The Quality Of Modern Movies Signals Our Cultural Decline

“When our food and clothing and housing all are born in the complication of mass production, mass method is bound to get into our thinking and to eliminate all other thinking.” – John Steinbeck

The regurgitated garbage that passes for film these days (or even entertaining blockbusters) is appalling; Robocop remakes? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remakes? Saw XXI?  Is anyone’s intelligence insulted? The lack of original thought in our arts and culture would make anyone think the western world is truly in decline. The movie industry no longer invests in such frivolous things as plot, script, and original ideas.

Why is this? Because it’s fucking hard to write a good movie! It is way too labor intensive and requires something called “talent,” which is on par with “intelligence” and “skills”; which apparently everyone magically possesses now by simply trying in the world of equality (think Kurt Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron”).  The creation of movies (along with literature, music, etc.) at one time was the pinnacle of a talented individual’s thoughts and ideas. To slightly modify George Orwell’s great quote:

(Film) as we know it is an individual thing, demanding mental honesty and a minimum of censorship.  Almost certainly we are moving into an age of totalitarian dictatorships- an age in which freedom of thought will be at first a deadly sin and later on a meaningless abstraction. The autonomous individual is going to be stamped out of existence. But this means that (film), in the form in which we know it, must suffer at least a temporary death.

The state of movies today

Today’s major blockbuster films are definitely on their deathbed, if not already six feet under. Modern movies reek of cronyism, group thought, and investment in profitable ideas rather than original ones. The movies are created to garner the most income with the least amount of investment, targeting the unthinking masses to maximize profits.  Popularity trumps quality.

In this dichotomy, political leanings often play a role.  In Western Civilization, Harold Bloom’s School of Resentment (written some 40 years ago) becomes more and more apparent among modern movies. Not stepping on toes, no offensive material, no hurting feelings, and political correctness has touched every aspect of mainstream films and, most obviously, all arts in general. It is water downed, weak garbage without a spark of individual thought.

Films are the largest and one of the most easily accessible of the arts. Why take the grueling time to write a story when you have another plot you can build on from 30+ years ago? With modern movies, all the “talent” goes into marketing; this is the new art form. The commercials, the target audience, the distribution are all far more the focus than the actual content of the film, all in the name of profit. Forget everything else; cut-paste plot, lower the bar of casting, use cheapened special effects, computer generated garbage, etc. BOOM! Shit-A-la-carte!

There was a time not only plot, script, etc. was an art, but other more subtle things like make-up, set design, movie poster painting (quite an admirable art form), casting, etc. were actual art forms as well that were not simply mass-produced. They were considered a craft perfected by a craftsman. Ask anyone over 30 and it’s likely that their favorite films did not originate in the 21st century. What does this say about our cheapened modern culture? It truly has “gotten into our thinking,” as Steinbeck observed so many years ago.

Another point to bring up is acting. Does anyone remember the amazing acting of Jack Nicholson in “One who Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” or “Five Easy Pieces”? The whiny, emasculated, ironic, indifferent, flapping vaginas that pass as “actors” today are disheartening. Have you seen any modern movie that doesn’t star an actor that could easily be an emotionless emaciated androgynous lesbian that has the acting skills of a retarded infant? Where is the goddamn passion?

All the focus is now on the cheap advertisements with an equally trite, cheap, weak, watered-down movie experience vacant of any artistic merit. Think of quality directors’ names such Kubrick, Bergman, Welles, and Scorsese, to name a few. Can anyone even name the director of a movie churned out of Hollywood these days? Watching one of these modern flicks is like getting stabbed in the eyes while someone is poking you in the balls at the same time.

Hope for the future of film

I must say, though, there is a glowing beacon of light emanating from the small movie screens around the corner. Some of these small movie theaters are located sporadically around the country. And no, I am not speaking of Porn Theaters.  They are commonly referred to as “independent theaters.” These venues are a sanctuary from the literal shitshow of the large mass-produced movies, and offer an intimate environment usually populated by only a few mature adults in the theater. I don’t have to stare at the mouth-breathers or the asshole who keeps farting while simultaneously stuffing popcorn in his face while his fatass girlfriend and kids are literally wedged in the seat next to me.

More than likely you can purchase booze on site, or you can easily sneak in a flask of booze. The indie and foreign films that play at these theaters can be a hit or miss, but the risk is worth it. The acting is usually done well by some up—and—coming actors who are looking to get established. This is in contrast with mediocre Hollywood actors of today who just sit back and collect the money.

Unlike the movies of the west with all their saturated stinky little orthodoxies out for your soul, many less-known films and foreign films don’t dabble in cultural Marxist propaganda as much. In fact, they focus more on the craft of film making rather than politics, and this is apparent within five minutes of watching one of these quality films. You will rarely see a remake.

The most important thing to me is, even if the indie movie is crappy, the ideas are almost always original in thought, which is all one can hope for in this clusterfuck of modern art. At these independent theaters, some days they will also play classics such as “A Fistful of Dollars” or other great films of the past.  Other days they will feature a great TV series on the big screen.  The variety is endless. In addition, it is a great place to bring a date. If you are feeling risqué, you can easily have theater sex if the movie is a total bomb and the theater is dead, ironically turning the theater into your very own “porn theater.”

Independent movies and theaters have shown me not all the world is a decadent mess of soulless mass-produced garbage regurgitated from the same mass-produced garbage from yesteryear. Only 90% of the world is (I am looking at you, ironic mustache urbanite with aviator sunglasses and shitty tattoos). As for the other 10%, you might be pleasantly surprised to find it at an independent movie theater.

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246 thoughts on “The Quality Of Modern Movies Signals Our Cultural Decline”

  1. ‘The #1 movie in America was called “Ass.” And that’s all it was for 90 minutes. It won eight Oscars that year, including best screenplay.’
    Who knew that Idiocracy was a documentary.

    1. There are a some very, very good film makers active today, but financing
      is always a great struggle, even though the vast majority of their
      movies end up making money. Movies like Junebug, Another Happy Day,
      Solitary Man, Running with Scissors, anything by Mike Judge, Darren
      Aronofsky or Todd Solondz (Happiness and Storytelling are a Red Pill goldmine). And my favorite movie, The Fountain, is from
      this century, although I’m 33, and I have seen a great many movies from
      giants like Bergman, Fassbinder (some of his movies like Martha are
      quite Red Pill), Kurosawa etc.

      1. I like Mike Judge. It’s funny how much the left hated Extract because it actually tried to show how difficult working life is from the perspective of the man who actually owns and runs a business. and it was hilarious watching him getting shit on from all angles. Very underrated film.
        The rest of the directors you mentioned are hit and miss. I can take or leave them. Aronofsky knocked it out of the pack with The Wrestler though.

    2. Idiocracy is a wonderful dystopian fantasy in the same vein as 1984. The only difference is that it delivers its punch with comedy rather than tragedy, proving once again that the link between the two is far more subtle than we realise.

      1. When I watched it I was half freaked out… it was definitely a movie FAR ahead of its time.

        1. Is it wrong that I would rather have President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in the White House than Obama. At least his antics are entertaining.

        2. President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho was smart enough to recognize that he needed someone who was smarter to handle the job, and guided the people to elect that person.
          That is true humility in a leader.

  2. I had to delete my Netflix account. It wasn’t worth $8 a month to see every crappy movie ever made.

    1. Likewise. I watched all the movies that interested me then quit it. It will take decades to “re-stock” Netflix with new material that I want to watch. Well, at the rate they’re going in Hollywood, it might never happen.

  3. A cinema decline microcosm is the difference between Dark Knight and Dark Night Rises. The former is a pulpy, well written noir crime drama with broad societal commentary on government surveillance, terrorism, nihilism, women (I always said Joker represented the worst aspects of women) and heroism. Dark Knight Rises is a incoherent mess that cashed in on Nolan’s name and played the audience as fools.

    1. But Dark Knight Rises did give us an ominous Sandy Hook warning – and the prop master who gave it to us was suspiciously killed in a shady car accident involving the daughter of a U.N. official. And where was the propmaster from? Newton, CT.
      Propmaster’s name is Scott Getzinger. Google him if you feel like a trip down the rabbit hole.

      1. Yeah. The Rabbit Hole term comes from fiction. But the rabbit hole itself — that is no fiction. It is real. And its Chief Warren is ‘America’.

    2. Dark Knight Rises was all flash and cheesy weepy feelings… Just kind of a bummer to watch… and Bane was a let-down for me…
      Michael Caine (Alfred) was the only redeeming part of that movie IMO.

    3. Dark Knight Rises to me suffered from the Nolans desperately trying to cram roughly three or four good Batman arcs — Knightfall, No Man’s Land, and Miller’s Dark Knight Returns in particular — into a three hour movie, when really they could have made any of these into the central plot axis and made everything revolve gloriously around it.
      Having said that, Rises does have one plot note I found pleasantly unsettling albeit probably not worth the price of admission: presenting the Occupy movement as really just totalitarianism by another name (or enabling totalitarianism). The images of old men being torn out from under their beds in their mansions still haunt me, as do the Scarecrow’s show trials. Your mileage may vary, of course, depending on your politics (which I don’t really want to argue here) but it’s the one thing that stays with me out of Rises.
      The Joker in Dark Knight seemed to share a lot of DNA with David Fincher’s antagonist in “Se7en”. That was a disturbing mindfuck of a film – Fincher still makes solid movies within the Hollywood system it seems, and his back catalogue is impressive. This guy is responsible for Se7en, Benjamin Button, Gone Girl, Fight Club, and Zodiac (which is painfully underrated. Fincher took a second string cast and pulled bravura performances out of just about every one, including the coming-back Robert Downey Jr.)

      1. Zodiac was an excellent film, agreed. I didn’t think anybody could make a cinematic narrative outta that mess, but fincher did. Somewhat auto-bio, as Zodie started his little funfest in my home town.
        Local boy makes good. ;O)
        Takes a discerning eye to find the films that actually matter, but they are scattered around out there. Cosmopolis. Melancholia/Antichrist. Gangs of NY. Bram Stoker’s Dracula, etc. Avoid the Holy-Rood ‘action-films’ and emasculating chick-flicks, and there are many garnets amidst the glass. Cheers.

  4. “The whiny, emasculated, ironic, indifferent, flapping vaginas that pass
    as “actors” today are disheartening. Have you seen any modern movie that
    doesn’t star an actor that could easily be an emotionless emaciated
    androgynous lesbian that has the acting skills of a retarded infant?”
    I totally agree with this segment. Most male actors nowadays have lost almost every shred of masculinity. They all have baby-face make up, wimp body-language and white-knight behaviour.
    What happened to the masculine actors like Harrison Ford? Or Humphrey Bogart? Or Clark Gable?

      1. Not really, he strikes me as distinctly a “get off my lawn” type of guy these days.

        1. Awwww! Too soon. Not really.
          Here’s a joke:
          How come Superman didn’t save JFK Jr when his plane went down?

    1. (Drug store cowboy) an under ground gem worth checking out. Matt Dillon’s performance as a heroine addict is the most realistic that I’ve ever seen

  5. The joke is that the Euro film industry is in decline too. Cinema in general is in the doldrums.
    Americans should make the best films because they have the talent and the resources, but they choose to invest in crap because it’s safe.

  6. Customers vote with their dollars and nowhere is that more apparent than the movie industry. The production companies will keep churning out garbage as long as people keep paying for it.
    I don’t think the problem is a lack of talent. You could probably fill a warehouse with amazing scripts that’ll never get produced.

  7. Movies have always been shit. Time has just filtered the garbage and the ones that we still remember are the ones worth remembering.

  8. The idea that profit motive has lead to terrible movies is a leftist notion unbefitting of this website.
    Films make money when they appeal to the most number of people at the lowest cost. If mainstream films become trash, it is because the consumer is trash.
    Complain that people have become corrupted by leftism in America, but do not bring anti capitalism in through the back door.

    1. False. ‘Safe’ movies will always make the most money because most cinema goers don’t want to be challenged too much, too often. Regardless of whether the consumer is ‘trash’, this will always be true. This is the nature of a profit motive in the entertainment industry; whenever something is successful it will be repeated again and again until interest peters out.
      For example, when The Dark Knight had such wild success, the movie industry responded by making every other film gritty and dark, angst and ‘realism’ was the go to style. After a while this had diminishing returns, and hey presto Guardians of the Galaxy is released, it’s bright and fun and comedic. I guarantee there’ll be a dozen films trying to do the same thing in 6 months time.
      Are you so married to the notion of the free market that you cannot admit this simple truth? Does everything have to be the left’s fault? Think with your mind not your political ideology.

  9. I cannot believe that the author did not point out the unbelievably extreme female glorification in movies nowadays.
    You point out so many subtle facts but THIS, female worship, which is all over the place.. this you miss????
    I guess I should not be surprised anymore. Our generation has utterly and completely accepted female authority and are totally blind to the double standards and bias towards women. Just one of many examples –
    How many times have you seen women slap men for no valid reason in movies? – Countless times.
    Now, how many times have you seen men slap women for no valid reason in movies? Never.
    Yet the moronic men of today do not realize it. They simply ‘tune it out’. Just like a lot of men who will read this comment will do. This is the pathetic state of affairs today. Evertthing is happening right under our noses, and yet we do nothing about it.

    1. Women in movies now are rude bitches. They curse like drunken sailors, glorified getting shit-faced drunk, and get into fist fights with other women and men. This type of behavior is so unfeminine and so disgusting, but society now promotes it. Women then mimics them in real life and thinks this is what being a lady is. Sick.

        1. Yeah, but is there any REAL incentive in trying to win over the affection of a man anymore? Men lose interest in women once they start to age. So screw it, right? They’re just going to end up cheating on you anyway, or abandoning their family…I mean, in all honesty, at this point, we might as well just be ourselves rather than trying to hide away. Whatever.

        2. Men are less likely to lose interest in women who have helped and stood by them while not nagging and criticizing and fucking everyone else.

        3. So pretty much what every person wants when it comes to relationships/marriage? It isn’t surprising that anyone participating/supporting the articles on the site has a hard time finding love – it seems to me that the extremism displayed on here has prevented you from actually viewing women as people – considering the majority of you categorize them as liars and sluts.

        1. Cronenberg flicks all day:
          Dead Ringers
          Cosmopolis (his most recent)
          The last one proved that chalk-faced guy from Twilight can actually act.
          Another movie that came and went- Philip Dick’s “Radio Free Albamuth”- one of the best sci-fi flicks Ive ever seen.

        2. Don’t know who or what that is. Had to google it to find out what you’re talking about. Never watched the show.
          I remembered Rosanne Barr sang the national anthem at a baseball game then spit and grabbed her crotch. Surprisingly she got a lot of shit for that stupid stunt (and rightfully so). Probably because she was a disgusting pig with a shitty attitude and she actually represented what a true feminist is like.

        3. “chalk-faced guy from Twilight” – you may need to be more specific.
          Also, holy shit! I didn’t think anyone remembered eXistence! That subject matter was WAY ahead of its time.

        4. Radio Free Albemuth, I had to stop it halfway through. One of the dumbest leftist propaganda films that I’ve seen in a long time.

      1. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t even get through a “comedy” these days because this is exactly what Hollywood thinks is funny.

    2. Any girl who slaps me goes over my knee.*
      Resulting notches vastly outnumber restraining orders (zero, so far). A smack on the ass when she talks back puts the Pussy Tingle Generator into overdrive.
      End Transmission.
      *Offer not valid for shoggoths, rage beasts, etc.

      1. Now nominating the use of “Cthulu” to describe aging lesbians with advanced, multi-faceted chin droop.

    3. “I cannot believe that the author did not point out the unbelievably extreme female glorification in movies nowadays”
      I would wager that given the tone of the article in pointing out how craptastic movies are these days, it would have been repetition to single that out.
      When I saw the BSG series on ScFi was making Starbuck a woman, I rolled my eyes and just didn’t bother to watch any of it.
      It’s not that I was against the idea. If the originators had intended say for that to be the case I could have dealt with it. But usually when they take a male character and use a female character instead it’s “pushing the agenda” and I’m not going to support that crap.

      1. Guess who give’s Aurora “True Love’s Kiss” in “Maleficent”? Hint: Get ready for some Winged-Fairy-on-Sleeping-Princess action.
        Worst Part? No tongue. 😉

        1. BSG = Battlestar Galactica, which featured Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck, a character previously portrayed as a male by Dirk Benedict.

        2. Her character was annoying as fuck, constantly fighting, arguing and knocking grown men on their asses. Basically, exactly what you think they’d do.

    4. Absolutely correct. No matter how blatant the double standard and hypocrisy relative to the so-called principles of feminism, a man could get slapped in the face and then a separate woman could get slapped and the man would be demonised and the woman not a slap on the wrist.
      What has also pissed me off is the feminist backlash to Gone Girl. Feminists are furious someone had the balls (well done Fincher) to present a movie where a woman is the primary evil one and the true extent of female nature is revealed. here in Australia it got the typical feminist white wash treatment; any time i tried to post a comment (reasoned, well though out, not aggressive or threatening) to reviews and editorials, it got blocked. Here is an example of such a comment that repeatedly got blocked:
      “Most feminists main concern is that it doesn’t follow the narrative they want to impose on society, namely, ‘men bad, woman good’, ‘man oppressor, woman victim’. The fact that there is such uproar from them when men have being universally portrayed as evil and villains in popular culture since time immemorial is telling. The fact that women would never do anything wrong or vindictive in face of perceived wrongdoing or on their own accord is absurd. Feminists do not want to lift the lid on the true nature of women, lest it lead to questioning of the feminist narrative.”

    5. Like this bag of shit movie, Gone Girl, female glorification and lack of accountability at its best. I piss on these types of movies

    6. Don’t forget “girl power” ladies kicking guys bottoms with a few well placed kung fu moves.

    7. the double standards and bias towards women … Yet the moronic men of today do not realize it. They simply ‘tune it out’.

      Did you mean bias towards men?

    8. You obviously don’t watch the classics. There were tons of cases where men gave the bitch a slap. It was usually well justified, and given with gusto, by the hero of the film. I remember the case of James Cagney crushing a half grapefruit into a woman’s face at breakfast. Then there was the famous full arm swing and slap delivered by Glen Ford. And need I mention the spanking delivered by John Wayne to Maureen O’Hara with a fireplace shovel, in Mcklintock? It is just that none of these cases could pass the censors for political correctness in any movie made in the past 40 years.

      1. We are living in the present, moron. 2014. And the point in question is when it is NOT justified.

  10. For the first time in at least a few years, I went to a movie store with a girlfriend last weekend, and I could believe the dearth of quality picks, and the amount of the bullshit that this girl had watched and actually enjoyed. That tells you everything you need to know. In 2014, movies are made to appeal to the non-creative, consumerist mindset of the female. Chics are fine with watching the same plot over and over again. My favorite movie, Dr. Strangelove, which is timeless in my mind and equally relevant today, goes right over the head of any woman that I’ve convinced to watch it.

    1. I saw Dumb and Dumber on a date. I stood up and walked out when the dude peed on the other guys back.
      My date stayed. That was the end of her.

    2. wow, they still exist?
      We had a porn section in ours, and we would put hand soap on those boxes to discourage rentals. It worked for a while, but someone complained to the manager and we had to fess up. The boss actually thought we let someone whack it there. I miss the 90s….

  11. You advocate sex in a public theatre, and yet bemoan ‘decadent’ culture? Hypocritical gamey game.
    You’re right tho about the total suckness of most modern films. The personal is political everywhere now, and it shows in the pathetic ‘art’ that New Amerika produces. Why should someone spend three years writing and developing a truly novel script, when the film will never be made — for political/ideological reasons? Big money is easily made in Hollywood without real risk or effort, while stroking the Correct Groups, especially women.
    Music is the same, all downhill the past thirty years. Nobody’s gonna spend years in the Brill Building squeezing out one or two truly timeless songs that finally crack the Top 40, when Shakira or Twenny Cent can write ten ‘songs’ in one day and be a millionaire. Same with the endless Progressive Rock/ Progressive Music bands. They rely on political groupism, not innovative art. Country music, indie rock, girl indies, world music, death metal, rap, doesn’t matter the genre — it’s almost all recycled crapola, same tired phrasings, same lyric content, just turn the guitars up louder, or package it as new and edgy. And of course Progressive.
    I could never figure why those America’s Got Talent shows were so wildly popular, until I passed though a living room of people watching some horrid woman screeching at top of her lungs. They didn’t WANT great artistry. They didn’t want to learn anything new, or to be challenged. They wanted to see mediocrities (and worse) like themselves preening on teevee, being rewarded immensely for being mediocre, or worse. After all, their inferiority had been rewarded by the culture for decades in governments, schools, courts, churches, and everywhere else. So they loved watching some other talent-free fake, that reminded them of themselves, ‘win the prize’.
    A death-culture, in short.

    1. Thats why Asian music right now is the best : ) no wonder the red pill Asians have the most viewed Singer on YouTube (Psy ), But there is much more in Asia than just him

    2. Death culture, good term. When high school senior young girls have more sexually partners by 18, than a woman 50 years ago had in five lifetimes…. when young boys wear skinny jeans and eat gmo poison…
      I am a cultural hermit and have to be to avoid severe depression. I mean this culture we have is evil.
      Every generation it gets worse … the kids under 15 are literal robots.

      1. Doc I often pass thru college towns. I dunno what to tell you about what ‘young men’ in America have become. Shit even the hippies, for all their naïve arrogance, retained some masculinity. The college guys I see are like World Citizen Castrati or something. Like babies in 24-y.o. bodies.
        And yeah, by the time the girls are sixteen, they are already sexually jaded. Full of absurd ’empowerment’ and of cultural privilege, and totally unsuitable for marriage, child-bearing, or child-rearing. Like the ‘men’, the females are big spoiled babies. Over-protected, privileged, entitled.
        Definitely an evil culture. And it’s not even ‘excitingly’ or innovatively evil. It’s morbidly, boringly, repetitively evil in its enforced medioticrization of everything. Hey! lemme bring you down to MY level! Then I’ll feel better and we’ll be Equal! OK?
        America is calibrated and calculated to produce depression in the few actual men that remain. Hating it is an act of sanity and resistance. Yeah it hurts but at least they haven’t crushed your soul. They’ll keep trying, tho. Guess you knew that.

    3. You obviously don’t listen to much extreme metal or jazz if you really think music is dead. The scene music you are probably counting as “death metal” is shit. Agalloch? Opeth? The Ruins of Beverast? These and thousands of other bands put out amazing music year after year. Please listen to more than just Black Veil Brides or Attack! Attack! before you judge all metal.

  12. It’s been a while since I have seen a good movie. I thought “Joe” was good and it even had Cage in it whose movies are usually shit.
    Movies are there to make money and most people love seeing the good guy wins, lives happily ever after scenario play out.

  13. Took a gander at Kill the Messenger in an indie theatre on it’s opening. It’s a true story about a journalist uncovering the CIA involvement in drug-smuggling from Panama to South-Central LA, funding a Contra war movement. Starring Jeremy Renner, with a great supporting cast. My thoughts on exiting: this is going to be a huge hit. Blockbuster, with some Golden Globes and maybe an Oscar.
    The movie grossed less than $1m in it’s first week. I truly realized that people aren’t intelligent or intuitive enough to watch a movie about political corruption when they can see Transformers instead.
    Plenty of movies being made are great. Like the author said, blockbusters are on their quality deathbed. Usually films like Gravity, with no-talent Clooney and $50 million in special effects to distract the masses.

    1. There’s a movie that’s out now called CitizenFour which is about Edward Snowden but, unfortunately, it’s only playing in select theaters. You might also be interested in the documentary “Dirty Wars” if you haven’t seen it already.

    2. Ironically, The Godfather was the most masculine movie I have ever seen…. it was more about manly oaths, strategy, honor, and family bonds than it was gangsterism. A real patriarchy (however degenerate this one was). It was an inversion of European feudalism, but still retained the masculine virtues.
      One scene specifically, Vito says to Michael something along the lines of, “Women and children can afford to be reckless, we men can’t.” True that!
      Hollywood hasn’t produced anything involving patriarchy in 75 years because they don’t want one!

    3. Really, really wanted to see this movie, as it is based on the book Gary Webb wrote about the CIA dealing drugs and introducing crack into the inner city called Dark Alliance. I live in the biggest city in my state and it was playing at ONE theater for ONE weekend. Then it was pulled. It’s not only that the public craves stupid shit, but the good, powerful stuff like this is not given the chance. The CIA is admittedly involved in Hollywood. Who knows if they had a hand in this but it’s ridiculous that the film wasn’t even available at the local 18-plex. I also want to see CitizenFour and hear it got good reviews.

  14. Paul Thomas Anderson and Nicolas Winding Refn. They both are excellent film makers. Movies I recommend by PTA: There Will Be Blood, The Master, and Boogie Nights. By NWR: Valhalla Rising, Bronson, and Only God Forgives. Their movies carve their way into your subconscious. The music, the imagery, it’s all captivating. PTA and NWR have set my standard high and not very many movies have met that standard. Kubrick is also great but a classic now. Other great movies I’ve seen lately are The Rover, Locke, Enemy, and Under The Skin. All four from A24 Films. Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice” comes out this December. I’ll be looking forward to it.

    1. For a few moments there I read Paul Thomas Anderson as Paul W.S. Anderson and was ready to put a bullet into my own brain for the downfall of the West.

  15. The problem with Hollywood these days is that a film is such a massive, expensive clusterfuck of industrial production that there’s no guarantee that a film will actually be good. Not by throwing money at it, hiring good talent, using the latest technologies, etc. The only thing that guarantees a film’s success is name recognition, which is why we get so many remakes, adaptations, and what have you.

      1. Funniest part is that he also praises them for “immigration reform” and “civil rights”. I have met some great jews but you have to admit, you should question ANYONE who promotes one thing and then when at home does the exact opposite. You can look up the stories from the Israel newspapers about the mass deportations.

        1. The ones i heard about were supposedly going back to Ethiopia. To me it doesn’t matter as it’s obvious none of the shit they promote in western countries would even begin to fly in Israel.

        2. Although, I understand the Israelis dont like Western Jews for being so liberal. BUT I suspect it has more to do with supporting parties which support Palestine. And they still want them to come to Israel to preserve Jewishness since intermarriage is so high among western Jews.
          And since I imagine the arab population in Israel has more kids, and the Haredi Jews have a lot more kids. That latter group not being exactly productive.

        3. Yep. I’d love to see ‘immigration reform’ in Isreal. Maybe a Palestinian quota or visa program?

        4. Good points, however, I do not think that intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles is at any significant level.

        5. No, they should enjoy something more vibrant like the rest of us. Perhaps some Liberians ??

        6. Where they will also have to deal with demographic issues. But you’re correct.
          In truth this is why I don’t buy the Jewish Conspiracy too much since they seem to be falling victim for their own ideologies.
          Again, outside the Holy Land but Israeli Jews are different in character

  16. If hollywood is replaced with videogames (as videogames are forced to be purchased still and cannot be copied) – I personally couldnt be happier. The women-centered television and movies – where women are strong and ethereal and men are incompetents will become banal. This is why gamergate is more important – its replacing the movie industry.
    The foolishness of hollywood is them shooting a hole in their own canoe. Women do not feel like they should purchase movies or dinners. Once men stop buying these things, they will crater. By blindly following the Feminist narratives, they are driving men (purchasers) away from the product. Pre-pubescent and adolescents will tolerate the gender narrative of Feminists, but once they hit around 18 – the differences between the sexes becomes pronounced. I mean look at these ridiculous women worried that the manicured lawns of their local university acting like its a backdrop for a mongolian conquest.
    Vegas tried women only restaurants and they failed miserably? Why? Women wont overpay for a meal – they expect to be “paid” to be there.

    1. That’s exactly what the NFL is doing; alienating their loyal, longtime fan base in order to prostitute itself out for meager, fleeting female revenue.

      1. I wouldn’t call female revenue fleeting. They control a lot of wealth because men simply give it to them (including their balls).

    2. ”Pre-pubescent and adolescents will tolerate the gender narrative of
      Feminists, but once they hit around 18 – the differences between the
      sexes becomes pronounced.”
      More like at puberty the differences between the sexes will already become quite pronounced.

  17. This may be a little off topic but is a question that I would like to ask you guys. A lot of young women (SJWs) are always campaigning against ‘rape culture’, ‘sexual assault’, ‘domestic abuse’, and ‘misogyny’. Why then do they like to be raped and abused as a fantasy? Things like 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM, being choked, spat on, degraded and defiled. It seems like completely opposite. I know women say one thing but want another. Is it because they’re really mentally unstable and don’t know what they want, but BDSM makes them feel in tune to their biology to want a dominant man? I don’t know. Any thoughts?

    1. The preface is that 50 Shades of Grey is not BDSM as practiced within that subculture. Just about every dom or sub I’ve ever run into routinely says the book is shockingly bad at representing any real picture of responsible BDSM between consenting adults. The two leads in the story are essentially very damaged people, which says a lot more about the author than anything else. You need to remember that 50 Shades is quite literally Twilight fan fiction. Look around for references about the book and you’ll quickly find the specific fan fiction story the book was drawn from. This is not normal rational shit you’re dealing with.
      More than that, assuming you can find a SJW who preaches against rape culture while enjoying getting thrown around the bedroom, it is nothing more than hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance – same concept that allows a paedophile priest to serve Mass every Sunday morning and then head off to groom 9 year old boys for the rest of the week.

    2. “Rape culture” is the idiotic feminist belief that in the USA, rape is accepted behavior and that all men are rapists.
      Any time I hear a feminist complaining about it, I yawn dismissively. I don’t even accept the premise.

      1. Just another case of projection. If you picked the average feminist’s brain, you’d discover a treasure trove of debauchery and a close second to S&M fantasies, are rape fantasies. Just no sane man wants any part of that, so while the feminist cries rapist, they really mean, “Why won’t you play my game?”

        1. I think your comment makes the most sense. They cry rape because they want a man to do it to them. Its like when a single wall-approaching woman says men need to ‘man up’ and start marrying women, what she is probably implying that men need to man up and marry her.

        2. It is kind of a mix. Dated an attorney in training, but some of the logic seems second nature to me. Could have been a lawyer, I guess, just would rather not be an assistant to the ‘machine’ in any way.

    3. Everyone stop what you’re doing and pull up a chair; your Uncle Mistral is about to Drop Some Knowledge.
      First, young Otis, you don’t care why. What you care about is that you KNOW. That Knowledge is 90% of getting on the Express Train to Poon Town. Let betas stumble from 5s to 6s and back thinking, “Maybe this one will love me!” while you rack up notches Delivering What They Want.
      Second, if you really must *understand* it, think of it this way: Life Is Once Big Shit Test. Grab on to it, hold it down and skull fuck it into submission. “But Uncle Mistral”, you say, “How does that relate to women?”
      Third, psychology trumps politics. Women want to submit*–especially women with “high status” careers and grad degrees, etc.– because evolution has taught them (on the subconscious level) that is what keeps them alive.** Thus the Pussy Tingle Generator is ACTIVATED by masculine men, man who are WORTHY to submit to.*** The Worst Thing that can happen to a woman is to discover that she gave her pussy up to a beta male.
      End Transmission.
      *IME, desire for submission, in women is strongly indicated by height (at 5’10″+ it’s a LOCK), and intelligence and overall “femininity”. Also, the more responsibility a woman has in her work/life/etc., the more she will want to kneel in her private life. YMMV, but that’s what life has taught me.
      **The “You GO Girlz!” of pre-history? They got eaten by Sabertooths because they didn’t need no man.
      ***Thus, you think like a MAN, you TALK like a man, you carry yourself as a MAN, and you Occupy Space like a man. Do this, and the Pussy Will Flow.

      1. Uncle Mistral, is it true that women don’t want answers to their problems, they just want you to hear their problems?
        My experience is that if you help a young lady figure out something in life, she will find a way to get herself into another problem within a week.
        They need problems as a sense of identity.

        1. When a woman brings you her problems, ask, “Am I supposed to *solve* your problems, or just listen to them? Because if you just want to bitch, that’s what your girlfriends are for. Oh…did I say that out loud?”
          Any further such efforts to ‘share’ her problems should be met with you putting your ear buds in, or giving her a look of mild amusement and then leaving the room.
          À bientôt,

        2. I recommmend “It’s not the Nail” on Youtube. It is the clearest answer to this question ever given.

    4. I think part of it is that in the rape fantasy you don’t have control, so you are ‘absolved’ of responsibility. Anything depraved is being done against one’s will so you are free of judgment.

      1. All BDSM has at its core that principle of transfer of power, transfer of control, transfer of will. When you let go of your will, you let go of responsibility. It’s difficult to get them to admit it, but most women find giving up control very appealing. Partly this is because they control so much in their daily lives, and at heart they really don’t like doing it.

        1. What about the male that goes to a dominatrix to be humiliated, or is that just a stereotype that has no merrit? Does he do it for the same reasons?

        2. I’m no expert but supposedly highly dominant men – or at least those in positions of great power – seek a reprieve from that responsibility. Kind of a yin-yang thing.
          I’m a pretty dominant guy, and I know it’s a real relief when I encounter a guy that I trust more than myself. It doesn’t make me want to be whipped by a nasty chick in leather, though.

        3. If she is in power, it is up to the point at which the sex begins, and after that it’s all in your hands if you want to take it. Even so, a lot of Game resides in having the strength to say that the two of you will have sex at some point, you will decide when that point is, and she will want it before you do.
          I think there is some sort of subtle nuances to the communication in bed, because I know that over time I became much more dominant and women became much more submissive. I cringe when I think back to how passive I was, at times, before. Supplicating while on a date is one thing, but supplicating when she is lying there with her legs spread is just cringe worthy.
          Domination is absolutely not forcing yourself on a woman that doesn’t want it. Maybe if she wants to not want it … but really, it’s about reaching inside her mind to figure out what she really wants. Figuring out what she doesn’t know that she wants.

  18. The author is correct. Whats ironic is the movie studios are struggling and dont seem to know why. The price of a movie ticket is part of it….the food is too expensive…then the product just all-around sucks. The whole experience is just god-awful.

    1. Added to this irony is that they seem to think the solution is to crack down on Internet piracy. Leaving aside the studies that indicate Internet pirates as group never would have bought the product anyway, I’d say levels of piracy are merely indicating the free market’s collective view of the value of most films: zero.

    2. Indeed. Consider the beta schlub who is out $50-$70 for a movie plus heifer chow and no pussy. Red pill cooks at his place, and starts macking a third of the way through Netflix. Or he just brings a bag of Skittles to her place. More Bang for less bux.
      End Transmission.

      1. So, I’ve read that horror movies can be sexually arousing since they arouse people with tension & fear. Did anyone use that to their advantage this Haloween?

    3. People are loud–and don’t get me started on cellphones. Plus, if I am paying so much for tickets and snacks, what is with the crappy commercials? At least the commercials used to be cooler at the theater than on tv, but now they’re just normal.

      1. Used to be – there were no commercials or government Big Brother ads in the theatres before the movie. You’d see some upcoming movie trailers, and then straight into the flick.
        Man how I miss that.

  19. God damn. This article is right on the money. I cannot tell you the last time I saw a good Hollywood film, and I watch a ton of movies.

    1. I remember the ‘good’ old days that when you had insomnia you could turn on the tv and catch a good black and white movie on. Then later you could always rely on Turner Classic Movies. That’s not the case anymore. Infomercials and reality television have ruined it all. However, now we have Amazon and other groups getting into original programming. All is not lost.

  20. I haven’t read the article, just the Title. And it says it all. I’ve been preaching this for years, if you want to know the state of a culture, just review it’s entertainment that is selling. Music, movies… it’s all “images and sounds” of what once had substance and raw talent.

    1. My co-workers were talking about how this is their new jam… I was just like this is absolutely hilarious… but please let me go home now…

      1. Wow, that was disturbing, but also accurate.
        I know coke addicts, and that is their attitude. Problem is they have binges and miss two days of work every few months.
        Coke does things to people. Bad things.

        1. Experience? I could see you smoking pot, but not that.
          If you do overdose, you could start bleeding from your anus.

        2. My dick hasn’t been the same since I stuck it in that VitaMax…
          Hehe you’re right coke is not my thing… always turned it down actually never tried it.
          I’ve just seen what its done to people I know and it turned me right off. A friend from elementary school got into it and ended up pretty much incapable of functioning in society.
          Other coke-heads I’ve known have knocked girls up, lived lives of petty crime, gotten geeked up on heroine, end up in delusional head-spaces…
          Just a tense and agitated scene… Not my thing…
          I’d trade coke for psychedelics any day of the week.

        3. I’m glad drugs and alcohol never appealed to me (I’m a substance virgin), although I’ve been teased about it constantly.

        4. There are communes you can go to in South America where you can live with a shaman and a group of travellers and go on a vision quest.
          Haven’t been myself but that sounds like a wild-ride if you ask me.

        5. I hope you don’t judge me but I’ve been around the block in that regard…
          But I study perceptual neuroscience give me a break 😛

        6. Have you taken neuro classes on the biological level (science papers on cellular activity)? I took one and it was a mind trip … I wanted to become a neurologist.
          If I’m correct your emphasis is,on behavior studies, not physiological or cellular analysis.

        7. My undergrad I studied evolutionary psychology, theory of artificial intelligence, philosophy of mind, linguistics, biological psychology (i.e., brain physiology/structure, neurotransmitters and networks, biomechanics, etc.), and stats/research methods etc… some other shit too but these were the topics that attracted me.
          In my masters I learned to do perceptual experiments. The broad field of behavioural work that I do is termed psychophysics. Essentially, how to quantify perception. So imagine like… how many photons of light does it take before you reach a 50% threshold that people report having a sensation of seeing a dot of light? I think its like less than 30 or some tiny number like that (just enough so that one photon reaches the photo-receptors and doesn’t get absorbed by the intermediate matter). If you’re interested I could send you a couple of my favourite papers.
          My own research was on how the brain integrates auditory and visual stimuli. I’ve only tested humans but I know people that do studies on rats and even primates (Macaques). Put electrodes into their brain structures to figure out what they do and stuff like that.
          You might be surprised to know how much research is going on out there that the general public has no clue about… For example, getting a monkey to control a mech-suit by jacking straight into its premotor cortex.
          Sometimes I freak some of my friends out… Lots of people can’t handle this sort of stuff.

        8. Sounds like one of those “adventures” culturally atomized white shitlib goons can’t seem to get enough of.
          “I’m like spiritual and shit, read about it on my fagbook”

        9. hahahaha.
          We have those groups in Toronto as well.
          It is a competition for who is the more “spiritual”.

        10. I do know that the LSD experiments in America in the 50s were just the tip of the ice berg. The government was probably involved in everything you can and cant imagine.
          I have also read how technology is made to effect brain chemistry and vibration. So essentially its a form of hypnosis. It’s like manufacturing a drug.
          I know why it’s hard to find a job in that field … Probably because the field is so small due to government regulation and exclusivity.

        11. Let them tease. Misery loves company.
          The drugs/alcohol route was tried the past half-century. Not exactly a resounding success.
          Keep the poisons outta your body Doc. You’ll be glad you did. Cheers.

        12. That and the academic field will mentally destroy any self-respecting man.
          We noted recently that academia is predominantly a leftist paradigm. So I looked it up and apparently this has been recognized for a while.

          I’m actually extremely bitter at the moment because my professor just told me I have to go back and re-analyze all my data… which means I have to go and re-write my results and discussion sections… I just wanna fuckin graduate and get the fuck out of here.
          You have no idea how many times this guy has made me run in circles its ridiculous… and most of the time it turns out his ideas are stupid… academia is bullshit scam… And what’s even more ridiculous? One of the jewish undergrads was able to get into my university’s Clinical Development program (one of the most prestigious/competitive career tracks in psychology) and HE NEVER COMPLETED HIS HONOURS THESIS. The guy technically didn’t graduate and he managed to get into a more prestigious program than anyone I know.
          Why the fuck should intelligent young men even try?
          This has left me in a rotten fuckin’ mood.

        13. You are not alone. I sit on a computer all day and do customer service, a bit of actual project work (this was not the job description). Well, unlike you I am getting paid, so I’m not complaining.
          Our elders are idiots.
          And nepotism is endemic.
          Just gotta look at work as a war to get money and resources, nothing romantic.

        14. Cheers mate thanks for the support… I just need to be reminded once in while that I’m not insane and I’m good.

    2. ” it’s all “images and sounds” of what once had substance and raw talent.”
      This is it. Movies and other entertainment used to be about telling a good story or expressing some meaningful idea the screenwriter wanted to share.
      Now it’s just designing a plot around some special effects you want to use and the product placements you need to do because the company already paid you to prominently display their crap in your movie.
      I’m definitely not going to pay $14 for a ticket, $20 for food and drink, sit next to some asshat talking on his cellphone or to his girlfriend the whole movie just so I can see what amounts to a giant Pepsi and Apple ad with a few explosions mixed in.
      Hopefully, the independent movies and theaters can pick up some of the slack. I may even make an effort in the next couple of weeks to find one of those theaters where I live and check out one of the movies.

      1. For me, it’s the lack of that “after movie” feeling. You know, the one you get when an unfolding plot acted with professional subtleties literally changes a small piece of your life seemingly forever. WTF happened to that?
        Are there literally no good lessons left to learn from motion pictures?
        Just like the major Record Labels, no one wants to take a risk on something that is ..well.. a risk. The rehashed template has chased movies and music right down the toilet.

        1. Leonard Nimoy put his finger on it: he said there are pieces of art (i.e. film) that have value and meaning, and there are pieces of art that are there to just use up some time.

        2. I had that realization once when I was at an art gallery.
          I was looking around and was like “yea I guess that’s cool… sure… whatever… this is very historical and all but… I’m kinda bored…”
          Then I saw one piece that really stuck out to me and I was quite happy to just sit down and look at it and try to pick up on what vibe the artist was going for… Somehow aesthetically and emotionally there was just something about it…
          I went to check who’s work it was and it read “Picasso.”
          That is when I realized that some art (whatever medium) is just better than other art. Pink Floyd is just better than Maroon 5…
          Sorry Adam Levine… You’re just another brick in the wall…

        3. Small addendum, again something from Robert McKee: the masters in any given art always mastered the traditional forms before moving on to their own styles. Michelangelo certainly did so: David was an early work of his, but look at some of his later Pietas and they’re almost impressionistic.

        4. what has happened to music needs to start happening to art – you know – get past the gatekeepers.

  21. It would take Ridley Scott, to direct Steven pressfield’s gates of fire to get me back in a theater! And yes Kubrick was the man! … If you haven’t seen Kubrick’s (the killing) fucking do it now!

    1. Over the last few months I watched all of Kubrick’s movies. Even in 2014 you can tell he was ahead of his time back in the 50’s and 60’s.

        1. In one word I’d describe it with: subliminal. There seems to be some underlying narrative about power or people high in command in government. I get this sensation with most of his movies though. You should look up Rob Ager on Youtube, he’s done some interesting analyses on Kubrick’s work.

        2. I totally agree.
          I come from a military family (grandfather was an engineer for the pentagon) and I have heard things … seeing the movie kind of sent chills down my spine.
          If I had to bet, it’s all real … it wasn’t meant by Kubric to be a joke.

  22. While I agree that the state of today’s movies is nothing but a thoughtless, high budget cesspool of crappy sequels and bad remakes I would have to say that on a happier note I would argue that today’s TV shows (the ones on cable not network TV) have been very good. Within the last ten years we’ve had gems such as The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and True Detective to name a few. The only way to get Hollywood to change is when people stop seeing these movies and they’ll realize $200 million budgets don’t buy audiences anymore. I would say this has been happening to some extent across the board, but the old model is still being propped up by Marvel movies and sequels.

  23. I don’t go to theaters but I dam well avoid Hollywood movies because there PC crap and I prefer B. movies and foreign films too so I understand where you’re coming from brother. Allot of good American films aren’t made in Hollywood are Indi so American film making isn’t dead you just look at Hollywood ,for example in the 80s allot of macho shows like the A-TEAM and Knight Rider. Masculine shows died out in the 90s and was replaced with feminist propaganda shows and this trend lasted well into the millennium. Until Hollywood’s grip on the television industry has been loosened ,now you have a return of machismo to prime time with shows like The Walking Dead and Supernatural. Showing masculine characters doing masculine things ,these shows aren’t made in PC Hollywood as well!

  24. Honestly, the vast majority of American films released today are fucking garbage, and the ones that critics like are usually overrated too, like 12 Years A Slave.
    The only two American movies I saw last year that I would recommend are Wolf Of Wall Street and Nebraska. Neither film is a masterpiece, but Wolf….. is a hilarious, no holds barred black comedy about greedy dishonest fucks, while Nebraska is a bittersweet eulogy for the American family and dead-end small town life.
    Bruce Dern is in his late 70’s, but he still outclasses any of the nancy boy movie stars that are popular today.

  25. Off Topic: Heard a piece on NPR (no homo) about GamerGate. If I didn’t know
    better and wasn’t red pill, based on the story I’d think gamer culture
    was a bunch of reckless, misogynistic teenage boys having secret “Learn to
    Rape” meetings in their mom’s basements.
    The MSM narrative still supports the feminist imperative. Don’t underestimate the power of corporate (and Jewish) media.

  26. Robert McKee’s book “Story” talks about this from the screenwriting end. He has runs on the board in the sense that many of the people he trained in his screenwriting courses went on to obtain Oscars or high-grossing returns for their scripts. He respects Bergman and most of the giants.
    He points out that when you look at what Hollywood puts out each year, you are really looking, incredible as it may sound, at the cream of the crop of 2-3 years of searching for good scripts. Hollywood literally cannot find any better stories than what it currently puts out each year.
    McKee attributes this mainly to, surprise surprise, a pernicious blight on screenwriting and creative writing courses across the country in higher education. Basically, the study of creative writing has altered from the study of the actual main elements of screenwriting – how conflict, character, and scenes actually work on the psyche and thus why they get bums on seats – to, surprise surprise, post-modernist commentary on the social, racial, economic, and gender aspects of film works. He calls it a change in focus from looking at stories from the inside out to peering at them from the outside in. A screenwriter leaving university has a deep understanding of his place in society, but virtually nothing of the mechanics of story.
    It’s for this reason (he says, paraphrasing) we see, again and again and again, the Joseph Campbell “Hero With A Thousand Faces” model of heroic quest played out over two hours. It’s about the only model of story that conventional Hollywood screenwriters can use anymore, because they aren’t taught how to do much else and haven’t seen anything else since the days of the (old) Star Wars. Consider the fact that Raiders of the Lost Ark came out in 1983 or so and is a five-act film. That dramatic structure simply does not exist in slam-bang Hollywood films anymore. The collective storytelling muscles of Hollywood’s writers have gone weak, which feeds into failed films, which feeds into backers only supporting sure things, which feeds the problem further since those few individualists who do know how to tell stories have a much harder time cutting through.

    1. You know Marcus, funny you bring that up. Here’s a story.
      Long ago while going somewhere with a woman, we saw a sign waver on a corner. It was a long stoplight so I blurted out that I should make a movie called “Sign Waver”.
      It would go like this (this took couple of minutes)
      There will be this dude who might have worked in some corporate office or something and he burns out or gets fired and has to take a job as a sign waver.
      At the sign waver job there will be one fat loser type but he’s pretty nice otherwise, a few “extras” without depth, one antagonist guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to sign wavers, and one woman who becomes our protagonists love interest but of course evil sign waver guy wants her.
      So during the course of this movie our protagonist is finding ways to improve the field of sign waving in horribly obvious and banal ways that make you want to slam your dick in a door just to forget what you just saw, while developing a relationship with the one sign waver chick…
      and she of course turns out to be all kinds of “good” with college education but some valid reason to be a sign waver, has a big apartment even though she’s a sign waver, etc. The usual. Yes our protagonist and she will end up fucking at some point.
      Our antagonist evil sign waver dude starts to plot revenge.
      So.. they all end up at some national sign waver convention or competition where where bad guy does something to embarrass and humiliate our hero and some “showdown” occurs and everybody is friends in the end with the bad guy being all contrite and saying something stupid like “here I was waving signs that tell people things but I never saw the signs I should have seen myself”.
      By this point, the woman who was hearing all of this was ready to jump out the window of the truck because JUST ABOUT EVERY FUCKING MOVIE is like this.
      At the next intersection I say : “OK, Sign Waver 2. The sequel…” and she threatened to kill me.
      So I say “Ok no more sign waver movies”.
      I see a tow truck go by…..

    2. That’s thoughtful and well expressed, but having seen some rejected scripts which in fact contain amazing potential, I’m going to have to say that it may not be entirely correct. No, there are gatekeepers, and agendas to fill. Even when a good script is found, if the writer is hesitant to allow a nearly full re-write to fulfill a political or social agenda, the script goes on the shelf or is never purchased to begin with.
      Wait, you won’t let us turn Apollo into a woman on the new Battlestar Gallactica? Ok, goodbye, we’ll find another script from some chump who will let us do what we want (not that this happened with that show unfortunately).

  27. I sustain the fact that recent movies are a piece of shit. The Robocop Re-make was a utter fucking dissapointment. If you dare re-make a master-piece, you have to take every single detail into account and then try and create your version of the master-piece. The new movie is a CGI piece of shit. No honor, no courage.

  28. The last time I saw ‘Rocky Horror Picture show’ was in ’92 and the catcalls and jeers were riotous. I heard much red pill venting on the gay cabaret pulp theme. It was line for line smackdown and made it not only entertaining but interactive. If only there were a cult movie that red pillers could see today and have a blast ripping to shreds. A replay of ‘Pretty Woman’ perhaps. Boy could I sling some shit at every other line in that one. Heh.

  29. What about Two And a Half Men ? It used to have the charismatic Charlie Sheen. Excelent character to be played and excelent actor too. When I heard that they would be replacing him with that Beta Ketchup chump I was dissapointed. Tried to see an episode once, it’s full of feminist propaganda; made me want to puke. You can’t mess around with the great works, you just can’t, GOD DAMN IT !

  30. Look man. Shit gets made. Books. Music. Whatever. Shit gets made. How many houses are drab and plain? How many buildings are works of art? How many songs on an album suck? How many more sucked before they released that album?
    Shit gets made. District 9 was awesome. Elysium was shit. The same people that make awesome also turn out shit. MJ missed some shots. Manning throws picks.
    Dont look at the movies in the theater now. They all suck. Cherry pick whats been made and youll have a better idea.
    Great Gatsby (might not be a classic but i liked it)
    The wolf of wallstreet
    there will be blood
    Snow piercer
    the prestige
    xmen days of futures past
    The dark knight
    40 yr old virgin
    wedding crashers
    the moon
    requiem for a dream.
    some of you may not like these and some may not think these are or will ever be timeless classics but theyre good movies. You need to pick the best as the shit thats made decomposes lile the shit made a century ago.

  31. Honestly, I don’t buy the premise of this article to begin with. It portrays the past of filmmaking in nostalgic terms, as if everything was better before, but the only thing it offers in support are a few examples of movie classics. Do you think those are the only movies that were ever made back in the day? Hardly. The bulk of all movies ever made were the same kind of unoriginal crap, we just get the illusion of everything being better in the good old days since we only remember the movies that stood the test of time and became classics.
    Oh, and the same applies equally to music and videogames.

    1. I think the point is that those gems that stand the test of time are increasingly rare. I can’t count the number of high quality movies from the 30’s through the 70’s. I can count the number of high quality movies from the 21st century on one hand and still have fingers left over. We’re fifteen years into this century and still no real movies of note except a scant few.

  32. Years ago I was around a guy who was the consumate “dealmaker.” He had no finesse, no artistic sensibilities, no recognition of individual’s interests and when things went terribly wrong no ability to even recognize it. He was a realtor and not a filmmaker but watching him I learned how Hollywood movies got made. The “dealmaker” was the arbitor of the parts of the film being brought together…the actors, the theme, the money, the promotion…there all done. Oh yeah. Find me a script.
    My nominee for an old film that is an artistic triumph in every regard…script, actors, music, photography and every detail? That would be Body Heat, 1981

  33. Other than the occasional epic such as LOTR (which is actually old anyway, considering it’s based on the books), you are correct. Even look at the Hobbit compared to LOTR, the quality downgrade is obvious.

    1. this is true, but you have to remember that the hobbit was originally meant to be a fluffy book geared more towards youths. it started off as a bed time story to tolkiens children.

  34. The movies are utterly contemptible and if that isn’t bad enough, there’s a proliferation of chick-flick books now with twilight and fifty shades running amok. Everywhere you turn its the same shit – women women women; how can we do more for women? what do women really want? how can we better facilitate women? On and on it goes.
    The world firmly belongs to women now and all their pandering manginas who sell them garbage for some pennies.
    If i hear another women talk about male-privilege and patriarchy i’ll scream.

    1. Hey, disenfranchising half the population is not good for business nor society. I agree, but keep perspective, its all politics and authoritarian socialist politics at that. Eras come and go this one will be no different.

  35. On the topic of movies I think everyone should watch ‘Nightcrawler’ with Jake Gyllenhaal as the new Travis Bickle.
    His character is a perfect modern day update of the sociopath/psychopath. Instead of gritty hardened shell shocked vet that starts to take matters in his own hands, the new sociopath is a yuppie corporate speak inspired effeminate mangina that snakes his way to the top.
    Great movie.

  36. Good article, consistent with another recent post on ROK discussing the current condition of art. The quality of content across the board in mass media is horrid, absolutely, horrid, that much is true. Forget for a minute that its a tool for feminists and infused with feminist ideology (to include progressivism)…the numbers are all showing an unmistakable decline of this industry…ratings, box office, music sales…for fuck sake even their petty little awards shows are all seeing less and less viewers. Hell, “duh view” has seen something like a 30% decline recently. It may be hard to see at the moment, as we’re having to endure a severe progressive storm, but, remember control of the media played a huge part in why we’re here! With the decline in ratings comes a decline in the influence this truly satanic industry. I suppose we can quibble over this or that regarding the decline of quality but there is no denying that the politicization of it is a huge part. And with that “they” are creating a perfect storm of their own because at the same time the internet has already rendered this construct obsolete – if anything the studios and networks should be doing the opposite and scrambling for better content? Yes, you’ve guess it, iCulture is emerging as a disruptive technology and it holds the power to decentralize media, which is a very good thing considering that it was the centralization of media that gave us bullshit shows like zena and greys anatomy.

  37. I find Christopher Nolan’s movies to be a beacon of light in the shit infested world of hollywood. Memento, The Dark Knight, Inception, and his upcoming film Interstellar all are original films with very unique themes and amazing writing.

    1. I didn’t realize Interstellar was his work. Now I feel rather compelled to go see it.

  38. Which film do you think is the most “masculine” of all times?
    I would vote for Predator.

    1. Any John Wayne or Clint Eastwood western
      Dirty Harry
      Death Wish
      Conan The Barbarian
      Fight Club
      Reservoir Dogs
      Mad Max
      Any of the older James Bond movies
      Die Hard
      First Blood
      Sadly, most of them are from many years ago, and they are becoming more and more scarce

      1. You missed the grandaddy of all masculine films; The Maltese Falcon. It is red pill from beginning to end.

        1. I probably left a bunch off without meaning to. I just tossed that list together off the top of my head.
          I also see I missed Cool Hand Luke. That was a good one, too.

        1. I see what you’re saying, but the first line was really just for Eastwood and Wayne westerns, not all of their movies.
          Dirty Harry was listed out specifically since it didn’t fall under that.

        2. Ah, seems that I missed the western part-brain fart. Since you’re on the Mel Gibson theme, the partiot warrants a spot.

    2. The Big Sleep
      The Maltese Falcon
      The Great Escape
      The Seven Samurai/The Magnificent Seven
      Yojimbo/Last Man Standing
      The other Heat (Burt Reynolds)
      The 13th Warrior

    3. “Dark of the Sun” (1968) starring Rod Taylor,Yvette Mimieux and Jim Brown. It’s about mercenaries in the Congo rebellion in the early 1960’s. There is an extended sequence where black rebels sack a town of white colonials. Nun raping, massacre, and even a scene of Katanga rebels gang-raping a white male soldier.

  39. I will not comment on the level of art in today’s films because I know little of art. What I do recognize when I see it is propaganda. Any movie made since 1968 is full to the brim with feminist and other left wing propaganda.
    Here is a test i gave myself awhile back: take a list of movies and rank order them from those you like best, and then get their release years. If you are like me you will see a distinct pattern of the more recent the release the less value in the movie. Maybe I am just an old fart, stuck on what was popular in my youth, but I don’t think so. Many of my favorites were released decades before I was born.
    I make it a policy to never put a dollar in the pockets of misandrous Hollywood stars. That has led to me going to a total of two movies in the theater in the past three years; and they were the two Hobbit movies which my sons wanted to see while they were home for Christmas. One of the happiest outcomes I read about was when, about 2 decades ago, Jane Fonda wanted to make a movie, The Doll Maker, in a small Tennessee town. The town and the county took votes and determined that they did not want Hanoi Jane Fonda anywhere near their location. This was in spite of the fact that it would have put lots of money in individual and government pockets.

    1. Nah you’re right on. For anyone who doubts, challenge them to a drinking game. The rules are easy, you just take a drink every time you see a piece of leftist/marxist propaganda including:
      -Reference to pseudoscience (global warming, benefits of diversity) as fact.
      -Benefits of Big Gov’t
      -The inherent evil of the White heterosexual male
      -The artistic beauty and unappreciated genius of the average homosexual
      -“Equality” as a natural state.
      ….they’ll be shit-housed in an hour.

  40. Patton Oswalt on “Death Bed the Bed that Eats People”

    He has to compete with this crap.

    1. Doesn’t really count, in my opinion. It’s from the seventies. But I kind of want to see this movie. I’m not kidding. Bet it beats Transformers, or Jumanji, or Gone Girl. And how about Chatterbox, also from the seventies? It’s the original Vagina Monologues. It’s about a woman’s pussy that begins talking, and singing. Very uplifting, and climatic.

  41. “Have you seen any modern movie that doesn’t star an actor that could easily be an emotionless emaciated androgynous lesbian that has the acting skills of a retarded infant?”
    Maybe, just maybe, leave the retarded infants out of this.
    To your point, independent movies don’t ‘make it’ for the exactly the reason you described – it’s a financial risk. It has nothing to do with a lack of creativity or originality. To get a production company to fund a film, they need to know that they’ll profit. How do they ensure that? They follow formulas (i.e., genres). While I sympathize with your disdain for mainstream cinema, its lack of originality should not come as a surprise. This is, by definition, popular culture. Unless the public demands better, it will continue.
    You mention Marxist propaganda, but the reality of popular culture is that it’s inherently anti-Marxist; hence its mass production and inevitable popularity. Independent filmmakers, on the other hand, would be more likely to embrace Marxist thought, as the de-privatization of cinema production would mean more room for creativity, and a more level playing field for those in the industry – not to mention the ability to shake the masses as opposed to lulling them into complacency with romantic comedies and ‘horror’ films.
    If you want something original and culturally rich, your best bet is to stay away from mainstream media entirely.

  42. The biggest problem with movies today (and Hollywood in particular), is the overuse of CGI. CGI looks like shitty cartoons and is intended to gratify those who cannot think. Transformers is one of the worst franchises ever, and I have not paid a penny to watch such crap. In general I absolutely refuse to see any movies that are overly reliant on CGI. I have no interest in watching fucking animation.

    1. Avatar comes to mind. Can’t believe so many people thought that looked real. At best, it looked like a video game.

  43. Most mainstream movies are terrible just atrocious investment opportunities. Thing is though it has never been easier to make your own movies. the kit is relatively inexpensive, the expertise is easy to acquire. the turnaround is incredibly quick and you can put your work up on youtube. I have seen some great shorts on youtube, That said movies are dying, at least the hollywood model. its a downward spiral the technology is old and limited. video games are going to horse them in the coming years. Just look at what is coming with videogames, VR (you seen oculus rift porn?) AR, massive graphics improvements, new AI, physics cloud etc etc. All said apart from better stories movies have nowhere else to go, videogames are only just gearing up. It is considerably more difficult to make a game than a movie now hence why they are made by men for men. No flakey bint can get some kit and make a game it involves code, physics , engineering, good art. Proper talent. This is one of the reasons movies are in trouble the talent is being drawn away into games now as its the bigger player.

  44. Hollywood makes ten movies over and over again. Examples being cop buddy movie, rom com, bio pic. . Etc it’s sad. . Just. New actors with different lines but the plot is basically the same.

  45. Great article. Spot in about the decline of art. Art is just another causality of a declining culture.

  46. Wow, I thought I was the only one who noticed how bad Hollywood movies had gotten these last few years. Thanks to Netflix I tend to watch mostly new Asian films from Korea, China, and Japan or foreign classical movies.

  47. Absolutely. Hey I got an idea for a movie that would fly in today’s market: Rich beta-male can’t find love, meets a late 20’s waitress with a masters degree who keeps getting fired for having scandalous sex with co-workers. She asks him out, he pays for a lovely evening, as they’re leaving a vegan Ethiopian restaurant, terrorists attack because they think all vegetarians ate Jewish. The man literally shits in his pants, the heroin disarms the terrorists with a combo of waitress-grit and krav maga, and they leave together in a prius-taxi driven by an illegal immigrant. …yes?

  48. The new movie Interstellar, in one word “sucks”, thought I would warn.
    Its all the politically correct female placating Disney bullsh*t jammed together in an incoherent manner that is so bad that it makes day time soap operas look good. Yet
    first rate super big budget graphics. Sort of like rat poison’s affect. Made to look, smell and taste good to rats but actually nauseating and very bad for the rats health.
    Yep lots of weird pity party drama trigged for no apparent reason. Those that work long and hard to bring value to others who are not direct family relatives are the bad
    people but those that are overly emotional, have no plan, and care only for there immediate relations are the good heroes who save the world (how they accomplish this is wishful thinking in post, yea plot holes galore). I mentioned placating nauseating Disney like bullsh*t themes. So the bad characters are form fitted to fit this theme but their motivations become impossible and incoherent, sort of like fingernails on a chalkboard kind of feeling. It is good for the common cud chewing masses who mindlessly swallow all forms of political correctness.
    Interstellar feels like just this YouTube and a few more like it edited together by someone who was in a really big hurry. Interstellar is painful to watch, wait for it to
    come out on Netflicks when its cheep so you don’t feel ripped off and can just shut it off when you cant take it any more.

  49. I also agree with the author of this thread indie stuff can be pretty good sometimes. I have been seeing some plays here in Pasadena CA, very small time not all are good but many in all honesty were a whole lot better than big budget politically correct junk.
    This is an old one but many of you may have never heard of it “Fritz the Cat” circa 1972. The first x-rated cartoon indie movie, yep Fritz had game and the film was definitely not politically correct.

  50. This article is so spot-on. It’s one of the reasons why I’m waiting for the new Star Wars to come out, this time directed by JJ Abrams. I refuse to watch any of the remakes, like Transformers or Marvel Comics movies, because the overly hyped trailers are 99% disappointing when you go see them. It’s like in these action movies, something has to blow up every five seconds (because they know you just dozed off) and let’s not even talk about romantic comedies, or “chick flicks”. Most of the female actors in these movies, like Reese Whither-spoon, are so butt-ugly that you yearn for feminine performers who are a lot easier on the eyes. Most of the dialogue completely sucks and it’s offensive to see constant political agendas embedded in one-liners that are somehow meant to be cute-n-funny. I’ve had to walk out of the theater and took it as a loss many of times because my 2.5 hours of life were more precious to me then the $10.00 I spent on tickets to see these movies.

  51. This article says everything I’ve wanted to SCREAM out about movies the last 10 years.

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