I Stopped Being A Leftist Who Supported Bernie Sanders

Yeah! I’m fucking better than you!

This quote by Ana Kasparian, a co-host at the Young Turks, summarizes rather well the attitude of many piss-stained leftist. I once thought these cats as authentic, truth seekers, honest Abes – all terms which have laid bare how clearly inaccurate I was in my judgement.

Kyle Kulinski is another lad worth noting because, as I also used to espouse, President Trump is a “bigot.” That word alone is a line of horseshit. The meaning of the word is that you (whoever you are out there) do not tolerate another’s worldview, values, etc. Thus, you are the bigot. Anyone with a chunk of intellectuality may already foresee the fallacy that I’m about to expose. It is not possible for anyone living in society to *not* be a bigot. It is a literal contradiction.

“Hi. Are you a bigot?”

“Greetings stranger. I am not.”

“Well, Jimmy is a bigot. He thinks women shouldn’t be president.”

“Then he most certainly is a bigot.”

“But that’s his worldview. He values a woman who stays home, cooks, cleans, takes care of Little Johnny and Little Billy and blows him once a week. Do you not tolerate his values?”

“I do not. It’s bigoted.”

“. . .?”

“. . .”

“Do you fucking get irony, bro?”

The word cancels itself out. But that precise attitude when approaching terminology is lost to many folks. The word itself is nothing more than propaganda aimed to make the figure cast over with this label as immoral. And, given one takes it to its full extent, it can easily work to dehumanize and demoralize said bigot. One could claim this is lousy propaganda; however, given its effectiveness, it seems rather good.

The liberal echo chamber

Back in my liberal days, I danced about progressive circles—The Young Turks, Secular Talk, Think Progress, Raw Story, etc. In fact, the two former mentioned often recited news stories from sources such as the Huffington Post, the New York Times, a well-crafted echo chamber hell-bent on forming tunnel vision to its audience.

Tunnel vision creates an unbalanced worldview. An unbalanced worldview forms an unbalanced mind which, if taken fully down the block, forms a dangerous mind. One where you think you are the good guy, the contrary is the bad guy. As in, you hold the moral high-ground over that set person whom you’ve so easily stamped on the black mark of Cane. In this worldview, through the eyes of a bigot in denial, you are morally superior.

Now, I dare not claim these sorts of liberal turd monkeys actually all believe they are morally superior, but by simply observing their character, and their rhetoric, it states a pretty solid case.

I used to be a Bernie Sanders supporter

Back when I was (God forgive me) a Bernie Sanders supporter, I recall a chat with an older gentlemen as we were discussing politics. I espoused that Trump was a bigot and that I’d never vote for him. In that moment, deep in the under layers of a youthful liberal mindset, I felt I was righteous. It was religious, even. I was standing up for the ‘right’ thing. To use a perhaps better term, I was standing up for morality and pushing back against bigotry – the immoral and downright detestable.

A part of me can appreciate that religious-esque quality of that time period. In the progressives circles, I was not always so adamantly for our victim-of-the-day games. It was just the right thing to do. Because, despite what many people think of me, I actually cared and owned human compassion. I wanted everyone to benefit. I see this as a reasonably positive sentiment; except, of course, it can never, nor shall it ever, manifest in full-circle within any set society.

Someone who believes another person is immoral, therefore garnering themselves the moral high-ground, may be what I’ve come to dub the ‘moral supremacist.’

The moral supremacist is most likely to come from someone like Ana Kasparian who, by force of thy government, will utilize their big-boy guns to execute their set view of morality. That is what makes them a supremacist. The willingness to stand by as force is brought down upon another (the morally inferior) through guns and rouge badges.

Are you a moral supremacist?

Now, in regards to myself, I cannot logically claim to hold any moral status above anyone else. That would bust open the whole debate about what morality is and where it comes from — religious or secular? It’s a whole damn thing for Christ sake. And, given we were to amuse the holy doctrine side of the coin, then I’d need to provide empirical evidence for that set dogma, and to which I’d have none.

On the contrary, taking humanism into account, we can merely extract that it boils down to feelings, whether the feels of the day are either positive or negative. That, in my view, would be far more suitable, if life was ever so simple. It is not. And, the stone-cold piss-and-grit truth is, not everyone benefits from being nice to everyone. That is utter bonkers.

I am not a moral supremacist. May I utilize government to my advantage even in situations where force is shoved into another’s face? Yes. The difference in terms of mindset is that I want what I want and fuck you, while my political adversary is claiming to some moral high-ground, or moral status which is above my pay grade. The difference is I’m more in step with Social Darwinism, and the contrary is a manipulative cunt-bucket.

Moral supremacy leads to manipulation

Liberal moms in the back, enjoying the show

Manipulation is a curious little bitch. Bitch? Perhaps because women seem to naturally possess it without realizing they do it? Maybe. Maybe I’m suggesting men — especially of the liberal-minded far-left spectrum — are taking on the horrors of female qualities. Moral supremacy bounces right off manipulation because it cannot provide any tangible evidence for its claim; therefore, it aims to make those who stand in its way feel morally inferior, which either makes them back down and shut up, or aims to rally comrades against them.

Morality itself is an abstract word where a-many fine and ugly folk can take from it what they want, often being based, placed and operated through emotion.

I prefer words, at least when engaging intellectual chat, that are observable. Example would be, as it is the core of this article, morality. I look at it like this: that which is good is positive, and that which is positive is constructive, and that which is constructive furthers the human race (or self-preservation) by a variety of means, including health, safety, security and perhaps even some happiness here and there. So, to the contrary, that which is bad is negative, and that equates to being destructive, and that ties into the opposite of its opponent.

That seems an easy, understandable way to view life, if you happen to be like me. And many folks, including right-wingers, do not like this idea that morality is subjective and that we all see different things, or people or whatever else, as being either good or bad. And where it gets tricky is that, again relaying that stone-cold piss-and-grit truth, not everyone benefits.

An easy go-to example is that not everyone benefits from open borders. Not everyone benefits from Affirmative You’ve-Got-To-Be-Kidding-Me-This-Is-Still-A-Thing? Action. Not everyone will benefit from more social programs, the expansion of government, and so on.

Beating leftists at their own game

Utilizing the term ‘moral supremacist’ is some fine means of propaganda against leftism and their overall bitched-tongue mentality. They are supremacist, in the sense of morality, and, to refer back to the beginning quote, they think they are better than you and will dominate you by force, if necessary.

Whether it’d be more taxes, limiting gun rights, open borders to third-world countries which brings in a surfing awesome tide of foreign diseases and rape and butchery — all these things are where the aggressive progressive will go to serve their new god: Humanism. Humanitarianism. Egalitarianism. Something about ‘fuck the privileged cracker.’ It’s all in their holy doctrine: “Feelings and an Open Heart for Middle Eastern Refugees.” And now Maria Ladenburger is dead. And that’s not meant in humor, but to open up another whole understanding that moral supremacist are dangerous, and people get hurt.

At the end of the day, when times of peace run their course, it’s a man-eats-man world. And I’m not willing, in this current state, to compromise with these moral supremacist dogs. I’d rather spit on the ground which they walk than give a progressive a cookie. Then it’s milk, staying at my place rent free, and fucking my woman whenever they want. Not happening.


It’d been nice to live in a country where people compromised and we got along despite our differences. The conundrum is that I want what I want and fuck you. That’s how it is now. I’m not up for being lectured to about gun deaths because some kids down in Florida had a really bad school day. If we take that approach, how about we tally all the lives saved by guns, from regular Joe The Plumber types, and see who’s dick is bigger?

I’m not interested in hearing how the right thing is to go harder on guns because it may save a Bernie-kid-wannabe from being shot up in some school in California. No offense, but isn’t one less liberal skunk muffin good for everyone? That may have been in poor taste. Some may even suggest I’m mocking the Florida school shooting and truly believe, deep down, that it’s ‘wrong.’ It isn’t. It’s bloody (did you catch that yet?) hilarious.

Just some thoughts.

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82 thoughts on “I Stopped Being A Leftist Who Supported Bernie Sanders”

  1. Here’s how I argue with Libtards to get them to shut the f*&^ up. They say health care is a human right, I say OK the government must force them to take care of sick people all day long. They say we need food stamps, I fine then the government should make them work on a farm to grow food for the poor. They say everyone deserves housing, I say they need to work a construction job.
    They want to dump all societies problems on the backs of taxpayers, but they don’t want to do shit. Nearly all of them are artists, musicians, actors, new age religion, etc… They don’t want to work, they want to pursue their passions and give someone else the bill. Bernie Sanders got kicked of a hippie commune for not working, just talking. That is who these people are.

    1. Of course (((Bernie))) didn’t want to do manual labor. Even the (((few))) I knew in the military were all in specialties like admin and personnel.

        1. Do a google search of Israeli army › images and look what is at the top results:
          Google search has been guilty too of filtering results in order to disfavor the image of white men, Trump, the ‘American Family’ and to discredit the altright. Even Google Play store no longer offers the popular Info Wars streaming/download apps. Now the top results are images of Jones with a distorted inflated head soundboard app. The app only makes noisemaker prank sounds of Jones screaming, laughing and pounding his fists.
          So is the Israeli military according to google really a poster child of diversity and sexual androgyny? Are the search results real or is google lying by omission again?

        2. @3561526 you assclown. Israel has mandatory military service. Jews in western countries avoid hard or manual labor jobs like the plague. They also tend to avoid the military but the few that do enlist go into soft office specialties. You were never in so you wouldn’t realize this.

    2. Speaking of working on a farm, you just harvested a bumper crop of non sequiturs.

    3. Steve,
      Most civilized countries in the world have free health care for their citizens. America is a strange country, you’ve allowed your Insurance companies and medical professionals to price health care out of everyone’s reach. I’d like to see a ‘health care at cost’ system implemented by the US government, where doctor training, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals are not allowed to charge more than cost price for everything. Where I live private charges are $2 to see a doctor, $1 for a course of antibiotics, $3 for a tooth extraction, (and they’re all making money at those prices) why does the USA charge so much more?

      1. If the health care industry is not allowed to make a profit much less break even, they’ll choose other career choices and produce other products/services where they can make money. But since you like the idea of health care at cost perhaps you should bring your living expenses into your employer where they will decide how much each item should cost and pay you a salary equal to what that calculation is. Never mind your job maybe worth a lot more than your living expenses. Never mind your landlord will evict you, your bank will repossess your car, your utilities will be cut off, and you’ll have no food since you won’t be able to buy any. No money.
        And, I hate to mention this but health care, like pretty much everything in life, is a personal responsibility for each and everyone: it’s more than just going to the doctor when you feel bad. It’s about making good choices like eating right, exercising properly, avoiding destructive habits like smoking, over eating, drinking alcohol, etc.
        Emergency care is what we have in the States. I prefer it to the so called health care of other nations. What other nations call health care is actually wellness care. The young and the healthy reap the benefits while the old and sick get screwed. Now before you tell me I’m wrong and can trod out stats showing me I’m full of it, let’s see people who are actually old and sick. They are the true users of the system. The young, healthy groups don’t use the ‘health care’ system.

      2. $3 for a tooth extraction? Do you really think a dentist works for $3 an hour? And he still has to pay his overhead out of that. A 12 hour work day will net him $36. The only way you can get $3 tooth extractions is by stealing money from someone else. The US charges more because it’s paid for by money not taken at gunpoint.

        1. He lives in Thailand, tooth extraction takes less than an hour, and it’s quite possible to have more than one patient on the go at once. I remember being in a dentist’s chair having a filling once in Kazakhstan while the woman in the other dentist’s chair next to me was having some other operation. I admired the efficiency, and couldn’t help laughing when he hit a nerve and she started screaming.

      3. Contrary to what you might think, doctors are as much victims of the system as the patients. These folks live in a quiet desperation. Saddled with mountains of school debts, reams of government regulations, and crushing demands of the hospitals/administrators/insurance companies/patients/families, etc, an average of 400 doctors commit suicides every year.
        Now, that is the real epidemic, and no one is talking about it.

      4. Australia’s public health care makes up approximately one third of the federal government’s annual expenditure, and with ageing Baby Boomers, the bill just keeps growing. It is very soon going to be unaffordable (if not already, given we’re borrowing money), and something’s gotta give. Meanwhile, doctors prescribe useless and unecessary crap simply because no-one sees an actual bill at the end of the day: it just goes straight to the tax-payer.

        1. This is a problem regardless of whether or not you have public or private healthcare system. The difference in America is that insurance companies just drop people who are sick in order to save money; and they do this in some of the most insidious ways too. Then the sick (pre-existing conditions) have two choices: Die or stop working and intentionally go broke so that you can get onto government funded Medicaid. Americans still spend 30-40% more for healthcare per Capita; the difference is that government funded systems are more transparent in cost (because the federal budget); while our private system is essentially hiding the cost. People in America for some reason think that private insurance is not wealth redistribution; even though all insurance is essentially wealth redistribution. The best healthcare systems are in countries that are A) Not diverse migrant shitholes B) have a good mixture of public and private healthcare.

      5. Maybe we need a free market for medical care?
        Let anyone who wants to be a doctor, be a doctor. Let the feedback be the witness, and let the buyer beware. Medical colleges will have to actually offer value for money, good healthcare will become affordable, and even the destitute will be able to afford /something/

      6. @john I’m going to guess that where you live is not as litigious of a society as the USA either. No, it’s not the only issue, but a big portion of those extra costs are there to cover multi-million dollar lawsuits and premiums for the insurance that covers them.

        1. John (((Dodds))) is a proponent of white people no longer having children. It’s no surprise he also thinks America should have (((universal))) health care.

    4. Virtually all of the policies of the left are either based on laziness or greed.
      Lazy people don’t ant to do anything to earn a living; greedy people believe they have a right to your property because…you have more than they do.

    5. your arguments are ridiculous.
      Big government does have an obligation to people. To what extent is whats debatable. The government can’t rule your whole life but then when you need it wash its hands of you. There is a sensible balance there. People shouldnt get to live off welfare indefinitely but they deserve not to starve too. Same for medical care.
      We are essentially cattle. Simple as that. And a good farmer tends his herd. It’s the price of our freedom of which we have none. You don’t even own your own body !!! When you die you can’t even dispose of your body how you’d like. They even own your carcass.
      As for your ridiculous argument thats the exact same as when the left say “if your anti-abortion,then you can mind the child when its born” . Obviously thats incredibly stupid logic so dont use it !!!

      1. People deserve to starve if they’re low IQ, incompetent and impulsive. It’s called natural selection. It’s how nature operates.

        1. I dont have a problem with natural selection but thats not the world we live in now is it.
          Not everyone thats poor is of “low iq, incompetent and impulsive” .
          Are all rich people smart, competent and rational ??? Does amy schummer fit the bill ?? How about rosie o donnel ?? How about any fucking celebrity or trust fund baby. Is that natural selection ?? No. So with the relaity we live in, where capitalism regins and big government rules i belive normal people deserve something off the rulers who get rich off them
          Because we both know people wont starve they’ll fight kill and steal to survive which is ??? NATURAL FUCKING SELECTION but you’ll cry about crime and immirgrants then. You cant practice what you preach !!!!

      2. Buddy, what a horrifying analogy you made comparing us to cattle and the government being the farmer. Right off the bat you are suggesting the government owns us in the same way a farmer owns his herd. Now I’m not arguing that isn’t rapidly becoming the truth to a greater extent every day, but rather what an awful trajectory we are on. The only society socialized healthcare has a chance is in a small nation of uniform ethnicity.
        What a nightmare for the Whites of America, paying our herdsman to tend to the degenerate hordes; and yes, some people do deserve to starve. With a name like Gerard I suppose you cant be judged too harshly. That was an ad hominem btw.

      3. Most ridiculous comment I’ve read today. Every person I know whom has died has had their body disposed of either as their wishes expressed, or as their close family members decided. I’ve never seen a case where the government decided. Almost everyone decides to go with burial or cremation. The burials are placed where and how people like, within public or private cemetary’s, the cremated are either kept in jars, or tossed out over fields or rivers. Now, if you want your body left to rot in the street, that’s not allowed, but that would hurt society to let your body rot in the street and I’ve never heard of anyone wanting that. Some people do give their body to science, or as organ donors as well, which is also a choice.

    6. I HATE to even say this, but I am GLAD that EU Official’s daughter was killed.
      Why? Unless THE ELITES feel what the middle class and below feel from mass immigration, they will continue to allow the Invasion. The Elites HAVE to feel pain or they will continue the destruction of The Western world.
      But the Elites are largely immune from Immigration. TV host Tucker Carlson has been making this point for almost 2 years now. The Elites live in gated communities with armed security, they have armed guard everywhere they go, they have personal shoppers (never go to stores, unless buying expensive items in exclusive stores), their kids go to private schools, which have armed guards out front, and they never have to compete for jobs in depressed-wage situations due to mass immigration, like we all have to compete for.
      Do you REALLY think that if Kate Steinle had been Kate Schummer that the Senate Democrats would demand prison time for that illegal alien career criminal and a shutdown of the Border? Of course they would!
      Do you think is MS-13 had taken over Paul Ryan’s kids’ posh private school or moved into Mitch McConnell’s neighborhood that they would not demand the Border be closed? 🙄
      Do you think if we banned ALL guns, including guns from security guards for the Elites, that they would continue to demand we all lose our rights to self defense and the 2nd Amendment? 🙄
      Unless the kids and the Elites themselves get raped, robbed, and killed bu the 3rd world Invaders, the Invasion will continue.
      So BE GLAD that EU Official’s daughter is dead. Maybe now they can feel what the average person has to live with daily.

      1. The problem with that Christian is that some white people are so guilt ridden that they would rather see their children murdered than be thought of as racists. The murder of an EU official’s daughter will not change their opinions or policies one whit.

  2. Western countries need desperately to put in charge people like Gen Augusto Pinochet, Gen. Jorge Rafael Videla or Gen. Park Chung Hee, nothing less will do.
    Orban or even Putin are better than nothing but still far from being enough.

    1. Orban is pretty far up there bro; it is just that he is lucky to rule over a nation that is already nationalist. Orban literally use to brawl with communists in the street in his youth; and even got arrested for it.

      1. Orban also begged George Soros Foundation for a scholarship to study at Oxford, which he received.
        Now, Orban has made Soros into #1 of Hungary’s enemies… forced closure of one of universities founded and financed by Soros…typical politician, imo.

        1. @marteen…maybe because that is because he didn’t know about George Soros at that tie in his young life. BTW; post sources for that; it is hard to just believe things that people say on the internet. Also; typical politicians don’t do what Orban is currently doing.

        2. You mean he took money away from Soros and used it to benefit himself? Good for him, and good for Hungary!

    2. Surprised you didn’t mention Francisco Franco, Benito Mussolini, Tojo or your personal favorite, Adolf Hitler. Some people just can’t remember how the Second World War turned out.

      1. We now how your tribe won WW2 and enslaved us all. One day those men will be hailed as martyrs.

    3. Riiight. Because we need a proper monster to run the show. Why not Adolf Hitler, Tamerlane, Iosif Stalin, Shaka Zulu or Pol Pot. Kill off half the country and scare the living daylights out of the rest. Sheesh!

    4. Viktor Orban is my favorite world leader. There are still leftist elements in Hungary and if any Hungarians read or post here don’t lose your faith and resoluteness. Western Europe is toast. Save yourselves. As for Ajeoshi’s list I would add Generalissimo Francisco Franco to the list. True, Spain is now a leftist basket case but at least he gave them a few decades of sanity and prosperity. The Spanish communists and their allies in the war of 1936-39 were incredibly vicious and Franco roundly defeated them. For that alone I salute him.

  3. almost any crazy government works when the people are clean, homogeneous, hard working and patriotic. Forcing free market capitalism to feed shitskins doesn’t make the shitskins any better, it makes the country worse.

  4. I wonder how many readers know that only the most mild, watered down, toothless comments ever see the light of day here. The mods are continually censoring some of the best comments, even though they contain no racial slurs, no calls for violence, nothing illegal, no namecalling attacks…just common red pill knowledge. There is no legitimate reason to ban the comments, it’s just that the mods are complete faggots who are still grappling with the reality of the world, and would prefer to profit from their cheesy degeneracy than to get serious and grow up.
    It’s amusing how the readership here is a thousand miles ahead of the writers and owners when it comes to facing the real truth of the world. It’s always been that way. Roosh just wanted to write bang books and get paid to teach gullible muddds how to infect white women, but his readers dragged him kicking and screaming into the red pill.

    1. Pipe down you fag. I write some pretty hardcore things here including racial slurs, stuff about (((them))), insults to certain idiotic posts and trolling, etc. In 3 years I have seen almost no censorship here as far as controversial stuff in people’s comments . But there was some serious banning of individuals about a year ago due to peeps wasting time and bandwidth engaging in long, drawn-out discussions of some movie or something that had no relevance to the article at hand. And others just trying too hard to be funny in their comments, and it would degenerate into other peeps trying to be equally or more funny.
      I’m sometimes surprised at how the things I write *don’t* get removed. I highly doubt you or others are being censored. Prove it

      1. Change your tampon, GW. Anyhow, the real problem is the wonky comment system here. Sometimes things don’t post; sometimes they double or triple post; sometimes they don’t show up until hours later. Posting was much more seamless back when we had Disqus.

        1. “Anyhow, the real problem is the wonky comment system here. ”
          No fucking shit, Herbie. After your smart ass first 3-4 words, all you’ve done is validate my point that no one is being censored.

        2. Unlike Disqus censoring people from the very get go…….Yeah, glad Roosh let them go from his site. I know you hate any free expression that doesn’t conform to the/ your jooish orthodoxy and all….

    2. The culture wars and all the anti-white rhetoric in the “progressive” media was 1/10th as bad in the late 2000s and very early 2010s as it is now.
      Roosh had the ability to focus primarily on chasing skirt during that time because he was both younger and the political/social climate wasn’t so batshit crazy.

    3. I have seen some of my posts never make it, or suddenly disappear after they are posted. I post no insults, do not attack people for having darker skin and don’t blame them ((())) for all the problems in the world, never instigate or call for gratuitous violence . It seems like a couple of the writers here dislike me. I try to correct historical errors (history is a passion of mine and I briefly taught it) and that seems to rub some people the wrong way.

    4. If I’ve ever been censored on here, I’ve never noticed it. Of course, I don’t go back all of the time and check on everything I write to make sure it’s up. I guess I don’t really care that much.

  5. “[N]atural-minded contrarian, and eleutheromania”? What the hell does that mean? Anyhow, full disclosure. I voted for Donald Trump in 2016, but only because Bernie Sanders had the nomination stolen from him by the Democratic establishment. Sanders, for all his faults (e.g. living far too large for a true socialist), was the only candidate who truly understood not just basic economics, but the social, economic and historical dynamics that propel the dialectic. He knew that the “free market” is dying of its own internal contradictions (indeed, the decadence most here ascribe to “cultural Marxism” is really a sign of late-stage capitalism) and is inexorably transitioning to a publicly owned economy.

    1. This is not the first comment you’ve made that makes me strongly suspect you are (((Herbie))) the pseudo intellectual hebe. If you would have voted for Bernie I don’t think ROK is the place for ya, brah.

    2. I get the impression that many Bernie supporters and Trump supporters have more in common with each other than they do with neo-liberals and neo-conservatives.
      The neo-liberals and neo-conservatives, and their supporters, are completely invested in the current system, which is a threat to both far left-wingers and far-right wingers. Bernie and Trump supporters are starting to want to see real significant changes to the status quo, even though they have very different visions of what the future should be.
      A vote for Bernie or Trump was essentially a protest vote for a lot of people. Anything to destabilize the system so we can get a peak into what is really going on with the US and world governments.

  6. >>>If we take that approach, how about we tally all the lives saved by guns, from regular Joe The Plumber types, and see who’s dick is bigger?
    >>>Just some thoughts.
    If that first sentence is your idea of “thoughts” then thinking is clearly not your strong suit. (Spelling neither: whose, not who’s.)

  7. Most ignorant liberal morons are idealists mostly due to age and immaturity. Age and experiences tend to MAKE people conservative minded because they LEARN to be that way to avoid unneeded physical and financial pain. Doesn’t mean I will grant liberals and the ignorant and the idealists room and forgiveness, I wont. They are the most implicit and close proximity fatal dangers to normal sane people, so F* them. They are welcome in my company when they finally fully adopt a conservative mind because that is the closes thing to self preservation and survival instinct. Darwin Awards can have the F*ing rest of them, good riddance. Experience is it own best teacher, provided you survive the lesson it teaches. in the mean time don’t f* with me, my rights, or my survival efforts, because you are not worth more than me in MY life, and those kinds of threats will be eliminated.

    1. Lets be real here,if you were a man of action you wouldn’t be on here ranting and raving 24/7. You’ll do fucking nothing !!!

    2. Well then just remember, if you’re going to shoot someone, you better not miss.

      1. Will be hard to miss if they are on my property uninvited. But don’t worry I won’t. Castle doctrine. Enough said.

  8. That photo of the pope kissing shithollers feet… ugly stuff man really pathetic… a shameful display, I guess the proper conquistadors of old are turning in their graves, poor Charles Martel, if only he knew that all he fought for will be null in the future.

    1. Well Europe had a pretty good run thanks to him. It all would have been gone over 1000 years ago. But it is not over yet. Close but there is still time.

  9. Hi
    As a white Latino woman living in the Third World, I can assure you that the last thing a Communist, Socialist, Leftist wants for his life is one that is equal to him.
    All the people I know who are against racism only date white people, are against capitalism, but only want to date white capitalist men who were born into structured families.
    Here in Latin America, leftist ideas have taken hold of the media, society, universities, everyday life, but everyone runs after their slice of cake.
    Feminism, for example, is the spearhead of communism, and all my friends and well-known feminists only want to date white men. The meghan markle symbolizes well, revolutionary feminist until finding the white capitalist man ..
    The only function of liberalism is to activate the unique sense of personality, weakening communities that are helped through religious and consanguineous bonds. But notice well .. they are strengthened based on ethnicity and religion, but if you do that you are a racist.

    1. I see the same thing with my liberal/lefty friends. They hate “racism” and “consumer culture” but only date other white people with money.
      They aren’t serious about any of their ideas and just support them because they are socially fashionable.
      Diogenes is still carrying his lantern searching for humans – real humans!

    2. Marceli is right. Another interesting point is that the only places where you do see “white privilege” are in non white nations like South America or India. In Peru for example, there is still a caste system, the white Peruvians are at the top, the Cholos fall somewhere in the middle depending on how white or Indian they look and the blacks are at the bottom.

      1. There is only one other user I’ve ever seen use the phrase ‘cholos’
        He liked to talk about Detroit a lot.

    1. Technically yes but broadly speaking a shithole is a shithole regardless of semantics.

  10. Poor Neal very poor. But just as well I actually dont want to argue. Just felt the urge to call you out on the bullshit. Your not going to eliminate anything or anyone. Your just going to blow off a bit of steam on ROK,feel validated by the likes and live out your ordinary life until your time comes.

    1. You didn’t call out any bullshit, you just internet trolled like any other your moronic Billy badass. Don’t get any hang nails on your keyboard Warrior hands. You aren’t shit to nobody, and nobody is impressed with your fake masculinity play at badass either. Just another electronic nobody huffing and puffin while beating your muffin. Laughable soiboi.

      1. You give away too much. “fake masculinity” and “badass”. Is that what you took from me ??? What a fucking lunatic you are. What an angry fucking clown you are. Your a sad bitter man who talks shit online. You obviously are lonely and directionless.
        I feel sorry for you. Your pathetic response. First one was horrendous then you project onto me your own desires and bullshit. I wasn’t even remotely trying to be masculine or badass. Just calling you out on your fucking lies. You’ll kill noone or do nothing. If you were proactive you wouldnt live on ROK fishing for validation off strangers liking your comment. May aswell be facebook to you.
        Soi,keyboard warrior. Any other cliches you unoriginal prick ???

        1. Hahaha, your posting history belies who is fishing for the validation. How pathetic.

        2. So thats the only point i raised that you disagree with ?? Interesting !!!
          Ok well lets start at the beginning. Validation : recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile.
          Most of my posts rare and sporadic as they are,are mostly negatively received on here. You fucking imbecile. So if I was indeed seeking validation or cared a bit what anonymous strangers thought online I would NOT post here at all.
          You on the other hand you live on here and constantly and incessantly post on here. Know what to say and are well received.And you love it and need it !!!! You are the very same as them soyboys you hate on facebook or instagram.
          So far you’ve insinuated i was black with your ebonics speech. When that failed you pulled out your big book of Alt right cliches and had another go and then lastly you went for the tried and tested “who ever smelt it,dealt it”. Like a fucking 5 year old child.
          Listen try not to take it personally. But I’ve the strangest feeling you wont and you’ll be haunting my comments. :))) Goodbye.I’m done with you for now.

    2. Neal is the real deal. 10 years in the army; infantry and tanks.
      So what have you done that even comes close to that?

    3. You have to remember that most of the posters here–probably including Neal–are Jerry Smiths who think they are Rich Sanchez. `

  11. It’s funny because in paganism which is “non-secular,” not Viking religion since it is polytheistic, there are a lot of human sacrifices. And isn’t sacrificing a young woman the stereotype at least in modern media?
    Lets not forget what happened when the illegal immigrant murdered the young woman in California where everyone was also stone quiet against the state (progressive establishment).
    I’m not insinuating that this trend of not doing anything about migrant rape is a conscious decision for the average joe but given that there is such a thing as society revolving around general subsurface trends that are religious in nature, although not consciously practiced, it looks like a socially conscious trend is occurring where even fathers will practically hand their daughters to illegals/migrants as some form of tribute despite the price (actual rape + murder) or a least do nothing when something bad occurs in the current progressive culture.
    Again, these cucky fathers didn’t wake up and thought that “paying/sacrificing their daughters to the migrants was a good thing to do today” but it does show subsurface things about the present dominate culture that we will probably start to see more of at least in the mainstream media.
    This is a big problem because non-progressives (which is becoming its own culture) share the same space with progressives yet think that wives, girlfriends, and druthers getting (actual)raped and murdered by illegals/migrants is a bad idea and absolute no-go.
    Basically, if the west was entirely progressive westerners this would not be a problem. Yet since there are those (including myself) that don’t like this sub level mindset – because I love my family etc.- it is a problem and people like myself will eventually have to deal with this.

  12. How far the US has fallen.
    The USA is now an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state flooded with illegal immigrants.
    Nixon was nearly impeached for wiretapping a hotel, but Trump is wiretapping the entire US and no one cares.
    Clinton was nearly impeached for getting a blowjob, but Trump broke the law by paying for sex with a prostitute.
    How can Americans sleep at night while the USA collapses?
    How can Americans look in the mirror today without feeling disgusted and ashamed?

    1. I’m a user of prostitutes myself in the US and if they ever try to arrest me I’m just gonna say “take me in boys. I know my crimes are one of a repugnant and disgusting nature. Only president Trump is allowed to solicit prostitutes in or great nation which is home to a $97 billon porn industry and 80 million copies of 50 shades of grey are sold.

    2. It’s true that morality is a seamless web. You cannot separate private morality from public morality. That’s one reason I’ve had a low opinion of both JFK and Bill Clinton. Normally, I’d feel the same way about Trump. But the 2016 election was the Flight 93 election. When you had a candidate (Mrs. C.) who wanted to fly the airliner of state into the White House, destroying everything in the process, you don’t care so much if the person beating the cockpit door down, trying to get to the controls and right the aircraft was a lousy husband or not. Come 2020, we’ll see.

    3. Nixon had absolutely nothing to do with the Watergate break in. What he did do was obstruct justice and therefore had to resign. BTW the Watergate was an apartment complex, not a hotel. Furthermore Clinton should have been impeached, not for the blow job, but for obstructing justice. He lost his law license but not his Presidency.

  13. One of my favorite Ana Kasparian moments is when she was on TYT talking about how when she was young she had body image issues and how it’s soooo important not to shame other for their appearance.
    Sometime later Alex Jones ambushed their show and she’s like “GET OFF THE STAGE YOU FAT FUCK!!!!!!”
    Dumb bitch.

  14. I think this guy is a bullshit artist, no one goes from being an out and out Anti-Racist, Trump-hating, Bernie supporter in 2015 to being a Manospherian Right-Winger, or Libertarian in 2018.

  15. A topic addressed in this article, and one which I don’t see addressed anywhere else, is the misuse of the words, using “bigot” as an example. I would like to add “coward” and “survivor” to a list of examples.
    The words are used, not to accurately describe something, but to stir up extreme emotions within a person and use it to impact the perception reader/listener. In other words, they are not used according to their definition, but power to manipulate.

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