7 Core Principles To Help Reinvigorate Western Culture

In the last five years or so, a number of distinguished scholars, such as the famous Scottish Harvard historian Niall Ferguson and the less well-known Canadian sociologist Ricardo Duchesne, have refuted much of leftist academic discourse regarding Western civilization’s historical and present world dominance. Both of them have referred to another important figure within academia, namely Charles Murray and his work Human Accomplishment (2003), which highlights the fact that the largest share of great inventors and scientists stem from the Western world. It takes a whole new level of ahistorical deconstructionism and revisionism in any attempt to relativize these undisputable findings. This is also partly why nationalists and conservatives are winning ground in the verbal culture wars.

For example, Ferguson in his book Civilization (2011) has discerned six “killer apps” that have made the Western civilization globally hegemonic from about the 15th century onward: competition, science, property, medicine, consumption and work. Duchesne, on the other hand, focuses on the traits that underlie the long-term cumulative process. He uses modern philosophical concepts such as the Faustian spirit (Oswald Spengler) and non-dogmatism (Immanuel Kant) in order to provide arguments for his particular viewpoint. Some of these characteristics have roots stretching back thousands of year in time – even before pre-Socratic Greek civilization saw its light—while the intellectual development is a more decent achievement.

Perhaps most importantly, both of them have used significant and reliable data in order to show that the leading Western nations, culturally, economically and materially, definitely superseded China in the 16th century and forward, and that the whole idea that the widely-spread Western civilization was disseminated due to slave labor and thievery is erroneously wrong. Of course, leading Western nations such as England and the Netherlands have dominated the colonial host regions in unfair ways, but if Europeans were such incompetent people, how could they build fleets and weapons that outcompeted their opponents and enemies in the first instance?

Apart from the valuable accounts on these topics, Ferguson and Duchesne provide ideas on how a more fruitful Western civilization might be developed: thus we go from descriptive history to prescriptive reasoning about the not too distant future. I have listed seven core principles linked to a overall coherent conception of what a powerful and sustainable civilization may hinge upon. These can also serve as a focal point for counter-current contemporaries. Some of the following elements are already implemented, at least in part, while some need to be reinvigorated (in parallel with discarding decadence and other negative components).

1. Greco-Roman Culture As Its Main Source

Over the last 3000 years or so, the high cultures of the Mediterranean region and Southern Europe have formed concepts and ideas that are still being referred to in mainstream academia and among intellectual dissidents as of today.

We all can agree that Plato’s dialogues, Aristotle’s multifaceted proto-science, Zeno of Citium’s Stoicism, Plotinus’ philosophy, Cicero’s discourses and, of course, Christianity and Roman law, are all foundations of any version of Western culture worthy of its name. Those are the roots that we all are attached to, more or less, and if one cuts them completely off one is bound to be at best a rootless cosmopolitan spirit, with only hedonism as the fragment that gives pseudo-meaning to existence.

Part of the dumbing down process in the West is because Westerners in general do only know about—with palpable limitations even in that respect—democracy.

2. Free Speech And Thought

Whether one first come to think of the French encyclopedists, the First Amendment to the United States constitution, or modern science in general (that is real science, not gender studies), free speech and thought are some of the basic elements that presuppose pretty much all the other main aspects of societal life. It is also these two components, although significantly curtailed in present times, which make this website possible to exist at all, as a platform for the exchange of constructive ideas that challenge the current zeitgeist’s status quo.

Freedom has its limitations both in public and private, but it is not in line with the Western culture to be too confined in neither of these domains. We may have dogmas and value consistent ethics, but some of us hardly go through life without to seriously question at least some of them, as well as changes that do occur in our societies.

Because if we do not, the tyrants—and they will eventually come yet another time, due to how human nature is constituted—will go unnoticed for too long. Free speech and thought are something larger and deeper than the right or possibility to get attention and try to pursue individual goals.

3. Science

Niall Ferguson stresses that science and medicine are two separate “killer apps” and one can indeed do such a twofold categorization. However, as I see it science in the proper sense includes many different branches of which medical improvements make up one such chief dimension. Physics, mathematics and chemistry are other main areas, alongside a number of less essential but still relatively valuable subjects. Needless to say, military science is another crucial component in this regard.

Whether or not one yearns for vast space explorations or only—literally—earthly discoveries, science is largely what underlies the West’s success. It is not just about material and practical benefits but processes which are closely intertwined with the culture and civilization as a whole. This is the Faustian spirit in the positive and life-affirming sense.

Speaking of Faustian, science is of course also linked to sometimes riskful direct explorations of our world. This includes cooperation with other nations, cultures and civilizations. For the laymen, individual discoveries may be related to activities such as reading, hiking and traveling. Or scuba diving.

4. Competition

Economics and politics have and will continuously change over time and space (such as the degree of globalism or isolationism), but competition – between individuals, groups, states and civilizations – is one of the constants that will likely never go away. Partly because it is part of human nature, and partly due to being beneficial for our culture, and probably other cultures as well.

Competition ought to be primarily peaceful, both within and between nations and civilizations. In any case it is what makes changes occur: some are constructive, some are harmful. However, it is naive and unwise to deny the almost eternal return of competition in various forms and at many different levels of any Western society. It is competition that has made America and the West great and it might be inevitable also in the future.

5. Apollonian Arts Based On Skill And Beauty

The easy part of culture is to integrate some form of Dionysian elements, such as parties, music and recreational sex. The current Western civilization is brimming over with these things. The hard part is to build and sustain art and ways of life that are truly beautiful and based on particular skills and principles. The distinction between the Dionysian and the Apollonian may guide us here.

Besides from neoclassical arts and architecture, and perhaps also certain high-tech and futuristic manifestations, the everyday Apollonian lifestyle may include diligent work, solid ethics, family life, healthy food, and proper physical exercise. Moreover, one can immerse one’s interest in particular hobbies or talents. That is an art in itself.

6. Complementary Gender Roles

Recently I and my young and hot conservative girlfriend went to IKEA to buy a new kitchen table for my apartment. This piece of furniture was divided into two main parts, separated into two parcels. I do not own a car at the moment so there were some logistics involved, such as a bus and metro ride, on which we had to carry the stuff. I took the much larger and heavier piece, while the 100 lbs creature grabbed the smaller one.

At home I asked her to start to fix the table, in the meantime I was taking care of some other things. She is not dumb so she had almost completed the task after about 15 minutes, but then kindly asked me to take care of the screwdriver part, which she realized was not optimal for her slender-limbed physique. Perfect, complementary teamwork. This trivial example also symbolizes the masculine and feminine elements, while still showcasing significant overlaps of behavior and capacity.

As I see it, rational and pragmatic principles ought to guide the two sexes in everyday life. That includes the whole spectrum from private economics to daily tasks. The current gender roles and feminism are obviously not worthwhile, but neither is a complete return to the past or to look at non-Western cultures for inspiration. There is no need for it. In times of crisis, things will likely be turned around, but rational, pragmatic and complementary approaches are still our general guidelines.

7. Balanced Demographics

In America there are black, Asian and Hispanic minorities who all ought to be treated equally (good). However, white people of more or less mixed European descent are the foundation of any Western society, including the United States. Even if Western nations could use high-skilled Chinese in large numbers in order to increase the growth of sheer GDP size, enlightened citizens should hesitate to accept them, because the bigger picture is more important.

A balanced demographic landscape has to be sustained with European people as the distinctive majority group at about a 75% rate or in some national contexts even more. Somewhat fuzzy and overlapping categories of different population groups are even beneficial, since it undermines chauvinistic attempts to organize ideas of racial purity or superiority.

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          If anything, it is rabid feminazis who now push very hard to educate girls in all those last remaining patriarchies with low to non-existent AOC laws. There are massive campaigns to turn all 3rd world girls into feminists and child brides is one the first things they fight against. So, excuse me if I don’t buy pizzagate etc.

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          The more common case is the teenage black or Hispanic kid turning tricks for money or drugs. This is the majority of the supply. You have just decriminalized their actions, lessening the risk for them.
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          In the vast majority of the cases, these teenagers are talked into the lifestyle, turned out, drugged and manipulated into doing this stuff. Now that there are no criminal penalties for the kids when they get caught doing it, so there is less of a risk to the kid. That makes it easier for the kid to be turned out because he/she knows they won’t go to jail if they get caught, they’ll just go to some therapy or something. Ergo, supply is increased, more kids out there selling sex.

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    1. Most women on my dad’s side (who’s a cossack from Kazakhstan) embrace their role fully: to run successful businesses and pass on that success to their kids.

  1. can we please stop using the word gender ?
    using a word that is puked over and over by feminists and sexually confused people (to justify their oddity) is just detrimental to us and our views.

      1. Thank you, Varonos. I recall G Gordon Liddy criticizing the use of the term ‘gender’ when, in fact, the word ‘sex’ should be used. ‘Gender’ is a PC term that should be removed from a man’s lexicon.
        So, what should one say? Last night me and my ‘partner’ had ‘gender’? Partner is another term to remove from one’s lexicon. Partners are in business and crime. The use of such term for romantic relationships has a homosexual connotation to me.

        1. Partner, for me, is a simply more polite world to introduce your prospective fiancee, in Greek you can say your relation or your comrade (it has also the meaning of partner) or your friend (in the female gender referring to friend of female sex). Although you should never use the word partner with sex together! 😀
          The fact that left destroys grammar does not mean that we should throw politeness and grammar out the window, this (trust me on that) will make us unable to read books that were written a generation ago. We shouldn’t throw down on decency because the left has made scraps out of it.
          (In Greece the polytonic system got scrambled and the teaching of grammar simplified, to my surprise made any book written before the 50’s unreadable by the modern generation and the difference is NOT that HUGE and is attributed to them being unable to read with the many symbols or understand the dative case, that got dropped but a learned Greek should be able to understand it and use it the few vestiges that it is retained.).

        2. I see what you mean but for me the word ‘partner’ and the like makes my flesh crawl in English-I would insist on using the appropriate sex-based term and correct people routinely when they try to pull that ‘gender neutral’ horseshit.

  2. This is a solid article, but that pic of the butt-sniffing lady doesnt really compute.
    Also: Serena Williams is gettin hitched to the Reddit founder- I guess if she finally has a kid, we can put those trans rumors to rest

    1. It is already proven 100% that Serena is a male. The waist indent is photographic proof of male hips.

  3. Aside from that discussion just seen on facebook:
    A stupid teacher and her butt-ugly friend (both max. a 4 on a good day) are going to cologne this evening to celebrate New year on the exact same spot the attacks last year happened. They are cheered like war heroes.
    What the fkk is wrong with these…women?

    1. Nothing heroic about it all. The news already indicated the riot police are in place and security is tight– nothing will happen in Köln. Other places however….

    2. I read somewhere that they are hiring Muslim ‘migrants’ to help provide security, using the rationale that they could better control other Muslim ‘migrants’ without a PC backlash.
      So, we hire foxes to guard the henhouse in the hopes that the other foxes won’t say mean things about us for trying to protect ourselves… and foxes are gonna be foxes, even if you try to pay them not to be.

  4. I encourage all the people here to read Duchesne’s book (the second image). You can find it at Amazon, and if you are too cheap there is a pdf for free online. It really is a worthwhile reading.

  5. Although I disagree on the Free speech* (it’s adoption signalled the beginning of our modern troubles), All else is correct.
    The Western Civilization managed to achieve were every one else has failed before it, it is the pinnacle of modern man’s achievement prowess and self-sacrifice. Today the lowest of the low move against the giants of old. The people that were rejected by the advancement and the growth of Earth’s greatest achievers move against them and even worse these allowed it out of humanitarian ethics.
    All these masses of SJWs, barbarians and savages that wish to see us dead and what they accuse us of doing to them, they want to see themselves doing it to us. They want to take our civilization, call it their own, recieve it’s bonuses but throw away the needed sacrifices. In the end their innate inefficiencies will bring the structure to the ground and then they ‘ll dance again to the god of water for rain, or demand food to come as snow from the endless skies.
    The reason for the Westerner’s rise was his ability to understand and better follow complex and abstract ideas and stick to them. Nowhere else, even in Asia,(prior to colloniallism) the rule of law as a concept was ever understood. I leave it there, for the reader to search around him what wouldn’t stand for that trait. The problem is that the ones between us that hate our achievements could create evil ideas hidden with the guise of good intentions and brought around to the average man and he believed them to be good. That is what destroys us.
    Still, there is hope that this tide of dark blackness that comes to consume our great lights and drown our achievements down there in the bottom of deep, cold and murky waters. The election of Trump, Brexit, the moves made by the Magyar president, Poland and Italy prove that there might still be life for us. Remember we erroneously gave them power and allowed them to have it, if we want we can take it back and condemn in their loveless loneliness where they shall dwell with their wretchedness.
    * In an orderly society *THE LACK OF* free speech tends to protect good speech from bad speech. The reason is that bad and stupid ideas spread faster, better and have the tendency to appear or form pairs. Good ideas require logical and rational thought, discrimination against bad, incorrect or even problematic ideas for sane, good or correct ones. By looking at the modern SJWs one can see that people tend to stick much more to what fails if they have emotionally invested in it, the cuckservatives even are a much better case in that phenomenon as they also lose politically, still they stick to what keeps them down, refusing to think that their ideas, that lead to their erring are simply bad.

    1. I disagree. Free speech has nothing to do with “good speech” or “bad speech”. To the extent that it does, free speech is intended to protect the right of people to use “good speech” against “bad speech”.
      You use the phrase “good speech” to mean logical, rational thought while “bad speech” is emotional SJWism and feel-good irrationality. However, without free speech, “good speech” is whatever those in power say it is, and anything that challenges the ruling power is “bad speech”.
      In other words, without free speech, if your “cuckservatives” were in power, they would be able to define their ideology as “good speech” and everything else as “bad speech”. Without free speech, no one would be allowed to argue against it, and we’d be in 17 (additional) wars in places no one can pronounce.
      The ultimate issue is moral relativity. The destruction of right and wrong and human morality is what has perverted the original concept of free speech.

      1. Well… The cuckservatives and the leftists were not for the most part of history in power. Free speech allows anyone to say his mind, moral relativism in, let’s say, the middle ages would have been met with ruinous consequences, even if death would not be visited to the perpetrator he would have been ostracized for life. Problem is most people like the SJWism and cuckservativism to the point that the consequences do not hit them directly.
        I have a perfect example of ancient SJWism in action and it wasn’t used by a minority (consider that in Ancient Athens you never have relativists) but by the majority. Athens destroyed Ancient Greece by waging one war after another against city-states that did not have democracy, that was also the sole reason the SECOND Peloponesia war started. Before each attack the mass would vote and decide everything beforehand even the atrocities against them, most of the time they voted again against the atrocities but not even once under three cases were they stopped (let’s say that other cities run out of every living thing inside them), also whenever they heard something intelligent but did not like it they either: ostracized you (banished while your belongings were taken off by the state) or forced you to commit suicide. In these ways the most known ancient Greeks that came from Athens had their fate end, dying either on exile penniless and forgotten or forced to drink hemlock. Also it was all with the blessings of the crowd.
        What I want to say is something that Plato said about the sophists considering the crowd: they give them what they want and become successful by fooling the crowd. It is quoted by memory. This means that the people got fooled for let’s say a hundred years and only now after the end is nearly at fruition, with their countries, rights and lives at stake only then they saw what they allowed to happen, by believing the tenements of equality, socialism and spreading democracy to the uncivilized.
        The people believed it because:
        a)It made them FEEL good, by appeasing them
        b)It gave them Purpose, by making them FEEL important and
        c)It sounded logical, by making the FEEL intelligent
        Free speech allows mostly bad ideas to go out, the fact that this happened today and now they try to enforce them is irrelevant, ONLY because in a finely structured society such a thing would not have been allowed to happen.
        Some fine examples:
        The Cathars/Patars and the Bogomists, some stupid heresies from the middle ages that preached against having children and today are hailed as protofeminists due to that and the fact that they Cathars/Patars ordained women, they got both far out of hand and the Inquisition was formed to battle similar phenomena in the future (successfully), a crusade was called against the Cathars/Patars as they controlled whole regions of France, they still make the vast majority of the victims of the holy Inquisition and the Bulgars… just gave an anathema against the Bogomists and continued to kill and hunt them down. Stupid idea about not having children and through it going to heaven done for, but for some time wherever these heresies got into power they tried to enforce it.
        Another great example: marxism in imperial Germany was being hunted down due to a combination of: it’s stupid ideas and the instability it would cause and would threaten the foundation for the monarch. What did the Germans do? They sadly exiled Marx and Engels (they should have executed them)… England took them, they continued to preach and write, but Germany had a problem again with communism only after it lost war, the keiser was abdicated and it had a worthless proto-liberal government that cared more about discrimination against skypes and homos rather than the average while it destroyed what little was standing of the economy, sounds familiar? Anyway by Marx escaping into a country that DID allow free speech a the time we are at this mess. I could add Trotsky’s example but I ‘d start to become redundant, I only hope for you to understand my reasoning only. If you continue to disagree well….
        Let’s agree to disagree 😀 !

  6. Niall seems like an interesting guy. Wasn’t encouraged that he wrote two brown-nosing books on the Rothschilds though. Exclusive access to the Rothschild’s archives my arse.

      1. I would buy the federal reserve and print me another couple of trillion.
        Then I’d get me some cheap women and do nothing

  7. It’s a very good article. However two vital pillars have been forgotten by Mr. Fergusson (perhaps unwittingly…):
    a. Christianity (without its concept of an ordered Universe ruled by universal laws, Science as we know it in the West wouldn’t have risen).
    b. Barbarian heritage (in the Anglophone countries can take the form of the common law and there and elsewhere is expressed in concepts like the right of the citizens to bear arms, limited government, influenced by Christianity substituted vassalage for slavery etc.).
    Freedom of expression can even be called a byproduct of the wealth produced in the West, not a cause of it.

    1. I believe Christianity is mentioned under Greco-Roman values, but yes, I agree that it deserved its own heading.

        1. We all can agree that Plato’s dialogues, Aristotle’s multifaceted
          proto-science, Zeno of Citium’s Stoicism, Plotinus’ philosophy, Cicero’s
          discourses and, of course, Christianity and Roman law, are all
          foundations of any version of Western culture worthy of its name…

        2. I stand corrected. However I would have put Greco-Roman heritage and Christianity in their own headings…

    2. I think it might be too little too late. With the barbarian hordes flooding the west, western culture might be overwhelmed before it can forcefully assimilate or repel the invaders.
      Unfortunately I don’t think Christian Monasteries will be allowed to exist in the new Caliphate to preserve Christian thinking or secular science as they did in the dark ages.

    3. The rise of science predated Christianity.
      The earliest Greek philosophers, known as the pre-Socratics, provided competing answers to the question found in the myths of their neighbors: “How did the ordered cosmos in which we live come to be?”Subsequently, Plato and Aristotle produced the first systematic discussions of natural philosophy, which did much to shape later investigations into nature.
      The important legacy of this period included substantial advances in factual knowledge, especially in anatomy, zoology, and astronomy; an awareness of the importance of certain scientific problems, especially those related to the problem of change and its causes; and a recognition of the methodological importance of applying mathematics to natural phenomena and of undertaking empirical research.[9] Hellenistic scholars frequently employed the principles developed in earlier Greek thought: the application of mathematics and deliberate empirical research, in their scientific investigations.[10] The level of Hellenistic achievement in astronomy and engineering is impressively shown by the Antikythera mechanism (150-100 BC). Hipparchus (ca. 190 – ca. 120 BC) produced the first systematic star catalog. In medicine, Herophilos (335 – 280 BC) was the first to base his conclusions on dissection of the human body and to describe the nervous system. Hippocrates (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC) and his followers were first to describe many diseases and medical conditions. Galen (129 – ca. 200 AD) performed many audacious operations—including brain and eye surgeries— that were not tried again for almost two millennia. Geometers such as Archimedes (ca. 287 BC – 212 BC), Apollonius of Perga (ca. 262 BC – ca. 190 BC) , and Euclid (ca. 325 BC – 265 BC), whose Elements became the most important textbook in mathematics until the 19th century, built upon the work of the Hellenic era Pythagoreans.
      After the fall of Rome, Christianity did away with science, since it had been established by pagans. That’s why the period of Christian control is known as the Dark Ages.

      1. And how come do you know about those authors? It’s pretty obvious for anyone with some knowledge of history and common sense that the very fact that you know about those authors disproves your assertion that Christians “did away with sciences”. Well maybe those fundamentalist protestant Churches in the neck of U.S. woods tried, but in Europe it didn’t happen. The knowledge of Rome lived throughout monasteries and dedicated monks all over Europe, not because of the mercy of barbarians whose kings couldn’t even read or write.
        Moreover the denomination of Dark Ages was a later invention by the Philosophers of the “enlightenment” who were not driven by a desire to inquire the truth of the past but to slander and destroy. Moreover neither Greek or Rome developed the Scientific Method, despite their advances, they lacked what medieval philosophy could develop much later. And doctors had outdone Galen by the 13th century despite their difficulties (constant infighting, barbarian and Islamic invasions, plagues, etc.)

  8. You clearly don’t know the whole story of world history. Europe was a big fucking shithole, except for the areas controlled by the Greeks and Latin speaking tribes, who laid the foundation of the Roman Empire. The rest of the people living in Europe were highly despised by the Romans, especially the Germanic ones. They weren’t allowed to live in the Roman Empire and most Romans didn’t even want to trade with them. I assume you know what happened to Europe when the Romans lost control.
    Why Western Europe dominated the rest of the world? The rise of Islam destroyed practically every region they laid their hands upon and they never reached Western Europe. The same holds for all kinds of Turkic tribes (Huns, Mongols etc.) who never reached Western Europe. Western Europe could develop while other civilizations were gone or highly damaged. Don’t think Dutch or British people were unique, because the knowledge of navigating the oceans was already known to the Phoenicians 4000 years ago, but they were only interested in trade and not in colonization and whiping out native people.

    1. Western Europe dominated the world because they had a long history of outbreeding (avoiding close cousin marriage), a tradition which the rest of the world, including eastern Europe, largely lacks.

      1. HBD chick has a lot of good writing on this subject. It’s not the only cause but the evidence makes it seem very important.

  9. This is a very good article. I will make a minor caveat on point 7, however. Yes, a dominantly European population is needed to sustain it, but specifically a dominantly western (particularly north-western) European population. This was in fact one of the major reasons the United States became so successful: a dominant Northern European population.

    1. Your typical Anglo American is a German-British mix. German ancestry is even more prevalent than the British I heard. Trump is a good example.

      1. The founding stock of America were dominantly Brits, with Scots, Germans and Dutch thrown in. And yes, if I recall correctly German-Americans are the single largest ethnic group (or at least Euro-American ethnic group) in America.

  10. The writers in the manosphere tend to idolize the Greco-Roman culture without a proper understanding of it.
    Take Plato for example – he was the first and greatest Western nihilist, and the idea of the cave and of the wise man are two of the tallest examples of that. The allegory of the cave disconnects you from this world by telling you it is only a shadow of the real world. It does the same thing the idea of heaven does: it puts your gaze elsewhere. If you are searching for a real world behind or beyond this one, you naturally neglect this world. You put your energy and concentration in the other world. While you look away, the rich people steal everything you own.
    Plato’s perverted idea of the wise man achieves the same thing, since it inverts the truth. By definition, the wisest man isn’t the man who knows nothing. The wisest man is the man who know the most. Yes, even the wisest may think they know some things they don’t, or may think they know more than they know, but that really isn’t to the point. Because they are mistaken on some things does not imply they mistaken on all things. If Plato is right, and the wisest man is the one who knows he knows nothing, then there are no wise men and there is no wisdom.

    1. When I read this first paragraph I thought “ok cool, he might say something interesting”
      Wow dude. Just wow. Whatever medicine you were taking a few weeks back that was helping you make some kind of sense you should begin taking again

    2. If Plato was a nihilist inclined to neglect the present world, then why the fuck did he write The Republic? Why did he go to Syracuse and attempt to create the elaborate society he had proposed? How could a nihilist teach that society must be ruled by philosopher-kings in order to be truly just? Why was Socrates executed if his idealist teachings were not a threat to the established political order of Athens?
      Get educated man. Put down the Ayn Rand books and go take a freshman philosophy course so you don’t continue sounding like an idiot.

      1. Nicely put-that’s the resident crackpot you’re dealing with so take everything written with a Dead Sea level amount of salt-a pinch will in no way suffice when reading such.

    3. Instead of throwing tomatoes at you like the rest of the detractors, I wish to engage with you because what you say sounds rational but maybe not quite hitting the mark.
      The allegory of the cave, I think, means that the world that you perceive is the world that you experience, but may not be the entirety of all the worlds or experiences available to any one person at any one time. It is not meant to say for one to seek something outside of yourself as the “more real” or authentic experience. Only to question your current experience. But again, that is up to your interpretation of the allegory and how you define it.
      And Plato’s wise man idea. The amount of knowledge a man contains does not equal how wise a man is. But the more knowledge a man has the more wise he CAN be. But with “zero” knowledge no man can ever be wise, not even a little bit. So how to obtain the most amount of knowledge possible? Knowing you know nothing. But even then that doesn’t guarantee you a spot on the starting lineup as being the most wise. Now can you appreciate what a wise-guy Plato was?

  11. “if Europeans were such incompetent people, how could they build fleets and weapons that outcompeted their opponents and enemies in the first instance?”
    I rarely see this brought up when people are disparaging the evil white man, and it’s a crucial point. If native Americans or insert-perceived-victim-society-here were so great, why did they allow themselves to be conquered instead of preserving and expanding their own culture?

    1. Europeans became proficient at war because they were attacked first. Granted they warred amongst themselves quite frequently before hand they didn’t began to go on the offensive globally until they were attacked first (read persians versus greeks)

    2. Native Americans mostly died of disease. Europeans had centuries to build immunity to these diseases. Even diet affects people with native blood. Many of them have diabetes and high blood pressure right now because they are not used to fats and starches

  12. It’s funny how the death of Socrates painting is used as the picture for free speech seeing as how it depicts his final moments before his death sentence for corrupting the youth and heresy was carried out. Not exactly free speech

        1. That’s what I meant, but on second thought, the Greeks would’ve given him a prize for that, unless he was so “popular” he was plugging all the bungholes, leaving none for anyone else.

        2. It’s funny, his charge came from a few places. One of which is that one of his students knocked all the dicks off of the statues of Hermes in Athens for some reason and he was being blamed and it was said he corrupted the youth by making them question the gods (and knock their dicks off).
          His last words were to Crito. he says “give a cock to asclepius” A lot of conjecture about what he meant, but the most common and probably correct interpretation is that he meant that life is a sickness. You see, if you got sick and then you got better you would sacrifice a cock to asclepius. So Socrates is saying, it is thought, that life is a sickness and that death is the cure…the body is corruptive and once dead the soul can be pure.
          I used to tell my students that what he really meant was to give a cock to hermes as a way of admitting he was wrong, but the hemlock got to his head and he accidentally said asclepius

  13. What I don’t understand is that people (in this case white people) want to take pride in the great things done by their ancestors and continue the “greatness” by keeping themselves a majority in a country that hadn’t even originally belonged to their ancestors anyway, but the minute anyone brings that up it’s now “in the past” and “don’t blame people for things they didn’t do.” True, you should not be blamed for the things done by your ancestors, but neither should you take credit for the good things, or have some kind of pride based on that. The past is in the past, both good and bad.

    1. Because it’s easy. They simply do not have the willpower of say Einstein or Mozart who rose to be legends by having a painstakingly ruthless work ethic. Their life involved work and sleep, completely devoted to perfection with no time for much else. Much easier to take credit for work someone else has done in the past as it gives them a false sense of pride.

      1. You are missing the point. We don’t take credit for neither geniuses’ nor common hard-working people’s work in the past, but we should use all of this accumulated knowledge in ways of life that “praises” our ancestors, develop and educate the current generation, and take responsibility for the future generations (Edmund Burke reasoning or just common sense).
        Right now we have morbid obesity, Tinder sluts, pathetic beta bales, mass migration, all kinds of degenerated porn and entertainment, hyperglobalism, and the list just goes on. That is what we want to change. We want something better and the West could do better.

    2. It’s a counter to the fact that minority groups rely extremely heavily on things in past (slavery, trail of tears, holocaust, etc.) as means to secure special favors today. Whites wouldn’t have to bring up the past if minority groups didn’t. We’re more concerned with holding the country together while minority groups are out tearing it apart with their divisive narratives, protests, riots, and so on.

  14. Very good summary. The self loathing in the west is shameful. We should be proud of what we have built and fight tooth and nail to protect it from the barbarian hordes.

  15. A coworker recently asked me; “I would never work with a homophobe, would you work with a racist?”. Me, a brown skinned man didn’t hesitate to say “Yes, why not?”. This is the problem with society, everything is taken extremely personally. I’ve had members of my family who were exiled from their country because of the colour of their skin, forced to leave with literally everything they could carry with 2 hands. Why on earth would opinions phase me? The western culture have gone far too soft to the point where people are happy to leave their jobs just because someone had the audacity to have an opinion.

  16. I have been all for free speech for years, but now I have changed my mind. Consider progressive liberalism; it is a highly infectious mental illness that needs to be contained and eliminated through a ban on anyone promoting it and lengthy, statutory custodial sentences for violations of that ban. Before Arabic becomes the only permitted language and Shariah law reigns supreme.

  17. The only thing needed to invigorate western culture is to stop giving white women free money. No state handouts, no redistribution from men on divorce, for them or their children, no jobs without merit. Problems solved!
    Stay with your man, or earn your own money. No free ride.

  18. That was extremely well said, even put the finger on certain points I’ve been aware of but never been able to quite spell out. Exactly white europeans need to remain the backbone (Leitkultur) of any western society. Ask anyone who has spent any time as a European living in a colonial African country if the differences are merely skin deep.. If we could apply the principles in this article it could save the west going to rack and ruin. Also interesting to hear it spelled out, have thought of it too, that total racial purity is also not good as it leads to wacky ideologies. The problem now is also that economics is raised to be the supreme good, hence the powers (cucks) that be would not buy your argument about bringing in lots of Chinese. Also, the tyrants will go unnoticed for too long without free speech – exactly! It screws stuff up so badly I even wonder about the so called „Verfassungschutz“ in Germany don’t know much about it but it sounds to me just like another stifling of free speech. Maybe they created their current Verfassung in the period after the war when the country was probably 100% white and purged of all kinds of impurities but it is not like that now and rapidly getting diluted, whatever is in that document is possibly no longer as relevant.

  19. Iceland is near 100% racially pure for obvious reasons and displays anything but extremist ideologies. Extremist ideologies don’t form in an isolated settlement but extremist ideologies are required to impliment ethnic cleansing or to reverse racial admixture in a settlement. The base state doesn’t cause the reaction. That ocurrs with the combining of elements.
    Injecting Somalis into Iceland with the guise of alleviating racial or political extremism would be like an unnecesary schedule of vaccines with negative side effects, with nothing to be ‘cured’ and numerous side effects to mitigate. Forcibly injecting non assimilable refugees who are racially/ethnically incompatible into ethnically homogeneous areas falls into the category of medical tyranny in a way – the forcing of unwanted vaccines. Any ethnic group that cannot control its females and then finds itself awash in alien legions will find its dwellings being burrowed into by the invasive species who cannot build to code, so they kill the occupant and commandeer the burrow. This is common in the animal kingdom where snakes which cannot dig will kill the rodent occupant of a hole and then lay their nest.
    THE END RESULT of adverse infusion of differing ethnicity under these conditions is similar to anaphylactic shock for the ‘innoculated’ host, similar to allergic reaction to a bad vaccine where the immune system attacks friendly tissue and the host swells like a rash covered water balloon with antibody fluids, a total expendature of one’s own immune defenses which are instructed to turn inward, to self destruct and destroy every cell of the host that produced the immunobodies. Ultimately culminating in implosion (death) of the host culture.
    JUST SAY NO to socially engineered culture vaccines. Healthy transferrance of culture occurs naturally through trade, commerce and constructive compitetion. Only the best of cultures is transferred whereas forced culture shock is like injecting fecal bacteria into the bloodstream.
    WESTERN COUNTRIES DO NOT WANT or need the harmful artificial bogus mercury (toxin) laiden killer vaccine culture shots of refugees that the globalists push. THEY’RE NOT NATURE APPROVED!! They’re intended to cause an allergic type mayhem with your culture/body politik and eventually kill YOU the host!

  20. “However, white people of more or less mixed European descent are the foundation of any Western society, including the United States. ”
    ^^ Every nationality group in the world knows that United States is mostly Euro influenced even though there are many races coming to America.
    It’s just the gullible liberal whites who are in denial of this.

    1. You think the liberals are gullible? Maybe they are because they embraced the liberal ideology. However, if you think they are gullible in pushing their agenda, you might be in for a surprise.
      The liberal has aborted all their kids, decimated marriage through frivolous divorce laws, and promoted a homosexual lifestyle. All these can only lead to a significant reduction in their populations. So, they must have mass immigration—whether legal or illegal, to help them win elections. Did I mention that they must keep the electorate dependent on them to ensure their loyalty? That is why they promote a welfare state like mad men. It’s all calculated towards elections.

      1. You give them way too much credit.
        I was talking about the bottom lower tier of liberals. The braindead masses for example. The sheltered spoiled brat, college students who live in upscale neighborhood and all food, protection provided by parents and never had to work for a dime of his life.
        Not the top liberal with power and agenda.

  21. Um, no. As great as Greco-Roman values are, having them at the center won’t work. We already tried it. It worked for a while, then it fell away. By the time the Christians took over the Empire, the Empire was on life support due to all the years of civil war, society’s vanity, and the declining birthrate.

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