#MeToo Has Gone Too Far

In an earlier article, I examined the sexual groping hysteria of 2018.  This week we examine the repercussions of the allegations and possible reasons behind the media conspiracy to make this a national issue.

Why Is This Daily National News?

I have been struggling to understand the reasons for the #MeToo movement gaining speed.  Outrage is certainly manufactured, and someone has decided this story will be given lots of media attention.

Is it politicians coddling females and their allies, who together could make up a majority of voters?  Is it a tool to control powerful men?  Is it someone with a damaging (((agenda))) sabotaging our society?

The Revelations Weaken

Predictably, the claims have weakened.  I have yet to hear a serious #MeToo claim that shocks me, or one that calls for the man in question to be imprisoned, or really anything worse than slapped and called a pig by the supposed victim.  Indeed, I have suffered more by merely taking a plane flight at the hands of the TSA gropers.

Professional Eye-Raper

The latest claims include a complaint that Morgan Freeman looked at a girl’s breasts while he was talking to her at a party, twice requested women in his office to twirl around so he could eye rape them from behind, and one male (presumably gay) actor heard Freeman remark “I’d like to have an hour with her” in reference to an attractive female.

CRUCIFY HIM!  He shall never work again.  Hollywood is for fags and trannies only!

Chris Hardwick, a nerdy standup comedian and TV actor, had his AMC series cancelled, was erased from the Nerdist website he created, and fired from moderating the Comic-Con convention because a former girlfriend from several years ago made a vague statement that one of her anonymous exes was abusive to her.

TV Actor Chris Hardwick once dated an unstable woman, and must be fired

What was the crime that this unnamed boyfriend, who could be any one of dozens of men this female has dated, committed?  He “established rules” for her behavior, including:

  • not drinking alcohol
  • not having close male friends
  • don’t sleep around
  • don’t go out alone at night, and
  • encouraging her to take a job he gave her in entertainment.

A supposed sexual assault occurred because she “went along with it out of fear of losing him” when they had sex, but now regrets it.

Yes, because this woman had typical relationship conditions imposed, and now regrets having sex with an unnamed man, her most famous ex Chris Hardwick must be fired and never work again.

A woman in need of rules if I’ve ever seen one

I was able to easily find topless photos of this girl, including pictures of her with Hardwick with her ass visible in public, so something tells me her behavior was not very restrained.  Nonetheless, even if such claims were true, the rules are completely reasonable and indeed I typically impose them on girls I am dating.

I guess by admitting that, any one of my exes who goes on to date a famous person can now have him fired by publicly reminiscing about our relationship.  Apologies to all remaining heterosexual male actors.

Now to the bigger question: why are we seeing such absurd claims become national news?

A Tool of Control

Most men have sex drives, particularly driven, successful, and prominent men who often have type A personalities and larger-than-life personas.  Prior to becoming President, Donald Trump was known for his aggressive if not insulting behavior towards his workers on his TV show The Apprentice.  Often the most flamboyant and extroverted men, from Mick Jagger to JFK to Wilt Chamberlain, have sex drives to match.

What is more attractive to the elite than having a natural tool that can automatically control all these men?  Simply turn legal sexual behaviors into weapons that are more powerful than the law itself, and you have a way of controlling every powerful man on the planet.

In many US states the penalty for sexual battery is up to one year in jail.  The penalty for legally making a woman feel uncomfortable is far greater than committing an actual crime.  I can’t help but think of the irony of the ROK rape hysteria.  Men could receive lighter punishments if they criminally assault a woman than if they flirt and fail.

Is this really the message society wants to send?

Men like Louis CK must give up their comedy careers, have TV and film projects cancelled, and face a boycott from major brands and entertainment companies.  Men like Steve Wynn must resign their post, and face financial repercussions in their industry.  Al Franken must resign his career as a US Senator because his hands almost touched a woman’s clothed chest in a photo.

Pamela Anderson Gets It

This blonde is a genius by today’s standards

Former Baywatch Babe Pamela Anderson was one of the few who called out the absurdity of these claims.  Anderson, who was predictably attacked for “victim blaming” stated that:

You know what you’re getting in to if you go to a hotel room, alone.

She also gives out some common sense advice to not accept rides from strangers or go to auditions alone.  Well, of course.

My first reaction when I hear a claim like “He touched my butt in 1984” is “Really? Is that the last time your butt was touched?”

Apologizing Is A Mistake

Donald Trump made the factual statement that women are so attracted to powerful men that they let them do almost anything, including grabbing them by the pussy.  But he did not back down or apologize from that statement.  And despite all the wailing and grinding of teeth and “I literally can’t evens” he managed to win not only the presidency but the majority of votes of white women.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill displays a normal and healthy attitude towards women

The simple act of not feeling shame or apologizing removes all the power from the “offended” class.  While most of the #MeToo stories are lawful interactions, grabbing a woman publicly by her privates could be considered illegal, yet Trump is nevertheless untouchable because he maintains frame.  You know this has to keep the cucked unemployed apologizers up at night.

On the other hand, every single man who has apologized for making a woman feel uncomfortable has ended up fired and permanently ostracized.  As Vox Day stated, never apologize to SJWs.  It has benefited NONE of these men in any way.

Does the Punishment Fit The Crime?

Love him or not, Louis CK has told some funny jokes in his time.  It does not appear that he will ever publicly joke again.  It doesn’t matter if he had the ability to make millions laugh.  If he made one single female briefly uncomfortable, he must go away forever.

It cannot be stressed enough that the punishments meted out by the elites are more severe than almost ANY  found in our penal system, even some types of killers are eligible to be released from prison and find employment, but the punishment for flirting is permanent inability to work in your field of choice.

Matt Lauer hosted the Today show for over 20 years.  Because he made a woman uncomfortable, he can no longer be a newscaster.  While Lauer may be unprofessional, perverted, awkward, or rude, there are many corrective actions taken short of ending his career as a journalist.  The punishment should fit the crime.  As a journalist, it is far more important that one has integrity and honesty.  When Brian Williams, who has been caught lying multiple times, still has his job as chief anchor, but Matt Lauer is fired and disgraced, something is amiss.

Kentucky Cuckinator Matt Bevin

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin recently called for any lawmaker in his state who has settled a sexual harassment claim to quit, exclaiming

These allegations are, as I have said, reprehensible, they’re indefensible, they’re unacceptable. Period.

Really?  Allegations are indefensible?

The Goal: Shaming Masculinity, Blackmail, and Control

While some of these actions are unacceptable ways for men to behave, and some may even constitute criminal behavior, I have struggled with understanding the reason they are made into national news stories.  Any time media has a coordinated message, you can be sure there is a propaganda purpose at play.  Whether it is fearmongering about North Korea, easing the public into supporting the Gulf Wars, or pretending that gay marriage and trannys are major issues that deserve our attention, there are propaganda aims and distractions at work.

I see two possible goals.

1. Blackmail / Control

One is to control and blackmail the powerful.  Almost every man has made a pass at a woman that was rejected.  In order to test limits, guys push the envelope to see what they can get away with.  When the modern woman is accepting defecation as a first date activity, it’s not unreasonable to try early physical escalation.  Any man who has tried this and been rejected or made a woman uncomfortable is now open to termination of his career.  This is an extremely powerful tool which can be used to blackmail, or simply physically remove someone who is an obstacle.

2. Shame Men and Attack Masculinity

The second is to shame masculine behavior and further a gynocentric culture.  Young men, who are already being exposed to ideas that their testosterone is inherently “toxic” and that they must obtain affirmative consent before proceeding sexually with a woman, will be afraid to escalate, touch, or even look at, women.  One American college has already threatened men with expulsion if they dare to whistle at a woman.  Men already are afraid to compliment, hug, or approach women.

When the possible result of making a woman uncomfortable is permanent exclusion from your career field and universal condemnation, many will further avoid marriage, family, and sexual relations altogether.  At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I believe many more men will become gay or transsexual.

The end goal is vague; however, Western civilization was built under a strong patriarchy with slut shaming, a class and moral system, and institutions which encouraged ethical behavior.  By removing men from positions of power and replacing them with women and gays, the culture is fundamentally and permanently changed.

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87 thoughts on “#MeToo Has Gone Too Far”

  1. You’re right. Louis CK should not have apologized his dick really is funny.

    1. And on that note, it just occurred to me, Richard Pryor use to take his dick out, on stage. To shut up hecklers.

    2. Article title is misleading, “#METOO HAS GONE TOO FAR” – to go ‘too far’ implies that what you were doing in the first place was acceptable or at very least tolerable. ‘#MeToo’ was neither; its never been tolerable nor acceptable. It went ‘too far’ the moment it started getting tweeted. I understand the sentiment the author is making; that the ‘movement’ has ‘gone too far’ etc, but to say its gone ‘too far’ in general implies that there should be a level of acceptance involved form the get go. ‘#MeToo’ is about as homo as it gets. Men need to abolish these ideas before they ever even go ‘mainstream’. Every woe a man encounters is because he didn’t nip the problem in the bud the moment it crept forward. Too many ‘men’ with no backbones and morality allowing all of society to become utterly infested. Hashtag anything should be purged from everyman’s mindset.

    3. One real danger of the #MeToo system of online-mob-decided conviction and punishment for men is that it will ultimately result in violence against women.
      But women never plan ahead and they never think ahead. This is why they will never see this growing threat on the horizon. That is why they join things like hysterics like MeToo, they allow for open borders, and they waste their youth and beauty in fleeting pleasures of life. They think about right now, never thinking ahead at all.
      This is why this next phase will certainly come, but women will never see it happening. The MD newspaper attacker, Ramos, is just the first salvo in this next phase.
      Think about this: you are a man, middle class, good guy, and a great worker-bee. You go on a date with some woman you work with. Yes, foolish decision, but she seemed nice and wanted to give it a go. 🙄
      The date does not go so well, you say something that offend the little pumpkin’s lil’ feelings and she is OH, SOOOOOO insulted, she storms off. The next day, she has seethed in her outrage at your “inappropriate joke” all night, so she falsely accuses you to your employer of “sexually harassing” her. She then gets together an online mob on Tweeter and FB to smear the company you both work for and you are viciously attacked by an online mob of FemiNazis and white knight betas. Shocked by this, you close your online accounts, but the online outrage police cannot be stopped now. The assault has began and your company does not know how to react to an online mob and caves in almost instantaneously.
      You are then fired right away without due process at work’s female-run HR office. You apply for new jobs, but your former employer tells the HR person in new company you were fired for “sexual harassment”. No one will touch you now.
      In time, you have lost your home and your life’s savings. You have become unemployable. All because some bitch lied about you. What do you do next?? Maybe you become violent, like that idiot who attacked the MD newspaper last week.
      Maybe you go after your false accuser directly. That seems like an obvious (yet wrong) course of action for someone who loses everything due to a lie.
      But this is what happens when the punishment for a MeToo violation becomes a lifetime ban on employment. It will push men to revenge. This is without any question the consequence of this…. but it will not become clear until it becomes widespread and creates another national hysteria of “men attacking women”.
      It is a cycle of misery that never ends. That is why the best course of action is to avoid as many interactions with most Western women as you possibly can…. unless you are in need of a bang or needs a female-prop for a social event you are attending.
      This system of limited interactions with women surely is where this is ultimately going anyway. Might as well get used to it and enjoy it until the next hysteria is concocted out of thin air.

  2. This is a giant shit test and only the acid-attack muslim males (and maybe MS13 and the old Italian mafia and the short-term-thinking apes from the ghetto) are able to pass it. Middle class European ancestry whites are failing big time. Maybe society realizes that these whites are weakling and need an infusion of stronger males who aren’t accrued of women.

    1. So Matt Lauer should throw acid in someone’s face and then drop his new album while smuggling heroin across the border?

    2. So men have to bring down the WTC to have a whiff of stinky Ameriskank pootie? No thank you. They can have their Mossad-for-hire Moslems and MS13 vermin.

    3. So men have to bring down the WTC to have a whiff of stinky Ameriskank pootie? No thank you. They can have their M0ssad-for-hire M0slems and MS13 vermin.

  3. Once I saw a girl wearing a tshirt saying “Bad Bitch from Hell” how about that huh? And why nobody accuses me of rape or something… maybe it has to do with the fact that i’m not rich or socially interesting? Insert negro pointin to his head sayin “U can’t be accused of rape… if u are invisible to wahmun in the first place.”

    1. When I had a house I was accused, now I own no property, avoid white women, and don’t fear further accusations.

      1. I made a mistake and denied the accusation, what I should have done was beat her to death. If I had gone the ‘beating to death’ route, I would still own that house, and be happily living it after paying my debt to society for her death.

        1. Aren’t you old? Your dumb ass would have DIED in prison and your leave your kids no legacy.
          You truly are a sham of man that needs to kill himself.

        2. Beating to death, bad strategy. I know dead (people) tell no tales, but their bodies still do.
          Shooting them at the front door and say you mistook them for a home invader, MIGHT be a better strategy. Still probably won’t work, but at least you’d have a chance with a good lawyer.

        3. MGTOWs say that home ownership is the key to success by renting it out to crazy cat ladies who will later cause a liability rather than income if they have a feminist vendetta against you. OWN NO ASSETS IN YOUR NAME! Femiskanks in the USA and Canada are worse than debt collectors and power-tripping J3wish Collection Lawyers who are representing J3wish credtors.

    2. @ Troll
      I worked on a false rape case where the alleged victim showed up to trial wearing black thigh-high boots, a black skirt, and a black t-shirt with big pink lips on center saying “eat me”. That was in FL, criminal circuit court case a good 12 years ago.
      The prosecutor looked over to my supervene attorney and said “that plea deal offer is still on the table and we can work something out” (this happened before the trial began). The attorney worked out an even better plea right there and then. Our guy was so afraid, he took the plea, got a misdemeanor plea, nolo contendere (no contest), 1 year non-felony probation, and a minor charge on his record. No sex offender registration. But for the next 10 years at least, this guy will have major problems renting an apartment, getting a job, and explaining this to anyone who does an “instant check” on his name online. I ope he got the criminal record sealed by court at some point, but these “instant criminal checks” will have his records forever and ever. This is why we need a law to end this insanity. There is no privacy in America today.
      I wonder if that case had gone to trial, if he would have beaten case completely and walked away scotch-free, as he should have! But he was too scared and his mother and family were there pressuring him and he took plea.
      Do you people have any idea how many innocent guys like that take pleas out of fear? Had this guy gone to trial and lost (because we have white knight cucks in juries), he would have gotten hard 20 mandatory FL DOC time. End of his life for sure, he would have been almost 50 by the time he walked out, his life would have been over. This was on a he-said, she-said type case.
      Lack of jury awareness is a huge problem. The prosecutors hold all the cards in criminal cases, this is why we have so much abuse in criminal justice system. The defendant if often facing so much mandatory prison time, he often feels pressured to take a plea and not fight this corrupt system in trial. Look at Paul Manaford’s abusive prosecution, Papadopolus taking a plea when he is clearly innocent, and General Mike Flynn (who took plea being innocent). – they take pleas out of fear. The criminal system is totally rigged against them.
      In a sane country, with common sense and just a basic understanding of the nature of women would result in NO conviction for millions of falsely accused men yearly, no doubt about it. Sadly, until we have real criminal justice reform, broad awareness that women are pathological liars by nature, and real consequences for making false criminal accusations, men will continue to either plea guilty to false charges against them by crazy bitches like these. 🙁 Sad state of affairs for sure.

    3. I just seen Michael Clarke Duncan in a “Me too” shirt. At least Whites produce a Pam Anderson every now and then.

  4. Wrong… “Too far” assumes that the movement was ever correct or had some “moral” righteousness from its inception. MeToo is about women who are past expiration, who have piggybacked off this media created artifice to cash out. Traditional avenues of cashing out like child-support payments by unsuspecting idiot athletes or alimony payments are closed off to a lot of these pumped and dumped women who used the cooch for career leverage. MeToo is the latest offence against any semblance of normalcy. Its the latest example of the state exonerating women’s bad behaviour at any and all expense against men. Woman gets pregnant outside of marriage by an ex-felon with no prospect of supporting the child = man’s fault… Woman raises as a single mom criminals and social dregs = man’s fault … Woman uses sex to gain leverage in the workplace = man’s fault … Woman gets drunk and has sex and in the morning doesn’t like the guy = man’s fault (and potentially a “rape” charge). There’s no “too far.” To me second wave feminism in the 60s was “too far.” We’ve entered a no-go zone of insanity where the only solution is a massive social collapse.

    1. WTF is the deal with the ugly black bitch that started the whole movement. Not even a blind, sex crazed bonobo would touch that creature let alone rape her. Those little monkeys usually fuck anything that moves.

      1. I am convinced that the Powers that Be *specifically* chose that ugly beeoch to rub it into our faces. They sit back and laugh as they troll humanity, while simultaneously implementing their total control agenda.

      2. These fucking Jwws also push 4th wave feminism from Canada via Bronfmans and Saputo families. In Canada, police say that if a female caregiver or female teacher shags a 10yo boy, but she doesn’t consent later on, the 10yo boy will be charged for rape.

      3. @Willi..,
        Don’t you think you are insulting Monkeys by comparing them to …!!

    2. “Wrong… “Too far” assumes that the movement was ever correct or had some “moral” righteousness from its inception.”
      Same for feminism and all of its waves. Women never should have gotten the vote. #repealthe19th #keepthepimphandstrong

    3. @ Anti-Modernist
      You are totally right. The #MeToo hysteria is a very slick wealth-transfer from successful men –> loser women scheme for most and a way to get revenge against men for many others. MeToo is a weapon to steal from men, ruin their lives, and/or imprison them for any reason their little heart desire at anytime. It is also a tool of intimidation.
      The mere THREAT of a #MeToo lynch mob forming online against a man could be enough incentive for an innocent man to cough up some real cash. Look at Bill O’Reilly, I read recently he paid that Liz Whiel $30 million USD for a “non-consensual sexual encounter”. Translated: she banged him willingly, and said she would accuse him of rape afterwards unless he paid her $30 million. Ca$h-ing! She cashes outs and retires and ruins the man’s reputation and whole life’s work in a flash.
      The whole hysteria is also a way to transfer ANY responsibility from women and pass all responsibilities to men. I am glad you pointed that out, Modernist. It is a power transfer as well, moving power away from courts to a public online lynch-mob situation, where anonymous online Tweeter users can help convict and destroy men anytime, anywhere, for any reason. It is a form of mob rule, a series of lynching mobs arising from online websites, all from the comfort of their own homes.
      Our society is completely unstable because of radical Western Feminism, no doubt about it. Men and women do not get along in America today at all, and that is a gross understatement on my part for sure.
      This is why men are checking out of this system completely. They are not getting married, they are not bothering with college, and they are not wasting time with women, preferring porn, video games, time-wasters, and escorts rather then deal with a woman’s crap. This is the essence of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way).
      I VEHEMENTLY DISAGREE with many aspects of MGTOW, but they have a very valid reason for being that way. And MGTOW for young Millennial men is happening naturally: men look at cost-benefit and see no point.
      Why work slave-hours to fund a woman in their life who does not appreciate them or who can steal and enslave them for decades? Why go to a college where you will be called a rapist and a criminal for simply being a man? Why bother building up a society engineered specifically so someone else other then you, benefit from?
      Simply put: women cannot and WILL NOT do the work necessary to keep a functioning society where women are the main beneficiaries running. How many women do you know doing roofing, housing construction, installing a sewer system in a city, building a road, plumbing repairs, farming, driving a semi-tractor trailer across country, working at the CBP (Border) front-lines, working in a container transport ship, or fighting in front lines in a foreign conflict? Not many, if any.
      This is why leftist women (~75% of US voting single women are leftists) are pushing for more immigration, so they can import a slew of new slaves to do the jobs they refuse to do. :X They are willing to turn our countries into 3rd world shitholes so they can continue to mooch off a society built for their sole benefit, one where the local men are refusing to participate in anymore.
      Simply put: WOMEN NEVER think ahead; they live for right now. This is why you see women sucking off a welfare system that everyone knows will collapse in near future. That is why women push for mass immigration, so they can have cheap servants right now at the expense of their country becoming a 3rd world hellhole later. That is why almost all “preppers” are men, we provision ahead and women come and try to mooch off when all hell breaks loose. That is why women waste their beauty and youth being pumped n’ dumped, then suddenly after age 30 they freak out and look for a guy to marry them as if it had become an emergency for them. That is why they get knocked up on purpose by some loser in and outta jail and then live in poverty areas in Section 8 housing. Women are not programmed to think ahead.
      MGTOW actually may be the real reset switch that our society needs to go back into a more sensible one. The MGTOWs are growing so rapidly that they far outpace us in Red Pill masculinity movement. Question is: do we have enough time left on the clock to see this reset happen or are we literally running out of time to right this ship?
      I think in America, we bought some time to try and begin righting this ship with Trump, but we are on borrowed time right now. As for Western Europe, I think these people are done. No chance in Western Europe, they are too late and too far gone into the Feminist rathole and the globalist EU to recover. I would say their survival chances are probably 10%, if that.
      Good news is, we will not have to wait much longer to find out over the next few years for sure, because the tipping point has been reached across the board with Western FemiNazism. We will certainly see in our own lifetimes the unraveling of FemiNazism, just as many of us saw the collapse and unraveling of Communism as well.

  5. Because of this Meetoo witch hunt. Men should only interact with women when needed. That’s what I do.

    1. @ Black British:
      You are wise for that. Men do NOT need women. Men need sex. Women provide sex. Women need men, but are lied to by FemiNazis that they do not need men. Men take the Red Pill and adapt beautifully to the situation.
      Since Feminism tells women to be happy they need to bang as many guys as they can, we can get laid and not have to deal with the BS. 🙂
      It is an incredibly good situation for men, for sure. It is horrible for our society, but for an individual man, it is great situation. Get laid, she leaves, then you watch TV and have a beer and chill. Do not need to hear about her problems or deal with her shit. It really is a great situation if you think about it. 😀
      Enjoy the decline is sometimes all we can do. *shrug*

  6. I have mixed feelings about all this: Anglin (yes, again: sorry it’s not my fault he’s the only prominent White nationalist who’s not an insipid halfwit) pointed out imho correctly how the metoo bs is a giant case of the Left eating itself hence a precious opportunity for rightwingers to hasten the collapse of the whole sandcastle.
    Most (if not the totality) of the victims of this witch hunt are disgusting leftist bugmen…let’s be honest, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    1. It transcends politics its an attack on men in general most left men were too cuck to ever see it coming. The only trend to see in the future is if more men leave the democratic party or are fine having feminist be their overlords.

    2. @Ajeoshi…”yes, again: sorry it’s not my fault he’s the only prominent White nationalist who’s not an insipid halfwit”…So which white nationalists are the half wits? Be specific. Also, what are you comparing them too? BLM? The dumbass libertarians? Cuckservatives? PUAs?

      1. I suppose he thinks guys like Jared Taylor, David Duke, Alex Linder, and so on, are insipid halfwits. SMDH.
        He obviously doesn’t know much about the WN movement.

    3. @Ajeoshi – You’re absolutely right. In the 80s you remember Senator Packwood and Jimmy Swaggart being taken down for affairs. They both openly displayed shame and remorse. Now if the right is accused of toxic masculinity, the person on the right lauuhs at the accusor. I can imagine a roar of laughture if David Duke ever got targeted by #metoo. The shame and remorse only triggers the left. It doesn’t work on the altright anymore because the left was built on shame and remorse and self immolation. It was machiavellian for the left to ever use #metoo as a dishonest weapon. Now the #metoo tool has turned completely on the left who created it. The altright is wise to female nature but the social marxist left denies the true nature of women and thus denies nature itself. I myself am immune to #metoo because I owe the left nothing. No apologies. Nothing. Zip.
      It’s the poor folks that hob knob and cajole with the left and whose social life is imbedded in circles of lefties and fems. These are the people who can be targeted by #metoo. It works on them but not me. I could give a rat’s ass for any lefties or what befalls them. I’m not in their circles. To Hell with them all.

  7. Women never develop higher intellectual faculties as men can. Their development stops at around 12 years of age when they discover that they possess the sexual power. In comparison women are the eternal children who need guidance throughout their lives.
    But as modern women are getting more and more independent, they get themselves in all sort of problematic situation starting from very early age. Consequently they are all carrying some sort of physical and psychological traumas.
    As any traumatized person, women too subconsciously crave to re-enact their traumas while simultaneously seeking for the strong supportive fatherly figure to prevent it and save them from themselves.
    In result, rape is currently women’s #1 sexual fantasy and the #metoo movement is just an excuse to manifest publicly without being shamed.
    In conclusion, out modern world where women and other low IQ people are being give a lot of political and economic power as one where the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    1. Which man will be allowed to rape these Ameriskanks and Canuckians without severe penalties, other than M0ssad-trained Moslems who have sex with liberal white females on top of garbage heaps in Italy or allowing M0ssad-trained refugees to rape them in Germany?

      1. “Which man will be allowed to rape these Ameriskanks and Canuckians without severe penalties…”
        What normal intelligent man would even WANT to?
        God only knows how many STDs (particularly incurable ones) are festering in their slits.
        Would you go around sticking your willie in a sewer?
        If you really want a female THAT badly, look for a better one overseas. After all, you don’t want to go to a buffet and choose the sh*ttiest dish.

  8. If an actual crime happens, it should be reported to the police, and the sooner the better. However, all this “someone looked at me the wrong way ten years ago” stuff is a witch hunt. Bad flirting is bad, but it’s certainly not a crime.

    1. @Beau – I wouldn’t report anything to the cops because ‘honest cop’ is a worldwide oxymoron alongside:
      * toxic masculinity
      * living dead
      * jumbo shrimp
      * parental abduction
      * liquid gas
      * spousal rape
      * military intelligence
      * Hell’s Angels
      I would confide in my father confessor or a good friend so as to make me feel better but never the crooked two faced cops. I guess the more money you paid the cops up front the better they could work for you, kind of like a stripper you know.

  9. Men will go incel and MGTOW. I think I’ll invest in a company that makes robotic AI sex dolls.

      1. Countries like Canada, UK and I think France have set arbitrary ages on sex dolls; if the doll looks younger than the age of majority, it’s considered ch1ld rape or ch1ld p0rn.
        It’s also considered freedom of expression, and theoretically legal for a homoseksual to put his/xis/xer genitalia into the mouth of a 5yo boy or girl at Toronto or Vancouver Pride as long as it’s public nudity and police rarely enforce indecent exposure laws, but it’s illegal for that 5yo boy to write “written ch1ld p0rnography” describing the incident because it’s considered erotic content of a minor.

      2. Women won’t allow sex dolls for men because they don’t want the competition, but mostly because they DON’T want to see any man being happy.
        Women won’t be interested in sex dolls for themselves…unless the dolls have a built-in ATM (with access to someone else’s money, of course).

  10. “You know what you’re getting in to if you go to a hotel room, alone.”
    Pamela Anderson could have been a lawyer for Mike Tyson

  11. Chris Hardwick, a victim of two things, having poor taste in wamen, and thinking he could rehabilitate or redeem a slutty whore to some acceptable standard (white knight gone awry).
    In both cases, he deserved what he got for following his brainwashing.

  12. #METOO is bull shit that’s why I deal with women for only necessary things and do stuff with women a la Mike Pence, I have another person there and door open and I record the situation. But I day game mostly and don’t say much about myself.

  13. what we call western civilization will be named barbaric in 300 years. if the author ever read a book or knew a thing or two about for instance the history of scientific research he’d know.
    pretty sure that a few hundred years ago the author would have glady participated in real witch hunts…you know, where girls and women were tortured and killed, not called out for critical behaviour.

    1. Yup. I seriously think the USA will collapse under it’s own weight, Soviet Union style. Probably within 30 years. Not that I want to see it happen, I just don’t see any other way this can play out.
      Keep maxing out those credit cards Uncle Sam, the piper is coming…

        1. njguy,
          I’m familiar with him, as well as John Michael Greer, both of whom I’ve been reading for a few years now. Too bad Dmitry setup a paywall on his site.

  14. Every time some #MeToo revelation surfaces, everybody should always ask “Why now?” The timing of Chris Hardwick’s ex going public is very suspicious. Hardwick has been married to his current wife for the past 2 years, and I assume he and his ex have been apart for at least 3 years. So why now? Why not six months ago? Why not a year ago? Is she trying to boost her floundering career by ginning up some attention and crying “victim!” and getting aboard the #MeToo train? Did she fail to blackmail him and this is her “payback”? It really does raise a lot of questions about what the real story is.

    1. The same can be asked about every PoundMeToo case. The whining noises usually start immediately after the smacking sound of another Hollywood starlet hitting the wall…

  15. Men burned women at the stake for believing they were witches. What goes around comes around and not enough men in numbers are even close to how many women were killed in the name of witchcraft.
    Sorry not sorry.

    1. Well, let’s just handwave and forget about all the men who had a choice about whether to go fight in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc. (Spoiler alert: they DIDN’T). I’ve heard exactly ZERO feminists clamoring to get Selective Service (draft) equality.
      They want equal rights, but couldn’t give two shits about equal FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY.

    2. …and sometimes we wonder why some men just say “fuck it!” and go postal on these Ameriskank bitches!

    3. Women ARE witches. Not just metaphorically, by the way. All those hags they burned in Europe hundreds of years ago were shat out of Lucifer’s goat ass, so hence they needed to immolate.

    4. They obviously didn’t burn enough way back when…..God should come back and do a sequel to Sodom and Gomorrah: the New Special Feminist edition.

  16. How dare you publish that photo of the hideous sheboon in the #MeToo march! I just vomited all over my key board. And then you following it up with that idiot Bevin and his multi-hued “family”! Get a life!

    1. For real. Just look at that nose alone, compared to the white women around her. I swear, some blacks really do look like a whole different, less-evolved species.

  17. I am a male. Several times in the past I had experiences that could be considered sexaul harrassment from women. Where do I go to complsin?

    1. Only to other red-pilled guys. We’re the only ones who get it, and care.

    2. The feminist movement has empowered female caregivers and female teachers to withdraw their consent when fucking under14 boys, so good luck trying to win a case against a femthot in the USA or Canada.

  18. On another note, guys, when your friends “check you” and tell you there are red flags there…..stop, listen, and deduce.

    That’s today’s headline? At ROK? Welcome to the late show.

  20. MeToo, just like feminism or any other “-ism”, is thought up, financed and launched by a small group of light-colored men, who work in or travel frequently between NYC, Washington, London and Tel Aviv. Although the vast majority are of a certain (((religion))) and often try to hide that fact by changing their names and erasing their genealogies, there are other things that truly bind these men together: secret societies, psychopathy and depravity. And although Freemasonry is the obvious connection, the real underlying “religion” for these fiendish creatures is Satanism, which is thousands of years old and predates Khazaria, ancient Egypt and Babylon — where much of ritualistic Freemasonry was hatched.
    So the question becomes, why would powerful Satanists / Freemasons / Joow$ launch MeToo and seemingly throw some of their own “members” under the bus? I think the destruction of masculinity is a good start because they are always looking to undermine, weaken or outright destroy those who “could” oppose them and knock them off their lofty perch. And intelligent righteous heterosexual masculine men (as a collective) are the only group that has any hope of doing that. So in this sense, MeToo is an add-on to the feminism agenda, which is to destroy the family unit and emasculate men by using cleverly provoked and well-publicized female tantrums and hysterics.
    In addition, each and every “member” thrown under the bus likely was deviating in some significant way from their assigned agenda, or perhaps they “knew too much” about something sinister, so they were sacrificed and then a strong message was sent to all other members who are “on the fence” in terms of their morality / ethics. A nice little reminder to the club of just who is charge, regardless of how much wealth, influence and outward power someone appears to have (Weinstein, Crosby, Franken, etc.).
    Furthermore, I think MeToo is a cover-up or more accurately a distraction or decoy for something MUCH more evil going on within the media / politics… and that is pedophilia and murder / torture / sacrifice primarily of children. It is endemic and very widespread in the upper echelons of society, but throwing the common people some “bones” and pretending to “take down these monsters” who touch grown women’s breasts and asses (or even just talk about it) without written and apostatized letters of permission and consent seems to quell most people’s appetite for justice (liberals in particular) and take away the incentive to dig deeper and undercover the awful truth of what is really happening.

    1. *should read, “uncover” not “undercover” in the last sentence.

    2. Although, as a final point meant to balance out the MeToo issue, I have no doubt whatsoever that some of the men accused (Weinstein, Crosby, Louis CK, etc) are not only guilty of significant sexual crimes against grown women (who were not just trying to entrap them or gain fame / employment), BUT ALSO guilty of much more heinous crimes against children. So I shed no tears for those types.

  21. metoo is a derailment plan.
    “oh we solved that problem, don’t look over there”
    It’s what they came up with to cover up being a bunch of degenerate satanic pedos.
    It’s the hollywood equivilant of…
    “We investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing.”

  22. Waaay back in my clubbing days females would grab my butt and start kissing me without asking. This isn’t even a brag post, I worked out HARD for my body. But now I see I’m a victim!

  23. The end goal is vague; however,
    Actually no it’s not, eliminate the class of people that were able to build the most successful Democratic Republic in history, the European white male, and replace him with classes of people that have lower IQs and are more malleable.
    By removing men from positions of power and replacing them with women and gays
    By removing white,traditional, heterosexual men from power you mean, and replacing them with women, gays and men that are historically more comfortable with subjugation i.e. black and brown men.

    1. u are seeing Small picture the big picture is they want to kill everyone but first kill the strongest they hate us all the same as long as u are not((they))
      they are being used by the devil so that they can usher a new error of one world government throough it they they intend to kill every human being except they (themselves) the devil promis them eternal life if they do that on the other hand the devil thinks if he does that he will privent the coming of Jesus therefore prevent his own demise.

  24. Agree with this article 110% until it got to Trump. Now hear me out… The fact that he didn’t apologize for his behavior, as Louis CK and other career enders have, it’s what so amazing. The guys that bow’d there heads in shame and submitted to these women were the ones who got taken out, the guys who were more or less like “Fuck you, this is just an allegation. It never happened”, such as Trump did, were untouchable. Apologizing is a death sentence. Once they have you publicly saying you’re sorry they go right for the throat and you’re done. DON’T DO IT MEN!
    Onto Trumps Pussy Tape: What we were witnessing in that tape is the lashing out of a sexually frustrated, impotent beta bux who’s using humor, but clearly bitter and resentful about his failed sexual conquest of TV personality and low-key thot Nancy O Dell, who at the time was married to a much more Alpha Keith Zubulevich, who I suspect she also cucked or had an open marriage with. Trump probably knew that, tried to take advantage of it, and was angry when she rejected him as it’s rumored she’s fucked the whole crew.
    The problem isn’t Trump saying women let high status men do what they want. That’s true. What’s more troubling about the tape is he’s using humor to cover up his obvious lust for sexual violence and power after his defeated and humiliating attempt at a pick up. He took time out of his day to take this prostitute out furniture shopping and she more or less scammed him. He thought sex would be in the deal. It’s always a transaction with him. Same with him trying to get Stormy a role on The Apprentice. When O Dell more or less took his money and ran, that got him pissed so much that months later he still tried to get her fired.
    “Grab em By The Pussy” isn’t a Oo-Rah! for men. Its him lashing out like a little pathetic incel beta because a woman rejected his sexual advances. How is it any different Elliot Rodgers or the other incels who went on murder sprees because they were rejected? I’ll tell ya why, The only reason Trump isn’t a serial killer of women is because he has money to grant him actress whatever porn actresses/model/ goverment hooker he wants, whereas some of these other incels didn’t or were too dumb to figure out they could buy hookers.
    I still think about ‘Grab Em By The Pussy’ almost every week. It was a turning point in American culture. It marked a point where I knew in my heart the culture was dead and there was no more moral decency… No one to look up to. No ethics or role models. Just a society that’s based around cult of the selfism, personal profit, callousness, sadism and humiliation. It also was the birth of the joke of a movement known as #MeToo. REAL Rape and sexual assault have become trivialized by #Metoo. They’re turning rape into a fucking PR move.


  26. When it comes to this subject, #MeToo women hate data unless they can fudge the numbers or take them out of context. In reality, rape by US males has plummeted (see chart below). As real US rape rates nosedive, unscrupulous women invent new interpretations of “rape” to keep their central victimhood dialogue going. Yes, they are that power-hungry, devious and self-evidently stupid and dishonest. Stat shot:
    The little statistical “hockey stick” to the upside in the past 4 years = upswing in false rape hysteria-based claims/convictions? Endless blame-shifting and excuse-mongering, that’s their formula. They are not rational.

  27. It’s all a game, gotta know how far you can bend the rules, unfortunately, the rules are historically retconned, if you’re not a good looking dude or you’ve pissed someone off, you’re in trouble.

  28. #MeToo was started here in Australia by a newreader who got boned from her job for being (a) a bitch (b) too old, and has been on a jihad against men ever since.

  29. Has anyone noticed Muslim thots increasingly skanking it up on instagram? Feminism has transformed into something much more subtle best exemplified by the crassness of thot culture you see on social media. And Muslim thots are diving right in.
    I can find Arab, and even Chechen women, sporting tattoos, showboating their gucci shit, cosmetics, and all the other indulgences are fakery many of you know all too well.
    I used to flirt with the idea of Islam being a good battering ram against Judeo-Western (((culture))), but now I’m not so sure. If men as vicious and violent as Chechens can’t thot patrol, then maybe Islam is not the answer.
    I believe the answer to feminism will come from the white men who’ve suffered and endured its worst. We can culturally appropriate aspects of Islam (hence the White Sharia meme) but the authentic core of it must come from us.

  30. BTW though, on a side note… check out those women in that picture. Not one man on earth touched any of those women. Fucking hideous. Which is why they are annoying feminist. If you could get good dick, you wouldn’t be a feminist.

  31. In the United Kingdom recently an “empowered” feminist was attacked by a can-do-no-wrong migrant.
    The white men around her did nothing.
    SO- she whined about what cowards they were.
    And so it begins- feminists are finally reaping the poisonous harvest from their antics. And only now are they realizing how reality works, and what they encouraged (stupid immigration policies).
    Watch for efforts at being “reasonable” now, unless governments start passing Samaritan Laws, which only punish men for not helping women, no matter how “gender-neutral” they claim to be.
    My only regret is that the aging Boomer morons responsible for all of this won’t suffer more from the consequences.

  32. In the United Kingdom recently an “empowered” feminist was attacked by a can-do-no-wrong migrant.
    The white men around her did nothing.
    SO- she whined about what cowards they were.
    And so it begins- feminists are finally reaping the poisonous harvest from their antics. And only now are they realizing how reality works, and what they encouraged (stupid immigration policies).
    Watch for efforts at being “reasonable” now, unless governments start passing Samaritan Laws, which only punish men for not helping women, no matter how “gender-neutral” they claim to be.
    My only regret is that the aging Boomer morons responsible for all of this won’t suffer more from the consequences.

  33. One of the problems with the “me too” movement is that women can lie and use it to take out male competitors in the work place.

  34. Just like “diversity”, #metoo is all about kicking men.. especially white men.. out of positions of power.

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