What The 2016 Election Has Exposed

There are some things that we have learned about the United States from this election. We’ll need to keep these in mind as we make efforts to return sanity to society.

The federal government has been corruptedcwxt87xucaasxvf-jpg-large

Probably the most shocking lesson of this election is that the entire federal government has been coopted to serve a single party—the Democrats. The best example of this was the behavior of FBI Director James Comey. The FBI is part of the Executive branch of government so Comey reports to Loretta Lynch, who in turn reports to Obama. Despite this fact, one expects that the FBI be allowed a high degree of discretion to honestly investigate individuals regardless of which political party they belong to. After all, the US was founded upon the idea that we are all equal before the law.

Comey’s actions reveal that the FBI has thrown equality before the law out the window. At first the FBI investigated Clinton’s use of an unsecure, personal email server to conduct national business while she was Secretary of State. But even though Clinton apparently violated several laws that have gotten other people severe jail sentences, Comey exonerated her back in July with a hand slap.

In a move that surprised everyone, Comey re-opened on October 28th the criminal investigation of Clinton after 650,000 emails State Department emails were found on pervert Anthony Weiner’s computer. Trump supporters rejoiced and Hillary supporters expressed outrage. But the White House calmly called Comey “a man of integrity.” Did they know something we didn’t?

It turns out the fix was in from the beginning because just 48 hours before election day, Comey exonerated Clinton again. The FBI director likely intended to clear Clinton of wrongdoing before the election to defuse Donald Trump’s criticism of her.

The big lesson is that the law is applied selectively. Wealthy, politically-connected people don’t need to play by the same rules as everyone else. Unless this situation is corrected, it means the rule of law is dead—and that is a very grave lesson indeed.

The elites are in control but…


Elites want you to believe they are super smart and super powerful like the Great Oz.

I’ve written many times about the control that globalist elites exert on the country through their control of the media, educational institutions, and politicians through the form of bribes (donations, cushy job offers, speaking fees). By controlling the flow of information and setting the narrative, the globalists are able to control the masses like cattle. The good news is that their control is not complete. They are not omnipotent.

The weakness of the elites has been demonstrated in three ways. The first was with the Brexit vote. When Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to hold a referendum on the UK’s membership in the EU, he never dreamed that Britons would actually vote to leave. All the polls at the time showed that any movement to leave would go down in flames. Still, through the work of men like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, the British populace voted to leave the EU. The Brits on the leave side had to endure being called racist and look past polling that said they had no chance to win.

The second way was the campaign of Trump himself. The GOP had planned a coronation for Jeb Bush. The rest of the GOP field was “me too” candidates who were virtually indistinguishable from Jeb. Trump came in with an uncompromising message and crushed Jeb and the rest of the little Jebs. The elite plan to have Hillary versus a weak conservative was completely thrown into disarray by Trump’s campaign. Even if Trump has lost the general, it is still a victory because now, instead of seeing the Great Oz, we see the globalists behind the curtain.

The third manifestation of the weakness of the elites is the rise of the Alt Right. A tiny group of young people on the internet was able to quickly wake up large segments of the population. Only a year ago, terms like nationalism and globalism were rarely heard in the US. Now, we have grandmothers in Texas tweeting about how we need to lay the axe to the globalists.

The overall lesson is that we should not fear the globalist elite. They exist and they are able to fool a majority of the population, but not all of us. With sound strategy, they can be defeated.

The Elite have completely divorced themselves from non-elites


In the past, Europe had an aristocracy. This aristocracy had a close relationship with the rest of the people in the country. The aristocracy was expected to defend the nation in case of war. They also had the same religion as the rest of the country. We already knew that the modern “aristocracy” of the globalist elites has no responsibilities toward the rest of us, but, thanks to WikiLeaks, we have now learned that they don’t even share the same religion.

WikiLeaks revealed that Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager are close friends with Marina Abramovic, a Serbian artist who performs occult rituals she calls “spirit cooking.” Spirit cooking appears to be set of magical rituals that use bodily fluids such as menstrual blood, urine, and semen to achieve certain goals, usually sex-related. It also involves at least minor sacrifices: one “recipe” calls for cutting one’s figure and “eat[ing] the pain.”

While spirit cooking is certainly grotesque, it is not my intention to focus on it except to point out that it has become a sort of initiation ritual into the US globalist elite. Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Gwen Stefani have all attended these rituals and I would not be surprised to learn that many other politicians, CEOs, and bankers also participate. Getting invited to one of these spirit cooking sessions means that you have gained entry into the wealthy elite in the US. There are probably similar groups or rituals for the modern day European elites.

There are several things at work here. Most of the spirit cooking participants probably don’t believe in the efficacy of the spirit cooking ritual. It is more like a college fraternity initiation. It only means something in terms of one’s social standing. Also, the satanic imagery of spirit cooking and its sexual overtones are big middle fingers to Christianity which our elite regard as the religion of the unwashed masses.

In both of these ways, our modern “elite” have separated themselves from the rest of us. They don’t share the same destiny as us. If the country starts going to hell, the wealthy elite can just pick up and move to another country or they can live in small, heavily guarded compounds, untouched by the damage their policies have caused. And they even lack a common morality with us. In their own eyes, their wealth has somehow put them beyond the traditional moral code that guides the rest of us.
The fact that the elites have no regard for the rest of the country does not bode well for them. The aristocracy of old knew that their fortune was bound up with that of their countrymen. The modern elite lack this wisdom. Once enough of the hoi polloi realize it, it is only a matter of time before these pseudo-elites are deposed from their pedestal.


With Trump’s election, the problem of federal government being used for political purposes will be mitigated. However, the problems with our indulgent pseudo-elite will continue to be a force that prevents the patriarchy from returning. In any case, we can be grateful that the election of 2016 has exposed some of the cancers that are eating away at our society.

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549 thoughts on “What The 2016 Election Has Exposed”

  1. Spot on. This election has shown that we are not under the much-touted, full-spectrum dominance just yet.
    There’s still time to spread the seeds of neo-masculinity to challenge the dominant narrative of cultural Marxism that will pay off in dividends in the future as long as we play our cards right and not get complacent in the euphoria.
    We’ve got our work cut out for us.

    1. Forget about patriarchy and neo-masculinity (unless a major crisis/catastrophe comes). Too many people would lose money from that. Think about it: EVERY post-modern social change is aligned with a substantial revenue increase for some actors.

      1. Just as Obama led the feminist SJW equality crowd up the garden path and carried on as Bush Lite. Theres a real danger that trump will serve the purpose of difusing the red pill right wing and leading them up the garden path also. A Hillary victory would have been better for us because we would have gone underground and started real fight clubs. Trump takes the fight out of us. He makes us believe we won a victory when really he is just warm water to boil the red pill frogs with.

        1. I see you point. But Obama has really pushed SJ and LGBTWQEWDIFDOJ intro administrations. No boiled frogs in this case.

    2. Hopefully we save the Republic with a valiant, rear-guard action. But I’m also concerned it may be 1856, and war may be inevitable eventually.

    1. No shit – over the last week I’ve felt a tingling in the back of my neck like that of a cross-hair being trained upon me…
      I’ve never before felt my job was in jeopardy, and believe me I’ve said some fukked up shit on the clock!

    2. funny…I don’t see the CEO sending an email to investors who voted for DJT to dump all of their grubhub stock.

        1. At the end of the day Bezos is smart enough to know that who the president is doesn’t amount to a bag of monkey shit and making money for his investors is actually important. Most good CEOs will understand this.

    3. Pandering to SJWs always boosts revenue. Just look what going against the grain did for Chick fil A. They lost all sorts of…oh, wait, never mind. RIP Grubhub. Enjoy bankruptcy, faggot.

    4. Thanks for sharing-i’m done using their service. Hope he gets sued-that shit has no place at work. It’s none of his business who his people voted for and to send out an email lie this shows he’s not fit to lead the company. Maybe you should resign.

    5. If nothing other good comes of this, at least those fuckers are now showing their true faces of ‘tolerance’.
      I don’t wanna be following Godwin’s law, because Hitler seemed kinda like a cool guy, but … literally Hitler.

      1. There’s definitely some type of agenda though we must realise it’s not all entirely doom and gloom and we do have friends in high places.

        1. Is this where communist Jews were rounding up all the Polish officers and intelligent men that could rouse their nation to resist them for execution?

        2. Like all governments, the Nazi’s blew it when they decided to dabble in social engineering.
          It could have really Made Germany Great Again if they didn’t waste so many resources hunting down people they didn’t like.

        3. No that was a little earlier and yes, Katyn was a dispicable crime. No argument here. Bolshevik excesses committed by Godless jews led directly to what they term the Holocaust certainly.

        4. Also, I don’t know why we don’t hear about a Polish holocaust. The Germans killed as many Poles as jews, probably more.

        5. Holodomor…the Bolshevik revolution. We wont hear about those Jewish led holocausts because they were committed by those who control the narrative and write the history.
          When the Palestinians are finally annihilated and Israel has confiscated all their lands we will see the same revisionism.

        6. Yeah, because they didn’t like the people who were controlling the banks, media and entertainment while wallowing in a sea of corruption, thievery, sexual degeneracy and obscenity, and driving the country to financial ruin while importing lots of Turks and Africans.
          Sound familiar?

    6. They don’t approve of intolerance, so if you don’t think like them, you are out. That’s how tolerance works for them.
      And they still wonder why they lost? Newsflash: it’s because they are THAT fucking dumb.

  2. Total corporate-media complicity and collusion has been revealed like never before. They’ve lost any remaining shred of credibility.

    1. Wait for collusion with Breitbart news. The Trump train is NOT a grassroots movement. He is closer to our principles though, and that is good enough for now.

        1. The only issue I see with today’s MSM is their masquerading of opinion pieces as news reporting.
          True, an anti-press wont solve anything but at least they admit their bias.
          I wonder what it would take for a new news outlet controlled by neutral ownership to be born. The press used to operate with an ethical commitment to integrity and impartiality as a matter of pride. The problem certainly stems from money like most others in this life.

        2. News don’t exist anymore. The press has totally lost their (fake) role of neutrality. Today’s newspapers are pamphlets, and we just got used to it.
          Would there be any demand for such new outlet? It seems that people are OK with checking their own buzzfeeds and Breitbarts everyday.

        3. I dont know. It seems so mundane when contrasted with sensationalism and rhetoric. But if someone could set it up with its own system of balances in order to insure that pure reporting without the gimmicks and advertiser influence were to be upheld ot would surely be a welcome boon to the cause of a democratic republic.

        4. Yes, snopes is invaluable for sure.
          I still dream of something more main-stream. A larger presence that would break news the way it used to be…

        5. I agree, with www and smartphones and newsfeeds, and a multitude of online choices, the way it works now for many people is that they get their news/infotainment stories from their favorite sources. They generally dont give high priority to the having balanced & unbiased reporting. Rather they prefer news sources that cater to their existing cultural beliefs and interests. Like you say buzzfeeds vs Breitbarts. These days you can filter your news feeds right down to specific levels. Of course some of us still want that news feed to be 100% factual, but a lot of people these I think are happy to just assume it is or are happy to read blogger style opinion pieces dressed up as news story, if it correlates to their beliefs & attitudes.

        6. The MSM is owned lock, stock, and barrel by a very few big corporations, who have the same objectives and biases. The alternate/internet press is not. This gives us a chance (not a big one) to compare different biases and storylines and try to sift out the truth. For sure, if you only have the MSM any possibility of finding the truth is shot to hell.

        7. Nothing wrong with a news empire if it is a just one. Breitbart won me with their courageous GamerGate coverage. Let’s not burn them til they fuck up.

      1. Except he just announced the key man AT BRIEITBART is now OFFICIALLY on the FEDERAL payroll!! Your posit is blown is the HELL UP!

      2. And Breitbart as of Sunday, November 13, officially has an office in the White House! So maybe you have to walkback Trump’s so called grass roots ideals.

      1. Are there still lobbyists? Do laws still allow Super-Pacs for both parties?
        Is the Electoral College still allowed, i.e. disenfranchising MILLIONS with its bogus winner-take-all format!? If the answers to all three is yes, then PLEASE don’t act like its ALL about HILARY! You are just spitting in the wind.

    2. Yes and no….. dont be so naive to think that the elite isnt playing both sides….. its certainly true that Trump bulldozed his way through a ton of flak. Its also true that Hillary was meant to lose. So once Trump was annointed for the GOP…. anyone with half a brain would begin figuring the landscape and mood of the people. Who is the biggest threat ? A bunch of gender benders and SJWs that back Hillary but were going to be knocked back in favor of Jeb Bush anyway …. or a bunch of gun toting right wing GOP boys that needed to be placated with a right wing president. We got Trump instead of Jeb but who knows how many strings are now attached to Trump ?

      1. They burned one of their best cards, though. The American media has been completely exposed for the fraud we’ve all known.

        1. at least we can know that Trump was in no way an insiders choice… he’s the most strings free president since Kennedy who had to be terminated….. there’s no way that Trump was engineered originally…. but you know that in martial arts, Sun Tzu etc. you turn the enemies victory into a loss. They can flip the script on Trump one way or another. We’ve won 4 years, but hey… it could mean losing the following 8 to something that makes Obama and Hillary look like a joy…. next stop Sheryl Sandberg for president ?

        2. The proof of this is in the donations numbers. Trump won on a shoe string compared to the Clinton campaign. Also, he got little to no support (cash) from the big powerful donors.

      2. I disagree. I firmly believe they thought appealing to social justice would carry them no matter what their candidate’s flaws were.
        Vot Vag 2016 was supposed to be a slam dunk. EVERYTHING the establishment disseminated said it was to be so. After all, there wasn’t a quality black politician to mandate. Next best thing was to break the next glass ceiling.
        We had reports on the ground on election day that confirm Trumps supporters were really there in force.
        They really thought they had this.

        1. They truly believed that progress, as they defined it, was inevitable and unstoppable. The shattering of the glass ceiling was so evidently ripe that it mattered not what vagina they ran.
          I heard a NPR interview after the Trump accusers came out where the interviewer selected women and tried to press them into castigating Trump. An older woman said, “I am in favor of a woman president; just not this woman.” A middle aged Cuban immigrant woman said in response to prodding about the Trump accusations of sexual harassment/assault that, “All those accusations are from the media, and they are not credible sources.”

      3. the Republican elite hated/hate Trump just as much as the Democratic elite do. They worked together (as they have been for decades) to stop Trump at all costs. The Republican party rulers were willing to give up control of the House and Senate if it meant stopping Trump. They knew that there kind of people would still be in control and they would then stick their noses back in the trough in the next election; status quo.

    3. what do you mean they’ve lost? look at the media today. they are still super aggressive, don’t sit in the couch like leftists

        1. human beings are amazing. they keep attached to the same media that lied to them and is making them now angry/sad. media shows the same addictive patterns like drugs, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol..

        2. Drug use in the US is way down. Smoking in the adult population is at the lowest level ever, about 18%. Alcohol consumption is also down (slightly). So, eventually, people wise up.

      1. They lost in the eyes of Trump supporters, but they are still at it. HRC lost because of sexism, racism, and angry white men, apparently, not because of her crookedness and bad policies.

        1. More than anything people from other countries are mad about trump because they like the Dems only saw the press highlights.

        2. I am from Hungary and I am rejoicing in the glorious victory of your God Emperor Donald Trump! Him being elected and the liberal-bolsheviks defeated will have a effect not only in the USA but in everywhere in Christendom.

        3. Lets not call him God Emperor,then he sounds like Napoleon. Lets call him what he is-a Great Patriot who went through hell for us to get rid of the Elites who were trying to crush us to death.

        4. If they try to use god emperor against us we will troll the shit out of them for taking a joke so seriously.
          The “God Emperor of Dune” I read had a worm with a face on it on the cove who MODAAK reminds me of.

    4. If you have the stomach for it, watch some TV or read a newspaper. They are actually doubling down on the attacks against Trump and Trump supporters. And they still have a huge audience.

    5. The credibility of the MSM has been shred in the eyes of the American public. They will never get it back. At least not until all of us who saw it pass away.

  3. OT: University of Tennessee apparently has special counseling available to people having trouble coping with the election results. They interviewed one dude who went there with his friends for moral support. No mention on whether he also sucked on some tic tacs and then too them furniture shopping afterwards
    Source: friend in Knoxville just saw it on his local news and emailed me

    1. College has always been a bizzaro world….
      I had a friend who petitioned for a new roommate because his
      was having raucous gay sex every night.
      So instead of finding him a new room, they sentenced him to “Diversity Counseling”….

        1. that is what I am thinking. The ratio of suckers to minutes rises with inflation. So if we find out what 1 dollar was worth during PT Barnum’s life compared to now then we can figure out how many suckers are born per minute. That said, this means that fiscal responsibility and lowering inflation will reduce the number of suckers born which may or may not be good depending on whether or not you have any scruples about taking advantage of suckers.

    2. Saw a story saying something similar about NYC. You ought to open a side business “consoling” distraught females – 9 or above only as I’m sure demand is high.

    3. I’m from Knoxville and this is somewhat surprising. It’s a pretty swinging dick conservative kind of place. But this is UT we are talking about, and who know’s where that whiny pissant was from.

      1. That was my sentiment. He said he saw it on local news from UT so it really could be anyone from anywhere and when you factor in faculty “advice” woah boy.

  4. The IRS being used a as weapon to intimidate conservative groups. There was an article a few days ago where a federal judge had to order the IRS to stop persecuting conservative groups (because they know the Justice Department had their back) as they haven’t stopped and since they were exposed.

      1. Could Soros be planning a ‘Color Revolution’ for the U.S.? Months of riots/protests. Media all claiming “Trump is unacceptable to the majority of US citizens.”

    1. Celebrities should keep their mouth shut in political terms…wonder how many self proclaimed heroes will actually emigrate (as stated before!) because of Trump’s presidency

      1. Most of you, if you know it at all, thnk Jane Fonda’s mixing in antiwar politics was a footnote in history. I was there. She was and is a traitor. She should have had her passport and citizenship revoked. She should have spent everyday since then in prison. However, that was never going to happen. She was of the Hollywood elite and was shielded from any consequence of her actions (helping to man an anti-aircraft artillery battery shooting at American planes in an act of war against the US.) I loved it when she was making The Doll Maker. The small Appalachian town they had selected for filming protested her presence and kicked out the whole crew saying they didn’t want anything to do with her.

  5. yesterday at my Starbucks the lovely lady said hi Willie, usual?
    I said yes, leaned forward and said:
    “and make my coffee great again”
    she laughed, but later i realized they were all despondent…
    I may not go back…

    1. That rag has been in the tank for the Dems for years now. Anyone who takes the content of that magazine seriously is deluded. Isn’t it supposed to be about music anyway????

      1. Sometimes, just sometimes you get an actual competent woman. Another recent example is AMD’s Dr Lisa Su, turning AMD around. I don’t think anyone here is denying that some women are capable. However forcing the vast majority towards things that go against their nature and giving them special privileges for it is the problem.

  6. Both the Republicans and Democrats are nothing more than a false flag operation, designed to create the illusion of democracy and pacify the plebs at the same time.
    America was sold out a long time ago and every four years the owners shuffle out the same old crap.

    1. Possibly, there’s almost definitely an aspect of deep state involvement in any election. However it’s nice to not be directly targeted for extermination for once.

      1. It’s just an illusion.
        In reality, modern presidents are just front men for the global elite and the powerful interests they represent. Their job is to provide a change of scenery so that business-as-usual can continue unmolested by plebs seeking a bigger slice of the pie. To create a really enthralling change of scenery, something to utterly hypnotize the masses and distract them from the actual dire situation, the DIPS (Dominant Inbred Psychopaths) have learned to bring on a front man who seemingly offers the greatest possible contrast with the previous front man.
        Hillary didn’t offer enough contrast with Obama; her real function was to play the foil for the rise of Trump. A Hillary presidency would have been another Obama presidency. That would have driven the Obama-haters nuts. They had to be thrown a bone, just as the Bush-haters were thrown a bone with the coronation of Obama in 2008.

        1. Yes, this comment is spot on:
          And of course, the Establishment also stands to benefit from a Trump presidency in one glaring way: the American populace is already getting restless and if the next four years are every bit as disastrous as I suspect they will be, a Clinton presidency would have firmly left the elite holding the bag for it.

        2. I agree that even if Trump is for real….a rank outsider that took power from them….. those pulling the strings can flip a victory from a defeat… not least because all the gun toting repill types are celebrating a victory … it is most likely a hollow victory for us – a dangerous one at that because now we’ve won the battle and relaxed we’re all set to lose the war.

        3. Trump win certainly gets the left agitated and makes the right and red pill types relax. Make them think they’ve won. If things go badly on Trumps watch… next election the gay Joseph Stalin can win hands down.

        4. I find the stock market going crazy in reverse of predictions a little suspicious. There were definitely people who were confident of this outcome, and were dead set on ensuring people would panic and sell off their stuff cheaply (first time it happened was when Rothschild caused panic by falsely signalling that Britain had lost the battle of Waterloo – fear and panic never grows old when it comes to suckering people out of their money)

        5. yes, look at Brexit. The ‘xenophobic’ British public can now be blamed for any economic woes that befall Britain. The banksters and elites avoid blame – mostly – and the Bank of England gets an excuse not to put up interest rates (exactly the same is probably going to happen in December as the ‘uncertainty’ of Trumps ‘shock win’ is likely to be used as an excuse the delay an interest rate although we’re supposed to believe it will definitely happen in 2017.

        6. Well, later on:
          ‘Q: Is plausible deniability the reason why you have brought up things that would get us insta-discredited if we tried to bring up this conversation as a source? I mean, even if we humor your argument that aliens are real and the Jews are trying to dominate the world, it won’t be accepted by the public as credible no matter how much truth about the Clinton Foundation you intermingle with it. This is a protective strategy, I presume?
          A: I said life exists elsewhere. Some people chose to interpret that as aliens. My protective strategy is posting outrageous claims on /pol/ with no evidence, which is standard protocol and raises no alarms. “Fake and gay,” just remember.’
          I don’t understand the ‘fake and gay’ bit, but I do understand this strategy. For example consider David Icke who long ago exposed high level pedophilia in the UK and specifically Jimmy Savile, but who also maintains the royals and other VIPs are shape shifters. You can get away with a lot if you can easily be dismissed as a crackpot.
          Interesting that some of the Podesta e-mails mentioned UFOs. I haven’t studied those, but they make sense to me as P using his position to explore his occult interests.

    1. Considering what libtards support, they are not self aware enough to comprehend they support most of the NSDAP’s aims.

  7. Well that didn’t take long. I knew this story was fake the moment I saw it. And shitlibs are still posting it to social media like it’s real.
    “A Louisiana college student has acknowledged she fabricated a report that she was assaulted and robbed of her wallet and Muslim headscarf by two men, one of whom she described as wearing a white “Trump” hat, police said Thursday (Nov. 10).”

    1. There’s another one circling around Facebook of a supposed molestation of a Vietnamese woman and also of men going up to women saying that they can do whatever they please to them.
      False flags.

        1. Yeah, that Swastika painted on that wall was more than likely drawn by a Hillary shill. They keep trying to paint Trump as Hitler, and drawing Swastikas serves to drive that point home that he’s literally Hitler.
          They’ve tried their damndest all election to paint Trump supporters as violent racists, but we have been the exact opposite. It’s been proven that the DNC paid people to incite violence at Trump rallies, they’re burning shit in the streets, and they’ve actively called for violence (even though we know those pussies won’t do jack shit), yet Trump supporters are the violent ones and are suddenly committing atrocities across the country. Bullshit. There might be a few instances where some of the white nationalists act like assholes, but most of these stories are fabricated.

        2. Have you seen the video where a Trump guy at a Trump rally attacks an Anti-Trump protester? That guy was being brought out for holding up a picture associating Trump with Hitler. He was obviously looking to provoke people.

        3. I wish all that graffiti was done by actual White men, but I’m sure it along with the “attacks” is all fake.

    2. Flipping through tube last night. Threw on PMSNBC for few minutes to watch their heads explode. Lawrence ODonnell opened his show by telling audience that (allegedly) a truck with a TRUMP flag drove through a college campus.
      I couldn’t help but laugh because their endless attempts to find ‘hate’ n ‘racism’ in EVERYTHING is so absurd they’re resorting to an alleged report of a TRUMP flag on a campus.

    3. Here’s the really funny shit about all these “I’m not safe” stories – if any of this shit was true, it’s not like you were safe on November 7th, or would have been safe even if Hillary won. Someone who would do the cartoonishly evil shit in these retarded stories didn’t need Trump to do it. It’s laughably stupid.

  8. Tonight’s Richmond Va. anti-Trump protest theme is “They’re gonna burn” per a HuffPo post that went missing when I tried to find it again. Friend told me this was Obama’s martial law plan. Fold me a tinfoil hat, but Richmond City and State of Virginia went for Clinton so why terrorize, intimidate, and burn fellow lefties unless you want them begging for martial law? Course, maybe the protestors don’t have cars.

  9. I just wanted to say I am an Alt Right IDer, and have given Roosh crap in the past, but I am honestly happy to celebrate this occasion with the manosphere. Well done boys. Loved your periscopes Roosh… I am visiting all the websites to check out the celebration LOLOL.

  10. We’ve seen the sjw’s faces and heard them crying and chanting against Trump and swearing to emmigrate to Canada. This is one of the worst sjw displays I’ve seen in ages.
    Canada will tighten up its borders and reject Trump refugees that are of no use to Canada. Can’t canada implement an indentured program, say fixing the railroads or digging culverts? We’ve seen the faces of the triggered sjw’s but please turn your head when they emmigrate away elsewhere. Their backside is especially something you care not to remember.
    (Trigger warning – this sjw’s rear shot appears to be both dermatologically and morally irrititing)

  11. This is to all you Trumpeters out there. The media is over analysing the election, full of horseshit predictions that Trump will not build the wall, accomplish any of his goals, etc., etc. They should be called out at every occasion. They got the polls spectacularly wrong. They back the wrong horse in the most underhand and despicable ways. Text into the radio shows, email, if you are asked your opinion on TV or other media, tell them “you lied about Trumps support base, you lied about the polls, what makes you think we should take anything you say seriously? You are a joke! Now fuck off and let me get on with MAGA!”

    1. I don’t care what the media says anymore because WE won. Before TRUMP won, I’d get incredibly worked up by the media as they were effective pushing a narrative and destroying innocence.
      Now if TRUMP can lower taxes, get economy moving and people see uptick in paychecks … even those who bought into the propaganda will begin to ignore it as they’ve got more $ in pocket.

      1. You didn’t win yet. The war hasn’t even started. Pick your rifle back up, boy. The treachery and treason from the liberals and the globalist Jews has only just barely been exposed to the masses. The facade is crumbling.

        1. A lot of history books put the victory at Yorktown as the end of the American revolution. Yet, their were more casualties on the American side after Yorktown then there were prior to and through Yorktown. This might be a turning point, but it is not final victory. WWII wasn’t won at Stalingrad.

    2. They might be correct about how much Trump can accomplish, and we should be realistic too. Trump’s own party was still trying to destroy him two short weeks ago and hand the election to their thoroughly corrupt and criminal opponent. Dems and Repubs are really all on the same team against Trump. The republicans would rather have Hillary about to assume office right now – think about that. Because Trump said some rude things once upon a time, Republicans would hand the seat of power over to someone with a demonstrated commitment to not giving a fuck about anything except what personally enriches her, a woman who literally sold access to her office to our adversaries and compromised classified information to the detriment of our country.
      I think it is likely that he won’t do many of these things, not because he won’t or wouldn’t, but because he simply can’t. All of that aside, if he just keeps his promise to repeal all of Obama’s executive orders, which is something he can do unilaterally, that would be completely revolutionary and make my vote for him worth it. And as long as he uses his bully pulpit to shine a light on these cockroaches for the next four years, the country will be better off.

      1. As long as he just concentrates on enforcing laws THAT ALREADY EXIST he can do everything he said he would without needing approval from cucked Congress.
        Build wall
        Deport aliens
        Ban muslims
        Crush media stranglehold with libel laws
        and antitrust laws
        Enact stiff tariffs

    3. Indeed. All over the news, there are predictions of doomsday with President Trump…Hahaha, yes, President Trump. The Clinton News Network for instance is on fire against the results. Fuck them all!!!

      1. How does that work. Are these people not replacable? I wouldn’t want people with such faces to work for me. All I see is hatred.

        1. Executive administrative staff. Each and every one serves at the pleasure of the president. Which means, yeah, they’re all getting replaced. Especially the ones showing up in these pictures, but they’re all probably getting replaced anyway. Trump doesn’t seem to like nor want nor need career bureaucratic functionaries hanging around. They’ll only gum up the works and complain what he wants them to do can’t be done.

        2. They probably got the idea that they could hold their jobs when Clinton would get elected. But with Trump that is out of the question.

    1. Note the guy on the left. Unshaven, uncombed hair and tie undone. Is that how he usually dresses or is it supposed to be some kind of protest against Trump? Also note the guy with glasses behind him peering out from behind the wall/pillar. It’s like he’s trying to hide from Trump.
      All these people know their free ride is over and that they’ll have to either shape up or ship out.

      1. “Also note the guy with glasses behind him peering out from behind the wall/pillar. It’s like he’s trying to hide from Trump.”
        It’s unlikely that this picture was taken exactly from Trump’s perspective. Probably some reserved space for photographers. I can imagine that the guy was looking to see the photographer or something.

    2. Look at the expressions of contempt. Trump is the product of the process. He won only 337,000 fewer total votes than Hillary – that’s .003% of the total votes cast. 60 million citizens voted for him. This is how these people feel about the other half of their countrymen. These are the first people to cry about the breakdown in political discourse, but is it any wonder that political discourse is what it is when this is the attitude of the ruling class?
      Goodbye, and good riddance.

        1. “We,” yes. But there is a distinction here that I think is important. Populism exists on both sides. No argument from me there.
          But there is this concept that the rulers are supposed to be magnanimous to the losers because they govern us all. That doesn’t mean the losers will be happy about everything, but it means that we accept the transfer of power and act in the good of the nation. Those in power are supposed to govern wisely and though they may disagree on policy, it should not be implemented out of spite for the other side.
          It’s not just that the populist left hates us, it’s that their representatives do too. The Obamas and the Bushes are now friends, largely because Bush warmly
          greeted Obama and rolled out the hospitality. Look at how cold all of
          these pictures are – even those between Obama and Trump.

        2. Yes, fifty years (or more) of enduring open hatred, scorn, and contempt can make even a saint respond in kind. Misogyny is a ration response to a society wide reign of psychotic hatred against men (white, cis-gendered, Christian only piles on).

      1. That’s the staggering thing about elections, particularity the last few – It really is a case of half the country hating the other half. That’s not good for anyone.

  12. maybe this whole Trump victory was planned by Podesta and his cronies because he was turned on by the idea of “eat[ing] the pain.” This whole thing is just like a souped up version of Fifty Shades of Grey, but with Trump instead of Christian Grey, and howls of laughter instead of flaggelation

      1. Heh. I was a bit carried away writing that comment. I’m kinda calmed down now.
        Still, this shows how tolerant they are. I suppose its a good thing that their true colors (pun intended) come to the surface.

    1. Correct. That is why he is referred to as president-elect. Between now and inauguration day (Jan 20) his primary concern is selecting and gaining congressional approval for (some) of his officers and cabinet members. This is the transitional phase.

  13. LA and Baltimore and San Francisco are all already seeing protests again tonight. What are the chances these folks get significantly violent before this calms down?
    And haven’t they heard what Hillary had to say about the peaceful transition of power, particularly after the third debate?

      1. Yes Im aware of that but this article states
        “Even if Trump has lost the general, it is still a victory”
        Anyway, the popular vote not going in favor of the elected candidate happened last election as well.
        Our electoral college is an integral facet of our federalist system where states are actually supposed to have control of the country (though an outsider probably wouldn’t recognize that… Hell most Americans don’t).
        Each state selects a victor to vote for by a popular majority (there are a couple of states that divide votes based on certain criteria – like Maine that gave one of its votes to Trump and the rest to Hillary) the reason the popular vote was skewed this time is primarily California. Their dicksucking megacucked majority of a monstrously gigantic population voted heavily groupthink for the first woman to ever lose a presidential election. Too bad for them that their state only has so many votes to wager.

        1. My late uncle was so happy his cubbies won the World Series that he was okay with it that he’s voted Democrat in Cook County since he died.

        2. Ah I get it now. I thought you were saying you or your family engaged in the voter fraud.
          Damn shame. I wish there were some non-exploitable way to verify your vote was cast properly. At my polling station I arrived early in the day to find no line up. I overheard a hushed conversation between the pollplace volunteers discussing that one of them should say they are republican and one democrat in case anyone asks because it would cause a problem if anyone were to find out otherwise.
          I live in NY and the balloting was located inside a senior home cafeteria so I didnt start an argument. My county ended up going red so all’s well.
          Still, I spent the first half of the day trying to find out how to report what I’d witnessed to no avail, all the while worrying that my vote had been changed.

        3. Everything and everyone at my polling place was courteous and professional, unlike the primary which creeped me and a lot of others out because you had to verbally state whether you were voting Republican or Democrat. Gee, should I go with the flow or get eyerolls and risk having my motorcycle tipped over. Virginia got blowback from many about that, so I was pleased that the declaration crap had been scrapped. I’m also pleased that Richmond’s second night of anti Trump protests didn’t play out like Portland’s despite the “they’re gonna burn” social media chatter. I appreciate your concern about your vote being changed. My vote doesn’t matter because it gets drowned in the deep blue Democrat sea, but I vote anyway for some reason. Cheers.

        4. Like I said, Im in NY so my vote was merely symbolic as well. Ill take with me the gratification of having voted for the winner but I just couldn’t help thinking all day that it wouldn’t be all that hard to rig a vote under such circumstances. The machines do most of the work, but the paper scantron ballots we use here apparently have to be verified and can be coded as illegible or incorrectly filled out etc.

        5. Scantron used this time in VA, too. Had been touchscreen, no paper. Biggest VA voter fraud was Governor McAuliffe restoring voting rights to about 75,000 convicted felons in the run up to the election. He tried to mass restore voting rights to around 500,000, but got blocked by state legislature, because even Clinton’s old bagman failed to sell that plan as a humane and reasonable remediation for racism.

  14. I’m starting to think this was the elite’s plan to have a fall guy like trump (not that he was in on it) and collapse the economy, cause staged racial violence etc…
    Also do you honestly think the “faithless leader” thing is something we should be worrying about?
    Lastly, spirit cookings are textbook thelema, OTO, hermetic order of golden dawn, and crowlianity. Abramavic is a follower of Crowley. One more tidbit – Kenneth grant the leader of the OTO and direct disciple of Crowley had two students Jack Parsons (founder of NASA’s JPL; was featured in “the Martian”; had a part in the film they named the operation ‘elrond’ – not to denote king of the elves of Tolkien lore even though they played it like it – but rather to honor the second student of Kenneth grant – L. Ron Hubbard), and L. Ron Hubbard. They performed a ritual to open a gate for something to enter our dimension; actually in hopes to birth the scarlet woman. This was the Babalon workings. Some say the spawn of the ritual scarlet women was born a few decades later as they predicted – HRC.

        1. Oh makes perfect sense, also a theosophist. H.P. Blavatsky and her follower annie besant held ideas shared by…the SS. LITERALLY HITLER.
          And Margaret Sanger is in that camp. Literally hitler

        2. I don’t think many people realise how much of politics is linked to the occult. However it’s a deep, dark hole to go down.

        3. Exactly. These people literally dress in robes and practice dark ceremonial sex magick. Bohemian grove is just the tip of the iceberg.

        4. If you want to read more about Clinton, click on the link to the FBI pastebin that I posted below. It’s pretty shocking.

        5. The worst thing is that the world is not really Manichean. It’s not “good vs evil” rather evil vs less worse with various shades of grey in between.
          It’s easy to slip into paranoia as I have been reading and watching a guy called Michael Tsarion lately, but everyone has an agenda while not necessarily malign it doesn’t lead to objective truth, whatever that is.

  15. Like a roach, the leftist engine runs on shit and darkness. We’ve turned the lights on to their grotesque spectacle, and they’ve scattered from the spotlight. However, until you hear the squishing sound of all the guts splattering underneath your boot, a roach is never truly dead. They’ve just gone back into the darkness to feast on more shit until they can strike again. Be relentless. The failure of democracy is nigh complete. A return to the natural order of human hierarchy is the only option. The strong must rule, but they must take care of their people too.

  16. Trudeau and the prez of Mexico just said they would be willing to negotiate on nafta.

  17. But, surely we’ll all miss these educational talks….imagine what four years of this could have done for us!

      1. As someone who worked with someone would was as close to the outside of the inner circle so you can get: She is indeed a condescending bitch.

      2. She’s actually quite scary. What turned many people off her was precisely this lecturing, belligerent, and cold as fuck tone that she used. You compare Trump, not necessarily his words, but, the modulation, tone and pauses, which have a warm, assuring, resonance about them. Hillary and her sophisticated “big data” analysis teams, her numerous personality coaches, couldn’t see, or rather hear what was plainly obvious to the ordinary voter on the street, and that was precisely what disqualified her from getting elected.
        How wisdom rarely dawns on clever people.

    1. She speaks like a droid with no soul or understanding. Even Barry has some coaching to read the teleprompter and head tilits.

    1. What the fuck is that?! The problem is that they provided balanced coverage??????
      Crack is a hell of a drug.

      1. I’m not even sure what the media is trying to say. Except I know that they’re going to have a vicious fight now to stay relevant as nearly nobody believes them anymore.

        1. Yeah but the media prof the article centered on claims that the reason they fucked up was that they gave trump too much of a platform which in essence allowed his talking points to be weighed against the cunt’s policy positions.
          Almost true. Except for the part where the coverage was entirely slanted and everything was aimed at painting Trump negatively, right down to the graphics used to depict each candidate.
          The problem is that the American people saw through their bullshit and refused to fall in line like obedient plebs.
          The echochamber is DEEP.

        2. It was all lies, just like everything else the media has written that doesn’t support their agenda. We’re going to see drastic changes in the times ahead. A media empire is toppling.

        1. Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse.
          The absolute best face I can put on it is we’re probably okay for at least the next four years. But this might be the sort of thing that we eventually get to look back upon and wish we paid more attention to the warning signs.
          If the left ever gets power again, look for more of a Venezuelan type shift in the way government behaves. Acute suppression and oppression. The folks at the top of the leftist hierarchy are not taking this loss lightly. They are adaptable and sophisticated enough to attempt to make sure it never happens again.

  18. wow, I havent seen lou dobbs in years, he just called out soros for the protests going on right now…”can we prosecute him?”…I guess thats why hes on fox biz channel

    1. That sounds like the news I was waiting & wondering about as well. Putin has him on an arrest list I believe, as well as some other countries.

    1. Roll around in the millions of Dollars her parents raised in ill gotten gains. This cunt was living in mansions with servants since 1983.

  19. Let us remember that GOPe is also a big part of the problem. Look how many came out against Trump.
    Now we may have to hold some feet to the fire and remember to that Trump is no civil libertarian, so for those of us who have a more libertarian/Constitutionalist vision may be disappointed at times. He may consider appointing some that are hacks.
    For now though, I’m satisfied that the left has been put in their place and we can talk about sinceable immigration policies for example without being called ‘da rasis’. And Trump can focus on real issues instead of more gun control and whether hermaphrodites can choose what restroom they want to use.

  20. Probably the most shocking lesson of this election is that the entire federal government has been coopted to serve a single party—the Democrats
    Werent both Bush’s republicans? fucken pull your head in ey.

    1. I worked for fed.gov for 5 years and at least 80% are democrats, so the president doesn’t matter. They are lifers and it is almost impossible to get rid of them.

  21. Thank God. I’m not even that concerned how Trump will perform in office, I’m just glad he is there!! I knew for sure that if Hitlery won, for the next so many years all we would ever hear about is “the first woman this” and the “first woman that” and “the first woman to do this” and “look how powerful women are” and anti-male propaganda and anti-male laws into eternity. The way those subhumans on the left conducted themselves during this entire time absolutely proved to me without a doubt that they are mentally ill irrational idiots. They are the type of lunatics that preach to you that you should be “compassionate” and “tolerant” and you should accept anyone that is different from you. But if you disagree on anything with them, they literally turn violent. I truly believe it’s a mentally ill condition that has a spiritual aspect to it where they are literally influenced by Judas the demon himself that is the hypocrite of all hypocrites. Liberals are the spirit of Judas.

    1. They preach “democracy”, as long as they win.
      They love free speech, as long as you don’t speak out to buttsex and nog wanting a mosque and sandpeople in your neighborhood.

    2. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the gravity of Hillary’s concession speech to women:
      “To all the little girls watching this,” Clinton said. “Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”
      Now understand that she had to tell millions of young women that being a woman was not a powerful argument enough to become the leader of a strong nation. She paraded herself as a champion of women, and lost to a boorish serial philanderer with unapologetic affinity towards young, beautiful, foreign women. She sent the message that an unflinching alpha male will defeat an ideology made up of female emotions and irrationality. Ironically enough, she made the concession speech at the Javits Center in NYC, under a glass ceiling.
      This was the sweetest part for me.

  22. This is not over. This war between those who live in the world of real things, real actions with real meaning and ultimately real consequences and the world of those adult children fed a steady diet of Utopian cotton candy and Demosocialist ice cream cake.
    The got knocked on their collective asses last night. Hard. I tend to agree with the poster who said this was 1856. Our side won an incidental victory last night. Even without “globalism” there is still the very real threat of Leftist Nationalism. The left adopts, switches to a “nationalist” theme, and then tries to steal away the nationalist voters. I could be wrong, don’t think so, not any more than when I called it for Trump on the night of the first republican debate.
    Now is the time to press the advantage culturally. The politics have given us breathing room to wage the cultural war. Do not play nice with the losers, they would not have played nice with us. Not by a damn sight. Press the advantage. We will not win until all the special snowflakes gather in California and demand to leave the Union, turning the rest of America bright red on an electoral map.https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ddd499886211e8bad15d2fa90eb99c6a053914d63ed2885b88194a5b1c59b2d6.jpg

    1. With 99% in, the popular vote could tie or be a one point win or greater. That would be icing on the cake considering the dead democrats voting and the dems hauling voting machines inside the state mental hospitals and jails exchanging votes for cigarettes and candy.

  23. I would agree it was a win in regards to the Media and the Elites. But a win for the people or against the FBI.. that’s a big stretch.

  24. i don’t understand why so called “liberals” are so upset? Trumps hates Bush and his wars – as well as any other wars. what else do you need? everybody who hates Bush has a soft spot in my heart.

    1. She leads .. by 0.14%. Heh.
      Are the votes of Michigan not already counted into the pop vote? As far as I recall, the pop vote was updated every time a county called.

      1. Yeah, Michigan is not counted yet, however when I first posted that pic I thought a 2 was a 7 in the Michigan totals for Trump, so even with MI counted she will still lead the pop.

        1. The precincts are all reporting, but the media is not calling it yet for whatever reason. Took awhile for them to call Arizona also.

        2. I think it pulls both electoral and popular in from that state when they call it, but not beforehand. At least that is my understanding, lord knows I have been wrong before so lol

  25. What have I learned over the past election cycle?
    Well, I have learned that I am a white male. Because of this apparently I am the cause of all the evil in the world, and I need to vote for politicians that explicitly ignore my self-interest for the preservation of Islamic terrorists, illegal immigrants, transgender bathrooms, and global warming.
    Not gonna happen.
    If the left wants to play identity politics, they shouldn’t put the majority of taxpayers up against the ropes. If you are a white male, blue collar, non-college educated, from flyover country, you have most likely felt the searing pain of the left’s “racist, sexist, redneck” branding. I happen to be college educated from the Northeast, so I was honored with the “privileged” label. At the end of the day, the scorned white male showed up to vote in flyover country, and saved the United States of America.
    The left came for our culture, they came for our women, they came for our freedom of speech, they came for our income, and they lost. Even if the left abandons overt racism from their platform, I will never forget how they marginalized me in the workplace and in social settings.
    Proud deplorable, proud white heterosexual male, proud alt-right. Trump 2017.

    1. funny isn’t it… white males invented the concept of an election in the first place… democracy came from blonde hair blue eyed aryan greeks (prior to turkey raping all the women, greeks were aryan).

    2. Spot on.
      The hardest working, most capable and knowledgeable human beings on earth – white men – especially middle class white men have been demonized, disrespected and shamed by harridans like Hillary Clinton for decades. For the most part men have never uttered a peep of discontent.
      Ultimately this was a gender election. The “fairer” sex lost – big time.
      Men (and women) spoke up against the feminist bigotry, sexism, and hatred that has poisoned our country and the world.
      Feminism just got kicked in the head head – hard. Let’s hope there’s more death blows in store.
      Champagne ………… Champagne for everyone!

  26. The problem is you guys keep thinking Trump is something he isn’t. Trump is a liberal that masqueraded as a Republican. Trump is for a big centralized government, big government spending, and the government putting their hands all over private business. Trump is truly the greatest con-man ever. All he had to do was spout some word about Mexicans, Guns, and Muslims to get every conservative to forget about his actual political agenda. The reason the Republican establishment turned their backs on him wasn’t because of his lewd comments, but because his political beliefs are so close to the left that he doesn’t fall in the definition of a Republican. He’s for gay marriage and rights, for government intrusion on businesses and for government run health care. But all he had to do was change the narrative so the Republican voters wouldn’t pay attention to his actual policies. How could upset Republican voters in Florida vote for both Trump and Rubio? They are two completely different people with completely different political beliefs, yet somehow Republicans voted for both of them, the only way that could be is because the majority of voters are uninformed to the real issues. I was by no way a Clinton supporter. But the amount of debt and government intrusion Trump campaigned on and he still got elected president shows what a great conman he is

    1. Uhhuh. And he just took on the toughest job on the planet for fun. Or maybe to stroke his oversized ego. Yeah, because people get elected president for monetary gain. That’s what he needs, more money.
      Nono. He really just hates America and wants to see it fail.
      He’s been planning it all out for 35 years too.

  27. What we learned:
    1. ‘Racism’ really means ‘I hate White people’. ‘Racism’ just means you’re anti-White.
    2. Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about ‘diversity’.
    3. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.
    4.The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of White people’s money.
    5. Polls aren’t done to assess public opinion, BUT to coerce and direct public opinion.

    1. That’s not true about racism. Racism is something more sinister than prejudice. It reflects institutionalized yet unjustified prejudice by a majority group on others for societal and financial gain. People of any stripe can be prejudiced and do so with malice but collectively, a minority group has limited systemic clout to move the overall group think of the larger tribe to fairly recognize the disadvantages of the oppressed group.

      1. Shut up moron. Racism is perfectly natural.
        I like people who look and act like me better than ones that don’t. This is completely natural. Birds of a feather and all that.

  28. To all the people who said: “No Chirho that’s crazy politicians aren’t pedophiles, they don’t worship satan” or “there’s no conspiracy between the media and government, the media is just liberal” or “your a conspiracy theorist if you believe the government is trying to bring foreigners in to nullify votes” To all you suckers I’m just going to kick back on my porch and drink my lemonade.

        1. Here in Portland Oregon they are rioting and smashing shit up. These people are nuts and deserve to be evicted from MY country.
          I grew up in Florida and I used to beat the shit out of these brown town thugs in self defense cause they cannot control that chimp-like anger.

        2. I’m sorry that you have to go through that. I feel that it won’t end soon either. We’re all in for a very rough near future.

        1. Lol sort it out bro.
          Maybe your land can start a revival now too.
          When does Merkel’s time expire anyway?

        2. Maybe it’s not that bad. But I certainly see moronic protesters at least once every 2 weeks. And that’s with me mostly not leaving the house.
          But I can just say that the month I spent in Hawaii (and that’s democratic, aye) just felt so much more good than here. Maybe because of the climate. My father also said that the main reason he left Germany was the cold weather.

        3. I noticed that walking around the cities people were generally friendlier than here. I was also amazed at the fact that you have trains that run fucking everywhere (here theyre not viable unless youre in the city). The buildings were full of history and everywhere was clean. My only real complaint was the awful ketchup.
          Last I was there was in 2008. The people weren’t as friendly toward Americans and a muslim guy threw a chair at me because I asked the wrong girl for a feuerzeug. He missed and then got his ass kicked but I digress.
          Now I see an endless stream of German-guilt ripping down a nation of modern good people. Here they label free-thinkers Nazis. I can only Imagine what it must be like there in these times.

        4. It’s funny. Some years back, I used to chat with some Americans. They didn’t even think much about Hitler or anything. They didn’t find anything about it offensive. More like a German guilt-tripping thing, as you say.

        5. Years back racism really was minimal in the US. It was an ugly thing of the past; nothing to be blamed on modern Americans. There was a time when at least the young people saw past it all.
          The 1940s were even less relevant. We knew that few from that era still walked the earth, and had grandparents who fought them.
          But now a new genocide looms. Humanity is a pretty perplexing species.

        1. Funny, earlier I thought through the possibility of the state actually passing the referendum and the question reaching congress. I concluded the northeast liberals and bible belt conservatives would unite and deny Oregon their request to leave. For completely different reasons, of course. But in my estimation, it ended as either violent revolution or bust.
          So Hillary keeps Oregon votes. 😉

        1. Yeah it’s fucking insane. As GOJ would say, neuter the cities. It’s crazy these shitholes can represent an entire state.

        2. Yeah I think they are spawned there like a fungus, then that prevalent westerly wind sprinkles their spores all across the country.

  29. Marcus Licinius Crassus: Did you truly believe 500 years of Rome could so easily be delivered to the clutches of a mob? Already the bodies of 6000 crucified slaves line along the Appian Way. Tomorrow the last of their companions will fight to their death in the temple of my fathers as a sacrifice to them. As those slaves have died, so will your rabble… if they falter one instant in loyalty to the new order of affairs. Arrests are in progress. The prisons began to fill. In every city and province, lists of the disloyal have been compiled. Tomorrow, they will learn the cost of their terrible folly… their treason.
    Gracchus: Where does my name appear on the list of the disloyal enemies of the state?
    Marcus Licinius Crassus: First. Yet, I have no desire of vengeance upon you. Your property shall not be touched. You will retain the rank and title of a Roman Senator. A house… a farmhouse in Picenum has been provided for your exile. You may take your women with you.
    Gracchus: Why am I to be left so conspicuously alive?
    Marcus Licinius Crassus: Your followers are deluded enough to trust you. I intend that you shall speak to them tomorrow for their own good, their peaceful and profitable future. From time to time thereafter, I may find it useful to bring you back to Rome to continue your duty to her, to calm the envious spirit and the troubled mind. You will persuade them to accept destiny and order and trust the gods!

  30. I really hope some of you guys are starting to figure out that they write the “news stories” at least a couple of months in advance…

    1. That sounds inflexible. But I bet they have templates or software where they fill out a few parameters and get a finished article out of it.
      Actually, I thought about creating something like that, heh.

        1. Yeah, I never would have guessed that they’d make it close…I’d copy and paste my prediction from a month ago that they would do just that, but it would take too much effort, and “they” already figured I would copy and paste it, so there you go…

        2. True…it’s just a bunch of rich guys writing a script, and everybody thinks it’s “happenstance”, and it isn’t, but what the fuck can you do except laugh…

        3. Same. Exact. Fucking. Thing. “NOOOO…my vote matters! Donald Trump got elected because the PEOPLE had finally had ENOUGH!” – Uh, no, Donald Trump was the NWO’s wet dream and they engineered the whole fucking thing, but, who am I to burst somebody’s bubble…let ’em dream.

        4. Btw, one more funny thing I noticed today that has been annoying me forever without realizing why.
          When a man doens’t ‘behave’, they say ‘what would your mother think’? It’s totally natural for them to say it. Their most compelling argument.
          But if a girl misbehaves and one said ‘what would your father think?’, that’s misogynistic and sexist and patriarchal. Heh.

        5. Hahahahaha. So true. Words are weapons. We are the absorbers of those weapons. “That’s crayyyyyyyyyyyyzy”, etc.

        6. OMFG they’re not real!? Next your gonna tell me the tooth fairy aint real either… imma go burn the city down!!

        7. Exactly. I’d do the same thing. “Well, we know if we offer them A – and A is really bad – they’ll choose B. And then they’ll fight the people who chose A. Let’s order take-out and fuck the maid,” etc.

        8. I was wondering a few times what they do to the people who wake up … people tend to think they kill them. But what if people who wake up just realize its all a game anyway and then they are simply offered to join them at the top to enjoy it from the emperor’s balcony? And they will, because they realize that it doesn’t really matter either way.

        9. That’s kinda how it is. I was an activist and I caught holy shit from the elite. Then I realized most people are too stupid to wake up, or they don’t want to wake up. Then they gave me a free pass. Just see it for what it is, and don’t judge, and they’ll let you slide. Seriously. It’s all lessons, nothing more.

        10. Does even change matter? The only change I could call important is the one that makes you more acceptant of what is, thus leading to you living a life with less pain. Other than that, who cares. Let the tides come and go.

        11. Unless you can change into something more than a dualistically inclined man…unless you can escape from the prison of duality. Otherwise, agreed.

        12. Isn’t that what I was saying? When you are no longer attached to anything, it really stops mattering. I think that when you reach the highest form of non-duality you realize that even duality is not ‘bad’ and nothing to be avoided and thus you may choose to fall asleep again for another adventure.

        13. Totally. And as you noted…you CAN escape from it. Which is why the elite do their mindfuckery. They feed on us. For now, anyway.

        14. Cure the boredom by posting disqus comments. But in all seriousness, yep do what you wish with the knowledge. Navigate around their chess moves to stay out of the line of fire, or put yourself right in the middle of it, or start your own chess game, or fuck it lets go bowling. heh

        15. Who knows, maybe we agreed to this game … long ago. To tell this epic story. We also agreed to forget about this choice. And now we face the invigorating challenge of escaping their evil fangs, heh.

        16. Yeah, I mean, who knows? It’s all temporary. The “real” part is us, and what we think. The rest is…smoke and fucking mirrors, and if we choose to believe in that, so it shall be.

        17. Indeed, perception is a bitch. What amazes me the most about this is solid matter having more empty space separating the molecules than the size of the molecules themselves.

        18. Yes…I mean take the story of man’s fall (in the bible). I believe that story stems from the point in time when man stopped knowing things directly (using his infinite mind), and started using his rational mind. What good are thoughts? If you can “know” by merely intending to know, thoughts are useless. They’re clutter. I mean, unless you think about a hot redhead with huge tits and a tongue ring…I mean, well, THEN…then it’s something different. (Wink.)

        19. And how do the controllers control? By selling perception, while hiding reality. It’s simple when you break it down. It’s the “breaking it down” part that’s a bitch…

        20. Hah! I’ve been saying this for a while.
          Did Adam and Eve gain anything by getting ‘knowledge of good and evil’? Did they truly gain knowledge? Or did they eat an apple full of lies? And then God came and they covered their genitals, because the apple of lies told them that sex is ‘bad’.
          God didn’t tell them not to eat the apple because he wanted to keep a secret from them. And he didn’t judge them for eating it either. He just thought it was really a stupid thing to eat that damn apple.

        21. Yeah, Adam and Eve chose to knock themselves down about 12 million rungs on the awareness ladder. God just put the apple there. And the ladder. The rest was up to them…

        22. All the while, you can argue we are born into this world fully aware of truth. It is fear that makes us believe lies … fear of shame, of punishment, of being abandoned or not loved by our parents, of not getting good grades and feeling proud of our ‘achievments’.

        23. Well, now we have a party of two. Shall we start a movement, or just keep the secret knowledge to ourselves? I vote for the latter. Then we can sell memberships and wind up just like the elite (cool!)….

        24. Ohhhhhh so you may think, my friend. I have a super-infinite blaster on the drawing board, and when you explode infinity, infinity will get BIGGER! Bwahahaha etc.

        25. Infinitely so! (The elite have chosen to reign in hell – a very small area. They don’t give a fuck about the rest of it. Which proves how small-minded they really are…but then, maybe being small-minded is really being open-minded? I don’t know. All of my thoughts and beliefs came from the elite, so…)

        26. Well…um…the elite gave me the concept of ego! So take it up with them! Can you imagine what a humongous ego the elite must have, to come up with the concept of ego!!!! Goddamn them! They are so filled with hubris. And other stuff. And I’m just mad because I’m not calling the shots like they are, but I’ll never admit that. Because then I’d have to admit to having an ego, and I won’t GIVE THEM THE SATISFACTION, etc.

        27. Rofl. Maybe they just invented the ego to give you something fun to bite your teeth out on and you’re basically like a child who doesn’t want to grow up.
          It is always funny though when those spiritual types attack you for ‘having a big ego’ and shit. The irony!

        28. The latter works for me…. damn I step away for a couple minutes to refill my drink and you and Tom have already blown up infinity!

        29. Haha. Exactly. It takes somebody with an ego to attack somebody for having an ego…we’re all fucking fools, we just have to admit it before we can have a chance at being something more.

        30. Brother it’s a fast, big world, we tried to hold a seat for you, but some elitist puke came along and bought about seven rows of seats…the fucker.

        31. Why do you insist on bursting my bubbles??? I created those bubbles in order to have something to look forward to…wait…maybe looking forward is really looking backward. Damn, I need a shot…

        32. If I were clever, I’d have bought some seat futures…but then I’d own the future on seating, and that would make me pause to the point where I’d have to stand up. And then were would I be? I need a six-pack and a shot of Cuervo, my brain cannot take this shit, let’s talk about Brexit, or the weather, or crocheting, can we, please…

        33. Haha. Down with that. Stand-up is my thing. “I’ll be here all week..try the veal. And don’t forget to tip your food-servers…”

        34. How very stoic.
          Hey I cant find where we were chatting before, but it appears that her current term expires next year, she plans to stand for reelection to a fourth term, 50% of Germans don’t want her at the helm anymore, and somehow she’s actually the conservative candidate. Do you think her support is low? Are even any parties that could muster a candidate to oppose the CDU?
          I realize you probably don’t care much, but I very much anticipate her downfall.

        35. Bob, I have a ‘personal’ question to you. I have noticed in myself that I tend to strongly rely on my right eye when looking at things, especially people. I can force myself to use my left eye, but it feels painful and tiring quickly and it’s almost like I don’t dare to look at people that way.
          Do you use both your eyes?
          Been thinking this may have a huge influence. Right eye – left brain – more feminine, less objective and rational. …

        36. It would be if I had enough balls to sing such a shitty song in front of a crowd. But I agree, it would kinda be the kind of thing I may be doing if I wasn’t so fucked up.

        37. I have never contemplated that before (so far as I can recall). Just tried to think about it for a while, and I’m coming up empty. I could wax poetic about it, but…I have no clue. Interesting thought though.

        38. When I am on these sites a lot, my left eye sometimes ‘zones out’ and I just look through my right eye. Interestingly, when I read something that ‘upsets’ me and I then happen to think of using my left eye too, the ‘threat’ kinda dissipates.

        39. That is fucking interesting. I think Castaneda wrote about that, something similar. Sounds like something to experiment with, for sure.

        40. Problem is, I find it difficult to sustain, even if I am aware of it. Its painful. And when with people, I feel like I am looking too awarely… that I am not allowed to look so awarely at them, for I may see something I am not allowed to see. I actually feel … dangerous … when I use both eyes. Guilty. Weird.

        41. You ever try rolling your eyes clockwise or counter-clockwise, with your eyes shut. That gives relief for some people, from the type of thing you described. Just sayin’…

        42. I hear ya. I haven’t slept worth a fuck in two or three months…whine, whine, that’s all I fucking do. I should get married, and then my wife could give me shit about my complaints, 24/7. Yeah!

        43. I think the basic concept of slavery works a bit like this:
          1. Hurt someone.
          2. When they cry out in pain, punish them for displaying pain.
          Thus they will learn to become unconscious of their pain so that they don’t display it, to avoid further pain. And you have a perfect sheep unaware of being oppressed.

        44. I read some article by some guy ‘channeling Jesus’ and explaining psychopathy. He said that by inflicting maximum pain on someone, these people release the greatest amount of light possible and that can be fed on.

        45. warum so seriös Tom? Youve been up way too early to already be lamenting the complexities of life with us here again..

        46. So what would have a more accurate connotation? Ernst?
          The fact that the statement comes from a homicidal lunatic makes me believe that when he says serious in English, it encompasses a bunch of different ideas at once. Not so accurate in German?

  31. Its funny because women didnt even wantto vote for hilary…at least the ones i know…i think they were expecting to kick feminism into high gear and become major bitches who make equal pay lol thank god hilary is the average female fuck up

  32. This is the election where all the conspiracy theories came true. Aliens in podestas emails. Fbi releases tesla files deathray is real. They are trying to dumb us down and make us compliant. Complete media collusion and deception. Voting fraud. Illuminati/satanic rituals by elites. Hillary Clinton child trafficer arms dealer incompetant. Banker elites chose pres cabinet. Supreme court justice murdered. George Soros funding BLM,telling HRC what to do. If only we had confirmation on 911 or sandy hook(hoax) it would have been a perfect streak.

      1. Sperm burp…oh you are sooo sexist, you probably hang out at ROK, and you should be curbside, protesting Trump’s victory and hanging out with people who know! People who know what reality is! We aren’t puppets! We’re doing what we chose to do…SPURRRRP.

        1. What does it even mean to choose … I read somewhere that ‘choices’ happen after the real decision has been already made in the brain. So by that line of thought, ‘choices’ are really rationalizations to ‘explain’ our behavior. So maybe the way to be free is to stop making choices heh.
          I have these moments of awareness sometimes. Like yesterday when walking from the store home. I suddenly realized there was no conscious choice in me walking. It was not that I chose to walk. It is simply that I walked. I did not choose to buy food. I simply did. And in that moment, I just observed how that is happening without me really doing anything consciously to intervene. All that movement, all those thoughts … they just happen. There is no me ‘making it happen’.

        2. Isn’t there a news article around that states some woman swears by sperm facials from a so called “Platonic” friend? Some single mother?

        3. I know. But look at it like this. People who do that probably hate life worse than the people they sling it at…we’re all trapped and miserable. It’s a matter of degree.

        4. Heh. No I absolutely want you to make these jokes. Im just bitching about these assholes right now … ya know, they may have their reasons, but their reasons are not really much of a solace when Im locked up and force-medicated.

        5. Homosexuality may be a mental illness, but I really think that Christian shaming approach is wrong. Just like Anonymous Alcoholics. They never really heal. They just keep pushing each other to push that shit away.

        6. Well, shit, I didn’t know that…if I’d have known it, I would have been even more venal, vicious, and vituperative. You know…like a Hillary supporter who wants freedom and happiness for all, so long as she gets her way…

        7. Possibly, anything with the Unification Church is kind of suspect. Though I am not sure if the so called cure is effective like you say. It’s almost like it would sublimate mentally into other pathologies.

        8. Good lord that’s enough! How much more can we stand???? (I’m going to try and locate this bitch, and throat-fuck her; thanks bro!)

        9. Exactly, like it is with so many anti-addiction therapies. That said, I do think there are ways to do it. But they work with love, not with shame and fear of God. Quite the opposite.

        10. I don’t know about conversation therapy but the people I’ve met who have attended AA are some of the most messed up people I’ve ever known in my life.

        11. Yeah. Like Scientology. I think it works … as long as you keep meeting up with the other sufferers and keep telling yourselves the good lies. And as long as you don’t count the slip ups. Heh.

        12. Scientology also has links to occultism, naval intelligence and NASA’s rocket propulsion lab proponent Jack Parsons who is the same man who supposedly tried to summon the “Scarlet Woman” that we were talking about earlier.
          I don’t know but recently I find the world to just be a strange and dark place. I know it’s not all like that, it’s just . . . downright weird.
          I’ve heard clearing works too. But I’ve also heard it can psychologically screw people.

  33. There’s a great Japanese saying: “After victory, tighten your helmet cords”. Trump’s election victory is only the start of the battle and we have now seen just how corrupt and biased the mainstream media is. The next fight should be to expose the shit that news outlets like MSNBC, Fox, and other vomit inducing crap have been putting out. Tighten your helmet cords everyone. We are in for a full out war now.

    1. the question is really whether trump gets into the whitehouse and kicks ass… just as obama claimed he was going to pull apart the washington elite and then simply became one of them…. we need to see indictments of hillary, some bankers and media men in jail, we need to see an investigation into pedophila on Podesta, we need to see the FBI, CIA and NSA pulled apart, we need to see real action…. i severely hope this happens, but i fear that it will just be business as usual….

      1. That’s because Obongo acted like your typical negro, or weak spineless White man, and eagerly took the bribe. It’s Plomo o Plata in DC. Let’s see what a real Alpha can do.
        Bribery, murder and extortion has been working for (((them))) for a looooong time. We’ll see what happens now.
        Don’t think it’s over now and Big Daddy Trump will take care of everything, so you can relax back on your couch with your bread and circuses. This is just the beginning of the war. We are hoping Trump is like Herakles, but remember:
        Every time you cut off one head of the Hydra it sprouts two new ones.

    2. it sure is a temporary victory and it feels so good to see the despair of libtards. Time will tell if Trump is a man of his word or just another shill.

  34. A word of warning, though. Trump has won because the Globalist elite had drank their own Kool-aid. They bought in their own superiority and believed themselves undefeatable, thus they were brought down.
    However, they must have now realized their own mistake and they’ll work not to repeat it. Trump winning the election was only the opening jab of a much longer round of blows. This is where we must keep our guard up and get ready to be struck viciously from unexpected angles.
    The battle has only just begun, don’t make the mistake of thinking we have won.

    1. Absolutely. Anyone who still thinks in terms of republican vs dummycrats is a moron who needs to educate himself. I see this election as a reaction to this sick PC culture, not more. Globalists like fine chess players always think ahead 10 moves in advance, it should be pretty obvious in the coming year if Trump is another puppet or not.

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