The Film “Money” Drops A Big Red Pill On The Greediness Of Women

The 2016 film “Money,” recently released to DVD, is a typical thief-rips-off-another-thief thriller.  The main character, who plays the role of a newcomer to the neighborhood, surprises two thieving coworkers as they are about to split up their stolen money, and is an excellent example of a strong, masculine man that women are driven to follow.

This character displays most of the positive traits we discuss here at ROK.  The film’s female characters also behave in very realistic (and surprising for Hollywood) ways.

The film has five major characters.  Two young men, who work together and have schemed a way to rip off their employer for $5 million dollars, their female partners, and the main character, John, played by British actor Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica’s Apollo).

The two would-be thieves, Mark and Sean, with their women

As the film begins, Mark arrives home from work to his wife Sylvia.  He and his friend have stolen $5 million from their employer, and are there to celebrate and divide the winnings.  The two friends go to the basement to play pool and split up the money.  The women are upstairs preparing drinks and dinner for a private celebration.  Mark and Sylvia, who are married, and living in a large two-story home with a gardener and maid, are the hosts.  The other friend, Sean, is there with his girlfriend Christina.  Both men are young and decent looking but rather douchey and ostentatious.

John, the smooth, suave visitor

Soon the doorbell rings, and Sylvia, the wife, answers.  It is John, dressed sharply and carrying a $1,000 bottle of wine.  He introduces himself as a neighbor who is renting a house up the road in a quiet waterfront community, and they chat for a minute.  It’s obvious that John is a natural player, and he flirts a bit at the door with the married Sylvia.

John quickly reads Sylvia, and is able to guess the designer of the dress she is wearing.  Sylvia is surprised that a man could recognize an expensive designer dress, and asks how he knows.  John drops a DHV by saying he once dated a fashion model and purchased a similar dress for her in Milan.

Hi, I’m a stranger with game. I bet in 60 seconds I can convince you to welcome me inside your husband’s home.

Feeling the tingles, Sylvia can’t help but invite this stranger into her husband’s house.  He joins them for drinks, subtly demonstrating more of his knowledge and world experience, and charming the group.  He converses with Christina, Sean’s girlfriend, in Spanish.  After they have dropped their guard a bit, he indirectly insults Sean as a coward, triggering him to react out of anger.  When Sean loses his temper, John quickly subdues him physically, and announces…

I have no intention of harming any of you, unless you make me.  I’m a professional.  I don’t do drama.  Let’s do this quickly, keep it nice and simple.  Now if you’d be so kind to bring me the money I’ve come for, I’ll leave right now and you can carry on with your very pleasant evening.

The women, panties now moistened, know nothing of the money.  Sylvia asks her husband if there is any money and he denies it (she will later use this as the reason to betray, rob, and divorce him).

John quickly demonstrates he has researched their backgrounds and intimate details and there is no point in lying to him. After things get a bit violent, they soon admit they have the money in the basement on the pool table.

Christina, played by 23 year old Spanish actress Lucia Guerrero (sorry, no nude scenes)

Christina, the girlfriend, is sent downstairs to retrieve the money.  She pockets some of it, and returns with one briefcase.  The other briefcase with Mark’s half is upstairs in a locked safe.  The group argues a lot, with John manipulating the women and turning them against their men.

Rescue is repaid with betrayal

Mark and his wife Sylvia

Mark is locked in a room by the pool until the time-lock safe that is holding the second briefcase can be accessed.  While they are waiting, the gardener arrives, and Mark frantically tells him to rescue his wife Sylvia when he causes a distraction.  Minutes later, John returns, and Mark stalls, giving the gardener time to untie Sylvia in the house.

Mark, when given the opportunity to be rescued by the gardener, does not ask him to call the police, or to be set free, but instead asks to save his wife.  Sadly, white knighting, even for one’s own wife, can be dangerous.

Instead of escaping or calling the cops, Sylvia quietly empties one of the briefcases with the money, hiding it and replacing it with a book John commented on earlier that gave her tingles.  She sits and waits quietly for John to return, taking the full briefcase and the secretly emptied one as he flees the scene.

After they recover from the tragedy, Sylvia goes upstairs, packs her bags, and walks out, announcing she is divorcing Mark, and secretly taking his share of the money.

John knows game

John has naturally good looks, but what sets him apart from everyone else is his ability to charm, flirt, converse, and casually and naturally have a good time.  He is confident, calm, and slightly cocky, but without being braggadocious.  He is a world traveler, independent, unmarried, self-employed and self-sufficient, funny, intelligent, and mysterious.  And of course he has a bad side.  He’s somewhat reminiscent of the Patrick Bateman character played by Christian Bale in American Psycho.

While some aspects of game can be faked, charm cannot.  John has the natural ability to read and engage a person, modifying his banter and mannerisms to the other party, a quality that President Bill Clinton was well known for.

He drops DHVs casually, first by complimenting Sylvia on her dress, so that he can mention he dated an attractive fashion model (pre-selection) and bought her the same designer’s clothing in Italy (showing taste, wealth, travel).  Unlike other men who display their wealth by driving fancy leased import cars and living in exclusive neighborhoods with hired help, John casually intimates that he is independently wealthy, working here and there on his own terms.

Women respond to mystery, independence and self-sufficiency.  John quickly dominates the conversation, as the women are much more interested in hearing of his world travelers than their husband’s boring day at the office.  John mentions vaguely that he is a consultant:

I just got bored of working for other people, following orders, and wanted to set up my own business, be my own boss.

He has refined tastes, able to recognize fashion designs, and able to discern a slight change Sylvia has made to a cocktail recipe.  He remains a gentleman, and never curses, but can match violence or aggression when others bring it.  His skills at gaming both men and women allow him to blend into any social situation, and these skills literally opened the door for him to walk away with millions.

The greed of women

Me ! Me ! Me !

In the end, the two coworkers who stole the money are left with nothing, and both of their women leave with the money they have stolen.  John steals one briefcase holding half the money, while Sylvia has stolen the money out of the other briefcase.  Christina has pocketed perhaps $10,000.  Neither man is aware of this.  The women could have cooperated with their men, and shared the money with them, but instead they betray their partners for immediate gratification.

In Sylvia’s mind, she justifies divorcing and abandoning her husband because he told her a lie.  Yes, he lied to a violent stranger in order to protect his family’s assets and safety, but in her mind, a lie nonetheless.  As John threatened the guests, Sylvia asked her husband if there was any money in the house, and he replied no, obviously not wanting to admit to a thief they had millions of dollars in their home.  To her, this was an unforgivable sin.  However, HER betrayal of her husband, breaking her wedding vows, and her theft and greed are not seen as bad, because feelings.

Women will never take responsibility for their actions, and often will blame others for their behavior.  You see, in Sylvia’s mind she didn’t steal anything.  The money was already there, and she just “spent it” or however she justifies it in her head.  And she only took the money because John lied and denied there was any money.  It’s all his fault, you see.

A woman’s moral compass is situational:  The right or wrong thing varies based on their feelings and impulses.  Even if they make a decision that is universally bad, it will not be regretted later–it will be labeled the choice that others “forced” her to make.


The film is a good video rental.  The omniscient bad guy is over the top, as John knows a bit too much about the personal preferences of the others (their favorite foods, art, etc.), much of the plot is predictable, and the steal-from-the-thief plot has been done before.  But John, minus the criminal element, is an excellent example of a masculine, confident alpha, and the ending with the female betrayal, is a realistic reminder of the dangers of losing frame and the hypergamy of women.

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116 thoughts on “The Film “Money” Drops A Big Red Pill On The Greediness Of Women”

  1. Spoiler alert: Basically the entire article. 😉
    Oh well. At least it saves me the rental fee.

        1. Rolls-Royce Merlins make me hard.
          I just got out of the theater and wouldn’t be surprised to see an article on the movie.

        2. I was hoping Spitfire pilot would go down in flames after his heroic mission just so blood&life would be respected in the film… That Nazi U-boater just walked into England? A joke…

      1. Its pretty boring. Mostly consisted of a few mediocre firefights intersected with long periods of poem dialogue.

        1. I agree. Other than 20 min of spitfire dogfight footage the film is awful. Typical sanitized film.

        2. Please don’t tell me that. Besides the dogfights I was hoping Dunkirk would actually be good…

        3. So that means I’ll save myself $30 in tickets and popcorn and not watch Dunkirk? Fuck it, we’re watching Girls Night Out.

        4. I haven’t seen it (yet), but I’ve read about the actual battle quite a bit (I’ve read over 300 nonfiction books on WWII), and had a college prof who was one of the British soldiers evacuated at Dunkirk (he served the entire duration of the war). The real reason they were able to evacuate is Goering was able to convince Hitler that the Luftwaffe could bomb them into surrender, so Hitler ordered the Wehrmacht to halt short of the beaches. Guderian’s panzers could have rolled right over them all the way to the beach, the defenders just didn’t have sufficient antitank capability to stop him, but he wasn’t allowed to. Note: that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of heroism on the part of British and French troops during the battle; Guderian, with Rommel as his lead division commander, ignored those orders as much as he could (Guderian was so disgusted with getting radio orders to halt during the invasion of Poland that he laid field wire during the dash across France to make it harder for his superiors to know what he was doing via radio intercepts).

        5. I agree. Very disappointing. Hang on. You’re talking about Dunkirk or Thin Red Line?

        6. Although this movie is not about the battle of Dunkirk or the events leading up to it. In truth it sounds like typical sentimental Hollywood nonsense.

    1. Horrible. Not one Nazi. Not one visible casualty. It is Sesame Street of military films. Don’t waste your money.

      1. Yeah Hollywood definitely needs to produce more films depicting evil Nazi’s being gloriously slaughtered by righteous, patriotic, masculine, liberal, anti racist, LGBT friendly heroes.

        1. Dunkirk primarily involved French &Brits against Nazis. Why would the film involve liberal, anti-racist, LGBT wierdos?

    2. I cant watch it bc there werent any people of color or women in it

      1. Should have been filmed in black and white so you can’t tell the race!

  2. Video rental? Do they have it on cassette tape so I can listen to it on my new Sony Walkman?

  3. Instant gratification. That’s why women rarely stick with young entrepreneurs. They have no idea the sacrifices and patience it takes for a man to become a self made success. It’s much easier for them to hop on a cock that can give them everything they want right now. They don’t give a fuck about the man, it’s his assetts they’re after. They act like spoiled children.

  4. Women are more materialistic than men. Mater, the Latin word for mother, is the root word of materialism. Women own 65% of America’s wealth according to Forbes magazine. Seven times more retail space is allotted to women’s personal items than to men’s. Women make 80% of buying decisions. Women have naively entered into an unholy alliance with corporations to provide themselves with more jobs and more stuff. The corporate conquest, the materialist mindset of modern society, may be blamed directly on female greed, female self-seeking and female materialism.

      1. “Women own 65% of America’s wealth according to Forbes magazine. ”
        Looks like BS to me.

        1. I think you may be a person inspired by the man. I do not expect the great man himself to comment on a ROK article.

        2. If its in female nature to be materialistic. Wouldn’t there be an upside to this for it to exist in the 1st place?

    1. And now they’re freezing their eggs at $15,000 a go because there aren’t any “eligible” guys out there. If they hadn’t wasted years on the cock carousel, pursuing shitty careers, competing with men, etc., etc. they would have been very happy raising a family. Instead they live barren lives waiting for the Muslim hordes to invade and fulfil their rape fantasies.

      1. Well put. My view of the future for feminists involves their being held down by robots while being fucked to death by Muslims. Until the Muslims can be replaced by robots and we can figure out a profitable business model.

    2. I like to say that what is left of that thing called patriarchy is old women living off their dead husbands’ assets. So if women have 65% of the wealth that’s how they got it. The vast majority of modern women are not good at retaining wealth but consuming it hence the retail space allocation. Men have something to buy, they buy it and go home. Women shop.

    3. If women didn’t exist with their rampant consumerism, the whole economy could go belly up.
      They are the perfect goys.

      1. Then explain how societies lasted few thousand years when men were breadwinners and women bake it. Not to mention the waste produced by needless consumption of feminist societies.

        1. I have no account how economies worked thousand years ago, perhaps you were there and know better. Go ahead and explain how the economy worked several millenia ago.

      1. Jealous of the younger, prettier, girls. Ran into my ex-neighbor slut at the store, she had moved in with her stupid beta last year, and she was annoyed/talkative.
        Well stupid beta dumped her a month or so ago, honestly I kinda zoned out on most of it because who fucking cares, and now he’s got a newer model. See, she rented the downstairs half of a house and he was already renting the upstairs. This worked great because she could have her daughter over and simply go upstairs for his cock when she wanted it.
        Anyhow what caught my real attention is she started bitching about him already having a new girlfriend. She younger, like 8 years younger than him and a good decade younger than her. I snuck a peek at his Facebook afterwards, new girl has got some nice tits, not a bad face too, a solid 6 or 6.5 piece of ass. That’s not the worst of it though, as his now ex sees it though.
        No the worst thing is that the new girl is over constantly (it’s early in the relationship) and there’s the constant thumping of his bed, thumping when they’re in the living room, if she has the window in her room open cause it’s warm she hears the girl moaning, blah blah.
        Then she goes back to complaining about her looks. Women are jealous little creatures.

    1. “Look a my tits! Look at my tits….what, you don’t look like Cristiano Ronaldo. RAPE!!”

        1. Never underestimate the horniness of women. They just released some commercial of him in his underwear while some hot cleaning lady chick takes a picture of him and it goes viral among the horny chicks and gays. Unbelievable. Meanwhile, I can’t even watch a hot Latina weather chick without some feminist cunts calling me a woman hating misogynist on Facebook.

    2. Fuck them all. Hard and deep. Report when you’ve finished. Then we can compare data.

    3. The “no means no” girl is the only WB up there for me. And maybe the thin one with the “who needs big tits” shirt.

  5. Sounds like a shit movie. Getting sick of movies depicting a couple who end up having a strange man impose himself on them , only to insult and demean the man, and eventually cuck him. Women eat this shit up.
    It’s like we are being prepped for what they have in store for us with the “migrant crisis” and illegal immigration.

    1. No kidding. It sounds like having me move into your neighborhood. Who needs to see movies of that shit?

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        1. Thanks, baby. Now you go get some more of that money and bring it home to Daddy. Elsewise I will beat you with my shoe. You member how much you cry last time I do that, bitch?

    2. Just look at the new trailer for Netflix’s “Bright”. It has Will Smith married to a White woman, with a bi-racial daughter, and hanging out with orcs, fairies, and elves.

      1. Kikes are doing overtime. Token magic nigger pet with default white blonde shiksa and their little mulatto mutt.

  6. “Even if they make a
    decision that is universally bad, it will not be regretted later–it will
    be labeled the choice that others “forced” her to make.”
    Yes, females have no morals.
    I have seen this many times.

  7. There’s two examples from movies about the greedy nature of women.
    In Lord of War, Nicholas Cage’s gun smuggler character marries the hottie model of his dreams. Doesn’t matter that he jet sets around the world selling guns, hanging around drug dealers, shady government acolytes, dictators, terrorists, and the occasional Jew, along with fucking other women, because she doesn’t even question where the wealth comes from. As long as he dotes her with gifts and lets her pursue her dumb dreams of becoming an artist. As soon as she finds out, from Ethan Hawke’s snooping Federal agent fag character, that Cage is drug running, the she goes all moral. At the end, she does leave him and most likely divorced him and took half his shit. Not that it matters. He goes back to gun running for his government overlords and back to making millions.
    In The Wolf of Wall Street, it’s the same for Jordan Belfort, played excellently by Leonardo DiCaprio. The difference here is, the hot wife knows what Belfort does, to the point where she steals him from his wife and marries him. It’s not until the Feds are on to him for fraud that she leaves him.

    1. In all fairness he should have stuck with the one who believed in him to start with when he was just some schnook. Loyalty is safety.

      1. True. Even if the wife was a 7 at best in looks, in this case it’s a decent trade-off.

        1. Exactly, when choosing a wife, you can’t just say hottest chick at all costs at all times, that’s just as bad as out of control hypergamy. If she’s loyal and decent to you, you need to reward that.

    2. But isn’t that how most women are – They expect Total Loyalty while only delivering limited loyalty.

        1. Must be all those “supplements” taken during his/her/it performance at the Olympics ?? Must have scrambled the brain ??

      1. The Fifth Element is a cult classic. You can view it as awesome sci-fi action movie with a lot of gorgeous scenery, or as a philosophical work with a deeper meaning and symbolism. Ever thought about, why the Fifth element is woman of childbearing age?
        I’ve seen Valerian and I can honestly tell you. If you love The Fifth Element, you are going to love that movie too. Lot’s of creative designs and no feminist bullshit. A female character, which acts like a actual female character. What are the odds?

  8. “Rescue is repaid with betrayal”
    Isn’t that how Western Males were repaid for making the world safe and convenient for everybody starting in the seventies through to today – how has that worked out and we aren’t even half way through the Rollacoaster.

  9. Hmmm. A movie that illustrates the nature of women already known to me and many readers here. I’ll pass.
    I find zero entertainment in 99% of movies of the last 20 years. And, considering the high cost and hassle of getting to a movie theater and watching one, the money spent is just insult to injury — a complete waste of time and resources. I certainly don’t need to watch a 2 hour movie to learn about the nature of women.

      1. “Blood Father” was pretty good, too, although Mel went all white knight on behalf of his criminal-slut daughter; I would have let her rot, but…

  10. kellen lutz- sounds like an ice skating maneuver:
    “triple axle into a kellen lutz! crowd goes bonkers!”

    1. It’s the Peoples Republic of California. Brown rapists are fine, white ones not so much.

  11. Soinds like the men got taken because they didn’t immediately grab john and shove him in the basement. Weakness is unforgivable to women.

    1. The women at the same time were discouraging the men from killing John. Obviously they listened to their women. Women are oxymorons.
      Moral: Don’t listen to women.

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  13. “John” sounds like an improvement over the”Apollo” in the new BSG. Good for Jamie Bamber, but another role that native American actors couldn’t do?

  14. Years ago there was an experiment done where women were rate the most attractive man. A man in a suit, one in a fast food uniform, and another in t-shirt and jeans. The vast majority found the guy in the suit most attractive. I even tried this experiment myself years ago and noticed when I was well dressed, I got more attention from females. The reason they find the guy in the suit attractive is because he is perceived to be the most financially successful.

  15. And can we expect to see a sequel where Sylvia (the wife) hooks up with John after leaving, and decides to divorce her husband and take half of everything else he owns, including their house??? Naaahhh… that’s a wet dream gone too far!! But one plenty of women would flock to see!!

    1. I will bet you Sylvia doesn’t put that money into anything productive, and if she does set up her art gallery it will be a terribly run business.

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