Stop Dwelling On The Past

By now I’m sure most of you have either heard this phrase or said it to yourself many many times before:

If only I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now…

But how much different would it really be? How much more success could you really have? Over the holidays I got a glimpse of what it would be like to be “aware” when I was much younger.

I spent a few nights going out with a forum member who was only 20 years old. He was not a natural, but a person who exposed himself to the manosphere and became red pill a few years ago. He put in a lot of time and effort to both study game and to better himself as a person in all facets.

The kid was a beast. He had conquered approach anxiety. He dressed sharp. He escalated fast and aggressively. He was smooth with girls and it showed. I’m sure he is still far from where he wants to be, but he is head and shoulders above what I was at age 20.  And now he can take advantage in the pussy playground known as college.

Am I jealous? Hell fucking yes. Who wouldn’t want to be this aware at only age 20? I can think of an endless amount of things that I wish I had known, done differently, or could take back. To name a few:

  • I wish I knew game in high school
  • I wish I knew I was being raised in a feminist-driven world
  • I wish I talked to a single girl my first time in Europe
  • I wish I studied abroad
  • I wish I would have gotten into more sports and lifting as a kid
  • I wish I would have gotten into more fights as a kid
  • I wish I would have not passed on opportunities to fuck girls while in poor relationships
  • I wish I would have not stayed in said poor relationships
  • I wish I would have not dated that stripper for an entire year who fucked me on the first night
  • I wish I knew what foreign girls were like before my 30s
  • I wish I didn’t waste my money on a BMW, condo, 3DTV, expensive furniture, and a thousand other things
  • I wish I visited Russia before 2010
  • I wish I picked up a photography book instead of an LSAT book
  • I wish I dragged that girl from Saturday night in the bathroom of the bar
  • I wish I would have just said “hi” to the multiple hundreds of girls that I could have but didn’t for no good reason

And so on. But that’s life and you have to move forward rather than continually looking back. Despite my strongest of wishes to be 20 again, I was genuinely happy heading out with that guy and glad to see someone so young unplugged from the falsities of society.

However, in no way does it mean that people can’t unplug at any age. For some it takes a divorce, a cheating girlfriend, or perhaps losing a job. It took a trip to Eastern Europe for me to realize what life should be like. In my short time as an early 30s gentleman I’ve learned a new language, developed my business, severed ties with everything holding me to my previous location, and bedded more women than ever before.

And while I would have loved for this realization to have come earlier, I’m still thankful I eventually did unplug. Because the sad truth is the majority of your fellow men simply never do.

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71 thoughts on “Stop Dwelling On The Past”

  1. I have an issue with this, to a point. I’ll be using my PC and I’ll see my old IM conversations. I’ll read them, and I’ll cringe at what a beta I was. Not that I think I’m alpha, I’m not delusional. But I am above my former self, which is why I don’t do the above much at all. It’s 2014 not 2003. It’s time to progress! And I mean actual progress, not Obama-progress.

    1. Whether you dwell on the past or dream about the future, this is the current timeline of the average American LTR/Marriage;

      1. that video shows just how much societal relations are really fucked up. what a world!

  2. This is very important. I find myself going over the past all the time nowadays, especially when I’m idle and have nothing to do. It’s so difficult to get over the past, all the missed opportunities and wasted time. However, the future looks good.

  3. As a recent “red pill”, I found myself thinking the same things, wishing I had known all this information way back in my 20’s. I’m 36 now, which is by no means old for a man, and feel a certain amount of despair but also great hope for the future. I can’t change the past, but I can change my course towards the future which can be pretty damn exciting.

  4. ” I’m still thankful I eventually did unplug. Because the sad truth is the majority of your fellow men simply never do.”

      1. Having tried to save a few, I realized that was an error. The path of least resistance and best results is live the unplugged life. Be a good example and those ready will want to know your secrets.

    1. The Engineer’s Corollary:
      Experience is directly proportional to the amount of equipment destroyed.
      I’m also rather fond of the negative form:
      Why do you think they don’t call it trial and success?

        1. No one who hasn’t gone over it knows where the limit really is.
          Add one wheeled and tracked to complete the ground set.
          When you start working on crashing non ground vehicles shit starts to get serious.

  5. Perfect timing for this article. I’ve been beating myself up lately, wishing I was 21, 18, even 13 again, with all the knowledge and discipline I now possess. At 26 I feel like I’m ancient and that I need to really get things rolling into high-gear.

    1. I wish i was 26. I didnt take the red pill until i was 32, now im 35.
      You have plenty of time! You are still in your 20’s!

    2. Man…Im 41 and have just recently red-pilled. No regrets though…I still look & feel young, so lots of fun to come. Im just gonna make sure my sons know all about it so they know what they are up against & dont repeat Dad’s blue-pill blunders. 😉

  6. Indeed. Do not beet up yourself guys, everything led to this moment. Feel lucky that you are a man and you have plenty time left to grow the best version of yourself.

  7. Indeed, no regrets! Even if you’re 70 years old, you can tell your miserable wrinkled cunt of a wife to fuck off and go bang 20-somethings in Phils or Thailand. Why waste your money on the old hag when you can invest it in tight tan pussy? 😀
    This is not disgusting. This is who I want to be at 70 (lose the belly of course)! If you have the gold (even a modest amount), you can be King forever! 😀,%2Bthai%2Bgirl.jpg

    1. I like the way you’re thinking, this 70yo man knows how to live !
      Don’t marry, earn good money,don’t waste it on western women and you can bang 20yo thai girls till you die !

      1. Well, don’t pay for it until you really have to, but when you get to a certain age, you have to ask yourself, “Do I want to hit the bars and waste all that money just to settle for 30+ sluts, or do I want to go to Asia/Costa Rica/Columbia/Prague/whatever a few times a year and fuck my brains out for 2 weeks with the 20-somethings who really turn my crank?” You get to see the world, too! Winter is San Jose, Spring in Phils, Summer in Prague, and Fall in Columbia! Variety is the spice of life, boys! 😀
        It’s great to have kids, you’ll never have any regrets if you’re a good father, but marriage/cohabitation is extinct.

        1. A while ago I was thinking about where I might expat to for my retirement.
          My short list came down to Edinburgh and Prague. Of course moving to another country is difficult enough as it is and one must take the language barrier into account.
          So, as I am a native English speaker, Prague it is.

        2. Depends on how much money you wish to spend during retirement. You’re lucky in one way if you can retire, but not so lucky in another, as retirement is a fast track to mental and physical stagnation and death. If you’ve got rental properties you never have to retire. You can pretend to be the old maintenance man who shuffles around the place fixing this and that while you’re at home in the West, then let loose and live like a king when you travel abroad. It never has to end until your body does! 😀

        3. “If you’ve got rental properties you never have to retire. You can
          pretend to be the old maintenance man who shuffles around the place
          fixing this and that while you’re at home . . .”
          That is my current position. Yes. I figured out the value of that little charade when still a fairly young man.
          They are, except for the land rents of course, paid for.
          “. . .retirement is a fast track to mental and physical stagnation and death.”
          You don’t know me too good. Money is not my motivation to do things. Doing things is the reason I need to have money.
          With sufficient money I have enough things to do to fill up at least another whole lifetime.
          Golf is not among them.
          P.S. My above comment was a joke, I said a joke, son. Don’t you know a joke son?

        4. maybe you’d be better off in a 2nd tier city, less expensive, less tourists, less whores…mull it over mate 😉

        5. Just because they’re capitals doesn’t mean they’re first tier. Prague is about the size of Buffalo and Edinburgh is half that.
          In point of fact Albany and Peoria are much too big for my comfort, which is why it’s been a long time since I’ve lived in my native Manhattan and cities like Vienna are off the list. Bennington VT is nice.
          In any case, the comment was a Scottish joke.

        6. Thanks for that tidbit and unique perspective, as I was actually mulling over the idea of taking the “sport” up.

      2. But you’ll still have to spend money on them, otherwise no sucky-fucky.

        1. For western ones, dates can be cheap, a few drinks don’t cost much.
          As for 20yo thai ones, of course you have to pay them, but in thailand everything’s less expensive than here.

    2. How is this news? The world’s oldest profession has been with us since near about the creation of agriculture/farming..

      1. In the west it’s cheap quick sex, in Asia you rent them by the day, week, or month (if can tolerate them that long). If you’re a handsome not-so-old man, you don’t even have to pay. 😀

        1. You will love Cebu. The Cebu Marriott has a breakfast buffet fit for a king. Make sure you hit up Mango Square. When I was there a few years ago cabs full of hottie were still arriving to the bar at 5am in the morning. Ayala Mall is also awesome for coffee and lunch.

        2. “If you’re a handsome not-so-old man, you don’t even have to pay. :D”
          Looks and age don’t matter to women!!!
          “Here’s Steph & Friends”
          Which one is Steph?

      2. Monkeys practice it. It’s a fair bet that proto-lemurs did as well.
        A lot of sins can be laid at the door of the grain house, but that ain’t one of ’em.

    3. What happens if you don’t want to bang third world chicks??. I don’t find Asian women attractive ???..Nor do I find women from underprivileged countries attractive either. I prefer them from the first world. This is where it gets very VERY difficult.

      1. That’s your problem, you figure it out. I like easy pickin’s and I love Asians. 😀

  8. One of the reasons I was able to digest game and the red pill so quickly was because I had wasted my 20s with bluepill feminized philosophy. I had to see the lies and experience the failure in order to recognize the truth when it was finally presented to me. Once I began to read about game and female nature everything clicked into place.
    Someone like your friend who hasn’t experienced that failure may backslide or fall prey to female manipulation because without the experience, he may not recognize the signs.
    But this piece is spot on.
    Pain is the most effective teacher, but regret is a waste of mental energy.

    1. Amen bro-I had the same experiences in my 20’s. Now reading all about “blue pill/red pill” it all makes perfect sense and I can see the forest for the trees. Yea it sucked to waste some time back then but I can appreciate the new found knowledge even more.

  9. ‘I wish that I knew what I know now
    when I was younger’
    I don’t envy the 20 year old Red Pill guy.But I do wish him well.
    The most ardent Red Pillers are the ones who have experienced Blue Pill hell.They are the best teachers being thoroughly familiar with the other side.They know the Enemy’s thoughts for they used to be one of them.They will push themselves hardest to self improvement.
    It is similar to those who escape from heavily socialist countries to capitalist friendly countries.They work hard,real hard, to better their lives and truly appreciate the freedoms natives take for granted.
    Think of yourselves as Andy Dufrense from the Shawshank redemption.You’ve crawled out(or are crawling out) of your Blue Pill prison to Red Pill freedom.Are you going to waste time moping over your lost years,or are you going to get out there and enjoy your hard earned freedom?

    1. i agree with your comment and song choice entirely. but ilistening to that song now drives me up the wall [there was a time i listened to it very very regularly]. very easy to get caught up on what if’s and regrets, melancholies, and sadness/frustration/anger and it detracts from the time we have to do the things we want and must do.
      basically to be a man we have no time to mope or heal our wounds. we are men, we get up, dust ourselves off, set forth on a destination, or simply pick a direction and start walking.

  10. Sometime the career that you do so choose eventually, wont necessarily allow you to “unplug” fully. SO be careful on what you do decide to pursue.

  11. “There is an expression in the Wasteland: Old World Blues. It refers to those so obsessed with the past they can’t see the present, much less the future, for what it is. They stare into the what-was, eyes like pilot lights, guttering and spent, as the realities of their world continue on around them.”
    Some men are natural Alphas. Many men, including myself, were exposed to the Red Pill through painful experience. We’re converts. I look back on my youth and remember the ways I could have gotten the girl if I had said X or done Y. But the mistakes of my past are excellent teachers. The manosphere taught me to recognize them and how not to repeat them. Life is a harsh instructor, but for some of us learning the hard way helps the lessons sink in deeper.

  12. The best thing we can do to redpill men is to just warn as many men as possible to avoid marriage, especially to American and western women. The following article is called “Don’t Marry: Why Modern, Western Marriage Has Become A Bad Business Decision For Men”. I suggest we all start sending this link to our male friends and tell them to read it.

  13. Post-Wall, single feminist women in their late 20s-early30s are reaching life changing conclusions just as the blue pill males who awake.
    Awakened blue pill males know they lost a decade, but know that with proper lifestlye, can continue to game women until their 60s. While the hot 18 year olds are more or less over in your 30s, many other options abound until your 70s.
    Post-Wall, single feminist women limbically know, or even cognitively understand, that a decade has passed (18-28), and they will never have the same power over (alpha) men. No matter how much money, knowledge, prestige or achievements they have, the attention of worthy alpha males looking for serious relationships will go towards younger, pre-Wall females. They will continue to be pumped and dumped by alphas, greater betas, or perhaps (re)marry a divorced non awakened beta.

    1. exactly. that’s why i pity chicks who think they’re the shit now. they may reject me now, but i keep thinking what they’ll be in ten years’ time and i shudder. revenge is indeed a dish best served cold.

      1. That is, unless they snatch and marry a Beta around 28, and stay married at least a decade. In that scenario, the femenine imperative of resource extraction from men is fulfilled. As for rel action, they can always have an affait with an Alpha.

        1. Wow “Resource Extraction” sounds more painful then Tooth Extraction…

  14. Can’t agree more. Even if I am a young student I still have regrets especially towards game. You will have regrets your entire life, but only you can decide when to move forward and live.

    1. Yeh never waste energy feeling shit cause of regrets. Learn your lesson from the experience and move on, otherwise they will undermine a positive present, and beneficial future. As long as you have your health and a few bucks, you should have the resources to take corrective action.

  15. I’m glad the majority of men never unplug. I don’t want loads of unplugged American men in my overseas stomping grounds.
    Those beta punks gave in to feminist oppression. Let them live in the sewer they have allowed America to become.

  16. I found the red pill a year ago and I will be turning 30 this summer. I wouldn’t say that I have regrets, but I wish I knew then, what I know now. Mostly in my college days. I wouldn’t necessarily call my past self “blue pill” but something in between (30/70 red/blue). I was living with a lot of ignorance. I don’t know if that’s possible but that’s how I feel. I so wish that I could have filled in the missing gaps a long long time ago. I feel like a lot of others were “somewhere in between” as well..why? Because they wouldn’t have had the drive to find the red pill otherwise. I don’t share or push my red pill ideas to any of my close friends that wouldn’t get it. I normally don’t share any trade secrets of my life. If they truly wanted to find it, they will find what they are looking for on their own.

  17. Can’t disagree with this as took getting to my 30’s before I woke up to the world around me…
    I didn’t live in a dessert woman wise during my twenties I did take up “offers” when they were made. But part of the reason I was “asleep” was because my life was filled with so many other things.
    I had some amazing times during my twenties. I travelled, I enjoyed my work (and worked at my career) and partied pretty hard.
    I think if all my energy went in to chasing tail during those years I would be now looking back on years wasted in boring relationships.
    I pushed away a lot of woman in favour of the things I was doing at the time and I don’t regret it. None of it was a result of taking the red pill but, as a blue pill guy at the time if I had placed emphasise on woman I would probably now be stuck in a boring marriage or worse paying for a divorce.
    Being in my 30’s is great. Red pill has been swallowed, I am attacking my career with a new vigour, I am fit and healthy and my looks are still attracting plenty of attention.
    If I ever have sons one day my advice would be to not spend your twenties putting all your energies in to woman. You will get more than enough offers of sex without having to try and all your energies can be put in to the things you enjoy in life. Leave it until you are in your 30’s before you start figuring out the ladies.
    We are all just boys in our twenties and we owe it ourselves to get out in to the world and explore. Get laid a good few times and concentrate on our passions. When you are in your 30’s you will only then have the maturity to understand what you truly want out of a relationship so why bother making a concerted effort until then.

  18. I used to put “foreign girls” on a pedestal, and I do agree with you that many of them are more feminine (which is what initially drew me to the one I made the mistake of marrying), but after being married to a drop-dead beautiful but psychotic Dutch blond South African, I came to the realization foreign women are no different then ‘merican girls, which is to say, crazy, opportunistic, self serving, endless drama and a huge pain in the ass that makes you slightly understand the motivation for why that dude you read in the local paper decided to blow his head off in his car at the 7-11 parking lot. It doesn’t matter if they are Russian, Columbian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Thai, Korean, whatever, you will still inevitably one day come home to find them sucking another man’s dick.

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