The HGTV Channel Poisons Female Minds

If you’ve ever allowed a woman to pick what to watch on television, chances are you have endured Home & Garden Television (HGTV). Despite the occasional useful how-to programming, HGTV panders to the predominantly female impulse to accumulate without mindfulness. Here are four aspects of HGTV’s poisonous campaign:

1. Buy A House!

Renting because you’re unsure if owning is the right financial move? You should buy a house at the top of your budget! Do you already own a house? Buy a bigger house! Shows like House Hunters and Property Virgins depict home ownership as a noble financial, emotional, and social ideal. The National Association of Realtors advertises during these shows, insisting that the housing market has never been more attractive for new buyers. The only renters featured are those looking to rent abroad for a year — while vacationing from the house they own at home.

2. Women are encouraged to go wild with their wants, not counseled on their needs

The typical episode of House Hunters is a cohabitating couple who wants to purchase a home to signal the seriousness of their relationship. In the brief interviews about their desires, the man will typically say something practical like “a colonial within our budget with a nice backyard for the dog.” The woman will give a laundry list with unjustifiable extras: open floor plan, in-suite bathroom, a walk-in closet to store unnecessary stuff, etc. If there’s any discrepancy between their priorities, she always wins. The paper tiger men attempt to maintain some semblance of control by setting a budget, but the women (with the realtor and show host’s blessings) usually manipulate the men in to acquiescing.

3. Everything needs to be updated

A network with this focus would understandably have shows about renovating houses, but what qualifies as “out-of-date” has become comical. Beautiful kitchens, spacious living rooms, and quaint backyards built in the last 50 years are labeled eyesores that must be updated to current styles for reasons unknown. Lowe’s runs constant ads declaring the ease of completely changing your home in between segments about how much nicer everyone else’s house is than your own.

4. Minimalism is not an option

So you’ve signed away 30 years of your future and updated everything to remove the stink of the early 2000s. Now fill it with crap! Rooms designed by the Property Brothers and backyards on Yard Crashers are stuffed to the brim with useless trinkets. Every shelf needs to have fake books, every table needs to be draped with cloth, every open space needs to be filled. Do you have a wall without a picture hanging on it? You must be poor.

A constant, subversive theme here is that men’s desires don’t matter. When a couple has to make a decision, the woman typically gets her way. These shows often focus on wall-bound women searching for some societally-approved talisman of their status. Straight, unattached men are less likely to possess this elemental desire to buy more things and own more space than they can afford, rendering them bad investments as customers.

Next time you have a few minutes to kill, flip over to HGTV and witness these themes for yourselves. Foreknowledge of how the corporate master manipulates the female nesting instinct will help you guard against its insidious effects on the women in your life.

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93 thoughts on “The HGTV Channel Poisons Female Minds”

  1. Girls are usually clever enough not to mention their HGTV-watching habits on the first and second date.
    But once they get comfortable, they’ll accidentally let it slip… If you’d been actually considering her for relationship material instead of a pump-and-dump, take a ‘bathroom break’ and never look back

  2. If you have 20 to 30 minutes to kill, I highly recommend that men watch any one of the shows that come on HGTV. Especially the shows that deal with married couples buying a house. In that short of time frame you will find out why the 21st Century model of marriage sucks and why society today will never publicly support the wants and desires of an Independent Thinking Alpha Male.
    Society despises the Independent Thinking Alpha Male because it can’t financial exploit them in the same way that it can financially exploit a woman (especially a married woman).

    1. You sir get the prize of the 64,000 dollar question.
      Honestly, this is why we lose in education, family court, and politics. It makes no difference how much we argue from a moral or intellectually sound standpoint. There is no money in it for them. So they send us packing to hell and prison (marriage and divorce vacation for men).

      1. If you aren’t a libertarian, and you don’t know who you are exploiting, you are the chump.

        1. Was the chump, got better. Know who I am. Learning more and more about all the places I derive from. And I am neither Rep or Dem. But I am wondering if Libertarian is not just as bad?

    2. What you’ve said is so true! This society wants mindless consumers who, buy, rebuy, and then buy again the same damn things. It’s all about cyclical consumption.
      Guess what? I’ve you don’t want to play along they’re ready to walk you off the plank.
      I know society despises me because everything is set up in opposition to the way I want to live my life – debt-free, with my freedom and dignity intact, the power to see different women when want, traveling when I where I want, and living in a simple but decent home.

      1. Buying as expensive as you can afford and rebuying every few years is a female desire. Most men can live as happily in a modest house/condo, and have a lot of cash left to spend on whatever pleases them (or even stop working).

        1. Yep. Taking a break from working and living abroad for a while is something I plan to do within the next 2-3 years.

    3. “If you have 20 to 30 minutes to kill …”
      What is this 20 to 30 minutes of madness of which you speak?
      It only takes a few moments to dispatch a television permanently with a sledge hammer. Honestly, put a little more back into it!
      (Bonus points will be awarded for playing Coburn’s “We Interrupt This Programme” while sledging your television.)

  3. Is it really worse than Oprah or the Bachelor or any of the number of ads during such that they’re bombarded with?
    TV poisons minds. Period.

    1. Even the supposedly male channels are bombarded with “every kiss begins with Kay!”
      I look over and tell my wife “then don’t kiss me, I don’t care.”

  4. Yeah, my wife watches this religiously. I tell her that if we are going to buy paintings, let’s spend money on real artists work. Let’s spend, if we need to, on furniture that is made locally, and cheap. It is just as good.
    If we are going to do our cabinets, let’s find a guy locally who is struggling, and get a fair deal on cabinets, and install them ourselves? Or pain them with a kit, and replace the handles with something you like. They 3-D print those anyways.
    If we are going to do the bathroom, then let’s buy the stuff on clearance, and replace one thing at a time, and refinish the floors ourselves.
    Fortunately, my wife listens, and is starting to see the folly of the people on these shows! Also, these people are getting all that labor cost for free because it is paid for by advertising.
    Better to learn by watching their mistakes I say. My wife is starting to follow.

  5. My best friend’s dad made a simple but memorable comment I’ll never forget: “It doesn’t take much for a man to live on.”
    As you’ve shown, women are ravenous consumers, and I refuse to be treated as an ATM machine simply because she has a vagina I want to use. Trying to please them is like trying to fill a black hole in space. Ain’t gonna happen.
    I’m very happy with my frugal, simple lifestyle. Since I don’t spend my time lusting after things in Lowe’s and on the garbage HGTV pushes, I have enormous freedom. I may not be the darling of my materialistic friends, but who needs friends like that anyway? Always competing with each other in some sort of sick deathmatch to see who can buy the latest crap.
    I’m amazed at how even on my meager salary I can travel the world several times a year and still have money left over. Granted, I don’t have nor do I want the latest, greatest material garbage. But I take care of everything I buy. Even though my car is 12 years old, it still looks and runs better a lot of newer cars do. Most of the furniture I have is 8-10 years old. And I don’t plan on replacing anything anytime soon. I wouldn’t trade my RWD V8 muscle car for a newer car. Like the old saying goes, “They don’t make them like that anymore.” They really don’t, either.
    If I had an Anglobitch around, she’d be nagging me to death to replace all the stuff I just mentioned. Screw that.

    1. Amen, stay strong bro. Hwehehehe, and think of this married man no more. Just know I remember that life, and I miss it.

      1. I think I’ve finally realized what I have by being single, and suddenly marriage doesn’t seem nearly as interesting anymore.

    2. My wife and I live in an apartment without a TV. Most of what she buys is groceries. I think she’s bought 3 or 4 articles of clothing for herself so far this year. She spends less than I do (and I don’t spend much).
      Then again, she’s not Western, so…

      1. Good point. Based on my personal experience with them, I give Asian and Latin women high marks. Black women can be good too, although many of them are becoming corrupted by the same rot that’s destroyed Anglo women.

    3. In my experience women appreciate a dash of “misogyny” because from an evolutionary standpoint would you prefer the father of your kids be tony soprano or Alan from two and a half men? Sadly, my current GF suffers somewhat from the kind of bullshit these shows push – always wanting more crap. I once playfully warned her that if she put a particular item in my shopping cart I would “slap her fucking face off” – women respect a man with balls. And respect is a prerequisite to sexual attraction, without which any kind of “love” is absolutely impossible.

    4. I agree 100% with your comment
      I know for me as long as i got a roof over my head and some food I’m good!

  6. This post is dead on! People are so brainwashed about housing it’s unbelievable. I was a Realtor a couple years ago, and I’m wondering how people have become so brainwashed every time they enter a house they say something like “I don’t know; the bedrooms are small”. I just smiled and nodded, but I wanted to scream “It’s a freaking spare bedroom! What are you going to do, hold a prom it in? How big could it possibly need to be? You’re looking at a $150,000 house in a neighborhood where the average home is $250,000! Are you expecting Disney princess floorplans or something?”
    That’s about how I feel when I try to watch House Hunters.
    I also fantasize about a boxing glove on a spring flying out of the wall to punch every spoiled woman who looks at a closet bigger than my bedroom, looks at her “man”, and says “This is mine. I don’t know where you’re going to put your stuff.” Yeah, real original, woman. Nobody has ever been witty or original enough to think up a line like that before.

    1. Love the boxing glove on the spring! Like an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. I’m going to start visualizing that when people says stupid things.

  7. Everything you said here, plus they have terrible taste in design. The picture at the top is a perfect example. They try to cram way too many different styles into a room and wind up with an uncoordinated, unlivable mish-mash of themes.

  8. Do I look like I’d want to live in a house my greatgrandma stayed and shat in? The answer is no. I have money. I spend it on whatever I damn well please. Out with the old. In with the new. That’s the difference between us. Winners don’t make excuses when the other side plays the game.

    1. Hey pal — The argument here *isn’t* about whether you, as the employed man, can/should spend your money on what you want to — including a recently-built house.
      The argument *is* about whether you should buy that house because your ungrateful wife is screeching about the ‘outdated’ appliances and appearance of a house, built in your lifetime no less, that’s going to drag you into debt for 30 years.

  9. My favorite ones are the wealthy guy and the slightly past her sell by date wife looking for a million dollar vacation home and she manages to turn her nose up at all of them for some trivial reason. What she should do is immediately get on her knees and service him for allowing her the privilege of such a luxury on the sweat of his hard work.

  10. Well won’t the women on these shows sometimes let the guy have a “man cave?” Man cave has got to be the worst Western/feminist ideal when it comes to the home. Of course most men go along with it smiling like an idiot when they talk about their man cave.
    When I hear one these dopes talking about his man cave, and how happy he is that wifey gave him a small part of the house to “call his own” I always get the urge to slap some some sense into the guy.

    1. It’s an exchange. Each sex has their roles. You work and provide a home for the wife to raise the kids and she raises your offspring for you. That’s her office. She gets a say.
      You hear women need to be more feminine, nurturing, etc. on this site all the time, but then everybody gets hot and bothered that a woman may want to have a say where she spends the majority of her time raising your shitty children.

      1. I paid for the house so that would make the entire home my man cave, fuck face. My role is not that of beta provider-pussy like yours is. My house, my home, my rules. While your house is her house, her rules, her home. See the difference??
        And speaking of your “non-shitty children” really hope you aren’t raising any boys. We already have enough weak willed men like yourself who worship at the altar of the western female.

        1. Don’t confuse rules with decor or kitchen lay out, son.
          You are inefficient (and a bitter little man). Not having a woman’s input on the home is like not asking the secretary for her input on the new filing system. It’s not going to be as good as it could be. I mean, why the fuck shouldn’t the person doing the laundry be designing the laundry room?

        2. Do you thank wifey everyday for letting you have a Man Cave? If not you really need to cause I’m sure she’s real special 😉 And when a western, female loving, beta like yourself tries to make it out like I just need to listen to wifey, well yeah, I’m gonna laugh and ignore that advice fuck face. So not bitter or inefficient just wouldn’t let wifey guide me or my home. Sounds like you on other hand do. Anyways, be sure to tell wifey thanks for the man cave. Happy wife, happy life. don’t forget that.

        3. ZoidGina is NOT a man. She pulled the same crap on another post. Stop feeding the femtrolls.

        4. I don’t think you have to worry about ever cohabiting with a female.
          P.S. I’m not married, or cohabiting, but cool story bro.

        5. I think you meant “you don’t have to ever worry about cohabiting with a western female.” Thanks for the advice but you’re to late. Never again. But again, thanks for the advice “bro.”
          Wish you would have called me a virgin that lives in my mom’s basement. That would at least have gotten me to laugh “bro.”

        6. If you’re not willing to take your partners advice, and you seriously think that she should sit there and tend to you and have your children, yet you don’t want to give her any say in the home. Well then you need to not get married. I seriously doubt there’s a woman in this world that would marry a tyrant. I mean you might, but not much other than a brainless bimbo with an assload of baggage and insecurity. If you sit there and believe in dumbass gender roles, then yes, your role IS that of a provider.

      2. If the relationship between males and females was fully rational, we wouldn’t have game. Letting your wife have full control of the house is a pretty good way to make her lose sexual interest in you.

      3. ” You work and provide a home for the wife to raise the kids and she raises your offspring for you. That’s her office. She gets a say.”
        that line of reasoning is completely foreign to me. If I buy a house, its my house. anyone who may be living in it is merely borrowing it.
        Im reminded of a certain class i had to take in high school. the teacher told us on the first day that we were to set the rules for the class. As you might have guessed, we figured her for a pushover and did whatever we wanted all day. regardless of what she did she could never recover her authority after that terrible impression she left. Just like that teacher you will never recover from giving a woman a blank check. It may have made some sort of twisted sense to give us a say in that classroom, but it didnt end well for the teacher at all.

      4. The house is not their office, they don’t do much work there anymore.
        She can make 50% of the house choices only if she pays 50% of the house price.

      5. Did you design the office you work in? You only get to design the office if you are the boss…What does that say about letting your wife or GF design the house…

    2. back in the days, a house was a man’s palace.
      nowadays (beta) men are being displaced in ‘man caves’.

    3. I always felt like the man cave was cool because the living room would go mostly to the kids. I guess I was wrong about this too, huh? it’s like everything I thought about the future in the home was a lie.

  11. Television is the modern altar, where the unwashed masses receives their guidance of living.
    Which is unfortunate for us, because the ones behind the stuff has other interests than ours.

  12. There have been a number of articles warning about marriage recently, but cautioning about saddling yourself with a mortgage is a good complement to the marriage discussion. Even if I get married, I’d have a hard time buying a house that I couldn’t pay for in cash. It probably means I won’t be buying anytime soon (definitely not in California), but it’s a crazy commitment in my eyes. Monthly mortgage payments are an anchor that’ll limit or eliminate your ability to travel. I can’t imagine the hell people go through with divorce, and dealing with mortgages, and other liabilities and assets must just compound the agony.

    1. It is hell. I made the mistake of overleveraging in the mid 2000’s, then not only did the national housing market fall out from under me, but the local market took a much harder dive. Then my wife wanted a divorce. I’m currently trying to short sale a house that is hugely upside down. Partly because I wanted to please a bride. (I’m not absolving myself from my own faulty decisions).

      1. Hearing an example like that makes it that much more real for me. It’s shocking, but I’m hear the same old propaganda from realtors and others encouraging people (especially low-income) to buy homes. This is what got us into this mess in the first place, but five years later people have already forgotten. I’ll be renting indefinitely, primarily because home prices are insane in the SF Bay Area. A friend recently bought a 3 bed, 2 bath home in a decent neighborhood for $750k + $140k for renovations.

        1. Yep. I just renting somebody’s basement. I was a geo-bachelor for a couple years since the job market sucks as bad as the housing market where I was so I had to move to get a decent job. Now that the divorce and short sale are almost final, I’m just going to stay here as long as it works out. It’s inexpensive and all utilities are included.
          It’s too bad the “American Dream” got hijacked and is now little more than “how to get into debt slavery”. Go to school! Get the most expensive degree you can! It’s not about the money! Then buy a big house! All on credit! It’s the American Way!

  13. The other thing is the horrible quality of construction for these houses. They look nice in a tacky way at first, but soon fall apart, nessecitating that they be replaced in mere decades. I appreciate older houses that are higher quality, not just facades of cheap 2x4s and bad Sheetrock jobs. I’ve worked a few commercial construction jobs and was appalled at the shoddiness of modern buildings. Can’t wait to build my log cabin in the woods using old fashioned techniques and local timber.

    1. Globalization has made the buiding materials cheaper, and shitter, but at the same time appear to be better than they look.

  14. women are the new leisure class, thanks to desperate me.
    Women dispense sex for us. But we dispense sex for them as well. The
    source of all female supremacy is a denial of female sexuality. If sex
    can be seen as something she gives instead of takes, she is your master
    who’ll demand compensation. This explains slut shaming. So called
    “sluts” are traitors to the sisterhood because they insist on being
    equal with men by admitting that they take sex. Any man who slut shames
    is supporting the female gold-digging agenda and the lesbian rape

  15. You ever notice on House Hunters that a couple is always featured and very rarely ever a single person. In fact, most of their shows have couples and no singles. And the women all want brand new hardwood floors, a finished basement for the kids…seriously, this channel is for chicks. By the way, look at the husbands of these women, fat and slovenly and spineless. Their wives are just as fat and slovenly, too…but with all the spine that they can muster to bully their ways into a big useless home.
    I always ask myself, isn’t it better to buy property for yourself and not for someone else? There was one episode of House Hunters where a husband wanted a finished basement so he can have his man-cave ready as soon as his family moves in.
    WTF?! Mancave?! You’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house to chill in a damp cellar you call your cave? When did you regress into a caveman? Whatever happened to the idea that a man’s home is his castle?

    1. The whole term “mancave” pisses me off. I have an office or den or library in MY house (at least, when I have one). I’m not a freaking primate. That self-depreciating “man dumb, woman smart” has gone far enough and I want to see it end in my lifetime.

      1. Ah, now that sounds better-an office space, and one that can be used both for work and pleasure.

    2. I’ve seen one where a woman and her gay friend pretend to be a couple. Also saw one where two IWSB twins who were kinda queer were buying a place. They might’ve been just dorks tho

    3. I’ve noticed that a lot of ‘hubbies’ as fat sloppy looking losers who appear to run themselves into the grave for cupcake. Truly sad, working two meaningless jobs just to keep that piece of poon is ridiculous.
      Not only will be die earlier than he needs to, but will have health problems sooner in life. Another thought: the world isn’t that safe, disasters, crime, violence are all possibilities, and these slob hubbies are not physically up to the task of dealing with any of them.
      Don’t Beta Provide, live longer, live healthier.

      1. “Don’t Beta Provide, live longer, live healthier.”
        This needs to be the message of the manosphere. Beta providing kills who you are and shortens your life. It’s like working with asbestos for 30 years.

  16. Good insight into the deeper problem of marriage in general. While it can be argued that there are some good women left to marry one only needs to ponder, how long can they remain good in a society intent on catering to their every want and utilizing enforcement to ensure men cater to those wants as well?

  17. this video says it all.
    wife demands vacation home, extra bedrooms and even considers herself a single mother because husband works so much. all of this i picked up in the first 3 minutes.

    1. Sweet Jesus.
      1.07 – “You could be working, the kids could be at kid’s club and I could be at the pool.”
      The lazy, entitled American princess mentality laid bare for all to see. And the dumb, beta schlub goes long with it all, working his ass off while his wife gets fat by the pool.

    2. An objectively attractive, solvent guy like that could do much better and yet he’s saddled with this permascowling narwhal-sized megacunt.
      I even stopped asking “why?!” There’s no hope. The red pillers-to-blue pillers ratio will always be 1:100.

    3. I had to look at the preview clip on youtube since it said this one isn’t available in my country. But I heard most of that in the preview clip, and she wants to vacation one weekend every MONTH?! what the heck, europeans don’t even vacation that much!

  18. Why do betas are so happy about having a man cave? Because their whole house has been feminized, and all their props have been carefully removed one by one over time.
    Unless you buy it alone and make clear you make all the choices, this isn’t really your house. Anyway, live alone, tranquility is priceless.

  19. Great stuff. This is why I love this site. Really insightful and it needs to be said. If the lamestream media ran pieces like this, they would be being sold to Jeff Bezos for a pittance.

  20. delving into the social engineering conducted through television might lead you to places you do not want to go. lol

  21. Right on about the push for extreme renovations. Everytime I watch HH, they make it sound like a kitchen from the 80s is like a kitchen from the stone age! The show’s obviously scripted, b/c every episode the couple makes fun of the kitchen if is isnt a mid 2000s housing bubble manor kitchen w/island and granite. Every episode seems to have a comment about traffic noise as well, even for suburban cul de sac homes. I think I read the couples on the show already live in their choice house, but pretend to be looking for a home. House porn should’ve died in 2008.

    1. No shit sherlock.
      Next you gonna tell us that this station is paid for by the housing/constructing industry.

      1. The article above does not mention anything being scripted, that factoid is just more food for thought

  22. Finally shut the cable off…and the goddamn HGTV. Wife going through withdrawals, but I know it will save me money, headache, and the slimy beta feeling I get when I have to watch House Hunters. Amen.

  23. Actually saw an episode of that show once.
    A couple with a son and daughter were looking for a summer home.
    They were shown a great home but there was a problem.. it only had 3 bedrooms.
    The father remarks that the boy could just sleep on the couch in the living room.
    He was willing to put his son on a couch for 3 months so he could get his summer home near the beach.
    Another show i caught was one were people in their late 20s buy a home, with their parents making the down payment.
    Of course like every person whose bent over backwards to accomadate someone, they foolish think the kid will be out if their hair after buying the house.
    I know people in their 30s and 40s still getting help from mommy and daddy, cause they fear that the overgrown kid will have to move back in if they can’t pay their bills.

  24. Actually saw an episode of that show once.
    A couple with a son and daughter were looking for a summer home.
    They were shown a great home but there was a problem.. it only had 3 bedrooms.
    The father remarks that the boy could just sleep on the couch in the living room.
    He was willing to put his son on a couch for 3 months so he could get his summer home near the beach.
    Another show i caught was one were people in their late 20s buy a home, with their parents making the down payment.
    Of course like every person whose bent over backwards to accomadate someone, they foolish think the kid will be out if their hair after buying the house.
    I know people in their 30s and 40s still getting help from mommy and daddy, cause they fear that the overgrown kid will have to move back in if they can’t pay their bills.

  25. I don’t see the reason for the hate. Sure the couples on the show tend to go over budget or at least right at the budget ceiling but that isn’t all that bad. As for renovations of the house to me it is about having pride in your home. The way I see it if you are going to buy a home you should do it right. Renovate it if it needs it and adds value to your investment. Obviously you don’t want to buy at the height of the market but renting is literally pissing money away so it is often a very smart move to invest in property.
    Maybe it is the way I was raised but I’ve always taken pride in where I live. I’d rather have a smaller home that was nice (granite, carpet, some art) then a bigger place that looked shitty. Also makes gaming easier, if you bring a chick back to your place and it is barebones as shit that is going to count against you. But if the place looks nice, maybe has a painting here, a carving from a trip mounted on the wall there you look a lot better.

    1. You can have a great looking place, full of nice paintings and furniture without spending a lot of money, just be original and put what you like.
      The problem with HGTV is that it’s all but original, and it pushes you to follow trends and throw everything you bought at each new trend.

  26. Good article.
    This trend of ‘lifestyle’ programming shits me no end. Here in Australia we see shows like “Better Homes & Gardens”, and even worse are the ‘reality’ style home renovation shows like “The Block”, with masculine, boorish, attention-whoring women behaving like spoiled princesses with Tourettes-like spending patterns. The ultimate consumption machine. No wonder networks and their advertisers love it; obedient mistresses serving their masters (corporations) unconditionally. Her beta – and ultimately cuckolded – husband/boyfriend is of course blissfully unaware that his darling worships a faceless organisation ahead of himself.
    The women seen on these shows are a pathetic sight when things don’t go their way. The tantrums and childish behaviour are a sight to behold. So much for the myth of men being immature and superficial compared to the so-called fairer sex…

    1. Yeah, I remember one couple when the wife or girlfriend was complaining about the whole house, simply because the fridge didn’t have an ice maker. I was like “um… buy a ten cent ice tray and shut up”

      1. Our icemaker leaked and broke twice. We bought five ice trays and didn’t complain a bit.

  27. One of the bigger indicators of run-away consumerism in modern homes is bathrooms, especially the master bathroom. They’ve been turned into temples, some with sitting areas. A sitting area in the bathroom?! It’s a place where I relieve myself and take a shower. It doesn’t have to be as big as the room in my parents’ modest ‘normal’ house when I was growing up.

  28. Wow, I was just watching TV with wife two nights ago and had a very similar thought about all of the programming and the spoiled and selfish twats that were on the shows.

  29. In every one of these shows, the house is nothing more than a cardboard and vinyl piece of shit anyway. 3000 square feet with the structural quality of a barn. Ever since the building codes were trashed decades ago, the majority of homes being built are designed to last the length of the mortgage. You can see houses from the 1980s already beginning to have serious structural defects — the foundation is bad, there are interior load-bearing issues, sometimes the whole house is actually out of plumb. Many are being converted to rental or, in the worst housing markets, have been left to rot. This is in “upscale” suburban neighborhoods. If you are going to saddle yourself with a McMansion, it better be no more than ten years old and in a city with a robust economy, or else you may find yourself in a maintenance nightmare and financial hell.

  30. Hold on. Buying a house IS a good idea. There’s no better asset than good real estate.

  31. I hate watching those shows! They make men look so weak even though he tries to control the situation the female always over power his decision, buying something way above their price range! At times when they looks at a house they may not be nothing wrong with it at least nothing that a nice coat of paint would not cover. Nope! Not only did they spend an exorbitant amount of money on buying the property they have to spend another couple of grand to re-do the whole house.
    Those shows give people the wrong impression on how its really done. Even the show International house hunters the prices of those properties are crazy! Give me a place where it s cheaper where i can get my money’s worth and rub elbows with the native population and not American Expats! Although i really liked watching “Holmes on Holmes”
    Great Post

  32. Well… aren’t most of these reality shows like this nowadays. oh, and if it concerns a relationship problem, or a man looking for a women, he is a selfish/useless guy(after enhanced editing). but why tf should any of us watch tv, let alone own one (not in my worst nightmares; as far as i’m concerned, better go for a bikeride and watch the sun set on the mountains)

  33. Yes, the “updating” is indeed comical. I wonder how many landfills are full of perfectly usuable appliances? Where are the greentards on this?

  34. This is why the man needs to be the man and tell the bitch one word to keep her in line……..

  35. I am a man and watch HGTV sometimes because I have misfortune of never owning house and grew up in refugee camp, rental basement of whining landlord & Salvation Army. HGTV makes me HIGH & hopeful.

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