Did Microsoft Commit Voter Fraud In Iowa To Ensure Donald Trump’s Defeat?

The first shot in the presidential nomination has been fired, and the finger-pointing has begun. Last night, Ted Cruz pulled off an upset victory in the Iowa Republican caucuses, defeating front-runner Donald Trump by a slim margin, while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a statistical dead heat. Not only that, Marco Rubio exceeded expectations, finishing a close third behind Trump when all the polls showed that he lagged far behind. How did all this happen?

I’ll freely admit that I was wrong when I predicted that Trump would win Iowa by a convincing margin. While Trump’s rallies were drawing the biggest crowds by far of any candidate (Democrat or Republican), I also warned that because the Iowa caucus structure favors long-time party loyalists over first-time voters, the Donald’s supporters might be underrepresented at the actual vote. My predictions on where the other candidates would fall (Rubio in 3rd, Carson 4th, Paul 5th, and Bush 6th) were on the money.

However, the “Rubio surge” makes no sense whatsoever, matching neither what I saw on the ground or what pollsters were reporting. There’s now evidence to suggest that Rubio’s unexpectedly good performance—coming in a close third behind Trump—was the result of voter fraud committed by Microsoft and sanctioned by the RNC. While it’s too early to make a definite call, given that Donald Trump stands against everything that the GOP establishment represents, it’s not out of the question that they would try to fight him with foul play.

Marco Rubio’s Incredible Disappearing Voters


I’ve had the opportunity to attend Iowa campaign events by every major party presidential candidate with the exceptions of John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Jim Gilmore (though I saw Huckabee and Santorum at Trump’s veterans’ rally and shook the latter’s hand). In fact, I attended a Donald Trump rally in Pella and a Marco Rubio town hall in nearby Indianola on the same day, giving me a one-to-one comparison of each candidate’s popularity among Iowans.

In my time in Iowa, Trump’s rallies consistently drew crowds that were larger than all the other candidates’ (Democratic and Republican) combined. Only Bernie Sanders can attract audiences that can compete with Trump in terms of size, though Trump still outpaces Sanders by a wide margin. For example, Trump’s Pella rally on January 23rd drew well over 3,000 people, the majority of whom had to be shunted into an overflow auditorium due to space limits. You can watch my recording of that rally below:

Conversely, Marco Rubio could barely move the needle in terms of audience size. His Indianola event drew 150-200 people at most, the bulk of whom were senile old farts. Check out my recording below:

Lest you wrongly think that voter turnout and rally turnout have no correlation, professional pollsters backed up what I saw on the ground: the Iowa caucus was a fight between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, with Rubio languishing in a distant third with around 10-12 percent of the vote. Moreover, not one single poll in the run-up to the caucus indicated that he would surge to 23 percent, and no one can pinpoint a single reason why Rubio overperformed in the actual vote.

On Sunday, Breitbart reported that Microsoft would be providing technology for tallying votes in the Iowa caucuses. Given that Microsoft is Rubio’s second-largest campaign contributor, this represents a massive conflict of interest. Other sources claim that the GOP establishment had a deliberate plan to goose Rubio’s vote count.

Given that Donald Trump has run an anti-establishment campaign and has refused to accept money from super PACs and other major donors, the GOP brass clearly view him as a threat, so none of this is out of the realm of possibility. While Jeb Bush was previously the anointed candidate of Wall Street, the GOP’s masters may be giving up on him due to his poor polling numbers and shifting their support to Rubio.

Feeling The Bern, Left Out In The Cold


On the Democratic side, I had tepidly predicted that Bernie Sanders would pull off a narrow, upset win, or that if Hillary Clinton won, it would be by a thin margin. As of this writing, the two are neck-and-neck and the vote is too close to call. I was at Hillary’s caucus party last night with Karl Ushanka and got a recording of her victory speech (if you can call it that). Watch it below:

While Hillary’s supporters are trying to spin this as a victory, a saying I read years ago describes the Democratic situation perfectly: if a lightweight fights a heavyweight to a draw, the lightweight won. The vote between Sanders and Clinton was never supposed to be this close, because the very structure of the Democratic nomination was designed to elect Hillary. If the best she can pull off is a draw when she has the media and party machinery on her side, it speaks to how weak she is as a candidate.

While Sanders was not able to pull off the upset that I thought he would (due largely to the same reasons Trump lost; many of his supporters are first-time voters), he and his campaign should be proud of their accomplishments. Sanders’ success in Iowa should further augment his anticipated victory in New Hampshire and give him a fighting chance in the later primaries.

While it’s true that Iowa has a poor record when it comes to predicting the winners of the Republican nomination, Rubio’s shady surge may be a harbinger of GOP dirty tricks down the road. Trump’s sheer dominance in the New Hampshire polls may forestall more foul play, but he needs to be alert and aware of what the establishment has planned for him.

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283 thoughts on “Did Microsoft Commit Voter Fraud In Iowa To Ensure Donald Trump’s Defeat?”

    1. No kidding. The pro-Trump majority of the manosphere should be focusing on that rather than useless speculation that lacks any solid evidence.

  1. Trump is not giving up yet. It ain’t over till it’s over.
    But we’ll see what tricks the GOP will pull to try and stump him.
    Considering how much popular support he has, if they do pull something dirty it will still be a victory for us.
    Trump has awakened nationalism, not electing him would mean that the pressure will continue to build up and more people will get radicalized, it’s still plays in our hands.
    The cat is out of the bag and it’s not going back in.

  2. Do you have any solid evidence of voter fraud? Fivethirtyeight predicted Cruz and Rubio would outperform their polls, and Trump would underperform his. Further, Rubio won over the plurality of last-minute deciders in the caucus.
    This article is useless speculation. It even uses a common left-wing media tactic of “Did x happen?” as a way of implying something without saying it outright.
    Above all, Iowa doesn’t mean shit for Republicans, and anyone placing first to third has a shot at the nomination.
    The manosphere may have to accept that Trump’s support is inflated. Fivethirtyeight’s analysis is spot on: Trump underperformed his polls because he is unable to expand his voter base beyond its very loyal core (which includes much of the manosphere).

  3. Good gravy.
    Maybe not everybody is buying Trump’s sudden turn around on every single one of his long held political positions in the span of only 18 months. Not everybody is a rube ripe for plucking by a slick salesman.

    1. Glad to see you’re one of the voices for reason. My lack of support for Trump isn’t based off past liberal policies, or even his attitude (which I like): it is because he is not credible as being the change he claims to be.
      He has spent the last 20 years donating millions of dollars to establishment politicians, taking photo ops with them, and attending lavish dinner parties with them.
      No sane person could think that someone who has attended weddings of, and donated millions to, establishment politicians, is somehow now “anti-establishment.”

      1. It’s not that he had past leftist ideals, it’s that he’s changed every single one of them overnight and in a 180 turn kind of way. Salesmen will tell you *anything* to get the sale. How people who supposedly like capitalism don’t see a salesman selling them snake oil is beyond me.
        Agree on liking his attitude, that’s perfectly great, and he’s brought some discussion topics to the table that wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t brought them up in the first place. There’s value in that.

        1. Very true. His about-face on nearly all of his positions highly suspect and speaks to a lack of credibility. The only reason I don’t push that point is that it seems his supporters have been able to practice a great deal of cognitive dissonance on shit he said as short as 18 months ago.
          I think reminding people that he has been wining and dining with the Establishment is a more effective attack: his appeal is being anti-establishment, yet there is strong evidence that he is himself more “establishment” than Cruz or Rubio: Cruz is hated by the GOP establishment (they leveled more attacks against him than Trump leading up to Iowa) and Rubio won a contentious primary against the establishment-picked Charlie Crist.

        2. But the establishment does hate him, so while he might have been part of it, he is no longer.

        3. It’s called Kabuki Theatre. Trump is no more anti-establishment than George Soros.
          There’s a reason the eGOP is “warming up” to Trump while still attacking Cruz with full force.

        4. The establishment is afraid of him, but they don’t hate him. They only fear him because he would be a disaster in the General election (as his negative-opinion polls are vastly unfavorable to him, by a lot).
          A Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders presidency would be a disaster.

        5. You need to be part of the establishment in order to have any chances of succeeding. I say Trump is a smart guy, but not a traitor.

        6. He is a part of the establishment but in a major way. The man is so well connected and well heeled in government circles that it’s not even funny. And not surprisingly, he was always, until recently, present at all of the “best” Democrat gatherings and cocktail parties.
          Reagan was not part of the Establishment.

        7. Yes, they DO hate him. What planet are you living on? Unless it’s all a conspiracy/part of the plan, which I don’t think is true.

        8. So what? He is a smart person, and now he is turning on the establishment and wants to do his own thing.

        9. No, he’s turning on nobody. That’s just it, why can’t people see that? He’s *selling you a bill of goods*. This is what he does for a living, and does spectacularly well, he sells people things to his advantage by doing and saying anything he can to make it happen. He brags about this even.
          Simply amazing.

        10. I’m open to anyone who can beat the Democrats who isn’t Bush, Kasich, Christie or Fiorina. I don’t go into presidential elections thinking there will be big changes, or that life will be any better under a new President.
          If anything, we need to stop pinning our hopes on Presidents to change our lives and change them ourselves. Part of neomasculinity is being a catalyst for making things better for yourself, and not “white knighting” anyone else to change your life for you.
          Self improvement and preventing either a self-avowed socialist or a (likely) felon from being president is more important than white knighting someone who isn’t likely to change much for me personally anyway.

        11. At the moment Cruz is the only serious contender that can both beat Trump and win a general election.
          This election cycle is particularly frightening to me. To think that some flea bag communist can actually get his candidacy taken seriously in these united States (Sanders). Fuck, the world has turned upside down.

        12. This here is the smartest thing I have heard about anything going on.
          I would extrapolate it to all politicians, politics itself and what I refer to with love as “the scenario of power” as well.

        13. He isn’t turning on anything. He is doing what he has always done…..whatever it takes to obtain a particular goal…if that includes making a big show of turning on the establishment so be it…it’s just lies.
          The truth is, anyone with an ounce of gray matter knows that people are fed up with the establishment. So what? So you become anti establishment in their eyes.
          He is just another rich guy who wants to be president.

        14. there are no alternatives.
          Who wins the superbowl, who wins the presidential election….it’s all the same
          If you want an alternative then refuse to buy into the pitch and just ignore

        15. There is a seductive love-hate relationship I have with the anarcho-capitalist notion that it’s all a rigged game and that participating in it only validates the game. Withdrawing one’s consent to be governed by these clowns is very tempting. The problem here is that they don’t care about my consent to be governed. As to the elections, I dunno, I’m going to pull for Cruz until he fades (I suspect Trump is the real Establishment chosen candidate meant to make people think that they are “shafting” the powers that be), but really this whole thing seems futile. We have a *mother fucking USSR loving communist* who is getting serious consideration for the office, for God’s sake.
          I think I need to go clean my StG-58 a bit and clear my head.

        16. I’ve got no real issue with anything you say here. The idea that trump is anti-establishment rather than just reinforcing the establishment through dialectic really says a lot about the desire of the people to see real change…they are buying a bogus bag of goods, but for good reason. They are starving. I imagine that after a 20 year jail sentence, even fat girls look pretty tempting.
          My problem here is the idea that it is all a rigged game. It’s not even that. It’s smoke and mirrors I believe. Power has been decentralized thanks to a load of things. There is no power. There is no vacuum. There is no game.
          Basically it’s just a very expensive, well produced tv show that, as Billy Shakes might say, is full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

        17. I really wish we could just elect Kanye West and bring the kardashians in as cabinet members.
          The presidency is a reality show…let’s just stop pretending otherwise.

        18. He’s had one bad vote that I know of. He’s been consistent otherwise. Trump has been hard Leftist from day one and did a complete 180 on every single issue in a very short span of time.
          If you can’t see the difference, I can’t help you.

        19. Being honest, it isn’t as though we have any real standards or obstacles regarding voting and yet significant swaths of the population can’t (or won’t) even put in the very minimum effort to push a button or check a box.
          Of course, everybody can manage to bitch about the situation though.
          What’s most worrying, as you say, is that someone like Sanders or Clinton can land even one vote, and yet social issues don’t matter? How do people think something so idiotic manages to mainstream? On some level we are all willing pawns, like Dylan said: “Your gonna serve somebody.”

        20. That’s not true at all and Trump has changed his opinion over several years whereas Cruz has “adjusted” his views only after he saw Trump’s poll numbers. Maybe Trump is being disingenuous, maybe he isn’t. One thing for sure is he isn’t changing his mind on political expediency.

        21. Uh huh.
          Trump’s views were diametrically different only a couple of years ago. Some of them he keeps even to this day, he just keeps them minimized (socialized medicine).
          I’m not buying his spiel. I can tell when a salesman is singing a sweet song into my ear in order to close a deal.

        22. As opposed to the Republican Establishment that PROMISED voters they would stop Obamacare? What happened with that? Trump isn’t hiding anything, no matter how hard you try to spin this.

        23. “He’s *selling you a bill of goods*.”
          And all the other politicians aren’t? Everybody else is trying to convince me that globalism and hordes of third world immigrants are going to catapault this country into the future. I’m no PhD but I know that’s a load of shit. Unless their vision of the future is Brazil.
          Explain to me why a so-called huckster, using a business plan that’s 30 years old (Art of the Deal) can manipulate the media and voters and make his opponents look stupid, but yet none of his opponents nor the media can pick up on this? What’s stopping the other candidates from using all this slickness to their advantage?

        24. Get it through your head he is the only one that can win.rove and company will be sitting with their stupid whiteboard saying well we just blew 500 million on a loser again. Rupert will hire him for another 4 years to make no sense and complain.Rinse and repeat.

        25. And I guess Cruz ant either. Him and his wife have their heads so far up Goldman Sachs rear ends you can only see their shoes on a bright day.

        26. I’m not for the eGOP, so you just made a straw man argument.
          Yes, Trump isn’t really “hiding” anything so much as he’s counting on massive cognitive dissonance to work on his behalf. He knows his real record as a staunch leftist is there for all to see, he’s simply counting on you to be so awestruck by his words that you simply put on blinders. And you have.

        27. Trump has at least been honest about he`s history and being part of the establishment and all that. That has to count for something at least!
          Do you really think he will backtrack on all he`s policies once elected?
          I`m not in anyway confident in Trump, but
          there is at least a chance he will change things up, unlike the other candidates.
          (I don`t see anyone but Trump beating Hillary)
          That fact that Carl Ichan supports him is also a big plus in my book.
          He`s pretty much on the same page as Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Peter Schiff etc.

        28. Not to the extent that he is, no, not really.
          Of course we need to stop third world immigrants, no disagreement. Trump isn’t really as anti-immigrant as you think. He’ll usher them out, then let them *right the hell back in through that big shining gate*. The media made a big thing out of his, at the time, rather modest remarks regarding immigration. He took at look at the traction, saw it was great, then, hey guess what, agreed and amplified.
          Why can he manipulate? Because people are easy to manipulate. It’s not some weird secret. He’s simply doing it in a new way. Big whoop.

        29. Spare me the condescension. I remember hearing how Reagan was a sure loser and didn’t have a chance. That song is old and the record player it keeps getting spun on is dusty.

        30. The “omg dey iz capitalists!” thing doesn’t work on me as it is the standard Leftist refrain whenever somebody doesn’t fall into line with any other insult.
          I don’t care if Trump is a capitalist (he isn’t, he uses government to use force where he can’t “make a deal”), and I don’t care of Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sachs. Doesn’t, fucking, bother, me, a, bit.

        31. If he’s honest about it or not is irrelevant. He’s part of the Establishment.
          He’s been endorsed by Bob Fucking Dole, for chrissake. He’s changing *nothing*, at all. This is a con job.

        32. As I said, there is a chance he might.
          With the other “realistic” candidates, (Hillary in my opinion), there are exactly 0 reasons to believe in any positive changes, quite the opposite.
          I think its time to forget principles in favor of potential results.

        33. How do you ignore that his wife works there and that he has undisclosed loans?
          Cruz is controlled opposition if there ever was such a thing.
          Who knows if Trump is the right choice but the fact is the banking/corporate/media cable despises him and that is the best thing anyone can have going. As much as you may want to believe Cruz is the one that can take on the banking cable of globalists and their puppets in DC, Cruz is not the answer.
          I am from Texas and supported Cruz in his Senate run and have followed him closely since he has been in DC. He plays his part. That is all.

        34. It was always a rigged game. Not that the fact that wealthy, powerful men will use that wealth to serve themselves and oppress the people is a good thing, but to dispel the idea that things were ever any different.
          During the American Revolution, people were lied too (especially about the Boston “Massacre”) and wealthy landowners generally sat the war out in posh positions while the condemned, average infantry soldier slugged it out.
          We had the Alien and Sedition Acts (comparable by some to the USA Patriot Act)…which was enacted by people who were literally Founding Fathers.
          I don’t think for a second that the Anachro-capitalists would hold true to their values if they ever gained any mainstream support. They’d go the same way nearly all other populist revolutions have gone: being corrupted by the power once they have it.
          The American Revolution was so successful as an exception to the rule because it was essentially wealthy, establishment landowners and professionals running the whole endeavor. Unlike the French and Mexican revolutions, where people stormed palaces, the American Revolution was mostly a force-on-force engagement with heavy use of irregular troops. There was no “storming of the Bastille” or execution of several thousand nobles.
          It was the nobles (ie: wealthy landowners and professionals) who were revolting against the legitimately titled nobles back in Britain.

        35. Reagan was in the same circles as the establishment just like Trump was. Then he took the establishment on and won. Just like Trump is trying.
          How else do you develop a real estate empire without playing the politicians – local, state, federal – that you must have on your side to get thigns done, otherwise they will prevent you from getting anything done through the various mechanisms available to them.
          Real estate is unfortunately, like politics, a very dirty game.

        36. People “forgetting principles in favor of potential results” is what has gotten us to where we are today. That is the precise criticism of the eGOP by their conservative base, that they keep offering up left coast liberals and saying “compromise…get things done”. This is no different.

        37. It’s no secret that his wife works there and his loans are no secret and are above the board. Big whoop.
          The “establishment” doesn’t despise Trump, he’s one of them. Or do you run under the assumption that “Nobody is more anti-establishment than the big business billionaire politically connected man who has supported Leftist politicians and causes almost his entire adult life!”
          Oh well.

        38. I`m trying to put myself inside the head of Donald J. Trump here:
          You have billions of dollars, a private jet, mansions and penthouses you woulden`t believe, beatiful women to have sex with, celebrity status etc.
          All this as you`re approaching 70 years of age.
          What would be the purpose of getting in to office just to be an establishment slave, when you have the very things that role might endow you with?

        39. Never underestimate two things in human beings.
          1) Ego
          2) Desire to leave behind something that history will remember long after you’ve passed.
          These two things are the primary motivator for so many in life.

        40. Number 2 was exactly my point GOJ.
          He wants to leave behind a legacy, be the man that saves America etc.
          What`s the point of being remembered as yet another asshole.

        41. Based on how he’s approached life in regards to self aggrandizement, I don’t think he’s on the lookout for the general public good. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the guy and I actually admire his business sense. I just get the very distinct impression that his idea of a legacy is having a gold plated “Trump” statue erected on the national mall.

        42. media lies about Trump….he has been saying the same thing for 20-30 years….he was a Reagan supporter….I hate it when people JUST listen to left lending media and NEVER research anything on their own.GRrrrrrr

        43. Keep fighting the good fight, bro. Me, I am a principled non-voter, but even in that, I have all but given up on arguing the point anymore.

        44. We need to just make sure hillary or sanders isn’t president… you want to see feminism out of control and taking over… wait until one of them is in the whitehouse. Any of the candidates on the right would be better than one of those two SJWs.

        45. GoJ, you seem to feel very strongly about this, so I ask you:
          Who do you suggest we vote for instead?

        46. This is just my personal opinion, but I think you are misguided. The fact that you actually believe Cruz’s (often flip-flopped) policies are sane or that he isn’t completely bought-off by his sponsors is insane to me, considering the high quality of your other comments here on ROK… but to each his own, politics are always a difficult thing to talk about.

        47. This is just plainly a lie. His books for decades have been saying EXACTLY what he says now.
          There is even a 1988 interview on Oprah where he says all the same shit he says now.
          Oh yeah, TRUMP 2016!

        48. If by “above board” you mean “not disclosed properly”
          Then yes! Clintons email servers are totally cool too

        49. So because he isn’t humble, he can’t leave a positive impact?
          Do you even alpha? Geez.

        50. I didn’t say you were stupid. In fact, I said that people would be stupid if they didn’t realize that American’s are fed up with the establishment and, in a post or two down, I said that I think trump has abused the desire of good and well meaning people to see real change by making himself out to be something he is not.
          It doesn’t make you stupid to want change, it certainly doesn’t make you stupid to disagree with me….I do think, however, that in your desire to see real change in this country, change for the better, you may be allowing yourself to buy into Trump’s well crafted message which has the specific intention of taking good people’s desire to change the world and manipulating them.

        51. That’s a worry of mine as well with all the pro-trump furvor. That it’s too good to be true. This is an exciting time to be alive.
          Being a trumpbot, I do what I do.
          TRUMP 2016!

        52. She is also a member of the globalist CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and helped to draft harmful trade legislation under the Bush administration – and was involved in “Project for a New American Century” (the organization that brought us idiotic Neocon foreign policy). Ted Cruz was also involved with the Bush administration, and helped deliver the “evangelical vote” to Bush (Bush was an absolute disaster, of course, the “alternative” we were given wasn’t so great either, although I was too young to vote anyway).
          Ted Cruz flip-flopped on the TPA/TPP – for a time he actually actively promoted the TPA with Paul Ryan (another globalist scumbag).
          We can talk about the “establishment” all day long… but who are they? Well, the enemies of the Constitution are *globalists*; they are for open borders, amnesty, and idiotic “free trade deals” that ship our job overseas (NAFTA, TPP, etc.). While Trump has changed his opinions – he has led the current field by advocating for the most important issues of our times, namely – build a wall, deport illegals, temporarily ban Moslems, and stop the TPP.
          Trump is a Nationalist, which is what we need right now. If we don’t protect the White race and European heritage – you can kiss the “Constitution” and the “Rule of Law” goodbye forever.

        53. Trump is a Nationalist.
          Cruz is a Globalist.
          If you can’t see the difference, we can’t help you either.

        54. Actually, this is where you may have gone wrong, GOJ – and maybe not – but let me explain my case:
          “forgetting principles in favor of potential results”
          You have perhaps bought into the lie that this nation is rooted in “principles” and “the Constitution”. The Constitution is a beautiful document, but do you know what is more important?
          The fact that this country was founded by *White Europeans* – that is more important than “principles” – because the principles in the Constitution were placed into writing by White Europeans. Whites are being systematically attacked in Europe, America, Canada, and Australia through feminism, multiculturalism, and massive immigration. This nation is rooted in *its people* (White Europeans), not in some document. If Whites become a minority, our Constitution is done. Over. Goodbye. See ya!!!
          We need to elect a *Nationalist* who has the most pro-White policies. This would be Donald Trump. Trump is the only candidate who has expressed real concern for the White Genocide occurring in Europe – hell – Britain has even tried to ban Trump through a petition (it was mostly for show, but their politicians did debate it).
          Are they trying to ban Ted Cruz? Are European leaders talking about Cruz? No, they are not. They are talking about Trump, because Trump is a threat to the anti-White agenda. This election goes deeper than “Republican” and “Democrat” or “liberal” and “conservative”. This is Nationalism vs. Globalism, and Trump is trying to put us on the right side of history.

        55. Cruz looses my support because he is against net neutrality, he wants to increase the H1-B visa’s by 500%! his foreign policy is an absolute joke, he is pro free trade, he is a is a shill for police officers.

        56. He is not one of them. He gave them money because they asked for it. Doesn’t mean he’s a part of the establishment. He’s a billionaire that genuinely loves America, our military and our veterans. He can’t be bought, and that’s enough for me.

        57. what is cruz’s position on the second amendment?
          ultimately, that is the most important issue for me in this election.

        58. yea, i still cant tell if trump is merely controlled opposition. you know, an allowed outlet for the peoples frustration.
          i think the only real difference between all the candidates is the speed with which they will attempt to plunge this nation into full scale communism.
          as always, the first and second amendments are the true guidestones.

        59. Your argument should fall on deaf ears to anyone who has ever had to deal with politicians to get permitting, zoning, economic incentives, tax rebate/abatement, subsidization, etc.
          Do you have any idea what is involved in real estate development? Maybe you should learn about the business before disparaging Trump as a leftist.
          You either play the game and get things done or you lose. You play the hand your dealt and unfortunately you don’t get to pick all the cards.
          Trump represented his own interests and that is what he was supposed to be doing because he was in business.
          Political leaders are supposed to represent the electorate, but it always comes back to them representing their own interests and that of special interests who support them..

        60. I will roll the dice and vote for either Cruz or Trump. I have no faithful conviction in either, but I do have faithful conviction against all the others, and democRats are a given.
          Rubio, from my FL voter experience is a Zuckerberg Prog and a poser.
          I do have a firm conviction of the death spiral of the USSA dominated Bankster Chamberpot Repubs and their cousins the Marxist DemocRats.

        61. Sorry to say I disagree with you here. I am about as right wing as possible without being an active member of a milita. However, I have come to see the neccesity of socialized medicine. The other choice is to let the insurance companies and medical establishment leech every dime from all citizens. Also, I am pro life, but I don’t vote that as a single issue as I see no way it will get reversed without the second coming. So, I see Trump as the alternative to Hitlery. I have a long history of voting against the assholes more than voting for the saints.

        62. Obviously you experienced Reagan as history taught by left wing ideolouges in our public indoctrination senters. I lived it and saw it as an adult. Your statement is so far from right it isn’t even wrong.

        63. Trump’s self interest is more in line with what I want for the country than the vision that Hitlery has. I would rather not be rounded up for reeducation in male gender enemy camps.

        64. We already have a feminist, communist, America hating asshole in office. Let’s not get a second one in a row in there.

    2. It’s all two faced speeches, empty promises and horse shit.
      Remember Shakespeare’s “Richard III”:
      “And thus I clothe my naked villainy
      With odd old ends stol’n out of holy writ;
      And seem a saint, when most I play the devil.”

      1. No I’m not. Polls and lock step enthusiasm on the Internet do not need to translate into real life votes. This is nothing but mass delusion made larger by the power of the internet.
        Reality doesn’t always do what we wish for it to do, despite what some here may wish. Myopic is screaming “Conspiracy! Fraud!” etc. after the first of many primaries, simply because reality didn’t do what some thought it should.
        And that’s about as clear visioned as a man can be.

        1. WHAT THE HELL…. Rubio wants amnesty….NO Conservative wants that!….GOP rigged the votes for Rubio…..so easy to see….geeez

        2. Oddly, I have said nothing about Rubio, and in fact have never supported him.
          Non-sequiturs do not a good post make, dear.

        3. I respect your opinion GoJ but I disagree. I think Bill Gates is in the tank for Rubio and the globalists. Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer has done some good analysis on this. The data is too fishy. I called you myopic because I saw you going on and on about Trump. You seemed to be ignoring the Rubio surge. I do hope you’re right and it’s just coincidence. But I’m staring to think the globalists are getting into the tech vote-rigging game. Justin Troolander’s landslide victory up here in Canada also smells rotten. As well as the provincial NDP win in Alberta. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

      2. Rubio’s surge is logical for several reasons:
        -Iowa caucus polling has always been very inaccurate.
        -Rubio won among people who decided last-minute who they would caucus for, after nearly all polls had been published.
        -Rubio won the “conservative” vote. Trump won the “moderate” vote. And Cruz won the “very conservative” vote.

        1. I’m not buying that. So why are “conservative” voters in Iowa so suddenly interested in Rubio? Why not Bush or Christie or Fiorina? Why the one candidate that it makes sense strategically for the globalists to get behind? Awfully convenient that. Too convenient.

        2. I’m not saying that. I’m just quoting the post-caucus results. Whether Rubio is a conservative or not isn’t within the scope of the post: it’s to dispel the idea that there was a conspiracy or voter fraud.

        1. Trump won all 6 prior debates. Nobody watched the last one. Your hypothesis is interesting but I reject it as false. Microsoft is in the tank for Rubio. Globalists are playing their game of chess. Bill Gates is one of the least ethical men on the planet. After Soros. And Buffett.

    3. Cruz and rubio can’t win.Get ready for Hillary and great job building a bigger tent.On top of that everyone misses the point his support is larger yet Microsoft who donated to rubio has a 12 point bump? I am voting for Trump in Florida absent intervention he will win.I also won’t support any other candidate in general election as they are bought and paid for.

    4. …Not everyone is a rattlesnake-handling holy-roller gullible enough to drink kool-aid from Cruz’ self-proclaimed “Body of Christ”. Many of us our Christian but we don’t use it to try to get elected for office. Just sayin.

      1. I could give two shits about Cruz for the purposes this discussion. This is about Trump.

    5. Honestly, I support him because I know he’s the only candidate that could beat Hillary. If it ends up between Cruz and Hillary, Hillary will win by a landslide. People actually listen to Trump. If it is between him and Hillary, he would.most likely win. He wouldn’t dominate, but he’d win. Cruz doesn’t have enough excitement to him.
      And before you jump on me with both feet about how such things “aren’t important”, they are to most voters. Supporting a candidate who has no chance of winning just to complain when he doesn’t win is ridiculous. Trump and Hillary are the only ones that have a chance, and I’m sure as hell not supporting Hillary. The lesser of two evils, I know.

      1. Yeah, and Reagan had no chance of beating any contender either. The Establishment made it a point to let everybody know that he just didn’t have the gumption to beat “real” politicians.
        Cruz would shred Hillary three ways to Sunday in any given debate, and he plays his tactics quite expertly. I believe you underestimate him.
        In any event, it’s just one state. No doubt Trump will win a state (or not, whatever) and then everybody can feel good (or bad, depending).

        1. Debates don’t matter that much. He can win every debate and Hillary would still win the electionn, because most people don’t even watch the debates. Trump, however, is the exception. Love him, hate him, in between, everyone watches him. His recent fundraiser got more views than the GOP debate which had every other republican candidate present.
          Republicans usually win debates, but most people don’t watch them so they border on irrelevant. Trump wins AND attracts viewers, which is the only way debates can favor republicans (and ultimately, the only chance the right has of winning).

        2. And Reagan was a piece of crap. He was what really got the ball rolling on the list of shitty presidents.

        3. Unpack that craziness of yours abour Reagan. The entertainment value alone would be worth reading.

    6. If he wins, he will have to divest himself of his entire multi-billion dollar empire. Apart from the sheer logistical difficulty, it would be a huge ego hit: Trump would no longer have any legal right to even to interact with Trump Intl.
      Cruz is a religiousfreak who disgustingly played the Jesus card to win. Rubio is a corrupt slimeball. You can’t not play. And those who vote third party or stay home, are indulging in personal vanity and are part of the problem.

      1. “And those who vote third party or stay home, are indulging in personal vanity and are part of the problem.” Voting strategically IS THE PROBLEM! People have been doing it for 150 years, and look where it has gotten us. How is the Republican establishment ever going to learn if we don’t cause them to loose?

        1. Conservatives stayed home in 08. Evangelicals stayed home in 08 and 12. GOP wiped out in 08, Establishment didn’t care.
          Bush and Rove willfully destroyed the conservative core of the GOP. Do what our enemies do: take over from within.

  4. Rubio’s sudden unforeseen surge is really typical of Iowa it happens every time. They had a we don’t know who we are voting for yet percentage of something like 30% walking into the caucuses. Plus the way it is set up people change their minds while in them. It was no conspiracy, nor was it even unusual for the Iowa caucuses

  5. Keep in mind too that Cruz only won 8 delegates while Trump and Rubio have 7 each. This means that Cruz, Trump, and Rubio are neck and neck as well.

  6. I’ll freely admit that I was wrong when I predicted that Trump would win Iowa by a convincing margin.
    One day you’ll freely admit you were wrong about Trump in general too.

  7. Okay this “vote fraud” paranoia needs to stop.
    We do not use voting machines in the Iowa Caucus. ON EITHER SIDE.
    The republican side uses hand counted paper ballots and the democrats do this sort of group herd huddle thing.
    Cruz got the endorsement of Bob Vander Plats, a psychopathic no-bortions evangelical who has tried and failed to be governor like half a dozen times. Most of Iowa hates him but the really really super devout stand with him every time. He picked Huckabee, he picked Santorum, and they both won Iowa previously.
    I would not read too much into Trump’s second place finish.


      1. Uh, its also not official; no state entity certifies these results. Its just a straw poll to satisfy the news, conducted by caucus volunteers who must be residents of the precinct. Officially Iowa has two more rounds of caucuses (county and congressional district) before state convention, and the delegates won’t actually be picked until then. Also neither Iowa party requires delegate loyalty at the national convention.
        This is how Ron Paul wound up controlling the Iowa GOP for a year because his supporters appeared outta nowhere to sweep the state convention.

  8. “Did Microsoft Commit Voter Fraud In Iowa To Ensure Donald Trump’s Defeat?” It is definetely within the realm of possibility. We can’t trust the elites and their puppet masters.

  9. If Trump doesn’t win in new Hampshire, i’ll call fraud. Otherwise it’s no big deal. Iowa hasn’t picked a winner the last 4 election cycles and they didn’t pick Reagan in 80.
    Bunch of losers. Lets hope the trend continues.
    No one even gives a shit about the Iowa Caucus and couldn’t tell you who won in 2008 and 2012 without googling, and they didn’t forget…..they never gave a shit. Just like the debates, they DO care this time around because Trump was in it. Period.
    Rick Santorum came in last place this time and won in 2012…..Iowans are literally simple in the head people, picking names out of a hat or voting for who they believe is “the most pro-life”, bizarre and irrelevant considering no candidate is seriously going to ban abortion.

    1. Is it that inconceivable that people prefer somebody else other than an Establishment Leftist in sheep’s clothing?

      1. Hey I’m a Trump guy but I don’t hate Cruz, he’s my second pick, but lets face it…..Trump is who you pick if you want to win an election. Cruz isn’t capable of winning a general election. Trump is.
        And yes, evangelicals ARE losers, especially the ones who are voting specifically on that basis. No one gives a shit what you think about Abortions.
        Keep in mind also that they appear to have voted for Rubio en mass rather inexplicably, which I look down on them far more for. If you vote for Ted “Goldman Sachs”Cruz fair enough I guess, but RUBIO?
        If you do the tally Iowa hasn’t even given your holy conservative Cruz much of a push relative to other candidates.
        Trump is worth voting for based on some of his rhetoric alone, Banning muslims? Deporting illegals? Building a wall?
        Even if Trump is some kind of elaborate establishment fraud, it would be encouraging to see people vote for him just to show they have some vitality/vigor, Rather than being bunch of Cucks. Its not that I have or want to have an unreasonable level of faith in a fallable politician, its about having faith in the people. If they cant bring themselves to vote Trump, they deserve Hillary/Sanders.

        1. You just told me that you’re participating in this election for Teh Feelz. This is substantially no different than why people vote for Hillary, which is to say, to “send a message!”
          I’ve seen enough messages sent and ignored for decades now to realize that this kind of reason is futile.

        2. wrong our real issues are trump’s issues… vast majority of adults dont care about abortion and gay marriage. seriously. and we need 20% black votes to have a chance in FL, GA, VA, PA, MI, WI, NV, CO – go back and look at how improbable bush’s 2000 and 2004 wins were… the 1990’s changed the demographics BIG TIME in this country man.

        3. Trump’s life long issues are bringing us socialized medicine, banning semi-automatic rifles and allowing lots of immigrants in (with proper legal wrappings of course). He’s also keen on taking a large percentage of each of our savings, a la Greece Haircut, to give to government.
          Yeah….no thanks.

        4. Could never understand why the fundies get their knickers in a knot over abortion when it’s not even mentioned in the bible. Homosexuality on the other hand is proscribed in both the old and new testaments. So there I can see their concern regarding same sex “marriage”

        5. Because it kills the next generation. It’s not even about politics, I stopped voting years ago, it is simple sheer survival. And the bible doth commandeth thee to be fruitful and multiply, which abortion is… uh… not.

        6. It is already legal in EU countries to raid private bank accounts (under proper legal pretexts, of course, see it’s legal so it’s alright). Will happen in le states as well, just a matter of time. Don’t keep money in the bank.

        7. BULL SPIT…. that is a media spin…..research Trump on your own….STOP being so lazy!

        8. By media spin do you mean “video of him saying many of these things”?

        9. I will refer to this video
          His vision of socialized medicine is VERY different from the Obama one. There are more than 400 medical insurance companies that compete with each other, that’s quite free market
          He is also not a gun grabber, even back in 2000 he said owning a gun is necessary, but believed in the necessity of a background check and a few days hold. He believed on assault weapon ban, but he is not supporting that position today, he only got more pro-gun since.

        10. He’s not campaigning on banning semi-automatic rifles…
          He’s actually campaigned on banning “gun free zones” around the nation, especially on military bases.

        11. I can’t think of a single country that has Universal Healthcare where it’s unpopular. The NHS in the UK is at an all time low of 79%. This is extremely high support for a government program.

        12. They are against it because like me, (though I am not an evangelical fundie and I have other reasons to why I dislike it) they believe it to be murder. Also, I can’t find why people on here think Trump is a pro choice candidate.

        13. Very good. It’s not hard to see in him. Don’t understand why some can’t or don’t want to.

        14. Really? Last I knew one of the ten commandments was “thou shall not kill”. They certainly aren’t hoovering out plasma when they perform one. A culture that kills its unborn is a culture that has a death wish and deserves to be replaced.

        15. Maybe you’re getting your info from a different news source or just pulling it from your @ss. No sale here.

        16. Has a death wish? Global population is 7.2 billion and soaring and it has a death wish? Despite world wars, famine, disasters, disease the population is still soaring and you think there is a death wish involved? FAIL. Who did the abortion on your brain?

        17. Lots of people who are generally against gun control were ambivalent to the Clinton “Muhsult Weapon” ban because it had a sunset date. We saw it as a pointless liberal feelgood gesture that did absolutely nothing but inflict some cosmetic restrictions on weapons, but wanted to damn well prove to the libs once and for all that their policies are nothing but useless.
          We said “fine, let’s get some data…” because unlike liberals we enjoy a good round of facts. Then we spent that ten years still shooting our guns and laughing at libs who thought that the inclusion of a bayonet lug contributed to crime.
          Well, we got that data. As we predicted, it was an absolute failure, utterly pointless. So we have our answer, and stances were adjusted accordingly.
          Meanwhile Jew York and the Commies over in California keep doubling down on stupid and expect different results.
          … and accusing Trump of wanting to flood the nation with immigrants. Damn, the Media Jews have done good job with you. Good goy.

        18. Global population is starting to level out. Most statistical models of world population see it maxing out at between 7.5 and 8 billion. The population will then decline; perhaps at an alarming rate. All areas of the world have a less than replacement total fertility rate except sub-saharan Africa. What we are looking at is a global population replacement of all races by black Africans.

        19. SINCE FUCKING WHEN?!!! Look at the goddamn chart, you twisted piece of propaganda shit! What fucking goddamn agenda do you have to promote a lie? WHAT?!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS IT?!!!!
          You can do a google search and find your own population growth chart. NONE OF THEM ARE LEVELING OUT. Who the fuck are you?! A chemtrail kook?

        20. Yeah and the population growth is found in the countries that don’t legally allow abortion you fuckin twat. The same countries that are sending their locusts to invading the soulless dead West. Get ready to kiss some dirty black arab’s ass while a gang of them rape the females in your family. Thats what legalized abortion will have brought you.

        21. It was probably hardly a common practice back in the BC times that it rated mention in the testaments. So many children died before they made it to puberty back in the old days depending on where they lived. Also if you really didn’t want your child it would have been easy to smother it and tell your neighbors it died in its sleep and there were no police to investigate. I assume the abortion uproar is like it is with the Vatican when it comes to contraception – you are preventing more believers from being born to join the flock. Being an un-natural not by the hand of god procedure they would not like either, though it seems they don’t get in a uproar over having bio-tech corps introduce scientist modified food into the food chain and then block GMO labeling laws

    2. The Iowa caucus only became the “big one” when the stakes became higher. As more and more of our countries fast disappearing wealth flows to Mordor On The Potomac, and the consolidation of power coalesces there, who gets elected President takes on more significance. We are so far removed from a constitutional republic its laughable. Our form of governance more closely resembles feudalism -albeit with a technological bent and a veneer of popular consent.

  10. I’ll all in for Trump. I dont trust ANYONE connected in any way shape or form to Goldman Sachs, the Gang of 8. I dont care (anymore) about Abortion, or Eminent Domain or Gay marriage. All i care about is End all Immigration to the USA until our jobs and wages stablize, Sealed Borders, settle/negotiate down our debt, cut military budget to a low budget ($100B a year) maintain what we have as we pay down bills and save. Close Chinese access to our markets until we have EQUAL access with no tariffs to their markets. First we need to save this country from becoming like Germany or UK – then we can argue social conservative issues.

    1. I disagree. Social issues are just as important, if not more important than economy. There is a huge social crisis and discontent. Building a wall to Mexico will not solve all problems.

      1. so if steve and john bang and get married – that’s WORSE than 1000 migrants chase your daughter or wife down the street at night? are you following germany, uk? there is mini-race war going on there… 1000 “refugees” came to the cologne train station and tried to rape, molest girls on new year’s eve. Obama is bringing in the same 1 million to 2 million that Merkel and France already did… if we lose the white house in 2016 running a biblethumper we are done as a nation. so done

    2. The important thing now is to get Microsoft out of this.
      Whether there was fraud or not, the fact of the matter is that Microsoft is a globalist company and therefore should not be involved in the elections in any way whatsoever.

  11. Can’t believe you still pay attention and give importance to these presidential elections. You keep writing columns against the establishment but fail to realise that these elections ARE the establishment. If you’re are able to rig wall street, highjack the FED, bribe the majority of the senate and freely (& I mean no holds barred!)pump billions of $$$ into whomever you deem fit to serve your interest: You’re more than likely able to rig the elections.
    I’m no Bernie fan but Hillary won 6 consecutive coin tosses to edge past him in the Iowa caucus. That’s statistically a 1 in 70 chance but Americans are happy with that so at the end of the day you get the politicians you deserve.

  12. I don’t want to sound defeatist, but I’m afraid it’s already too late for America to turn things around. Look at the support Hillary seems to enjoy. Or that old communist Bernie. The average American doesn’t seem to care about Hillary’s integrity, who she got killed, the economic implications of her presidency, etc., they want to elect her into office because “it’s about time for a woman president”. Facepalm. We can all laugh about the Swedes and the Germans who keep electing their own executioners into office, but America isn’t too far off.

        1. “executioners” into office. classic. Why is it so hard to see that estrogen is contra reason and so inclined as to indulge emotion where only the logos should be obliged? YA MULTICULTURALISM! boooooo

    1. Never trust the sheep to do anything, especially not to vote for their leaders! What we should be doing is thinking beyond democracy, or at least thinking of ways to make it’s decisions practically irrelevant. The United States (and possibly Europe too) are still salvageable, but not by voting.

      1. Indeed , I think we need to move towards web centralised referendum voting strategies, or at least something similiar to that.

        1. There isn’t a method available that someone wouldn’t raise the specter of voter fraud.

      2. “vote for their leaders” and there is the problem.. This is the US we don’t vote for “leaders” we vote for representatives.. And that includes the President. He represents the US to other nations. Leading is the responsibility of The People through their elected representatives. People need to take a class on the Constitution..

      3. And the alternative to voting is WHAT exactly? Its salvageable but you’re going to keep it a secret. What a tease.

    2. Even the smartest and most ethical politician is only as good as the population he has to control
      Being a politician is like trying to clean a window with a muddy rag…

    3. The whole thing was rigged from the get-go.
      The Right might just have to, as Capt. Capitalism says, “Enjoy the Decline”, and prepare for 2020 and 2024 with Trump’s mandate as it’s guide.
      If you can get out of the country, try doing so asap. If you want to stay and fight, keep a gun or two, stash some bonds, some investments in silver, move to a low-income tax state, and get acclimated to accessing the web via the darknet.
      I’m sure they’re other tips for surviving a declining society.

      1. I plan on purchasing a copy of his book ASAP. I recommend all men under thirty do the same. We will never have our own families and legacies, so we might as well have fun while we still can, I suppose.

      2. “stash some bonds”? I dont read much on economics anymore, but I thought they did away with bearer bonds in the 1980s??

        1. Same thing my great grandma told me she learned from the 30s…nothing really changes, its all shit and corruption.

    4. The Electoral college system is a total sham. It successfully weakens the popular votes and divides people who would vote in solid blocks but are divided by state. I would vote for Trump but I’m in California so the Dems will win here anyway. The popular vote doesn’t even matter. Trump could win the pop vote but still lose electoral.

      1. Without the EC the fly over part of the US would be ignored completely. The founding fathers were smart enough to see that a popularity vote for President would destroy all areas of the US outside of the high population areas. If you did not live in a major population area you would see no federal tax dollars spent in your area. All project would go to the most populous states. Most of the US would be paying in taxes and get little to nothing in return.
        If anything the EC protects the smaller communities from the large urban areas. If you fear Democrats winning now. Just wait till all they have to do is get voters in the top 30 population areas to vote for them after giving them massive aid packages.

      2. Vote for Trump anyway. Libs lost their fucking minds at the idea of a president winning the popular vote but losing the election. They still complain about it to this day. Get his numbers as high as possible. An incredibly high voter turnout resulting in no gain would only help illustrate how the Dems are just as guilty of tampering with the voting districts as they endlessly accuse the Republicans of being.
        Not that anyone needs more ammunition to accuse a liberal of being a two-faced lying hypocrite, but it’s nice to have more solid examples of it.

      3. Wrong. The electoral college is doing precisely what it was designed to do – force politicians to travel the country for votes rather than focus entirely on cities.
        The popular vote shouldn’t matter. You’re literally arguing for a mob of Yesmen as the superior moral group. That’s very Asian of you.
        Not for nothing but you’re just as stupid as everyone you’re complaining about. You don’t understand the system either. Morons like you talking about a “sham” are the problem. Then again, America was never meant to be a multiracial shithole so here were are telling an Asian why he’s wrong about the intent and purpose of the US Constitution.

      4. The electoral college is what’s left of the republic. We dont live in a raw democracy in the US – it isn’t supposed to be mob rule. Without the electoral college, the political candidates would skip 80% of the country and focus on the coasts. This is why you hear the collectivists screech the loudest about getting rid of it.

    5. And the irony…republicans did absolutely nothing to stop this. How can you conserve something that has already been lost?

      1. Because it is not the GOP anymore, its the Grande Ole Posers, and they want Jeb in. Now that he is at the bottom of the food chain, Cruz will be the nominee and they will do everything to make it possible.

        1. Cruz will fizzle out fairly soon. Right now he’s being used to take votes away from Trump to let Pool Boy in.

    6. This is totally spot on and thank you!
      It is true, Obama got elected cos “it’s about time we had a black president” and look what it got us.
      It is true, the public has zero care of the fact she broke the law and circumvented protocol by having her own unsecure email server that she was sending top secret info via to “friends”
      If she treats our country’s laws and security ideals with such low regard….. Not to mention championing “women’s rights” while strong arming women back when hubby had a chubby for anything not Hillary.. Her double talk is neck breaking.
      It is true though, because the talking heads on TV have said “It’s high time we let a woman run things” the masses go “YEAH HUH?!” not seeing how well that idea worked for HP.

    7. You’ve heard the saying “Never let a good crisis go to waste”?
      There are going to be some good crises coming down the pike in the near future. In all likelihood they’ll commence in the next few years and continue for several more years before they’re resolved – in one fashion or another.
      Whoever is sitting in the White House will have a major influence in determining how they’re resolved.
      You are right. It is too late to “turn things around,” but when TSHF the direction of the consequent splatter is going to be determined by whoever is sitting in the Oval Office.
      God help us all if it’s Hillary Clinton.

      1. We’ll have more problems than just Hillary if she actually remains in the race after charges are filed against her. The FBI will have revealed to the entire nation the absolute corruption of the liberal monarchy and will be actively working against the Government at that point.
        Trump hasn’t even spent a time on attack ads yet. It’s a waste of money to dig dirt this early in. The attacks against a rape-defending, lying, lawbreaking woman with multiple buried scandals to her name should be absolutely glorious.

    8. The only candidate I would have voted just dropped out, thus opening the split vote to bring Rubio in closer to office..

        1. Not true, he is owned too. He owes many favors to those bankers he’s done business with over the years, and those who still have outstanding loans with, as well as the Clinton’s for all they have done for him over the years..

    9. Bullshit, I’m gonna go dig up Nixon and put an end to that collision course. Piss on Rabbi Sanders, Shillary, Ted Queerboy and Marcus The Moron.


    11. The only thing we can do is form communities that leech the government through massive welfare roles and build a nation within.

  13. Enough of this Trump nonsense already! He is just the jester who mocks the King (The Establishment).
    If neomasculinity wants to achieve something truly remarkable it needs to completely forget about the mainstream politics. You can not win in a game where they set the rules according to their needs.
    The elections are rigged, democracy is a shamble. Do not vote, you only encourage them.

    1. False flag SJW detected. “Don’t vote, forget about politics, all is lost and a shamble. Eat it up and shut your mouth. Trump is a jester…”

  14. Or, is it possible that Trump just didn’t have the support? Rally attendance is one thing but I assume the rest of Iowa was busy elsewhere. And we’re not even in the primaries yet.

  15. I am reminded of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs To Ramona by Bob Dylan.
    It grieves my heart love
    to see you try to be a part of
    a world that just don’t exist
    It’s all just a dream, babe
    A vacuum, a scheme, babe,
    That sucks you into feeling like this.

  16. It seems like I’m living in a cartoon when someone like Trump can even be considered a candidate for the Presidency. It’s even worse than other TV clowns in politics such as Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Schwarzenegger, and Reagan. It’s just an issue with Americans and their entertainment culture. Critical thinking has pretty much been successfully eradicated. And a man like Trump will only further use that to his financial advantage and to that of the financial elite.
    More to the point, I can also appreciate how Trump’s entry to the race shook up that barrel of Republican monkeys. There’s no doubt he woke everybody the fuck up.

    1. I think he accidentally stumbled into a constituency. The blue-collar white guys who used to be the backbone of the Democrats where tossed out of the party in favor of new victims. Like Trump, they aren’t really conservative – just mad.

      1. Ooooh, I see. So the blue-collar white guys are mad… Let’s all finish them off and replace them with white-collars (bureaucrats who sell or impair real work), pink-collars (Hollywood, the artists™ and the waitress syndicate) and the Occupy WallStreet look alikes (these haven’t got an actual job, so even better).
        Or is it the problem they are “white”? Black and latino blue-collar guys are alright, for you, is it?
        Go figure out reality and stop writing the first thing you think of.

        1. Jesus dude, sneer much?
          Bram is right. Obama and his consultants are on record from the 2012 election saying that the white male blue collar vote in the Dem party no longer mattered to them. Of course the blue collar men are angry. Dismissing it off with a snarl is to ignore the reality on the ground.

        2. I had a discussion with my elderly (but still mentally sharp) dad over the weekend. His concern was that Cruz hasn’t and won’t be able to appeal to the disaffected white blue collar voter (like Reagan did in 1980).
          IMHO, Cruz has a very good ground game in appealing to the traditional conservative and the evangelical voter. However, I think my Dad had a point… how does Cruz appeal to your guy with a high school diploma and a trade school certificate? There a lot of those guys and typically they don’t vote much unless really motivated.

        3. Ghost, I respect your views in most topics I’ve read from you here at ROK, and I know you can easily understand the object of my “snarling”: yes, blue collar workers are historically valuable for the Democratic Party. But that is not an aspect of an enigmatic madness. It’s the obvious result when the alternative is an elitist, money-worshipping, work-despising Republican Party. That aforesaid kind of Republicans is actually (somehow paradoxically) hostile to Trump, too.
          In a sane capitalist system, a worker has inherent dignity in his work and can rise in Society (through accumulation and free use of capital) in the measure of his competence. Communism offers the opposite: equality of all, despite all the differences in commitment and capability, being the power in the hands of the few Politburo members. The day you say a man has less value than other because he IS a worker, you abandon that man to socialism (as you deny the single advantage of capitalism: individual freedom; while elitism remains in both systems). And this is what’s been happening in the GOP. And also what Bram expressed in an irreflected fashion, I repeat.
          My greatest dream in the political arena is that workers (of all types) are rescued from the idea that only the Left can stand up for their (legitimate) rights. And if they were in the wrong (party) in the past, their evolution shows good thinking, not madness.

        4. Any male that votes democrat is voting against his class interests. I hate to sound all socialist, but the truth remains the truth, the Democrats hate men, and white men most of all.

    2. It sounds like you are parroting the myth often touted by leftists, feminists, and manginas: that a man cannot simultaneously be strong, alpha, and thoughtful, intelligent.
      Or is it that you don’t believe any man who became famous outside politics deserves to be recognized as a legitimate policy maker?
      Why would it sound like a cartoon to consider Trump? He took a modest investment and turned it into a multi-billion dollar empire which spans the globe. He’s a fierce negotiator, an astute businessman, and a truly patriotic alpha male. He isn’t cowed by the lefty press or the establishment milquetoasts. This is exactly what America needs right now.
      It’s difficult to say those things about any other candidate. So what is your real agenda?

  17. I don’t think the writer understands the demographics of Iowa. There is a huge population of seniors that just collect pension and social security, watch fox news and take tons of government paid for prescription medicines. These people don’t attend any political rallies. The highly religious among them voted for Cruz, the Catholics and the rest voted for Rubio.
    Knowing that Santorum and Huckabee won in 2012 and 2008 should have told you this would happen.

    1. And didn’t George Bush win the Iowa caucuses in 1980? Newsweek even had a picture of him jogging (“the front runner”) on its cover. This is what happens when you have small oddball states lead off in the primaries. Better if we had states go in order of population (CA then TX etc) or better still one national primary day in July

    1. The way the Demons do it is a total clusterfuck of “inclusiveness”. They take a simple process and add layers of stupidity on top of layers of stupidity and revel in the complexity of wasted energy. This is the essence not just of their primaries, but of their entire political philosophy – wasted effort, money, time and making sure everybody “feeelzz” included regardless of reality. That they get any result out of that clusterfuck is in and of itself a miracle of coincidences.

  18. I agree. The math doesn’t add up for Rubio. Something’s rotten in the state of Iowa here. If Microsoft gets exposed for fraud on this … it’s second amendment time.

  19. Thanks for this. It confirms appearances. There is no way what with Trump’s high numbers and turnout that this would happen. Kind of the same way Obama “won” in 2012.
    Hopefully Trump will get his crew in gear to be able to stop this from happening elsewhere, because it will be an ongoing problem both in the primaries and in the general election where the democrats control the machinery.

  20. Given the possibility of voter fraud in the Iowa caucuses, we can say that the next president of the US has already been determined, and it’s not by the voters.

    1. I’m not sure it was fraud. Data shows that voters who decided in the last 3 days picked Rubio the most. Author says the polls showed Rubio at a lower %, but these last-minute decisions weren’t factored in. It’s not uncommon that the ‘safest’ choice gets picked by moderate voters who decide towards the end of the election. I think you need much harder evidence there was fraud than seems to be presented.

      1. You are correct. Can you imagine the undecideds sitting at home the night of the Iowa debate watching it on TV. They see Cruz and Rubio and think to themselves which one of these guys am I am going to pick. Some picked Cruz and many of them picked Rubio and maybe a couple changed the channel to watch the rally that was taking advantage of vets.

    2. The people have to prevent Microsoft from getting involved in the election if you want to avoid fraud.
      Microsoft is a well known globalist company and they will do whatever it takes to prevent Trump from being elected by the people.

  21. Trump is an entertainer – he’s fun to watch. You never know what kind of crazy shit will fly out of his mouth. So of course he gathers a big crowd.
    That doesn’t necessarily translate to votes for President. Cruz is far more careful with his words, and appears to be far more grounded in Constitutional limited government principles. No a shock more people actually voted fro him.

    1. But he’s greasy looking and a religious kook…he has no chance in the America of today! Iowa is filled with religious nuts….that is old America, that America died.

  22. The Republican establishment wants Rubio to win because he is another Obama, another empty suit that sounds good.

  23. Now we see that the Microsoft vote tallier app crashed and votes didn’t get tallied. Right.
    The article: “Microsoft App used to tally votes falls short” notes Drudge’s comment: “Watching the Iowa folks put their votes into Microsoft app is terrifying…”
    And guess what, it was a FREE App for “cutting down on errors and increasing speed…”
    Right. I wonder how many Trump votes went to Carson, Rubio and Cruz – or were deleted outright.
    Trump is going to have to put his money into preventive measures to stop this now, or it is going to kill his candidacy.

  24. “Now you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy?”
    -The immortal words of Gordon Gekko

    1. Fun fact: the movie was made in the 80s!! It’s amazing because it’s filled with red pill truths.

  25. Can’t believe people are still in the bag for Hillary. She’s a fucking criminal! There’s literally no question about it. How can so many millions be so fucking blind?

    1. women and gays. but yea, that is really bad. she committed felonies that put national security at risk (among many other things) and they don’t even care.

    2. Blind? They see perfectly well what they are doing.
      Understand that all that matters to the Left is hurting straight White males. That is literally the only thing they care about anymore. They perceive Hillary as the most damaging to straight White males, and so they will support her no matter what.

  26. Hillary is Wall Street’s girl. I think Trump will put up a heroic effort (as he has been doing) but in the end, the Federal Reserve banks and associates [Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank, etc.] always win. I just checked her campaign contributors verse the rest of the candidates, and it’s not even close.
    Hope for the best, prepare for the absolute worst Gents.

  27. .. Ok, so Cruz is now ahead by ONE delegate in a state that normally does not pick the GOP nominee. There’s an old saying .. “Iowa picks corn, New Hampshire picks presidents”
    Let the Cruz folks gloat .. the have a week.

    1. Good point. It’s not a winner take all state, I don’t really get why Cruz winning 28% of the vote is portrayed as an earth-shattering victory either

      1. Because the Media want to spin it as “Donald Trump the loser.” It’s about Trump, not Cruz.

    2. And if Trump would have won we’d have heard endless “Trump be duh alpha!” for weeks.
      It’s all theatre.

  28. Team hillary was busing in voters from other states to put her over the top in vote count. The name is clinton what did you expect?

  29. I can’t believe Rubio got 23 percent of the vote. Rubio? RUBIO???!!?!? Seriously?????

  30. we should hope bernie sanders wins. Any republican candidate should be able to beat him. Cruz isn’t terrible, he is strong on family issues and also on individual rights. Both are areas that align with typical themes in ROK platforms.

  31. This primary reaks of Clintonesque tinkering. Bullshit that Cruz beat Trump. We need to consider that Anonymous is religiously anti Trump. I would bet my right nut that they’re gonna try to hack the polls.

  32. There are a million reasons why Trump lost Iowa and I wouldn’t rule out voter fraud. But look at his defeat speech. He’s not fazed. He was told he couldn’t even finish in the top then there and was advised not even try to win it, so he didn’t spend any money on ads. And STILL, he came in a close second. From what I understand, Ted Cruz campaigned like mad there and spent a ton of money. He squeaked by with 4 points. A relatively slim margin.
    Being the highest-voted national-born, electable candidate in the caucus ain’t bad for not really trying….
    I wouldn’t put it past the establishment to have committed vote tampering after those dirty tricks they used to steal the nomination from Ron Paul in 2012, which Mitt Romney admits to in his recent book btw. Like Matt Forney, I predicted a Trump win but this setback is no surprise given the neck-and-neck polling in Iowa. However, the good news for Trump supporters is that he has a 24-30 point lead in New Hampshire, which is a MUCH MORE consistent indicator of the eventual nominee.

    1. Whether there was voter fraud or not, Microsoft needs to be removed from the election process.


  34. Look at it this way, if you add exactly 10 points to Trumps score, and subtract exactly 10 points from Rubio’s score, you perfectly come out to what the polls were predicting all this past month. Every other candidate matched up perfectly to what was predicted except these two. I definitely would not put it past the RNC to pull something like this.

  35. Trump will win in 2016, it’s about time the pendulum swung back to all that is beautiful and true!
    Trump 2016!
    Camacho 2020!

  36. The size of Trump’s crowds is completely anecdotal evidence – particularly when it comes to a primary or caucus.
    Any idea how many of those people were Iowa residents AND Registered Republicans?
    Trump is appealing to blue-collar white guys – who used to be the backbone of the DNC until they found other victims to sponsor. I have no idea how many of them are registered Republicans but I would expect Trump to do much better in states with open primaries rather than “closed” ones like Iowa.

  37. Fairly anecdotal, but Fox News did a focus group of voters after the most recent debate. About 1/4 of the participants planed to vote for Rubio after the debate, whereas only 2 or 3 (<10%) said they had planned to vote for him before the debate. I know its a small sample size, but Trump really gave Rubio and Cruz a chance to shine by not showing up for that debate and both candidates had very very strong showings. On top of that, the tenor and tone of the debate in contrast to the debates Trump was noticeable, which i think left an impression on voters, and not one that bodes well for Trump.
    Despite all the Trump fanboys in the manosphere, who cannot comprehend that once in a while the world is far more nuanced than their autistic more-combative-masculinity-at-all-costs worldview would suggest.
    And please spare me of the “Fox News is a Corrupt Corporate Shrill that set up the focus group” comments, without any evidence of this being the case. I have a life.

  38. You’ve got to realize that conservatives are what they are- conservative- Trump is too extreme for their appetites. He doesn’t look and sound like the type of person they normally vote for as President, you may scorn them as cucks- but maybe they want someone who is an actual politician to become President, not a sales/businessman?

  39. Ten percent disappeared from Trump and magically appeared for Rubio…
    Question – does anyone know anyone who is voting for Rubio?

  40. Calling this a defeat is really mischaracterizing what happened, and is also playing right into the hands of Trump’s enemies. He came in second place, and got 7 delegates rather than the 8 or 9 that Cruz got. And how many total delegates does one need to earn the GOP nomination? Wayyyy more than that. There is a long way to go yet.

  41. No one even gives a shit about the Iowa Caucus and couldn’t tell you who won in 2008 and 2012 without googling, and they didn’t forget…..they never gave a shit. Just like the debates, they DO care this time around because Trump was in it. Period.
    Rick Santorum came in last place this time and won in 2012…..Iowans are literally simple in the head people, picking names out of a hat or voting for who they believe is “the most pro-life”, bizarre and irrelevant considering no candidate is seriously going to ban abortion.

  42. For those that wish to dismiss this as some “right-wing conspiracy”, just look at it this way. If O’Malley had somehow magically ended the night at 10% which caused Sanders to only recieve 40% thereby giving the undisputed victory to Clinton, Sanders supporters would be losing they effing minds right now and demanding a recount.

  43. Well, if they believe shady things happened, then all those who voted last night should have no problem going on the internet and revoting so that the world can see the results.

  44. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the conflict of interest.
    But, I can tell you from first hand experience, Iowans are really dumb. My best friend reads and writes at a 3rd grade level, and that’s no exaggeration. While I don’t doubt the fuckery, I also don’t doubt the stupid decisions Iowans make.
    I.O.W.A., Idiots Out Walking Around. We don’t bear that acronym for no reason…

    1. For the 2014 school year, Iowa topped the nation with a 90% graduation rate from high school. But it’s always fun for folks to bash Iowa.

      1. I live in Iowa. I think I’m entitled.
        My graduation class had the highest dropout rate in the history of the school.
        BTW, graduation means nothing when you learned nothing. Something tells me 80% of that 90% still read and write at a 6th grade level. I see it every day.

        1. Raised there myself and then lived in CR prior to where I am now. You should check out the educational numbers in other states if you really want to put on your happy face. Try Oklahoma to start…
          I was lucky since I was educated quite some time ago there before all this PC special snowflake crap began.

        2. Same here. That’s why I don’t consider graduation rate anything to balk at. College education doesn’t mean squat either.

  45. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has a post today giving his reasons for suspecting voter fraud – or rather vote counting fraud. His argument is that having Rubio coming in a close third is the best outcome possible for the GOPers given the facts on the ground in Iowa.
    In the end, Iowa doesn’t matter much beyond keeping Rubio in the race.
    But like Lenin said, it doesn’t matter who votes; it matters who counts the votes.

  46. Whatever. Iowa is typically where Candidates go loose rather than win. In the last 2 elections Iowa has given us president’s Huckabee and Santorum (just kidding).

  47. I like how trump calls it as it is. Seems to be his own man; wants to Co operate with Russia etc. But I seriously doubt the elite will let him do what he wants.
    Microsoft rigging the voting. Is not a big surprise. Some conspiracy theories say bill Gates helped spread the zika virus as he aided (in some Capacity) to genetically modifying mosquitoes. Supposedly it was to vaccinate malaria dengue and chicken gunya. But we all know how trustworthy our elite are.
    Life has continually gotten better for us all.

  48. Rubio= “150-200 people at most, the bulk of whom were senile old farts” Trump rally= 3000 people. You do understand that old people actually vote while young people who attend rallies headlined by TV-stars and say they are going to vote, most of the time DON’T VOTE.
    You do understand that when Trump did not attend the debate in IOWA that Rubio got most of the attention that Trump would have received. Do you think some people in Iowa did not like the fact that Trump felt the need to diss their debate? Do you think that when given a chance to hear Rubio and not hear Trump that undecideds might overwhelmingly select Rubio?
    You are correct about Rubio being the establishment candidate. What you might want to look into is how Trump’s arrogance allowed Rubio and the establishment to get back into the race and threaten Trump’s once seemingly unstoppable climb.
    Trump made a huge strategic blunder. Microsoft has nothing to do with that.

  49. I often wonder how the caucus system ever held up to a court challenge. No doubt there must have been several thousand first time voters who were turned away at the door because the hall had reached it’s capacity. They do not know enough to get there early and once the hall has reached it designated capacity you are NOT getting in and are not going to get to vote. Then if you are not able to be there between 7-8 pm you do not get to vote. No such thing as early voting or absentee voting in the caucus system.

  50. That would not surprise me one bit. Things like that are common in third-world countries, but we take for granted it doesn’t happen in the West because we are “advanced”. But a lot of people ruled by dictators in third-world countries also believe that their elections are legit. Also in recent years, the medias and establishment started lying more and more to push a certain narrative, and I would see them doing something like rigging elections.

    If he gets 30 or 40 thousand receipts and they say he only has 20 we will know FOR SURE this voting is rigged
    Write a EMAIL to Trumps campaign to make that suggestion

  52. First the crooks need to beheld accountable for their actions, the stold votes from th American citizens, secondly their candidate should be disqualified, for not stopping the theft. Microsoft should pay for a re-vote, on paper. No more BS. LIERS AHD THIVES NOT ALLOWED TO EVEN VOTE ARE ATTEND.

  53. Pictured in the article is the look of wee Rubio just as one of his shadowy billionaires drops their pants.

  54. Recall every single vote, and every candidate except for Hillary and Cruz should have their own Trusted people re do everything. Also I had a problem with Microsoft getting involved with this right from the beginning I knew some shit was going to be pulled.

  55. You have a ludicrously poor understanding of campaign dynamics, polling, and cognition. You will never understand how shamefully dumb this column is.

    1. Thanks for setting the record straight with your superior understanding of campaign dynamics, etc.

  56. I truly believe the Iowa Republican caucuses was rigged for Mr. Trump to loose. Something is very fishy with the numbers. Mr. Trump comes in on top over ALL Republicans running but he comes in second? Something is Very WRONG, the numbers DON’T add up. Someone did some hacking in the computers used at this caucuses.

  57. Your analysis reads like you have blinders on. Rubio was predicted to easily come in third and did so well in the last debate that the entry polls at the caucuses showed him winning more of the late deciders than Trump or Cruz and with Trump not showing up at the last debate he left that door open. Blaming Microsoft sounds like a tinfoil hat kind of thing, especially with Iowa being a relatively unimportant state. Why take such a huge risk for small potatoes?

  58. You are forgetting something — The caucus process itself. In each precinct we have a bunch of losers who ended up with 2% statewide, that had to redistribute to other candidates. Rubio picked up the lions share of Kasich, Bush, Christie support, while Cruz would have gotten Huckabee and Santorum support. While it is true the BCK group might have gone to each other, I think the effect of seeing large blocks of Trump and Cruz people would move those guys to join the Rubio group. A regular voting election might have made Trump #1, but definitely put Rubio back in the teens and the other guys all picking up a few more points.

  59. I’m getting to where I wish Nixon could be dug up and regenerate. That would be a sight, wouldn’t it?
    “Fuck the SPLC, fuck Israel, every cop gets a raise, nuke Syria or pack up and come home. Run over a liberal commie bastard for Grandma, wont you? Aroo!”
    I think that would pull at least 80% these days. Watergate? Piss on it. A man makes mistakes, shit happens.

  60. Not sure it was Microsoft fudging votes for Rubio. Remember his Iowa nite speech. He stood in front of a wall with “New American Century” written on it. He also used that precise phrase in his speech. So what you say?
    Dick Cheney, I say. Cheney was a driving force behind a website called “Project for a New American Century”. You can find it on the Wayback Machine, I expect. It was a site full of essays and ‘white papers’ written from an ultra-conservative (neo fascist) point of view. It was taken down once it ‘went public’.
    IMO, Rubio sold his soul for that win.

  61. “There’s now evidence to suggest that Rubio’s unexpectedly good
    performance—coming in a close third behind Trump—was the result of voter
    fraud committed by Microsoft and sanctioned by the RNC.”
    I was actually wondering if there would be evidence presented. Guess not.

  62. No. That is not how Iowa Caucuses work. Iowa republicans have been doing this for generations, they use paper ballots.
    Fact is, that Trump pulls lots of support from Independents and Democrats, the working class and union guys. Some are now re-registering Republican and it may signal a permanent realignment to the GOP, but that doesn’t mean rank and file Republicans support Trump the way the polls show. Most Republicans don’t like and don’t trust the media and do not participate in polls. That skews results.
    I was at the caucuses, 2 precincts went Cruz, Rubio, and Trump in that order, the second precinct Trump tied for third with Carson.

    1. I registered Republican just to vote for Ron Paul. And I don’t share anything in common with the establishment/legacy Republicans. In fact, I hate them more than I do the Democrats.

  63. My elitist father told me that George Bush Sr. was “out”, well over a year before the actual presidential election (this was way back in the late spring of 1990). Bush Sr. had the highest approval rating of any standing president since FDR at the time. Anybody who thinks elections are on the level, uh, well, they probably think fluoridated water is good for you, vaccines are the only way to go, and virtually all women are sweet, delicate, empathetic little flowers who would never harm anyone…

    1. He was out the minute he broke his “read my lips” promise. What a fucking jackass that guy was.

  64. ===WAKE UP === ALERT === WAKE UP === ALERT ===

  65. Is it possible to independent test and verify Microsoft code. If not only open source software should be permitted.

  66. I dont understand everyone’s infatuation with Donald Trump. He is a big govt progressive who has more in common with Hillary Clinton than any small govt conservative or libertarian. He just also happens to be a populist and will say whatever the weak minded majority wants to hear in order to get elected. That is why he has changed his stance on almost every issue.

    1. Since when has the Republican party ever supported small/limited government? Yea, Ron Paul, but not only is he not really a Republican the Republicans used to tease him that he was a liberal. Just like you are doing with Trump.
      The last Republican in office, Boosh did everything he could to grow and consolidate government power. The Dept of Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, the never ending war on terror, among many, many other big govt policies was his doing.
      So, sorry Republishits, you have no right to go around criticizing people for being pro-big government.

      1. I am not a Republican. I am a registered Libertarian. And I am criticizing both Republicans and Donald Trump. It was pretty clear to anyone with a 6th grade or above reading level. The point is that I have no idea how any person who declares themselves a proponent of small govt could vote for Trump. I do, however, understand the support from progressives on both sides.

        1. Yea, but did you vote for Boosh?
          My main point was that the Republican party has never been about limited govt. That whole NRO Trump bashing articles went on ad nauseum about “principled and limited govt.” It was a total fucking joke. Yea, William Kristol a principled conservative. What a laugh riot that article was.

  67. I always wonder about Bernie supporters. Socialism never creates jobs and when it does …its usually for handouts.

  68. If they manage to kneecap Trump, fuck staying home – I will vote for Sanders. No establishment GOP turd will get a free ride from me.

  69. Bah Trump would have been a bitter disappointment anyway. He’s always going on about how great women are.

  70. I cant agree more with several of these comments. The demon’crats certainly show their true nature especially on election years. It would not surprise me if Microsoft or even the homosexual CEO of apple didnt have alot to do with the manipulations of the 2012 election as well.

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