London On The Tenth Day Of 2018

I sat in front of the computer screen and searched for “white people art.” The results were awash with the faces of Africans, some clutching white women close, others staring back at me. I closed the screen and opened Twitter, where an article on a woman who smears her face with menstruation was posted by the Daily Telegraph. As I scrolled down, an article displaying five black women was followed with the copy “The new James Bond?” I switched to the Daily Mail and every story was on sexism, bullying, racism, or a blistering attack on male sexuality.

I closed the laptop and sat back in my chair. The iPhone winked at me as an email came through from a petition site, lighting up the screen. I gazed at it and was reminded of the horrors that lay within, the stultifying ‘refreshes’ on the Instagram feed, incessant selfies and photos of miserable people, matrix-mind people. A torrent of hyper-sexualised imagery await, created in the hope of making a quick quid, its purveyors held tort by strings unseen—those figures who wish to drain a man of his life force through chronic masturbation and false ideals. The same forces, I thought, that wish the radioactive phone to be kept next to the balls, location services on, with takeout food coming.

The room was quiet for all but eight seconds before I heard a siren wail in the cold distance of the London night. It was getting too much again. This was a feeling known every now and again, like sleep paralysis, no scream could be loud enough for others to hear it. I sat there and took it, knowing that freedom burned upon a pyre, worshipped in the indolence and passivity of the sleepwalking masses. I sat back and smoked a cigarette while I eyed up the pyramid earring left by the night’s blonde. Smoke hung about the air and ash crackled and burned bright, as I was brought back to the light of that London Black Cab this morning.

I broke out of the rat race of Waterloo Station at 8.22am. The sky showed no signs of sunlight. I forced my way through a horde of suits with necks bent 30 degrees—at least, boring holes in their hands, sometimes two, as they caught up on Netflix or Candy Crush. I made for the taxi rank and thought to myself that I appeared to be the only one with a straight spine. A black one pulled up, it’s yellow light shone amid the daily smog of a central London morning. The white chap in the front was a Londoner, an accent like my own and a face like my forefathers, a dying breed. I addressed him: “To the Old Bailey mate.”

“OK mate,” he said firmly.

“What d’ya make of Uber?”

The conversation developed, and sensing trust between the two of us, Graham, a 53 year old driver from South of the river, told me of Swedish businessmen excited about wrist-chips at their multinationals, to girls who carry no cash, to drunk men asking for cocaine.

“Yeah, and what’s more, is ya don’t have ya anonymity when ya get in them cars,” He said.

“Go on,” I followed.

“Everything is tracked, and ya can’t jus’ hail one down, it’s all controlled, ya movements, everywhere you go and they pass on that data.”

“So a cashless society is to be next, they say, I hear, and have experienced—one such city is Amsterdam.”

I left it at that and tipped the chap, the last of the real Londoners. As I left, he told me that Trump was fighting ‘it’. Glory be to Trump, I hoped, as I entered the court building.

Inside the labyrinth of rooms that is the Old Bailey, I made my way through search and staircase to court number six. I took a seat at the back and surveyed the room. This was the case of an Islamist who was being tried for possessing ‘extremist propaganda.’ As time ticked away in that room, I watched clip after clip of his ISIS propaganda, surveying the videos of ‘lions’ who served their God. Clad in black, with rifles and swords, the images showed scores of death cult enthusiasts, the likes of which the common man has not seen—until he watches somebodies daughter maimed by an Islamist at a market or blown to pieces at a concert.

The Old Bailey

As I took shorthand notes, I felt the absent weight of the phone in my pocket, for which I could be glad. I caught eye contact with the barrister’s assistant, a Latina looking thing of about 24 with big eyes and tits to match. It all made sense, I thought, if only for such fleeting moments. Times pulled away from the onslaught of digital castration, dumbing down, newspeak and anti-humour. The tentacle of the social justice warrior is long, but it cannot strangle the two million year old man. I snapped back into attention and was in my room again, staring into nothingness. I put a line through day ten and flicked the switch of the light.

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42 thoughts on “London On The Tenth Day Of 2018”

        1. Seeing women all covered up (like the one on the left) is refreshing.
          I have respect for men who know how to control their women.
          I have zero respect for men who treat their women as their equals or–even worse–their betters.
          Western men truly are pathetic specimens.

        2. Yup, just as I imagined. It’s all Indian/Pakistani filth in the UK. Same thing in Canada. And Trump wants to remove country quota restrictions in this RAISE Act merit-based. This is more of what we are going to see.

    1. I took a deep breath as the last cilia in my lungs busily yearned for a red jack. I peered out the single pane of glass to see the last of the friscalating dusk light, interrupted by the crescent moon rising. I was deep in ashes as my journal captured my ruminations both epistemic and eupeptic. Future generations will surely study my scribblings in the margin to find the enigmatic overtures of unbridled, unscripted musing. I am certain that tomorrow would be another day, and in the end, the crescent moon didn’t, in fact, rise, but I cared not.

  1. weird no actual content or point just discussion of a cab journey. Yeah when the minorities become the majority you will see there is no equality in their spirit.
    They will keep taking your women whilst offering few back until you are bred to death. Feminism always cucks a group as female leaders don’t mate guard. More than half of London school children now have black fathers. Sexually oppressed worse than the Jews were oppressed in the Holocaust. GDP Per capita means nothing to a man when compared to reproduction and sex. At least an Posh English Londoner you are not part of the squeeze, thats the Slavic men who get nothing and share all of their women about.
    A nation of cucks silenced and soon the male genes at least to be bred out whilst the muslims marry hundreds of thousands of the women, and breed over a quarter of the Slavic women nationally. It doesn’t work if you give your women and they don’t give their women back to you, let alone if they merely send the men as in the mainland. If the race realists are right next generation of the uk will be black and thus as they take the reigns of power it will head down in a similar way to Zimbabwe or South Africa.

    1. They are too blue-pilled and without any free open debates either by law or by de-platforming/censorship on these issues to see that they are dying rapidly.
      Americas black community issues are said to be worsening by dysgenic breeding and lack of family structures. The UK they are attempting both.
      The stupid low IQ produce most of the children. The socialist state removing all the core advantages of having children in a family are meaning that a majority of children now in parts of Liverpool are raised in women only homes.
      Every socialist state will breed itself into becoming another Cambodia if they are not careful. You need the state to keep the fences around marriage by not gifting things like flats and so many benefits to any more people having children outside of relationships. It has to be very uncomfortable to do this or they will keep doing it. The children are not accidents or else why do middle class women not have these accidents. There are men who dream of marrying these girls but they prefer Tyrone to breed them and the state to betabux them.
      To top it all off everybody sees this happening but it banned from mentioning it which has created a perfect storm.
      The EU will attempt to destroy them as much as they can whilst pretending that they are not so at to stop others doing this by crippling them, whilst telling their own citizens that they are living in a free union.

      1. Cambodias murder of the middle-class was just a fast way of doing the same thing as the uk is doing slowly by dysgenic breeding. They also happen to have the lowest level immigrants in a world where unskilled workers are rapidly about to be be replaced by machines. They demonstrate no foresight. America, Canada and Australia impor smart people, they import Africans who when tested they find the vast majority are innumerate ie cannot count against America importing the top graduates from across the world.

    1. Hey, that was nothing. Here’s what my day looked like:
      I woke up in a Soho doorway
      The policeman knew my name
      He said, “You can go sleep at home tonight
      If you can get up and walk away”
      I staggered back to the underground
      The breeze blew back my hair
      I remembered throwing punches around
      And preachin’ from my chair
      I took the tube back out of town
      Home to the rolling pin
      I felt a little like a dying clown
      But with a streak of Rin Tin Tin
      I stretched back and I hiccuped
      Looked back on my busy day
      Eleven hours in the tin pan
      God there’s got to be another way

  2. They lose their very best to other countries whilst strong. If they lose finance they’ll not keep any top graduates and become a second world shithole.

    1. why they delete my other good comment. fuck this place is too censored i am not commenting here again. cucked to fuck. they expect white to die quietly.

      1. wait they ddidnt delete it just the comment system is so fucked it didnt show when i reloaded the page. the comment system they have is not working correctly.

        1. actually they did delete it.
          This site is really very cucked it was hardly controversial. Guess roosh is very much against free speech these days. i am not coming back here again.

        2. actually its just a fucked site that sometimes displays the comment and sometiimes doesnt its not clear. i think the comment section is broken as it doesnt always display all the comments. i dunno i think its fucked up system he is using.

  3. uk is such an over country its not finished. They should instead offer visas for ten years to all foreign grads at top 6 unis in the uk to try and get some smart people to settle their as very few smart people hang there most are off to america or australia if they can get a ticket out.

  4. Good article that captures some of the lunacy of modern London.
    Is there any way to get in touch with you John? Or else please drop me a line at rhn1963[at] It´s about an idea for an article

    1. i rememner the argument was always that immigration was good for the country until we saw the swedish social services collapse under the demand and realized that the infrastructure takes generations as with the housing stockto biuld and is split by the number of residents so if you import ten percent more you cannot easily biuld 10% more roads and houses so lol and then if they are criminals or low iq peoples even lol lol and then if they want to marry your daughters and breed them up whilst refusing you in return then at that stage its just an invasion

      1. the immigration of unskilled was always a lie as they never looked at the infrastructure and how long that had taken to biuld. it was always a lie. maybe poles are good as they give you their women, and they commit little crime and they work hard but for many of the groups thats certainly not the case. The problem is the blue-pill and censorship around race.

  5. Thank God all those Britain’s died fighting ‘the great evil’ in the world wars so the English could stay English and they could give gods chosen people a country of their own to genocide the natives.
    Heaven forbid if Britain lost they probably wouldn’t have found the wonders of multiculturalism, cultural and ethnic displacement and all your other (((isms))) for that matter.

  6. A very good story. I keep thinking the world is very different than the world that was taught in schools when I was young, the world in books, and the world on ’90s television. There were still token Blacks and the ‘chexmix’ crews of the magic school bus or burger king kids club out there, but what started as inclusiveness has become… kind of stifling. The world never goes back to how it was, hence history. Maybe this is because I’m in my thirties, but I’m seeing changes, changes I never imagined. In my lifetime.

    I watched the REDLETTERMEDIA Star Wars Christmas Special review the other day. They’re all satching stone-faced, and one of the guys just says, “This is madness.” I keep hearing him say that.

    I keep thinking I’ll be saying that, too. Only about real life, because of these absurd events and ideas.

  7. And the point of this 1st person soliloquy is what.. exactly? The author is a virtuous lover of freedom because he hailed a cab??
    Did anyone notice how he tried to blue-pill the Manchester-Westminster nonsense like it was real?
    Did anyone notice how he wrote “their God” capitalized?
    Was he planning to do anything about his destroyed nation? No.. of course not..
    Odds are when Prince Harry marries his mulatto-tranny in a few months the author will weep and piss his pants with joyous pride!
    We can also safely assume the author voted for and still supports all the (((overlords))) who put him in this mess.

  8. Brilliant. Encapsulates the situation to a T. This is the sick London I saw everyday. This is why I left.
    I would add only this:
    “What do they know of England who only England know?”

  9. The tentacle of the social justice warrior is long, but it cannot strangle the two million year old man.
    Great prose!

    21st CENSORED Comment of Mine in 2018
    Runner Up for Worst Article in 2018
    Lifetime Cuck Achievement Award in the Peasant-Brit Category

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