Fanfare For The American Career Woman

Walk into any company office in the United States, and take a good look at the people there. You’ll see some men in grey or navy suits, other men in chinos and tacky striped shirts. In fact, the electronics manufacturer Samsung made an academic documentary comparing the typical American male and female office workers:

The documentary, while brief, is accurate – in an office where the average man might be wearing an oxford shirt and tie, the typical woman is wearing at least one large piece of clothing in a loud tacky color, and is altogether much less formal. Not to worry, she doesn’t stop to consider whether she’s too old, fat or ugly to pull off such gaudy, frumpy clothing – she’s so empowered that grace and humility are irrelevant. Her clothes are so sloppy even Goodwill wouldn’t take them. Lest you think I am making all this up, take a gander at one of the most august institutions in the land, Congress, and its freshman class of 2013:

Even though there are several times more men than women, not one man appears in bright red, blue, pink or yellow. For the men, it gets about as radical as a light grey suit, plus the weirdo wearing a red shirt. The men are nearly identical – they wear conservative suits and shirts, and occasionally loud neckties. The women, on the other hand, have never met a gauche shade of neon they wouldn’t wear. Why are American women so hell bent on attention whoring, precisely in the places where they say they want to be taken seriously? Why do women ‘fight for equality’ by swapping outfits with Bozo the Clown? Why are old white women so desperate to show us their wrinkly cleavage? It used to be common convention, that the uglier and saggier you are, the quieter your clothing should be.

I’ve yet to meet any group of straight men that can match the narcissism of the American woman at work. All I could find was the case of Buzz Bissinger, a GQ contributor who later checked into rehab for a shopping addiction. As far as I can tell, he is the male analog to the women I describe. And it is not pretty. Oh, it turns out he’s had some homosexual encounters as well. I’d love to see a straight man test the bounds of ‘equality,’ and dress like these buffoons, and still keep his job.

A part of me likes the fact that this shenanigans is widely accepted. It’s fun to imagine there’s some fat bald dude at the top, chomping on a cigar, waving you a big “fuck you,” smirking. “See punk, we have women wearing these clown suits to warn you that the rules only apply to you men. So you can’t say you weren’t warned!” And yet I’ve mentioned this to men at work, and they shrug their shoulders, with a mix of cowardice and resignation. They have never worked a day in their life where things were different, where women were subject to the same expectations. They have no other frame of reference, nor the breadth of mind to recognize how ridiculous these getups are.

The late traditionalist Lawrence Auster made one of those observations, that, once read, seems patently obvious:

The way many women dress today, with half their breasts exposed, is an expression of total disrespect for men. Men are left with three possible responses. To grab the woman, which is illegal; to ogle the woman, which is socially unacceptable; or to affect not to notice the woman at all, which is emasculating. A culture that normalizes such female behavior—i.e. not only not noticing or objecting to it, but prohibiting any objection to it—is extremely sick.

A commenter, James N., added:

To live in a world where something as natural as breathing is a crime is profoundly alienating—it unmans men, which is just exactly what it’s intended to do.

The “hip, cool” posture just covers up how much mojo the hipster has lost. He’s been castrated, and he’s not supposed to care.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux said, “To be always with a woman and not have intercourse with her is harder than to raise the dead.” Men in today’s society have their work cut out for them.

It is ludicrous to take a women in such garb seriously; she is telegraphing “LOOK AT ME,” while you are supposed to respect her as a peer and comrade. Most men see skimpy attire on women as an unmitigated good. Insofar as it lets you know who the strumpets are, I suppose this is so.

The blogger Laura Woods adds:

This sort of revealing dress in professional settings is a last-ditch effort by women to salvage their femininity. They are living daily lives of masculine aggression and drive. They are pressured to destroy their inherent selflessness and desire to serve. They make their breasts appear overblown, near-to-bursting balloons as a way of diverting attention from what they have become. I believe many professional women are bordering on mild schizophrenia, so divided are they between male and female.

Hers may be the most potent explanation yet. I have surmised as much about the ubiquity of the color hot pink, as a microcosm of this drive, and it’s popularity as a marketing tool to women. It is an impossibly ugly, tacky hue, yet women love it. These women are not feminine in any meaningful way, yet they think that having a vagina is something to be proud of. Wearing hot pink is akin to liking an anti-Kony group on Facebook to feel like you’re doing your part to fight genocide.

If there were substance to your intent, you wouldn’t even bother with these pointless public displays. You’d already have an outlet for this part of yourself, where you’re busy accomplishing things of substance. The brand Love Pink is the ultimate expression of this trend – incredibly slutty, trashy and plebeian. It strains the imagination to see a woman in these clothes as anything but an inveterate whore.

As the journalist Steve Sailer put it, the fundamental law of female journalism is “the most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.”  These women of Congress are declaring that merely being recognized as a Congressman is not enough, that they must brazenly inform everyone that they are women too, women who need attention, women who need to be recognized for their sexual value as well as their career accomplishments. Like the female journalists Sailer mocks, this is the battle of foremost concern to our female Congressmen, whose uniforms they wear with unswerving fealty.

“A woman simply is, but a man must become.” – Camille Paglia

To be sure, both sexes crave attention. But the occasional male drama queen aside, there is a stark difference – men earn attention by accomplishment, while women feel entitled to attention for simply being. A man considers it unbecoming to vie for attention without prior accomplishment. Once a man achieves something of note, he contents himself with the respect and loyalty of his peers.

For many women, this simply isn’t enough; it doesn’t sate a woman’s lust for validation as it would a man’s. No, she wants to be the belle of the ball, to have men fawning over her and women envying her, to be the most desired of them all. And the ‘girl power’ message has reached such a crescendo that even looking as comely as a diva now is hardly a prerequisite for acting like one. Each sex has its vices. But if men and women are to work together towards a common end, they ought to dress to reflect that.

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47 thoughts on “Fanfare For The American Career Woman”

  1. Well, at least that Samsung vid royally face-palmed the bitch at the end. You don’t see that often anymore.
    My take on the neon dress thing is similar to what you describe at the end: i.e., women are teetering between the male and the female. On the one hand, as in the case with Congresswomen, they have to project this air of competence (ha, ha) and authority (more likely, especially when introducing and supporting emasculating legislation). So, they wear pant suits and solid-color dresses instead of floral-patterned clothing, which would make them look WAY more female and (gasp!) feminine. That, I’m sure, would bring them down a notch or two in terms of authority (again . . . ha, ha). On the other hand, most of these women are older and frumpier. You don’t get access to Congress (unless you’re an escort or a hot intern) by strutting your stuff, youth, and femininity. It’s more mental and, as we typically know, the more educated a woman is, the more likely that she’s lost touch with her femininity. Especially lawyers, which a lot of Congresspeople are.
    Oh, the hot pink thing. No surprise that the pic is of a black chick. They, more than anyone else in my experience, LOVE the hot pink. It fuels their overly entitled and princess syndrome, for sure. Just yesterday, I was taking the bus and saw one 20-something black chick with hot pink pants, nails, and lipstick. Not bad looking, but then she opened her mouth, showing the hood-rat she was. As the saying goes, “you can put (hot pink lipstick) on a pig . . .”

    1. The girl in the picture is a tanned white girl. I can tell she’s not black because she is pretty slim and doesn’t seem to have an ass although it is difficult to tell.

      1. Good point. Didn’t notice it before.
        However, my comments about black women and hot pink still stand. 🙂

        1. You guys are both stupid, bordering on retardation. The woman in the picture is white and her slim body means nothing considering the amount of slim black women I know. Also adiaforon you were spot on about black women though I have to disagree about the princess syndrome considering that black women are queens. Queen syndrome would be more fitting to describe black women. I also find it funny that you categorize black women as having a sense of entitlement. MOST women have a terrible sense of entitlement that is instilled into them due to harmful feminist societal ideals. Although, I believe no one is more self entitled than the white woman. All of these marketing “trends” and tacky fashion ideas are created by white women and white gay men. She lives her life on an artificial throne and expects everyone to bow to her and wait on her hand and foot. If you want to know why you have to make a website such as this, look no further than your white women. They started feminism. They wanted to become men because white men are largely beta (at best, I see alot of omega’s on the come up) and they felt they could do it without you. Now white men are having to date asians, latinas and even (YES) black women who know how to revere their men. You guys are hilarious.

  2. As a side note, if I’m not mistaken the actress in the Samsung video looks a lot like the “bare midriff girl” who was Larry’s secretary on Curb Your Enthusiasm. 🙂

  3. ‘…men earn attention by accomplishment, while women feel entitled to attention for simply being’ – a fundamental difference between men & women, more so today than ever before.

  4. As Dr Warren Farrell said, Women have become human BEINGS while men have become human DOINGS. Reminds me of the the satirical pictures that juxtapose a male facebook page and a female facebook page. I love the blond with the black red purple get-up. TOTALLY 70s retro.

  5. Don’t care much about this. Wear whatever the hell you want, men or women.
    Prepare to be judged though.

    1. Speaking from personal experience, men are judged far more harshly on what they wear at work, and what is acceptable for women to wear at work is several notches lower in formality than what is acceptable for men (eg sandals and open-toed shoes).

  6. Isn’t this article arguing the wrong point? What I mean is women dressing to attract attention is something ingrained in their hindbrains, so they can find the right mate. Women taking jobs like men and expecting to be treated as “equals” – that’s the problem and the more “unnatural” of the two discordant behaviors.

    1. You’re correct. The problem comes when women try to have and be both. Well, really when they try to be the one they can’t be and shouldn’t be because of their gender, but it becomes especially bad when they try to do what they can’t PLUS the contradictory thing they should have been all along. It’s just a shame. No moral guidance in the world, so people get more and more lost, and the genders become more homogeneous.

    2. Opinions differ. What I think can be said is that women dress to be noticed. Whether by a potential mate or just in competition with other women, it’s hard to say.

    3. I’d agree, to an extent. But as long as women are in the workplace, my point stands.

  7. Scuse me but…”But if men and women are to work together towards a common end,” LOL, Is that a joke??

    1. No, it is the white flag of defeat when they see the enemies battle array before the attack that will eventually wipe them out. I have always said diplomacy only works when the enemy knows he can’t roll his tanks through your streets without getting a crushing butt whooping.
      “Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.” -Flavius Vegetius Renatus (You want peace, prepare for war.)

  8. To be sure, both sexes crave attention. But the occasional male drama
    queen aside, there is a stark difference – men earn attention by
    accomplishment, while women feel entitled to attention for simply being.-EG
    This sums up your argument quite nicely. Men have always had to have something else to raise their SMV. Always. Yet women have always demanded the same from slightly older, to way older, men simply for having a baby incubator.
    This has always been why women go to the slightly older, but more accomplished man. He has already proved himself in battle, business, or both. There is no common ground between men and women other then sex. Women start younger, men therefore have to prepare for the younger women who will inhabit his future while he female peers get orifice pounded by his experienced betters.
    Sex is the great equalizer, more than an atomic bomb or any other super weapon past, present, or future. Women have possessed the unfair advantage for centuries, and through shear stupidity and avarice, have tried to have both sides and lost.
    Now that they are having equality, I intend to make them “enjoy it” like rubbing a disobedient dog’s face in its own feces it stupidly crapped on my carpet rather then go outside where it belongs.

  9. What is your problem? Maybe those suits make men feel masculine, and they like that, while doing their jobs, and wearing a light blue blazer makes women feel happy, or even feminine, while doing their jobs. If they’re doing their jobs well, then who cares? Why don’t you just fuck off and let people be themselves? I’m an engineering student, and I can’t recall a single time I was disrespected while dressing attractively (or disrespected much ever, really), and I can’t imagine doing a worse job on a project because I like dresses. It baffles me why you see women in bright, cheerful colors as contemptible clowns. Maybe other people just see them as female employees and don’t despise them for the typically female desire to like looking good. Feminine dignity is repulsive? Men like their own shit. Who cares? What passes for a thought in your head is what deserves contempt. Who gives a fuck? If it works, if the job gets done and most co-workers aren’t tense, then what the person has for lunch, or what hat they’re wearing, are irrelevant. Needless, authoritarian attitude. I think many a dowdy, shy woman would be happier if she exprimented with dressing like a woman and showing herself off more- it’s just nature.

        1. Aw hell with it, I told you to shut up- Just deleted because figured there’s enough negativity here. I repeat-hell with it. Shut up lol

    1. It’s also nature for women to be in the home and not working, raising children, which is their natural place in life.
      His point is that if women want to be men, they have to take everything that comes with it.

      1. Just because a woman wants a particular job, doesn’t mean that she wants to be a man. Taking everything that comes with a job might mean taking long hours, or taking hostility, or accepting productivity-related professional standards, etc., and asking for special treatment because you’re a beautiful flower, or a historical victim, is contemptible in my optinion, but the question with regard to each thing, clothing included, is whether it is a necessary part of the job or not. Many computer engineering workplaces are jeans-friendly, for example. In the end, the market will show you what’s necessary. Variable success of methods shows what is necessary for success.
        Ask yourself whether a politician must wear grey or whether most guys who are politicians simply prefer to. Hating on a woman for wearing mascara while competing in a co-ed track meet, while she is beating much of the competition, and saying, “If you want to run track, you have to take everything that comes with it. So, wipe your eyelashes. What ridiculous person puts paint on their face?” is silly and, well, just hating on women. I said, who cares? I like feeling the feminine dignity of looking my best while going to work, or participating in a track meet. It makes me happy and it affects no one else, except angry men who think women should mimic them in every facet or get into the kitchen, apparently.

        1. “and asking for special treatment because you’re a beautiful flower, or a historical victim, is contemptible in my opinion”
          So, can we replicate this meme and insert it into the Female Matrix to make sure that all traces of gender feminism are wiped out?

        2. We’re the angry ones? You can’t breath calmly long enough to bring your hysterical fumes down(which would flush out your oceans of vaginal sand) before writing a counter-argument that mostly doesn’t deal with the points made. We don’t care about everything you’re boringly passionate about. You’re surrounded by women who give you fake compliments and men who are scared of you, leading you to believe that your verbal diarrhea is appealing to listen to.
          And LOL at you claiming you’re not a feminist.

        3. ” In the end, the market will show you what’s necessary. ”
          I agree entirely. Companies should be allowed to have all male or all female staff if they damn well please. We’d get to see what the most profitable, productive arrangement there is, as regards the sexes.
          And women do get special treatment with regards to clothing. I have personally worn items that got me flak, that I was specifically asked to stop wearing, whereas if a woman had worn it, it would not even be remarkable. Eg, at most offices, men are never without a collared shirt, but women very often are.

        4. LOLOLOLOLOL… hahahaha… well said !
          if a guy turns up to a track meet in mascara, or a congressman turns up for the photo op, in a bright red or mustard yellow jacket… no one will take him seriously… where is the equality in that ?

        5. Where did she say she was trying to be anything for a man? She was talking about what she wants to do in her life, not what some guy wants her to be.
          You people really think *everything* a woman does is all about you…

    2. Translation: Let women do whatever makes them *feel* good.
      It’s not all about you when there are other people around. Women looking sexy can retard productivity and distract men –
      “It baffles me why you see women in bright, cheerful colors as contemptible clowns.” Because they’re old, saggy, fat and shapeless? I’d say the same of men similarly proportioned.

  10. Here’s the best way to react to women who are out of line with the dress code: Patronize them. They are asking to not be taken seriously. Subtle negging (“That red blazer is not bright enough on you.”) and talking down to them will help you avoid taking the non-reaction route, which makes you look beta.

  11. That female blogger Laura is full of shit when she said “They are pressured to destroy their inherent selflessness and desire to serve. ”
    What nonsense. The Vedas, the most ancient scriptures on the planet, state that women are naturally extremely selfish, and that women are nine times more lusty than men, in the sense of wanting to accumulate material things as well as for sex.
    The Vedas also state that women must never be given freedom. Well, look at the modern society, what happens when women are given freedom. Pure chaos.

    1. Do you have a link to this portion of the Vedas? Sounds interesting.

  12. Emmanuel, this is probably your best article yet. For a long time, I’ve had a general feeling that women’s fashion is going downhill, and your article nicely articulates some of the worst parts.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Although the modern look of people in general in work places now is less then desirable, i found personally the real point of this article is that you hate neon colored clothing and women should stay out of the work place. Very simple. A woman dressed in the most neutral of colors or tacky neon or a burlap sack will be noticed; its in-grained in a man to physically and mentally respond to her. Each sex has its disadvantages and advantages over the other.
    If just having a penis makes some men proud don’t really see the reason for it not being the same for some women. Taking joy in what you are and the added bonus of accomplishment in what you do I feel is vital.

  14. I noticed this over the decades that I worked in large corporations. There was a point at which women wore clown suits. Baggy balloon pants that were blue with white polka dots. For real. Along with the neon colors you mention.
    I didn’t understand it until MRA came along. These are women who were accustomed to male attention for years, whether because of real personal beauty or merely because they were females in a mostly male environment.
    Then, they hit the wall or they suddenly realize they are well past the wall. How to get attention?
    They wear colors that any mammal would stare at. In their hamster of hamsters, they can’t tell the difference in the quality of attention. They just bask in it.

  15. With all due respect in mind, all of your articles seem to resemble pseudo-scientific feudian nonsense, with absolutely no attempt to actually verify any of your claims empirically (hint: quoting equally unverified opinion pieces that agree with your own is not evidence). From my own personal experience, us men are significantly more likely to boast of our egos than women. If I were to actually type up an article to defend this contrary perspective, I could support it with actual statistical data and various independent studies, rather than cute little photos and circular anecdotes.
    Either way, and I can’t stress this enough: generalizations such as your own are extremely dangerous, even if they are statistically true, because the masses don’t understand how to judge individuals without regard to the groups they belong to. Plenty of the most intelligent, hard working people I know are women. One, in particular, has a doctorates in mathematics, and immigrated here from China with not more than one hundred dollars in her pocket. I somehow get the impression that she is orders of magnitude more intelligent and hard working than you are – not an insult, since I could cherry pick examples that “prove” the inferiority of either gender.

  16. Interesting point about Congress. The women can be spotted from a mile away thanks to their, er, “colorful” attire. Frankly, I think they look okay when compared to other women in the workplace.
    Korea has the same problem. The female teachers and office aides come to school wearing all number of loud, strange, or weird outfits every day. One woman seems to own nothing but acid-washed jeans and frumpy t-shirts. Others succumbed to the trend of wearing oversized sweaters. The men? Suits, sport coats, khakis, and button down shirts. If the weather’s warm, they’ll wear polos, but they’re all conservatively dressed.

  17. I don’t see any cleavage or skimpy clothing in that Congress picture. Bright colors, yes. Cleavage, no.
    If they were all wearing dark gray and black pant suits, you’d all be whining about how unfeminine they were, and you know that.
    As for the (partly) exposed breasts thing being disrespectful to men, what about all the societies (like some African and Polynesian cultures) where women went around with nothing on their top half? Were they disrespecting men?

    1. no they are not but in these cultures men are not accused of objectifying women. That is actually the problem. Women should have the freedom to dress as they wish but they also need to accept that one consequence of dressing very sexual is sexual attention. Women are taking more from men then they give when they put all the responsibility on men. In jamaica (where I am from) women for example dress really very sexual but we are okay with the male attention we get as a result and understand that the attention is a result of how we dress and if we wanted less male attention all we would have to do is wear more clothing. The disrespect for men comes from the fact that women are not respecting the nature of men and trying to put all the responsibility on men rather than sharing this burden.
      Besides that point I agree with you.. it should not matter what they wear! And it has to do with social norms. Maybe one day it won’t be so odd for men to wear color!

    2. It’s not about the action, it’s about the intent. In the “topless women” societies you mentioned, the women are not doing it for purposes of attention or anything similarly selfish, and it is not viewed as such. Western women, on the other hand, use cleavage and scantily-cladness as a way to gain attention or power over others (specifically men).

  18. You see, I look at a picture like this and think, “wow. It kind of sucks that men are stuck with such formulaic fashion choices. The women are luckier in that respect.”

  19. You are aware that there are women on the picture who actually are wearing black and grey? But you are way to busy to pull your whole attention whore theory up to notice anything that speaks against that. And by the way it has much less to do with women being attention whores and much more with what is okay in an office setting.
    Black and grey colours are traditional for men in an office setting furthermore men are faced with much more scrutiny then there female peers if they even wear a too bright tie. It is about fashion.
    This whole oh my god she is wearing to bright colors she gets noticed sounds like the western version of the hijab.

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