Learn How To Think Instead Of Believing In Lies And Conspiracy Theories

Belief is only useful where facts do not exist. Where facts exist, they are all that matter when attempting to assess a situation. Anyone who latches onto a story that happens to fit a smaller set of facts while ignoring the possible implications of other facts is limiting their reasoning to comfortable stories rather than opening their mind to the nuance of reality. Cultivating conspiracy theories is worse than beta, it’s worse than white knighting—it is one step away from being a complete tool.

Let me restate myself for emphasis, you’re a moron if you decide to ignore facts that are inconvenient to your preferred narrative so that you can maintain a comfortable or ego-invested lie. This is the foundation of red pill truth. Don’t give up your reasoning and attention to detail when the first beta masquerading as a man tries to claim that something is a hoax or false-flag event. This isn’t much different than listening to your favorite female oneitis target tell you how to be attractive for her when you’re 18 years old. Sure, it feels good when a woman tells you how to be attractive to women, and her story feels like it fits the facts, but anyone who has digested the red pill knows that situation is like drinking poison.

Just because you believe the world is ending, doesn’t mean that there’s a US-government-generated earthquake targeted at you specifically. The conspiracy theorist mindset is wholly narcissistic, unable to accept that entirely bad situations can occur purely by random chance or (as is more often the case) by absolute human incompetence. This way of thinking is actually attractive to the remnants of the human brain that are primal, the old, lizard brain that tells us to go find a woman to have sex with. Worse yet, it really strokes our primitive egos when we feel like we know something that other people do not. These lines of thinking are attractive because they are extremely useful for keeping us safe in situations that could potentially go out of control quickly. Yet, this form of thought is an unmitigated disaster when all that is required is a little reading, thinking, and acceptance of all facts available for a rational explanation to present itself.

 The human mind wants to believe something

If you’re walking alone down a dark alley in a seedy part of a large modern city in the middle of the night, would you consider getting mugged to be a part of a grand conspiracy against you? Probably not, but you would be hard-pressed to explain exactly what circumstances led to your unfortunate encounter. In fact, you would have no facts on your mugging save the visual identity of your attacker at best. In this situation your mind would be free to come up with all kinds of stories that fit your limited set of facts. Yet you never see humans attribute muggings to the NSA, or the CIA, or any other clandestine organization of the world’s governments. Why is this? Because our minds (for at least some of us) can accept the fact that we placed ourselves into a vulnerable situation and someone else took advantage of us. Our shared experience or human consciousness lets us understand that large cities have lots of people who want to do unsavory things to other people if they feel they can get away with it.

For centuries, sailors reported horrific events that led to the rapid sinking of ships. These stories literally led to areas on maps with the “there be dragons here” art. Sailors experienced horrible situations at sea, and the only explanation that made sense was a fantastic story completely outside of their own experience that happened to fit a portion of the facts.

Sailors at sea still experience those same situations that old-wooden ships experienced centuries ago, but with the benefit of science and modern technology, we now understand what a lot of these freak random events actually are. One of them is now called a “White Squall”. It is nothing more complicated than a sudden, violent burst of wind that would blow ships on their side within seconds, often accompanied with enough moisture as to create sideways-rain. Back when all ships were powered by huge sails on tall masts, this event would naturally lead to the sinking of the ship and significant loss of life, if not the entire crew. In those days, these events must have seemed like some gigantic beast in the sky literally just blew their ship down, as they had no experience with how random weather at sea can seem. These days, with scientific investigation, we know these events to be the result of a sudden microburst.

Also on the list of things sailors experienced centuries ago, but had no rational explanation for, were rogue waves. Rogue waves could be deadly to any vessel not sturdy enough and without enough ballast to keep it upright. For old wooden ships with no deep heavy fin keel, this type of wave could literally turn the ship upside down, never to recover. This must have seemed like an act of God or sea monsters to sailors centuries ago. However today we know rogue waves to simply be an event that occurs relatively randomly, usually a result of the confluence of wind and ocean energy, along with a change in sea floor height. Sailors today know what they are, and they know where to generally look for them. Back then, it was some grand act of God or sea monsters acting against the sailors.

The human mind cannot stand an information vacuum

Where our experience can’t inform us, we seek knowledge, and where knowledge fails us, we make shit up. This is just a truth of being a human being. Your brain cannot handle its own ignorance, and it hungers for understanding everything around it so badly that it will supplant rational understanding with your own imagination if you’re not careful. This means that you need to learn how to use your brain properly, or you will literally do harm to yourself by believing bullshit. If you want to be a good example of masculinity, you cannot succumb to your animal brain when your life is hit with random events. By all means, let the animal brain take over and fight for your life if someone tries to murder you, or if you’re about to have sex. But on a daily basis, your job as a masculine man is to remain rational and look at available facts when interpreting the world. Let the women succumb to fear, paranoia and animal thinking if they feel they must.


Science to the rescue

What pulled humanity out of this primitive set of behaviors was the slow construction of the scientific method from early thinkers, to philosophers, to the modern physicist/mathematician. Many people today regard science as some kind of ivory-tower of “authority” that is fallible just like the church. That, my friends, is bullshit. Science is a method of thinking, not a set of beliefs or a structure of authority. The authority that people practicing this method have does not venture far from their own expertise (though many of them would like people to think otherwise—smart people have egos too).  Yes, ivory towers of over-extended thoughts cloaking themselves in the “guise of science” do exist in our modern world, but science is not a “gospel” over which only certain people have ownership.

Men need to learn the basics of this method if they’re going to avoid sounding like a moron. Science is something you as a man need to practice in your daily life. That doesn’t mean pulling out fancy electronics or mixing chemicals in a lab—it means accepting all facts available to you and constructing a proper narrative that is not falsified by any fact you currently have. Again, that means looking at all facts available, and building a story of reality that is not falsified by any available fact. If a single fact contradicts your story, you must change your story.

Arthur Conan Doyle understood this well enough to create a world-famous fictional character who thought this way instinctively. How embarrassing that we still have people on the internet willing to ignore facts so they can believe their fantasy or flaunt the empty backing for their intellectual ego.

The scientific method could be defined like this:

1. Define a question
2. Gather information (make observations of reality)
3. Create a possible explanation
4. Test your explanation with more observation of reality (for a lab, this means experimentation)
5. Analyze your new observational data. Accept any failure of your own ideas to match reality.
6. Re-interpret and draw your (new) conclusions.

That’s a simplification for the masses, but just as useful for day-to-day thinking. The hardest part of that process is defining a good question. Any scientist worth their salt knows that coming up with a good question is actually excruciatingly hard. Children are actually better at questioning things than adults are, but alas they do not have the understanding of their universe from which to spring into useful questions.

There have been many thousands of scientists throughout history, who while having the knowledge and experience to perform very complicated analysis, were unable to formulate the right question, and thus their work was not focused on the actual problem they meant to try to address. The rest of that process is easy by comparison, but no less important in arriving at a proper understanding of your world. If you’re going to be a man, this should be your default way of dealing with new information. When you stray from this method is when you get yourself stuck in pretty little lies.

This method is not a method for discovering anything. It will not make you creative at all. What it will do is prevent you from believing bullshit. It will keep your thoughts tied to reality so that whatever creativity or ambition you have, it will not suffer from misdirection.

Go forth and use it every day

The beauty of this method is that when new facts arrive at your doorstep you have a method for interpreting them and altering your perception of reality. The real difficulty is in imprinting this method into your thought pattern such that you never skip steps when considering the events around you. In a perfect world, you would have been taught this method from a young age, your fathers and teachers would have taught you how to think. Learning how to properly think, how to most efficiently use both your human reasoning and imagination is the most important skill any man will learn, bar none.


I am not saying you should replace your passion with some kind of caricature of Mr Spock. What I’m saying is that your passion is most useful when it exists in a mind that is not polluted with false perceptions of the world around it. In order to achieve that, you must learn how to think and reject lies when you see them. This requires elements of the scientific method, of testing your perception of the world and adapting to reality.

Epicurus was a good example of a man who understood that life was mostly about pursuing your passion, but that your passions can not be experienced in their fullness without your mind as a healthy ally in interpreting what you experience. I would recommend reading some of what that ancient man had to say.

We talk about learning game in the manosphere, but the dirty secret is that game is not a specific recipe—there are no magic words that will attract any woman to any man. Learning game involves utilizing a method of adapting your behavior to the world around you. How can you expect to do this if your thinking habits involve holding on to bullshit?

The specific steps of reasoning you’ll have to go through to develop your game will in no way be identical to anyone else. You will require a method of observing and adapting your interpretation of reality. In analyzing your approaches, your encounters, and all the social situations you put yourself in, you will need elements of the scientific method to adapt yourself to what works for you. Without practicing this method you will get stuck with thoughts that do not conform to reality. When you find yourself repeating old bullshit thoughts, believing in fringe conspiracy theories, or altering your behavior to match pretty little lies, that is when other people will start regarding you as a lesser man. Don’t be that lesser man, keep your wits about you and question your reality when the facts change.

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268 thoughts on “Learn How To Think Instead Of Believing In Lies And Conspiracy Theories”

  1. The holocaust is a conspiracy theory, as there is zero proof to actually prove that 6 million jews really died. Google “Did Six Million Really Die PDF”

    1. “Zero proof to actually prove”
      What about the thousands of American troops who liberated the camps and testified to what they saw? What about the thousands of survivors still alive with their number tattoos?

      1. Lol… those soldiers saw “gassed jews” in camps that today are considered by mainstream historians as not death camps… never forget that a lot of people in ancient greece saw centaurs or the like. People often see what they want to.

      2. The Soviets liberated the only “death” camps. No one is denying people were imprisoned and terribly mistreated. Read some work from Holocaust historians (and no they aren’t racists, the most prominent is actually Jewish – Raul Hilberg). Hilberg believes there was a “final solution” extermination plan in place but his supporting evidence is kind of flimsy (he stated the plan was never documented but rather an “implied order”). The people liberated by American troops were starving/diseased and many thousands died; it was terrible no doubt.

      3. Some people got tattooed. Apart from that, the “survivor” stories keep turning out to be hoaxes. Like the chick who swallowed her family jewels every morning and shat them out every night. Or the all black unit that liberated some camp or other…oh wait that turned out to be a hoax too…

        1. Most of the pictures you see are pictures of the millions of GERMANS AFTER THE WAR, who WERE interned in camps, outdoors with no shelter, and then purposely starved to death BY THE ALLIES.

      4. A lot of soldiers claimed to have entered death camps, a lot more than could have squeezed through the gates. The American liberated camps were not as it turned out actually extermination camps. Veterans are supreme bullshit artists.
        The reality is that Hitler was at war with the Jews. He tried to replace them with his henchmen in Poland, Belorussia, Carpathia etc etc. The Jews were at war with the Germans post 1918 all the way up to 1945 then they extracted cash as the final winners

      5. You see a bunch of starving people in a camp, you might conclude it was a concentration camp. But where is the proof.

    2. if you think into it logically, with the nazis crumbling, one of the first things to be denied resources, fuel, food etc. were the jewish camps… thus after a harsh winter in 1944, especially in northern germany and poland where these camps were…. you have a total disaster on your hands through no one’s fault…. best way to get rid of the bodies with little man power and hot summer rolling in…. burn them….. add in a few rouge commanders that are losing the plot and know they are on the losing side of the war… they do wierd things for the hell of it….
      there is no doubt some aweful things went on in those camps, there is no doubt thousands died, but there is doubt about whether the nazis actually went out of their way to massacre everyone outright…. they were useful workers apart from anything else….
      there is also no doubt that russian soldiers systematically raped thousands of german women as they took the territory… but that’s not a holocaust, it’s just the victor’s spoils ?

      1. I can disagree, yet try to understand why so many German women(500k-1.5million) were raped. By April of 1945, any Russians still fighting for their very existence had very little attachment to humanity and what that encompasses. You were told every day to kill Germans for 4 years, because if you didn’t………………….
        Unless you think that if you had survived Kiev in 1941, and had made it to Berlin in 1945 after 20 million of your countrymen and women had been exterminated, you’d know exactly how you’d behave.
        Ray, I love your stuff, but your analogy is more than just a bit flawed

        1. Don’t see how it is flawed – The rapes were committed (the reasoning behind them wasn’t the issue).

        2. So if that’s ok, then you can understand why the Germans that suffered terrible WW1 repariations for nearly 10 years, until their country went bankrupt, and their currency turned to shit (wheelbarrows of money for a loaf of bread)…. felt ill will towards jewish people who never exactly lived as German nationals, and seemed to control all the remaining wealth….
          if one is ok, then so is the other.
          and just to put the picture in perspective, i have great friends who are israeli and live in israel, as well as jewish friends around the world….. nothing against jewish people, but the victor will always leverage the history to their advantage….

        3. Never said it was OK. But did imply that in a life or death struggle, which what Hitler’s war in the east was, you can not ?empathize? with anyone or theorize what is right or wrong. You had dumbed down people from Siberia thrown into battle all the way from Siberia into a once state of the art city like Berlin. Some Russians were mistaking toilets for potato washers. Feeling ill will towards one people and surviving extermination, which the Russians did(Russia would have been turned into a country for SS officers and their “aristocratic” families) are two totally different things. One can, in the course of human events, lead to barbaric acts, and one is just industrialized murder. The German high command knew IMMEDIATELY what a catastrophe Stalingrad loss was because at that point, after all the war crimes committed against the Russians, there was no way the Russians wouldn’t move west and go on the offensive all the way to Berlin, if able. The movie “The Usual Suspects had a good line where they’re talking about trying to kill the devil and Spacy’s character says “Yeah, but what if you miss?” Hitler had missed and he knew what was coming.
          Ray-If you come into my house in the well known attempt to kill my family, burn my house down, so you can build yours, how would I react? Do you think you know how you’d react if I did to you?

        4. One is industrialized murder due to ideology and one is what happens when you have a total breakdown in society due to all out total war. One is pure evil, and one is a natural extension of an evil war. Nothing different would happen here if we invaded Mexico in an attempt to turn all able bodied Mexicans into slaves and Mexico was able to defend themselves and fight their way into D.C.

        5. The commissars were exterminating Russians at a furious rate. I’m amazed the Russians bothered to fight back considering the system they labored under.

        6. They are both evil but I fail to see how what the Germans did was any different than what every other country was doing at the time. If the US had been invaded by the Japanese and was forced to surrender how do you think the internment camps with Japanese inside them would’ve been portrayed by the Japanese victors? I would imagine the result would’ve been similar to what happened to the Jews in the German camps as the resources dwindled (disease/starvation/abuse – thousands of horrible deaths). Even if you do not question the whole “extermination” theory (again, read Raul Hilberg’s work on the subject) it is clear most of the deaths were the result of the conditions of the camps, not gassing (it really would’ve been much more efficient to simply not feed them if they really wanted to “exterminate” them).
          The Germans were not the cartoonish evil they are depicted as; they behaved the same way all other human beings behaved. Jews receive the lion’s share of pity due to their suffering in WWII but their suffering was not unique (other than the fact that they were white/upper-class). There were many atrocities committed on both sides that were just as bad if not worse. The whole “Germany is pure evil” nonsense has been hammered into the minds of the West since WWI. During WWI newspapers reported the Germans had killed 6 million Jews as well; turned out not to be true. Reporting of Jewish deaths during WWII has dropped over time from 11 million to under 3 million currently (I think that is the latest “official” number). If you are willing to look at WWII without “patriot goggles” on it is pretty clear there were no “good guys” or “bad guys”, real life isn’t like the movies.

        7. The elite in Poland, Belorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia were and are YKW. Of course the Krauts were gonna exterminate these people to replace them.

        8. Are you a fascist?
          No bad guys and no good guys? Nothing is 100% clear cut man, but you have to think of the overarching themes.
          What were all those parades and parties around the world about then? Were those people kissing American soldiers as they marched through the towns all actresses?
          Some people in the manosphere scare the hell out of me with their(you pick the adjective)

        9. Makes sense to me. Hey you give someone a machine gun and tell them to murder every german, and you can steal whatever you capture (back then soldiers could keep anything they wanted or came across they just had to fill out a form to document it (which is why so many people have this type of memorablia even in america)) shoot, beat, insult, then why not rape? It seems the government tells someone to go do a bunch of illegal and vicious acts, you can shoot a german, kill a german, rob the german, eat the german and cook them in stalingrad, but you can’t rape them?

        10. Haha, the parades were simply because their tribe won, the Germans would’ve behaved the same way if they had won. Do you really think life around the world would be some kind of living hell if the Germans won the war? Life would’ve went on much the same as it always has. The balance of power would’ve been much different but the day-to-day existence of average people wouldn’t be a whole lot different than it is now – people would get up and go to work to try to get some money and survive.
          You are right though I shouldn’t have said there were no bad guys; both sides were the bad guys – it was a war after all. Most of the people killed by either side were helpless civilians. Millions around the world starved to death because of the war.
          Am I a fascist? No, I don’t have a political ideology but I do think democracy is fucking stupid – why the hell would you want a system that gives people an equal say on how to run a country? I am not qualified to make decisions on the economy/foreign policy etc. and neither are you or 99.999999999999999999999% of the rest of the people on this planet. Of course democracy is easily hijacked by the wealthy so I guess it all works out anyway.
          I used to believe in the fantasy you are talking about but the truth is we are all just monkeys fighting for bananas.

      2. Indeed. Much of what we have been fed as “history” is just endless war propaganda. Some of the most cherished “truths” of our society is just utter nonsense, fed to us by elite-run think tanks and powerful interests that run everything from the global financial system to much of our educational system in the west. This is hardly a “conspiracy theory.” It is simply conspiracy FACT.
        And to all of the points you mention above, here is a fantastic book on World War II that serves to wipe away the fog of propaganda-distortion. It is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand why western society has turned to trash since the end of WW II.
        I repeat, this is a MUST READ book and it’s only $3 on Kindle:

      3. Exactly, there were prison camps and the conditions were terrible but the whole situation was exaggerated for Jewish sympathy and to cover up the millions of Polish/German/Russian people they massacred a fee years earlier.
        For everyone that wants to talk about facts, it is easily proven that there were no gas chambers. Think about it, if the doors to the alleged gas chambers led directly outdoors, how could they make sure the gas didn’t get out as soon as the door was opened? They would have to suck up all the gas and have the technology to measure if there was any gas left in the air before the door was opened, and all of the dead bodies would have to be handled with HazMat suits or all the SS officers would be gassed as well. Its just not possible.

        1. Forget the specifics of the gas chambers, the fact that no gas chambers were ever discovered is enough to at least raise some questions from anyone reasonable. The crematoriums were without a doubt real (to cremate the dead – the thousands that without any doubt were victims of starvation/disease/overwork). People get to emotional to think properly when it comes to things like this.

        2. Yes the holocaust camps were prison camps for an untrustworthy anti nazi groups. Jews were known to be anti nazi and pro communist. In fact judaism and communist usually went hand in hand at that period and communist jew was basically what all communist were called. With a war with russia and america, the two largest euro jew influenced countries it’d be foolish to let them run around germany willy nilly. We didn’t let the japs and ukrainians and italians go where they please, we put them in the same concentration camps. except after the war ended and the propaganda started we renamed our concetration camps to internment camps. Don’t believe me, go and google an article from 1930 or 1941 about concentration camps in western canada or the usa.
          I always found the gas claims and burned and buried body claims all suspect. Most likely as the nazis ran out of food and fuel they just let the jews starve. But lots of germans starved too. the russians didn’t exactly come in with bags of food for german civilians and mres.
          The claim of gas doesn’t make sense. If the jews were being gassed the gas would have to be either heavier or lighter than air. If it was heavier than air and they were gassed. There is no way to safely get rid of the gas. Because this is poisionous deadly gas not fuel tank gas or even smoke. Open the doors and who knows where the gas will blow. If the gas is lighter than air then when pumped in it would be very hard to actually get the gas down onto the people as it would rise to the top of the room and go out the chimeny.
          The claim by historians is that they used other jews to remove the dead bodies of jews who were gased. But if the gas was so high why didn’t those people die too?

        3. So you are now a chemist? Do you think Nazi’s were that stupid not to know simple chemistry? Just read about Zyklon B gas. Don’t write shit just to impress others.

        4. its a phony, ok, jews were locked up because they were not trustworthy. Just like we did to the japs and ukranians and italians.
          Had we lost the war, we wouldn’t be feeding them either because half of us would be starving.

        5. Gas chambers
          Telegram to Berlin from the deputy commander of Aktion Reinhard, Hermann Höfle, 15 January 1943 listing the number of arrivals in the extermination camps, 1942 total. Camp Treblinka (T): 713,555 Jews
          The newly arrived Jews were beaten incessantly with whips after undressing to drive them towards the gas chambers; hesitant men were treated particularly brutally. Rudolf Höss, the commandant at Auschwitz, contrasted the practice at Treblinka of lying to the victims about the showers with his own camp’s practice of telling them they had to go through a “delousing” process.[85] According to the postwar testimony of some SS officers, men were always gassed first, while women and children waited outside the gas chambers for their turn. During this time, the women and children could hear the sounds of suffering from inside the gas chambers, and they became aware of the fate that awaited them, which caused panic, distress, and even involuntary defecation.[80] According to Stangl, a train transport of about 3,000 people could be “processed” in a matter of three hours. In a single 14-hour workday, 12,000 to 15,000 people would be killed.[86] After the new gas chambers were built, the duration of the killing process was reduced to an hour and a half.[71]
          The gassing area was entirely closed off with tall wood fencing made of vertical boards. Originally, it consisted of three interconnected barracks 8 metres (26 ft) long and 4 metres (13 ft) wide that were disguised as showers. They had double walls insulated by earth packed down in between. The interior walls and ceilings were lined with roofing paper. The floors were covered with tin-plated sheet metal, the same material used for the roof. Solid wooden doors were insulated with swaths of rubber and bolted from the outside by heavy cross-bars.[67] The victims were gassed with the fumes generated by a Soviet tank engine which had been removed from a Red Army tank captured during Operation Barbarossa. According to SS-Scharführer Erich Fuchs, it was a 200 horsepower, water cooled V-8 gasoline engine; Fuchs was responsible for installing it.[87][88] It had been brought in by the SS at the time of the camp’s construction and was also used to generate electricity.[67] The engine was erected in a separate shack with its exhaust pipe put just below the ground. The exhaust tubing opened into all three gas chambers.[67] The fumes could be seen seeping out. After about 20 minutes the bodies were removed by dozens of Sonderkommandos, placed onto carts and wheeled away. The system was imperfect and required a lot of effort;[88] trains that arrived later in the day had to wait on layover tracks overnight at Treblinka, Małkinia, or Wólka Okrąglik.[89]
          Deportation of 10,000 Polish Jews to Treblinka during the liquidation of the ghetto in Siedlce beginning 23 August 1942.[90]
          Between August and September 1942, a big new building with a concrete foundation was built out of bricks and mortar under the guidance of Action T4 euthanasia expert Erwin Lambert. It contained 8–10 gas chambers, each of which was 8 metres by 4 metres (26 ft by 13 ft), and it had a corridor in its centre. Stangl supervised the construction and brought in building materials from the nearby village of Małkinia by dismantling factory stock.[67] During this time victims continued to arrive daily and were led totally naked past the building site to the original gas chambers.[31] The new gas chambers became operational after five weeks of construction in early autumn 1942, equipped with two fume-producing engines instead of one.[70] The metal doors, which had been taken from Soviet military bunkers around Białystok, had portholes through which it was possible to examine the dead before removing them.[61][70] Stangl said that the old death chambers were capable of killing 3,000 people in three hours.[86] The new ones had the highest “output” of all Reinhard death camps with the capacity of 22,000 deaths every day,[91] or even 25,000 persons,[92] a fact which Globocnik once boasted to Kurt Gerstein, a fellow officer from Disinfection Services.[93] However, the new gas chambers were seldom used to their full capacity; 12,000–15,000 victims remained the daily average.[91]
          The killing process at Treblinka differed significantly from the method used at Auschwitz and Majdanek, where the poisonous gas Zyklon B (crystallised hydrogen cyanide) was utilised. At Treblinka, Sobibór and Bełżec, the victims died from suffocation and carbon monoxide poisoning. After visiting Treblinka on a guided tour, Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss concluded that gassing with engine exhaust was inferior to the Zyklon B used at his extermination camp.[94] The few prisoners who worked in the Sonderkommandos and survived later testified that victims frequently let out a final gasp of air from their lungs when they were extracted from the gas chambers.[64] The chambers were closed for twenty minutes or less,[95] and already silent after about twelve minutes.[96] According to Jankiel Wiernik, who survived the 1943 prisoner uprising and escaped, even after the suffocation had ended and the doors of the gas chambers had been opened, the bodies of victims did not lie on the ground. Instead, they were standing and kneeling due to the severe overcrowding, with dead mothers embracing the lifeless bodies of their children.[97] Some victims gave signs of life during the disposal of the corpses, but the guards routinely refused to react.[95]

        6. I wouldn’t call it a “good” video but it is certainly accurate. The reality is these people were starved to death. I would even go as far to say not entirely on purpose – watch some video of the early years of these camps, you can see it in Spielberg’s documentary showing the conditions were actually surprisingly humane early in the war (schooling for the children, swimming pools, plays and musicals put on with both prisoners and guards participating). The same kind of mass starvation was going in India in 1943 due to the war, about the same number of people died ~3 million. The Bengal famine isn’t talked about because the deaths were in large part due to the British buying up large stores of rice and hoarding it for the war effort (again, not entirely on purpose; a side effect of the most terrible war ever – the same war that gets glorified nonstop in the Western media).
          If people would just drop the “Nazis are evil subhumans” framing of the war they would see just how fucking terrible it really was – this war was not fought for ideals; it was a worldwide chess match in which the rich used the poor as pawns.

        7. All the horror stories are truly frightening but they are just words. The fact that there was no industrial murder infrastructure ever discovered at the end of the war makes it hard to believe there were operations of the massive proportions that are reported (there were some small “delousing” areas for clothing but nothing that could handle thousands of people everyday). I’m not some Jew hating racists; this is just reality (with plenty of credible sources to back it up, the main one being Raul Hilberg).
          These stories scare people but what really happened was much worse. Millions of people starved to death but that doesn’t make good war propaganda, stories of evil devils burning children alive and making soap out their body fat works much better. I have no doubt some really fucked up outlandishly evil shit occurred as well but the vast, vast majority of the deaths were clearly caused by starvation/disease/overwork. It would not shock me at all if there was some use of gas chambers or just plain shooting people execution style but one look at the videos of the concentration camps shows you how most of the victims died.
          It would be extremely difficult to gas millions of people and extremely easy to simply starve them so, hell idk, maybe it really was a planned genocide but I doubt it.

      4. I believe the holocaust happened but was not a predetermined event. The Nazis wanted a 1000 year Reich an empire that much was known. They wanted to move to the Caucus and needed cheap labour. They wanted to use the Jews for cheap labour- established knowledge;they didn’t want black labour. Why kill all your cheap labour? Also i hear the claim that many Nazi’s were like Ed Gein where they turned people into furniture and soap. i have yet to see a Jewish lampshade or DNA tested soap.Also that the Jewish women were all used as sex slaves. There would be far more children as a product of this to attest to this claim. I think this maybe a hyperbole. Granted it’s a sensitive topic and i have been to a few holocaust museums and understand the pain and suffering but i would like an historical dialogue.

        1. *although there is absolutely not even the slightest modicum of evidence the Jews were in Egypt let alone enslaved in there building pyramids.

        2. The “soap” discovered by the soviets was DNA test and proven to be a hoax. Even modern crematory ovens could not have done what holocaust proponents have been saying for decades, even if they ran around the clock. It was stated DURING the Nuremburg trials that no gas chambers were found, and seismic research has detected nome of the alleged mass graves. In short, the whole story has been a CONSPIRACY.
          What HAS been discovered though, are long lists of holocaust frauds and hoaxes including pretty much everyone in Steven Speilberg’s documentary, The Last Days.

        3. My guess is that they loaned Pharoah money to build and tried a compound interest trick.

      5. The only fact I need to doubt the holocaust story is the fact that its ILLEGAL to discuss it in most countries.

      6. Yes the Germans did systematically kill hundreds of thousands of Jews, Poles, Russians, and many others. Do primary research. Go to Poland and see some of the past Nazi camps (or ruins of them). The thousands of shoes. Read Nazi documents stating plans for eliminations of Ghettos and orders to kill any partisans, Jews, Commissars on spot on the Eastern Front. See original German photographs of ditches with bodies, execution squads, etc. Even though the Nazi’s used euphemism for mass murder in the documents, they kept very detailed numbers of how many they killed.
        Do your fucking research and stop being an ignorant FOOL.

    3. Or Sandy Hook…or….
      It’s hard not to be a conspiracy ‘nut’ when so much of the world we live in is a lie.

      1. This is a valid point. So much of what we are fed by the mainstream media/government is such blatant nonsense, you reach the point where there is almost no way to differentiate the truth from more lies.

        1. Exactly what Yuri Bezmenov said was planned by the Soviets through ‘psychological warfare’

      2. Agreed. Your comment deserves more up-votes.
        Unfortunately, when discussing contentious topics (e.g. history, politics, conspiracies, science, et al) facts come in two flavors:
        An absolute fact, which is irrefutable (e.g. 2+2 = 4) and “Facts” which are unconfirmed but universally accepted with the latter being more of an ‘official statement’ than a proper fact.
        Unfortunately, our MSM specializes in disseminating “Facts” to the public and the public is so emotionally invested in the lie that they could care less if the information is biased, inconsistent or flat out untrue so long as the illusion is preserved.
        Aldous Huxley once wrote

        “The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.”

        People believe what they want to believe and any attempt to apprise anyone of anything beyond their limit of belief would be an exercise in futility.
        I once felt it my responsibility to enlighten the less enlightened. However, I’ve realized it’s far more beneficial (and far less painful) for red pill men to leverage the ignorance of the ignorant to his advantage

        1. What’s also common is a lot of people not having the imagination to ponder the conspiracy to being with.

      3. Do you really think that the fucking morons who can’t deliver a goddamn postcard on time half the time actually have the wherewithal to perform amazingly well-coordinated coverups?
        Jesus. I’m sure we get bullshitted all the time (IRS emails, Benghazi, etc), but people who have a modicum of intellectual self-interest also have on onboard bullshit detector… and when it’s the conspiracy nut that sets that off, and not their insane ideas, guess what?

        1. The problem with “conspiracy theories” is that everyone thinks it has to be some elaborate scheme, when really, it needs to be no such thing.
          Is there a “conspiracy” to create global government? It sure appears so, because no matter which crisis we face – and over any given decade there will be many crises – each time all of our leaders get together, they recommend larger, international government in the face of giving up national sovereignty. You name it, the 08/09 Credit Crisis? International Governing Bodies must be formed. Globaloney Warming? Nations must give up their sovereignty to an international body. There is no discussion of any other possible solutions at all, even though these people are literally stumping for what could be called treason. And there are, btw, organizations with billions behind them – made of CEO’s et. al. who have a vested interest in Globalization – who outright even admit to forming groups to “advise” the government on what to do. It’s all right out in the open – and what’s good for Walmart is not necessarily good for the individual citizen.
          For those of you who read Zero Hedge, you must know how often it gets pointed out that what was scoffed at as conspiracy only a few years ago is now considered fact – like the precious metals market being blatantly rigged and manipulated – it ain’t conspiracy any more, but fact, it’s just that now that it’s fact, the government won’t prosecute the offenders. They are “too big to jail.” Hmmmm….
          Often all that needs to be done is something small. Take radical feminists, for example. They’ve made no attempt to hide that they want to destroy the family. And… what do their policies all do? They destroy the family. And, they don’t have to be in control of EVERYTHING – all they have to do is give women more rights than men, and they’ve upset the natural hierarchy of the family. If they want to destroy it even more, give children more rights than their parents. You don’t have to be in control of everything to cause your desired destruction. Giving children “rights” over top of their parents will do untold damage on its own – Hillary Clinton recommends doing exactly this in her thesis, where she claims children have less rights than Indians on the Reservation, and she wants each child to have their rights represented aside from their parents by a vast bureaucratic organization of legal aid lawyers.
          The problem with conspiracies is all those people who show up screeching “Illuminati!” They distract everyone from calmly analyzing what is clearly in front of them.

        2. The Bilderberg Group is not delivering your mail. The diversity-quota simpletons that get hired do that. And those simpletons get hired according to….regs put in place by the ruling class to keep you occupied with finding your mail instead of wondering why we’re spending trillions on a war in the middle of fucking nowhere.

        3. Right . Contradictory. George W. Bush can’t be both dumb and then be the evil mastermind behind 9/11. The govt can’t be both inept and brilliant at the same time. The feds are average at best. Flashes of excellence rarely, inept mostly.

        4. Nobody ever pays attention to the “after office kickbacks” either.
          I’ve read that Tony Blair made some $19 million in the first two years after getting out of office. Shill and Hittlery Clinton have made over $100 million (and are dead broke at $50 million) because Bill gets paid $150,000 for giving a 20 minute speech.
          Who are these jackasses that are paying them these exhorbatent fees for speeches? Why, they are the very same companies that benefited from starting such wars as in Iraq!
          Yes, Tony, we can’t pay you bribe money WHILE you are in office… but after you leave office, British Petroleum will pay you $150,000 for giving a 20 minute speech at one of our luncheons… see… not a one of us could give a flying fuck about your actual insights on the oil industry… because you’re a dumb shit… but here’s a $150,000 kickback disguised as a speech, and, btw, thanks for that war in Iraq!
          Is it a “conspiracy” that the very people who benefited to the tunes of billions awarded Tony Blair with millions after leaving office?
          Did Blair not know that before he went down that path?
          Come on! The most common thing known about human nature is that we all operate under “our best interests first!”

        5. Btw, the last President that went back to a middle class lifestyle after being President was Harry Truman. He just shut his mouth and lived out his days on his pension in a normal suburb.
          Every other President since has risen from the paltry $400,000/yr they existed on while having all their expenses paid for by the taxpayer, and has catapulted into the 1% after office.
          Think about that for a moment.
          What would you do if offered a shot at the Presidency?
          Pull a Truman or a Clinton?

        6. Yes because everyone knows the President runs the country…
          There are 2 governments:
          -the goofy politicians that are displayed to the public, and
          -the real decision makers behind the scenes
          I don’t believe officials at the Pentagon/CIA/NSA etc. are inept boneheads like our politicians. These are the men that truly run our country and make the tough decisions, the assholes on TV are there to distract the mass of stupidity that is the general public.
          Every dumb fuck that parrots the whole “Gubmint can’t even sort mail right” line just proves how small the minds of most people are. There never needs to be any elaborate cover ups of any action because you can always rely on the stupidity and powerlessness of the common man. Hell, what happens when officials get caught doing something shady? Nothing. The Iran/Contra affair in the 80s proved these kinds of people can do whatever they want and get away with it. Most of the dumb fucks in this country don’t believe our government participated in the Iran/Contra affair because “conspiracies are for weak minded idiots”, despite the fact it was all brought out into the open for the public to see.
          As long as people are afraid of being branded a “kook” our government can do absolutely anything they want and they know it.

        7. I.E. there are proofs something is going on for anyone who bothers to look.
          Illuminatis and chem-trails.

        8. Oh god, this tired and dumb argument.
          If you are pulling strings behind the curtain, an appearance of incompetency is what you want.
          The post office is not the CIA.

    4. If I wanted to discredit the Manosphere, I’d have paid trolls like this asshole posting Jew-hating bullshit like this.

      1. Good thing we’re not in Germany. Questioning the 6 Million number there would land you in prison.
        You were saying….?

    5. neither did 9/11, there is zero proof that the twin towers even existed.
      fucking retard

    6. irony.. are you saying that the holocaust was a conspiracy? do you think they are trying to manipulate our brains into believing something that never happened?
      my god.. that sounds like.. a conspiracy

      1. No just the fact that the holocaust is the only thing that did happen. Leaving aside the dissident germans and defectives according to the nazi regime.

    7. I met Anne Frank’s sister this year as I had to personally drive her a long distance. If only I could get those 2 hours back. She almost had me when she told me how she was “rescued” by the Russians. It seemed so real, that if it wasn’t for the internet and PDFs, I would have fell for it. I could have believed her when she told me how she and her mother were saved from Dr. Mengele, but thankfully I, once again, have access to internet PDF’s such as the one in the link you provided. I’ll go 19 steps further and state for the record that not only was there no holocaust, there was no world war 2. It’s all a bunch of bullshit and it takes very sharp individuals like yourself and I to be able to see through the propaganda. It was a Hollywood invention in order to create a scenario of an epic struggle which can be rehashed over and over again on screen every couple of years in fantasies like Schindler’s List and the upcoming Sabotage. Guess who makes all the profit? They have 2 new movies coming out called Fury and Unbroken later this year. You should try to sneak into a premier holding a “holoscam” sign.
      You would laugh your ass off like I do every day working at the VA hospital. You should see these 90 year old actors walking around. Some even have their stories down to the little details like exact dates and names of their ships. I’m like,”Whatever!” I guess if you’re gonna pull off a fake world war, you need to get everyone fully committed. You do have to wonder why these guys are still at it after all these years. I guess the actors guild benefits are top notch.
      Thanks for your contribution to society and your link to an internet PDF

        1. A PDFs with thorough referencing to real books and documents… but it’s a PDF so the entire argument is invalid. Are you implying that PDFs can be freely edited, like Wikipedia—oh wait that can’t be freely edited either, contrarily to idioticpopular belief.
          Go back to your cave, troll.

      1. I heard Himmler personally slapped Ann Frank with a used dildo made from pig skin, which is pure fucking evil.
        Kinda like what the BNP would do with muslimas if they seized power.

    8. For the record, the poster “guest” appears to be questioning the extermination policy, not the deaths of jews in the internment camps.
      Two different things.

    9. The existence of the ‘Mayflower’ is a conspiracy theory, as there is zero proof to actually prove that Plymouth colony was formed by Europeans.”
      Seriously. Try to find someone who was there. You can’t. See? It’s not like you could be, say, over 35 and have actually talked with your older male relatives about how they had to wade hip-deep in dead jews and stack them like cordwood so as to not leave a hump in the field and get churned up into paste when the bulldozers covered over the piles to cut down on the flies and crows.
      morons. What, no mention of the moon landing? Jesus Christ.

    10. I gave you a thumbs up. I don’t think the entire holocaust was a fake or a phony, alot of people objectively died. But I cannot prove that Hitler knew about it vs other nazi officials who may have killed on their own accord. After all some nazi commanders decided that ukranians were slavs and therefore not white and inferior and should be starved (the nazis more or less viewed the slavs as the americans viewed the indians, as inferior people who were to be depossessed of all their land).
      And it can be hard to figure out what happened objectively vs what is just post war propaganda. When I watch documentaries blaming hitler for WW2, I do not feel its accurate. He was taking back part of germany stolen and given to poland and france and uk declared war. Who really started that war?
      The nazis were bad but even if the holocaust was real they are no worse than the english, belgians, dutch, french, brits, russians, portuguese or spanish. In fact of all those groups the nazis killed the LEAST people. Had Hitler been born in 1820 and ruled in 1876 and did what he did in I don’t know, some corner of africa or asia or the americas, he’d be no different than any other king of england or queen of france.

    11. The holocaust is a conspiracy theory, as there is zero proof to actually prove that 6 million jews really died. Google “Did Six Million Really Die PDF”

      Also, the Internet hasn’t been invented yet. Don’t believe the lies the Illuminati have been passing you… and stop drinking the drugs in the water – you need to build your own water treatment plant and make sure no NSA spooks get in to taint the filtration system.
      Don’t leave home with your tin foil hat – it’s necessary to prevent the reformed KGB’s remote viewing experiments from knowing what’s in your mind, and the greys from taking control.

    12. Ok. I know you are a troll or a muslim zealot. In fact I write for all those idiots that read a wiki article in their life and think they can become literate.
      My grandfather fought for the soviets from 1941-1945. He even reached Berlin. He met my grandmother who was saved by soviets from Majdanek (actually his unit freed her). We know nothing about her family. They both have witnessed a lot. Now I don’t think a tough soldier like him would lie to me about the bone-people he saw in this concentration camp.
      On the contrary, my grandmother’s family from father’s side was destroyed completely. They lived in Kerch. Only my grandmother survived (by a miracle, she survived mass shooting when some woman pulled her into trench before the shooting) – a normal routine back then in occupied Ukraine. My grandfather was a small boy in ghetto Shargorod near Vinnitsa. Although, it was just a ghetto, most of the jewish communities in the area were destroyed. They supposed to be next, but the soviets freed them.
      Do you think my dead relatives are actually playing hide and seek with us? And with thousands of other families? Your pdf file won’t provide an answer for that. Your PDF actually resembles the Neohistory taught in modern Ukraine: based on nothing but wild imagination.
      Another point. Here are more facts: more than 30 million soviets got killed (3 of them are jews), 9 million germans (not all of them were bad, in fact most of them were against the war) etc. Captured soviet soldiers were treated badly. Not like captured americans, for example. In fact this war was a catastrophe for the soviets more than to others. So you see, pretending to be the only victim would not work.
      By saying “everything is a conspiracy in history”, it’s the same saying we live in a matrix world. Yes, there are a lot of “un-sience” in history because it’s influenced by politics. But the “pillars” remain to be true.

      1. Do you believe readers should believed what you write just because you claim it?
        Claims over dem intrenets are worth nothing.
        That applies to everything-is-a-conspiracy. Some people says and writes it is so based on what exacty? That´s right, their words alone is the proof. Taking taht Word is just as dumb as taking the Word of the lamestream medias.
        I can claim Hillary Clinton is a butt alien from Trafalmagore and that its butthole is what we think is a mouth, that the butt-aliens are plotting to steal our spleens and taht i saw it with my own eyes. Unless I have proof, it is all BS, thought.

        1. And… do you believe readers should believed what you write just because you claim it?
          First off, I don’t care about others here. I’m not their friend nor a father to teach them how to live and what to think.
          I wrote it just to tell their story. Nothing more. I don’t think they had a motive to lie to me, nor other thousands who actually witnessed it. There are many people who witness the same things and that’s far more powerful than a book or a wiki article.
          But, hey, if you look more closely on you assumptions you will see some basic holes in it. For example, as for your assumptions about the gas cameras (not you specifically). None has referenced to the chemical properties of Zyklon gases, the ease of it’s production, effectiveness etc.. Another thing is the confession of many nazi criminals etc. Why nobody mentioned that?
          This is the difference between people like you and me: we both can read everything. But I can speak with people who actually were there. So I can base my opinion on more sources than you.
          I can assume everything and support it by some (mostly false) facts, but when given contradictions – I’ll say it’s a conspiracy. You know what? I’ll assume you are a bot and not a real human behind the screen, only because I don’t have a proof of your existence. The same with other users.

        2. All these “relatives” you have are LIARS. If you even have such relatives. I think you are three or four sock puppets here, instantly. Funny how you showed up so quickly.

    13. “In early 1943, the Nazis decided to increase greatly the gassing capacity of Birkenau. Crematorium II, originally designed as a mortuary, with morgues in the basement and ground-level incinerators, was converted into a killing factory by installing gas-tight doors, vents for the Zyklon B (a highly lethal cyanide-based pesticide) to be dropped into the chamber, and ventilation equipment to remove the gas thereafter.[34] It went into operation in March. Crematorium III was built using the same design. Crematoria IV and V, designed from the start as gassing centers, were also constructed that spring. By June 1943, all four crematoria were operational. Most of the victims were killed using these four structures.[35]”

    14. “In November 1944, with the Soviet Red Army approaching through Poland, Himmler ordered gassing operations to cease across the Reich. Crematoria II, III, and IV were dismantled, while Crematorium I was transformed into an air raid shelter. The Sonderkommandowere ordered to remove other evidence of the killings, including the mass graves.[60] The SS destroyed written records, and in the final week before the camp’s liberation, burned or detonated many of its buildings.[61]”

    15. Some facts from history may have been lost. Back then people just had the media, books and word of mouth. Such as the sailor, ships and sea examples given. Back then MSM had it much easier to tell people what they wanted to put out there and not all the facts. Like school history books being rewritten- old books could of then been burned and gone forever.
      Seems different now with the internet and more people being able to communicate. You also have trolls/people that will go out of their way on the internet to put false information out there as fact.
      I think somethings, unless they are seen with your own eyes how will we ever know whats fact or not? And even then, minds are known to play tricks on us since most people can’t remember exact details of events, such as being mugged since our brains are on fight or flight mode.(ie- I don’t believe in “ghosts” or haunted places, but people claim they have seen ghosts, have all the facts- still doesn’t make it real or make me believe it’s true.)
      The world is trippy.. I don’t think this topic makes anyone more or less a man (or woman)..it is what it is.

  2. Another atheist-type artcicle tham seems to be pasted from Wikipedia, where 15 year olds teens go to get some arguments against their parents faith. Nothing new here.

    1. You’re precisely the kind of person this post is aimed at. A lot of atheists are misguided rebellious teens, but so what? The idea of science and skepticism isn’t to reject all beliefs; it’s to re-examine them and withhold judgement until facts arrive. Just because a bunch of ignorant tools think that their lack of belief in anything makes them ‘smart’ doesn’t mean that you have to take the exact opposite stance and believe in every conspiracy theory just to distance yourselves from them.

  3. wow.. and i usually like the authors here… this guy is a 2/3 wit …an suffers from normalcy bias…. pitiful article.. i want my 2 minutes back

    1. exactly. His writing makes me want to find a hipster and punch him in the face.

      1. You just made my day haha. Saw way too many hipsters on the way back home

    2. Normalcy bias refers to an inability to properly estimate the risk and consequences of an upcoming disaster. I’m not sure how this article serves as proof that I suffer from that. I don’t believe I was referring to any disasters in the article.
      It is possible I’m a 2/3 wit, but I would of course demand some objective testing before I accepted that.

    3. “Normalcy bias”
      Occam called. He says his razor is for everyone. Including you.

  4. This article just flat out fucking sucks.
    Reading this was like watching two butch lesbians having a sword fight with 3′ long floppy rubber dildos.
    You read this and then you say to yourself “that was a fucking waste of time”

    1. Thats easy. You get locked if you put down an article here. Then ya get more than two minutes back lol.

    2. The imagery made me laugh…..I hope its ok to use it in future conversation…..

  5. The conspiracists have already arrived I see. And from the looks of it, they seem to be really butthurt.
    A fool always remains a fool since if the fool had the capacity to realize his foolishness, he would not have been a fool to begin with.

  6. This is a great article. Too many dumb fucks spewing non-sense who think they’re men. Have the intellectually retarded among us never heard of history? Do you dimwits not realize how far the scientific method has catapulted us ahead of our forefathers?
    Oh no the chem-trails are here! They’re putting fluoride in our water! Doctors are keeping me sick! Vitamin detox! If you betas only knew how stupid you sound every time you bring up this shit to people who actually took the time to study and understand how nature actually works.
    Bitches! Except you don’t have pussies, but dicks, which makes you totally useless.

    1. “When the conspirators get ready to take over the United States they
      will use fluoridated water and vaccines to change people’s attitudes and
      loyalties and make them docile, apathetic, unconcerned and groggy.
      According to their own writings and the means they have already
      confessedly employed, the conspirators have deliberately planned and
      developed methods to mentally deteriorate, morally debase, and
      completely enslave the masses. They will prepare vaccines containing
      drugs that will completely change people. Secret Communist plans for
      conquering America were adopted in 1914 and published in 1953. These
      plans called for compulsory vaccination with vaccines containing change
      agent drugs. They also plan on using disease germs, fluoridation and
      vaccinations to weaken the people and reduce the population.”
      The Impact of Science on Society, London 1952, by Bertrand Russell

    2. The very definition of the scientific method is to take a theory and try to prove it WRONG. If you are unable to prove it wrong, you keep trying.
      Making it ILLEGAL to try to prove it wrong, is the exact opposite of the scientific method. Let’s see, is there any theory around that is ILLEGAL to try to prove wrong?

  7. Jeremy is an ignorant human. He actually thinks that someone might learn something from the bullshit he spits out with a keyboard. If he only spent more time actually approaching women instead of keyboard jockeying, the world would be a better place by about 1.43 x 10^-8 percent. Unfortunately women are not interested in their own human ignorance, if they were, Jeremy could be the ultimate alpha just by getting them wet with conversation about the depths of human misunderstanding.
    Yes, Jeremy do spend more time approaching women instead of “bulshit you spit out with a keyboard”.

  8. Conspiracy theories are for weak minds with weaker souls who can’t just accept that there is random danger in the world.

    1. So, the official 911 story can be considered a “conspiracy theory”, correct?

      1. Haha, technically yes. Don’t worry though you can believe that it’s true because the TV told you so and also most people accept the story because ‘MERICA!!!

    2. cool story bro.
      All the “strong minds” are busy watching the MSM and repeating globalist white house talking points.

    3. Right, everything just happens by accident. The gubmint is always saying, “Whoopsie, we had no idea THAT would happen,” because they are just all stupidly incompetent. Plus random danger.

  9. How does questioning the MSM make you beta? These are the same people pushing this feminist, liberal agenda down our throats so what makes you think anything they say is the truth? In my opinion, there is nothing more beta than believing everything you hear on TV. If you dont think that governments lie, you’re a blind and naive child that can’t think for yourself. Some conspiracies are far-fetched but I have no respect for the guy that repeats all of the cliche jargon he hears on CNN/FOX like its his own.

    1. How does questioning the MSM make you beta?

      I don’t believe I said that. In fact, I said this..

      …Yet, this form of thought is an unmitigated disaster when all that is
      required is a little reading, thinking, and acceptance of all facts
      available for a rational explanation to present itself.

      It seems to me that I actually meant to tell people to be willing to question official stories when new facts present themselves.

      1. your “facts available” statement is the problem.
        You are not allowed facts. You are only allowed the information they want you to see. Yes I said “they”. People like you have been trained to attack when you hear the word “they” but they really do exist and they severely limit the news and “facts” available to you.

        1. You are not allowed facts.You are only allowed the information they want you to see…

          You will get no disagreement with me on this point. I think a lot of commenters are presuming that I’m saying “yeah, go ahead and believe the MSM.” I didn’t say that, I would never say that. The current state of news reporting in the developed world looks more like WW2 propaganda and any rational thinking person recognizes that. That doesn’t mean that it’s rational or masculine, to go believing that for which you don’t have facts.
          So yeah, it’s a pickle. On the one hand I’m telling people they’re nuts if they simply believe and ignore contrary evidence, and I’m also acknowledging that lots of evidence of stuff is being held back from the public. All this says is that it’s necessary to go get actual facts. If facts don’t exist, go get them, don’t be lazy and simply believe what one person told you.

        2. Fair enough. But your article vaguely implies that all investigation into “conspiracy theory” are somehow misguided. More qualifiers and specifics would have helped.
          Even the term “conspiracy theory” has been turned into an anti-intellectual meme by the MSM. Just google the term and look up just about *any* MSM article or video report that deals with it and you will find a never-ending stream of ridicule, brow-beating, strawman arguments and ad hominem attacks – all designed to sheep-herd the public into never questioning official narratives.
          It is in fact the elite-run MSM that promulgates the most ridiculous conspiracy theories in history. They cover an event, cherry pick certain facts that backs up whatever script the powers-that-be have decided upon, all while minimalizing contrary evidence and in many other cases – blatantly lying.
          Anyone with at least half a brain who is capable of using the Socratic method of investigating and reasoning will find, with just some *basic* fact-based research, that the conspiracy theories promulgated by the MSM about the following events are DEMONSTRABLY FALSE. And please understand, I am not saying the following events never occurred (they did) but only that the NARRATIVE put forth by the MSM is a crock of shite:
          Gulf of Tonkin
          USS Liberty
          JFK Assaination
          RFK Assasination
          MLK Assasination
          Operation Gladio
          London 7/7
          WMDs Iraq
          The above is just a small list. And perhaps more pertinent to this site, we could talk about the communist infiltration of America in the 20th century (Joseph McCarthy was actually a White Hat) and how FEMINISM was introduced into the west – the most successful social revolution in history; All without firing a single shot. But that’s a whole story in and of itself.
          ALL the FACTS are indeed out there in history books. But betas (much of the world) perform their own internal fact-throttling. They screen out any information that threatens to upturn their entire worldview – whether that deals with gender relations or any of the geopolitical events mentioned above.
          Conspiracy FACT, not fiction or theory, is where its at. But how many of us truly want to know the TRUTH?

        3. I can vouch for this. I just joined “them”, and let me tell you, it was not easy. They sure don’t like being found, but once you’ve located Them HQ you’ve got ’em by the balls.
          Hint: secret moon base, so get your gear ready for a long trip stowed away in the wheel well of the next space shuttle out (oh, you thought the shuttles were decommissioned? How little you know, young one…).
          Anyone who says a big, sprawling government with people constantly rotating in and out of it is far too dumb and inefficient to manage even a fraction of the conspiracy FACTS out there without bumbling them up big time or letting slip lots of word to the public is just uninformed. There are entire underground cities where the real leaders of the world live, running massive, long-lasting campaigns to keep us surface dwellers in the dark so we don’t come down invading and overwhelm them in their the subterranean domains – but I’ve already said too much.

  10. I think this was a fantastic article. Far too many people make decisions based on false or illusory information. That would be fine if it were not for the fact that they will defend their faulty decisions to their graves, with no semblance of evidence to back them up.
    A big part of red pill philosophy is being your own man. Part of being your own man is learning to use rationality and logic to think for yourself.

  11. I believe that Jesus Christ is god reincarnate as man in order to save man from himself.
    I can’t prove it, which is why faith is the hardest part. Works are easy, as you can quantify the impact of your actions. Those who do not simply believe this fact are doomed and while I don’t like the idea that many people I know don’t make it to heaven I didn’t make the rules.

    1. There is proof. Called the resurrection. If resurrection did not happen Christianity is false.

  12. Come on guys. Be an alpha male: read the New York Times and love your government. Only a beta male white knight would believe something they didn’t see on cable news or what goes against conventional wisdom and history books.

    1. Too many guys on this site are as shallow as the women they hate so much. Beta is used to described anyone with thoughts and feelings deeper than what is “normal”.

  13. “When the conspirators get ready to take over the United States they
    will use fluoridated water and vaccines to change people’s attitudes and
    loyalties and make them docile, apathetic, unconcerned and groggy.
    According to their own writings and the means they have already
    confessedly employed, the conspirators have deliberately planned and
    developed methods to mentally deteriorate, morally debase, and
    completely enslave the masses. They will prepare vaccines containing
    drugs that will completely change people. Secret Communist plans for
    conquering America were adopted in 1914 and published in 1953. These
    plans called for compulsory vaccination with vaccines containing change
    agent drugs. They also plan on using disease germs, fluoridation and
    vaccinations to weaken the people and reduce the population.”
    The Impact of Science on Society, London 1952, by Bertrand Russell
    p.s. Bertrand Russell was a member of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism.

    1. How dare you use a direct quote. from a plan in effect for 50 yrs……… and ………preached by the worlds elite in open discussion to this day.
      I guess you are just making up this direct quote from 1952. You freaking conspiracy theory people are all the same actually using footnotes and such.
      Now just settle down conspiracy theorist. Get your “facts” from globalist approved sources. Take some vaccines with cancer viruses in them. Live above your means to make globalist bankers billionaires a hundred times over. Let the “news item of the day” like gay marriage, legalizing pot, racial strife, abortion and so on distract you from the real CRIMES taking place against all middle class white people in the first world. Never mind our real rulers behind the curtain with 100’s of 25K dollar suits in closets bigger than the typical middle class home and dozens of 200K watches……..

  14. At home
    Drawing pictures
    Of mountain tops
    With him on top
    Lemon yellow sun
    Arms raised in a V
    Dead lay in pools of maroon below
    Daddy didn’t give attention
    To the fact that mommy didn’t care
    King Jeremy the wicked
    Ruled his world
    Jeremy spoke in class today
    Jeremy spoke in class today
    Clearly I remember
    Pickin’ on the boy
    Seemed a harmless little fuck
    But we unleashed a lion
    Gnashed his teeth
    And bit the recess lady’s breast
    How could I forget
    He hit me with a surprise left
    My jaw left hurting
    Dropped wide open
    Just like the day
    Like the day I heard
    Daddy didn’t give affection
    And the boy was something that mommy wouldn’t wear
    King Jeremy the wicked
    Ruled his world
    Jeremy spoke in class today
    Jeremy spoke in class today
    Try to forget this…
    Try to erase this…
    From the blackboard.

  15. Science (and logic in general) work best through negation. What I mean is that what you don’t know is much more robust than what you do know. It’s much easier to falsify claims rather than to prove them correct. It goes against trying to build a narrative, which our minds crave, but it’s also vastly more robust (as this article effectively says).

    1. Which shows us the depth of our ignorance. When we learn best by disproving things, it shows just how little we actually understand.

  16. No one with an I.Q. over 140 can believe in God. The fact is, if your I.Q. is higher than 140, your voice will get drowned out by 99% of your peers moaning about faith and unreality and boulders that are also squirrels. They will throw stones at you because they can’t see the world through your eyes. When you have a high I.Q., you are intrinsically bound to logic, and you understand why there cannot be a God. If you can understand the following argument, then you might have a glimpse into what we see.
    Unicorns could exist. Somewhere. Just the same, there could be a person that walks on water. Why? Because in some part of the universe, by advanced technology, there could exist a person that walks on water. In fact, there could be a being that allows people to experience an afterlife by using technology that we do not understand. But as soon as this being, this “God” showed up, then they would not be God anymore.
    If a being came to earth and said, “Henceforth, when you die, your consciousness will be transported to an afterlife milliseconds before your brain dies.” We would all say, “Wow that’s awesome. But you can’t be God. God is still outside of our understanding.” So no matter what magic or miracles or amazing feats a being could perform, they still cannot be God.
    You see, when you define God outside of the rational universe. You tell us that up is down and hot is cold and that love is hate and peace is war. You get to tell us that 2+2=5 because it’s what you believe, and no one can change your mind.
    So if any of this resonates with you, than you might be one of the very few high I.Q. people around. And for the rest of you, I will have fries with that, and yes, I will take the synthetic oil.

    1. When you have a high I.Q., you are intrinsically bound to logic, and you
      understand why there cannot be a God. If you can understand the
      following argument, then you might have a glimpse into what we see.

      Actually, the most difficult people for psychiatrists to deal with are the high-I.Q. people, and yes there are a lot of high IQ people out there who think absolute nonsense. Any human, be they high-IQ or not, can fall victim to believing things they actually imagined, or inserted into a corner of their ignorance. They can find themselves proven wrong in dramatic ways. High IQ is not a pass, everyone needs to learn how to think.

      1. And part of learning how to think is keeping an open mind as well as a skeptical one.
        You need both, not just one Jeremy. Herein lies your problem.

        1. The incessant slagging of “conspiracy theorists” in the first three paragraphs of the article and your knob-slobbing of the scientific method afterwards says it loud and clear.

        2. Lol if you truly have an open mind your first reaction wouldn’t be “I have a problem?”

        3. So, bashing people who believe the unprovable, and championing a very basic method of seeking the truth, are equivalent to telling people not to keep an open mind? I don’t think that quite follows. There’s a difference in being willing to listen to people (open mind), and not accepting evidence that contradicts what you’re saying (conspiracy theorist), they’re actually very much in opposition.

      2. True. Logic and appreciation for logic is not the same as intellect and intellectualism. Plenty of smart folks embrace logical fallacies and fail to recognize the presence and impact of emotional ownership and stakeholding in debate… and then you get the others here who just all out embrace it.

    2. Being atheist is no better or worse than any religion. Atheists are not excluded from being stupid or wrong.The problem is that atheists are a diffuse minority so any reasonable atheist will rarely encounter moronic atheists .
      To the extent you don’t let your faith based religion effect your critical thinking skills one can be both devout and intellectual. I base this on the modular mind theory that the religiosity module and the critical thinking module evolved independently and can either stay separate and useful or fuse and cancel each other out.

      1. Atheism is a religion. It is similar to communism and socialism.
        It is a political religion but a religion all the same. Most atheist are more fanatical about atheism than “religious” people.

    3. I can see somebody got the memo. When atheism is questioned just claim high IQ.
      Every atheist I have ever met claimed they were high IQ. That high IQ helped several of them into great careers as waiters, book store clerks, career students, and a lot of “volunteer jobs” with no compensation. One of them was a cop that thought family guy was the funniest show ever made.
      Everyone of them claimed “high IQ” lol

    4. You piss off the religious? Hardly, considering that you define yourself in shadow religious terms…

    5. A cursory10-minute look into the near-death experiences of people (of varying backgrounds and religions who share similar experiences) would tell you that atheists are some of the most ignorant people on the planet.

  17. As I like to tell these Alex Jones kooks: I get a flu shot every fall, and I haven’t “depopulated” yet.

    1. Alex Jones plays a kook for misdirection purposes. He’s a zionist shill with a jewish wife and jewish sponsors.

    2. Here’s a fun fact for you, most of the industrialized world such as Europe and East Asia, does not recommend young and healthy people to get vaccines, since the effects are minimal.
      The only groups recommended to get the annual flu shot is old people and people with immune diseases.
      The only reason the CDC, abetted by the media gets a hard on and pushes this is on us all is that it’s filling the pockets of big pharma shareholder.
      Depopulation, toxicity, autism, etc. is only believed by lunatics and AstroTurfing scumbags who have no base in reality.
      for most people they’re so ineffective that it’s not worth bothering with.

  18. Ironically these self-professed atheists, skeptics and humanists (ASHes) can hold beliefs which don’t even meet their own standards for rationality.
    For example, we had ZERO evidence for the existence of exoplanets until about a quarter century ago. Yet the ASHes in the middle of the last century like Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, etc., promoted the belief in them anyway because the science fiction they read growing up, and then later wrote, propagandized the culture with the idea, practically as a faith position. At the same time the ASHes mocked the exoplanet beliefs held by Mormons, UFO cults and L Ron Hubbard and his followers, apparently because these groups held views on unobserved exoplanets that the ASHes considered heretical, not that the ASHes could establish one way or another whether exoplanets existed.
    Yet the hand-waving arguments put forward by the ASHes that exoplanets had to exist bore an embarrassing resemblance to the arguments for the Dragon in Carl Sagan’s Garage. I have yet to read an acknowledgement by an authority figure in the ASHes culture that they believed in exoplanets irrationally until fairly recently.
    More to the point in the forum, today prominent ASHes promote the logical error that atheism has to imply a liberal social philosophy in favor of feminism, among other dubious notions. (The ASHes’ denialism of human biodiversity deserves a book-length treatment in itself.) But as I keep pointing out to ASHes like PZ Myers, patriarchy has an empirical basis totally lacking in god beliefs. We can’s observer or communicate with our tribe’s “supernaturals,” as anthropologists call them, despite what the people on those foolish “ghost hunting” shows on cable claim.
    But men have had to live with, and observe, women all along as the species has struggled to stay in business in a harsh and dangerous world. If the resulting body of experience over countless generations had converged on a tradition which tends to put women in a bad light – well, you can’t blame that outcome on the gods, now, can you?
    Yet the ASHEes refuse to concede the fact that we can observe the differences between the sexes in the same way we can observe stars, plants, genes, subatomic particles and other uncontroversial areas of science. No, we have to engage in this arbitrary game of make-believe which lumps patriarchal beliefs together with the story of Noah’s Ark and similar nonsense.
    At the same time they dishonestly define “atheism” to mean a mysterious void in the universe called “absence of belief in god,” or words to that effect. But practice, the ASHes really use “atheism” as a label for a whole package of Enlightenment-derived social ideology which lacks empirical support. At least the patriarchal world view the Enlightenment replaced has an indisputable track record of experience and functionality in its favor, going back many thousands of years. You just can’t throw away something like highly developed because you don’t understand it and it conflicts with the mind games of armchair intellectuals, and not expect its rejection to inflict some huge costs on society.

  19. The scientific method is not without its flaws, which lie in its unstated assumptions. One of these assumptions is the idea that the scientific method can only be applied on extended material, in contrast to non-extended material, such as the inner world of the mind. For this reason, a key component of the method which you missed is verifiability by an external agent. Only external matter (as opposed to internal mind stuff) can be verified. Any type of introspection, or self-assessment, cannot be scientific. For this reason, red pill ideas such as “holding frame” fall through the cracks, since having the ability to hold frame requires an ability to assess one’s capacity to hold frame.
    Your argument works better if you rephrase what you call “the scientific method” and what you *mean* to say, which is “dialectic”.

  20. Belief comes as a result of fact. Or the semblance of fact. Just like the belief that the will hold your up comes from the fact that you saw the chair holding other people up.

  21. I have to say that most “conspiracy theories” really can’t be proven or disproved with “logic”. Take the JFK assassination for example, there isn’t some mathematical formula to demonstrate the mainstream narrative isn’t true. It is just a conclusion many people have reached based upon observation. The congressional investigation on the matter reached the conclusion that there was a conspiracy and suggested the Justice Department investigate (of course there was no further investigation). Still, the mainstream narrative is that only kooks question the validity of the “crazy random shooter” theory and most people don’t stray from this line of thinking (it appears many on this site don’t either).
    How in the world is anyone supposed to prove someone is lying with the scientific method? It is usually enough to simply “follow the money”. Take 9/11 for example, was it more likely that –
    1. A dozen “Al Qaeda” Arabzz outsmarted a billion dollar air defense system multiple times on the same day and crashed multiple planes in the most heavily defended air space in the world?
    2. High level officials colluded and set up a false flag in order to justify military plans in the middle-east? (False flags to justify military action are a well known means to sell a war to the public and have been repeated throughout history)
    I go with #2 based on – the political ideology of the administration in power at the time (not what you see on TV but their actual writing on the strategy the US military should pursue), the actions that took place after the event, the obvious necessity of having a military presence in the ME, and the inability of the American public to accept military action without some bs moral reasoning behind it.
    Got to agree, learn to think.

    1. Uh huh. The JFK assassination conspiracy theory is based on the notion JFK was a renegade peace-loving President and the shot Oswald had to fire was physically impossible to achieve. Both are myths.
      Likewise #1 point assumes too much: that a defence system would easily detect hijacked airliners and would immediately shoot them down. In reality by the time anyone realised what was going on it was too little too late.

      1. Christ, do you even know what happened on 9/11? The planes were known to be hijacked for like an hour. There was a large time gap between each tower being hit. NORAD was proven effective many times over (do you really think it was completely untested?). The fucking pentagon got hit by a plane… do really think it is that easy to attack the pentagon? If only the Soviet Union had thought to hire a half dozen Arabs to hijack a plane and attack D.C. during the cold war, they could have won!
        As for the Kennedy assassination, you immediately jump into specifics about certain theories – i’m not saying a certain theory is correct, just that the mainstream version doesn’t seem to be correct.
        You provided a perfect demonstration of the ignorance of the common man.

    2. The 911 thing is so blatantly obvious it’s crazy to even question.
      FACT : the building fell at free fall to complete dust.
      FACT : there was zero forensic investigation.
      FACT: all the steel was immediately exported to India
      So basically i crashed by Porsche into a tree last night, and the car vaporized, the tree turned into saw dust, and i cleaned up all the mess, and all i have is the perfectly preserved Porsche badge badge from the hood… incredible… true story.

      1. I know, but when you get into the specifics of the event people just tune out.Imho people are more willing to take their fingers out of their ears if you focus on the more broad perspective.
        Patriotism and subconscious fear will always keep people from seeing something so obvious as the false flag attacks of 9/11. I mean, say people were to acknowledge what took place – what then? It was basically an exercise of power and people don’t like to admit they are powerless.

      2. the funny thing about asbestos is that it is about the most fire retardant material known to man.That is why in part it was so popular. For things like brake pads as it could withstand extremely high temperatures and I’m expected to believe that it caught fire and spread throughout the whole building..

      3. Not to mention that bringing those buildings down by way of a more “traditional” approach such as employing an actual demolition company would have been prohibitively expensive due to their size, build, and location. Furthermore, having so much vertical commercial (office type) real estate in downtown Manhattan was already a deficit maker when the towers were first put up in the early 1970s. Add to that the profound changes in technology and downsizing that occurred over the next decades and you end up with a veritable white elephant that simply no one wants. The question then became how best to dispose of said beast in the most effective way possible (and perhaps make a nice buck along the way).
        Starting to see a pattern yet?

        1. yeah…. means, motive, opportunity…..
          just getting rid of those fully insured buildings was a massive boon… before you get into all the erroneous stock trades that were never investigated……
          and if you knew it was coming you could invest in defense companies etc. aside from the obvious put options on the airlines…
          not only that, massive political and financial gain….
          there’s more fishy contents in 911 than an Alaskan cannery….

  22. Most conspiracies are bullshit.
    But the biggest bullshit conspiracy of all is that there are no conspiracies.
    Just ’cause some rubbish “conspiracy theories” are out there doesn’t mean all theories about conspiracies are nutty, and indeed the nuttiest ones are often those who dismiss all conspiracy theories simply for being conspiracy theories.

    1. Well put. Presuming that no “conspiracy theory” could turn out to be true would also mean to presume that no holder of power ever lies and disguises true their true Goals, which would sound pretty dumb obviously. How far is somebody willing to go in denying all the “conspiracy theories”? Maybe it was even absurd to doubt that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that the Goal of Iraq war had nothing to do with possible danger? Maybe it is absurd to Claim that anybody has interest in presenting “facts” in the light that favors them?
      Also the article is incredibly naive in opposing knowledge and belief. Maybe some physicists have seen and smelled and tasted electrons or Higgs boson but actually the rest of humanity only believe These things. You can legitimately relay on authority of somebody but People in XXI century believe all those Things about science without experiencing/understang deeply it themselves. There was wayyyy more knowledge and much less believes had by a blacksmith of XIV century, who probably believed in the stories of bible, but apart from that his mind was filled with just knowledge from his experience and not stories People bellieve.

  23. * tips fedora
    If we listened to you, we’d all be bleating the party line about how global warming is real. About how it’s “settled science” and people who question the “consensus” are anti-science.

  24. Excellent article, Jeremy. The fact that it is has generated so many troll, change-of-subject comments is proof of that… if any were needed.

  25. “Science is a method of thinking, not a set of beliefs or a structure of authority.”
    Peer-review is a tremendously important part of the scientific method, and is often overlooked. Scientists are quite savage when they review the work of other scientists – it’s expected and encouraged. What isn’t bullshit survives the process. Universities, libraries, academia in general, is a key part of this process. Science mostly doesn’t happen in a vacuum inhabited by lone geniuses, there absolutely is a structure of authority (complete with titles of rank) that makes it possible.

    1. Problems with peer review:
      1. reviewing scientists often have their entire identities wrapped up in their own research and scientific viewpoint. Telling them or getting them to admit they’re wrong is essentially negating their existence.
      2. Grant money. You study/try to publish the wrong thing that goes against prevailing dogma, good luck getting your funding. Of course, this could at the peer review level not just the publishing level.

    2. You use the term “peer review” and “structure of authority” as if they are equivalent in your comment, which is amazingly ironic.

  26. This is terrible. Go ahead and believe the press and the politicians next. Here I quote Dr. Mercola:
    “The Perception of Science-Based Medicine is a Ruse
    I am a big believer in the scientific method … provided it’s applied appropriately. And that’s the key issue here. If science is applied properly, meaning, it’s unbiased, unprejudiced and free from any significant conflicts of interest.
    However, this is not the case with most of modern medicine. Instead, the process has been masterfully orchestrated by the drug companies to create a system that gives the perception of science when really it is a heavily manipulated process designed to manipulate and deceive most to use expensive and potentially toxic drugs that benefit the drug companies.”
    Science nowadays is just a manipulative entity that serves the agenda.
    Medicine: manipulation of effectiveness, suppression of cheap or effective or natural alternatives
    Economics: interest free money creation (tried in quite a few countries – no one cares – why? – debt is money and compound interest is so much better for the 0,001%)
    Energy creation: multiple alternatives available based on geo-magnetic technology – here a short clip from the BBC in the 1970s(!) on the topic of nitinol for cheap energy creation – also take note of the studies listed at the end of the report (US-agencies going back to the 1950s) – this is only one of the possibilies which produce practically free energy
    I wonder why those things never survive the peer-review? Give me a break. Who believes that crap should stop reading ROK and go buy himself a Cosmo and learn from Jezzebel how to be a real man.

  27. Oh, God damn it, here’s a decent article, a touch crudely presented but well thought out and half the fucking comments are “blame de ebil jooz!” bullshit.
    Jesus Christ. Honestly, who gives a fuck. You want science? Fine. The jews tend to rise in power and prominence because of systematic selection for intelligence as part of their selection criteria in mate choice. Controversial but solid evidence exists that ethnic jews tend to have higher potential for intelligence than sub-saharan, nordic, caucasian and Mediterranean ethnic phenotypes. Western european and asian groups were not significantly different, statistically, but jews tended to score higher than western europeans as well. Couple that with the religious identity and a cultural adoption of altruism (helping others at personal cost based on their degree of genetic relatedness), and you’ve got a people with a leg up who look out for their own.
    So, speaking of what the author said-
    “You’re a moron if you decide to ignore facts that are inconvenient to
    your preferred narrative so that you can maintain a comfortable or
    ego-invested lie. This is the foundation of red pill truth. Don’t give
    up your reasoning and attention to detail when the first beta
    masquerading as a man tries to claim that something is a hoax or
    false-flag event. This isn’t much different than listening to your
    favorite female oneitis target tell you how to be attractive for her
    when you’re 18 years old.”
    Amen, Jeremy.
    Anyone truly interested in developing their critical thinking skills, so as not to embrace their own ignorance, would do well to read Carl Sagan’s “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.” Sagan was a religious zealot who worshipped the scientific method as his god of choice, but this was his crowning achievement as a writer- a perfect treatise on where and how critical thinking saves or destroyed humanity in the ancient and modern world.
    Personally, I like a good talk on conspiracy theories and false-flag whozits… it’s like a neon sign stapled to the forehead that says “I’m not a fan of logic, and talking to you is my substitute for beating off in front of a full-length mirror.”

  28. Can sometime tell me which article has the list of feminist quotes that were dangerously anti male?Someone posted quotes by the like of Andrea Dworkin and co that was very comprehensive.

  29. There are conspiracies but they don’t last for thousands of years and oppress vast numbers, females for example. They are short term political and/or criminal schemes and only last till the goals are achieved or the conspirators are eliminated. Some schemes may infuse a bureaucracy, of course, or be “understood” as in the left’s virulent racism, however these aren’t conspiracies but rather policies. Incorrect beliefs, that the sun revolves around the earth as an example, lead to problems and persecution but these aren’t conspiracies, simply mistaken beliefs defended by the majority.
    There are also few mysterious sociological causes for failures in societies but rather dishonesty among officeholders or mistaken policies based on error (failure to attend church causes plagues, for example).
    Conspiracies are limited, specific groups with particular goals.

  30. I don’t agree with the article per se, I will just state that some people do fall in love with their “rebel” and counterculture image that they are willing to buy into any lame ass theory just to consider themselves smarter than the other sheep.
    These people will label anything that happens “false-flag”, or “zionist plot” or “new world order / neocon agenda”, and it gets pretty tiring listening to all that bullshit by grown men.

    1. Not without evidence. To someone too lazy to do the research, it all appears far fetched.

  31. I liked the article a lot for its conclusions but you have to understand that the scientific method is not just what is used by the so called ivory tower academics in reporting.
    The problem is that non scientific disciplines are reported as scientific. The problem is small studies are used to justify overarching bureaucratic plans (great examples of this use of poor unquestioned spurious data is in the areas of nutrition and psychology). The problem is that rather than coming up with a theory then testing it and looking for observable phenomena scientists and often pseudo social scientists backwards rationalise their theory’s veracity from incomplete datasets.
    For example an easy one is sculpturing and architecture. Many scientists reason that egyptian pharaoh’s had some kind of derivable mathematics system to design the pyramids as they did, with the geometric forms being almost too precise. The reality is that no such system exists given the evidence. At best it can be reasoned that their architects learned ad hoc and from rules of thumb and not rigid theories. This artisanal approach being backwards rationalised as academic theoretical has happened in multiple disciplines. Nassim talebs antifragility delves further into this.
    Another example is economics. Reverse rationalising past disasters to for whatever the ‘tawk’ of the day is.
    The follow of ‘globo’ science as it is now is that 1) scientists are not allowed to publish against the mainstream narrative when it is in politically sensitive fields of interest (good examples of which are abound if you’ve ever spent time with PhDs) because your report will not get published by anyone without extensive revisions or flat out rejections. The human factor is what trips up science because peer review is still human. 2) the folly of difference between scientists saying ‘i am 90% confident A and B’ are related to policy makers research councils and big institutions like the MSM saying A leads to B. 3) we are so much more stupid than we realise, heuristics and hundreds of years old rules of thumb recognise this and their own fallibilities and are flexible enough to be used anywhere. Science as the globo loco structural behemoth it is now, does not. It snacks of a huge arrogance when.every 2 years a new big theory backwards rationalising the past comes.up when instead time will be the biggest indicator of what is truth and what is false.
    I would like to recommend once again talent’s of black swan fame’s book antifragility to help tale people out of the scientist vs Luddite mindset.

  32. If you have the audacity to deny the holocaust despite the evidence (documents, recordings, living witnesses etc), then have the balls to use your real name and go say it to the face of anyone with a tattoo on their arm. Fucking retard

      1. It must be real hard for you to accept that the Jews of today aren’t the unarmed ones of WWII…

        1. Never let a good tragedy go to waste, my son.
          Or the appearance of one.
          Maybe it’s hard for you to accept that someone like Rahm Emanuel has a stronger allegiance to israel, his fellow jews, and his fellow elites than he does to the American people.

        2. And why not admit that you are a bigot who wants to wipe out a group of people because they have the wrong DNA.

        3. Panther, is this thread typical of this website? The first time I ever heard of it was yesterday. If it is typical, I don’t see the good that you can do here. Just from this thread, I would say it’s like walking into a Klan rally and preaching the abiding love of Christ …

        4. The CIDI software alerted him immediately that somewhere on the internet, anti semitism was being propagated. He flew to the rescue immediately.

    1. I am fascinated by the contradictory reports put out by ‘holocaust’ survivors, hell even the jews are admitting the human skin lampshades and human soap are all crap that didn’t happen.

    2. If you do that, in many countries, you will GO TO JAIL. Any “living witnesses” with a tattoo on their arm would have to be at least 90 years old, so they wouldn’t have much of a punch to worry about.

  33. Fiat moneychangers own the central banks, multi-national corporations, and mass media. They control governments and their puppet politicians.
    They have no religion besides control and power.
    Is this conspiracy?

  34. I’m just glad that we can all agree that the holocaust was a huge hoax perpetrated by Zionists for propaganda reasons for their religion and its prophecy of Jews returning to Israel after the death of 6 million Jews.

  35. Bollocks to this article. Pure blue pill tripe masquerading as red bill, hairy chested, alpha male advice.
    Politics always has been, is and probably always will be conducted in secret. Politicians say one thing and do another – usually because they are serving the interest of the moneyed elite who pay their wages and the public either don’t get this or wouldn’t approve. So when politicians, bankers, financiers, etc. etc. lie to the public and anyone questions what is really going on, the response is “plot” and “conspiracy theorist” to shut up anyone who queries what has happened. It is a very successful tactic.
    I suppose Wikleaks doesn’t expose government secrecy and illegal activity? I suppose the Gulf of Tomkin incident, Operation Northwoods and God knows how many other events are all “conspiracy theories” too? Never mind that they are out in the open, proven facts. If anyone has the ability to examine beyond what it reported in Fox News, as an illustration, they will find out the real deal with the current ISIS terrorism in the Middle East. Most people who don’t get what goes on would no doubt be genuinely shocked to see just how bad and downright evil are the actions of the Western governments along with the usual suspects in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. But again, I suppose I must be a “conspiracy nut.”
    Only a tiny percentage of the lies will ever be exposed, most of it will never get in to the public realm.

    1. Funny how those who do not know what is going on like to call those of us who did our homework to find out what is going on “conspiracy theorists”. That is about the dumbest dismissal of men like me there is….it is right up there with “PAN hates all women”.
      I can only think that anyone who uses “conspiracy theorist” and “PAN hates all women” to try and persuade someone else not to read my books and learn from my experiences must have the brain the size of a pea or be an agent of the guvmint like Paul Elam.
      Best Regards

  36. ‘Pick-Up Artist’ community is a conspiracy too. LOL
    The so-called ‘Masters of Pick Up’ gurus, mostly Jews, are only interested in selling their products and passing on their malicious ideology to insecure boys and young men. It is a scam. They play on the weaknesses of their customers, on their fears they will never to be able to score a girl. The Jews are offering them all sorts of alleged secret methods, for a lot of money, that have little chance of actually working anyway.
    Is Roosh jewish too? He’s from the Middle East, no? LOL

    1. Lol, they were bullshitters too, no? Style, Mystery, Eben Pagan, Ross Jeffries, Dave M etc. Those guys were more interested in selling than getting laid.

  37. Taking notice that you’ve been lied to doesn’t make you some kook. Five years ago, if someone said the govt was recording and sifting through your calls and emails, you’d be the guy handing him a tin foil hat….not so crazy now, is it?

  38. Great article. A lot of conspiracy types, the folks that believe in them are just plain lonely. People want fellow ship. They want to belong to a group and to have secret handshakes and such. Conspiracy types often live in a state of delusion. They want to believe that they have secret info that others don’t.

    1. If you’re so enlightened why don’t then pick a popular conspiracy theory and try to debunk it.

      1. I don’t think I’m especially enlightened . I’m just explaining why people believe things or join groups or organizations. Religions same thing . People join religions for the fellowship, cool rituals, good deeds etc.

        1. Yes the pursuit of truth or knowledge can be part of it. Add that to my list. I know a guy who joined a congregation to bang chicks…

      2. You can do that all you want, and you will not go to jail.
        There is only ONE conspiracy theory you CANNOT debunk.

      1. No not apart . I love ROK and the folks who comment. I’m not a joiner by nature. It would be cool if ROK folks had a place to meet but that might fuck things up too. “Fellowship ” is an apt word and I consider myself part of the ROK gang. I hope I didn’t sound like one of those insufferable “too cool for school” types that are above joining groups. Nothing more annoying….

        1. I guess what I was getting at is that your comment seemed somewhat hypocritical – seeing as the red pill is still a fringe group that has banded together. You don’t have to be here on this website right now but yet you choose to be. You choose to participate in a group that shares your ideals.
          When you say that “conspiracy theorists” are lonely, that statement immediately discredits anyone who thinks differently. Searching for truth is the most (and only) noble pursuit, not some pitiful scapegoat.

  39. Don’t be brainwashed. Don’t follow ideologies, instead think with your own head!

  40. Great article Jeremy. Your posts have always come across as very rational and of critical thought.

  41. When I hear a feminist blame all the ills of society and life on “the evils of misogyny”, I often shake my head, feel a little sick inside and wonder how a person can be so stupid. Then I wonder if feminists and blue pills have the same reaction when presented with sites like RoK, where we attribute a lot of society’s ills on leftism/feminism/Marxism beliefs.
    I have yet to reconcile this internal argument. Are our beliefs a conspiracy theory too? Does anyone else wonder this?

    1. Or maybe a nice blowjob if the good Rabbi didn’t have any circumcisions that day.

  42. A conspiracy is when 2 or more people plan, plot, discuss or attempt to engage in a joint form of any criminal activity. A theory is a proposed explanation whose status is conjectural. A conspiracy theory, is simply a proposed explanation for criminal activity. You see 2 guys talking with hoodies dressed in all black and baseball bats, you walk down the street and hear glass smash and see the same 2 men running down the street with full garbage bags. That is a conspiracy theory by definition. You didn’t see them do it so its not a fact. But if your theory is correct, they would have conspired to commit the crime at some point.
    If you think people in government or board rooms don’t ever talk about how to commit crimes and get away you are deluded.

  43. I like this article. But I would like to recommend Edward Bernays’ book, «Propaganda», to everyone. I think much can be learned from it.

  44. There’s one thing I do believe, and that is that our government doesn’t need any cover ups. Like many other governments, our government is so huge, bloated, extensive and over reaching that anything it does in malice, fallacy and blunder planned or unplanned SIMPLY COVERS ITSELF UP.

    1. If you are pulling shit behind the scenes, you DO want the appearance of incompetency.

  45. A great article to promote critical thinking, but the highest ranked comment is claiming the holocaust is a conspiracy…
    What a fucking disgrace.
    Props to Jeremy for writing the article – excellent read

    1. The Antisemitism of the commentators on this website is seriously turning me off. Where did these people learn their history?

  46. Epicurus’s syllogism has been redundant at least since Leibniz… I really wish people would stop posting that picture everywhere.

  47. Facts are meaningless till they are interpreted. We interpret them according to our believes.

    1. What about this? “In November 1944, with the Soviet Red Army approaching through Poland, Himmler ordered gassing operations to cease across the Reich. Crematoria II, III, and IV were dismantled, while Crematorium I was transformed into an air raid shelter. The Sonderkommandowere ordered to remove other evidence of the killings, including the mass graves.[60] The SS destroyed written records, and in the final week before the camp’s liberation, burned or detonated many of its buildings.[61]”

      1. Wikipedia is useless for controversial topics, and furthermore is owned by a Jewish person (Jimmy Wales) and is a known staging ground for JIDF activity.

        1. Wikipedia is useless huh? You never used it?
          World War 2 Nazi crimes is hardly a controversial topic.

        2. Maybe you should deny crimes like the Holodomor, Katyn Forest Massacre, Unit 731 and the Rape of Nanking and all the other atrocities that occurred in and around WWII while you are at it…
          You neo-nazi trash think you are so smart, but you are still morons who utilize fabrication and revisionism to support your demented ideology.

        3. You can get jailed for discussing it in certain countries, so yes it is controversial.

        4. You mean a neo-nazi like Frank Collin (Cohen) leader of the National Socialist Party of America, who organized Nazi marches in jewish communities, only to turn out to be Jewish himself and a pedophile to boot?

        5. That’s funny, the Holodomor rarely gets mentioned, maybe that’s because it was carried out by Jewish Bolsheviks: http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=160
          But speaking of crime denial, it’s plausible that so few people deny the genocide of 9 million Germans after the WWII due to the fact that no one has heard of it.

        6. And yet, Joe Stalin was a major antisemite as well, with his paranoia leading to the doctor’s plot inquisition shortly before his demise.
          He was just like your beloved Adolf Hitler: A megalomaniac tyrant who was obsessed with conquest, genocide and willing to throw away millions of lives to get what he wanted.

        7. That is what I call a self-loather, one who allies himself with an ideology that would kill him for his background…

        8. I don’t give a shit about Hitler, but Stalin was at least 1/2 Jewish. As we can see with Rothschild and Madoff, they’re not above eating their own.
          Most Jews are good peeps, the extremists with cash and power are the issue.

        9. You do know that up till the fall of the Soviet Union the Katyn forest massacre was being blamed on the Germans and it was only naziswhowanttokill6millionjews who claimed it was Soviet troops who did it.
          Funny how when the Soviet archives were opened the truth came out about that alleged German atrocity……

        10. You could deny in writing ALL those things and you would not GO TO JAIL FOR IT. Funny how that is, eh?
          I could write a book that stated no Africans were ever brought to the US as slaves, and they all came of their own free will. Yet I would not GO TO JAIL FOR IT, would I?

  48. Development of the imagination is as important as developing critical thinking skills.
    The first step of the scientific method is developing a question. Then the article author states: “The hardest part of that process is defining a good question. Any
    scientist worth their salt knows that coming up with a good question is
    actually excruciatingly hard. Children are actually better at questioning things than adults are”
    That is due to kids have better imaginations than your typical scientist.
    If you can’t connect the dots, so to speak, to develop important questions (as they pertain to the application of the scientific method to possible conspiracies) then anything that’s not concretely proven to you will appear to be hogwash.

  49. What I find interesting is how macro evolutionary theory doesn’t hold up to the scientific method, yet is taught as “fact” in every public school in the US (thanks gov’t mandated curriculum!). The same is true for man-made climate change. Just doesn’t hold up under scrutiny, but gov’t and MSM push this like the world is ending.

    1. Darwin was a high-up freemason. Dude never smiled. Not exactly the most trustworthy or good-intentioned person of all time.

  50. another naive writer claiming people who question authority are foolish, zany conspiracists. i wonder with all his genuflection to the scientific method – how lower manhattan disappeared into powder on account of some kerosene fires? preposterous.

  51. Some of us have 40 years of living in naivety, and having supreme faith in the non-motives, the non-agendas of the rest of humanity, and have absolutely destroyed our lives as a result of this. It is better to err on the side of caution, and draw parallels and patterns where previously we wouldn’t permit ourselves to. The choice is to be naive, or a conspiracy realist. As Einstein said, to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, is insanity. The first rule of trading is to be defensive first and not lose money. This applies to the real world now more than ever, now that principles, morals and honour are now endangered species. Every single avenue of life has now been fully politicized.. EVERY SINGLE THING. This is not the fifties where good outweighed evil. As the empire declines rapidly, and we rapidly lose more and more control of our lives by being conformist as we’ve always been, and swallow the general narratives, it is best to go against the grain, and realize that there is now more motive behind every action, every event, both large and small. You can either be a contrarian, or a victim. To go against conventional thinking, to go against group think is not only profitable, but more accurate. We no longer have a growth economy, but rather cannibal-capitalism, where instead of expanding and growing authentically, every industry and individual is now eating on everything to it’s left, to it’s right and even on it’s self. Life is no longer vertical, but horizontal. Quality is dead, and everything is being hollowed out from within, with only the shell remaining. Superficiality is all that matters. Us self-critical, macro-analytic, geo-political, pattern-recognition specialists, anthropological self-taught erudite polymaths who have studied history and future trends, know the patterns that exist today, and know the only constants throughout all of history have been the strongest human psychological motives of fear and greed. Not altruism and benevolence. As the curtain falls, and all of these conspiracies are being proven more and more correct every day, we gain more confidence in our judgement of events and motives.

  52. the facts are that the u.n. and agenda 21 are real. the facts are that central bankers control the creation of money, and they choose to give it to corporations that back the ir globalist totalitarian agenda. who’s a tool? you’re a tool.

  53. “Many people today regard science as some kind of ivory-tower of
    “authority” that is fallible just like the church. That, my friends, is
    That is just pure bullshit. Any research needs the approval of “the consensus” to be considered valid. That means if your research is against the opinion of “the consensus” it is likely you will be ignored, silenced or ridiculed.

  54. Interesting to see how the use of the words ‘conspiracy theory’ already have you trapped. The whole history of the world is driven highly by one conspiracy after another in an endless struggle for social power. Conspiracy is the name of the game!
    The job is to distinguish between the conspiracies you have been told and the true conspiracies. That really takes a man.
    Be aware of the use of words. The conspirators love the term ‘conspiracy theory’.

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