15 Ways The TrampAdvisor App Will Revolutionize Your Dating LIfe

In these difficult times of empowered women, misogyny, and rape galore, there is a strong need for solutions. A man needs to know how to navigate hose troubled waters, how to avoid triggering females, and how to not accidentally behave like a shitlord. And what better way to do that than with our faithful smartphones?

Behold TrampAdvisor, a newly invented smartphone app that will revolutionize the dating world and bring men and women together. Here are the benefits of this ultimate innovation:

1. It will make the world a better place


TrampAdvisor guarantees quality sex and healthy relationships in accordance with the modern values of our global world. You just had sex? Rate the encounter, the sex, or both in detail, and then share it live to help men and women find their perfect match in the future!

2. It keeps men safe


Protect the brothers from damaged women by giving them a heads up. Some of us can’t see all the signs. Or maybe they crave a challenge? Even a small comment will help!


“Lawyergrrrlll55 tried to hit me with a frying pan while my back was turned and used the word “body positive” at least three times. 1/10 WB again”

3. It helps you in your life choices


The material data will give more evidence to the general public about the true nature and goals of both sexes. Then it is up to you to analyze it and choose a blue pill or red pill way of life.

4. It saves time


It is a must for men with a busy schedule. They now can see the easiness of a girl and plan their actions carefully with the little time they have. It will also save a tremendous amount of time for women that have a successful career or important feline companions to attend to.

5. It fights rape culture


Women must be kept safe. Would rape perpetrators have the guts to post their acts on the app? Unlikely. If on Jessica’s TrampAdvisor profile, none of the 395 entries (lol) by 231 men involves Christopher, her white heterosexual former hookup rapist, there is something fishy going on. We can finally celebrate regret-free drunk sex and keep law enforcement after the real culprits

6. It is focused on our clients’ needs


Everyone gets what they want. Local bad boy, girl next door, pump-and-dump candidate, or virgin wife material? It will all be backed with reviews. Jenny does not like Italian guys? There is an app for that! TrampAdvisor also comes with a chart function with periods of time when a girl wants to get as much sex as she can, or prefers to settle for a good, caring man once she has had her fill.

7. It saves money


We help you save money on transport, drinks, condoms, lawsuits and countless other things! Everyone loves sex. Everyone loves a good app. Ka-ching!

8. It helps you make friends

“Oh man, did you do the angry dragon to her too? You legend!”

Find an Eskimo brother near you and bond over a beer and funny stories about your fiancee.

9. It gives a reliable source of information


You can only validate flags and notches that have been physically confirmed by a third party. There is even a ranking system. A great way to differentiate the keyboard jockeys from the real players and keep you motivated!

10. It brings together people with similar tastes


Finally something that helps guys and girls pair up with someone that will fulfill their sexual needs and fetishes! No more failed relationships—you can go ahead now that you know that she likes having her face slapped and enjoys public sex on the first outing together.

11. It reduces divorce rates


With all this data available, you will know more before risking a present or future life investment with a woman and will be able to take the right decision accordingly.

12. It is a helpful tool for forgetful women


It can be hard to balance a strong, independent lifestyle between a life of partying, yes-means-yes picketing, and memory loss. TrampAdvisor will help girls keep track of all their encounters and avoid inaccuracies about their sexual past for their future spons… husbands before the fairytale wedding.

13. It comes with geolocation


You can use it 24/7, anywhere in the world, and share tips with the locals about the women. Where did they meet? Where does she usually hang out? Was X place suitable for a date? It even comes with a map updated in real time! Everything is just a click away.

14. It genuinely empowers women


Women are proud of being strong and having multiple sexual partners. Let’s help them share their sexual exploits with the world.

15. It has a revolutionary review system


With our cutting edge technology and review options that includes the duration of the intercourse, the position preferred, or the kind of profanity used, you too could participate and give your testimony to bring the sexual marketplace to the next level and help everyone in their quest for the ideal sex partner.


“The playful brunette from last week likes it rawdog? I second that!” – Max, 23, Orange County. Was this review helpful to you?

Dibs on the idea, but we welcome the worthy minds that want to help in its creation. A few alternative names for the app also have a nice ring to it: TwhatsApp, GineSweepHer (dodge red flags), IJustAppSex, Lubeher, ScreendHer. Give us your thoughts.

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106 thoughts on “15 Ways The TrampAdvisor App Will Revolutionize Your Dating LIfe”

  1. Amusing, but not really that far-fetched. A really useful tool wouldn’t just focus on the sex, but would aggregate data across multiple social media platforms and news outlets so you could really know something about the woman you’re dealing with. Shouldn’t the guy who just married Jackie Coakley have been able to know she is a lunatic who will falsely accuse you of rape so she can execute a monkey-swing to another cock? Moreover, she was a fucking lunatic before this – her Pinterest showed an obsession with rape and non-sensical gender warrior issues. If you could uncover all of that about someone on an app in a few clicks (without having to hunt for info, which may prove unsuccessful because you don’t know where to look) and see testimonials from guys who have interacted with her to verify whether she really walks it like she talks it, you’d have a very powerful tool indeed.

    1. Well put.
      If a woman were going into a secret room fifty times a day, and locking the door behind her every time she did it, for the sake of your relationship, you’d like to know what she was doing in there. It’s the same with her phone.
      This app is coming. Maybe not this year, but someday. The demand is there, and the market always wins.

  2. A group of men from bodybuilding forums’ MISC tried a number of years ago, which I contributed some funding for. However it was shut down because of muh feminism, even though it was modelled on lulu and was no more abusive or offensive in nature. Its a fantastic idea, however it has already been had and put into practice, only to be shutdown by force.
    Perhaps its ready for another go, but it would have to be very low-key from development to release and make enough money so that platforms that host the app wouldnt remove it due to politics.

    1. How precisely could anybody “shut it down” without the consent of the owner/code writer? In what universe are men compelled to ‘bow before pressure’? Why didn’t they laugh at the feminists and mock them and continue with the app?
      EDIT: On re-reading my post, it sounded snarky. That’s not my intent, I’m actually genuinely curious.

      1. Most likely because they were afraid of the feminist war machine.
        A lot of modern guys, whether they realize it or not, are in fact feminists (current company excluded). They’ve been inundated with feminists messages for so long that they are effectively feminism supporters without even realizing it. What probably happened was a couple of harpies starting bitching at them and their knee jerk reaction was “Oh shit! We’re oppressing de womyn. Shut it down!”

        1. Afraid of what though? Name calling? Seriously, that’s the “power”? Are men *really* this pussified? Even blue pill dudes (I do know some of them are)?
          In what fucking universe is a shrill woman calling you names not mocked and laughed at?
          Yeah, I know, this fucking universe. Christ almighty, men really need to get their balls back.

        2. Ain’t it the truth…
          Perhaps it’s just my own personal growth, but the older I get (the ripe old age of 31), the less I care what others say/think about me. I laugh at insults all the time. It’s quite liberating. The first few times, there’s quite a bit of cognitive dissonance because you want to fight back, but just like anything else, it becomes effortless with time.
          That’s the power of men only groups. We naturally bust each other’s balls laughing all the while. It improves your wit and thickens your skin.

        3. Well, just wait another decade (hit your 40s). You’ll wait for that train (it’s never late) and then really laugh because that “train of insults” is never late…and you were right. It’s kind of like seeing into the future (so much experience is very valuable).
          I laugh like the devil, now, and when people comment on it I tell them “that’s cause I am the devil”.

        4. Laughter destroys these people attacking with their Feeling Arrows. Such potent weapons against their own kind and against “men” who have been feminized, but utterly useless against men with ZFG attitudes.

        5. Your age puts us right in the same year group ’83-’84 range. Is it just me, or is real hard to find a group you can label as men to hang around with, outside of within a martial arts or sports circle?
          Couldn’t agree with you more in regards to fighting against feminism. Treating them with a “You must be joking tone” to everything squashes a lot of feminist prattle.

        6. Sadly GOJ, yes, name calling is exactly what the men are afraid of. Was just coming off of Facebook (home of the feminist engine), and a video of Mexican girls caught my eye. There were 3 women, aged 19-23 maybe, going around with guns shooting confetti at men who ‘catcalled’ them.
          While scrolling through the comments, the majority of the comments swayed on one side of the spectrum; vile men need to be shamed and taught catcalling promotes rape culture. The vast majority of men and women stated they agreed that the men should be shamed about their method of harassment. It took a gay man who admitted to being raped and sold into prostitution as a child, to voice how this is harassment on men and has nothing to do with rape. And yes, even then the solipsism of the women allowed them to try and disprove his argument.
          These are dark times.

        7. Good call. I have only my sensei when I’m in class so hanging with a group is out there. At work the vast majority of people have a taste of mangina, although sometimes I’m thrown off as even the gay men are starting to call bullshit to this name a phobia generation. Still doesn’t bring many more men to hang with. I am looking forward to this upcoming meeting to see what that brings.

        8. It’s not just the mockery. There is a fear of an utter character assassination that disables one’s ability to even earn a living, incapacitating him to the point where the chastisement from the system stemming from a divorce would seem like a “timeout”.
          Coming from a place where feminism is ridiculously rampant, this happened; during a live news broadcast outside of a football stadium, a young man screamed the viral catch phrase “Fuck her right in the pussy” into the news woman’s microphone while she was interviewing another person. The witch hunt began instantly. The man was identified and publicly shamed. He was then terminated from his job where he was making over $150k with the highest benefits an employer can offer.
          I could give two shits, hell even three, about what others may or may not have to say or think about me. That’s their business.
          But how do we fight something like this?

      2. Im sure youre aware of the powers of marxism in the hands of people whom have moderate skill in the computer world. I can only assume the developers were put in the position of ‘do as such or we’ll forward your interent persona onto your employers’ etc which as much as we’d all like to stick it to ’em, if your job is put on the line and you have to gamble with your life and the life of your family. Most will take the option of complying, especially when the expense is that of an app.
        I think somebody like Roosh could certainly absorb the impact and make it work, but just your average gym dude with some web development skills at that time obviously couldnt.
        Edit – the decision was theres to stop development, I didnt mean somebody had literally seen fit to sabotage it through hacking etc. Also if I remember correctly there was some difficulties as the identity of women and their locations were in the same place and that could lead to ‘rapes and murders’ (obviously its fine to do that to men though…) and the misc doesnt have the best reputation when it comes to men and women, just look at Elliot Rogers and Blacony Brah

        1. So basically if a guy can’t be easily doxxed, he’s golden.
          My guess here is, become a Web hosting provider (it can be done) and then host content without regard to feminists. Or don’t be easily doxxed (stop giving away the farm on the internet about one’s personal identity). That might be nearly impossible for Millenials since they’ve never understood a notion of privacy their entire lives, but for an older GenX coder, it might be possible.

        2. Certainly could be. I think a platform similar to twitter with a conservative view toward freedom of speech would be a killer right now. We’ve already seen how twitter has nose-dived with people no longer using it, if there was somewhere for the users to go to it would have a strong, if small, loyal group of users and I dare say the investers that can see the link between twitters loss and their lefty policies would invest in the new platform.
          For the young men of today a number of stars need to align to make it as an alt right/conservative/ neomasculine, what have you, in the cucked out world we live in. You first need to find the truth, which is more often than not, a losing battle. He then needs to have enough wealth or influence or security not to be ruined by an agenda, which will take a great deal of time and effort if you are not born into such, which means biding ones time and not revealing ones hand too soon. Then in that time he has to not put himself aside for a life in the narrative, a treacherous wife and kids who hate him stuck in a dead end job.
          Its easier said than done to fight back, and if it seems like nobody is it could just be that they are keeping their head down until theyre anti-fragile.

        3. Except for Linkedin, I’m undoxxable. Too bad I ain’t no coder otherwise I’d do this.

        4. I have also some inspiration of setting up a server in my basement, just the question of what it would host..

        5. Try a Gen-X coder who already has a day job that he can’t (or won’t, or it would cost him employer a lot of $$) be fired from.
          Such a coder could release the app as open source as well, and create a hydra of sorts so that if one is taken out, others spring up. “Forking” is the process I think, saving the data from one incarnation to the next, so the system would need to be easily fork-able.
          Such a system would greatly benefit from a “dark net portal”, something that can easily breach the membrane from the “real” internet to the darknet so that taking it out or outright blocking it would be impossible.
          The only obstacle is ego. Why do we hear of hackers who exposed something getting busted and everybody knows their name? Ego. In this world, the way it is, if you pop your head up as the big cheese on something “they” hate, they will chop it off. So such a project needs numerous faceless shitlords and decentralization as redundancy and it’ll be a permanent headache for the Cathedral. But it would take great effort from men who don’t give a fuck to be known for doing it.
          And hey, why would most fellows want to be “known” for something? Why, to get laid. That’s why. So the project would need some freakish “monks of MGTOW” types who can labor over such a project and gain satisfaction over reading hand-wringing articles on Huffpo about it. But this desire for public cred in this dystopic age is a weakness that we must shame out of each other.

      3. “How precisely could anybody “shut it down” without the consent of the owner/code writer” They will remove the app from the Android and Iphone App store due harassment issues, 99% of people install all their apps from the official store, you reduce the reach and scope of the app. only the geeky tech inclined would know how to install apps from other methods.

        1. Only a few use torrent, that’s why netflix prosper. people it’s too lazy to take time to find a torrent install a torrent client, move the APK to the phone and install a folder browser app, find the option “install untrusted apps” in the phone. too much trouble for the 90% of people. The reach of the app will be limited if removed from the official stores.

        2. This laziness is encouraged by Apple: you can’t even change the fucking battery without going to a service centre.

      4. If you have sexual details it could be framed as a breach of confidentiality, invasion of privacy, harassment or defamation.

        1. Keep it at the level of Lulu and you should be golden, legally.

  3. Don’t forget about sex consent feature to protect the men from rape accusations later!
    Both users can agree to have sex from their profiles which can be used as a proof later on.

  4. We can only hope for an app like it. It reminds me of a car fax report that you can get on a car (not totally reliable but gives you an idea).
    The Ho Fax would give us the stats on the real age of the woman, how many dicks she threw in her mouth (the real number), how long she’s been on the cock carousel, divorce numbers, number of actual kids, etc, etc….
    I just want to know that the pussy I’m going home with is certified used pussy with low miles (not a beat up pussy with high miles on it).

      1. Ho Fax could def work. If you date or hook up with a chick, you can rate her. Anyone see any legal action against this? I mean…it’s only someone’s opinion of others. It would save many brothers from fake unicorns.
        Friends: She is perfect. I think I am in looooove.
        You: Well, let’s look up her Ho Fax.
        You: Says she had an anal gang bang with 4 dudes just last Friday. You still in love, bro?

        1. @Jim Robinson @Driver
          If “Ho FAX” is run like an Intellius background check, where the user pays to get the females data, one individual at a time, I think there could be some legal precedents to work off. Perhaps, to preempt fraud claims, it could be structured like the “Pre-TSA Screening System” where male users register their info and become paid members, with verified identities, Also to protect the identities of its male users under HIPAA privacy laws, it functions as some kind of quasi-health organization, covering surefire diseases, that only males can get, like Undescended Testicles, Hydrocele and Testicular Cancer.
          However, the main problem today is the Venture Capital model typically used for financing new businesses of this nature. There would need to be an Angel Investor that sympathizes with the “Manosphere” in general AND is willing to take the brunt of the backlash that will come from feminists and SJW. These persons would have to be “in it for the long haul”, WILLING to fight off lawsuits, protests and false criminal charges.
          Maybe a backdoor deal with Tinder and OKCupid, to access their data, could provide some good initial profiles on individual females prone inclined to “many potential partners”.
          Eventually, in the long run, I believe this niche market would be a VERY profitable service, BUT getting to that point will be very painful for the initial, high profile investors.

        2. Nah, it was just a funny thought. We used to have this “built in” feature called social shaming when a woman was acting like a whore. Today, it’s been removed because we’re all supposed to be so god damn “accepting” of everyone.
          I don’t really need anyone to tell me when a woman is whore. I go with most of them are whores (and I look for red flags). The fact that she opens her mouth and says “I’ve never done this before” says to me that she’s in the high order of the sluts.

        3. I agree. I wouldn’t want to work with Tinder or OKC. I want a fresh database. Meaning, if I created it…I would want men like you to log in and add your ex/GF/wife to the database. Then, it would have a sliding scale of rating attributes (hotness, freaky in bedness, nagging level, golddigger scale, etc) with sub-choices like after rating freaky in bed…you would have check boxes for bondage, raw-dogging capable, etc.
          Sure, there would be some pissed off bitches out there but all in all…there isn’t anything they can do about it but cause headaches.
          I mean….wouldn’t it be awesome if you got the app and wanted to search for a potential LTR from Sally Sluzy and got this:
          16 owners
          Freaky in bed
          -raw dogging
          -candle wax on tits
          -suck start a Harley Davidson
          -Like trains
          -Like 3somes
          Nagging level 5/10
          Golddigger 3/10
          Cooking 0/10
          Cleaning 0/10
          Laundry 2/10

        4. @Jim Robinson
          The backdoor deal with Tinder and OKCupid, would be for internal uses only.
          That data would be very important in the beginning, when establishing what would be included profiles and also for coming up with a formula to police fake profiles or untrue edits/ratings.

        5. When it comes to any explicit details of sex you get into various privacy concerns. It would drive feminists insane that a guy could do a dick count on what amounts to a dating version of “Rate My Teacher” or the various lawyer ratings/review sites. Even those sorts of sites have provisions to challenge negative reviews (on one lawyer rating site my client’s ex-wife did a hit job on me and rated me straight 1 out of 5 across the board) and websites like AVVO have actually be sued by lawyers.
          Plus in Canada and the UK there is always the possibility of a defamation action because the defenses are not as robust as in the USA.
          Greg Elliot dodged the bullet on Twitter-based harassment charges but if guys are sharing war stories of their slutty conquests it won’t be long before some SJW raises a shit storm.

        6. There is about 20-25 million American women in their 20s. Go as low as 18 and as high as 35 then that is almost 40 million. OkCupid alone has several hundred thousand if not millions of users so you would need a hell of a lot of data to get a critical mass to make that sort of app/service useful at all. And again, there are privacy concerns. There are at least 3 OKC related subreddits but they have pretty clear rules about not posting personal information.

        7. My God you need to find a girlfriend. The funny thing is, if you did, and found someone had already created this ‘database’ and you saw her on there. You’d cry like a little fucking bitch.

    1. IJML (I Just Made Love) used to be a thing for a short time. Geolocated reports of hookup sex. Not much info though.

    2. “The Ho Fax would give us the stats on the real age of the woman, how many dicks she threw in her mouth (the real number)”
      And if she’s an American female, whether or not she’s been to Dubai, and if so, she’s been a shit-slut which is a good thing to know before you suck on a pair of tits that were covered in excrement at least once.

    3. “Stacey is a 1992 model manufactured in a combined venture between Irish and English productions. She has had 3 main owners and 8 casual drivers. She has a history of 2 accidents (condom broke in 2012 and passed out for 45 seconds following a chocking incident in 2013) with all necessary repairs completed. She can make a lot noise but just ignore her, there is nothing really wrong (she is mechanically sound), just likes the attention. Following an episode of this, simply take her out for a long drive, ride her hard with high revs and that will quieten her down. However, to ignore it will cause irreparable damage under the bonnet.
      Sometimes has issues with lubrication so oil needs to be topped up semi-regularly.”
      As an aside, double points to the author for using the “angry dragon” reference.

  5. Actually, you can incorporate rating questionnaire and comments at the bottom of every profile on Tinder. Previous “customers” of each profile can give feedback and you can read and then decide if you want to swipe left or right.

  6. A sexual consent app could be fantastic. It will hold leverage in court along with text messages which could start the backbone of something finally defending men. Difficult interface to develop because once “in the mood” individuals won’t stop and say “Hey, don’t forget to agree to terms and conditions”.
    Nonetheless, I think it could be a great start and movement
    Dibs on the idea, but I would rather develop it with a team of fellow ROK readers.

    1. I think there was something like that launched where you go online and make a short video with the girl saying that you are going to have consentual sex, and then it is stored on their server. Of course, the problem is that chicks change their mind and guys could use it as cover before going all rapey on her once the camera stops rolling.

  7. Misread this app as the TrumpAdvisor.
    Have to assume said app would have only one message: “Crush them.”

  8. I’m waiting for Microsoft to bring out their Office Bike app. It’s focused on teamworking apparently. Double teamworking if you’ve got the processing power. I recommend the student edition. Don’t pay, just get the crack

        1. LOL .. ‘office bike’ is a euphemism for office slut, taken from the old expression ‘town bike’, aka the slut whom the whole town has ridden.

    1. I knew the phrase village bicycle such as “she’s a bit of a village bicycle, everyone had a ride”.

      1. that’s the one. She’s now migrated from the village to the big city, and is now working her way through accounts

  9. Off topic, I realize, but I love the descriptions the authors of these essays (aka “Mods”) give for themselves, “A manly man who is a well-travelled, red pill, spiritual, neomasculine martial artist who has toured the far-east and Eastern Europe in search of game” …. yadda yadda yadda. And you do realize that this app (sounds like a PUA’s version of Yelp) would be spite-city. Every turned-downed lothario would go on TrampAdvisor and make the girl who dumped him into the biggest whore since Xaviera Hollander–whether it was true or not.

    1. There were a couple of women trying to get funding for something almost identical – they were selling the ‘ womens safety’ angle.

      1. Such apps would be very dangerous, with guys calling reasonably virtuous girls sluts (or lousy in bed) and girls calling nice guys date rapists (or lously in bed)simply out of spite. I can’t see Apple carrying such an app; Google Play is much less fussy.

        1. It was a very serious proposal and they were trying to sell it as the next gen social networking app and trying to get millions in funding. It was in the National press. I think there were rules that would limit libel but it was a rating app. I don’t remember the name

      2. the best app would be a breathalyzer that locks her in her apt or house until the next morning if her BAC is over 0.10

        1. You know what would sell- an “magic mirror” app(which Disney film is that from? Cinderella or Snow White).
          It would flatter them all day.
          “Mirror, mirror in my hand, who is the baddest bitch in all of the land?”

    2. If you still believe that many of these women aren’t whores, then we have a lot of work to do.
      How many times have you heard – from women “I’ve only slept with 3 guys or sucked 3 dicks?”. Let’s be honest, here.
      Welcome to ROK. We’re here to help.

    3. You must not get out much. This article is satire, it’s based on TripAdvisor, not Yelp.

      1. 6 of one … And of course I see that it’s satire (though it’s hard to separate satire from reality on RoK). And the TrampAdvisor (heaven help us) graphic is very clever. It’s amazing what an overstimulated 8th grade boy and MS Paint can come up with.

    4. That’s rich.
      Rule number one, if she says she is a virgin there is a 90% chance she is lying.
      Rule number two, take her reported notch number and add 20 if below 10, or multiply by three.

    1. The older women in this video need this shit. They have to masturbate because men can no longer see these women after a certain age (too much younger, hot sex laying around to pay attention to, right).

      1. Middle age broads are late to new trends. If they are doing it then its been floating around college campuses the last few years.

        1. You’re probably right. The difference being that college age chicks have an option….these older women do not.

  10. Are you fucking kidding me? An app where you rate other people? I realize this is a joke article, but have you guys ever heard of an app called “Peeple” that I believe is actually being developed? you idiots do realize that apps like this will be used for bosses to rate their employees, for women to rate their boyfriends, and for feminists to “rate” men in terms of how misogynistic they are. Ever make a sexist joke at work? Your female colleagues could use an app like this to deny you work in the future. Ever bust a nut too early? Every futute woman you date will know this. Ever get fired from a job? All futute employers will know exactly why.
    Pretty soon leftist governments in Europe (and maybe USA too) will start passing laws that if you are given three or more ratings of “aggressive” or “violent” on the app, you are banned from owning guns.
    Again, I know TrampAdvisor is not a real app, but I get the feeling when they do start launching apps like this, you idiots will cheer it on until they are used against you.

      1. did you not read my comment? there ARE real apps like this being developed, and it is scary. Look up the app “Peeple.” known as “a Yelp for humans.” scary stuff.

        1. Why is that scary? I would love to know exactly what I am getting into. Good looking women at the bar I am sucking face with is a nut job I can find out in a hurry while I am in the head.

        2. yeah and when you can’t get a job because you once called a woman fat and all your prospective employers know about it thanks to an app like this?
          or how about when you can’t legally buy a gun because an ex-girlfriend of your wrote that you were “aggressive” on an app like this?

    1. It’ll go both ways. If a girl is crazy/slutty/bad in bed, whatever, that’ll be on her record too.

      1. the only ones benefitting will be the government and largw corporations, who will be able to keep tabs on us more easily in order to advertize to us or monitor our activities if we are deemed a threat to government

    2. I remember reading about that app a year ago. The equivalent of yelp for rating/critiquing your friends/co-workers/bosses/employees/neighbors/ex partners/people you dislike/people you admire/business competitor. You could not remove any posts/critiques that others had made against you either, nor could you stop being on it once someone nominated you. A nasty judgmental appraisal of people app developed by a couple of women hoping to get rich with their own niche in the social media sphere. They call themselves bold innovators. ha. Predictions were for this to be a good thing for litigation lawyer. There is also a lulu app that lets women rate their dates/men, but it wont allow men to join to do the same on females, so trampadvisor would be a male comeback on that, but its a nasty path for society to take

  11. Sex will become like a business seminar. Your pants will be withheld until you answer and hand in the brief survey. You don’t have to sign your name if you don’t want to.

  12. The problem is, women have an app like this for men, called LULU, but LuLu doesn’t allow men to rate women or men to have any say. We need a LuLu style app for men to rate women desperately.

  13. Careful with these kinds of posts. Feminists and Manginas read this web site and are not sure if this is real or parody site. This will be used as evidence that the entire site is parody.
    This should be posted on slut web sites to see if they get the joke or think it is real. I thought Slutwalk was a parody when I first heard of it. But I guess it is real.

    1. Who says it has to be parody? I’m a girl and I think this could be legitimately awesome. Honesty all around!

  14. The only real challenge I see to overcome is the usage by white knights…
    We all know they will shove the snatch as far up the pussy pedestal as they can so there needs to be some safeguards to prevent that. Hell, if we could just connect the whore with her last 10 dope dealers, ex-con’s, and other assorted thugs that would be a massive win.

  15. What a REVOLTING mob of women-hating psychopaths headed by a repugnant pile of crap that thinks he is irresistible. You are faggots who are trying to make yourself look macho by demeaning and degrading women. What you are really after is a slap on the back by other faggots who are too stupid to realize that you all hate women and would rather be with men and bragging about how you belittle and degrade women. You are truly insane and seriously dysfunctional autistic trash that cannot even develop RELATIONSHIPS with women because you don’t have the emotional capacity or maturity. Face it. You are all FAGGOTS. Now you have to brag about raping women legally in a more devious attempt to degrade them because you are INCAPABLE of relationships. You CANNOT even TALK on a phone to women but send out texting guides on how to get sex via TEXT and warning against using voicemail and talking to a PERSON. You are COMPLETELY insane whackjobs.

    1. Word. I like how all the thumbnails show these normal looking dudes when it’s clear that the degenerates who flock around this site are all likely cretins.

  16. oh man i feel like a total idiot, I read this thinking it was real (somehow missed the end part of the article) and looked for it on the app store.

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