Yale Students Throw Temper Tantrum Over “Offensive” Email

With the rapidly decaying state of Western civilization, satire is almost redundant. Exhibit A: the collective meltdown unfolding at Yale University over an “offensive” email.

On Wednesday, October 28, Dean Burgwell Howard sent an email to Yale undergraduates via the college’s Intercultural Affairs Committee imploring students not to wear “offensive” or “unacceptable” costumes on Halloween. One of the faculty, Associate Professor of Silliman College Erika Christakis, sent an email to Silliman’s community in which she criticized Howard for being overly PC and coddling students’ sensibilities:

Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious… a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive? American universities were once a safe space not only for maturation but also for a certain regressive, or even transgressive, experience; increasingly, it seems, they have become places of censure and prohibition.

In response, Yale students have gone completely insane, with over 700 people signing an open letter accusing Christakis of “invalidating” the voices of minority students. Last Wednesday, several hundred students gathered for an open forum on institutional racism at Yale in which Christakis’ email was a major topic of discussion. Finally, the day after, students staged a protest at Silliman College itself, demanding an apology from Christakis.

Christakis’ husband Nicholas, himself the master of Silliman, was beset upon by angry students trying to browbeat him into an apology:

To his credit, Christakis refused to apologize for either his or his wife’s comments, which has further inflamed the protesters’ temper tantrums. Students are now outright demanding that the two of them resign from their positions at Silliman, and a few have even claimed that they will refuse to accept their diplomas from Christakis at graduation.

The hysterical response to Erika Christakis’ email is disturbing evidence of how cultural Marxism has intellectually crippled an entire generation of students. Colleges and universities are supposed to be places of learning, where students are taught how to think, have their worldviews challenged and become fully mature adults. But as the above video shows, Yale students are explicitly demanding that the university cater to their easily bruised feeeeeelings.

The Myth Of The “White Girls Only” Party


The Sturm und Drang about “racism” at Yale doesn’t end with Christakis’ email. Recently, the university made national news after allegations that Yale’s chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity held a “White Girls Only” party on Halloween. After leftists finished gnashing their teeth in disgust at SAE’s “bigotry,” journalists could not find any evidence that the frat’s party excluded non-whites, aside from one black student’s post:

In contrast to this account, an off-the-record undergraduate at Yale also told The Daily Beast that he was at the SAE Halloween party and doubts the story of black students being singled out and denied entrance. “I seriously doubt that happened. There were plenty of black people there,” he said.

The dubiousness of the story’s veracity didn’t stop the New York Post and other media outlets from reporting it as fact, nor did it stop last Wednesday’s open forum on institutional racism at Yale from making the supposed “White Girls Only” a major topic of discussion.

Coddled Students Make For Whiny Stormtroopers


As FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) puts it in their report on this incident, this is yet more evidence for what FIRE President Greg Lukianoff and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt have termed the “coddling of the American mind.” Universities, once focused on challenging students’ perceptions of the world, now seek to reinforce them and cater to increasingly whiny demands. Lukianoff and Haidt name some particularly shocking examples of how colleges are bending over backwards for their whiniest students:

Some recent campus actions border on the surreal. In April, at Brandeis University, the Asian American student association sought to raise awareness of microaggressions against Asians through an installation on the steps of an academic hall. The installation gave examples of microaggressions such as “Aren’t you supposed to be good at math?” and “I’m colorblind! I don’t see race.” But a backlash arose among other Asian American students, who felt that the display itself was a microaggression. The association removed the installation, and its president wrote an e-mail to the entire student body apologizing to anyone who was “triggered or hurt by the content of the microaggressions.”

As Lukianoff and Haidt point out in the article, not only is this obsession with “trigger warnings” and “microaggressions” hurting students’ mental health, it’s inculcating an authoritarian, anti-free speech attitude in their behavior. Watch the video above of Nicholas Christakis being confronted by an angry student. She’s so consumed with emotion that she can’t control herself and actually insults Christakis—the head of her college—to his face, telling him to “be quiet” and asking “who the fuck hired you?”

Coddling American students leaves them in a state of perpetual childishness, leading them to violently lash out at anyone who hurts their feelings, threatening free speech in the process. As we’ve seen with the violent response to Roosh’s “State of Man” speeches in Canada or antifas openly attacking attendees of the National Policy Institute’s annual conference, it doesn’t take much to inspire leftists to commit violent acts against their ideological foes.

Fortunately for us, Christakis and her husband have yet to apologize or concede anything to the mob that’s screaming for their heads. However, the struggle to defend freedom of speech against the perpetually offended continues. Unless we stand firm against these mewling babies, they will slowly strip us of the freedoms that our forefathers fought to obtain, all in the name of preserving their feeeeeelings.

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101 thoughts on “Yale Students Throw Temper Tantrum Over “Offensive” Email”

  1. The education system, just another brick in the wall. A wall with a weak foundation built off of the strength and wit of men of eons past. Let it fall, there is no salvaging this corrupt human system, it will purge itself in time because it cannot support its own. There is true strength to be found in men, and the world will do anything to keep these men at bay. Not for long.
    Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant!

  2. All the little moppets have been brought through our education system to react in mass to keep their matriachy beehives intact.
    Useful idiots.

    1. Funny…they scream the loudest regarding rights yet they have no consideration for other people and their rights (or freedom of speech). The flawed thought process is “you’re wrong and that’s it).

      1. That’s how most women think ,because men pander to their shit. This is also how these whining minorities get women to side with them against their men they cry and scream oppression.

  3. They aren’t smart enough to be admitted or not flunk out without lowered standards and don’t pay tuition or even the cost of their food: if they are going misbehave throw them out!

    1. That’s how it used to be in the past. Now, everyone is worried about “bad press”. I thought these types of schools had plenty of students (aka customers) lining up, trying to get in? Tell her ass to behave or she can pack her bags.
      There used to be a conduct policy at every school. Did they burn them all in the last 10 years?

  4. what is it with college kids and moral outrage?
    i don’t remember caring about this kind of stuff at all when i was their age

    1. Good question. I think the Ivy Leauge was always the college circuit for the children of the American upper crust. Perhaps they are scared shitless about the current state of affairs outside the walls of the ivory tower and act out due to their “Angst.”

    2. The college meltdown is happening now. Feminists and sjw’s grabbed the wheel at the colleges and now the ivory towers are careening out of control because it is their nature to RUN on a wheel, not steer it. ”WHEEEE”!!
      Men are made of rock and their balls are of steel. Patriarchy is here to stay. Feminism rose not from solid rock, but rose in a big bang of hot air like a balloon and now it’s time to say farewell to the balloon. It had to pop and deflate sometime. It’s all melting down. Feminists and sjw’s can all feel the burning angst in their pissers now. They know it’s all beginning to melt. All that ‘feminism’ could ever do really is melt down in the end. Hail the patriarchy!!

      1. Look at how many women hold high ranking positions in academia. A college with all male, masculine deans and president would be an enjoyable place to get an education.

        1. I have many fond memories when I was a theatre carpenter workstudy. Got to yell at lab students and have a supervisor who resembled Santa Claus among doing carpentry and lifting big-ass pieces of wood with a winch.

    3. There is nothing else to fight. Feminism is done, gone..past its usefulness. They have everything and there is nothing left to fight…so they make up shit to continue the fight (any fight).
      Colleges use to be “against the man and establishment”…a place where free thoughts could flow, ideas shared (no matter how crazy), etc….Today, it’s more like the former Soviet Union…think one way, that is all.

      1. “.so they make up shit to continue the fight (any fight).”
        That’s the thing. I am certain that leftist-feminists have a full-fledged neurochemical addiction to these ‘outrage tingles’ and these ludicrous scenarios are a result of that. I’m poolside to watch the show. Done paying for it.
        One day there will be mass, organized feminist ‘outrage’ over the fact that they were given too much too easily and that the patriarchy denied them the opportunity to experience their own ‘struggle’.
        The psychological mechanics of this whole phenomenon make it so they simply will never jump the shark, that’s what’s so disheartening.

      2. I was and am completely convinced that activist groups that were created to combat social issues or whatnot thrive on that conflict. The day their battle ends is when they become irrelevant and stop getting money. So it’s in their interests to keep that conflict going as long as it can last.

    4. I don’t recall being overly concerned about such things when I was their age either. But then again, I was raised during a time where children were taught things like respect, responsibility, and good morals. These animals were never taught those things. They’re spoiled, self righteous, entitled little shits that are nothing more than the obnoxious result if bad parenting.
      The worst part of it is that they don’t really care about whatever it is they’re protesting. They, like all SJWs and feminists, are addicted to the rush they get from protesting and pretending to stand for something. They have no interest in solving problems or righting any of the supposed wrongs they rage about. Their only interest is to manufacture more “injustices” so that they can be perpetually offended and indignant. Thats why they have silly, made-up terms like “rape culture”, “microagression”, “misogyny”, and so forth. It’s why they invent new words for sexual orientation and identity and are forever creating new protected classes. They can’t ever NOT be marching around protesting over some new word-salad offense they’ve made up.
      Because if they did ever stop, they’d all finally have a moment to come to the realization that their lives stand for absolutely nothing, and that they’ve accomplished nothing more than being an infantile waste of time and resources.

    5. when I was in college it was beer + pussy + studying and not necessarily in that order…I now think college is harmful …

    6. They have nothing better to do, and 99% of the time the outraged students study ultra-soft majors like sociology/ethnic studies/women’s studies, so they think they are “being social activists” and practicing what they study.
      You will pretty much NEVER see someone who studies hard math/sciences or logic-focused humanities (philosophy) going to participate in these retarded protests. Of course there will be some rare cases of crybabies in the sciences or students who study the soft version of philosophy (ethics, morality).
      Those studying difficult, highly competitive majors don’t have the time to protest or have these gay little crybaby rallies.
      America’s toast if this kind of trash is going on at a place like Yale.

    7. I suspect in part it’s a hobby, a group to be a member of and socialise with, a source of identity for those insecure or lacking otherwise. In times past, they might have been religious fanatics.

    8. i don’t remember caring about this kind of stuff at all when i was their age
      You probably weren’t retarded.

    9. These children would not know morality or outrage if their lives depended on identifying it.
      They have been taught to respond this way by a feminist education system and feminist mommies to insulate them from any competing thoughts that might actually engender moral reason, logic, or even a sensible perception of reality.
      Permanent toddlers with the rights of adults, marching in lock step to the commands of their mistresses and haram masters. Ears plugged, eyes shut, shouting at any noise or sight that pierces the darkness and threatens their comfortable conformity.
      Thumb sucking pajama boys and pampered princesses.

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhh…, somebody should have slapped the back of their heads of few times when they were younger.

  6. At this stage telling an employer that you have a liberal arts degree has to be a massive red flag. Who the fuck would hire a totally hysterical retard who sees every interaction in terms of them being oppressed? I mean apart from the government obviously.

    1. I would never hire someone like that. I hired a black woman once; she got herself fired in less than 24 hours. Demanded that I raise her commission from 30% to 80%, before lifting a finger or producing one iota of results for my company. I didn’t even know what to say. I just emailed back “So are you staying or leaving?” Another hysterical response from her, then “OK, I’m letting you go.” Will never make that mistake again.

      1. Yes, I hate to say it. Too many years of being the victim. Even older black people in the community are starting to look at these younger black women and think “shit, you have it easy…I came from a time when things were real…real hard”.
        Many of these younger black women have no idea how good they have it. Don’t believe me, ask an older black person in the same community…they’ll take her to school.

    2. I have to agree despite being a loathsome liberal arts guy myself. It’s a shame because writing skills, framing essays, thinking deeply, reading great literature and the technical aspects of grammar, Latin etc. used to be valid things to study until it all got politicized. Learning about Melville’s life and then delving into the mechanics of his stories and historical context etc is a valid thing to do, imo. Paying 30k a year to do it? Nah, you can do it on your own. But studying the humanities on a deep level should be apolitical. I don’t know how/why the Left claimed literature and humanities as ‘their’ thing, but it’s a shame that it happened.

      1. It is not the degree that this the issue- it is the intellectual climate in today’s universities. My first degree was in literature and philosophy, and now my job involves explaining complex legal concepts to non-experts in language they can understand or arguing with the government to stop them tax-raping my clients. The degree helped a lot, since I was schooled in how to write, make logical analyses of problems, and make arguments. I got it before the days of the SJWs and it was free (thank you, socialist Europe and Catholic Church). So I am with you on what you say: liberal arts can be a true education, but not for 30 grand and 4 years of left-wing lies.

  7. is Yale still an elite university? I wonder if there’s a politically correct initiation ceremony at the Skull & Bones society these days.
    Truth is all the formerly elite universities are now like those little marxist colleges everybody used to sneer at back in the 80s

  8. Excellent article by The Atlantic. If Ms. Christakis wanted to apologize, may I suggest “I’m sorry…..For wasting my time you damn spoiled brats! This is IVY LEAGUE!”(Sparta kick)

  9. Sjw’s are the pua’s of the left only they game virgin minds, planting their seeds not in pussies but in innocent brains. Why do sjw’s gravitate to college campuses? Because campuses are full of young impressionable minds, young minds that are like pristine untilled virgin soil for planting seeds. Sjw’s are to the secular anti-creationist death cult community what patriarchs are to the manosphere. Gay sjw’s lay no seeds to propogate their lineage, so they channel their ‘game’ energy elsewhere. There is little pua mindset amongst them to snag females and little drive to even learn how to game tang, so the sjw’s compensate their foregone game lives with the opposite sex to lay their brain rotting maggott seeds in virgin minds on campuses and they do it with the same ferocity of a pussy gamer. SJW’s are racking up notches too, only for them it entails converting virgin minds over to the zombie cult. Like ‘mind pua’s’ they go around picking up on and brain screwing the impressionable. They’re ‘picking up’ minds and loading them with emasculating bullshit. Young eager minds in college are having their life’s drive and will diverted to destructive ends by ascribing to the sjw horse shit. The fallen youth zombies still roll foreward, but off track like a GUTTERBALL. SJW’s are trying to GUTTERBALL western civilization by planting their worm eggs in the minds of our youth.

  10. “It is not about creating an intellectual space, it isn’t”
    I just don’t have any words to describe the lunacy of that statement.
    I’m going to lie down now and take a nap.
    Hopefully when I wake up, this will all have been an awful nightmare.
    God bless everyone

  11. Not sure if anybody mentioned this, but a quick correction: Nicholas Christakis DID, in fact, apologize on behalf of xis-self and xis wife, on Friday. I don’t have a link handy to paste here, but I read that earlier today. I’m sure you can find it on Google news, if you were inclined to look.
    Truly a shame that he caved in to this disgusting vagina mob.
    Thanks for another great article, Matt.

  12. “With the rapidly decaying state of Western civilization, satire is almost redundant.”
    unfortunately this is not limited to our Education system. I say just have a giant facepalm ready for reaction purposes. Government, Culture, Hollywood…..we now need a safe space from thinking with our brains.

    1. Yeah, pretty amazing… Universities are no place for straight, white males who aren’t Marxist idiots anymore. Letting women into previously male-only institutions always rots them from the inside out. My dad went to an all male high school run by hardline Catholic monks and then a military institute that was all male during the Vietnam era. When I was in high school, I thought this was pretty gay, but now that I have sons, would send them to all male schools in a heartbeat if I could afford it! Letting women and butthurt minorities in to ruin higher education in the U.S. has been an epic disaster.

      1. Minorities and women we’re always in these spaces, it’s child caring policies like this which don’t

    2. Her voice was so shrill it echoed at the end. But yeah no respect for anyone, you don’t just cuss out your superiors. I don’t know who taught her that it was acceptable to act like that in an academic environment.

      1. And there was no legitimate proof and even if there was she should learn to just complain to the fraternity by herself instead of to the head of her college within Yale. If a fraternity had a no jews party like I’d probably just roll my eyes and be done with it. (Obviously I’m Jewish by name even though it’s “Jewish Lyte”) Even if they had a Nazi themed party I’d just be like wow these guys are going to get roasted good fucking luck, ignorant fuckers and move the fuck on like a big girl. If you’re that indignant write a petition or something.

        1. Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Pagan, Buddhist, atheist… What matters most in the end is that college students grow the fuck up; take responsibility for themselves, become adults, and create something good with the limited time we have here on this third-dimensional, oblate spheroid. Religion is a crutch. We can us it from time to time, but the madness of repression on college campuses indicates an extreme, mass-mind control in the works.

      2. She is a clown. A clown in a circus of mind control. Had it not been for men inventing the colleges and building the structures she complains and screams in, like a diagnosed mentally ill, state-fed client, she’d be driving some intellectually emasculated father and intellectually spayed mother to lunacy in the the family’s bourgeois home.

    3. Not only was she ignorant, and feral as you put it, she has not and will not ever grow up. All she has was built by men. The college, the paved roads, the cars, the fucking cell phone ankle bracelet, the laptop mindcontrol mechanism she uses, etc. Men invented the goddamned terrarium the little rats screech in. This the the fucking Island of Doctor Moreau meets 1984.

    4. unbelievable…you can’t even argue with people like this gal. She literally “sees” a different reality.

  13. “Coddling American students leaves them in a state of perpetual
    childishness, leading them to violently lash out at anyone who hurts
    their feelings, threatening free speech in the process.”
    It’s not only happening at schools across the country. I see this nonsense at the workplace as well. These people are supposed to be adults but they have the mentality of a 10 year old. They’ve been coddled for so long or they’ve been playing the victim for so long….it’s all they know how to do. They don’t know how to respond to debates involving adult conversation because they are still children. They don’t understand that rights and consideration go hand in hand. You have the right to (pick anything) but you must have consideration for others as well (their rights). Today, it’s all about one way thinking (or feeling) and anyone else with a differing viewpoint is just wrong.
    You don’t let children have their way because this is the result.

    1. They screech about their rights but refuse to accept that with rights come responsibilities. A major part of being an adult is owning your screw ups and taking responsibility for your life. But a huge part of parenting for a couple of decades now has been showering their little angles with praise no matter how poorly they behave or how poorly they under achieve.

      1. It’s this attitude of “everyone gets a trophy” and the lack of discipline by parents. Too many parents are afraid to discipline their kids the proper way because the government might step in. I would gladly tell the government “here..take him, you deal with this shit”. Parents are pussies, today. They let their kids walk all over them so the kids don’t respect them (or any adults). You have to show people (and kids) that you don’t fuck around…you mean business. That’s how you get respect.

    2. Just look at American foreign policy, especially with regard to Iran. Yes, the whole world is dealing with children here.

  14. Oh man. That spoiled little bitch yelling at a college professor is disgusting. There was a time not long ago when behaving like that would at the very least get a student severely reprimanded, usually in the form of being removed from campus for at least a semester, if not forever banned. This girl clearly has psychological problems. At the very least, Yale should insist she seek psychological counseling and not return until she has dealt with her violent anger and entitlement issues.
    These foolish children believe the world owes them everything. They have completely lost any sense of respect for adults and authority.
    To think that Yale and Harvard produce leaders of the US is incredibly scary and disturbing. Hopefully, this will be a self-correcting problem in that business, government, and voters will select leaders from other universities. Surely there are a few universities left in the US that have emotionally healthy and stable students. Pretty much any state university, especially state technical universities, have better groups of students with brighter futures.

    1. Imagine a white male student blasting a black female professor in that manner. Just imagine the reaction. Obama, Sharpton and the boys would shit their pants with ‘rage-glee’ (my word) and they likely would have to only address the media behind podiums to hide their permanent hardons.

    2. I interviewed a Korean single mom long ago (forced on me by HR for “diversity” reasons) to replace my old position as I was promoted. The level of entitlement on this gash was amazing. Her questions after the interview were: How long she needs to work in her current position before qualifying for a promotion?… and was there paternity leave available within her first year of employment?
      I warned HR about her lack of workplace maturity and lack of effective communication skills. Regardless my spineless beta boss forced the hire. I left for greener pastures shortly afterward because I knew she was a ticking time bomb. Fast forward 3 years later and she basically drove my old beta boss out the door and she herself is on “probation” for not working within a team environment.
      More of these kids are being pumped out of universities each semester, protect your jobs or make your own business.
      This is an example of several things:
      1. Korean chicks are absolute shrews and unmanageable
      2. she thought being a single mom gave her special privileges
      3. Typical millennial believing they get to be executive level managers after 1 year of work at a company.
      Ugly Korean single mom millennial feminist = not even once.

      1. It sounds like you have a vendetta against Korean women. While Asian women in the West tend to assimilate the same SJW malaise as their white counterparts, I haven’t found them to be particularly worse than other women. And I’ve found first-generation Korean women to be fairly conscientious workers.

        1. SJW malaise and feminism will infect any female that sees the benefit from it. “Conscientious workers” might turn into shrewd and overly ambitious ladder climber that would use or game the corporate system to dislodge or harass a male who was effective at his job for years. Couple that with the current millennial entitlement belief that they should be CEO’s upon graduation.
          I have known 3 Korean females in my lifetime all 3 were feminists and all three became feminist shock troops within their personal lives and work. What you call vendetta I call learning from experince.
          You can also read one of Roosh’s articles:
          The Case Is Building Against South Korean Women
          Their hypergamy is boundless….rendering them dangerous if married, if scorned, if hired….

      2. Think about where all the crazy feminist ideas originate: California. The influence over California that no other state in the Union has: Asians. The mentality from there is dragging the U.S. down.

    3. Yes…take the way back machine to say 1900’s Oxford or Cambridge . Can you fathom a student talking that way to a professor?? Back then you’d be caned and the sacked …ruined for life socially.

    4. State schools don’t get mentioned nearly enough in Hollywood films. You are being unrealistic.

    5. When I was in college in the early 1980s there was a girl who behaved like the one in that video. She was soon arrested by the campus police and carted off to a psychiatric hospital never to be seen again.

  15. Hmm what creative things could we do with proffesional victims like these fine examples in the post-apocalypse when their is no rule of law, any suggestions?.
    I just try to imagine how these kind of people will hold up when things inevitably gets really bad in the west, their first world luxury problems will be milk and honey in comparison, i see mass suicides in front of me, these people in an economic depression… jesus what a day it will be to witness that.

      1. Well they are idiots by default but its not profitable enough, we have a future were we must be able to capitalize on whatever we can.

    1. That’s a good idea. I have observed and interacted with so many people who are ideologically caught in the middle- between the mindset of ROK and the mindset of the average SJW. They know that the SJW stuff is not logical but the problem is they don’t know there are people like ROK out there that agree with them.

  16. Liberals are fucking sick in the head. They act like they care about minorities when they really don’t. They make everything some kind of race drama issue and exaggerate shit. There are minorities that are even tired of fake ass white liberals. Just be real man. It’s also contradictory for liberals to preach diversity when those rich spoiled libtard kids live in a safe gated neighborhood full of other white libtard kids. I’m sure those same liberal idiots wouldn’t dare to step into black populated neighborhood. What’s up now huh? What? You don’t like blacks? I thought you idiot libtard SJWs been trying to preach “diversity” and you guys don’t practice what you preach?
    Kids these days with fragile feelings, getting hurt over nothing. How about stop bitching and develop thicker skin. These pathetic chumps are going to have it hard in the real world with that weak ass mentality. The parents are at fault for allowing their sprawls to be brainwashed in the first place and pampering them like that.
    your feelings been hurt? Awww cry me a river! Worried about your feelings hurt? Try living in the forest with bears or in safari among lions and let’s see how fast your feelings will hurt.

  17. How can I make money off these freaks? I think it’s a worthy question.
    They are not going away, and they will be mentally ill fo many years to come. ROK writers should start coming up with entrepenurial ideas to cash in on the lunacy train.

  18. Don’t worry about the young millenials, the ones that aren’t shot for being useful idiots will I’m sure be model citizens in the future Chinese, Russian, or Islamic States of America.

  19. College campuses are funny farms. I suggest you not pay so much attention to them.

  20. Life is pretty simple but unfortunately no one wants to understand that. Before your children go to college you let them know that there are going to be plenty of debates about race, religion, politics, etc… However, at the end of the day no one really cares what a bunch of kids between 18 and 22 years of age think. Once kids understand this they are less likely to get so excited about all of these issues. When we look back at our college debates and controversies we all basically realize how stupid all the controversy was.

  21. I long for the good old days when, if as in the video above, someone got in a mans face that way be it man or woman, they would have been eating through a straw for a few weeks.
    I can hear my father or grandfather now, “you done lost your damn mind”then, BAM! Slapped cross eyed!

  22. I firmly believe these whiny, entitled, millennial pieces of shit ought to spend a couple weeks (or months, even years if that’s what it takes) in a labor camp. When they’re not breaking rocks apart with a pickaxe under the burning sun, they can open a history book and learn what the world was ACTUALLY like, without the facts being smeared by Marxist degenerates who not-so-secretly want to see whites and Christians go extinct. If they renounce the stupidity of their leftist ideals and appease the camp’s leadership committee, then they can return to the free world, with a much stronger, much more rational head on their shoulders. Otherwise, they can continue to suffer in the name of the murderous tyrants who they elevate as “heroes” (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, etc)
    I guarantee you that if my idea was implemented in the US, Australia, and most European nations, movements like LGBT, feminism, and “Atheism+,” along with political ideologies such as Marxism or anarchism, would basically evaporate by the end of the decade.

    1. They actually should be subject to draft, boot camp and a two year hitch in the military service of their choice and qualification. Of course, if AirLandSea won’t have them, they can feed the homeless or some shit like that. Problem is, nothing is required of kids any more, leaving them plenty of time for bullshit causes and concerns. Who cares? They’re retards. Sensible folks’ revenge? Sooner or later, they have to go out into the world, the REAL world, which is a highly offensive place indeed, rather like the moon, a place not bothered by the howling of the wolves.

      1. I think training these unstable wackos to use guns and such might be the absolute worst idea. Regardless, being drafted isn’t really a punishment, definitely not in the same class as being subjected to back-breaking labor for holding hateful, caustic, and quite frankly backwards political views like Marxism. It’s crucial that we drive home the message that what they’ve done with their lives is WRONG and something that an honorable civilization, a culture with integrity, will NOT tolerate. “B-b-b-b-but my first amendment…!” Yeah, I like freedom of speech too, but not when it’s used to spread ideas like little boys entering sexual “relationships” with middle-aged creeps, or waging a bloody revolution against European Christians because a fat autistic Jew wrote a book called “Das Kapital” which ignited your jealous rage towards people who make more money than your worthless, unmotivated, low testosterone, inferior gene-having ass. If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of Communism being stomped out flat, then you don’t deserve to live in a civilized country where men are still men and women are beautiful and devoted to the men who protect them and their children.

  23. The original email more or less made pretty much all costumes potentially offensive. It essentially eliminated all the fun.
    But of course for the new cultural marxists this is the norm and they cannot even stand any opposition to their opinions of RightThink.

  24. This kind of thing starts in the schools with sensitivity training, not using red pen in case it distresses the child and having no winners on sports day.

    1. Ha!! The red pen…I had a teacher that would use the red pen and put slashes all over and write your grade in big letters on the top and then make you walk up to the front of the class to get your test, always letting the class know your grade…

        1. Yep corporal punishment. They paddled you in my school and it was a PUBLIC school but I lived in a tiny, rural town so they could do what they wanted…Can you imagine paddling students today??

  25. Mein Gott. And these are the people who will be assuming “leadership” positions in years to come. We are so screwed.

  26. That stupid bitch doesn’t even know what the guy’s job is. Schools are not “homes of comfort.” Schools are places of learning, places to plan your occupational future.
    Even if amidst a mob, the man shows amazing restraint in the face of that bitch.

  27. Coddling American students leaves them in a state of perpetual childishness, leading them to violently lash out at anyone who hurts their feelings, threatening free speech in the process
    Any of us who’ve raised young kids know how they throw tantrums starting around age 2 that often result in physical lashing out (hitting, biting, etc) when the child is not getting their way. These students are the mental equivalents of toddlers, and honestly, they need a good spanking.

  28. What a stupid, fucking twat that chick is. If I were in charge, I’d throw her fucking ass out of that school.

  29. Teaching students to be careful and not take risks..oh yeah those students will go far.

  30. Just found out about this….
    Finger snapping? Hugs? Disrespect to someone older who has earned their stripes?
    Pussies in backpacks….
    Reality is going to be a bitch. Indifference rules the land in this jungle.
    Finger snapping. Lol. Fucking hilarious

  31. From Unz, titled “What you get for $45,000/year at Yale”. Posted there is the same video and roughly the same opinion and story here. Hence, my remarks there, I paste here, for what they’re worth to anyone, my post amounting to an article-length “diatribe”. Again, for what my opinion is worth:
    “The critter shrieking away in the video is what our folks would have
    called a brat. And, in our day say, 30 years back, said critter doling
    that insane display of mood outrunning her meds toward a faculty member would have earned her a ride to a rubber room in a strappy-jacket and ejection from the campus for all time. The show of disrespect by and subsequent tolerance for, the bratty, shrieking critters in the college world these days enables and empowers them and coarsens our society at large and in the end, unleashes enormously entitled monsters upon the world.
    By what measure is the shrieking critter permitted to treat anyone, much less faculty, in such a manner? And what is the world to do with such a creature at the end of her time at university? These are creatures worthy of hire, even in the government arena? Really?
    Enable and empower monsters, give them everything, go ahead, but you are doing none of them a favor issuing such empowerment. For in many places out in the world such uncontrolled fury directed at the wrong person in the wrong venue could get said shrieking critter a sound and not undeserved physical thrashing. The atmosphere of hostility the critter issues to all in the vicinity of this video is far worse than the hostility visited on her by THAT email and the tragedy is the
    outright lack of teaching of a sense of proportion and the official
    tolerance of the disrespect of the critter.
    That the decorum of the campus is permitted to be broken by such head cases demanding “safe” space is ridiculous. What is safe about what the space this particular shrieking-critter created? There is no safe place out in the world and the university, no, really the home that produces said critters, should have taught them such. University is supposed to toughen the young, to teach them how to think, to discern, to communicate amicably and with dignity and proportion.
    Kids are learning none of these, the most important character building blocks university has to give. What you have in the video above is what 45K buys at Yale. What you get instead is chaos, hostility, hatred and no one with the spine to quell that particular madness or any other.
    Good luck to the world, there is clearly no turning back the monster-critters. They are the new hyenas nibbling at the fabric. It is that simple. That’s my story and I don’t care who doesn’t like it.

  32. Meh. These mentally ill chicks usually just need a good fucking. It continuously astounds me, even at the ripe old age of 46, how much a chick will calm the hell down, and adopt almost all of my politics, attitudes, beliefs, etc. as soon as I own her ass…

  33. Did anybody get the kids name or photo that was doing the “shutup!” tantrum
    she appears to be a real spoiled – never worked a day in her life …..JERK!

  34. Wow, my first instinct towards that girl would be to beat her to pulp for her disrespect. But then, she is a child. Let a child cry. The child seems to need it.

  35. These kids are in for a rude awakening when they find themselves in the real world ……….. of other people’s Halloween costumes

  36. I’m glad that I went to a Catholic university because at least their conservative values kept this madness in check. I didn’t know colleges were this bad until after I graduated.
    These Ivy League schools are supposed to produce America’s elite: leaders, pioneers, and visionaries. Instead, what we’re getting is a bunch of over-educated crybabies. It doesn’t help that most of these universities are radical liberal echo chambers. The meaning of the word “tolerance” is lost on these fools.

  37. The thing that really got me about this “controversy” was that the whole thing was essentially over somebody defending free speech IN THE ABSTRACT. There was no big offensive halloween costume being worn at the school; it was just the IDEA that somebody should be allowed to wear one, that set off this mob. I’m particularly perplexed at the main screaming girl, Jerelyn Luther, who called the professor in question “disgusting” and said he “shouldn’t be able to sleep at night.”

    1. Wow look at the insanity at the 6 minute mark here. This woman is an absolute lunatic and in past societies she would be in an insane asylum.

  38. How the fuck do all of these people find the time to protest every single fucking thing in the world at college? Should they be busy doing homework, studying for a test, or doing something that be fucking progressive in there god damn lives? And when I say progressive, I don’t mean the bullshit progressive, I mean actually making a real fucking progress.
    And why is it always white people, women, and all this other bullshit clamoring for diversity in somebody else’s stead? Is it because they’re the ones whose parents have the money? Is that the reason why?

  39. There’s a possibility that these SJWs are partial birth aborted babies that somehow survived and are now living as retarded deformed creatures that howl at anything that comes their way…

  40. With these protests happening at remote colleges and universities, it makes me wonder about Philadelphia which has the most colleges in a city. Currently, Philly has Ivy league, little ivy league, community schools, 4 year colleges and universities.
    Additionally, a lot of these schools have victim studies programs and degrees including women’s victim studies, black victim studies, latino victim studies, and courses on how to be a victim.
    I believe Philly has 27 colleges in the area, could you imagine all or most of those schools coming alive with protests about nonsense? They would have to shut the city down to contain it.
    Also, as of now, how many parents have kids who are high school students are starting to think or tell their kids, after seeing what is going on, that it’s not worth it to go to college? I’m not a parent, but after seeing this hoopla, I’d be concern because they are going to leave school with an insane amount of debt and they are going have a warped view of the world. And the few that later recognize that they have been warped will spend years and possible need therapy to undo the damage.

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