3 Easy Ways To Attract More Women Into Your Life Today

OK, we all know that today’s dating arena is tipped in favour of women in many ways. That doesn’t mean that you can’t buck the system, however, and start attracting cute girls into your life for relationships or more temporary affairs. Put the three tips in this article into practice consistently and on a daily basis and over time you will see your results improve significantly.

1. Look Out For Opportunities


It hardly needs to be said that hot women are not just to be found in the confines of luxury lounge bars and nightclubs. In fact, as the seasoned player knows, these locales can be some of the worst for meeting women. In 2016, if you’re not doing daygame at least some of the time then you are a fool.

In major cities like New York, LA and London there are hot women literally everywhere—in the coffee shop, on the subway, on the way to work, working out at the gym and so on. Living in central London, on an average day I will see five women that I find attractive enough to date. Over a year that’s 1825. If I approached all of these girls and only slept with 1% of them that would still be 18 hot girls a year—a wildly better result than that achieved by most men.

Bottom line: You should always be scanning your surroundings for cute girls to approach, whether you’re on your way to work, at the dry cleaners, or out on your morning run. Fortune favours the brave and you must be ready to approach.

2. Be Bold


Once you’ve spotted that cute girl, then you must be bold in approaching her. Not only do you need to be bold in order to differentiate yourself from your competition (beta guys), but you should also recognise that boldness in itself creates attraction. So why not start talking to that sexy brunette in the packed tube carriage? Or chat up the barista in front of her colleagues at the coffee shop? Or run up to the girl who’s out shopping with her friends?

Bottom line: You only live once, so you might as well put yourself on the line every so often. The worst that can happen is she rejects you. 99% of the time rejections are polite and along the lines of “I already have a boyfriend”—nothing to be scared of. So get out there and demonstrate that you are the kind of man who isn’t afraid to take action and go for what he wants.

3. Always Be Closing


OK, so you’ve approached her, it’s gone well and you have her phone number or, even better, you’re out on a date with her. That’s great—what next? What you must never forget is that it is your responsibility as a man to move things on to the next level. It is masculine to take charge and make things happen and that is what you should do.

What this means in practice is that you must “always be closing”—or at least, you must always be taking some action that will drive the interaction forward, wherever you are in the seduction process.

Don’t have her phone number? Ask for it. Have her phone number? Send her a teasing, cocky-funny text like “Hey bad girl, are you always so forward with strange men?” She responds? Banter back and forth then set up a date. Be assumptive and commanding—“Meet me at XXX cocktail bar, 8pm.”

She’s out on a date with you—have you initiated physical contact yet? No? Then touch her. Go for non-intimate areas first, like the forearms, the shoulder, before progressing to the lower back, legs etc. Remember, touch (or “kino” as it is often called in game) is one of the most powerful ways of preparing the ground for getting a girl into bed and you must do it. Too nervous or scared—screw it, pretend you’re not and do it anyway.

You’re touching her and she hasn’t slapped you round the face yet? Great—now you need to kiss her. No excuses. Just place your hand on her jaw, position her face so it’s looking at you and go in for the kiss. If she gives you the cheek then don’t worry—carry on chatting for a while, and then try again later. [Disclaimer: if she pours a drink over you then you need to give it up. Have some social calibration. If a girl is truly 100% not interested then say goodnight and move on to the next one. Otherwise be assumptive and go for the sale]

You’ve kissed her and she’s receptive? Great. Now you need to get her back to your place. When you’ve finished your drinks simply take her hand, stand up and say “We should get going.” Then lead her into the street, order an Uber, and take her back to your place. She resists? Fine. Just relax, chat and give her more time. But be persistent and don’t give up unless you get an unmistakable red card.

Bottom line: Always be looking forward to the next step. Always be closing.

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134 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways To Attract More Women Into Your Life Today”

  1. Excellent advice. I just fixed a date with a hot chick I’ve just met at the subway. Keep your eyes open for opportunities!
    BTW: second summer ROK NYC meetup coming soon!

  2. One thing I missed when I was a wee novice to this whole “game” concept – you have to be where women are. It sounds obvious, but for some people it just isn’t.
    There are always a few places where locals tend to congregate and waste a bit of time. If you can demonstrate a bit of game and develop a bit of social proof in these places, you will develop more connections all around – this translates to having access to more available women.
    If you aren’t finding the people and connections you want, it’s either all you or you’re in the wrong place. Improve both for best results.

    1. Excellent advice.
      A hunter goes where the prey is. If you want to shoot a deer, you don’t go walking down Midtown Manhattan in “ReelTree” with a rifle slung over your shoulder (unless you want the NYPD to riddle you full of holes…)
      Likewise, if you want get a girl, go where the girls are.

      1. “Likewise, if you want get a girl, go where the girls are”
        The trouble was that there were no quality girls to game – chicks that were not bloated cows.
        When I studied game in the early 1990’s the big question was where to go where the girls are? Back then the guru was none other than one Mr. Ross Jeffries who was based out of L.A. and naturally there he could easily declare that women “are everywhere” but unless one lived in a major city one was always staring at garbage – early 1990’s women, who were not nearly as butt ugly as today.

        1. Interesting. I didn’t read the article but, the pictures were outstanding. Especially, the first one.

        2. Thin hot blonde chicks everywhere here. Go where they are.

        3. Avoid commissaries on military posts, the only thing there are herds of Dependapotapusses! Truly the most frightening of all beasts!

        4. LOL! Actually if you go to the Clarendon area at night the police set up road blocks to keep the fat chicks out. Or is that to catch drunk drivers I can’t remember…

    2. I’ve been looking for places like that for years, and I’ve never found any. Probably because my generation was raised on iphones and just hides in their rooms when they’re not doing anything. What sort of places should a teenager look for?

      1. Depends a bit on your age and mobility. Some things like hot yoga and dance classes are pretty age independent, but some things are less so. If you’re still in high school, I’d either work on expanding your social circles in the school (which gets you to parties, hangouts, etc) or try picking bored looking part-timers at the supermarket, mall, etc.
        College opens more options, especially if you have your own vehicle. Where I am, there are a few hookah lounges and cafes that tend to have high popularity with college kids. I also find I encounter more college girls at the shops within a mile or two of campus, so that’s a decent area to start exploring. And, of course, one must not underestimate the value of school-wide events and clubs.
        Other than that, there’s always meetup groups, club sports, and the often unreliable online dating scene.
        So, short answer, start expanding your search area to new places, people, and events. Options will begin to reveal themselves if you start really looking for them.

      2. If there is a climbing gym in your area, then you might want to head that way. It’s a great full body workout, that doesn’t feel like one while you’re doing it (so it’s self improvement and a pick-up spot), and there are normally plenty of fit females there, though they tend to be on the granola side of the scale, but not full blown hippie.

    3. And if you are a healthy, intelligent male, you are not likely to want to be in many of the places that a childlike female chooses to spend her time. So one must make an effort to position ones self in some of these silly places. I don’t care for bars, clubs, even coffee shops, but I do have to visit them occasionally because that’s where the girls are.

    4. This is true, just like in real estate – the value of the property is all about location.

  3. “Bottom line: Always be looking forward to the next step. Always be closing.” Alternatively, fuck that! Be present and enjoy the moment and just let things happen. If all you’re concerned about is the next step, then you might as well just order in a fucking prostitute and cut out the middleman.

    1. I believe the point is to eventually have “the next step” come naturally. The only reason “game” exists is because some poor fellows weren’t born with it and had to learn.
      Much “manosphere” knowledge is information that’s been taken for granted so much that parents have forgotten to teach it to their children.

      1. I dont think there was a time when parents ever did teach this – the art of chat up/seduction. What they would have taught their older sons, is more along the lines of dating etiquette – look tidy, pick her up at her place, bring flowers, be polite and not crude, pull out her chair, open the car door, and so on. Also back in the day there was more local social events to encourage interaction, community fairs, regular social dances, church functions, etc.

        1. True.
          I neglected to mention I was not considering explicit teaching, more teaching by example. If I had just observed my parents and grandparents more…

        2. I got mixed messages from my parents & grandparents. Blue pill with parents and old style ‘the man is the head of the house’ and makes all the decisions red pill style from my grandparents. There was not a whole lot of charm or romance that I saw with either. Just because a person’s parents did not scream & fight, cheat and divorce does not necessarily mean they were a great role model for a great long term relationship

        3. Oh, I’m not saying my parents were perfect. They were married young, screamed and fought, but when they were concerned about it and went to marriage counseling (early 90s) the counseler decided to use some of the things they did -like fight each other with squirt guns- for other clients. Worked out well.
          Unfortunately my father is a natural redpill fellow, which means he can’t explain how he does what he does. He just does it.

    1. Good catch arrow. I had to go back, I missed it. The one on the left looks like if she gets one more fact lift you will be able to make her cum by rubbing her nose.

        1. I was thinking that the skin of her face has been pulled back so tightly that her clit is now on her nose.

    2. And if you have to look like and be built like that male model in the picture, then most guys should just give up now.
      You either have to have the genetics to look that way, or takes loads and loads of steroids. That is part of the problem. Girls who are 7s (or even 6s) and up think they can get guys like that. Exercising and being “fit & trim” doesn’t cut it with these uppity sl*ts.

      1. A physique like that is only for show, imo. Has no practical use nor is it particularly esthetic. More of a physical challenge for sake of being a challenge.
        As Mike Cernovich wrote (paraphrasing): I may not be hot enough for gay men, but no woman ever complained.

  4. inherit the duchy of Westminster and £8 billion
    Not that pounds are worth much at the moment

  5. I find Vermont to be an interesting cultural frontier: there’s still a few traditional girls floating around. My brother ended up breaking up with his girl because they had been together a few years and wanted to get an apartment together, but her parents literally ended up bringing them to a priest…
    Not to mention there’s maybe a half-dozen or so hipsters in the entire county; Good ol’ country livin’. Any Vermonty folks interested in forming a tribe can drop me a line via e-mail on le profile

        1. Tom Woods does a show covering this. Waves of Progressives from the Boston and New York areas as part of a cultural movement invaded Vermont urban centers about 40 years ago buying vacation/retirement/tax/second homes. They infused Progressivism into Vermont with their sheer numbers, overwhelming locals with majority rules voting. There remains a resistant but descendant old guard of liberty-minded Vermonters, mostly in the country.
          Saw one nonchalantly chatting with other locals alongside his pickup on the main street of a Vermont town. Black fatigues, multiple sidearms, AR slung in front, shotgun in truck. Sipping coffee, probably out to get the morning paper. The original Vermont.

      1. He was the figurehead of a liberal jihad in the 80s, which the liberals are quite proud of as Vermont is considered “the last frontier”. Even so, most liberals are focused in one county, specifically clustered around the only true city…

        1. Instead of the Free State Project in NH, yall got Commie State Project. I feel for ya.

        2. They elected Howard Dean as Governor. Can’t tell me it’s not an extremely liberal place. Shame, it’s got a great past.

        3. “Howard the Coward” and “Deaner the Weiner” were some local names for him. Only the liberal folk want to be elected and are politically proactive. Everyone else doesn’t really care until it gets to their doorstep.
          I’m voting for Ol’ Phil come November.

      2. It is a very, very, VERY liberal state. I suppose you can afford to be liberal when 95% of the population is White. Not very smart, but still, no one is getting mugged up there…yet…

        1. Vermont is a very interesting place. I would challenge anyone with stereotypes about it to go visit first. It’s never as simple as Conservative = Good and Liberal = bad, or vice versa.
          Yeah, people in Vermont like to recycle, they like the outdoors, and therefore a clean, safe environment. They like having a strong public school system that educates their homogeneous children. They also love guns. You simply can’t pigeonhole them.

        2. I may be wrong, but I believe they are among the highest in the nation.
          I know New Hampshire has no sales tax though, and you can do almost all your shopping there.
          Why not live in NH near the Vermont line? Hell both states are pretty similar, I drove clear across Vermont in a couple of hours.

        3. ” They like having a strong public school system”
          That’s the deal killer for me.
          No one, and I mean NO ONE, has a right to take money from me for any reason whatsoever. All schooling should be private schools or home schools. Why should I have less so others can have more? How does that benefit me? I don’t have kids. Why can’t I keep my money to spend as I see fit?
          Can’t Feed’em (or School’em), Don’t Breed’em!

        4. I agreed with you for most of my life, but entering my 30s, one begins to see how having an educated populace does benefit everyone in general. I’ve hired people, and they all turn out to be unmotivated, lazy idiots. They have ended up costing me tens of thousands of dollars through their incompetence, because I trusted them to manage things for me. Lesson learned.
          Minimizing crime and fraud, having honest workers, and honest diligent people is an important societal need. I have rental property and the way people will treat me and my property is unbelievable. In other countries one wouldn’t dare behave this way, for basic matters of respect, if nothing else. I am a big fan of Thomas Jefferson and always thought my biggest disagreement with him was that he for some reason valued public education, whereas I always had your attitude that it’s not society’s problem, but the parents.
          That’s fine and dandy until one finds oneself in a society full of people whose parents did not raise them well, or teach them any sort of morality, common sense, or math skills. I strongly believe in a society that teaches ethics, history, basic skills, and instills a sense of behavioral norms in its populace. (And this could be done in far less than 18 years and at a cost lower than our current education system).
          Education is basically pay me now or pay me later. Anyway, it’s one of the few things government does, other than infrastructure, that actually has a return to it.

        5. “I strongly believe in a society that teaches ethics, history, basic
          skills, and instills a sense of behavioral norms in its populace.”
          Unfortunately the Prussian system used in public schools in America accomplishes none of these things because that was not what that system was designed for.

    1. Lived there for a few years and loved it. The Protestant work ethic remains up in New England and produces some good people. Plus college girls at Dartmouth and UVM are nice.

    2. Brother’s girlfriend should have been warned. I tell my daughters men marry at 30 so date a man near 30. I will repeat this over and over. I also tell my daughters to promise the man to give them sons.. tall, smart, and healthy sons.

      1. Short of a centrifuge, I’m not sure a woman can make that promise and any man who didn’t sleep through sex ed knows it.

        1. anyone good at math knows you have a 75% chance of one boy in a family of four. 87.5% chance in a family of five. 93.75% chance in a family of six.

        2. Anyone who’s actually good at math (read:statistics and probability) knows that no matter how many children one has, the same probability of having a boy applies to each birth.
          You can flip a coin one million times and get all heads, but that doesn’t make it any more likely to be tails on the next flip.

        3. 2 children combinations: GG, GB, BG, BB
          3 children combinations: GGG, GGB, GBG, BGG, GBB, BGB, BBG, BBB
          The odds of only girls (GGG) drops. So, yes, the odds of a at least one boy will rise as the odds of all girls fall.

    3. I went to the Wassail (sp?) festival in Woodstock VT a few years ago. Things that struck me: Meat tasted better, an abundance of redheads (if you like that kind of thing) and the biggest damn dogs I’ve ever seen in my life.

      1. I love redheads but I must ask if there is any connection between the tastier meat and the biggest damn dogs you’ve ever seen.

        1. Not sure. I think the meat was because of the cows. The dogs were crazy.

    4. Outside of guns, Vermont is extremely liberal, to the point that I’m almost surprised that there were priests there who would go along with such an idea.

      1. Well, at the memorial day parade there was only one battered old guy with an equally battered “save the refugees” cardboard sign. You just gotta get away from the urban areas that attract regressive liberal folks.

        1. Bernie Sanders just bought himself a third house, a $600,000 vacation house in what I understand to be “rural” VT.

        2. Bernie and co are what are known locally as “damn flatlanders!”. We don’t like ’em any more than you do, unfortunately such is cultural osmosis.

  6. Attract them? I look for ways to avoid them at least here in the northern states. They’re too kooky for me. More importantly is the STD concern especially with all the new sex hookup apps. Time reported that 1 in 2 adults will have Herpes at age 65. Unfortunately herpes opens you up to other diseases. Now there is speculation that STDs lead to breast cancer. Can you see yourself sending your cash to a breast cancer charity because she can’t keep her legs closed?

    1. Jimmy, a word of advice if I may. Always believe the opposite of what the media (Time, WaPo etc.) says.

    2. You don’t want a tinderized, snapchatted, myfaced vaj opened up to you? Half this website is devoted to hunting that particular questing beast. On the other hand we do have a monk.

  7. “You should always be scanning your surroundings for cute girls to approach, whether you’re on your way to work, at the dry cleaners, or out on your morning run.”
    => No, you should not do that if you want to achieve your personal life goals.

    1. Seems to me that if you chase tail like Bill Clinton, you’ll end up looking like Bill Clinton (and you won’t have been the 42nd President).

  8. On the top pic, would joining yoga studio get access to better looking women? My gym is a fat farm. I leave depressed after work out. I heard fat women don’t do yoga because they are embarrassed. Is that true? Trying to avoid middle age white women with the hillary bumper sticker on the car.

    1. One way to judge your gym is to look around and think about what you see. Are you surrounded by people who make you want to push harder? Is everyone there in excellent shape. When you are banging out your deads is there, almost always, someone banging out harder and heavier than you? If not, find a new gym.
      No matter what your level of fitness, you should feel in good company and by good I mean company that inspires you.
      And yes, fat women do yoga too. I like to go, once a month, to a hot yoga class. It is like a stretch with a sauna combined. I see very many hot women there. But I don’t think I would want to make that my regular work out. No homo here, but when I work out I want there to be a good number of guys in the gym that I can feel like I am in a legitimate competition with.

      1. Agreed. Just a note. Throughout history men have always preferred the company of men, excepting in the bedroom, and have never had to explain or defend such logical thoughts. Hell, they didn’t even like to socialize with women in their own homes, which is why there were separate drawing rooms and libraries.

    2. “heard fat women don’t do yoga because they are embarrassed.”
      also, the shame of it is….it is the fat women who are NOT embarrassed. It is the cute ones that get shy. The fat bitches are the first one to skimp down on the clothing and you go girl that body positive attitude all over town.

  9. Outside of national and societal obligations, why would I even want to do this? I’m at the point where I have no answer to this anymore.

  10. Sound advice…also; make her laugh…be glib…read a lot…become an accomplished conversationalist…compliment, often…

  11. Always be steve and never leave muddy condoms in the back of your car because your boss’s wife will think they have been in asses.

  12. “Breath in as the man’s penis slowly enters your body…feel your muscles contracting around it as his divine masculine nature explores you, looking for a way to inject new life.” That’s what I was thinking looking at the title pic…

    1. Someone claims she was the ‘whoregasboard’ after the show, but, a buzz-killing occurred when the gang there for the ‘shebang’ found out that chix-with-dix runs in the family, just like her un-holey ‘madre’.

    2. Given their upbringing with a female dad and a transgender “mom”, probably every single cock that walked by got sucked.

    3. With her eerie resemblance to 0bama himself, I’d like to think that the number is zero but at lollapalooza such a resemblance is probably a turn-on second only to looking like Bernie…

  13. Trying to hone my “age heuristic” here: how old is the orange-clad ankle-grabbing woman in the top photo?
    From the neck down she seems far more youthful than from the neck up.
    Any idea what the Chinese she’s adorned herself means?

  14. “2. Be Bold”
    In Nottingham UK now you can be arrested for being bold. This law is being beta tested to see if the country’s men are cucked enough as to allow it to be implemented for the nation, and the USA will do the same.
    Honestly, “game” is something better practised when nations are free.
    An article about civilian war tactics would be more welcome these days.

  15. If I approached all of these girls and only slept with 1% of them that would still be 18 hot girls a year

    Hell that’s more than most men get in a lifetime!

  16. Depends on where you live. Daygame in China, India, Japan.. is irrelevant. In France, specially Paris is, as French people call it “la croix et la bannière”, damn f**king hard! for just average to normal girls you have to game a lot; Consedering that is a very social city where people meet in parties, night venues and social cercles.. also the fact that girls here are fed up of pick-up stakhanovistes “artists”, they’re expert of elegant escaping (the nicest “no” you might hear).
    Better cities in my viewpoint are no-game lands or where feminism is outrageous, cause guys are scared of women in general so there’s not much competition.
    it’s also a balance between you sexual desire and your tolerance toward rejection, the value you put on yourself, your tolerance to be a clown (I remember an excellent article by RooshV about that..) and considering the fact that you might, at the best, get 30% of numbers (in an interview online with a Player who did statistics, said that it was like 11% or smth.. can’t find it though)..

    1. My experience of day-game is that you get a really low return. Primarily because you will meet a higher percentage of girls with boyfriends by day. Girls with boyfriends don’t tend to go out at night hence you can get a better return at night.
      That said, girls by day are a lot more polite and tend to be quite flattered by your attention.
      Believe it or not though, girls do actually like men and want a boyfriend. No girl wants the shame of being “man-less”. Therefore, the probability is that you will get one sooner or later.

  17. Men are content creators. very rarely will a woman take the reigns of any enterprise and usually it is a red flag if they do. That being said they have their place, and nothing can perform their ordained roles better than they can.

  18. Maybe I’m giving up too early, but getting the cheek when you go in for a kiss is a big red card for me. It’s mildly insulting actually. I would not wait around to try again unless she is otherwise still flirting and putting out signals and was just playing hard to get. Generally speaking though, when you get the cheek it usually means a gal is not interested for whatever reason.

    1. Well, not always. One of the girls in my rotation at the moment gave me the cheek several times before she let me kiss her on our first date. We took it all the way on the second date. If I had given up at the first turn of the cheek, I certainly wouldn’t have gotten her.
      Of course her body language, talk and demenour showed that she still *was* interested in my advances and was having a good time. She just needed more seduction or simply wanted to make me work a little harder for it. Bottom line though, Troy is right. If you don’t persist a bit, you risk ‘losing a won game’ and wasting all the effort and time invested until then by giving up at the first sign of resistance. Might as well try a little more and see what happens. It’s like being a salesman. Does a good salesman give up at the first objection?

    2. some girls just don’t like to kiss. they find it disgusting and cheesy. she may give you a clear sign that if the whole “kissing” thing is a must-have stage for you, you’re not going to get anywhere. just start from massages or blowjobs or whatever other stuff women really like.

  19. Daygame really, really depends on where you live. I work downtown in a moderately large sized city and walk around frequently. I never see gals that look like the ones walking in the picture under 1. Most people I see are fat state workers and drugged out mentally ill homeless people. A sign of the times? Maybe.

  20. What works well for me is karaoke, happy hours, 80s night, and other special nights at bars. Show up every week on that same night for a few months. You’ll see familiar faces, make friends with the bartenders etc. Eventually, you’ve got 10-15 people recognizing you at these spots. You can meet girls within those groups, or sarge on the new victims passing through. Having that social proof gives you some people to talk to, plus helps chicks trust you on cold approaches.

  21. Its probably more about the ratio of women to men. There’s some cities where the ratio is nearly 2 to 1. You can research this via google.

  22. It’s hilarious that any of you who believe this shit think you’re ever gonna get laid. You are literally going in the opposite direction of what makes you a good partner to women. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  23. Another way of saying that the most important skill a man can develop is sales. Always. Be. Closing.

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