We Are All Judged By Our Choices

Growing up in middle-class white America, I was constantly told, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” This wasn’t merely a feminist rallying cry; it was a lesson in how to view all sects of society—blacks, nerds, jocks, fat people, rednecks, thugs, et cetera. Of course, we all learned to parrot this doctrine without questioning it, even if we rarely actually followed it. It made sense to us—there’s so much more to a book than the three words written on its cover. To judge a book before reading it would be prejudice, and there is no worse sin for a middle-class white child than to judge another person before truly getting to know them and their circumstances.

Assuming blue pill dogma is true, this is at best a false analogy. Covers are designed to market a book. The title and pictures inform you what kind of book it is, and there will likely be a synopsis and genre label on the back. Publishing companies totally want you to judge the book by its cover, hence why they put so much effort into making it catch your eye. If I want to read some bondage erotica, I’m not going to pick a book with a spaceship on the front.

However, blue pill dogma is heresy. Ubiquitous and mandatory, but heresy nonetheless. Just as you can judge a book by its cover, so too can you judge people based on their physical appearance, because it is by physical appearance that we market ourselves to the world. You wouldn’t wear a t-shirt to a job interview any more than a children’s mystery novel would have a man smoking on it. That’s just not appropriate.

The Myth Of Ugly Women

At this point the casual reader will say, “But people can’t help how they look! It’s not fair!” This is a lie. Few women are naturally ugly. Usually if a woman is ugly, it is something that she’s done to her body such as bad make-up, aberrant piercings, or weight. The blue pill congregant will claim that some people can’t help being fat because of a medical condition, but that is a tiny minority. Most people can do something even though it may require self-discipline.

One of the most essential aspects of a woman’s beauty is her hair. A simple change of hair can radically alter a woman’s beauty. Hair is such a symbol of femininity and sexuality that many cultures have women wear headscarves in public or in religious buildings. Some places are considered to be important enough that women should not be beautiful, either to repel men or to show reverence for the structure’s purpose.

While it is true that some women are definitely more beautiful than others, most are close to average in their natural state. Maybe a girl is born with bug-eyes or freckles, but there are usually things she can do to offset it. Even if this is not the case, most men will understand that she made an effort in her presentation. That’s the key element—presentation. The way you present yourself to the world says something about the way you want to be judged. And yes, we all want people to judge us. Not a single one of us “just doesn’t care what anyone thinks.”

Being Judgmental

I was at a friend’s house a few months back and met her sister-in-law. The girl was in her late 20s, had very short hair, and was covered in tattoos. The worst tattoo by far was of a mustache on the side of her finger, like the kind of drunk frat joke you see on most girls’ Facebook profiles, though without the same permanence. Knowing nothing about this girl, I can tell everything I need to know about her. There is a difference between the woman a man wants to fuck and the woman a man wants to make love to. This girl is a fun person to be around, but is never someone a red pill man would consider committing to because her entire physical appearance screams instability.

The thing about weight is that it’s a sign of health. Women complain about how they’ll never be supermodel-skinny, but most men want to marry a woman whose ribcage they can see.* This is all unconscious animal instinct, and no amount of propaganda in either direction will ever change this reality. It’s also the exact reason women are attracted to strong men. I will probably never need to defend a woman with my fists, but having large muscles is a sign of health. Image-consciousness cuts both ways, and a weak man is equivalent to a fat woman.

Choices Have Consequences

Prejudice against physical appearance is totally fair. If you choose to have purple hair or a nose ring, know that you are greatly limiting yourself as a long-term relationship candidate. “Yes, but sometimes women may look good like that,” the blue pill congregant argues. No, if a woman looks good with aberrant hair, tattoos or piercings, it’s always in spite of those aberrancies, not because of them.

Another thing to consider, and this is critical, is that men will want to show you off to their friends. If you assume that there exists men who never present women as a trophy wife, then at the least you will meet his family and friends eventually. Like it or not, society has a prejudice against people looking unnatural, even if tacitly. Will a man really want to be the guy with the weird girlfriend? He’ll tell his friends, “Yeah, she’s pretty independent, but…” and then what will he say? She’s good in bed, she’s nice, she likes the Decemberists? Notice there was a “but.” The man likely said that without even thinking. He found your excessive independence repulsive without even realizing it. If you choose to be socially deviant, don’t be surprised when society rejects you.

And that’s the thing about a bug-eyed girl who attends to her physical appearance. Yes, her eyes are a negative feature, but the way she dresses and styles her hair says a lot about her approach to life. If I’m looking for someone to breed with, I’ll take the girl who seems least likely to screw up my children. Dressing without showing as much skin as legally possible says something about the way you view yourself and those around you, and it says something about what you want out of life. Being fat says you have no self-restraint, and hence it communicates self-centeredness. Having short hair says, “I don’t care what men think about me; I just want to be comfortable.”

Demanding to not be judged based on your presentation is 20th century pampering at its most decadent.

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Update: This line is a typo but ultimately is irrelevant. I’ve explained it here.

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  1. A bit hypocritical this article is. The standard of judging a book by its cover would lend not too helpful for this website.
    On first inspection, I thought it was a bunch of whiny MRAs that are almost as bad as the feminists. It may have some of that, but the majority isn’t.

  2. When I had green hair and wore a spiked leather jacket it was for the sole purpose of freaking out the squares. Hell, even my super liberal female lawyer friends class it up for work because they recognize how life actually works.
    The really cynical theory I have been forming is that this ‘no judgment” and acceptance movement is not about the idea of individual expression like the hippies, punks and metal heads had, but about millennials conforming to a corporate cultural narrative of non conformity that they are being fed. I have a few more drinking around the fire sessions to fully flesh this out, but that’s the start.

      1. Agree. We may need a few of us on this one (theory) to figure it out.
        My two cents, (Gundog you can throw it into the mix)…this is the last generation who has been fed the American Dream bullshit only to find out (in a very short time) that it’s a nightmare. They are up to their eyeballs in debt, out of college and no jobs are left to repay those debts.
        We were fed this nonsense, in the past, but it was a “slow erosion”…some jobs still around to pay off debt, buy a house, kids, etc… But, today, these kids are truly fucked out the gate.

        1. You can find good jobs if you are an engineer (me), actuary, CPA, or doctor.
          Outside that, I suggest blue collar trade jobs.
          Don’t have kids. Seriously. Don’t have kids.

        2. Yeah, I’m suggesting (to many younger guys) to take up some sort of trade. It’s a shame because when I was younger I remember counselors pushing for college and always “talking down” trade jobs (or schools).
          Many of the kids today would benefit from a little hard work (with their hands) doing some sort of trade.

        3. I tried to advise my sons to go for a trade first and then get an education as a part time hobby which you pay for as you go. Of course they rejected all of that since I am an annoying, know nothing, boomer. The last two are in college now. One will graduate next spring with three degrees; one in Accounting (with a CPA), one in political science (just for fun), and one in business management. He has worked steadily and has had several paid internships. He has at least two job offers that he is considering for companies with which he has interned or otherwise worked for in the past. The other is a sophomore that wants to go into Law. Both my other son and I have done all we can to dissuade him. The statistics on employment and pay for those with law degrees is pretty bleak and the cost of getting the degree is absurdly high. He is working at a technical support call center for IT.

        4. Hey, it’s not too late for him to make a move (change) to a trade at some point. He’s, at least, young enough to earn the money to pay back the loans.

    1. Tell an entire generation not to conform, they all wind up isolated, thereby making them much easier to control in the long run.
      The younger generation are a bunch of scared, insecure, lonely nothing-people masquerading around as tough, tatted-up badasses. It’s kind of comical.

      1. Heh, agreed, it’s hard to take a skinny-fat, inked up, dejected looking guy with more beard than face seriously. Thing is, he doesn’t take himself seriously either. I have no idea what they think they’re accomplishing by getting neck tattoos.

        1. They want to ensure that they never get hired or employed anywhere, ever.
          When the shooting starts, I’m glad all the normal people will be easy to distinguish from the freakshow zombies. All these freaks will be a huge liability when the shit goes down. They have no survival skills, no core beliefs, nothing. They will immediately resort to robbing you.
          Anyone with a neck tat simply cannot be trusted under any circumstances. That’s why they get a neck tat, so they can telegraph to the world that they are to be avoided, or fired upon, whatever the situation may warrant.

        2. Young people are in despair because of the world left to them by their elders. Evidently you think this degenerate and arrested development is just the result of laziness, not the lack of direction, opportunity, and culture left to them by their *wise* eleders
          Typical boomer. I’m as cookie cutter as it gets, I just really question where you get off thinking your generation is a model of virtue.

        3. My mistake. I get lectures from my boomer uncles monthly about how far behind I am when they were my age.

        4. HAHA! They have no idea what life is like for young people now. We have nothing to hold onto. Nothing.

  3. Most of these people in the late teens, early 20’s who have holes in their body and goth type looks will be driving volvo’s and drinking latte’s in 10 years.

    1. Unlikely. Volvos are expensive. These millennial twats have no money and no futures.
      No offense to millennials.

    2. Not at the rate they’re going. In my early/mid 20’s I had already been in the military and out, had a good paying job and was going to college, bought my first house, and family planning was already afoot. Most of these dorks went straight from the womb to the daycare to the college and now sit unemployed or severely underemployed, returning to their apartment from…nowhere…each night, looking for novel ways to entertain their ruthlessly entertainment craving bored minds.
      That’s no way to start a life.

      1. That’s no longer an option though. I’m an engineer and won’t dream of starting a family in today’s climate. 57k a year in boston i make at 23. I own a small apartment, and that’s as big as I’m going.
        You can talk down to younger people, but the truth is no sane young man has the economic means or stability to buy a middle class house and raise kids, except for the very few leveraged to their eye balls.
        You were born at a fortunate time, thank your lucky stars. Those kids will be paying your social security.

  4. “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” said the woman, who spent her entire 20’s jumping from to cock to cock much like a monkey swinging from vine to vine.

    1. Weirdest part is, it isn’t like these girls have killer personalities either. I mean, in this case it is “don’t judge me by the first half of the book.”

      1. What incentives would there be for them to develop a pleasant personality? They are catered to their every whim. Their lives are practically devoid of hardship.

        1. And Feminism makes them think getting their shit degree is hardship. If these gals were starting new businesses to cater to female interests or better yet became engineers then no problem.

    2. Women are much for superficial than men when comes to appearances. I’ve seen this over and over again, being the wing man a guy who had the success of Joey on Friends. Personality, compatibility, values, job, other interests, sense of humor, etc none of that matters if a woman is attracted and she will be DTF on 2nd date.

  5. ” If you choose to be socially deviant, don’t be surprised when society rejects you.”
    Thank you for saying it. I so fucking sick to death of people who act/dress/mutilate their bodies be presented as some kind of “free thinker” for the oppressive mainstream.

    1. I second. Although I have tattoos I hate tattoos. Partly because it is no longer a symbol of rebellion (since every middle aged housewife has them now) and partly because it is a symbol of rebellion. The ugly visible tattoos are designed to make a person look tough and rebellious. They are purposely rejecting polite society. When their kids get hit by cars and they’re standing there crying and whining I am supposed to feel sad and encouraged to console them. Instead I hesitate, since they wrote a big sign on themselves that says “fuck off normal people”

      1. “The ugly visible tattoos are designed to make a person look tough and rebellious.”
        That is the problem, because that is not what tattoos are supposed to be designed to represent.
        In fact, it is the very antithesis of what a tattoo is supposed to be designed to represent:

        1. In the West it means/meant belonging, yes- to a subculture. Typically a hardened, dark, careless, or violent subculture.

        2. “In the West it means/meant belonging, yes- to a subculture.”
          Just as in the East.
          “Typically a hardened, dark, careless, or violent subculture.”
          Because in order to rate one, one must have undergone something that can be classified as an ordeal.
          In the West there are people who, some never even having belonged to the military, wear Medals of Honor and Purple Hearts in order to appear to be that which they are not.
          Same thing, except those that choose false medals have an easier time of it when they grow embarrassed by their lie.

      2. It sucks. Now that I’m older and finally have some money to afford it, I want to get a few more tattoos. But I see these babies with Visa sleeves and I don’t want people to associate me with their kind.

      3. Rebellion for Rebellion’s sake is the new establishment, Sarge. Has been for decades. Obedience is the new extremism.
        People marking and scarring their bodies to gain social acceptance and proclaim their hipness is sad. ‘Hey everybody lookit me! I embrace lowlifeism. I’ve given up too!’

        1. Very well put, and very true… but the upside is that the wheat separates itself from the chaff, and its easier to spot people with integrity when the rest is practically flaunting with big signs that they have submitted to and fallen under our so called modern “culture” fully

        2. Right. The net makes visible how the chaff and wheat are fleeing from each other, really. Polarizing. As the wind gets fiercer, that’ll increase.
          In a number of places, the Bible talks about how in our times, there will be those who love the truth, and those who hate it. Unambiguous, clearly drawn lines.

      4. Tattoos should be a symbol of your life, not a sign of rebellion or individuality. America has such a weak tattoo culture.

        1. Why have you mistaken modern tattoo culture in America as “individualistic and rebellion”. It’s exactly the opposite of this.

    2. By the same token “If you choose to dress like a criminal, live in a criminal neighborhood, and act like a criminal, don’t be surprised if you ‘fit the profile’ when the store two blocks down gets robbed.

    3. The statement also means that if the norms of society is degenerate. You the non-degenerate are maligned, hated and rejected. You become a social outcast as a result.

  6. Young black men who don’t like how the police harass them in public all the time should try to adopt a more bourgeois way of clothing themselves: Presentable black leather shoes, slacks worn at the normal waist level, dress shirts and ties. If they dressed like that instead of wearing their degenerate “urban” couture, I bet they would discover that the cops will treat them better.

      1. Well, they’re still black. So there’s that. Perhaps if blacks stopped, you know, committing most of the violent crime in every society they lived in despite being a “minority” of the population a suit would go a bit further.
        However, I do think blacks who do try to “act white” are often (and should be, for that matter) appreciated by people even if the sympathy “boohoo” chorusing of social liberals always wants to go on how the whole world is always against blacks and is therefore so so “racist.” For my part, I have a high regard for “respectable” Bill Cosby “Uncle Tom” blacks who try to rise above the status quo of that race. But that in itself makes me “racist.” Whatever.
        They’re in a bit of a catch 22; either they’re the old school “Uncle Toms” “tryin’ to be white” (that white people and others actually like) or they’re the type that other people UNDERSTANDABLY don’t want to be around, civil rights be damned.

        1. It’s harsh and un-PC, but it’s the truth. I do the Big Brother program to a minority foster care youth and I drag that kid to as many “white” activities as I can (everything from ballet to hiking to playing D&D). I think my influence is helping keep him out of the thug life many of his peers are starting to fall into.
          I did make him listen to Public Enemy the other day. He was not into it and called me old.

        2. You’re doing the right thing. Liberals like to say that no culture is better than another. In reality, some cultures have more prestige than others, and people are empowered by understanding and participating in the dominant culture.

        3. If ghetto blacks themselves use “acting white” to mean “working to become successful” and “keeping it real” to mean “staying a loser” – well, you can’t blame us white people for that, now, can you?

        4. Not at all. In fact, I’m all for freedom of association. It angers me to no end when status-whoring whites drop ghetto blacks onto previous white neighborhoods (“whitopias”) in the name of “reaching out” and “harmony” or some such abstract bullshit and then wax all gooey about how moralistic and enlightened they are (while moving out of said white areas when they become too black). Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate blacks and can even sympathize with them. But I also sympathize with my own group and see the harm that forced race mixing has done. Simply looking at rape statistics is all one needs to do there to see how great government mandated race mixing has been for white women.

        5. I’m sure you can “uplift” individuals. The problem however rests in iron-clad science. Regression to the mean in terms of racial IQ. Like I said, I try to be sympathetic but at the same realistic in terms of what can be done. And that being said, the black race doesn’t need “fixin.” It just needs to be left to its own devices to find its own way as it did before white men meddled in the first place. I have no problems interacting with the more intelligent ones who can integrate into white society to a degree. But I’m not going to pretend that we’re all the same at every conscious moment of my life (like liberals insist) just to spare feelings and egos.

        6. so….it would be selfish for a beautiful woman to marry an ugly man? you’re not making much sense.

        7. Perhaps; it certainly depends. I do think that people should find a harmonious physical match. Which is what most people throughout human history believed before the whole “just love the one you love” modern approach to “relationships” became the norm. This is what they believed back when a man and a woman formed a union on the sensible notion that healthy reproduction of the species (race) was more important that having really great sex.
          And I’m making perfect sense. You accusing me of not doing so does nothing to mitigate the fact that miscegenation destroys distinctive races and the inherent beauty of each distinctive race. It also robs the mongrel product of such unions of any distinctive cultural identity in history that he can relate to. You can sit here and play rationalistic hamster all you’d like, but I’m hardly stating a novel position on the matter even if that opinion has fallen out of fashion every bit as much as the idea that men should be men and women should be women.

        8. I am a Somali from the horn of Africa and I endorse this message. I get a visceral feeling of betrayal whenever I see a Somali woman (especially if beautiful) with a non-Somali man. Miscegenation is an abomination I tell you. Treat everyone with respect if they’re deserving irrespective of race, but lets breed with our own kind.

        9. Hey guys – do you smell … is that … is that troll I’m smelling? Yeah, it’s getting stronger. Pretty sure it’s troll.

        10. they already are. your use of the word “mongrel” is insulting, to say the least. as the world gets smaller, there is naturally going to be more mixing of nationalities. does the word “globalization” ring a bell?

        11. Well, no shit. It doesn’t mean that I have to like every aspect of the mixing that goes on. And simply because it goes on doesn’t mean that I have to think it’s just an okay super cool thing.
          And I don’t care if my use of the word “mongrel” is “insulting” to you. It’s a legitimate word. I use whatever language I want when I want and how I want. Your precious feelings as it pertains to specific (honest) word choice really aren’t a concern to me. I’m sure you yourself use all sorts of language that insults me; and I doubt your care about MY feelings on every particular word you use. Nor should you.

        12. go to it. take “your people” with you.
          i will shame intolerance and hatred whenever i get the chance. you’re right. i don’t give a shit about the feelings of people like you.

        13. “go to it. take “your people” with you.”
          lol Where? Anywhere at any time whites try to make a piece for themselves, “shamers” like yourself harass and force to integrate. Tell all the whites where to go and I’m sure many will HAPPILY go. But that’s not what you want. You want the whole world to live according to your standard of not tolerating “intolerance.”
          “i don’t give a shit about the feelings of people like you.”

        14. this is a ridiculous argument and it’s a moot point anyway. don’t think anyone is going to be repealing the civil rights act. get over yourself already.

        15. No one here has a crystal ball. Just a couple of generations ago, no one could have imagined the world as it is today. No one, let alone you, knows where destiny drives thought.
          As far as me getting over myself, I’ll think as I like about myself. I don’t need your direction, nimrod.

        16. My family has been in the new world since the 1600s, which makes me a thorough going mongrel if there ever was one. I take pride in this and have no objection to others so describing me.
          BTW I am a race mixing misogynist in that while white (nominally, since all white Americans are really mixed) I am married to an Asian woman (that I met in, of all places, Asia.) My ex-wife was half black and 100% Hispanic, and a legal immigrant from Costa Rica. I respect those who chose to keep it in the family, but I deny that they have any right to impose this on others.

      2. Well, maybe because the Nation of Islam is a borderline terrorist group. Dressing nice only does so much.

        1. While the Nation of Islam is a hate group, and a perversion of Islam, it is not a terrorist group as far as I can determine. What acts of terrorism have they perpetrated that you can present as evidence?
          In some ways I find the NoI to be admirable. They are trying to get their community to straighten up and fly right relying only on themselves; more power to that effort. They are opposed to immorality, prostitution, drug use, alcohol use, and in general the thug culture of the ghetto. They hold their women to high standards. I am all for them except for the part where they hate all white people just for being white. Of course that is a self-serving prejudice on my part since I am white.

      3. No, it’s a PROCESS, not an event. You dress acceptably as a “member” of a civil society, (this is an event). You may NOT act that way, but we’re writing about a decision matrix, that begins with image. Behavior still needs to be proved, and that’s a deeper part of the process…the whole thing is like a clock, with each hour being a characteristic of behavior, where the process provides a more complete picture of the individual.

  7. How many people even have a ton of tattoos? Sometimes I see isolated ones on security guards and janitors, but usually I only see large ones on people in arts village areas in the city.
    I have no idea where most of these Dennis Rodman types work, but it’s not in ordinary jobs like accounting or sales. I think they’re programmers, but am not sure.
    On the other hand, if I go to a metal show after work, the sons of anarchy often gawk because they’re not used to seeing a flaccid cubicle mole among the pierced, tattooed crowd. I should keep a ratty Metallica shirt handy for camouflage or something.
    On the other hand, the vast majority of people around me are obese or overweight.

    1. Most people cover them up at work because they have to. Long sleeve shirts and pants do that. Can’t see that butterfly on the shoulder or tramp stamp or tribal covering the whole arm. When they’re at the club, however….

    2. I had the misfortune of working in a factory with lots of these ugly people, fat women, too many tattoos, nasty piercings. Some women go for the full trifecta overweight, short hair, and tattoos. Who are these women appealing too? Basically I just don’t even acknowledge women who make themselves so unappealing. Apparently I am not alone in my judgement.

      1. Aha so they’re in the factories. I think that people in some of those those careers are seeking to conform to a mythical mill-worker archetype, where you have tattoos to show that you are strong and tough.

      2. And then these women complain, again, when they’re “invisible”…no attention. They want their freedom to be whatever and then wonder why no one finds them attractive?
        You know, I didn’t help NASA with getting that rover to Mars but I think I’ve pretty much figured this shit out.

    3. Many with tattoos (that I’ve seen) work in the service industry. Hair stylists, bars, restaurants, etc…you’ll find many of them (plus the stay at home moms who are now finding something new to do…bored).
      The new wave of everyone getting tats reminds me of the surge (not too long ago) of office executives buying and riding their Harleys like they were “living on the road”…you know, they were rebels. It was hilarious, then, too.

      1. LOL I remember that. Sometimes you go into an old executive’s office and there’s an unplayed electric guitar with a Boston poster to show that this guy is still “hip”.
        Yeah, just as I thought, they’re janitors and guys that fry fast food or something. Come to think of it, I also see big tattoos on courier guys. I considered getting a tattoo back in college but declined after finding out the price, and I’m wondering why some guy that makes less than me is collecting them like Pokemon.
        What bothers me is that, I listen to metal and rap, and some of the lyrics and musicianship are intelligent. But because of the artists’ tattoos, I’m disturbed that their talent is going unused – and their day job is probably at Chipotle as opposed to being an educator, stock broker or other profession that makes use of their brain.

        1. The people who try to play “both sides” is really quite hilarious. The CEO who is trying to rebel against “the man” by riding his new, shiny motorcycle (while he is ‘the man’). Truly, hypocritical…but these fucks had no clue from the start.

        2. Executive/lawyer bikers are easy, easy easy easy, to spot a mile away. Precise and clean bikes with zero non-factory parts installed after market on the bike, they wear corporate advertisements on their backs (looking at you, faux Harley riders), and their bike mileage is supremely low for the year/model of their ride.
          At bike nights (outdoor events for bikers) they sometimes show up, replete with their corporate advertising clothing (whereas actual bikers won’t wear corporate advertising, opting instead for patch covered jackets where the patches are picked up from haunts across the nation that they rode to, or MC colors, or veteran war/unit patches, etc). I question them on occasion, most find the idea of riding 60 miles in a day to be an amazing thing, and when they ask me how long I ride I inform that on cross country I like to pull in at least 600 miles a day (say, going to Sturgis or Daytona), and they look at me like I was insane. Thing is, that’s a normal number for an actual real biker, a standard of sorts if you’re young and healthy. They are generally stuffy and uninteresting and most leave fairly early in the night as nobody really wants to associate with them, plus they simply do not appreciate real hard core biker type entertainment.

        3. I think if you’re seeing girls that look like Dennis Rodman, they’re probably really tough and do MMA / wrestling. They probably hang out with wrestlers and rappers rather than like regular people.
          I don’t know what kinds of jobs these women are in. Maybe the whole lot of them (male and female) work at Walmart.

        4. actually if you want to play both sides, there are now adult-focused temporary tattoos. I’m thinking of getting some of those lol if I ever go to a camp-out rock festival, so that I can fit in. prolly gonna get the weed smoking rabbit

        5. Interesting. But you know the really fucked up part about a tattoo was it used to (and still does to some) have a meaning, a life lesson, a bond, a connection, etc…. Today, many (women) are doing it because it’s the new attention whoring thing to do or new “fad”.
          Tats used to have a real meaning behind them and the few who had them went through something to “earn” them. Any dickhead or special snowflake can get one, now, to say “see, I’m cool, too”.

        6. 60 miles a day….shaking my head. They must have to get back to a corporate meeting.
          I just hate the frauds. Either you are one or you’re not…….can’t stand fucking fakes.

      2. I’m not certain it’s an entirely new rave, I recall tatts really coming of age for the masses during the mid 90’s. It’s gotten far worse, but it was the first time I recall seeing non-biker chicks proudly displaying ink, as if somehow, it was a good thing. Disgusting trend.

        1. Agree. I remember that time as well (fellow old guy..lol). Sorry, Ghost…couldn’t help it. I do think the part about the “damaged” women getting all tatted up is really in full swing, today.

        2. Yeah, it is in full swing. Unfortunately the trend to follow the herd is so fucking strong in the average woman that it appears that even non-damaged women feel this absurd need to get ink. To be fair (I’m really starting to hate this phrase, btw), most Millenial young men are equally as conformist and feminine and bray with the herd while being led to the stalls o’ ink.
          I try to do what I can by openly complimenting women under 30 who have no visible ink on them, especially in front of other women. I figure that the more social reinforcement we can give the female “rebels” and indirectly shame the conformists, the better. Same with piercings and weight. What’s surprising is how many of the non-conformist women do NOT know that men appreciate uninked women, they usually relate to me how unusual it is to hear from a man. Fucking beta men, they’ll compliment any absurdity that has a vagina.

        3. You know I really don’t see that many women with a Dennis Rodman level of tattoos. Sometimes you see a girl with the “tramp” stamp or Tweety bird tattoo but that’s about it.
          But I think that’s kind of normal. Like having a small tribal as a man or a butterfly tattoo as a woman. You don’t need to be The Illustrated Man.

        4. You need to come up to Vermont they are everywhere. I just roll my eyes when I see them. The guys are now getting these hockey pucks put in their ears so they can look like they are from some uncivilized tribe of idiots. I wish these pigs would just go to the gym and focus on improving their bodies instead of ruining them.

        5. That “crap in the giant hole in my ear” thing is absolutely embarrassing to see. Next I suspect it will be a length of rings to stretch their necks, or lip plates for that full frontal primitive tribe look.

        6. For chicks, tattoos are pretty much a roadmap to all the abuse they’ve suffered in their lives. Also, chicks get tats because they mistakenly think that because they find them so attractive on men, that men feel the same way about tats on women. These women could not be more wrong. Even guys with excessive tats do not want women with excessive tats.

        7. Yep…and it’s even better because when you see it you know right away….she’s easy, damaged or both. I shake my head when I see a woman who would look perfectly fine (and attractive) without all of the tats…and then I think “uh oh…this one must be a little damaged”.

        8. Agree. I’ll usually say something or give more attention to the woman without the ink (to let her friends know…this is the example you need to follow).
          Too many of them do watch too much TV, follow the herd of the god damn reality TV land plus whatever other bullshit”influences” in their life. Women need to learn how to be individuals again (while they’re all trying to be promote this nonsense of equality).

  8. Hair is 50% of a woman’s beauty, really. You can tell a lot about her from the length and condition of her hair–the Longer and Silkier the better. Such hair tells you a lot about her health and fertility (which translate, to men, into attractiveness). Really, there is nothing better to run your hands through than long, silky, healthy female hair.
    A word of warning: if you have a wife/girlfriend/regular lay who always had such hair and then she turns up with shorn locks, then it’s over (or might as well be). This is particularly true if you were not consulted–which is how it will happen, b/c if she asks, you would veto it. So at a minimum, she was disobedient and she’s also fucked in the head over something, emotionally. You can expect the sex to dry up and for her to ask for a divorce or otherwise break-up with you, providing you don’t dump her first. That’s probably a good idea, b/c there is not bigger waste of time and energy than trying to fix broken girls.
    À bientôt,

    1. Short hair is not a mental illness thing. It’s an age thing. It’s women demonstrating to the world that they no longer view themselves as sexual objects ( in reality they have realized they simply can no longer compete with younger women).
      Have you ever noticed the sheer amount of women over the age of 40 that have short hair? It’s about 95%. Observe it. You will see. 95%.
      Damn near EVERY woman over the age of 40 in America has short, little boy hair.
      And they wonder why men look right through them…

      1. If it’s a young, attractive woman, then it very likely is a “fucked in the head” thing. At a minimum it is an Act of Rebellion. Long hair is about sexy femininity. When an older woman cuts her hair short, it is a nod to Father Time. They all know this, instinctively. Why? Because long hair is for young, fertile women. Years ago, I had a girlfriend who LOVED the cowgirl position. Her hair would fall around my head when she rode me, and I would describe this to her as “being in the Magic Tent”; she would be giddy over it.
        À bientôt,

        1. The women have short hair, the men bulging bellies that make them look pregenant. Gender mutilation.

        2. True. If it is on a young women, something is not right. Think Anne Hathaway. She is beautiful with long hair. Without it, she looks like she is losing a long battle with a terminal illness.

      2. Chode: “It’s women demonstrating to the world that they no longer view themselves as sexual objects”
        You have not been paying attention….

        1. No. I’ve been paying attention for a while. Tell me where I’m wrong. Or, are you only good for vague, meaningless statements?

      3. I noticed that the other day at church. Almost every gray-haired woman I’ve seen had fairly short hair, although at least they still looked feminine.

        1. It’s wacky. Just observe it. 95% of women over the age of 40 have short, boyish haircuts. 95 fucking percent!

      4. My mid 40’s wife has long blonde hair that looks fantastic. She is openly envied by her peers and, I think, talked about behind her back for daring not to adopt the masculine “I done needs no man!” butch cuts that they themselves indulged in.

        1. having long hair and cutting it off=fucked in the head emotionally?
          let me know when i get it right.

        2. Not yet. Look, I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you. Keep trying, and re-read it for *context*.
          End Transmission,

  9. “If you choose to be socially deviant, don’t be surprised when society rejects you.”
    wait I thought they got parades

  10. Growing up I was constantly told, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Too bad society lost the meaning of that message and now words seemingly are more meaningful than actions.

    1. your quite right, but words do hurt when you’ve been protected and insulated from them as happens increasingly in modern society. Sometimes I read 19th century literature and find it difficult to imagine characters so forthright. Its literature so I don’t know whether its real, but I suspect people didn’t wear kid gloves in the past. Now stick and stones and words, and general nastiness hurts us. We are sensitised to everything

      1. They had their own brand of censorship and political correctness back in the day. It came in the form of Christianity.

      2. I collect antique paper ephemera. As such, I have many, many hand written letters from people in the 1800’s and earlier. To say that they were direct and blunt would be an understatement. What’s interesting is how educated and lofty they sound today, even the (then) uneducated. A common foot soldier’s letter to his sweetheart during the American Civil War that I own comes across as reading the Iliad compared to what passes for discourse today.

        1. the difficulty of communication seems to relate to the effort that goes into the communication, however I think it was more than logistics. Letters used to be an art form. People took care in the writing because they wanted to come across well, and because they only got once chance to do so. Interesting pastime

        2. Indeed. Not only was word choice deliberate and meant to convey maximum meaning, either real or poetic, but the attention to penmanship was almost always impeccable. Highly ornate, flowery script that today is called “writing like a girl” from front line soldiers literally doused in blood after a day’s battle.
          It is interesting, thank you. It’s easy to indulge as I can collect when I’m out on a road trip on my motorcycle, simply by riding on former once heavily used by-ways and high ways (route 40, for example, the old National Trail). Auctions and antique shops galore to sort and pick through, and the merchandise always small enough to fit into a saddle bag comfortably.

        3. nothing like a road trip, although I think its probably on a grander scale out where you are (i’m in central europe at the moment).
          Those letters though sound like a real find. Going back to original sources / documents is often the best way to understand history, quite aside of the sense of the past you get from having actual contact with such material

        4. I had to learn some latin when reading (medieval) history, but never really came away with enough to be able to read the original documents. Greek – that’s a different order of difficulty I imagine

    2. I don’t know if it’s actually the meaning of words or it’s just another excuse for women to continue the great attention whore race.
      You have to remember…..this group looks up to reality TV. They’re not the brightest bulbs in the box (so to say…another oldie but goodie)

  11. tattoos have become a type of accomplishment for losers. i know not everyone who has one is a loser but seriously as a whole, this generation looks like a bunch of unattended children who got a hold of some markers while mommy was out working the pole.

    1. The millennials are FUCKED beyond belief. They have no future. I find it sad because so much of their lot in life is beyond their control. Not all, but most.
      The tattoo bullshit is their own fault. Fucking conformist sheep that they are. Nothing says “I’m a shallow conformist,” better than a tat.

        1. They will make easy pickings for ruthless corporations to exploit.
          Also, in order to bring on full compliance, and then full totalitarianism, the govt will offer the millennials debt forgiveness (at least partial) for their educational loans.
          It will of course come with many strings attached, the offical eradication of all their Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights being the major trade-off. Desperate millennials will go for it, blindly and without thought or consideration, something which was never their strong suit to begin with.
          America was nice while it lasted. Nothing good lasts forever.

        2. The bigger problem is that if young people are poor, where does the tax money come from to pay for the old people’s retirement programs?
          Collapse is inevitable.

        3. Collapse is inevitable. Most of us who are paying attention can see this quite clearly.
          Nobody really knows how it will happen, when, or exactly what it will look or be like. I suppose that is beside the point. Try to prepare for the situations that you think will occur. Definitely arm yourself with at least a military rifle though, while you still can. It may not be enough to save your ass in the long run, but it may help you through a jam or two.

        4. Personally I don’t believe mad max is going to happen, and if it did, you might not want to be bunkered down. Look at Rome … there was no actual collapse date, just a drift and mutation to a different system.
          By collapse I mean, there are going to be hundreds of millions of people living near poverty that today are comfortble.

        5. i agree, i think the collapse has already happened. lots of people are waiting for the paranoia porn fantasy of fem a camps and people being dragged from their homes. if folks are waiting for that they’re going to miss the point. poverty is the new normal and once people realize poverty is not just money but a mindset more people will see the collapse.

        6. yup, just throw it on the credit card and if someone calls in the debt, send a bunch of men in uniform to protect the dollar. once our military supremacy waines the collapse will speed up

        7. I agree. The overnight Mad Max/ Thunderdome scenario is unrealistic. I think the collapse of the US will be much more like the collapse of the Soviet Union; officially announced, but overall a quiet but rapid descent into institutionalized gangsterism. The bureaucratic framework for this already exists and is being fully utilized. The transition is already occurring. The rapidly ascending police state is a dead giveaway of what the new system will look like.

        8. I would consider myself successful for my age, but my parents who didn’t go to college were light years ahead of where I am now. They bought a house and had kids before 25.
          That’s unheard of today. I don’t know many couples under 30 with kids, if so, one.

        9. Indian and Asian men are typically very blue pill, plus they are very productive and responsible. They may be exploited to keep this shitshow going for a little while longer. It’s hard to say though. The numbers might not be there.

        10. You are correct. The collapse has been happening for decades now. Due to the accumulated wealth and power of the US, as well as it’s standing in relation to the rest of the world, the collapse has appeared to be in slow motion for the last several decades. Now that the US is a shell of it’s former self economically, symptoms of the collapse are more widespread and easier to identify.
          The collapse truly began in the 1960s, an era characterized by the beginning of widespread industrial outsourcing, as well as artificially-forced and highly unpopular social reconstruction; i.e. heavily ramped-up cultural Marxism

        11. Most Indian men are the next Elliot Rodgers waiting to happen.
          I heard 2 stories
          1. An Indian man kills his stripper girlfriend (well he thought she was his girlfriend but she just wanted his money)
          2. A liberal feminist married a rickshaw driver (A low class job in india) and he killed her lol.

        12. Unfortunately I have to use a credit card, not because I want to, but because employers check your rating.
          In my line of work having below a 750 is grounds for not hiring you.

        13. It’s already happening. The USD is based on oil by way of a very a simple deal – the oil-producing nations sell oil for USD (which the USA can print for free), and in exchange their elites get protection from their own populations. If the USA cannot protect its clients from ISIS or the barbarian hordes, the deal is off.
          Saddam Hussein was assassinated because he tried to denominate Iraqi oil exports in Euro. In fact – this is the common factor behind all the recent US aggression in the middle east. Plenty of people have noticed that the west lost the Iraq war, lost in Afghanistan. Without indirectly owning the entire worlds supply of oil, the US will have to fall back on its manufacturing base.

        14. It’s ok to have a credit card, the thing is that you have to just put little things on it like beer or sports tickets, and pay it off right away.

      1. Look, tattoos should be earned…military, prison…they’re NOT equal, but these tats MEAN something…for the most, the current crop of tats means shit.

      2. oh knock it off. every fucking generation since the dawn of time has complained about the ones that follow them. you just sound like a bunch of grumpy old men.

        1. Genetically humankind degenerates over centuries. It correlates with the rise of the State which inserts itself between Man and Nature to the detriment of both.
          The more you mold your natural environment to accommodate your weaknesses the less adapted you become i.e. vulnerable.
          The mental and physical resilience of current city-inhabiting generations in the Western world are a joke compared to “dawn of time” generations strength.
          The fact that we live longer on average does not mean we live in excellent health for the whole duration of our lives or that we have abler bodies and minds than our ancestors.
          Studies show that even though lifespans have increased lifetime health has decreased (i.e. 2nd half of life lived under medication, in pain or chronic disease).
          The complaints you mention are simple empirically true observations from the field that anybody can see. While exceptions do exist in large samples, on average, the war generation was more resilient than the baby boomers, who were more resilient than Gen X, who is more resilient than Gen Y and so on. This is observable fact.
          In this respect the pussyfication of the average millennial young male is obvious, compared to older generation males. This is no accident. It is by social design imposed on their generation.

    2. I agree; having a tattoo does not make one a loser by default. But it certainly is becoming a “why yes, I am a loser” signifier. Anything “edgy” championed by the majority of the humanoids out there does, really.

        1. A military tattoo or an MC tattoo are generally the only acceptable tattoos that still qualify as badass. Everything else is just people degrading themselves at warp speed in a brutal need to conform in order to ‘belong’ to something, e.g – the greater culture of nihilism.

        2. MC tattoo as in Hell’s Angels? Pffff over here they are the accountant wanna-be rebel ‘bought lifestyle’ of choice
          Anyone in UK will recognise how pathetic “H.A. – Guildford Chapter” is!

    3. I will remain proud of my navy bruise.
      Traditonally, when a Boatswain’s mate makes rate, and takes on a crow, every deck petty officer in the ship is allowed to punch you as hard as they can in the spot… and they do.
      When your frock becomes permanent, you get your Tat… this usually happens a day or two later, when your arm is an excruciating mass of welts all turning pretty colors. Hurts like a mofo, but it can be something you are proud of.
      Then again, I am betting this tradition (Like so many others) ended in the mid 90’s when the Navy was pussified.

  12. I always tell these kids, “If you want a tattoo, awesome, but don’t get it on your 18th birthday. Wait until you’re 21, because your idea of what looks cool will change radically in three years.”

  13. “To judge a book before reading it would be prejudice, and there is no worse sin for a middle-class white child than to judge another person before truly getting to know them and their circumstances.”
    It really fucked with my head breaking out of this horrible cycle. I don’t what it is, media, parenting, schools, maybe some combination of all three but being guilted into this is horrible. Everyone else on the planet earth instantly judges a book by it’s cover, and why shouldn’t they? Usually the way someone or something present itself is the way it actually is, more is actually less. That’s not to say I am unreasonable and can’t change my mind based on new input it’s just accepting reality.
    “Few women are naturally ugly. Usually if a woman is ugly, it is something that she’s done to her body such as bad make-up, aberrant piercings, or weight. The blue pill congregant will claim that some people can’t help being fat because of a medical condition, but that is a tiny minority. Most people can do something even though it may require self-discipline.”
    I agree, most women I’ve met in my life were fuckable. Don’t try and kid me and tell me otherwise, you’d bang them too. I’ve been fat before and it was the fault of my lack of discipline. But namely I used eating as a cover for anxiety, stress, and depression. So again, if you judged me when I was fat(judged me like the cover of a book) and said, “I don’t like this guy for some reason,” you’d probably be right. I’ve changed a lot since that point though thankfully.
    “Image-consciousness cuts both ways, and a weak man is equivalent to a fat woman”
    And a fat man is equivalent to a smelly dumpster to women. Take it from an ex-fat guy.
    “If you choose to be socially deviant, don’t be surprised when society rejects you.”
    Thank you! I’m tired of all these “I’m mad because people judge me for my actions crowd.” First of all it’s like, who fucking cares? And second of all, if you’re so “Strong and independent”, you would be able to handle mild criticism. And third it plays perfectly into a bluepill narrative where you care far too deeply(or look way to into things) about what other people think rather than just moving on.

  14. Great article. Rarely are the inner and outer selves as distinct as people would like to believe. People show their inner selves in the way they live their lives, in their actions and words, and in the way they comport themselves.
    Over the years I’ve found that there is something that could be called inner beauty. It certainly has its limits, but it really does affect how attractive a woman is after you spend some time with her. A woman who is physically hot but has a shitty, vicious personality is significantly less attractive. On the other hand, an average woman is significantly more attractive if she has a good, healthy personality (a rare find).

    1. Absolutely. This why I reject the sort of nihilism found on this site which views all women as a moist hole. I had an intense spiritual connection with a girl a few years back, and I really regret that I let her go for another woman. I wasn’t thinking right, my ego got in the way.
      Even though I have had a girlfriend for three years who I like, I still think about that one I missed. Biggest regret.

      1. Bitterness, masked as nihilism, is as much of an enemy as feminism.*
        À bientôt,
        *The “3rd Wave” cunty feminism of Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon.

      2. There will be others (trust me). You’ll find that you will “connect” with many different people over the course of your life.
        Older people have passed this one on to me…and I’m passing it on to others. Trust in that, alone.

  15. Good article. However: “Maybe a girl is born with bug-eyes or freckles” I love freckles!
    I’d go further and say that you can tell a lot from a person’s face. Take a look at young people who listen to rap, watch violent movies etc, regardless of race they’ll have a very fierce appearance. Compare them to, say, a young Buddhist monk or a German engineering student who spends all his waking ours on study. I believe I can tell a prostitute from her face and expression alone. I suspect the every so slightly twisted look you see on many young men’s faces is due to porn addiction. The face and eyes are the mirrors of the soul.

    1. There are people with what I can only describe as worn-out faces. They look miserable and used up, and they look a lot older than their age. Every time I learn more about a person who looks like this, it turns out that they really are miserable. They live miserable lives. They made a bunch of bad decisions and now they just sort of go on autopilot, trying (and often failing) to avoid the worst parts of life.

  16. “No, if a woman looks good with aberrant hair, tattoos or piercings, it’s always in spite of those aberrancies, not because of them.”
    100% true.

    1. Old news. Radical feminists regularly got into shitfights with each other at their own conferences over whether or not they should allow transgenders to identify as women at all: the very fact a trannie had a penis at some earlier point in his life meant he supposedly could never know what it was like to be a woman. Of course, given the corollary was that you could become an ‘oppressed’ women the moment you chopped your dick off, the debate was simply hilarious.

  17. “but most men want to marry a woman whose ribcage they can see. This is all unconscious animal instinct…”
    Ribcage? Seriously open a book for once and you’d see ribcages have nothing to do with physical attraction, it’s the waist to hip ratio. Let me make this easier for you the bigger the ratio, the more attractive the woman will appear.
    Seriously…ribcages. You’ve got your nose too deep in the bible.

    1. I think you missed the point, by 1000 miles. He was referring to thin women, hence being able to see her ribcage. I’ll spell it out for you: men like thin women It’s universal, throughout all cultures in the world.
      You mistakenly twisted it onto some bible crap.

      1. I was hinting on the ‘unconscious animal instinct’ part. There is nothing unconscious or desirable about the ribcage or seeing it for that matter.
        Ribcage = thin woman, true but HOW thin. So you like ’em anorexic? Well the literature does not support your view. It’s the hip to waist ratio. If you can see the ribcage and she has a low ratio, she won’t be physically attractive.
        You’d think the standard of scientific reasoning would be of a higher aptitude…but no, these writers are just as lazy as the liberal ones.

      2. I strongly suspect that “Luke” is a female, based on “his” posts and word usage and general emotion based rhetoric that I’ve seen the last few days. If he’s not, he’s a highly effeminate man. Either way, not worth responding to.

  18. The Collectivists have turned “discernment” on its head, and made people think that prejudice is a pejorative. It’s pure bullshit, used by them as a weapon against us.

    1. Notice that leftists don’t hesitate to employ prejudices and stereotypes against their enemies, like conservative white guys who have their acts together.

      1. Their strategy is to twist the norms of Western Civilization. Their tactics employ an Ends Justifies the Means, pragmatic, approach, and you’re identifying one of their most powerful tools.

      2. Silly. White men have such great privilege that they never have any reason to be upset. If you’re a white man, any bad thing ever is your fault and you deserve no sympathy. Duh!

  19. Roosh a few years back wrote that men shouldn’t take advice from women because most women form their view of the world from the nonsense they pick up from popular culture and the leftist ideology taught in the liberal arts courses they sat through in college; neither of these sources gives women any insight under the surfaces of things. I’ve rarely met a woman even around my age who displays what I would consider a sophisticated view of the world, though I’ve met plenty of female poseurs, airheads and scolds who think they have important insights that they have to lecture us men about.
    Given that women seem so deficient in this area, perhaps they should scale back their ambitions and concentrate on things they can handle, like staying fit, healthy and presentable; learning practical skills like personal finance, cooking and housekeeping; and developing a sense of their limits around men so that they don’t annoy us and make us feel contempt towards them.

    1. “learning practical skills like personal finance”
      Some public schools are starting to require a class in personal finance now. My brother said it was by far the most useful thing he learned in those four years.

    2. Yeah and get out of law/med/pharmacy schools! They are outnumbering guys now as fast as their waistines expand.

      1. Vox Day recently wrote about how attractive but generally undertalented female “scientists” receive preferential treatment when they sleep with their senior male scientists. He calls the emergence of such women “science totty.” I had to look up that word, but it fits. These broads waste scarce educational resources that should instead go to young men with the goods to have useful careers in science.

        1. 40% of women doctors quit or go part time in the first 10 years of their career. Mandating 1/2 women in med schools is making the doctor shortage much worse as these women find out working 80+ hours a week sucks, so they quit to be housewives.
          It’s very dumb and naïve to think you can simply ‘teach’ women to achieve and work like men. All their ‘accomplishments’ revolve around academia.

        2. I have been in science for years and have’t heard of the sleeping with senior male scientists. I wonder if Vox Day is a researcher or just an outsider.

        3. Agree. Many decide after so much education and so much real life work that they would rather be a mommy, now. They find a beta (or other), get married and have kids – bringing along their “career debt” with them.
          I’ve seen this scenario (personally) many times.
          And, yes, they receive preferential treatment in the form of grants, loans, etc…to “achieve” their goals (I say that loosely).

        4. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCYQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nytimes.com%2F2011%2F06%2F12%2Fopinion%2F12sibert.html%3Fpagewanted%3Dall&ei=J5wlVMyLB8L0oASakYLYBA&usg=AFQjCNGMh3eBb4nFysku9tlfpkjIcfT5wA&bvm=bv.76247554,d.cGU
          There’s a lot more articles on the issue. Just google it
          The second one, a feminist hospital admin is basically admitting having women doctors is a terrible idea lol. She sees what a massive problem it is causing for society to invest 20 years of education to produce a doctor only to see them quit because women don’t like the lifestyle of working all the time.
          Im surprised this isn’t common knowledge, but med schools have affirmative action quotas so they keep admitting ‘bright young women’ who are going to quit anyways

        5. Then you have been willfully blind or incredibly stupid. Please let us know which.
          I have seen more than one female PhD student get through by at least being very sexual with “advisor”. I have seen more than one female professor get hired and get tenure by flirting with, and otherwise using feminine wiles on, the department head. I have seen a lot of women who are hired and retained because they need to make their quota of females and thereby avoid the Feminist witch-hunts.

  20. I was going to have a snack and then I saw the picture above. I’ll just stick with my glass of water. I don’t go for thinspiration, I go for fatrevulsion.

  21. a weak man is equivalent to a fat woman
    I know this article was about women, but men need to internalize the bold print above. All the so called “man boobs” “SJWs” and “bitch men” have one thing in common they are in terrible physical shape. Skinny fat, or just plain fat, and their behavior reflects this. When you are a weak man you are like a fat bitch. I am stealing this quote, and repeating it to myself as I hit the gym. Good article.

  22. There is a double standard with sex for good reason. Women used to
    actually care about being mothers and trustworthy, they don’t now. They
    are proud to be trash. And hey, if thats what they want more power to
    em’. Real women are a dying breed. But they cannot force people to give
    them positive feedback if thats what they put out there. You get what
    you give.

  23. What do you do when a morbidly obese woman in her 50’s has become obsessed with you and badmouths you in your absence in all kinds of inappropriate situations?

  24. Yeah, good luck finding a real relationship when you are this superficial. You’re missing out and don’t even know it. Ignorance is not always bliss…

        1. Cassie is a terrible name for a woman. Have you ever met a chick named Cassie who wasn’t overweight? It’s a given.

  25. You think all men want women with visible ribs? More proof that misogynists are likely closet homosexuals or pedophiles. You don’t want a woman with curves who actually looks like a woman – you want someone you can pretend is either a skinny man or a little girl.

      1. Curves don’t mean obese. Curves mean curves. As in women looking like women instead of anorexic pre-teen girls. But considering that so many men on this site are hebephiles, I guess the tween girl look is exactly what they’re going for – they just don’t want to be sent to jail so they seek out this look in women of legal age.

        1. Biology, what a bitch. Are you saying thin, flatter women don’t deserve love/attraction? How curvy are you, Cassie?
          Fuck off back to xojane.

  26. Reminds me of my Occasional Fuck Buddy (OFB). She dresses in a way that will make a prostitute look like a demure school girl but insists on doing so. I’ve got no problems with that since I practically bang her everytime I meet her but if she’s expecting me not to judge her only as a slut, she’s dead wrong. If she wants to have a slight chance of getting better relationships other than being used as a piece of raw meat, she needs to change her dressing first to something more modest and decent.
    “Don’t judge a book by its cover”…Lol…yeah right…

      1. Agree…but plenty are bitching about “they don’t want to be judged” by the way they dress or the way they act.
        If you dress up like a whore, then you’ll be treated like one.

  27. The worst part is it no longer refers to physical appearance. in my uni years I was told not to judge some bird by her ‘cover’ after her friend told me about the 3 guys shed fucked the last week. Apparently, you can’t judge someone by their opinions, their friends or their past either. I asked what i was supposed to judge her by and tld not to judge her at all, instead just take her to bed and buy her alcohol. yeah, ‘man up’ and treat her with the respect a little snwflake like her deserves. Needless to say i ignored them both and returned to my drink until they started cussing me out. Not knowing how to handle it I sadl just went to another venue, bt damn were they fucked up.

    1. That’s right….women don’t want you to judge at all. That way they can’t be held accountable for anything.
      Adults (both men and women) should always be held accountable for their actions. If you want to act a certain way, then you have to deal with the results of those actions.
      Women want equality but they are always looking for a ‘pass’ when it comes to their behavior – It’s disguised as “their freedom”…and it’s bullshit.

  28. Rarely have I met a fat woman who is a nice person. They are often negative about others, have no self discipline, despite handing out negative comments they can’t take any negative comments back, they are self centred and have no interests beyond the planning the next few meals or buying shoes – they always like shoes because its the only part of the body that can still take normal sized clothing.
    That is my personal experience.

    1. I have met a few nice and even good fat women. Most of them eventually lose the weight. I will add that these few exceptions do not disprove your main point.

  29. >freckles
    Pshhh, freckles will always make a (white) woman hotter and you can’t convince me otherwise.

  30. Men are judged by their decisions, women do what they want and get treated like kids who can’t be judged.

  31. can you judge a book by its cover? yes and no. ever trained bjj? a smaller guy can easily choke out a bigger guy. being smaller , he may not look like much but he could kill you. ive learned this first band and thats why they say to leave ego at that door.
    there is always a grey area. you can judge a girl who is covered in tattoos and qearing loose clothes but a girl who is conservatively dressed might be the biggest whore in the neighborhood.

  32. I think a lot of the anger on ROK stems from how god awful “basic bitches” are- how the male sex drives allows women to be basically personality-less and still attract pretty “high value” mates- the recent article how women look for soul-mates but men have to “settle” is the best illustration of this.
    I think there’s some real truth in the theory. Women, as a population, are less interesting then men. Any “scene”, hobby or interest-group is almost always mostly men unless it explicitly caters to women. Men start bands, create a model-rocket club or join a bowling league. Women…watch tv?
    ROK is dominated by arm-chair faux evolutionary biologists that create theories about how this disparity is rooted in some biological origin- I generally think these theories are a bunch of bullshit- but the phenomenon itself is demonstrable.
    So…given that everyone is so incensed about how “unfair” it is that women can just sit around in total banality and reap relationships, attentions and sex while men have to struggle differentiate themselves…why the hell is everyone so hostile to women that actually attempt to be interesting?
    Tattoos and cool hair don’t make you an interesting person but there’s a hell of a better chance finding an interesting girl at a punk rock show then a yoga class. Hipster girls are easy to mock and the social trend is rightly typified by blind obedience to trends- but what social movement wasn’t? I’d vastly rather spend time with a girl with cliched black blunt bangs, anchor tattoos and a high school summer reading list-esque interest in literature (they always love Bukowski…) then some Say Yes To The Dress pumpkin-spice-everything basic.
    The cool girls aren’t *necessarily* going to be more interesting or have, say, an *actual personality* but they have a fuck of a better chance then Lululemon girl with the MBA.

  33. reminds me of a girl served me at a restaurant last week – she had the most striking eyes I’ve seen in *years*. really, I did a quick sweep of her decent body then proceeded to drown in her eyes for a few minutes talking to her, never noticing the red flags inches away… she turned to walk away and I felt slapped by her 50-cent piece size gauges stretching her earlobes beyond repair. it was a monstrosity, like my cock just took the ice bucket challenge. I spent our remaining face time speculating what made her mutilate herself in such a way and whether surgery could make it passable.

  34. We all know American women are the fattest cows on the planet. On any given Sunday you see them, they are fixtures of the landscape, your workplace and in many cases your bedrooms.
    The Blame: Their pussified boyfriends / husbands who feed them to 300 pounds, the forks that feed them, and Church, which feed them fake hope.
    Only a weak beta male who is totally “Backwoods” will sit and watch his lazy120 pound high-school crush expand into a wife of 250 pounds in 10 years. (I know many) The guys just turn to alcohol or weed to blur the blubber. Now the cover does not fit the book. It is amazing how many men just watch their wives eat themselves into eternal lard-dom in the is country. Sex turns into a emotional wrestling match in darkened bedrooms to hide her quilt and physical evidence. Then they want it over as soon as possible, followed by “you want something to eat…” to raid the fridge. Point: A 300 pound book is always visible mile away.

    1. “A little fat obscuring most bones”.
      So you mean it’s okay to have a little bit of a visible ribcage? Because the writer never said a woman should look like a Romanian orphan.

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