The Republican Party Needs To Go Away

Reflecting on the situation

I was talking with a gentleman in the recent past about the political prospects for the 2016 presidential election. The usual blue pill topics of abortion, gun-control, immigration, and gay marriage came up. This gentleman informed me that he was voting Republican no matter what merely because he would not vote Democrat. This made me think of the duality of the two-party system and the role the Republicans play in it. It appears today that the Republican Party exists to provide a common enemy for the vast left-wing coalition that makes up the Democrat Party. Without this common enemy, there would be no unifying factor within the Democratic Party.


I find this strange that fundamentalist Muslim immigrants vote for the same party as LGBTQXYZ social justice warriors. Why is this? It is clever identity politics at work. Why do these two disparate groups vote for the same party? They do simply because they cannot vote for the other one. If the other one did not exist, they would actually have to make a choice against each other. This would shake up politics for the better.

I could go on and on forever on the cognitive dissonance of Republican policies as compared to their party platforms. Even though they state they are of a different ideological grouping, the shot callers of the Republican Party are quite similar to the shot callers of the Democrat Party. For the sake of brevity, I will use a lone Republican politician as the example here for both of these concepts. This example is Rafael Edward Cruz. In case you didn’t know, he is the junior Republican Senator from the state of Texas. It would appear he forsaken the name his parents gave him to appear more American to voters. He is known as “Ted” Cruz.

It seems this Senator Cruz might actually make a run for the 2016 presidential election. This could be a problem, since the United States Constitution says only natural born citizens who have reached the age of 35 may run for president. You see, Senator Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. While legal theorists have argued that natural citizen means someone who would be one at birth due to his mother’s or father’s citizenship, the issue is the fact that some elements of the Tea Party have made the natural born citizen case against President Obama. If the Tea Party would support Cruz for President, it would highlight their hypocrisy because President Obama’s mother was also a United States citizen.

His political grandstanding and theatrics in the Senate have made him an effective symbol to the opposition. They use him as a symbol to unite very many disparate groups. While he has become a star to the Tea Party over such issues as gun control, the affordable care act, and NSA surveillance, he has not actually done anything to further Republican policies in an affirmative way. It almost appears to be controlled opposition to me. When one looks at his education, he comes from the same place of many of the liberals he opposes came from. He did his undergraduate studies at Princeton University and he went to law school at Harvard. Those places are not known for their indoctrination in “prying it from my cold dead hands”.  Another interesting facet of his life is that his wife works for Goldman Sachs.  Apparently, she is some sort of VP. This is a very big red flag because American politics is known for nepotism.

What would happen if the Republican Party ceased to be a mainline political institution in America? The first major occurrence would be the breakup of the Democrat Party. Without such a unifying enemy for everyone to oppose, the Democrats would implode due to ideological differences under their own tent. This would shake up politics and make people more honest to their constituents. As I said earlier, abortion, gun-control, immigration, and gay marriage are merely distractions. Important issues such as deficit spending, infrastructure development, and building the industrial base are far more important. Both parties appear to be on the same page on these issues, judging from their actions not their words.

A new idea to shake up politics

Why work to destroy Republican influence? They are the weaker of the parties in a two-party system. In order to break the left-right paradigm found in American politics today you have to get rid of one of them. The Republican Party is the easier target. While I may agree with some of the policies on the platform, they seem merely to exist for their own power on the “not democrat” vote.

How does one work to lessen the influence of the Republican Party? Simple, do not vote for them and do not donate any money to them. What happens when the Democrats get total control? I can read demographical statistics—the Democrats will get total control in the future anyway. It is better to bring that day of reckoning forward instead of kicking the can down the street and giving federal retirements to ungrateful politicians on both sides of the aisle with that extra time. If you cannot bring yourself to vote Democrat, just write your own name in the ballot. Do not give away your vote by default.

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311 thoughts on “The Republican Party Needs To Go Away”

  1. Immigration is not a distraction, but rather the primary means through which the cultural marxists who are calling the shots are destroying a formerly great nation and people. Wake up!

    1. Cultural Marxism will benefit the Red pill man who can make ends meet in the decaying ruins that was once a vibrant society.

        1. Sorry. I’ve gone through the grieving phase and am now looking looking for solutions. At this point we are in a culturally Marxist society. The red pill man can handle this reality and decide its time to exploit it even if that means exploiting the hippie race traitors.

      1. Such a great “red pill man” can still get robbed, randomly shot or torn to pieces by a riled up mob of savage 3rd worlders.
        A man would not let his nation fall into ruin in the first place.

        1. You are mistaken. When the police state fails bc there are more criminals than police people very quickly institute strong willed self preservation policies. No one will rob you when they get their hand cut off. Women will invest in betas when the nanny state is bankrupt and their ate hordes of rapists. Private security groups will protect many people. If you want to look into the future look at brazil.

    2. Immigration is mostly a labor issue; i.e. flooding the market with unskilled workers and driving the price of labor down though the basement. The “Robber Barons” benefit most from this.

  2. I’ve resolved to never vote again. This guy helps explain why. I also don’t want to be called up for jury duty. (Funny that within a month of registering, I got a jury summons in the mail.) I didn’t always agree with George Carlin, but when he was right, he was usually dead on.
    Both parties are useless malware, who do nothing but fuck you if you are a hardworking, taxpaying American, and this goes double if you are a white heterosexual Christian male.

    1. We get the representation we deserve. Just like George Carlin reinforces in his skit.

      1. I agree that if you aren’t paying taxes, you should not be allowed to vote. In the current system, a leech on the system who hasn’t worked a day in their life has a vote that counts as much as an up-by-the-bootstraps kind of guy like me. And last time I checked, the parasites outnumber the producers. No wonder we are fucked.

        1. I’ll tell you the last thing we need is the voter participation campaigns. This country doesn’t need P. Diddy and Kid Rock trying to galvanize any more morons into voting.

        2. Since you mentioned it, MSM ‘celebrities’ are the only ones that can make the political class look more pathetic.

        3. Everyone who works pays taxes, and so do many who don’t work. Social Security, Medicare, sales and property taxes. You are just referring to one specific tax, the Federal income tax.

        4. Bullshit.
          If you don’t work you don’t pay social security and medicare taxes. If you pay sales tax with government money (welfare, disability, pell grants, etc etc) you are NOT “paying taxes”. You are spending tax money already collected.

        5. If you do any commerce in this country you pay taxes. Buy a beer, buy cloths, buy a video game or food taxes are included. If you get disability because you were shot in combat you should vote, pell grants are a loan which must be repaid so if you spend it you pay taxes, and be carful excluding people based on ability to pay income tax one bad economic swing is all it takes to exclude anyone from a paycheck.

        6. You can’t even spell clothes.
          You are just a fucking retard. A pell grant is not repaid dumb shit. You don’t know the difference between a grant and a loan. This makes me think you get a lot of this free gubment money.
          With a name like yours and the level of stupidity I’m left to assume you are a one of Eric Holders “my people” and a obama supporter.

      2. I love the idea. Old fuckers with no skin in the future game wouldn’t be able to fuck things up for the rest of us.

      3. I believe the movement towards this is called:
        No represtation without taxation.

      4. The problem is fucking tax in the first place. Linking it with the right to vote and show opposition to ones government is a really stupid idea. Imagine a government you don’t like takes over. Make them commie or.something. these guys put the tax burden mainly on the top 1% . In exchange for the huge burden they can sway policy anyway they see fit. You gotta remember the repubs are just are pretty divided too.
        If i could blank slate western civilisation i would say reduce it all down to city states.
        But its too far gone, the iinterdependencies are such that change is too costly too violent, the system is stacked to only further itself and of it falters everybody except the selfish are fucked

    2. The democratic systems days are numbered in the West.Princeton university already listed the USA as a plutocracy. The silver lining! 3rd world USA may have less privileged bitchy women.

      1. Doubtful. Obama and Clinton will be only too happy to tell them how special they are and how much they deserve their entitlement programs paid for by the dwindling number of contributors to the system.

        1. They most likely will them that. But they also better stay at home in their gated communities as to not get raped or worse by the 3rd world ferals.

      2. They’ll continue to call it a democracy, while it quickly slips into totalitarianism. Once it’s there, it doesn’t matter what you call it.

    3. If/when the Republicans go then something even more misandric will emerge from the present day left.
      The left will split between ‘old left’ (todays progressives) and a new left (probably consisting of openly supremacist feminists).
      Then it will be the likes of Fat-troll’s turn to be the evil misogynist cuz he still believes that nobody should own anybody.
      “What a fool!” They’ll say. “Didn’t he know about the divinity of females?”.

    4. Anyone who threatens the status quo will be immediately shit out of the system, through character assassination, manufactured scandals or being snowballed/left out of media coverage.

      ie. Ron Paul. He was the only person capable of saving this country. Seeing him ridiculed by the media and the GOP changing the rules literally minutes before nomination in order for him not to be nominated made me lose all in this country.

      1. The parties should pay for their own primaries, especially if they want to change the rules in the middle of the election. Why should taxpayers subsidize these dog and pony shows?

  3. Both parties are corrupt. Voting Democratic brings misery, handouts, and non-white privilege. Just google “Detroit before and after”. Voting Republican brings superstitious religion, pro-upper class agenda, and hypocrisy. They want the free market….when it benefits them.(Ex. Tesla banned in New Jersey.) We not only need a new party but a probably a new economic system for the US won’t survive much more than a decade.

    1. “The best deceptions are the ones that seem to give the other person a choice: Your victims feel they are in control, but are actually your puppets. Give people options that come out in your favor whichever one they choose. Force them to make choices between the lesser of two evils, both of which serve your purpose. Put them on the horns of a dilemma: They are gored wherever they turn.

    2. Having a thriving economic system is certainly more important than a good political system overall, but the two kind of go hand in hand.

    3. “Voting Republican brings superstitious religion”
      What the fuck does that even mean?

      1. Republicans are more prone to being religious(not in all cases though) and that basically means our leaders will lead the country based on superstition(since religion is a scam) instead of logic. In other words, they’ll put faith in praying instead of taking action.

        1. “that basically means our leaders will lead the country based on superstition(since religion is a scam) instead of logic. In other words, they’ll put faith in praying instead of taking action.”
          Thank you for proving that you’re a genuine retard who makes hyperboles that not even the most shameless shitlibs would make.
          I suppose Eisenhower merely prayed when he commanded in the second world war or led the country.

        2. If you talk to an invisible friend, you’re crazy. If your invisible friend is named God, you’re normal.

        3. Not. In. All. Cases. See above…..deeerrrrrr, now get back to worshiping your Ronald Reagan room.

  4. The conservative parties in the UK, Australia & the USA are simply puppets for Rupert Murdoch and whichever of the mining/oil/agriculture oligarchs have the most influence. Nothing more, nothing less.
    If your goal is to bring on Democratic dominance, simply work to encourage as many people of all types to vote. It’ll blow the Republicans out of the water.

    1. You’re an idiot! Murdoch has an agenda and supports big and small business alike- he chews on the red pill. His propaganda is about the only thing standing between total unchecked left wing ideology and the roll out of hand outs. Especially cultural Marxism!

      1. his propaganda is responsible for Muslim and Africa migration to the US and the UK. You are a tool. He’s an anti-racist.

        1. Hmm I did hear that Peter Hitchens was very anti Murdoch. In Aus his papers are anti immigration in what is a very PC culture. It’s a welcome relief. No doubt that he is part of devaluing the labour market in favor of cheap labor- Aus in 25 years went from .02 to 20% Asian which will increase exponentially when the boomers fold. It’s the Muslims who cause the issues so no one pays much attention to any anti Asian sentiments.

      2. Don’t be confused about Murdoch’s actually personal ideology.
        He is a leftist. He allows his news CEOs a free hand, as they figured out that marketing to non-marxists got a +50% ratings share for almost no effort.
        One of the Fox anchors learned about his personal ideology, and submitted his resignation. Murdoch offered him double his salary to stay. Murdoch considers Fox News a cash cow, nothing more.

      3. He chews on his own version of rich guy red pills, which are much different than the red pills we ingest. Rich people have an understanding of the world that we do not. That is a fact.

  5. Look, the Democrat party is the party of free shit. They have a hand out for everyone. For LGTBQXYZ, they promised marriage, followed soon by adoption regardless what studies say about that being a bad idea. For muslims, they promise to be meek and supplicant to muslim desires. For unions, endless golden payouts no matter who they have to rob to get them paid, ditto for lower income.
    Democrats are more than happy to allow men in their party who stated on record that American troops are Nazis, and he still maintains his privileged status in the US Senate.
    Republicans talk a great game about reducing government, when the budget desperately needs to be slashed.
    Both parties would trash the US constitution but at least they keep each other in check a little bit.
    Cruz may not be the candidate I would prefer either, but if the choice is him or another Clinton or Bush, the choice is very easy for me.

    1. A great irony is that while they are both enemies they occasionally forget their common enemy that is the “common people.”

    2. The Democratic Party likes to make all kinds of promises to it’s freak show supporters that it has no intention of keeping.
      I’m not a Republican by any stretch, but is it just me or do the Democratic Party supporters look like a god damn circus side show? I’ve never seen so many fuck ups aligned together!

  6. I agree with much of the analysis. More realistic to me is that the GOP transforms to a more Libertarian stance on issues. At least that would be logically consistent as opposed to the amorphous platform of the current GOP.

    1. In an ideal world libertarianism would be favourable. Unfortunately when 50% of society relies on the government to feed them that ideal while noble is a fantasy. The best outcome…sadly…. It one of an elite aristocracy -the bill gates types who are trying to depopulate the world.

      1. In a libertarian system, most those leeches in our current system would either shape up or suffer far worse than they are now. Either way, it is an improvement over the system we have now. I don’t see how what we have going on now will be sustainable.

        1. I full heartedly embrace the libertarian principles. But there would be war. The real criminals are the businesses who will no longer use manual labour. This is a faster industrial revolution than all previous combined. You can’t go out to the woods and hunt. The govt needs to depopulate quick smart because when people get hungry they don’t act within the libertarian rational.

      2. Aristocracy is pretty much the natural order of how human beings set up a civilization when it reaches a certain population/sophistication.
        20 percent rules over the 80 because the 80 are pretty much dumb and need to be guided. The problem with this system is that it relies on the 20 percent being half way decent. When they decide to take it all and don’t lead with nobility, then they fuck over their directs and it goes to shit. See modern day USA.
        Feminism and it’s ilk are caused by our male leaders fucking over their subjects. They knew better and did it anyway. Women are too stupid to do it themselves and the normal schlub doesn’t have the ability to understand or stop the elites from making immoral horrible decisions.
        When Christianity was abandoned with no real moral code to take it’s place, it was the beginning of the end. I’m convinced that civilizations need some type of religion even if it’s a myth or else it just turns into Darwinism.

        1. I subscribe to your ideas. It’s either religion or statism.No society functions without guiding tenets. Feminism is statism. Feminism represents all ideals of a heavily rigid statist control. Feminism also incorporates many religious notions in a sickly manner. Suffering- men suffering for women. As well as moral absolutism in the form of the mythical quest for equality. A state based on Darwinian principles would never function bc at some time someone will come knocking telling you or someone you know it’s time for the gas chambers.

        2. I have to disagree society doesn’t need religion. Religion is just a story and a set of ideals that form a set of morals and principles to live by. We are capable of that kind of morality and principle without religion. Granted right now in history is not much evidence to that but that is only because we are only seeing the scum of society. Because after all the dumb always speak the loudest so they won’t go unheard by the smart.

        3. Pretty solid analysis of the current situation.
          Basically, we’re fucked. I never thought our generation would live long enough to see a WW2 type situation, but I was naive and wrong. I’m saying WW3, but something big is right around the corner; likely some poorly conceived and rashly implemented social revolution that fails and backfires miserably. TIme will tell.

        4. How in your mind are Social Darwinism and Feminism connected?
          I’m not saying you are wrong, I just don’t see a correlation.

        5. I think you’re missing the point on religion. Intelligent people (who make up a very small percentage of the population) can be moral and not have religion, because they actually think and reason. But the unwashed, animal masses need religion as guidance, or else they just run off the rails and fuck and suck everything in sight. Religion controls the masses and gives them a moral compass. Just because you personally may be intelligent enough to control your animal instincts, doesn’t mean the vast majority of monkeys can do so as well. Are you familiar with the state of modern America? These assholes need religion now more than ever.
          Sure, intelligent people like you and I don’t need it, but believe me…the masses do need it.

        6. Quite right! Religion is not for the intelligent. It’s designed for the stupid as a means of moral authority for principles that are too complicated for their minds to grasp. It’s far easier to say its the will of the gods than to explain legal charter especially non de jure principles like honour and respect.

        7. I can agree with that to an extent the general public needs something to help them deal with reality while avoiding taking the red pill. What I don’t agree with is that it has to be religion in my personal opinion the corruption to it and widespread commercialization of it leads to a need for a diffrent alternative. Perhaps we being the intelligent community that we are could come up with some sort of modern alternative that wont have the same stigma and history of religion.

        8. The top men clean up while the rest get scraps.
          Feminism is the result of primal Darwinist mating behavior.

        9. The Koreans and Chinese have Confuscion principles. These principles have guided the family unit and lead to much success. It even helped them through the brain washing communist period for the Chinese and S Koreans and no doubt many n Koreans who will step up once their is regime change.

    2. Libertarianism doesn’t work in a world where you have large tribes of dumbasses who can’t function in a modern society and economy, and they need some level of zoo keeping to stay out of trouble. What good would it do to cut black people’s taxes, when they generally earn so little money that their taxes amount to pennies, and they depend on coercive wealth transfers from the productive white population to survive?

      1. Nice. As a black ROK reader and conservative, you’re mentality is why I can’t talk other black people who agree with conservative values to vote their conscious. Good job.

        1. You are not a conservative and either are they. They do not have a conscience and neither do you.
          The reason the UK banned handguns and assault rifles might have been connected to Michael Ryan in Hungerford and the man who shot up Dunblane’s primary school, but the real reason was the impending influx of Third Worlder’s who cannot be trusted with firearms. I can’t speak for other nations in Europe but it seems pretty clear that diversity ends up crimping and destroying traditional rights to firearms.

        2. I also know some fairies and unicorns with conservative values that won’t vote Republican because of mean-spirited douchebags like RedneckCryonicist.

      2. “Libertarianism doesn’t work in a world where you have large tribes of dumbasses who can’t function in a modern society and economy, and they need some level of zoo keeping to stay out of trouble.”
        You have no fucking idea what libertarianism is you dumb cocksucker.

  7. The problem I have with the two party system is that they are both big government but differ only in what interests they want that big government to serve.
    The only way to stop abuse of power is simply to limit that power in the first place. Obama and Bush are kissing cousins in power grabbing at the Federal level especially for the executive branch. The Repubs want a strong central government to cement a oligarchy while the Dems want to instate a communist utopia. Both these parties are evil. The only reason that the Repubs are better is because they don’t give a fuck about what people do as long as they get their ducats so if it doesn’t hurt their bottom line they will do the proper action.
    If they thought that supporting gays would increase their corporate profits they would do so in a heartbeat. See their massive support for most forms of feminism in supplicating for the female vote.

    1. No the problem is that the government doesn’t serve the interests of the Original population, the POSTERITY of the Revolution, if you will.

  8. We already know that the two-party system is a failure. Unfortunately, there are two parties in charge of the process of changing it.

  9. My God, has this website lost it? Get rid of the Republicans and then “hope” that the Democrats fraction into two. Let’s see what would happens when the democrats have no opposition-
    1. Feminists will get their way with no problem at all. Abortion clinics will be in schools. It will be easier than ever to get a man convicted of rape. Expect your child support payments to double or triple. Anyone who refuses to hire a woman because she is 300lbs overweight will be subject to a lawsuit. Our public school systems will feature subjects like gender oppression, misogyny, critical race theory, etc. Businesses are forced to pay a woman who took 15 years off from her job the same as someone who worked all of those years.
    2. Like your guns? Kiss them goodbye.
    3. I’ve seen articles on this site encouraging men to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. Good luck doing that when the socialists are in control.
    Seriously ROK, an article on why I should castrate myself would have made more sense.

    1. Historically when the left get their way it ends well for the right! Look at Russia. In 1919 it was the most culturally Marxist as well as well Marxist. After they weed each other out through infighting as the Bolsheviks – Trotskyist and Stalinists have done you are left with modern Russia 🙂 hitler never would have gained power had the left not had do much power and infighting. He won the election with 32% because they had vision!

      1. This is what I insinuated in an earlier reply. If Americans still have balls, after the dems have taken complete control, we would rise up and start a new political party and have a revolution.

      2. “After they weed each other out through infighting as the Bolsheviks – Trotskyist and Stalinists have done you are left with modern Russia :)”
        Yeah they only lost millions of people to the Cheka/Stalin and suffered 70 years of communism. Oops.

        1. Got to agree with you on this. I have ZERO interest in being sent to a gulag until I die. It’s insane to actually try to being these insane libtards more power. We’d be beyond stupid to try that mad idea.

    2. Get rid of the Republicans and then “hope” that the Democrats fraction into two. Let’s see what would happens when the democrats have no opposition

      I am shocked that a RoK writer would endorse, albeit indirectly, a party that believes rights are granted by the state. Between this and the “Elliot Rodger Massacre was a Hoax” post, I may consider taking a break from RoK for a while.

      1. Agreed Pimp C, after the Eliot Rodger article yesterday and this load of crap I think this site will publish anything nowadays. The very thing the majority of this site complains about (terrible laws and rules for men) is what would come from the Democrats taking over

      2. Can’t you see what is going on here? This site has been infiltrated by leftist. It’s getting more and more bizarre with each passing day. It’s very clear that there are no safe spaces in the West like we thought. I think our manosphere will be coming to an end soon.
        Perhaps Roosh (the founder of this site) is not who he claims to be. He’s probably just in it for the money, and will swing whichever way the wind blows.
        I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but reality shows that modern people are not devoted to anything except the almighty dollar. Perhaps he just let a few bad articles slip through, or perhaps there is more going on.

        1. I wrote a few articles for this site, and then I had one shit canned because it was about rape. Roosh said “we don’t do rape topics here.” Then a few weeks later someone else runs a rape piece, the one about “what real rape culture would look like” I think. WTF? My article was about discussing rape as an after action review, like how the military does a debrief after an incident, and about how feminists harm women by shutting down any conversation seeking “lessons learned.” Rush said it’s just a topic that doesn’t bring in the hits, or something.

      3. I think the post has some merit though. Can you honestly see things moving in the opposite direction?
        I keep seeing more and more bullshit concerning leftist ideology sprouting up each day. Read an article about an individual getting medicare to pay for a fucking sex change. There are people in need of care for serious illnesses and then you see something like this happen like we’re in the twilight zone.
        Men I knew from childhood are all turning into manginas. Shit is getting worse. Knowing what I know has made me feel more and more isolated from the average guy.

      4. “I am shocked that a RoK writer would endorse, albeit indirectly, a party that believes rights are granted by the state.”
        You dumb, imbecilic moron: rights may not be granted by the state, but the state can infringe on them. And they would if the Democrat party was unopposed.

    3. The reality is that we are going in that direction anyway. With the Republicans it’s simply a matter of different rhetoric. There is a continuous leftward drift in the country, never towards the right. While the Republicans talk a different game, take gun control for example. More gun control measures were introduced by executive order under Reagan and Bush Senior than under Clinton and Obama.
      Democracy itself is the problem. Fuck appealing to the masses, whether racist drag queens on the left or single-tooth tea baggers on the right. Democracy caters to mass emotions, i.e. Feminism.
      Absolute monarchy is the only solution.

      1. This right here. Monarchy is the natural result of a healthy patriarchal society. The reason our beloved USA is in such disarray stems from its founding. The constitution prohibited titles of nobility and laws were quickly introduced that severely limited rights of primogeniture and taxes where heavily exacted on inheritance. These measures undermined the American family from the start and ensured that no great houses could arise– at least not without a considerable bit of corruption.
        Alexis de Tocqueville in his Democracy in America lamented the weak state of the family including specifically the precarious position of fathers in the family. Democracy is and always has been anathema to a healthy traditional harmonious society.

        1. “Monarchy is the natural result of a healthy patriarchal society.”
          I actually just came from a 3 month trip across the world where I visited the Middle East and parts of Asia. Let me tell you this, every country that I’ve been to that’s a monarchy/dictator (ex. Saudi Arabia, Syria) is on the verge of political implosion. When I visited Hong Kong, I spoke to someone who works for a large Russian bank and the insiders are already plotting an exit for an economic/political collapse. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something similar going in China, although I don’t any inside information.
          During my trip, I actually realized how many structural advantages the West had. If you go to a city like Beijing or Chennai, there’s so much pollution. It’s difficult to see the clouds and night and during rush hour, the pollution and dust become obvious. The countrysides of countries like China and India are, in many cases, horrible. The infrastructure is shitty, the power goes out regularly, many of the poor in these countries live like people in the favelas (some of these areas have equivalent living standards to people in Haiti), there’s trash just walking around, most water sources are polluted, and I can go on. This is just volatility suppression where the leadership in these countries is taking long term risks for short term gains and all the risks are hidden in the tail of the distribution. Many of these heavy handed dictatorial regimes in the Middle East could fall very rapidly.
          I went on my trip to Asia and the Middle East, not South America or Eastern Europe. That being said, I highly doubt that what I saw is any different from how things are in most of South American or Eastern Europe. Quite frankly, I don’t know why people give a shit about Eastern Europe considering that it’s population and their productivity levels mean that the areas don’t fucking matter. A country like Ukraine has 35 million people and it’s got the same per capita GDP as Egypt, so I don’t know why people give a damn about the place like that.

        2. It may have been quite natural before the age of instant communication and the internet.

        3. Once one remove the ban on homosexuality, Islamic birthrate will fall?

        4. The US was not founded as a democracy but as a Constitutional Republic.

        5. The unpopular truth, is that a good civilization is founded on natural law; the form of government is not a dogmatic matter, though it is generally true that, with a morally healthy populace, a monarchy that observes natural law and the principle of subsidiarity will do best.
          Any system, if it disregards natural law, will begin to implode. Rejection of natural law is at the center of Islamic dogma. The only time Islamic societies fared well, was in the Middle Ages, when they had strong Hellenizing trends (i.e., the Christians they conquered loaned their wise philosophy to Islamic leaders). But then, hard-line movements grew up in Islam that viewed these “foreign” elements as tainting the purity of Islam. Their countries have been cesspits ever since.
          No form of government will save a people that reject natural law and subsidiarity. Democracy tends to corrupt this moral health the quickest, because it tends to cause the people to pander to themselves and to become arrogant. Aristocracy only hastens the kinds of conspiracies that always undermine the long-term health of a people in favour of the (idiotically conceived and pursued) short-term interests of the few. Monarchy tends to work best, when morality is high, because the king exists within a system of moral constraints or, at the least, is well-enough provided for that the temptation to ruin everybody else is not great… especially since this course of action directly endangers the monarch. The best system blends features of all three: a monarch who rules constitutionally within the bounds of natural law, entrusting the routine matters of local government to lesser magistrates and nobles, who also rule in accordance with the rule of law while having a care to avoid provoking the outrage of the people. “Absolute monarchy” was a late idea that betrayed the High Medieval concept of the king as one who ruled by God’s will, but who in turn had the absolute obligation to rule in accordance with God’s laws, forfeiting his right to be king if he neglected this. An “absolute monarch” who views it as his prerogative to act as he wishes because “God gave him a blank check” to be king, is going to shock the people into demotic revolution, and that democracy will promptly begin the slow descent into madness that characterizes all democracies by definition.

      2. No, technology changes the political landscape with such unlimited access to information and resources no one will accept the feeling like they do not have some degree of control.
        Why do you think monarchies collapsed in the first place? Because the printing press made ideologies, where people thought they would get some control of the world, readily availible to the population.
        My point being that people won’t let go of the illusion of power even if it was to their benefit. Ironically this makes it easier for the true powers at be to consolidate their influence.
        An absolute monarchy would be no different than the current system except that it would cause unrest in the masses.

        1. There are already alternatives to democracy.
          National-Socialism (Führerprinzip) and Constitutional Republic.

      3. There are no hard and fast solutions to governing large groups of humans beings. Never has been, never will be. Democracy has been successful in many instances, but it’s successes are only temporary. Democracy has failed in EVERY single case it’s been instituted; the American system is clearly next on the list. Usually because the society become so prosperous under democracy, that it begins to get lazy and fall apart. Deficit spending is also a factor in the demise of every democracy.
        Remember, Germany directly prior to Hitler was a democracy. He legally took control of it, then quickly did away with it. Dare I say who may undermine American democracy.

        1. America isn’t a democracy. The only people that say shit like this are people who don’t understand American government. American government has a (somewhat) democratic aspect to it, but it’s really an inherently undemocratic system. American government is, and always has been, very aristocratic.

        2. I was just making a generic philosophical argument. Of course America is a democracy in name only. I would say it’s really more of fascist oligarchy at this point. Has been for decades. But’s that really just speculative opinion.
          However on a local level it still shows signs of being a representative democracy. Too bad local level means nothing.
          If you’re so fucking smart, how would you define what American Govt is?

        3. He got rid of the Republic.
          He probably had more genuine DEMOCRATIC support in 1936-39 than any statesman in modern history. There’s no way the Germans could have successfully pulled off the series of invasions that they conspired to achieve without massive and deep support for the policies.
          Later in defeat the survivors denied they were onboard for the European Tour 1939-45, but the truth is pretty obvious.

        4. How would I define American government? It’s a factionist government built on creating conflicts of power between different parts for no inherent reason. The key word in the government is factional, not democratic. The US government works, in large part, just like it was supposed to work. Things like having 2 senators per state, a filibuster rule in the Senate, Supreme Court justices having life terms and the ability to strike down laws, and the electoral college, and a whole host of other rules make the system inherently undemocratic. Note how much power states actually have to. In my daily life, the federal government doesn’t even play a role in most people’s lives (unless you’re dealing with health care).

        5. “He probably had more genuine DEMOCRATIC support in 1936-39 than any statesman in modern history.”
          That’s the problem with true democracies. They have a tendency to go towards dictators when shit hits the fan. Old school empires were better than dictators because they were really aristocracies and if the king went too far out of line, the king gets killed by the #2 guy. Traditional empires are structured very differently from the kind of nation-state that Hitler ruled.

        6. Not a bad answer. However, you missed one thing. The gov’t likely creates conflicts for specific reasons which are not arbitrary; possibly to divide and conquer. Or perhaps they create conflict to justify their own existence; i.e there’s a problem, we need gov’t to solve it. But I don’t know for sure.
          One thing we do know is that the system worked well for a while, now it doesn’t.

        7. Your explanation may be a little more accurate than mine. I’m not a Nazi era historian. I just know they had a dysfunctional system prior to Hitler. Hitler came along and fixed the mess, but only after creating a monstrous totalitarian regime in order to do so. Obviously in the end, it failed disastrously.

        8. You said the problem and solution very well. We need radical decentralization. It’s that simple. Basically, we need to get back to the system we used to have.

        9. Monarchy in the middle ages very interesting video:

          The best system is the king and the knights of the round table being the government.

        10. Absolute monarchy did not exist in the high middle ages in europe. And it seems very just and orderly.

        11. This is mostly Jewish propaganda that serves to demonize Germans and justify the destruction and murder of Germans in the latter stages of the second world war.
          Do you honestly think Germans endorsed large scale genocide? It was kept under wraps.
          Goering himself said that they needed to lie to get the population to shut up about the war.

        12. Switzerland is a direct democracy, has been for 400 years. Direct democracy is the best system of government, America has just never tried it.

        13. France, 42 millions Vichists in 1940 and 42 millions Gaullists in 1944 but while French soldiers threw their rifles at the mere sight of a single german Soldier (shit you not) in 1940.
          The Germans kept on fighting as Germany was facing much greater odds than in 1940, French volunteers on German side in the battle of Berlin against the Red Army.
          Why? Propaganda? No, the other sides had their propaganda too. In the case of the “west”, the propaganda is still ongoing today.
          The Germans fought because they had something they saw as worth fighting for.

        14. Dictators are often the solution. Bigger the mess, the harsher methods are needed to deal with it.
          The nation-state that Hitler ruled was the more efficient, capable of action and adaptive one compared to the old-school empires.
          It was able to reverse the Weimar decadence and misery in short order.
          It lost but due to less ressources, less people and industry than the Soviet-Union. Not by the internal rot/subversion and demise the old school empires (and later, the Soviet-Union) suffered.

        15. Not so much for the Germans themselves, obviously. Mostly for those seen as enemies of the German people.
          Japanese occupants comitted quiet a lot of massacres of Chinese civilians and used chemical weapons but that is only a footnote of history.

      4. Why cling to corruptible old powers. The solution is more simple than people think. No government, no ruling elite, just good old fashioned capitalism. Anarcho-capitalism, let money do the talking. After all its the free market which has given us so much prosperity. If a corporation goes bankrupt, it dies for good, no bailouts. If a corporation is destroying the planet don’t put your money into it, go for the alternative.

        1. And when your neighbor robs you, what? He made a good business decision? When Wal-Mart puts its garden center in your former back yard, what? The “market has decided” that you don’t need a back yard?
          No, you will always need laws and authority to enforce them. There is no magical way to get rid of government and still have a functioning society. You have to do the hard work of ordering the government rationally.

      5. “single-tooth tea baggers on the right. ”
        “Teabaggers” are above average in intelligence and knowledge compared to other political groups you fucktard.

        1. I know. What retards they must be, to think that you should not spend beyond your means, and that the incompetent fools running the State should not rob other people of their wealth in quixotic schemes. Only [email protected]*king hillbillies could have ideas that dumb!

        2. Lol what the hell are you talking about? One simple google search shows that a vast amount of studies have actually linked “teaparty” members and far right conservatives to LOW IQ you fool.
          Why don’t you develop some critical thinking skills and take a look at the evidence you “fucktard”.

        3. “One simple google search”
          “Why don’t you develop some critical thinking skills”
          You probably have no idea how stupid you’ve just made yourself sound.

      1. I think so. Things are moving very quickly now. We are going to see some strange shit go down.

    4. Agreed…if the Dems were in control the USA would turn into some sorta sci fi dystopia….

    5. The point of the article is to bring about the collapse far sooner than would otherwise happen.
      Further, there is no difference between the parties. They are all in the stadium, cheering their teams. They have flavor differences that are superficial, and the respective owners of the teams are up in the owners box, together, toasting with bubbly and counting the gate receipts.
      If the “Don’t support the R’s” idea offends you, you have put the Republican party on the fucking pedestal, same as you put your pussy.
      Douglas is correct here. The opposition party is required to make the political system work. His goal is to accelerate the decline. Judge the post on those merits.

    6. I think this is more of a theoretical article, assuming that something better will fill the void of the Republicans.
      And it’s right in that respect. Conservatism is a weak, inflexible substitute for the genuine thing: Pragmatic, utilitarian, realpolitik-style nationalism.

      1. The main problem with American Conservatism is that the base is extremely old, and they all vote. They have a different sense of morality, though while appealing, clearly does not fit the modern social landscape. Sure we all want traditional values, but try pushing those values on people who were raised to cherish abortion, feminism, dysfunction, etc as the norm. They opened up Pandora’s box in the 1960s. Who’s gonna want to hear about hard work, responsibility, religion, etc. It’s unpopular.

        1. I disgree with you. The boomers created the disaster by abandoning their children to pay for the pensions and benefits the old one’s expected. This lead to mass migration and ethnic displacement. Indeed, the Greatest Generation annihilated their cousins 1941-45 then proceeded to abandon circa 1960 the cities that their father in turn had build around 1900-1920.

        2. But I don’t understand where you’re going with that though. How does that explain the massive growing unpopularity of American conservatism in favor of Liberalism?
          I’m pretty sure American conservatism is dying out. I don’t see this country ever having a Republican President or Senate ever again. I can see the House Or Reps plugging along as conservative for while, but the country seems to going firmly left.

        3. “I’m pretty sure American conservatism is dying out. I don’t see this country ever having a Republican President or Senate ever again.”
          Oh shut up.

        4. If they keep on fielding dipshits like McCain and Romney, you’re probably correct.

        5. I think the ideas are more popular than we may think. I also think that, at some point, you have to give up on convincing people, and just make it plain that that’s the way things are. You can’t have a civilization, if you don’t make it possible for families to form and to live their lives in a natural and rational way. People that want to completely deconstruct traditional norms, are guaranteeing that only arbitrarily statist rationales can exist. We all know how those end. If people don’t want to stop interfering with the natural and rational development of societies along morally and healthy lines, at some point you just have to put them six feet under and stop them from taking everyone down in flames with them.

        6. Exactly. Was I really supposed to believe that I was doing anything for my country, by voting for Romney? His positions were clearly liberal, and his personal political integrity was clearly nil, even though he told us all the right lies when he was entrusted with the political platform of the Republican party. It’s better that the country swiftly move to its demise with men like Obama at the helm, than slowly drag itself to hell with Whitey Mc-Traitor-to-Western-Civilization at the helm. At least when Obama runs it into the ground, people can clearly see that a foreign and un-American element has taken over and is responsible for the damage.

    7. Get rid of the Republicans and then “hope” that the Democrats fraction into two. Let’s see what would happens when the democrats have no opposition-

      If we as a people are smart enough, a new party will be born. I think that’s the point the author was trying to make. Americans as a whole however are dumb as fuck, so you may be right. The democrats will just have complete control and we will just sit back and watch football.

    8. Agreed. This is a stupid article in every way. Republicans are bad. Democraps are 100 x’s worse.

      Go kill yourself and stop discouraging redpill.

    10. ” Abortion clinics will be in schools. It will be easier than ever to
      get a man convicted of rape. Expect your child support payments to
      double or triple.”
      But you are missing a valuable equation from the formula. THE REACTION to their left-wing insane policies. If the left is dominating completelly the western world (i am talking about feminist supremacist implementing some sanctions against boys; black nationalists organizing and massacring whites; white pedophiles openly marrying children; muslim loons attacking christians and whites etc etc)… then “we” (western men… and some women, but mostly MEN) will shift to survival state of being. There will be a violent and militant mass opposition to the corrupt, unjust, tyranical left-wing government. And black nationalists, muslim loons, feminazis, white fags don’t have a chance against well-armed group of white men (i am talking about paramiliatary organization from 1000 to 3000 active members, not lonewolf lunatics without any group to back them up).
      I drool over the idea of complete feminist control, i dream of BANS of all right-wing political parties.

    11. See what you mean.
      On the other hand, US society would swiftly and thoroughly collapse in a very short amount of time.
      There would be so much diversity and feminism that Martial Law would become impossible and Homeland Security completely crippled.
      This time the water temperature would rise far too fast and the frogs would jump out.

    12. All that will happen regardless.
      If the GOP just went away, those within it’s ranks that has something useful to contribute, would have an easier time forming a true challenger to the Libtardocracy. Something that at least had enough salient points to convince fundamentalist Muslims to no longer voto for the pro feminst, pro abortion party.
      The GOP as currently constituted, serves no other purpose than to neuter whomever has a bit of a clue, by draging them down into the gutter to mud wrestle with the dems.

  10. So I barely get anything I want now out of Washington and I should start voting Democrat to ensure I never get anything I want and instead get fucked even harder? Yeahhhhh, no.

  11. I agree with the conclusions of this article but it makes the case in a strange way. Rather than speculating that Ted Cruz is a Manchurian Candidate, why not just note that the Republican party is fundamentally compromised because it has become the home of creationist loons, trad-cons who want the government to outlaw birth control, and keyboard warriors who never met a war they didn’t want to send other peoples’ kids to?

  12. You’re wrong to dismiss social issues as mere distractions. The culture determines how the politics develop. A society that accepts murdering children and celebrates sexual deviancy, including homosexuality, will be a morally decadent cesspool. The right to bear arms is a core issue because it allows one not only to protect themselves from criminals, but also to protect themselves from government tyranny. Immigration is another issue of immense importance — it drives down wages and fractures the culture.

      1. A large percent of the population supported Saddam. So why would they turn their guns on him?

        1. Revolutions never come from the lower class. The lower class is usually too repressed to say anything. Revolutions come from either an overthrow supported by foreign governments or the #2 guy seeing an opportunity to backstab #1, usually both (but not always).

      2. Saddam’s tyranny is hugely overstated. He was the Lord and Scion of the Sunni population. He did stuff that suited them. He was also pretty good to Christians there. That’s a big enough alliance to dominate without much trouble. Bush ironically enough ensured teh genocide of Christians in Iraq. Obama is ensuring the same genocide of Christians in syria.
        Hail Bush! Hail Obama!

      3. Saddam was no worse a leader to Iraqis (excluding the kurds) than bush was to ‘Murricans. Athough he was a dictator, they didn’t turn their weapons on him for the same reasons gun owners in america didn’t turn their weapons on “boy george”.

      4. Yea, no shit. Guns are useless against tanks, special forces, special ops, etc.

  13. The Dems and Repubs are two sides of the same political coin. There’s little difference between them.

  14. “The best deceptions are the ones that seem to give the other person a choice: Your victims feel they are in control, but are actually your puppets. Give people options that come out in your favor whichever one they choose. Force them to make choices between the lesser of two evils, both of which serve your purpose. Put them on the horns of a dilemma: They are gored wherever they turn.

  15. Everything’s corrupt, everything’s fucked up! Everything’s by the buck, we shit out of luck!

  16. No need to worry about the G.O.P. going away.
    They will vanish like an ice cube on a 90 degree day.
    There will NEVER be another white male president.
    The last election was the last chance that a white
    male MIGHT have had a chance to win. Now it’s
    demographally impossible.
    Nope, the destiny of the white male is to be
    unemployed and on the road to extinction.
    For a preview of our future, google: “The white
    slums of South Africa. See what’s being done to
    teenage and younger white South African girls.

    1. The GOP could revive if it became the Generic Original Population party.
      What we already have is the Tatooine Cantina Party (Dreadlocked Democrats) running our old patrimony.

  17. The Republican leadership is basically controlled opposition. If you need any further proof of this, then you need to look at the four years when Republicans controlled both houses and the Presidency. Did anything get fixed? Did the budget get balanced? Did the welfare state deflate? Did the housing bubble deflate?
    The fact is that the Republicans are the real do nothing party. They don’t do a damn thing. In those four years I mentioned, they couldn’t even be bothered to remove Planned Parenthood subsidies from the Federal budget even though Planned Parenthood, a non-profit organization, made record profits in those years.
    Republicans will not fix issues like abortion because it gets them votes. You want social issues resolved, you fix society starting with yourself and then branching out. Abortion can be done away with simply by not doing business with abortion clinics (they need water, power, and regular maintenance) and by not associating with women who get abortions.
    Unless you have a candidate with whom you agree with at least 85% of the time, then you should write your own name in on the ballot. Because you know how to run your life and you are the one who can fix the problems in your life. Not some asshole in a suit.

  18. I approve this message.
    And if anybody be like “but if the GOP is destroyed, the democrats will take our guns!” might I remind them that such a measure of “you have been outvoted therefore give up your freedom” is easily answered by the fact that a 30 round magazine contains 30 votes.

    1. Well, I can’t own a 30 round magazine in California. We have one party rule.(Democrat of course.) Gee, how is that working out? California used to have great schools, great roads, power was so cheap some cities didn’t measure it . Now our schools are 45th or 46th out of 50 in the U.S. And we have the highest paid teachers. That’s right, the answer to every problem is more money. Well, let me tell you something.
      The Republicans are the one group that at least kind of gets that more money is hardly ever the answer. I have seen my own company near bankruptcy: the solution was cutting back, cutting the fat, keeping the productive personnel and dumping the dead weight.
      So instead of destroying the Republican Party (pretending that the reason you want to do so isn’t just because you are a leftist), just move to good old California. No Republican party to speak of. High taxes, high regulation, least business friendly, and big time gun restriction. Show your 30 round “assault rifle” magazine, or, hell, your 15 shot Glock 19 magazine and your ass will be in jail.

      1. Guns were banned in the UK because the government anticipated an influx of Pakistanis and Africans. Indeed the government planned on it.
        I’d selectively suspend the second amendment in areas with a high murder rate as the population obviously can’t be trusted to carry. I’d then enforce compliance with barbed wire and house by house searches that tear apart the ghetto fabulous murderer’s bolt holes.
        See how you like the suspension of gun rights and their enforcement my liberal friends. See how you like it then as you watch your enclaves raided by SWAT enforcing the very laws you all pushed for.

      2. “Now our schools are 45th or 46th out of 50 in the U.S.”
        Obviously, this has nothing to do with the Mexicans.

  19. I think that ideally, politics ought to move away from “identity politics” and more toward helping people and increasing the American ideals of liberty and peace. Ethnic bloc voting is like the lowest form of social organization, it’s like sorting farm animals by fur color.
    Stuff like the second amendment and the ideal of self-governing citizens has been established for a very long time. Of course slavery was abolished and weed prohibition is starting to go away so that’s positive.
    Doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, we’re all in the same boat – self governance and increasing freedom are shared ideals.

    1. Laughable. The only group that doesn’t vote according to ethnic interest in American politics are the generic whites. Although Romney won that demographic he didn’t win it by much. The only group that votes according to ideology are whites.

      1. Because minorities are brainwashed by these extreme political types like Al Sharpton and told that voting according to ideology is “self hatred” because according to the propaganda, Republican = KKK. These ideas are being promulgated through black churches etc.
        Minorities are shamed (by white liberals too!) out of voting for other parties if they so choose. This is just as racist as any other bias. Check out the cheap shots that people take at Colin Powell, for example.

        1. You are a damned fool. wake up.
          Respectfully, these people know they cannot match us.
          They can only act as parasites. They know it but you don’t.

        2. Part of the reason I know about the brainwashing and shaming is because I’m one of those minorities. Lol

  20. “Yes, Alex, I will take “Really Bad Ideas”, for $400…”
    Look, in terms of Big Government, we don’t have a two party system. What we have is two branches of a national party. Whichever party isn’t running things talks a good game about “cutting the deficit” and “pay as you go”, but then returns to their free-spending ways the second they are back in power.
    That said, the Dems hate us. They hate us for being straight, they hate us for wanting to bang young, attractive, fertile women, without the supplication and apology of the neutered liberal pajama boy swipl. They hate us because we believe in the rights of the individual, they hate us for going out into the world and achieving b/c everyone isn’t successful and our success might make losers “feel bad” about themselves. They hate us because we believe in self-improvement, and they want to say, “oh, sorry, sweetie, it’s not your fault that you weight 800 lbs and no man wants to bang you…it’s because you’re oppressed by the Patriarchy….” And they hate us most of all because we won’t bow to the Intellectual Stalinism that is the PC/Leftoid line. That is the *worst* of our sins, in their eyes, b/c, as Orwell put it, the further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.
    I don’t love the GOP, but they keep taxes low and they don’t shit on you for being evil if you happen to work hard and make money. Even if you run into one of the religious ones, all you have to do is smile, flash a peace sign, and say “John 3:16” and then they leave you the fuck alone and go bother someone else. So I will be happy to keep making bank while the tax rate *isn’t* 95%, which is the direction it’s headed in if the Dems ever get full control again.
    I will also keep voting GOP, b/c it’s important on the local level. My town has a slim GOP majority, and the Dems are overwhelmingly white liberals who feel guilty b/c they didn’t earn what they have and are fairly aching to both (a) jack up everyone’s property taxes to enrich the coffers of the municipal unions and (b) screw everyone’s property values by building “mixed income housing”, which is code for demonstrating how much integrity they have by importing a bunch of Uruks and fucking everything up. Basically, swipls are natural slaves, and I want no part of it.
    So that’s why I will keep pulling the lever for the GOP–because the Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.
    À bientôt,

    1. +1 , I refuse to hand over all my money in taxes. So it can be redistributed by liberals with “white guilt”.

    2. yep…good summary. Why I vote GOP. Voting is always about holding your nose and voting the “lesser of 2 evils”.

    3. Hahaha. Republicans keep taxes low. That’s a good one. Next you’ll probably say that they keep spending low too.

      1. Spending, not so much–there is a built in bias towards spending for both parties, when they are in control–but with respect to taxes, absolutely. I would much rather have a GOP Congress than a Dem one on that basis alone, although there was something to be said for “divided government” back in the 90s, when, after the 1994 midterm debacle, Clinton basically became a moderate Republican.
        À bientôt,

  21. Being a libertarian I actually laughed out loud reading this article. What a load of horse- shit. Isn’t most of this site men who hate the system that just gives shit to people, especially women? That’s exactly what the Democratic Party is. A party that just hands out food stamps and Obama phones to people sitting on their ass. If you actually think “Bigger Government” , which is what the Democratic Party endorses, would be a good ending for men then you’ve lost your mind.

    1. “Being a libertarian I actually laughed out loud reading this title.”
      There, fixed that for you.

  22. I believe any party should be disbanded but rather just let fade away with time. With that said both parties should go they are both too deeply corrupted and have to much money and power. When was it they we ever decided to get away from a no party system our founding father and first president warned against what were doing now. Every thing that he had said in his farewell address has held true about introducing a party system it just leads to corruption and blind ignorant voting. This is one of the many issues that plaque our government right now and it needs to be resolved for the recovery and prosperity of America. Now getting rid of all parties is not the easiest or quickest thing to do and is not that doable for short term relief however their is an option that can be used to help clear up the muck in the system and it already exists it just needs support.
    This alternative is to dilute the parts and the whole parties system by oversaturating it with parties with influence. The starting of which is the independent party which has some power and some small level of notoriety. Why not support and register independent or any other third party that shares your beliefs and encourage others to do so as well. Then if it works we will now have three to four parties fighting for control and for representation and though that is not the most ideal case it is still beter then staying as we are and would be beter then nothing.

    1. Anybody see a Libertarian uberland arising out of one party Democrat rule in California?
      Anybody see anything theorized in this ridiculous article taking place in the real world—because, let me tell you, the voters have made the Republican party “go away.” in plenty of places.
      Go to Detroit. See what happens when the Democratic party has unfettered power. Or go to any of the cities in California being bankrupted by huge unfunded liabilities to government unions.
      Jesus, guys, fight. Fight like knights. Don’t give in and expect some post-apocalyptic wonderland to arise because letting one side drive over the cliff will wake everyone up to the importance of Libertarian principles.
      How many ways can I say this? Letting the liberals make us a third world country will probably just turn us into a third world country
      Whenever I hear a Libertarian speak I am impressed. For about 10 minutes. Then I start to hear the inevitable over the top inherent Libertarian nonsense. (Let’s extinguish any resistance to Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright.
      Stupid ******s. Vote for Hillary along with everyone who believes in the war against women. In four more years anybody posting on this site will be a thought criminal. Then the libertarians will take over after some unspecified period where we just let everything get horrifically worse. Which will bring some Libertarian utopia, instead of permanent 2nd or 3rd world status.

      1. I am sorry if I’m miss reading you but when did I say any of that in my post. I said nothing about letting Republican party die off I said the whole party system is corrupt. Also I do not hold my self as a libertarian some views I do share but for exactly your seem reasons I cannot consistently agree with them. On a second note I would deffinatly not vote for Clinton, not for one second here’s hoping that the rumors that she is gonna run in 2016 are untrue the country could not withstand that woman in power.

      2. Letting the liberals make us a third world country will probably just turn us into a third world country
        Liberals don’t make us a third world country, at least not directly, open borders makes us a third world country, and the Republican Party has been supporting that for decades. George W. “Scumbag” Bush prosecuted three, count ’em three, companies one year for hiring illegals. Reagan’s amnesty was a milestone of destruction. Your argument, such as it is, rests on the false premise that the Republican Party opposes the third-worldization of America. There’s no proof of this whatsoever.

  23. Why stop at eliminating the Republican party? Why not all parties?
    It’s the population of lazy, ignorant and frankly cowardly citizens that needs to identify with a party so as not to have to defend one’s on belief system and choices. Have parties allow citizens the illusion of free choice within party dogma while engaging in herd mentality group think and action to protect the pet views the party clings to to maintain its base.
    I’m not Republican, I’m not Independent, I’m not Libertarian, I’m just me. I’m not socialist, communist, Methodist, Seventh Day Adventist or any other “ist” or “an”. And I’m really tired of people trying to put me in one of these boxes just so they can easily dispatch with my views and philosophies rather that really having to do the work of understanding them.
    I’m me, dammit! I’m not a party. Are you? Eliminate them all I say. But that’s the job of independently thinking and caring individuals to not engage in political turf wars by joining the ranks of political gangsters.
    I say eliminate all parties. Then we can eliminate the us v them-itis that has infected politics and all society, leading to wars between rival tribes fighting with ideology tipped spears as effective of building a cohesive society as rocks are against AK-47’s.

    1. It just occurred to me that we have parties, even the Republican party, because sheeple need and want a herd. Rare is the man who can stand on his own, who doesn’t need to identify with a group for support or defense of his person, thoughts and actions.
      So, if you’re hell bent on eliminating one party or group, you MUST eliminate them all for the very reasons you’d eliminate the one. And, to do so, you MUST deny the very freedoms you think YOUR party, or herd, possess and lords over the others.
      “Welcome Sir. How many in your party tonight?”
      “Just one, thank you.”

    2. Agree with the party bit, but ideologies are not parties.
      As long as you are not mentally retarded you are lots of isms, wether you want it or not.

      1. But I am retarded.
        Ask a Republican. “Yup, Prep, he’s retarded.”
        Ask a Democrate. “Yup”, Prep, he’s retarded.”
        Any banner bearer of any party and they’re likely to brand me as retarded. The funny thing is they’ll come to the some conclusion for the same reason…
        I don’t agree with their POLITICS.
        Any Republican will brand a Democrat retarded, or vice versa.
        It’s not that I condone fascism or any ‘ism’ for that matter. Ism’s, in my opinion, are not good. A person should not believe in an ‘ism,’ he should believe in himself.
        Ferris Beuller

        1. That’s not what I meant.
          People need to have an ideology, or else it just means their head is empty. An ideology is a set of ideas. Ultimately, that’s what you model the world from, and without such a model, you are simply blind, ie. a retart.
          To say you don’t believe in any “ism” is merely a cheap shot, you can’t be serious about it or else is just means you believe in nothing, like an unborn child.

        2. You raised the charge. Now make it stick. Ha.
          Yes, I can dis all isms because all that matters to me, is my philosophy. Unlike most men, I don’t need a tribe to survive and thrive. And those who do are usually wielding the power of numbers to force others into submission. Taht’s why politics is so poll-centered. It must substantiate even the most wacko ideologies by mere consensus. I’ll give you global warming as a case study. But no matter what ideologies exist or what political consensus there is, the physical universe operates based on the laws of physic and doesn’t give a shit about one’s ideologies, politics, or ‘isms.
          Taht’s why I’m a party of one. If don’t engage in the endless debates over ideology, philosophy or anything outside of the physical world with anyone bet myself. Yes, a man CAN be an island. And I like mine just fine, thank you.

        3. “Yes, I can dis all isms because all that matters to me, is my philosophy.”
          And why would I not call that philosophy preppinism?
          You just redefine “those isms” to mean: All the stuff that *other* people believe. That’s not a very sensible definition though. You believe in *something* too.

  24. If the republican establishment was bucked out and replaced with the libertarian part of the republican party they would win hands down. However, the out of touch establishment believes that if they just triple down on gun rights then people won’t notice that they do nothing about
    Legalized marijuana
    Legalized surrogacy
    Legalized prostitution
    Legalized private marriage contracts
    Legalized experimental non_FDA approved medical treatments for terminally ill patients
    Legalized children’s lemonade stands
    Libertarians, not liberals, are the future and the Republican’s are stuck in their 1960s tradcon ideals.

  25. Being elected to Congress is regarded as being sent on a looting raid for one’s friends.

  26. The better “red pill” approach: never vote for the incumbent. Always vote for any party member outside of the democrats or republicans (there are plenty to choose from). I lean libertarian myself, but educating yourself on individual candidates is more valuable than aligning with a single party.

      1. Fuck that. I prefer multi-ethnic empires or decentralized republics to nation-states. Nation-states are one of the worst inventions by modern though. They’re centralized, militaristic, pieces of shit. They were designed to keep the balance of power in Europe at a time when the European powers dominated the world. So rather than having localized regional conflicts, you started to see large scale wars and a couple of World Wars. With empires and decentralized republics, you usually see regional conflicts in a cold war style, not these massive world wars.
        Nation-states were built for war. Just look at the way you’re talking using “ethno-nationalist”. Fuck nation-states. They’re dangerous and need to die.

        1. are you YKH? Or otherwise non-white?
          Denmark still just about functions as a nation state. So does Switzerland. Costa Rica still does.
          you are a bloody moron if you think these states start wars. Imperial multicults start wars.

        2. I never said empires don’t start wars. I said that empires don’t start world wars. The wars stay small and localized, although the conflicts happen more often. Empires are also loose and highly decentralized, with the empire only playing a role for national defense. With regards to Switzerland, it’s very decentralized with cantons having a lot of power. Also note that Switzerland is also the world’s financial center; there aren’t many places like it and it’s almost always the exception, not the rule.
          With regards to Costa Rica and all of those countries, I see many of those Hispanic nations in Central America being under an empire (or republic) down the road. I think it’s gotta happen.

        3. “Nation-states were built for war. Just look at the way you’re talking using “ethno-nationalist”. Fuck nation-states. They’re dangerous and need to die.”
          Nation states were built to PREVENT war you fucktard.
          I mean, how likely is the possibility of civil war in Japan. Now compare that to America or indeed, any place with diversity.

  27. “You see, Senator Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father.”
    So what, he’s still eligible to become President. I think he’s a right-wing nut job, but he’s eligible. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. “Natural-born citizen” is defined as: “The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term
    “natural born” citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S.
    citizenship “by birth” or “at birth”, either by being born “in” the
    United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to foreign
    parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born
    in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at
    birth”. Such term, however, would not include a person who was not a
    U.S. citizen by birth or at birth, and who was thus born an “alien”
    required to go through the legal process of “naturalization” to become a U.S. citizen”

    1. The Panama Canal Zone was territory under the jurisdiction of the US, like any military base or embassy.

  28. To the ones complaining about this article – Let’s not get caught up in hive mind and confirmation bias. Give this article a serious thought and you’ll see there is truth in it.
    “Why work to destroy Republican influence? They are the weaker of the parties in a two-party system. In order to break the left-right paradigm found in American politics today you have to get rid of one of them. The Republican Party is the easier target.”
    This! Well said. The left-right paradigm needs to be broken.

  29. Say what you want about Ted, but he knows how to put a liberal feminist in her place.

  30. Disagree…the Republican party needs to evolve and change not go away. It needs to meld and become hybrid with the Libertarian party. It’s madness to not oppose the Dems/libs/progs

  31. Yep, instead of fighting the Democrats, let’s just surrender. Good plan, moron.

  32. All of these guys are just puppets. The American government is really a factional government where the parties are rather weak. The American system cannot be compared to the European system because the structure of the system is fundamentally different. For example, the political parties in state governments operate completely independently from the parties at the federal level. Southern Democrats (Blue Dogs) are much more “conservative” than Northern Republicans. The parties are highly decentralized and the party really doesn’t matter. There’s already a break in the Republican party from the Rand Paul wing and the Establishment Republicans. That being said, I’m actually voting Rand Paul in 2016.
    With regards to the entire world as a whole, I finished about a 3 month trip to different parts of Asia and the Middle East and the first thing that stuck out in my mind was the structural advantages of the Western countries. It’s blatantly obvious too. I’m pretty sure that most of the countries I visited could be on the verge of political/economic collapse. Although I didn’t visit Russia, I did speak to someone in Hong Kong who worked for one of Russia’s largest banks. What I heard wasn’t good news. The country is not in good shape economically and almost all of the political risks are under the surface–not a good sign. People talk about the US as being oligarchic, but Putin’s kind of a kingly figure who’s being propped up by the Russian elite. He was put in charge by Russian oligarchs whose families live in the West, who have Western assets (like football clubs), and have made Russia very natural resource dependent. If a country like Syria flips sides or if there’s a sudden drop in the price of natural resources (which I think is a virtual guarantee over the next 5-10 years), Russia is gonna have a very difficult time. Over the course of the next 20-30 years, I think there’s a real chance that Russia could fragment (ditto for China). My first instinct with Russia was to go short the Russian Ruble. At the time, my gut instinct led me to make some money. That being said, I still think the Ruble is a one way bet.
    The only people, IMO, that would say that a country like Russia or Eastern Europe has better prospects than the West are suckers. The US still has the world’s biggest navy and controls the world’s trade while all of the risks are visible and can be seen. In many of these countries with dictators, monarchies, or political players who have been in charge for a long time, are at risk of fragmenting and some are at risk of blowing up.

    1. Russia has the disadvantage of no warm water ports. That’s about it. It’s more or less landlocked. That doesn’t mean it goes away.
      I don’t foresee China fragmenting. Indeed, I suspect that YKW will actually transfer assets there after stripping the US.

      1. Russia having no warm water ports is a game changer. It puts Russia in a shitty geographic situation. Also note that around 70-80% of the Russian population lives east of the Ural mountains, making Siberia basically a wasteland. I’m not saying Russia will fragment BTW, I’m just saying that it’s something we shouldn’t discard, especially considering Putin is already 61 and not getting any younger. It’s gonna be tough, but we’ll see.

        1. That’s why Crimea is so important for Russia, but Crimea only allows them to have access to the Black Sea. It doesn’t really allow Russia any major naval access, but the amount of access it gives Russia is important. It’d be really helpful for the Russians if they capture Odessa.

    2. “The US still has the world’s biggest navy and controls the world’s trade”
      It also has some really sound finances and a homogenous population of smart, hard working people. /sarcasm

  33. There is one crucial missing 800 pound gorilla here…
    The one thing that unites Democrats is their never-ending dependence on government. Whether it is financial dependence on the state, or dependence upon the state to force other people to think a certain way or to do things they otherwise would not do, this will always unite the Democrat party.

  34. You’re a fucking idiot. Democracy is bullshit and if the Republican Party went away we would just get two or more leftist parties competing over who can be more left leaning. Government needs to secure the borders and give us a low flat tax. Taxes are war against men

  35. This article reflects the kind of failing mentality that’s at least partially responsible for liberal control of America.
    Yes, the left can only win by appealing to victims and emotions, but does that mean you should just give in? By this logic, no war should ever have been fought – the side with the smaller army should just surrender.
    There’s nothing wrong with supporting the non-Democrat vote just for the sake of opposing leftism. It’s called strategic voting. As with any enemy, the goal is to bog down leftism at every turn and force them to expend resources and time fighting you. The longer you stretch the conflict, the more likely it is for a third factor to emerge. They may infight, the may run out of resources, they may appear incompetent in the eyes of the public, an outside force may appear, some may switch sides, etc.
    If you are a white guy, let me tell you this. Something like 93% of Asians vote Democrat. But I doubt even a tenth of those are liberals in the white liberal sense. Like you said, even fundamentalist Muslims vote left. What you need to do is isolate the ideological, academic white left by reframing their beliefs as a branch of whiteness, and this will naturally repel minorities. It might not convert them, but it’s a first step towards muddying the waters and undermining them ideologically.

    1. “What you need to do is isolate the ideological, academic white left by
      reframing their beliefs as a branch of whiteness, and this will
      naturally repel minorities.”
      So you are saying that minorities hate whites so much that you can force them to oppose any idea simply by associating it with whiteness? But we’re the racists.

      1. Its so much hate as it is the perception of a race looking out for its own.
        Everyone is prejudice. There is no non-racist race.

        1. I agree, but that’s a difficult reality to deal with. Especially, when you’ve attempted to create a multicultural state for decades. It’s hard to unring that bell.

    2. “As with any enemy, the goal is to bog down leftism at every turn and force them to expend resources and time fighting you.”
      What if the enemy is using YOUR resources?

  36. National Socialism under a Benevolent Prime Minister, in a Closed System with Jealously Guarded Borders. Low immigration, few imports, high productivity, high specialization, high exports. Dedication to God, Country, Family, and Work,.
    That is what builds a prosperous and happy nation.
    It’s the secret of the Nordic countries that do so well on all the quality of life surveys. As soon as they let the feral Afrikans and Muslims in, lead by Jewish Traitors in their governments, they destroyed the greatest societies in the modern world.

      1. Please please take your infantile snark and go fuck yourself mangina.

        1. You despicable little faggot, he mentioned a BENEVOLENT PRIME MINISTER. Adolf Hitler wasn’t a benevolent prime minister.
          Now choke.

        2. Any advocate of National Socialism in this day and age regardless of it’s intent is ignorant of history and the horrors that it brought to the world. Are you a holocaust denier,too?

  37. There are better options to solve what your bitching about then the dissolution of the Republican party. I find it such a contradiction to this website that you would abolish the red pill party instead of the bitchy feminist agenda blue pill party who gives out freebies to the lazy, rapes the hard working all the while pushing for equality.

  38. The current Democratic/Republican party paradigm can be broken down into the Democrats being a coalition of different groups that like bashing white guys and men in order to pass what they hoped was to transform the world into Sweden, but since bashing white guys and men is now the party’s bread and butter, they’re largely just in bed with corporate American anyway (Goldman Sachs, for example)
    On the right, they’re a refugee party of white guys and married women and headed by crony capitalists who put money and climbing into bed with the left ahead of their electorate. Just because the Republican party doesn’t seethe with anti-white racism and anti-male feminism like the left does, doesn’t mean they’re doing anything for whites or men.
    So I agree partly with the author that just because voting Democrat is largely insane for most men, especially white guys, voting Republican shouldn’t be automatic either.
    When the electorate of the country tips to the point where Republicans simply cannot win issues OTHER than race/gender such as gay marriage or abortion, etc. then they’ll have to address the elephant in the room (no pun intended) and the civil rights issues of bashing white males and taxing to death the middle and working class that the left claims to represent. The right will also need to consider issues of immigration that sap away at their electorate (private industry workers.)
    So yeah, maybe the author has a point. Let the right lose spectacularly from their electorate casting a “none of the above” ballot and maybe they’ll wake up or die. One or the other.

    1. I think people are already doing that. There’s a reason Obama won twice: white men and married white women couldn’t understand why McCain or Romney would have been any better, and so they stayed home.
      McCain in particular would have had us in a war with Iran and have passed amnesty for illegal aliens in ten seconds flat. No wonder Obama crushed him.

      1. The one thing I like to tell (remaining) white male commies is that if their European socialist ideology was so great, then they wouldn’t be losing so many Europeans. It’s a suicidal ideology.
        Granted, the right is just greedy and stupid and stubborn, but they’re at least not suicidal. White male leftists are like Heavens’ Gate cultists.

        1. you don’t understand a fugging thing. The last sentence was spot on though.
          What we have is a Chamber of Commerce compliant Multicult.
          No Arabs or Africans would bother to migrate to any nation that is actually socialist.

        2. Your last sentence is vague. Hard to say what “actually socialist” means since some would argue that ‘real’ socialism is this ideal thing that therefore can’t be criticized or even real. Like “real” feminism or “real” free market economics. I hate it when people do that. I judge stuff by how it works in the real world.
          Sweden and Denmark, the two utopian gold standard countries for most socialists and marxists, are being invaded by Africans and Muslims (and African Muslims) with the invaders having large families while the European career women have just a single kid.
          It’s hard to believe that the socialist ideology of a century ago with the hammer and sickle red flag was about respecting and even worshiping the common joe-six-pack worker who produced stuff in factories or in the fields. About half a century ago, the ideal socialist became either a welfare mother and her brood or a government bureaucrat. I don’t know how to make a flag to represent that ideal though. Perhaps a baby on a desk with a green background?

        3. Who migrated to the USSR? That was actual socialism.
          They had to build walls around the place to keep people in because socialism is just another word for active genocide.

  39. People talk about the impending white minority that will make the GOP uncompetitive. But one funny thing I’ve noticed is that nonwhite numbers (whether by births or immigration) grow much faster during Republican presidencies than during Democrat presidencies. Check the statistics.
    Also, I’ve always had the attitude that the least-bad situation is to have a Democrat president and a Republican congress. Of course the Democrat will stack the judicial system with leftoids, but Republicans always fall behind their leader and whatever idiotic schemes he likes if there’s a Republican president (see: GWB) but actually listen more to the people when there’s a Democrat president.

    1. The white minority, combined with the Federal fiscal implosion and resulting civil war will result in the US fragmenting into micro states. Multicultural empires are difficult and expensive to maintain for extended periods of time. Compare the Roman and British Empires with China and Japan, for example.

    1. You can’t have a functional society with complete anarchy and lawlessness. The Oligarchs would be open to exercise their sociopaths nature.
      Its Oligarchy vs YOU.
      No wonder the libertarians were sponsored from the beginning by Rockefeller and the Koch brothers and Ron Paul is openly bankrolled by the Bilderberg.
      The 1% Wall street sales tax for the bankers could bring trillions a year.

        1. Stefan Molyneux and his cult of followers are. Calling me a faggot will not make your point true. :((

      1. It’s a lost cause bro, the majority of commenters on ROK are bitter far right wing conservatve and libertarian losers. They won’t listen.

  40. Both parties suck ass. Republicans and their supporters are retarded retards, while democrats are pussies who can’t get shit done. Doesn’t matter in the end, because neither of them give a shit about the country and are only there for the corporate lobbying cash. For some reason nobody in this country can see that. Until political parties are banned nothing will happen.
    Luckily the Republican party is on their downfall anyway, so this stuff will come sooner than expected.

    1. IOW, the Republicans are the Retard Party, and the Democrats are the Pussy Party. Although you could switch it around, yet once again proving they’re really not different.

  41. Destroying the Republicans and Democrats would be easy. Simply require that “none of the above” appear on ballots and put laws in place that leave elected positions unfilled if “none of the above” prevails. Imagine the last ten years without idiots like Bush and Obama in office. “None of the above” seems like paradise compared the wreckage these tools will leave behind.

  42. Seriously, you want to destroy the party that sorta agrees with you, to weaken the opposition?
    That is the most moronic plan I ever heard (but it is new and “interesting”).
    First thing to go would be websites like this one, under the “feelings protection act”. Lol

  43. Check out Webster Tarpley. He is Princeton educated and speaks fluent Italian, German and French, even reads Latin and gave few interviews in broken Spanish.
    He argues that that is the most important thing. The Democratic party will then split into PRO-Wall Street and PRO-Main Street.

  44. FIrst: This article reeks of concern troll.
    Second: The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend.
    The Democrats platform in one phrase is “Alpha Fux Beta Bux”. They threw white male union members underneath the bus in 1972 and never looked back.
    While I do not like everything about Republican policies or some Republicans, you go to war with the allies you have, not the ones that you wish you had.

    1. They did that because most white male union members are dumb enough to vote democrat every time.

      1. Please explain the two terms of Ronald Reagan, then.
        Oh, let me guess, they were all just stupid illiterates manipulated by Rupert Murdoch.

    2. Go to war with the allies you have
      Except your allies are fighting for the other side.

  45. We need an American UKIP party or the Tea Party needs to actually *become* a real political party and not just a grassroots movement.

  46. I liked this article. Similar to zizek the super socialist who says the only way for society to improve is utter destruction of oligarchal capitalism so brutally so completely that a new bbetter form takes its place.
    Well he was right about the right but wrong about the left.
    I think it would be interesting and brave to accelerate the failure to reform politics but the problem is, is the system fragile or anti fragile?
    If one balancing force goes will it collapse to a smaller malleable libertarian type deal or will it crush under its own tax bloat leaving millions of weaned Americans fucked and without skills to get themselves out of the shitter

  47. As long as Alabama, Georgia, Texas, etc. exist, the republican party still be around unfortunately

  48. The sad truth is that resistance to left wing politcs is one of the primary energy sources for left wing politics. We’re batteries bros. I guess that makes the Matrix metaphor all the more apt.

  49. the political game is rigged and the population are stupid, and drugged.
    just deal with it.
    move to texas and help declare an independent state.

  50. Okay I quickly read your article and I have to say that you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed. This is coming from a man to a man and I am an economist.
    The thing is that democrats and republicans are the same. They have same policies, even John McCain endorsed Obama. There was only one republican wishing for real change and it was Ron Paul.
    The difference between George W Bush and Obama is very insignificant in their policies.
    The problem isn’t the republican party, which is also socialist because it’s supporting QE and an active foreign policy, the problem is the size of your government in US.

  51. The two party system is alive and well.
    *The central bankers
    *Their multi-national corporations.
    Mass media is their propaganda mind control tool.

  52. “Without this common enemy, there would be no unifying factor within the Democratic Party.”
    The Democratic Party…
    because of the existence of an opposing party…
    “if we didnt invade Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda wouldnt attack us”
    who thinks like this?

  53. I don’t see how a weakened or no longer existing Republican Party helps anyone. If you think it’s sucked with Obama as prez, just wait until Hillary takes office. She will be FAR worse than Obama.

  54. Superb take–I know because I’ve been saying the exact same thing for at least ten years now in dozens of comments across the web.
    The irony is that I was active in GOP politics for many years, including serving as county chairman and delegate/alternate to three national conventions.
    There will never be another Republican president in our lifetimes.

    1. “There will never be another Republican president in our lifetimes.”
      Willing to bet your savings on it?

  55. I don’t get how people vote for someone that LIES to them ALL THE FUCKING TIME. If you vote for either the Democrat or Republican party, you’re a sucker.

  56. How the FUCK did this bullshit get published to RoK? A stupid rehash of the tired “both sides are wrong” garbage from uninformed comedians like Russell Brand or George Carlin. Are you fucking 7 years old?
    First off, this is the day-dream of a sophomore cultural studies major from some trash directional school. The Republican party isn’t going anywhere because there are enough grown men in this country that are not willing to put their guns down when a dominate Democrat-crypto-Nazi party comes for ’em. They don’t want their daughters pissing next to trannies in public restrooms. They don’t want to drive stupid electric cars. They don’t want 7/8 of their earnings going to the federal government. The money won’t stop. The voting won’t stop. Real men love this country and won’t sacrifice an entire generation so you can watch it collapse to see if your socio-political theory works or not.
    The environmental interests are not going to splinter off from the Dems simply because some of them want to keep a little more of their money. The Fundamentalist Muslims aren’t going to stop voting Democrat because they may have to drive electric cars.
    That’s because THEY are all united under the ideology of Fascism, and believe in a brand of economic socialism that concentrates economic power in a central authority. THAT is what aligns their ideology with the Democrats.
    “he [Cruz] has not actually done anything to further Republican policies in an affirmative way.”
    100% false. He was THE most effective Republican in the senate, getting 7 of his 8 proposed bills out of committee (some senators had zero). But even if you are effective, the legislative process is a long one ending with a president who won’t sign ANYTHING signed by Ted fucking Cruz because the president is a Goddamn fascist sack of shit. Cruz and Rand Paul have been fantastic, and part of the only group, the Tea Party, that has prevented the Republican establishment from making their various collusions with the Democrats manifest.
    “Without such a unifying enemy for everyone to oppose, the Democrats would implode due to ideological differences under their own tent.”
    This is evidenced by what? Name a single instance in history where a single party government collapsed under it’s own weight WITHOUT a full-scale military revolution or without foreign influence? How exactly are the men of this country supposed to overthrown a government when the Democrats take all of the guns away? Hmm?

    1. There is only one issue of lasting importance to middle class america, and that is immmigration. The nation can recover from socialism, but it cannot recover from having its population replaced by Mexican peasants. At that point, it will no longer be the American nation. We’re almost there already.
      I will vote for anyone who will work to reverse the tide. Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, or motherfucking Hezbollah. Right now Cruz is one of the only plausiable national candidates who’s taken a reasonable line on immigration.

        1. Rand Paul won Amren’s 2013 White Renegade award, which acknowledges the year’s most prominent white person who “could have been a champion for his people, but instead joined the fight against us.”.
          Really, Paul’s treachery is one of the most heartbreaking moments of politics that I’ve ever experienced. The other was George W Bush’s reelection – which was the exact moment in time that I stopped believing in democracy.

      1. Ted Cruz has stated that he wants to double legal immigration. It could be just cover so he can say he’s not a xenophobe, but I really don’t trust the guy. The article is right to question his credibility considering his elite background and his wife’s involvement with Goldman Sachs.

      2. “replaced by Mexican peasants”
        LOL! so you are trying to associate my people with the decline of the US? dude, the decline has been happening without the help of those Mexican immigrants that have been coming in. blame that on your friends in the “left and right” (both aren’t true lefties or right-wing). besides, people of Mexican ancestry only make 11% of the population of the US.
        if you want to find a scapegoat for all the bad shit going on, look at the ones who run this country, the top 0.01% of this country.

        1. Blaming “the top 0.01%” is exactly the kind of thing I would expect to hear from the lips of a Mexican peasant. The socialistic tendency of your people is the second worst problem I have with them. (The first worst is crime, and the third worst is litter).
          Now, 11% may not seem like a lot to you. Maybe even 16% non-white hispanic doesn’t seem like a lot. But it’s far more than the margin of victory in any recent presidential election.
          I don’t blame Hispanics for everything that’s going wrong in this country, but it’s indisputably true that my country* wouldn’t be socialist-feminist social justice transgendered orgy right now without the reliable political support of your people.
          *It’s not your country; never will be.

    2. “How the FUCK did this bullshit get published to RoK? A stupid rehash of the tired “both sides are wrong” garbage from uninformed comedians like Russell Brand or George Carlin.”
      Except both sides ARE wrong you idiot.

      1. Yeah you’re right. All that stuff that the Conservatives harp on about… rights, the constitution, capitalism… it’s all wrong isn’t it….

  57. “…I find this strange that fundamentalist Muslim immigrants vote for the same party as LGBTQXYZ…”
    There is nothing strange about it. They are Shakespeare’s ‘strange bedfellows’.
    The Republicans represent traditional America, which is why it is dominated by heterosexuals, whites, and men. Members of the LGBTQ Nation hate heterosexuals (they call us “breeders”). The Nation of Islam hates white people. Both of those demographics aren’t voting Democrat because they can’t vote Republican. They are voting Democrat because they hate the same people and they are fellow members of the grievance industry.
    These should be the abbreviations for the two parties:
    the GOP: (the) Grand Ole Party
    the GIP: (the) Grievance Industry Party

    The only reason why there are any white, hetero, males left at all in the Democratic Party is because they’re in a union, but they are voting for their extinction.

  58. We should adopt a system of the high middle ages where a King and his knights made decisions together like a council of great men in contrast to the absolute monarchy in the east:

    Only in the late middle ages did despotism emerge.

  59. I’d like to know how immigration, gun rights, and tax policy are somehow blue pill issues? That seems pretty silly to me.

  60. This is a great thought experiment – and I detest the Republican party as much as any frustrated conservative thinker – but there is no certainty of a fractured Democratic party in the event of Republican demise. There is a huge number of people in the US who hold “right wing” values in regards to the litany of issues you mention: gun control, abortion, “gay marriage”, immigration, etc. Without a Republican party (or a sufficiently right wing party) to carry the banner, if only in words but not actions, the prog-liberal media-gov’t complex will identify a new subset of conservatives and demonize them as violent, racist, domestic terrorists-in-waiting who are “insane” for demanding a balanced federal budget (see Tea Party).

  61. “As I said earlier, abortion, gun-control, immigration, and gay marriage are merely distractions.”
    It is possible to refer to “gay marriage” and legal abortion as distractions. But only a complete and utter retard would refer to gun-control and immigration as a “distraction”. How do you think the economy started tanking in the first place you genius? Higher immigration => cheap labor. Harder to get jobs. More crime, lower IQ and high propensity for governmental parasitism. It also makes the USA more multi ethnic and therefore torn. Moreover, it also doesn’t fit, since both parties want more immigration.

  62. I am a Hardline Conservative, and i want all “conservative” parties in EU to get abolished. Let me clarify things.
    1. Without common enemy of the political mainstream (liberalism), the black nationalists, white homopedosexuals, LGTB, muslim radicals, white wannabe-rape victims (feminists) who ALL vote for the left will finally see the polarity and division between their own group. This will lead to bloody internal war between the scum (lefties).
    2. In the chaos even civil war can get unleased. More chaos, more injustice, more complete control from the left = the only coming alternative (Authoritarian Iron Right-wing order).
    3. ALL liberal states in EU will fall without leaving a memory. And then and only then we can have One-party system (Right-wing).
    It’s really that simple. Leave the politics for the lefties, let them destroy our western corrupt governments. If you are smart, you can survive the economic collapse. There are many ways.

  63. This country is a mess and going down the tube fast. I agree with that.
    However, except for the idea of POSSIBLY expediting the decline in order hit rock bottom and allow men to rebuild this country, I don’t see the benefit of eliminating the Republican party.
    If you think things are bad now, look at every country around the world who has or had in the past a single party. Those are some very fucked up countries. Even more fucked up than the US is now.
    While it is nice to think we could expedite the decline, I believe that is wishful thinking. Lone parties that run an entire country have a way of perpetuating themselves and their power for a much longer period of time than you might expect. See the Communist Party in China, for example. One would think that rising living standards and a growing middle class would leave them with a very tenuous hold over China. But they seem to be safe for the moment.
    Look at the PRI in Mexico. They held power in a one party system for over 70 years, even thought Mexico was a fucking mess during all of that time.
    So, if the Democrats were the only party in town, it is no sure thing that they would turn on themselves. They would more likely consolidate power and through corruption (even more than now) perpetuate themselves in control for 50 or more years before getting knocked out of power.
    Thus, I honestly believe that the fastest way to hit rock bottom, while enjoying at least a little bit of freedom in the meantime, is to allow the two party system to continue.

  64. I agree with the title of this article, and that’s it. Beyond that, it shows how insular and provincial the author is–like most of my fellow Americans.
    Grumbling about the two-party system is as American as apple pie. I’ve been hearing it all my life. Now what if we got rid of it?
    Are Western countries with multiparty systems like Germany demonstrably better off than America, and specifically because of their political system?
    The answer is no (even if there are some things to admire about Germany).
    Furthermore, the author’s proposed solution would not work. The Republican Party itself replaced the Whig Party. Did that end the two-party system? Again, the answer is no.
    In fact, the two-party system is a likely outcome of First-Past-the-Post electoral systems. It’s a system we inherited from our mother country, the United Kingdom, which for most of its history has also had a two-party system. Similarly to the USA, the UK had one of its major parties destroyed and replaced–the Liberal Party collapsed in the wake of the First World War and was displaced by the new Labour Party.
    Things are changing in the UK, as In recent times a third viable party, the Liberal Democrats, has arisen, but this party has never been able to form a government. There is now a fourth party arising in the UK, UKIP, but it seems like it may just replace the Tories as the Republicans replaced the Whigs. In any case, the UK is not better off or better run than the USA. Conceptually, this would be like if Ross Perot had decided to build a serious political party after 1992 rather than being an eccentric Texan billionaire. Perhaps Ralph Nader could’ve built a serious political party after 2000 as well.
    The reason the Republicans need to go is that they don’t serve the interests of their constituents and they seem to be too afraid of being un-PC to actually win national elections. In this sense, they need to go for the very same reason the Whigs needed to go. Just as the Whigs were unwilling to confront the Slave Power, modern day Republicans are unwilling to confront the modern day Slave Power (mass immigration).

  65. Who let this guy on? I don’t vote Republican, but this is drivel. This isn’t an essay, its a series of syntactical train wrecks. The editor needs to do some quality control.

  66. The Republicans will *win* in 2016 if they get a centrist, likeable HIspanic nominee (Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz off the top of my head although I admittedly don’t know much of their platforms or histories)
    It won’t matter much, but at least it would be better than Hillary.

  67. What I see happening here, especially of the surprising defeat of the house majority leader Eric Cantor, is the right is growing disenfranchised with the Republican Party, and voting in even more extreme candidates than in 2010. I have left the Democratic Party and would die before voting or registering as a republican, but the thing is that in order for the system to be shaken up, we must get rid of the two party system we currently have, and replace it with a multi-party system.

    1. Lol. House majority leader Cantor = Jew
      House minority leader Pelosi = Argentine Jew

  68. Follow the money. Edward Cruz is paid for by the Koch brothers. The Tea Party is their sock puppet and always was.
    The only two parties in politics are the money party and the other money party.

  69. Liberals are actually worse. The fact that if you disagree with them on anything they call you a right wing extremist because they truly believe their way and their way only, is the only way. Im sorry, this Douglas author sucks. I hope Return of Kings cans this worthless article. Douglas should have been swallowed.

  70. Neither party is endorsing freedom, they are both out to control you. Pick your tyranny: church or state. Republicans censor too. Both of these parties are an affront to constitutional values and both parties thrive anyway because “well, at least it’s not the other party, so I’ll vote for it”. Their relationship is very symbiotic, they do use fear of the other party’s agenda to flourish and could not survive without the other. This article is one of the few sensible things I have read in the American political dialogue in the last decade. We are under attack by a two-headed dragon and instead of looking to one head for protection from the other, we need to chop off whichever head we can, then go for the one that remains. Opting out of the two-party system, even if it means sacrificing a battle to win the war, is the only reasonable course of action. Thank you for this article. Unfortunately, it will most likely fall on deaf ears, as America continues to serve its two party masters and in the process, hand over more of our rights to the Government.

  71. Looks like this article needs to be re-titled “The Democratic Party Needs To Go Away”….

  72. In a staggering majority conservative nation, where Republican and Republican leaning independents outnumber Democrats nearly 3 to 1, it’s going to be hard to just eliminate the dominant party. And not to mention the shrinking of the Democrat party that has taken place post Obama. I’m not sure the numbers, but manyformer dDemocrats are now lifelong Republicans. Let the 2014 midterm results remind you of where this country is politically. If you’re still not certain look at the 2014 midterms cCongressional map… Notice how the whole country is red accept for a a few slivers of blue here and there. As more old liberal people die, more conservative traditional Americans are reaching voting age. With every obituary the Democrat party gets smaller. The real question is should we appease the majority of America cans and do away with that fringe party of American politics… The Democrat party.

  73. Republicans are just democrats with bibles. Voting in any presidential election in the 21st century is a blue-pill dead giveaway.

  74. Why is Ted Cruz’s photo on here? He’s the only guy running who is actually a fucking Conservative. The rest of those cucks want open borders. Cruz is the only one with conviction, and as evidenced by the shutdown that he was involved in, a spine.

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