Why Anglo-American Women Are Terrible Financial Investments

By now, we all know that in most cases Anglo-American women do not make very good wives, mothers, or responsible members of society. That’s, of course, according to the opinions of millions of men that live in this part of the world.

My intent with this article is to illuminate you on another aspect of your life you will be throwing away if you get entangled with one or produce progeny with her, and that is perhaps the most important one: your financial life.

Sure, money doesn’t buy happiness – but try to live without money and you’ll quickly see what true misery is like. Money buys freedom and it’s hard to have either if you have a predatory Anglo-American female in your life.

According to scientific studies of happiness, there is a big difference in happiness between those who have no money and those who have enough to get by. However, contrary to all the cultural messages we receive, there is no appreciable difference in happiness between someone who has enough to get by and a billionaire. Hard to believe, but true.

So, let’s begin on the risks to your financial well-being and independence that women present in our society. Our goal here is for a man to be able to comfortably take care of his own needs rather than sacrificing his entire existence to an ungrateful woman.

Child Support


Merely siring a child with the wrong Anglo female is a one-way ticket to a life of court-enforced indentured servitude. The court does not care if you can’t find a job, if you become disabled, or if you rightfully protest a system in which there is no accountability on the “mother’s” part (I use the term “mother” loosely) to show the money is being spent on her offspring. The court system only cares that you hand the money over to her. It does not care how the money is spent.

Resources must flow from you to her no matter what for 18 years. Seeing as how the average child support obligation is around $500 a month, and men who do not bow down and kiss the State’s ring are thrown into the gulag by an ever-metastasizing police atate, merely fulfilling your 4.5 billion year old genetic imperative could now cost you jail time.

Not to mention, just look at what that kind of money turns in to, assuming a reasonable 10% return rate on a good growth stock mutual fund over 18 years. Right away, we have $300,000 at stake for one broken condom or lie about her birth control status.


Child support costs more than you think.

Lavish Spending

Assume, if you will, as female-driven spending makes up a good two-thirds of the economy, that your expenses from dating her, or even more frighteningly from being married to her, take up two-thirds of your take-home pay.

No, a simple studio apartment, simple used car or motorcycle, and meals prepared at home won’t be good enough for her. If you tie your fortunes to the wrong girl, she will fully expect to use your resources to keep up with the Jonesettes in your neighborhood.

Assuming you are a good little beta male slave and do whatever your boss tells you no matter how ridiculous it is, and that working 50-60 hour weeks in the “new economy” sounds appealing to you for some reason, and you somehow find a way to navigate the landmine-ridden HR department that wants to destroy you for the crime of being a male, you might be lucky enough pull down an average salary of around $40,000 year.

The average Anglo girl will not be satisfied with that salary, even though it affords her a better quality of life than 90% or more of the rest of the world. You must also realize that the hedonic treadmill she spends her life on may cause her to look someday look for a more affluent meal ticket.

Invest in Yourself, Not Her


Just as her looks start to go and her ass thickens from all that trash she eats…you could have had this instead.

Instead of wisely investing two-thirds of your take-home salary after the government mafia finishes robbing you to pay for other, more irresponsible members of society like single moms and the deadbeats they fuck, having the wrong woman in your life will almost certainly cause you to instead increase your spending.

Supposed that you missed out on investing $1,000 a month. In only five years, you will have missed out on $82,000 of freedom. Around year five, if you’ve picked the wrong woman, she becomes impossible to live with, complains constantly, denigrates you for not being a better provider, and swings you around by the balls with a legal system that heavily favors her.

Moving ahead, after 10 years you could have had over $200,000 in the bank and still afforded multiple trips to sunnier, more libertine countries and enjoyed the company of younger and prettier women. Your relationship with her has now cost you enough money to retire on, if you invested wisely and moved to a country where the cost of living is lower than the U.S.

If you go full boat and have a kid with her, that relationship will have cost you over $1 million dollars in 20 years. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying never reproduce, but the stakes are high if you choose to do it in the West with an Anglo woman. For those who desire a family, such as myself, it is much cheaper and safer to build your family in another country.

Wrapping Up


Wise words that have survived the test of time.

I’d like to wrap up this little lesson in Female Economics 101 by telling you to wrap it up. Be wary of considering any long-term obligation with an Anglo-American female without extensive vetting. If you choose unwisely, your wallet may never recover.

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  1. Women don’t understand how money works period, so of course if they can get more of it for nothing they will, it seriously blows my mind how much money guys give to women and don’t understand what they are giving up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__8WubbgR5Q
    PS Tom is back blowmeuptom dot com

        1. They all say they’re the exception like a snowflake, but they’re all the same in the end.

        2. They say shit like that because it’s an image they’re trying to put on. Like they all say they’re going to vote for Hillary. But secretly from their freinds they hate her for being successful and will vote against her. Same thing. . Protect the herd while struggling to look clean.

      1. 27:00 tom asks women if women don’t expect men to support them than why do they accept alimony

        1. Right. During my divorce, wife got a lawyer after we agreed things would be amicable. And all through it she kept repeating; “you don’t understand, it’s all LEGAL. These are things I’m being MADE to do.” Yeah, right bitch. Nine years later I still have to have some mail delivered to a freinds house in case she want to still come after something.

        1. yeah he goes in pretty in depth about each one and why because of his parents long successful marriage he felt he was doing something wrong, and it wasn’t until after the 4th he finally realized that it was women just weren’t marriage material any more. good news is he had iron clad prenups so he never lost a dime or a property

        2. yep, he always talks about how he knows what not to do, by making every mistake in the book so we don’t have to

        3. Maybe if you’re 20 but not 50 something. The guy is just a loud mouth dummy. And you’re also assuming that he actually learned his lesson.Have him tell you about his 70yo Chicano gf. Yep, Tom is a real alpha boy lol

        4. Tom is full of shit and obviously retarded despite his claims to a high IQ. I can go back many generations in my family and they were all married 50-60 years or until death but yet I’ve always been a bachelor.So what’s Tom saying? His parents were married and that’s why he did it 4 times lol

        5. I’m not him, only he can answer that, for some reason you have a lot of contempt for him, maybe because he has more than you’ll ever have, I don’t know, if you want to discuss it with him try calling him on his show that he has and you don’t, otherwise nobody cares what your opinion of him is.

        6. You mean they were married in the era of at-fault divorce and criminal penalties for adultery?

        7. He’s actually poor and can barely hold on to a job so I wouldn’t believe his BS you naive little boy. He’s also from a lower class family of stumblebums.

        8. My family? I don’t exactly know all the laws concerning divorces and adultery in the 1800’s but I’m pretty sure that females were never charged with any crime for fucking someone not their husband.Fault divorce existed until a few years ago in NY but that didn’t mean innocent men had it good.And they still had to pay child support and as usual the more you have the more the court will make you pay because like the wife and kids are used to that lifestyle. Perhaps if you could show the wife was a complete whore or criminal or unfit you may get a reduction on what you have to pay(in the days when alimony was common) but I doubt if any man got off scot free even when there was fault divorce. Of course they would go after things like child support even in the old days but it was pretty hard to get a guy to pay if he didn’t want to and hard to even find him.

        9. I can buy fat Tom a 100x over. He’s an entertainer not someone whose advice you should be following.And as I mentioned once I spoke to him years ago when he was young and at some station as a DJ. Those callers are mostly fakes and it’s just a show.

        10. So wait. You spoke to fat Tom, to Robin Williams, and K. Reeves only in this thread… Just stop embarrassing yourself dude.

        11. It was a different time. Your grandmother didn’t hold an iphone 24-7 and wasn’t told she deserves a movie star clown who dances sings and jump through burning rings.

        12. Yeah I thought I was doing something wrong with women when I always ended up feeling they were trying to control me. I thought I had to fix my ‘fear of control’. Ha … nope, it really was because they were trying to control me … nothing to fix in me!

        13. He also talked about how his show was just schtick to make a buck. Maybe he is a closet beta.

      1. Are you confident it will be the final? He sounds like a wedding addict.

    1. You guys should leave the cultural analysis for the logical, big picture people. There are more emotions on this site than a maternity ward.

      1. I try to, I just like to share some golden tidbits from Tom’s radio show that have helped me in the past I don’t claim to know anything really

        1. Kris came across as a bit of a schmuck so I figured I’d be one as well. The only spelling error that actually irritates me is people that spell lose as loose.

        2. Irregardless of the the fact that you over-exaggerate? I think you misunderestimate yourself.

        3. No, I hate (feel intense or passionate dislike for ) it when people use loose instead of lose. Nothing to do with apathy.

        4. I think you totally misread my post. You mentioned your grammar pet peeve and I mentioned mine. I wasn’t reacting to yours.

    2. Tom is a mangina who has been married 4 times.You boys must like listening to losers rather than a winner like myself. In fact, my assistant Dr. Danilova just mentioned this to me.She thinks that you boys listen to these losers like Leykis because he makes you feel good about being a loser yourself and tells you what you want to hear(it’s all an act believe me, Tom knows his loser audience well) She also says that you boys get all butthurt if someone like myself tells you the truth about yourselves, or just things in general, and that it’s a sign of immaturity and lower class thinking and mores on your part.She also thinks that you’re a bunch of dummies and don’t know an opportunity when it presents itself.She says that even when I’m not giving you invaluable advice that you boys should be giving me a million upvotes just for the opportunity of being able to interact, albeit it in a very minor way, with someone of my intellect and class because in real life a snowball would have a better chance in hell than of any of you meeting a member of the Elite.
      Keep listening to loser Leykis. lol

      1. I dare you to call in to his show this Monday and state that, any other response than “yes” means you are a complete liar and a fraud and will be completely ignored. The closest thing you have in your life that resembles an MD is living your Mom and Dad’s house because you’ve wasted all your money on women.

        1. If this entertainer Tom wishes to call me at an exact time I may speak to him for a few minutes. I’ll even give him permission to put it on the air.So since you apparently have nothing to do go make the arrangements.

        2. I’ve never really spent money on females. Oh sure, I may have bought a bottle of wine and shared it or paid for some minor food but that’s about it and I’ve had more females paying for me even though I’m a lot richer than they were. But personally I don’t give a damn about minor things or spending money.

      2. I don’t know about Leykis, but I know you’re full of shit, Mr. Exceptional. From what you’ve just said here, you’re not even the dirt on the back of my shoes. You even made your handle show you are an MD… what a muppet… Millions like you floating around. You are exactly nobody.

        1. Actually I didn’t even make my ID, Dr. Danilova did,and then I had no reason to change it but ordinarily I’d just call myself Mark or Ben.

        2. You lost me here. Who’s Dr. Danilova and why should I care about her? Does she give good head?

        3. Dr. Danilova doesn’t exist, this guy is a fraud and an autist, he just trolls this site pretending to be a doctor.

      3. “She thinks that ”
        “She also says”
        “She also thinks”
        “She says that”
        Marcus, you are no MD. You are a parrot.

        1. I was merely listening to a few of her insightful comments. She is after all only 21 even if she does have a PhD but I do think she hit the nail on the head here in her assessment.

      4. I’m glad that “she” says something and you agree with her. I don’t know who this Tom guy is but I certainly don’t care what Ms Danilova thinks (or yourself either for that matter). Instead of resorting to personal attacks, why not explain why he’s wrong (Tom or the orig poster). You just come across as a pompous jackass.

        1. Rob: Agreed. Tom Leykis was on of the few spitting pre-redpill back in 2002 when I lived in LA. Before Roosh or Tyler or any of the modern day pimps. He woke me the fuck up watching my buddies marriages implode.
          Marcus: If you are going to make a point, then make it. Or just keep claiming elite status and calling people names. Here is your ego validation pellet. Move along.

        1. I think that you know my opinion so I was giving you another perspective from an intelligent female’s point of view.

        2. Again, where is your own opinion? I bet you think by agreeing with her your have some chance of getting her in the sack. White knight syndrome

      5. Nobody gives a shit about what some bitch thinks, no matter how many degrees she’s got.

        1. A women with a college degree is always suspect. How the hell did they get anything other than a “gender studies” degree anyway? The fact that so many women are degreed these days calls the whole ecucational system into question.

      6. Tom Leykis explained why he got married 4 times. Because he thought it was the right thing to do. Of course 4 times is excessive, but they way he explains it, it is understandable. He is everything but a mangina. Now I don’t know how he is when he’s not talking into a microphone. But that guy doesn’t have to prove anything. He is established. And sure he might not have to much sex anymore, but he’s almost 60. Yet, his advice for is very good for young guys. He surely must have prevented a lot of life wrecking situations.

        1. I could be wrong, but I think the trend of men marrying 3 and 4 times is dead. I used to meet a lot of guys on their 4th damn marriages. And each one worse than the last. I have a freind who was married twice, and he had the attitude of the old-timers I used to know. But after the second one, he took a look at the whole society-pushing-marriage thing, and became kinda red-pill. Now, there are a helluva lot of women out there still on the perpetual marriage ride. They need it, we men don’t.

      7. Other than a rambling ad hominem against Tom Leykis, do you have a point? You don’t like Tom, fine, but you presented no evidence that anything in the article is right or wrong.

      8. For someone who spends a lot of time on this site and a lot of energy commenting you sure are contemptuous of the people here. If we’re such loser paroles why do you bother? You’re mister multiple degrees and can’t resist peppering your comments with self-aggrandizing ststements and personal attacks against others. We’d all be better off if you left, since most of your posts are like the thread jacks we see from girl commenters.

    3. I would, without a doubt, be more comfortable with having a 7 year old boy handle my money than I would 95%+ of adult women.
      They want money but they can’t handle it.

      1. I give pocket money to my 12 year old son. He saves it and thinks of the future. My daughter has always squandered everything I gave her so she only gets phone topups from me now. No more.

      2. For real! It’s such an abstract concept that they can’t handle it. Any guy I know, myself included, who’s been married has complained that their wives can’t understand money. It’s only for them to spend, but they don’t know how it gets to your house or what the problem is if it’s gone.

    4. And I’m killing you softly
      Watchin’ you melt from the second I kiss ya
      Hear dollar signs in your careless whispers
      I know the game it’s old and lame
      You’re holdin’ a flame for my name and my fame
      Livin’ like givens schemin’ on Tyson
      But she got lucky cause he was a nice one
      But I ain’t nice and I don’t play that
      If it ain’t tax I don’t pay that
      You think you’re in cause you turn me on
      Here one minute and the next you’re gone
      I made rhymes I made cash
      Why get married and you take half
      No I ain’t got no girlfriend
      No I ain’t buy no car
      No I ain’t got no babies
      A lot of ladies
      Now, they want money

      -Kool Moe Dee, 1986

      1. I don’t, I honestly think a lot of his (mostly past) segments are really helpful for guys dealing w/ chicks and life in general, if you listen to some of his shows he logically explains why things like why chivalry is dead, why women love jerks, what it takes to be successful, etc etc.
        I’m not trying to spam him, but discovering his show about ten years ago brought me from being someone who makes 24k a year as a poindexter and worried about finding a wife, to realizing what I wanted to do in life…which allowed me to stop chasing women, switch careers, move and work as hard as I can, and I now make over six figures in entertainment, live alone, and get laid with zero drama and stress as I only worry about myself now.
        So long story short I feel like if one of these segments can inspire someone else who was in the position I was in a few years ago, it is worth being attacked by everyone who tells me what a retard I am for posting a video. However I realize it is your website so I will stop if you want, but like I said I’m not doing it for any other reason than to hope that maybe it will help even just one person realize the lack of logic in whatever they are doing in life.

      2. PS I’ve tried to email his show saying he should advertise his show on your site because I think it would be a good fit, as well as suggesting he should have you on a as a guest on your show, so if anything I’ve tried to bring more attention to your site than vice versa.

    5. I grew up with a mother and grandmother who were very shrewd investors and basically very sensible in all walks of life.
      My grandmother had survived two world wars with all the men in the family except her brother killed off by the Germans. She had a no-nonsense approach to life. I still miss her terribly.
      My father died when I was 2 and my mother never re-married.
      I went to an all boys school so when I left home I naturally believed that all women were as sensible as my mother and grandmother, particularly with money.
      It came as a shock when I discovered the true nature of women of my generation.

  2. A reasonable 10% rate of return???
    Get out of here. That’s a bullshit rate no person can expect to get

    1. Actually, my returns have been 60% this year, and well above 10% ever since 2010 when I bought into this fund. Around 10% is the long-term stock market average for mutual funds.

      1. Do you have any financial advice? I would like to make 60% this year, is there a specific investment fund that you are using?

      2. The long term historical stock market average return is closer to 8%, but 10% is not an unattainable goal. Keep in mind that almost all the money printing of the past decade has been pumped into stocks, and a simple supply/demand change is responsible for a lot of the recent price increases.
        IE Print up billions of dollars and give it to the banks (Quantitative Easing by the federal reserve) with the hope that they lend it out; instead they invest it in stocks and the sheer increase in demand / buyers for stocks pushes the price up, even though the underlying business is worth no more. Health care in particular *has* done well due to Obamacare, but a lot of that growth is unsustainable. I invested in a health care index fund with Vanguard and it had a ~50% return last year, also. But consider the following:
        Example: S&P 500 June 2010 = $1,100
        S&P 500 June 2015 = $2,100
        The S&P 500 has almost doubled since 2010. Are the companies any more profitable than they were 5 years ago? Is the state of the economy better? Their sales higher? Or is it simply a price bubble?
        You generally need to subscribe to some premium service like Valueline or Bloomberg to compare a bunch of historical metrics, but a lot of the change in prices is just P/E ratios. The price to earnings ratio just means how much are people paying for $1 of profits at a firm ? Typically the P/E ratios are increasing, while the underlying profits are not. So the underlying business is not increasing in value. Be careful.

        1. Hey Nujac I just wanted to say that I’ve been reading Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt and it is a fantastic and readable book.
          For a guy without a base in economics it’s easy to grasp. It’s very insightful but simultaneously makes economics look like common sense.

    1. And her own money, own life and if she wants to procreate she is 50% responsible. Men and women should both go to jail for failing to support children.

      1. the state shouldn’t dictate who is responsible. freedom of contract: let each pair decide who is responsible. if a woman wants to have a child for herself and without support from a man, she should be able to put up such a contract to attract “buyers”. so should a man.

        1. The problem with that is when she gets buyer’s remorse and then wants daddy government to “fix” it for her.

  3. My dad said that women always just assumed the heat would be on, water would come out of the spigot, and food would be in the frig. But a man cannot do that.

    1. Not my mother. When my dad came home and told mom he got laid off, she had secretly sqiurreled away $500. Mind you this was the early 60’s and there were 5 child mouths to feed. She always had emergency money.

        1. She was holding out and feeding you kids mush. Probably planning on running away from her omega slave husband and going with some alpha man. If daddy’s still alive he should get a DNA test for all of ‘his’ kids too.I can guarantee that out of 5, 3 are likely bastards and perhaps all 5 lol

        2. What a fucking angry rude retard you are. My mother passed in 2006 and my father is living in a retirement home and is crippled with a stroke. I really hope you get to experience a true relationship of respect and love.
          But alas, I suspect you will end up just marinading in your own piss and vinegar.

      1. I have a Mum from that generation who had wisdom enough to think & act in similar fashion. Though this was in the mid 80’s for me. There’s not a lot of this wisdom from that generation being passed down in recent times.

    1. 50% are gold diggers then, snowflake. That’s the divorce rate and the vast majority are initiated by her. Clear?

        1. Wrong! Gold diggers show their pale and shovel quickly. No gold, no digging = gone.

        2. Let me re phrase it. When divorce is in the cards, they become gold diggers.

  4. Women do appear to be the goldman sachs of the gender world. In the Matt Taibbi vampire squid sense that is.

  5. +99999999 on the child support. Child support will bring you down when you’re up, and kick the living shit out of you when you’re down. Rotten thieves, women and the government.

    1. I do agree with child support. If it’s yours and you wanted it, then you should pay weather you stay together or not. The issue is, men have absolutely no reproductive rights. They can not order the woman to not get pregnant. If she wants it, she’ll blow you, hold your semen in her mouth go to the bathroom and inseminate herself. Men have no saying when it comes to this, but the fucking government makes us have everything to do with it when it comes to paying. That’s the real problem, not the child..

      1. Won’t work. I have the male pill and in fact developed it. The enzyme required for the sperm to break into the egg is not present so there’s no way she can get pregnant.

        1. Testosterone Replacement Therapy will make you sterile while you are on it, as well as other well documented benefits.

        2. The only pill you have the the Ritilin your mother brings downstairs to you in the basement every night with your TV dinner.

      2. make her believe you are a psychopath and killed a woman over pregnancy once. have a fake newspaper article lie around about your release from jail, photoshopped.
        even if she believes it 10%, the risk will simply be lower otherwhere.

        1. That won’t scare her away. Quite the opposite, it’ll give her the tingles because they go for sociopaths instead of the good stable guys.

    2. Child support is actually female leech cunt support, modern women rarely give a second thought to children and that’s why a lot of(if not most) children from single mother households grow up to be sluts, whores, junkies, manginas and/or criminals.
      Child support enables child abuse.

  6. ‘there is no appreciable difference in happiness between someone who has enough to get by and a billionaire.’
    This of course is bullshit. First of all what do you mean ‘to get by’? If you’re living in NYC or for that matter any city on earth, even ones in 3rd world countries, you would need at least $150k per year ‘to get by”
    Billionaires are rare and there are only about 1k on earth and those assets are mostly in shares owned of a company not laying around in cash.
    If you want to make comparisons then make them more reasonable. Compare say a doctor who has to work full time and earned $200k to a person who may not be rich but has an income from some investment or fund and gets that same $200k without having to work. The person living off the fund will be happier in general because he has no worries about his income and has the time to enjoy life a bit.
    Studies have also shown that wealthier people are happier in general and these studies go back a long way.

    1. Intrinsic vs. extrinsic goals. It sounds like you’ve bought into what the great marketing machine has trained you to think. The scientific study I read saw a major difference in happiness between $5,000 and $50,000 annual income, but no measurable difference between $50,000 and $5 million annual income. I might have qualified that argument better, but to me $50,000 is pretty much the minimum to comfortably “get by” these days.

      1. Even with $5 million, a woman would still not be happy. She’ll need $6 million. Then $7 million and so on and so forth. What did McCartney’s ex-wife get?

        1. So true. Just look at Robin Williams. Hugely successful, Academy Award winning actor and household name. Even all that wasn’t enough to keep the bitches and the meat grinder legal system from consuming him and leaving him broke. And of course, with nowhere else for him to turn, leaving him dead. I see Robin Williams as one of the most frightening examples of the predatory nature of women and our injustice system. If they can destroy a man as rich, famous, and powerful as he was, they can destroy any man. There are plenty of other examples out there.

        2. Yup. The problem with Williams was he didn’t swallow the red pill knowledge that man does not need the company of a woman. There was an article by Jefe a while back about this. We want the company and affection from women, but don’t need it.

        3. I feel for Robin. He should’ve just said fuck it, get on a jet and go one way to a tropical island somewhere, get some bitches (he’s famous after all) and live in a hut on the beach & be a bum if he was that broke.
          No way I’d ever off myself for some bitch.

        4. Not much when you consider his worth.Wealthy men never lose more than 5% in these divorces.
          Only dopey negro ball bouncers get screwed but they’d lose any money they had anyway.
          “A fool and his money are easily parted’

        5. Williams was not broke so stop with your crap.I knew the man and know everything that goes on. He was good friends with a neighbour of mine years ago, Christopher Reeves, and I pretty much know a lot of people’s situations. Robin was not broke due to a divorce or did he kill himself for any reason a little kid pyjama boy would understand.

        6. Mr. Personal Attack I’m Great. You’re like comic relief here, except supremely annoying. You’d claim to have invented the Internet I’m sure except another fraudster already claimed that one.

      2. I was the happiest in my life when I was young and broke. It’s not the money, it’s the age.

      3. Well obviously no one could be earning $5000 so that can’t be a real study and it would be impossible to survive on that. If there are some retards around earning that( stores sometimes hire Mongoloids etc) they also receive benefits so there is no such thing as earning and living on $5k and trying to compare that to $50k. You can’t live on $50k either unless you’re living in some tiny apt somewhere and taking a bus to work or walking. I guess you could live on that if you live in mommy’s cellar and don’t have to pay bills but I assume we’re talking about real men here.

    2. Most of that happiness comes from the first 70k in income though based on various studies although it would obviously be higher in NYC (and I say that as someone who makes ~200k/year). Keep in mind a lot of guys get satisfaction from a job well done so not having a job and just making 200k/year means some guys are actually getting less satisfaction than working and making 200k/year.

      1. But you don’t know that because you’re not in that class. So basically you’re just some internet blowhard trying to convince yourself of something. And in this case it’s that old cliché about money not making you happy. Something only poor guys ever say.

        1. I make 200k now, made 75k 3 years ago, 50k 5 years ago, I made 30k 10 years ago and 18k 12 years ago. Since I’ve had a nice climb and been in a wide variety of positions (lower, middle, and now lower upper) and grew up poor/lower/middle at various points of my early life, I feel like I can speak as good as the next guy. I still enjoy making more money but the marginal benefit does level off considerably. Sure you get to drive a new BMW instead of a new Honda or you get a 4k sq ft house instead of the 2.5 sq ft home but those are marginal life improvements compared to going from a junker to a new honda and a 500 sq ft apartment to a 2500 sq ft home.

  7. Divorce laws in english speaking countries are tilted in favor of women. Keeping it real.

  8. Of course this default behavior is common among Anglo American women but like I read in one of Roosh’s article (true nature of women), this has gone global.
    This virus is spreading so fast thanks to modern day American culture trash and Hollywood garbage films that are quickly becoming popular worldwide and now has affected many Asian women too. You be surprised how quickly they become Americanized. A fresh off the boat Asian women here in the states. How long do you think it’s going to take her to become fully cuntish like the Anglo white women? I say about 90 percent of white American women are unbearable today. Try to enjoy all the asian pussies while you can because they too will be like white American women en masses.

    1. Generally with asian women migrating to the anglosphere, you can go with the strength of the foreign accent. If they were born and raised in america, like american born chinese (abc), then they are american culturally. Even if their parents speak chinese at home, and they visit grandman once a year in China. They are still american and don’t know any other way.Those who didn’t migrate until they were adults, have stronger asian cultural values. They are more into the traditional idea that roles are complementary. Some don’t change that much as they get older. But if she migrated when she was 6 y/o and went through the full school system in the west, then she probably has dyed blonde hair and a tramp stamp and the personality to go with it.

      1. I’ll even go further to say that even though she grew up back in her home country and came to the US as an adult, she STILL will turn into a cunt due to the environment. The media and all the material shit will infest her pea brain.

        1. To some degree but if she’s born and raised in asia there’s still that understanding that there’s another way to do things. If she’s born and raised in america she literally knows no other way. You can feel the difference almost instantly. The more culturally asian they are the better listeners they are. They are sensing you. Reading you. More non-verbal communication. Face reading or whatever you call it. With asian american women they can’t stop talking, literally can’t shut their mouth, must dominate the conversation, no ability to sense anything, its all about expressing themselves. I pick up on those cues fast for qualifying prospects.

        2. Have you ever been to China, Korea or Japan?
          It’s the same there. Everyone wants the Lexus, expensive clothes and high powered job. The bill boards inundate women with the same consumer shit the Americans have.

        3. Japan. There’s strong pressure on women to get married by 25, definitely before 30. So they play hard for a few years in their youth. Then they want to lock down a man for marriage. When they are playing they like to screw around with foreigners. For marriage they usually go their own culture.

        4. By “You”, I assume you mean a Jap beta male. Great, he gets a 26 year old bitch who got passed around by Chief Petty Officer De’Marckus while on Shore Leave.
          Japan is the originator of “MGTOW”. Jap men used to work 12 hour days and hand their entire pay checks to their wives. There’s even a Jap term for dropping dead at the office.
          Karōshi (過労死 ), which can be translated literally as “death from overwork” in Japanese, is occupational sudden death.

        5. True. That’s why there’s so much opportunity there with the women. If you’re a foreigner you don’t have re-invent your persona to get noticed. It has social advantages. I’m not trying to convince anybody. If japanese women don’t work for you, then that’s just more opportunity for other guys who like it.

        6. You have it in for this guy. Almost every post! Why does he rub you the wrong way?

        7. Yes, and I’m not sure about Vietnam itself, but I know several Vietnamese americans and they practically line up at the mall every Sunday (their ONE day off from their shitty jobs) to buy the latest big screen tv, appliance, clothing, brand name purses, etc. all on credit of course. Asia is a HUGE place so maybe they are not all like that but there is some gross materialism in most Asians I have met.

    2. Korean girls love to bounce on white and black GI cocks. Most will probably end up marring a respectable Korean man who will never know of his wife’s whoredom.
      Maybe you can learn Dari, import a 17 year old Afghani girl whose entire family was killed in a drone strike, and move to a location where no one else speaks Dari but that is about your only hope.

      1. Oriental girls will not touch a negro, their parents would kill them. If they ever had sex with a negro it would be the end of them and the only job they could get would be a whore catering to the lowest classes.Yes, that’s how bad it would be for them.

    3. i would enjoy all the latino pussy, i would enjoy them so much until all the babies from gushing from their ugly smelly burrito pussy and onto the floor filled with crack and cocaine, the women would be hola papi, and i would shove my peck down her throat. Latinos women like to scream like a whore that they are. Black women in america isn’t any different, they have many baby daddy, they would screw a slum lord then a regular person.

  9. Keeping up appearances. That’s what it’s all about. When you’re single you don’t care about living in a small apartment, even when you get into a relationship it isn’t to bad. But once the first child pops out you’ll have to move. And same goes for the second one you didn’t expect (or hoped for wouldn’t come anyway) because some women say they only want one child and then a year later want to breed again. So you’ll move again to a child friendly neighborhood. Also need a bigger car, in particular a “safer” one for little junior. Now those two things are never taken into consideration in the costs of having a child.
    The divorce percentage in my own country is 36%, lower than in the US, but it’s still going up. There is an idea here on this site that European women are better than in the Anglo countries, well that could be true. But the Dutch women for instance are just as scandalous as the American ones. They’re being fed the same feminist BS: Dr.Phill, ellen degenerate, Oprah. Affirmative action is almost a religion over here. Don’t kid yourself. Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc…maybe. Western Europe: still a needle in a haystack to find a good woman here. As soon as there is a descend in the relationship they’ll throw in the towel. And divorce used to be a shame, now it’s a lifestyle change.
    For all the people who think the problem with women is ethnic, it isn’t. It’s purely cultural. A woman living in the US/Canada or Western Europe is being exposed to feminist ideas, and sooner or later becomes one.
    The best thing that ever could happen to men if childsupport and alimony are abolished. Maybe women will start making good choices about who they procreate with and will work harder to maintain the relationship. In return men will have to work harder to prove they’re worthy of having a family. Not a bad idea.

    1. As a fellow Dutchman I can vouch for the accuracy of the above post. The only way you’re going to find a decent, attractive, young and fertile girl anywhere in the western world is to join one of the more fanatical Christian denominations ( and even then it’s far from guaranteed ). The rest are all too bust riding the CC with Chad and or being culturally enriched by various multicultural Pearls.
      Poland, Ukraine and Russia? Maybe, if you manage to find a rural girl, big cities are no different than anywhere in the West. Less CC, maybe. But all of that’s negated once she spends more than a week unsupervised by her parents/family.
      AWALT, just because Western girls are open about their shit doesn’t mean “other” girls are better, they’re just not as free to do what they innately want to do like the Western girls are.

      1. This is so true, many American men are somehow deluded into thinking Eastern European or Asian girls are any different but they aren’t. In fact being that they come from poor countries they are even more inclined to be after money than their Western counterparts.

        1. True. But one thing is that they still follow traditional family values. They perform feminine duties and doesn’t think it’s slavery.

        2. After being stationed in Europe and East Asia, I can vouch for that. Lost count of how many of my army buddies were taken to the cleaners after that deployment money started to roll in. A lot of them took anywhere from 50-75% of the deployment cash, divorced and went back to the old country (Ukraine & Philippines were the primary ones).
          I considered it a stupidity tax myself, happy I never had to pay it out.

        3. Housekeeping and raising children is less likely to be devalued. While in america women have negative perception about it, like a woman must be stupid if she doesn’t have a career outside the home.

    2. As good as that sounds, child support and alimony will never be abolished. The “elites” will never do what is best for society. Taxes will never be reduced. Psychedelic drugs will never be legalized. Immigration will never slow down.
      It’s like this BY DESIGN.
      They’re working to collapse the social and economic infrastructure to bring about more control for THEM. By them I mean the ancient bloodlines. Call them whatever you want. Marxists, illuminati, doesn’t matter. The more unfair and chaotic, the more we live in fear, the lower our consciousness resonates, the easier we are to manipulate. How unlikely is it that people with advanced knowledge that’s been obscured from us plebs would protect and wield this power for their own benefit? Just wait. First they will create massive social unrest (check). Then they collapse the economy (well underway, fiat currency is designed that way). Then they create a false-flag event (similar to 9/11. The Sandy Hook shooting was practice. Think EMP attack followed by a fake alien invasion. They’ve already developed the holographic technology).
      The news keeps us in fear. TV shows and movies program our minds by creating probable realities. When you see the corny illuminati symbolism at Superbowl games and music videos, it seems far-fetched. The reality is, they want us to notice. They want us to be scared. By focusing on their games, you play right into their hands. Same thing as focusing on Left vs Right puppets in power. As long as you give your focus to the system, they have you by the balls.
      That’s why I think MGTOW, as corny as it sounds, is the best way to go. Not just with women, but the whole fucking shabang. Don’t subscribe to ANYTHING. Not even MGTOW. Activism of any sort is futile. Take control of your consciousness and go your own way, that’s the only way to win. I realize I’m coming off as a huge conspiracy nutter but the thing is, it’s irrelevant what happens. This is a spiritual battle — always has been.

      1. I agree with you but I don’t think there’s this grand conspiracy. There is no “they”. It’s all because people are fucked up beings and what we witness is just normal. It’s meant to end up here and even lower.
        When hunger was a problem we didn’t have time for all this bull shit. Physical survival was of utmost importance. Now when most of the immediate needs are solved, the true nature of the human species comes to light.. Just as feminism showed us how women really are.

        1. I agree with you. We are fucked up. But there are people that stand to gain from us remaining so. Not important to name names.
          Occam’s razor suggests that conspiracies are too complicated to be plausible. The fact is, their methods are extremely simple. Promote chaos. Then hit us with the Problem-Reaction-Solution. Google Diacletian’s problem-reaction-solution for a historical example.
          It would appear that most of our needs are solved. However it’s an illusion. People spend their ENTIRE LIVES saving for a HOME. This is normal! Californians are worried about having water to drink! We have iPhones and Netflix but our minds are stuck in caveman basic survival mode. The “empire” never ended, our rulers just retreated into the shadows. We are all peasants fighting eachother for freedom like the fucking hunger games.
          Personally I don’t believe women are inherently evil. I don’t believe this is their true nature. We are all here on an ascendant journey and most people have forgotten this. Our pineal glands remain inactive when you live only in mind and body. You need to bring spirit into the equation, which is the ONE thing the “elite” do NOT want. TV and movies are the main tool for the job. Women are particularly impressionable and they know this. They control man through woman.
          There is occult knowledge out there for the taking if you want to explore for yourself. You can start with googling Rosicrucianism and venturing down that rabbit hole of ancient knowledge. The universe is holographic, everything is connected. Science is slowly proving this – see “spooky action at a distance” and the unified field theory. You don’t exist in a vacuum. Every thought you think is significant and REAL. Your ascendant path is created uniquely for you, through a feedback loop between you and the universe. You create your own reality. By simply giving your attention to the puppet show presented before you, you give away the reigns of your horse. I didn’t believe this at first, it’s been a slow progression. LSD took away my “nuts and bolts” reductionist mindset. Then my friend told me about synchronicity or “synchro-mysticism” and numerology. Sure enough I started seeing 11:11, 12:12, 2:34, 3:33, 4:44, etc all day long, every day. I thought I was going CRAZY. But believe me, this is very well-known phenomena. It’s the universe winking at you. This happened for months. However it stopped happening since I ran out of money and I’ve been living in fear. See what I mean? This is why they want you living in fear. As long as you pay attention to their narrative, they win. Create your own reality.

        2. Dude, you’re making a great decision. Seriously. I’ve never tried peyote but you are about to have a life-changing experience that’s for sure.

        3. You sound like a naive little boy who discovered that females are not little snowflakes and are now totally confused about how to deal with them.

        4. Hey stupid, it’s just another drug. We Boomers know all about these things and in fact many of these drugs were not even illegal.

      2. You were born too late kid.The Boomers had Dr Leary
        Turn on, tune in and drop out

      3. You are exactly right and the red pill movement focuses too much energy on women, instead of realizing that women were programmed to be this way for a reason. Men on this site bring up biology to explain and rationalize alot of their behavior, but its mostly cultural. The handlers know exactly how to play women like puppets. They use TV, movies, and any mass media to condition how women feel about men and themselves. The biggest factor with women is their low self esteem. They HATE themselves. How can you expect love and compassion from millions of women that despise their reflection? The television and movies do this them. If we are insecure about ourselves, we are putty in the hands of the puppet masters. Turn the TV off, spend more time with nature and good people and the need to compete with other humans for status disappears completely. I’m no MGTOW because I still want some female contact, but Ive checked out of “America”. Its all a scam.

      4. I think that when people focus in on the Illuminati, Masons, Jews, etc. etc. really wealthy and powerful people find it amusing if they notice at all. Yes there are powerful forces out there and yes we are marching towards an irreversible dystopia but there is no Oz behind the curtain perfectly orchestrating human events. Not only that but eventually the whole thing is going to collapse like a house of cards. The one worlders are pushing us into an unsustainable reality. The saddest thing is there is no organized push back against all this madness. So when the inevitable collapse happens it could be ugly beyond measure.

      5. a person who calls somebody “conspiracy nutter” is a bluepill leftist blind idtiot not worth talking to.

    3. That last paragraph is a damn good idea. Both sexes benefit. Not that it’ll ever happen..

    4. The degenerate cultural creep doesn’t affect everyone in its path the same. Me, I grew up in a liberal college town that turned into a gay leftist anti family sewer. I was mentally cornered into either succumbing to it all or outright rebelling against it all. Luckily oppositional defiant disorder, aderal and ritalin weren’t around so I became quite a shining star at rebelling, heh. So I will denounce the decadence with a little more gusto than the average man. I was drenched in the propaganda and shamed for being a white male regularly. The shaming turned me into quite a virulent and rabid red piller by the age of 18. Never shame an intelligent white kid. This one comes back to bite, haha.
      Living in close proximity to marxist college professors can be quite toxic for anyone who is of the mindset of ‘can’t we all just get along’. Sadly many of my contemporaries ate the propaganda and brianwashing and subsequently withered on the vine, never had families or simply disappeared. But me, I got to where I could smell the ‘death culture’ a mile away. I rejected the cultural marxism early on before the term was even coined.
      When the establishment would preach to me a command like: ”turn gay or adopt a puppy” I would process the bullshit as: ”Die white boy pig, DON’T REPRODUCE, turn fag and DIE!!”. Frankly, it offended me that the community of lefties would try and practice their shit on an innocent neighborhood kid like me. Among the college prof’s around the area were some heavyweights, some of the real influential world class marxist pushing pigs in the country, the types that many on here would probably want to hunt down, but the place was for me just my home town. Funny thing I went to school with THEIR kids and get this, the jewish girls among them were all into being goths and the funniest thing with them was GET THIS . . telling ‘dead baby’ jokes on the school bus. Dumb cunts.
      I saw the beast up close and at a young age. To desire a family was considered the ultimate rebellion there, so now my pro family stance becomes a titanium rod that I happily swing back at them at every opportunity. I doubt I would be as strong a red piller if I had come from a wholesome traditional part of the country where the righteous life is taken for granted and handed to you on a silver platter.
      There were parts of the local college campus where concentrations of fags would cruise around like zombies. It astounded me the number of chumps who couldn’t think for themselves and who would drink the liquid shit death propaganda straight as it ran out of the establishment’s ass crack. What a wasteland.
      So like a phoenix I rose out of that cultural gutter. I’m sure many fine red pill men will rise also from the fescue of what was once the Netherlands and even Sweden. The alpha energy never dies.

      1. Sounds like you lived in one of the worse places in the States; care to tell us where it was? If not, I’ll certainly understand.

    5. Some good points here.
      Women really can’t talk about equality (to me, anyways) until they are required to sign up for Selective Service (the military) like men, we get rid of alimony (for women) and we get rid of child support.
      Women can take care of themselves, both men and women should serve in the military and both should take care of a child coming into the world.
      It’s more examples of too much government in our lives.

      1. In the Netherlands it’s even worse. You’ll get a defense servicenumber at 17 and can be drafted. Without even signing for it. I sometimes tell young women that all young men get this number, they don’t even know it exist.

  10. Fuck it all!
    MGTOW. Enjoy the decline. Better living through nihilism.
    I was an Army Captain. I worked ~70 per week for 10 years. Fuck that. I left the army with 250k in the bank, 70% disability with gives me $1400 per month and VA medical care.
    I’m now a part time fire fighter who earns about 25K per yer (plus my 1400 disability per month) I haven’t worked over 20 hours a week in the last year.
    Toodles, tools. I’m going to smoke a few bowls of lemon diesel and watch the Simpsons.
    Post edit- I’ve also had a vasectomy without ever having kids. Best $940 that I’ve ever spent.

      1. You can to. I used to think that my entire worth was tied into the number in my bank account. I was earning $8K per month in the Army. I was offered $8500 to work at Boeing. But what good is money if your never have time to spend it? I have a lot of friends, both high ranking officers and business tools who make great cash. They also work 70-80 hours per week. Hey a 7 Series or E Class is nice but when your only joy in life is driving that car into work at 5am and home at 7pm, what’s the fucking point?
        Read (or listen to) “4 hour work week”. It helped me put things in prospective.

        1. Yea I meant it ~40k a year for just one person working only few hours a week is great.

        2. depends on the work you are doing. if you are self-employed and work for your own projects, being busy is very rewarding.

        3. You don’t want one, every Mercedes since about 1997 has been junk anyway (for the long term owner). I used to work in the car wholesaling business, I’ve been Benzs in all conditions and model years go MY96 and earlier if you’re looking for a Panzerwagen.

    1. Hope you’re young enough to enjoy it for many many years.. Yeah, fuck them all.. Let it all go to shit.

        1. Can you imagine this incel psycho here? Still a virgin and now can’t get it up because he’s afraid of females. This is the future of 1/2 the boys on here.

    2. MGTOW is a rebellious movement without any longevity. Men that don’t want any pussy. It addresses the problems, but doesn’t want to do anything substantial to counter the process of the ever increasing feminisation of our society. It’s purely for quitters and losers.
      Now I don’t want children (now) for obvious reasons, but society would improve significantly if men raised their voices instead of retreating into their masturbationbunkers until they’re found dead sitting in front of a monitor. What could you do? Well for a start go out and answer to your biological imperative. Quit whining about women. Their biology is just what it is, it’s scandalous. But you need to reeducate her and keep her in line. That is what an Alfa man does. Not play Xbox because he is angry and feels powerless.
      Neomasculinity. Roosh made a video about it, look it up. It’s what MGTOW had to be.

      1. MGTOW is about men dropping out. But there are also red pill men who just don’t want to approach 100 women a month to bang one average chick. They still get laid but at reduced frequency because they’re burned out. Game is big with males under 30. Then they have long term relationship of several years. Then banging average chicks just for notch count isn’t as interesting anymore. You get more selective.

        1. If that is true, then why is it called “their own way”. That’s just bad marketing. It implies that he does what he wants, ok fine, but still doesn’t sound dominant to me.
          “Game is big with males under 30. Then they have their first long term relationship of several years. Then its possible to view game differently. Banging average chicks just for notch count isn’t as interesting anymore. You get more selective.”
          Being 28 myself I believe that. The baggage women carry is unbelievable.

        2. I didn’t make up the term. I don’t like neo-masculine either. Both sound gay. Sounds like t-shirt slogans at pride parade.

        3. I’m just saying it sounds confusing. I could print up hundreds of t-shirts with slogans like “Men Going Their Own Way” and “Neo-Masculinity” and sell them all for $25 each within a few hours on a street corner at a pride parade.

      2. You are wrong. You focus on the woman.. “keep her in line”.. lol, good luck with that. If we want to do something about it, is addressing the legal system that made it all be.

        1. How is MGTOW going to change the legal system? I’m curious. The only thing that will happen because of men declining to start families is that the government will bring in thousands of immigrants and meanwhile make more laws that favor females.

        2. I was not referring to MGTOW in that context. They are checked out, and I respect their choice.

        3. I don’t think they’re about changing the legal system. I think they’re more about staying alive and surviving the gathering storm.

        4. You are wrong. You focus on yourself and she’ll want to follow you into your world if she has any attraction towards you.

        5. They are mangina pussy pyjama boys. Most of them are nog losers who don’t really want to work or do anything outside of drinking 40 ounces and smoking reefer all day long (as if they’re not naturally stupid enough) The best they could do is some fatso ghetto mama with 5 kids from 5 different thug boys.They are not going their own way, they’ve been ignored by normal society and can’t cope with modern life.

      3. “MGTOW is a rebellious movement without any longevity. Men that don’t want any pussy.”
        Unlike the guy who works 50 hours per week to pay for his wife’s new tit’s and put money away so some little bastard can get a Sociology degree? Is he swimming in ass? Do you think he has the time, energy or money to join a gym?
        I’m a (part time) fire fighter. I’m also an Officer in the (Inactive) Army Reserve. Pussy is not hard to come by.
        “Well for a start go out and answer to your biological imperative”
        I never wanted kids in the first place. Americunts are only a small part of that. A parent is the slave to the child; his time money and thought is all “for the family”. There is nothing more “Beta” then the fat fuck, who slaves a way at the office for 50+ hours a week, wastes his Sunday in church, and has nothing to show for it but a gut, an ulcer, a bitch wife and a bunch of shitty kids
        “But you need to reeducate her and keep her in line.”
        Yeaaa. I’ll just slap that bitch in the face and tell her to make me a sandwich… then I’ll go to prison because life doesn’t work that way

        1. I’d body slam my kid if they asked me to pay tuition for a ‘Social Science’ degree.
          I’d rather just give them $80000 to spend on beer and blow — they’d be equally as worthless as the Phyc major but at least they’d have fun.

        2. Well – depends which social science. Though I’m convinced that if done properly, History and Psychology have potential to be hard sciences like STEM. But that’s after proper red pill upbringing at home prior to going to uni I guess.

        3. Stop the bs, you’re just a kid loser and mangina.Your entire family and hair hatted hooligan mama were losers and that’s all you know.

        4. I bet that a loser like you doesn’t have $80 to his name.Go your own way lol no one wants you anyway and normal females are happy when creepy geek nogs like you are out of sight.

        5. As long as we understand that a normal female does not equal a decent and respectable female. I am quite happy to not deal with normal females.

      4. I hate this whole schism thing. Like I said previously there is no organized push back against one world cultural marxist poison. I understand guys who say screw it and live for themselves, like cloistered monks or whatever. I don’t understand ripping on Roosh and others who want to stay in the game, enjoy life amidst the decline. Why can’t a man do what a MAN wants to do? Without acting like a little girl and making fun of men who have a different strategy. I don’t know what else to say. At this point there aren’t enough of us that we can afford to go after each other. I will say that I much prefer the ideas of neomasculinity over the ideas of MGTOW as I understand it.

      5. MGTOW isn’t men who don’t want pussy, its men who don’t want to behave like a degenerate clown to get pussy. If you have no problem acting like a circus clown, then go ahead game on brother. But after so much success and so much encounters you realize that it ain’t worth it all. Plus MGTOW just focus on earning money, get money then you can buy pussy, problem solved.

    3. I’d love to go out on LT disability…that’d give me 90k/year taxable and 45k/year tax free forever. But then again I’m not really disabled and my best guess is 90% of people on LT disability aren’t either (ie you re working as a fire fighter)

      1. Who said I’m not fucked up in the head?
        I have a number of ratings
        Real: 50% total ADHD, hand injury, back injury, ankle injury, GERD, hearing loss. I don’t know why these are disability ratings but they are. Most, I believe, are simply the natural result of ageing.
        Not so real 20% total: PTSD, IBS and ED (yup, I walked into the Army Doc’s office and told him that my dick doesn’t work). Fuck ’em.
        The fire department required that I pass both a physical ability test and a check up. I completed both with ease.

        1. My whole point is only people who are truly and really disabled (ie can’t work–period) should actually qualify for disability. Everyone has issues.

        2. As a physician I’ve seen people like you who really just belong at the psychiatric institute. Since the 80’s we’re trying to get you retards out in the community and teach you how to socialise with normal people.You’re probably living on SSI. Don’t worry about your dick because no female would bother with you anyway. Consider it a blessing so you don’t get an inferiority complex from female rejection.

        3. “You’re probably living on SSI.”
          Stupid fuck, I explained that I support myself as a firefighter, the quarter million dollars that I saved as an Army Officer and the VA disability. Can’t you read?
          Oh faggot, Why does nothing show up when I google “Dr. Marcus Benway”?

        4. Leave him alone. He’s probably a pre med jerking off in his mother basement.

        5. Because dr. Marcus Benway doesn’t exist, lol he’s a troll pretending to be a doctor while he probably still lives with his parents.

        6. You are starving the beast, by taking back what was stolen from you by the state in the first place. You sir are a fucking genius. I hope you milk those fuckers for 2 million dollars.

  11. The 10% fixed rate of return is pretty generous given historical returns on stock. I wager though that any amount spent on yourself rather than a dubious “investment” that is a woman is a smart play.
    Having disposable income to drop 1k into financial instruments per month means you have 12K per year to drop and most people do not have that kind of discipline.
    It’s still a valuable message though and I hope more men take articles like this seriously.

  12. We need to invest in more cats, for those lonely ladies when they get old, so future police can break into a house and see cats eating a golddigger’s corpse.

  13. I agree with everything the author has said above. Any man that attempts to procreate with any woman from the Anglosphere does so at grave peril. Yes, they are all crazy at varying degrees but all have the potential to financially enslave you with the power granted them by the government. This is indisputable truth. They will take your money or put you in jail, all the while making you feel like scum for not handing over your full check and relegate yourself to a cardboard box.
    Fuck that shit and any dumb ass broad that jumps on the site to say otherwise.
    I’m waiting for my obligation to expire and I’m leaving this sane man’s hell.

  14. All I read here is sad men who are scared of women. If you only focus on 3rd world women, you have no social skills, have no respect for women or yourselves, and epitomize the modern beta male. If a strong empowered woman scares you, then you’re a pussy.
    Tell me more about what a great investment your little Vietnam whore is when she cheats on you and leaves you for a black guy and opens her own nail salon.
    By the way, for all of you giant blog and IT pussies, I’ve been in the Airborne Infantry over 15 years and have been to Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times. Once you have actually done warrior shit like you profess, then you can have an actual opinion on what it is to be an alpha male.

    1. its filipino, not vietnamese. learn the difference, men wants filipino women who had a kid with a pinoy already, and the older the man, the faster he dies so she can take his money like bloodsucker. And white women are trashier, why pay so much money and waste so much time on a trashy empty minded whore who will drain men of their money and energy.

  15. The key is not to spend any money on Western women if at all possible. Why should you buy them dinner etc? Feminism claims they don’t need us anyway, so just focus on yourself. You can of course help out your bros, but forget doing a thing for these “modern, empowered, strong and independent women” (aka feminists). Don’t help them financially or otherwise, only hire men for your workplace etc.. That goes against the nature of men who are inherently kind and generous, but men didn’t create this dystopian feminist society, so it behoves us to adapt and make the best of a bad situation. Let’s face it, for the vast majority of Western ‘career gals’, they are only good for pump and dump anyway. Seriously, what value can they add to your life besides meaningless porn style sex? There are exceptions, but they are very rare. Be very careful if you are convinced your little petal ‘isn’t like other women’ – chances are, she is

    1. I’ve been saying this. They don’t want to be wives, they don’t want to be mothers and they don’t want to raise children or build families. All the western woman is good for is being a fuck toy.
      And more and more of them aren’t even good for fuck toys either (The damaged ones with the colored hair/piercings) because they carry too much risk in the form of false rape claims!

      1. Not to mention STDs!
        Seriously though, you hit the nail on the head. If they don’t want to be wives, they don’t want to be mothers, and they don’t want to raise children or build families, treat them accordingly – with very little respect. They are good for pump and dump, and nothing more. If they want to be decent and act like human beings, then you can start treating them with love and respect, and buying them things etc. If not, well, a life with cats is all they can look forward to…

      2. I tend to stay away from the graffiti and shrapnel heads with dyed hair, so they may be an exception, but your typical white 20-something American girl is usually horrible in bed.

  16. Fuck marrying some uppity modern broad. You never even want her face to see the light of day.

  17. Now this syndrome is everywhere. Even an easy going nice gal turns into an ‘agent’ when she sees your fortune change.

  18. excellent article. this past week has been all high quality articles. Im curious how many men are reading ROK, so much wisdom for us younger guys to learn from the mistakes of the older men.

  19. No doubt, you are better off throwing your money down the sewer than spending it on an Anglo-American woman. She’ll spend it without ever thanking you. Then complain that you don’t make enough. If your only choices are Anglo-American, or even Western European, then learn to take pussy when you can get it, hump it, then dump it. But never get attached. (Learning not to love is a hard thing for a human male to do, but it is possible).
    I realized this over 10 years ago. I’ve searched in Latin America, the Philippines, and Ukraine. Women from all these places have their downsides. Nothing that compares to Anglo-American woman, but still they are women. Of all these countries, women from the Philippines are the most trustworthy and least likely to cause you problems. Women from Latin America are incredibly sexy, and generally respectful of your money, but they like a lot drama. After testing all these waters, I find that I come back to a preference for white woman. That leaves Ukraine.
    I find that there are a lot of nice girls in Ukraine. Not just attractive, but genuinely nice. Still, the problem with them is that they just fucking love money. Oddly, given that 99.9% of them are from humble families, most of them are very status conscious, love all the expensive European brandnames, and want you to spend a lot of money on them. On the other hand, they will cook. And they take pleasing their man in bed very seriously. I’m not sure if that lasts for over the long term, but from what I hear it does – AS LONG AS YOU MAINTAIN THE STATUS AND QUALITY OF LIFE THEY SEEM TO THINK THEY DESERVE FROM EVERY MAN FROM THE WEST.
    I’d love to get more of Roosh’s thoughts and observations about women from Ukraine. He’s got more experience with them than most. He doesn’t often seem to go into detail about them as potential wife material. Personally, I’m wondering if they ever mellow out on this money thing and behave with western men the way I see them behave with men of Ukraine – e.g., realistic and pragmatic.

    1. I get the sense Ukraine gets a lot of foreign dudes chasing pussy. Surely the Ukrainian women are aware of this.
      That’s why I’m considering going for Slavic pussy in novisibirsk, Russia and various other Slavic cities off the beaten path

    2. Ukraine – find you a good young virgin one, bust her in good and fast track her the heck outta there. Every flashy billboard advertizing bling that she sees and she slips another centimeter down. Take her on ‘safari’ while you do your archeological research or do whatever ticket gets your family OUT. Or find a niche in the Siberian tundra, anywhere away from the plague.

    3. Don’t know about Ukraine per se but my experience with Russian / Slavic women is that they are very cold and manipulative. Not who I want sharing my house and bed. Agree with your analysis of Latina women. I have limited experience with Asian women but Asians of both sexes seem hugely consumed with the rat race and shopping and brand names and all that bullshit-far worse than your average white woman. Are girls from the Phillipines somehow not as bad in this department? I would pick Latin American but agree not sure I could put up with the drama year after year. So, I would like more input on Phillipines.

      1. “Don’t know about Ukraine per se but my experience with Russian / Slavic women is that they are very cold and manipulative.”
        Agreed. I know EE women are put on something of a pedestal on this site but my experience with them has not been so great. Manipulative, deceptive and gold-digging all come to mind.

        1. Haha! I was thinking…for all the articles on here (correctly) bashing Western women, suggesting Slavic, Latina or Asian women as alternatives, I don’t think they are that much different.
          Latina’s IMO are the biggest gold-diggers. The “good” thing about them is that at least they are upfront about it.
          Country girls are usually okay, but once they move to the city, they become like everyone else…

  20. A crucial point that must be rammed down the throat of men reading this is that women seriously lack financial savvy. Even supposedly intelligent women, such as Lawyers, have very little concept of the value of money or smart investment. It is why you see so many women in their 30s with supposedly ‘awesome’ careers still burdened with huge credit card debts, as well as student loans, mortgages etc. Most of these women waste their money on frivolous purchases (mindless stuff such as handbags and shoes) rather than make sound financial decisions for their future (eg paying off debt, investing well in shares etc). When the tick tocking of their biological clocks becomes too loud to ignore any longer, they panic, try and jump off the cock carousel and find a man who can provide financial stability. Don’t be the lame guy who provides these washed up Carrie Bradshaw wannabes with a financial safety net.. because as we know, rather than be grateful to these men for saving their sorry arses, most of these women then initiative divorces and take half of the man’s assets – ass raping complete!

    1. One other reason they are poor with money is that they do not take risks in investing. They go for safe bonds with little gains. They are afraid to take a chance with a stock in a company. Let’s not even mention doing research, crunching the numbers, and having the foresight to see upcoming trends. They simply follow and would just rather set up the 401K account and have someone else manage it.

    2. It goes way beyond her wardrobe, which goes out of style overnight and must be constantly replaced, as opposed to male fashion which still looks good 10 years later. Women demand to be the real decision maker for the home purchase, or she cries her eyes out and withholds sex. That’s what broke the bank in 2008.

  21. How many articles on here talk about raw dogging as a good thing?
    Thank you for calling out that idiocy. Men need to accept that our base desires are to be feared and controlled.

    1. How many articles on here talk about raw dogging as a good thing?

      Exactly. Any article that talks about game must emphasize that in this day and age, condoms are an absolute must.
      Beyond siring unplanned children, STDs these days are also at epidemic levels.

  22. Two thoughts about this:
    1. The financial aspects of reproduction could go a long way to explaining why second marriages tend to work better than first ones: the participants have already “shot their wad” on kids and have learned better.
    2. It makes no sense to regard a wife as an investment. If you must acquire one, regard her as a luxury expense — probably the largest such expense you’ll ever indulge!

    1. Huh??? The divorce rate for 1st marriages is 50%; for 2nd marriages it’s 67%, and 73% for 3rd marriages. So absolute NOT to your: “second marriages tend to work better than first ones.”

    1. I thought there was some truth printed before that last line where in tiny letters it would say “most certainly not” but instead it says “thelovenotebook”

  23. 300,000$??
    THE REAL FIGURE! is Closer to 700,000$!!!-1,500,000$… Sounds too high? Well read the rest and I explain below:
    There are two pre-requisites you’ll need to be good enough for a strong independent women in north america(if you don’t have these you are an invisible man and a loser since she has nothing to gain) , here they are:
    Mini-McMansion in decent neighbourhood= 500,000$ (of course having a better mc mansion adds points)(say it’s 350,000$ for a detatched house in a decent area, well 10 years worth of property tax and maintenance will drive the price close to the 500k figure anyway) this is a minimum*
    Fancy car = 50,000 minimum + insurance+gas (Fancy cars use more gas, 30% more for an extra 1000$ a year minimum another 10,000$)
    She will also cost you around 500-1500$ a month in other expenses, so just say your relationship lasts 10 years 1500$x12 months x 10 years = 180,000$
    She will quit working once she gets pregnant, she’ll take maternity leave and experience the freedom of not having to work, and she will never want to go back again!
    So add some expenses from lost income from her quitting working
    Oh yeah, shell want you to buy her a car and put gas in in too and pay the insurance so that will be another 50,000$ for her trendy SUV, + Insurance + 3000$ a year for gas which is 30,000$ over 10 years
    So just the expense of providing a vehicle for misses precious over 10 years alone will cost you 30,000$*gas)(at least 50,000$ for initial purchase) 20,000$ -27,000$ for insurance over 10 years. (this is a low ball figure)
    ……Thats 105,000$ For misses precious just in vehicle expenses over a short commitment ( we assume that if you like your girlfriend enough to get her pregnant the relationship is good for 7-10 years)
    Calculations over a 10 year period=
    (this does not include lost interest, and ive left a lot of small things out)
    180,000$(gorceries,Purchases,) + 105,000$(vehicleexpenses) = 285,000$ +500,000$(your house) +300,000$(your support payments) = 1,195,000$
    OUCH, 1.2 Million $ for a 10 year relationship ?????
    The dow jones has returned a consistent 6% interest over it’s existence so let’s compound that + add 2% for a dividend yield
    8% of 1Million 200 thousand is = 96,000$ a year (sure there are capital gains taxes and all)
    i did not compound annually or the figure gets much higher.
    Guys, it gets better, We haven’t calculated the cost of the divorce lawyers yet and the alimony! = )
    It starts getting real expensive now, So your 10 year relationship with 1 offspring cost you around 1.5 million$
    The worst part of the deal is that these lonely men get ignored when they are younger by outrageously rude entitled arrogant women until they have enough money in their mid -late 30’s and the woman is old and the cock carousel ride isnt as fun anymore and the woman has to cash in her chips based on her looks before it’s too late, so she looks for a sucker
    The truth isn’t that we’re ready to “settle down” in our mid or late 30’s, the truth is that men are sick of themselves, and women aren;t having as much fun on the carousel and their biological timer is shorterning
    So that creates the marriage,
    if they aren’t genetic alphas in the top 10% of men, and as a reward they pay a huge man-tax for an unloyal wife who in the end hates them for not being a genetic alpha, since they wanted what they can’t have

  24. The problem with this article, like most articles of it’s kind is it ridiculously underestimates what a child support obligation is. If you have two children in California and your ex chooses not to work and gets the standard 85% custody. You will be paying her 1/2 your income for up to 19 years. 500$ month is insanely low estimate. Try 4000$ per month, for an average electrical engineer who can barely scrape by in Silicon Valley before the Child Support is garnished from his wages.

    1. Add in the standard 50% of 50% alimony and your 120,000$ basic engineer is forced to try to live on (And fight an expensive legal battle with) 2000$ per month.

    2. As someone who has had to pay child support because of monumentally stupid choices I made during my blue pill days, this is spot on. And don’t plan on your support payments staying the same for all those years either. Most states require a “review” of your income every 2 years and demand everything from pay stubs, tax returns, and bank statements to ensure that you’re paying much as possible at all times.
      Of course, there are no requirements placed on mom to use that money to maintain a stable environment for your kids and there are absolutely no checks in place to ensure the money is actually being spent on the kids.

      1. Very true. That coupled with a woman getting married (again) or hooking up long term with a partner and they are living the good life with 2.5 incomes while you live on your .5 income (if that).
        This is the battleground where men are losing each day. This needs to be one of the “needs” that men should expect from their government (political leaders). This has to change…or it’s going to get ugly, fast.

      2. Hair, smokes, ugly acrylic nails, cell phone for new boyfriend. You also have no control over what scum bag du jour is living in with your children.

      3. And I’ve read that the review of your income, at least in Canada, only has the possibility of going up.
        So, you get promoted, prepare to pay more; you get fired, keep paying the same amount.

  25. It’s so easy to spot American and Australian women (and Brits) while on holiday here in Thailand. Simply,
    Is the guy better looking than his rather largish looking girl? Yes… Then she’s Ameri/Aussie.
    Is the girl better looking than her man? Yes… She’s either Thai, Chinese, Malaysian or Russian… I swear, at least 90% of the time you see this pattern it’s unbelievable!
    Women don’t want to live a healthy balanced lifestyle during their prime, no, they would rather wait until it’s all used up, then they try and grab a beta during his prime, so in the end they get their cake and eat it.

  26. Unfortunately there is no shortage of guys out there that will shower a woman with gifts to get in her pants.. at least once. All she has to do is to continue to do this with as many guys as she wants to perpetuate her own wealth and materialism. Once she gets old enough men aren’t willing to invest enough to sleep with her, she will impregnate herself of get married, at which point his contribution to her lifestyle becomes mandatory and state enforced under threat of jail and wage garnishment. I cannot believe we as men have pass these ridiculous laws and done this to ourselves.

    1. Women are the largest voting block. Listen to a politician campaigning especially a female one. Understand men have the capacity to love and care for others women don’t and never did.

      1. Men just need to realize that women will look out for themselves, first and foremost. Most men need to lookout for their own interest (first) and worry about a woman, second.

  27. Best route for a man today is to use surrogacy for children and keep Gandarusa in the supplements cabinet next to the vitamins and protein powder. MGTOW/family

  28. Best thing for a man to do is sire a child with a woman who has ambition and is self-sufficient. Do as Kanye West and Jay Z do! 🙂 Get with women who can do for self and do you!!!! 🙂

    1. that’s a myth.
      half of female doctors wont even work full time http://www.thegrindstone.com/2012/03/27/career-management/almost-half-of-all-female-doctors-work-part-time-are-they-betraying-their-profession-535/
      they might do well in school, but once the real world hits almost all ‘ambitious’ women work part time or quit altogether.
      Multiply this effect across the entire economy you see what huge problem this is creating. Women cannot replace men in the workforce

      1. Very good post. I’ve said it a million times…doing well in school (something women may be capable of) does NOT translate into creating value in the workplace or business success.
        Women are too emotionally unstable to have much in the way of practical value.

    2. That won’t matter. Women usually change after marriage and they go part time, stop being “self sufficient, have kids and then look for a settlement once things go south.
      I’ve seen (and heard) it too many times. Yes, even these large stars will change over time and shit gets split up. A woman will rationalize anything (why she has millions and needs your millions, too)..especially when kids are involved.
      Kayne will definitely be paying so he should hide his money (now) or save up.

  29. You guys should check up the new divorce law in China, which
    is actually more fair than the ones in the
    English speaking countries.
    Here is quote from the article”. According to the new
    law, residential property is no longer to be regarded as jointly owned and
    divided equally in the event of a divorce.Instead, whoever paid for the
    apartment or house is the legal owner and gets to keep it in its
    I am not a fan of communist China, but they actually got
    their marriage issues right. ROK editor should consider do a coverage on this.

    1. I’m now a fan of communist China. Look at the facts, Americans are most likely more oppressed than the Chinese.
      Especially men.

    2. Yep. The deal in China is that men will make a deal to marry women (especially if they are approaching 27 years old – their wall for women) if the men get to put their name only on the property. That way, if they divorce, the man keeps the property (no splitting). I’m not sure if that’s changed but I do know that’s some of the deals that men are making with these pre-wall women.
      It’s a shame but you have to look out for yourselves, men.

    3. In Muslim marriages, when a man divorces his wife, all he has to pay is the “moyajel” which is the agreed upon amount in case of divorce when they got married. It could range from $3000 to $10,000 on average. There is no splitting of assets. That’s all she gets. However, if the wife wants a divorce, she simply doesn’t get anything. She just says she wants a divorce and gets nothing. It’s only when the man says he wants to divorce that he has to pay

  30. Add the fact a lot of them are disqualifying themselves from motherhood altogether.
    Go figure.

  31. This is starting to become common knowledge for men of the west and that’s a good thing!

  32. The article does not say where is the best place to find decent women as far as financials are concerned.

  33. The 17th and 18th Centuries English Economy can be argued to have been driven by women’s fashions. We studied some of that in college. With landed money coming in inheretences and arranged marriages negotiated by rich old biddies, women had to have expensive new stuff several times a year. (And think of those old paintings of fat, lazy naked women: Fat and lazy was status because it meant a man was rich enough to keep his woman that way.)

    1. Actually, given most women in courts are represented by lawyers, who are, overwhelmingly, men, it’s actually men who are the better fighters in court, too.

      1. I agree. You, also, has a system that is very outdated (based on the feminists, today). They are strong and independent, can do anything a man can do and can take care of themselves.
        So then, why do they need my money or assets when we divorce?
        It’s selective equality, men…not real equality. I call bullshit.

  34. 10% annual returns? In the age of ZIRP? The risk level for a 10% return will almost assuredly take away your principle and any gains to date almost entirely at some point in those 18 years.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. I just dca into low cost index funds and reinvest dividends. I’ve got a 30 year horizon so I’ll reduce risk when the time comes.

  35. Good insights. Let’s also not forget the rapid paternity fraud that takes place in the wasteland USA. You don’t even need to know the bitch before the State starts taking your money without notice. Hormonal driven beasts need not even present evidence to the system at all; the system is happy to oblige. A simple accusation is all that is needed. Sometimes the systems gets names mixed up and accidently fleeces the wrong guy, but the system doesn’t care. If this is not the strongest evidence that america is a dystopian shit-hole, I don’t know what is.

    1. Some guy I used to hang with got a letter from the State of California requesting a paternity test for a kid 400 miles away from a chick he hadn’t seen in 9 years.
      Blew my mind at the time but now it doesn’t surprise me.

      1. “Some guy I used to hang with got a letter from the State of California requesting a paternity test”
        Did he do the test? Did he prove he was not the father? Did they still fuck him anyway? Im surprised they asked him for a test instead of simply automatically garnishing his wages or seizing his bank account.

    2. Indeed. Men need to be aware that the investigation will come after the state has decided to take money from you (even if they are wrong, they have fucked up, etc…). The fact is they just want the money coming in.
      If they find a mistake, then they’ll take there sweet time getting it back to you (no penalties, no interest, etc…) but they’ll charge you all of the above for back payments, etc…

  36. Men need to realize how much power they really have in society…otherwise we wouldn’t keep seeing these nonstop attacks by feminists (over decades).
    Men, also, need to get back to being men…and stop letting women dictate your life. I laugh most of the time when women tell me something (especially when they try to tell me what to do). Why? Because I’m the man and I know, most of the time, she’s testing me to see how far I’ll bend. Women are constantly testing you.
    When enough people (especially men) ban together, then real change does occur. We’ve seen it throughout history when enough men come together, they can conquer countries and take most of the world. It only takes enough men banning together to make changes (i.e. our court system with alimony or child support through divorce).

    1. And sometimes it only requires a few Men who are Highly organized, like “The Son’s Of Liberty”. Feminism is an Annoyance, but it’s enabled by white knights. The Real problem is the enablers and white knights. Without the white knight support and enabling, Feminism could not promote itself, defend itself, or survive. As you say, If Men Banded together the shit test’s would end.
      There is a Problem. Feminism was always thought as an outcast oddball Ideology in the Past. No rational person gave feminism any thought and feminist’s were considered “Weird”. Feminism’s existence was tolerated, because it wasn’t being shoved down society’s throat .The Problem is SJW BIG GOVERNMENT, (Obama regime) is promoting SJW’s, feminism, Race War, Male humiliation, LGBT, and other Leftwing Ideology, and it’s on the TV, radio, movies, and Internet in forms of Propaganda nearly every single Day. Feminism is not shown as a fringe ideology anymore, it’s promoted as good and Moral. Feminism is being Shoved down Society’s Throat. The next POTUS will determine if more SJW propaganda is to come, or if SJW propaganda stops.

      1. Some good points. I have to say that feminism started awhile back (before Obama regime) and it’s been a steady talking point (women’s needs) for a long time in Washington. Slowly, it’s taken over parts of society and it’s gone from the fringe to mainstream (you’re right, it was deemed weird at one point).
        The really bad part is we’ve watched conservative politicians embrace some of this nonsense versus calling it for what it is (was)…nonsense.
        When was the last time you heard a politician talk about the needs of average working class men? Not women, not minorities….but men. Those needs are constantly ignored because they believe we already have everything we want and need (we did in the past because we had no large government playing watchdog). Men conquered lands, wants and needs were filled.
        You know it’s bad when we know have a known and open socialist (Sanders) running for President in this country (and he’s supported). We’re on the decline.

        1. It’s a giant shit test lol, my wife took exactly 2 sec to figure it out…I knew it when I saw it…

        2. “When was the last time you heard a politician talk about the needs of average working class men? Not women, not minorities….but men.”
          Never. Breitbart, and Drudge, or Fox, or conservative Politicians, don’t often mention (or ever mention) the working class Man, or honor the working Man. The Huffpo , yahoo, MSN, and Democrat Politicians, exhaust themselves promoting Career women, and Honoring Career women (Some Conservative Politicians do this too).

        3. It’s true. You can count the numerous times that all politicians have talked about the needs of every other groups except the average working man in this country.
          Women and minorities always top the list with Democrats (how white men are even Democrats, today, is behind me). That party is the “everyone else except white men” party at this point. The GOP “conservatives” started to drift that way as well. It’s why there is a divide in that party at the moment…..true conservatives are trying to take it back.

  37. I have to comment on the first picture in the article (title) – classic.
    You have to be happy for stupid marrying stupid (and mating)..it means that there is less stupid for you to run into as a man in your hunt for a quality woman.
    The fact that the song (lyrics) seems to warn men about their investment, the court system, divorce, etc….and then goes out to marry someone who will probably be an ex-wife at some point (and he’ll be paying) is priceless.
    It’s one thing to live through experiences, age and then give out advice. It’s quite another to try to give advice on subjects before you’ve lived through them. This move is the height of stupidity.

  38. I realize there may be two separate lines of thought here, since a lot of different ideas come under the red pill umbrella, but it sounds like the ideas of nationalism and building your family in another country with a native thereof would be utterly opposed to one another. Though whether ’tis nobler to be loyal to one’s country or to oneself, I’m honestly not sure.

  39. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
    ~ Sun Tzu
    “Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”
    ~ Sun Tzu
    “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.”
    ~ Sun Tzu
    “Clever and attractive women do not want to vote; they are willing to let men govern as long as they govern men.”
    ~ George Bernard Shaw
    “Most women set out to try to change a man, and when they have changed him they do not like him.”
    ~ Marlene Dietrich

  40. Yeah but we need them in order to produce children Roosh.No, they need their daily spanking and an iron collar around their necks.All this feminism crap has to be undone.

  41. It would be wise for all of us to safely assume that every White woman has “9-1-1” already entered on her phone 24 hours a day and is just waiting to hit Send the minute you dare to disagree with her about any little thing so Daddy Goverment can swoop in to the rescue.

    1. I have pretty much given up on white women. Let them suffer the consequences of their feminist lifestyles. Men won’t be around to pick up the pieces.

      1. Nope, sure as shit not! They can suffer without a shred of my sympathy!

  42. The gov keeps a percentage of the child support so they have an incentive to make it as large as possible.

  43. Scary business. Best to look to a country where English is NOT the first language.
    Every 14 year old American boy should have the opportunity to read these facts.

  44. Under Obamacare in the USA you are responsible for the “kid’s” health insurance until they are 26. You are also required to pay child support is some states until the “kid” graduates High School or turns 21. I think some states also make you pay if the “kid” is “special needs’ forever. The DA is a free lawyer and represents the woman in court, men are required to hire a lawyer to get screwed.
    I think men should be required to spend a day at divorce court just watching other men getting destroyed prior to getting married or having a kid…

  45. I believe the key here is to not choose the wrong woman. There are some good ones out there. What you need to do is know them. Not the person they present as for attention or to please others but the real person inside. If you can do that you will know who the right woman is.

  46. Basing the entirety of your relationship on finance, relating to a generalised idea of a western woman? Fucking hell your life must be boring.

    1. Not as boring as the life of a female troll who likes to swear at things she doesn’t like on the Internet.

  47. The saying should be “Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy you medical care that can keep you from dying”.

  48. “I’d like to wrap up …”
    That would be excellent advice right there. 🙂

  49. A fair warning gentlemen. It isn’t only Anglo American women you need to worry about. I married a Chinese woman who at the time of meeting was a virgin and never had a boyfriend(I know to be true because in the beginning she was very awkward and didn’t even know how to kiss closed lipped). She grew up in a small mountain village and was everything you’d want a woman to be, very family oriented, educated, good cook and hard working. Something you must know about Asian women is that unless they come from a wealthy family they(read: you) will be financially supporting their parents and relatives the rest of their lives. Eventually that become to be too much to handle combined with her ungratefulness and bitterness. So we got divorced.
    My ex took $30,000 from me in our divorce, was given all the furniture and appliances I had bought and had I not quit my job would have been given over $4,000 a month in alimony despite quitting her job at a major .com company in Silicon Valley to take a 3 month vacation in China just a few months prior. Add another fifteen grand for attorney fees and other court expenses. This was only able to happen because I was foolish enough to get married and bring her to the US. Thank god there were no children involved or it would have been MUCH MUCH worse.
    Learn from my mistake you youngsters. Don’t believe the hype, women are the same everywhere. The only thing that keeps these foreign women in check are a combination of laws that don’t allow this type of extortion to happen and you being able to financially provide them a life they couldn’t otherwise achieve on their own. In western countries women, especially minority women are able to easily get high paying jobs thanks to affirmative action whether they are qualified or not and even if they do have a high paying job they can still divorce you at any moment and take half of everything you have worked hard for.
    So I echo the sentiment of if you do want to start a family the only semi-safe way to do it is to do it in a foreign country that cannot financially rape your should anything happen. Just realize if you have children you have zero chance of bringing them back with you to your own country and even if you stay in her third world hellhole you probably will only be able to see them on her terms.
    I would love to start a family but when you have a gun pointed at your head at every moment and a system just dying to pull the trigger and destroy you it just doesn’t seem like a wise investment. Nearly a year later I have been able to save a little over half of what I lost in my divorce not counting the thousands I had wasted on her and her family during our relationship. What I have gained is much more valuable though. I have my freedom once again and that is worth every penny I lost. I can kick my current girlfriend to the curb the minute she doesn’t seem worth keeping anymore and it won’t cost me anything. I also have the wisdom to no longer view these slim Asian beauties as the answer to our broken system in the west. Hypergamy runs deep and it’s a worldwide problem.

  50. It’s like a smoke and mirrors magic act. They hold family life, children, “love,” etc. up in front of you, but it’s all about money. Get married. . .Shit, gotta get a house. Need that nicer car to take the kids to school, blah, blah, blah. But just try to explain how the exact same things can be done without spending money, and she starts sleeping around.

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