What 5 “Alpha” TV Characters Can Teach You About Confidence

Confidence is a combination of having high self-esteem and being sure of your abilities.

We all know that confidence is the key to success in life. When you’re happy with yourself and you believe that you can do something, things tend to fall into place.

Getting the job, the promotion, or the girl you want simply isn’t much of a challenge when in your mind you already know that you can do it. However, defining confidence and describing the material results it can bring you do little to assist you in actually embodying it.

And this is one area where having a mentor is invaluable. When you have someone who’s more skilled than you in a particular discipline they can show you the ropes. Just watching a buddy who’s great with women will boost your game. Lifting weights with a friend who’s bigger and stronger than you will similarly facilitate your physical growth.

However, we’re not all blessed with such skilled and motivated friends. And this is where fictional characters can sometimes be of service. While television writers and movie directors can manifest whatever the fuck they want onto the screen, this doesn’t mean everything you see on TV is a fairy tale. In fact, I believe that closely watching the behavior of certain characters can be beneficial to your growth.

For example, the following 5 “alpha male” TV characters can teach you a thing or two about confidence…

1. James Bond – Body Language

Always calm, cool, and collected

Good body language is key to a strong first impression

Learning good body language is probably the easiest way to boost your perceived confidence—it’s just not that hard to implement.

And James Bond displays superb body language in just about every scene he’s in (regardless of which Bond actor you’re watching). He moves with a slow and deliberate pace, takes up space, makes strong eye contact, stands up tall, and always appear relaxed and comfortable.

These are the key ingredients to good body language. Watch any bond film (I’m a huge fan of the latest “Skyfall”) and pay close attention to how Bond carries himself throughout the movie. Now try and infuse these tendencies into your day-to-day life.

2. Jack Bauer – Persistence

The mission will be completed... eventually

Persistence is the ultimate belief in your abilities

24 is one of my favorite shows. It’s so addicting and gratifying to watch because in each season Jack Bauer must persist endlessly and overcome impossible odds to stop a new terrorist threat.

While you and I are not counter terrorist agents working against time to locate and defuse a nuclear weapon, we all face our own obstacles. And if we don’t persist past these obstacles, we’re unlikely to accomplish anything meaningful.

Persistence is a crucial part of confidence, because when you give up instead of persisting, you’re basically admitting that you don’t believe in your ability to complete whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Watch 24 and admire this man’s persistence as he pushes on despite the fact that everyone, his friends and allies included, don’t believe in him.

3. Omar Little – Courage

Confronting your fears never gets easy...

Courage isn’t a lack of fear, but rather the ability to confront it

Omar Little of HBO’s The Wire is a thief, but one who only robs drug dealers.

Despite his homosexuality, this man is alpha as fuck. His trademark is walking down the street and whistling, with a shotgun slung over his shoulder, as he approaches his target. Talk about confidence.

And while the average man’s fears – which include being rejected by women and losing their job – don’t quite measure up to his, we can still be inspired by his impressive courage. Why fear rejection and embarrassment when this beast is gunning down criminals?

4. Tywin Lannister – Decisiveness

Making a decision is more important than making the right one

Making a decision is more important than making the right one

Far too many men are crippled by indecision. When you over-analyze a situation and can’t make a decision, you paralyze yourself. And you eat away at your confidence.

Tywin Lannister of Game of Thrones is the king of decision making. He definitely always doesn’t make the best tactical decision—and always making the right decision is a fucking pipe dream, so you shouldn’t try to do it—but he never hesitates. And for this reason, he’s the most powerful character on the show.

The same thing will happen to you if you can become as decisive as him. People unconsciously recognize decision makers. And they naturally begin to view them as leaders. Learn from Tywin and start making faster decisions, regardless of the consequences… You never regret a decision that you DID make.

5. Mal Reynolds – Humor


Don’t take yourself so fucking seriously, bro

Mal Reynolds of Firefly is one of the most confident TV characters of all time. He courageously leads his crew through a myriad of dangerous situations and displays tremendous decision making abilities as well.

But the most important thing you can learn by watching him is the importance of maintaining humor in your life. Even if you’re crushing it, when you lose your sense of humor, life becomes far less enjoyable. No matter how “alpha” or confident you are, being bitter and forgetting to laugh will destroy your happiness.

Watch Mal as he finds a way to make even the most treacherous situations funny. And strive to do the same – and stop taking yourself so fucking seriously.

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139 thoughts on “What 5 “Alpha” TV Characters Can Teach You About Confidence”

        1. Patrick Stewart….not gay. In fact, married to a woman 1/2 his age.
          You may be confusing him with Ian McKellen, who is decidedly gay.

        2. For a long time everybody thought he was gay but he for the most part didn’t care what anybody thought and kept his private life to himself.
          It was back in the 1980s and there was an era of “everybody is gay” back then. Name the author, actor, or scientist, and that person was thought of as gay. I think the society was being peppered with change agents in education and article writers pushing an agenda. Internet had not become and thing then.

        3. Oh yeah, i stand corrected. Nice wife too by the looks of it.
          I think i saw him play a gay character in a film a while back….maybe thats what it was.

        4. Yah that was in a movie called “Jeffery”. He did it right after star trek ended cause he didn’t want to get type casted.

        5. He was mistakenly ‘outed’ by a major news source so a lot of people think he is. He’s close friends with McKellen too.

        6. he’s not gay even though he pals around with gandalf the gay. He is however a socialist, which means he’s another european idiot who thinks that the government is better suited to creating wealth than the private sector.

        7. Michael Barrymore had a wife and kids…
          …guess he’s straight as they come though…

        8. Yeah the guy who wrote the article got real life confused with films as well…
          “Nice wife too by the looks of it.”
          I dutifully disagree sir.
          Good day.

        9. Mistakenly being the typo there.
          he’s ‘close’ friends with McKellen…? As in when two become one flesh? Or not so graphique?

        10. I aspire to one day become a great pretender, script rememberer and dresser upper. Evolution has shown it to be the most attractive male pursuit ever…

    1. It takes a real man to dress up like a woman and not feel insecure. A true heterosexual’s sexuality is completely unshaken by such superficial things. Only an insecure closet case would feel his sexuality threatened by dressing up like woman.

      1. Lot of actors do a “drag act” anyway.
        So a dress does not a woman make… 😀
        Come to think of it, I’ve seen a lot of female “things” in dresses that would not really qualify for all the crap that the system put in their heads.

      2. It’s not about feeling insecure it’s about respecting your personal and public appearance enough not to degrade it to the level of dressing like a woman.
        It’s not women who are destroying masculinity; It is the men dressed as women, and the male feminists, the gays, hell even the pussy ass 120 pound nerds who never bother to learn a skill or go outside.
        You sir have been fed a lie, and it’s because we live in a society where more and more it is becoming socially acceptable for men to be feminine. This is something the manosphere is trying hard to fight back against because it is destroying our cultures and our countries.

        1. I take an extremist approach to men’s issues. I believe that man is stronger and above any socially-prescribed gender identity. So what if a man is gay? You could argue that few things are as masculine as a man exerting sexual dominance over another man. A man is allowed to like whatever he likes. Among humans, males are the dominant sex, and their destinies are nobody’s but their own to decide.

        2. “So what if a man is gay? You could argue that few things are as masculine as a man exerting sexual dominance over another man. A man is allowed to like whatever he likes. Among humans, males are the dominant sex, and their destinies are nobody’s but their own to decide.”
          Whenever a society of men starts thinking like that then they no longer even rule over their women. A healthy society punishes men who have sex with (or even openly desire) other men, animals, other men’s wives, corpses, and either sex before puberty.
          You’re allowed to like whatever you like? Sure, you are. Outside my tribe and our boundaries.

        3. When I see Monty Python dressed as women, I laugh, and think those are confident, funny guys. Comedians and rock band guys are some of the most confident, secure, masculine men out there, and both are completely comfortable dressing as a woman. The Stones and Beatles did it, Monty Python, the Kids in the Hall, Whitest Kids you Know, etc.
          It doesn’t “destroy masculinity” when a man dresses as a woman. On the contrary, it further defines the difference between the sexes, as that is the whole point of the dressing up, to point out the ridiculousness of it, or the humor, or in the case of Firefly, to provide cover, because as a man, he would easily be spotted, but he can sneak around as a woman precisely *because* they are the weaker sex.
          I’ve never dressed as a woman, and you don’t have to either (although it sounds like a fun Halloween gag) but no one is less manly simply for doing so. Are people who dress in blackface also weakening the white race?

        4. Lois C.K said it first. If you’re gonna rip someone off at least mention the fact that “I think I heard this somewhere…”
          [edit] actually, re-remembering, it was this aussie comedian I heard say it first.

        5. The problem is, some of these comedians are themselves in the closet and are using cross dressing as a segue point between heterosexuality and homosexuality.
          So if you are a real Man you don’t take lessons on how to stay a real Man from a guy who is trying to pass himself off as a Woman consciously or otherwise.
          Dressing like a Woman is extremely unmanly. The fact that this point is even debated speaks volumes of how our society has deteriorated into anything goes moral anarchy.

        6. Example of someone who does this? I think a lot of this is irrational fear of turning gay, which stems from the feminine idea of shaming men from socializing together.
          Dressing like a woman will be nothing other than funny to me, ever.

        7. Eddie Murphy is one of the most famous examples. Homosexual rumors have been following him for years and not coincidentally, he tends to favor “drag” movies quite often.
          There is nothing wrong with Men interacting in a masculine fashion with other Men, provided they stay masculine while doing so. Dressing as Women do is definitely not masculine.
          Of course you are welcome to your own opinion.

        8. I think Daniel does protest too much because he likes to dress like a little girl and doesn’t want you big masculine men find out.
          You might want to fuck him or something just to prove you’re a man.

        9. you might want to go wander over to homo sites or affiliated lib sites. I am as straight as an arrow and the fact that i think that anything but straight is disgusting doesn’t change that.
          You people and your baseless insinuations are just pathetic.

        10. Are Kilts un manly?
          I reckon 1 Celtic Female of 16 winters old could kill 3 hispanic adult males in short order even if they were armed with Glocks and were firing from a side rotated single handed firing position as is the custom in Harlem.

        11. No a man asserting his sexual dominance over another man is not what most people would consider Masculine – because a man asserting his sexual dominance over a WOMAN is considered extremely masculine. The gender being a big deal here.
          Like when a man has anal sex with a woman and is told by Jamaicans it may as well be a mans anal he is doing.
          This is like saying that when you hold a womans hand you may as well hold a mans hand.
          I actually think this is the reason given when caught in the homosexual act – “well I figured I may as well bum a man because it’s the same as bumming a woman!”.

        12. 1: Kilts were designed by a Scotsman for a practical purpose and not to intentionally pass off as a Woman.
          2: We are talking about comedians in the US.
          3: This Hispanic was USMC trained.
          Your comments are there4 invalidated.
          PS: I’m not from Harlem you cretin.

        13. You sound like your rationalising and backtracking Daniel. Not very Alpha at all. You have Beta tells.
          Which Alpha do you follow?
          I never suggested you were from Harlem and I’m more of a Maverick than a cretin – thats not my opinion but girls on Facebook.
          I would just love to hear your theory on the practical purpose behind kilts…? Like high-heels being good for your posture Daniel Ramos?

        14. Being straight is extremely homophobic though so I condone it. Promoting heterosexuality is offensive to minority communities.
          End. It. Now.

        15. What backtracing? I’m merely correcting your impressions on the subject of contention and assumptions about me. Using a strawman is unbecoming of a red pill Man, if you really want to get technical.
          I only follow one Alpha…Jesus Christ.
          Look up on how the kilt came about…the guy who invented it didn’t do it to purposely come off looking like a girl. That was my point.
          If you’re looking for a debate, you came to the right place. I would however ask that you provide the same civility that you would expect from a red pill Man. Having to inject my ethnicity into your remark was unnecesary. Having to mention “Harlem” was just bizarrre. A less experienced mind would think you were tiptoeing around a racial implication there.

        16. If being straight is homophobic then being a barophobe means a person is intolerant of skyscrapers.
          Your bizarre remarks lead me to question your sanity…or your motives.

        17. But a true Red Pill man who follows our Lord and Saviour has eyes to see and ears to hear that Yeshua Christ was Sigma among Sigmas. And that His second coming will see Christs way become the way of the Alpha and that until that time the pursuit of being Alpha will always disappoint…?
          A very experienced mind, provided it were suitably rugged, would know that racial implications were not being tip toed around but where being paraded in full decoration for the intimate bonding and assessing they provide through humour…

        18. Notice i never called myself an “Alpha” so your point about Jesus is not something that was necessary. If one is to aspire to be an Alpha like Jesus one must follow in His footsteps and let Jesus himself decide. It is not your place to do so with regard to me (intentionally or otherwise) unless you are attempting to pass off as Jesus. John 7:24 can apply but it hasn’t properly applied yet, given your choice of vernacular.
          Oh well, if you were being facetious (or “farcetious” maybe) in your “hispanic” mention then feel free. I must say however that your taste in humor much like your opening remarks to me seem to make sense to you alone.
          In an “audience” of one, a Man is free to be as funny as he considers himself to be. In an audience of two however, he is given no such privilege 🙂

      3. Yes and real Men dress up like women for money all the time. They perform gay love and sex scenes all the time for money as well.
        Lets not pretend that actors do stuff for the love of the art. They do it for the love of fame, money and because they have no larger love for anything else.
        I like dressing up and pretending to be someone else for a little while sure – getting paid for that shit is work so easy a woman could do it.
        But I have a bigger love for helping people get healthier, stronger and sexier. Some people have a bigger love for helping people get off drugs.
        If we could just act like someone else and get paid…

    2. Sometimes male celebrities jump in the feminist bandwagon, because it is the “cool” thing to do these days. If they refuse, they might end up harassed by a rabid SJW mob like Adam Baldwin.
      And being an actor means that you have to play faggot roles at times. It doesn’t mean anything in your personal life. Edit : ok I see Daniel Craig did this for some gay rights bullshit. I am disappointed. I thought it was a role for a movie.

    3. Stewart doesn’t know any better, he’s been living in the upper class bubble for decades. Besides, the moment he questions the narrative, his career is over.

      1. A good read. Femishits attach themselves to cultural icons like leeches. Whether Bond, Thor or Super Bowl.
        Basically it follows their strategy to redefine things from a femishit perspective. Leaving the shell, but corrupt the content.

  1. If you watch tv to develop good presence you are an idiot. It’s all fake, real combat is bloody and sweaty and nasty. All actors do is romanticize something that’s normaly avoided, James bond all ways gets captured, real life you get tourtered to death. It’s actually funny kids join the marines thinking it like call of duty, then they get in country and they find it actaully the biggest lie you’ve been sold.

    1. the best part of the article is this : “too many men are crippled by indecision.”
      if you make a decision no matter how bad, stick with it and take action and don’t second guess yourself, even if it’s a disaster the next 10 decisions will lead you to the correct path, that in theory you could have taken on step one… but hey step 10 will do just the same…..
      The problem with movies is the guy just did a line of coke, stepped out of his trailer 5 minutes ago after getting blown by some groupie, had his hair, makeup, wardrobe, shoes, fingernails, eyebrows etc. arranged in perfect order to make him look just that tad bit worn and dangerous but fresh enough to be on form.. his lines have been written and rewritten by a team of writers, he does 10 takes with the Director and co-actors to coach him and that’s after rehearsing his lines for weeks in advance…. the setting, lighting and scenery has 20 people’s energy going into it…. (just look at the list of credits on any movie)…. he knows exactly what his counter party will say and do and exactly what he’s going to do, down to every mannerism, movement and action… the guns they fire are not real… try 150dB and real 45ACP rounds….and someone shooting back at you with an automatic…… and half the time the back drop is blue screened in afterwards…… if only real life could be like that….

      1. Golden advice from a self made cousin of mine “….keep your promise and deliver even if you don’t make a dime…”. Many would think twice or thrice about coming at a loss due to such a deal, but if you are focused and decisive you might not dwell in the swamps of indecision, not knowing if you should do it or not.

  2. Game of Thrones? Come on, man, When diehard feminist Julia Gillard says it is one of her favourite shows due to the strong portrayal of powerful, independent women, you know it is blue pill

    1. You need to check out how Tywin Lannister dealt with his father’s mistress. He took the walk of shame to a new level.

    2. Well, to be honest, discounting a show (or anything) PURELY because a feminist likes it is…well, blue pill might not be the term, but it’s still pretty laughable. It means you are literally allowing a woman (and not just ANY woman, but one of the more vile women out there) to dictate your tastes to you. That’s as effective a means of control as if she put a collar around your neck.
      Are you aware of how Tywin Lannister interacts with the most powerful woman in the series? He bosses her around all the time. He does whatever he wants, in spite of any protests she might have, and she is made to go along with it. He gives no credence to her suggestions or her hissy fits, because he already has his plans and doesn’t want her fucking with them. Now that IS a lesson that is actionable in the real world. Using the types of mannerisms that he does IS an effective way of neutralizing women who view themselves as ‘independent and powerful.’ Unless you are at the bottom rung in society (where everyone knows by default that you are without real power or authority), the easiest way to dissolve someone’s power is by acting like they have none, until they question it themselves. I have seen this happen over and over. Some woman comes around with her chin stuck out, ready to fight, and the man doesn’t even acknowledge her as a threat. Since she’s not ACTUALLY going to physically fight him, her options are to try to sabotage him (perhaps via complaints), or to deal with him being the boss. And someone who is a good enough and decisive enough leader is VERY entrenched in their position, and it will take a hell of a complaint to dislodge them.
      Obviously, the internet is a different beast. It is the realm of the passive-aggressive and the ignorant, safe in their anonymity. But honestly, unless your job relies heavily on the internet, who gives a shit about what tumblr or some other cesspit has to say about you?

      1. Agreed. I am one who believes you can look for wisdom/truth/goodness anywhere. I don’t see Game of Thrones as a feminist show, but as an article here recently pointed out, there is red pill wisdom even in.. Sex and the City.
        I don’t know Julia Gillard and do not wish to google her to see what she looks like. She will not enter my realm of thought in any way.

      2. “Are you aware of how Tywin Lannister interacts with the most powerful woman in the series?”
        To be fair, he does that to virtually everyone around him, even the goddam King of the Seven Kingdoms (even though the kid does deserve to get slapped around and shut down most of the time).
        Not to mention that the woman you’re talking about is, you know, his own daughter.
        Even though a feminist said it, it doesn’t mean she’s wrong or that the show is not commendable for the particular feature she pointed out: indeed, GoT gives a fairly realistic and interesting portrayal of women from Middle Ages and their relationship with power. In times where most women (in Europe) only had access to power through marriage, the show is right when it shows most of the powerful women in Westeros as does who exert the most power over their husband’s decisions (they will detain the power, even though they do not exercice it).
        Men and women alike are trapped in their roles by rigid institutions, and those like Arya or Cersei (a disillusioned, bitter and frustrated version of Arya) who refuse to conform to the rules and live their lives anrealize very fast that they have to leave the system altogether (i.e. joining a guild of faceless assassins) or exert their power in the only frame they’re allowed to evolve in (i.e. controlling your husband while backstabbing, spying in the same way the royal counselors do).
        R.R. Martin is also accurate in his portrayal of how the geography affects the repartition of gender roles: in harsher environnements men and women alike have to be strong to live through the winter, which is why you’ll commonly find female warriors among the wildling tribes (spearwifes Ygritt and Osha for eg.) while knights like Brienne of Tarth are a rarity further down south. Same with the Greyjoys (who live in a place where weakness is equated with death) and why the father will chose his daughter over Theon, because she’s a competent sailor and leader while her lil bro’ is viewed as the pampered pet of the Starks.
        The situation in Dorne is also very interesting to analyse, since it’s a matrilineal culture that prospers in a mostly patriarchal continent but there would be too much to write about it.
        tl:dr unless conventionally good writing=blue pill, then your post doesn’t make much sense. Don’t let people dictate your taste in anything, do your own thing and judge by yourself before talking

    3. All the quote “strong” female characters are protected by something they dont actually have any alpha traits of thier own. The little stark ayra or whatever has the hound and daeynarus has her dragons which were given to her. Plus she pretty much got raped and no one ever seems to bring that up.

      1. She wasn’t raped in the books, and many readers (I included) were upset by that I believe.

        1. Depends on how you define rape. Under the new SJW idea of rape the book would be considered rape to because she is socially forced to have sex so her brother can gain an army and what not. Although martin writes the part well saying that she consented with her body language. I’m not hear arguing that it was rape just that it’s odd that 2 situations in the series, the one with the brother and sister and this one, both are rape by todays standard but are seen in two very different lights

        2. I think readers see a clear difference between the way the scenes played out in the TV series and in the book mainly because each time R.R. Martin made it fairly clear in his writing that the women were consenting (with her body langage in Cersei’s case and with body langage as well as voiced out consent for Dany).
          In the series there is a huge emphasis on the violence of how both intercourses are initiated, which basically turns the men as predators even if they weren’t originally portrayed as such (I could also add how HBO fucked up when making Khal Drogo seem like some sexy savage exotic pussy destroyer when he was actually kindof a gentleman with Dany about it).

        3. I’ve actually had this same discussion with a female who was well versed on the book. I understand that you are right i’m just pointing out the double standard that seems to be played out every time something like this happens

    4. Yes the show is PC and I stopped watching after season 2
      Strangely the only cool character whose not PC is the midget.
      He’s actually a great character, flaws and all!!!

      1. GOT seemed to me to start out red pill then get more blue pill each season. When the actor who plays Prince Oberym came out an said his character was a feminist character an when they had Brienne stomping every male character she fights including The Hound amongst other things I lost respect for the show. It has some red pill characters an ideas but is definitely a feminist blue pill show overall.

        1. Brienne fighting the Hound was ridiculous. But do you expect the declining weak society of the USA to produce a masculine redpill show? No, the best one can hope for is redpill wisdom interleaved in a greater narrative. I can hardly think of a movie today that doesn’t involve a woman intricately in the plot. They are injected into the narrative and written to have a larger than life influence on the story.
          Think of it as the way Shakespeare was able to speak to multiple audiences in his works, and each admired him for a different reason.

        2. This is true I apart from the SJW outrage if you dare show too much red pill truth which goes against their world view producers want to make money which means pandering to females aswell.

    1. You mean Tony who supports Carmela the nagging bitch is an alpha? Gimme a break what will you tell me next Tony Montana is alpha?

    2. Tony is the G.
      Paulie Walnuts is the MGTOW.
      Johnny Sac becomes a Beta bitch.
      There are tons and tons more Red Pill examples, in fact I’d go as far to say that it is probably the most Red Pill show ever devised, as well as the greatest TV show ever made.

      1. Adama was a badass. The thing I loved about the show is it paralleled real world issues (the season where the humans tried to live openly on that planet with Cylons had an Iraq war theme to it). But I found myself siding against the issues I normally take.
        For example, I am generally an anti-statist, pacifist person, but I routinely sided with Adama as the military leader against the democratic President, felt that human rights issues could be overlooked in the greater need to defeat the Cylons, etc. It’s been a few years so I can’t think of more examples but I loved how it turned my thinking on its head. Hell, the show may be credited with ending my belief in democracy.
        It didn’t change how I felt about our current BS wars, and the faux national security state in the west, but under a true leader, and under the right circumstances, I could easily adapt my thoughts. America has not had a strong, or good leader, since JFK, and probably won’t again.

        1. yup lotsa parallels. out of control artificial intelligence being th most important. I mean, if elon musk and stephen hawking are freaking out about it, shouldnt the rest of us freak out as well?

        1. Could you provide examples of the alleged overtly feminist themes or agendas? There are strong characters of both genders: this intuitively makes sense given that the series is concerned with the remnants of humanity. More specifically survivors. Every person, regardless of gender, in the series is acting on his/her surroundings with the objective to survive. It has strong female characters, but they would necessarily exist in such a scenario.

  3. I like Firefly well enough that it’s one of the two live action TV series that I own on DVD, however, I note that Zoe is the dominant male of the crew.
    Mal is the mama bear.

        1. To a degree but she still calls Mal sir an wanted to have a baby coz if feeeeeeels right even though having a baby when your a wanted criminal on the run an when your husband doesn’t isn’t very logical. But you’re right its standard Hollywood propaganda having a super warrior woman.

      1. If momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. His chief virtue is that you don’t fuck with his family. I didn’t say he was any kind of pussy.
        You have to be careful with Whedon. He’s a Wesleyan girl and a master of painting red candy coatings on blue pills. If you break down Mal’s character by type, it’s Strong Woman Holding the Family Together.
        The only masculine role played by a man is Asshole Meathead and the Badass Warrior is played by the frailest (both physically and emotionally) girl.

        1. Yea that makes sense I didn’t really think of it like that. Mal is still an alpha even if he plays a mother hen role. Apparently Whedon wanted to make Mal a far darker character an a complete anti-hero but the producers told him he had to tone his character down an make him more likable.

    1. “James Bond”
      Which one? Let’s just say there are some differences between Connery Bond and Craig “duckface” Bond.

  4. I have a question. Did the chicks who worked at Whole Foods used to be hot, years ago? Or did I just have much lower standards?

    1. I wouldn’t know, because I know that if you buy your food from working men you’ll get better food cheaper.
      Find yourself a traditional butcher.

  5. Walter White:
    Walter: “Never give up control. Live life on your own terms.” Stranger: “Yea, no, I get what you’re saying, but uh… cancer’s cancer.”Walter: “To hell with your cancer. I’ve been living with cancer for the better part of a year. Right from the start it’s a death sentence–that’s what they keep telling me. Well, guess what? Every life comes with a death sentence. So every few months I come in here for my regular scan knowing full well that one of these times–hell maybe even today–I’m gunna hear some bad news. But until then, who’s in charge? Me. that’s how I live my life.”

      1. Walter White is the man. He decided fuck living on someone else’s terms. His wife constantly tried to defy and manipulate him after his change into Heisenberg.
        Eventually she gave up and decided to help him. That’s what all women do, IF and only if you stand firm with your commitments and never waver.

    1. If you want to see hypergamy in action, read Rand. Dagny Taggart leaves Rearden for the even alpha-er Galt (even better achiever, more mysterious, more rebellious; and intolerably single rather than boringly pussy-locked married to an ungrateful bitch). And when Hank finds out what’s going on he just admits that he understands her choice.

  6. Interesting thought:
    Barely 1% of a male’s body mass is devoted to reproduction.
    In addition, due to Lyonization, the extra ‘X’ chromosome in women is rendered completely inactive except, specifically, in her eggs.
    20% of a woman’s body is specifically devoted to reproduction, modified by reproduction, or exists to facilitate reproduction, if you add in secondary sexual characteristics, that number can go as high as 30%, but let’s keep it to 20% to be safe.
    ‘essential’ body fat for men is 3%, while for women it is 13% (averages are, of course, much higher… but in general women carry 10% more bodyfat than men, which is generally not used in everyday labor) That’s 10% more male efficiency.
    In males, the Y chromosome is NOT inactive… in fact, it generally characterizes male-specific, non-reproductive masculine traits… extra height, bone density, hip reformation, extra neurotransmitters, denser neural networks (with faster transmission speeds), extra muscle mass, durability, and stamina, greater agression responses and a denser brain structure. That’s 75% more utility for males.
    male body mass is also greater than that of women: average healthy male mass is 145 lbs, average healthy female mass is 105 lbs.
    So in a very strict genetically accurate model, men are not only better than women, men are actually (100×1.75=175×1.10=192.5×1.20=231×1.35=312-100%=) 212% better than women in every way save fat and reproduction.
    So basically, 1 man is worth 3 women. Ironically enough, most ancient thinkers, as well as many religions, also use that exact figure for value… 1 man=3 women. Except, of course, that women consume as many resources as a man (which means that to achieve equivalent value, women actually consume THREE TIMES as many resources as a man) bringing their value down sharply in a way that is not easily compared mathematically to their actual value, unless you want to reduce it to kc/year or sheer minimum-wage value.
    Yes, Men are better than women. Sorry girls.(Actually I am not… we are also mentally better than you in every way, which is why you crave domination by us so much. You should be pleased that we are better than you and yet still want you despite that fact.)
    It sometimes makes me wonder why feminists are so quick to discard religion… at least the bible says you will be equal in heaven, since there’s NO FUCKING CHANCE you can ever come close here in the real world.

      1. meh, I am sorta stupid actually, my math is probably way off, but you are quite welcome to do the article if you wish, you don’t even have to credit me.

    1. That’s great news, but what we really need is a new law passed punishing false allegations. I don’t know what the penalties are now, but making a false accusation to someone is really just lying, which I doubt carries a stiff punishment. Certainly not in proportion to the amount of harm it can cause in a rape allegation. Nevertheless, the act of prosecution itself will surely cause some sluts to think twice.

  7. Ray Liotta in Goodfellas.
    Or the short african ‘commander zero’ in Blood Diamond.
    small skinny guy gives a strong presence of being a leader

  8. You can’t learn anything from a television except how to ‘not’ live your life. I’ve been around since before TV was big, and I never watched it. Waste of your time, waste of your life, hours you will not be getting back for your precious mortal existences.

    1. Indeed, I was just going to say the same.
      What’s with these recent TV and sports fan article on RoK? Running out of steam?

    2. There are two other things you can learn from watching television:
      1. What they think
      2. What they want you to think
      And then there was Groucho, Jack, George and Gracie. You didn’t need a television for them, but they were there.

    3. I agree! I have no idea who these characters are, except James Bond.
      In between working out, playing music, meditating, studying martial arts, learning languages, travelling the world, volunteering and running a modest business, I must have missed those TV shows.

  9. TV is degenerate. If you want alpha characters, read some classic literature or mythology. Some alpha characters: Beowulf, Achilles, Odin, Zeus, Hercules, Conan, etc.

    1. You should listen to the old radio drama – ‘ reluctant heroes’ – from X minus one. You can find it online.
      Also, Achilles was a bitch and beowolf had mommy issues. Hector of troy is a much better example of a man despite his death.

  10. And James Bond displays superb body language in just about every scene he’s in (regardless of which Bond actor you’re watching).
    I have to disagree. This summer I watched all the Bond movies in a row (over a week it took me). There is a world of difference between Connery and Moore and this new guy Craig.
    It’s not just their ‘worlds’ (gone are the days with chicks named Pussy Galore and Dr. Holly Goodhead ).
    But to stick to the body language: in Goldfinger Connery slaps a masseuse’s ass and snaps: “Man talk.” Notice how Connery never loses the cool smile, he’s enjoying every damn scene. (Same with Moore).

    Craig never does anything remotely like that. Gone is the fun (gone are the girly girls, instead now we have sadistic torture). From time to time Craig even justifies himself in a wordy manner that’s just the exact opposite of Bond.
    Actually, comparing the first few movies with the last ones would be an excellent way to illustrate many red pill points: laconic but witty vs. wordy and self-justifying, fun and flirty vs. frowning, can have a civilized and pleasant talk even with his arch-enemy vs. sadistic torture…

    1. Absolutely. Someone here posted a radio show or talk from a guy in the 1960s a few months back (sorry can’t remember who–I was not familiar) saying to listen to this guys calm, relaxed, fun voice. It’s hard to pinpoint, but he just exuded confidence and happiness and not-giving-a-fuck but just happy to be there in the moment in a way you do not hear today.
      I recently watched the films Endless Summer (and remake Endless Summer 2), two surfing documentaries that have beautiful scenery and follow a group of guys around the world finding new beaches. (Actually the narrator’s voice reminds me a bit of the radio clip I mentioned above). There is a true sense of adventure as they literally discover, during the film, beaches that have NEVER been surfed before ever.
      But the captivating part to me is their carefree attitude and joi de vivre. They are all about fun, smiling, laughing, having a good time. I specifically remember one scene where the director introduces the next 3 surfers he is going to show, and voice-overs a bit while showing each one’s profile smiling and laughing, because this is their natural state of being.
      Try to imagine a well known or famous person in our society, smiling and laughing. I’m drawing a blank, except perhaps Will Ferrell.
      This part of masculinity has been completely and utterly destroyed. Look here at 16:30. Keep in mind this is the sequel, made decades later (couldn’t find the original on youtube)

  11. Humor is the only thing I got right now and have had forever according to friends. Guess persistence is next to work on.

  12. The Wire was a phenomenal show. Smart Drug Dealers. Omar had titanium balls. Robbing Drug Dealers, what a perfect plot line. I will never forget, even 20 years from now, when the people on the street scream, “Omar coming!” while Omar is strutting down the street with the 12 gauge whistling, “A hunting we will go…”

    1. Fantasy bullsh#t. In real life, Omar would have pulled that off once. By the time he was well known enough to have call outs, he’s have had a bullet or two to the head and at least a dozen to the chest.
      Lets not get caught up in “tv fantasy” gentlemen.

      1. Omar was good at stealth. Even though he may walk down the street whistling, he was just as likely to pop your head in the door when you least expect it. And he often had a small group covering him, so if you went to take him out, you would go down. So a lot of the reaction to Omar was fear that if you tried to take him out and failed, he would come back and cap you and your whole group later.
        And Omar was successful for a bit, but look how it ended up for him…
        The show was based on the real world experiences of a Baltimore journalist and a policeman, who wrote the story together. While many of the characters are amalgamations of real incidents, it is mostly based on actual events.

      2. You do realize Omar was based on a real man, who actually did everything he did in the show and more?
        Hell, he even played in the last two seasons as friend of Omar’s uncle.
        PS: The Wire is as real as a TV show can get, and everyone should watch it once in their lifetime.

  13. Can’t really agree regarding Tywin Lannister. His AMOG establishment happened several decades ago in the backstory. The moment he appeared on screen in the show, he had already amassed tons of hard power and a following of vassals who respected him as the ultimate alpha. Everything he did in the show, he did from such a position of power. Confidence and a commanding presence come easily when in such a position.
    He certainly doesn’t make fast decisions just for the sake of doing them and appearing decisive. He can and does bide his time when he thinks the situation warrants it, like he spent most of season 2 camped in Harrenhal with his army.

  14. Hey thanks for all the pretend male icons of masculinity.
    Are you for real?
    And Omar is actually more Sigma if we are being technical…and he is Sigma style Alpha as well as Gay rather than despite the fact… you Homophobe?
    You do know that in real life these guys are total Beta’s given licence to pretend their Alpha’s right? A bit like the way this site is becoming…

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