Did John G. Trump Inspire The Space Force From Examining Nikola Tesla’s Secret Work?

What sort of new technologies was President Trump referring to when he proclaimed in his inaugural address that we’re “at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space”?

The statement implies President Trump has had plans for The Space Force for quite some time. Is it because President Trump has had access to secret knowledge about the inventions of famous Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla? The same Tesla that Elon Musk named his company after? Is it possible that knowledge about Tesla’s inventions is the source of President Trump’s confidence concerning a forthcoming branch of the military, The Space Force?

Wait, what? A link between President Trump and Nikola Tesla that has something to do with the Space Force? It all make sense shorty. Firstly, who was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla

“When natural inclination develops into a passionate desire, one advances toward his goal in seven-league boots.”

Nikola Tesla was a man ahead of his time. An inventor originally from Serbia, Nikola Tesla immigrated to the United States in the 1890’s where he patented the induction motor, the magnifying transmitter, Tesla coil, Tesla Turbine, shadowgraphs, neon lamps, and alternating current.

Tesla had many other ideas for inventions including an earthquake machine, a thought camera, wireless energy, and an artificial tidal wave machine. Tesla’s most notable idea of all was a frickin’ laser beam also referred to as a death ray, death beam, or Teleforce.  

Tesla’s social circle consisted of Thomas Edison and Samuel Clemens. He received a congratulatory letter on his 75th birthday from Albert Einstein and was at one point contacted by Henry Ford himself.  In 1901, J.P. Morgan bought a 51 % stake in Nikola Tesla’s patents and future inventions for $150,000.

When Tesla died in 1943, the FBI raided his apartment. Leading the task force that confiscated Tesla’s papers was none other than former MIT Professor, John G. Trump.

The Trump Effect

“My father’s brother was a brilliant man . . . We have very good genetics.”

If there is one person, who had unfettered access to the ideas and concepts of Nikola Tesla, it was engineer and nuclear physicist, John G. Trump. After the raid on Tesla’s apartment and subsequent investigation he stated, “Tesla’s thoughts and efforts during at least the past 15 years were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character, but did not include new, sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.” Was John G. Trump telling the truth when he publicly dismissed Tesla’s ideas? Or was he playing a multi-dimensional game of chess decades before his nephew Donald?

If knowledge is power, why would any man voluntarily give up the knowledge about a potential death ray that could “stop armies dead in their tracks”? In reference to Uncle John, President Trump said he would talk to him “about the power of weapons someday” and “that the destructive force of these weapons would be so massive, that it’s going to be a scary world.”

Is it possible President Trump was alluding to a future Space Force as far back as July, 2015? At a speech in South Carolina, a then candidate Donald J. Trump announced: “nuclear is powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he would explain the power of what’s going to happen and he was right, who would have thought?” John G. Trump died in 1985 when he was 77. The question remains, did he pass on any secrets to his nephew?

The Tesla Border Wall

The inventions of Tesla are not limited to The Space Force. Tesla also had ideas for The Wall. In the Fall of 2017 the FBI released 64 pages to the public about Tesla. In a report titled, “NY 65-12290” a plan for a highly advanced border wall are revealed:

TESLA’s only military invention was a method to which he once eluded but never [sic] fully described. This invention was a means whereby an impenetrable [sic] ‘wall of force’ can be erected around the United States’ borders which would render helpless any military attack. TESLA disclosed the existence of his plan in 1934 and stated he intended to present it to the Geneva Conference but seldom referred to it afterward.

Prior to hitting a home run Babe Ruth used to “call his shot” by pointing to the fences with his baseball bat. The creation of the Space Force is President Trump “calling his shot” in regards to space exploration and unprecedented human achievement. President Trump is dead serious about The Space Force, the power of which is beyond our current scope of technology.

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  1. All liberal scientist whine about the US no doing enough exploration, prominent names like michu kaku and the rapist Neil degrasse Tyson whine about it all the time, MUH We are type zero civilization, Obama choke NASA´s funding and dindu nuffin space exploration. But when is trump leading the charge, now the idea is stupid, socialism is a more important issue. Where are all those “scientist” defending the idea. “The future of humanity is in the stars” is a slogan being preached for decades

  2. All liberal scientist whine about the US no doing enough exploration, prominent names like michu kaku and the rapist Neil degrasse Tyson whine about it all the time, MUH We are type zero civilization, Obama choke NASA´s funding and did nothing. But when is trump leading the charge, now the idea is stupid, socialism is a more important issue. Where are all those “scientist” defending the idea. “The future of humanity is in the stars” is a slogan being preached for decades

    1. Tesla was even beyond the stars, he was the kind of a mind, that through individual scientific ingenuity, was seeking the ultimate answers and truths…a man seeking God
      “What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics.”
      “My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
      “The individual is ephemeral, races and nations come and pass away, but Man remains.”
      and 😀
      “I do not think you can name many great inventions that have been made by married men.”
      ― Nikola Tesla

  3. We should can NASA, absorb it into the Space Force. NRO as well. Space should be totally militarized.

    1. I Guarantee you that Defense contracts are far more corrupt and wasteful than NASA. NASA just needs a goal; like going to Mars in 8 years; for them to operate at their max efficiency. NASA already works closely with the military and other private industries; they do exploration that is not in the interests of the military; and the military already has its own space expenditures that probably exceed that of NASA.

      1. No one is going on the Mars, you fucking blue pulled clown.
        Look at NASA and Musk… it’s nothing but scam

        1. It’s *slightly* more hospitable than the moon, but 9 months away.
          Thin atmosphere is only thick enough to not require a fully pressurized space suit. You’d still need to carry oxygen tanks everywhere.
          Thankfully the gravity is about 60% of Earth’s so the load won’t seem so heavy. After two years (9mo travel, 6mo to wait for the return window, 9mo back) you’ll need lots of training to even be able to stand.
          Oh yeah, lots of dust that gets everywhere. Windstorms with hurricane force winds…
          If something breaks, there’s no possible way to resupply or leave sooner.
          Sending a manned mission at all is a fool’s errand.

        2. @g(r)eek 9 months away only if you want to go that slow. They already developed thermal nulear rockets 50 years ago and that could give you a high enough speific impulse to go to Mars in probably3-4 months; easy. There are also other proven propolsion technologies that we already have that just need to be tweaked a little bit and then scaled up. Even normal Rocket propulsion; with a “top up” fill in space; can get you to Mars in 4-5 months. Not sure which movie you watched; but due to the atmosphere being just 1% of earths your most intense wind storm there would feel like a slight breeze. The gravity there is 1/3 of earths; which could be a problem; but a rotating habitat in space could keep astronauts healthy during the majority of the trip. There is nothing too technologically advanced about rotating habitats. Also; additional supplies could be flown to Mars in advance to help out on the safety front. Oxygen can be recycled from CO2 back to breathable oxygen using plants or a number of other processes. There is also an abundane of ice on mars too that can be turned into fuel or breathable air. The only problem is getting the funding and desire to do it. It would be comparable to the Apollo program.

        3. Yes, it’s a dubious idea currently.
          It would probably require space assembly of a tough enough and large enough space craft with enough supplies, including adequate hard radiation shielding, armour, and power, because it will probably need to be orders of magnitude larger and more costly than prior space craft and space stations.
          A spinning circular crew module won’t be the same as gravity, because gravity causes acceleration, not constant velocity, so will also require a regular vigorous body movement to maintain muscle, joints, and the circulatory system. Heat, cooling, light, supplements, water, food, waste recycling and medical facilities could become critical issues and may prove fatally inadequate. A lot of cargo would probably need to be sent earlier for any settlement on/in Mars
          It would probably be a very good idea to test an occupied space craft for months in moon orbit, then outside the Van Allen Belt, before launching it for Mars.

  4. Cool! A Death Ray Laser Wall! Now, will that be to keep them out or to keep us in? East Berlin comes to mind.

    1. I’d be willing to take that risk if it means keeping out hordes of low IQ beaner baby factories.

    2. Why would you want to leave? Go to Mexico or Canada. No thank you. America is a shit hole but it’s my shithole. I’ll stay her nice and cozy with Muh guns.

  5. the SJW will bash him mercilessly now. If Tesla hadn’t figured out A/C current, all you retarded Leftists useless feminists would still be living in the dark cold cave. Yeah, a WHITE man Nikola Tesla pioneered the modern electricity grid…..and look at where we are now. Brilliance perverted into the sham culture of the West now, and the ungrateful bastards that will curse his name.
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    1. Once the ability to take selfies and get approval from strangers is rendered null, you will see a mass die-off in the west.

  6. Without question, there is a relatively small group of people on this planet who have fully utilized Tesla’s ideas, and they have had about 100 years to perfect them and make other discoveries beyond them. When you understand this, you realize there must be a small “break away civilization” that’s tied to the so-called Military-Industrial Complex. They are literally living a Star Trek episode, if not more advanced, while NASA and similar entities feed us complete garbage. Gene Roddenberry was “in the know” when he wrote Star Trek — and that’s what they had back then! Imagine what they have now?? The Apollo Program was just the beginning of the massive fraud that’s been perpetrated on us since the end of WW2.

      1. Operation James Bond?? Because his genius ideas are all about harnessing the elemental energy of nature for purposes of transportation, machination, communication, and protection from warfare. Tesla was anti-war, anti-control and anti-fascism, but all his ideas are too valuable to the Criminal Elite for the exact opposite purposes. So-called “ether energy” is what transforms a ridiculous society like ours into a more “galactic society” which is free of enslaving concepts such as fiat currency, usury, inflation, combustion engines based on hydrocarbons and petroleum-based “medicine”. But Tesla wasn’t the first, and he won’t be the last, to invent such liberating technology. Hopefully the next genius to do so will put all his ideas / inventions on the internet for all to understand and build. As King Solomon is famous for saying, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

  7. Just another excuse for the excessive military spend, plus the new space force might play a role if they decide the pull out the alien invasion hoax, which looks like it’s on the pipeline if they are taking this step.
    Space technology is not as developed as most people are made to believe. The TPTB don’t even have nuclear weapons let alone space ones.

  8. Hearth and Home are womanly qualities. The virtues of the goddess Hera. The very essence of manhood is violence and therefore all manly men sacrifice at the altar of Ares Mars. Crisis is danger plus opportunity. Real men understand that the present system is rigged against them so they have thrown off the shackles of civilization and become a beautiful new and savage form of mankind. And the meeting, the rally is only 5 weeks away in the Mojave Desert. So tell your parents to take you to Wasteland Weekend or go to hell!!!

  9. Cool! A Death Ray Laser Wall! Now, will that be to keep them out or keep us in? East Berlin comes to mind…

  10. Considering the amount of blood the USA shed through countless scam wars, the mind boggling never ending list of ravaged countries, do we even want to pretend it would be a good idea to even let this entity militarize space itself?
    With luck, this nation will fall apart before a new budget gets voted for this useless murderous adventure.

    1. Until ZOG’s death grip on the US is loosened, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon, you’re probably right. That being said, I think the militarization of space is inevitable and we should be keeping a very close eye on the empathetically challenged Chinese. While Xi Jinping is implementing his 30 yr plan for world domination, America is busy importing hordes of useless turd-worlders and playing “guess my gender”.

  11. Deficit nearing $1 Trillion and Trump wants a Space Force? I can’t wait for the dollar to collapse and the entire country erupt in a giant civil war. The world will be a better place once the left and the right destroy one another.
    I’m starting to believe that god sent Trump to destroy the feminist, jewish, materialist shithole called United States from the inside. Pure genius.

  12. Space Force is a response to Russia developing weaponised sattelites, and in preparation to mine the moon and asteroids. There’s nothing conspiratorial about it.. for some reason no news outlets report on these simple reasons, so the mindless horde can whine about how we are wasting money.

    1. Mining the moon is a “no brainer” at least on the dark side of it.
      Asteroids are harder in that the energy it would take to capture one even into a 1-2 year orbit would be extraordinary. Plus scientists are not sure how that might effect things here on earth such as the tides, magnetic poles, etc.
      Mars is also a good candidate for mining same with many of its moons. There is a high cost to sending material back to Earth but if it can be automated, caught in orbit, then processed with the junk sent wherever and the good stuff sent for splash down in the ocean, it will most likely be profitable.
      Mining the moon though would be much easier. Material would only take 1-3 days to splash down anywhere in the world once shot from orbit. Ships could retrieve floating capsules and process it right there. Refined goods dropped off right at ports in the Pacific and Atlantic.

  13. NICE!!! SPACE MARINES!!! Purge the heretics, purge the weak! After a huge space force, the only real way is to proclaim God Emperor.
    -The Emperor protects.
    -And having a loaded bolter never hurt, either.
    ahhh those nerd days…

  14. I think the author does not fully understand our level of technology. We are not talking about what the public sees every day in home devices, phones, laptops, and “smart” things like a thermostat. We are talking the collective knowledge of technology most of which will never see the light of day at the consumer level (except maybe some highly advanced medicines we are seeing now, but if you look at the patent applications for those they were largely ready for deployment 10-15 years ago).
    We have had the technology to send a manned mission to Mars as early as probably the 1980’s. Why didn’t it happen? Mostly (1) lack of political/social willpower to do so and (2) goes hand in hand with (1) lack of resources and capital. Our society, the US, was grappling with far more “greater” social problems, crime, welfare, the Cold War, etc. and no one had the will to put space exploration on the list of priorities. Then Challenger happened and that effectively killed any further manned space exploration (don’t know if it is real but you can find a memo supposedly signed by Reagan directing NASA to wrap up manned spaced missions ASAP dated a week after Challenger).
    When man went to the moon in 1969 the technology did not exist in 1963 to do so. Because of the infusion of resources and capital it happened in what then was a short period of time. If we had the same level of “investment” with technology today to get to Mars a mission would probably depart within 24 months. That is because we have all the development necessary to do so, it just needs to be built and tested. That doesn’t take long when the CFO can just write any check he needs for just about any purpose.
    There is some evidence that the Russians tried (and failed) to beat us to the moon by about 18 months. How could that happen? With a command control society they just dumped endless amounts of capital into the project. Easy to do when you don’t have a pesky Congress that needs to keep taxes low to get re-elected every two years and a bunch of snot nosed journalists that want the next big story about how expense and over budget your rocket to Mars is doing.
    We have the technology (and some of that was probably founded in part by Tesla) we just need the will and a lot of money to make it happen.

  15. I’m extremely surprised this entire comments section hasn’t already devolved into a shitshow concerning Tesla’s ethnic origin. He was Croatian.

    1. Fom Wiki: Nikola Tesla was born an ethnic Serb in the village Smiljan, Lika county, in the Austrian Empire (present day Croatia), on 10 July [O.S. 28 June] 1856
      He was Serbian, just born on what is now Croatian soil. He’s a Serb you effing idiot.
      Are you so desperate for a Croatian hero you need to revise history???

      1. croats are well known for trying to steal Serbian history and heritage, they really dont have any of their own…
        even today ‘croatian’ language is Serbian dialect spoken in dalmatia and bosnia

    2. Now you’ve lost all credibility, Papa Johns. Tesla’s dad was an orthodox priest, grandfather on mother’s side was an orthodox priest, and Tesla was memorizing epic Serbian poems at a young age. Buried in Serbia and the main national airport in Belgrade is name after him.
      Yeah, sure sounds like a Croat to me. LOL.

      1. This is awesome! Only better thing then this is when you read comments on porn hub and see croatians and serbs arguing about Tesla. Now, the harsh truth, fuck you all! That stupid balkan mentality, a lot of people dont even know about his work, philosophy or anything that matters.It is all just one big ego fight. What did croatians or serbs did for Tesla? Did they help him with money, education, work force, anything??? Of course not, because balkans. They even called him antichrist in youth. I myself live in balkan, and let me tell you, potential in people is immense, BUT, with a our leadership and mentality it is all going to vaste. Just imagine if Tesla never left Smiljani, or all Balkans, it would be candle age still. But who cares if you can argue who got bigger dick? Or where someone was 91? Bonus points if you argue about this in a bar after 10th beer. And for fuck sake never, NEVER EVER take responsibility for a shitty, well everything in balkans. Blame politicans, history, God, anything…

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  17. I found myself paying attention more to how many times this article says “president trump”. Like why the fuck do you have to say ptesident each time. We know who he is, unless there’s another trump out there that might confuse us.

  18. Check your facts. Tesla hardly invented anything.
    Hi did modify a few things.
    Mostly he was hot and BS just like Tesla motors today.

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