her insisting that other people pay for the elective procedure. Leaving aside the fact that she pays taxes, if the NHS really was an insurance company to which she paid premiums she still wouldn’t be entitled to an unnecessary and elective procedure. Insurance companies insure you against the consequences of unforeseen and negative incidents. They do not assure that you can have whatever you want.
    I don’t think the NHS should exist at all but that’s another argument. But what is really ignorant, selfish and childish is that she thinks that other people should pay for her lifestyle choices.

    1. Right…and this is another example of when you give a woman 3 choices she’ll want 4 or 5 (or 6, etc, etc…). If she doesn’t get what she wants, then it must be because she is a woman.
      Men and women are not “equal” at all.

    2. Agreed. It’s not a “human right” to force others to pay for your personal decisions.

      1. “agreed. her vagina, her business. if you want shit done, pay somebody to do it.”
        No, as the article says, only the mentally ill would request such a thing, and no doctor should be allowed to legally perform it. Anyone wanting permanent sterilization, sex “changes” (mutilations), and baby murders should be denied them by the law. If they really desire to get a criminally insane thing done, let them go to underground hacks. Then, if something goes wrong, or they come to regret their choice, they’ll be treated with the respect due people maimed while being involved in illegal meth deals.
        If society says “her vagina, her business,” then when she is over the wall at 40, odds are that she’ll no longer be able to repress an urgent need to have children, and she could sue the government for permitting her to irreversibility cripple herself (and she’d be in the right).

        1. sorry, i didn’t grow up in the pro-life classroom.
          neither do i think that the insane should be protected from themselves nor do i think that government should have the power to dictate doctors what to do.
          “she could sue the government for permitting her to irreversibility cripple herself (and she’d be in the right).”
          government is not daddy. there has to be a point where somebody is simply adult and responsible for his own choice. you can’t salvage everything and i don’t see any trouble with people removing themselves from the gene pool.

        2. “If society says “her vagina, her business,” then when she is over the wall at 40, odds are that she’ll no longer be able to repress an urgent need to have children, and she could sue the government for permitting her to irreversibly cripple herself (and she’d be in the right).”
          By that logic, adulthood should be banned then. Why have the freedoms of a ‘legally’ mature human being without bearing the responsibilities and consequences of one’s actions (no matter how stupid they are).
          I’m sure you’re a reasonable man O.C but that kind of thinking leads to totalitarianism.

        3. ” nor do i think that government should have the power to dictate doctors what to do. ” You do realize that the government is paying the doctor – she is not paying.

    3. Next: “I need the state to pay for plastic surgery and a liposuction”

      1. Doesn’t the state already pay for plastic surgery in the guise “gender reassignment”… at least in certain areas?

    4. I don’t disagree with you. But, there’s another way to look at this:
      Getting tubes tied is cheaper than having a baby. If the NHS would be responsible for providing and paying for her pre-natal, delivery and post natal care, then it is much cheaper for the tax payer to pay to have her tubes tied than to have to provide medical care for one pregnancy.
      I searched cost to get tubes tied and got $1,500-$6000. The cost for uninsured pregnancies came back at $30,000 to $50,000. These prices are obviously in the whacked out, overpriced, insurance oligarchy/Obamacare US healthcare system, but it would stand to reason that the costs of the two procedures would be somewhat proportionate in a nationalized healthcare system.
      On an individual level, having her net save the NHS money and additionally failing to produce what I’m sure would be a self-involved feminist spawn is a good thing.

    5. You’re probably in the 5% minority to ever question the existence of the NHS.

      1. More women from the UK should get funding from sugar daddies by joining dating sites like tempted.com and hook up with rich, generous men.

  18. Geez, if it is really that big of a deal to this chick, she should join a convent and not have sex anymore.
    You can’t have your cake and eat it to when it comes to sexual relations sister.

      1. Apart from a few broken down stationary bicycles with the seats removed in the ‘exercise room’ 😀

  19. We should in no means, by any method, give in to her madness. Look at how far she has gone to justify her own hatred for humanity and life? Three years she has spent hunting access to tying her tubes. She brought up her own mother’s hatred for the loss of cock riding years. She voiced her own disdain for a titty suckling infant, a vociferous teenager, and years lost raising a life. If she has these years back to do what she wants what do you think that will be? It might mean she gets to live a normal life free of children. It will be far more likely this becomes a cause championed to call women to add sterilization as things to do to live an enriching life. The problem isn’t her decision. If she wanted it done, go to a third world, risk death and get the snips. It is another avenue to get the family separated and create new followers to the new insane paradigm. Britain shouldn’t pay a red cent. If you give in to thinking they should and they do, best believe this won’t be the last we see of this clear attention whore.

  20. In socialism everyone develops the mindset of a parasite. Someone else should always pay.
    Someone else is always responsible and to blame. Its disgusting. Pay for it yourself.

  21. I guess it never occurred to her that she should pay for her own medical procedures, instead of buying an i-phone, or a trip to Dubai.
    But that is not uncommon among women. They spend every nickel they have on their ‘sex and the city’ lifestyles, and then expect taxpayers (read: men), to pick up the tab for all the rest.

      1. I know a strong independent woman once. She gave her baby to her father for him to look after while living in the government housing provided for her because she was a single mother…

        1. If she felt so strongly about it, in the last 3 years she would have done something like visit a private clinic and getting it done.
          Clearly she can live without the procedure. I say put her on the pill.

        2. The father was an idiot or he counts his daughter as such a train wreck that he takes the grandchild for safety reasons – either way he is an idiot.

      2. Her exact words were “headstrong and driven”, because “strong and independent” has been played out into the ground to where even Beta simps started mocking its overuse and abuse so women are now using other adjectives they can feign are “unique” to just themselves.

        1. Nice…I’ve noticed this one as well. Plus, the strong and independent is starting to bite women in the ass (i.e. they are starting to have to pay for shit, become adults, etc…).
          They have to move the goal post (change the plan) because more people are “on to them”.
          Being “strong and independent” means they can, now, buy their own drinks, move their own couch, etc….no man required. It doesn’t serve their need or purpose.

        2. Well they do have a herd mentality of copycat behavior amongst each other (finest exhibits are the seemingly copy/pasted dating site bios with all the trite fixings – “Strong and independent and career-minded (until Beta Boy takes me in and pays for everything), love to work out (since January and only if I’m not “too tired” or hungover and don’t streak my makeup with sweat and ruin my gym selfies to Like-collect) love to travel (on Daddy or Sugar Daddy’s dime), love NFL (just act like it for lots of attention and free food and drinks from Betatards on Sundays) love shooting guns (if I say I love doing masculine things it will make me seem progressive and even more strong and independent) and NOT HERE TO HOOK UP (unless of course I think he’s hot enough)!” Now it seems as though a few caught wind of this and are trying to outdo the rest by trying to sound “clever” by drawing other random adjectives that are simply synonyms out of a hat.
          When something get so redundant to where you can call it in advance before it even happens, it just gets really, really boring.

        3. Yep, agree. It’s their own “theme” that is starting to fuck them over.
          “I don’t need a man” and “strong and independent”. Always fun to see what shit will pop up next.

        4. They “don’t need” us until the first sign of struggle and hardship manifests. I somehow doubt that they problem-solve on their own or seek the counsel of another woman (whom they autopilot resent if they’re prettier and thinner than them as is and would destroy in a heartbeat if they could get away it) in these scenarios!

        5. I’m strong and independent! Can you help me? I don’t know how to put air in my tires :(…

      3. How independent are you if you need the state to pay for your elective surgery?

    1. entirely the point. should we pay for anything she gets? she earns. why does she get free stuff at all? i don’t get any contraceptives paid for by the state…. why should we pay for hers?

  22. I saw a woman like this as a junior doctor. She was about 23 and wanted a hysterectomy! My boss refused. Removing your womb must be symbolic I guess, like a transsexual removing their bits. These people are bat shit crazy and will expect the state to pay for the operation and reversal (where possible) a few years later!

    1. I think some women are so brainwashed by Feminism they think removing their womb is a sign of defiance to the patriarchy.

  23. Why do we have to not only accept debased liberal lifestyles, but subsidize them as well?

  24. I doubt she needs to worry about pregnancy… the only thing this lame broad’s vag ever sees is the random sex toy of the month.

  25. They should just go ahead and do it, on her money of course. It would be better for humanity if people like her don’t reproduce.

  26. If I was a doctor, I’d help this woman because she has every right to get the sterilization. It’s her choice to be childfree.

    1. It is not a question of that, it is a matter of her demanding that others pay for it.
      You want to mutilate yourself, your should bear the cost.

    2. It is her choice and right (but not on my dime).
      What’s next? She sues someone because she changed her mind at 38?
      She needs counseling, first and foremost. The doctors are right in their assessment on this one.

      1. Years later after her procedure and then changes her mind, she’ll sue the doctor and the state for letting her go through with it. Same type of of thinking behind false rape accusations.

    3. Lucky you aren’t, then.
      Hippocratic Oath rings a bell? The ethics of medical profession?
      The purpose of medicine is not to tamper with the human body as nature intended it, just to suit a personal whim. If she does need surgical intervention, it’s probably on her amygdala.

  27. I don’t care if she doesn’t want children… probably a good thing in her case. But no way the taxpayer should have to pay for it.

  28. Why wouldn’t a strong independent woman find some way of sterlizing herself within her budget? She seems to have enough money to travel, why not simply fly to the States and pay the lowest bidding clinic to do it? Why would she let a government bureaucracy stand in her way?
    It really sounds like she’s still a child, because she can’t figure out how to take care of her own needs. If she can’t figure out how to take care of her own needs, she definitely shouldn’t be reproducing.

    1. Agree. We all pay taxes and we all (adults) find a way to buy the extra (wants or needs) in life. Why does a woman who makes her own money and doesn’t “need” this procedure want other taxpayers to foot the bill?
      There are other means of birth control on the market, already, that are very affordable.

  29. It isn’t a gender thing. Several years ago I was considering giving up on marriage and children and started asking my doctor about a vasectomy. The doctors are highly resistant to moving forward with that unless you already have 3 rug rats. I think I had to go through 3 GPs to find one who would give me a referral. He said he would give me the referral but suggested I talk to a counselor first. In any event, I would have had to pay my own freight to get the procedure done.
    As it turned out I simply decided to be picky about who I fuck rather than get snipped and fuck everything. Fast forward. I got engaged two weeks ago and will probably have a baby on the way by the end of next year. Things will get weird from there being a new father at age 50. However, I think this is the one case in my life where my abject procrastination ultimately paid off. As shitty as it sounds, it is all driven by economics. Whether I have one, two or three kids is just a function of how much money I can bring in.

    1. Vasalgel is only a couple of years away…..I was looking into getting snipped also but going to wait instead.

      1. Getting snipped is mofo existential, and I could not go through with it. In a couple of years I will have a couple of kids and Vasalgel will be moot, but it will be one more teaching point for my son.

  30. I might find this kind of irrational behaviour understandable from a teenager who doesn’t understand jack about the world… but this woman is 30 years old.
    Why are so many women saying fuck it to raising children and family life? Instead they opt to work for some company or establishment and tell everyone how happy they are. And yet somehow “women are more mature than men”.

    1. That’s the “want” for now. Women are always changing their minds due to how they feel so you have to take everything they say (or want) with a grain of salt.
      This woman probably (and will) change her mind in her thirties and then she’ll ask taxpayers to pay for it (again) or sue someone.
      These types need to seek counseling, first, or pay their own way.

    2. Not to mention the fact that she’s a fucking hypocrite, as any other feminist, but that’s nothing new….. demanding that people must not judge her and respect her decision while using derrogatory terms to refer to all the other sane woman that want to raise a family by calling them stupid, short-sighted, “baby factories” and refering to the babies as “demons”…

      1. That’s exactly it. This seems like the rebellious blathering of a teenager. When you’re that young it makes sense to rebel against the world. Let’s face it, the world can be a cruel place.
        But feminists seem to want to avoid all the things in life that make it worth living. In exchange they embrace cats, daytime television, and other distractions.
        Of course, any half-way attractive feminist will eventually try and bag a beta. When everyone stops congratulating her on everything she’s not gonna wanna work anymore.

        1. “avoid all the things in life that make it worth living.” Yes.. I don’t know how they came up with the idea the being like men would give them any feeling of fullfilment. Instead of being happy, they choose to play the “let’s pretend to be men” game and pursuit their “careers” and walk around with suits and briefcases so they can feel like they’re men only to find out that’s not what they really wanted and to remain angry at the world..

        2. They’ll be angry regardless. They just can’t accept the fact they are women and hate it.

    3. As of right now she brings nothing to the table. What women bring to the table in a relationship is sex , companionship and maybe love, all of which are very conditional and varying form hour to hour. As a single lady not looking to have kids and fertile, she is a liability in the dating pool, Once she gets the procedure, she will have quite a few more options especially with guys that dont want kids. She’s just another entitled FEEmale that doesnt want to pay for the procedure.

  31. That cat looks like it has two black eyes…
    I can understand her not wanting kids at 29, but that is because she probably still has plenty of friends without kids. Even the most independent of women want kids once their are the lone survivor.
    Right now, the last thing I want is to dedicate the next 20 years of my life taking care of some kids. However, I know that life is going to change a lot in five or ten years so I’m not getting knotted up just yet.

  32. Maybe I missed it, does NHS pay for vasectomies? The crazy lady might actually have a point if they do.

  33. Standard NHS procedure for men is to dissuade men under 30 from getting a vasectomy, unless they already have children. So she is getting the same treatment as anyone else. Fuck that equality bullshit!

      1. Yes. Holly lives in London, where the NHS is under the most strain. I would guess that if she tried to have it done through a small town GP, she wouldn’t have so much trouble.

  34. There is nothing wrong with not wanted to breed-I personally do not want children and would not want to bring any into the world when I feel this way about it. However, it is ridiculous to ask big daddy gov to pay for these types of procedures. It’s not medically necessary just like any cosmetic surgery(which I’m sure she’ll also want paid for in a few years as the wall is smacked upon). Men generally get the same treatment if they ask for vasectomies at too young of an age. Pony up for it yourself chick.

  35. Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet, but if the doctor performed the surgery and Holly had a change of heart afterward, he could face a major lawsuit. I don’t blame him for turning her away.
    I’m a proud member of the “childfree” community, so I respect her for that.

  36. Hippocrates the cis scum. That was brilliant.
    This is tragic. And it keeps spreading and getting worse.

  37. “holding a new baby in my arms, my child’s first day at school, teaching
    them about the world — I feel nothing but a strong sense of ‘no thanks’.”
    Fuuuck, that actually gave me a shiver. Complete and total sociopath, evil to the core.
    I mean, even if you don’t want kids, you have to admit that kids can be damn cute. Even as a dude I can. Her maternal instinct is just completely non-existent..

    1. I’m a guy who doesn’t want kids but even I enjoy seeing parents dokn things with going kids an the only times I re consider my desire to not have kids is remembering the things I did with my dad for the first time an thinking about doing them with my own child. I can understand not wanting kids but to be completely turned off by them tells me she has some serious mental problems.

  38. “A woman who wants to have her reproductive system mutilated because less intrusive contraception is too inconvenient, is a danger to herself and ought to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.”
    This is no different than an otherwise healthy man wanting a working penis and testicles removed because he feels like a woman.
    I watched a documentary recently about BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder) where otherwise normal people want parts of their bodies such as limbs removed for whatever reason. Somehow this is a problem, but people mutilating their reproductive organs isn’t? I’m waiting for BIID groups to pop up on Tumblr and demand equality, because the floodgates for acceptance of “alternative” lifestyles are already open.

  39. I nominate Holly Brockwell for the Darwin Award and a Nobel Peace Prize.

    1. Haha.Let’s pass the hat to get enough money so this stupid bitch can’t procreate.

  40. Meh, at the same time if the state will pay for a vasectomy it would seem her sterilization should get the same treatment. I doubt she was at serious risk of pregnancy anyway; at a glance I’d guess she prefers all anal all the time

  41. “I don’t think it helps that my mum never wanted children, and got talked into having them by my dad.”
    Right, I’m sure he put an AK-47 to her head and MADE her do it, sure.
    “As a result, she’s never had any money or freedom, missed out on a lot of the things she wanted to do with her life, and feels trapped by choices she made decades ago. I don’t want that to happen to me.”
    Well perhaps that’s because she had HIS money to do as she wanted with and you do give up certain “freedoms” when you get married, otherwise don’t sign up for a job you can’t finish! Well now she can live vicariously through you as you use your “freedom” to get as many gifts, attention, food and drinks from men you dangle the carrot in front of with the intention to flake on just so you can validate yourself and prove that you’ve “Still go it!” and bang the ones you deem as “worthy” and meet your “standard”.

    1. Once she hits her mid-40s and no guy wants much of anything to do with her, she’s going to be spending many a night crying and regretting. But she’ll still find a way to blame it on the patriarchy.

  42. I’ve been in Bali the past month and have observed a lot of these women on their Eat, Pray, Love excursions “finding themselves.” They go to some yoga classes in the jungle, wear tribal pants, get lame henna tattoos and think that they will reach nirvana. All the while taking nonstop selfies and posting to Instagram to along with a million of the Facebook meme quotes that clog my FB feed. Yes, I am friends with many of them.
    I wouldn’t say they’re bad just narcissistic and delusional and prone to magical thinking. I’ve spoken with many of them and if you really listen you can hear the pains of discontent and disillusionment that comes from not being able to snap ones fingers and Ohm themselves out of depression.

    1. “Finding themselves” just means going somewhere to whore around and get attention all damn day and night to validate their existence, to reinforce that they’ve “Still got it!” What is it that they’re looking for to “find”, anyway? What are yoga pants and selfies and a billion social media Likes from the lamest of dorks going to help them “find”?
      Oh and if you really want to be a dick, ask them who paid for their trip. Sure as shit ain’t themselves!

  43. I find it repulsive when a woman has no desire to have children / no maternal instinct.

  44. I was assigned to read a few articles on this website along with some feminist websites by my college professor in a government international relations class (relating this to IR is a stretch on his part, but he is basically a 60 year old male feminist who constantly whines). After reading through everything on this website I think that what a lot of you guys are saying about the modern world being biased against men is factually true. For example, divorce laws affect men disproportionately and women are encouraged by the media to get divorces whenever they want. The media also portrays / encourages men to act like wimps and idiots which is very unattractive for a lot of girls. For full disclosure I am a 19 year old girl in a long term relationship with an awesome guy.
    After reading some of the comments on other parts of the website, I thought that I would say that I do hear women talking about upgrading, finding a man who can buy them whatever they want, and there are slutty girls that just want to have sex. I also see a lot of girls like Holly Brockwell. Most of them either believe what they do because they were told to believe those things or they just want attention…
    Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of guys on this website seem to really want a traditional long term relationship but think that it’s impossible in the modern world. I would say that you absolutely have to keep in mind that there are 3.5 billion women in the world. There’s going to be places to look for what you are looking for. My boyfriend and I are both unique people. He never dated anyone in high school in spite of being handsome, strong, extremely intelligent (I am not trying to brag, but people who know me in real life often say they are surprised by how smart I am and he is clearly sharper than me), and very likeable. He could have had any girl he wanted. I never dated anyone either but I was also very depressed about some rather traumatic things that happened to me. But once we met each other we became best friends almost instantly. My point is that if you want something bad enough never give up.
    The final thing that I would say is that a lot of people in my class expect me to be disgusted by guys on this website talking about “game” but the truth is I hear female acquaintances (I try to avoid befriending people like this) talk about how to “get a man” which is basically the same type of thing. All I would say is that stringing along a good girl who wants a traditional relationship has no dignity or honor in it and is no better than women who string along good guys. There are also girls like me, not a lot, who “game” will never work on. I’ve seen guys try it and it either makes me laugh because I know what they’re doing or it creeps me out.
    Either way, best of luck to you guys and hope that you all find what you’re looking for.

  45. I was assigned to read a few articles on this website along with some feminist websites by my college professor in a government international relations class (relating this to IR is a stretch on his part, but he is basically a 60 year old male feminist who constantly whines). After reading through everything on this website I think that what a lot of you guys are saying about the modern world being biased against men is factually true. For example, divorce laws affect men disproportionately and women are encouraged by the media to get divorces whenever they want. The media also portrays / encourages men to act like wimps and idiots which is very unattractive for a lot of girls. For full disclosure I am a 19 year old girl in a long term relationship with an awesome guy.
    After reading some of the comments on other parts of the website, I thought that I would say that I do hear women talking about upgrading, finding a man who can buy them whatever they want, and there are slutty girls that just want to have sex. I also see a lot of girls like Holly Brockwell. Most of them either believe what they do because they were told to believe those things or they just want attention…
    Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of guys on this website seem to really want a traditional long term relationship but think that it’s impossible in the modern world. I would say that you absolutely have to keep in mind that there are 3.5 billion women in the world. There’s going to be places to look for what you are looking for. My boyfriend and I are both unique people. He never dated anyone in high school in spite of being handsome, strong, extremely intelligent (I am not trying to brag, but people who know me in real life often say they are surprised by how smart I am and he is clearly sharper than me), and very likeable. He could have had any girl he wanted. I never dated anyone either but I was also very depressed about some rather traumatic things. But once we met each other we became best friends almost instantly. My point is that if you want something bad enough never give up.
    The final thing that I would say is that a lot of people in my class expect me to be disgusted by guys on this website talking about “game” but the truth is I hear female acquaintances (I try to avoid befriending people like this) talk about how to “get a man” which is basically the same type of thing. All I would say is that stringing along a good girl who wants a traditional relationship has no dignity or honor in it and is no better than women who string along good guys. There are also girls like me, not a lot, who “game” will never work on. I’ve seen guys try it and it either makes me laugh because I know what they’re doing or it creeps me out.
    Either way, best of luck to you guys and hope that you all find what you’re looking for.

    1. Well said. Following our articles you’ll realize we often circle back over issues several times over to make sure we are right. This is just a clear space where men consistently test out ideas in real time. Good on you for using your own judgment. Most who are against this site, hear a belief they don’t like immediately start with their own biases as to why we are wrong. Many of us are wrong about certain things. With what we’ve tested we are spot on and we hate that we are. Good luck in your future endeavors and on your paper. Don’t be surprised if your feminist professor decides to lower your grade if you agree with tenements on this site over say a Jezebel post.

      1. Thanks for your warning but I know I might get a few points taken off. My grades on the other assignments were good enough that it won’t matter too much. It’s honestly worth it to say what I really think after dealing with these people for a whole semester. Before we moved to our current city I never even knew that you could have a 60 year old man act as a feminist and really be into it (ironically, he’s married and has kids). I’ve tried bringing up some of the things which seem unfairly anti-male in class and it’s shocking the responses that I get. Either I don’t “get it” because I’m a “rural White” or I’m “not thinking like a woman should” (I actually had someone say that last part when I tried to point out why transgendered people in the military is a bad idea).

        1. “I’m “not thinking like a woman should”
          And yet they insist that they are in favor of women thinking for themselves. How wonderfully contradictory. However, this is quite typical of feminism and left-socialist thought in general.

        2. You sound like a very respectful woman who can smell bullshit a mile away. Average people call this smart. As more people become feminist to fit in or to avoid questions with their beliefs, you will see more misandrist based thinking becoming “facts”. Thankfully the wool isn’t over your own eyes. Many older men are “feminists” because they mistakenly view themselves as having privilege over women at some point. Now that more areas are open to everyone, which is good, we will need new guidelines for those looking to have families and careers. Both might not be possible and often run counter to each other. What is currently labeled as feminism used to be known as general respect and understanding. Older men will stay feminist as they don’t understand the detriment their sons will face for their beliefs and laws acted out accordingly. Of course, even in our side we sometimes skew facts towards opinions to rile people up and force an opinion. Looking at multiple sides to this argument, it is promising that you chose respect for both sexes above all else. It isn’t about white or rural but being able to value life and clearly you do.

        3. Thanks, I really do try to be a good person who is fair to everyone. It also makes sense that an older man (who I think is a kind hearted person) would look at modern feminism from a different perspective than I do.

        4. The irony is pretty funny, but it is also very frustrating for me because having talked with them some of the more extreme feminists, they basically imply that if I don’t agree with them I’m not a “real woman.” Truth be told, that stings and hits at a lot of self-conscious issues I’ve had over the years. I used to dress kind of boyish / wear a baggy cargo jacket, one of my hobbies used to be catching newts, etc. So when someone basically says “support me or you prove that you aren’t really feminine” it’s pretty manipulative.

    2. Youre soooooooooooo gonna fail that class hahaha

    3. Interesting, If you will indulge my curiosity, how does this site contrast and compare with your experiences with the feminist sites, in your opinion? In other words, if you are sympathetic here, does that imply that you may well disagree with the nouveau feminist sites you were assigned to read?

      1. To be honest, on this site I’ve seen many people bring up logic, facts, and statistics (such as about divorce initiation rates, that men and women are not physically the same, etc.). A lot of the feminist arguments are dressed up in “ethical rights” but all of the main rights are already equal. I can vote, buy a car, go to school, etc. Basically it seems to me like feminism is no longer about allowing for equal opportunities and has instead morphed into social engineering.
        I will also say that I’ve noticed that a lot of feminists seem to have a strong grudge against White people and seem to think that minorities need their “help” (which is ironically insulting to minorities if you really think about it). For example, I ended up casually mentioning that my boyfriend is a Vlach (not a Romanian, but the language is similar). Everyone in my IR class wanted to hear him talk about the Balkans but they when he did quite a few were angry because he defended the Kosovo Serbs (he showed pictures of Serbs who had been decapitated by the KLA and for that he was called a “Nazi” which is the furthest thing from the truth).
        Basically if they don’t agree with you they use a buzzword…

      2. Basically the big difference between the sites is that a lot of the feminists do not care about facts, statistics, logic, etc. They are using “feminism” to get the things they want. It’s actually very disgusting how it is not about providing equal opportunities or helping women anymore. It’s about playing the victim card. I will also say that they tend to have a strong grudge against women who want to have families (I can personally attest that if you say “hey, I’m a woman and I want to have a family” they get very nasty very quickly) and they tend to have a grudge against White people. The last part is really strange because if they really just cared about what they say they do it shouldn’t matter to them that I’m White, but it does.

    4. Well, your eyes & mind have been opened. May they never be closed & may good judgement keep guiding you through the storms of life.

    1. Gotta admire the cut of that kid’s jib. If you’re gonna go, go big!

      1. She is about half as good looking now as she was 20 years ago though.
        Poor kid, his mind is in a muddle ;@)

  46. It saddens me when I hear about women like this. I’d like to know what her “dreams” are. Perhaps she doesn’t know herself. From my (little) experience, it seems to be that way.

  47. First world problem.
    She looks like a normal average next door type of girl. Who knew the amount of insanity in her brain. Another example of AWALT.

  48. Well, take up a collection for her. Best her genes die if we can’t root out her cultural effect.

  49. Many women don’t respont to some “maternal instict” and I’m not the one to say anything about her life choices. I believe she should, however, pay for this procedure herself and heal from her mother’s resentment.

  50. Good and more should follow. If they wanna live the feminist fantasy, they shouldn’t procreate and have more join their destructive mindsets.

  51. So she thinks children are a failure because she figured out her mom sees her as a failure. Mommy issues, nothing to see here guys. Feminist dismissed.

        1. Same here. And just that theme song made suicide sound dreadful as hell. Not as horrid as the theme but I chose my poison

  52. She is a metaphor, defining metaphor as a symbol, for how feminism more than anything else is causing the death of the West. Will Durant the historian/philosopher said it best. “So the first biological lesson of history is that life is competition. The second biological lesson of history is that life is selection. We are all born unfree and unequal. Nature loves difference. Inequality is not only natural and inborn, it grows with the complexity of civilization.
    The third biological lesson of history is that life must breed. Nature has no use of organisms, variations, or groups that cannot reproduce abundantly. She has a passion for quantity as prerequisite to selection of quality. She does not care that a high rate has usually accompanied a culturally low civilization, and a low birth rate a civilization culturally high; and she sees that a nation with low birth rate shall be periodically chastened by some more virile and fertile group.”

  53. I am actually in favour of this vs the government paying out 18 years of child benefits to professional benefit claimants. NHS does provide vasectomies to men albeit with the Dr normally insisting you’re over 30 – making sure you have more time to ‘have an accident’ and become another cog in the machine.

  54. Do it … consider it a gift to future generations that here genetic lineage dies with her.

  55. Who cares what a whacked out feminist wants? Let her perish in her own stupidity. Just think, if she had a child, she would certainly abuse it. Let her beliefs die with her, never to spread to the next generation.

  56. Man-jaw, overweight, has a (scared) cat, just hit the Wall, stingy. Your average feminist.
    I don’t know if she has had the idea of …gasp… paying for her own sterilization. God forbid obviously.

  57. I am conflicted on this one. On the one hand, what is her utility to society if she cannot have children? Not all men have to have children as they raise up and defend civilization, and the betas will take care of a widowed divorced women’s children by and alpha man (or men). Far less utility for most childless women and therefore female sterilization should/cannot be supported.
    On the other hand, her not having children is one less single feminist mother corrupting the next generation and one less guy getting caught up in child support for a kid that may or may not be his. Then it makes sense to have a free voluntary female sterilization program. All the feminists can be in “solidarity” with each other and shoot their value to shit- encouraging men to get pregnant and/or wife up more pleasant traditional women.

  58. She doesn’t want the government to pay. She wants to not have children. This is common, they won’t tie your tubes unless you have at least 2 children. Nice spin ROK!

    1. Men also have this issue with the NHS, the two kids/under 30 rule/guideline. (Not sure which it is)

      1. There is no kid or age guideline. Your GP has to refer you and he has to believe its in your best interest. The Guideline maybe a rule of thumb but its not a hard and fast one. You can still have it at 18 with no kids if your GP agrees which is unlikely.

    2. She wants NHS to do it. NHS=national health service, ei. taxpayer-funded medical procedures. Dumbass.

      1. I think he meant she gave him 20 quid to blow him.
        Which could still be a ripoff come to think of it…

  59. If she doesn’t want kids, nobody is forcing to have kids. Does she want the privilege of getting jizz loads dumped into her vagina without any worry, repercussions, or personal accountability on the tax payers dime? Seems like it. It’s not like men are just tossing handfuls of sperm on her while she walks by, increasing her chances of conception. Don’t worry hun, you’re not gonna get pregnant, and I’m sure nobody is trying to get you pregnant. Enjoy your cats.

  60. Why don’t she just stop spreading her fucking legs? She is 29 years old so it can’t be the most difficult task in the world.

  61. Given her attitude her decision to avoid conceiving children is probably a good one. However, we part company on her insistence that unless someone else pays for her procedure then it is tantamount to sexism of some sort. She has no right to have a voluntary medical procedure done at the expense of others. This is merely an entitlement complex.

  62. There’s another thing she failed to consider: socialized or fascist medical schemes look down upon “elective” procedures. As this is wholly “elective,” her various GPs wouldn’t do it because they wouldn’t get paid for it.

    1. Not with the carousel going round this fast. She wants to ride it to the bitter end or until, qoute on qoute, “the rivets pop off”.

  63. Its bullshit.
    She’s doing this for attention. Fame and glitz. She’s simply following the PT Barnum business model.
    Every. Single.Woman . Who has said to me “I don’t want kids” was lying .It is the female equivalent phrase to me saying ‘I don’t want sex’. The entire point of the Cock Carousel, Hypergamy, and every part of the female being is engineered to optimize baby manufacture.
    Don’t believe me? Hang out with a chick who can’t have kids due to some natural condition (not STD related complications). She’s wounded in the depth of her being .

    1. She may not be lying man, after all, to a selfish person responsibilities that are joys to the rest of us like kids are just a burden hampering her from ” living life to the fullest”. Let’s see how full that life is once AIDS and cervical cancer set in lol

      1. Ha, sounds pleasant! But the fact remains is when most of her friends are getting hitched and popping out kids(and they will), she’ll want the same too. No bitch wants to be the odd one out in the group.

  64. This is a logical outgrowth of the U.S. Healthcare mandate that all insurance must cover birth control. Even for men and old persons. Once the camel’s nose entered the tent…..the taxpayer was finished.

        1. Someone is mad.
          And my statement about Patrick Bateman still stands as correct.

        2. And my two statements that:
          1. You’re a dumb asshole
          2. You exist soly for my pleasure
          Are 100% correct.

        3. 1) Whatever kid.
          2) Then why am I the one laughing at you while you’re getting pissy?

        4. You’re the dumb asshole embarrassing yourself. Haven’t you been asked to leave ?

        5. Wow. Says the guy who doesn’t know how to use quotation marks or periods.

        6. Wow. Says the dumb asshole caving in and going grammar nazi on an Internet blog. You dumb broads are all the same. You’re foaming at the mouth. If you weren’t you would have got lost already. Dummy.

        7. And if you are going to attack someone for grammar once you’ve been defeated, make sure your attack has perfect grammar. “Says the guy who doesn’t know how to US quotation marks”.
          Dumb asshole.

        8. Swing and a miss on my gender.
          It’s funny that you think I’m mad at you instead of amused though.

        9. If you are a male, you are an even bigger asshole than you originally appeared to be. Just go with the broad theme. Much easier on your constitution.

        10. Try being a sane person sometime. Try being an adult? Are you outside of your brain right now? You telling me that? Again, haven’t you been asked to leave?

        11. Nice try on the edit. Your post attacking my grammar was completely fucked.

        12. Do you have something on topic here, or are you just resorting to trolling?

      1. I’ve read the book. It’s a superbly written masterpiece of literature.
        She will change her mind. Humans like to think they can beat nature, we can’t. Nature made her want to procreate. She will get to 33-34 and Nature will eventually override her socially constructed ideas and she will get filled with hot fertile seed and produce a child.
        We should bookmark this article.

  65. She wants to to it with her own damn money fine, we don’t need her raising more idiots anyway. She cannot however demand the procedure to be fronted by taxpayers.
    To think obesity, ADD, alcoholism, and sex exchanges could all be “treated” by the taxpayer’s wallet is ludicrous.

  66. “As a result, she’s never had any money or freedom, missed out on a lot
    of the things she wanted to do with her life, and feels trapped by
    choices she made decades ago.”
    It’s going to happen to you when you regret your decision. But you’ll probably find a way to blame it on men one way or the other.
    It does sound like her mother gave her a lot of these issues, so she may not really be to blame. Although, she really ought to seek help for these issues, instead feminism enables them to be compounded.

    1. I wouldn’t blame her mother entirely. She’s not her mother’s slave or clone, she’s a “Western educated woman” so she should’ve got a brain to decide her own life. It’s her own selfish choice, plain and simple, and like any other selfish idiot, she’s rationalizing it, in this case using good ole Mum.

  67. I say do it. Who wants her genetic garbage in the next generation? Furthermore, it will be a very valuable lesson for her. Be careful what you wish for, fool.

      1. I’d be happy to have little Joes running around. He sounds like a sane individual to me.

  68. I’m a doctor myself… and we have a responsibility to first do no harm. While I’d prefer this harlot didn’t breed… I agree that sterilizing her at this age would likely be doing harm. Her insistence of “I pay taxes I should get what I want” doesn’t mean you have the authority to command others to do things they find immoral. Thinking like that is why millions of Jews were incinerated in ovens half a decade ago. These are not your subjects sweetheart… they do not work for you no matter how much your bratty self might state otherwise.
    I think one of the things she doesn’t realize, or most of society doesn’t realize… is that even at 29… this lady is likely still a child. She shows childish thinking in her words, and childish behavior in her actions. Like most youth today… she’s probably been coddled since birth and told how special she was all her life. And like most of the youth today… what she thinks is young adulthood is actually severely delayed adolescence. I can all but guarantee you could take an average 18 year old lady from the 50s or 60s and they would blow away the average 29 year old today in terms of emotional maturity.

    1. I’m a doctor too. Here in Malaysia we offer this service usually to mothers with at least five kids and above – not to idiots like this. Won’t stop them from getting it under private though… 🙁

    1. Not all cat lovers are like that bro…. I’m one too and I can’t stand her psychosis.

      1. I’m a cat lover as well. I’m amused by their antics, they kill vermin in my house, and I can just scoop some extra food in their dish and take off for the weekend.
        It’s sad when people have more than they properly care for or use them as a substitute for human interaction.

  69. “You are blocked from following @hollybrocks and viewing @hollybrocks’s Tweets”
    Aww… Looks like the empowered feminist can’t stand any criticism.

  70. But one obvious benefit to this is she wont reproduce. I say if she insists on being sterile for free make it permanent and remove both of her ovaries and her uterus. What if she changes her mind? Her value won’t go above poontang and there will not be any more of her.

  71. You really went easy on this girl. She is not insane or anything like that, she is in a word – SELFISH. EVERY WOMAN OF THIS AND THE PREVIOUS GENERATION CARES FOR NO ONE BUT THEMSELVES. They’re are not in denial, they are completely and utterly consumed with themselves AND ONLY themselves.

  72. Is it so hard to get a new IUD every 5 years?
    This is just tragic. It’s not just that healthy and intelligent people of Northern European extraction need to breed, it’s the corrosive effect of the attitude that the most vulnerable members of our society and inheritors of our civilization are “parasites” who “wreck your life”.
    It’s not just feminism either. Western parenting techniques are bizarrely strict in some ways(no playing without supervision) but completely lawless in other ways(trying to reason with a screaming toddler). The monsters these parenting techniques produce scare the hell out of non-parents… and the only cure for that is exposure to children of Red Pill parents. I’m sure many other ex-childfree types have some anecdote about an angelic little girl or clever lad who made them think “you know, I think I do want one of these”.

    1. the more of a man i become, the more i like the idea of children. why would you want children if you are a wreck, after all – that’s not much to pass on.
      yet i hate the idea of having my own child taken away by the state for many years for indoctrination in school. so much time that could be spent learning much more effectively and directedly. i hate the idea that my children would turn out to be mindless zombies not by my failure, but by the influence of, well, zombies. i hate the idea that the state can take my child away for a lot of other reasons, too, as it did with me. this is not a place i want to have children in.
      i don’t date much, so i don’t know, but i wonder whether there would even be a woman around with the qualities of a caring mother. most articles here and my real life experience make me doubt it.
      maybe there’ll be a time to move out of the city and have my own place somewhere. to have my gun and shoot anyone who dares to even try spoil my child with foul words of conformism.

      1. I’ve noticed that too. Ever since I started working out, learning new skills, and figuring out the truth of human nature I keep thinking “man, it’d be nice to have some kids to pass this onto”.
        It’s definitely tricky. Many rural or suburban schools might provide a semi-decent basic education but it will still be essential to supplement this at home with non-guilty history lessons, practical knowledge, survival skills, et cetera.
        It’s definitely not easy to find a woman who is mother-of-your-children material. I think many women in their late teens/early twenties can be redeemed by a RP man, though. Very few women have a really strong identity – they’re always willing to adopt the interests and preferences of their boyfriend or friends.

  73. Reading between the lines, it seems this dizzy dame is using sterilization as a buffer against rejection as stated byRollo. And judging from her photos, in which she resembles a land whale, we can all see the reason for her fear of said rejection.

  74. Just another reason to opt out and create a community of like minded folks to survive the coming darkness.

  75. “That I’ll fall in love and capitulate, like my mother did, and live my
    life a slave to children I resent, my dreams in pieces beneath their
    tiny trainers.”
    One gets the impression her mother hated her children, and her resentment ran in the family to Miss Holly here. If her mother genuinely had such a horrid view of children, Holly mustn’t have had the nurturing early experiences that she now considers herself as incapable of providing. Sad. Her Mum might well have been one of those 60s “free love” feminists before she “capitulated.”

  76. I like to simple this up; let the women sterilise herself, but she can pay for it herself. Other than that, I can’t really bust her balls for not wanting kids. I’m 43 and I have no desire for kids.

  77. I think we need to start a kickstarter campaign for her, but a strict contract requiring triple pay back if she later gets the procedure reversed or adopts. I think it would be money well invested to extend this offer to all lesbia–err feminists.

  78. It seems that the UK is so backward that they don’t have this thing called IUD…

  79. They should quit dithering and do the procedure. Money well-spent.

  80. She’s doing this for attention all she has to do is get long term birth control. Paragaurd (spelling?) which last ten years and cost a little under a grand here in the States. She’s already about 30 get it put in this year and it’ll hold her over till she’s 40 and then get a last one put in to hold her over till menopause. She’s just attention seeking and just wants to baby bash publically.

  81. They should let her go through with the procedure. If she later regrets it, ah well!!

    1. Then she’ll just bitch for taxpayers to fund her microsurgery reversal. All the while blaming Teh Patriarchy for fooling her into thinking she didn’t want kids.

  82. “I don’t think it helps that my mum never wanted children, and got talked into having them by my dad.” Someone should find that man and give him a good slap.
    Personally I don’t care if Brockwell gets her tubes clamped.. just not on taxpayer’s money. I mean, just listen to the self-entitled whining: “I pay my taxes, why should the NHS pay for it…” Yes Holly, I pay my taxes too.. and I’d like that money used for something slightly more noble than pinching off your ovaries. Curing a child with cancer, for instance.
    Although having said that.. if a few thousand pounds of taxpayer money means there will never be any little Mizz Princess Brockwells, or any poor browbeaten simp Master Brockwells running around, maybe it’s a good trade.
    Also: “Holly Brockwell, a walking compendium of Red Pill truisms”.. fuck did that crack me up!

  83. Ya know, there used to be a place for women who didn’t want to have children and yet wanted to “find themselves.”

  84. She has every right not to have children if she doesn’t want them. She has every right to be sterilized if she wants. A few less mouths to feed in this world is a good thing. And if she truly is mentally ill , then there’s a great reason for her not to have kids.
    My only real issue is that she is DEMANDING that it be paid for from public money. It’s easy for people from the UK to travel to India. In India they actually pay low income women to be sterilized in some areas (I’m sure very few of you give a crap about Indian women being sterilized). She should go to India and have it done for free!

  85. Good for her.
    I had a vasectomy without ever having kids. Best thing I ever did. I did pay for the operation myself, however.

    1. I had my tubes tied without ever having kids. Hubby was grateful I was willing to take one for the team. It’s free in Canada, but so is a vasectomy. I started asking for the procedure in my mid-twenties and was told by my GP no specialist would even consider sterilizing a man or woman prior to age 30 because about 25% of people who “get fixed” that young regret it later. After age 30, that number drops to less than 5%. If the procedure is covered by the NHS, she’ll get it done, but she’ll have to wait until she qualifies. She’s making it a feminist issue, which is dumb, but the outrage expressed in this article is equally dumb. You either live in a country where these procedures are covered, or you don’t. We aren’t mentally ill for not wanting kids, and if we are, all the more reason to take us out of the gene pool 🙂

  86. You guys are looking at this the wrong way
    I would gladly pay to have all feminists sterilized

  87. I’m of the opinion that she is doing some never-to-be-born children an enormous favor

    1. The equivalent of tubal ligation for posts like yours is an I.P. Address ban. Your position is based on the false belief that equality of opportunity translates to equality of outcome, or in this case, equality of individual.
      You’re a troll, and like most trolls contribute nothing towards understanding the issue at hand. All you know is “Wymyn strong!” Get lost.

      1. I’m not trolling relax :)) I don’t think that sterilization is a right choice but it seems that for men everything is acceptable

        1. Nope. You’re trolling.
          You were just told that your position is based on the false belief that equality of opportunity translates to equality of outcome, or in this case, equality of individual… and what do you immediately do? You repeat the same fallacy with, “it seems that for men everything is acceptable”.
          You’re just plugging your ears and repeating unsupported nonsense… that would be trolling.

        2. We all equal under the law (no matter what) and that’s the point so no one can be judged for making decisions about their own life or body. This girls is obliviously dumb as a rock to demand financial support and bragging about being such a “modern thinker”

        3. We all equal under the law (no matter what) and that’s the point so no one can be judged for making decisions about their own life or body.

          Even if “we” were all “equal” under the law, you are just deflecting from the issue at stake.
          It is not whether she has a legal right to do whatever she wishes with her own life. It is whether or not her reasoning and cognition of the probable consequences that is open to evaluation by all who witness it, and, more importantly, by the experts in the field (as in the “medical professionals”. It is no different than someone wanting to run through a live minefield. It is still that person’s “choice”, but most people will judge that choice to be rather stupid.
          So, can someone be judged on the sensibility of one’s decisions? Yes. Don’t be disingenuous and try to confuse that with the “freedom of choice”.
          Now, as far as “equal” under the law…
          In the Western world, as far as the sexes are concerned, as a whole, the law is not written, applied, or intended to be “fair” in some important situations.
          Women are privileged in that they can elect to be sole arbiters of seeing a pregnancy to term, and with that, demand child support from the father completely without his consent. While it can be “argued” that she has to physically bear the child, and takes some time to recover from the effects, this cannot be translated to 20 years of what can be a coerced commitment. This is a situation that not a single “you go grrl” type can address (they will ignore it, or deflect from it, but to claim that the law is “equal” in this respect is ludicrous.) That’s how the law is unfair in how it is written.
          In application, it is even worse. Only recently, given the compelling and inescapable evidence of increasingly available higher definition and frame-rate camera-phones, are men more reasonably mitigated from being the aggressor in physical altercations involving men and women. Without that, men are nearly always considered the aggressor, and women are usually (if not always) given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to battery. What we see in the Western world on Youtube is what we have known all along. As a whole, women commonly take advantage of how the law is applied to bully and harass men. They know they can always retreat to “I’m a woman, I’m the victim” when their pushes get shoves in return. It doesn’t stop there either. It is well known that women are given more lenient sentences for the same crimes. Please don’t even try to say this isn’t true. It is well known that the application of law favours women.
          As far as the intent of the law, consider the seriously tilted playing field of affirmative action and how some traditionally male occupations have a dual-standard system for men and women. The last time we all checked, the person one has to carry to safety from a fire doesn’t “get lighter” because the fire-fighter is female. This is the kind of advantage that women get, yet you still get modern-feminist’s shouting how they are victims of the “Patriarchy”. What a crock. In spirit, the laws favour women.

          This girls is obliviously dumb as a rock to demand financial support and bragging about being such a “modern thinker”

          Whether she is stupid or even unaware of being stupid is one thing. However, her demands for societal support for her decision isn’t so much that, but really more the same old entitlement that we have allowed privileged Western women to think is their “right”.
          Essentially, she believes that she not only knows better than the medical community, but she believes, as a 20-something, that she knows better than everyone else. In her 15-or-so years as an adult, she somehow believes her life-experience is beyond that of the typical know-it-all mid-twenties person and that she will not regret making a potentially irreversible decision… even though one can go on with the life she wants without being neutered (the procedure isn’t required as there are alternate birth-control methods that are effective).
          How many twenty-something’s figure out that every 30-something, 40-something, etc… even of middling intellect will probably have more life experience (and you can read that as “wisdom”) than she does? No… she knows it all. This woman is a child, and a particularly precocious one at that.
          Basically, some choices are like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute: Your options beyond that intentional step are limited. Why would she think that the medical profession is going to agree and that the governing body meting out the cash will help? That is arrogance.

        4. ok I got it 🙂 Probably I just don’t understand this much, just wanted to share my opinion. I’ve been living in USA for 2 years and things here are different from my country, especially when it comes to women’s right. Western women are protected by many laws and it’s really comfortable being a girl here but as I can see men are not that happy about it. Well… maybe it’s never-ending war. I can’t support this woman but I don’t mind her going through sterilization.

        5. ok I got it 🙂

          Glad to see you getting something out of this.

          Probably I just don’t understand this much, just wanted to share my opinion.

          In and of it of itself there is nothing wrong with posting one’s opinion on the topic. However, none of us should confuse that opportunity to being hasty and just put up some near-random thoughts. There is a vast difference between informed and uninformed opinion.
          There is also the deliberately misinformed opinion…
          Consider that many on an agenda to create disbelief will use the excuse of “just throwing my concepts out there”. That is how propaganda artists operate. They hide behind the guise of innocence, when in reality they promote misinformation via “just another angle”.

          I’ve been living in USA for 2 years and things here are different from my country, especially when it comes to women’s right. Western women are protected by many laws and it’s really comfortable being a girl here but as I can see men are not that happy about it.

          As was just mentioned, many of those who have purpose to cause dissention will word things in just this way. While there is the off chance one may have just been accidentally vague in their construction, there is a suspicious use of innuendo here.
          You state that many laws protect women in the USA and that it is comfortable to being a girl under those laws. You immediately follow that with the statement that “men are not happy about it”.
          Do you see what you did there?
          While in the CONTEXT of the conversation, you could mean that men (and really “people who advocate fairness”, and not specifically “men”) are unhappy with the inequity promoted by the laws, without reading the series of posts, you are really saying something else. To the casual reader you are basically saying, “men are not happy with women having laws that protect women”. Without the context, you are vicariously (be it intentionally or by negligence or convenient oversight, etc…) promoting that falsehood. The casual reader will not see the context, and hence, misinformation is cleverly applied.
          In context, people who support fairness and equal opportunity are against laws and practices such as the current system in the USA that gives advantage to one group based on nothing but their biological gender.
          To those with an agenda to promote misconceptions, a pre-emptive: The defence of this is usually to suggest that the critic is being “paranoid”. Of course, this is not so.

          Well… maybe it’s never-ending war.

          It’s the anarchists (and that generally translates to modern feminists on threads like this) who wishfully think that it is a war, and that the alleged “war” is perpetual.
          In reality there isn’t such a conflict. Along with the sense of entitlement that immature women who rally for the “you go grrl” team, is the ubiquitous sense of inflated self-importance. If they sense resistance to their attitudes, then it must be a “war”. No. There is a dislike for precocious children and anarchists who like to think they are equal adversary (or at least a force to be reckoned with), but they are really nothing more than a nuisance.
          Feminists wishfully think that their crusade cannot be stopped. It can. It will be and it is happening.

          I can’t support this woman but I don’t mind her going through sterilization.

          As was said, what this woman represents is the entitled attitude of many young Western women. Not only is she not recognizing that she should defer to the advice of the medical community at large, she is demanding that the state support her regardless of her choices.
          The governing body does not owe this woman the right to demand payment for any elective medical procedure. Sentient adults recognize this.
          A fundamental flaw in the thought process of entitled children is in how they believe that they owe society nothing while feeling that society is there to serve them. Anarchists conveniently forget that the freedoms they enjoy (such as relative safety from wild animal attacks for instance) is part of what society delivers to its citizens. As payment for such perks, it is expected that citizens contribute their fair share. This fair share includes behaving like an adult (barring extenuating circumstances beyond one’s control, like mental illness).
          She owes it to the rest of us to behave like an adult.

  88. Why not let her have what she wants? Is it not in the interests of society to help her? In a few generations, those with her preferences become much rarer.

  89. Good, get it done at your expense. For every £8 – £9 spent on women in the NHS only £1 is spent on men, but that is still not enough for the fairy tale princess. I see dear you are starting your cat collection early, best of luck with that, only 30 more to go.

  90. Did the author say that women who don’t want kids are mentally ill?

  91. OK, I quickly scanned the thread to make sure no-one mentioned this already and it looks to be all clear. So here goes…
    How about she starts saving money regularly until she can afford to go private and pay for it herself?
    Or am I just giving her too much credit at this point?
    Also, that selfie of her at the top of the article – is it just me or does it remind anyone else of that feminist writer Caitlin Moran or even that Diversity Officer at Goldsmith’s University, Bahar Mustafa (http://www.returnofkings.com/62404 , scroll down to the pic where she’s standing in front of the `no cis white men pls` sign). There’s something about these women thinking that they’re funny just for pulling a funny face whereas in reality they’re just being mocking and vindictive. Personally, I find it hard to enjoy the decline some days…

  92. A poem to this female:
    “They fuck you up, your mum and dad.   
        They may not mean to, but they do.   
    They fill you with the faults they had
        And add some extra, just for you.
    But they were fucked up in their turn
        By fools in old-style hats and coats,   
    Who half the time were soppy-stern
        And half at one another’s throats.
    Man hands on misery to man.
        It deepens like a coastal shelf.
    Get out as early as you can,
        And don’t have any kids yourself.”
    Philip Larkin ‘This be the verse’ (1971)

  93. How does not wanting kids make you mentally ill? This article is histrionic

  94. I wouldn’t mind if the government used my tax money to sterilize all feminists

  95. So I share some of the disgust at her reasoning, but why if she is so deranged would you want her to procreate? Let her have her tubes tied and die out the spinster she wants to be!!! – also, if she wants it so bad let her go find a private doctor with less of a ‘conscience’. Perhaps the doctor could spend a week listening to her drivel to convince them.

  96. Crazy bitch.
    But then again I dont think she should be allowed to breed. But pay for the sterilization yourself bitch.

  97. What more do you need to know about her other than she has an admittedly crappy relationship with her father, undoubtedly much of it caused by her own obviously intractable ways (even though she has to play the victim and saint, of course!)? It’s one thing to have these issues in the first place, it’s entirely another to freely admit them publicly! What a disgrace!

  98. Brethren, this is great news!
    This is infact splendid!
    This IS The Sollution.
    If we can convince all the little Feminist-cunts to sterilize themselves before they get kids, they won`t get any kids and they won`t raise new generations of little Feminist-Fockers.
    HA HA!
    You little bitch.

  99. You men are the delusional ones if you truly think that a woman needs to be institutionalized because she doesn’t want kids. Guess what? I’m a woman, and I don’t want kids either. Just like her, I’ve never understood the desire to hold a newborn in ones arms. The idea simply does nothing for me. And my sister? She finds kids so obnoxious she avoids places where they tend to congregate (i.e. the zoo, aquarium, etc). And before you call me a whore or something equally repulsive I’ll have you know I’m a virgin. If you think that 100% of the women on this earth should have a desire to have kids, then surely 100% of the men on this earth should have a desire to carve arrowheads out of stone.

  100. Haha, “Tech Journalism” – i.e. unemployed. This is exactly the type of woman who walk up to a guy and say “I know you want this, but stop objectifying me”.
    Newsflash, what do you think you just did to yourself with this escapade??

  101. I agree with her getting sterilized. Imagine a child having a mother like this? It would be a nightmare. I child should feel wanted and loved by their mother. Let the lady get her vag shut down.

  102. I’m all for sterilizing stupid people. If it means only smart intelligent people are reproducing then yes, let her be sterilized. Sounds good to me.

  103. Truth is who wants this morons DNA in the world ???…..I think it would be good if she got sterilized. It would be a great way to weed her shit out of the gene pool. On the other hand she hasn’t fully considered her other options to avoid having kids ? Take the pictures in the article for example and consider shape of her ass, stomach (pussy play pic) mouth and teeth ? With some minor dental work she could really perfect her gag reflex and bulk that fat ass into an Olympian power lifter with a belly full of regular Alpha protein shakes…..solutions solutions solutions abound everywhere her. She just has to think outside her ‘box’ like I just did for her.

  104. EXCUSE YOU ASSHOLE, God forbid a women make a choice regarding HER OWN BODY, insanity right!? What gives you the right to make all of those overly critical, demeaning comments about her in your article? Not the fucking Magna Carta or Bill of Rights, that’s for sure.
    On the same note I’d like to apologise for my gender as a whole, for not being submissive and quiet as we should. I am very sorry we hold and share opinions. I am deeply sorry we care about our own bodies, and I am irrevocably sorry for the growing brutality directed at men by us women. Who even cares about gender equality? I love having elder men sit in a room together and make decisions about bodies they’ve never inhabited nor learned about enough to make educated decisions regarding their well being and the things they cannot and can do! Power to the Patriarchy!!!!

  105. People can get breast enlargement on taxpayers money, but someone can’t get another less potentially superficial life-choice on taxpayers money? I don’t understand the vehement hate against her.

  106. Or, she’s an educated woman who knows what she wants. Also, vasectomy is covered and no doctor would question a 26 year old man if he said he didn’t want children.

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