The Largest Factor That Determines A Man’s Perceived Value

Men perceive women primarily based on their looks. When you see a cutie walking by you, what do you notice? If you’re a straight, regular dude then it’s her figure, face, and style. You rarely preoccupy your mind with thoughts of what she’s doing, whether she’s an accountant or a nurse, or anything else.

You can take that same girl and change the scenery from the street to the bar to the airport to the mall and your perception of her will only marginally change, if at all.

So what do women notice in men? I’ll use two recent examples from my life to paint you a picture.

1. In My Zone


One of my current gigs is personal training at an upscale city facility.

While I’m training my clients here, the amount of eye-fucking that comes my way from the women around the gym is too high to be measured. You’d also be surprised at the number of women that “forget the wifi password” or “want to know where the water fountain is”. They see a familiar face that also happens to be a figure of authority at the location, and they’re interested.

2. Out Of My Zone


On a different note, I’ve recently picked up training Muay Thai at at local gym. It’s mostly men that train there, but there are a handful of girls– some of them quite attractive. Do they give me the same devious stares that the cardio bunnies and soccer moms at the gym throw my way? Hell no, they take their flirting at aim it at the instructors. And that’s fine by me– I’m here to learn how to fight. But the picture this distinction paints is of the utmost importance for men to recognize. It clearly illustrates the following concept:

Know Your Value At Your Current Location

If you’re at a location where people know you and women seem to take extra notice of you, then it’s probably a good place to approach and get results. If you’re at a location where you’re a relative stranger amongst regulars, then it’s likely you’re just wasting your time if you try to game.

It’s also important to also recognize the middle of the spectrum. Public places like malls and airports are usually neutral. In these spots you’ll be perceived primarily based on your looks. I want to make it clear that you’ll still be evaluated on your looks at the aforementioned places, but assuming you’re not Beavis or Butthead, and you know how to dress, then they shouldn’t be a barrier to success.

By focusing your time and energy on gaming or refraining from gaming, depending on your current location, you’ll see far better results and waste far less time. More importantly, you’ll avoid the confidence hit that a lot of guys suffer when they’re at a location where they have little value, and they consequently see no results. Don’t make the mistake of lowering your own valuation of yourself because you’re at a spot full of dudes who all the girls already know. But at the same time, if you see something you like, don’t let it stop you from trying.

Check out my new book The Book of Alpha for more advice on building confidence and improving your success.

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63 thoughts on “The Largest Factor That Determines A Man’s Perceived Value”

  1. Being a situational alpha is sweet hack.
    You ever see that nasal voiced nerd with the legit hot anime girl and wonder ‘WTF?’. Dude is the king of the nerds and it pays in pussy dividends.

    1. yeah, i learned this completely by accident… walked into a bar where i knew the barman well… high fived him… confidentially introduced myself to the girl at the bar who i wrongly assumed was his new girl friend, since they were chatting….. completely ignored her and began chatting with my buddy…. we marveled at this incredible sunset that was going down… where upon the girl turned to me and said “i have to go now… are you coming…?”
      the barman’s jaw dropped… i think it was the fasted pick up either of us had ever seen….
      what the gym scenario shows though is how completely fickle women are… your girlfriend can be as loyal as a cow when she’s at your side at home, and making herself available to her boss, manager, gym instructor, the local policeman, your landlord, or just about anyone in authority… doesn’t mean anything will happen or even that she wants something to happen or is doing it consciously, it’s just instinctive animal behavior.

      1. I just remembered about an old school buddy of mine. I had gone to uni while he went to do something else. One day we met at uni by coincidence. He told he was involved with some cultural exchanges with foreign students or some shit like that. I asked him “and what do you do specifically?” He laughed and answered with “Intercourse provider”. It turns out that he was a group leader / coordinator, so in a position of having some leadership and authority. His verdict was “you can be as ugly as a bag full of assholes, but just the fact that you are group leader will make them fall for you”. Damn.

      2. Totally agreed. Women are completely fickle. The prettiest girl I ever dated actually picked ME up – after she got oneitis for me. Heh. I was her boss and didn’t want to cause a shitstorm at work, but ordering her around made her tingle and she made a move on me. Later she had to be transferred elsewhere and almost immediately became attracted to someone at her new place.
        What’s fucked up is all this bullshit legislation to stop men benefiting from their positions of authority. It’s natural for men to get power and then be rewarded with sexual access to their female employees.

      3. Does is suck taking advice from personal trainers to get laid? Sounds like it sucks.

    2. All females are groupies, and nearly any male endeavor will attract groupies.

      1. Why you should focus on your life, and the pussy will come. Just get to the top of your pack, and the groupie will be there. Ensure she has not “banged her way to the top” if you want more than being next in her orifice.

  2. tl;dr: The largest factor that determines a man’s perceived value is preselection.
    I will agree, as this is exclusively the means by which I have attracted women.

  3. Terrible article. Situational confidence or value is the complete opposite of what taking the red pill is all about. If you’re relying on external circumstances or conditions to be a certain way for you to be the “Alpha” in an environment then you’re a chump! Yes if women know you of course that’s going to help but that’s basically just social circle game and it’s very limited.

    1. Aren’t looks, height, race, etc. and how you are portrayed due to these factors external circumstances? Why not use everything you can in your favor.

      1. And while the Betas kill the Alpha and fight for new Alpha status, the Sigma sneaks into the harem, chooses the best one, and drags her back to his lair. He might kill a Beta or two just for the fun of it.

        1. “See how fucked up my girls get without a father figure. Don’t come crying to me when they snort/inject themselves into prostitution because their mother got all bitchy in Family Court and alienated them from their father. ”
          I think you went full retard there, brah.

        2. They may not become crack whores, but how much better is the average singlemom-raised party rl skank, really? Not much you can do about it either if mommy and the state decide to separate you from your kids.

        3. Yeah whatever. It’s a femnazi system, so no sense in getting upset over it. I pay my child support and see my girl once a week. Whatever happens happens. My girl’s as crazy as I am and once she’s old enough to leave her bitch mother and come and live with me, she will.

        4. You know nothing about wolves. Only the Alpha male and female mate and the rest are just there for support of the pack.They don’t fight over who is alpha and we really don’t know how the leader is chosen. My guess is that it’s just the largest wolf. Dogs were reclassified as wolves a few years ago and I imagine a lot of their behaviour is the same. Ever notice when two males dogs meet that they stand next to each other to see who is the bigger? Or who can piss higher, also who’s larger.Animals rarely kill each other and it’s more of a display of who’s the leader.Most of the time they’re not even capable of killing a rival. It’s like two rams butting heads until one gets tired and concedes the match. The loser either leaves or becomes a beta in the group.Most of you boys here just need to concede to the alphas because you’re never going to be one. Stop making yourselves unhappy and just accept your place as a beta or omega with females of your level and be thankful.Many of you sound like Zetas who will never mate so perhaps you should just take the gaspipe now.

        5. I agree that alpha, Beta, etc. are mostly determined by genetics, but I doubt that many humans are going to be happy with their lowly positions. People are going to fight to change their position or try to claim vengeance against the cruel world, whether it be political policies (on either side of the political spectrum, and everywhere in between), or alternative means like the Aurora Colorado theater shooter, Chinese going on stabbing rampages, Aaron Alexis, etc.. The degree and frequency depend on the environment, but we will be seeing these things.

        6. MrBig is really MrsTooBigFor Her Britches. She is trying to get around the no replies to sloots rule. Ignore the troll.

    2. You missed my point.
      It’s a matter of managing expectations, not lowering your self-valuation to match the environment.

    3. I agree, the assumptions from this article are:
      – You can’t plough until she realises you are Alpha
      – She won’t notice that you are Alpha by the way you carry yourself
      – You should only approach and game when you are certain you can get a good percentage of success
      It also implies that a man should be react to his environment, which is one of the major aspects of blue pill.

  4. True analysis; however the real test of manliness is whether you can exceed circumstantial effects and adhere to your principles regardless of situation. Universal machismo, be there, play it your way, anytime anywhere.

    1. the problem with this is that people are often so locked into their own bent reality, and closed by their own insecurities…. that you’re better off avoiding them entirely…. the dream of being the swanky alpha that’s always commanding the center of attention doesn’t exist…. (except in the movies).
      the truth is more like the quiet karate kid grandpa that just passes by with a rye smile…. let pigs be pigs… no amount of effort will change them into anything else… and trying to lead them only makes you king pig.

      1. Totally agree that you might not get to be the glamorous hero everyone adores and you might make a lot of enemies, but at least you will have insurmountable self respect and the natural confidence that comes along with acting in accordance with your principles. That’s way better than picking up women by just leveraging social illusions: the awareness that the true you can create attraction, even against incredible odds where you are just a tall dark stranger (or short pale stranger whatever…)…

  5. QUOTE: “Know Your Value At Your Current Location”
    This is an important thing to keep in mind.
    This is very similar to Sun Tzu “The Art Of War” when it comes to fighting battles.
    Working out, dressing sharp, and knowing game is good, but there will always be mittigating factors out of one’s control. It is good to be realistic about where you stand on any given situation. Use common sense.
    Some of Roosh’s oldest blogs where he describes all the shit he put himself through in places like Argentina (snotty Cunt-Central of latin america) would make me think he had no dignity nor self respect. He should have known his value after the first few experiences. No amount of pussy is worth that humiliation.

    1. Such a great point.
      Foolish men that stay in a bad pick up environment which keeps them rejected takes a toll on their confidence…

  6. thus, women are ultimately attracted to authority. the definition of manhood is authority.

    1. Unfortunately, the place where that could be best utilized is at work where thanks to the New Normal in society, even saying “good morning” to a female co-worker can be construed as sexual harassment.

    2. Authority not applied (overtly or covertly) isn’t attractive. Authoritative leadership is closer to the fact of the matter.

  7. There’s some subtlety here that could be expanded on by one of our resident experts. From my own experience as a super-beta manboob fresh out of college, it was a terrible challenge to climb the ladder in my 2nd career as a merchant mariner. Even as an officer, I had to do as told by my captain or superiors, but less and less as I advanced. Without thinking about it, advancing in rank made me a situational alpha, and becoming captain of an oil tanker in my mid-30’s, after I finished shitting my pants over the responsibility, was the best thing that happened to my personal life. The unconscious bleedover brought alpha into my personal life. At work I have to be alpha to keep the confidence of my men, but at the same time, they’re required by law to submit- it’s not the same as a natural dominance hierarchy- but outside of work, the same methods and means of managing crew work work with virtually everyone you encounter.
    Bragging rights do bring confidence… having swagger from legit ability codifies it… outside recognition, however, whether from a job, a notch, or other preselection, is a huge boost to SMV.

  8. “If you’re at a location where you’re a relative stranger amongst regulars, then it’s likely you’re just wasting your time if you try to game.” This is absolute shit advice, your basically saying if your going traveling, don’t game. Everyone knows when you leave the comfort of your local pub or host city or country you can game better. At least thats my 2 cents.

  9. Secret to success with women. Have status. Either real or perceived.
    I had to take a class that was completely beneath my skill level for certification several years back. Went in was polite, friendly chit chat with the other people there. About two weeks in, the instructor who had come to realize I didn’t belong there made a statement about how I could teach the class, and all of a sudden polite chit chat came with offers to grab something to eat after class.

    1. Very true. I once took an intro econ course to fulfill a requirement and found it easy as shit. No one paid me the slightest bit of attention in that class until I got a 98 on the first exam that most everyone else did horribly on. Then this sexy as hell blond actually stopped me as I was walking out of the room and asked if I’d mind helping her “study” sometime. I don’t know how she even found out my grade, but the importance of status (i.e. being the smartest/wealthiest/handsomest/whatever-est guy in the room) cannot be overstated.

      1. Ahahaha. Good on you. I see the same thing with guys in my college who are good at something. Wish it happened more to me.
        Since I have some idea of computers though, it occurs as well in my case … but don’t you think you’d get the feeling of being used? A lot?

        1. As long as you’re not a chump that lets women mine you for whatever resources you possess (money, intelligence, power, etc.) without giving you anything in return, you won’t get “used.”
          Case in point: I told her to come by my place the night before the next exam so we could “study” together. After a few drinks and some actual studying, we got down to business. If explaining purchasing power parity gets me pussy, I consider that a fair trade.

        2. Understood. Although I was referring to ‘being used’ in that way which ‘dinner boys’ are: They take her out and wine and dine her, then she says she’s tired (i. e. she got what she wanted) and wants to go home, and then ‘we should hang out together again’ (keep hope alive). Same thing could happen when you help her study first, too. Did you check for IOIs first or what?

  10. Money; visual appeal (which means some degree of physical shape, but not some 300 ripped fag, and style); good eating and fucking pussy skills. I think that’s all we need to dwell on. What else does it take to keep a decent woman, really? I don’t care about bouncer’s and trainer’s tales.

    1. Also, being tall and being white (or at least not being Black). If you don’t have those things going for you, then you have already failed, regardless of how much effort you put in.

      1. There are a lot of places and women where being black gets you a lot farther than being white. It is like when I had a beard. Some women hated it, others liked it. Those that liked it really liked it, and were easy notches. Those that didn’t dould go fuck themselves for all I cared.

  11. the problem with articles like this is, you’re still in whatever form living for women and trying to get their attention and gauging your net worth because of it. stop doing that. gauge your net worth on someone like bill gates or some other highly successful guy. until you think you’ve got their attention (the respect of a highly successful man), forget women otherwise you’re still playing a woman’s game and you’re looking for your net worth or attention through women. stop it.

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  13. While situational confidence can be a good thing, this isn’t something I want to achieve and get trapped in. Core confidence in myself, independent from external factors, is what I ultimately want to achieve.

    1. But you are missing the point. Social status matters – and that doesn’t just occur inside your head, it occurs in the social organizations we exist in. Authority and leadership and high status don’t come from inside, they come from others. Women are attracted to it – regardless of who holds that status.

  14. Once you move up in your Muay Thai class you will get more attention. I am currently one of the highest ranked non-instructors at my kung fu school and I can tell that the girls in the beginner class are checking me out. However, it is a bad idea to mix girls and hobbies together because if the relationship goes to shit you will see her very often. It isn’t as bad as getting it on with co-workers, but there is a definite risk to associating with girls in places where you frequent. As always it is your life and your move, but consider the benefit/risk ratio.

  15. I’m an American teaching English at two language schools in Istanbul, Turkey. I am eye-fucked everyday by hot ethnic Turkish/Ukrainian/Azeri/Kurdish/Chechen/Syrian chicks everyday (students & staff both). Its almost overwhelming as they cock-block each other to get my attention. Everyone wants to speak English with an AMERICAN accent, and if you happen to be from Brooklyn, NYC, the panties get extra wet. I milk it for everything its worth. Whats also amusing is the reaction of the Turkish guys. The Betas get visibly jealous and petty, and I have to shut them down by reminding them that this MY class and that I’m top dog here. But the Alpha-male Turks quickly act as my wingmen and try to help me get numbers, laughing at how these chicks are falling all this foreigner! They are not threatened by me. They already get girls. They are here to learn English and want me as their ally.

  16. Greetings all-
    First time poster, long time follower of ROK.
    Two observations:
    1) A poster or two mentioned that it’s beta behavior to use situational game. Logic being, you’re leveraging the situation to get pussy as opposed to having (and using) game irrespective of the situation. A simple review of “the rhetorical situation” calls that beta-assertion into question. Per Bitzer, the exigence (whatever the situation at the time deemed important i.e. easy pussy within grasp) defines the discourse (as well as actions) used by the player. Basically, when in Rome…
    Per Vatz, however, and this speaks to the logic mentioned above, access to pussy (and situations thereof) shouldn’t define the players’ game: the player sets the agenda and goes about it regardless of risks and opportunities. Basically, the player should be able to slam dunk no matter what the defense looks like. But as you can see, a dichotomous situation also unfolds. Indeed, easy pussy may not be desirable pussy, but not everyone is Lebron James either. And for the outdated all-stars (real and imagined) who are holding onto past glories or deluding themselves into being the players’ version of Horatio Alger, I ask you, which is more important: fighting for the winning shot or strategizing to win the game?
    Of course, we all want to do both, but let’s cut that self-righteous bs and be honest with ourselves: what are we *ultimately* after? This answer varies for each person, so obviously strategies will differ, but the point being: if you find a way to maximize your success or to otherwise be opportunistic as it suits your needs (call it sigma or a modified alpha), rock on and god speed. For anyone to say otherwise, that’s pontification disguised as insecurity and bitterness. And the ROK brotherhood can do without that negativity.
    2) As my situation merits consideration, I’m an English teacher in Korea. About 75% of my students are chicks, 18-25, certified virgins, and while many have their apprehensions about getting involved with a foreigner (for reasons discussed elsewhere on ROK), I’m also surrounded by at least 20+ chicks that eyefuck me on the daily. Criticisms of beta-behavior would suggest I shouldn’t use my position to leverage it to my advantage. And for professional and personal reasons, I don’t. But I’m also a solid 7.5/10, spit a damn good game, and while I wouldn’t self-describe as an alpha (I’m definitely a sigma), there is no need to look for opportunities when I’m confronted by numerous offers of “teacha, I like practice my Engrish with you. You like to drink with me after class?”
    Long story short: there are many different paths to success and some paths work better for some than for others. And if at least 5 out of 20 of those chicks who eyefuck me daily are 8.5s, those are solid opportunities gift-wrapped as early Christmas presents that I don’t have to work nearly as hard as the next guy to capitalize.
    In solidarity,
    J. A.

  17. I think the number one way to improve your game is the old Roissy rule of develop and carry confidence communicated through you dress, actions, and speech. Nothing gets the hamster going like the cold, calculated, confidence gaze of a man. You can be fat, short, ugly looking, etc. and it does not matter. The confidence will get theme every time. Ever see a reasonably good chick with a fat, ugly dude? I bet you with 99.9% accuracy, he has that girl because of his confidence.

  18. When I came back from Afghanistan on leave the first time my mom threw a surprise party for me at the local VFW and invited a lot of my friends and semi-friends/acquaintances from highschool as well as a lot of people I didn’t know. She had even made some welcome home posters and shit with me in kit looking badass.
    She could not have realized the effect it had on the girls. It was like I was Alexander The Fucking Great back from conquering the known world. These bitches practically threw themselves at my feet in a way I had not yet encountered. All the dudes there were kissing my ass and looking at me with deep respect – I was a scout sniper and they were still college shitheads. I’d killed men in battle, and they were playing call of duty. The contrast must have been striking. My status was through the roof. I could have had my pick of any of those girls – and I did. Eventually, I would bang most of them before going back to AFG… I thought to myself the next day “This must be what it feels like everyday to be a celebrity.”
    Moral of the story: Status trumps everything.

  19. This is great.
    ‘Know Your Value At Your Current Location’
    The dots are connecting….I have wondered why girls would flirt hard with me at work (Chef/Pub) or out with a big social-circle, and then have a completely different vibe, from the same women, at different venues or places I was unfamiliar with.
    ‘Situational-Alpha’ that is also new to me, very cool. -dcl

  20. Hey jefe can you teach me how to be a super successful personal trainer? I want to spend my whole life making up shit about game instead of actually getting good at something.

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