Not Every Man Can Handle A Beautiful Woman

Most men, when questioned, would welcome the opportunity to date and marry an extremely beautiful woman. In fact, most men dream of precisely such a scenario – this is why the “trophy wife” phenomenon exists.

That being said, there is one question associated with this reality that we too rarely seem to ponder: how many men are really capable of handling a full-time, committed relationship with a physically elite woman? Of all the men who dream of dating the models and beauty queens of the world, how many are truly capable of maintaining a healthy, long-term relationship with them?

Recently, Andrew Stern showed us what the darker side of the relationship with the physically elite woman might look like:


This picture reveals Andrew Stern, the estranged husband of model Katie Cleary, out partying with friends in Beverly Hills just hours before he went to a gun range and killed himself.

Friends say he was in ‘good spirits’ at the dinner at trendy DOMA Italian restaurant with about 15 friends, celebrating the birthday of one of them. The group went on to a club in Hollywood where a new DJ was spinning. A friend says Andrew wasn’t drinking or doing any drugs.

Andrew even posted a photo of him and some pals at the party on Saturday night on his facebook page. It was the last picture of the heartbroken husband.

Just hours later at around midday on Sunday he turned a gun on himself at a shooting range in Van Nuys, 15 miles from the upmarket eatery.

So, why did Stern off himself? What drove this affluent, good-looking man to the edge (and, eventually, off the edge)?


Speaking about his break-up with his wife, the source added Andrew was ‘heartbroken’:

‘They have been separated for a few months. I don’t know what happened. She was the one that wanted the divorce.
‘I just knew her through Andrew. It’s hard to tell when you’re on the outside when they were last happy.

‘I think he really was heartbroken, I don’t know why she left him but I think he wanted to try to figure out how to make it work. He was so upset over it, he just could not get over it, he could not mentally move on.’

The source said the photos of Katie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Entourage star Adrian Grenier didn’t help.





Another friend told MailOnline that he was already on a dark descent when he realized he couldn’t hold on to his ‘dream girl’.

‘Andrew changed at the beginning of the year,’ the source told MailOnline. ‘He worked more and socialized less. He began investing even more money and more time into his charity and fundraising work… He got sad. Sadder.’

The friend explained that something was ‘broken’ in him and no matter how he tried to fight it – with eating well, exercise or counseling sessions – he couldn’t shake it.

His struggling marriage to Cleary was not to blame for his suicide but just added to his pain because of the fantasy he had about their life together, the friend said.

‘But the marriage wasn’t based on pure, unadulterated, love. Wasn’t solely based on the forever do us part love,’ the source said. ‘He knew what he was getting into when he started even dating Katie. She’s too pretty. She’s just too pretty. And she’s just too charismatic and affable and kind that Andrew knew he couldn’t keep her to himself.

‘I’m not saying Katie did anything. If she did, I didn’t know about it. But he couldn’t really have her like he wanted her. Like his fantasy of her. He would talk about her in ideal terms. He idolized her and wanted her to himself, maybe a little too much. He wouldn’t show it. He gave her all the freedom she wanted for her career. But he realized he wasn’t the only one with eyes for her and wanting her and it deepened his pain.’


Stern had a few issues, and his involvement with Katie Cleary was certainly one of them. It is difficult to overstate how challenging it can be to get involved with a physically attractive woman like this who is also an extroverted, highly flirtatious and aggressive attention seeker. Women of this type have become substantially more common in the modern age, as narcissistic millenials grow up with the presence of social media and the smart phone, along with an increasingly less traditional culture more concerned with clubbing and what Justin Bieber ate for lunch than family formation. This is the beautiful woman who is so insecure about her beauty that she requires constant validation of it in the form of blatant attention from other men, and she will often directly seek out such attention herself. To some degree, this kind of woman will always value the attention of other random individuals more than she values the attention you give her.

This is what makes her hard to be with, because she will constantly and aggressively solicit that attention/validation from other men and stoke your own insecurity in order to satiate her own. You will want her for yourself and you’ll have a vision of her in which she is ideally focused on building something with you, but she will eternally push back against that vision. If at any time you appear to be getting too close to that ideal you want (you two are starting to look like a set pair and she is starting to look like she is truly off the market and in your orbit entirely), she will adjust by deliberately seeking attention from other men in order to balance things out.


She does this because she understands the risk associated with investing in you and allowing herself to become entirely yours: she needs the constant attention and validation of other men in order to deal with her insecurity, and this attention is less likely to come when she is seen to clearly belong to another male in a marriage/relationship. The more available she makes herself appear to be, the easier it is for her to satisfy her insecurity, and the harder it is for you as a man to deal with her.

Andrew Stern was ‘constantly ridiculed’ and driven to distraction by his ‘flirtatious’, ‘social climbing’ wife Katie Cleary prior to his tragic suicide, a former friend has claimed.

Now his former friend and housemate David Pachkofsky has told how Katie made Andrew’s life a living hell as she tried to change the down-to-earth Midwesterner, 40, into a ‘Hollywood type’, using him to climb the social ladder and boost her career.

‘Like going to a wrap party and not coming home,’ said Pachkofsky.

‘She was taking him to a place he didn’t want to go. The part of Hollywood life that she liked but is very superficial.

‘He had to struggle to keep up with the Joneses. She would constantly ridicule him for the way he looked and acted and always let him know that he wasn’t in good enough shape.

‘He was never a really good dresser, and she made him dress perfectly for her. That was her doing. Drew’s always been comfortable in a T-shirt and really not caring. She was just so hard on him.

She kept trying to create this image for him as handsome and virile to help uphold her image,’ Pachkofsky told MailOnline.

‘She had a negative effect on him. He always felt like he was about to lose her and was always chasing her. She always flirted with men all the time in front of him and this hurt him….

‘The more she pushed him away, the more he’d come on. This was always the case with her and every woman. Just much worse with her because she was his wife and he’d have to tolerate the pain on a whole other level…. She’s a very flirtatious girl and it killed him.

‘…Hollywood dragged him down. Hollywood women did him in. And Katie was the worst of them. Very self-motivated, a real climber, climbing up Drew to get to bigger stars. ‘

Men have only one real option when it comes to dealing with physically attractive women who must aggressively seek attention like this: limit emotional investment.


These women (physically attractive women who are aggressive attention seekers) inflict the most damage on men who have made deep emotional investments in them and are seeking some sort of romantic reciprocity. The physically attractive woman who isn’t an aggressive attention-seeker (yes, they do exist, even today) will not punish you for this, but her more attention-hungry counterpart will. When he’s invested and she responds by seeking the attention of other men and intentionally failing to reciprocate, it can be devastating for the male involved. He will want her, and he will love her, but she’ll never allow him to have her, and that will hurt. The notion that she is instead possibly allowing other men to have her (implied by her direct efforts to seek and welcome their attention even as she pulls away from him) will simply crush his soul. He will be left with a very empty, dark feeling, and arrive at one of the most hopeless emotional states you can ever hope to reach as a man.

When you avoid investing emotionally in these women, you essentially cut this dynamic off at the knees. Her persistent attention seeking will bother you less because you’ve not invested too much emotionally in her, and can thus feel little envy or jealousy. The fact that she is less willing to respond to a man’s expressed love and romantic investment with reciprocation is irrelevant to you, because you’re not offering too much romantic investment. At the end of the day, the physically attractive woman who aggressively seeks attention exercises great control over the emotional, physical and psychological well-being of the men that invest too much emotionally in her (investment which, I must note, she depends on to some degree in order to feed her validation). She cannot control those men who do not make this investment.


If you want to deal with these women and give yourself the best chance to remain sane, you limit that emotional investment. Granted, this is easier said than done as such women are very good at drawing that emotional investment from the men they associate with (they need to be because, as I said earlier, they depend on that investment for validation).

Men like Andrew Stern are simply not equipped to handle this kind of situation. Stern’s emotional fragility likely made him prone to intense early emotional investment – Cleary was his “dream girl”, and had total control over him from the word “go” as a result. As a physically elite woman with an aggressive attention-seeking streak, Cleary was going to get a lot of looks from a lot of men. If you’re seeking to get with such a woman, you must be confident and secure enough to deal with the fact that a lot of other men have eyes for her and keep that reality from impacting you (read: making you anxious, nervous, depressed, scared to lose her, etc). The type of man that can handle Cleary is one who is not only very confident and secure in himself, but not overly emotionally invested in her either (to a point at which she cannot easily control him). Such a man is, essentially, the oak I referenced in this article.

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Andrew Stern was not that oak. He was, as his close friend described him…

Drew was a good-looking guy. No problem getting girls but he had a problem keeping them. He likes to keep to himself. Very quiet and kind of a nerdy guy with a big heart and super nice.

…precisely the kind of man that a woman like Cleary would not struggle to control. Her attention-seeking personality combined with her beauty and his decent but very quiet, introverted nature (and likely propensity to put a lot of emotional investment in fairly early, as most “nice”, introverted guys do) made for a very unhealthy combination. As a man who once perfectly fit the description of Stern above, and probably still does to some extent, I speak from experience when I say that this relationship was bound to implode before long and that Stern was certain to get the worst of it.

Quintus Curtius described his situation well in a forum thread discussing Stern’s story:

Overall, I think the overriding problem here was this guy himself. I don’t really see this woman as being any more or less conniving or devious than any other beautiful woman. Her selfish, domineering, and entitled behavior is about what you would expect. He should have known what he was getting.

Of course, a more nurturing, caring type would have been just the ticket for this poor soul. He was so wound up with “performing” like a organ-grinder monkey for everyone: in his work, job, home, office, whatever. He had no identity of his own. He was a slave to what others thought of him.

He was empty inside because his entire life was focused on false status, on collecting trophies, and on impressing everyone around him. Everyone but himself.

Because he could fool everyone but himself. At the end of the day, he had to look at himself in the mirror. And all he saw was a scared rat.

From looking at his eyes, his demeanor, and overall presentation, it’s clear that he has some psychological problems. He is a deeply insecure, flawed person. Others have noted here that he likely was medicated. Or heavily medicated.

This should be another cautionary tale to us to remember that material things (women, money, cars, businesses, etc) can’t fill the inner void that a man feels. Men are not mechanical contrivances.

We can’t just be wound up and sent on our way like Energizer bunnies. To sustain us, we need something deeper, more profound, something that comes from within.

And this person never cultivated his own identity. His entire “identity” was built around his material possessions: his toys, his money, his useless trophy wife.

He who doesn’t spend his time to develop his identity and inner strengths, but instead wastes his energy chasing Rolex watches, trophy wives, expensive cars, and other meaningless things, can expect nothing but pain and self-destruction.

And once his biggest trophy (his “wife”) was pulled out from under him, he had no further reason to live. There are many men like this today, floating around, their chests puffed up with false arrogance, that one pinprick of hardship will deflate.

Stern may have been best served avoiding women like Cleary altogether – he couldn’t handle her without making some serious improvements on a personal level, and he was merely a means to an end for her (a good-looking, easily manipulated ticket to a lifestyle she simply couldn’t afford otherwise).

As Scorpion noted on the forum:

The girl is a hard 9 (touching 9.5 or even 10 depending on individual taste) with a strong personality and a desire to climb the social ladder. Women like that should come with a extreme bodily harm warning label, because they will fuck you up bad if you aren’t careful. She is the equivalent of handing a 16 year old kid a bottle of Everclear and a Ferrari.

This guy was just in way over his head. He managed to get his hands on way more woman than he was capable of handling. And just like in any other area of life, when you get in over your head bad things usually happen.

Stern’s story carries important lessons for any young male concerned with romantic self-improvement. It is one thing to seek relationships with very beautiful women, but it is another thing entirely to do so absent any consideration of what you bring to the table. If you want to have beautiful women in your life, you had best make sure that you are the kind of man capable not only of attracting them, but keeping them around.


If you take the time to ensure that you have made and maintained these necessary improvements, these women could bring a lot of value to your life. You’ll have the chance to meet you “dream girl” and actually build a healthy long-term relationship with her.


If you fail to ensure that these improvements have been made, your pursuit of your “dream girl” will destroy you emotionally (just as it destroyed Stern and many others), and any significant association you have with said “dream girl”—and probably most other girls—will become a nightmare sooner or later. Don’t put yourself in that position.

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385 thoughts on “Not Every Man Can Handle A Beautiful Woman”

  1. And as a woman her power base is still subject to the ravages of time. Eventually her power will be minimal while the man’s will still be growing. That is all any guy needs to remember whenever some slut starts making a power play.

    1. She is fine as fuck, but this Stern dude should have done some more homework. 33 years old, legit 9-10 and single never married? Barring a last minute engagement call-off with her past fiance or being widowed, what the fuck has she been doing for the past 15 years? Certainly not raising a family or proving her femininity in any reasonable way.

      1. “what the fuck has she been doing for the past 15 years? ”

      2. Possibly she’s been enjoying and benefiting from the attentions and resources of an endless list of wealthy and famous men? Whatcha think? 🙂
        Let’s not dupe ourselves guys. When a woman has such an allure that she can enjoy unlimited attention from A list men with their mansions, limousines and super yachts, nothing is gonna convince her that she’ll have a better life at home changing diapers on a couple of rug rats. And we’d do the same in her position, to be honest.

        1. No way. I looked at one of her videos on the forum talking about her ex boyfriends. If she had “such allure” why would she need to go on a television show just to meet a millionaire?
          Very very few women can get unlimited, or even a good chunk of attention from famous and rich men. There are too many hot women to sweat over, especially if you’re in that position.

  2. She looks a bit like Minka Kelly, but at 33 she doesn’t have much of a career left.

      1. If she succeeds in producing a child, her body becomes like a withered seed-pod. For a loving husband to whom she has devoted herself it is accepted part of the human life cycle. Otherwise he will be aghast at the reality and forever ponder what had come before him.

  3. We need an article on how social media has murdered the male species by giving a platform of unlimited attention and validation towards narcissistic women.

    1. Don’t be a luddite. Women seek attention with any medium available to them. Social media isn’t going away. The problem is not social media, it’s unchecked female narcissism.

      1. Yeh, this is a never ending battle, people should go read their Ninon De Lenclos from the 1600’s, just for some perspective. A man always has to check his woman’s vanity, even when she’s ugly, not to talk about when she’s a dime.

      2. I must diverge. We have to be Luddites (thanks for making me Google some industrial history) with something which is so blatantly hurting us. This medium is like no medium ever before. What other medium could women use to post a picture/quote and instantaneously get hundreds of compliments from friends and even strangers? Women used to be lucky to get one compliment a day from a stranger, plus the compliments of her significant others cock. Social media compliments are like sex for them, imagine if we could get laid just by pushing some buttons?
        Google social media use male vs female for some obvious statistics. My personal experiences with facebook/instagram/twitter is that men are using it less and less every year. I have this ultra-optimistic view that within the next 10 years social media will become obsolete within the male community. Someday I see men waking up, realizing they’re not getting laid by liking a girls photo or social media in general, and dropping this shit like a hot potato. Social media will then be grouped with obvious beta activities such as watching shitty reality TV, whining about “equality”, and reading romance novels.

        1. I think you would think differently if there were significant social pressure to shame women who are addicted to their facebook apps and iPhones.

        2. Definitely. We should do a lot more shaming, but if we quit interacting with women on social media (when it doesn’t get us laid) that will be a form of social protest as well.

      1. Good looks. The main points have definitely been covered, but we need a broader societal mens movement away from social media in general. Men need to realize how much they damage themselves by liking pictures and statuses. Its do or die right now with social media, either we kill it or it will kill us.
        Of course I wonder what would happen if men stopped using social media altogether. Would female-female attention be enough for them? Or would they seek male attention in other formats? Pinterest is almost entirely female/gay male, but instagram and facebook still have a ton of hetero validation.

      1. Yes, but quite a few of Return of Kings articles have exaggerations in their titles. Just going with the flow, its good click conversion.

        1. Fair enough. I am just a stickler for precise language. But more power to you.

  4. what a horrid bitch, i don’t even think she’s that attractive now i know how ugly and fucked up she is on the inside. a disposable fuck hole at best

  5. Tip: The problem with the trophy wife like all trophy’s is that many other men are trying to win them. This doesn’t leave you with any down time because the trust is gone because the trophy by its very nature is looking for the best performer and if you happen to not perform it will easily change hands.

    1. Men who compete for this type of women are not strong, inspiring men.
      A real “Alpha” or whatever you want to call it, would never fall for such social climbing, fame hungry bitches. But what do I know?, those are not my social circles…at all.

  6. What should bother us the most is this is the third societal/monetary “alpha” getting his legs cut off by a bitch:
    1. Sterling: Rightfully owns a $2 bill NBA franchise, gets recorded in his own home, by his own girlfriend (I thought that was fucking illegal and null in court of law without consent.) Media intervenes, and he loses multibillion dollar franchise due to his relationship with a 7 at best. Look up 50 Cent’s (Ultimate alpha) comments regarding the Sterling situation. 50 knows what’s good with hoes.
    2. Tinder Guy: Started multimillion-dollar worldwide popular dating app owns the company etc etc, a woman in the office fucked him and sued him. The state intervenes, Tinder guy loses his position.
    3. This Stern dude. Everyone on this site would switch cocks with him. Remember, this dude was not only good looking and financially successful, but he was on TV. On a dating show watched almost exclusively by young women. Living in Beverly Hills.
    I feel awful for Stern. Anyone with a hint of compassion should feel badly about a man with such a bright present/future feeling so hopelessly trapped by a woman the only option is to kill himself. What this man could have done with a little red pill advice…
    Brothers, stop involving women in our lives other than sex and the things that we don’t really want to do (cooking, cleaning, decorating.) We should all create multiple hobbies and friendships which are women free. Don’t involve women with your work or social circle. It can only hurt you.

  7. Poor poor Stern. He didn’t understand that a woman has to also emotionally invest in you as well. In fact, she should invest in you more than you invest in her. It has NOTHING to do with looks or money or status. Stern should have either 1) pumped and dumped her from the start or 2) don’t marry her and limit his emotional involvement in her. Just keep her as one of several girlfriends.
    The message is clear here: Money will not save the beta male. Period.

  8. He couldn’t have gotten with her if he didn’t have any swagger. It was the swagger that he lost that got him to off himself. A woman is always trying to reduce her man’s swagger so she can feel more comfortable being in love with him as Patrice Oneal used to say, the prettier and more energetic the woman is, the tougher it becomes. That’s why they try to get their man to watch goofy romcom movies and cry and be emotional, and once the man caves in, he gets exposed to the dark and abusive side of women, when they’re the ones running the relationship. It’s why it’s far easier and beneficiary to be a player.
    It’s like Lions and lionesses: the lion has to show he’s got swagger and power to get the lioness, which is what leads her to going out hunting and getting the food and letting him get first dibs before anyone else. However, when the king lion comes and takes his food, the lioness always shows a little bit of resistance and defiance, which the lion has to respond to. The moment the lion doesn’t respond or says, “OK. you don’t have to give me that Zebra meat if you don’t want to”, it’s a wrap. She’s gonna start looking for a replacement ASAP.

    1. Not necessarily. It’s entirely possible that she thought she could push him in a direction that would advance her own social status, and failed to do so.

    2. Sometimes women go for guys without “swagger”. Vast majority of guys have no swagger.

  9. If you had a really good looking mother that was a narcissist, cunt, piece-of-shit and nagged the fuck out of your dad and every other man she screwed; you end up attracted to these types of women. My guess is this guy never got to the point in therapy where he realized what a manipulative shit-bag his own mother was. I guess he gave all the women in his life something to remember. What a fucked up mother fucker.

  10. Who is she with now? Given the type of woman she is, you just know there has to be some cock giving her attention and validation.

  11. The trouble with beautiful women is it’s all well and good to say theoretically “Don’t emotionally invest, don’t have feelings, don’t care if she leaves you, dump her, invest yourself instead in a plainer girl with better qualities”. I can’t control having feelings, and if a 10 girl wants to be with me I’m going to struggle to not care, to let her go, and preference the more loyal, humble 7. I don’t want the 7 with the beady eyes and thin lips. I want the fucking 10 dammit!

    1. It’s a constant. We all desire the best and if you don’t have plentiful options with the “best,” you will most likely savor the flavor of the one you’re with a little too much. It’s the scarcity.

    2. Pull yourself together lad. Of course you can control your feelings. A “10” is a unicorn so stop wanting what you can’t have.

  12. I am currently in Medellin Colombia on one of my many vacations that I take here. The woman who is the focus of this story is certainly beautiful but would be a face in the crowd down here. I have found that beautiful women here are culturally driven to seek a man. Since I am gringo I frequently meet and bed women as beautiful or more beautiful than the woman of this story (I am OK shape, not ugly, 49 years old). It is considered very bad manners for the paisitas to flirt with other men while they are out with you. There is a saying in Spanish I have heard but cannot remember that women repeat that alludes to how their beauty will fade over time and they should not depend on it to win a man. This is why the Latinas are so sweet down here and try to please. Here are two girls I know down here. Each sweet, fun to hang out with

    1. Interesting, I was thinking something slong the same lines. Ill grant people that she is attractive, but I’ve seen better. However I do realize often the hotter Colombianas are often “pros”.

      1. She’s one of those women you could do that with, but actually be happy and have a nice fun night out before hand. 🙂

    2. Yep cute. I wouldn’t argue with them. They have a pleasant softness to them that Katie doesn’t have.

  13. “If you take the time to ensure that you have made and maintained these
    necessary improvements, these women could bring a lot of value to your
    life. You’ll have the chance to meet you “dream girl” and actually build
    a healthy long-term relationship with her.”
    Bollocks. Make improvements for your own well-being, not to satisfy the depraved, psychotic needs of some useless gash. These women aren’t going to bring value to your life. There is no “healthy long-term relationship” to be had with these degenerates. They’re disposable fuck toys, corrupted by evil, spreading social dysfunction and decay to everything they touch.
    These women aren’t worth a $3 breakfast burrito, and until men start realizing that and acting appropriately, you’re going to get more sad specimens like Mr. Stern.

    1. Quote: “These women aren’t worth a $3 breakfast burrito, and until men start realizing that and acting appropriately, you’re going to get more sad specimens like Mr. Stern.”
      ^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS

    2. These women do bring value to your life. Simply having them around, for sex, LTR or just a “friensdhip”, ues sounds weird. But women like that open a whole lot of doors to you, from night clubs, social circles, connections, other girls just to state a few. Girls that are deemed very desirable by most people are useful as shiit, its a whole other dimension. Trust me on that.

      1. Sure they do – if your just as pretentious, vain and shallow as them.
        Ohh the girl can get you in the hottest night clubs? Well then, do as your told! Give me a break. You can get that pretentious access just by banging them every now and then. Use them once in a while for an event if you must – but don’t get confused and even begin to suggest women like this bring value in a long-term relationship. That’s for the weak willed.

        1. wow, careful on your hate. Who said its do as you’re told. And who talks about just clubs, since Im not a club guy. And in LTR they do bring value, I’d say even marriage. Provided you know how to “Tame them”. They will reward you for being the only to know how to control them .
          But I have to admit “queen/bitch” type of women are my type and they are a real pain in the ass.

        2. Yes Id feel like more of a conquistador if I had her to myself all weekend, cooking and draining my pipes with joy. Clubs are for wankers after you pass age 30 for the most part.

      2. If you take this to a night club she got you into, you’re just fodder in tow with his wallet wide open for the club to pillage. Best take with women like this is to pump & dump, too high of emotional and financial maintenance. If you find a woman that looks like this and doesn’t lust for the validation of others, then you got something.

        1. Thanks, you’re right, my wife, ” a woman that looks like this and doesn’t lust for the validation of others”, we have 4 sons all born at home, married a long time, it’s all good.
          Interesting: she’s American from 90210, still hope for you guys stuck there?

      3. It’s not easy to tame them though. It can be done. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. But not many men can do it. Better to just use them for short term sex, and social connections.

        1. Yes, they´ll bring value if you have what it takes to be the one who call the shots. Otherwise don´t go there…would you start a fight with Bruce Lee?

    3. You sound like you speak from a position of pain and frustration.
      I think you missed the point of the article. By all means pursue these women but maintain “limited emotional investment”. As such you will not be seriously troubled by them.
      I can tell you that the company of beautiful women is one of the finest pleasures on this Earth. You are limiting yourself and perhaps revealing insecurities on your own part by not partaking in their presence.

      1. If shitbag women like the one in this article are the basis of your Earthly pleasure, and you base your sense of personal security on their presence, I’d say that you’re the one who is limited.
        Praying to the cult of degenerate vagina must be hard on your knees. Have you considered using a pillow to kneel upon?

        1. Ever considered that maybe it’s YOUR fault that you keep attracting shitty women into your life?
          There’s another lesson here. Notice how quick she was to shit on a man when she viewed him as beneath her? When you are above their level they will try very hard to ingratiate themselves to you.

        2. Quote: “Ever considered that maybe it’s YOUR fault that you keep. ”
          Fag talk like that doesn’t fly anymore with enlightened red pill men, bitch.

        3. You know? Here come the pussy beggars.
          Every healthy, normal man on this earth wants to fuck a beautiful woman, fucking motivates us, but there’s a point where it becomes unhealthy.
          I stopped idealizing women and placing them on pedestals and that alone got me more sex. I try to get the most attractive I can, but I’m not losing sleep over not hooking up with 9s.
          In this current social climate they’re dangerous for a man’s well being.

        4. Englishbob – “You sound hurt and…”
          Bob, it has been said that women are like beer; every man gets his fill and then goes home and throws up. Nobody gets to the sentiment of our “guest” posting here without extensive experience. There is a reason no seasoned cocksmith marries. It is because of his experience with women he knows their true nature, coupled with the whole sham of marriage and relationship and being played for a sucker is bound to make many men feel bitter and for good reason.

        5. Respectfully I disagree. First, its in bad form to speak for someone else, especially if you do not know them. We have all been through the wringer here but that in no way justifies his comments or his obvious feelings of inadequacy. Actually, to me he sounds like someone with limited experience of women, who tries to pull down those he sees as more successful to cover up his own failings. He actually reminds me of the stereotypical fat feminist who “doesn’t need a man” because she can’t get a man.
          Personally, I don’t think that someone with extensive experience of women would be this angry or abusive to his fellows, nor would they over-react to my slight barbs.

    4. Amazing how the standards of American men have dropped.
      That girl is not a “hard 9”. Put this girl in Moscow and she is lost.

        1. You have a point, but I agree she is overrated.
          She has a great body, but has caked on makeup for a reason. The face isn’t in line with a “hard 9.”

        2. Still, I would fuck her without makeup, along with 99.99% of all living men.

      1. That is so true – I was shocked when I read ‘hard 9’. Guys, you need to start travelling outside the States.

        1. My wife is from Asian, and we met in Asia (see comment above). I tell my sons never to get involved ina LTR with an American woman until they have spent a considerable amount of time out side the US. I would give this advice to any man.

      2. Oh come on.
        I’ve been to Moscow; All over Eastern Europe in fact. And yes, there are many beautiful women in Russia. But to say that this girl would be “lost” in Moscow is just nonsense.
        She would be a 9 in Moscow. Easily.
        She is a 9 to a 10 in the US. Easily.
        Again, we are just talking purely on a physical level. For all I know her soul might rate a 2. But her face and body are the top end of the spectrum.
        No need to lose objectivity in other areas just because many women make us angry. Maybe she’s a bitch. But she’s a hot bitch!! 😉

        1. Yep. Lets not be fat feminists (I don’t want her because I can’t have her!).

        2. There’s no loss of objectivity; it’s merely a fact that you can find a lot of more beautiful women everywhere (apart from the States, apparently).
          And it’s certainly no anger – all said and done, I still love women and don’t have any reason to be angry; mainly because I know them well enough to avoid the usual pitfalls that result in arguments and/or long-term anger/frustration.
          But hell, my ex fuck buddy looked more beautiful than her. She’s absolutely nothing special. Not worth losing sleep over, much less offing yourself.

      3. I was thinking the same thing. I looked at her and thought, she’s not even that hot. She def puts off the narcissist vibe, but she seems to put so much effort into her looks I think internally she’s reeling with insecurity.

        1. More specifically, I have more curves than she does and brown-eyed brunettes are a dime a dozen. I’m not saying she’s repulsive, but definitely overrated and NOT worth losing sleep over, much less killing yourself. Dude was good looking and could have EASILY found another chick, and probably a hotter one.

        2. Yep, there is a ton of smaller, uglier, older (and with much less money, or even unemployed) dudes out there (myself included), who still wake up every morning and work their asses off to maximize their chances for happiness. This guy had it much better than the majority and still could not handle the pressure. Sad.

      4. Russian girls are average man. I don’t understand this obsession with them.

        1. Depends. Walk into a nice nightclub in Moscow and you’ll see.
          But it’s true, we shouldn’t be pedestalizing any nation or ethnic group. It clouds the mind.

        2. You could be right but I have never in my life seen a Russian girl I thought was attractive and this includes all the tennis players and what not that people obsess about in the media. Granted we all have our own ideas about what is attractive and what isn’t.
          Interestingly, the most attractive Russians girls I have met turned out to be Finns or some other group!

        3. Tennis players.. Come on, please. Don’t want to be rude, but being ugly is almost in their job description, LOL.
          Google Irina Shayk or Natalia Vodianova… See whether that works.

        4. Sorry man, not impressed at all. Wouldn’t even turn my head if I walked past either.
          That said they both are pretty. But a pretty face doesn’t really get my dick hard. I’m beginning to think that there are indeed two different standards when it comes to male gaze. Many arguments Between guys on who’s hot or not always seem to fall into “cute face, but DAMN look at her body” types and “oh my gosh her face is sooo beautiful…so what if she has the curves of a 12 year old boy”
          I am definitely in the former camp. No chic is “hot” to me is she doesn’t illicit raging hard boners, and lusty thoughts of enjoying her body with my mouth and dick.
          A pretty face in and off itself doesn’t enhance my orgasm one iota. But a bubble ass, flat stomach, perfect tits, with wide hips and a pair of stripper legs – all giggling, bouncing, or being contorted as I express my lusty rage?
          Yeah, that’s a recipe for black-out orgasms.

        5. That did thanks. Irina yes, Natalia not so much. That said you’ll find girls like these in any Western country.

        6. Yeah, that Anna Kournikova was an ugly one for sure…. no? Hmmm.. your opinion doesn’t hold true 100% of the time doctor.

        7. That’s it Decode! Single bagger, double bagger… no lights on … whatever… SCOOORE!

      5. Commiting suicide because a pretty woman broke your heart is excruciatingly lame. I was dumped and then became penniless, yet I am still here, fighting. Success is the best revenge. Live and learn, anticipate trouble, live for your own sake.

        1. Me too.
          We were swimmers and very athletic. Sliding my arm around her waist was like grabbing living electricity. We were together for seven years.
          The pain was nearly unbearable, and for quite some time I worked at menial night jobs so I wouldn’t have to face the world. The depression finally broke when I left my home state and took a job on a fishing boat in Alaska. No reminders, and no bumping into ‘friends’ who had been banging my attention-whore wife.
          25 years after the break-up, I have a successful business, and live in a paid for home in a desirable neighborhood downtown. My ‘new’ wife is worthy of me and she has a successful business. I still swim at least two miles a week with my hard driving teenage kids who get up at 5:30 am because they want this time with their old man.
          She, on the other hand, has aborted her kids, including one of mine, lost her law license, lost her job in a sex toy shop, lost her next three husbands, and last I heard she was giving intersession talks on ‘Sex toys’ and ‘What your Mother Never Told you About Sex’ at the University closest to her last divorce. I’m sure that it doesn’t help that Miss ‘living electricity’ now looks like a termite queen.
          We don’t talk, but she has made contact with several of my real friends over the years. I hope she has put together an accurate picture of what she threw away.
          Like you, I became penniless, and even lived for 6 weeks in a tent to finish my degree. Success IS the best revenge.

        2. Women like these are precisely why our mothers told us never to judge a book by its cover.

        3. Thank Goodness, or directly, your respect for yourself and connection to reality that landed you in such a positive position after all of that heartache and misery.

        4. You’re very kind.
          That depression lasted four miserable, dark years. I would rather go to prison for four years than to ever do that again.
          Then, as now, I had friends and family who would walk through fire for me. If not for them, I would have had nothing to lose, the story would have already ended, and the ending would not have been happy.
          I wound up going to AK because a kid I had helped when his parents abandoned him at 15 jumped on my butt about losing my sense of adventure. He had grown up and had taken a job on a factory processing boat, The Aleutian Star. I thought about his life and it became clear to me that I needed to get away from the constant reminders of my past life. The first wife and I had been very active politically, and we knew hundreds of people. I hated having to explain the failure, so I took the night jobs where I was unlikely to encounter movers and shakers I had known.
          Life at sea worked. Working on a boat has one’s role in the world very well defined, with the added benefit of challenges as things fail, break or the weather becoming sloppy. I probably improved every day I was there. It also helped that I went to AK weighing 140 with a 32′ waist, and came home at 160 with a 28 inch waist. Pitching fish for hours at a time and beach seining (100 ft net) will do that for a guy. My skipper was 70, fit, wickedly intelligent, short tempered, and a great model of a man who had his shit together. I was the only crewman who made it through the entire salmon season. Out of 5, only two of us made it through my first 72 hour Halibut opener. Words really are inadequate to describe the combination of frustration, sea-sickness, diesel fumes, dehydration, hunger and the blending together of several consecutive gray days and wet nights of non-stop hard physical work in a dicey environment. The mental and physical demands helped me to refocus. I could not have had better therapy.

        5. My brother, I too have been through Hell in a Gasoline Suit. Living with a bi-polar drama queen that doesn’t take her meds is truly living on the edge.
          I even went to Target to buy plastic plates for her to throw at me. I told her that every time she threw the good china it cost me $75 to replace the plate.
          My last words as I got in the car after the moving van loaded my stuff were, “just remember, if the phone don’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.”
          I haven’t seen or heard from her or about her in 21 happy and peaceful years. I sold my business soon after our divorce and went to California to live and get a year around tan on the beach. Life has had its challenges since then, but it hasn’t been a living Hell.

        6. Dayum! Mine could only do golf balls. The problem wasn’t the volume of the balls, but the variety of hoses.

        7. The plastic plates made me chuckle. I remember that I took my vows very seriously, and the great lengths to which I went to keep them. I laugh at your pain, and invite you to laugh at mine. The foolishness of our past lives will never be repeated.
          I told mine that if I ever had to explain this to the other women in my family, it was all over. I was not going to drag my grandmother, mother, and sister’s emotions through her mill. Family and friends were about all I had left, and I was not going to sacrifice their respect for me on the alter of ‘her’.
          She was having an affair with a married candidate running for statewide office, and had left considerable evidence of that affair in our home when she moved out. She wanted it back, and at that point I was not giving up any leverage. She threatened to shoot me. I hung up. That was 24 years ago, and it was the last time we ever spoke.
          She tried sleeping with one of my good friends in exchange for stealing the evidence from my home. It was actually in his closet while he was diddling her. I’m glad he got his licks in. Seems like lots of undeserving f***s got theirs, so why not him?
          I still have that evidence, and it has been as effective as any Tome of Exorcism at keeping that damned succubus out of my life. For years she approached my buddies about getting it back and was either taken advantage of or rebuffed.

        8. Sounds like your chicka was quite a rounder. Mine was just nuts, pathetically nuts. She was a Class II bi-polar and when she was “on” she was the hottie that was your best friend and running buddy all rolled up in one. Things couldn’t be better. But, when she was down, she was lower than whale sh*t and began all her theatrics. And you never knew what would set her off.
          You might be talking about your golf game and she would fly off the handle about playing too much damn golf and not paying enough attention to her. I know women do that kind of stuff all the time but her fury got out of hand… went overboard and too far, too extreme.
          After years of stepping around this emotional bomb set to go off without notice, I finally got sick of it and told her, “if I don’t leave, I’ll have to check into the psych ward myself by next week because you driving me f*cking crazy… I’m done here.”

        9. Good that you said, “It ends here and now.” and stuck with it.
          Guys who take the psychos back place themselves in a special hell. I’ve got a good friend busy making that mistake right now.

        10. It can be like hitting a tennis ball against the practice board. It comes back harder that when you hit it. Tell your friend to turn and run away as fast as he can!

        11. He called during lunch. He’s ashamed to tell me she’s moved back in. I guess I’ll just stop by to drop something off, and we’ll see where the conversation goes.

      6. Same here. A “hard 9” really?!?
        I know we brothas have different taste in women, but even I wouldn’t consider her white guy cryptonite.
        Although from what I saw in the vids, I’d love to party with her. She has that perfect Bad Ass Diva personality that makes other chics wonder what the hell he’s got that keeps her around. If anything, her husband is guilty of having an tool/asset that he didn’t know how to leverage.

        1. Most sex industry workers are more “hard” looking than a 9. Dim lights and watery beer change the scenery quite a bit.

    5. “These women aren’t worth a $3 breakfast burrito, and until men start realizing that and acting appropriately, you’re going to get more sad specimens like Mr. Stern.”

    6. Beauty ???.. This woman is aggressive man made piece of plastic. This man fell for a try hard upstart with delusions of Hollywood glamour and lifestyle…..Hardly worth taking your life over… Big fool !!

    7. 1. This girl may be a cunt, but not because of her beauty. All Western girls are cunts, 7s often have larger egos than 9s.
      2. In a society that does not value commitment or family, EVERY girl will leave eventually. Even if you are the baddest of alphas, every girl will leave eventually, no matter if she is a 6,7,8 or 9.
      3. Love in Western times is impossible. Feeling deep affection for a girl is a primal male need, but in the age of female masculinity and general cunt-like attitudes, this is impossible (it is only possible in the few remaining outposts of femininity around the world). Therefore only the needs of sex and ego-pleasuring are coverable.
      4. The only difference between dating a 7 with a shitty personality and a 9 with a shitty personality is ego. Your will genuinely feel you are the shit for getting this girl. This fades and the value of the relationship quickly degenerates to how this girl makes you feel one-on-one. If she has a shitty personality (not all beautiful girls do), it will likely be you that terminates the relationship.

      1. I agree with you on this one. In my pure beta days I used to think that only good looking girls where bitches infected with ego swine flu. And that the poor fat ugly ones are in fact beautiful inside. FUCK YOU HOLLYWOOD.
        Getting involved with women teaches you a different thing. I have met beautiful women with beautiful personalities, and beautiful women you wish they could die. I have met ugly hags, or average girls with decent morals and many more even worse than their “Hot” counterparts. Bitchiness and cuntiness seem to be uncorrelated to physical appearance in my experience. Actually an ugly bitch is worse than a pretty bitch, higher ego i’d say, that goes unfulfilled. The recipe for making Frankenstein.

        1. Probably still knocking each other’s boots off and having a great time. God love ’em.

      2. Where the fuck do you get off judging the West? You used so many broad brushes in your comment you could paint the Sistine Chapel in about an hour. You’re fucked up.

    8. Any long term relationship with this type of woman will only end in disaster for the male. Her physical beauty and obvious intentions add up to these pillars of her personality: narcissist, psychopath & sociopath. Out only for herself and due to her good looks; will always get away with it because rules are bent and pasts forgotten. Always able to play to victim as well, after she ruins you. Once things end, she forgets about you in an hour and any reference of you is simply an inconvenience or something to take to the pawn shop.
      Listen to that cocksucker in the first video, “Your husband is a lucky man, and sometimes he needs to be reminded that right?” I hate these types of assholes you stumble across when you have a nice piece of ass on your arm.

      1. Yup. One of her pics got me thinking : “So this is what a modern day Succubus looks like.” On second thought though, her character was just typical of a woman who is given such privileges : good looks, with enough self-discipline to keep them and go hunting in the high social jungle.
        So I really wonder : did she cause his death? Was he just a loser ? This story is so open to interpretations it would make a good movie plot. Is she the evil criminal? Is she the innocent candid girl? Will we ever know?
        If we flipped the genders though, we would have a hard time not deeming a guy responsible for his wife’s suicide after he made her feel inadequate for years by flirting with higher class, hotter women. Oh how we are programmed to ignore women’s responsibilities and accountability.

      2. Also, the intrinsic shallowness of the remark. You are “lucky” because she is pretty not because she has a wonderful personality. And oftentimes the usage of the term “lucky” is in fact a put down. No motherfucker I am not “lucky”, I put in hard work for decades to be where I am. The money and the stunning bitch didn’t fall out of the sky and into my lap!

      3. THE SOLUTION: Find ’em, fuck ’em and forget ’em.
        There are a lot of high minded self righteous prigs in this discussion thread slamming the Hollyslut that this poor bastard killed himself over.
        HOLLYSLUTS ARE HOLLYSLUTS. Real live, compassionate, loving, caring baby mommas live in the West, just like in the Sanctimonious Eastern Bloc.
        So deal with it you guys, you sound Pavlovian.

    9. While I don’t like or agree with the cursing or sexual reference, everything else you said is on point. A woman like that is unstable, immature & corrupt. She will pollute anyone who gets too close to her. Her insecurities make her unattractive.

      1. Angelique, the cursing and sexual references on this subject do set off male angst about nasty pain in their past. The invective could be much, much worse. There is no greater frustrated man than one who tries to endure a cranky bitch.
        It’s been going on so long that even Proverbs addresses it:
        It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome, contentious woman in a lovely home.
        I’ve lived contently in my man cave for the last 21 years. It took a very long time to get over the pain. It was like having a limb amputated without anesthetic. That said, I have no regrets and know it was the right decision to leave.
        I have a few girl “friends” now who also don’t want an overwrought relationship. The psycho destroyed romantic inclinations in me. As I just turned 65 there isn’t any reason to try to form a home with someone at this point.
        Happiness is created within oneself. No one should look to anyone else to “make” them happy. It’s a fool’s errand.

  14. A couple of points that I think should be mentioned:
    1. You should emphasize that this is how women primarily are in America. That’s one reason why Roosh likes being outside of the US so much. In countries with significantly more beautiful women, their value is normally less and their ability to earn and extract money is also less (generally). It’s perfectly possible to date beautiful women in central or eastern Europe who don’t have this sort of mentality at all, whereas most American and British 3s or 4s tend to even have egos just like the woman in the article.
    2. I don’t understand why people think she’s a hard 9. Her face is semi-exotic but not that young-looking and not that impressive. Her face is like a less hot version of some other celebrities, the body is alright, the tits are a bit small and she doesn’t seem all that toned. I know that comment might provoke some outrage, but she’s put way too high up on a pedestal. If she was 19 with a slightly better face and slightly better body, I would accept the “hard 9” claims. I doubt I’d even be impressed if I saw this woman on the street in Prague.
    3. This woman has a low social IQ and seems like a complete moron. Why is she praised for having close to zero femininity (especially with respect to her thinking)? She seems to make atrocious, impulsive decisions constantly (like almost all Western women), so I wouldn’t bother praising her as a “smart, strong woman that’s too much to handle.” Rather, it’s just hard to handle mentally retarded women who don’t act like women in any way.

      1. I wouldn’t agree to that.
        She’s DEFINITELY fuckable, – she’s a 9 in my opinion, and the way she takes care of herself, she’ll stay like that for some time for sure. I’d fuck her day and night, especially up her backdoor. She’s got a hot ass.

        1. girls like this are a dime a dozen in europe, half of them are $200p/h hookers.

        2. Would you rate a girl like her who fucks around for cash higher than a girl like her who is not P4P?
          It’s fine if you don’t consider her as a 9. Every man has his own tastes. But comparing an attractive woman to an attractive prostitute is more like sour grapes, unless the attractive woman is a whore herself.
          I could compare a lot of the hotties my buddies or I dated or banged in the past, to hot hookers. Then what would I imply by comparing them? That I or my buddies bedded attractive hooker look-alikes ?

        3. What is the difference between an attractive female celebrity and an attractive prostitute?
          The price.

        4. You are confusing hotness for sex and the social status of being able to bag a hot girlfriend or wife. Don’t do that. Two totally different things.

        5. You either leave an envelope on the nightstand when you leave, or, if you are married to it, you hand her the pay envelope when you get home from work.
          Either way, you pay.

        6. That reminds me of the old joke where the guy asks an attractive bimbo, “Would you sleep with me for $10,000? She jumps at it, “Sure!” He replys, “how about for $10.” She frowns and crosses her arms saying “what do you think I am, anyway?” The guy answers, “we’ve established that… now we are just dickering over the price.”

        7. I found a real gem in my second wife.
          She makes quite a bit more money than I do.
          She is very conservative socially. She owns a business in a very conservative industry.
          She is quite near-sighted.

        8. You are a lucky man… similar to all the planets aligning at the same time. It doesn’t happen often.

        9. The planet of nearsightedness was the critical, and most difficult to pull into the alignment.

        10. Yes, not being blessed with hindsight creates risks when making decisions for the future.

        11. Just so we’re clear, I’m ugly, and she is near-sighted. What a beautiful relationship!

        12. Wouldn’t it be better if she was far sighted? So up close she can’t see you clearly?

        13. Lets not have any more discussion which might lead to her vision being corrected.

        14. Oh, I thought you were talking about your ex. Reading about Obama raised my blood pressure again and I had a “senior moment.”
          Yeah, marrying above your lowly station in life is definitely enhanced if the lady is nearsighted. It’s hard to be a trophy husband but someone has to do it. Thanks for taking one for the team.

        15. Take a break from BHO to make me chuckle any time.
          Never thought I was taking one for the team, but your logic is infallible.

        16. It’s my 8th grade kid emerging… and… you trophy husbands don’t get the recognition and respect you deserve.

      2. Elbows too pointy. Shoulders just a little too narrow. Def 2/10 WNB. Hideous bitch. I would never dick that down and would scoff at any man I saw out with her. Have standards boys! Come on.

        1. [email protected] stavka saying she’s a 2. i don’t think she’s a 9 either, but a 2? at least post some pics of the ethereal beauties you and uncle joe are allegedly nailing.

        2. You don’t have to go far Comrade! Take out your wallet and have a look at the picture of your mom.
          I bang women with normal clavicles and rounded elbows. You should accept nothing less. Not like this troll woman pictured above. I have smelt the pussy juices and queefs of women that far surpass the she-beast of which we discuss. Her slim waist and firm ass ruined by the sharp elbows of homeliness. So much so that my once turgid manhood– turgid like a rutabaga or even a large turnip– becomes flaccid and unwell by the sight of this fugliscimo’s fatuous flamingoesque arm-joints.
          No! I would never even allow her supple mouth to attempt to revive my flagging yet glorious and revolutionary turnip-cock. If that collarbone entered my grocery aisle I would refuse its coupon.
          Lo! I urge you, Comrade Bucky, to deny the hate you feel for your dick and refuse to give this woman sex-in-mouth. Or in poosy or anoos. This woman clearly is not pretty. Smooth skin, and trim figure lies. The fascist invader Hitlerite elbows and counter-revolutionary upper torso is plain to see for any good comrade.
          And maybe it’s just me, but looking at the photos again, don’t you think the bitch is fat? Know whum sayin’ niggra? Bitch so fat she wear a yellow raincoat and people be shoutin’ Taxi!

    1. She’s a 9, there’s no doubt about it. I like skinny, fit girls like her so she’s close to a 10 in my book. Ive met girls like her that weren’t nearly as attractive. Some women are incapable of forming an emotional bond with men, mostly because they know there is nothing to their personality. Her looks and the ability to seduce men are all she has. Men bring several things to the table, while most women are dull and shallow (and they know it). She’s nearly a dime but not relationship material, especially in Hollywood.
      I guarantee that if he had game and made her chase him early on, she would have been his fuck buddy for years to come. Oneitis can be deadly.

      1. there’s no real incentive or reason to have a long term relationship with a girl like this, unless you knock her up quickly and strap her down into family life…..
        it’s like a farmer buying a Ferrari when he needs a land rover.
        the main problem with any LTR is basically lack of kids… if there aren’t kids involved or you are not actively heading in that direction…. WTF are you doing in an LTR boy ?
        it’s just sheer laziness and emotional dependency, thinking you can keep her all to yourself without enacting real relationship goals.

        1. Ray Wolfson, I think you are the only other person on this site who gets it.
          Want her to stick around? Take the condom off, bust a fucking nut in her, put a baby in her belly and turn her into a mom. Even if she goes out the door later, you still won.
          Want her to have the power in the relationship FOREVER? Just hold off on doing that, champ. Then she’s forever trying to decide if she wants to stay or go, and you’re forever trying to convince her to stay.
          These kids think they can just hold onto a woman forever in limbo and never have her go off in search of a man with seed that actually works. Like casual fucking is the point of life, and men and women are in solid agreement over this, and she’s just going to wait around for them to decide they want kids sometime when they’re 45 and she’s past menopause.
          The carousel ride doesn’t stop until she’s got a bun in the oven. Until then, you get hit with all the empowered independent woman feminist cultural indoctrination bullshit and she’s perpetually deciding and re-dedicing if you really are ‘The One’ or not.
          Once she’s pregnant, all that crap is totally forgotten and now she’s super mom and oh, dinner’s on the table, honey!
          Sex is about babies. If you can’t deliver on the goods, or aren’t sure you want her to, don’t expect her to wait around for you to make up your mind in 20 years.

        2. the flip side is that once she’s the baby momma, she’s rather special, even if she’s grumpy as a cave troll… so she gets the upper hand in a sense….
          this is an easier task to win though, you just have to make the kids adore you, so they are always talking about you…. then she can’t leave without breaking their hearts…. the first couple of years are tough but at around 4, the kids bond with their father big time and then if she wants a divorce she’s tearing them apart…… it’s yours to lose….

        3. That’s the way it used to be. People got into a courtship because they wanted to reproduce….and now that (courtesy of feminazi programming) having a Kid is the only prime evil a woman can committ what’s left but “fun””?
          Even then I wouldn’t take a girl like that to have kids with. I’d want one who proves that she’s going to put the good of the family over her own self-advancement……I do not, nor have I ever had, any use for subordinates who are not team players.

        4. I think you speak for yourself. I have never been in a LTR trying to convince any woman to stay. You actually sound like you are making a woman’s argument (trap him with a child). Its a rare man who tries to trap a woman with a child. As for winning… there are no wins in having a woman give birth to your child and then leave you.

        5. I would say that about sums it up. Got a 9 and want to keep her, gota put a bun in it.

    2. correct, not a 9 for me. she looks old, her tits look crap, she dresses like a slut and gives off a fake vibe. i would not chase a woman like this.

    3. I guess it is a spot on about the current state of affair regarding the beauty standard in the US (fat ugly feminist galore). I’ve personally dated and banged hotter (white) girls than her whose I would barely rated 7 or 8 here in Europe.

    4. For the usa, where overweight rates for women are in the 80%, she is indeed a 9.5.
      For southern/eastern europe, she is a 7.5. Keep in mind that a 7 from Urkaine is like an 8.5/9 in usa.

    5. Dude…Roosh goes outside the US to find women primarily because the women in America don’t like him as much….and there’s nothing wrong with that because it’s a basic marketing principle. You go to where demand is if you want to do well.
      You know what I’ve noticed the biggest commonality is? You don’t want women that are heavily exposed to American media. The best American women I’ve met didn’t watch TV at all and had limited internet use, while all the worst foreign women were very much into Hollywood’s influence.

        1. Try Mormon girls. So many hot chicks in Utah and Arizona who are brought up nice and traditional and taught how to please by their mums. Just be cautious about the soft ones and the Mexican surprises…traditional religious chicks often love to cook that pioneer shit that makes them blimp.

      1. Where the hell did you find those women and are they good looking (I’m leaning toward no if it’s in the U.S.)?

    6. She looks outstanding to me. That said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    7. Brilliant Idea. Through genetic engineering and therefore increasing the beauty and the numbers of those beautiful we ensure that there is decrease in the value of physical beauty and an increase in the competition for good character.

    8. You should emphasize that this is how women primarily are in America. That’s one reason why Roosh likes being outside of the US so much. In countries with significantly more beautiful women, their value is normally less and their ability to earn and extract money is also less (generally). It’s perfectly possible to date beautiful women in central or eastern Europe who don’t have this sort of mentality at all, whereas most American and British 3s or 4s tend to even have egos just like the woman in the article.
      Where do you guys dream up all this shit? You think that all the beautiful women are in Hollywood and American men swoon and sit and beat their meat dreaming over some air-brushed picture? Get a grip.
      There are a lot of beautiful women in Czech and Ukraine but I haven’t sat here and formed the opinion that their men can’t cut it with them because the men can’t make money worth a damn or know when to bathe. That is a stereotype that is equally unfair as the one you are selling with your sanctimonious comment.
      There are gold diggers and barracudas in every society, not just the US or Britain. This story made headlines because the guy was a self made man that had a fat bank account. That didn’t guarantee him success with this particular chick who “just wasn’t that into him.” So, instead of taking his full wallet and banging on down the street, this spoiled egotist ends his own life.
      You think that is what happens in America all the time? Do you think guys end their own life because some chick has a big rack, (probably silicone implants), a big ass and a nice set of wheels and then shoots him down? That is so idiotic and absurd I can’t believe you are so high and mighty on your society to make that indictment.
      Are you covering your own insecurities by making yourself sound “better” than someone else? You have issues that you need to deal with.

    1. I’m pretty sure the emotions you’re feeling about it are probably more than Katie is feeling. Don’t forget that women actually get off on believing they aroused passion from a man. Just by getting angry at this, you’re actually helping feed Katie’s ego.

  15. Dumb bluepilled mangina kills himself. Who cares? One less useless beta male on the planet.

  16. Look at the poses, posture and body language of every picture where Stern and Cleary are together. He’s leaning in and clearly uncomfortable. You can tell a lot about relationship dynamics from pictures alone.

  17. Why kill yourself over a woman? Don’t be an idiot. They’re NEVER worth it. Don’t marry or be boyfriends with the slut ones (which seem to be most of them these days). Just fuck’em and chuck’em.

  18. Great analysis of a tragic story.
    This, sadly, is 100% on point:
    “To some degree, this kind of woman will always value the attention of other random individuals more than she values the attention you give her.”

  19. Yet another glaring example of the importance of the Red Pill, Game, and self improvement. Even if the guy had these things and still lost her, he would have the reserve, solidarity, and self-confidence to rest on his laurels knowing that Adrian Grenier and Leonardo DiCaprio are getting his sloppy seconds. I’m sure during their relationship he must have dumped enough cum in her pussy, mouth, and on her stomach to sufficiently use her up. He go it in – damn shame he felt the need to off himself. Good looking guy could be on top of the world instead he’s 6 feet in the ground all because he got to emotionally wrapped up in some girl.

  20. He needed to use the Law of Abundance to his advantage. He had oneitis (like Robin Thicke) and failed to see that he could have easily had similar attention from other hot women at these social gatherings. Maybe it would have altered things a bit as she would have turned on her completive spirit and worked at keeping him from viewing the younger ones that would be eager to please him. She would have realized what was lost once the “stars” she was pursuing have used her up and she is left with nothing to show for it until she finds another beta chump to accept her once age catches up with her.

  21. Baffling. Handsome and financially sound man entering his 40s offing himself over some transiently-attractive female? A simple overseas vacation would have been the perfect bromide for his depression. A simple stay-at-home woman who would lavish love and attention on him was all he needed.

    1. I have to agree. It seems like perspective is very dangerous when we don’t know our other options. A guy like that would do very well overseas, I guarantee it.
      Thats what bugs me the most also: good available attractive women sitting waiting to find a man like him but the wrong women like her get lavished with money & attention instead.

    2. He is looking for emotional connection, something deeper, something that doesn’t exist with 99% of females.

      1. If it only exists in 99% of females, then make an online dating profile and message 100 different girls……or go to speed dating every other week until you’ve talked to a 100 different girls.
        If it’s an emotional connection you want then you only need to find one.

    3. He didn’t kill himself over this woman. He killed himself because he was mentally ill.

    4. Something else happened. Possibly a chemical imbalance or clinical depression. He didn’t become a whiney bitch or anything. He just ended himself. Happens to a lot of people. At least he didn’t take anyone with him.

      1. I think this is another Elliot Roger incident.
        There’s something psychologically wrong in the first place that sets the stage.

  22. A little Chris Brown facial massage therapy might have helped keep her in line.

  23. In short, don’t invest emotionally in any woman, let alone a chronic attention seeker. Good analysis Athlone, and I loved Quintus’ commentary too. Very wise words. Never make your self respect dependent on things outside yourself.

    1. In other words, always have abundance on your side. When a chick, especially a very beautiful one, knows that she’s all you got, she’ll have terrible power over you. Money is one thing because it can be replaced but emotions? It’s hard to replace it when one girl drains it from your soul.

  24. Yup, git you a nice 6/7 that keeps your balls empty and your stomach full. Hot chicks are nothing but trouble. Other problem for guys: the super hot gf/wife is a status symbol to other men, that’s what they mourn missing as much as the actual girl when she splits.

  25. Great post. This is an excellent treatise on the dangers of ignorance of hypergamy.
    We can absolutely NOT allow ourselves to become too deeply invested in women with absurdly high SMV. This man was accomplished, rich, handsome and fit. He certainly had a higher SMV than most of the men reading and commenting right now (myself included). And yet even he was not enough to keep this woman content. And our society has severed all restraints on women and hypergamy to the point where even a 6/10 will have an attitude similar to Cleary.
    Hypergamy means that women are ALWAYS looking to trade up. ALWAYS. The pussy goes to the highest bidder, and there is always someone who can outbid you, in this case it seems it was Leo fuckin’ DiCaprio himself.
    There are a lot of Game of Thrones fans here, so they’ll understand what I mean when I say that you should treat the pussy like you would treat Bronn. Keep it close…not too close. And don’t be surprised when it turns its back on you when the chips are down and your head is on the line.
    Andrew Stern is the cautionary tale of the Paper Alpha; money, looks, status…but no game. No confidence.
    To become too deeply attached to something as fickle, capricious, nonsensical and hypergamous as a woman is to invite nothing put pain and sadness into your life. I wish the shitty romcoms were accurate and we really could get all mushy and lovey with these bitches, but it doesn’t work that way in reality.

    1. No such thing as Alpha. There is no mythical Alpha male able to keep women in line.

      1. The Alpha male is a real, demonstrable facet of nature; there is a hierarchy in male power dynamics.
        It is true that there is no way to behave, no amount of status that *guarantees* a woman’s fidelity or good behavior…but you can make her fidelity and positive behavior MUCH MORE LIKELY by incorporating Game and subtle (and occasionally overt) acts of Alpha domination into your every day interaction with her.

        1. Nowadays there are alpha-males but no Alpha-male.
          No man can be alpha in ALL aspects of life… If a woman has an alpha beta-provider, she’ll still get wet for an alpha-rockstar…. she’ll then get wet for an alpha-athlete…. she’ll then get wet for alpha-MMA fighter…. she’ll then get wet for alpha-intellectual professor…. Keep in mind, any of these men may dip in their value for some out of their control reason (i.e. recession, responsibilities, etc.)
          Same thing happened to me… I went from careless rockstar type to trying to put together a high status career. Ex-gf couldn’t handle watching me start at the bottom. Some other guy was already one-step ahead for having started a couple years earlier… (mind you by his age I would have been light years ahead of him… hypergamy is in the now perceptual… not rational)
          Some men can be great in multiple aspects of life but there are simply too many men nowadays for one to be a specialist in everything…. a woman’s hypergamy makes sense in a different world but in ours it is nothing but chaos. We have the illusion of civilization because only the fringes are acting out violently.

        2. What it pisses me off is that women can and will always dump you for a better man assuming than they are already perfect in every sense.

      2. It’s an ideal, nothing more. You won’t find a human being who epitomizes alpha at all times.

  26. We also tend to idolize beauty too much. Sure, she’s attractive. But guess what, she’s human like everyone else, with all the pain in the ass that every other woman brings to some degree. Probably it’s even worse for very attractive women, since we allow them to get away with blue murder just cos they are so cute. And once you remove all the gloss and hype, thick makeup and retouched photos, you’ll see she can still have bed hair and bad breath, her pussy still bleeds every month and her shit stinks as much as yours.
    Nowadays to even consider any sort of relationship with a woman, the ‘aggravation factor’ is one of the highest priorities on my list. Does she help me have good times, or does she bring more trouble and hassle in my life?
    Never forget, guys:
    No matter how cute she looks, someone somewhere is tired of her shit.

    1. It’s a rock and hard place though. The mass of fatties in the U.S. forces men here to overvalue beauty. If most american women actually took care of their bodies, the 9’s would not get so much attention.

      1. Agreed. Supply and demand.
        From The Rational Male;
        “What seems to be happening is that many women are now certain that male desperation in the future will be greater than any sense of male self-respect, and so they can do whatever they want and not have to hide it. Part of me wonders if women see the ability to be open about their intentions/strategy as a status symbol- a woman who can act that way is a woman of value, and therefore a woman to be envied. The problem with this strategy, though, is that it relies on male desperation not having any limits. I suspect this to be a grave mistake. This is because the average quality of women in the West has been dropping fast, perhaps even faster than male desperation has been rising. If that is the case, we will soon reach a point where most men will simply not accept the (Western) women who are available, no matter how desperate they might
        have become.”
        “All of this plays into part of this subject- the looming fight
        between women. Women at the margins of “value” will start to feel the pinch first. The “where have all the good men gone?” articles out there seem to indicate that this has already begun. It will only increase in tempo over time as more and more women drop below the acceptable rate for most men. Combine this with many men being burned or realizing what a danger most Western women are, and you get a huge disparity in outcome between the female “haves” and “have-nots”.”
        The natural male reflexive backlash from all this comes in the form of the MGTOW and expatriation.

        1. The black community is the canary in the coal mine. Ask any black man in the US and he will tell you how low American black women have gone. The result is that right now over 70% of black women over 15 are unmarried. I am not saying they were never married, but rather that 70% at any given time are without a man. Their response is to sink ever lower and double down on their man hating. They are alone for a reason. White American and then Hispanic and Asian American women are headed for the same trajectory.

    2. “No matter how cute she looks, someone somewhere is tired of her shit.”
      SPOT ON!

    3. I agree, my wife is beautiful, but the reason I keep her is because she is fun to have around. There is always an aggravation factor; she is still a woman. But on the whole she adds to my life inside and outside the bedroom. If she didn’t then I would show her the curb.

  27. A good breakdown of yet another “Beta with One-Itis” story complete with the alpha gaming the widow. Men take heed, keep the pedestal clear for your co-ed softball trophies…

  28. You can’t lock down a 9+ in 2014 unless you are a celebrity or millionaire. Imagine all of the alpha guys running around Hollywood. Every time she leaves the house she probably gets hit on by movie producers, porn stars, actors, pro athletes, etc. A quiet Midwestern guy is dead in the water. I honestly think that in LA, having a reliable young 7 that you fuck once or twice a month can help you keep your feelings from getting too hung up on her.
    Its much easier said than done though because if she’s an animal in bed a guy can get addicted quickly. If she was screaming my name every nigh I might be tempted to regurgitate the red pill and catch the itis.

    1. Funny thing is he is a celebrity millionaire. Just not celebrity millionaire enough for her apparently.
      Imagine having a LTR in LA when Justin Bieber or some guy from the Twilight show is always popping up in clubs.

    2. That’s untrue. There are more pretty girls there than rich men. A surf bum can get anything. Doesn’t take much. Honestly mate you sound like Eliot Rodger. Stop being a cunt.

  29. The real take away from this cautionary tale is not to commit to ambitious women. They’re not marriage material.
    I’ve dated several women who were equivalent to Katie Clearly in beauty and ambition. I can tell you from experience that these women find men on the rise and hop aboard.
    Symbiosis is possible if you’re aware of the arrangement. However, if you delude yourself into believing the fairy tale, these relationships can become parasitic quick.
    My advice: Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Let her do what she was born to do and in turn mirror her actions. Use her strengths (i.e. networking, social climbing, et al) to your advantage; Ride the wave and for the love of god; Don’t ever fall in love.

    1. 100% agreed. These women are dangerous but they do have advantages that can be taken, provided you know that’s all they’re really good for. I’ve only been involved with one woman like this.You can google her name and easily find her past “associations” with two relatively well-known athletes.
      Anyway, I met her in a time of my life where I was pretty comfortable with myself. No trouble getting with women. Making great money. Living in NYC. Shit was grand. I meet her at a mutual friend’s party knowing that everyone thought she was hot shit. I thought she was just going to be some stupid, hot ditz. I think that approach actually helped in attracting her to me but damn was I wrong. Her social IQ would rival many on here. It was the first time I was “impressed” with a woman. From that night on we dated for about a year. I could have frank, open conversations with her. She knew, similar to us on ROK, what was up in regards to many social aspects. It was refreshing as hell. As she introduced me to more and more impressive and successful people, I found myself trying to improve and “keep up”. Hit the gym consistently, do “better” at work, etc.etc. Until eventually I just got sick of it. My life was in a better spot than before I had met her and I was a better man but her thirst to just keep “rising and rising” was unquenchable and I was questioning where my motivation in life was really coming from. So I ended it. Like you said, women like that can be amazing “tools” but their general approach towards life makes it too difficult to see them as anything else.

      1. I was a better man but her thirst to just keep “rising and rising” was unquenchable and I was questioning where my motivation in life was really coming from.

        Your entire story matches every relationship I’ve ever had with a shameless social climber damn near verbatim.
        Those women helped me create lucrative relationships with a lot of influential people, many whom I still “break bread with” today. However, as you said their need to accumulate status and be seen [or more aptly ‘scene’] is insatiable and each of these relationships ended with me being burned out.
        What’s worst, is that breaking up with each of these women felt like trying to close a bank account.
        No crying, no melodramatics; Just them trying to sell me on why it would be unwise to break-up so soon and hearing the other services their bank…I mean she offers. Imagine the scene from American Psycho where Christian Bale breaks up with Reese Witherspoon. One of these chicks even said we should ‘continue working together’ after we split. SMH. Yeah, sure.
        I admit, dealing with women who deal with relationships pragmatically is refreshing but it’s also very impersonal. As a wise man once said these relationships are ‘Strictly for live men, not for freshmen’
        Proceed with caution.

        1. Completely agree. Although I wonder if, given these women’s usually rational behavior, some are able to eventually have a realization of their ultimately destructive behavior before they reach the end aka the Wall. Something, however, tells me their true nature “wins” out in the end.

  30. I’ve gotta be honest… My approach with women has changed over the years.
    I agree with roosh’s concept of the boner test. I’ve been with girls other guys have had this kind of suicide oneitis for over their being an 8+.
    If she turns me on and has a decent personality I’m content. I don’t care that much if other guys think she is a 10 or whatever… In my opinion an attractive woman is a happy woman. If a 7 (I do have standards mind u) is having the night of her life with you I’m pretty sure she is going to appear incredibly beautiful compared to some bored stuck up 9.5.
    That is of course if she passes the boner test.

  31. It’s gotta be tough though to go to the theater and see the Wolf of Wallstreet and then wake-up the next day and see photos of your girl talking to Jordan Belfort at a club. lol

  32. The problem is screening and being centered. He clearly didn´t know hot to screen for a good girlfriend. A woman who is notoriously hypergamous is definitely not an option. He just let his personality be completely filled by the external things he supposedly owned. That is a relationship full of drama as well.

  33. Andrew Stern couldn’t handle a beautiful woman because he lacked GAME.
    If he had GAME, he would’ve kept her in control, and it would be the other way around with her chasing him continuously. I’m assuming that she was probably initially attracted to him; but her attraction died out soon. This happens with every woman. Women lose attraction for men soon, because basically women are ungrateful creatures. The hypergamy references mentioned by some readers below are too superb because that also being a core trait of women, makes women never stick around you. They indeed always look to trade you.
    The most important piece of advice for men in 2014 is : DON’T MARRY.
    In the modern world ,once you get married, it’s always a man either trying to :
    -stop his woman from getting away (doing what she wanted to keep her attracted to him)
    -stop her from taking his possessions away in divorce
    – stop her from revealing his weaknesses (who knows what weaknesses Andrew had which he could’ve been scared of Cleary revealing to the world. It’s common for women to talk about their husband’s and men’s inadequacies to the public.)
    – stop his children from getting away with her
    And see what men with no game usually pass through or do to get women:
    – Workout/ Get in shape to attract women (This should be done for self, not women)
    – Eat well to get into shape (This should be done for self)
    – Make money to attract women (This should be done for self)
    – Do things to make women happy
    Which is what Andrew Stern did. Which was never enough for her. Look at Leo in comparison. He isn’t as ripped as Stern was. But he probably butt fucked Cleary, and so did Adrian Grenier, who look in worser physical shape than Stern.
    But the only saving grace is maybe he got to fuck her, bang her holes, and commit what not sexual depravity with her at some time. But again, even all that wasn’t worth his life.
    Secondly, models and celebrities are nothing but beautiful whores, both physically and emotionally. He should’ve fucked her and passed her around. Look at those pictures of ‘good’ times he clicked before he died. Don’t you sense the phoniness of such ‘elite’ women? They’re all plastic, they’re raised to smile, and fake affection in front of screen. Any woman who has camera addiction – whether it may be a professional camera, or a smartphone camera, is an actress. Women like these are all phony, so use them and pass them around,. Use their connections and social climb yourself, and discard these women once they’ve served the purpose.That’s what they are all worth for. But what must be noted is Katie Cleary was also raised by a mother, not father. If her mom’s a whore, so will she.
    One more thing men to beware of. Just don’t think women are different anywhere. That’s NAWALT. You could find a Katie Cleary in Europe, Asia, or Latin America, or a woman from these areas could end up embodying her easily. Women are not perfect. Always keep your emotional distance from them, treat them like a dangerous but beautiful snake, the way snake tamers do. And never love them, (even if you may fuck them as much as you want), and be prepared to walk away from them AT ALL TIMES. Women can do the same to you, so keep these points in mind. Just don’t let women rule your life. Pump and dump is the way, and never commit.

    1. Nope, game would not be able to keep a woman like that under control, what a load of fucking nonsense.

  34. Quote: “If you take the time to ensure that you have made and maintained these necessary improvements, these women could bring a lot of value to your life. You’ll have the chance to meet you “dream girl” and actually build a healthy long-term relationship with her.”
    McGinnis your articles have been overall quite good and insightful. But respectfully you really lost me on the above remark. This is supplication, not sound advice.
    As one responder already here stated, it’s because contemporary western (and westernizing) females are garbage. When you see a super hottie with a guy; do not kid yourself; he’s not ‘handling her’, but rather she’s handling him until she decides to move on. The ultimate thing that killed Stern was his naive belief that a female is capable of being loyal and loving; and that he believed any bullshit sweet talking excrement she fed him.

    1. Men love idealistically, while women love opportunistically. A woman is generally not capable of loving a man the way he loves her.

      1. Quote:”Men love idealistically, while women love opportunistically. A woman is generally not capable of loving a man the way he loves her.”
        Print these words out and post on the fucking wall, man.
        This is THE MOST CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET OF ALL OF HUMANITY. If all men of the human race realized this they sure as fuck would not marry, but instead pump and dump until the extinction of man.

  35. THIS BITCH AINT EVEN THAT CUTE!! No hips, no ass, and has a look that i’ve seen a million times over. Must be her personality because a chick like her is pump and dump…guess thats just my individual taste though. I give her a solid 7 naked with no make up.

  36. I must offer a classic song for Cleary:
    I bust my balls and break my back
    And come home to a slut!
    You broke your vows, you dirty bitch,
    I should kick you in your cunt
    (note for the Amanjaw Marcunttes of the world: it is a song and is FIGURATIVELY saying to kick somebody. Better to leave the bitch)

  37. For the record she was a fame whore and was determined to be on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and she encouraged Stern to get her there by forcing him to attend expensive parties and hang out with cast members. He ended up investing with on the the shows cast members and lost a shit ton of money( he and the cast member both committed suicide) . I think the loss of money and the ability to creat the facade of success played as big a role as Katie’s behavior in his loss of mental stability. He did not just lose his girl, he lost the money to attract a new one of similar looks.

  38. She’s pretty but not stand out pretty.Just based on looks she not to die for and certainly not worth putting up with.I believe saying she’s to pretty is laughable.

  39. This further proves the madness that is the “soul mate myth”. This guy had a fatal case of Oneitis and it should never come to that. Yes she’s a hot girl but not worth destroying yourself over. Women like her thrive on male attention and validation no matter how much attention you give to her. She should have never married him since her goals seem to be purely fame and career. But again, her vanity and being told how great she is her whole life blinded her to this courtesy.
    There’s another great post on here about everything being temporary in life, the good and the bad. A guy like this would have benefited greatly from that mindset. yes you could lose this girl and it will suck but that bad feeling will also pass in time.

    1. Yes, and when the bad feeling passes, one realizes she wasn´t that much.
      Romantic love makes a man lame and tame.

  40. First of all, where does this guy get off on offing himself? What a fucken pansy. For a woman? WORST reason to off yourself EVER. All bitches (whatever number your monkey brain assigns them 9 8 10 3) are just useless pieces of flesh after you empty your nut sack. You look hard enough you’ll find another. You approach enough times you’ll fuck another. Uncontested universal truth. Secondly, these “celebrities” are just fucken people. It astounds me how unrealistic society can be. If this bitch weren’t some said celebrity she’d just be another whore that nobody gives a shit about. I can’t stress this fact enough. They are just people. Remember gents, part of the red pill is realizing that it’s really all relative. The only thing you can control is the way you think and this starts by changing your core beliefs. Women are useless whores on this planet for our pleasure. No if and or buts. My mom, your mom…all of our mothers are also whores. Yes that’s how we all got here. Get used to it, its the truth. Remember gentlemen, the moment you start to think that she or any other girl you’re fucking is “yours” then you would not have lost her as your whore but you would have lost the thing that is most important to a man in this day and age…your manhood. Nobody cares about you, nobody loves you. You need to accept this as TRUTH and rise above the society bull shit games and FUCK these women sideways to hell, have a cigarette and call it a day. If you wanna have emotions about it you can go fuck yourself and the fucken unicorn you rode in on. Have an excellent and pleasant day :D!

    1. Well said-this is the kind of tough love Stern needed from solid male friends. Women are never worth your life. And calling this chick a “celebrity” is a stretch. She’s just one of a million models in LA. he should have had the mentality of enjoy the ride and then move on to the next,

      1. Are you referring to stern the nba commisioner or sterling the owner of the clippers?

    2. JLundone , you couldn’t have summarized women more perfectly! Every red pill man should copy your comment and use it as a screen saver on their smartphone as a hard daily reminder. This is my first ever response as an avid daily reader of over a year. Outstanding my friend!!

      1. I’m sure you have some philosophy, view points and unique experiences with women to share. Please do create a profile and share with your community. We are all learning how to be better men.

    3. Hahaha…that´s corrosive but true! I wish I had this attitude when I was younger.

  41. ‘For every drop dead gorgeous woman out there, there’s at least one guy tired of fucking her’-some Hollywood ‘madam to the stars’..years ago

  42. The REAL tragedy here is that Stern did not divorce this winch BEFORE he off-ed himself.
    They were apparently separated, not yet divorced. That means this bitch has a claim on ALL of the money he made, even the money he made before he married her. She is first in line legally to all of it. Especially in California.
    For her, this was probably the ideal outcome. I am quite sure she did not shed a single tear and, after talking to her divorce lawyer, was in fact thankful for her “unbelievably good luck.” Realizing that he was a sensitive man, she quite likely twisted the knife to maximize his pain in the hope of causing him to commit suicide. She was probably well aware that he had problems with depression, suicidal thoughts, and was emotionally sensitive. That would explain the series of photos with alpha males she made sure were appearing in the media for Stern to see.
    This is the topic that this posting should have been about. Or, at least, you should investigate this angle and write another post.
    Men need think about this: Do you really want that bitch that hurt you to get your fortune?
    I fucking hope not.
    (And, BTW, NEVER trust a woman that claims to be interested in protecting and helping animals – that’s a free tip).

    1. Yeah she protects the animals while torturing a man on the side…although he was fully responsible for letting that happen.
      As I said before, many men here are older, shorter and uglier than Stern, we also have been dumped and have no money…but we are still standing!

  43. She was GIVEN too much control to wield with her pussy along with her presence as ‘trophy’ company to be kept. A trophy is something which sits on a shelf and does NOTHING but require polishing. She should have been removed from toxic Hollywood life before it began as a virgin, CONQUERED from wishbone to crown, her fine waspwaist disfigured and expanded from harboring souls from the heavens to deliver before her master. The only CONTROL she is worthy of is control of the omlette pan flip between titfeedings and lullabys, and of course polishing her dear masters staff.

  44. That’s reall werd, its just my opinion but she isn’t that pretty. I don’t understand the hupe about her deserving a 9. She’s closer to a 8. Or 7.5 and she dresses like shit with a fake ass smile. Anyways, personal tastes I guess. Poorguy, ass slapping her from time to time could’ve saved him,or better, flirting with other girls in front of her.

  45. A major point missed in this article – Cleary is obviously hyper-narcissistic.
    Any man that wants to invest in a marriage MUST learn about personality disorders.
    A major problem with woman like this is that they know how to make themselves attractive to you. They have pseudo charisma. They appear to be so damned interesting. They will suck you in, get you to invest, then you get to see their true reptilian nature.
    For the regular guy, there are some simple things you can look out for. Watch out when a woman starts insisting that you change how you dress, wants you to change you hair style (grow it long, cut it short, whatever), and/or insists that you add any sort of “style” or fashion to your life. Get the fuck out.
    Know who you are. Accept who you are. If you decide to change something about yourself, it must be something that is driven from within, to please yourself. NEVER, ever decide that something needs to change because a woman in your life says so.
    Believe me, I learned this stuff the hard way. After going through a horrible experience pretty similar to what Stern went through – but not killing myself of course – I took a good hard look at myself. I also spent a lot of time reading, researching, learning. This experience, in fact, is how I ran into the Manosphere a while back.
    I learned my fucking lesson. I don’t think that other men should have to. Or, at least, they should be forewarned. If you are forewarned, then you are more likely to make it through this type of experience with your sanity in tact and get through to the other side. There is nothing in the mainstream media, or in school, or pretty much anywhere except the Manosphere that will give you an hint of the reality of narcissistic women like Cleary. So take what you read here seriously. It’s not just about game, it’s also about teaching you some hard realities.

    1. It’s ironic seeing the “pussy mangina” comments when the majority of us were in similar blue-pill situations before finding solace here.

    2. Great post. I even took notes.
      I also learned the hard way and yes, KNOWLEDGE is POWER (or at least can prevent you from serious pain). Only in the Manosphere one can learn the real truth about relationships with women.

  46. He gave her what she wanted. She was already looking for another fortune after staking a claim on much of his through marriage — and if the divorce weren’t finalized and over, as his wife she likely inherited all instead of just part of it and had someone else waiting in line.

  47. Good read. I can’t get on side with the whole “make sure you bring something to the table if you want a beautiful woman”. So something written at the end mixed the message up for me.
    So what did this girl bring to the table besides a hot ass? Come on man. I understand what you’re trying to say but implying we need to focus on what we (as men) bring to the table as a means of keeping a beautiful woman is a dangerous assertion. Ironically, if you want to keep a beautiful woman – you should have the mentality where you constantly wonder what SHE brings to the table other than being attractive (for the meantime, looks fade).

  48. Unless you have power over her, I just do not see how can you handle her. She derives her own power from the massive attention she gets; she could have men more powerful, good looking, wealthy than you. On top of that, you live in a society that rewards and praises that kind of behaviour. Even if you had money, power and fame you basically have no control over her as she can leave you any time she wants. The only resource would be coercion; like if you were a big Mafia boss or an Arab king she would understand the consequences of misbehaving…or you could try to pull a Chris Brown and see if she gets hopelessly devoted to you after that.

  49. If ya wanna be happy for the rest of yer life,
    Never make a pretty woman your wife,
    So, from my personal point of view,
    Get an ugly/plain girl to marry you.
    Too damn true!

  50. If you marry a beautiful woman, you should make her pregnant ASAP. Otherwise there is no purpose in marriage.

  51. That man was a natural alpha, but not redpill. A rare occurrence indeed. Poor guy, never had a chance.

    1. Leonardo Di Caprio will bust a few nuts in her butt, and then pass her around. He knows she’d try to use him to social climb, but he would allow that, not until he’s watered her rectum with his seed. And then get bored with her, and disconnect with her.

      1. An Apex Alpha like Di Caprio knows how to handle social climbers. The rest of men need to take the red pill to know the painful, but necessary, truth.

  52. She’s all right, but to kill yourself over a pussy – this is mind boggling. Why, oh, why! This guy’s case is even more pathetic than Max Temkin’s. Poor soul!

  53. Man, if you’re gonna kill yourself over a piece of ass, don’t do it over some withered 32-year old. Jesus. This dude could have easily snagged a 24-yr old cutie who would worship him
    From watching the video, it seems like not only is this chick hot, she’s super-intelligent as well. Locking down a hot+smart chick is going to be harder than just a plain old hot chick. While it’s nice to have a girl you can talk to, extreme intelligence is not a good quality for a GF/wife. Smart chicks are more likely to think themselves out of happiness and always want more more more. Also they can be more manipulative and able to get into your head. You always want to be smarter than your chick.

  54. This article is complete fucking nonsense.
    Avoid marriage. If even rich attractive males get discarded by heartless bitches, do you think some keyboard Alpha is going to do any better?
    “If you take the time to ensure that you have made and maintained these necessary improvements, these women could bring a lot of value to your life”
    You what? These women are not going to add value to anyone’s life, women are a drain on the resources and marriage should be avoided.

    1. Why the fuck? What is Leonardo’s fault?
      If your chick gives her holes out of her own free will to another man, will you blame him?
      When will men understand the problem with promiscuity lies with women, not men? Women are the gatekeepers of sex. If Cleary wants Leo’s cock in her, she will want it. He didn’t chase her.
      Women are the culprits, not men.

  55. All said, I think men should put off marriage till they find a good woman.
    There are dangers associated with every kind of woman.
    Hot and rich girl (7 and above): Deal with her hypergamy. Try to stop someone to take her away, or stop her from leaving you. Jealousy trap if she flirts with others. Plus the more hotter she is, the more likely she started fucking earlier. It’s the same everywhere, in North America, Latin America, EE, Europe, Asia.
    Hot but poor or average income girl (7 and above): Deal with the suspicion that she could’ve prostituted herself for a job, cash or to social climb. If she comes from a place where beautiful woman are found a lot, have even more worries. Because more likely than not, she must’ve lowered her standards to get a man, so she’s more likely to easily put up – even if it is the 3rd or 4th date. The same thing as the hot girl, but the hot and poor girl sluts around out of her needs, not wants. But again, she is still a slut or whore. The good things: Hot body and sex on demand. She knows she must fuck to keep you hooked on to her.
    The true unicorn is the virginal woman who falls in this category. You’ll find her abroad, rarely in the West.
    Average to below average looking rich girl (6 and below): Still sluts around, out of desperation because she has to lower her standards. Especially in poorer countries where beautfiul women are more. In America, she has to do the same. But again, she sluts around only to men who have a status in society, or who are good looking. In the end, she won’t fuck with a loser, but would still fuck. The good thing she brings to the table is her status, cash and social circle, so you can exploit that to social climb yourself. Most men end up marrying this type.
    Average to below average looking, poor or average income girl (6 and below): A lot of men would think she is the safest type to marry. Actually, no. This type of girl actually has to slut it around the most, to get a man. Because she knows that men will gravitate to the hotties. In fact, her notch count can be more than the other types. If that is the case, this woman makes the worst bet for marriage because too many cocks screw up her bonding and emotional circuitry. This woman usually has a low self esteem. The good thing she brings to the table is sex on demand, because she has low self esteem. She knows she must fuck to keep you hooked on to her.
    The less fucked types in this category, are often frigid ‘prudes’ (again out of low self esteem) so her loyalty and faithfulness to you in marriage is because of emotional sexual dysfunction, which makes her disinterested in fucking other men. She may keep her holes strictly for you, but that is the only good thing she brings to the table.
    Hot virgin: Two types. Good virgin and Bad Virgin.
    Bad virgin – attitude (more so if she’s rich), prudishness (if she considers sex as dirty), no oral or anal virginity (she’s a technical virgin, not a real virgin) and a possible cock teasing personality (she is the master among all women to cock tease a man, but never give him sex). Some virgins turn to sluts after marriage, they discover their inner slut on their hymeneal night. Which is bad for the husband. If she’s a poor virgin, than beware of her turning into a materialistic predator after marriage.
    Good virgin: If she’s a pure virgin, has: stable demeanor, good morals, religious and traditional background, this woman is the unicorn. Apart from a hot body, a desire to please you, and no emotional baggage (thankfully that’s the best part of virgins), this woman’s greatest virtue is loyalty. She’ll stick to you. Because she’ll bond deeply to you. Another man will find the way to her holes more impregnable than Alcatraz, because that way she’ll reserve only for you.
    The truth that marriages with virgins are often successful is simply because of the lack of emotional baggage in these women’s lives. More than one dick, that’s emotional baggage. A woman never forgets the time when a man first penetrates her asshole, her cunt, her mouth for the first time in her life. No woman forgets her first time. So be that man – ideally in a marriage.
    Anything more than one dick for a woman, is basically a lottery for you if you choose to commit to her.
    The more she fucks around, even it may be in her search for a ‘good man’ or ‘relationship’, remember every breakup in a woman’s life, is a rejection which makes her more masculine. Which creates baggage, and makes her increasingly dissociate between sex, love and loyalty. The more number of men a woman has fucked makes her masculine in her attitude towards sex, even if not in her behavior, which might still appear feminine and graceful.
    This is the case with almost 80% of women in today’s world, because most women are not the marrying type, they are usually only the fucking type, because they have issues from past affairs.
    That is why marriage is THE MOST IMPORTANT decision a man will make in his life. So take it with the utmost care. That is why game, and sleeping with as many women as possible will help you to understand the intricacies of female nature better. You can’t learn the complexities of female nature by just sleeping with one.
    Don’t let beauty, femininity, sex, emotion, status, or the simple need for companionship to avoid loneliness blind you into impulsively committing to a woman. The most important thing when it comes to marriage or the potential of a good wife, was, is and will always be – virtue. Select the woman who has it.
    The other types are all, pump and dump.

    1. You sound like you have dirty dick, what female would lay a finger on you if they knew that’s how you think?

  56. He was most likely pondering “to be or not to be” long before she left him. Maybe that is why she left .

    1. Yeah, I too think the same. I think their marriages were on the rocks much before it happened.
      Who knows what problems he was facing. Possibly he couldn’t fuck her the way she wanted, or she wouldn’t let him fuck her the way he wanted.And if that was the case, maybe she threatened to reveal that to the press, or their friend circle. Marriages are not only about love and understanding, it is also about covering up your partner’s faults from the world. In the world today, women gossip about their husband’s inadequacies to the social circle. This becomes even worse if you’re a celebrity. Your sexual, financial, or personal life becomes a fodder for the press. You get scrutinized for every small mistake that you do, by the world.
      Maybe he realized later that she married him for his status. But he tried to ‘win’ her over, thanks to the beta indoctrination of society today which teaches men that they must shower affection and man up to win their women. Or maybe he found her slutting about. So he killed himself out of shame.
      Either ways, marriage is a risk.

    2. If that’s why she left, she’s a shit of a human being, having deserted her spouse when in fact his life is threatened.

  57. The phenomenon where otherwise healthy men go HOMO-APESCHITZ over female is a damned CHEMICAL REACTION, understand this. Just like it’s pheromones triggering boners in labido part of brain, BEWARE of the chems affecting SURVIVAN and REASONING regions. A good man can act like a damned lemming when affected. Eat right, don’t eat pussy and if it smells like your own ballsweat then take it over the puss that smells more distant or foreign.

  58. This article is awesome. It keeps reminding me why the Red Pill should be bought in monthly supplies.
    A great advantage to being with an above average attractive chick is that it helps you towards more pussy outlets.
    “Oooooooh what does he have that this hot chick is with him. Maybe I should fuck him to make her jealous.” -says a group of hot girls talking amongst each other.

  59. Stern was also vain, narcissistic, and had genetics that predisposed him to mental instability.

    1. So, learning to meditate, taking some st. john’s wort, and finding pleasurable and meaningful things outside of women and money are good things.

    2. That hardly explaines this tragedy, since they shared those qualities in abundance.

      1. In terms of preparation though, it’s best to avoid those qualities as a man to help stabilize the effects of your romantic life.
        As the article synopsis reads, “preparation is key”.

  60. Having a girlfriend that everyone in town wants to bang is actually a big psychological pressure. Few men can handle it.

  61. He was just alpha enough to marry her — possibly due to his good looks and wealth — but apparently not alpha enough to not eventually come off in her mind as beta bux.
    It is consistent with my observation that tall good-looking men (and possibly rich ones too) tend toward being too beta. Their beta behavior doesn’t turn off women nearly as much as it would coming from an average man, so they never learn game, and moreover never understand the point of it.

    1. I don’t think he was alpha at all. Unless you consider him making his money and career his alpha side. I read the story about him. What was mentioned here about her critiquing his clothes extended to her completely changing over where he lived. Right out the gate he became “the man in the garage”. She had him buy expensive art work, and redecorate his house/apartment with stuff he never cared about having.
      It’s the awkward guy at the high school party who doesn’t really like the party because deep down there’s just nothing that interest him. But feels like he’s supposed to like it, so thinks he’s doing something wrong. But just doesn’t have the back bone to just admit to himself that this stuff holds no value to him and just go do something that does. To paraphrase a line from a movie, all that stuff that he was carrying around about measuring up was like thinking he had to carry around a two bags of bricks. All he had to do was just put it down.
      Odd thing is, somebody in hollywood that actually did something and was good at it, as in an actor or musician as opposed to a celebrity(I make the distinction) might have had a good relationship with him.

      1. Yeah, now that you put it that way, he definitely sounds like pure beta bux. But it still doesn’t really change the fact that she chose to marry him possibly because he was tall, rich, and good-looking, despite his beta behavior.

        1. yeah, I wasn’t really disagreeing with you. You just said exactly why she married him.
          What’s possible is him putting his foot down early, saying who doesn’t care about all that crap she was trying to change him into. Then, whenever she get a mic put in her face, she probably would have played it as “my husband is really down to earth. He doesn’t care about all the glamour, he keeps me grounded.”
          Then it may have been either no marriage at all, or at least several years of a good one. Although I really don’t see anybody staying married to someone like her any longer than whatever the average marriage last.
          But he wouldn’t be dead.

    2. “He was just alpha enough to marry her”
      Alpha and marriage don’t go together in the same sentence. Not in this day and age

  62. The term Aggressive Attention Seeker sticks out to me. All women want validation and attention, so where is the line between normal to aggressive?
    If I were to hazard a guess, normal is a desire for positive attention while feeling chagrin for any harm caused while seeking it. Aggressive is simply wanting attention period.

  63. A useful article. Even the best looking woman must be thrashed. Spare the rod spoil the bitch.

  64. Definitely not suicide worthy. She looks like a cut rate Winny Cooper off Wonder Years. That girl grew up quite nice btw.

  65. “Hard 9”? By my standards she is a solid 8 at most, by Moscow standards she’s a solid 7, this guy could have had better looking girls if he had a bit of gam3e considering how wealthy he is, what a waste, this is why oneitis is so dangerous, blinds you to what’s really out there

  66. If she didn’t have the label of “model” she would get an 8 to 8.5.
    That jawline, almost masculine, is what drops her off 1 point.
    Plus one of the pictures that the respondents posted on here looked almost candid and I saw dimples on her legs/ass. She definitely isn’t as tight as her younger counterpart models.

  67. I think majority feel unworthy. Yanks especially since they are not used to be surrounded by beautiful women. That is the root of the problem. That behavior extends even here with conversations about body and ratings of male attractiveness. Male confidence should be built-in. It should be like energy in the universe.
    Physical beauty fades. It is nice wrapper to look at but underneath it all it’s same blood and bone as everyone else. Don’t treat them any different.

  68. You guys are missing the forest for the trees. This man was obviously suffering from depression. The divorce and him seeing her with Leo really fucked with his already damaged ego which pushed him to kill himself. He could have EASILY pulled another girl, maybe not as famous but his options clearly outweighed 99% of men in this country. The guy was depressed and depression is not joke its a big reason why tens of thousands kill themselves every year.

    1. It’s about what keeps a tree healthy, out of depression, so that healthy trees make a healthy forest. Nobody’s missing him being depressed(or don’t think anybody is, can’t speak for everybody). It’s about him realizing what you just said, or needing to realize it. What he’s getting depressed about, and realizing everything so that you don’t go all the way into a depression in the first place.

  69. I tend to date very eager 8s w/ flaws (single Moms, for example) who can cook, but fuck 7-9s on the side in the P4P realm. 10s, regardless of “job title”, just don’t perform in bed unfortunately. When I go to Tijuana, the best pro fucks are from 7-8, although I don’t doubt the 6s are even better, but I just can’t justify spending $$$ on something that physically inferior. My top puta in Mexico has a 9.5 body, 9 personality, 9 brain (she’s actually an ICU nurse!), but only a 7 face. Good thing she loves it doggy!!!

  70. This is how Stern should have behaved and he’d had her sucking his cock and begging for his dick up her arse…

  71. That why boys at the age of puberty must go through the trials and tribulations of initation into manhood so that they can endure and overcome the hardships of life.

  72. I seriously can’t imagine being in an LTR with a girl like that let alone marrying one. Wtf would you MARRY a girl like that? She has one purpose and that is her sexuality; hell, she has made a living off it. Marriage isn’t about finding the hottest woman that will have you, it is about finding the hottest woman that will actually compliment and enhance your life. I know some probably wouldn’t believe it but having sex with her would get old after awhile – then what? If there are any guys out there that have LTRs with girls like this in the 8-9 range, how is it? Is the sex so amazing you don’t mind putting up with the bs? Just curious because it seems to me if you can bed women like this then why would you settle on just one? I’ve been with women maybe a notch below her in looks and I can honestly say they aren’t that much better than any other decent looking chick (in fact their attitudes and all the attention they get really shits up the whole experience). Not to mention they tend to lack skill in the bedroom and like to lay there like “I’m sooooo hot. Ok, you do all the work.”

  73. 24 hour game is tough just to keep this one. You would have to want to do that. She is quite hot but she is more of a Socialite…a Kim Kardashian in making.

    1. You can keep up game 24/7 – you have to be that guy.
      Fake game is for rookies; to get used to the idea.
      It is also to secure ONS and FBs. Over the long time (3+ years and beyond) you have to deliver. Dont play the tough guy, be one.

  74. All the smack-talk… This broad is good enough (physcially) for an Oscar-Nominated actor, yet some of the people here bash on her looks. Haha
    Regardless, if this guy wanted to get married, why didn’t he go for some bitch that’s at the end of her biological clock, with her looks about to fade. Someone who was a 9 – 10, becoming 8 in her early 30’s. She won’t separate from this dude cuz she’ll need his cash to raise her kids, and high status guys won’t go for her because her looks are fading. But then again, she can still divorce his ass and get half his money.
    So moral of the story, you gotta have game to get and keep hot chicks.

  75. ” A beautiful woman lacking discretion is like a fine gold ring in a pig’s snout” – Proverbs

  76. It’s undoubtedly true that most men, when questioned, would welcome the opportunity to date and marry a beautiful woman. Marrying a beautiful woman is a bad proposition for men however. It’s been said that women see men as men utilities, but this is doubly true for beautiful women. Although I’d choose a beautiful woman to impregnate so that her beauty could be passed to any future daughter of mine, I’d never marry one.

    1. “I’ll take a horny and nasty 7 any day over a dime who’s too worried about how she looks to let go in the sack.”
      Ah, that is so true.

  77. How many of the writers on this site actually have any sort of psychological background other than their bro experience that they expect us to take as truth?
    These articles and this site would be a lot more credible (at least to me) if some of the analysis made of situations like these actually came from a qualified professional that specializes in human dynamics and relationships.

    1. Dont rely on others degrees and “professionalism”.
      Other can never replace your own brain.
      Take the information presented and think about it. Long and hard. Then you decide whats right and true.
      If you cant do that, you are not fit for the red pill. Educate yourself some more and try again.

  78. I read another article about Stern and it mentioned his use, possible abuse, of HGH, Testosterone etc. This article leaves that out. If the guy started tampering hard with his brain chemicals via hormone replacement stuff then that could explain the suicidal plunge. There’s more to the story. He might have been really messed up on hormone/mood pills.

  79. Really I have trouble giving this woman a hard 7 based on her advanced age. I think she would have been a solid 7 in her younger days. I watched Andrew Stern on millionaire matchmaker and if he never took the red pill you just know his romantic notions would kill him and the attraction

    1. Really I have trouble giving this woman a hard 7 based on her advanced age
      Yeah, and her knees are too pointy for you too I’ll bet.
      Advanced age, lol, sure pal. You’re aging too, never forget it.

  80. Can completely relate. Had an LTR with a model. The moment she became my focus I lost her and getting back up was hard. I was able to manage it throughout a very long period of time because she revolved about me and I never took part in her bullshit or the bullshit world she was within.
    In the words of a great friend:
    “You know, in reality beautiful women are not LTR material. For my own good, I wish I would fall in love with a less than beautiful woman, maybe even a bit chubby. Unfortunately it just hasn’t happened. LOL”

  81. Mr Athlone, you have written a true master piece — that should be compulsory reading especially in schools for both men and women. Your indepth psycho analysis was clearly explained and brilliant. I am a big fan of yours and look forward to more of your writings,

  82. Did stop reading this article here:
    “He gave her all the freedom she wanted for her career.”
    -> You do not need to read any further than this. If you have an 8,9 or 10 girlfriend or wife, the first and most basic thing to do is:
    *She is NOT working, even less having a career as your wife.*
    If you let her having a career or working you are asking for trouble.
    If she is an actress or model this counts 10x.
    He didnt knew the basics, how to handle top women and thats what you get as a good looking semi-nice-guy.
    If you have to lead a “common beauty” than you have to bring out the whip (i mean it) and be the worst, most brutal, most raw husband you can possibly imagine or else she will be gone sooner rather than later.
    Top women are not for whimps. You better be an asshole from the core of your heart to the tip of your nose, 100% pure motherfucking asshole 7 days a week, 25 (!) hours a day. Nothing else helps.

    1. In today’s world of narcissistic women where 2’s think they’re 9’s, men have to be assholes all the time with every woman, not just 10’s.

  83. Investing emotionally in any woman not carrying or raising your child, is just plain silly. Despite being religious, I’d go so far as to consider getting her pregnant before getting tied into other entanglements. Women sometimes do come equipped with other useful qualities, but their overwhelming main purpose is being a breeding vessel and mother. No woman without demonstrated competency in that role, should ever be elevated to any level above mere plaything, if that.

  84. The key is to know this bitch is a “rental.” High-end but only that. Each 8-9 I’ve banged I’ve focused solely on the fun we have and nothing else. I’d like to think I fuck ’em better than the dudes they end up snaring in their traps anyways, and I’m confident I did.
    McGinnis; this quote is immortal: “If at any time you appear to be getting too close to that ideal you want (you two are starting to look like a set pair and she is starting to look like she is truly off the market and in your orbit entirely), she will adjust by deliberately seeking attention from other men in order to balance things out.” << mad truth in that statement.. never fails to occur.

    1. I tell you what, this one definitely got my motor running upon first glance, unlike the woman in the original article. Of course, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed, I’m not that high on the horse.

    2. Take away the makeup and I don’t think she will be quite as “hawt” as you think she is. Women are the masters of deceit and deception… especially in the looks department in order to get what they want.

  85. And bitches still ain’t shit. Women today have no innate value whatsoever unless you count a cum drizzled (with a cock count in the hundreds) gash anything of remote value… how about doing a mental makeup removal and you can see her beauty as with most things with Team Twat is just lies and deception. Who cares about if shes “hot”… if she acts like a cunt then you treat her accordingly. Fuck this simp ass mangina bullshit.

  86. Men lead to learn the code. I’m gonna see if I can write an article about it. But basically you don’t correct disrespect. The first time it happens people are GONE. for good. Vamoose. This is what I follow. There is no balance. When there is no balance in a situation you have to get outside of it or hover above it. Get it? There is no way to properly “handle” a shitty woman. When she fucks up you boot her ass for good. Same with everyone else. Trying to deal and negotiate with them is how your ass gets manipulated every time.

    1. I tried this once, I ended up very lonely now I only have acquaintances because people will always let you down if you let them

  87. And you gotta trust your instincts. Those pics with the entourage guy and Di caprio make you feel funny. You trust that and bounce.

  88. She’s not even good looking. And who’s that negro in the Leonardo pic? It’s obviously been photoshopped in.

  89. Men like Andrew Stern, who are attractive and rich, are on the upper echelon of men. To see that his cunt wife did this to him and probably is sucking cocks as we speak shows that women have ZERO CONCEPT of honor, religion, god, morality, or anything. They are barely above animals. In fact, I would say they are below animals in the quality of life they can bring you. They are worthless in every single way but one, and I would not cry at all if they were all sent to the bottom pit of hell to burn for eternity. I have no sympathy left at all for women, or society. I would be happy if there was another 9/11, and I would feel absolutely nothing. I was once a good, nice young man with happy dreams and thoughts of a family but as soon as I saw how terrible and selfish and hypergamous women are, I dropped all of my ethics and morals because I saw there was no point at all. Let it burn, seriously. Let them all fucking rot in hell.

  90. It is indeed sad that this guy off’ed himself over some cunt. But I have to say that any man who goes on a TV show to find a bride who will only marry a man because he is a millionaire is an idiot to begin with. He should have known just what is in store for him.

  91. I like where the author went with this, but I have to ask myself: “Did she ever love him as much as she loved herself?” I think not

  92. This woman is a concubine – a whore for rich men – but Andrew Stern let her beauty blind him.
    Men won’t hesitate to call a toothless crack addict working the corner a whore, but they will women like Cleary a “catch.” Both should be regarded as nothing but tools and not wife material. One is the equivalent of a Porsche and the other a beat up old Kia, but both should be regarded as tools.

  93. I see way better looking girls in eastside LA. She’s definitely nothing special. Go to the Whole Foods in Venice and you will see way better looking women with natural beauty. She’s typical Hollywood/Beverly Hills which isn’t that great especially when you remove the makeup. Most of the really really really good looking tail in Hollywood/BH is foreign anyways which means if you are looking for women with the looks and values, look abroad.

  94. She looks like a real c*nt, with a capital “K”!!! LOL May she burn in hell, which, I know, she will. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  95. On a serious note Athlone, thanks for a great article. I’m similar to this guy in terms of being introverted, overinvesting and being too nice and the the types of women I find attractive. I have a long way to go to change myself so I don’t end up like this guy. Any tips on not ending up like this guy?

  96. I can’t say I feel sorry for a guy who has the looks and fortune to attract hot women. It goes to show, looks, fame and fortune are no substitute for red pill. Just because a man can get hot girls, doesn’t mean he understands the true nature of these girls, or his own emotions. Red pill teaches both.
    It sounds like Stern was playing outside of his element. He tried too hard to fit in with the hollywood celeb crowd, wifing up one. His business catered to them. But he was playing with fire. All men know a hot woman and a hot car are not that different. They’re both hard to handle, difficult to maintain, every other man has their eyes on it, and they can be stolen at any time.
    Personally I think the wife was smart. She was trying to distance herself from Stern’s mental illness. Stern was able to keep a good facade, but no doubt his wife knew about his mental deficiencies, and was looking to get out. Let’s not blame this on some stupid hot chick, they don’t have that much power over typical men. Not too many successful businessmen are offing themselves because their girl is flirting around. Stern was mentally ill, and the wife didn’t want to go down with the ship.

  97. My first wife was incredibly beautiful. She was all curves with natural double Ds. She had a beautiful face with a 1000 watt smile. I learned after the wedding that it was all a fake facade for a truly horrid bitch. I learned the lesson that I urge every man here to take to heart; all the beauty in the world does not make up for one speck of bitch. If you find your dream girl and find that speck of bitch you must drop her like she is a lit stick of dynamite (which she is) and run the other way as fast as you can. When you see a beautiful woman remember, somewhere there is a man that is completely fed up with putting up with her shit.
    BTW, I am married to a very beautiful woman now who is 28 years younger than me. But she is not a bitch. The difference is not in the world but in me. I have changed in being better able to select a woman of character, less blinded by the fog of testosterone, and being a lot more alpha in how I deal with women. All women will walk all over you if you let them. Now that I am older I have learned never to fully invest in any woman. You must be willing and able to walk away at the drop of a hat or they will own you. And if they own you they will hate you. My current wife is hit on all the time when we go out. She does not flirt because she knows the rules. She asks me if I worry about these guys. I tell her no. She asks if I care if she flirts back or goes with these guys. I tell her to go ahead, but I will walk away and cut you out of my life without a second’s hesitation or a single look backwards. Sometimes she says I would never be able to find another woman like me. My response is, no, the next one will be completely different.

  98. Personally, she looks average, plain Jane to me. I’m not a big player, but my eyes know what they like. She looks like a cunt. I mean, if it was a young Carmen Electra I’d say she’s hot and maybe has a cunt personality. This chick really has that cunt/entitled/leech look. She looks like the type to love Vegas trips and talking to other dudes when you’re not around. Looks like more work than is worth it. Too bad a dude had to die because he just hadn’t learned certain things by that point in his life.

  99. Wanna find a decent girl, go volunteer somewhere. Anyone who’ll help others with no thoughts of material reward has probably got a solid moral compass. I speak from experience. Had plenty of vacuous hags before and since, avoid that negative shit, it’s too much like hard work

  100. might like her but I won’t wife her fits well right here. eventually they’ll get enough of tryna keep a tiger as a house cat

  101. Hmmm I agree with the low emotional investment thing, thats crucial with every woman you date, I call it the minimum investment law; once you learn how to do it, its pretty easy, you dont have to gimmick anything, just know that every girl is a whore looking for the duplex PENIS+MONEY, so she has no emotional weight in your life, give that love and attention to your family, real friends, your dreams, your life and above all, yourself… love yourself! enjoy your company, because whenever you start to need something you are in disadvantage, and desire takes you to need, so manage your desire for a chick on a healthy level (fuck her twice a week).
    Also theres a frame mistake in saying: (Not anyone can manage a girl that beautiful), you are putting that human being in a pedestal, dont think like that, just enjoy being yourselves, relax, dont give that much importance to the girl, fuck her brains out, and then go to have some beers with your buddies or girlfriends without giving a shit.

  102. Fundamental Truth #1- No matter how beautiful a woman is, somewhere some guy is tired of her.
    Katie Cleary looks out for 3 people “Me, myself and I”
    By becoming PW’d by this type of woman, she only learns to disrespect you. She’ll pull stunts just to get your goad. Soon she is laughing at you behind your back. These women are barracudas.
    Rarely do “dream girls” fit a man’s illusion of her. Either accept her for who she is or bail out as soon as possible.
    A man must learn that his life is complete if he can sit in a room alone and enjoy his own company. That man is independent and can give of himself fully and receive the love of others as they choose to give it without losing his self-esteem if they fail in his expectations.
    The best expectations of people are no expectations.
    No man is an island, but he is not a doormat either.
    Most beautiful women have self-esteem issues themselves. They overcompensate for them. Take advantage of those issues.
    Guys complain that women go for guys who treat them like crap. See above.
    Be direct and to the point. Don’t make excuses for her or dance around her, walking on eggshells. It will only drive you nuts and she won’t notice.
    If you are not happy with a woman, if she doesn’t bring comfort to your soul and ease to your life, then move on. Life is short and there is no time to waste trying to force something that isn’t there.
    None of this is new. Proverbs 21:9 teaches It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home.
    It was true then… it’s true now.

  103. I would have used my male-dominating assertiveness to convince the broad to move with me to Europe or Oceania where the American indulgences wouldn’t have fucked with our harmonic relationship. But these women are like broccoli overcooked without a strainer, all their nutrients are sapped, they’re too green, and too damn soft. I also don’t like that Leonardo DiCaprio, he may be alpha-ing it out as a single movie star fucking women here and there, up and down, but look how haggard he is. If I saw him on the street I bet all I would have to do is give way to a sudden movement fast enough to make him think he was being attacked and he’d drop dead of a heart attack.

  104. Andrew Stern should have listen to my Dad Tom Leykis and learned how to dumb that bitch and get another hotter and younger than her. Ten years from now she’s gonna hit her expiration date but his value will increase if he maintain his physical health and income. That’s my opinion.

  105. “the physically attractive woman who aggressively seeks attention”
    I miss the days when they were called “attention whores”.

  106. She should be jailed at least 10 years for her punishment but also as a lesson to other attention whores.

  107. Just wanted to post from a woman (and psychologists) perspective. Also wanted to say that I like a lot of the material on ROK. Since I am not a feminist and since I like men and value them, this shouldn’t be too surprising.
    I have read this and agree with your article and want to add some things if you don’t mind. The idea of having to fill oneself up from within (instead of with material possessions) is right on. In fact, none of us, men or women, can truly have healthy relationships until we figure out how to meet our own needs and have true self esteem.
    The tragedy I see here is that I do not believe Katie was an “evil” person. I think she had self esteem problems and a hole in her heart bigger than the Grand Canyon. This caused tremendous insecurity and she was also seeking people and things to fill that hole. It appears Andrew was in a similar mindset. They were both probably looking to each other to fill the emptiness. But, for Katie, she had to get men’s constant validation to fill the hole and one wasn’t enough. Andrew looks as if he used money and prestige to fill the hole. The two together just couldn’t work. Two incomplete people don’t make a “whole,” they make a disaster of epic proportions.
    I agree that women like Katie, in fact most women, need the man who is an “oak.”
    I agree that women like Katie bring their own issues and a man has to know how to handle these women. Otherwise they often cause his demise. I like the Ferrari and the everclear analogy. That couldn’t be more true.
    On another topic…There are a lot of American women out there who are not worth your time in general. I don’t think American women treat men well. European women are much better in that they still realize there is value in being a woman and doing womanly things such as cooking and dressing like a woman. I have the sense that in the US, so many women hate men, but at the same time cannot live without them. This type of attitude is partially responsible for the breakdown of modern relationships.
    I don’t know what to do about it except to tell men that they need to be the oak that the author describes. Also, try to notice red flags in the beginning and have the willpower to cut things off. It does not get better. Frankly, if I were a guy, I am pretty sure I would join the MGTOW movement or marry someone from overseas.

  108. Rest in Peace, brother. – All this pain for a women i wouldn’t even consider to be beautiful or classy…

  109. The terrorist won. Hope he didn’t have any money or insurance for her. She’ll be a tired, over the hill 35 year old complaining she can’t find a “good” man.

  110. oh fuk, I’m in a whole different situatio. I’m 23 and I’m stuck with a 33 year old 5/10, 6/10 in the club. to be fair she treats me as well as she would a son (kind of ironic lol), a south east asian that cooks very well, so much so that I’ve been so comfortable… but I’m quite good looking and smart so I can see that this is a danger I have to avoid in the future. Being entangled in the claws pf comfort. no, not at this age.

  111. What a schmuck. Follow the link and see his grave. Now he is covered in dirt and flowers and will be forgotten. He should have taken her out with him.

  112. I’m familiar with the culture on sites like this and wouldn’t normally bother to comment. However, I felt the need to add my 2 cents.
    As I read the description the sources were putting forward about this woman, certain details were ringing a bell for me and I became suspicious. So I went to see if I could get any of her personal history off Google. Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed: she has no father.
    I realize that most of you aren’t really interested in figuring out what’s really going on, just in maximizing reality for your own personal benefit. So I’m not mentioning this for the sake of the women/’partners’ you are around, but instead to help you see your role more clearly for your daughters’ sakes, if you have any.
    If you don’t want to fill the world with women like this, do us a favor and stick around. Take it from me, if you’re not there, she will spend the rest of her life looking for you in every man she meets.

    1. I love how you assume it was the father’s choice he wasn’t in his daughter’s life.
      You are also, by default, impugning the shit upbringing she had from her single mother. Again reinforcing a point the manosphere often makes: single mothers are bad mothers, both statistically and (as this article indicates) anecdotally.

  113. To be fair, this also happens to women. Last year, former Bachelor contestant Gia Allemand hung herself, apparently, also due to problems with her boyfriend, an NBA player

  114. What a load of crap. The mans issue is not that he couldn’t handle a beautiful woman. He couldn’t handle rejection. His identity was based on his ability to have a beautiful wife. Not exactly a strong foundation for self-identity. If you’d like to avoid problems like this, stop thinking that the woman by your side is there to make you look good. Woman can make a good man great, not by how sexually desirable she is, but by her good character which compells you to be a better man than you were yesterday. Foolishness.

  115. no woman will ever “add value” to your life. that’s not what they are there fore. women are life support systems for a vagina. men need to produce children because if they do not, then everything they accomplish in life is for nothing. better to be a bum on a beach. hunt and fish for your food. be a free spirit and enjoy what little life God gave you before it vanishes. but if you can hand something down to a new generation, then perhaps your son will experience a better life than you had. we keep the human race going because we hope that someday there may be a generation that is able to overcome the inherent weaknesses associated with life. immortality is the goal, and having children is the best way that a man can put his effort into achieving that goal. the only thing that a woman adds to your life is the ability to produce children. women who are faithful, can better care for the said children by cooking and cleaning and so forth… are more valuable. a beautiful women is no longer a treasure because modern life has become so easy that women can provide those things for herself that men used to provide. a beautiful women is now only a liability. evolution, for lack of better words, even though i don’t believe in the concept as a theory, creates features in a woman’s appearance to make her desirable to men for sex. she needs to have men desire her because she needs to have babies. she knows in her inner core that her life is a worthless waste if she does not produce children. that’s why they get so emotionally freaked out the older they get. feminism says get a job, a hobby, volunteer, etc. to find purpose in life but evolution knows better. if you don’t reproduce you’re worthless. so you must be beautiful. you must attract a man to give you children. what society tells people now is wrong. seeking meaning in life apart from family is empty. the purpose of life is to reproduce. if you aren’t reproducing then you are wasting. beautiful women are broken fundamentally because they have too many choices. call it sexist if you want to, but societies that limit women’s freedoms, at least to some degree, are actually doing them a favor. having too many choices it debilitating. ever go to a restaurant and the menu is huge… and you sit there forever not being able to decide, until you end up just ordering a burger? that’s beautiful women. they fuck around FOREVER until it’s almost too late and then they don’t end up with anything special. and then while they eat it they lament the entire time because the person across from them has the delicious looking fettuccine with lobster. and then they are constantly wanting to steal a bite or pester the waiter with extras to try to fill the void of not having been able to make the right decision early on.

  116. Simply don’t fall for a woman. If she doesn’t wanna be with you anymore just dump her and find another one, as simple as that! Nobody on Earth is worth hurting yourself. Personally, if a woman isn’t so into me I won’t even bother talking to her. I do have better things to do tbh than excessively chasing a girl period!

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