This Diet Coke Commercial Shows Everything That Is Wrong With Society And Women

Take a look at this Diet Coke commercial:

I saw it before the previews of a movie last time I took my wife out on a date. The message in it was so blatantly harmful to people, and yet so representative of our consumer culture, that I was astounded. In the 90 seconds the commercial lasted I recognized just about everything wrong with American culture.

Giving in to Your Temptations

The tagline of this commercial is; Diet Coke tastes good, so if you want one, just have one. The words are about diet coke, but the message is about giving in to your temptations. This is the first time I’ve seen an ad be so blatant about what it wants you to do.

Americans are overweight, to put it nicely. Even those that are not overweight are probably out of shape. Some of the most common pieces of advice for losing weight and getting in shape are to stop drinking sugary drinks (which includes drinks with fake sugar, like diet coke) and to cut out sugar generally. This is obviously bad for Coca-Cola’s business.

Their solution is to validate the unhealthy part of your conscious that wants to give in to temptation. When your gut tells your brain you want a sweet drink, and your brain tells your conscious to rationalize why you should get a sweet drink, and the commercial validates what your conscious tells you, it’s going to take a lot of willpower to resist that.

Once you give in to that, why stop there? You want to eat an entire pizza, just eat it. You want to sleep 14 hours, just sleep in. You want to cheat on your spouse, just do it. Nobody ever tries to stop you from eating something healthy, like a banana. You want a banana, just eat a banana. We already do that. It’s not necessary to say that. A statement of “you want… just have….” is a statement intended for things that are bad for you. This is what Coca-Cola wants you to do; give-in to those things that are bad for you, like Diet Coke.

If you give in to that temptation you’ll have every reason to give in to the opposite type of temptation. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it. Exercising hurts, so don’t do it. Going out on a date means risking rejection. You don’t want that, so don’t do it. Starting your own business will increase your stress level, don’t do it.

This is where a lack of willpower leads

Nearly every way men better themselves today involves fighting those temptations with pure power of will. It gets easier over time, but when you start it’s quite a challenge. Diet Coke knows that and wants to make it harder for Americans to fight those base urges.

The Diet Coke Girl

Whoever cast this commercial did a great job at finding the perfect representation of everything wrong with relatively attractive girls. She’s pretty, but her resting bitch face and know-it-all expressions make her very unattractive. Her speech is smarmy. She’s the sort of girl who looks down on you for not already doing what she is advising yet also looks down on you for taking her advice. She’s the type that really wants to work yurts into her statements so that she can feel smart.

She did her hair as if she wants to be attractive but walks around with an expression of “I’m so over this.” Her clothes look like a New York fashion designer tried to put an attractive outfit on a girl, yet no man finds her appealing in those clothes. Put the whole package together and she reeks of a women’s studies college girl who thinks she knows more than you and hates you for it.

There’s a thing that young people do that I’ve noticed more and more. Before any statement, they say “I mean.” So in the commercial, she says something like, “I mean if you want to run a marathon, run a marathon. I mean, if you want to drink a Coke, drink a Coke.” (As if those two actions are even remotely similar). “I mean” hasn’t replaced “like,” which is still used to the point of annoyance, it has been added to it, making college types worse than ever.

She is feminism in a nutshell. If she changed her attitude and wore feminine clothing she’d be a solid eight. But because of everything I just stated she’s so low on the scale, I wouldn’t give her the time of day (and I’ve had some low points in my early days, believe me).

Men have a share of the blame for women like her. It’s because men today are so weak that women like her are allowed to tempt society with vices and walk around with snarky, high-and-mighty attitudes.

The Next Battle

In a sense, our collective efforts to better ourselves must be working. Why would they so blatantly appeal to your animal urges? They used to hide these sorts of messages in their ads. That’s not strong enough now. People have exercised their will-power muscles to the point where businesses feel it. Now they don’t sell you a product, they combat your power of will. It’s the next battle we fight against consumerism but strengthening your willpower is it’s own industry too, so at least there’s some economic incentive for people resisting their temptations.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women in literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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150 thoughts on “This Diet Coke Commercial Shows Everything That Is Wrong With Society And Women”

  1. 50% Bullshit article. I agree with controlling your desires, but the entire scare tactic bullshit about “Diet Coke” is pure bro-science. You could replace Diet Coke with “sugar soda” and you would be more accurate. Next time do real research instead of taking headlines from Yahoo news. Ugh. The diet soda thing is a leftist scare tactics.

    1. Sir Will, did you fall and bang your head? WTF are you talking about? The super negative effects of aspartame and caffeine are well documented, although almost never discussed accurately in the mainstream press. You think Yahoo News is telling us Diet Coke is bad??? Leftest scare tactics??? Honestly, you’ve left me astounded.
      In point of fact, a bottle (NOT aluminum can) of regular Coke made in Mexico (thus made with sugarcane and containing less caffeine) is actually better for a person than a can of Diet Coke made anywhere else. Not saying Coke is “good” for anybody by any stretch of the imagination, due to the high levels of processed sugar (damaging to the pancreas / liver) and potassium among other ingredients, but it’s a less toxic to the human body than a Diet Coke. True story and easily verified by some open-minded research. Avoiding ALL soda pop is one of the main pillars of good health these days.
      In terms of the actress for the commercial, let’s not forget that probably all the true “decision makers” for the Diet Coke ad campaign are men (albeit likely some homosexuals too), so it’s not like the actress (or any woman) is responsible for shoving this glib, know-it-all, resting bitch-face feminism down our throats. She’s just the puppet, the clueless messenger, who’s getting paid well and given some unwarranted fame. Although cutting your cable TV and never watching commercials is an easy solution, isn’t it???

      1. @Allister Collins I’d like you to post the studies of the harmful effects of aspartame and caffeine please.

        1. Burton, I’d prefer if you weren’t so incredibly lazy and somewhat passive / aggressive. If these topics pique your interest in any way, I suggest you do the research yourself as it will impact you deeper as opposed to me spoon feeding you and then you invariably getting your panties in a twist over something petty. Please, satisfy your own curiosity if you have any and report back to us.

        2. Burton the Contrarian
          He’s posting a comment, not writing a research paper. You must be a difficult person with whom to converse in real life.

      2. @Allister Collins Just because I won’t buy into your opinion that doesn’t have an ounce of evidence doesn’t make me passive aggressive. Similarly, just because I won’t do your homework for you doesn’t make me lazy. The onus is on you here.

        1. Burton, I’ve done my homework on this topic (and many others) for about 15 years. THAT’S MY POINT, GENT. If you have any interest in this topic, then feel free to do YOUR HOMEWORK instead of demanding others to jump through hoops and post links or cite references that you’ll just ignore and blither-blather about petty “study design flaws.” You’re not impressing anybody here by doing that. On the contrary, you’re coming across as being ridiculous. Do the work yourself, then report back to us with any interesting insights, please.

        2. @Allister Collins I have yet to see you post a single study. Are you purposely this delusional?

      3. “let’s not forget that probably all the true “decision makers” for the Diet Coke ad campaign are men”
        I’m not so sure that’s true anymore. In my experience, marketing and advertising are incredibly popular majors/job titles among women.

    2. chill out man…like the lady said “If you’re in the mood for a Diet Coke, just have a Diet Coke”

    3. From a study titled “Sugar- and Artificially Sweetened Beverages
      and the Risks of Incident Stroke and Dementia”:
      …higher recent and higher cumulative intake of artificially sweetened soft drinks were associated with an increased risk of ischemic stroke, all-cause dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease dementia … Sugar-sweetened beverages were not associated with stroke or dementia.
      From a study titled “Nonnutritive sweeteners and cardiometabolic health”:
      …routine intake of nonnutritive [artificial] sweeteners may be associated with increased BMI and cardiometabolic risk
      …consumption of nonnutritive sweeteners has been paradoxically associated with weight gain and incident obesity.

      1. @someguy741 You do realize that the mean age of the study participants in the first study you posted was 69, an age where dementia tends to become rampant regardless, right? This is like linking erectile dysfunction and orange juice in men with an average age of 69. It’s just not representative of broader, younger people especially when it comes to an age-related disease such as Alzheimer’s.

        1. @Burton Results of the study were adjusted for multiple factors, including age, which means people of the same age that consume less artificially sweetened beverages have a higher health risk. You also said nothing about the second study, which is more concerning in my opinion. The point is there is plenty of anecdotal and some scientific evidence that artificially sweeteners are likely not good for you. You want to continue using them, that’s your choice.

        2. @someguy741 Out of everything that people eat on a daily basis, artificial sweeteners are of least concern, believe me. Tackling bigger issues would do better than honing in on something relatively negligible.

        3. Burton, then by all means, indulge in any and all artificial sweeteners until your heart’s delight (or until it stops ticking). But save us serious adults (who have been researching, understanding and even treating the horrific neurological / physiological effects of aspartame and even Splenda for many years) the dramatic eye rolling that your naive comments cause.

        4. @Allister Collins If you think artificial sweeteners are the worst thing for your health or even think it’s something you should focus on, you’re delusional. High sodium, high sugar and fatty diets are going to kill you years before any bit of aspartame will. The FDA is highly regulated and if there was any inclination that aspartame is dangerous on any level, it’d be known. I’ll leave you “serious adults” to circle jerk each other while you share your anecdotes. Cheers!

        5. @Burton FDA has been recommending to have carbohydrates as a cornerstone of a healthy diet in their food pyramid for years, which is now widely believed to cause high rates of diabetes and cardio-vascular disease. Good luck following their advice.

        6. The FDA has killed more motherphuckers than it has ever helped.
          Keep that sh!t in mind.

        7. Jajajaja. So Burton believes we should all use the FDA as our source of truth, science, ethics and morality??? And because the FDA says that aspartame is awesome, then we should all grab a Diet Coke and dance a jig together??? Astonishing…
          Well, can someone please tell me how to block this fool so I don’t have to read anymore of his ridiculous comments?

        8. @Allister Collins I’d trust the FDA over your baseless opinion any day of the week. Sorry!

        9. Burton
          I’d like you to post the studies that show that dementia runs rampant among people aged 69 please.

      2. Its not proven tbat diet soda is harmful. All that is ptoven is that people who consume diet soda, already have problems.
        Before diet soda, skewed studies probably indicated thst water “fools the body”

      3. “associated with”
        lol, that doesn’t mean “caused.”
        what does “higher cumulative intake” mean? 1 extra diet coke per day for 10 years? 10 extra? 20 extra? 30 extra?
        also, what does “increased risk” mean? +0.01% “increased risk” of [insert disease]? +1%? +2.5%? +5%?

    4. People were still getting diabetes in the 70s before HFCS when sodas had refined cane sugar. White refined sugar was the problem but the sugar cane plant itself is nutritious and you can get all the nutrients from molasses.
      In the processing of refined sugar, a thousand pounds of pressure and heat squeezes out the batch of sugar cane plants and the dark goo that settles out is molasses as the white refined sugar distills and crystallizes from the top. Molasses is a leftover byproduct of sugar refining and contains EVERY nutrient and mineral from the raw plant. Everything good from the sugar cane plant is contained in the molasses whereas nothing good is contained in the white refined sugar. The white sugar is worthless empty calories but molasses is classed as a superfood with so much source iron, calcium and magnesium that you can taste the minerals. Everyone knows the molasses aftertaste – it’s all concentrated minerals and nutrients.
      I carry a squirt bottle of molasses when out trekking or camping. It stores well and it’s like mamas milk right up there with raw honey. The aches of a hike or activity are alleviated with molasses.
      Molasses has a low hypoglycemic index so no unnecessary sugar spike for your organs to deal with like white sugar. It’s sweet because the cane plant is one of the sweetest natural plants. There’s no way to remove the sweetness from sugar cane – not even the residual molasses.
      The highest glycemic index (GI) substance is dextrose with a GI of 110 and it isn’t even sweet tasting. It thickens junk foods like snack pack pudding and the trans fatty white filling inside a twinkie. Dextrose is complete crap.
      THEY SHOULD MAKE a soda sweetened with molasses, honey and maybe a small amount of stevia. I’ve never had diabetes but it surprises me every time I meet someone middle aged who looks otherwise healthy and they say the doctor just diagnosed them with diabetes. I look at them like “What the fu<k you been eating? Don’t you know most medical doctors are full of sh¡t?”
      I cleaned up my own diet years ago and I could never imagine having to drag along a bag of syringes and insulin whenever I want to go camping. Or head pills or high blood pills or any other enslaving joo crap from the MDs and their partnership with the processed shitfood industry and their kosher sweetened goop. Whenever I wanna camp or go out and wage battle I don’t need to be bogged down with enslaving shackles and crap and that’s what they want for everyone.
      It seems people eating regular industrial shit food and processed junk do fine with few health problems until they suddenly hit a wall and everything within their body seems to break down within a short span of time after 35-45. SUDDEN KILL like a time fuse and you go from healthy to half dead within a year. You have to kick the shit food habit early before your shit breaks down man. Detox.

        1. Tastewise rum is the most flavorful of liquors. Saki and gin I find to be least flavorful. And some vodkas taste like the stuff you clean your CDs with. Whiskey is around average taste but rum is still tops. My parents had rum candies (chocolate balls filled with rum) and I first tried one when I was 7. They were so good I ate the whole box. I can’t remember if I got bent because I was a normal jumpy hyperactive kid anyway, but they were delicious.

        2. @ McGoo
          When I was a kid, my father was a Scotch drinker. A business associate gave him a bottle of Old Crow as a gift. It was the classic ceramic Old Crow statuette. I used to nip at it from a young age, as I knew Pop would never drink it. Old Crow — still my drink of choice!

        3. Rum is a phucking problem for me, man. I stopped drinking that in the 90’s. I had a BAD night with it in the military and never went back.
          Went from beer to rum to bourbon to vodka to gin then back to beer.
          Beer makes you fat, but it’s better than all that other shit.

      1. McGoo,
        Diabetes is a damaged immune system disease caused by multiple childhood vaccination as far as I can see. If you plot a graph of multiple childhood vaccination programs in any country against any of the immune disease problems (diabetes/asthma/eczema/HIV/arthritis/etc.) there is a direct correlation.

        1. This website has really gone to the dogs (diversity). Once us white men are gone, it just becomes another worldstar. I stumbled in here really liking it, but now these yipping minorities have made it a bore-fest…a microcosm of what they have always done and will always do to great creations.

        2. @JD Vaccinations are part of the problem. Processed shitfood is an even bigger boogeyman since it contributes to fatty liver disease and improper metabolization. Vaccines then aggravate the assault on the body. Some vaccines like the rotovirus given to infants has high reaction rates and an autistic kid will never know how to eat properly. All the assaults against the body act like a one two three punch against your brain and organs. It’s like punching yourself in the stomach or like taking a meat tenderizer hammer and pounding your liver regularly with each meal thus perforating it while blasting it with unassimilable fats. This vid shows a healthy liver vs one with fatty liver disease:
          (very good vid – mentions circumin)

          Now on to the diabetes obesity link. A perfect model of the effects of processed shitfood diet can be seen when you google the world’s most obese countries. None of them are 1st world. All of them are in isolated Oceanic island nations or in desert Arab countries where nothing grows. All these countries rely on heavily processed imported (dead) foods.

          The Pacific islanders were once the leanest and healthiest people who ate a survival diet of fish and who foraged for coconuts and island vegetation. Over 10,000 years they paddled out to sea for weeks or more fishing and evolved a ‘conservation’ gene where their bodies stored every bit of fat they consumed. They could survive on very little. Today they’ve become addicted to processed shitfoods and now there are Pacific islands where every inhabitant has blown up like a balloon from being raised on processed shitfood from the cradle. Arabs too get obese instantly with fast food since they were a nomadic desert culture and their genetic physiology evolved favoring water retention and fat storage.
          QATAR addicted to McDs:

          NAURU – trapped on an island with inarable land due to phosphate mining and with nothing but imported cans of SPAM to eat and HFCS SODA to drink. They couldn’t get off the shit if they tried. What a trap.

          SAMOANS are eating too damn much imported fat. The entire island will tip over. Grocery store shelves are stacked with cans of spam and corned beef. There is enough spam for everyone to eat three cans a day. These people have the conservation gene so ONE CAN of spam would be sufficient for the entire island per day. They could all gather around one can like Al Bundy and family and have a coke spoon size bite and still survive. Samoa holds the world’s top obesity rate at 93%. Thet need to slam the brakes on the processed shitfood shipments and starve them down a bit. THEY’RE GETTING THEIR FEET cut off for Pete’s sake:

          And another soon to become FOOTLESS COUNTRY – TONGA soon to be an island with NO FEET! LOOK at all the Tongans getting their feet cut off. They’re pushing 50% diabetes and 90% obesity. CONSERVATION GENE AGAIN. Those obese Tongan women could once climb coconut trees and the men could once row boats for days on end. But no more with SPAM and HFCS SODA and gmo corn CHEETO’S addiction:

          Organizations like UNICEF make out like they’re white knighting for the Pacific islanders by providing vaccines and processed imported packaged and preserved dead shitfood. This brings new light to the term ‘white knighting’. They’re clearly not trying to help or assist. They’re obviously intentionally depopulating the Pacific islands. So that should shed a clear light on what white knighting means in the broader sense with women’s advocacy and women’s empowerment in western 1st world countries. White knighting is the same depopulation and culture destroying program wherever it is applied.

      2. It’s romantic to believe that you can stop [insert disease X] by eating a good diet. but it’s just not as simple as that. despite all your efforts, you could still get diabetes or whatever. this has happened to people I’ve know. they had eaten clean & exercised. but their genetics were shit.
        other people I’ve know ate shit, smoked, drank, loafed, etc. but they remained disease free (or suffered minor health problems).
        this is, of course, a big reason some people eat like crap/don’t exercise. there’s no way for them to know in advance whether diet/exercise would pay off.
        we need genetic information. but, until that’s available, gov’t should possibly offer cash incentives for good diet/exercise. such incentives can’t happen, however, since it would threaten special interests. they WOULD probably support genetic-manipulation experiments, since they might allow humans to eat junk without negative consequence.

    5. Health questions aside, why pay 1.50$ for 3 cents worth of ingredients…buy stock in Coca-cola, drink water.

      1. I drink a lot of water. but it’s boring.
        when I want something more interesting, I buy generic diet coke. $2.49/12 pack. except for loss leaders, brand-name coke = scam
        diet coke has (most likely) damaged my teeth. but, when I was a kid, regular, sugar-laden coke damaged my teeth, too. so fucked either way.
        in my next life, I’ll have my dentist put sealants on all my teeth.

    6. As she waddles around with a bucket sized can of highly processed artificial liquid poisons that is passed off as “drink” as in consumable “food”…..
      We see who the industry controlled oppositions is…

    7. Secret of sugar, First they put 300% more sugar (than any drink) in your coke to make you unhealthy and then they show that they care about you and then they reduce the amount of sugar in your coke and give it a name like “DIET COKE”.. What’s more crazy is, they charge you more money for putting less sugar in your Coke..
      Same with Chips, Who will buy FRIED Chips ?? If they sell BAKED Chips cheaper ?? They are saving OIL, Right ?? But still they are selling Baked Chips expensive..
      Yesterday, I bought washing powder. It make less Foam, than my previous powder and it doesn’t wash/clean my clothes properly. And guess what ?? Less Foam washing powder is more expensive than my normal washing powder. WHY ?? Because less Foam washing powder is healthy for my washing machine..
      If anyone ever want to Burn down Coke factory ?? As their ad suggest don’t feel guilty, If you want to.. JUST DO IT..

    8. I LOVE Diet Coke.
      It’s a tell r women who are ignorant, stupid and buy into mass marketing bullshit. Coke is doing us men a favor by providing a signal, in the form of their product, that is easily seen from far away. Know that girls drinking this crap are likely hormonally unstable, mentally unbalanced, easily influenced and manipulated, and generally make poor decisions.
      If they’re still young, slim and attractive, these Diet Coke girls are short-term fun. Just don’t expect that to last long-term.

      1. yea, seems like a good thing. make them easy when they’re young/firm.
        kill them when their bodies are no longer a sexual turn on.
        these soft-drink companies are altruists, pure altruists.

    1. I agree. The only thing worse was caffeine-free diet coke.
      It’s like….. why bother at that point?

  2. Women taking pictures of their drinks/food is worse than their attention-whoring body pics on Instagram. I don’t remember women being as fat as they have become in just the last couple of years. I can’t believe it. String-bean bitches I grew up with, but haven’t seen in a decade, reemerge like blimps. It’s truly sick. They’ve just become these inert whales.

    1. bruh it’s so bad
      I’m the only skinny girl in my entire friend group because my parents always made me exercise/be on a sports team since I was a kid and I now have a habit of eating good food and working out. I’ve tried to get some of my friends to work out and eat well but they say it’s to hard to have self control or that “they don’t have the skinny genes”, which is bullshit. Tbh the reason women are such huge whores these days is that they have no self control over anything.

      1. Yeah we know, you may be female but you are just one of the guys huh.
        Get out of here with that shit. Go read Cosmo.

      2. You’re “Himalayan WHAT”?? Let’s simplify. From now on you are ‘Jane’. On here you are JANE. So Jane, from reading your comment, one underlying message jumps right out from between the lines and that is you like camping. It’s clear as a bell. I’m not psychic but I’m right on the money.

      3. or that “they don’t have the skinny genes”, which is bullshit.
        not actually bullshit. diet/exercise don’t do much for some normal girls. no matter what they did, they still wouldn’t look good (although they might move from “severe disaster” to “moderate disaster.” but they’d still look like fucking disasters).

    2. Jerry,
      I´m gonna blow up your Tiger Tank with my new Sherman Tank that has a 76 mm gun.
      If I was you I would hurry as fast as I could with your racist dumb Reichstag brothers
      When your Krauts are gonna give up?

      1. Aww, the white knight is back for more. Are you my brown fanboy? You certainly need my attention. That’s the only reason you comment, since you do nothing else but white-shame, like every other crybaby minority in white countries. I’ll give it you one last time, foreigner. This is Trump country now. We don’t take kindly to you Obama voters. Sorry, Mr. Multiculti, but we won’t allow Western Civilization to turn into a Third World shithouse just because it’ll help you illegals feel a little less homesick.

        1. Wake up you racist prick. The W.A.S.P.s will never respect you they will always consider you a second class white, since you are Slavic instead of a true Anglo-Saxon
          I never voted for Obama. Well I´m not gonna waste my time telling you about my political views nor trying to convince you about who are the real enemies of the Western Civilization, that are trying to destroy our country with Cultural Marxism. Because you are too dumb and too attached to your stupid racist ideas and world bias. Its even fun to trigger you and see you typing all your ignorant racist beliefs. It serves me and the rest of the website further proof that you are a dumb ignorant redneck who dont have a clue about what he is talking about.
          Keep posting dumb shit Weimar…. I´m gonna go get my popcorn

        2. It’s better for the “few” (so called) first world shithole dwellers to stop being Grudgy !! No more false ego/pride !! You are actually show casing how inferior & insecure you are !!
          Do not drag the Honorable President Mr. Trump into your Jealousy, Enviousness & Grudge against others, especially the Browns !!
          PS: Just because “few” first world shithole dwellers said something and took the President’s name, doesn’t mean others will hate this Country, the President and/or the local MEN.

        3. @Weimar Republican
          I remember you talking about this Latina some posts ago. I´m really sorry about what happened. Must´ve been really rough knowing you were the last person she probably dated. I´ve never been in a similar situation so unfortunately I cant relate. But all I can say is that dont get stuck in the past its a waste of time and productivity. You choose to do what you though was the best back then. When I´m not really into a girl I ghost them as well. You didn’t know she was gonna pass away, so dont blame yourself. We all wish we could go back in time and do things different or wonder how things could´ve been if done differently.
          Man if I spent all my days regretting about my choices in life I would stay in bed all day crying and hating myself probably. I would wonder how my life could be different if I had put more effort in high school trying to get a good GPA, better SAT and ACT scores, which maybe could lead me to get into a good college. Or How I could´ve been making more bucks now had I opted to follow a trade instead of going to college. So dont regret be happy that happened it was a valuable experience for you and its only going to make you more wise when you have to deal with a similar situation in the future.
          I agree with you, that we Latinos love to make a big drama of everything that happens. Thats a behavior that I hate about my own ethnicity and makes me wish to distance myself from my kind. But not all of us are like that(But I know that the majority is unfortunately)
          I agree Latin America is a shithole but I dont believe its a race problem. Its more of a Cultural problem. Latin America is full of corrupt politicans, drug cartels and dictators. If you or I was born in Latin America. I´m sure we would all have to deal with having a lower IQ due to the bad environment and shitty culture we were brought in. The Dictators in power in those countries simply dont want their population to evolve and become cultured or get a quality education. This is why most Illegal immigrants are terribly unpolite, lack empathy and usually end up becoming criminals in America even if they are given better here. I´m not saying we have to feel sorry to them or help them out. I´m just saying that I dont buy into this race theory. I think its more of a cultural problem. Latin America is way more influenced by cultural marxism and communism thats my theory for their lack of intelligence, development and quality of life.
          I agree racism is real for white people as well and sometimes it can be way worse, since the mainstream media dont like to report about it. Like what happened in Rhodesia and is currently happening to farmers in South Africa, who are losing their to lands to blacks even if they paid their taxes and helped the economy all the this time. Its a sad thing. I dont deny the existence of racism and persecution of whites. But I suffer from racism as well. If you had brown skin like me how would you feel if you get inside a store or a region full of whites and people assume you are going to steal something or stereotype you? Do you think its fun? Everyday I have to deal with stereotypes due to the bad reputation my race got. As the saying goes a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. I am blamed for what other people of my skin did. No matter if I was an honest citizen for my entire life. This is not fun at all. I was born here I´m more westernized than most Mexicans but yet I still have to deal with being treated as an outsider due to the color of my skin. You might never understand this since you are white.
          I wish I had more time to elaborate my post but my time is limited and I have to go to work soon. So I´m going finish by saying this Weimar I know what is happening to our country and the Western World. You have the right to be angry as fuck about outsiders taking your land and minorities using the victim card to destroy our country. But please remember not all of us are like. Please dont generalize I paid my way through college and work in tech now a days. Not all of us live off welfare program or hate the white people. I had white girlfriends and I loved them and still love them to this very day. I have a lot of respect for the white people(just the ones that arent racist). But please I ask you dont generalize I hate to be blamed for all the problems in the Western World due to the color of my skin. I´m not trying to pull a victim card here. I´m just saying that if you were born brown like me you would know what its like to be a minority and even if you play by the book like white people still be judged and stereotyped.
          Anyways man dont go Weimar I love your comments, when they are not blaming hispanics for Cultural Marxism. The comments that you are not cursing my race are full of wisdom. So I hope you continue to commenting in this website. But I hope that in the future you dont generalize me so or my race so much.
          Also be careful when writing about the ((J.o.o.s)) or about (the leader of Germany from the 30s-40s) this website has somekind of word filters. When you talk about them the website usually flags your comment. You are better off using other words to describe them if you dont want your comment to be delayed.

        4. @Weimar
          The post I made above. Is a reply to your long post below. Just so you know

      2. Also, nice LARPing as a WWII American G.I. Pathetic. Sorry, but there weren’t Mexicans in the U.S. Army back then. It was almost entirely white men fighting and dying…JUST LIKE IT IS NOW and will always be since you cowards (along with women) only seek stolen valor and benefits. I’m looking forward to white genocide too in a way because you cockroaches are going to turn everything into a favela overnight. It’s going to be hilarious to see you without the charity of white aid to give you worthless parasites feedbags. All you will have is actual AIDS and machetes culling yourselves to prehistoric population numbers. You’ll never change your animalistic time-horizons. It just isn’t in you. Adios, puta chito.

        1. Judging by your name and your stupid racist beliefs. I bet you have a nazi uniform in your closet that you wear everyday so you can larp as a Stoßtruppen German Soldier.
          If you dont know the Wehrmacht hated Slavs and they captured your kind and tortured them a lot before sending them to Chambers. You stupid racist prick

        2. Of course this goddamn website erases/delays my comment. Of course. Either way, I’m done responding to this butthurt beaner who desperately wants to be white AND wants to kill off the white race. This jealous like shit is not worth my time. I won’t even bother to read his boring, repetitive comments anymore. John Doe was more interesting. Have it at, cowboy. You just aren’t worth a response anymore. From now on I have a no-response to diversity.

        3. @Weimar Republican
          I dont hate nor want to destroy your race. All I want is for you to stop calling me a “rodent” and other pejorative words towards hispanics in your comments.
          I dont care if you game woman from my race or any other race as long as you love them and care about them. What I want from you is for you to stop hating on me or blaming my race for all the problems that are happening to the Western World.
          Who you have to blame is Illegal Immigrants and the politicians that give them green cards. As I said before I want you to be my brother in arms thats the only way we are going to stop the Cultural Marxists and Radical Left from destroying America and the rest of Western Civilization. We need to unite our forces if we want to save America!

        4. First off, ‘love’ isn’t real if you haven’t figured that out. The closest thing you’ll get out of me to that just happened. Not sure if you read my post about it in the other article, but it involved an assimilated Hispanic woman (who spoke no Spanish – ironically she needed me to translate Spanish at our job).
          I didn’t really elaborate on it, but she had a thing for me, since I ‘behaved’ like how they all secretly want you to behave (one-word answers, speaking only when spoken to, reticent, robotic etc.), as I trained her, but the feeling was not mutual. She was nice, but I was not into her (well, technically I was for a few hours, but…). Eventually she asked if I wanted to hang out sometime, which I knew she would, so I took her to a comedy club that night, and I was not into it, but we all know how that goes. So we ended up going back to my place (I was very opposed to that) and one of us enjoyed it (not me).
          The next day I sneak her back to her car (purchased by her married ‘boyfriend’) at our work parking lot (her idea), which our employers all somehow knew happened despite my carefulness, as I am very private and Hispanics are not (Mexican soap operas are popular for a reason). She requests my number (I was reluctant) and texts me all day and night long, even though we work in a small building, wanting to have lunch with me and go back to her place (and I responded only once – ‘I’m not feeling well.’), but then gets fired that night after my shift ends because she was not efficient, I guess.
          Afterwards she texts me for nearly two weeks with R-rated (still have them) texts designed to elicit a response (‘do I need to get birth control, I’ve been dreaming about you every night, it was amazing, want to fuck again, text me etc.’), but also still unsure of why she was let go… and I ghosted her entirely.
          Then the texts stop. I quit my job that week (this month). I come back from a road trip to get my final paycheck (last weekend), and they inform me that she had passed away without giving detail, in a matter-of-fact tone. I have been shattered ever since wondering if I caused this or if I could have done anything that would have changed what was very likely an unceremonious death.
          But I was able to awkwardly deliver her final paycheck to her sister (that I found from Googling), since there was no next of kin (only her friend informed my boss, again with matter-of-fact English), leaving so much lost in translation, which I’ve had to wade through every day working as a lone gringo. Her brother had flown in and suspected I had duplicitous answers because I was distraught, so it was very uncomfortable asking what had happened to her.
          All I know is I was probably her last lay, which is something I’ve never experienced.
          So clearly all of these Cultural Marxist buzzwords (racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe etc.) have severe flaws in your application regarding me. Just because I speak my mind unfiltered based on my observations and diagnostics, does make what I say untrue or malicious, and it does not make me evil. Nor do my amorous interactions with diversity make me a hypocrite or deceitful.
          I have never said I hated anybody or want anybody to be harmed. All I say is my people have a right to exist and to make laws protecting that right in our own lands, just like every other people are allowed to do in their own lands.
          The pushback (my ‘mean’ words) is coming from the encroachment of ‘the other people’ disallowing my people to exist in our own land just by their opposition to free speech alone. I will never be ok with that. The ‘other people’ immigrate to these lands BECAUSE of my people’s mere presence and lack of ‘other people.’ They are in fact moving to get away from the destruction caused by their own people, which occurs when too many of their own people occupy a region devoid of my people. Am I incorrect?
          That is understandable, but the problem is there is an existential day of reckoning awaiting my people in this current arrangement, and nobody disputes that – the only thing disputed is the label of this clear goal: the elimination of white people in their own land, and thus the face of the earth. We say ‘genocide,’ you say ‘assimilation.’
          My people disappear everywhere from being the target of this diversity program, while everybody else has the integrity of their ancestral homeland untouched, and even their new communities in my people’s homelands strengthened into burgeoning political blocs.
          You can make the argument that North America, South Africa and Australia never belonged to my people. Fine. But you can’t argue that Europe didn’t. Yet all are subject to this program of crowding us out of our homes.
          The justification regularly made is that ‘white people’ don’t even exist – same strategy that Jews do to ‘Palestinians’ to justify their settlements/blockade.
          These lands have all been specifically targeted BECAUSE my people reside there. If my people colonized Antarctica, there would be a cavalcade of caravans there too.
          Democracy is a numbers game that once it is tilted past the critical-mass threshold in one particular direction (Majority-‘other people’), the game permanently ends, as planned.
          I don’t know why this is so difficult to comprehend and so inappropriate to even mention, aside from that it hurts delicate sensibilities, which my people are not even allowed to have or else we are ‘bigoted’ and ‘cowardly,’ yet these same ‘bigoted’ and even ‘hateful’ opinions expressed by all ‘other people’ are characterized as ‘brave’ and ‘woke,’ and incentivized.
          Something will eventually have to give and we all know what: my people’s existence.
          The response you just gave me (‘Have our women, fine, but treat them better than you treat your women.’) is exactly the same oblique tone women here give me (‘You figured out our secret in conquering us. Fine. Bang all of us. Just don’t rock the boat by giving away the secret to other men or ending the gynocracy.), and what my Mexican boss (former) would give me every time I was upset (‘You make more money here than the other places, right? Ok, don’t complain about anything else.’). Basically, ‘Enjoy what you have stumbled upon, but keep your mouth shut.’
          That contradicts the civic nationalism being preached here. Everybody wants their race protected, while they feast on white women. That is not a stretch, is it?
          That leads me to believe that PUA is nothing more than a civic internationalist stratagem by nonwhites to ‘game’ white women, thus cucking white men from their own women and thus their future existence, since white people = white men + white women.
          Ok, fine. At least call it what it is instead of the reductive clichés directed at me (Hitler, Nazi, racist). If we are going to be annihilated, we at least deserve an explanation, and maybe a cigarette, like any other soldier slated for the firing squad.
          Do you not see the dilemma here? Nothing I said is incorrect. I did not even mention any race in this post. I made it as unspecific as possible, yet we all know what it means, which should tell you something: I’m not wrong.
          TL; DR
          Just because I have strong political views does not mean I cannot get along with people I politically oppose. Actually, quite the contrary. Like I said, people come to me, just like you came to me, because all people are drawn to stern figures, regardless of their opinions because dramatic passion is endearing, since it is one of the only things that is actually authentic in the Current Year of Clown World. That is why Archie Bunker was so beloved.
          Even the illegals I work with always want to talk to me about ‘panocha,’ so I show them pics of my conquests.
          But alas, you can relax now since you’re going to get your way because I’m going to cease posting here soon, and it will go back to the same virtue-signaling safe space it was before I arrived… symbolizing the same future without whites that awaits you. Conquered, yes, but very bland and extremely unstable.
          Also ‘Weimar Republican’ does not mean what I want, but rather what I am – the same for everybody else who happens to live in the Current Year of Clown World against their will: a pozzed milieu one is forced to navigate within with no hope of escaping because of the unending chaos that defines it.
          There will be another post of mine from yesterday in a hostile tone that will reemerge below, so just know that it was said 24 hours before I typed this.

        5. I wrote an inoffensive response in what was my most thorough post ever on this site, but sure enough it was either delayed or erased just like the one last night that has not showed up. I don’t know what to say now. I’ll post it next time you tag my comment. So be sure to read it before it goes away, as I am censored even on this site.

        6. Alberto is an uneducated, blatantly stupid Moran.
          He thinks the USA is on some kind of magical soil, but South America is not due to ‘cultural reasons.’
          The reason the USA is 1st world and South America 3rd world, is due to race, Purely and simply. The influx of Largely Germans built this nation into a powerhouse, whereas the number of mixed race mullatos, indigenous indians admixture thereof, and negros renders it a 3rd world cesspool. South America is similar sized and just as mineral rich, if not moreso. Lesson for the day.
          Demographics IS Destiny.

        1. @William Rubin
          Dude first off look at his name” Weimar Republican”? What do you think about dont you think this isnt racist at all?
          If you check all the articles in this website Weimar is almost in all of them talking shit about my race or blaming other races for the destruction of Western Civilization? Dont you think this isnt racist all?
          Last post he made bashing my race and talking about how great his race is in another article he mentioned that he has Slavic blood. I was just mentioning the fact for him that ((YOU KNOW WHO)) in 1925 wrote a racist book talking that the Germans deserved to get all Slavic countries because he considered Slavs an inferior race….
          I´m just making this clear to him in order to wake him up and make him stop with his racist beliefs. He is going against his own race. Its simply pathetic of his part to worship ((Weimar Republic)), since they considered his race an inferior one.
          I hope after I called on him about his racism, he will stop bashing and blaming Hispanics, Blacks and learn that we are all equals.
          In order for us to stop the Cultural Marxism and save Western Civilization we need to unite our forces as brothers instead of blaming each other. Otherwise the commies will keep winning this battle

        2. @Alberto,
          You are 100% correct & you nailed it !! I was saying the same on here since the past 4 years!
          The real enemy is within. It’s not merely about race, color or religion. Nobody (blacks, hispanics, browns etc.) wants destruction of the West (People, Culture, Tradition, Economy etc.).
          At least now, People has to see the “clear” picture and must not get carried away with the manipulations, fabrications and double games of the “vested interests”.

        3. Well, Ravi… it’s pretty clear now where your loyalties lay… Kind of a disappointment, but not really surprising. So much for cosigning my other posts like you usually do. Now I know what you really think, even though I kind of already knew.

      3. Dude, you are a sperg. I am white and European you idiot. You can’t tell the difference between the branches of the white race anyway you idiot. Like I said, all you are doing is divide and conquer of the white race. But it won’t work. Maybe 60 years ago it would, but not now because even we can’t tell the difference anymore. I have DISTANT Slavic ancestry. Nice gaslight though (you’re so stupid you don’t even know what that means).
        Once again even the Rubin guy (which sounds Jewish) can even see your irony. You literally believe only white men can be ‘racist.’ That word itself is a cultural Marxist invention. That makes you a shill, and impossible to reason with…just like a woman.
        That is why I don’t even attempt to use logic with the likes of you. It’s funny because like I said, I actually work with Hispanics, often as the only gringo and probably get along better with them than you do because I UNDERSTAND them. You just have this SJW prerogative to be a victim of white ‘oppression.’ Nobody respects that. We have had enough of it. You just want to kill us along with the rest of the enemies of white males. So take a number and get in line behind the rest of the Cultural Marxist coalition.
        Looks like you took away my little Ravi from me. Oh well. It’s a given you guys will side against us the second you have the numbers anyway. We all know it. You’ll side with our treacherous women against us and rub it in our face by calling us ‘jealous.’ LOL you can have our sloppy seconds. White women have been ridden hard and put up wet.

    3. American woman, stay away from me
      American woman, mama let me be
      Don’t come hangin’ around my door
      I don’t wanna see your face no more
      I got more important things to do
      Than spend my time growin’ old with you
      Now woman, I said stay away
      American woman, listen what i say…
      Song “American Woman “The guess Who

        1. Speaking of which…Aspartame was pushed though the FDA by Searle chairman and American War Man/War Profiteer Donald Rumsfeld

    4. I agree 100% with your observation on how fat women have become. Here in Kansas City, I see this daily. This town is noted for its barbecue and biscuits and gravy, which certainly doesn’t help with the high rate of cardiovascular disease, plus it grossly larders womens’ midsections. I saw this clearly this weekend. I took my niece out for lunch, then she wanted to go to a Sephora store. Not my idea of spending the rest of my afternoon, but my niece and her husband are the only family members I can stomach, so I bit my lip, and went with it. I was shocked (to say the least) by the young women associates peddling cosmetics to other young women. Every woman associate in that store was grossly overweight, covered with tattoos and piercings, and sported either red, green, or blue hair, not to mention surly dispositions as well. I’m not the business type, but reason tells me that if I was the CEO of Sephora, and my business model was marketing cosmetics to young women, and I was trying to project an image of beauty and glamour, that I would hire more attractive, feminine, fit, stylish, and pleasant young women as employees in my stores. But that’s apparently not a realistic job pool, nor is it tolerated in today’s PC world. I’d be facing boycotts, public outrage, demonization by the media, death threats, getting fired, lawsuits, or even incarceration in a sensitivity Gulag.

      1. I suspect our esteemed poster madman marz is not totally far-off when he says the country has gone down the toilet since the 90s. When I was living in the US, 15-20 years ago, every Sephora store I visited with my ex offered a prime pussy fest of the highest order. Ditto for every decent (La Perla, Wolford etc) lingerie shop.
        And no surly attitude was in sight, actually a couple of times we pulled home the sale associate.

        1. Marz never mentions that America is roided up on ZOG and J EWs tho.
          They dont call them nation wreckers for a reason, Expelled 108xs

  3. The main thing that annoyed me about this video is that the word “delicious” has lost all of its meaning.
    I always thought of the word “delicious” as relating to food that is truly above average. Like a homemade lasagna is delicious, or a seafood paella is delicious.
    If Diet Coke and Oreos are “delicious”, then I suppose Bruce Jenner is “strong and brave”, ya know what I mean?

    1. Let alone the misuse of the word beautiful, currently generally lavishly bestowed upon truly gross and despicable individuals.

  4. Soda is one of the worst liquids to put in your body. It’s basically poison that tastes good.
    People today are so brainwashed…why not put something in your body they taste good but also gives your cells life compare to destroying them!?! Learn to cook, you don’t know what’s really in take away food!
    All these health problems everyone has are due to putting poison in their bodies that taste good!
    Doctors these days are drug dealers for the biggest legel drug cartel in the world. 90% of health problems will be fixed by the human body once you start eating right!
    Don’t be brainwashed to think your body is faulty when it starts playing up! It’s cause you aren’t looking after it and need to man up, show your body some respect and look after yourself!

    1. It really doesn’t even taste that good. The only time I have soda is when it’s mixed with liquor. Other than that I only have tap water. After you cut it out of your life, the sugar gives you headaches and a sore throat the next time you indulge. People treat themselves bad by treating themselves too good (indulging). If you just look at food and drink as fuel, it changes everything and you no longer do it to excess. That is how you get in good shape. The food/drink is good in the Deep South, but not good enough to become morbidly obese like so many Southerners are. People would be amazed by how little food/drink they actually need.

      1. “It really doesn’t even taste that good. ”
        Seltzer with Lemon, Lime or some other fresh squeezed juice is much better.

      2. Cutting out sugar and cheap carbs changed my life to be honest.
        It’s the same for me. Whenever I do eat candy or sugary foods now (usually to entertain someone like a Grandma or friend) I notice now that it makes me feel a little sick. Like my body has to deal with it rather than enjoy it.

        1. Amen dude. I noticed that too and thought It was just me getting older, but mostly I realize it is that and getting waaaay more sensitive to sugars. I used to indulge in sugar consumption VEERY VERY BADLY as a teen..and when I was in the service…these days, waaaay less because it makes me also feel nauseous.

      3. No your last comment didn’t show on the other post, you can answer me here, if it works.

  5. About 15 years ago I noticed blood and tissue shreds in my piss. The doctors couldn’t find any causes but I discovered that happened only on the relatively rare occasions I drank a diet drink. I’d done so now and then for years without any visible problem but you can be sure I quit immediately and haven’t touched the stuff since.
    That’s my Diet Coke ad.

        1. I was thinking tapeworm or some parasitic shit.
          Were you in Manila at the time?

  6. Problem is, “sugary sodas” usually don’t have sugar at all- like many products, they use high fructose corn syrup, a completely manufactured legal poison. It can cause obesity more surely than sugar, and can affect the liver the way alcohol does, along with other problems.
    So drinking lots of Coca-Cola today is far worse for your health than it was when I was a kid.

  7. We need to take Dr Evil’s advice to combat the scourge of Diet Coke and be more EVIL.
    Diet Coke is “just one calorie”. Not evil enough!

  8. “Conscious” can’t tell you anything: it’s an adjective. You mean “consciousness.” Sorry, couldn’t ignore that. Agree with the author’s message though.

    1. The “official story” of how aspartame was discovered is absolutely preposterous! A professional laboratory scientist pulling off his protective glove and removing his mouth / facial protection to lick and ingest an unknown powder and then thinking, “gee this is sweet and has commercial potential!” What complete bullshit…
      In point of fact, some curious scientific people have reproduced the “official story” and the compound created at that initial stage (joining together the amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine) is actually quite bitter tasting. The “aspartame powder” has to be further processed / refined so that it is perceived as sweet. In all seriousness, aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal) is better described as a bioweapon. Not surprisingly, and due to all the negative and largely anecdotal reports of its toxicity, aspartame is now often disguised as a new name on food and beverage labels: aminosweet. True story.

  9. This commercial serves to reinforce what has been the case in the US (and the West) for many years, beginning in the 60s. That females should “just do what they want” instead of being loyal, faithful, dutiful and obedient as was the case for the previous 120,000 years.
    The girl in the commercial is not attractive. Her face is marginally pretty but her body is somewhat masculine and her attitude is off putting. She seems like the type who would date a “soy boy” and perhaps fornicate with him once or twice a month, just to keep the mirage alive, while allowing “bad boys” to use her at will. In other words, typical modern American female. Soy boys and bad boys can have ’em…

  10. This is news? The advertising industry has ALWAYS catered to our desire for pleasure, convenience, less work, lower prices, social status, and other wants in order to influence our buying decisions. Will Jared Trueheart’s next insightful article will be about water being wet and fire being hot?

    1. Marketing has always done this.
      Nothing new.
      But he does bring up a good point of people not having enough will power to really put off temptation.
      But one way or the other the marketers will crack you.
      This is the basis of game for crying out loud. It’s to trigger certain responses, if the audience is to dumb to realize what’s being fed to them; that’s on them not the marketers.
      Remember you can drink water and find other alternatives at the end of the day no one is cornering you.

    2. Manly Man:
      Once again, much as I hate to do this, I have to point out that I’ve been on this world for half a century. True, marketing has been around for, well, let’s just say a very long time, but it’s the way it’s changed that is alarming. I’ve seen it happen for myself.
      It is now in-your-face, heavy-handed. Often it used to be subtle and even friendly, like those old McDonald’s commercials with Ronald McDonald. Heck, around Christmas time they had one that didn’t even really push any products!
      But now they directly, blatantly push a hedonistic lifestyle. The girl is relatively attractive, but as we’ve all said here that is hardly the case in real life with an indulgent lifestyle. So now the lie is outright, no attempt is made to disguise it (and it was assumed years ago that there was a degree of moderation: parents watching their kids’ actions, girls wanting to be attractive, guys wanting to be strong, etc.). Wall Street is bad, but Madison Avenue is just as foul.
      In other words, now it’s like a campfire burns like thermite and water is more wet than DMSO.

  11. The whole point of ugly clothes on an attractive woman is for you to rip them off of her. Her appearance will drastically improve whwn she is naked.

    1. Not always…sometime they hide a nightmare under that thin layer of cloth, but they cant hide the nightmare of their attitude though…not ever.

  12. Coca Cola should fire the marketing team responsible for this ad. Absolutely atrocious. Everything about it screams lazy, unmotivated, uninspiring, nonchalant etc. Edward Bernays would be pissed for abusing his discipline like this.
    How is a badly dressed achick with a bitch face, an annoying voice in a generic environment with a badly designed Coke can going to inspire people to follow her lead?

    1. Pepsi?
      It tastes like shit, plus it’s the drink of choice for phaggots like Martin Sheen/Mike Jackson.
      You got the right one baby UNH HUH

  13. Feel smug that you keep Pajeet the shifty convenience store owner alive and toast a minority guy that you smugly align with against straight white men even though he’d enslave you in a hear beat and take all your liberties away if he came to power.
    I have a hard to believing this crap works on millenials.
    The green coke life with stevia and cane sugar apparently failed as well, which was a much better concept to get hipsters on board than the poisonous sweeteners in coke light.

  14. Dont forget that Coke subliminally brainwashes the incompetant masses to date muds & hate yer local white boi.

  15. I don’t see how that’s a bitch face btw.
    Hardened feminists, single mothers and cat ladies stare at me with actual hatred.
    It’s just a clueless upper middle class smug bitch that might wake up to reality if she can’t line up some women’s job like HR or lock down a high income guy (unlikely with her line backer frame).

  16. Good article. You are an excellent observer. They are breainwashingyour women, and that lead among other things to unfaithfulness.

  17. It’s funny because my brother and I saw this commercial and we both looked at each other like “what the fuck.” Yeah, just do whatever feels good, that’ll get you far. Fuckin dorks

  18. Serpent to Eve: Just do you, baby!
    Also: I haven’t seen anyone mention the lesbian/bi suggestions yet: camo jacket, hint of rainbow flag on t-shirt. Nothing in a 30 second commerical is an accident.

  19. I drink way to much Mountain Dew but she did look like a know it all upitty bitch

    1. Mountain Dew?
      Isn’t that the stuff that made all those hillbillies go blind?

  20. The video reminds me of that tranny kid Lactacia:
    “If yoou wanna be a drag queen and your parents won’t let you, you need new parents.”

  21. Amazed this got green-lighted, or that the director even thought it would be tantalizing. Quite the opposite. The script and everything about this uninspired, unfriendly commercial is perceptual nonsense, which is why thoughtful, mentally healthy people get triggered by it. They weren’t even able to pin down “the cool,” which is the ad world’s #1 priority. It’s precisely as empty as the product itself. They could have reduced it to 10 seconds and one line: “YOLO! Check me out in my metro camouflage, getting paid to tell you I drink whatever I want whenever I want…Ya JEALOUS!?!?!” (fade to black.)

    In the ad world we are often sold a provocative, disgraceful new morality of “serving no purpose whatsoever in life.” Vapidity-as-virtue doesn’t challenge anyone to question the status quo. Quite fitting that it should accompany a wildly popular product with zero nutritional value.

    Most who come to ROK know is that in times of crisis, there will be much uncertainty and herd behavior. This is one of those little sideshows that reminds you of the ironies of consumerism and being surrounded by people who are led around by delusions.

    I think the Coke-swilling hipster (ANY hipster) is a drone, and represents a dead end of western civilization. I giggle when they talk of toppling the existing power structures or kicking off a revolution.

    The production of false images is a requirement of capitalism. Like a cola-drinking bimbo, people often enjoy the experience of buying more than having the product, because the moment of buying is one of enthusiastic fantasy and escape.

  22. When I stopped drinking Coke and other soda’s I noticed immediately that my health was improving fast. I’m not kidding, that’s how noticeable it was, at least for myself. I’m not going to be a hypocrite, I still occasionally drink an alcoholic drink mixed with a cola but every time I do, I still feel a twinge of guilt afterwards..

  23. Dude, no offense but you seriously need to get a life. Of all commercials to rip on you choose this one? And what the hell was that bit about the Coke girl? Really, that’s the WORST example you could find of the Western cultural decline that it deserved a whole article?

  24. You all know that the Coke girl is an actor right? Her mannerisms, and speech (as well as her lines of course), aren’t hers. Her clothes are either bought for her, or she’s given a list of things she should find that the director thinks will look good on camera. She then buys them, keeps the tags on, wears them once for filming, then returns them for a full refund. All actors do this, it’s part of the industry. Do any of you actually know how the entertainment industry works? I’m sure that if you did, Jared here wouldn’t be using a generic Coke commercial as an example of “everything that is wrong with society and women”. This article should be titled “everything that is wrong with Hollywood and the entertainment industry”.

    1. Ever heard of something called market research and target audiences, genius?
      le burger education

      1. I’m sure you wouldn’t disagree with the statement that Hollywood bears a majority of the responsibility for influencing American culture, simply because of the wide reach of its projection. Regardless, it’s an isolated city of its own unique cultural degeneracy, and incomparable with the rest of the United States — anyone that’s well-traveled can tell you that.

        1. I don’t doubt that at all.
          But Hollywood’s influence extends far beyond LA.
          Such as Coke girl’s smarmy attitude the author so aptly alludes to as being emblematic of modern women.

  25. Wow all the pseudo-scientists and PR shills are gonna come out.
    > b-b-but aspartame is healthy.
    Read what neuronsurgeon Russell Blaylock had to say about aspartame and MSG. He bulldozes through all the industry “science” and propaganda.
    tl;dr: stay the fuck away from aspartame and msg
    > b-b-but it’s natural!
    lol faggot lol

  26. Every moron ever: “Post a study.”
    Just take a sip. Every fiber of your being should tell you that you just took a sip of chemical drink that acts as a slow release poison.

  27. I remember first time I drank coke. Harsh, awful, syrupy, painful. ???? I never drink or drank the stuff. Did you know you can clean your toilet w it?
    And what’s up w rainbow colored cans and t-shirt?

  28. From this commercial, I heard:
    “It feels good and it’s delicious. Just do you. If you want to run a marathon, run a marathon. If you want to sleep in a yurt, which my anthropology professor explained is a house for nomads, sleep in a yurt. Me, I love cock. I also identify as a man. Good day”

    1. they made the switch from regular to diet thinking they should shed the pounds, fools.

  29. We should be addressing more pressing concerns such as the stampede of bison crashing through the southern “border”, ready to take jobs, rape daughters, infect diseases. but no, just disect the trivial ingredients in a soft drink thats been around longer than anyone on this site.

  30. Wondering how you guys manage to view adverts, I haven’t seen an advert since I stopped viewing commercial television stations (nearly 10 years back). All my TV and movies come adfree from torrents, even my internet browser has an ad blocker built into it. You all need to free yourselves from the garbage pushed by mainstream media.

  31. The only things you should drink are: water, Milk (if you tolerate it), homemade plain juice or smoothie, plain coffee and tea.
    If you really want to lose weight and get healthier eliminate any food which is modified like corn syrup and of course sugar. (((Corporations))) own the food and beverage industry and sponsor the research studies to be manipulated to their interests.
    You have to eat and drink natural and fresh food

  32. Just had my first Mexican bottled cola on the weekend. Glass bottle, smooth taste, not over sweet or chemical tasting. Now I know what people were talking about. Bought two, waiting to down the other one at the right time.

  33. I’m in the mood for a good snuff movie. Grabbing some popcorn and a bucket of Hagen Dasz.

  34. A “polite” request to the “few” local MEN, who always try to bring the race card, even for slightest/petty issues !! Please note that you are NOT doing any good to yourself and to your own! Moreover, you are actually becoming easy target for the “pussies” and “trolls” !!
    Suddenly from nowhere, somebody says Roosh is a Iranian! So what !? How does it matter !? It is because of Him we are All able to come together. I would have never got a chance to share my feelings, opinions & concerns with the likes of:
    Edward, Clark, Bob Smith, AutomaticS, EnglishBob, Bourbon, Tiagbosis, Redhood, GhostofJeff.., Ace and many more; and this was possible only because of [email protected]!
    And for GOD sake, do NOT blame or misuse (45th & 46th) President Donald Trump’s name. Do not drag Him into your “no point” comments and do not (inadvertently) join the fuckin 4 channels, leftists and femicunts !!
    By the way, what made the President a “racist” !? Building Wall around the Border, Making U.S Great Again, Reducing Taxes, Generating more Jobs, Stopping Illegal Immigration & Diversity Green Card lottery, Streamlining Legal Immigration, Incentives to Manufacture things in this Country, … !?
    Damn it! There is absolutely NO “racism” in the above paragraph! So please, once again; do NOT misuse the President’s name.

  35. the biggest surprise: in 2018, despite pirated-video sites (with ads stripped)/& ad-blockers (for browsers), you people are still watching commercials.
    i think I watched my last one in 2007.

  36. “I mean, if you want to drink a Coke, drink a Coke.” Why bother with Diet Coke, get the real thing!

  37. “She’s pretty, but her resting bitch face and know-it-all expressions make her very unattractive. Her speech is smarmy. ”
    like CH says: physiognomy is real
    you’ve made a spot-on description. there are many girls college age – and younger – with similar pose today (yes, i know the actress is older). that’s the thing, we talk so much about feminism and fat ugly girls, but there is also so many somewhat good looking girl with their faces screaming such awful attitudes, and it makes them uglier

  38. You had me convinced up until the “allow” part. Women don’t need permission.

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