3 More Emotions Men Should Master

Passions and emotions are an almost bottomless pit. Start digging there and you will find new ones, or new relations between this and that tidbit of emotional content. So-called Enlightenment philosophers who tried to theorize the passions—something that had been done at greater length, actually, by Thomas Aquinas—could never agree on how many there were or even how much they exactly mattered in the course of life.

Whether or not you have been reading my last two pieces on the topic, remember this is about mastering passions in the most general sense. This is not only about emotional restraint or seduction. Our own emotional states are the first in line, but mastering the passions is also about spotting what other people are feeling, how they can be led to a specific course of action, and what tends to make them tick. Mastering the passions is far from evident, it rather takes times and experience: the concepts and directions I am providing here aim at giving some conscious clarity about things that are by nature a bit muddy.

Artists, though they often suffer from mental problems, are skilled at painting a particular vision in vivid colours, allowing their public to share a specific point of view and emotional state. This is something the elite know very well. Critics trashed Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged because they could see themselves painted there as passive-aggressive cultural parasites. Rand’s novel was more cogent, and attracted more heat, than her barely original “philosophical” pieces today sold at the cheapest price on the second-hand book market.

More recently, the movie The Fall (2004) got backlashed by some of the mainstream media on the grounds that it depicted Hitler as “too human.” While seeing actor Bruno Ganz pondering, eating, talking to his closest company or getting angry, the viewer could perhaps feel a bit of empathy to him. Which is, of course, unacceptable to a Left that clings to the idea of a crazy, careless, “inhuman” dictator to be forever cast as an embodiment of evil. Hollywood directors do not like witnessing others competing with their own emotional mastery.

We need artists, as well as qualified cultural critics, to take some distance from the mainstream propaganda disguised as entertainment and expand an alternative culture and artworks. Emotions explored in the present series can be used just that way.

1. Gratitude


Gratitude denotes a trained and refined disposition. Being graceful means “recognizing that the good in our life can come from something that is outside us and outside our control” (Neel Burton, Heaven and Hell, chap.8, p.61). It focuses on positive things we already have and that cannot be ascribed to our sole merit or efforts.

The traditional world, whatever the particular cultural or religious form it was embodied into, always emphasized the necessity of being grateful. You owed your existence to God, to your family and your community. None of these goods were actually deserved, which meant you had to be grateful for them and repay them by being a dutiful member of the community as well as a dutiful father for your own children. A lot of prayers and ancient rites imply a thanksgiving for what one already has.

Moving later in time, it is striking to see that modern progressivism breeds the exact opposite mindset. The ideology of rights make many goods granted, not a “thank you for” but an “I have a right to.” Neophilia (the relentless pursuit of novelty) always casts a bad shadow on what has been around for some time, as if what was coming later was always better.

Advertisement, gossip culture, economic growth pressure, quest for victimhood lead to envy and always being more or less frustrated with what one already has, regardless of what it is. By leading us to always want more, progressivism makes us oblivious to what we already have or how it does not stem from pure individual merit—and, when it flatters the ego, it makes us complacent and far from cultivating the art of being thankful.

Turning our backs from the modern, ungraceful mindset is easier said than done. To start with: loud-mouthed girls should be remembered they owe their nice, luxurious workplaces to the men who built them, LGBTBBQ should thank their heterosexual parents and ancestors for their very lives, anti-white black activists should remember they would not even exist had their ancestors not benefited from their white colonizers healthcare technology. Feel free to expand the list. Ultimately, I think, every person who is modern or westernized enough can be outed as ungraceful for something.

2. Trust


A famous study showed that multiculturalism was closely correlated with defiance and a lack of trust in each other. Provided that we enlarge a bit our definition of multiculturalism, this absolutely makes sense. Some ethnic groups are especially prone to violence, and some “minority” groups are rewarded for freely accusing the silent majority, but the hegemony of political correctness made it a taboo. Communities have been fragmented by individualism, i.e. each person looking to take as much as she can, and by an “antiracist” white guilt that soon became an intra-white generalized suspicion of “racism.” People do not identify anymore with the larger society and often cannot even identify with a smaller community—which makes everyone else a potential enemy.

Yet, without trust, life becomes unbearable. If you can’t go to the streets without the possibility of getting mugged by, say, BLM activists, or go to a family meal without the prospect of a lukewarm struggle with aging leftist parents, or have a relationship with a girl without the possibility of her making a false rape accusation, there aren’t a lot of things you can do on the long run. Without trust in other people, you have to trust the complex of big corporations, NGO, and State institutions we call the system—and be dependent from it for things as basic as food and shelter.

Only trust in each other can make life sustainable and long-term projects workable. To re-create trust, we have to make people accountable and bound to precise rules, reward good behaviours while punishing bad ones. Actions must bear consequences. But before neomasculinity gets into power, men should strive to establish a reputation through reliability, persistence, and a strong mindset. I could wager you have been more trusting of your Facebook friends last years than of the mainstream media, the former conveying more trustworthy information than the latter.

3. Desire


Modern capitalism and progressivism always ran on desire. Want cheaper prices? More goods? Better goods? More TV channels to watch? More monies? More ego and thinking you are the hot shit? Well, just buy in X or do some work for Y, and here it is… um, nah, you just have to do some more, and some more, and some more. In the end, you forgot why exactly you are doing what you’re doing, or why you started to watch TV. But it all started with you led to perform something, no matter how surreptitiously framed as spontaneous or normal it was.

The system plays on desires in three ways. It sets things to be desired, things to be feared or never desired at all, and things to be consummated without end. Things to be desired include everything the advertisement wants you to desire, like a revolving credit, a new sofa, an SUV or whatever, as well as the next step of “progress” as it has been elaborated on the top of the pyramid.

Things to be feared are where the system wants you to be resigned and fatalistic: did you ever feel sad to see all these girls losing themselves into a sea of fat, bitching, and SJW-propaganda spouting? Too bad, that’s globalization, resistance is futile, move on! At last, things to be consummated are mainly produced to keep you busy and programmed though you are not really practising anything beyond staring at a screen.


Lately, an important shift has been happening between the first and third ways to play on desires. Decades before, the average consumer had to desire owning more junk or being part of the “progress”: the system needed him to work and monitor his peers. Today, the junk is already everywhere, PC culture is already hegemonic, and the average American worker is no longer needed. Active desire is not needed anymore.

Thus, the system has shifted into making the average Joe more passive. Instead of actually desiring more, the consumer should be content with surrogates of everything—pseudo-group identity with team sports, pseudo-sports with football and basket on TV, pseudo-sex with porn, pseudo-life with video games, pseudo-family life with animals, pseudo-expertise when the average libtard obnoxiously parrots the media on everything. This is Brzezinski’s tittytainment in a nutshell.

Even if you don’t give up on having a real life instead of a surrogate, the system will still want you to desire things only for yourself, thus retreating into individualism, instead of trying to actually weight on the world. Either you surrender to “the progress” or you try to ignore it before it comes for you. As if nothing could change.

Don’t let the elite frame the world according to its own interests. Desire self-realization and weighting on the course of the world. Of course, our female counterparts should desire being loving, caretaking, and definitely on our side.

To conclude this series


Once again, it is hard to sketch in a few words what could be done with passions or emotions. What I have mostly dwelled into is how those already in power manipulate them and what we could do as to take them back. If you find the topic worthy of interest, you can expand it in two directions: first, documenting yourself on a particular passion or emotion, and second, using some by stirring it with a certain aim in mind.

In the former case, I would recommend Neel Burton’s Heaven and Hell (quoted several times in the course of this series) as a point of departure. In the latter, being creative or simply assertive is up to you. Whether this looks more like efforts or self-persuasion or artistry does not matter much.

Here, as well as in seduction, a tight framing is key. Whatever the topic, no vocabulary and no picture are really neutral, which is a problem as our perception and thinking orientation are often conditioned by these. The mastery of emotions is reinforced—and reinforces—the mastery of representations. If this sounds far-fetched, let me provide some examples of use, examples you are absolutely free to expand as it suits you.

In the comments space, several guys here have been giving a very negative portrayal of the nice guy: he would be a fake, a “sneaky bastard,” a “jerk.” So guys who want to get laid or have their own interests, just as everyone else, are jerks? This looks like internalized feminist thinking. In my opinion, nice guys should elicit empathy, which goes through a positive portrayal emphasizing their willingness to respect the girl or how they were likely raised by an unmanly culture.

A recent ROK piece about mainstream media has shown how these are making a conscious effort to hide and de-legimitate white victimhood: they paint vividly any crime where the victim is non-white and the perpetrator is, but mention no detail or do not mention at all any crime perpetrated by non-white(s) on white(s).

The same pattern appears in the movie Elysium (2013), when the (of course) white villain mentions children she wants to protect from a mass of brown invaders, yet these children are never shown and consequently stir no empathy from the average watcher, whereas the brown-skinned are vividly depicted as humane and not responsible for their own poverty.

Analyzing these phenomena is fine, but ultimately insufficient. Creative people on our side have to provide an alternative that includes mastered emotions. Picking up girls is part of, and gives some experience in, this wider game.

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172 thoughts on “3 More Emotions Men Should Master”

  1. I appreciate how you point out that controlling your emotions isn’t entirely about keeping the negative (or, at least, less than productive) emotions from ruling you. You also need to foster the positive and beneficial emotions.
    In our societies these days, it is easy to let the negative emotions foster and grow and to let the positive emotions wither and die. This is because we do not focus on the right things, and we allow circumstances to dictate our lives. However, when we choose to control our emotions, we become masters of our own minds and souls. From there, the world becomes a much more understandable and manipulable place.

    1. I really don’t think we have any positive or negative emotions. They just are…… Any emotion can be used to serve for good or bad, depending if you have mastery over them. Anger may motivate you to change your situation, jealousy may motivate you to work to get what you want, love may make you throw away something you could have had, or make you act stupidly so you lose the girl. Emotion can make life interesting, but it can bite you too.

      1. I can see that. It is true that all emotions can be harnessed toward your purpose if that is your desire.
        However, we can observe that some emotional states are usually less-than-productive. Anger is a great motivator and has righteous application (e.g. anger that the Clintons still aren’t behind bars), but constant anger tends to promote irrationality that lands people in trouble. I know this because I was a very angry child and a very angry teenager. Much the same can be said about dissatisfaction, angst, depression, sadness, and other emotional states we generally consider negative.
        However, there are emotional states that bring pleasure or other positive benefit with minimal drawbacks (in the emotion itself). We can all agree that there’s pleasure in happiness, but the pursuit of external sources of happiness has drawbacks. In the same way, a sense of gratitude and contentment for the good things in one’s life has positive benefits, but it can lead toward apathy (particularly the contentment).
        There’s a whole yin-yang argument to be made here.

    1. Sheesh !
      Good for you, man !
      One more beer I will drink in your good fortune for ridding of the bitch !

      1. Not at all. I made her pay for the frivorce too, since it was her lame-brained idea. It cost me about $3 total, for postage and photocopies.
        I’ve written a lot about it here.

  2. Is that first picture a guy riding a tiger? Give me a hit of Kratom and I will literally (Hitler) ride that muddafucka til his tongues hanging out and use spurs too.

    1. He’s either riding the tiger OR there are some really fucked up porn categories that I want to know NOTHING about, EVER.

      1. first and last time you will ever hear a man say “I charged a tiger”
        and why Im laffing uncontrollably now, I have no idea

        1. That is because it was the first and last time you saw a man who could do this

      2. That right there…raises the bar for masculinity persuers…
        Any fucking takers ?
        Article idea: 10 Methods to overpower a tiger
        Yeah, that’ll be a hell of a read…
        Have a pleasant evening, gents.

    1. Shit man, that tiger read the situation clearly.
      Whoever said animals are dumb…should get attacked and see the ,,dumbness”.

        1. This is what happens when these women get dicked down by too many dogs. Next stop: horses.

        2. Good god. Click on that link at the bottom of this page for “eco-sexuals”- they wack off in nature in the presence of rainbows and rainfalls and such…its a sick world

        3. Yeah, it’s all fun and games until someone suddenly gets attacked and eaten.
          Cute though.

    2. Wow, that’s the elephant’s head facing forward. He jumped over the fucking elephant’s head to slash the dude!

    1. Best served cold, preferably with a nice Chianti.

      1. I like my revenge braised in a wine sauce with pearl onions and lardons

        1. Ma vengeance sera farcie avec une cervelle de juif.
          If no one cooked it like that before, I’m just gonna invent it.

      2. Good evening Mr. J,
        Success is the best form of revenge.
        Romania’s King [ King Michael of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen ] said that ,,patience can be developed into a tool against the current times you find yourself in”.
        How about them apples ?

        1. Oh yeah, one more thing…probably worth of knowing…
          Romania is still a monarchy officially…
          …but suddenly in 1945 the Russians invaded and threatened to kill 1000 young students – at the time found in arrest because they protested against the red army – if the King doesn’t adbicate.
          The King was forced into exile by the Russians.
          Maybe worthless information, but I felt like sharing that.

        2. Didn’t know that. Not doubting you, but can you provide a source? I have hobby intetrest in Eastern Europe from 41′-68′.

    1. I’d say you absolutely should surrender to it. There is a lot of information to be found in the feelings that make up depression. In fact, I’d say that what is commonly called depression is really just the cognitive dissonance between ‘you should be feeling great and thinking positive’ and really feeling totally shitty from a shitty life. That positive thinking crap is just there to make us chase empty dreams and not question them.

        1. Well, you need the right kind of ‘giving in’. The right way is a kind of letting it flow through you and observing it as well as you can.
          It’s different than obsessive attachment to it. But even that is trying to tell ya something.

      1. I’m with Scrooge sometimes – “Bah, humbug.” But sometimes I’m just a wellspring of light and love and happiness, amid endless rainbows and daffodils, and puppies frolicking with naked nymphs, in the Valley of the Eternal Boner.

        1. Gotta shatter that image of self-reflection from time to time…otherwise you might end up like this dude –
          In Greek mythology, Narcissus (/nɑːrˈsɪsəs/; Greek: Νάρκισσος, Nárkissos) was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia who was known for his beauty. He was the son of the river god Cephissus and nymph Liriope.[1] He was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis noticed this behavior and attracted Narcissus to a pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus lost his will to live. He stared at his reflection until he died. Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself and one’s physical appearance.

        2. I don’t know for sure, my friend. I missed out on that entire affair. I think I was in Topeka, Kansas, working in a car wash, when that all came down…

        3. I’d say tripping can be very freeing. Hence they say ‘he’s high’. As opposed to alcohol, where people say ‘it lowers them to animals’. Heh.

      2. Whenever I encounter foolishly happy people, happy about everything all the time, just consider Robin Williams was quite a bit like that… Killed himself. So I either think “hiding something,” or “fake.” Thus, I tend to never trust the 247 gayness.

  3. Dear Santa:
    All I want for Christmas, is for you to bring back the days when a tranny was a car’s transmission, and being gay meant a person was really, really happy.
    Thank you,

      1. “Well what the hell’s wrong with your old one – boobs starting to sag, are they?”, etc.

    1. awww that is when you could take the wingnut off and open up the carb and clean it off if the engine stuck. The good old days. I remember the first time I was in some girls car and it choked up and I was all like “oh I will handle this” and strutted around to the hood and opened it up and was like “what the fuck is this”

        1. I felt like such a fucking moron standing there staring at the engine like it was a space rocket and I had no fucking clue what to do. I had never seen anything like it before. I felt like such a chump with the AAA guy came with the tow truck.

        2. You are not a moron so stop beating yourself up. It was all new to you, that’s all. Besides, it’s your friends’ job to call you a moron and beat you up verbally…

        3. humbug – there are means beyond the technical through which to handle a situation, and sometimes that means knowing who to ask for back-up, like AAA.
          I was much of a motorhead as a yute, way back when, so I always jumped out to try to help stranded (female) motorists. It was hit or miss (on all levels)!

        4. hahaha yeah I hate to rob them of that. It was just such a funny thing I remember it so clearly. Because growing up whenever a girl had a problem getting her car to start it was always, always, always the carb (except for then it was the battery contacts) because they performed 0 maintenance on their cars. So you would pop the hood, throttle it a bit for them and boom you were a superhero.

        5. Yeah and sometimes the timing was out of whack, and you could impress them by adjusting it. But pretty soon, they are so impressed they ask you to do more and more shit for them, and well, that gave rise to the manosphere, so god is good and all is right with the world. Hmm. Car trouble gave rise to the manosphere? No, if I believed that, I’d be a wingnut.

        6. Yeah, those Model T’s of your time were real easy to fix up and get running.

        7. yeah…you have a point. Now if I see a girl stranded at the side of the road I just pull over, say I will help them for a blow job, get the blow job, say pysch! and then leave them there….usually I call a buddy to tell them the location of the slut on the side of the road.

        8. In a different life, I had some ‘friends’ who had just gotten married. They blew a tire on the way to work, and had to call me from the office to come change it for them. How embarrassing, as if changing a tire is some indelible feat.
          They divorced shortly after.

        9. Guy dropped off the grid completely, haven’t spoken to him in ages, the Girl picked up a new guy within the week.
          And friends are so often unjustly termed with that label. If you can count friends with more than one hand of fingers (and that doesn’t include the thumb) you’re doing something wrong.

        10. That makes me sad.
          The tire bit I mean – I could give two shits about the divorce, really.
          That’s almost as bad as someone “who can’t drive stick”….

        11. I can say without exaggeration that I have no friends at all who can reasonably count on me for anything. I have a good buddy who lives in florida who I speak to maybe once every few months. I have another friend who lives in Knoxville who is a reclusive genius who I speak to via email mostly about superheros and vegetables and to make fun of people we used to know and I have a small group of guys that I know from right here on ROK who I enjoy passing time and shooting shit with. Other than that there are basically employees, employers, business contacts, bed warmers and the help.

        12. I don’t think that’s all that unusual – I think a man can usually count the number of people he can trust on one hand, including so-called family.
          I’ll add another observation to that – CHILDLESS adults of middle age have zero shot at making any new friends, either! All the kid-havers keep to their own because “what do we know”

        13. Couldn’t hear ya’ over the sound of folks threshing wheat out in the fields, bro. 🙂

      1. I had an 87 firebird in 2000. A couple times I had to crawl under and bang the starter with a hammer while someone else turned the ignition. 5 years later I really impressed a goup of hippie girls with the same “trick.” I was a one trick pony, but it just happened to be the same issue on the shitty car the girl had. I was a bitch tho. No sex.
        I should have just negged her for the shitty car.

        1. How many guys will gladly start cars for strange women, shovel them out of snow and do other things like let them bum a light from you only to walk away with nothing? It all can convert to pussy. It’s a chip you can trade in for pussy. In a bar or club you’re frequently looking for some ‘chip’ you can open a girl, but hell with car work, the chips are falling in your lap. The kino, the convo is there, everything. Then your shoulder gets a scrape and it’s massage time. Shit the back seat is right there if you have the game to keep the spin and the connect with the convo and body language going. Way way back I would fix a chick’s car and I’d be like mr. nice serviceman. I had to be shitfaced in a club before the approach game was on, but oh the decent chicks I missed out on by being mr nice in the daytime when I should have realized there was day game. I ended up in a LTR with a bar slut and then another. No regrets but I still remember a few top tier quality girls I should have slammed when I was 20 if only I hadn’t been mr nice during the day.

        2. exactly. Did you read the book “no more mr. nice guy?” Pretty cool. I need to read something like that every month to keep myself in villain mode. It’s weird how women are actually atracted to it

    2. That’s pretty much a Victorian export, especially when “gay” since Victorian England truly meant “getting to indulge in sexual lust, because Victorian Englishwomen were cunts in more ways than one and secretly desired the return of the Viking Age, when our own foremothers were pretty much dickriding the Vikings with impunity”, while sex change operations were pretty much feminized men, wanting white female privileges.

  4. “Thus, the system has shifted into making the average Joe more passive. Instead of actually desiring more, the consumer should be content with surrogates of everything—pseudo-group identity with team sports, pseudo-sports with football and basket on TV, pseudo-sex with porn, pseudo-life with video games, pseudo-family life with animals, pseudo-expertise when the average libtard obnoxiously parrots the media on everything. This is Brzezinski’s tittytainment in a nutshell.”
    Great paragraph.

    1. I remember 15 years back or so, when people would call you a conspiracy nut if you talked about people being microchipped in the future. Ah, the good old days…

      1. The kid who comes up with the most innocently obvious good answer to this will be given a good grade and a pat on the shoulder. And he will never know what he just enabled.

        1. Ironic, that…
          “I’m shakin’ it here, boss…I’m shakin’ it!” (“Cool Hand Luke” reference.)

      2. I was working in the financial software industry back around that time and the developers were telling me that the software exists to go digital payer (no currencies) and the biggest interest was coming from the government sector.

    2. trying to condition the kids into giving away more freedom 16 years ago, I remember in college they made us write an essay on why we need to install GPS trackers on all cars for “road tax purposes”

      1. This task in itself is already abominable. ‘Why we need …’ instead of ‘whether we need’.
        It reminds me of something we were ironically told in school about the old German Soviet zone after WW2. People were not allowed to watch TV from the American zone. So kids were given the homework to make drawings of the symbols in the corners of the TV at home.

    3. Make it a credit-card/phone/info-storing item. With GPS. Basically a built-in smartphone. You don’t even have to market it as a tracker.

  5. Bovada odds on Hillary Clinton just changed to -250. They were -300 yesterday.
    Trump’s odds just dropped from +200 to +175.
    Heh-heh. President Trump it is…

      1. Sweet. I read today that he’s ahead in Virginia and Florida now. There will be new Hillary emails leaked before Election Day. Trump for the win!

        1. I expect NC, I think Penn is a toss-up, and I see him losing Virginia. The good news is that the black turnout is minuscule compared to Obama, and a schlep like Romney nearly beat him without that advantage.

        2. Yes, he’s a done deal…the tea leaves are spelling this out. And I think he’ll win Virginia, a couple of polls have him moving ahead there today. We’ll take everything we can get though, eh?

        3. I’d like as little room to contest as possible. Brexit was close enough that it allowed the losers credence in their whining. Btw, have you seen how that’s been hijacked? Britain is completely subverting the will of their people and democracy.

        4. I looked up Evian, apparently it’s low. I think we discussed this in a previous thread.

        5. Would surmize he has FL & OH. If he takes NC and PA it’s over. We’ll find out late Tuesday night in anycase.

        6. It is. Heard he is up +1, but a guy I know on the ground there says it’s a lot higher and the Phili fraud syndicate won’t be able to make up the difference. We’ll see.

        7. At this point, everything that isn’t on the table needs to be put out, so people are able to digest it. If there’s any remaining bombshells, they need to come out immediately.

        8. Not sure about that. Many people, I think, act impulsively. So you gotta give the impulse at the right moment, to steer their current ‘mood’ to decide a certain way.

        9. Nothing to do but wait, or vote. Already sent mine in.
          They’re calling my state a battleground, which would tell me, even if I wasn’t already enlightened, that the media/polls are full of shit.

    1. Sooo … why do you say this? Does that not just mean that his odds improved? If he was seen as the favorite, wouldn’t the numbers be close to each other? Or … do you think those people manipulate the numbers on purpose to support Clinton? But if so, why would they adjust the numbers at all?

        1. maybe….but someone around here has to make it interesting. I have HRC getting more than 300 EC votes.

        2. Well win or lose I have made my call. I am not too effected by any of this, but I want to make things fun here. I will have no problem admitting I was totally wrong if and when it comes to that and having a good old laugh at myself for it. But you better know that if she wins I will be dropping I told you so’s like Bob at the bar to a bunch of Steamers fans last night

        3. I don’t doubt it, but if Trump wins I’ll be trolling Quora and its smug dickbag elitist libs like it’s going out of style.

        4. oh i’ll be joining for that. The trolling is really where all the meaning of the election comes from. The only reason I like trump over Hilary is because I want to see the anti trump people more miserable than I want to see the anti Hilary people.

        5. Personally, I’m not living or dying on this election. My sector of work is secure for as long as I’ll be able to work, so even if America goes to shit one way or the other, I’ll have a monstrous egg within 20-30 years. And there are dozens of countries where I’ll be able to pimp my services if need-be.

        6. Well, the philosophical problem of induction concerns itself with the fact that you can not make a prediction of the future based on observations from the past with 100% certainty. A good example is a sunrise. There is no guarantee the sun will rise tomorrow, BUT it is ‘probable’, so we go with that.
          But I’d say that something like your job staying secure is much less probable than the sun rising everyday. A lot of factors … but no, I don’t necessarily think that this election will be the deciding factor. But who knows.

        7. My job is very predictable. It’s gonna/already growing massively, but it’ll probably be close to gone by the time my grandkids enter the workforce.

      1. Last night this guy at Pappadeaux (bartender friend), got jacked up when Cleveland tied the game at 1-1. He hurled a challenge out to all the bar staff, saying he’d bet them all that Cleveland would win. And he wanted me to bet him $10, too. I told him we were friends and I didn’t want to take his money, as I had an unfair advantage. Trump is the NWO’s choice. Even if they tried to rig it for Hillary (which they won’t), she’ll be facing perjury and obstruction of justice charges. Imagine that, a new president, freshly elected by the people, facing criminal charges. Heh. Not gonna happen. And one of us will be posting that “Is there no one else?” video clip on Election Night…good luck to you, sir. Because you are definitely going to need it.

        1. and good luck to you my friend. More importantly though, report back in with the Fauxlvia Wilde date details.

        2. Will do…I didn’t think of it last night, but I’m supposed to go to Nevada this weekend. Fuck Nevada. Heh.

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