Why Russell Wilson Is On The Right Track

Russell Wilson is a Super Bowl winning quarterback known for his athleticism, arm talent and posie under pressure. Despite his excellent on-field attributes, however, some of the most recent headlines regarding Wilson have dealt with his life off the field:

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is filing for divorce from his wife Ashton … after 2 years of marriage — and less than 3 months after earning his first Super Bowl victory.


Wilson just made the announcement, saying … “I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Clearly, decisions like these don’t come easy.”

Russell and Ashton have known each other since high school in Virginia — and they started dating during their college years.

They got married in January, 2012 … just a few months before Russell was drafted by the Seahawks.

The timing really is perfect.

Wilson was only a 3rd round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and his rookie contract pays him around $662,000 annually. Quarterbacks with his kind of resume (2 Pro Bowls, Pepsi Rookie of the Year, Super Bowl winner, etc, etc) are usually making at least 15 to 20 times that amount of money. Russell Wilson’s backup quarterback, Tarvaris Jackson, will be making $1.2 million this year, twice what Wilson is getting.


Rookies cannot renegotiate their contracts until after the end of their 3rd year, which is why Wilson is stuck for now. After the end of this upcoming season, he is going to get a massive raise. His soon-to-be ex-wife will be able to have some claim to the relatively small amount of money he’s already earned (probably just a few million if we combine his first and second year salaries with endorsements he’s gotten), but she will now be unable to touch the bulk of his career earnings, which are going to come in this next contract.

How big will that contract be?

Wilson’s San Francisco counterpart Colin Kaepernick just signed an unusual deal potentially worth $126 Million. It is possibly the lowest guarantee a starting quarterback has ever seen, though there are ample performance bonuses. But Russell Wilson already has a Super Bowl ring, and the reputation that makes him a perfect candidate for product endorsements (via Seattle Pi):


“So if Kaepernick – a quarterback who’s helped his team to two-straight NFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl appearance in just a year and a half as a starter – is worth $21 million per year, what kind of cash could a quarterback with a 4-1 playoff record over his first two seasons – including a Super Bowl win – command?

“According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, up to $25 million per season…

“That would make Wilson the highest paid quarterback in NFL history today.”


And, again, Ashton Meem (formerly Ashton Wilson) won’t be able to touch any of that.

The move is perfect for a man in Wilson’s postion. He’s only 25 years old, right in his athletic prime. He is young enough to have a very realistic chance of spending another decade in the NFL. As a young affluent man with a lot of status, he’s going to have tremendous opportunity on the dating market.

Ashton Meem was a pretty young lady, but the females that are soon to be (and likely already are) chasing Russell Wilson down are going to be on another level.

This is a big reason why I often suggest that pro-athletes never settle down until they come to the end of their careers. Even the last man on an NFL roster has a legion of female admirers, and the physical quality of these women is quite high.


It is one thing to be a young man looking at physically elite women on television or in magazines (most young men are used to pining for such women from a distance), but few ever get to the stage where such women are abundantly accessible to them. For most men, their contact with these women is limited to thirsty pleadings on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


The world of the pro athlete is a very different one. Most of us are aware of the fact that pro athletes are very attractive to women, but I think few truly understand the deeper implications of that lifestyle and the deep impact it can have on the men themselves and their relationships. Once you reach the level Wilson has reached, physically elite women become abundant. You don’t chase them, they chase you. They start tweeting you, sending friend requests on your Facebook, following all of your social media accounts and delivering private messages aimed at getting closer to you.


(Note: Irving proceeded to fly this girl and her friends out to Cleveland to “hang out” with him not long after this; she’s one of many)


Men at a certain level can do more than merely ogle these women on Vine, Facebook and Instagram. They have an honest chance to meet these females in person. When I say “meet”, I’m not talking about being invited to some silly autograph session they are holding or passing them by at an airport. I’m talking about direct invitations initiated by the women themselves.

Beautiful women who would not give most men the time of day (and turn down dozens of approaches from typical men on a daily basis) will actively pursue you, planting themselves at your hotel or apartment building in the hopes of running into you. The mere hint of your appearance at a given club could be enough to singlehandedly draw dozens, perhaps even hundreds of these women to the venue, all dressed to the nines and anxious to speak to you.


It goes further still. Before you know it, she begins to follow you on Twitter. She starts sending random tweets in your direction, then direct messages after you follow her back. She starts angling for a meeting – maybe drinks, dinner, lunch, whatever. She gives you her number. She talks about how she can’t wait to meet you. If she is particularly bold, you might just start finding risqué photos in your inbox before long. And it isn’t just her – there are several other women, all just as beautiful, approaching you with precisely the same enthusiasm. Some will be unknown hometown and campus co-ed smokeshows with thousands of beta orbiters but no social media or internet fame. Many will be like the girl in the Twitter exchange above (Hannah Stocking): beautiful women with hundreds of thousands of online followers and at least that many male orbiters who would kill to meet her. They’ll all be totally focused on you.


What would you do if you were essentially being hunted (perhaps borderline stalked) by not one, but several gorgeous women (each pined for by many thousands, if not millions, of men who are almost totally invisible to them), all going out of their way to get your attention?

Most men don’t know, since most men will never be in this position. But I can tell you this: if you were in a committed relationship before and you suddenly find yourself in this position, you’re going to have a very hard time remaining loyal no matter how much you think you “love” your pretty girlfriend. Most normal men, when put in that position and faced with that test of loyalty, fail miserably.


Most men will never know this kind of abundance, and most athletes are entirely unprepared for the experience. Many get locked down with their high-school or college sweethearts only to get swept away by the avalanche of model-quality ass that is thrown at them upon the signing of their rookie contract. It is something that only the most experienced, mature players (the Derek Jeters of the world) are really equipped to handle well, and even they took time to get there.


Many men are quick to judge other males who find themselves in this position, but this is unwise. As Bill Burr once said (credit to commenter Zelcorpion for noting it):

Bill Burr:

“I’m gonna judge Tiger Woods? I golf, I don’t walk off the 18th hole and there is no busload of Scandinavian women waiting to fuck my brains out. Sorry ladies, gotta go home to the wife.”…


“There is nothing out there (for famous men) to prepare you for the platoon of whores waiting on the horizon. Braveheart – faces painted, skirts on, running down the hill to jump on your dick in front of your wife, they don’t give a shit.”

Until you know what it feels like to reject a busload of Serbian hotties and NBA-sluts, then no man should judge this guy.

Russell Wilson is a very good guy. He grew up in a great household with the guidance of two great parents who set an excellent example for him. He is a genuinely high-character man…


…and even he can’t escape the realities associated with being a man at his level of professional accomplishment. As a young, extremely athletic Super Bowl winning quarterback with 2 Pro Bowls to his name and a whole lot of money, Wilson is on track to experience a level of abundance that perhaps only one in every 100,000 men ever gets close to. By leaving this marriage now, he gives himself the best possible chance to take advantage of that state of affairs and also minimizes the almost certain financial hit a future divorce would have cost him (athlete divorce rates are north of 80%—if he didn’t divorce now, it likely would have happened later at much greater expense).

Many athletes fall victim to the pitfalls associated with romantic life at their level, particularly the expensive divorce (or the threat of it). Russell Wilson has deftly sidestepped this obstacle, and for that he should be commended. If more athletes could follow his example, fewer stories like the one below would need to be told:


Well played, Russell. Well played.

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161 thoughts on “Why Russell Wilson Is On The Right Track”

    1. Love Bill Burr. Saw him live last Winter. This might be my favorite bit.

  1. Good article, and very true. I hate when women try to shame young guys who get a lot of ass. When I was in high school and college I had an older woman call me oversexed because of my dating habits. Mr Wilson will likely be called a dog by many woman. Let a woman leave a man for greener pastures, then women say ” she had her reasons”. I applaud Mr Wilson for for making the right decision.

    1. i don’t doubt that the successful black guy who’s coming up in the
      world is best to ditch his frumpy blondie that gave him the confidence
      boost when he was just a lowly nigga in high school…. sure…. .
      the point the article misses though is that maybe… and granted it is a
      big maybe…. but being in a stable situation with a woman.. used to….
      and perhaps could today provide a more stable base for the man…. that was the point of being married and having a family…. i agree that today it’s almost nothing but a giant liability… the world is changing, but the men also lose…
      ….look at it from the other point of view…. all those whores are just going to be a distraction to his professional life…… they have no vested interested in him other than free weekends away and free lines of coke… they are in many ways more trouble than they are worth.
      a wife on the other hand who has a vested interest in the man’s success, ought to play the supportive role that man needs… it’s tempting to go for the fast food drive through, but that shit kills you in the long run.

      1. Wrong Ray, a wife in 2014 does NOT have a vested interest in a man’s success in absolute terms. The state has made sure of that. A wife may have a vested interest in seeing said pro-athlete net a bigger contract, but fuck her, his agent is there for that. But in absolute terms, once these guys make all their worth, her ultimate vested interest is in cashing out either through child-support or alimony, or even better for her, both. The only way a wife in the past had total vested interests in her husband’s life, was when a divorce or a man’s failure meant destitution and poverty. I don’t female nature was that different back then than it is today, but what was different were INCENTIVES. We don’t live in those days anymore, and the divorce rate is nearly 70% when you factor out the immigrant and geriatric population, and over 90% of those divorces are initiated by women. Don’t encourage these bitches.

        1. in theory the black and white of it is not good… sure, i accept that…. but essentially this is lawyers talking… lawyers have fucked just about every business i ever involved them in… contracts and whys and wherefores make people lose trust…. on the other hand i once had a client on the other side of the world, running a six figure account with my company on trust… a lawyer would have pissed his pants and charged me $5k to prepare some legal, credit rating crap etc. etc. etc……. i had little more than a cell phone no# and a hotmail address…. he paid every last cent….. why ? he could have easily fucked me, especially on the last invoice as the business tailed off…. or on one of the big invoices…….
          if you reduce the world to dog eat dog, then you’re no better than an animal…. you might as well buy some guns and start a cartel, inslave some peasant teenagers for pussy, kill people and lord over them for money, etc. etc. etc…..
          on the other hand a real partnership, some honor or code of life makes things human… imagine if the google boys were buying trying to back stab each other and cut the other one out for his share…. you think either would be worth what they are today ?
          marriages are the same…. if they are just reduced to angling for advantage then people are no better than dogs.

        2. I think you missed his point. He wasn’t saying that his wife or that wifes in general have or even want to have a vested interest in their husband’s success. He saying, since women are so mallible and “such short term thinkers,” how come we can’t come up with a method to vet these women into become what we need them to be. Since women will change for the status of the dick, how come we don’t demand a bigger change.
          Most people say it takes frame to maintain a harem, however it takes that same level of discipline to run ur whole life. Why is it to much work to maintain control over ur chick? Or the question better poised is, y is it to much of an effort to work on a process for having a life partner. We are quick to shun one extreme of submitting to pussy, but we have not pedestilized treating it like an inanimate object. Talking shit about pussy doesn’t give us what we truly want, it just numbs the pain. How about starting the discussion that the other half of the manosphere want, a way to maintain ur game so that the quality chick u first had does not degenerate into a fat walrus.

        3. It is a romantic view point, but sadly a lot of the (Western) world does not feel that way deep down. We live in a culture or narcissism, self promotion, and exaggerated sense of independence. For at least 2 generations now we have been raising our kids to “get yours before they get theirs” – this toxic indoctrination leads to a culture of selfish anti-social consumers, just vying for their piece of the pie they feel entitled to because they have been told by everyone their entire life that they are.
          Most of the intelligent, well-thought, well-spoken men who read the content on this site have all generally been fucked over by people who they trusted and let in close to them. I know I have. You may say it is inhuman to turn trust relationships into terms of business-like transactions of ROI and Risk vs. Reward, but at what point does refusing to trust people go from anti-social paranoia to simply wising up because you have a lot to lose? Making the same mistakes over and over again is simply insane, and since you certainly can’t control the actions of others, all you can do is control yours and guard yourself.
          You have but one life to live, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s not very long. You need to ask yourself if it’s worth suffering over the selfishness of others.

        4. every man for himself all works fine until the wine stops flowing and the music stops playing….. then it’s just a dog eat dog animal shit fight.
          cops have a partner who is supposed to keep their back…
          musicians form bands
          businessmen make partnerships
          men and women get married….
          the interaction of human beings is based on trust…. sure you can get fucked over…… sure you can be too idealistic…. sure you need to see that people match up to promises and expectations…..

        5. Yeah Ray but even business partnerships are built on some form of mutual destruction. This world you keep postulating of a man being “loyal” to an institution that has been used and turned against him is folly. Tell a 20 something like myself that a man should be loyal to the institution of marriage in 2014 is absolute madness. The fact of the matter is, this world is dog eat dog and usually the utopians who don’t realize this end up in mass graves a la’ the Soviet Union or the Taino on Hispaniola when they greeted Columbus. I would go so far as to say that in 2014 no man with an IQ at least above 100 should even remotely consider marriage as an option. The fact of the matter is, reality, you may not like it but I am prepared for it. Disappointed that you think this.

        6. “how come we can’t come up with a method to vet these women into become what we need them to be.”
          You can thank biased laws, no fault divorce and feminism. If you have a method to fight this and win, I’m all ears.

        7. “if you reduce the world to dog eat dog, then you’re no better than an animal”
          When has the world not been this way? We may dress it up with “civilization” but it doesn’t change the innate behavior of people.

        8. I agree with this. It’s been an extremely tough battle to let things go, but I’m getting better at it day by day. I save the vision of peace for my fantasies.
          I do enjoy connecting with people, men and women. I really do savor those moments, but I now know when it’s time to get “real.” I still fantasize about how nice things would be if we valued some of the older traditions but I’m no longer deluding myself into forcing a square peg into a round hole.

        9. Lance, you have once against struck the crux of the issue here. Once upon a time divorce meant destitution and possibly death. In the Bible, they say to divorce a woman is to overwhelm her with cruelty. You look at Henry VIII casting aside Catherine of Aragon for Anne Boleyn and see how crushing it was for her. Today, there is a huge INCENTIVE to divorce. You have been getting tired of the guy anyways, and now you can take half his shit and go back to get some more dick or “Be Happy” – it’s absurd.
          Isn’t it hilarious though how women with abusive men in their lives continue to return time after time despite him beating the shit out of her and taking her money yet they quickly abandon beta herb shmucks at the drop of a hat as soon as it’s convenient. Truly virtuous wives are few and far between and even then one wonders if they would not be if they were hotter. I submitted an article covering this very topic today.

        10. Ray lawyers have made manifest what was essentially hidden under the surface. Women have proven that when enabled to do so (lawyers don’t play a major factor in this) that they have neither honour nor the qualities that us as males value.
          subsequently gender equality is a figment of a feminists imagination she saw while burning her latest bra. True males will value honour, trust and and handshake and seek the respect and acceptance of their fellow true males, and will generally work hard to achieve that. Females are devoid of such a notion and make no effort to cull the behaviour only to provide the rest of the world with new and improved reasons why it is either their right or how the world needs to change to accommodate them.

        11. fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.
          or once bitten, twice shy.

        12. and not only that, but the assurance of mutual destruction not only formed a closer bond but also served as a powerful motivator to avoid said destruction, and all parties involved were better for it when they reaped the rewards. hate to sound geeky but Assassins Creed summed it up well:
          “We are brothers, as we share the glory of our victories, so must we share the pain of our defeat. in this way we grow closer, we grow stronger”

        13. It may interest some here to learn that the bulk of international currency exchange is done on word of mouth promise. The enforcement of these verbal contracts is that if you welch on one you will never do business with anyone in the industry ever again. Since there are big bucks being made, there is ample incentive to back up your words with action. What we see today with women is no downside to breaking contracts, so they do it hand over fist. If a divorced woman was treated like a pariah, as she should be, and no decent person would so much as speak with her, then their actions would be more “honorable”.

      2. And let’s not forget ol’ Briffault’s Law. Those groupies that chase after guys like Wilson may be short-term, but they’re pursuing in the hopes of getting whatever they can get, and guys oblige (as they should, so long as they use prepaid cell phones, have cameras hidden in the room, flush the condom, etc.). These guys are dangling the carrot, and as long as the girls think they’ve got a shot of getting it, they’ll keep coming, no matter how many times their efforts fail. It’s only when they succeed that things go off the rails. Case in point, say a girl manages to snag a guy and get him to put a ring on it. Once you’re married, the arrangement is no longer beneficial to the female, because the courts and “the system” take over. The guy becomes a non-essential component in the equation except to the extent that he can pay alimony/child support/ex-wife’s new boyfriend support/etc. Whether she stays married to you or not at that point, she owns your a**. She knows she can walk out five minutes after saying “I do” and potentially clean you out, or hang the prospect of divorce and all of the crap that comes with it over your head like a Sword of Damocles and basically hold you hostage. That’s where all that simpish “cheaper to keep her” crap came from. If men of means who command great wealth MUST get a wife, the ONLY chance they have is to find a woman who was raised by a mother AND A FATHER and who has at least 2-3 brothers. In my personal experience, women who had a lot of quality men in their families that they could look up to were the most stable and trustworthy women you could ever meet.

        1. Yeah ok, do you how much filthy shit I’ve done to said girls with decent two-parent households and “protective” older brothers? Lmao… yeah. In this day and age, women’s instincts do not change, the variables may slow the inevitable down but the only one variable that did prevent this new system was the old system, and since the laws won’t be changing anytime soon, why risk it? I tell men this everytime they ask me this question, just have children without marriage and if you have to be financially liable for only one aspect of being with a woman, let it be for your children. Why get married? Why? Do you feel incomplete, in need of a soulmate, a loyal companion? All shit that women are either completely incapable of giving you or lies in the case of “soulmates.” Don’t look for unicorns, you won’t find them.

        2. I see what you’re saying, and I tip my hat off to your mackin’ skills. But we’ve gotta remember that a king without a legacy is just a king in name only. A man really only leaves two marks in the world: his accomplishments, and his children. I don’t think you can have the setting necessary to successfully impart the wisdom and knowledge your kids will need to succeed by only interacting with them during weekends, holidays, summer break, etc. (like most court-endorsed parenting plans prescribe). Since the woman gets custody 98% of the time, that’s what you’re facing if you decide to just have kids and pay child support (though I will concede the fact that in some cases, that’s the better of two evils…Tiger wouldn’t have had to give up all those houses if all he’d done was knock up some random chick). But there’s another problem. Every minute you’re not around, she’s cutting a deeper wedge between you and your kids (parental alienation, anyone?) Plus, how can we expect our kids to have a snowball’s chance in hell of having a decent relationship when they themselves grow up in a broken home? A lot of my friends grew up in the 80s along with me, when divorces really began to start ramping up. Most of them now are either divorced themselves or still single, because they didn’t have two parents to show them, or at least give them the appearance of, what a relationship’s supposed to be like. I think a lot of the problems we talk about on this site directly stem from that. I agree that there’s no such thing as a soulmate, but the world’s a big place. Granted, it’s becoming harder and harder to find someone to help build a life and a family with, but I don’t think it’s impossible.

        3. Just PLEASE don’t tell me that one of those things was ATM. You never go full retard, and you never go ATM! Well, on second thought, maybe you can make an exception if the b*tch owes you money or starts giving you too much back-talk. There have to be consequences.

        4. No she can’t. Not literally, anyway. On one of those ID murder shows there was a gold digger who tried to leave her husband after one week of marriage, per her plan. She found out that due to the extremely short length of the marriage, she wasn’t getting a damn thing.

      3. You are a very ignorant person . Lowly nigga? He was a two sport star who came from a very stable household . His father an athlete as well . He suspected the woman of cheating that’s why he divorced her . Watch how you pass that word around .

  2. Ashton paid the inevitable price of mudsharking: Desertion.
    She’s just lucky she isn’t with child.

    1. Oh yes because only black men leave women, didn’t Tom Brady do something similar?
      And he actually had a kid with his girl so STFU with your BS.

        1. If understanding statistics and patterns makes you a white nationalist, then hell I guess I am a WN.

  3. Do we know that this was the reason they’re splitting though? Maybe she’s just a high grade bitch and he couldn’t take her shit any longer? Would be interesting to know his actual thoughts on this, as otherwise it’s rather speculative. Not that the article is incorrect insofar as top end guys being pursued by high quality (looks wise) women, I’m just curious as to how the jump was made to this particular thing as the cause of his divorce?

    1. Rumor is that Golden Tate was fucking Ashton. Don’t know if I believe it, but that’s the rumor. Tate had to publicly deny it.

      1. I won’t find it hard to believe the denial is indeed a fact, especially when Tate left Seattle.

  4. A disproportionate percentage of athletes end up bankrupt too. I’ll bet you in large part because they knock up a bunch of different girls and have outrageous child support payments.

    1. and this percentage is higher in basketball and football than it is in baseball and hockey. For mysterious reasons, of course.

      1. It’s cultural. Excessive consumerism is more prevalent with athletes in football and basketball than hockey or baseball.

        1. Yes, and that is one of the issues I have with African-Americans. Their culture values consumption too much. Even more so than other demographic groups. It isn’t like they were born with a propensity to consumerism.

        2. AA culture has a lot of issue as has been discussed in length here on ROK. However, their willingness to blindly fall into the consumerism cycle is probably the most detrimental. Family structure is another one that frustrates me. I suppose it is because I don’t think it is a racial issue, but rather a cultural issue. African-Americans are not genetically incapable of succeeding in our current system but their children are placed at such a disadvantage by the poor family structure and cultural surroundings that it is astounding any of them succeed. I think it’s a shame honestly.

    2. Let’s not forget the outrageous divorce settlements and alimony payments they get stuck with.

  5. Interesting piece, the celebrity athlete lifestyle isn’t without its major pitfalls. Without game these guys still get played.

  6. The girl’s ass in the kitchen; now that’s an ass I want to fuck.
    Amazing tight ass she has.

  7. First and foremost, his wife Ashton has a chin which would put Popeye to shame.
    I bet she used to eat spinach before he started foreplay to fuck her. And he probably fucked her only doggystyle to avoid looking at her Popeye chin.
    Secondly, who wants to be a monogamous idiot when you have high quality poon throwing itself at you? Taste everything and fuck every of these girls, as these girls are the quality chicks whose pictures average guys would jerk off to. When life gives you the oppurtunity with women, you must take it. Else you’re the fool.

  8. Without any insight as to the reasons behind the divorce, I am going to disagree here. Disloyalty is not manly. The possibility of him being divorced raped in the future does not make that any less true.

    1. It’s not like he cheated on her – he was just not content being in the marriage any longer, and I can’t blame him. I’m sure any average man would have been perfectly happy, but this is a unique case of a man who’s status and options in life change very dramatically. In turn, other things about his life changed as well. Marriage, and ultimately love in general, is about getting the best you can get and lack of options. It’s always a compromise. This man’s options just changed drastically. It’s is damn close to a 100% guarantee he could find a woman who is better for him and more attractive with little to no effort. He hasn’t started a family with her yet, so I think it’s reasonable. It is sad for the woman’s sake, but it makes sense for the man. You shouldn’t compromise your life for a woman – if being with a woman is not aligning with the path you are on then don’t be with a woman.

        1. Not at all, however, as paradoxical as the following may seem, sometimes it is the absolute application of reason that leaves us feeling cheated.

    2. The context (which we will probably never know) is extremely important to the comment you have made, LLF. Was she an uplifting, soft, feminine wife who legitimately made his life better? Then I would agree, this is a greedy and selfish choice. Was she a demanding, spend-happy bitch, who was only in it for the money and status, and was a complete pain in his ass? Then no, I would say Wilson was 100% justified in kicking her to the curb to pursue better options. FWIW, if I had to guess, the true context is probably closer to the latter than the former.

    3. The high likely hood of being divorced rape for long marriage is all the more reason to divorce quickly. Never get married if you are young and rich, it is stupid. Had tiger been single he’d never get burned

      1. Yeah, I am not encouraging young and foolish marriage. But he had already pulled the trigger on that one.
        Simply wanting more access to a variety of quality tail is a shitty reason to blow up one’s marriage. Again, we don’t know the specifics of the break-up, but what’s being applauded in this article is a male version of the “I’m not haaaaapy!” bullshit we routinely (and appropriately) condemn in women.
        Instead of jettisoning one’s wife to bang hot sluts, how about using his exponentially-increased SMV to run the dreadest of Dread Game on his wife?

        1. Lets be real, how the hell can a 20 year old kid still in university get married for any other reason than to get tail. Your argument sounds like a women. Men need to start looking out for numero uno, themself. Does a man with no kids at 24 stand to lose anything from divorcing. N.O. Why would a guy with his money, power and status want to even run game. I am not rich, I am not famous, but if I ever did become a rich and famous I would not expect to be “gaming” my wife and running game. In fact at that point if your wife is being unco-operative you should leave her ass because its trouble ahead.

        2. “Lets be real, how the hell can a 20 year old kid still in university get married for any other reason than to get tail.”
          I’d think that a star football player wouldn’t have to get married to get tail at the contemporary American university. So it must have been something else.
          “Men need to start looking out for numero uno, themself.”
          Your shitty grammar aside, married men have committed to looking out not just for “numero uno,” but for the wife (and family). Like I wrote above, I wouldn’t have recommended that he get married at 20. But telling him it’s cool to opt out because he made his vows when he was young is just as bad as telling a woman it’s okay not for her to honor her commitment because she might be “missing out” on other opportunities if she were single.
          “Why would a guy with his money, power and status want to even run game”
          This one sentence just reveals how foolish your line of thinking is. I’ll leave it at that.

        3. You’d think that, but you have no clue how bitch made alot of men with no game are. Alot of men raised in conservative religious upper class backgrounds think they have to be dating or marry a girl if they are fucking her on the steady and they will live happily ever after.
          The wfe is only looking out for herself, this is the state of modern american women, they aren’tt looking out for their man. Clearly women don’t feel the way you describe, she had no problem gobbling down his teammates cock. And its totally cool to leave your wife just because. Because she nags to much of bitches too much or doesn’t fuck you enough or doesn’t make you happy. Women do not stick in unhappy marriages and neither should men.
          You are trying to elevate an imingary thing called committment and this is why relations fail. People have these hidden expectations that the other person will give in for the good of the team. But it doesn’t always work that way. Have sex with women who enjoy having sex with you. Want a platonic relationship with women, trust me, there is no shortage of women who will not want to date you with no committment and giving you no pussy.
          Telling a man with money, power, looks, and status he should be running game on some becky is ridiculous, he can have any becky he wants by just showing up. Its like saying Adriana Lima must run game to get a nice boyfriend. No she doesn’t she just has to show up.

        4. “Clearly women don’t feel the way you describe, she had no problem gobbling down his teammates cock.”
          I’ve seen nothing but an article from the sports world’s version of TMZ making that claim. If it’s true, that’s a completely different story, but where’s the actual evidence that she cheated on him?
          “Women do not stick in unhappy marriages and neither should men.”
          So men should stoop to the level of frivorcing whores. Gotcha.
          “You are trying to elevate an imingary thing called committment and this is why relations fail.”
          Commitment is not an imaginary thing. The two of them made a real, actual, public commitment. If one or both of them violated it, it doesn’t make the original vows any less real. It just means that the commitment was not honored. And, as I originally said, disloyalty is not manly.
          “Telling a man with money, power, looks, and status he should be running game on some becky is ridiculous, he can have any becky he wants by just showing up”
          Running game would have been exceedingly beneficial to Donald Sterling, a man with money and power and status who was brought to his knees by a slut precisely because he had zero game.

        5. Sterling was an old man. Game would not have helped him. No one wants to fuck that. If the women breaks the committment, the agreement is gone its done and over. It would be like you order a computer and the company never sends it, and you send them the money anyways, and you keep doing that every day and no computer ever comes. Its called being a sucker. Men who try to take the high road get screwed and don’t see what use to be their kids, they become weekend dads.

  9. Women are just plain ugly. To marry one of those creatures is suicide. No wonder they require tons of makeup, special hairdos and complimentary clothes to make themselves somewhat presentable.
    It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual instinct that could give that stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged race the name of the fair sex; for the entire beauty of the sex is based on this instinct. One would be more justified in calling them the unaesthetic sex than the beautiful. Neither for music, nor for poetry, nor for fine art have they any real or true sense and susceptibility, and it is mere mockery on their part, in their desire to please, if they affect any such thing.
    Women can’t even love their own children. Why marry them?
    The first love of a mother, as that of animals and men, is purely instinctive, and consequently ceases when the child is no longer physically helpless. After that, the first love should be reinstated by a love based on habit and reason; but this often does not appear, especially where the mother has not loved the father. The love of a father for his children is of a different nature and more sincere; it is founded on a recognition of his own inner self in the child, and is therefore metaphysical in its origin.
    And finally the truth about marriage
    In our part of the world, where monogamy is in force, to marry means to halve one’s rights and to double one’s duties.
    The core of the problem
    When the laws granted woman the same rights as man, they should also have given her a masculine power of reason. On the contrary, just as the privileges and honours which the laws decree to women surpass what Nature has meted out to them, so is there a proportional decrease in the number of women who really share these privileges; therefore the remainder are deprived of their natural rights in so far as the others have been given more than Nature accords.

  10. You have a girl who fell in love with you when you were just some kid in high school playing ball. She didn’t predict any of your success, and she just likes you for you.
    You give her up for random internet whore 10 years later. None of these ho care about you. They are all in it for the money and fame. As a rich athlete now, you will never be able to find a woman who loves you just for you. From now on, it’s all just about the money.
    Now is that trading up or trading down? I don’t really know.

    1. He was never “just some kid”
      These two went to a 20k/year prep school, Wilson was a football star with D1 written all over him.
      He was rich and an overachieving athlete the whole time. No rags to riches here.
      She was bred to be a gold digger from the start- he probably realized it and figured if he has to have a gold digger around he might as well choose from a broader menu than Richmond, VA’s well-to-do white girls.
      Yes, the NFL has some guys who are really hood, but just as many come from a silver spoon background.

      1. Richmond is not a rich town. neither is 20 grand for private school.
        You are just poor.

        1. First sentence: When did I say Richmond was a rich town? Your second sentence makes me think you were drunk posting in the morning.
          I never said he was Bill Gates Jr. just that he was never hurting for money.
          Richmond isn’t NYC but that doesn’t change that this kid was the upper crust of his hometown.

        2. Most American’s can’t afford 20k a year for prep school. To most American’s that is the definition of a silver spoon.
          Lol, and to call someone poor, u must be its antithesis….

        3. In any case, the dude was a superstar athlete at every level. She was probably close enough to being a gold digger, even if he was not yet rich.

        4. Lets also not pretend like you know all the details surrounding his leaving her.
          She could be an utter bitch for all we know.

        5. Its not but alot of rich dc types live there and send their kids to private schools there, and 20 grand is a lot of money, especially in the south

      1. Yeah, unfortunately, that information wasn’t in the TMZ link nor in Athlone’s post.

      2. wow. Even with a star athlete boyfriend , “These hoes ain’t loyal!”

    2. Trust me….. This girl knew what she wanted. Read the manipulated man. By Esther Vilar. He wasn’t just some “nobody” in high school.

    3. never EVER underestimate the female mind when it comes to long-term planning or schemes. She would have seen his potential in college and latched on from there, and then when he was up for drafting/got drafted there was marriage. And she will lose nothing at any stage, she can initiate divorce or break up the minute his career looked on the downhill.

    4. Who says it’s all his fault? There may have very well been signs, picked up by the smart advisers in his life that it’s going to end eventually and do the wise thing NOW not get fleeced later.

    5. “A woman who loves a man for WHO he is”? In all seriousness, someone has been reading Don Juan too many times.

  11. Warning signs:
    1) crazy eyes
    2) she’s named Ashton
    3) early head first crash into the wall, she’s supposed to be the same age as him, right? She looks a good decade older in that last pic. I bet she drinks a lot.
    Conclusion: not safe for marriage

    1. 4) Dates blacks
      Totally deranged and dysfunctional based on number 4 alone. How much would you have to hate your own family, your own father, your own ancestry and culture, to go out and date some black guy??? It’s the worst thing a white woman could do, outside of child murder.

  12. After reading this all i can think is “fuck my life”
    1 in 100 000 get to live this life. Well i think i might be stuck in the 99 999

  13. I would guess that her behavior started changing significantly as the approaching vast-expansion-of-hypergamous-resources was making it’s presence felt in her mind. Somehow I doublt Russell’s divorce is purely financially self-motivated. I have to believe that his wife started changing into rich-kept-woman before his eyes, and he didn’t like it.

    1. This is my (admittedly not 100% informed) impression of what probably happened. She knew he was going to get paid in a few years, and started acting like a wife entitled to the sort of lifestyle he was going to enjoy too early, he got wise to it, and cut ties. If the rumors are true that she was whistling his teammate on the side are true, all that did was give him a convenient out. If he is smart, he would have taken his course of action anyway.

  14. Wilson was a third round draft pick, which is by no means a guaranty of a long NFL career. The guy happened to be in the right place in the right system at the right time and his career has taken off. Many QBs more talented than him never got anywhere in the NFL, so I don’t fault his decision to marry a very cute chick (7.5-8 on my scale) that he’s known for years. The couple of guys I know from high school that made it to the NFL also married their high school sweethearts and both of them were also from very conservative two parent households.
    However, he’s right to part ways with her now, because the pussy will be flying at him full force over the next few years in every city the Seahawks visit. I don’t care how Christian he considers himself, he’s only going to be able to say “no” so many times, as many of these women have no problem engaging in 3somes and orgies with he as the only male participant. The downside of this is that he will also have to put up with every woman he bangs trying to steal his jizz to inseminate themselves or make up some type of false rape charge.

    1. A couple of drops of hot sauce in the used condom before he discards it should cure that problem…

      1. I disagree with Leykis’ “Don’t Flush the Rubber” line. One the small chance it does clog the pipe, the cost of a plumber is minuscule compared to getting fleeced by the child support racket.

  15. Russell Wilson is a hell of a Quarterback. However, he is also Blue Pill to the bone. I would not be the least bit surprised if he took this chick back or got another one exactly like her.

    1. Naw, Russell Wilson is not that stupid. If he divorced a bitch that he spent all of his collegiate days with, than he’ll hardly let some NFL groupie skank, get remotely close to his new riches. The man is smart and whoever is telling him this advice, he should keep around.

      1. Agreed … I think there must have been a very good reason for him to file for divorce (word on the street is that the bitch hooked up with Golden Tate) since he has worked hard to craft an image as the anti-Kaepernick — i.e., wholesome, Christian, family-oriented, etc. — and he was just starting to tap into the big money of national media exposure after the Super Bowl (e.g., that stupid commercial with him in a barber shop)… even his agent isn’t a typical Jew scumbag like Drew Rosenhaus but apparently some smalltime evangelical Christian type guy with a big family … my guess is that he will look to re-marry soon to a “nice Christian girl” …

        1. Holy shit…Prince Fielder, Roy Hibbert, Russell Wilson, who’s going to be cuckolded by a golddigger screwing a teammate next?

    2. Time will tell but im inclined to disagree. the timing of the divorce supports the theory that he got either smart or smart advice. and moving forward unless he regresses into the arms of another Ashton then he will see the wisdom in his maneuverer.
      the biggest challenge will be his family and whether they will support his decision or beat him with the “you gotta get married and settle down” stick, and while his parents may be very well-adjusted and have raised a well-adjusted and successful son, hopefully they will be incredibly critical of the girls he is with and NOT encourage him to settle.

  16. Did R.O.K ever do any articles about the plight of
    African American women? What a lonely plight it
    must be! Nobody wants them unless they are
    extremely light skinned like Rihanna or Helly Berrie.
    It used to be that no white man would touch a white
    women who had a “past” with a black man. Now,
    white guys have almost NO CHOICE when it comes
    to accepting the sloppy seconds of the black man
    even if the white woman has children by the black
    man. We can see this with Heidi Klume.
    If a white woman has any reservations about
    being with a black man, those reservations are
    easily overcome by “social proof” from her friends
    or the media. I read somewhere that the white woman
    feels a special sense of excitement when a black man’s
    fetus is growing inside her body. She is fulfiled and
    excited about giving birth to black babies. The black
    man’s seamen has more testosterone the the white
    man’s and makes her feel like a “natural woman.”

    1. The testosterone is mainly absorbed through the vaginal walls. Which might explain why they love black dick inside

  17. What I got out of this is that in order to get the same amount of passive attention/attraction as the average 7/10 HBB you must be a Superbowl winning Adonis male. Fuck this earth :).

  18. As a Seahawk fan, and a guy who has probably watched every single snap he’s taken since his first preseason game when he was a projected third string QB, obviously I’m a huge Wilson fan. When news came out about his divorce, I thought “This might be the smartest man on the planet”. And he IS a good guy. He’s turned down endorsement deals that clashed with his schedule of weekly visits to Seattle Children’s Hospital, and he’s still only making league minimum. I’ve honestly been waiting for a ROK article about him.
    He’s let it be known that he eventually wants to own a professional sports franchise. Wilson is already looking past his days in the NFL. His college coach came on a local Seattle sports talk radio show a couple years ago, and was absolutely gushing about his character. In his words, he believed that Wilson would be a world champ, a hall of famer, and that it wouldn’t surprise him one bit if he became President of the USA.
    He’ll date some elite gold diggers, probably remarry to a high quality woman, and eventually get into politics if he wants to. He seems to accomplish every goal he sets for himself. But he’ll keep his personal life as private as he can. What he won’t be is a spoiled athlete who ends up in trouble with the law, broke, or end up offing himself after shooting his baby momma. The guy is a class act.

    1. He also has family support which is big, he has parents and sisters, aunts watching out for him, who probably smelled the rat that the wife was a gold dgger.

  19. In College the amount of ass the football and baseball players got was insane. Even the bench players who never saw the field got top shelf pussy, it pissed me off. I’m glad I’m in the real world now and most of these dudes are broke losers with low paying jobs.

  20. This guy will be knee deep in ass now. I mean he will need a bat to keep the bitches off him. If I were his friend/agent I would warn him that he will be literally stalked and hunted by gold diggers. The first thing these gals will do is try to get knocked up by him. They will lie to his face about being on birth control. He will have to be very careful about the “unplanned ” pregnancy…

  21. Very well observed! We should not judge neither those men nor the women who just respond to their hypergamous nature wanting to hunt the best Alpha seed. After his active career the river of easy pussy will be just a trickle and Wilson has a better chance of finding a wife or LTR and future mother of his children.
    I was also wondering why not other Players have started emulating the pussy-chasing-me-lifestyle. Dan Bilzerian managed it just by putting up some pics on Instagram from time to time. Sure – you might need more money for that and you lose some privacy, but at least that is the closest thing to emulating the kind of fame that a professional athlete has. Nowadays thanks to social media any millionaire with some Game could make himself into a pussy-magnet-social-media celebrity:

    1. Ahahahahaha. That just reminded me of my former Twitter follower, Ali Spagnola, especially when she did try to hit on Dan.

      1. That works only on women. Male 10s don’t care shit about famous women hitting on them when they are at best a 5-6 & past their prime. The female hamster is always deluded thinking what works on them must surely excite a man too.

  22. Everyone in this thread needs to realize that he divorced her because she cheated on him with his teammate:
    Everyone who thinks that he’s in the wrong, that he’s the one who’s disloyal, or that he’s just out to chase ass needs to realize the reality. I don’t doubt that he was willing to commit himself in full BP fashion to her, and she went out and blew it in the worst way just before his big payday. He should consider himself lucky.

    1. Uh – bad, but again no surprise. Most of the guys are Blue Pill. Being attractive to girls due to your situational Alpha status as a quarterback is not Game. I guess he was lucky that she did it now. But I am afraid he might get divorce-raped by the next bitch, since he has no real motivation to learn Red Pill Wisdom.

  23. The author is missing a huge gap in the story. Russell divorced Ashton because she cheated on him with teammate and wide-receiver Golden Tate. Instead of questioning Russell’s loyalty, how about mentioning her disloyalty. I think this is a blessing in disguise for Russell; she cheated first and he divorced her; no kids with her so he won’t have to pay a dime to that cheating ho. Now he will have ‘an avalanche of hoes’ with no cheating guilt, call it a ‘reward’ if you will. On a side note, as a seattlite and seahawks fan, thanks Russell for giving us that superbowl; avenging that superbowl which pittsburg cheated us (you all know they did lol).

  24. Seahawks are not going to pay Wilson $25 Million/season. Dude averages 400 attempts per year (Manning and Brees go over 600), has the league’s best defense and a stout running game, is undersized, likes to scramble so likely will be prone to injury should he have to carry a team.
    The Ravens got exposed badly with the Flacco contract this past season, and Wilson isn’t a top-5 QB. Rodgers, Brady, Manning, Brees and Philip Rivers are all better.

    1. Kaepernick just got a $21 million/year deal, and I strongly suspect Wilson will surpass that by a good margin. $25 million is not out of the question at all.

  25. Kyrie Irving also smashed Jessica Vanessa, another vine “star” like Stocking. Stocking is the 10 compared to JV (who’s got an amazing ass).

  26. I really don’t find the various Ashton Meems of the US attractive at all – a bunch of materialistic, darkness-possessed bitches that bring nothing to the table. Her scheme was obvious and he was beta to go for it in the first place, but good for him that he wised up in time.

  27. You guys have it a little skewed – I don’t deny that he COULD be avoiding bestowing a now-bitchy wife. But RW is a devout Christian – go to his Tweets. This one is a realshocker and I wonder if she strayed. If he did, it is Tiger Woods on steroids for impact on inspiring athlete models for young kids. Not that red pill shouldn’t be taught, and not that he may have been too Disney. But there is strong moral fiber here. Stay tuned.

  28. So many of these guys are ending up with Encepholamacia (brain damage). Look at poor Mike Webster, hall of fame center from the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70s. He ended up losing his mind and was homeless. And then there is Junior Seau, Dave Duerson – both dead too soon. The list is growing of the former NFL players who need medical care after the gridiron lights have faded.
    It’s a very rare woman who will stay with you when you’re drooling on your shirt, losing control of your physical faculties. I imagine, in today’s world, most of these NFL wives split when their hubbies start slipping into dementia.

    1. I know as an American, this is blasphemy but I think 1.) MMA a la’ the UFC should replace football as America’s number 1 combat sport and 2.) Real football aka soccer, should be America’s number sport. Both these games are purer in their titles and players and fighters actually compete with the rest of the world. It always felt strange calling the Super Bowl champions “world champions” given that no one from the rest of the world really plays American football, and also it would be nice to field a world cup football team where the best American athletes actually play international football. It would also be nice to end routine American circumcision, I mean I’m intact myself but again it would be nice to see more European ideals permeate into American society. Nevermind, I’m just ranting.

      1. The MMA is cool, but I have always thought that it was created to offset America’s inability to dominate the heavyweight boxing division. This title is the pinnacle of the most Alpha sport in modern history – boxing. In America, we keep reminising about the only two great heavyweights that ever existed (in our eyes): Ali and Tyson. Good lord, it’s like a beaten old man, talking about the good old days. Boxing analysts have now made up the term, the best “pound for pound” boxer. That never existed throughout the history of boxing. The winner usually is…you guessed it – an American.
        We are quick to dismiss that the Ukranians have dominated this divison for quite some time, via the Klitschko brothers. Not surprising in my opinion, since Ukranian men have not had its testicles nuetered by the media, like the men in the US have. Their boxers are training, Ivan Drago style, in the middle of the frozen tundra. Ours are being publicly pressured to do PSA spots on gay acceptance.

        1. Boxing comes no-where being as vicious and brutal as MMA is. Anderson Silva in his prime or Junior Dos Santos would dispatch any boxer they’d be thrown in the octagon with, with a combination of vicious strikes and tap out submissions. MMA mimics reality (mostly), given that in a real street fighting scenario, no one is going to stand and keep throwing fists, without leveraging some advantage in grappling or striking against you. A 6,4, 220 Ibs man, whose skilled in wrestling would be foolish to stand toe to toe with a 6,0 foot, 188 Ibs boxer. A smart man with these skills, would take him to the ground, probably with some “throwing” wrestling move, and crush his skull in, with absolute glee. MMA is a far superior combat sport.

        2. That’s probably true. There are more ways to strike in MMA. It’s hardcore. I won’t dent that.
          I don’t like that Dana White has buckled to feminist pressure though, and let “girl power” become a featured event on the card. To me, these buff-girl matches are a freak show. I liken them to the part of a WWE presentation when they bring in the midgets.
          The last few advertised Pay Per View booked female MMA matches as one of the main events, and some recent reality shows have included their matches as well. When this is the case, it just ruins it for me.
          And this gender bending nonsense starts to seep into popular culture. I courted a gal around five years ago. She told me she did MMA and had a record of 9-1. That was it for me. I finished my beer and asked for the check.

        3. As if Don King didn’t bring his own version of “WWE” to professional boxing, and thus ruined the sport. However, with that said about the MMA/UFC, it must be said this sport is not only dominated by Americans but it truly is international in a way boxing and American football is not. For a long time the best MMA fighter P4P in the world was a Brazilian man who could barely speak English (Anderson Silva), and the best Heavyweight for a brief period of time was also a Brazilian (Junior Dos Santos). Also the rise of Scandinavia, Russia and England are producing extraordinary MMA fighters.
          To say in your previous comment that MMA/UFC was an American response to counter some outmoded Ukrainian heavyweight champion no one cares about, is simply untrue. I agree about the sport taking upon the PC banner, but in 2014 when every industry has to either do this or in essence lose sponsorships and thus die, what real option did the Fertita Brothers and Dana White truly have? It’s the same thing with international football, most Americans don’t understand the strategies and tactics of association football and thus discard it, but fail to realize corporate America prefers American football because of the commercial space to get you to buy shit. Real football is continuous with only halftime stopping play.

        4. I get your point. I should cut Dana some slack. He would probably have been sued for trying to prevent the shebeast takeover.

      2. There’s a reason why you typed that post with your hands and not your feet, Lance. Soccer is for unevolved peoples and societies. All of the great american-invented sports are manifestations of modernity.

        1. And who invented “soccer”? Yup, Anglo folks, all the way WITHIN England, the land of Victorianism, extinct English roses, Jack the Ripper, Anglo white female feminism, eugenics, cuckoldry, wankerism…I swear, I could go on and on.
          Before you use the “Jewish excuse card” as seen throughout English world history, the English elite themselves planned using Anglosphere Jews, to the point they aim to get the latter act like them. Theodore Herzl was indeed the founder of Zionism, but sold out to Imperial England. I did previously say how Anglosphere Jewish women are acting like their “shiksah” counterparts, courtesy of Anglo white female feminism. Money? It divided the Rothschild clan, much to the delight of Imperial England. Media? Imperial England called it their 4th Estate. I personally bet you’re blaming the Jews for POST-WWII England’s ruination, even when MARGARET THATCHER INSTIGATED IT.
          And speaking of “evolved peoples”, why is the Anglosphere importing non-ethnic Anglo folks to their own society, especially whe ethnic Anglos are not even procreating amongst themselves? Talk about a cut-off line for ‘evolution’, huh?
          The English themselves invented the word “soccer” as a way to shorten “association football”. God save the English from their own ignorance!

        2. Margaret Thatcher instigated England’s post WWII ruination? That is beyond stupid. The British Empire bled itself to death in WWI and it’s been mostly downhill since then. Thatcher’s reign represented a comeback albeit a very modest one. Since then further decay and retrenchment.

        3. “Margaret Thatcher instigated England’s post WWII ruination? That is beyond stupid.”
          English men have been working and therefore, contributing to English economy; yet, she ruined all those.
          “The British Empire bled itself to death in WWI and it’s been mostly downhill since then.”
          …which is nothing more than a red herring to how the British Empire’s rulers were actually German royalty. My former World History back in high school is of Celtic stock, as I learned from him how WWI was nothing more than publicized in-fighting amongst European royalty (with Japan in the bandwagon).
          “Thatcher’s reign represented a comeback albeit a very modest one. Since then further decay and retrenchment.”
          Back to where, Victorianism? This is the very time period in English history where one of its common beliefs of and towards English men was “ALL MEN ARE LIKE JACK THE RIPPER”, to the point a lot of sane Englishmen went off and settled in colonies they conquered. The decay and retrenchment are parts of it.

        4. American Football stems from Rugby Football, Baseball derives from Rounders – both English. Basketball was however invented in North America (by a Canadian).

  29. Some White girl will snag him and end up with 1/2 his money like that Chigroe, Woods lol
    And would you stop putting these big butted females with thick thighs up as pictures.We connoisseurs of females like that young virginal slim look.Big butts are gross.
    And why do these negroes always buy a White girl whenever they get a little money. Aren’t hairhatted hooligans good enough for them?

    1. Gtfo! You’re either a homosexual or woman. No heterosexual male likes some emaciated looking prepubescent boyish looking waif model. It’s been well known that gay men and women within the fashion industry have sullied the appearance of women for fashion, and these people could care less about what we heteros like. Modern women like the idiots they took this and ran with it, starving themselves into oblivion over some image, some homosexual in NYC or Paris created. Men since the days of Ancient Greece and Rome have built and carved statues and figurines detailing what we find to be the perfect female body shape, and that is a nice ass to hip ratio with great breasts. Get your Sex In the City promulgating ass the fuck out of here.

      1. Your 100% correct, yet feminists blame “The Patriarchy” for the adolescent boy body type created by Women and Gay Men in the fashion industry.

    2. Whoa! I like the body types in those photos of the Groupie and Brazilian chick.

  30. This is why I think polygamy should be legal. If you’re a young, rich, athletic male, you should have the option to commit to more than one wife.
    There would be a few who’d rather do this than cheating on one, or not getting married at all and thus slaying bimbos on the regular.
    If it were legal, and not taboo to the culture, Pro sports players would be prime candidates for this lifestyle.

  31. In Wilson’s place, I would do a vasectomy (done right it’s reversible) and then dive into the ocean of pussy. You can’t imagine, how eager women can be, who don’t know, that your sperm (with no semen in it) can’t make them pregnant.
    Just think of a gold digger chick milking you multiple times every day and “suddenly” becomes pregnant. The look on her face, when you tell her that it cannot be yours and she, the cheating bitch, can now pack off.

  32. I’ll tell you what is hilarious to watch: The hamster wheel of rationalization of the media in Seattle about Wilson’s divorce.
    Seattle is the epicenter of angry lesbians, angry feminists, fat bitches, white knights, and beta bitch boyz. They will contort themselves into pretzels to get around admitting why Wilson divorced – he made a rational decision based on money.
    Everyone with half a brain can guess at the history of Ashton and Russell. Ashton locked onto him in high school. Then, she had her doubts in college, and jumped on the cock carousel. She’s had more cock shoved up her vagina than Russell has had completed passes. But she kept him on the line, being there for a blow job after his work outs, just in case. Then, when Wilson got drafted, she threatened to leave him if they didn’t get married. He was still young and apprehensive, wanting some security at home while he ventured into the unknown of the NFL. (Note: When Wilson first came to Seattle, he was considered a 3rd string quarterback).
    Wilson then gained confidence, had success in the NFL, became his own gold mine, and got some good advice. He figured out that he can do better than Ashton, and in large quantities, and so got the fuck out. I am sure that he drew strength from remembering how Ashton left him hanging when he was not a sure thing.
    If you are going to be with a woman that has swallowed the cum of multiple men, while you have the money and the fame to have a thousand of them, then you may as well put yourself in the position to enjoy the ride at no cost to yourself. Wilson has done that.
    I love it, because it flies in the face of all the bull shit that you will find in Seattle. And it makes the bitches and fags that run that place have to contort while they eat crow and meanwhile cheer on Russell Wilson.

    1. Safe to say that’s how the Pacific Northwest truly is, especially when serial killers WOMEN worshipped emerged from there.
      I’ll bring up the Seattle Freeze, while I’m at it.

  33. Wilson is a small, overrated dude (if Cleveland drafted him he’d be a nobody) in a violent sport with non-guaranteed contracts.
    Right now his celebrity outweighs his wealth. it might not be a bad idea for him look out for a money-earning celebrity-lite female (actress, model, singer, but not a golddigger) to power-couple it up with, and get in on half of her wealth.
    All it takes is one skiing or ATV accident to kiss those future earnings goodbye.

    1. If he can find a Halle-Berry type chick (but without the over-the-top insanity) he should think about wifing her up to protect his own financial interests.

  34. Russell is an outstanding guy, and a great character guy, but I believe he’s also more of a ‘nice guy’ than the quintessential red-pill iconoclast we might like him to be. I believe he would have stayed with his wife through thick and thin…if not for her running off and fucking Golden Tate in the dank corners of CenturyLink Field.
    This actually would mean he had every *moral* right to divorce her – even the tradcon Christian subset would have to acknowledge this.
    The end result winds up being in his best interest. Glad to see that.

  35. Ohh how I cannot WAIT to hear the feminist diatribe that will follow this, how hard done by his now ex-wife is, how dare he blah blah blah.
    All the more power to him, and as an example of not just a self-serving interest (which I am a supporter of), but as the author said, a sound tactical move to prevent him further heartache down the line. Marrying after your career or while its winding down is probably the smarter way to go however even when his professional career is over there are still avenues he can follow like coaching, sports consulting etc that will still earn him a respectable sum of money – just probably less glitz and glamour.

    1. Why does everyone say Wilson should marry towards the end of his career?
      Why marry at all?
      Barring some horrible tragedy, he will be rich the rest of his life. He’ll have his choice of pussy until he’s 6 feet under. There is no reason to mess that up with a nagging bitch nipping at his heels and making his life miserable.

      1. no one is saying he SHOULD more that if he were to, at the end of his professional career would be WHEN, theory being it would weed out the ones looking to fly-by-night with his money and when his SMV would be theoretically lower based on his status as opposed to in his prime.
        Should he get married?? probably not but that’s a choice he would have to make, given that he has already married I would say that he’s been there, done that and the idea of “don’t knock it ’til you try it” has already been observed.

      2. There are only two reasons I’d tell a man to get married in 2014 and beyond, if I developed dementia and forgotten the red-pill and all the years of heartbreaking torment with the opposite sex or 2.) If I maliciously hated that man and would love to see him suffer a protracted and miserable decline. Most men today are in a total state of willful ignorance regarding women and marriage (male-slavery), so it’s sort of like a misery loves company ordeal. They believe being tied down to some nagging bitch, is some rite of passage as man, when they could be further from the truth. In actuality, the men who don’t get married are the hungry wolves of our society who vie for the crown jewels of society, the entrepreneurs, financiers etc. These men if they do get married, do it when they are no longer of any youthful vitality or money making potential, and usually that is there downfall. Stay away from any man propagating western marriage like the plan, it’s like a contagiously diseased man, who “just wants a hug.” Avoid these bastards like the plague.

        1. but then who….WHO I ask you Sir…….will I laugh at after yet another one night stand and hearing about another divorce??? hmmmmmmm??? *raises eyebrows*

        2. These truly successful older men who get married also tend to have their assets locked down in a veritable matryoshka of legal entities making divorce theft practically impossible. As they themselves own nothing and the trust owns all, any would-be golddigger finds out to her dismay that she essentially married the equivalent of a pauper whose lifestyle is financed by an untouchable rich benefactor (i.e. the “trust”). These mechanisms have worked thus far (barring some restrictions), though they are usually expensive and complicated to implement and service, requiring either the fortunate recent acquisition of significant assets, or access to old money to justify their existence. I still wouldn’t marry.

  36. Good move, that wife with the big horse mouth ain’t nowhere near the level of the other sluts pictured in this article. Minor League material vs. the Big Leagues.

  37. Ok, as far as I can tell you posted a pic of this football dude posing with one of his mom’s friends, or a former teacher or something. What does his wife actually look like?

  38. Not to be dreadful, but most straight men have nothing to offer women besides money, stuff, and things. You aren’t capable of loving anyone but yourselves and most of you are narcissistic, egotistical, maniacal, sociopaths with the self-control and IQ of farm animals. And you’re not even funny FFS! At least women are going after you strength – your ability to provide money, stuff, and things. Have to give them credit for that.
    Unlike straight men, gay men don’t end up bitter like most of the men commenting here because when you date and screw other men, you know what you’re getting. Women have to more to offer than just sex in a relationship. And straight men aren’t even very good at that! LOL! I feel bad for women. Can’t imagine wanting to date any of the men commenting here. Could you be more bitter? The answer is yes. You own mirrors after all.
    Wilson is probably a nice guy for a straight guy which mean he’s just a douchebag lite. But he’s still a Jesus freak douchebag. I say the BHB dodged a bullet.

  39. it’s common knowledge that Wilson’s wife had her hooks in during school years knowing he’d be a meal-ticket one day, unfortunately she couldn’t keep her legs closed, slept with Golden Tate, who sported a mysterious “shiner” before Super Bowl last year, thanks to Percy Harvin, who decked him one for screwing the QB’s wife. Tate was traded after SB even after he offered to take a reduced salary to stay and Harvin was traded just this week to the Jets, (anger management) though both Wilson and Lynch wanted Harvin to stay. In short, Wilson is better off without the manly looking Goldigger, who only gets a percentage of his current salary (about 800K) rather than a bigger chunk of change next year when he signs his next salary for the next ten years, which will be millions. All in all, Ashton Wilson screwed herself. Seahawks Soap Opera 101

  40. If Russell Wilson has integrity, he will be finding his wife in a bible believing church and physical appearances will be secondary.

  41. Now if “Russell Wilson is a very good guy. He grew up in a great household with the guidance of two great parents who set an excellent example for him. He is a genuinely high-character man…” would he then really be divorcing his wife just so he could get a hotter wife down the road? This article is a complete joke, it’s just a “young man” writing about his dreams of wishing he had the option of dating “hot” women, and so he’s assuming that the whole reason Wilson got a divorce was so he could test the waters and enjoy women that are more than just pretty, ones that are “on another level.” It was just something to indulge in from the author’s fantasy perspective rather than any truth about Wilson’s divorce. I’m pretty sure if just chasing “hot” women was Wilson’s real goal and motivation, perhaps he wouldn’t have dated while playing college football, I’m pretty sure QBs on college campus have “more options” than the average joe’s he would sit next to in class already. And then Wilson gets to the NFL and becomes the starting QB week 1 of his rookie season, but still decides a real relationship he’s built over the years with her is worth having than trying to figure out which women want to really be with him, and those that like him just for his fame. So we’re saying the Super Bowl win and big contract just around the corner is the reason he decided to now leave her, I mean, Mr. Author, have you ever been in a relationship yourself? Because things do happen over time, that drive people apart and it causes things to not work out. But that must be over your head, and a lot of other “men” reading this article. Like the top rated comment on here says “I hate when women try to shame young guys who get a lot of ass.” That mixed with 11 pictures of women half naked, this article is like a horny high school boy wrote this, not a “man” with any knowledge about if Russell Wilson is on the right track.

  42. Fuck off. Looks fade, gold digger bimbo personality lasts forever. If you are only going for looks, you deserve to be taken to the cleaners. Assholes

  43. He married a black single mom that is older than him,and prides himself into waiting for “their wedding night” .He is the public definition of Beta due to letting his chaste wifey parade him around like a obedient dog.That dude really went overboard,even blue pilled people find him meek.

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