How To Handle Women With A Ticking Biological Clock

You’re a man on the verge of turning 30 or perhaps several years older. You’ve played your cards right throughout most of your adult life. You paid your dues in your younger years by building up your career or starting your own business. You regularly hit the gym and eat properly, resulting in a better physique than the majority of men around you at the same age. You’ve developed the necessary conversational skills not just with women, but people in general. You’re well liked and respected by your friends, family, and colleagues. Lastly, attracting women has never been easier for you at any point in your life. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “having your shit together.” It’s a good feeling. You know what you’ve accomplished, you’re proud of it, and you have no plans on slowing down anytime soon. There’s just one problem, though—women around your age realize you have your shit together too.

Your life has entered the stage where the Biological Clock Ticker, or BCT, has you in her sights. These women are sketchy and you must exercise strong judgement when dealing with them. BCT’s can serve a vital role in the sex life of a guy pushing 30 or older. You will get some of your easiest lays from this demographic of single women. BCT’s are one of the perks of getting older. They allow you to slack a little bit in your efforts to get laid, but force you to step up your self preservation efforts at the same time. This article will focus on the type of women that can be classified as BCTs, and on the pitfalls that await should you accidentally knock one up or find yourself becoming attached in some way. By the end, you will understand their mission objective and, as a result, be cognizant of what actions to take in order to properly game them.

BCT Age Range: 28-36

When you’re in your early to mid-20’s, women come and go. They’re happy with the arrangement. Even if you were potentially interested in something more serious with them, they would have nothing of it. You know, it’s all about having fun, not getting tied down, and having a ‘go with the flow’ attitude. However, once women get around 28 years old, their mindset changes a bit. Women would like you to believe it’s because they’ve matured. That’s bullshit, of course—the only thing that’s maturing is their bodies, and it’s not the kind of maturing to get excited about either. They begin to realize their tits don’t have the same perky shape they once had, their asses are a little bit droopier and wider than they used to be, and their faces are beginning to show the signs of aging. They know time is starting to run out and they need to buckle down if they hope to find something serious before there are no good options left.

So, now that you’re in the same age range as the BCT’s, questions about “Where do you see this going?” or “Are you looking for something serious?” start popping in the early stages of dating. My initial thought is, “Yeah, I could be open to something serious… just not with the human equivalent of a set of tires with 80,000 miles on them.”

By 28 years old, a typical single woman’s past looks like this: she fucked a few dudes in high school, another 10+ during her college years, and then had a series of one night stands and mini-relationships in the five or six years following graduation. This gives her a partner count somewhere between 15 and 80. Does that sound like relationship material to you? Sure it does… if a dry spell has you to the point that you would fuck the crack of dawn and the fear of never finding anything better causes you to commit. For every year past 28 you can safely add a minimum of three new partners and, sadly, that’s being conservative.

Bear in mind that BTC’s past the age of 36 certainly exist, but for the purposes of this article will not be discussed. Why, you may ask? Because single women over 36 can go fuck themselves—that’s why.

BCT’s Are Generally Career Women

They’ve got the corner office that you don’t care about, the degrees and credentials they think will impress you, and the job title they think gives you a raging boner—you know, stuff men couldn’t give two shits and a greasy fart about. Sure, on a personal level their accomplishments are commendable. I respect any person, male or female, that puts in some serious effort to make something of themselves (if it was, indeed, truly earned and not a byproduct of some sort of “effective hiring quota”). However, a woman’s career has never made a man more attracted to her. In fact, when a man hears a woman talk about how she’s such a pipe swinging bad-ass at the office, he will immediately wonder how long it will be until she’s a complete pain in his ass if she’s allowed to stick around long enough. Luckily, since she’s a BCT, she won’t be sticking around for very long.

These women are following the teachings of their feminist masters to a T. They lived their lives much in the same way a man would. They went to college, got educated, landed a job, started making a bit of money, established themselves, and now that they’re older have decided to start a family and ‘have it all’. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as ‘having it all’. Most women with full-time careers coupled with the responsibilities of full-time motherhood get burnt out. Among divorced couples where both partners have a college degree, 90 percent of those divorces were filed by the woman—clearly not worth the risk. Especially, when in my personal experience, the difference between a career woman and a bartender is the career woman talks about her job for 20 minutes before she talks about Facebook and Real Housewives of Wherever-the-Fuck.

BCT’s aren’t always career women, but this is generally the case. Most “good girls” that are truly interested in having families and getting married do so at a younger age. Recovering party sluts and divorced women who didn’t have children with their ex-husbands can certainly be classified as BCT’s. Single mothers can also exhibit a lot the traits listed here as well, but single mothers are like single women over 36, and can go fuck themselves.

BCT’s Ask About Your Job Or Income



BCT’s want to make sure the man they’re planning on locking down has a stable career with a good income. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s understandable. The problem is, as previously stated, they are career women (if they’re not career women then they’re just gold diggers). The vast majority of these women, despite their careers, are massively ridden with debt: student loans, typical bills, and credit cards. It’s no big secret that women absolutely love blowing their money on things they don’t need. You know those commercials for $30 skin cream that will reduce the effects of aging by 10 years in just a couple weeks? It’s not men buying that stupid shit, that’s for sure.

“No problem, they have their own money”, you may be saying to yourself. Wrong, it’s a huge problem and here’s why. There’s a lot of excellent material written on the subject of hypergamy out there. However, there’s also a simple explanation for women’s tendency to “marry up”— they want a safety net just in case they decide they don’t want to work anymore. Despite all the feminist propaganda out there, many women do not want to go back to work after they have a kid. Many women that claim to love their careers are straight-up fucking lying to you— what else are they going to say? The truth? We’re talking about women here, fella’s. If she openly brought up the subject of not wanting to work, yet was loaded with debt—even the most desperate men would balk at that. The fact is many women are completely miserable working for a living. So guess what? She pops out a kid and makes the unilateral decision that she’s going to stay at home and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.

So where does that leave you? Well, you know that 70 grand in student loan debt for her bachelor’s and/or master’s degrees? Hope you like paying off degrees that aren’t yours when you could have a new Mercedes, a pimpin’ boat, or just save it for retirement. Chances are also pretty damn good that her irresponsible ass deferred those student loans—compounding the interest and creating even more debt. What about that $2,000 trip to Cabo with her girlfriends that she charged on her Mastercard? Hope you like paying off a vacation you didn’t go on and where she fucked men that weren’t you.

On the flip side, if a woman is hellbent on going back to work, you have to question how good of a mother she would be. It really is a double-edged sword. You’re either cleaning up her massive financial mess or your infant son or daughter is going to be raised by strangers at a daycare. Neither situation is ideal. In fact, both situations are pretty fucking terrible, to be quite frank.

BCT’s Try To Hasten The Progress Of Your Relationship

So you slept with a BCT on your first or second time out together. You’re on the third date with her when she says, “I really want an exclusive relationship.” You then say to yourself, “Ha! Fuck you, lady!” I’ve experienced this a few times in the past couple years and it still makes me laugh… in their faces. Be very cautious when you’re dealing with someone that isn’t allowing your relationship to progress at a natural and organic pace—they’re rushing shit for a reason. They’re BCT’s and they’ve got a schedule to keep. If you’re not going to be the one that jumps at the opportunity to completely fuck up your life by getting serious with one of these women, then they’re going to move right along to a guy that will.

BCT’s Talk About Babies

No surprise here, but it should be mentioned. If a woman is talking about how much she wants a kid within the first couple times you’re out together—be on red alert. BCT’s want a baby and they want it soon. In many cases these women don’t care if the man is in the picture or not. All that matters is if he can pony up the cash to support it.

Always use condoms that are provided by you and are not nearing the expiration date—settle for a blowjob if you don’t have condoms. If she has condoms of her own and offers you one, then go for sex if you have time to discreetly inspect the unopened wrapper in good lighting. If that’s not feasible, then just pull-out despite the fact you’re wearing a condom, just to be on the safe side.

If a BCT says, “Don’t worry about it, I’m on the pill.” your exact thought process should be, “I need to worry about this, this bitch isn’t on the pill.” These women simply cannot be trusted. Make sure to take extra special precautions with this type of woman. No man wants to be on the hook for a 216 payment child mortgage in exchange for a 10 second orgasm. Don’t be that guy.

The BCT Vernacular


BCT’s have their own dating lingo. As is standard with women, what they say and what they really mean are generally two very different things. The following is a short list of commonly used phrases popular amongst BCT’s  and the translation to what they really mean.

“I’ve had my fun and now I’m ready to settle down.”

Translation: I’ve been on the express train to pound town for roughly 15 years with countless men. Now that my looks are deteriorating and my family is asking me, “When are you going to find a nice guy and start a family?” I’ve finally decided that I will try to nail down some unfortunate son of a bitch and drain him of his resources, happiness and ultimately, his soul. Short version: I’m a whore.

“I know that I’m going to make a great mom someday.”

Translation: I think being selfish, vapid, and on anti-depressants in conjunction with drunken hookups and working eight hours a day in an office environment has somehow properly prepared me to raise children.

“I’m at an age where I’m just sick of the drama.”

Translation: I love drama. In fact, it turns me on and I can’t live without it. The truth of the matter is that I’m really a 14 year old girl trapped in an adult woman’s body. I cause all of the drama in my life because I’m a juvenile pain in the ass and I want everyone around me to know it. You, as a man, better provide me with ample amounts of drama or else you will be considered boring and I won’t want to fuck you. I might marry you and have kids with you, but rest assured, I will be divorcing you down the road and taking half your shit.

“It’s so hard to find a guy that’s looking for a serious relationship.”

Translation: I perpetually disqualify myself as relationship material through an unwillingness to clean, an inability to cook, and by being an entitled bratty bitch. I also chase men that clearly have no interest in settling down even though I clearly understand they’re not serious from the onset. However, I will continue blaming men for my piss-poor decisions and will make absolutely no effort to change my ways. As a result, I will continue with the status quo of being fucked and discarded due to my actions and deficiencies.

“I’m really looking for a guy that just ‘gets it’.”

Translation: I’m looking for a janitor to mop up the explosive diarrhea shit-mess that I call my fucked up life.

How To Game A BTC

In my experience, the best way to get into a BCT’s pants is to insinuate there’s a possibility for something serious without ever actually saying it. It gives them the chance to chase you a bit and work towards roping you in. The ambiguity of the situation will drive her crazy and she’ll use her vagina as a means of trying to get commitment out of you. You want her to be unsure if you’re a good guy or an asshole—operate between the two.

Remember, she’s still a slut and she’ll respond to your asshole wit and charms by wanting to sleep with you, but her new-found husband hunting goals might be holding her back. She may be saying to herself, “Oh, I won’t fall for this shit again.” This is especially true if she’s been dating for a while and trying to get guys to commit, but keeps falling victim to a nail and bail. Ultimately, she will fall for that shit again because she can’t resist what she likes. How long you want to keep her around is your decision. These women tend to be good about splitting bills and paying for stuff if they’ve gone out with you a few times. Your out of pocket cost per lay can be very low if you decide to keep one around for a bit.

The average lifespan of a BCT fuck-buddy arrangement is between one to three months. If you haven’t committed to her by that time frame then she’ll be gone, and will most likely be out with a new man within a week. That is if she wasn’t fucking a different guy already.

BCT’s have a tendency to not go quietly either, in my experience. To make the process of removing a BCT from your life more enjoyable, I’ve put together a little game for the ROK readership. Feel free to play along as she makes her exit.


In Closing

BCT’s can make great fuck-buddies—they’re eager to please, but always keep it in the front of you’re mind that they’re dangerous and not genuine. They’re trying to charm you and get you to fall in love with them and, due to their high mileage, tend to know what they’re doing in bed. These women are not for loving. Just because a woman wakes up one morning and decides that she wants to be a mommy and a wife doesn’t somehow make her qualified for the job. They’re qualified for the same thing they’ve always been: getting fucked and working a job in a perfectly air conditioned building. That’s it.

If BCT’s were of any true value, they would be in a long-term relationship already. Any reasonably attractive woman over the age of 28 has passed up numerous opportunities to be with a great guy. As established, BCT’s tend to have major problems. It’s not your responsibility, as a man, to play mechanic and fix the problems these women have created for themselves—you will not be rewarded for your efforts. There are plenty of men just around the corner that are more than willing to give these women exactly what they want. Let those guys adopt these bitches from the pound and give them a nice home with plenty of food, water, and chew-toys. A sucker is, indeed, born every minute. However, you know and understand the utility of these women. You can take great pride in knowing that sucker will never, and can never, be you.

Once you have established yourself as a man of worth by your mid-30’s these women will not leave you alone. By being in shape you will have a look they find aesthetically appealing. Through years of experience with women from the past you will have an attitude and personality they find themselves drawn to. And finally, through hard work and dedication from building your career, you will have a wallet that they would love to get their filthy little dick beaters on. In player lingo, you will have the alpha sex appeal they lust for coupled with the financial security of a Beta—a truly unstoppable combination not just for attracting a BCT, but for attracting all women.

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  1. You forgot to advise men to flush the condom down the john after sex. As NAWALT Helen Smith said in “Men On Strike”, women have been known to retrieve used condoms from the trash and perform do-it-yourself inseminations. And naturally, these wonderful Western courts of ours will force you to support her and the kid financially.

    1. “women have been known to retrieve used condoms from the trash and perform do-it- yourself inseminations”. Jesus fucking christ really??!! I’ve not read the book but that is fucked up. So flush those condoms fellas. I gotta read that book.

    2. Put a couple of drops of hot sauce in it when you’re done, then tie the condom in a knot… If she dares to try to do a DYI insemination, she’s in for a firey surprise!

      1. Naw. If you suspect she may do this just borrow some Negro sperm from some homo and let her use that to get pregnant with lol

        1. Why the fuck am I gonna carry “some Negro sperm?”
          With hot sauce I can use the excuse that I like spicy food.

        2. Could the sperm be HIV/AIDS infected too :-))).
          I think the surprise would be sweater when she calls you with the “news”.

        3. I laughed so fucking hard at the idea of carrying around negro sperm. Oh the look on her face when she tries to tell me the black baby is mine

        4. Oh, the comments on this one are exactly what I thought, getting worse with each one.

    3. I don’t flush condoms down my toilet as it might ruin my plumbing, but I have no problem flushing condoms down women’s toilets. Fuck their pluming.

        1. try fucking someone who doesn’t live in a trailer park? it’s not that hard. wait, for you, it is.

      1. I did it with a nurse in Bangkok at her apartment and then had to go buy her a plunger. Was a good fuck, though.

    4. The blowjob instead of sex to be safe argument? Not unless she swallows. There was a woman in Chicago who gave blowjobs to a guy, doctor, and inseminated herself with the results she saved. She sued the doctor for child support later, and his argument was ‘I didn’t have sex with her in a way to make a kid, how can I be responsible for one!?!?’
      The court ruled that he gave her a ‘gift’ (hence her nickname, ‘gift girl’) when he ejaculated in her mouth and she was free to do whatever she wanted with the resultant gift. Yes, that means he’s paying child support. How fucked up is that?

        1. it’s a terrible thing to have to take care of your offspring, isn’t it.

        1. May I just say this as a female without getting a ton of hate comments. I think that’s pretty messed up for the woman to have done as well!

        2. That is insane. Pure insane. Poor kid. Unless she tried to have a virgin birth and strike it big by marketing the child as the next Jesus …
          But eeeugh. Wrong and gross. Very gross.

    5. Or better yet have some habanero sauce with you and dump it in the used condom for your own amusement as she screams in pain for being a cunt to trying to lock you down in child support payments lol.

    6. I’m actually not convinced that sex with BCTs is even worth it. I’m not going to lie to a woman that I will marry her just to have sex. I’m not that desperate for 30-year-old exhausted pussy. I’ll tell her the truth. If she still wants to have sex, great, but in practice most don’t. Fine by me. As men, we have options, and we can still bang hot young chicks well into our 30’s or even 40’s if we have our shit together. Women, sadly, do not have options past a certain age.

  2. All men need to get snipeed. And don’t tell her or anyone else you got a Vasectomy. No more free samples at the sexual Costco for the ladies.
    Case study:
    Condoms are for STD’s. Vasectomies are for your protection and future freedom. I’m getting one, and my 18 year old son is getting one. With today’s reproductive technologies, if a MAN CHOOSES to have a child, he can still do it even with a Vasectomy. Furthermore, a man can dictate the terms of any relationship and arrangement with a female before agreeing to give up his valuable sperm in exchange for kids and support.
    Let’s stop giving away our manhood and our freedom by letting our sperm freely flow to the desperate bitches looking for a free kid and perpetual support. By cutting off the supply of sperm we can take steps to bring balance back to the force.

    1. Vasectomies crush your T levels. You won’t be able to make babies because you won’t be able to fuck.

      1. Seriously? You’d rather risk a lifetime sentence of support and servitude to some whorish bitch and her kids because you’re more concerned about preserving your T-levels? Alrighty then.
        You’re short-sighted in wanting to preserve t-levels above your safety, security and freedom. I can guarantee you you’re not going to be concerned with your t-levels when the courts and cops are after you for your mandated child and spousal support should you impregnate an American female. Your cortisone levels will be off the charts as you dodge the bullets of the entitled Americunt and her big daddy guberment. That will attenuate any benefits of preserving your precious t-levels. I’m sure there are ways to boost t-levels without risking your baby-maker bazooka knocking up a future ball and chain.
        But, we must all make our choices based on what most important to us. I’m just providing excellent advice based on having followed society’s plan, doing it right and producing a family. I’ve watched this society decline over the last 35 years and can only provide my best advice based on the past, present and future direction. I can tell you with great confidence that even with decreased t-levels (as I face at age 49), you’ll still be able to stay fit, and make babies. I’m still keenly aware of my ability to get trapped by a BTC and will willingly decrease my t-levels even further to reduce my risks of getting trapped again!

        1. I’d rather have a few unwanted ankle biters and disappear to Brazil to avoid child support, than get my pipes messed with…
          There are horror stories…. it’s not right….
          There might be some better male pill solutions coming….

        2. Just get on testosterone replacement therapy. The exogenous test will smash your sperm count. Planning to try to get it soon, if I can find a doctor who knows his shit and doesn’t have this bullshit steroids stigma that so many do.

        3. A friend of mine got his vasectomy done and later sustained a testicular blunt force trauma. The testicles could not drain the fluid out properly and they swelled up to the size of oranges. They had to end up removing them. He’s still a bad ass and on T replacement, which incidentally is very difficult for him to get his scripts refilled as the medical industry accuses him of being a steroid junkie a couple times a year. He is jacked but by no means a juice head… which is irrelevant any way. Don’t fuck with your manhood up boys, your plumbing was designed to work in a certain way. Respect it.

        4. Was it one of those “no surgery vasectomies”? I see billboards for that all of the time. Every time I see that I wonder how they do that? I imagine they got a nurse with a club foot who runs up and kicks you in the jimmies or something like that.

        5. ^^^^ This, James FTW. 🙂 You’ll have to find a “special” doctor to write you TRT unless your over 55 or so. Do a search for a TRT clinic. They will do it. You’ll need about 200 mgs per week to kill off all the sperm; it will take about 8 weeks for most to become sterile. Get a microscope and CHECK FOR YOURSELF, it’s not hard, and then you can always keep on top of your status.

        6. Never fuck with your junk. I’m surprised how many guys are willing to mess up their most valuable anatomical parts. Wear a condom.

      2. What the hell are you talking about? It’s a vasectomy not a surgical castration, for fuck’s sake. You still have your balls which produce testosterone. T levels actually go up a tiny bit after a vasectomy.

        1. Vasectomy: impotence, low libido, low T. (And evolutionary failure.)

          I did find a much-publicized study saying that vasectomies increased T levels (which makes zero sense) but a close look at the methodology showed it was n=20 and the control group was only matched via age and not by pre-surgical T levels. A worthless study, and likely getting such heavy media play because the media wants to continue to crush T levels.

    2. I had a vasectomy and couldn’t be happier. Freeze your sperm beforehand and then you’re in control when it comes to having children. I wouldn’t bring another child into this damn world because by the time it’s my age humanity will be waging war with robotic artificial intelligence and the hellish world of The Terminator will be reality, but that’s just my opinion. I did notice that one study finds increased risk of dementia with men who’ve had vasectomies, but it’s just an initial finding.

      1. Although I do not share your opinion about the vasectomy, I do share your opinion about the Skynet Terminator robot war. At this stage in the game, the Terminator war is beginning to look realistic. Reality is often stranger than fiction.

        1. The problem with today’s robotics is that there is no small, portable, long-lasting, powerful energy source for them to utilize; today’s coolest robots are always tethered or have a small gasoline-powered generator.
          We humans can take anything edible and turn it into pure energy. We have the endurance advantage, for now.

  3. Great and funny article – more well-off guys should also beware the following:

    Fucked her came in her mouth she spit it in a cup and wanted to freeze my sperm. I took cup and ran #crazybitch #sugadaddy -Dave— Tinderfessions (@tinderfessions) June 24, 2014

    1. If only there was a pill for men that could temporarily cease your fertility. I wander what the retched feminists will say about that.

      1. It’s not a pill, but if you inject testosterone, you’ll most likely become infertile. And, of course, get the other benefits of steroids as well. I’ve done a couple of long write-ups on other sites on how to do this; and how to get a doctor to write it for you. I’ve done it for years and have no swimmers, but, with a little HCG, could easily become fertile again. Male birth control has been available for 50 years, but, because it’s a steroid, and as we all know “steroids are bad”, mmmmkay, the knowledge has been supressed. Do a search for “TRT infertility”, you’ll find tons of articles about it out there. If you’re a responder (about 80% of the population is), you’ll be as sterile as a woman on the pill, 99%+ effective.

  4. Just follow one rule – hump and dump. It’s that simple.
    No woman is a keeper.

    1. i hope you’re wrong.
      Personally I want more out of life than just hedonism and bro stories… As much as I love that.

      1. The only way to safely have a wife and family is to move overseas and marry a foreigner and raise the children there; NEVER bring her back here to this martriarchal hellhole — too many guys have done that and regretted it.
        Western woemyn have proven themselves to be good for nothing but P & D’s — and the funny thing is, THEY did it all themselves!
        Remember that “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife”, and Western Woemyn have proven that they are worthless as wives and mothers — but they make excellent whores!

  5. Man, I love your style. Great writing, no bullshit just the truth.
    I will buy you a virtual beer.

      1. Excellent, well thought out comments finally became a top shelf article. Two thumbs up brother!
        I would be curious to hear your opinion on using escorts versus the BCT’s. Let’s be honest, most guys who are pulling BCT’s are not exactly swimming in the higher quality end of the pool. Personally, I feel it’s a mental block with p4p but it could also be an affordability issue as well.
        All I can say is that I will put up an escort of my choosing against a random selection of BCT’s that people think are hot (remember we’re talking women who tend to be over 30) and I will win Who Wants to Fuck That? 9.75 times out of 10.
        If you don’t have the coin and you are an over 35 man, get a passport or a new career already!

        1. Hey Al, glad you enjoyed the piece.
          As far as escort services are concerned – I pass no judgement on guys that use them. I’m still a relatively young dude (I’m a millenial on the older end). So I can’t say what life will be like for me once I’m nearing 40 or over. I’m basically in my prime right now, which gives me a lot of leeway in regards to who I date and who I don’t.
          My BCT experience doesn’t extend past women over 30 – late 20’s women is where I draw the material for the article from – so they’re still not over-the-hill yet, and many have been considerably attractive . However, even though I haven’t dated BCT’s over 30, I’ve known more than enough and I know I’m on the money with my assessment of them. BCT’s exist for me, at this present time, as an easy source for sex without too much hassle. My focus on women in general is in the 21-24 range, where I go after Asians and white women alike.
          As I’ve gotten older, my goal is maximum sex with minimal headache. I also keep my eyes peeled for that very rare decent woman that fits the mold of relationship material – I’m nowhere near optimistic that I will find a girl like that, but I’m on the lookout.
          Perhaps once I’m close to middle age the mindset of trouble-free sex will become even more ingrained, and I’ll swear off local women altogether. It’s incredibly easy to fly off to the Philippines or similar countries and get women without going the escort route. Perhaps I’ll get my needs fulfilled that way. It’s really difficult for me to say at this point.
          I certainly understand your position on BCT’s and going for the hotter sure thing with escorts, but for me personally, it’s not necessary at this point, and it will be about a decade before that becomes something to consider.

  6. I was just hired as a sales rep and was shadowing a 32 year old BCT and she knows it. She tried giving me some relationship advice “All women want is a man to respect them”. I replied, sooo maybe 1 in 20 ???? I don’t think I’ll be working with her an time soon I’ve been re-assigned to be with one of the younger reps.

    1. “All women want is a man to respect them”
      Translation: Women want a rich sucker that they can manipulate to drain his resources”

      1. The only women who say that nonsense are in ‘wallet-seeking mode’. They are best ignored and avoided (for your own health, safety, and security).

    2. At that age (32), all of those women want to do is find a man to control (finances and other).
      I see countless men in these situations – second or third marriage while working a job (or two) paying for that BCT.

  7. I quote Tinderfessions: “Fucked her. Came in her mouth. She spit it in a cup and wanted to freeze my sperm. I took the cup and ran.” And so should most men.

    1. I don’t think the sperm would survive haha. She may try to put it inside her within minutes, though…

      1. That’s how tennis player Boris Becker got himself a kid by a hooker. Next time make sure, she swallows.

        1. I once immediately ran to the washroom after cumming on a 35 year old woman and ran back with paper towel.
          Cleaned that shit up immediately. First time I banged an older woman…
          My smile at seeing all that cum On her belly turned into a stare of horror as i realized that I might be risking an alright fuck for a lifetime of Being attached to this +35er.
          She was nice But I didn’t trust her for a second.

        2. Or in the ass. Wouldnt the bacteria in there kill the sperm, even if she tries to put it inside the other hole?

        3. I would not count on it. Some women clean their assholes well nowadays. Finders keepers it is then.

        4. “…But I didn’t trust her for a second.”
          And I would bet woemyn seriously wonder why.
          The Red Pill ALWAYS works 100%, 100% of the time.

  8. Excellent article…. they only thing i might add is a little pinch of salt…. while the dark humor and realism is much appreciated, not all BCT women are deliberately trying to get pregnant by sabotaging condoms, or actively telling you they are on the pill when they are not….. most women are not that conscious and premeditated……Sure it happens but these are exceptional psychos…. …
    What women have is this built in shit wreck chip to forget their pill, put a finger nail through the condom, or be a totally horny crazed whore the day they are ovulating… none of this stuff is deliberate, it’s just the way it is…. That is what makes it so dangerous, and what makes men so livid. To a rational male it’s unbelievable that someone can be so utterly incompetent.
    Even if she appears to be angling for commitment, kids etc. often times, it’s more like an animal instinct than a conscious decision…. Remember children if you take a pitbull for a walk in the park, it can always bite you, it’s your fault, not the dogs fault.

    1. Yes, deceit and dissimulation are trademark of women’s nature. This is why until recently women have always been so constrained by society; our forebears knew that releasing them and freeing them to pursue their “instincts” without fear of shame or punishment would bring civilization crumbling down.
      But…evil is evil. Deceit is deceit. Instinct does not absolve anyone of any evil committed in the name of said “instinct”. Women are not dogs, they are human (despite compelling evidence to the contrary). They know right from wrong. They know when they’re poking holes in the condom with the hope of “trapping” a man, that this is evil.They know when they look into their babies eyes and see the cable man or the drummer from the shitty cover band, as their accountant husband changes the babies diaper, that they have committed an evil.
      Seems like you’re giving a glorified pussy pass.
      And here’s a little gem from 4Chan.

      1. i am sure you will agree, there is a massive difference between a psycho serial killer…. a one off premeditated first degree murder, which was cold bloodedly well planned and carried out to hide the corpse, and an incompetent driver that nailed a pedestrian….. that is why the law makes distinctions…..
        it’s not healthy for men to think that all women fall into the serial killer psycho category….. a small percentage do, another small percentage premeditate their actions… but the vast majority are second degree bungling idiots…
        it’s bad for the manosphere’s credibility to just go around stereotyping women as manipulative psychos…. it’s no different to calling all Chinese mad slant eyed communists…..

        1. I haven’t implied that /all/ women are psychotic harpies, nor have I cast a pall over the Manosphere with any comment I’ve made whether within or outside of the community or given it any worse a name than it already had before.
          Spearhead had a great article a while back,

          “What it really comes down to is risk. The problem is not that all women are horrible — it’s simply that a lot of them are, and we have no assurance that the nice girl who is smiling and saying she loves you won’t at some point destroy your life. The reality today is that a woman
          does have that power, just like a round in a revolver’s chamber.”
          “So, to men who have been through the wringer, when a woman says “not all women are like that,” what we hear sounds like “not all chambers in that revolver are loaded.” The suggestion, of course, is that because not all women are like that, we might as well give it another try.”
          “If somebody handed you a revolver with three loaded chambers and three empty ones and said, “go ahead and aim this at your head and pull the trigger — not all the chambers are loaded,” would you go along with
          the suggestion? Of course not. It would be sheer folly.”
          The bottom line is that writing off condom tampering, paternity fraud, “forgetting” birth control, semen theft, etc as innocent instinct or “not deliberate” is just plain white knighting via condescending. Those are deliberate acts with deliberate purposes and deliberate end-goals in mind, all the millions of years of genetic programming telling them to fuck and spawn at any cost notwithstanding.
          It’s the equivalent of me legitimizing my committing a brutal rape as “whoops, needed to fulfill my biological prime directive of fucking, oh well. Sorry!” and then forcing my hypothetical victim to carry my rape-baby to term and pay child support for the next 18 years.
          It’s fuckin absurd.

        2. Here is what we don’t do – we do not allow women to dictate the terms of our efforts and work. This includes hard feminists.
          Check your whitey nightie.

        3. so what you are saying is that you can’t tell the difference between a psycho serial killer and a bad driver that nails a pedestrian and because there is the odd serial killer on the lose, every one in a car should be treated as such.
          i’ll remember to take my shotgun the next time i go for a drive…

      2. Whether true or not that is possibly one of the happiest stories i have ever read.

      3. Men are more predisposed to violence than women. I don’t see anyone giving men a pass for their extra testosterone dosing. Also, up till the 1990s, XYY syndrome (a trisomy of the sex chromosomes) was associated with abnormally higher levels of violence but, to my knowledge, XYY men were not given a legal pass for violent behavior.
        Men are responsible for governing their inclinations to violence. Why then should Western women be given a pass for failing to govern their “instincts”?

        1. Great comment.
          This whole thing that women can do anything the hell they want without any consequences or responsibilities is retarded. It’s failing everyone.

        2. That trailer park trash that you come into contact with only does what it wants around losers like you. All a wealthy alpha man has to do is look at a female and she’ll shutup and behave when she’s doing something she shouldn’t.

        3. Replace “women” with “children” in the above sentence, and see if it still makes sense.
          Women are Children; you know that, right?

        4. I agree. Just about every male has the most ridiculous notion that just about every female needs to be saved/coddled/helped/etc. because she had the greatest misfortune of being born a female. Stop pitying women. Nothing you could ever do will help them get over their congenital issues.

        5. Yeah right!
          I known plenty of Alphas who have been fucked over by the system. A manly man, is not going to stop the state, the state panders to women.

        6. Heh. Erm, nope. Ask Clint Eastwood. He’s had more women issues than most men.

      4. He is an idiot, he should have said he was gonna take care of it and drop the bomb as soon as the baby is born (or later in the pregnancy), that way he could have destroyed her life as she would live in destitute for the rest of her life

    2. If it’s instinct and not entirely a decision, that makes it worse. 😐
      Indeed we may well be dealing with animals. From this I gather that the so-called Patriarchy prevented this.
      How I long to be able to actually adore women, rather than live in fear of them (and the police state that backs them up – in fact letting a woman into your life comes with “the system” being just outside your foxhole).

      1. Amen man. I feel the same way.
        It’s truly heartbreaking how fucking pathetic western relationships have become.
        When I was younger I had passionate relationships and earnestly put my heart and soul into it. I had a redpill mentality except I underestimated how fickle and disloyal women could really be. I always assumed That they ultimately wanted the same things that I did… Aka family, community, self realization into the older years.
        I think those things probably are good for them despite their stupid actions that lead to nothing but social destruction. I feel bad for them… But I’m not taking responsibility for their actions. If I find another way or another place they’re on their own. I’ve had enough.

      2. ”letting a woman into your life comes with “the system” being just outside your foxhole).”
        Yeah…. and letting a girl into your life is letting countless women and white knights into the privacy of your foxhole as well. The entire extended social network surrounding you is on her side by default.

      3. That’s one good reason to not associate with women. It’s not only their female traits, that makes them dangerous, it’s government and feminism society, that fucks men even harder.

        1. Looks like feminism is the perfect population control mechanism by making women so toxic men don’t want to fuck them no more.

    3. Are you still living in a box and stealing WiFi on that laptop the Salvation Army gave you? You’re obviously some poor guy who has nothing to do but post on here.

  9. To be honest BCT’s are my bread and butter, just feint a lil betaness and they’ll jump on your cock ASAP. Their desperation for commitment makes them so easy to manipulate and decieve. Like taking candy from a baby.

    1. *They* are trying to manipulate *you* from the outset. You don’t need to do any manipulation. Just remain vague as to your intentions and fuck her once or for the duration of a couple months.
      Although you will not prove to be the interchangeable pawn that completes her preconceived life narrative – doing just exactly the short-term FWB thing is what her life has proven that she wants too – because if this were not so, she wouldn’t have an N-count of 20 or higher already.
      Excellent article, AV8R!

  10. Great article. It reminds me why I talk to women younger than me. At the time I was 27 and she was 31. She was already talking about having kids and going through menopause and how her sister was going through it at age 33. A fucking nightmare it was

    1. Haha a BCT of 29 and seven months was already talking of freezing her eggs. Since she was starting a PhD in the farmaceutical industry, it was understandable.
      However, a woman must be insane to think that she would have the time and health to be a single mother, via invitro, top of her career, and at 35.
      Oh wait, they are and they do.

  11. This article is right on the money.
    I’ve literally nodded in agreement with every paragraph due to how true it is.
    There’s a reason why you’re more attractive in your 30’s fellas. It’s because of women like these.

  12. yeah flush the toilet, or keep it in your pocket after use and throw it out some place where she cant get her hands on it.

    1. BTC’s are the reward for working your ass off for years to be successful, effortless lays.
      Get a vasectomy if you don’t want children in the future, and be damn careful if you do.

  13. Timely post. Been trying to get rid of a “BCT” for quite awhile, but she refuses to go easy. This certainly strengthened my resolved. Thank you, sir.

    1. Get out of there asap. I’m sure you’ve already heard many of their usual shaming techniques to keep you around. It’s friday-end that debacle today and enjoy the weekend chasing new and younger tail.

  14. BCT aka gun to the head by date three. They are like playing with fire and not worth it.

  15. Solid article, quite timely, and a truly enjoyable/funny read. BCT’s are all around now and you can see them with their hollow sad expressions and empty career life masked by “confidence” and “attitude”. I avoid them like the plague.

      1. True, its no suprise that as more women abandon femininity drug prescriptions go on the rise

    1. The worst are the ones aged 29.5 to 33. Their hamster is berzerk and in overdrive.
      Actually, if such women find you too much alpha and/or asshole, they tend to eject since they desperately need a beta to pay for their shit and spawn.
      They have had dozens of alphas inside, they can wait after the divorce…

  16. Some women are so bold they don’t even try to hide their hard-partying past. A few weeks ago a went to a trendy bar. There were a few 36 year-old BCT’s with shots and cocktails in front of them. They were taking shots with the bartender. I mentioned that they were pounding a lot of liquor and might end the night on the floor. She said “I am 36 and had a fake ID since 16, I’ve been doing this for 20 years.”
    Thats the typical American “career woman” who follows the Sex and the City mantra: party until age 40 and choose among a handful of handsome millionaires to settle down with.

    1. Ha, as if there’s some B-fund or pension program out there for 20 years of getting wasted in a bar. Pathetic. Oh yeah, there is a pension – loneliness and regret – she has that to look forward to. Hearing women brag about how much liquor they can consume is a top turn-off for me. There’s an age when bragging about drinking alcohol isn’t cool anymore – that age is 21.

    2. It’s like a shopkeeper telling you his products suck. No sane businessman would badmouth his goods. Be grateful that you don’t have to look for red flags if they’re presented to you on a silver platter already.

      1. As a shopkeeper, I feel the need to correct you there. I DO sometimes badmouth my goods – in order to upsell. “You want to go for [cheap off-brand product]? Well, it does the job, but [expensive brand-name product] is much better quality – it will last a lot longer. Really, you get what you pay for, and in my opinion it’s well worth paying the extra few bob to get that better quality.” Of course, the more expensive products have much better profit margins. It’s worth losing the odd sale where the customer infers that the cheap product is a piece of crap and they’re not prepared to pay extra to get the more expensive version as the odd lost sale is more than made up for by the increased profits from the occasions where I successfully upsell.

    3. I just stopped hoping to get a good woman in those places long ago. I just go there to get laid.

    4. that’s the “typical American career woman”? are you out of your mind? the generalizations around here are absolutely ludicrous.

    1. An ordinary “millionaire” doesn’t even count as wealthy these days. The real threshold of wealth starts at about US$100 million, or two orders of magnitude above the wealth level of the guy with a mere US$1 million in assets.

  17. You really have to wonder why we don’t see many women in the BCT age who displayed good judgment and self-control along the way. Instead we see ones with high sexual odometer readings, signs of accelerated aging and usually financial problems.
    Again, I can see the wisdom of our patriarchal ancestors when they emphasized that women simply cannot live this way without paying a heavy price.

    1. “…we see ones with high sexual odometer readings, signs of accelerated aging and usually financial problems.”
      They may not be getting what they thought that they would get, BUT they’re getting just what they deserve.
      Familiarize yourself with ‘The Misandry Bubble’, then sit back and enjoy the show.
      Because the system that they helped set up isn’t sustainable (socialism finally quits working when it runs out of other people’s money).

    2. It reminds me of a great post I read that talked about social changes. And how the entire Western world seems to think that society got “fixed” in the 1960’s, and how we had been doing it wrong all along especially in regards to patriarchy. I notice this more in 3rd wave feminism, that somehow since how the vast majority of job/scientific/other growth happens in patriarchal countries, that they have to come with increasingly batshit arguments.

  18. Never forget this – don’t get a BCT pregnant. What ever you do, use every tool, technique and trick in the book, but keep that sperm light years away from the BCT’s vagina. And, have on speed dial the phone number of the local lab that will do paternity tests. These lab technicians are your allies.

      1. If I wanted to stick my dick in shit I’d go swimming naked in the Tijuana River.

  19. lol at the bingo card. hilarious.
    It’s easy to deal with the BCTs, and the over 36 crowd of women. Just totally ignore them, like they don’t even exist. Which they don’t, to me. When I encounter one of these harpies,. I look through them, around them,. past them, whatever. If they speak, I feign deafness. It it is a business thing and I have to engage with them, I make it as brief as possible and keep it totally professional.
    For bonus points, when you see a BCT, make sure she sees you checking out younger better looking women, and for full bonus points, show up at public events with that young hottie (<25) on your arm and watch the hamster heads explode.

    1. don’t know why anyone would look twice at someone as shallow, rude and obnoxious as you. please don’t tell me about all the young hotties you fuck either. boring. stupid.

    2. It’s pretty sad. I think the really sad part about BCTs is seeing a couple of them out who used to get a ton of attention (in their 20s) and they are still out looking for that same attention 12 years later.

  20. Funny how brown and black women still look hot at age 35 and 40, or sometimes even older, whereas the average white woman is ugly as shit by age 29. I guess the solution is to either bang white women under 29 or just avoid them and only bang asian, african, indian, or spanish women.

    1. It’s all about hard living, not race. More white girls come from affluent backgrounds where daddy is funding their drug and alcohol-laden party life.

        1. Easy living, you mean? Yes, white women are the most pampered bitches on the planet and have an extremely easy life.

        2. Context is hard. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs are hard on your appearance. These used to be things people did to cope with difficult living situations. The modern world is a hard life for the spirit. They have to dull their cognitive dissonance at any cost.

      1. White women are pampered little bitches, I know. I grew up in one of the richest, whitest areas of America. Rich white girls are the scum of this planet.

        1. Ironically they’re the among the most
          Miserable whores you’ll ever meet.
          They don’t know how to calm the fuck down and enjoy their lives. Materialistic inbred wrecks who have no concept of community or putting others first.
          I’m not talking euro girls here, I’m talking Anglo Saxon bitches that I’ve met.

        2. What was your zip code, liar. Wealthy White girls are the least spoiled most disciplined girls in the US and no matter how polite they may be do not mix with negroes.
          The White girls that you believe are rich are just some stupid nouveau riche trash who daddy who made his money in the junk business spoils like some Jew porn queen.

        3. You’re just mad because they wouldn’t give a loser class loser like you the time of day. You don’t even know trailer park trash white girls let alone the top ones.
          Tell me where you met these “anglo-saxon” rich girls.

        4. Why do they want anglo-saxon women anyway? they are like men and never had natural sex appeal, any argentine women will crash those women down.

        5. You’re a mangina pretending to be a woman on the internet, your opinion is not valid here, manboobs!

      1. “spanish is white”
        Stormfag detected. Back to /pol/ and stormfront you go!

        1. Get a map stupid and find Spain on it.Mestizos are Indians.
          Haitians are not French or Jamaicans English either.
          You sound like some poor retard from Podunk who has never been anywhere.

    2. You’re obviously some negro from the hood. Negro females look worn out and fat at 18.

      1. Most of them are grossly obese and have WAY too much testosterone flowing through them to interest me. Well there’s also that common un-civilized behavior we see from blacks in the USA too. And that fact that black men are very defensive about whites fucking their women (as they should be IMO) and not afraid to lay down an ass whipping on a lone white guy w/ a black chick… This happens more than you think.

        1. holy shit. she looks AWFUL. why didn’t she just kill herself when she hit 30.

    3. I watched this video on youtube that talked about how after black girls, white girls are the least likely to get a date. I’ll see if I can find the link….

    4. Dude your racism is really starting to piss me off.
      We get that you don’t like white women. That’s fine with me because I think they’re the MOST BEAUTIFUL FEMALES on the planet.
      strokes for different folks right? Once again stop singling out white
      women — they’re all females(black, brown, yellow, white) and they all run their hamsters regularly.
      I imagine you wouldn’t have the balls to say what you wrote to my face or any other white Man in your vicinity unless you had your posse with you.
      So, fuck off and quit spamming this site with your racist bullshit.
      BTW, to me the idea that every woman I would ever fuck would have brown hair and brown eyes would be depressing. I like the vareity of skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors that display exclusively in Caucasian women.
      Thanks and very kindly FUCK OFF.

    5. jesus christ. janet dickenson is 40 yrs. older than that “average korean girl”. you guys are fucking idiots.

      1. Older and damaged by numerous cosmetic surgeries and botox. The comparison is hardly apt but John seems to be a very bitter individual and one not given to objectivity nor the ability to control his emotions.

  21. Ha that BTC bingo game is awesome. I’ve heard at least 90% of these at some point. It’s become so predictable it’s almost comedic.

  22. Please follow up with advice on how to convince your buddies that they are getting too serious with a btc and are blindsided by pussy.
    Noone ever listens..

    1. See my comment above. Take the advice of an old married guy who has been down that road.

  23. This is a good article and I think it should be required reading for all the younger fellows. .
    Look it’s simple enough. Nobody wants to force women to marry when they are like 20 and start cranking out kids. If she wants that, she can do that.
    Or she can slob the knob willy nilly from 18 to 36 if she chooses. Big deal.
    All we can do is know the difference. Rather than the collectivistic “let’s do what the feminists do and browbeat/indoctrinate/get-laws-passed” approach, that can and will ONLY work for collectivist movements that destroy things and never for anything that brings light and good into the world, we have to resort to the individualistic approach and spread the word to our fellows, especially the younger ones.
    It’s up to men to decide if they want to have kids young or wait, or wait and have kids with a younger woman, or never have them, or whatever – it’s simply up to men to decide and have the knowledge they need in that process.
    For once a man knows this game, such as what this article is about, he can make more informed decisions and not be brainlessly suffering the same whims of the facade that the feminists have sold to women.
    For a man has to know he cannot “have it all” and “the system” is very geared towards reminding men every 2 minutes that not only is he unable to “have it all”, but that what he has already is wrong and bad (Privilege, racism, whatever).
    But it’s true that a man cannot have it all – NOBODY can have it all. Consequences you know.
    So, we cannot use the collectivism that “they” use, and should not anyway because that collectivism requires the media, the universities, and a court/government system manned by manginas.
    But if every man knew the very things pointed out in this article and would not touch a BCT with a 10′ pole, we would see real change. The “have it all” bill of goods sold to women (at great cost – having to control the media and academia and all that) will die rapidly the moment it becomes obvious that when a woman wants to chug cocks most of her adult life she will have to plan on cat herding in her later years.
    I’m not saying it’s a bad thing if a woman wants to have a “Pull to spread” handle installed on her legs, I’m saying that a woman should know the choices.
    Everything about the falsity sold to women is really based on having it all and no consequences. We will never get “the system” to change that course. But with information like this article to every fellow – especially the younger ones – it’s an ICBM right up the poop chute of the very thing feminists sell the social destruction on.

  24. Women are becoming BCT’s at younger aged these days. Don’t be surprised at all if you meet a 24-26 year old girl with all of these qualities. If she has been fucking since 16, she is ready to settle down by 22 and she might already be 50 cocks deep if shes attractive.

  25. This is great timing for what’s going on in my life right now. I’ve got a huge BCT but I’m only 23 lol

  26. If you ever settle with a BTC you are literally eating leftovers covered with the semen of the previous consumers.
    25+ year old women are just for P’n’D, nothing else. If you want to settle go for the younger ones or just don’t fucking settle at all.

  27. This is pure red pill knowledge. A funny, logical and properly argumented article. Roosh, send it to Jezebel, Buzfeed and Huffington Post. Lets see the reaction from the spinsters, land-whales and manginas.

  28. Why not just get a vasectomy and never mention it? Then when she tries to pull the pregnancy trap, you can laugh even harder.

    1. Because she can become pregnant elsewhere and then make you pay for it. You won’t believe it, but some places have twisted laws like this.
      Nevertheless vasectomy is always a good idea.

  29. Awesome article, definitely bookmarking this one.
    But at the end of it, I realise 70-90% of women today especially in the modern world are going down this track. Which puts my mind off marriage or commitment.
    Whether it may be America, Latin America, Eastern or Europe in general, or Asia, women will fuck with you if you game them. Even the traditional types. What do we learn? The fact that non-virgin women are undeserving to be wifed up. They’re all BCTs, or wannabe BCTs, even if her partner count is less than 5. Once a woman’s cherry is popped before marriage, she loses all sense of shame and morality. Men killed each other in the past to protect women’s virginity, because they knew the emotional damage a woman’s character and mentality undergoes when she’s deflowered. Today’s men don’t think so highly about these things, because of today’s slut condoning,complacent slut-wifing social sensibilities. Are you sure your ‘traditional’ but non-virgin girlfriend was not a closet slut? She might say she’s fucked only 1 before marriage, but how can you be sure it’s not 10?
    Thus BCTs (non-virgins) are all for ‘pump and dump’ relationships , marriage is for virgins strictly. All women become emotionally hard and angrier with age. They may open up sexually more easily with age, but emotionally their loyalties and hearts are dead.A woman who’s desperate to get married in 26-36 should in fact be used more for sex practice by men, because she didn’t value herself before. Their supposed ‘sexploitation’ will teach young women that irresponsible sexual decisions in youth still carry consequences. And women, irrational creatures that they are, will never learn through logic. They only learn by taming them through authority, pain and limits (shackles). Not through affection. Men need to make women aware that they will be used henceforth only as sex dolls, once they enter that age group. None of these women should be wifed up.
    I may sound old-fashioned here when I talk about virginity, but traditional roles are old-fashioned. If you have a sexy young non-virgin girlfriend, just string her along. Don’t marry her ever. You’ll stick get the benefits of a relationship without giving commitment.
    Most men get married for companionship, not sex alone. You must visualize whether you’d still be fucking the hottie you’re with now, 10 years down the line (the average shelf life of a relationship today). Most men will agree they won’t, because we all have natural polygamous instincts.
    That’s why marriages with non-virgins are like marrying BCTs.
    When women look at men as potential ATMs to pay for their financial stupid past and as potential forgiving priests who’d accept for their slutty pasts, marriage is out of the question for men. Only fools will commit. It’s a horrible thought to get married in the modern world to women. Just use, use. Because as this article beautifully says, women never mature with age;it’s only that their bodies mature. And don’t expect that body to take care of you. That generation of women are long dead. Today’s women are just mercenary maids who’d take care of you and allow you to fuck them as long as you provide them with cash.
    Don’t marry these bitches.

    1. Exactly. I mean. do you want to be the guy who is left holding the bag after she has had her ‘fun’? Not me.

    2. oh, please do let them know they will only be used as sex dolls. i’m sure that’s a huge turn on for them, and they will immediately spread their legs for you.

  30. There is a good reason, why you never touch a girl beyond the age of 24!. No precautions, no condom-flushing, just avoid them at all cost!
    Someone made a good video about, why you should only date young chicks, even if you are way beyond 35:

    1. Guys over 35 who want to date younger women must have ALL of the following criteria–great looks, confidence, 100K/year job, limited/no debt. Doubtful RofK readers meet these MINIMAL standards.

      1. I do…
        Its not difficult to make a 100k+ a year when you have the internet and know how to sell to people.
        In addition to being in great shape, can dance, can fight, can pick up chicks. I’m all set.
        The problem is being a target to the girls Chris mentioned in his article. I’m 30 (but look 23), so i’m definitely a target.

  31. I’ve got a BCT right now, so this article is very timely. Luckily I have so many other things going on right now with other women this is only an annoyance.
    Suuuuuure I’m gonna marry you so I can cut off my balls and let you put them in your handbag, and at least in the eyes of our legal system, become your indentured servant.

    1. Right. Remember: we’re talking about women being treated equal (except in court where men, today, have almost no rights).
      I would save money and I wouldn’t hire a lawyer at all (same results). You’ll need it to pay her bills after the divorce (i.e. her lawyer, child care, alimony, etc..).

  32. Single mothers are like women over 36 , they can go fuck themselves….truer words have never been spoken, bravo sir , bravo.

    1. Love seeing single moms in their 20’s on Tinder. So you’ve already had one failed marriage, and now I have to commit to raising and paying for your bastard children? Please.

  33. You cannot blame women for their inborn sexual imperative. Our imperative is to spread the seed as much as possible. Thus the institution of marriage 1.0 was not so bad – she would seek out the best man she could get as a husband at the age of 16-22 giving him her prime years in exchange for him to let go of being a Player.
    Now she fucks around for 15 years riding away during all her prime and expects the same kind of guy to marry her. In addition legal and social condititions have changed so much, that even marriage does not give husband (version 2.0) much security in the relationship. After divorce his wallet remains by her side and she is free to start her cougar existance until total sexual invisibility somewhere in her 40s.

    1. You cannot blame criminals for their inborn imperative to commit violence.
      You cannot blame dogs for their inborn imperative to bite strange humans.
      You cannot blame vehicle drivers for their inborn imperative to escalate when cut-off in traffic.
      You cannot blame politicians for their inborn imperative to lie.
      See what I did there?

      1. Hehe.
        Our inborn animalistic insticts may be fine with men constantly raping every desirable woman. Does not mean that we need to follow every bloody impulse coming out of our hindbrain. But obviously it is fine, when feminism tells we women to go ahead and do it.

        1. It will be nice when Feminism gets exposed and we can hold these creatures responsible for exotic concepts like “reason” and “accountability”. Lolz 🙂

        2. It want happen until the ecosphere goes tits up and men are back in fashion. As long as there is comfort and security, this stuff will survive on it’s host.

    2. Right, you cant blame them, but it’s natural to feel a bit of anger at the fact that we’re blamed for our imperative…. especially since women cheat almost as much as men, but their libido is half that of ours.

      1. Dude, I’m here to call bullshit on that. You can say women don;t have same drive just to “fuck” that men have, but they are much, much worse. I’ve seen married women do things you couldn’t get a Thai hooker to do.
        Some of the nastiest, dirtiest women I’ve ever hooked up with turned out to be “happily” married. In fact, I’m to the point of figuring that if a woman is demanding to be degraded, slapped, choked, or whatever, she’s probably married, and if she’s trying to stick her tongue in your ass, its almost guaranteed she’s going to be kissing her husband a few hours later.
        Most women are dirty, dirty animals and its our own fault for not reigning them in like wild fucking horses.

        1. reining would be easier. and i just have to say again, where the fuck do you morons meet women? losers.

        2. …whooooa,.. got me on that one, nerd. Now get your English homework finished while I unload in your sister.

    3. You are right that they are just following their natural instincts as they have for millennia. What is different now is that the government steps in squarely on the side of the female imperative, so it doesn’t even cross their minds that they should bring something to the table themselves.

    4. Agree. There is little to no upside for a man to get married (unless it’s purely a financial arrangement – all business – for the man to gain from the woman).
      Gone are the days of each person bringing something to the table (i.e. men would work outside the home and women would work inside the home – a win win situation).
      Today, we are witnessing the cause and effect of feminism: most women very unhappy with all of their new freedoms. A bigger house, nicer car, having it all, etc…just isn’t cutting it.

  34. The business of having and raising babies is really meant for a younger (early 20s woman). The energy required is tremendous and most BCT’s simply can’t keep up without falling into the “exhausted/depression/meds/no-sex” cycle.
    I regularly see a young Mormon woman with 4 stair-step kids. She can’t be 26. Walks/plays all the time with them, runs every day, in great shape – still young, energetic, and damn hot for a mom of 4. That husband got it right. Compare her to the 40 year olds with toddlers – exhausted, gaining weight, cancelled sex-lives, angry about “lost careers” (as if their liberal arts degrees ever really promised them one to begin with). Solution to all her problems: More consumer debt, less sex with husband, bigger house. And still they aren’t happy. I’ve lived my part of this life.
    Welcome to suburbia hell. Please reference yesterday’s article about American Dream for more on that.
    Young guys TAKE NOTE of this before you cougar-up.
    Excellent article AV8R. Keep it up ROK.

    1. “cougar up”….adding that to my lexicon…
      You’re right about having kids young. Mormons and Latinos have it right…

    2. Represent! My wife is a marathon runner and has 5 kids, been nursing for 10 years straight, slender white women. All hail JESUS CHRIST

  35. Had my vasectomy 3 months ago. Zero count from the doc yesterday. Fuck yeah boi.

        1. That’s cute, you must like me. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery. You’re not my type though, but thanks.

  36. One of the main reasons why Anglo societies are facing this problem of BTC cougars is the condescending culture of shaming these modern societies have been imposing on lesser modernized cults and societies. Shaming Mormons as demonic, Muslims as ragheads, Buddhists as Asian betas, Latinos as conservative backward and so on. So what has this condescension achieved? Anglo women are the biggest sluts in the world today, unfit for marriage. You see this hypocritical attitude of condescension in both men and women from the Anglo world towards these societies, while their own asses are butt naked. Condescension is a bitch which has come to bite westernized societies today in their asses. As long as Anglo women won’t develop humility, dignity, chastity and decorum, the problem of BTCs doesn’t seem to be solved soon. For a very long time.

    1. Anything that is different from a natural system will become be unnatural, whether positively or negatively (more often negatively). Think of mutations, but on a societal level.

    2. Good points..but then, again, we are talking about women, logic and science (which one doesn’t belong in that group?).
      Women are telling women (western world) that it’s fine to wait until later on in life to have kids when science (nature, etc..) tell us that there are real risks of having kids later in life. It’s similar to having major surgery at age 20 versus 65…more risks with age. But, this makes too much sense (logic) so I don’t expect women to actually get it.
      We are seeing the cause and effect of women getting everything that they wanted (feminism) and some are not liking the results. No one can have it all…everyone has to make a choice.

  37. Lesson from the mainstream media; remember, feminazi hero Wendy Davis had a man that paid for the majority of her Harvard education. As soon as he made the last payment she bolted. This too can happen to you for taking on someone else’s responsibilities.

  38. Things are lots easier if you stick to banging women 44, OR women whose combination of OKness and built in dowry render a forced marriage less than altogether tragic from your POV. I’m sure playing in a minefield CAN be done with reasonable safety if done correctly, but for most people, it’s better to simply go play somewhere else.

  39. The most important thing to remember about BCTs is that as a man you have no reproductive rights once a woman gets pregnant. She knows this and does not give one fuck about what you want as a man because she doesn’t have to. If she gets pregnant she is keeping the baby and you’re on the hook for the 216 payment plan.
    When faced with a pushy BCT I ask myself a very simple question, ‘Would I be willing to have a child with this woman?.’ The answer has always been no and I remain childless.

  40. Brilliant words of wisdom. Young men, heed the words of an older married guy who fucked up a major part of his life by “being that guy”. Having a family and kids – assuming you want them at all – should be completely on your terms and your schedule: not hers. She wants a sucker so she can coast the rest of her life while you slave away with nothing to show for it. It’s too late for me. I just don’t want to see young men making the same mistake. Great article.

    1. I agree, it should always be on your terms-you need to be the leader of the family. Good advice for the younger guys. This is why we have blogs like these. Passing on wisdom to the younger generations that was once kept in silos before the internet.

    2. “…should be completely on your terms and your schedule: not hers.”
      That’s not how marriage works for the true alpha male.

      1. Well, not being a true alpha male myself, I couldn’t say. All I can do is speak from experience. You are the one who will be working for years to support her and the kids.

        1. Don’t sell yourself short dude. I was a textbook “alpha” for over 15 years of marriage….until I was suddenly homeless with no car, 4 maxed credit cards, and CPS blowing up my phone. You’re right on the money, hard to be any more Alpha than that.

        2. Just trying to save some of my younger brothers here some heartache. I know now that “game” is even more important in marriage than it is in the single life, especially if you are married to an American woman who has been living in a culture of FEM with no inherent sense of loyalty or responsibility to anyone but herself. If I was doing it all over again I definitely would not marry an American woman.

      2. Ha! keep telling yourself that. You put that ring on, your show is fucking OVER and there is no amount of Game or anything else, short of a hole in the desert, that will save you. You WILL either play ball according to feminist rule book or be devoured by the divorce court machine.

      3. Yeah, good luck with that one – speaking from experience.
        If you’re living in the U.S. (or any other country similar), then once you’re married you’ll be fighting her and the court system the whole way out (after the divorce).
        The court system doesn’t care which type of man – its against all men (and favors all women). That’s only going to change in time.

    3. Agree. I’m almost through with my prison sentence (18 yrs of child support payments) because the mother wanted a child and I, as the man, had no say in it.
      Recently, she tried to contact me…just to say “hey” after all of these years.
      I told her ‘you got want you wanted, now fuck off’.

        1. A typical response. The great no accountability no responsibility defense that woman use today.

  41. There is no such thing as an unwanted pregnancy, if you knocked her up, she wants to have a baby.

  42. ‘babies rabies”, as it is often referred to as, seems to be primarily an American phenomenon. Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) and European women seem to be much less affected by this phenomenon. This is the phenomenon that has led to nearly 40% of all American kids being born to single mothers. This issue seems to be primarily an American one as well.

  43. I’ve been hooked on your writing ever since your spectacular comment on the asian girls article. I’ve got my eye on you! More! More! More!

  44. You can see it in the their eyes and they reek of desperation. Predators the lot of them! Men have no reproductive rights, and sperm is basically liquid gold for women. If they have the right to abort so should men via a financial abortion. Anything less is forced fatherhood.

  45. Lmao at the guys in here pedestalizing Asian women.
    Which Asian women would that be? The ones that spend their young years chasing tall white dick (purely a genetic behavior) and then once they hit the wall, find an Asian guy (assuming they couldn’t find some white guy to knock them up) to settle down with because “they’re more compatible with Asian culture”?
    Women are women, they’re all sluts defined by their sexuality and need for sexy sons, female sexuality is the most powerful thing on earth, it consumes and destroys, you’ll never see a more sadistic, animalistic thing on earth until you see a woman’s eyes when she is eye fucking you. Women are willing to share a single alpha with a hundred other women than spend time with a beta. They don’t care about civilization, art, music, technology, any of that. All that matters is alpha jism.
    You want to raise kids with an Asian woman who hates her own race, and will pedestalize her mixed-race kid like the second coming of Christ? What if it were a white woman doing that? You’d call her a whore.
    Be rational guys – and this is coming from a half Asian with a whore mother.

    1. Women are willing to share a single alpha with a hundred other women than spend time with a beta. They don’t care about civilization, art, music, technology, any of that. All that matters is alpha jism.
      Interesting. A question that may arise is why don’t American women hop on the plane, en masse, and sexually migrate to Latin America or Africa? There is a surplus of rugged, coarse males in those cultures.

      1. They do. So many girls go on “study abroad” trips open to Spain, Africa, Italy… they’re not going for the culture… more to experience tall dark and handsome cock.

    2. “Be rational guys – and this is coming from a half Asian with a whore mother.”
      Total mommy issues. Go figure.

    3. Can’t argue with that. If you think American women are nuts, let a Filipina get her hooks into you and see how fast you wind up in a straight jacket.

  46. Recently we’ve seen two prime examples of American single motherhood and their products, Elliot Rodgers and Jeremy Meeks.
    Elliot Rodgers, born from a self-hating Asian slut who only fucked power white guys, and felt entitled to white pussy but hated by his mom in the same sentence because he wasn’t, and could never be, fully white.
    Jeremy Meeks, the “sexy son” put into play, embodied in a real live, breathing human being; mom fucked some likely bad boy criminal urban dude, produced a guy that women swoon over even though he’s a felon.
    This is the new world, according to females and what they want. Women create these nightmares. Not men.

  47. Great article and a very funny one too! You and “Lance Christopher” are my favorite writer/commenter duo on RoK. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

  48. If you want the marriage experience, find a woman you hate and than buy her a house
    -Red Pillar

  49. Love the writing. Funny as hell & educational. This is the level of quality of insight i look forward to reading on this sight ever since I’ve started Red Pill medication.

  50. My ex showed up at my doorstep last night unannounced and we got into a huge argument. I had that Bitch Bingo chart up on my phone during our conversation and no lie, she said FIVE things on the chart to me. I couldn’t stop laughing…

  51. Quote: “BCT’s have a tendency to not go quietly either, .”
    Yeah — false accusations galore be it false rape or whatever and the system will happily go along with it to ensure they have another laborer for the cheap labor force.
    That chart shown in the article is scary as fuck because the plausibilities are nothing compared to what she could really do to fuck up your life.
    Reason #59762 why not to bother dating an American female to begin with.

  52. Full-on brilliant, I like yer style, dude.
    Play-of-the-Day: “nail & bail”.

  53. I’m close to getting my shit together, and by my early thirties I should. When the women who rejected me at 20 come back after being pumped and dumped by 30 different men, I’ll be laughing in their faces, with a younger woman DTF.

    These same women would have treated “betas,” “nice guys,” or whatever didn’t turn her on at the time she was in her sexual prime, as shit, pure and utter shit. She would have laughed in the faces of betas while fucking whatever made her petri-dish wet.
    Never, ever, EVER marry a woman like this. Why devote the best years of your life to a whore, yes, a WHORE, who never cared to give your the best years of her life?

  55. Trips to Cabo aren’t the only the only travel debt that she’s incurred ever since she became an adult. Within that $70,000 in student loans are at least either one semester as a foreign exchange student or studying abroad via the language department. Let me tell you from experience the things I observed living in Spain for six months learning Spanish.
    The majority of people who take advantage of these programs are females. My group consisted of 22 females and 3 dudes including me. There were four, but one of the guys freaked out and got homesick 3 days into the trip. None of the girls showed any fear or reservations about leaving the States. Why? Because it was a far away place where they could anonymously enjoy cock from judgeful eyes.
    Quite a few of them got down with the locals. One girl I knew, who was a sperg case, brought 2 guys back to her hotel on a weekend trip to Barcelona. She didn’t fuck them because she was naive enough to believe that they just wanted to hang out. Had it been another girl in our group it probably would have gone down. And it probably did with a few of them.
    So there you go. It’s not just the trips they take as adults after they graduate. They had to have picked their travel habits somewhere. A good chunk of that student debt you are covering for her went towards turning her into a slut.
    A good male shit test and disqualifier for any woman you plan on being with long term; “Did you study abroad in college?” Most of the BCT’s I know that are over 32 did so.

  56. I’m rolling on the floor right now. The articles on this site are some of the most bro douche bag, right wing psycho babble i’ve had the pleasure of reading. Seriously funny shit. Keep it coming, i need the laugh.

  57. ” She pops out a kid and makes the unilateral decision that she’s going to stay at home and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.”
    Untrue, whatever a woman does, you do to. Thats how you beat them at their own game. Woman quits her job, to stay at home, you quit yours to stay at home to. Say you don’t want to miss your child’s life. She says I am leaving because you are a dead beat, say fine, but my child stays here. She takes the child, call the cops for kidnapping. She is not allowed to take a child from its listed/registered address without a court order. She has no more rights than you do legally speaking.

    1. I think the point is not to get yourself in that situation in the first place.

    2. If you are married she can just divorce you, and the cops will come kick you out of your own house. Then you will be forced to pay for it, and the brats, for a looooooooooong time.

      1. She can divorce you but divorce is not immediate. As long as you can prove you are a resident at the house she cannot just “Evict” you. You cannot be forced to pay for the kid if you never leave your kid or allow her to take it. Once she removes the kid from the house to another residence, you can call the cops for kidnapping. 1 parent cannot take the child to another state, county or residence, it is illegal.

        1. sure…you can stay there..
          -and listen to her new boyfriend banging her upstairs in your old bedroom.
          -and clean up the filth before child support comes to take the kid away from you BOTH.
          -and she can move in 5 dogs into the house.
          -and she can move in her family members into the house.
          -and she can call the cops with any allegation and your going to jail for the night even if nothing comes of it.
          a man would have to have a strong mind and be on-point 24/7 to live with an enemy that knows their mind very well (she already manipulated him into a church!). the above examples is from real cases i know. the system is against the male. it might be safer to get away from the danger?
          What do you think?

        2. -And she can listen to me bang the new girl firend downstairs. I tell you what woman can’t stand men moving a whole lot more. Man fucks lots of women it makes his past women jealous. Woman fucks lots of man, man eyes opened to her being a liar and hypocrit and a whore and nothing special. Only a handful of betas would get angry about an ex fucking others
          -how is child support going to take the kid from both parents?
          -And you can move in 10 dogs into the house.
          -And you can move jawuan and tyrell and juan and tanner
          -And if you move in jawuan, tyrell and juan and tanner you have 4 witnesses that you never did anything. But if she does try to start an arguement or a fight just pull out your camera or camera phone and press record.
          I think you raised alot of valid points, that most men wouldn’t know how to handle. Moving a male friend into your house is perhaps one of the best things you can do, a female one might even be better because women tend to hate each other. And its more likely she will try to beat up your new girlfriend. And then she goes to jail. Then you can claim you feared for your life and
          1) move your girlfriend and child out the house to a place she doesn;t know
          2) get a restraining order on her and she can’t come back to the joint residence
          -The problem is, once you move out the house, or allow the women to leave with the child, you can kiss your child and your money good bye. She will get full custody and you’ll just be a weekend dad paying child support. Legally she has no more rights. which is why she must normally result to dirty (and illegal tactics) of taking the child away. Most men don’t even file the police report to report this kidnapping. But I know a man who did the same thing except took his kids to pakistan instead of to another county or state or down the street. And the woman called the cops and he was wanted for kidnapping his own kids.
          -While the police are bias, the judge cannot be. By the time the case gets to court. You usually have a 8 month -1 year waiting list. So the kid has been living with the mother who illegally removed him from the residence for a year and so the judge is unlikely to give the father custody, unless he has filled reports showing the kid was kidnapped. Because even if the cops do nothing, you can point it to the judge and they will see you are an active father and probably either a ) give the man custody seeing the mother is unfit or b) give joint custody.
          -Also the man must remain strong. Just like in any shit test. Once you show weakness she will walk all over you. If she seems prone to make fake allegations. Then it would be wise to move in your friend or girlfriend or to have a video camera pouch that you can clip on your belt or hang around your arm or neck. And deploy within seconds. It will be virtually impossible for her to pull that kind of shit off with cameras around. In fact setting up a camera in your living room or where you normally stay (ie man cave) might be a smart idea. So you can prove to the cop she is lying. After all what abuser walks around with a camera?

  58. “It’s not your responsibility, as a man, to play mechanic and fix the problems these women have created for themselves”
    Thats not even half of it:
    Her problems can not be fixed. By anyone. PERIOD!
    While you are at it, doing the impossible:
    Learn to fly around the moon like superman in just a pair of underwear and a red cape. You would have more sucess in that.
    PS: I simply do not date women with BTC. Sex is easy but not genuine and thus not very pleasant. Also i feel dirty touching them (yes i am a very imature deuchebag pug, thank you).

  59. All good points and lets take it a step further:
    BCT-ism isn’t limited to age, it occurs when they start having to pay for their own shit rather than a gaggle of thirsty beta’s throwing every banknote and piece of plastic like its poison. BCT-ism can also come and go, especially the chicks who either have a kid, then lose weight or get a boob job and suddenly come back onto the thirsty radar.
    Females who want to rope a guy into supplementing their “dream lifestyle” of having the kids and the house and basically have a guy as a bank account are not limited to age – cue all those women under 21 who get knocked up (and seriously in this day and age with more female contraceptives and options than you can poke a stick at; a “mistake” becomes more a deceptive choice).
    The Bitch Bingo – Any female who gets rejected can throw around those insults. Anything to save their precious ego (usually the more narcissistic they are the more the insults revolve around her [you mean nothing to me etc])

  60. The truly unique woman–worth YOUR time– would make getting sex from her difficult, so you’d have to earn her. On the surface, you guys wouldn’t like her being “hard-to-get” but in the end, you’d love her–as you earned her when you finally did have sex. That’s where women first go wrong: providing cheap/easy sex claiming equal rights with men. They are then viewed as easy and tossed aside as pointed out in this article. Would it be intriguing to you if an attractive woman seems interested in you–yet said they wanted to wait for a while before putting out???? I think is the kind of woman you guys REALLY want–from this article, you don’t value the easy targets who give it up quickly to you–who have been where every man has gone before–literally.

  61. The woman who gets in a relationship/marriage for the primary purpose to “have kids” is
    doomed from the start. Kids trump husband which is a recipe for disaster
    for her and him. He needs to come first–before kids, before career. Big mistake women make today is ignoring this. She needs to keep her legs closed until she deems a guy worthy to be a father…that way, she isn’t screwed by a man who just want an easy lay…and then “oops I’m pregnant”, guy’s gone–and then she can proclaim, “Men are worthess!”

  62. obviously none of you whiny assholes on here can attract a normal, reasonably intelligent, attractive woman. you’re such creeps you wind up with the dregs and then moan and groan about women for the rest of your pitiful lives. idiots.

  63. “Any reasonably attractive woman over the age of 28 has passed up numerous opportunities to be with a great guy.”
    Bullshit. I couldn’t even date until 28 because I was dealing with serious medical issues. There were entire years when I couldn’t even leave the house. But now I’m 29, healthy, and have plenty of guys interested. I look like a high school junior, and I don’t give a shit about my biological clock. The only reason I would get married is for love, not to have some guy to father children. I’m not even sure I want children, and I would never want them with someone I didn’t love.
    So stop making ignorant assumptions about any single woman over 28. It makes you look like an ass.

    1. You are an amazing one in a million. Are you hot? I’m rich and I will wife you up.

    2. Cassie –
      Mixed in among the majority of any group of people you meet there will be anomalies. You are one such anomaly. The opinions people make when observing what we see out there isn’t necessarily about you, me or anyone else in the specific sense. Rather, it’s a reflection of what many of us run into, which has made caring about other people, and living a happy life with them very, very difficult.

  64. Sometimes a young woman in the 20-25 demo is into these things in advance, this is where the real long-term value is. It’s just a matter of filtration, like anything else worth investing in.

  65. Exclusive ANAL sex!!!
    That’s what you give women with a ticking biological clock!
    Just focus on her asshole. Just her anus.
    Eventually 2 months down the line, being fed up, she’ll end it the relationship herself.

  66. “As men, we have options, and we can still bang hot young chicks well into our 30’s or even 40’s… Women, sadly, do not have options past a certain age.”
    REally think so? ROFL. After I divorced from my cheating ex-husband (who by the way was taken to the cleaners after banging a “hot young chick” as you put it)
    i was hit on continously by men and at the time I was 41 y/o and 30 lbs overweight…oh heavens to betsy! LOL. I was hit on at the grocery stores by men around my age, at work and even when i went out with friends. The youngest guy that hit on me was 25 (way too young for me)
    When i started dating my now current husband (who, by the way, is 5 years younger than me) he was talking marriage after two short months of dating. I was the one that had to slow him down. 5 years into our courtship we both decided it was time and we got married- I was 46.
    I am not the exception….i know quite a number of women in their 40s and 50s who found themselves single again and were dating or in serious relationships within a few short months/ year or so after their previous marriage had ended. That women have no “options” after a certain age is a myth that began in the 1950s at a time when “divorcee” was a dirty word. That no longer applies these days. Women most certainly have “options” including the option of not dating or getting into a relationship for a while. So when you see a single “older chick” don’t automatically “assume” that she’s single because she had no options. She may just be single because she chooses THAT as an option. Believe it or not there are older women that much rather prefer to be single and carefree. Especially if they’ve already done the “wife and mommy thing”.

  67. Deluded misogynist fuckwit. No sane woman would fuck you or any of your followers with Ann Coulter’s cunt.

  68. The sad thing is that these women have the sort of cursory intellect that makes them superior to being mothers than typical bar sluts and strippers. They certainly don’t possess the intellect for the careers they’ve been given as gifts of the state, but they’re smart enough not to leave the damned babies in a hot car or let the house burn down while smoking crack. Number one get these bitches out of institutions of higher learning – this happens when men start being fathers and lay the motherfucking law down in their own families. You want to be educated like a man little suzy – hit the street slut. Women should be married and having the children of religiously sound men as soon as these women are in their late teens as God and nature intended. period. While this pussy whipped government will never strong arm women back into their deigned roles, here’s what we as men can do. Let these “career gals” know that you’re filming them for fun and to bond with adventurous sex together – then post that shit everywhere. Ruin them. Humiliate their families and make sure their coworkers see you piledriving their feminist asses balls deep. These women have no options beyond their careers anyways as no man wants them for anything more than a quick poke. Take away their careers too and watch how quickly this breed of woman becomes extinct. Most importanly, this will serve as the ultimate warning for the next generation of bitches contemplating usurping a man’s role in the social and professional spheres. Problem solved.

  69. DUMBEST ARTICLE EVER. and the responses are even dumber. that’s saying a lot around here.

  70. Some women age so quickly it’s scary. I had a 21 year old colleague. She was hot. Couple of years later (she’s like 26 I think) I looked her up on Facebook. The amount of crowsfeet.. what a pity. I visited her sisters page as well. She was heading in the same direction.
    Ontopic: Women know when they have a “defect” that lowers their SMV. Popping out kids for them is like signing for insurance. Makes them feel comfortable. Especially when their fat they’ll pop some out before 25.

  71. What if you DON’T turn out to be successful. Vain men, you’ll have your vain woman, I guarantee it. BTW nothing wrong with an independent woman. You contradict yourself. Most women with careers know how to pay their debts off, or their daddies (true men) pay it.
    But hey, if you want a submissive woman, to feel like a “king” then more power to you. Good luck with that.
    Btw only king is Jesus Christ. Get over yourselves, really.

    1. Independent Women are cunts. And their daddy’s lol, that proves they have special entitlements. Weak men helping their toxic daughters while neglecting their boys, actual boys who will more likely make shit unlike your kind.

      1. Well I don’t use profanity. Excuse your language, I wasn’t raised that way by dad. And I did not get everything I want! Else I wouldn’t be here hahaha.

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