The Importance Of Cultivating A Killer Instinct

After a certain amount of time doing cold-approach pickup, say two or three years of consistent action, some guys will begin to get good.  They’re getting lays, one night stands, and quality girlfriends.  But these guys will be in the minority.  Most “pua’s” will still be toiling in frustrated obscurity, desperately scrounging for a random piece of action.

What is it that separates the players, the guys seeing real results in the field, and the have-not scroungers?  A killer instinct.

What It Is

At a basic level, the killer instinct is simply a mindset cultivated and refined over time.  It’s confidence juiced up on a triple dose of steroids and grounded in total belief in your own agency in the field.  You feel bulletproof.  Frictionless.  Like a 100-foot-tall Titan in diamond armor.

To go more in-depth, the killer instinct is the complete acceptance of and identification with your most primal desires as a man.  It’s a taste for blood, a lust for the hunt ingrained in the very marrow of your bones.  And the willingness to confront fear, shame, and rejection over and over is the price of admission.

But once you possess the killer instinct, those painful emotions will begin to wane out in the field.  There’s no shame and no second-guessing of motives at this level of game.  The delay between the initial urge to approach and making your move shrinks to zero.

Amazing things will start to happen when you run game—approaching becomes effortless, like a natural expression of your inner state.  Women often won’t put up any resistance to the approach.  Instead, they’ll make sexy eyes and giggle like little schoolgirls when you step.  Makeouts happen easily, and same night lays become possible.

What It Looks Like

When you’re out at the bars, it’s easy to spot someone with the killer instinct.  They have an aura of total self-containment, barely seeming to notice anyone outside their own group.  They’re constantly smiling and laughing, intensely focused on whoever they’re talking to.  They’re in their own world.  They can be confident to the point of being intimidating, but they have an almost magnetic effect on women in their vicinity.  Women hover around them, and even bump into them on purpose.

To someone with a weaker frame, a guy with the killer instinct can come across as “crazy.”  But he’s actually in complete control and very aware of the effect he’s having on others.  He’s excited and energized, but not excitable.  Nor is he unstable or erratic. He’s extremely solid in his body language and swift and decisive in his movements.

A perfect example of the killer instinct in action is Iron Mike in his late 80’s prime:

Now you obviously can’t roll into the club swinging ‘bows like a gorilla on PCP.  But you can most definitely channel that kind of energy when you’re running game.  You have to get VICIOUS out there.  But you’ve also got to temper the fury, to calibrate and focus it like a laser.  It’s easy to get hyped up out in the field, but ability to wield that sexual energy like a surgeon’s scalpel is a subtle thing that only emerges over time.

Getting A Taste For Blood

To attain the killer instinct, you must completely own your darkest thoughts and feelings as a man.  I’m talking about the deep-level Freudian weirdness here, folks.  This hidden part of the subconscious is often referred to as “The Shadow Self” in psychology.

You must acknowledge, accept, and incorporate these thoughts into your personality.  They’re completely normal, as unsettling as they may seem.  And you’re not necessarily acting on the desires, unless you’re into the S&M scene, maybe you will, but harnessing them.  The energies are already there, so learn to channel them like sexual rocket fuel when you’re running game.

You have to bring it all into the light- Accept your desire to dominate.  Accept your desire to be the king.  Wear it like Sauron rocking the One Ring:

If you’re just starting out, this can be a scary thing. It’s an advanced stage of personality development that requires great effort and ruthlessly honest self-reflection.  Again, you can’t just flip a neurological switch and say, “Okay, now I have the killer instinct, time to go full-Hulk on these girls.”

Attaining the killer instinct takes time.  But like all of the fine-grained realizations that arise from the game, it’s ultimately the result of having a strong work ethic and constantly pushing your comfort zone in the field.  There’s no magic bullet, no secret shortcut “the pros use.”  Just good ole repetition.  If you want to be a killer, you’ve got to break out the strop and sharpen the blade.

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60 thoughts on “The Importance Of Cultivating A Killer Instinct”

  1. Mike Tyson knows how to deal with women!
    “Are you talking out of turn? I normally don’t do anything with womens unless I fornicate with them first. So you shouldn’t talk anymore. Unless you wanna, you know…”

      1. Keep the racism down to a bare minimum please, this is not stormfront. We respect black, jewish and other minorities here.

      2. Yeah right after he pulled his dick out ya moms cave-dwelling ass. Say that to his face-coward. Just like the rest of them mobbing up to lynch people b/c you’re a fag and need 100 people to do anything. essence of a homo.

    1. Yeah, see, this is exactly the problem. I get that there’s a crisis in masculinity going on these days, and men are confused.
      But there is a world of difference between “big angry retard” and “alpha male.” The fact that so many guys confuse the two, is itself proof of the crisis in masculinity.

    2. Tyson was a naive boy from the hood who could fight. Cus D’Amato trained him but was an old man and died. But when Cus was around he was like a father to Tyson and if he had lived he would have kept Tyson out of trouble, warned him about golddiggers after his money, made sure he put money away for when he couldn’t fight anymore, and reprimanded him like a son if he did something stupid.Cus also trained Floyd Patterson years before and Patterson was always considered a gentleman for his entire life.
      I feel sorry for Tyson because once he got involved with that criminal, Don King, I knew he would eventually go downhill.

  2. Having an iron frame is the difference between going home as a champion with a hot blonde or wondering why some other guy did. Before I was /fit/ I would still pick up the hottest chicks by destroying cock blocks and being charming, leaving big guys wondering why they didn’t get the girl despite working out 6 times a week. Now that I have a physical frame to match my attitude (6’3, 236 lbs) I roflstomp my way through life / girls / social situations. In my own mind I am a Sauron, which manifests itself in reality. Great article, couldn’t agree more

      1. Work on your inner game until you can project confidence too instead of trying to neg people who are making it

        1. *Tries to project pseudo-confidence on internet
          **Projects fragile ego instead

      2. I know you’re trying to sound funny by using buzzwords but do you even know what projection is?

        1. **Poster uses term flawlessly
          ****Gets called out for it by bottom tier comment

  3. Great article. “Kill instinct is the definition of [whats referred to as] ‘Game’ “One of the big points Good Looking Loser is preaching.
    Btw nothing important see over there, move along (; but really I hope the best for GLL but if gets too popular theres gonna be too much competition out there

  4. Good Article. I strong, confident, forceful energy is irresistible to females. Especially now a days were most men are now emasculated sissies women today are more despite for the “killer instinct” in men.

  5. I sincerely hope that this article is not the future of ROK. The author babbles about kiddie psychology and game, but does not go into detail about the differences between normal confidence and a “Taste for Blood”. I think this is just one giant mental handjob of what absolute confidence should “feel like” to the author.
    WHAT are the author’s experiences with developing his own taste for blood? How has that contributed to his game? Does mentioning Mike Tyson, Freud, and LOTR guarantee you a published article on this site now?
    Damn shame, it is actually painful to see this kind of shit get published compared to some of the legitimate articles have been submitted to ROK. How can the same website that put out “Elliot Rodger is the First Male Feminist Mass Murderer” be proud of this??????

    1. Agreed. I always tended to rate Lennox Lewis as a much greater pugilist /artist.
      We are also looking at a juicer with Tyson. That’s a bit like a hooker doing the GFE.

      1. Tyson was greater in his short prime and before he ruined himself. Raw talentwise he is greater than Lennox. But Lennox had his life under control and was more focused. He achieved more with less..but Tyson in his haydays was a force of nature. something totally out of the ordindary.

    2. I agree. This a poorly written article. This guy should have gone more into details, personal experiences etc.

    3. This was written by an insecure WOW playing pyjama boy. It’s laughable.
      Tyson? The guy has always been an effeminate pussy who females walk all over. Just because he’s built like a gorilla and can box means nothing.Females have just used him for his money which is why he’s broke now despite making good money in his prime. He can’t even feed his pet pigeons.He’s not tough and lacks that mental toughness that real alphas have.
      The blanket boy who wrote this is apparently a kid and rather confused.He writes this ‘ barely seeming to notice anyone outside their own group’ and then this later on ‘and is very aware of the effect he is having on others’
      Real Alphas such as myself are completely indifferent to what people say or do and we’re not pretending. We really don’t care or notice what other people do because people are just doing and thinking about what everyone else is thinking about.

      1. Bingo! He was pretty much entertainment for the masses, then when his usefulness dried up, they tossed him to the wolves.

  6. I bet the guys who write these articles are sadists, hoping their socially inept readers take their advice and waltz around pretending to be alpha males. They’ll discover that other males don’t want to be “dominated” the hard way, while the authors of these pieces sit at home snickering in sadistic delight.

    1. Did you see that clip of him on Oprah after his daughter died? He’s a retard with a heart

    2. He was one wickedly sharp boxer in his unfortunately too short prime.
      I thought this article was a bit over the top as well, but Tyson’s approach to boxing, does have carryover to game. Supreme confidence, and a focus almost entirely on hitting the opponent hard, rather than a more common 50-50 focus on hitting and avoid getting hit.
      Once Iron Mike started worrying about pain and his face, his physical limitation as a short guy with short reach and less than stellar technique rendered him very vulnerable. But as long as he barged ahead like an overconfident bulldozer, he created and kept perpetuating an aura of himself as invincible, and that aura became rather self fulfilling. Game can work the same way, even for guys who aren’t necessarily the most obvious naturals.

    3. you missed the point… in boxing, no one was better…. he might have failed in other areas of his life, but in boxing he was an incredible fighter, also on a mental level….
      perhaps the level of dedication that he put into fighting is what caused his downfall in other areas

  7. There are some beginner-level points here, but its important to return to the basics. And this piece does allude to a deeper aspect of Game: Game is a component of broader self-improvement, not just a new tool to facilitate pussy-begging.
    When a man truly has his shit together in other areas of his life, his money is straight, his body is strong, and his mind is sharp, the “Game” that facilitates meeting women is just an extension of his natural self. Otherwise, the memorized conversations and forced postures are just a front he hopes the world will believe, even though he doesn’t believe it himself.

  8. Has the author ever slaughtered an animal? I bet he is not.
    This article is childish. Some people take themselves too seriously.

    1. I was thinking of buying a couple of piglets this summer and raising them and slaughtering them myself once they reached a good size. Never butchered a larger animal before so it’d be interesting.

      1. Pigs scream like crazy and you’ll need someone to give you a hand. Good luck!

        1. Why did you back out, you fucking pussy? lol Come one, bro. Go through with it. When you butcher it, start with the neck, you have to angle the knife at a 45 degree angle. Let the blood drip into a pan. Use this blood in a stew. That blood is full of highly absorbable iron and other vitamins and minerals. Then you cut open the abdominal cavity. Slowly take out all the organs, start from the bottom up. Toss all the fresh innards into a large pot, then add some veggies and seasonings and let that bad boy cook up. Then you cut the rest of the body. Hack off the feet, head, legs and store those individual body parts in glad zipper bags and store them in the freezer. Use the skin too, it has collagen and is high in certain amino acids. Then keep the marrow bones for bone broths. It’s good getting your hands bloody and doing this stuff your self. That’s when you figure out how self reliant you can really be.

        2. We do this ritual every xmas. Blood splashed on the snow, male company, strong mulled brandy, joking, laughing. What could be more satisfying?

        3. Because my life is fucking busy enough as it is. Wethered kids are easier to maintain; so if I do it I’ll go the goat route. Ha ha, you don’t have to tell me about the nutritional benefits of blood; blood pudding is a favorite in this (little bit hillbilly) part of Canada. Around here you’re not much of a man if you can’t butcher your own moose or deer, but I don’t like sitting in tree stands all fucking day so I’ve never hunted anything but rabbit and pheasants; at least you get to hike around until you see something move out of the corner of your eye, then BOOM!

        4. I like the Filipino practice of ramming a metal rod in the pig’s ass and out its mouth and then slow roasting it whole over coals. My GF’s nieces go straight for the head first, cracking it open and eating its brains. lol

        5. No gentleman would cut up a pig. That’s the servants job.And anyone who raises pigs just sells them and a butcher does the job. Only a piss poor peasant would butcher his own livestock.I was a surgeon and I’m capable of cutting anything up but you just don’t kill and butcher a domestic animal that you raised (a wild animal is different). It would be like killing your dog and chopping it up to eat.
          Oh I forgot, this blog is full of muslims, Flippos, negroes and other 3rd worlders who don’t like dogs and who are like animals themselves.

        6. or small dick, small minded fags like you who think that by saying nigger or exhibiting some type of racism you qualify as alpha. you’re just a pussy who would never do shit like the rest of you closet storm front fags.

        7. I’d just get some rabbits. They’re pretty easy to keep around, don’t take up much space, don’t stink and … yeah, not hard to slaughter and delicious to eat. Personally haven’t done anything of the sort yet, but know quite a few ppl who have.

  9. Good article. The killer instinct is important, but there are other ways to achieve it.

  10. my problem with this is that the author thinks that after 3 years most men still will not have a good handle on game, even if those men are all doing consistent approaches for all those years

  11. I’m 26. Swallowed the red pill 2 years back and I’m joining a fairly large corporation as an industrial engineer next month.
    Any tips on how to survive? How to balance my search for individuality versus paying the bills.

    1. “I’m joining a fairly large corporation as an industrial engineer next month.
      Any tips on how to survive?”
      Yeah, do your job and don’t fool around with female co-workers. Not really that hard. You’re an engineer, not an MMA fighter.

  12. If Roosh was trying to up the hit count to get a better July sponsor he is going to get his wish. From a PR standpoint this piece is obviously not the best one to publish given the current political climate (also have it follow a blog entitled “The Importance Of Cultivating A Killer Instinct” is sure to get some out-of-context mentions.)
    But, I’m glad some legitimate internet forums have the balls to publish even far out commentary such as this one though. We should not give into censorship, even if it is constructive censorship based upon speculative negative public reception. I like to think somewhere on the internet there is still a marketplace of ideas where even those with far out ones can find space to publish their views.
    If you think this guy is off his rocker, completely insane, then that is fine. Use your own independent thought and judgment to make that call. Don’t let hysterical cries of offense, etc. drive you ability to process information, develop a hypothesis, and make up your own mind. Just because someone has an “extreme” idea does not make it illegitimate. Lots of ideas that were once considered to be extreme by the vast majority of society have become adopted and approved by an a vast approving majority in later generations. Want one recent example? Take gay marriage. Even as little as ten years ago it polled horribly and was considered to be politically dead. Now it looks like the US will have universal gay marriage within a few years either the result of a Supreme Court ruling or tide of public opinion swaying lawmakers and voters. (Just note I use gay marriage as an illustrative example without approving or disapproving of the policy. It is just an example of how the marketplace of ideas works when people are free to hear ideas and make up their own minds.)
    Think for yourself, encourage others to do so, and don’t let the masses tell you what to believe.

    1. I’ll let Roosh know where this “probably” came from, I’m totally thankful to be the monthly sponsor here and I don’t want people to get the wrong impression that he has anything to do with this article.
      “Killer Instinct” (the irony, re: elliot rodger), I never thought of that.

  13. Tyson was a haymaker throwing prodigy to be sure. I was a teenager in the 80s and watched him during his prime. Be a while before a natural heavyweight like that comes around again. A true killer.

  14. I agree behind the central premise that a killer instinct is important, and that you can easily point him out in a crowd. However, the author probably does not have a killer instinct. The author is, or pedestalizes the masculine clown. While the clown can be an alpha in his own style, it is a challenge.
    More often than not the guy with the killer instinct in a bar is the one with a detached and aloof hint of a grin on his face. Not causing a scene, but instead aware of the entire situation. Seeing the hidden story behind all the interactions around him, half-engaged with his group, bemused but slightly distant.
    The loudest guy in the bar is rarely the most dominant, the most in control. These attributes belong in the highest degree to the guy with the strongest killer instinct. Hidden among the crowd to all but the most dominant of men and selective of women.

  15. This is complete nonsense. This article is no different than Oprah chanting to an audience of insecure girls who want to be like men: “you don’t need a mannn, you’re strong and independent…. you fear success….embrace your fear of successssss….” But it doesn’t work, as these silly little insecure girls are still the same silly little insecure girls except they’ll just be better at hiding it behind cunty sarcasm and talking about how independent they think they are.
    Now i’m not saying women should be like men at all,they should defer to men. But i’m illustrating the point that your article, while good intentioned, is useless because there’s no practical direction you’re giving your reader. It’s just a bunch of useless feel-good impractical advice no different than a woman telling you to “be yourself”. The best a man can get from this is to think he’s suppose to pretend to be a bad ass by imitating masculine men without the slightest clue of why they even behave that way in the first place, and then become confused when he doesn’t get the same reactions from people the ACTUAL masculine guy gets. He’ll be the same insecure, anxious guy, but he’ll just be better at hiding it.
    That’s because the difference between a man with balls and a shy nerd at the core is their very perspective on socializing, the outward behavior is just a symptom of their perspectives. Articles like this will do nothing to change a poorly trained mans perspective on socializing.
    Time to get your balls back: MANHOOD101.COM

  16. The Mike Tyson reel was great. That bastard could land bombs…until some nobody named Buster Douglas put him on his ass. The meanest dog on the block claws his way to the top, until something meaner comes along. Which is usually pretty soon.
    I enjoyed the soundtrack to the Tyson reel too. A few buddies and I played a drinking game to it. 1 shot for every use of the word ‘nigga”. Everyone blacked out 2 minutes in. Fantastic music. If I’m bound for hell it will be on repeat while I wait in a line at the DMV, for eternity.

  17. The killer instinct can be summed up in three simple words: Always Be Closing.

  18. I actually thought this article would be about developing a killer instinct towards life in general but I accept its application towards game. I have felt this way before like a tiger waiting to pounce on his prey.

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