5 Reasons Why We Believe in Conspiracy Theories

Flat-earthers are dumb, but not as dumb as the guy who argues against flat-earthers using only facts. No one believes in conspiracy theories, much less anything else, because of facts. We believe in conspiracies because they are a balm for our psychological issues. It’s an unhealthy balm that represses and so warps our issues, but it feels good regardless so most people don’t mind. So why do so many people believe in conspiracy theories?

1. They displace anxiety

Anxiety is a difficult emotion to manage in a healthy way. It’s difficult enough to recognize we have it and permit ourselves to feel it. I’ve met guys with anxiety problems who have been in therapy for years and their therapist hasn’t even told them what anxiety is. Tenured psychology professors offer little consensus on what emotions even are.

Part of the gratification that comes from conspiracy theories is they fabricate a cabal of men who have been insidiously cutting us off from the world, which, not coincidentally, is the function of anxiety. Instead of recognizing our anxiety for what it is, we project it onto this cohort of handshakes, which permits us at least a momentary reprieve from the stress of malformed emotion.

2. They help elevate a person’s status

Why do minorities play the victim? Because people indulge their stories—that is, it’s an easy way for a minority to attain status, at least subjectively. It’s the same reason why we believe in conspiracies.

If we and a small group of guys knew the truth that contradicts what most people believe, then we have elevated our status with only lifting a finger to click on a few poorly designed websites. A benefit of status is it’s directly related to our serotonin levels, so believing in conspiracies is akin to taking an antidepressant, but without the erectile dysfunction.

3. They fit our hardwired need for a David vs Goliath storyline

The conspiracy story adheres to a certain structure that is inherently gratifying to humans. Without getting too detailed, the structure involves falling from a state of grace and working to get back to that state of grace by exposing the aforementioned cabal that keeps us from being connected with each other. Every culture has this structure in their religious narratives regardless of the specifics.

Carl Jung argued that all humans create stories based on this structure as part of their shamanic instinct, which is as prevalent as the sexual instinct but probably more powerful. We have fought more wars over beliefs than we have over women. Ever become rapt in a poorly-produced documentary about the Illuminati? Because I have. It’s as hypnotizing as pornography.

We can become transfixed by a story that has a specific shape as we can become transfixed by a woman who has a specific shape. If this sounds unscientific then I challenge you to find a culture that doesn’t concoct stories that could be mapped onto the 9/11 conspiracies.

4. They serve as a substitute for philosophy

A healthy outlet for our shamanic instinct is philosophy. If conspiracy theories are akin to pornography, philosophy is having sex with a woman who would have voted for Goldwater. Instead of projecting out our psychological issues as the cause of some event or phenomenon, philosophy gives us the tools to simplify complex ideas to their basic parts so we can understand them and integrate them with other ideas. However, the field of philosophy has been emasculating itself for more than 300 years.

Now, if you study philosophy in college, you’ll read postmodern hacks like Thomas Nagel three times before someone even mentions Aristotle. Philosophy’s state of grace is knowledge about the world and the cabal is our own ignorance, which can easily be surmounted through discipline and discussion. Philosophy is the individualist’s answer to the delusions of victimhood.

5. People are lazy

The majority of so-called cover-ups are examples of people being lazy. Either that or bad at their job. Why has no one looked into a certain discrepancy between Khufu’s pyramid and the Sphinx? Because most people, even archaeologists, only care about going home and watching Game of Thrones.

I could create a conspiracy about how psychologists are deliberately making the field appear to be more complex so they can get their inane research funded and convince people to be in therapy the rest of their lives. But the truth is psychologists have a sweet deal of grants and tenure set up, so no one cares to make a big move. As such, anyone who sticks his neck out to make the field easier to understand would be worth listening to.


This isn’t to say there are no conspiracies (e.g., the Lincoln assassination, MK Ultra, the Nayirah testimony). And let’s not forget the Bohemian Grove—something’s going on there. Those guys may not be wagging the dog, but if your ceremonies are reminiscent of the Mountain of Power scene from Conan the Barbarian, then I doubt it’s innocent (see, there’s my anxiety working its magic).

So yes, conspiracies do exist, they have always existed, and there’s a definite payoff for carrying them out, but before we ruin Thanksgiving with our latest rant about George Soros, let’s manage our anxiety in a healthy way. Then we can afford the luxury of entertaining stories of cabals and cover-ups. Though, if we’re in a good place psychologically, we’ll be able to see the conspiracies as the silly fabrications most of them are.

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94 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why We Believe in Conspiracy Theories”

    1. People who believe everything the government tells them to be true are in my opinion more deserving of mockery than the average conspiracy theorist. At least the conspiracy theorist has done some research of his own, and isn’t just swallowing whatever information the media and the government pushes down his throat.

  1. Sixth reason: because they’re often true.
    Funny how Derian isn’t concerned with trying to determine what is fact and what is fiction.

      1. The conspiracy for Hillary Klinton to steal the nomination from Bernie, then steal the election from Donald Trump. How about the DNC basically telling Hillary in 2008 that it was first Obama’s turn to be president, and that hers was next?

  2. Great article. This is a real red pill article, with insights that haven’t been heard of a thousand times before. If you believe in conspiracy theories and believe you are red pilled, think again. Conspiracy theories are among the most blue pill ways of thinking out there, a big excuse for personal shortcomings. Power to you if you know that most of those conspiracy stories are utter garbage.
    Also, look at the people around you: You will find that the most ardent believers of conspiracy theories are also the biggest losers in life. Self-improvement isn’t necessary for those people, their excuse is the all powerful conspiracy against them.

    1. If by losers you mean poor, unsuccessful people, it could be – at least partly – true. People who care mostly about money and status don’t engage in mental activities such as searching for truth (whether it’s a reasonable search or not is a different issue). My partner never got rich and I doubt he ever will but I’m glad he’s open-minded and actually does believe in things a so-called normal people believe. He also rejected delusions such as superiority of Christianity or the rat race, which many of you are very much engaged in.

      1. Karolina there is nothing wrong with Christianity. Actually, there’s quite a bit to gain by going to church regularly. This will fall on deaf ears but I thought I’d put that out there.

    2. a lot of conspiracy theorists aren’t very particular about evidence, and that’s a problem. Some are very particularly about evidence, and what they say should be looked at very carefully. We should also be mindful of the fact that a lot of the time ‘conspiracy theorist’ is simply what someone is called when they try to explain how something happened in a way that conflicts with the official narrative. Are we really supposed to believe all those colour revolutions were spontaneous uprisings of the people? Well, we know that a lot of the time they weren’t. There was financial sponsorship by people like George Soros, or by the CIA in those cases. Yet even now we are being told that to believe what we know to be true (i.e. what was once considered a conspiracy theory) must mean that we are somehow psychologically flawed.

      1. I remember the time when people who believed in Bilderberg group meetings were disparaged as conspiracy theorists by MSM. And I remember how two years later the same MSM started publishing articles about the Bilderberg meeting and names of people who attended it. I can list a few more such examples. So, the conspiracy theory of 2000 is the fact of life of 2010.

        1. good points. Deception and misleading the public is the norm not the exception. Conspiracies exist, and on different scales, but by their very nature when they really do exist they are difficult to pin down because the evidence is often more suggestive than conclusive. It is telling though that when we actually do have evidence of such wrong-doing or concealment, the MSM happily ignores it. This tells us that the conspiracy theorist tin-foil hat narrative is at least in part a control mechanism

        2. I remember when Christians were mocked for saying gay marriage is a plot to open the floodgates for more sexual degeneracy, and now we have the left pushing for tranny and pedophilia normalization.

    3. “Also, look at the people around you: You will find that the most ardent believers of conspiracy theories are also the biggest losers in life.”
      The contented masses have already been bought. Nobody reached the red pill because the world loved them.

  3. I use the Occam’s Razor. Was it easier for men in caves in Afghanistan train to be best airline pilots in the world(flying 180 degree corkscrews, navigating by eye sight, taking their aircraft over the maximum design speed of the planes), defeating 4x the best and most secure air spaces in the world, executing their plans with such precision, accuracy and success that the best military strategists can only dream of such achievement, yes even defeating the laws of (known) physics them selves(maybe Allah did have a hand in this)! Or was it just the CIA/Mossad/MI6 who had decades to plan and execute it?
    So either you believe that a few barely literate goat-fuckers defeated Trillions of dollars worth of security systems with box-cutters, chewing gum and duct tape or (((somebody))) else was behind all that.

    1. A realistic scenario of 9/11 if it happened the way they want us believe it happened.
      #1 The plot get’s discovered everybody get’s arrested months before anything happens
      #2 Half of the hijacker’s don’t get on their plane because either their papers don’t match or their box-cutters get discovered or because they overslept, got stuck in traffic etc. the other half get’s thwarted on the plane by vigilant passengers and crew, maybe one group briefly get’s control of the cockpit to be quickly overwhelmed soon after.
      #3 2 or 3 planes get successfully hijacked, but the hijacker’s don’t know what they are doing, the can’t find their targets or can’t control the plane, one or two of the planes crashes the other get’s escorted by fighter jets and land safely.
      This is what 9/11 would have looked like if it was done by Al-Quada, Bin Ladin and 19 Arabs.

      1. OTHMAR
        I wonder if you are old enough to even remember 9-11. What are you? Twenty three?
        Jews were actually against the invasion of Afghanistan as usual being flaming Leftists in the Democratic party and college professors and liberal commentators.
        Not a one of them voted for Bush but you are probably too young to remember when Cheney told Bush “fuck the Jews, they don’t vote for us anyhow”.
        As for the 9-11 it was hardly more complicated than any other premeditated crime and how hard was it to pull off?
        Arabs are screwing the US on oil deals and have taken over our liquor stores and Saudi is rich so there are some smart people there somewhere ass whites are getting fucked in the ass.
        Oh, yeah “Mud-slims” are tools of ZOG.
        Sure they are.

      2. #1 Months before 9/11 it was noticed that there were people taking flying lessons who had expressed no desire to learn how to take off or land. This was reported to the FBI, who didn’t think it was important. Don’t underestimate the possibility of incompetence or laziness on the part of government employees.
        #2 The hijackers were all able to enter the country months before the attacks. If their papers were good enough for that, they were good enough to get on an airliner. Prior to 9/11, passengers were allowed to carry box cutters on airplanes. Millions of people a year manage to get to the airport in time to get on their flight. It isn’t that difficult to do. Prior to 9/11, remaining docile and waiting for the terrorists to negotiate with authorities to secure your release was the safe and recommended thing to do as a passenger on a highjacked airplane. Passengers attempted to regain control of the fourth plane, and the high jackers flew the plane into the ground.
        #3 I’m a pilot. I used to own my own plane. Every friend I took up for a flight I allowed to take the controls. Basic flying is NOT that hard. Flying into a building the size of the towers or the pentagon is as difficult as deliberately driving into a bridge abutment. Neither is navigating to within visual range of the targets, especially with the navigation systems airliners have on board. On a day with good visibility, the twin towers were visible from over 50 miles away. I know because the airport where I took my pilot training in 1990 was 50 miles away, and on clear days I could see the towers shortly after takeoff. If the east coast had been socked in with low lying clouds, with the high jackers needing instrument flying skills, you would have a case that skilled pilots would be needed; but that’s not the weather conditions they had to deal with.

    2. OTHMAR
      Actually they did because Bin Laden sucked the US into a war that has now gone on almost 17 years and bankrupted the US and resulted in the destabilization of the Mideast with the end result of refugees raping white girls in swimming pools in Germany.
      He won.

  4. “Hypnotizing as Pornography”
    What is it with you Gen Y rosy palms, 25 or 30 and still jerking off to porn like some kid who just laid his hands on a hustler magazine at age 15?
    I was born in 1974 and back when I was young (The 90’s) only sad wankers over the age of 18 jerked off to their porn magazines all day.
    Is it because you guys all have to live at home at age 27 because the economy is so shitty and of course chicks do not want to sneak into your room to fuck you in your parent’s house?
    What’s the story with Gen Y and dirty pictures? Helicopter parenting? Yuppie parents born in the 1960’s who left VHS porn around that you saw as kids?

    1. Most men masturbate. It’s natural. Your sad narrative can only make some of them feel bad about it. But most won’t because… they are grown up. They came to terms with their habits.

        1. gorf
          “Extremely unhealthy”
          Worshiping Peter North because he ejaculates loads of semen is sad an unhealthy.

      1. KAROLINA
        Pornography is an issue.
        Masturbation, which women sometimes employ objects for, unlike males, is more or less a biological function. Unless a woman is using a vegetable and then putting it back in the fridge for other family members to eat, which some do, it is a non-issue.
        Both young women and young men are fixated on pornography today. When I was young-I am now 43-pornography was a rather repulsive material that people gazed at for amusement and a few perverted males were focused on.

        1. Putting vegetables BACK!??!!
          No wonder Karolina Nowicka’s Garden Quiche tastes like low tide!~
          She had just used the ingredients on herself! ;-(

      2. KAROLINA
        I don’t think it is sad if men masturbate or if women use a sex toy for the purpose of masturbation. If a woman is not using vegetables in the fridge and then putting them back there for others to eat or a man ejaculating in public it is not my concern.
        But the obsession with porn is different.
        Also, in the last 15 years more young women are fixated on porn as well.

  5. If you have a business, you conspire against your competitors to make sure you stay in business.
    If you play a competitive sports game, you conspire against your opponents with strategies and tactics to make sure you stay in the game.
    If you hold a massive power you get paranoid as a lot is at stake and you conspire against those who would/could usurp your power to make sure you keep the power. This is a sign of real anxiety!
    Seeking the truth has nothing to do with anxieties, which often paralyze one’s ability to analyze and discern.
    Humans have advanced so far thanks to their ability to both cooperate and compete at the same time. Secretive society are counterproductive to that, they only seek to subvert.

  6. Great article. I really like Mark Derian’s articles. I largely agree about these points, but one must understand that “conspiracy theories” may be used as a strawman argument which hinders empirical discussions about real phenomena.
    No one with a three-digit IQ believes that Jews “control everything”, like they are predestined genetically interconnected dots, but the fact is that (American and European) Jews control quite a lot, which can be proved by facts, unlike some far-fetched conspiracies. The largest problem with for example the JQ is that those who take interest in that topic tend to be monomaniac and may even us it as an excuse for some to stop to be concerned about self-improvement and things that can be changed. So a person who only discusses one single topic may come off as very one-sided and annoying, but not necessarily wrong.

    1. Ah, Wee Willy, still playing the psuedo-intellectual I see. Be careful not to tarnish your own rep by flag waving nonce sense, people may cotton on to your offal writing.

  7. Here’s an example of the latest conspiracy to set men against women and vice versa
    Oxford University gives women more time to pass exams
    Oxford University exam times were increased in a bid to improve the low scores of women, it has emerged. Students taking maths and computer science examinations in the summer of 2017 were given an extra 15 minutes to complete their papers, after dons ruled that “female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure”.
    So the bitches do poorly at math and science and instead of maybe just maybe asking themselves why, they give them an unfair advantage. On the other hand, I am happy for more women to get into math and science as it will inevitably crash the whole system through their sheer incompetence.

    1. they increased the length of the exam for everyone, but they did it order to boost women’s grades. It’s almost as bad

  8. When you start talking about flat earth model to people, you see what cognative dissonance really is.
    Want to get disowned by your baby-boomer family? Read about triangulation and moon distance, or fish-eye lens, or moonphases and how moonlight is measurably cool and it’s not reflected sunlight.
    You can also be a lazy bastard and look surface deep and all you’ll find is a big group of Shemps appointed to throw you off the trail of the convincing theorists.
    I.E. Look up “testing the globe” instead of the reprehensible and (((reliable))) ‘flat earth society’ red herrings.

    Or trust in your dissonance and ignore me, and swollow that blue pill with warm milk.

    1. SETH
      Your baby boomer parents probably heard the same about JFK.
      The reality is that we are living in a totally chaotic techno-industrial age that has rendered vast swathes of humanity irrelevant no matter what.
      The reality is that certain HBD groups have media IQ’s that keep reproduction high and skilled educated populace low and this is the reason their societies are imploding.
      The reality is race: Latin America is run by a syndicate of Spanish whites and Castizos who have to send their Indians somewhere because they themselves are not intending to give them jack and the US is their final destination.
      Just as most refugees come from countries run by stupid gangster despots.
      Finally, most of the world is a low-IQ toilet bowl with the exception of an axis stretching from Hong Kong to London and their population is too high.
      Everybody on this site talks about having loads of white babies. Which government do you believe will subsidize that. Victory from the cradle is a Non-Asian minority strategy that has gotten them nowhere but poor as shit in case you did not notice Africa so unless you want your kids showing up on boats in Italy it won’t do shit for you to have 4 kids.
      The reality is that the techno-industrial society in 20 years will have no use economically for anyone with an IQ lower than 130. We are not going to train the majority of people on this planet with an IQ of 95 or 100 to be NASA scientists so they can have a fucking job. Nobody will give a shit and more people will be on welfare who are ethically and morally better than the average businessman but stupider-an argument that has been held against JOOZE for about a century now. Smart people with an IQ of a zillion do not necessarily have more morals than a Hoodrat and all the average person on this site can do is pray they will allow welfare.
      The reality is that more and more Gen Y whites are never going to get married and this is why porn is so popular with them. They will never have a job in an economy where the middle-class jobs are gone that will pay a wage they can raise a family on and a great deal of them will jerk off in their parents basement the rest of their life.

  9. I agree that a lot of conspiracy theories are dumb or “just” false but it would be wrong to believe that we shouldn’t question what we are being fed by media. Sometimes the truth is really… out there. 🙂
    “Flat-earthers are dumb, but not as dumb as the guy who argues against flat-earthers using only facts.”
    I watched a 2-part video made by my compatriot who has been producing videos about the laws of physics for the public. He does it because he wants to share knowledge and… probably finds it pleasant. I am grateful that such people debunk myth using FACTS. They don’t do it only for flat-earthers, maybe even not primarily for them. They do it for ignorant masses who hesitate who to trust.
    “We believe in conspiracies because they are a balm for our psychological issues.”
    Are you aware that it could be said about anyone who doesn’t support mainstream media, is inquisitive and asks politically incorrect questions? Anyone who dares to question Mandela’s grandeur or the idea that people are causing the climate to change can be called an emotional fool. It doesn’t make them fools, however.
    So no, not all people believe in “conspiracy theories” just because they make them feel good.
    “[…] they fabricate a cabal of men who have been insidiously cutting us off from the world”
    Like feminists craving for the destruction of nuclear family or Jews taking over the world?
    “Philosophy is the individualist’s answer to the delusions of victimhood.”
    You can philosophize all you like but it doesn’t change FACTS, for instance that electrical appliances are deliberately made short-lived, there are influential Jewish families dictating what can appear on TV or that Christianity is based on myths about virgin mother and a prodigy child born on 25th of December. You can change your attitude towards these issues to avoid suffering but you should never lie to yourself.
    “So yes, conspiracies do exist, they have always existed, and there’s a definite payoff for carrying them out […]”
    Aaaah, thank you. Maybe you should have simply written it in the beginning? You made really good points but in my opinion – if a woman may speak her mind here – you should have said that the ONLY way to find out the truth is to investigate the reality.

  10. ZOG Conspiracy…A Poem
    ZOG makes me live at home when I am almost 24
    ZOG makes me jerk off all day to a bunch of JOO-made porn
    ZOG made my parents divorce when I was only 8
    ZOG is the reason I now live in a shitty primary-economy state
    ZOG made me smoke joints when I was only 12
    ZOG made me try meth and this did not help
    ZOG made me get busted and spend some time in jail
    ZOG is the reason I became a plaything there of a large black male
    ZOG controls the media and tells me what to believe
    ZOG is the reason I sit around and watch so much shitty TV
    ZOG depressed wages and took away jobs in order to control my life
    ZOG ruined dumb white proles morals so I could not find a wife
    ZOG made my sister become a slut
    ZOG made her take it up the butt
    ZOG uses blacks and Muslims as their tools
    ZOG does this to kill white fools
    ZOG is run by Beastie Boys out of NYC
    ZOG was designed in their shitty tenement just to control people in Missouri

  11. In my 73 years, far to many scoundrels and shenanigans to not take notice of smoke when I see it. Most people who lust for power are unscrupulous. Nothing stops them if it gains the power they crave. On top of that, people are still people. Their various appetites still hold and are displayed under stress.
    Evidence for this is the liberal projection. Everyone is sexist, bigoted, racist, etc. When liberals embody these traits. It’s one of the reasons everything they touch turns to shit or backfires.
    And about flat feathers. Proof that the earth ISNT flat… cats would have knocked everything off by now.

    1. If you are 73 (I am 43) you remember Kissinger, Bush etc.
      The reality is these power addicts are forgotten and so are the wars they created.
      Everybody on this site’s Dad probably voted for George Bush and if they are blaming the JOOZE for the sorry state of the planet now it is because they were young or stupid when Bush was elected.
      If he had never invaded Iraq or Afghanistan there would be no refugee crisis and no Syria and gas hikes (Even though the fuckwad thought it was going to get oil to invade Iraq).

      1. “If he had never invaded Iraq or Afghanistan there would be no refugee crisis and no Syria and gas hikes”
        So the question becomes why were those places invaded? Short terms strategic goals like a necessary response to 9/11. Remember what General Wesley Clark said about the planned invasion of seven countries?

        1. MICHAEL
          If you were old enough to remember the JFK theorists the reality was that people missed the fifties.
          The reality was that Bush was voted president and he was more or less a moron working for oil companies and these morons actually thought they would be able to get Iraq to be another Saudi Arabia.
          It was not a conspiracy so much as stupid hicks voting a dumb alcoholic dumbshit son of a former vice president.
          You also probably don’t remember the 1990’s but the GOP had the votes of a bunch of white proles who felt ignored by the draft-dodging hippie who ran the white house and PC had begun to demonize the white proles and furthermore the slackers were sneering at everything and the whites wanted another Bush to remind them of the Reagan era.
          I don’t necessarily buy that Bush saw 9-11 coming but if he did and wanted to invade Iraq to get blowjobs from his buddies in the oil industry it simply did not work out like he wanted it to.
          Because he was a fucking redneck.

        2. Dick – that might be it, but there were also other factors that we shouldn’t automatically dismiss. Obviously there’s the neo-con factor as well to consider. One of the interesting things about the latter is that they said a lot of what they thought obscurely but in the open, in policy documents etc, including about the kind of scenarios and strategies which would work to achieve US dominance, the advantage of foreign wards etc? What you make of that may depend on a lot of things. Some have seen that infamous reference to ‘a new pearl harbour’ as evidence of plotting 911 as an inside job. But one doesn’t have to go that far. These guys were influential – effectively behind the scenes but not necessarily in a conspiratorial sense – in lobbying for particular kinds of aggressive middle east foreign policies etc (c.f. Leo Strauss as one of their gurus). That was probably about a lot of things, oil, influence in the middle east, ensuring the US remained as a long super-power – all sorts of stuff – and no doubt there were many other players / lobbys to consider as well. But one reason their influence often gets played up by conspiracy theorists is that their influence often gets played down. Its also true that some of them were jewish – although by no means all: that’s neither a reason to exaggerate their role, but neither is it a reason to play it down. Neo-cons have been enormously influential in foreign policy, and even if they had nothing to do with 911 they certainly had a great deal to do with determining US foreign policy in the Bush years in particular. Single factor explanations aren’t generally helpful, but while conspiracy theorists don’t always achieve a balanced perspective they often serve to draw attention on what the MSM would prefer to play down. Even if 911 was simply a black swan that the neo-cons & their enablers took advantage of, given the way the subsequent history of foreign wars and colour revolutions we should be looking carefully at all possible explanations rather than just dismissing certain lines of inquiry in advance as reflective of mental illness

      2. Correct. Its hilarious how idiots here blame jews for the iraq qar when in fact Bush went to war only because iraq invaded kuwait and threatened saudi directly. Blaming others is like you said totally blue pill. If whitey guys dont get pu$$y the problem starts and ends with them not some huge d!cked jew who is banging white women in a video. Plus most jews are white so hating jews is actually hating whites.

        1. People normally have a reason for believing something, sometimes those reasons have merit, other times none. For example, having participated in the Gulf War, I believed for a long time after it was for oil, however, after meeting a number of Moosad agents, having them personally thank me for my service during the Guld War, Im left with a somewhat different idea of why, or who, that War was fought for.

    2. Yes, and the left and conspirators share at least one common characteristic: the belief that the end justifies the means

    1. SIR LEE
      So the “Beastie Boys” are behind it? The JOOZE are brainwashing are media to teach people what? That a German Hitler ideal named Arnold Schwarzenegger can blow away a bunch of extras and not get a scratch? That a Jew-hating short Irish-Australian can beat up people twice his size and be a “Lethal Weapon”?
      What’s the Hollywood conspiracy? Most rap artists are black. Is this anti-semitism?
      The reality, and I have argued this before, is that Jews get into show business because they can and because it is fast money and because they are urban people who are already born in NYC or LA on the East Coast and West Coast axis. You cannot really do shit if you are from Missouri and have a fucking kid when you are 21. Whites cannot get into show business because the vast majority of the ones in Red States are fucking proles without a pot to piss in much less the capacity to set themselves up peddling screenplays in Los Angeles.
      A few do. Brad Pitt drove limos for a few years. Stephen King is the most popular writer in the US and he is an Irish-Catholic. John Holmes was the most famous porn star of all time.

    2. SIR LEE
      So the JOOZE would like the world to believe that
      Arnold Schwarzenegger who is a Hitler ideal can blow 500 guys away and not get a scratch.
      Watch the movies of some Jew detesting Irish Australian?
      I’d kind of agree about publishing but the reality about the media-print and electronic-is that it is an urban and West Coast or East Coast thing.
      If you are from Missouri (Though Brad Pitt was) and come from some shitty exurban city or rural town and your Dad was a welder how in the fuck are you really going to get published or sell a script? You do not know a soul and live thousands of miles from where the action is. So you’re fucked and nobody gives a shit about Missouri or Alabama or Ontario because the West Coast and NYC and Miami are more scenic.

    3. good point. Unfortunately one of the main uses of psychiatry and in the case of this article psychology has always been to label political opponents or dissidents as insane. Trying to label anyone who believes in the possibility that conspiracy theories might be true as psychologically flawed or even mentally ill is just a variation on this tried and tested communist tactic.

    4. ZeroHedge is one of the most idiotic sites. If oil goes down they claim a depression is approaching. If oil goes up they claim its a bad sign and a depression will ensue. They have been predicting disaster and a depression for 10 years straight. They claimed in 2009 real estate would go down much much more when in fact it bottomed. Im sure the owners of ZH invested in stocks and real estate but they make money off the dummies who believe their nonsense.

      1. finance sites and conspiracy theory are a strange but if you think of it quite natural combination. I do think a lot of such sites / mouthpieces are designed to encourage panic. The big players depend on the little guys panicking and doom-mongering is one of the best ways of achieving that.
        Of course that doesn’t mean zero hedge is wrong about the corruption and conspiracy, just that that isn’t necessarily very helpful if your goal is to make money / survive financially

  12. “A healthy outlet for our shamanic instinct is philosophy. If conspiracy theories are akin to pornography, philosophy is having sex with a woman who would have voted for Goldwater”
    Well it was Marx who said that philosophers had only interpreted the world as opposed to grabbing its pussy and giving it a hard shafting. Revolutionaries and conspirators, and they are usually connected have both tended to argue for engagement with the world rather than passive contemplation (how Marx – and effectively the author) is characterising philosophising). The revolutionary is one who overtly engages in the world to change it, but the conspirator does the same except behind the scenes. He does this behind the scenes because he knows that people cannot be acted upon to create change directly.
    I actually think the author’s arguments are pretty lame. They are just a rehashing of the CIA, Hofstadters, Akingcastle (just joking) argument for blaming any kind of ‘noticing’ on psychological deficit. Often conspiracy theorists do reason and argue defectively, and may well seek to project their own inadequacies, anxieties, failings etc, except it is absolutely true that there have always been people with clear goals and massive resources working both in front of and behind the scenes to achieve trans-historical goals.
    Having said that, the fact that conspiracy theories may be perfectly reasonable to believe in, doesn’t mean individual conspiracy theories aren’t plain wrong, or – not necessarily the same thing – wrong headed. Conspiracy theorists often do exhibit signs of paranoia, or of delusion – for instance ‘leaping to conclusions’ on the basis of inadequate evidence, although its worth noting that it is not necessarily a sign of an unhealthy mind to draw inferences based on gut feelings etc (c.f. Kahneman & tversky on lower-level / unconscious processing such as may exhibit as cognitive biases / stereotypes etc)
    Basically, the powers that be, don’t really care if you’re right or wrong, but that doesn’t make them part of a conspiracy. The job of the little people is to think right thoughts, and not to make trouble as the elites change all of us according to design. You see, the elites know best. They’ve got it all under control, and lets face it your not really that smart are you?

    1. MICHAEL
      Well in the case of white proles its fucking easy, and I am speaking as a middle-class former white prole who just happened to end up overseas at the end of the Clinton era.
      As Bin Laden predicted, they were led into war by an alcoholic dickhead bum who predictably posited that he had found religion and this got the vote of dumbasses everywhere.
      Now a bunch of dickheads on this site are going to go on about how 9-11 was a ZOG conspiracy because they are so fucking low IQ that they forgot that most of the flaming liberals against Bush and Iraq were Jews and the white proles at that time were jeering at liberals and enthusiastic about war.
      Like all wars the US attempts to engage in it went badly and gasoline prices rose instead of falling. The sum total has been a destabilized region now exporting rapists to German swimming pools.
      But I digress.
      If the comments on this site are an indication, I can understand why JOOZE would if they wanted to, run the world. On average their IQ would be higher and also they are from urban centers and are more worldly. Many posters here probably grew up in Red State suburbs or small rural cities far away from the centers of power, finance or money.

    2. MICHAEL
      Everyone you just cited was a Jew. Marx, Tversky et al.
      I sometimes wonder if Jews are successful because on average they have higher IQ’s and THOUGHT OF EVERYONE.
      Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Jew but we have to admit, they invented a great deal of things.

      1. well you’re a 1/8 aren’t you, not that it has any bearing on anything?
        Sure IQ is probably a sine qua non (for success, in whatever respect) but they also have a thing about err. leadership. Lets just say I sometimes get the feeling that some of them have a had some ideas, and think ‘heh, maybe we should try that out, what do you say’? Maybe it’s for everyone’s benefit. But then your parents always tell you its for your own good too, don’t they?

        1. MICHAEL
          “1/8” In Central Europe this is the equivalent of hicks in the US sticks who identify as white but have one great-grandmother who was Cherokee.
          My guess is that in the South/Southwest Americans from Old Colonial stock have one squaw in their gene pool.

        2. I’ve replied to post a reply to your comment above several times, but for some reason a bot or a moderator, or perhaps a conspiracy between a bot and a moderator (top of the pyramid?) keeps deleting it.

      1. Stumps are flat, and they’ve got holes down in ’em. The crazy guys aren’t the flat earthers, they’re they guys that tell you mesas are the stumps of ancient trees that were cut down. Either they’re crazy, or they’re more red herrings.

        1. i’m actually not that familiar with the whole thing. I’ll have to look into it, but heh, its a big rabbit hole and I’m right on the other side of the warren right now

    1. I can tell you its not – I have sailed a yacht around the world.
      However, I consumed much rum, so don’t know if it was around a sphere or circle…

    2. Bollocks! That was not so much an allegation of a conspiracy but of a mistake. The only guys to
      claim conspiracy were the flat earth society!

  13. Great article. I came in with a raised eyebrow, but this was a balanced account.
    My operative definition of “Conspiracy Theorist” is the guy who sits around in his garage, telling his buddies about the REAL conspiracy behind Aliens or MKUltra, and then pats himself on the back for being clever – and does nothing about any of it.

    1. he pretty much said that conspiracy theory reflects weak minds inclined to project deficits onto an imaginary other / scapegoat or whatever. You think that’s balanced?

  14. As someone with a psychology degree and the correspondingly useless accolades it confers I’m highly dubious of this article. At its’ very heart Conspiracy Theory never purports to be Conspiracy Fact, it is merely speculation. As such, speculation is a beneficial exercise in abstract thinking and intellectual novelty. A weak mind is not one that questions events that would result in negative social sanctions.
    In the spirit of ad-hominems, what brand of boot polish tastes the best Derian?

  15. Media has been exposed as compulsive liars over Trump and thats gonna drive a lot of conspiracies. Trump is some middle of the road old dude and has been painted as Hitler. How can we ever trust the msm again?

  16. wow – must be touchy subject.
    the swamp-creature-trolls flood the site with the usual tools: ad-hominum, straw-man, deflection, nonsensical rants, and other shit I’m still learning late in life,,,,
    “if you’re getting flack – must be over the target.”

  17. People who believe in conspiracy theories are those who believe Governments are competent. They are not. They are however, master bullshitters. The whole capitalist system is screwed and nobody has any clue how to fix it. “Debt ceiling”.
    Here’s a hint, if you can’t possibly hope to pay something back it’s not a debt, it’s just a payment!

  18. Roosh… C’mon bro these articles are getting worse and worse. I think I will start writing for the manosphere because its such a great cause what you have started. I don’t need a light change payment I will do it for mankind. Look at this author, probably some mid 20 year old kid who feels he is so school studying psychology and oh the professor just spoke about the psychology behind conspiracies. Now this idiot decides to publish universal truths and think he did a good job. Don’t believe everything you hear fuckboy, if you don’t question anything you are a zombie to the establishment. I hope you never post again.

  19. Lol the irony of an article this retarded being published here.
    So a man who seeks answers is weak, but a man who accepts everything without question is strong?
    This author is the kind of man John D. Rockefeller would be proud of.

  20. **** WINNER ROK 2018 SPECIAL AWARD ****
    Today We Honor Mark Derian for Writing with Unabashed Ignorance and Incompetency to a Level Heretofore Not Seen at ROK.
    We Salute Your Attempt, Mark, at Utter Agit-Prop and Flame Baiting
    We Respect the Fact You Do Not Understand “Conspiracy” is derived from Latin, meaning “SECRET PLANS” – which the World is Awash In
    We Applaud Your Repetition of the Media Meme that Noticing a Methodology in the Daily Corruption of Global Governance is , in itself, the Greatest Crime =
    EG; Non-Conformance to Z

  21. What in the name of arse is this article trying to say? If his conclusion is the answer to the question “Why do we believe in conspiracy theories?” Then he’d better stop asking questions, and if all his study in pschology has given him this rather narrow insight, he should ask for his money and time back. Why the fuck would you only use the worse example of a conspiracy to begin your thesis? Why not any of the perfectly valid theories from the past 20 years? Did youjust put this article on to wind everybody up, Roosh?

  22. The PNAC (Project for a New American Century) conceived of plans to invade 7 countries: Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Nearly all members of the PNAC were Jews, from Paul Wolfowitz to William Kristol, Robert Kagan, and others.
    P.S. It isn’t uncommon for Jews to craft false surnames, it is one of their identifying traits to draw less suspicion, even though most intuitive people know that Reagan, Trump, Comey, Clinton, Zuckerberg, and so forth aren’t even valid surnames to begin with. Their typical Ashkenazi physical and vocal traits are also dead give aways.
    As for Afghanistan, the abundance of easily accessible evidence utterly smashes the US government’s “official” narrative regarding 9/11. The purpose of invading Afghanistan in the first place is to harvest their opium and churn out as much heroine as possible and to have the CIA smuggle it out of the country and sell it abroad.

    1. SEAN
      If the CIA was assisting Muslims in smuggling heroin then Laden would have won.
      Dumbass shitkickers who vote for Bush and can be made to believe that Arabs would parachute into Iowa with scimitars are the reason the US wound up in the Middle East.
      Bush was a stupid hick and stupid hicks supported his war and it was not a black race hustler who bankrupted the US.

  23. I’d argue it’s because they’re often correct and many are backed by loads of compelling evidence. Another reason would have to include the straight up unbelievable narratives we’re fed by the mainstream media. Then there’s the fact that some people aren’t willing to ignore evidence and instinct merely because of articles spouting pretentious pseudo-scientific psycho-babble.

  24. Well, people used to laugh about the radiation experiments, the LSD mind control drug experiments, the Tuskegee experiments using black people…
    That all turned out to be true.

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