4 Lessons From Mankind’s Very First Shit Test

Understanding shit tests is important.  Real important.  Not just for navigating your relationships with women, but also for understanding, defining and defending yourself.

Don’t believe me?  Then why did God chronicle the world’s first shit-test in chapter 3 of Genesis, immediately after the trifling matter of the Creation of Heaven and Earth? Before any discussion about, say, the purpose of life, the nature of God or the path to freedom, God sits us down and says, “Okay men, this is how it is. Listen up.”

And yet here we are, eleventy bazillion years later having to relearn the lessons of this primordial story of man vs. woman.  Be of good cheer though. The story is short and the lessons are vivid.

The first shit test

Let’s set the stage:

The serpent was the shrewdest of all the wild animals the Lord God had made.  One day he asked the woman, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?”

“Of course we may eat fruit from the trees in the garden,” the woman replied.  “It’s only the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden that we are not allowed to eat.  God said, ‘You must not eat it or even touch it; if you do, you will die.’”

“You won’t die!” the serpent replied to the woman.  “God knows that your eyes will be opened as soon as you eat it, and you will be like God, knowing both good and evil.”

The woman was convinced.  She saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her.  So she took some of the fruit and ate it.  Then she gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it, too.  At that moment their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness.  Genesis 3, NLT

So what is the shit test?  Simply this: Should Adam take the fruit to please Eve and maintain his relationship with her?  Or should he tell her, ‘Shut up.  Walk away from the talking snake and go back to the tent. I want to be fruitful with you.’

Lesson #1 – this crap isn’t new

God’s response to Eve’s disobedient shit-test is rather enlightening:

“And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.”

In other words, this tension, this conflict between men and women that we deal with constantly goes back to the very beginning.  First-wave feminists didn’t create it.  Second or third-wave feminists didn’t create it either.  All they’re doing is coming together collectively to do what they can’t do individually – control men.

Feminists will tell you that feminism is all about equality.  ‘Equality’ is a lie.  As it ever was, their desire as women is to rule over you.  Period.

Now fast-forward a couple thousand – or million – years.  Because women haven’t changed, the same admonition is given:

“…you wives must accept the authority of your husbands. For instance, Sarah obeyed her husband, Abraham, and called him her master. You are her daughters when you do what is right without fear of what your husbands might do.”  1 Peter 3

Now, women wouldn’t be told to submit to men if they weren’t capable of it.  That would just be mean.  But even well-meaning women quite naturally fear what their man would do with his authority if she actually did submit to him.  Letting go, trusting another human being, is hard.  Humans mostly suck.  I get it.  And feminism is always there to stir this fear and distrust.

Managing this age-old conflict requires us to acknowledge their fears and to manifest a solid, trustworthy – if playfully unpredictable – masculinity.

Lesson #2 – Be active not passive

Adam’s punishment is:

“Since you listened to your wife and ate from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat, the ground is cursed because of you.  All your life you will struggle to scratch a living from it.”

Did you catch that?  The cause of Adam’s transgression was that he ‘listened to his wife’ and followed her into disobedience.  Happy wife, happy life my ass!

He should have grabbed the nearest shovel and chopped the serpent’s head off before admonishing his wife for her covetousness – this despite their lavish habitation!  Instead Adam passively sat there as the scene unfolded.

The lesson is simple.  Be active.  Be engaged.  And actually care about your woman.  Sure, many women will call you a bully and say you’re too controlling.  That’s fine.  If you’re in it for an actual relationship, next her.  This one can deal with the ‘serpents of life’ on her own.

You can’t fool me, Mister!

Lesson #3Women are gullible and covetous

Women have exquisite feminine virtues based on openness and receptivity that men rightly treasure when we can find it.  Frankly, when we see it, it’s impossibly attractive and intoxicating.  But there’s a flip side to feminine virtue.

When you’re open and receptive, you’re also more easily fooled.

And it was not Adam who was deceived by Satan. The woman was deceived, and sin was the result.

And when your nature is to attract and receive, you are also more prone to materialism and covetousness as you search for validation in all the wrong places.

She saw that the tree was beautiful….and she wanted…

This is one reason – there are others – that men should lead women in relationships. It’s not to lord over them abusively or for self-gain.  It’s to provide women a safe space to express and share their feminine nature with us without being taken advantage of.

Conversely, when women call the shots in a relationships, it’s inherently exhausting and ultimately unsatisfying for both of you.  Her covetousness and gullibility will combine to dominate the purpose of the union.  She will see and want and be sold…. a bigger house… a bigger diamond…. a newer car… another expensive vacation… a fairy-tale wedding.  You know the drill.

In the end, her covetousness and gullibility will become your own.  And the things that control her will become your masters.

Who’s the boss?

Lesson #4 – Lead your woman, or else..

Let’s game this out. There’s a period of time when Eve has taken the fruit but Adam hasn’t.  At this point, Adam has two choices . He can follow Eve – submitting to her – or follow God.  In the end of course, he submits to Eve.

But why did he chose Eve over God knowing it was wrong?  Because he was afraid of losing his relationship with her which he treasured, a relationship marked by unquestioned trust and pure physical and emotional intimacy. Sounds good right?

In the end though – and this is the lesson for us – by selling out his own integrity and his call to leadership, he ended up losing the very relationship he sought to protect.  In its place, he received a new relationship with Eve marked by distrust, conflict and competition.

Likewise, when we abdicate leadership, when we sell out our own integrity, we lose self-respect first, and then in turn, her respect.  And then the relationship either ends, or worse, it lingers in blue-pill hell. There is simply no acceptable alternative to men leading relationships.


So there it is. Nothing new is under the sun.  Women are the same as they’ve ever been.  And the tension between us is as old as humanity – baked into the heart of every man and woman.

So what do we do?  Well, what did Adam do?  He picked himself up after that colossal shit-test failure to end all shit-test failures and took the red pill.

Then the man—Adam—named his wife Eve, because she would be the mother of all who live.

In other words, he takes his authority back and moves forward the best he can, perhaps having learned a little along the way.  Oh, and he take Eve back to the tent.  And she follows.

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306 thoughts on “4 Lessons From Mankind’s Very First Shit Test”

    1. Unless the place serves lobster, she’s just gonna order a salad, anyway.

      1. I was in a shitty psychology class like 10 years ago. The professor asked all the men to write what they want in a woman on a flash cards and pass them down. He read off some basic shit. Mine said : “Mute.”

    2. And what if it wasn’t an apple but a kratom tree in the garden of eden ? Would you refuse a beautiful naked woman offering you kratom to taste ? Lol

    3. My mother always chose what was for dinner because she was a good cook and knew what my father liked.

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        1. How dare you, you slore. Putting a cheap comment when I am speaking about my mother and how dutiful she was to my dad.
          Now go wipe that cum off yerself and go clean behind your fridge and stove.

    4. Hahaha! Facebook’ed! 🙂 But I added to it, as follows:
      The Original Sin was letting the woman choose what was for dinner. And every time you come home from work and ask her; “What’s for dinner, honey?”, you repeat Adam’s mistake.
      The lesson here? To avoid hell, call ahead and tell her what you want for dinner.

    1. At least she’s pretty. As long as a woman is pretty/hot and NOT fat, I don’t have any problem with her posting thousands of sexually suggestive selfies. I actually encourage women to post as many pictures as they like. Honestly, this is one of the only reasons I actually use Instagram and Facebook (besides to keep in touch with my friends), to admire sexy women and like their pictures.

        1. give him a break- i dont think hes american(puerto rican methinks)

        2. I don’t see any problem liking pretty girls. I’d have a problem if I didn’t liked them (I’d be a fucking fag then and I’d rather kill myself than ever being a fag). I’m so into sexy girls who like to show what they have the best (looks and sexuality) to men and I’d be damned if I’ll ever get tired of this shit (sexy/slim girls for the win, say NO to fat/ugly/manly looking girls). And everyone should encourage them to show their goodies, every man who respect themselves and are not fucking disgusting fags.

        3. On the one hand, it’s treating thots like thots… on the other hand, its kind of a snapshot of Thirst, right there.

        4. So we should encourage females to be feral sexually. Got it.

        5. I don’t think it’s a secret on here that this guy is a an oblivious, thirsty beta.

        6. “If Will Ferrell had a sister, her name would be Sexually Ferrell.” – Ricky Bobby

        7. Do you see the problem in liking emotionally damaged goods? Because that is what all this online attention whoring is producing. Western women develop god complexes from all this validation that didn’t exist 15 years ago.

        8. I’m just a simple man who like to look at/fuck hot women. I don’t see any problem behaving like this. I’m not a beta man, I strongly believe that feminist is a bullshit but I just love hot women (love to fuck and look at, not to have a relationship with them cause I was disappointed few times and I don’t trust women anymore as long term girlfriends/especially wives). Everyone with their opinions, after all, right? Let the women be sexual and bang as many as you can until the end of your days (even at 60 years old if you’re still capable). Live your life, eat, enjoy women being sexy, fuck them, sleep and repeat.

        9. There is a difference between “liking” pretty girls and pedestalizing them on Instaface and Snapgram. There is a difference between enjoying how a hot chick looks in a tight dress as she walks by and feeding a raging attention whore posting 472 pics of herself on social media everyday.
          You keep reassuring us that you’re not a beta male while telling us how you engage in beta male / orbiter behavior.

        10. Dude, you’re really, really thirsty.
          Liking sexy women is perfectly legit. Going on about it on the internet and saying we should encourage women to engage in the same things that have given feminism power the last few decades is myopic. You are literally thinking only with your dick. Nobody wants to see women in a hijab (well, maybe the ugly ones) but this trend of basically selling themselves out as fuck toys in order to get “Likes” on Facebook is terrible.
          Grow up son. There’s more to life than your dick.

        11. You’re ignoring the societal consequences for encouraging women to behave uninhibited. Most of us on ROK don’t want to live in unproductive states like Puerto Rico.

        12. “You’re ignoring the societal consequences for encouraging women to behave uninhibited.”
          Excellent point. He is ignoring the actual, proven consequences of the beta orbiter behavior he is promoting.

        13. I actually liked Romania a lot when I visited in 2010. Buchacrest was fun as hell and your women were much better looking than average. So I further can’t understand why you would be so desperate.

        14. All of you are right, in your own ways. But these are your opinions and I respect them. However I don’t put women on a pedestal, I don’t believe their bullshit, I don’t let myself being ruled by them and I don’t give them money for their bullshit (I actually tell them to buy their own things using their own money (I’m a bit of a stingy, that’s all) I just like what I see and take (if I can and when I can) and nothing more. While I respect your opinion (and you’re all very informed and smart people) I’m still doing what I feel like and I think is the best for my life.

        15. I’m not desperate, I just love having sex with as many pretty woman as possible without having actually a long term relationship with them (well, if I’ll find a girl on my tastes and willing to respect me and be a good companion to me maybe I’ll get married one day but…until then, live my life and have fun, this is my motto). I’m so glad you visited and liked my country. Wish you the best man, you seem like a honest and respectful person, despite our opinions being different.

        16. Giving women unadulterated attention will turn them into what they should be (Romanian women) into what we have (Americunts).

        17. I understand you liking girls and watching their Instagram feeds. However, by liking their picture you are having them lead you instead of the other way around. 10/10 times they consider every guy liking their picture as a total beta. FYI. Only comment or DM these when you want something, like a date.

        18. Instawhore hottie posts a selfie on social media.
          Nobody likes it.
          Philosophical question: Did the photo ever actually happen?

        19. Alright, I’ll listen to your advice and stop liking their pictures, at least. Thanks for advice, I really didn’t know that by liking them would give them so much power, I honestly believed that it was my way to express how much I like their photos. Ok, I guess there are people who knows better than me and I have to listen them (I always listen to people wiser than me, that’s a thing I do). But I still agree with women to post pics for us to admire their looks. Pretty women should share their prettiness with everyone.

        20. Not sure why, but think I kind of love this guy (yet, hyper thirst alert fo’ sho’). RoK mascot job still open for hires?

        21. If you arent from the continental USA, you are a Puerto Rican. its simply how things are

        22. Puerto Rico is fucking ungodly beautiful; took my son there a few years ago and managed to game and bang a couple local broads while he was in daycare. After leaving, I read the island has a fairly high HIV rate, but wrapped it up here, so got my Puerto Rican flag without STDs at least. Wait, if some place is a US territory, i.e. PR, American Virgin Islands, Guam, etc., does it count as a flag for a mainland US guy to bang a chick (or chicks) from there? Serious question.

        23. took my son there a few years ago and managed to game and bang a couple local broads while he was in daycare.

          Your son managed to game and bang some broads while he was in day care?
          Dayyyyyyyummmm, bet you were one proud papa!

        24. exactly one of the reason i have instagram is to see hot women but i dont like it and i sure as hell don’t comment you go gurllll ur so hottt. I’ve left one comment on a womens picture and it was one of a women that used to be really damn hot but put on probs 15 lbs. her post was like im not fat just curvy, my comment was those stretch marks on ur gut say otherwise

        25. Well, pics or it didn’t happen.
          As long as one person saw the pic, it existed.

        26. You’re welcome. ROK is about SMV, it’s about understanding what you are doing in this world and what others, in this case women are doing. Yes women should post and oh yes you should see and enjoy pictures, of course, we are all men with instincts. But the exact timing of validation is your action and as comments below go you don’t know these women how they are. Only after getting to know them they can have your validation.

        27. It’s fine for visiting. It’s completely mismanaged and I certainly don’t want to take on their disastrous financial status.

        28. Pictures might be nice but most post them for attention. And we all know you can’t turn an attention whore into a housewife.

        29. Understood, but by the same token you colonials are all ‘yanks’ to us (rtw) no matter which end of the country you are from…

    1. The allmighty serpent saved the world from zombie apocalypse: imagine if all people were immortal, there would be like 100 billion people and some billion other hominids.

  1. Jonathan: killed it. Should be required reading. Much respect.

  2. Hum.
    Eve’s sister, Lilith, murdered her children by Adam and then ate them.

    1. Pretty sure that Lilith being Eve’s sister is a myth fronted by a couple of Jewish intellectuals with no real Biblical support.

      1. Nothing in the Bible supporting the existence of Lilith, but it’s been part of Jewish legend at least since the Babylonian captivity (I think they took it from the Babylonians along with some of their gods…).

        1. Yeah, that’s more or less what I’ve assumed.

  3. I always heard this movie was borderline smut, never saw it until recently, but it was a non stop shit test a la adam and eve(and a rather benign movie relative to today’s crap):

    1. But later on in her career, she really toned it down and started taking on roles that other women could emulate with pride (sarcasm alert)…

  4. “Most women project the outward appearance of desiring to be taken seriously; but inwardly they harbor the unbridled desire to be seriously ‘taken’…and taken hard.” – Gandhi

  5. Women will test you in every single time, in every possible situation. Just a weak ago, i had the following shit test via sms…
    Me: i want to kiss your body all over…
    Her: I have a “person”, so you should not send me those sms you send.
    Me: You are so right…but i want to fuck you anyway.
    By not giving up, by keeping the frame, one should expect great results…Chateau heartiste says it better when he warn us about a women fake indignation. Adam should have made the same with Eve: woman…shut up and grow up.

    1. “Most women project the outward appearance of desiring to be taken seriously; but inwardly they harbor the unbridled desire to be seriously ‘taken’ – and taken hard.” – Gandhi

    2. She has a “person?” Not talking about her big old bloodhound, is she?

      1. Either that, or she is on the slave holding business…But bare in mind, i used the comas because she does not mention she has a boyfriend or someone she likes, no…she has a person.

  6. I think it’s noteworthy that a) Eve was tempted by the idea that she could be like God, while b) Adam was tempted by following the proud female’s advice. Even from a non-Christian perspective one has to admit that both men and women are indeed often tempted to put women in the place that is traditionally reserved for the only God in Abrahamic religions.
    Consider, for instance, how many pagan religions worship motherhood goddesses and how the evil US Empire is able to justify its imperialist wars by claiming that they only murder in order to “liberate” women. Be that as it may, according to the holy texts of Christianity, the punishment for sin was not only death but also that the women’s desire is now “contrary to her husband.” (Genesis 3:16) Before the fall, the female gladly fulfilled her roles as the submissive helper she was created for by the Christian’s God – after the fall, she is now boisterous and unsubmissive, her desire is now “contrary” to her husband. Hence, a female refusing to submit is both sin and the result of sin.
    This is not to say that I support Christianity or believe the teachings of Jesus to have the power to repair Western society, but there might be an occasional diamond to pluck from the dunghill of Abrahamic religions.

    1. and how the evil US Empire is able to justify its imperialist wars

      1956 Russia called and wants its failed ideology back, tovarischch.

        1. All the current hub-bub with Russia is aftershocks caused by “Russia” exposing Hillary’s corruption via Wikileaks. Shit is pissing me off, bitch isnt even POTUS and yet her influence has managed to corrode the Trump-Putin bromance and US/Russia relations

        2. I remember having this conversation with a woman during the primaries. Sure, Hillary has quite a bit of relative experience, but would you want someone who’s failed at every role she’s been in? Sure, Rick is a Lawyer, and he’s tried hundreds of cases, but he’s never won a single one. Would you hire Rick?

        3. She did a good job undermining herself by constantly touting being female as a credential in itself. Glad Obama and Bernie double blindsided her and kept her away from the Oval Office.
          Creepiest part of watching her career synopsis is how she constantly changed her accent depending on her constituency. FAKE AS FUCK

      1. Lol, you called him “comrade” in Russian. I haven’t heard that since the Berlin Wall came down when I was a kid.

        1. I was a Signals Intelligence linguist back when I served the Glorious American Empire Military in it’s role of imperialistic nation conquering.
          Never understood how Communist blathering was ever taken seriously. 80% of the silly words they use appeal to an intellect below 85, no idea why they don’t update their vocabulary. But they are fun, oh yes, they are fun.

        2. Nope. Droog if friend. Tovarischch is comrade.

        3. 80% of the silly words they use appeal to an intellect below 85 […]
          But then, perhaps this is exactly the mass of people you’d need to appeal to if you wish to impose a Communist ideology.

        4. I dunno man. When was the last time you heard Cletus and Jethro going on about a bad person being a “running dog” and how often do you hear them utter the word “Glorious” and “proletariat”? Commie speak puts me in mind of those kind of people who use big or very dramatic words inappropriately in order to sound smart.

        5. You need to be a lot stupider to believe in a “Workers’ Paradise” arising from the ashes of civilizational murder than to believe in any afterlife from any religion.

        6. No, of course, I don’t hear quite those terms here (yet). We’re not sufficiently prepared for that. Right now, the proletariat is using terms such as middle-class, free health care, and minimum wage.

        7. Right and….that’s kind of my point. The commies, like the dude I’m talking to here, are using language that literally has no chance of being taken seriously. If he’d come in spouting on about free health care and minimum wage, sure.

  7. Lesson 4 “lead your woman, or else” is the most important one, and one of the most important lessons of the ‘Sphere.
    A relationship dies when a woman reaches a point where she cannot be led. And it does happen. All women need to be led; a few hit a place where they cannot accept it.
    Causes: 1. Feminism and feminized politics/values/worldview. 2. Obsessive relationships with other women, where they put priority on putting their girlbrains together and concocting ruin rather than getting behind a man and letting him set the course. Multiple girlbrains can create a Frame that gives off a distortion field nothing can penetrate. I claim ownership of the term for this phenomenon: “harpyism.”

    1. Well said.
      “A relationship dies when a woman reaches a point where she cannot be led.”
      Yes. Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep.

  8. Genesis 3:16 in a better translation of this phrase in the ESV says:
    Your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you.”
    Although this also includes the idea of her trying to control her husband to get her own way; if he let’s her.

  9. The serpent is Eve’s consciousness. Metaphorical.
    Tree of knowledge “of Good and Evil”. She ate, she knew, and despite she lured Adam to eat it too.
    – This means, Lack of guilt, remorse, amorality, lack of self control, psychopathic, manipulative, etc.
    – This means, She did not want to sin alone, she wanted company, she wanted to blame him too. Like feminism blames men of hate while hating men, like feminism wants all women to hate too.
    — This means, She wanted men to be guilty like her, for her own benefit: “self centered”.
    — This means, She acted like a beast, and wanted men to be a beast like her.
    — This is what modern women do, with porn=prostitution, the way they dress, etc.sexual, animal, And not for reproduction = “beast”. With false accusations, always blaming the serpent, then men.
    —- Woman desperately want men to be animal like her(sex with her), while man desperately want women to be human like him, his denial(to bond with her). The modern man gives her technology, and knowledge(of good and evil), but she keeps trying to lure him. Showing lack of morality, weak.
    ——- This means, that man’s fault is in being tempted to be an animal like her.
    ——- And men is always punished for that.
    – Killing the serpent like the article says, had meant killing Eve, or changing her nature. Absurd.
    – Females were not that attractive like the article says, this is a modern invention of man. So Eve was not the kind of “fruit”, the modern (artificial) “woman” is now thanks to the technology of man.
    – This is about not being biased(instinctive, thus animal) by giving her trust, knowledge, “technology”, opportunities,”equality”, and blind affection. As she will always use those things against the man, always. And man will be punished for that, one way or another.
    – The man does not follow the woman. He is followed. Those (males) who follow(by being biased) dream about being leaders by leading women, because they cannot lead men(they lure men too).

    1. I always figured the serpent was an R-selected AMOG badboy snorting coke with white knight Adam’s THOT lolz.

  10. You know, kinda on, kinda off topic. Does the article lead in picture of Adam and Eve look off to anybody? She’s got this nearly razor sharp man jaw going, along with a glower, whilst Adam looks like he arrived back from a Wham concert after falling in a mud puddle. I mean, I’m expecting the dude to take the fruit from her hand and tell her how faaaabulous it tastes as she sizes him up for a fist fight before spitting tobacco in a spittoon.
    Maybe I just need coffee or something.

    1. Oh didn’t you hear?
      In the New Revised Indisputable People’s Bible, Adam and Eve are both gay.

      1. I’ve always assumed that the fruit was a generic “fruit” and not necessarily an apple. I was never sure how apples got pegged to be the Sinner’s Fruit Of Choice. To me it looks like she’s holding some kind of plumb-thing or a date.

        1. Well…I admit I’m not totally up on my biblical verses…except the ones they rammed down my throat in Sunday School, years ago. And man, that apple was fixed in my mind. “I got my mind right, boss…I’m shaaaaakin’ it…if you say it’s an apple, it’s an apple,” etc.

        2. “Bishes love it when I ram my Bible down their throats.” – Gandhi.

        3. I think the apple was simply a striking color to put in Renaissance paintings. The Bible just calls it a “fruit” and seems to imply that the tree only grew in Eden (which, we can assume, was wiped in the flood).

        4. Some things just come about- Bible doesn’t mention apple just like it doesn’t say three wise men. However, people like to put in detail..

        5. Honestly, he probably looked something like Shlomo Sheckelstein.
          The prophecies about Christ imply he wouldn’t be particularly striking to look at, and he was Jewish. But I guess it’s not as fun to paint a rather generic Jew as some kind of symbol of earthly beauty (at least not in the Renaissance).

        6. It refers to giving gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts, but doesn’t say there were only three wise men, or give an indication of the size of their group. Several folks could have given him gold for example.
          We just tend to assume three gifts, three wise men. Could be right, could be wrong.

        7. The most accurate interpretation I’ve seen is that the ‘magi’ were something like Zoroastrian priests. The Zoroastrian wise men were fond of the stars and charted them in the skies, and they were well-versed in the various prophecies of the local religions and cultures.
          The gifts likely had as much metaphorical significance as actual monetary value.

        8. I think I heard someone discussing that frankincense and myrrh were often used in preparation of a corpse for burial and were kind of a foreshadowing of the importance of Christ’s death in the scheme of things.

        9. Frankincense was a favored fragrance of many kings, as well. You could break it down thusly (many have):
          Gold – the wealth of the world, for he is King of Kings
          Frankincense – the incense of kings, commonly burned also in temples, signifying that he is both the King of Kings and the Priest of the order of Melchizedek
          Myrrh – A burial ointment, symbolizing his death and subsequent resurrection (though, it’s not likely they expected a genuine resurrection)

        10. That’s when the Jesus of Shitlords is born. He’ll get Bitcoin, Kratom, and an AR15.

        11. Apples weren’t a fruit in the general area of what is considered to be the Garden of Eden. Safest bet is a fig.

        12. Paintings by Europeans in the Renaissance made the image of Jesus from a toned down, very mellow looking Thor who apparently stopped lifting weights and went low T, and God was clearly Odin without an eye patch. I mean they didn’t even try to do something different.

    2. That’s what I never understood (or liked) about old art.
      Adam was supposed to be the handsomest man ever, and Eve the most beautiful woman ever, because they were custom made by God.
      These artists were either frauds, or had a really warped concept of beauty.

  11. Never believed Adam was standing right there at her side. The KJV says “…gave some to her husband with her” which should be translated “as well”, but later translations add a feminist spin onto it by seemingly indicating that Adam stood right there and stared at Eve like a sap while she conversed with a snake then physically reached up, took the fruit and ate it (which is why I only go as far as the NKJV, and even then I walk carefully). Adam may have been miles away, as he had nothing to fear from his wife wandering around paradise, no threats from animals, no threats from other men, very little trouble to get into. Also, since Eve had eaten and gained the knowledge she could very well then be capable of doing what women are known for and pull a fast one on Adam to cover her own ass.
    “Oh, here, dear, I picked us something to eat for the night.”
    “Great, what is it?”
    “Oh, just some good ol’ fruit.” (bats eyes, shakes boobs)
    “From which tree?”
    “From the fruit tree, of course, now eat up!” (shakes boobs more)
    “Ha, ha, silly Eve, always acting goofy.” (gulp, bam, knowledge)
    “What the hell did you just give me?”

    1. It’s obvious that Adam knew full well where the fruit came from. If he legitimately didn’t, God wouldn’t have punished him.

      1. Surely the fruit must have been unique. He chose to share her fate, and his sin brought sin into the world (as it is written, “The sins of the fathers are visited upon their children.”)

      2. Not necessarily. Eve ate of the fruit first, yet Adam was credited by God as bringing sin into the world. Adam had authority over Eve and was held responsible for her. I mean, put it this way, if troops under a certain General take action without his knowledge, then later it is discovered, the men are disciplined as well as the General, because he has authority over his troops. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t partake in the event, or that he unknowingly took part in the event, his troops are under his authority and he will answer for them.
        The truth of the matter, however, is that we just don’t know. What I DO know is that pastors everywhere love to point out how Adam stood there like a tree and watched his wife do exactly what they were told not to do (though they have no proof) and then blame the troubles of women on men, using this as an example. “Adam’s sin was inaction!”, “He should have been protecting his wife!”, BS! His sin was either a)not knowing what his wife was up to and letting her wander around without keeping tabs on her or b) knowing exactly what she had done and following suit. We have no scripture that indicates any kind of conversation took place between the two or that Adam “listened to his wife to appease her”. In fact, my scenario seems far more likely given that, as I said, upon eating the fruit, Eve would have the knowledge of good and evil, and be more than capable of doing what women do and lying to her husband to get him into bed with her and her sin.
        That being said: We really just don’t know, but I refuse to just go along with the Christo-feminist translation that causes women to look over at their husbands and shake their fingers or joke about how HIS kind could have stopped the whole mess if he Adam had just spoken up.

  12. Adam got cucked by a snake. Damn, I wonder if the Genesis authors meant “huge trouser snake”, but they wanted to be oblique? Bitches got to triangulate, forever.

  13. “As it ever was, their desire as women is to rule over you.”
    And then leave you because you’re no longer man enough.

    1. Right. A man can either satisfy a woman (give her what she needs, emotionally and materially) or, he can make her happy. Happiness, or satisfaction. Pick one or the other, because in the effort to make her “happy,” you will deprive yourself of the capability to make her satisfied. But know this: if you try (or even succeed) to make a woman happy, you will earn her unending contempt before it’s over.

  14. Where the hell is King Lolknee? Is he dead, in hiding, on hiatus, quit the ‘manosphere’ on top as a living legend, or twat?

        1. cop during the day, moonlight as a boat driver for swedish tourists. that should narrow down who i am

        2. Probably wasn’t posting enough irrelevant youtube videos. Got to maintain that quota!

        3. messed up. most of his posts were about himself. nothing wrong with that(its why i would read his posts)

        4. Right. I certainly love the anecdotes and humor, but there was a lot of genuine wisdom in there too.

        5. so just to reconfirm – he got banned a second time with tht hippo account? cant imagine we’ll ever see him again

        6. Confirmed. Though perhaps like Frosty the Snowman and Jesus (in that order) he’ll be back again some day.

        7. You know what did it for me, was the academic background, who clearly saw it for what it was. Usually academics 1. have no sense of humor (especially about themselves and their work), and 2. are completely incapable of existing outside academia.

        8. That’s what I suspected.
          I bet he just left.
          He was just a high level troll anyhow.
          Seemed like a cool enough guy but on every major “manosphere” point, he always said it was b’s. And only sissies cared, etc.

      1. Actually it has come to light that he was banned under that handle. What he could possibly say that deserves being banned, while actual hard core disruptive trolls gets a pass is anybody’s guess. Have the same question about Porcer as well.

        1. Yeah that is super lame and surprising. I know you had idiot gay and otherwise trolls stalking/trying to bait you on here for a while, GOJ. Argh

        2. Yeah, I talk to him on Telegram. Thus far nobody has been able to noodle out what precisely he said or did wrong.

        3. It might be that he came back under a different name. But people do that all the time.

        4. And his doing that wasn’t related to board business, but because of a potential phishing thing he was attempting to avoid.

        5. Sucks having to walk around on eggshells. Some clarification would be nice.
          Except for that Porcer guy. Boy, am I glad he’s gone.

        6. Its especially baffling in the lolhippo case because his comments were often of a higher quality than the article….

        7. he wasnt as funny as he thought he was-good riddance to bad rubish i say

        8. “two queers fukking a dead alligator on a tree stump”
          -V. Pringo
          now THATs fukked up.

        9. Hashtag JeSuisLolknee, or something.
          Seriously, I liked the guy. He had a lot of interesting things to say, and when he didn’t he was a ridiculous ray of sunshine on otherwise cloudy days.

        10. Let the record reflect that my “old shoes and fried cheese” comment was directed at porcer, not lolknee.

        11. Um, no, banned. I talk to him daily.

        12. That’s a lie. Hipponax, whoever that is, was given a reason for his ban. He spoke down to site readers with shaming language. I don’t allow that MGTOW type of language.

  15. And then, Adam REALLY made things worse by not owning his own shit: Gen 3:12 2The man said, “The woman whom YOU (emphasis added) gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.”

    1. “I could have been the walrus, but I’d still have to bum rides off people”

      1. “Gandhi fucked fat walruses. I fucked Yoko. Suck on that.” – John Lennon

        1. “I wouldn’t fuck Yoko with a walrus’ dick. And I’m black.” — Billy D. Williams.

        2. “I wanted to go out like a pimp – and I did. But that was only because I didn’t have the chops to be a digital nomad. Digital nomads get all the pussy.” – Gandhi

        3. “Vinny Pringo was a ‘digital nomad’ back when ‘digital’ just meant ‘finger’.” — Eleanor Roosevelt.

  16. There is MUCH significance to this whole “garden of Eden” thing. Sure sure … “Hurrr durrrr sky fairy hurr durr” but even if you can prove it or not, the story itself and the age of the story says much about the nature of men and women and their relationship.
    Think about it: the first and most significant story regarding our origin, be it somewhat mythical, is about what amounts to a shit test and a problem that for the most part grounded in female nature.
    Now you would wonder why the atheists (read: leftist cultural Marxists) care soooo much about religion and Christianity in particular?
    Because the entire tale, story, myth, parable, or whatever, has “red pill” potential.
    And for this, man is considered “fallen” and his earth “cursed” such that he must toil for his bread.
    And as was once explained to me, Adam did what he did because he didn’t want to be alone.
    Let that sink in.
    If Adam was at least MGTOW he’d have been like “well sucks for you, Eve. Enjoy being cast out. Dumb bitch”.
    And maybe God would have pulled another rib and come up with a new chick who was not so damned stupid.
    In many ways, things have changed. The story is not some admonition to wife up sluts and forgive crappy women. Adam totally cucked it up and he was cast out, cursed. He had it coming. So we can learn from this. We should.
    What has changed is that we are seeing more and more men who are not afraid to be alone. We are already standing by and watching our women, ever listening to that ol’ serpent, destroy the civilization that countless hapless men broke their backs building. So there is a kind of transcendence going on here, maybe what we could call a real evolution of men: we won’t be biting the apple out of fear of being alone, not this time. We’ll let Eve suffer the consequences of her actions, alone, with her cubicle job and her cats, her cursed earth, her cursed life. Seriously look at her now: her fat legs covered with tattoos as she waddles around in flip flops, fat as all get out, a painkiller addition or the start of one, with head meds already to boot, reality TV and boxed wine to distract her fat ass from her own reality because she’ll be screaming on the sidewalk otherwise.
    I would laugh, and let her throw herself in front of a garbage truck, then throw her useless corpse into the back of said truck. Good riddance.
    Will God make a better woman? Well hurr durr sky fairy and all that so I won’t ask. But there is no hand of God coming down from the sky, but we can be thusly inspired from above to make a better woman, and we can do it simply by (yes….) knowing who we are (identitarianism just like all the other “groups” like to do and are allowed to do) and (yes….) we DO have the right to judge and judge we will. No more fatties, no more sluts, no more dingbats and last but not least, no virgin no chance.
    You see that’s how it really works: everything that woman has become has only been possible by what men tolerated. And we were browbeaten by Marxists, damaged hateful ugly women, and beta simps, into “not judging”. I won’t go over the last 40 years of what they (or ((they)) if you prefer) have done. Just look around for that evidence.
    Thus Adam was fallen for not judging. For being a simp. And being a simp is not being in the image of God. I would have kicked Adam out of the garden too. Idiot.

    1. The serpent is now bigger than ever…marxism, the nanny state, muslims, moral relativism, atheism, fucking everything that moves, no rules, no consequences…western women are out of fucking control…The shit is going to explode in their faces when we are all kicked out of the garden again, aka, when Western Civilization, the greatest that ever was, is destroyed.

      1. Thank you allmighty serpent. I wouldn´t want to live on this planet with 100 billion undeads.

    2. Eventually the red-pill sinks in…
      I have a couple of chicks working for me at my blue-collar weekend job, and my female employees just cannot handle the intense physical work. I look out for all of my employees and delegate work thoughtfully, but sometimes if work needs to get done it just needs to get done, and I wont hesitate to ask them to do demanding work.
      That they whine and complain and have emotional fits doesn’t phase me anymore. They are bright enough to get other jobs. If they want equality, they can have it.

        1. I supervise a team of busboys at an outdoor poolbar. Can pack in over 4000 customers at busy hours.

    3. A few thoughts. If you look into the book of Enoch, Eve was Adam’s second wife, his first being Lilith. She was created from the dust same as Adam, and so was equal to him in every way. But she quickly caused trouble by harassing and annoying her husband, and then began having sex with animals and was thrown out of the garden. Eve was a correction of the mistake of Lilith, made from Adam’s rib and so would be a part of him, needing his protection and requiring him to take care of her. Two halves of one whole, with equal responsibility. And then Adam screwed it up by not keeping a close leash on her and letting her talk to the serpent without supervision.

      1. I’m with the Jews on Enoch – an interesting book and culturally significant, but not divine revelation. That’s the purpose of the apocrypha – they’re not Scripture, and never were held up that way.

      2. “But she quickly caused trouble by harassing and annoying her husband, and then began having sex with animals…”

      3. Knew there was going to be trouble back in the 90s with those “Lilith Faires” AKA “Lesbopaloza”. My generation owns that one, like an albatross.

        1. It’s worth noting that several modern “pagan” groups worship Lilith, and some groups consider her the role model for “oppressed women” since she rebelled against her husband and god and did her own thing.

      4. Lilith is Jewish myth and construct. There’s no account of her being Adam’s wife in the actual bible.

        1. (((lilith))), just another icon for (((féminism))) and you go girl bullshit. Strange isn’t it

        2. I’m aware, I just think that there’s still an excellent lesson to be learned from it. All myths have some basis in reality, and the purpose of many is to teach valuable lessons, such as the works of Aesop.
          I believe the main point is that, if women are equal in power, only misery results and she eventually destroys herself. If women are subservient to men, it’s still the man’s responsibility to ensure her safety and good behavior, because given her own freedom, she destroys herself and others.

        3. True. But don’t totally disregard the book of Enoch. Even the massiach referenced Enoch.

      5. my research on lilith describes her as a Talmudic myth …probably the same for
        ‘Amazon’ women…

      6. Lilith became Lilithu – the mother of demons. Also considered a “feminist” inspiration akin with Jezebel. Go figure.

    4. What’s even more hilarious is that according to the account in Genesis Adam was the first cuck!
      Eve was “seduced” by the serpent and this resulted in a peculiar set of fraternal twins. For those who don’t know, fraternal twins are twins from the result of two men’s sperm!
      Sweet ole eve got fucked by the first bad boy Satan himself! Hahahaha
      First off anyone who believes this story and believes they descend from the first cuck, god have mercy on you!
      A real man who walked with an all powerful god would have laughed after he beat that bitch to death with a rock. Then he woulda said hey god, this bitch is broken. Make me another!

      1. I don’t think that’s what fraternal twins means. It means twins who are not identical. So you can have a boy and girl twin from the same father, which is 99.99999% of the case in recorded medical history, the case. There are few recorded cases of two kids in one womb from two different men. Like two I think, tops, in history.

      2. fraternal twins are the result of two separate eggs and sperm rather than one splitting. The sperm could be from the same man as well as different men. More often than not, the same.

        1. The Bible is clear that the serpent seduced Eve. Also that the resulting children Cain and Abel were very much different in temperament.
          But believe what you will.

    5. So, the whole original sin thing is that a woman shit-tested and a man didn’t hold frame. That sucks.

    6. Men tolerated? I’m not so sure that’s the right word. I’m in agreement most otherwise but I don’t think it is tolerated. I still find that it is the white knighting problem that results in women using the state and some men to bring about coercion on the others. It’s never what her displeasure can do a man directly it’s the indirect consequences. The orbiters, male relatives, other men at work, and so forth to which on her say so alone will do everything from a physical beating to get you fired from your job.
      What if suddenly this class of men that blindly do the bidding of women disappeared? Not stopped defending women when there was cause but never did it blindly on her word alone. What then? We would have a very different society.

    7. “Thus Adam was fallen for not judging”
      This is actually quite profound. Never really thought of it this way, but there it is right at the very beginning of everything.

  17. “I made the British Empire kneel before me. I gave freedom to the masses in India. I fucked more hot bitches than Hugh Hefner on Viagra. But if you ever make me feel like a petty, shrimp-dicked douchebag with a Napoleon Complex, I will ban you from my presence forever. Because I like being the One-Eyed King in the Land of the Blind. Secretly, I hope to have more money than the Catholic Church one day. At which point, I’d kill everybody who is smarter than I am, or who gets more bitches than I get, or who gets more recognition than I get. Namaste, peace, love thy neighbor and shit.” – Gandhi

    1. It’s surprisingly (maybe not surprisingly) not that far off from what is taught by my Church. Minus the more esoteric spiritual element, of course.
      One of the early Church Fathers likened the Eden incident to a ladder turned upside down, or the proper order of creation reversed. Man should sit at the pinnacle of creation, then woman, who was created through and for him, then the serpent. But the serpent, wishing to ascend to the top position, deceived Eve into rebellion. The serpent ruled, with Eve then Adam beneath it. You can hear that reverse order in their excuses. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent.

    1. However you regard it, the folks who wrote it do display an understanding of human nature. Proverbs, wisdom, Ecclesiasticus / Sirach, etc. have some good insights worth pondering.
      Admittedly, other historical texts including other religions can make some worthwhile reading about us humans.

    2. You’ve confused truth with facts. Stories can tell the truth about man’s nature without adhering to facts.

      1. Indeed. The myths of the Greeks are a fine example (read the tales of Theseus and Perseus and tell me there’s no truth in those legends).

      2. Indeed. Stripped of everything that is divine the Bible contains many practical lessons about proper living that are worth adhering, even if one thinks the inspiration for such stories might be fake.

        1. These myths have lasted because they speak to our authentic selves; they address our understanding of the world and the rules for living in it.
          Just look at how we still love stories about kings, aristocrats, extended families, chosen ones born to greatness and so forth, despite two centuries’ worth of propaganda from the Enlightenment about equality, atomized indvidualism, democracy, and how anyone can become anything, including how men can turn into women. We know on the inside that the Enlightenment has bullshitted us about man’s nature, and that we find our real fulfillment by living in traditional, hierarchical, tribal, non-diverse societies.

        2. the Enlightenment has bulshitted us about man’s nature

          There is great truth to this. The Enlightenment was a golden age of philosophy and art, but with it came many comforting ideas that just are not compatible with reality.

    3. So is ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, but when it comes to tranny’s and other SJW issues we’re living it. If you don’t agree with the obvious lies they’re trying to promote, you’ll be attacked as a fool unfit for your position. In the modern version of the tale— the little boy stating the obvious is the villain.

  18. To all who dislike the bible, or think it is outdated etc… there is unlimited wisdom like this contained. It matters not whether the specific stories are true, the wisdom is true period. So much good advice and as far as I can tell, not bad advice.

    1. Bad advice can be derived from any source, but in most cases it is a failure by those who do the deriving. With open eyes, we can see many truths in Scripture that are echoed in wisdom literature across the world, but in many cases it is more clear.
      Read the book of Ecclesiastes, and you will have a concise understanding of philosophy.
      Read the Proverbs, and you will gain much wisdom.
      Read the tales of the kings, and the prophets, and the Jewish patriarchs, and you will gain much insight into human nature and its many failures.

  19. The primordial sin is being reenacted with every sexual act. To get between her legs the Man puts the Woman on a pedestal and she has no other choice left but to urinate on him.
    The King’s castle was built on the ruins of Heaven.

  20. There are other interpretations that fit better with the scientific record. It’s a story, no better or worse than that of any other indigenous culture, of how humans became self-aware. The bottom line is that there is no Original Sin and nothing to be saved from. Since, according to this particular story, there were only two witnesses, both were ‘guilty’, and writing had not been invented yet, then anyone who places a substantial objective value on this account is certifiably deluded.

  21. Great piece, both for the keep-your-woman-in-line bits and the fact that it’s drawn out all the “science” tards failing all over themselves to disprove Christianity, lol.

    1. Science-tards are the reason you were able to type this on a magical calculating machine, unimaginable 150 years ago. Religion hasn’t invented anything… Except, perhaps, more ingenious and effective means of torture.

    2. You specifically put the word science in inverted commas. I get why you did that.
      Just as I get that the bible is not literally true but has lots of truths in it.
      The trouble is that these types (neck-bearded, beta, virtue-signalling, liberal, atheist, a little bit TOO into popular culture for their age group) don’t get is that the bible does not have to be literally true to hold fundamental truths.
      Yet they think they are so fucking clever, with their sneery ‘sky-fairy’ blabber.
      Fuck ’em. They’ll be the among the first to go when the open borders they love so much provides them with new masters who just can’t see the inherent worth in childless incels with an encyclopaedic knowledge of ‘Family Guy’.

  22. I always thought the Adam and Eve thing was about sex. You know, the serpent (penis) and the apple (Eve’s cherry). They gave in and had sex – that was the original sin.

  23. Had some fun chatting with an acquaintance at a local watering hole bemoaning how confused he was at how women wanted to change their men (by bemoaning I mean as a fun topic of conversation as this guy definitely is more alpha than beta).
    I don’t like to go ‘all red pill’ on anybody, however, I offered up that any man who ALLOWS a woman to change him is not worth a piece of shit to her anyway other than a utility provider.
    He got it immediately.
    Better to be a stubborn bastard than a changeable supplicant wimp any day of the week. Even if a man’s stubbornness sometimes hurts a woman, he has a better chance of being loved by her (if he doesn’t take it TOO far) than a supplicant wimp who will ALWAYS lose her love.

      1. Seen at happen first hand with both sets of grandparents. Grandfathers were good-looking, stubborn and imperfect but they were loved.
        So I have never really bought the communicate at all times/do what your woman wants always! feminist idea at all.
        I couldn’t really when grandma number one tolerated grandfather’s affairs for many years ONLY to split with him when he became indiscreet. I think she would have put up with it a lot longer to be with him had the public embarrassment not kicked in.
        Or grandma number two put up with her husband’s cantankerous-sometimes borderline cruel ways- only to nurse him with great care when he was dying.
        So many red pill truths confirmed by both sets of grandparents.

  24. When Adam decided to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, he hadn’t eaten of it yet — therefore, he did not yet have knowledge of good and evil. So he couldn’t have known that it was wrong to eat the apple, or even that it was wrong to disobey God. So how could it have been a sin? A Rottweiler, for example, doesn’t sin even when it mauls a 3-year-old child to death, because it doesn’t know any better. How could Adam have sinned before he knew the difference between right and wrong?

    1. Genesis 2:16-17, NIV:
      16 – And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden;
      17 – but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”

    1. lol… reminds me of this quote by Prince Phillip:
      “If it has got four legs and it is not a chair, if it has got two
      wings and it flies but is not an aeroplane, and if it swims and it is
      not a submarine, the Cantonese will eat it.”

  25. Nowadays all the snake would have to say to Eve is: “The Garden of Eden is a tool of the Patriarchy designed to oppress women and People of Color.”

  26. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a55b123319109c9b6d222eea6c76fa6d6d21e781cc65ba10322f99700a455334.png
    Seedline Christian Identity (C.I.) research explains/describes the fall of Adam and Eve was due to Eve being seduced into sex with Satan/Lucifer , and Adam encouraged by Eve into having sex with Satans Mistress.
    Thanks to scriptual MIS-translations this and other Bible histories
    have been rendered false or not completely true, like the flood of Noah’s time was ‘worldwide’, or that Noah’s family repopulated the earth, which was already inhabited by Asiatic and Negriod

  27. It doesn’t say that Eve “will want to rule over” Adam. The Hebrew there is only two words and it literally reads, “desire man”.
    The word literally means, “a stretching out after” from its root. It means that she was to follow after and desire him.
    That’s why women are allowing sinfulness to take over when they do not submit to their husbands, which is what God commanded and not an eternal war as your claim about what it says promotes.
    How many times do we read here that a woman, in reality, appreciates an alpha (in relationships) male. I.e., one who can “hold frame”. That women in reality like a firm hand. Where do you think that comes from? Genesis Ch 3.

  28. Your translation is wrong God did not say Eve will try to rule over Adam but her desire will be to her husband or what she wants will be different then what her husband wants. There is a reason women like men that are in charge and there is a reason women will always be different then men and see the world differently such as liking jewelry etc.

    1. Seems that ‘liking jewelry’ is liking the things of this world, not the things of God.

      1. God made gold, silver, diamonds etc. Man decided to kill for it and no woman had to tell him to. No woman even had to tell men to go to war. Men can love wealth and sexual lust. A pastor once says a woman can easily sin to obtain wealth while a man with wealth is more likely tempted to sin. Take what you will from Genesis chapter 3. I have to assume the snake was beautiful. I can post naturally colorful snakes and even snakes with interesting eyes. It is interesting that the serpent chose to talk to Eve instead of Adam. The serpent knew Eve was more willing to listen and knew unless convinced (that even if Adam ate the fruit first she would more likely be surprised and hesitant). Interesting the serpent basically told Eve God was holding her down. God seemed to want Adam to work like a dog for a reason. Also in the end the serpent made a choice to say this (probably because it thought it should be the highest creature in the Garden). Maybe even hoping God would kill Adam and Eve. We can even debate if Lucifer (Satan) talked the serpent into this.

  29. Please explain. Was the serpent God’s shit test for Adam? Did Adam pass the shit test with Eve and fail the test with God? Or did he fail both?

  30. i have only one question: do you really believe in that mythical, ancient book of nonsense?

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