Feminists Campaign To Remove The “Man” From Our Language


Last week Elon University banned the use of the word “Freshmen” from its website and student orientation citing that the word was “sexist” and suggests that the young women might make good rape victims.

The term has often been felt to refer to the vulnerableness of young women in college for the first time. ‘Given the rates of sexual violence perpetrated against women on college campuses, it is useful to examine any use of a term that suggests that a group of people just entering college might be targets for such violence in any way’

Roosh had a passing tweet of this development and it reminded me of another “gender neutral” language purge from last year. In August of 2013 Washington state Governor Jay Inslee signed off on the final installment of a six-year effort to make language in the state’s copious laws gender-neutral. The sponsor of the bill, Senator Jeannie Kohl-Welles’s (hyphenated surname noted) reasoning for initiating the six-year endeavor was,

It brings us to modern times, to contemporary times, why should we have in statute anything that could be viewed as biased or stereotypical or reflecting any discrimination?

Thus, words such as freshmen, fireman, fisherman and even penmanship are neutralized to “first year student,” “fireperson,” “fisher” and “writing skill.” Perhaps the easiest way to grasp the process the committee used in their six-year effort is to presume that any noun or verb with the successive letters of “m-a-n” in its syntax was replaced with “person” or a substitution for a term that excluded the offending “m-a-n” letters.

This hasn’t been the only effort to geld the English language under the guise of a want for avoiding legal repercussions. The University of North Carolina has initiated a similar effort in their school’s by-laws. Kent Law, Marquette, and virtually every state college in the union, while not mandating the “manless” language, has made efforts to encourage linguistic androgyny.

The Washington state initiative is really just the next predictable progression in this gelding, but it clearly shows that the Feminine Imperative, in its unconsolable insecurity, would re-engineer the very language society uses in order to feel more secure. In order to fully appreciate the scope of the Feminine Imperative and the lengths to which it will go to assuage the need for feminine-security, a red pill man has to recognize the importance language represents to the human race as well as the removal of male, not masculine, influence from that language.

In all Latin-based languages there are gender associations with definitive articles. Nouns (and many adjectives) are specifically feminine or masculine as part of their intrinsic qualities. In Spanish “La Casa,” the home, is a feminine association. “El Toro,” the bull, is a masculine association. Anyone with even a rudimentary grasp of a Latin-based language understands that millennia ago the Latin culture found gender differentiation so important that it attached gender associations to the words, written and spoken, that represented the ideas and articles each word meant.

This might seem like a remedial review of language and society, but it’s important to understand what it is the Feminine Imperative hopes to undo, and the magnitude of its insecurities. They wish to alter the very foundations of human communication, language, by eliminating masculine associations with any article or quality. The Feminine Imperative, that is dependent upon men being Men when convenient, simultaneously makes herculean efforts to remove men from its idealized environment and society.

Be a Man

There used to be a time when some cultures had a rite of passage into manhood or a passing into adult responsibility and masculine respect. In Latin cultures a young woman becomes a woman on here quinceñera – her fifteenth birthday. Jewish boys have a Bar Mitzvah, certain Native American tribes had similar traditions, etc. I think that if there’s a modern social complaint about men remaining perpetually juvenile this is the root of it – we don’t respect Manhood enough to define what’s expected and when that adult, masculine respect is due.

A lot has been written on this blog and many others about the ceaseless efforts of feminists and SJWs to marginalize and ridicule anything masculine. It’s easy to find consistent examples of this in the past 50 years of popular media, movies, TV sitcoms, music, etc. While masculinity is ridiculed, there’s more to it than this—the same masculine attributes and qualities that make women “strong” are those make men strong. The difference is in the application – it wasn’t enough to implant the seeds of masculine self-doubt into men, the Feminine Imperative had to make men, not necessarily masculinity, the problem to be solved.

In all of the examples of masculine gender reversal in popular culture, men are the unique problem, to which only women have the resources, wisdom and intuition to correct. The men of today are characterized as the Lucy Ricardos of the 50’s, requiring women’s guidance to avoid, often mutually destructive, disasters. However, the key to solving those problems, characterized as uniquely male, still require masculine-associated, mindsets, skills and applications.

Guys vs. Men

I was participating in a conversation just recently with a young woman of 26 and a young man of 18. The conversation itself wasn’t important, but at one point the young man referred to himself as a “Man.” He said something to the effect of, “Well I’m a man, and men do…” At the word “man,” she cut him off with the unconscious snigger that’s resulted from years of feminist ridicule conditioning. Just the mention of a man self-referencing as a “man” is enough to inspire feminine ridicule. It’s laughable for a man to consider himself a man.

In the face of a constant conditioned ridicule, it’s almost an uncomfortable recognition to distinguish yourself as a Man. It’s too easy to just think of yourself as a “guy” and never be so presumptuous as to insist upon your manhood. In girl-world, to claim to be a Man is to admit to arrogance – it’s to embrace a flawed nature. It’s important to note here that in embracing your status as a Man, instead of “just a guy,” you are passing a meta-shit test. By embracing self-referenced manhood, you are rejecting what a world aligned against you would like you to believe about yourself.

Remove the Man

As I addressed earlier, the Feminine Imperative perceives your Manhood as a threat. By endorsing yourself as a Man, on some level, whether you’re cognizant of it or not, you’re indicating that you have an inkling of your own personal value. You’re expressing  a self-awareness that is both attractive and terrorizing for women, but due to the constant influence of feminine primacy you’re perceived as arrogant, self-serving, and prideful. Even in the most innocuous context, insisting upon your status as a Man is inherently sexist to a world defined by the Feminine Imperative.

But the imperative needs masculinity. To insure its (temporary) satisfaction of security a masculine element is required. Strength, confidence, determination, a capacity for risk taking, dominance and the comfort that women naturally derive from those masculine attributes are necessities of a healthy, secure, existence for women and the feminine.

However, brutish, ridiculous, and stupid men can’t be trusted to universally provide this masculine security that every woman deserves irrespective of attractiveness or merit according to the Feminine Imperative. So Men must be removed from masculinity. Domineering women, as a default status in heterosexual relationships, pushes masculinity into her domain. Dominant masculine partners in sexually fluid relationships are similarly, unironically, re-characterized.

These are the easy examples. Volumes have been written in the manopshere about how feminine-primary government assumes the masculine providership role in modern relationships, thus freeing an already unhindered hypergamy even more so, but the effort to remove the Man goes far beyond this obvious institution. The fundamental restructuring of gender reference in our very language – as illustrated by the Washington state legislature – attempts to, literally, remove the Man from the equation.

Masculine Security

I can remember an instance at a former workplace where some coworkers were organizing a team to run in a Breast Cancer awareness walk. At one point a particularly mangina coworker suggested we all wear the prerequisite pink color at the event. Needless to say I arrived in a black t-shirt amongst a sea of pink. The predictable accusation of my sexual security came up: “What, aren’t you secure enough in your manhood to wear pink?…herp..derp!” to which I answered “I’m secure enough in my Manhood not to wear pink.”

What the mangina was obliviously parroting back is the same social tool that’s been used by the Feminine Imperative for the past 60 years; inspire self-doubt in male-specific masculinity. By making compliance with the Feminine Imperative a qualification of masculinity, men assign the power to define masculinity to the very movement that seeks to destroy it.

This power of defining the masculine isn’t limited just to snarky, subconscious referencing; it’s simply one aspect of a greater effort to remove men from masculinity. While the efforts of certain women bloggers and psychologists (both within and out of the manosphere) to build better betas seems ennobling to white knights, the unifying purpose behind their efforts is really one of portioning or rationing masculine authority to men to satisfy only their immediate needs for those masculine aspects. Be alpha as needed, but more often be beta to allow for fem-masculine dominance and primacy.

I’ve explained this previously as the Male Catch 22, but it’s important to understand that this catch isn’t some unfortunate byproduct of male inheritance; it’s a careful, calculated feminine social dynamic with the latent purpose of making men accountable for masculine responsibilities while simultaneously making them shamed and guilty of “male privilege” when that masculinity conflicts with the dictates of the Feminine Imperative. That’s the crux of the dynamic, but the mechanics of it are still rooted in specifically male masculine self-doubt.

For the Feminine Imperative to sustain itself men can never be trusted with masculinity. Here’s the solution: remove men from being the definers of masculinity and apportion them faux authority only when it would benefit the Feminine Imperative.

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  1. Some decent writers here, especially dudes like Rollo. But any men with any interest in the free exchange of ideas should know what a gag this site has become. These clowns are deleting comments and banning people faster than any feminist rag out there. This has become one big circle jerk with zero tolerance for any deviation from the party line. Fuck you, Return of Queens, I gotta feel bad for anyone that thinks they’re part of any kind of free thinking here.

    1. You have the entire big World Wide Web to circle-jerk around as a Social Justice Warrior, Game Denier and Feminism Lover – that is essentially 98% of the internet. Roosh’s decision to ban women and some SJWs is actually costing him viral impact and thus money. People differ here too, but you have to do it in a polite and more or less logical manner. Otherwise the comment section would quickly be inundated with hordes of women and SJWs making it almost useless, as many guys would try debating them – a discussion which is completely futile.

      1. No matter how many times I present logical and civil comments, they’re met 90% of the time with “bitch”, “cunt”, “feminazi” or another creative insult. Debating someone with alternative opinions to the site’s dogma isn’t “completely futile”, but trying to enlighten a misogynist tends to be, as this site has shown me again and again within barely a week.

        1. Debating via using words like misogyny here is truly smart. “Enlighten” us misogynists – fuck that – me thinks you need more enlightenment than us.

        2. It’s considered “illogical” because it’s the norm mentality here. Sexism is beyond okay, it’s considered positive, hence taking it a step further isn’t considered bad. It’s all about perspective, brah.

        3. Nothing better. I’m pleasantly surprised whenever a commenter here proves their ability to provide a logical criticism without tossing in expletives.

        4. “Brah”? I smell a woman or at the very least mangina so steeped in the feminine imperative that. Based on your comments I think that you are a woman going on ROK for some attention whoring. Good Bye.

        5. I generally ignore your comments [as we all should] but this comment was disingenuous.
          For future reference:
          If you plan on playing ‘babe in the woods,’ at least make your comment feed private to prevent us from reading how you’ve provoked majority of those epithets.

        6. “In all of the examples of masculine gender reversal in popular culture, men are the unique problem, to which only women have the resources, wisdom and intuition to correct. The men of today are characterized as the Lucy Ricardos of the 50′s, requiring women’s guidance to avoid, often mutually destructive, disasters. However, the key to solving those problems, characterized as uniquely male, still require masculine-associated, mindsets, skills and applications.”
          I guess we need your feminine intuition to guide us into real manhood.

        7. It’s all about biology, Cupcake. When it comes to actually getting things done, sexism seems to be the most efficient way to do it, most times.

        8. Nonsense. You’ve spouted little snippets of gibberish. Civil, sure, for the most part, but not logical. And then you complain about not being taken seriously, and then being insulted. It’s bizarre. If I went on Jezebel and tried to argue about degrees of rape, I would be flagged as misogynist-basement-dweller-micropenis-bald-fat- loser quicker than you could say “cunt”.
          And I actually think only the minority on her would qualify as misogynist, just like I believe only the minority on Jezebel qualify as misandrist.
          Why don’t you just read the comments and articles and try to understand what men are thinking, instead of arguing with them? There are some pretty smart voices here.

        9. Then why don’t you get a clue and leave?
          We can (and many of us do) debate with men and women in real life only to find the talking points deflected, twisted, misdirected and side tracked according to the ‘feminine imperative.’ These conversations become, mostly, valueless as they do not keep to the subject at issue.
          Whilst you may consider this an echo chamber of misogyny, in reality this is a place were men can debate with other men without female influence. That matters. Because women inevitably bring emotion and feelings into a debate, emotions and feelings that push the conversation in a direction that suit feminine desires and needs. This is perfectly natural.
          The issue is that as men what we mostly seek is truth. And truth cares little for ones feelings. Men’s or women’s. The moment you let feelings guide a debate is the moment that the path to truth is lost. Both men and women are guilty of doing this.
          The best way to stay on the path to truth is to exclude women and weak men.
          Your presence notwithstanding, this is what this site does. And the lessons learned, the dynamics understood and truth revealed are often not pleasant, for men as well as women. But they are revealed and countless men have taken them and used them to improve every aspect of not only their lives but those of the people they care for as well.
          The whole world tries to ‘enlighten’ us. We’ve been getting ‘enlightened’ for decades.
          Some of us are starting to wonder why the things we are told by the ‘enlightened’ don’t work. Some of us are opening up to different ideas. Some of us are trying ‘new’ approaches in the real world.
          And many of us are seeing startling improvements in our lives and in the lives of those who we care for.
          I suspect you will fare better ‘enlightening’ others irl than you will here.
          Debating your ideals with people who have field tested the alternatives is never going to work.
          I get that you like the attention you get here, but please don’t labour under the impression that anyone here is going to be swayed by your opinion. Most of us are not ‘uneducated misogynists’ who need to be ‘enlightened’. For many of us the direction of travel is in the other direction.

        10. If you think I’m the one dragging emotion into debates, I suggest you read the bulk of responses I get when I make simple statements, such as “I’m a feminist, and I disagree with this because x, y and z”. The responses are, maybe 1/5th’s of the time, half logical and actually related to my refutation. The rest of the time it’s unintelligible drivel and “get out of here, feminazi cunt”.

        11. Because for the most part, the site’s existence has a negative impact on relations between men and women. It’s driving the readers to dehumanize women to benefit themselves. I don’t want to live in that world, so I’m bringing the ugliness of the site’s underbelly into the open.
          Show me a statement I’ve made, before getting pegged down by rambling good ol’ boys with little more to say than “leave, cunt”, that you would consider “gibberish”

        12. And that’s just fine. But it makes life difficult for people not bred to be cookie-cutter stereotypes.

        13. You need to examine your own life and consider what led you to hold demonic beliefs towards women. Do you have a grudge against your mom? Have your girlfriends cheated on you? Or are you just pissed that not every woman is a playboy model and your personal chef?

        14. I respond to stupidity with teasing. People who can’t make logical responses don’t deserve my utmost care in typing.
          Show me where I “provoked” some intelligent gent that wasn’t already tossing “bitch”, “cunt”, “feminazi” or the like in my direction.

        15. Yeah, having an XY chromosome makes me a “cookie cutter stereotype”. I was “bred” for providing grandchildren. Sorry if being a father is such an offensive stereotype for you, but I guess I’m just programmed by the patriarchy.
          Which begs the question: why should we care if your life is more or less difficult? In point of fact, feminism has striven to make our lives as difficult as possible – it would be ungentlemanly not to return the favor.

        16. Actually, it’s feminism that’s having the negative impact on relations between men and women – this site is in response to it. We aren’t “dehumanizing” women, we’re de-deifying them – big difference. And we’re revalorizing the concept of masculinity feminism has been taking a big healthy shit upon for the last 40 years. The “ugliness” here is your own reflection.

        17. Sorry you’re unable to differentiate between chromosomal abnormalities and gender identity. You don’t need to have Klinefelter’s to not fit the “gender ideals” projected nearly everywhere in the media and this site.
          You can be a dad and still (god forbid) have feminine tendencies or habits. You can have a dick and like to cook for your family, but also enjoy sports. You don’t have to be a chest hair-teeming wildebeest lacking emotion to be a man. Likewise, you don’t have to be a perfect hourglass supermodel that just wants one partner and a million kids to be a “real” woman.
          Get over your tired categorizations and let people do as they please. There will always be extremely feminine women and extremely masculine men.
          Feminism has striven to empower women. Sometimes radicals have used it for personal gain, and sometimes for other choices that backfired(ex. making dads jump through hoops to gain custody). It’s a vast movement, and you can’t judge every person who identifies as a feminist the same way until you’ve learned their views.

        18. So having an XY is a “Chromosomal abnormality”? I smell gibberish.
          Of course I can be a dad and cook for my family – I do every day. But that’s hardly a feminine trait. I don’t enjoy sports, so there goes another one of your stereotypes. My emotional life is my business, and private, and your insulting demeanor toward masculine conceptualizations of self-identity display a clear case of “men are just damaged women”, thus denying my gender the agency to determine what constitutes its own definition.
          And no, “real” women don’t have to be hourglass models. Being decent human beings would be a start, however, and the feminist drive towards conflict and demonization of masculinity and male sexuality have made any expression of such a social crime – don’t think we aren’t justly pissed about that.
          Our “tired categorizations” now include MGTOW, MRA PUA, and Patriarchy 2.0 . . . how’s that for “new”? Aren’t we advanced now? That’s what happens when we’re told over and over again by smug, misandric feminists to “start your own movement!” So we did. This is it. That’s what WE please. Cultivating masculinity as we see it is our choice, our right, and we plan on expanding this line of thinking to as many men and boys as possible.
          While I take your point about not judging a whole movement by its radicals, your seemingly conciliatory position (conveniently forgetting all the horrific things feminism has done to men in the last forty years, and expecting us to, as well) merely indicates that you desperately want to be taken seriously by us. Only . . . you can’t be. As a feminist, you’ve declared yourself as part of a movement that is tacitly misandrous and directly opposed to the ideals and issues of men.

        19. Does it matter? Do you go around asking radfems which bad prom date made them into such blithering misandrists? Do you ask SJWs why they’re so upset, and perhaps point out the uselessness of dwelling on childhood trauma?
          Or are you just assuming that because he’s a man you can dismiss his position because he might have emotions?

        20. “As a feminist, you’ve declared yourself as part of a movement that is tacitly misandrous and directly opposed to the ideals and issues.”
          Yes, that’s why feminists are constantly talking about the pressures on boys to “man up” and repress emotions. All of us hate all of you, clearly. That’s why I care about both of my (straight, don’t worry homophobes) dads, even relate to my birth dad to my mom more. That’s why feminists care about male genital mutilation. That’s why feminists want men to be able to express their “feminine” sides without backlash from idiots. We just hate everything with a dick.
          So what’s the best way to respond? Take the bits of feminism that conform best to your extremist perception of it, then multiply the vitriol by a million and make movements dedicated to subjecting women to the lives of Stepford Wives.
          Klinefelter’s is XXY, not XY, genius.

        21. Of course you get these responses.
          There is something in the core of most men that finds feminism utterly repulsive. It inspires revulsion, rage and anger.
          It inspires ‘feelings’ in men. Deep, powerful and – importantly – instinctive feelings. Those instincts, near ubiquitous as they are, did did not develop in a vacuum – they are there for a reason. We know that they mean something. And we sense it is something important. But we don’t know what that ‘something’ is.
          But we are men which means we mostly keep these feelings to ourselves.
          But we are men and when we are attacked for an instinctive feeling that is coming from our gut, but which we cannot make sense of, we will attack in an emotional way.
          But we are men, and we will try to figure out what that instinct is and what it means.
          This is what this site (and others like it) is about.
          Discovering that it is not ‘just you’ sensing this instinct, that pretty much all men feel it, debating with other MEN to try and figure it out. To understand it’s purpose, the reason for it’s existence, it’s utility and how to harness it.
          Because all of society is set up to deny men this conversation. The rest of the world does everything in it’s power to deny that men might feel this way, that they might even experience life in a profoundly different way than women do.
          But we are not being victims about, we are working this stuff out and finding the truths to live our lives in a better way. Not by sitting in a woman’s study class, not by reading the feminized MSN, not by listening to the feminist politicians – but by debating ideas based on OUR lived experience (not the experience we are ‘told’ we live) and trying them in the real world.
          Most of the insults are from the men just starting down this path, or ones that have traveled it for long enough that they just get sick and tired of yet another boiler plate spouting fem-bot getting in their way.
          If you want to learn, Ignore the insults, these men are on their way to truth.
          Anger is a healthy response to the lies men are taught growing up. If you insist in putting yourself in it’s way, it’s on you to have to deal with it.

        22. Yes, because feminists only care about a scientist’s stupid shirt. Learn about feminism beyond “big red” and whatever else you’ve been spoon fed by the extremist end of the manosphere. Learn about intersectional feminism, FGM, child brides, rape, etc. Then tell me feminism is all about some girls getting back at guys who didn’t ask them to prom.
          I actually make the effort to read the gender neutral articles on the site. I listen to MRA points of view. I don’t just “assume” you’re all basement dwellers. Yet RoK users think they know all there is to know about feminism after watching the big Red video and reading some radical tumblr blogs. Give me a break.

        23. “Lies” are subjective. I’ve known naturally masculine women and feminine men. Both were popular and happy.
          I don’t respect frat boy mentalities because I was raised by an intelligent(and masculine) father who lived by his own rules and didn’t buy into the shit spewed against women throughout this site. Want to talk about life as men? Go ahead, but don’t shit on the other half of the population while you’re at it. We’re always here, and we’ll always have voices and power, so unless you want to go gay and live on an island of only men, get used to it.

        24. Oh My God Bitch Shutup.
          IF you don’t have anything useful to say then don’t say anything.
          Here is a tip if you insist on typing out comments on this forum. Don’t write a reply. Try writing an original statement related to the article. If it is interesting it will get upvoted. If it isn’t, nobody gives a shit.
          Stop it with the constant rebuffs and moral absolutes.
          Go do something useful and stop trolling us. There are always a few female commenters on here and we’re usually more or less tolerant. You on the other hand are just annoying. You’re not enlightening anybody. Nobody here likes you. Just leave already.

        25. Also interesting how those Feminazis like this Lilac Haze debate – instantly either accusing someone of having a “mother-complex”, getting cheated by some women, not getting laid etc. etc. All those you are just a “bitter man who cannot get laid” tropes are brought up, as if it were absolutely impossible for a successful attractive man to be against feminism. That’s why many Feminazis have such a hard time fighting against men like Rollo Tomassi, because he embodies their dream catch of a former Player gone AlphaFucks&BetaBucks in one – successful, happily married and in shape. And yet he refuses their feminist bullshit and even convinces other men to do the same.
          Little tip: If you want to meet a wide assortment of pussy-repelling men go to the Game denying, SJW and male feminists sites. David Futrelle is a wonderful example of how your male feminists look like – we have Roosh, Mike from Danger&Play & Rollo Tomassi on our side. Guess who is less frustrated in his private relationship with women?

        26. Your presence is provocation (Women and homosexuals are discouraged from commenting here) but more importantly, you’re a feminist. Your ideology is directly responsible for the decline of society, the destruction of the family unit, the decreased fertility rate, expansion of the welfare state, etc. I’d question any man who didn’t have something negative to say to you and women of your ilk. RoK wouldn’t exist, if not for the fallacy called Feminism.

        27. “Your ideology is directly responsible for the decline of society, the destruction of the family unit, the decreased fertility rate, expansion of the welfare state, etc. I’d question any man who didn’t have something negative to say to you and women of your ilk. RoK wouldn’t exist, if not for the fallacy called Feminism.”
          Indeed. Feminism, as with other statist ideologies, inevitably destroy the economy and culture of a given civilization. As a result another one eventually fills the vacuum.

        28. Nope. Just like this MISOGNEE one. Your comments are mostly snarky, cunty and bitchy. Which is why you get called names. You aren’t civil nor logical.

        29. Oh, so you’re on a mission to save the world from Bad Thinking?
          So glad you’re on the side of Right.

        30. How about I carefully study the net impact of the feminism on men for twenty years and measure what feminism has ACTUALLY done versus all the rosy rhetoric.
          ‘Cause when you look at it that way, there is really precious little feminism has done for men, male issues or masculine interests. On the contrary, it’s been forty years of total war on men. And the “best way to respond”, after all the other futile attempts at engaging feminists, was to take your advice and make our own movement.
          But then, much to your dismay, we persisted in being men. So sorry.
          And as far as our “Stepford Wives”, I suggest you leave topics like marriage and successful long term relationships to people who have them. What feminism doesn’t know about running a successful marriage could fill an ocean.

        31. Yes Lilac, you said “bred” as in “altered by their upbringing and environment” as in “perverting the course of nature” as in “being unnatural”.
          Should I get the violins out for these people who find it difficult to “fit in” to their nature.

        32. It’s not unnatural unless you’re talking about anatomical mutations; just unusual. It’s not unnatural for a fit person(male or female) to enjoy sports. It might be less common for a girl to get aggressive about it, but it’s not unnatural.
          I’m not asking for a pity party, just don’t expect everyone with a vagina to have the wishes and dreams of being someone’s Stepford Wife.

        33. Because the best way to run the world is on male supremacy and misogyny. Thanks, but no thanks.

        34. Yes, my need to be humanized and help other women who have shittier lives is directly responsible for the downfall of men. Cry me a river and go whine over a Steinem quote; or at least do the justice of learning about the different waves and ranges of feminism.

        35. I’m not accepted because I have the nads to say that I’m a feminist. Boohoo. Sorry to rain on the sausage fest.
          Will you pwitty please except me if I act like I magically agree with all of this site’s BS ideas?

        36. Nice appeal to emotion but it actually costs quite a bit of money to fund Feminism and it’s policies; e.g. Billions are currently spent on VAWA and related laws. Feminism, like most subversive movements, is a parasite that needs a host to survive.
          The various “waves“ of Feminism and ideologies thereof (Radical, Socialist, Anarcha- et al) keep the useful idiots, i.e. naïve little girls such as yourself, preoccupied.
          Further, in regards to “my need to be humanized and help other women who have shittier lives,” you don’t actually do anything besides vote to allow the Government to redistribute wealth. I’ve been involved in volunteer work from high school to present day and have donated to charities since I’ve been financially stable enough to do so.
          Can you say the same privileged (no doubt white) female? or is your daily indignation, at perceived unfairness, your sole contribution?

        37. “‘Lies’ are subjective.”
          I could not sum up the entire rationale of this ideologies approach to inter-gender relations any better.

        38. Way to humanize those men who have shittier lives by ignoring them, cunt. Yup feminism is so awesome.

        39. Nobody cares about your statements, opinions, or why you disagree. This site is not for women. How hard is that to understand? We have 1million other sites to argue and spew nonsense and debate on, this isn’t one of them. Go ahead and read the articles and feel free to look at the comments that the men here make to each other, but we don’t care what you have to say or what your opinion is. Period.

        40. It’s fine if you don’t, but it’s pretty impossible to know exactly who and how many people are reading what we say each moment. More timid feminists could be reading me, or guys that don’t have definite opinions of the site formed yet.

        41. You can’t put a definite “right” or “wrong” on any set of gender relations. You can say that you think one is better because, in the example of traditional ones, they were necessary in the earliest historical time periods because it was the most efficient way to continue the population while battling the environment.
          However nowadays, with the benefits of technology(guns, medical treatment, locks, etc.) they aren’t necessary like they once were. Hence, some people find neutralizing gender roles(or just allowing people to do as they please without pressure to fit into either role) or even an inversion of the “natural” order. Effeminate men can still impregnate women or donate sperm. They can often provide children nurturing early years as domestic partners/husbands. Masculine women can still be fertile and be the breadwinner for their family, and teach the children honor, respect, maturity, etc., as they reach adolescence.
          You might smirk at this proposition, and that’s fine, but I’ve seen nearly identical situations to the one I described that function fine. Their children are intelligent, hardworking, and respectful. Not even the desire for a tattoo, if you care about that.

        42. You don’t know how I vote. If I had a steady stream of disposable income, I’d rather give it to my parents to relieve their mortgage, then send it to a project I trusted. But currently I’m a student on scholarship, and that is not a possibility for me.
          However at the same time, merely talking about it raises awareness, and can lead people who are more able and willing to donate to such causes.

        43. Firstly, for the avoidance of doubt – YOU do not get to set the parameters of the conversation that WE are having.
          Your reply serves as an example to the points I made in my earlier response – when women invade these types of conversations between men, they immediately try to turn them to suit female purposes and values. To a direction where women will not feel ‘threatened’ or ‘uncomfortable’.
          I was trying to explain how we, as men, are working to understand our masculinity, understand how it has been suppressed, and how we can free it to improve our lives.
          I was explaining the anger (righteous anger) that many men experience when they discover how they have been lied to, and manipulated into acting in the best interests of others rather than their own. When they look back on their lives and see how much better they could have been if they had known then what they know now. All the missed opportunities, unnecessary heartache, all the time and money wasted by following the feminist life-plan, spouted by the ‘enlightened’.
          Made worse when they realise that all along, the cognitive dissonance they were feeling throughout was simply their repressed masculinity signalling to them that what they were doing was wrong, wrong, wrong.
          But this isn’t a comfortable conversation for you, is it? It makes you feel ‘bad’ doesn’t it?
          So you react in an instinctively feminine manner, an emotional retort full of irrelevant, unrelated and irrational themes and phrases;
          ‘Lies are subjective’ – nonsense, lies are lies and truth is truth. Our responses to them are, however subjective.
          ‘I don’t respect frat boy mentalities’. No one here cares and no one here is looking for your respect. This is how men talk to other men, online and irl – we will call each other out and call each other every name under the sun. This shocks you because we generally keep these interactions away from women, but this is bau for us (and if this shocks you, you might want to consider how much men already police themselves to protect the sensitivities of women – a trait that many women seem unable to reciprocate). If you want to join these conversations you need to understand and accept the terms of engagement. If you don’t like the names you are called – don’t enter the conversation. It won’t be changed to protect your ‘feelings’.
          ‘Want to talk about life as men? Go ahead, but don’t shit on the other half of the population while you’re at it.’ We don’t need your permission to have a conversation, and once again, you don’t get to set the terms of the conversation. In this feminised society it turns out that ‘shitting on the other half of the population’ as you put it is actually perfectly justified in some situations. And where it is, we will say so.
          ‘We’re always here, and we’ll always have voices and power’. That is obvious, what we are trying to do is find a way to co-exist in a world where the increasing numbers of women are behaving in ways that increasing numbers of men find disgusting.
          ‘go gay’. Ah, the classic trigger phrase – always used in the last resort by feminists to deflect the theme of the conversation. Homosexuality has not been a topic of this thread.
          Your response is not a response at all. It is simply the casting about to try to find trigger phrases that will disrupt the conversation away from it’s current direction. To a place where you will feel ‘safe’.
          Classic female response. Autonomic and entirely predicable.
          Keep this behavior to the ‘real world’. It won’t work here.
          We are finding a better way to live. Field tested. Proven. Reliable.
          Open your mind. Or Don’t – it’s up to you. Both choices have consequences.
          Just make sure you take the time to understand them.

        44. “YOU do not get to set the parameters of the conversation that WE are having.”
          Both of us do. That’s kind of how a discussion works =P If you want to have ultimate control in every verbal/textual interaction, get a girlfriend who’s into BDSM or some shit.

        45. Incorrect.
          We converse here to find the truth. You add nothing to the debate which disqualifies you from setting parameters. I have read your comments – there is not one single original comment, idea or insight in any of them. It’s boiler plate stuff. The stuff we can find anywhere in the mainstream. The stuff that we have had pushed in our faces on TV, in the media, in advertising, in academia – everywhere. For decades. In effect there could be 2000 individual ‘Lilac Haze’s’ out there, 2000 individual feminists all responding individually here and we wouldn’t be able to tell, such is the sclerotic conformity of ideas. This is not the tell of an organic, dynamic movement. This is the tell of a centrally planned doctrine – such things tend to be more readily adopted by women as it locks into their herd instinct.
          If feminism’s ideas held value – true value – lifting up the mass of humanity, rather than just privileged white women at the expense of everyone else then we should be seeing at least a couple of things;
          1) the feminist society would have been adopted, in an organic manner, rather that by state enforcement, throughout time and history. A 21st century advanced civilisation is not a prerequisite for such a society – in any time and stage of development, both men and women would have recognised the overwhelming benefits of feminism and both would have embraced it. In 5000 years it has never happened.
          2) This site and the many others that are popping up would not exist, or at the very least would not command the popularity they do. Men typically do not find this site by accident or because they are raging misogynists. Men typically find this site because they are in pain. Most have been good little boys and followed the feminist plan laid out for them. And it has destroyed them. They may have been financially raped by divorce, had their kids ripped from them or been falsely accused. They may have been denied a job due to affirmative action, or they may simply be confused why the women they know aren’t behaving in the way they are told women will behave. They are wondering why so many women seem so ‘broken’ from a man’s perspective. And wondering why no one in the mainstream seems to reflect what they feel about it – indeed they seem to celebrate the brokenness.
          So they seek answers. And they arrive at sites like this. Some don’t stay – for some the red pill is too bitter to swallow. That’s fine. A red pill tenet is the all men are NOT created equal. We know that men are not created equal (as do women, evidenced by their tendency to cluster around the top men, rather than spread themselves equally amongst all men, as a group) and that to thrive and survive we must perform and deliver.
          That is what this site teaches. It’s not about controlling women (a man who seeks to control ‘ every verbal/textual interaction’ with a woman is simply a weak man – he will find nothing of value here). In fact it’s not about women at all.
          It’s about men learning to dominate their lives – living it on THEIR terms, without regard to what women or society expect of them, living according to masculine terms of reference.
          When a man learns to dominate his life, women will come to him automatically.
          THIS is the conversation that we are having here. You are excluded because you add no value. I can understand your confusion, as, no doubt, you have been told all your life that you are men’s equal, that you can enter any male space and be automatically expect to be heard as a peer.
          Well, you can’t.
          Not because of misogyny, not because men are too weak to cope with a ‘strong independent woman’, not because of any of the pathologies laid at men’s feet to justify any instance where men exclude women.
          Simply because you cannot deliver anything of value. We are concerned with real world results. If you can’t deliver, man or woman, you will find this a hostile place.
          How can you give meaningful advice to a man who has been living in a sexless marriage for 5 years. Compared to a man who has lived it and found a way to fix it.
          How can you give meaningful advice to a man who has been working solidly for 10 years to support his family who has just found out his wife has cheated and knows he will likely lose most of what he has worked for and access to his children. Compared to a man who has lived it.
          How can you give meaningful advice to a young man finding his way in life who knows something is wrong with the path laid out for him but can’t figure out what. Compared to a man who has walked the path before him.
          How can you give meaningful advice to a man whose brother has suicided because his ex has denied him access to his children and the courts would not enforce access.
          These are not extreme examples. These are not uncommon occurrences. We are not playing games here.
          The truth is you can’t give any useful, actionable advice. The arrogance with which you believe you are entitled to tell men what they should feel, how they should behave and how they should put their own interests last, is breathtaking.
          When you’ve had your children ripped from you, been divorced and are paying punitive maintenance to your husband, have had to work though the grief of your sister’s suicide due to parental alienation, then maybe we can have a conversation.
          Then maybe you get to set the parameters of that conversation.
          Until you live life like a man – fully like a man – you don’t get to tell men how to live their lives.

        46. Then don’t tell women how to live theirs. I’ll “set parameters” as I see fit. Get used to it, or throw your hands in the air and stop replying. Look up “intersectional feminism”. Feminism shouldn’t be all about white women, and members of both races are realizing this faster and faster.

        47. Gentlemen, This is what vaginalyis looks like. Pure rhetoric presented as discussion but ultimately nothing more than attention whoring, finger waving cuntery.

        48. ‘Don’t tell women’
          ‘Get used to it’
          ‘stop replying’
          Excuse me?
          Once again; you don’t get to issue edicts around here.
          When was the last time a man, seriously, tried to tell women how to live their lives?
          The cop whose comments prompted the slut-walks perhaps? One or two public individuals here and there maybe, over the course of the last few years? The result – all of them got shamed, mocked and pilioried for their efforts. If you believe men, as a group, any longer have ANY social power to tell women, as a group, how to live their lives, without immediately suffering a barrage of criticism, not for what they say, but for simply having the temerity to speak out, then it is clearly time for us to end this discussion – we clearly do not co-exist in the same reality.
          There comes a time when playing the victim no longer works. When you are so far from being a genuine victim that trying to do so just looks delusional.
          This is where feminism is now, and with every pronouncement like yours (I particularly liked ‘lies are subjective’), more and more people, men and women, wake up to the reality of this toxic ideology. People ultimately judge movements (as everything else) by their real-world effects, not by what their proponents say they are. Looking up ‘intersectional feminism’ is about as useful for understanding what feminism actually DOES in the real world as looking up ‘unicorn rainbow fairies’.
          You can set as many parameters as you like – the question is how you enforce them. All feminism has is shaming language and the state (ironically, ultimately other men) to keep man to the feminist line.
          But now, increasingly, the shaming doesn’t work. And men are dis-engaging from society in general to avoid entanglements with the state; if you don’t get married, you can’t be divorced, if you don’t co-habit you can’t have half your stuff appropriated, if you don’t have children, you can’t be on the hook for child support, if you don’t enter the corporate world you can’t be discriminated against come promotion time and if you don’t date you drastically reduce your chance of a false rape accusation.
          These are genuine threat-points for men in the modern world that didn’t exist before feminism. It is simple minded to think that men will simply carry on as they did before when these threats did not exist. For the last 50 years men (mostly) still did. But that’s over now.
          So men are doing what they have always done, survey their environment, understand it, and behave rationally according to it. Which means, increasingly, living their lives without regard to what women want. This does not mean living without sex, relationships or female company. Just that the investment men make in all these areas is being dramatically reduced.
          As feminism reduces the value of women (in men’s eyes), so men are reducing the amount of time, effort, attention and money they are willing to spend for the declining ‘benefits’ modern women now bring to their lives.
          The real news here though is that the true cost of feminism, firstly born by men, and then children, is now being passed on to women. Record numbers of women are living alone, record numbers of women are childless, record numbers are on psychiatric medication, record numbers are facing a life-time of wage slavery in grinding jobs that they can never leave. And still feminism spins these outcomes as the conscious choices of these women and as ’empowering’.
          And yet, women’s self reported happiness, across all classes, all races, all demographics is lower than ever since records began 50 years ago. Tellingly, for the first time ever, they are also now lower than men’s.
          But you do not need to read ‘The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness’ to know this. Just talk to the increasing number of 30 and 40 year old childless spinsters one on one – not in a group – to get the REAL story. The REAL effect of feminism in the REAL world. These women don’t give two hoots about intersectional feminism, they are just wondering where all the good husbands, hell ANY decent man, went.
          Mostly, disgusted with what feminism has done to women, he walked away.
          For the truth is that men don’t want to fight women, it goes against the core of what it means to be a man. But feminism thrust men into a fight that they neither started nor wanted. To the point that feminists are reduced to crowing about ‘winning’ battles that men never turned up for. And even now, as feminism pushes and pushes and pushes to ever more absurd levels, as ever more restrictions are placed on normal masculine behavior, ever more insane definitions of ‘rape’, ‘assault’, and ‘aggression’ are drafted into law in increasingly desperate attempts to somehow, anyhow, cast women as perpetual victims – even now – men are still refusing to be drawn into a real battle.
          That’s how deeply men do not want to fight women.
          The sound of the final battle between the sexes will not be heard in the streets or legislatures. It will not be televised or reported. There will be no flags hoisted or victory parades.
          Because it is already in progress. It is happening all around us in plain sight, for those with the eyes to see it.
          And men are deploying the most devastating weapon of all – indifference. In this final battle who cares least wins.
          Good luck using shaming or the state to fight this battle.

      2. “Roosh’s decision to ban women and some SJWs is actually costing him viral impact and thus money. ”
        “When an organization becomes feminized, focus shifts from the efficient production of goods and services to the establishment of rules for the comfort and security of women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.”
        Roosh made the right call.

        1. Word. He’s not doing it for the money. The discussion and articles on RoK are a beacon in the Manosphere, and should be applauded as such. Enforcing the masculine nature of the blog is inherent to its purpose.

      3. Thank you Roosh! Please keep the SJW and femicunts out of here, it is literally the ONLY comment section on the entire world wide web that is readable.

  2. “man” is shorter than “person” or any other workaround “they” will come up with.
    So when all this comes to fruition, the states’ documents, regs, manuals – everything – will be in much thicker books and binders.
    And when all this comes to final fruition and civilization is destroyed, all those law/reg books will be used as a source of heat both for staying warm and burning witches at the stake.
    Be kind of, as the trendies like to say, “ironic” for Mz Feminista to be tied to that pole instead of dancing around it, the flames licking at her Ugg boots, and look down and see her own screed on the burning pages.
    And I’ll be raising a tankard of mead to that.

  3. It doesn’t matter.
    Mother Nature is taking care of this problem. As western women marriage rates and birthrates decline because women are too busy filling out TPS reports and striking the phrase “man” from the language to reproduce, other cultures are migrating into the western countries.
    Those cultures are less concerned about “having it all” and making sure “penmanship” is no longer a thing, and are doing what humans do; 18 to 22 year old women are marrying men and having babies.
    Mother Nature doesn’t tolerate weakness or stupidity. Western feminism is both and will be tossed aside on the evolutionary scrap heap next to dinosaurs and dodos.

    1. “In the end, mankind will continue on it’s journey forward, just without western feminism as part of the passenger list.”
      I sure do hope so, good sir.

    2. You’re correct in that mother nature doesn’t tolerate weakness and stupidity, but I think it is overly optimistic to believe mankind will continue forward. Feminism will probably be the ruin of our species.

      1. “Feminism will probably be the ruin of our species.”
        The end game is extinction.
        1st step: Industrial revolution, creation of jobs that women can perform alongside men.
        2nd step: Birth control, specifically the Pill
        3rd: Enforce paternity obligations for child support
        4th: Increase cost of marriage through alimony
        5th: Feminize men through legal structures constraining their behavior
        Fewer people marry, fewer people fuck, and when they fuck, they don’t make babies.
        Hardly any wonder birth rates drop below replacement.

        1. That’s only in the western world.
          Human extinction will not happen. Asians, Central Americans, South Americans, Africans, etc will plow on, some more successfully than others.
          Even whites will have representation in the Eastern European culture.
          Feminism will end western civilization, but not all civilization.

        2. It’s only exterminating feminists. The rest of us seem to be having babies okay. But take a look at any feminist college group from the late 1980s/early 1990s and track how many of them ended up married, divorced, and childless. And these are feminism’s success stories. Making yourself unmatable may sound like a win for social justice, but it’s actually only a win for the gene pool . . . and a disrespectful sneer at the ancestors who fought so hard to put them here in the first place.

        3. Well, I think the above sequence of events applies to all societies. As soon as they industrialize, as soon as birth control becomes widely available … it’s just a matter of timing. Africa, least developed, will be the last to go.
          “I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every panda that wouldn’t mate to save its species.”

        4. Certainly, childless feminists. But the overall birth rate, excluding immigration, is below replacement in many western societies. I bet you even among the non feminist marriages the average number of children is below the 2.1 needed for population stability. I have three kids and people routinely comment what an unusually big family it is.

        5. That’s to be expected as we move from an industrial to a post-industrial economy. We saw the same issue when we went from agriculture to industry. It’s WHO isn’t reproducing that’s interesting.

        6. “a pathetic female with zero other options.”
          No such thing. They always have options. Even the most disgusting of landwhales. We’re living in a reality where a 300 lb woman has more leverage on the sexual market place than a male 7/7.5.

        7. “It’s only exterminating feminists. ”
          Not as long as the universities keep indoctrinating fresh souls. Nobody’s born a feminist, they are manufactured at the eductional institutions.

        8. Heh. They only thrive if they can nail down BB quick, pull a quick divorce with child support, and get him to pick up her VOLUMINOUS student loans in the bargain. Otherwise . . . Women’s Studies’ degrees just aren’t in high demand. Many of these women turn to non-profit/poverty work because they aren’t employable elsewhere. They learned outrage in school, and not much else.
          The college girls are already starting to wise up, hence the circumspect looks at 3rd wave feminism by the ones who want husbands some day.

        9. I know that used to be the way it was. It was when I was younger.
          I’m not so sure about that anymore. The dating/mating game has changed, and the changes benefit men by a great margin.
          I don’t have any statistics handy, but I know I’ve read a fair amount about more and more women missing their window of opportunity for mates and children.
          Lots of western women are reaching their mid 30’s and early 40’s having worked on their careers only to find the pile of successful men they were promised would be waiting for them, decided not to wait for them. Those men are hitched up with women in their 20’s and early 30’s who were happy to settle down early.
          Also, American men can go abroad for mates, but American women aren’t viewed as favorably for wives internationally.
          It’s getting tougher for western feminist women to find mates and have children.

        10. Personally, I’ve seen no indicators whatsoever college aged girls are wising up on feminism. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the indoctrinating only happens at a few select programs like women’s studies. It happens across the entire spectrum, from basket weaving to STEM. To see this, begin with asking yourself whether girls are treated the same as men at universities, regardless of study. Think of the bias, the favoritism, and what this does to the young and malleable female psyche.

        11. “more women missing their window of opportunity for mates and children.”
          That’s because they’ve prized themselves out of the market and didn’t capitalize timely on their many, many options.

        12. And that’s why feminism will fail: when the dictates of feminism fall afoul of the Feminine Imperative (which is happening more and more), feminism invariably loses. Omega girls used to have a shot, but the plethora of choices and the dawning realization that scarcity isn’t an issue for men, combined with their own delusional ideas about their worth and “standards”, keep them from opportunities.
          I’ve counseled several women who couldn’t find dates; inevitably the ones who were willing to listen to me realized they were strangling their own femininity and decided they’d rather be happy than feminist.

        13. There are signs that there are cracks in the armor. But I admit it will be another five years before we see any significant number of college women eschew feminism.
          In the meantime, #dateoffcampus.

        14. “I don’t have any statistics handy, but I know I’ve read a fair amount about more and more women missing their window of opportunity for mates and children.”
          Ergo, you are trying to argue from anecdotal evidence. I however prefer to look at quantifiable evidence and it suggests that the more globalized we become, the more westernized foreign women will be.* Which will mean there will be no place to escape our own impending doom. So if we don’t win on the home front in the west, prepare for it to follow you elsewhere.
          Source: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-09-05/divorces-rise-in-emerging-economies-helps-women-get-ahead

        15. Dalrock has plenty of stats backing it up.
          But I don’t think we’re going to see our doom, just yet. I’m looking for a sustained implosion of feminism, leading to a dramatic splintering/re-branding/reexamination of feminism that will, by necessity, reduce the radical element. That isn’t to say our future looks all Red Pilly, but I have to snicker at the monolithic way some are looking at feminism. It’s jumping the shark, and in a few years I think we’re going to chuckle at how effective we thought they could be.

        16. I think that narrative has been brought up since the 70’s and I bet if you ask any old timer on here they would agree. Until it becomes mainstream to reject feminism, they will continue advancing.

        17. “but the plethora of choices and the dawning realization that scarcity isn’t an issue for men, combined with their own delusional ideas about their worth and “standards”, keep them from opportunities.”
          Opportunities aplenty, but actually capitalizing on them is another story. Many of them seem to think they are above the laws of economics, and can maintain hegemony on the sexual market place indefinitely. It indeed has all the elements of delusional self-worth.

        18. You’re missing the other steps of empowering the people least useful to society (perceived victims) and marginalizing meritocracy that allowed us to progress as a species in the first place.

        19. Soon. Tonight, perhaps. Ironically enough, it’s a response to Rollo’s last two posts, focusing on Red Pill marriage and the concepts of masculine emotional intimacy and vulnerability. Although I might not take the position you may expect, it should be entertaining.
          And sorry about the long hiatus – up to my ass in alligators getting the XXX-mas porn emails out.

        20. “Lots of western women are reaching their mid 30’s and early 40’s having
          worked on their careers only to find the pile of successful men they
          were promised would be waiting for them”
          Good point. I, also, think that is why the feminist narrative started to push these older women on younger guys. Women started to find out the truth as they got older (that their SMV was on the decline and men did not give a shit about their career path).

        21. I predict that Russia and some of Eastern Europe will be the only places where “white people” can be found by the 22nd Century.
          So if anybody is wearing a team shirt and being concerned about their race, and if white, don’t worry, no race is going anywhere and if you moved blacks to Finland come back in a few thousand years and they will be white.
          I was told as a kid that in 500 years everybody would be one color because of mixing but it would appear that there are too many professional racists would would be out of a job if that happened.

        22. Remember this one saying, doctrine, or “rule” will put an end to the fairy tale of women being able to have it all, suck cocks by the bag until 35 and then turn into a lardass while getting pregnant:
          If she won’t be there for her best years then don’t be there for her worst.

        23. I don’t care how much money she has, if she’s a lardass or starting to look like her mother, she’s out.
          Now if she wants to be a sugar mommy and buy me a car and shit, fine.
          And I’ll be fucking her hair stylist.

        24. I think feminism is the manifestation of the above process. So I don’t think feminism per se is to blame. Feminism is the label applied to the line of thinking resulting from principles of equality and independence.
          That’s why I think all human cultures will suffer the same fate. Feminism isn’t a purely Western idea, just like “the patriarchy” wasn’t a Western invention.
          Hey, it’s all speculation, and great fun indulging in it.

        25. Hey, it’s all speculation, and great fun indulging in it.
          Yep. Was a somewhat interesting discussion if nothing else.

        26. There is also the issue of the imminent female leadership and how unbelievably bad it will be. With the extreme solipsism, you will not get any good leaders/decision makers at all. Yet they dominate education and will soon make up 3/4 of the lawyers etc. It’s coming.
          Look at the Ebola nurse who couldn’t even take a two-week PAID, fully catered, stay-cation to ensure the safety of all humanity. She couldn’t do it. “This is about ME!” She is the exact face of the modern Western female and what complete pieces of shit they have become. Okay, she felt fine and was certain she wasn’t sick, but take one for the team, maybe? Stay home and ease other peoples’ worry? Nope. Not in their nature at all. The pedestalization from day one is leading to, I think, actual brain abnormalities due to the absence of certain basic cerebral mechanics; shame, guilt, self-loathing following a mistake or defeat. It’s not in their wiring, at a physical level.

        27. Yes and no. Your logic is right for sure. But the wild card is obesity. A woman who can drop below a buck fifty and grow her hair down past shoulder length will always have a pack of suitors until she turns 70. It’s so easy for women. Yeah, none of here in our little echo chamber will bail them out but the culture at large will.

        28. I read somewhere recently that extreme feminists are simply the wedge-breaker types, to use an NFL metaphor. They have the blue hair and do all this insane shit, pushing feminism to such incredible places. This allows other more normal women to say “I’m not a feminist” because the image of insane feminism is so easy to dodge, yet all the while the normal women are just taking up the ground that the total nutbag feminists had just trailblazed into 20 years ago. So normal women can creep farther and farther along into the fields of misandry without even being seen as a loathsome feminist. So it’s not ‘imploding’ or going away at all, just because the less active herd of women don’t self-identify as feminist on some online poll somewhere. In 20 years, the ‘men as definite, constant predator’ will be a mainstream, accepted fact of our culture. The wedgebreakers seem insane now but it will be a normal cultural fact in the future.

        29. Right. Every single cultural image they ever get, from age one onwards, is indoctrinating them into their state of blamelessness.

        30. Sweden has an explicit goal to have 50% of all political positions filled by women. No clue how that is working out for them.
          Female-run governments, while they might function less well, probably would institute child-friendly policies, possibly offsetting the declining birth rates.

        31. Now if women get married at 15-16 years of age or even from the start of puberty from 12 onwards as they do in Mexico. The fertility window will be longer.
          Delayed marriage and childbearing is a good option only if one is a hunter-gatherer seeking to keep population levels sustainable.

        32. Whatever name it brands itself. It is still the same beast. And hence the same label still applies.

        33. And now I am picturing, 50 years in the future, statues of blue haired, tattoo riddled ‘martyrs’ in every city square.

        34. 40 year-old+ Feminist women will no doubt resort to raiding the banks for sperm. Daddy Bucks Government gets the bill. Bankruptcy ensues.

        35. Something else: Like Camille Paglia pointed out, if all the men disappeared, the women would be living in mud huts within a generation. Disassemble the male society, and male obsession and productiveness disappears.

        36. Right. The agricultural age patriarchy was responsible for the great population growth. Still is. I saw an update to the UN population predictions. It turns out Africa’s population is now forecasted to dominate the world. Yes, the population problem is a Black Thing.
          Maybe governments pay people to have kids. But then only the poor people breed.
          Maybe the governments could start raising kids, like in factory farms, like orphanages of a few centuries ago.

        37. Better leave it up to parents and private individuals. The bureaucracy of the government is too inefficient and callous to be effective.

        38. I tried to say a similar thing up above;
          Women can now claim not to be feminist as they saunter along unnoticed, farther into misandry. It’s little more than a conscientiousness of the fashionable aspects of the title when they say they’re ‘not feminist’. There’s no real rejection of the feminine imperative at all, just toying with the terms of their online profile and little more. The headlining grabbing fanatics are running ‘cover’ for the normal herd. If women are about to eschew feminism then what is one bit of evidence that they have started to reverse their direction and respect men? I don’t mean one woman here or there with a blog. I mean a whole conscious move. Do you get my meaning here? Will significant segments of our female population make moves to help with men’s interests? I don’t see that ever happening. Until then,they can just wander unnoticed over terrain that the insane feminists razed however many years before. It’s all the same direction whatever the pace.

        39. I don’t blame feminists, I blame women. The women in my family have never heard of post structuralist feminism or read a book by the half woman half pig Caitlin Moran but they hate men and some of them are involved in women’s movement for various different causes. They want power and control over men legally, sexually and socially. I think it is natural to want your group to dominate every area of society (whether your a straight white guy or a black lesbian with crew cut) and the women’s groups with the support of maybe 95% of women in society are way in front. A matriarch or a society based (or rebased in our case) on feminine values equals decay and disaster, hence the reason only primitive African tribes are based on that social structure, whereas Patriarchy and masculine ethics (honesty as opposed to sensitivity, justice as opposed to leniency, authoritarian, self sacrifice and loyalty) build great civilizations or at least stable societies.

        40. “The college girls are already starting to wise up…”
          They ARE? Where do you see THAT happening?
          All that I have seen are female hypocrites denying the “feminist” label, all while still wanting to keep the unearned privileges and biased advantages that feminism has stolen for them, and remaining silent on current feminism-perpetrated misandric hate progroms.

        41. Even dating off-campus will not save you. “Yes means Yes” has been introduced into New Jersey for approval as statewide law.

        42. “Child-friendly policies”, yeah…FOR WOMYN.
          If you happen to be one of the eeeeevil possessors of a penis, too bad for you.

        43. “It’s getting tougher for western feminist women to find mates and have children.”
          Which is what they want when they are young — and is what they deserve when they are old.

        44. Rather, “If she won’t be there for you in her best years, she doesn’t deserve you in your best years, either.”

        45. The world is replete with non-American men desperately seeking American wives to help them emigrate, in the same way as American men have such “success” abroad.

      2. How many shekels do you get per post, Chaim? Don’t say ‘our species’, you’re not white no matter how hard you shill

      3. You mean, the Anglo-Celtic-Saxons specifically? Then yes.
        Nice job making a saint out of Gwenhwyfar, Angles! It’s rather embarrassing your ilk answers to every whim to the point that lack of ENFORCED personal accountability got my own granduncle LYNCHED at the false word of an American WF and at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan, let alone innocent men of all ethnic backgrounds too.
        Off-topic rant: pretty ironic name for a ‘white supremacist’ group to use Greek symbolisms, especially when the Greeks themselves are near-bottom of the “whiteness pyramid” the 19th Century White America policy designated them there, complete with Angles on top. Yawn.

    3. Well based on these migratory cultures I think the jury is out on whether man will continue his journey.

    4. With divorce laws written to give women the house and the kids, and support payments, it means a generation of boys raised to be pussy whipped beta males by feminists moms, and a generation of girls being raised to be like their mothers. American culture is headed in the wrong direction.

    5. It might matter. Before long, Men will be targetted by the State and you may find yourself locked up for State perceived crimes. They have all sorts of techniques for doing this.
      Further, as Western nations crumble Eastern nations will rise. I would not expect China to be any kinder to the West than the West was to China.
      Food for thought.

    6. I have heard it argued that homosexuality is a biological response to population pressure; too many people in one area results in self-selection against passing on genes/breeding. I wonder if the same sort of biological action is at play with feminism? It does seem like they are working hard at not passing on any genes to the next generation…

    7. Sadly, due to Man’s technological advances, I am inclined to think the “stupid amongst us” will continue to outbreed the rest; simply because they are protected from Nature’s ways of removing the stupid from the gene pool.
      You need to watch the movie “Idiocracy”.

  4. Also, in re “guy vs. man”, note that “guys” used to be effigies burned on November 5. Hmm…

    1. Burning of Guy Fawkes is nothing to do with Feminism though. Guy Fawkes was tried for treason and plotted (failed) to blow up the houses of parliament. He is the first terrorist.

  5. Feminists will try to castrate Men and Masculinity in any way they can possible, that includes linguistically, and if they could, they would make men undergo hormonal treatment to decrease their testosterone level too, but enough of us in the world are waking up to their plan, the biggest tool that Men have to stop this madness is free speech and the media like the internet.

    1. Agreed. Its a type of neurolingusistic exercise. An attempt to make men not think about themselves as “men”. Its symbolic emasculation. Beta males are easier to control.

  6. They are eliminating the word “man” from their website, as opposed to the dictionary. Big difference, but I see what you’re saying.
    What it comes down to is for those who have sons soon to graduate high school, keep them away from any university or college and come up with an altetnate plan i.e. learn a trade or study abroad in a male friendly culture.

    1. I think there is some merit to this.
      I managed to pass through the university system with good grades and no debt, but just the psychological effects of this petri dish of festering western consumerism and unquestioned leftist-ideology can do a number on a free-thinking young man.

      1. “I managed to pass through the university system with good grades”
        It surprises me you haven’t been fucked over by professors yet. In my time at university, I always noticed some serious bias in the favor of women in test grading. Girl delivers substandard work, but is good at paroting the professor: gets the highest possible grade. Guy delivers exceptional work, analyzes things critcally, ponders on things beyond those mentioned by the professor: gets screwed.

        1. Are you joking?
          Dude my life in grad school is fucking hell. I’m just biting my lip and dealing with it kuz I’ve already decided to say fuck it once I get my Masters.
          Dude what you describe is exactly my experience… And the experience of almost every other guy in the department that I’ve observed…
          I HAVE been fucked over… and you’re absolutely right, the female students don’t receive anywhere near the amount of criticism that the males get. What is the worst though is that the female students don’t even have to do their analyses properly! I’ve been rewriting my 100 page thesis for months now because my superiors “just happen to find some new chink in my statistical analyses.” I know for a fact. Not projection. Not childish bitterness. Fact. That my female colleagues are doing their statistical procedures improperly and based on outdated methods, and yet no one questions them in any amount of detail. In fact, questioning them during lab meetings will ruin your reputation and make everyone hate you.
          Dude, I should have graduated by September but these people have been putting me through a ride this whole time and are constantly switching the goal posts. Whats worse is that the distribution of power between supervisors and students is so high that there isn’t jack shit I can do… All I can do is play along until they decide to give me my degree.
          Don’t get the wrong Idea… I am extremely frustrated with my experience in academia.
          Here is a summary of things I’ve seen in academia that should make any sensible male really question if he wants to do a PhD.
          1) The 40+ year old post-doc in my lab commit suicide.
          2) No males have pursued PhDs in my laboratory after their experience doing Masters.
          3) Lots of blue-pill professors that really don’t give half a shit for their students’ futures.
          4) The male professors are mangina white-knights who will compete with you (assuming you have some alpha in you) for the female students’ attention. My professor once came up to me while I was taking a girl on a date on campus (during off hours) and literally started putting me down in front of this girl I was genuinely interested in… Totally cockblocked me and ruined my chances with this girl.. I never forgave him for that one… If he wasn’t my boss I would have punched this fuck in the face.
          5) All the females are “poor little victims” who get free vacations and pussy passes through everything. If you’re a male and not getting ahead it must be because there is something wrong with you.. right? Right??? Hmm…
          6) 99% of the male students are blue-pill and mentally-ill… partly because grad school fosters mental illness… Just Google “grad school and mental illness” and you’ll see.
          7) The environment is 100% liberal and you aren’t even allowed to mention anything that doesn’t tow the party line without being ostracized… Typical liberal tactics amirite? I’m not even fully for the right but conservative ideas are simply not allowed at all.
          Also, because its so liberal you aren’t allowed to question corruption. One Jewish undergrad did his honours in our lab and failed to complete it… yet the next year he got into a competitive Clinical Psychology program…. without finishing his undergraduate degree… This is simply not possible for the average student…. When I brought this up I was told to quickly STFU. I have plenty of JEwish friends, I’m not anti-semite or whatever, I simply questioned how it was that he was able to move so far ahead without completing all of the necessary requirements that the rest of us are held to.
          8) You will be surrounded by a nearly all-female work-force that is cliquey and has zero sense of justice… They will talk shit about you and let you fall on your face if it means they get ahead… Not to mention that they’re practically all feminist herd mentality idiots…. They suck up to professors, flirt with them, the same ol’shit you see everywhere else… And it works…
          9) You will be poor and milked for money by the system at every turn. Luckily I managed scholarships throughout and through a minimalist lifestyle managed to save a bit of money… But for the average student entering grad school, expect to be pretty much broke or in-debt for at least 7 years til you finish your PhD (2 years Masters + 4+ years PhD). Then after then guess what? You get to continue working for asshole professors as a post-doctoral doing even more grunt work and you get a salary pay raise to 40k$ a year!!!
          I’m very sorry to the intellectual men out there who genuinely would have used their brains to bring value and discovery to this world. This is what I experienced… and there are WAY MORE gory details I’m just glossing over… If you decide to go through the PhD machine, don’t be surprised if you come out the other side in a regretful state of complete beta-tude.

        2. Holy **** I recognize so much from your post. Well, except for the suicide. There are scores of men fucked over by the system, but few are vocal about it, and still fewer actually dare to stand up for themselves, being afraid of their future careers and all.
          There was some heavy corruption going on at my dept, too. The head (who was a “star” PI with an extensive international track record) made under-the-table “deals” with foreign universities: he would offer a few “lucky ones” a PhD position at his lab, categorizing them as “exchange students”, but in reality, no students from our own dept were exchanged with the foreign one, just on paper. It was solely about the money. One of them, a docile Chinese guy, had a horrible understanding of English, he failed midterm after midterm, until the final test came and he *magically* got an A and got accepted in the PhD program. WTF
          There was a girl who was accepted despite failing the entrance test (she cried upon hearing the result) and never having had a single class of biology in her life (an absolute requirement for the master program which was supposed to be prestegious!). It was a huge slap in the face of all those who worked hard to get there, including me.
          I’ve also known a deaf guy at the dept who worked hard to get there, yet received *zero* financial support, while there were special financial incentives (stipends etc.) for female PhD candidates, because these women are “disadvantaged” and needed financial support. I was ridiculized for having the audacity to question this… In what kind of insane environment is a healthy white woman more disadvantaged than a handicapped guy?
          Glad I ejected…

        3. Yeah I don’t got much else to say other than I totally believe you.
          And you’re right that the vast majority of male students just shut up and put up with it.
          The only consolation I’ve got with regards to the cunty female students (I did know a few really cool and talented female students mind you) is that I’ve been working in this department long enough to see them hit the wall. They have now been transported across the globe to do a shitty-post-doc at age 30+ with no marriage prospects… Pretty sad that I get some sick pleasure out of that but I do…
          All the marriage-minded girls (is it a coincidence that they were nice to everybody?) bailed after they got their MAs.

        4. Let them do their postdocs, let them have their prestegious positions. Let them have their run-in with father time and gravity. Let them end up miserable with their cats or with some beta shlubb.
          As for the department staff: I wish for them all they deserve.

    2. That is exactly what will happen. Men will abandon the various institutions run by women. But guess what? That won’t be allowed. Women will go chasing after them. There is no escape, male space is not allowed. If male space is allowed, men might *gulp* excel and *gasp* do better than women. And you know what that means. SEXISM. PATRIARCHY. MISAHJUHNEEE.

      1. The other reason I’m certain is that if men get together witbout female ‘chaperones’ is that guys will start talking amongst themselves more freely and realize the scam being played on them by society.

      2. They can’t stop it. Soon we’ll see an ocean of unmarried career feminists slaving away at corporate jobs for the privilege of having their tax dollars go to pay for other women to have the kids they don’t have time (or men) to have. Meanwhile a growing number of males will drop out of the rigged game altogether, skip college, go abroad, etc. I’m encouraging this. A dude who goes to college without a plan in mind is an idiot. Skip the debt and work on your abs – you’ll thank me later. The feminist establishment will start screaming even more loudly when they realize how badly they’ve hoodwinked themselves.
        And male space is certainly worth fighting for. Even if you have to get insidious about it. That’s where some real power can be generated.

        1. Learn a functional trade like welding, plumbing, coding, electronic circuit building, carpentry etc.. Be an entrepreneur. Be a job creator or redefine reality like Nikola Tesla or Elon Musk.That’s the way to go.
          Remake the world again while we let the femos inherit the hell on earth they’ve created. Apparently the ‘meek’ did inherit the earth after all.

  7. “By making compliance with the Feminine Imperative a qualification of masculinity, men assign the power to define masculinity to the very movement that seeks to destroy it.”
    Yep. They’re the experts on all things sex. And the experts on all things masculine too. The only limit to the androgyny of this imperative is the degree of actual body swap role reversal being attempted. One of the defining features of feminism has always been its absolute envy of everything masculine, so that one of the mechanisms whereby it maintains power depends on defining power purely in terms of masculine varieties of the same. The better for a complete re-distribution of testosterone to the people who have always wanted it: penis envy in all but name.
    But Ms Dale Spender has all but maxed out her credit. People, both men and women, are getting tired of this. Feminist language castration nauseates everybody but feminists and I almost hope this goes ahead, so we can call it out for the linguistic ‘genocide’ it is. Cleansing masculinity from our language is to cleanse the whole culture of its soul.

  8. I disagree. In fact, it’s much worse than just erasing man, they are trying to redefine the word with negative and weak connotations. Mansplain, man cave, man-purse: all used to denigrate and to emasculate. The one I’ve seen fronted by the media and advertising lately is the man-cold, where a man is depicted as being a big sniveling baby, an overgrown child, because he has a head cold, this asinine idea that women are stronger than men.
    But check their logic out: men are weak helpless babies who can’t even handle a little head cold without running to mommy, but are at the same time an unstoppable juggernaut of world oppression who control everything.

    1. Man cold?
      I’ve always taken care of myself when sick. I’ve seen women run to doctors for every sniffle they get.
      It’s funny they’re trying to turn a basic cold into some sort of triumph for women.
      Maybe it’s all their effeminate, emasculated, psuedo male dipshits that hold up signs saying “I need feminism cause I hate testosterone” that are doing that man cold stuff?

      1. Advertisers know what is what, they know exactly who is spending the household money. It’s an ego-stroke.

        1. Gotcha. I don’t watch TV anymore, so I miss 99.9% of advertising nowadays. Didn’t realize that’s where it was being pushed.

    2. People who try to redefine masculinity do so out of fear of actual masculinity

    3. I guess if we’re trying to get rid of “man” then we should start to eliminate “wo-man”, too, right? After all, it does have ‘man’ in it.

  9. He said something to the effect of, “Well I’m a man, and men do…” At the word “man,” she cut him off with the unconscious snigger…
    I hoped he paused to correct her, and advise her of the consequences of her rudeness (light to medium OTK spanking at the next instance). It reinforces the Masculine.
    Youg men need to learn to OWN their manliness, to walk like a MAN, talk like a MAN, occupy space like a MAN–readers will note that the latest ‘Man-Crime’ is something called “man-spreading”, which is basically “sitting like a man” (see link) http://www.amny.com/transit/man-spreading-backpacks-will-be-targeted-in-mta-transit-manners-campaign-1.9626795
    The MTA and feminists want us to be forced to sit like good little geldings….simultaneously demonstrating what they are really about (i.e. denigrating men) and also that we, as a society, have run out of ACTUAL problems if we’re policing how men sit on the subway.
    À bientôt,

    1. Wow, that shit pisses me off. I have always sat that way, my legs are big and they fall open unless I make a concious effort to keep them together.

      1. Men also have narrower hips than women–ever see a man with a thigh gap?–b/c our hips are made for bipedal locomotion only, without any need to go around developing babies (this is also one reason that men smoke women at sprinting, generally). Men have external genitalia that require room to “breathe”. Or as I might say if any girl accused me of “man-spreading”…”Sorry, but My Boys Need a House!”

        1. What a reasonable explaination. The article said that men due it because of some deep seeded freudian desire to conqure territory or some stupid as shit hocus-pocus.

  10. The predictable accusation of my sexual security came up: “What, aren’t you secure enough in your manhood to wear pink?…herp..derp!” to which I answered “I’m secure enough in my Manhood not to wear pink.”
    I did this at a company function at my last job. Long-sleeved black t-shirt. When questions, I said, “Yeah, I’m a ‘summer’ or an ‘autumn’ or ‘heterosexual’ or whatever can’t wear pink….”
    I don’t have anything against pink, but I don’t own anything pink, (other than a couple vaginas attached to women I know), b/c it doesn’t work with my ruddy skin color, and I’m not about to go buy something pink to make some Timmy Half-a-fag corporate bootlicker happy…..
    À bientôt,

  11. Lets not forget the feminist campaign of trying to ban the word “bossy.”
    I guess the truth really hurt these pyscho feminists.

  12. To the persistent feminist commenter:
    No one here owes you anything. No attention, nor respect. NOTHING. In fact the reverse is true – you and others of your kind owe much to men, particularly the ones you won’t even acknowledge in the real world.
    Your presence on this site does not serve any real, concrete purpose. You have little of real value to offer us, and seems you are unable to learn the wisdom because sometimes the language is too crude for your ‘delicate’ mind. Men are not to sugar coat things to pander to anyone’s personal taste.
    In short, there’s the exit – see yourself out.

    1. Why no ban? I’ve been banned from like a million feminist sites for just posting once or twice

      1. Exactly I post the most trivial non politically correct few words on huffingtonpost or buzz feed or some blog and the ban hammer swiftly falls so no open ears can hear what men have to say. Serve them some of their censorship back at them.

  13. Just recently I went on a little trip with some friends to an Eastern European city.
    In one encounter a girl responded to my approach by saying that she had a boyfriend. I said: “That’s ok, but do you want to have a man?” She burst out laughing and giving me high-five. Though she likely had a boyfriend, this little interaction made her day and sounded real to her.
    In another approach a girl said to me after 5 minutes: “It’s great to be ordered around by a man.” I just told her to sit down in the club, but I guess in our current mangina-environment men don’t do anything without a written or enthusiastic consent. And likely my decisive words sounded to her like a command as women are not used to men expressing their innate masculine values.
    Despite the best efforts of feminists and the feminine imperative, women will still be inherently attracted to dominant men. The problem is with all the young boys who are indoctrinated from an early age and don’t even have a chance to grow into their own as they take cues from the feminine primary media, academia and society.

  14. Many discount the importance of semantics in this struggle, but controlling the vocabulary is essential to controlling the debate – just ask the purveyors of “Teh Patriarchy”. We’ve made some modest stabs at this, but it’s heartening to see some thought put into the nascent Resistance’s approach to this as I have recently.
    Countering it in a few blog posts won’t do; an army of Red Knights needs to start maintaining some verbal discipline and social dominance, including:
    1. Not using the term “guys” – it’s emasculating to Men. When someone says “guys” in a non-gender-neutral way, jump on their ass with both feet about how demeaning and disrespectfully emasculating you feel that term is. Get offended in best SJW style. Invoke some social guilt in our favor for a change. Use “Men” when speaking of adult males, “boys” when speaking of adolescent males, and “people” and “kids” as gender-neutral inclusive terms when speaking of groups. “Guys” diminishes our gender. Therefore, under SJW principles, we should be able to advocate for our proper address without their oppressive preconceptions limiting our scope. The resulting shit-storm of cognitive dissonance can be amusing to observe, as well as other effects.
    2. Responding with calls on sexism (such as “that’s sexist!”) with “So is biology. I’m okay with that.” That’s it. No more comment is needed. Since the entire basis of the argument is to avoid sexist language because it may offend, then withdrawing your personal willingness to join the Consensus Of The Offended (or really display ANY shred of guilt for not joining) can derail their enthusiasm. Invoking biology – a science that has clearly shown that issues of gender are, actually, kinda important for a species – keeps them from pitching a hissy cow over your opinions because, ya know, science. The SJW impulse thrives on the “community consensus”, and by quietly but firmly refusing to participate you erode their enthusiasm.
    3. Viciously and gleefully begin using formal, traditional forms of address. I’m Southern, so this is second-nature to me, but nothing infuriates the SJW more than being reminded that the exist in a “patriarchal” society where such things are important. Formal, traditional forms of interaction spell out gender, age, position, and all of those other “oppressive” elements of society. Insisting upon using them, even in somewhat casual settings (insisting on formal introductions before conversing, using “Ma’am”, “Miss”, “Mrs.”, “Sir”, “Mr.” – and, of course, eschewing the term “Ms.” as much as possible, and using them with enough frequency to satisfy a cotillion director, that sort of thing). If someone tries to call you out on it with “My name is Sally! Don’t call me ma’am!” then smile beatifically and reply, “Ma’am, I wasn’t raised that way. We aren’t in grade school.” It is guaranteed to infuriate.
    And, lastly, those among us secure and protected enough to be Black Knights should aggressively challenge the usages that seek to emasculate and demean both our gender and its noble heritage in the public forum. As these issues arise, stomping on them as a matter of principal and – dare I say – counterpropaganda (CONPRO) falls to these lauded few. Give them their support, overt and covert, when and where you can, and never be afraid to bust on one of your Blue Pill buddies for his obsequious desire to sacrifice his masculinity on the altar of “inclusion” if he objects. Call him out on his capitulation and perhaps offer the poor dear a Midol. And if he gets pissed and calls you a sexist . . .
    So is biology. And you should be totally okay with that.

  15. I feel sorry for millennial males in america, they are the most pussy whipped in american history. Millennial females are the most overweight. Trends are going in the wrong direction, and they seem clueless and unaware about it.

  16. …it’s a careful, calculated feminine social dynamic..

    Quite right. We should never underestimate the extent to which the Marxist/Feminist axis plans, promotes, coordinates, and polices these initiatives launched in the service of their collectivizating.
    Nor should we forget how that program dovetails with women’s own awareness and strategizing about how to advance their own interests on an interpersonal level. They’re very aware that making their lifeplans work requires compliant, Beta-Bux men.
    In short, none of this is happening by accident, or as a natural social dynamic. It’s an organized power-grab, deliberately aimed at subjugating and exploiting men.

    1. Just to be sure, this is a plan by Men. Men in power that wish to grab as much of it as they can and keep it forever. Women are the willing dupes in all of this. They are simply not smart enough to engineer and orcestrate this complex and very long-duration thrust against the manly.

      1. I’ve been saying that for years. Nobody will listen. Many dudes here seem to think that feminism is somehow not sanctioned by ultra rich, Jewish (probably) men.
        Any man who thinks that women as a group are smart enough, or organized enough, to create anything, let alone feminism, is a moron.
        I feel like I’m talking to a wall most of time.

  17. ‘That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’. This quote can never be undone by feminists and will always be a testament to the great things men have achieved in this world.

    1. Don’t worry, they will make sure to have this and many others shoved into the memory hole. The future generation won’t even know this historic quote.

    2. The SJW will force Armstrong to come out and admit he actually meant “humankind” and it was misinterpreted. History books are then rewritten,

      1. First they would need to change the word human to huperson.
        ‘That’s one small step for a person, one giant leap for people kind’
        The quote isn’t quite as effective when it panders to gender neutral nonsense is it?

  18. This is happening everywhere. Take one example from projects:
    Manpower is now Staffing.
    As if it is somebody from Staff, or a woman that is welding on that pipe. Even if I were to one day see a woman welding pipe for me, I still know that construction work is inherently manly, which is captured perfectly in the articles reference to masculine/feminine words in Latin.

    1. Yes, because “staff” doesn’t have any gender associations . . .
      (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    2. Just like the way they changed cradle of mankind to cradle of humankind. Trying to control the narrative in every aspect.

    3. “Manpower is now Staffing.”
      The trend is to dehumanize the whole thing and call people “resources”. Ready to be exploited and discarded.

  19. Feminism and Marxism can only go on so long before they cannibalize the very society they depend on and makes their worthless lives possible. Feminism and Marxism are nothing more than western civilization’s way of pressing the self-destruct button.

    1. Yes, the end is baked into the batter.
      The goal however is to make man a permanent slave, with the usefull beta bitches filling positions of authority and providing the neccessary boot across the rest of our faces, forever.

  20. Good essay. The sentence “By making compliance with the Feminine Imperative a qualification of
    masculinity, men assign the power to define masculinity to the very movement that seeks to destroy it” should be force-fed to the bearded hipster scum sitting around me at this north Brooklyn coffee house, who are vying to endear themselves to these nasty, domineering, tattooed strumpets. Oh, wait, a normal Polish girl…gotta go…

  21. Funny how the FI isn’t so quick to claim ‘dustman’ (a strenuous job that keeps the rats at bay, maintains infrastructure, and is actually vital to keeping modern society functioning) or ‘conman’ (especially since they are “mistresses” of manipulation and falsehoods). Ho hum.

      1. Undoubtedly a disproportionate amount of that is due to Muslim immigrants and native Swedes who vote for Sverigedemokraterna.

        1. Do you know of population statistics that separate first-generation (i.e. immigrant) birth rate from second-generation?

        2. Undoubtedly a disproportionate amount of the children born in the US is also due to immigrants and Bible Belt weirdos. So I don’t think Swedes are not-breeding themselves out of existence any more than the Americans are

  22. Sillee Elon Uneeversity calling new student “fresh” haha.
    Is just feerst step actualy, soon be just “Jew” and “Goyim” notheeng else haha :))

  23. There was a campaign in China to redesign all Chinese characters with the 女 (female) radical because it was supposedly sexist. It was laughed out of existence of course, but the very fact that they whined about it reveals the mental illness behind feminism
    In fact, feminism’s regular hangups over semantics demonstrates quite well that women tend to care about trivial things.

    1. Feminism is a worldwide movement supported and financed by the plutocracy in order to destroy the social framework of the lower classes. They attempt to stuff it down everyone’s throats regardless whether the people are in any way indoctrinated enough. Give China 40-50 years and the very same campaign might be successful.

      1. Perhaps. People outside the west are more resistant to equalism, although the danger does exist.
        Social justice extremists tend to be shrill white girls or very whitewashed minorities, so I’m hoping the disease doesn’t spread any further

        1. Yes – some are by far more resistant to it. Japan is a wonderful example, which is a reason why I want to move there from Eastern Europe. Though there are many ways to make an omelette. Since they could not sufficiently westernize Japanese women, they managed to Beta-tize the highly masculine Japanese men thus still wreaking some havoc in their family structure. Though it is still a long way off from the US and might never reach the same level.
          I think that Chinese women will be more pliable in that respect, but we will see what the future brings.

        2. “Yes – some are by far more resistant to it. Japan is a wonderful example, which is a reason why I want to move there from Eastern Europe.
          Though there are many ways to make an omelette. Since they could not sufficiently westernize Japanese women, they managed to Beta-tize the highly masculine Japanese men thus still wreaking some havoc in their family structure. Though it is still a long way off from the US and
          might never reach the same level.”
          That’s been going on since Victorian England, to the point that local Japanese stereotype about homosexual men were British sailors.
          Nice PR job, Victorian England.
          Looks like I got proven wrong about my impression of modern-day Japan.
          “I think that Chinese women will be more pliable in that respect, but we will see what the future brings.”
          Chinese women that embrace their femininity are the ones usually savvy enough about England’s Victorian legacy (read: masculine women and feminine men). I even met Argentinians who agree with me in real life how masculine American women are and even then, England had HK.
          Meanwhile, I constantly tell the Korean community all the wrongs of English society.

        3. Just reading that post makes me appreciate my “FOB” background, especially when it actually makes me appreciate my Mother Nature-intended biological imperatives.

        4. Its basically analogical to a cancer. When the body’s defenses degrade cancer develops and proliferates. until it takes down the host.
          Similarly when Tradition, which is the defense, erodes then any old shitty ideology like the cancerous feminism may develop and spread
          China and oriental cultures still have a semblance of Tradition but in the West its completely gone. Unbridled capitalism then washed with socialism combined with population explosion and mass competition have at once diluted and now completely eroded any and all traditions. We’re called a “melting pot” and “cosmopolitan” – terms pushed by advertisers of globalism and tourism but how great are these things?
          What do we have left now? Feminism, trivial pop culture, empty-headedness, societies of selfishness losers mediocrity and drugs with leaders who are either disconnected or pandering to women with no real aim

    2. “It was laughed out of existence of course”
      They will try again and again and again, until it’s accepted without question. It’s an ongoing process, the first phase, the first infestation, is just beginning in China.

      1. They may have jumped the gun a bit. First, high fructose corn syrup. Second, widespread obesity. Third, feminism.

      1. means female, used as a part in constructing chinese characters
        他 = him
        她 = her

        1. The entire system of “feminist” beliefs is based on outrage at fictional mediocre mirages that only they can “see”: “LOOK THERE! IT’S PRIVILEGE! EVIL WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE! CAN’T YOU SEE IT?” “YEAH! I SEE IT TOO! LET’S DESTROY IT NOW!”
          (sorry for all the caps, but that represents how feminists ‘communicate’ — via shrieking and screaming; I did leave out all of their usual swearing and cursing, though)

        2. True, but can CAPS fully distinguish the subtle difference between SHOUTING hysterically and the more nuanced SCREECHING hysterically, which personally I find comparatively seductive. Sorry, I meant to say vomit inducing

      2. It’s simply a stick figure of a woman. It means . . . woman or, as stated in the OP, female.
        The idea that the mere image a woman to mean woman is misogynistic is absurd. If they wanted to make a fuss it would make more sense to do it over the character for man, which combines the characters for strength and field; implying that men have the strength, therefore men do the hard work, therefore men have power in the world.
        The character for wife, combines the character for woman and the character for broom. Women do the housework and have the power in that realm.

        1. interesting. No need to change that
          re. feminist women though, there’s another association with broom that comes to mind

    3. I’ve lived here for a while and see no indication that feminism has any chance of infecting the country. First off, Chinese women don’t understand the concept when it is explained to them how feminists think. They look puzzled and seem to think it’s crazy talk. Chinese and Asians are extremely family oriented and hating men just doesn’t compute. Second, the leaders aren’t blind and see what damage it has done elsewhere and are not in any hurry to become emasculated as well.

  24. Maybe these colleges should focus on the females being a little less on the whore side (versus trying to change the language). I don’t care what you call them, if they’re going to act like whores and sleep around, then there is no other word or label needed for them.
    How they feel is a direct result of how they act. Let’s start holding this females accountable (like we used to) for fucking everything that moves. Then, maybe, we’ll see a change.
    It’s fucking laughable that we’re discussing changing words in our language versus calling out these females.

  25. They need to change “woman” too because it has “man” in it. I suggest they shorten it to “cunt”.

  26. Indeed, this is a truly pernicious social phenomena. It’s as though the very idea of masculinity is being denigrated utterly to give license to female domination. It’s so hamhanded and overt, it’s hard to believe it’s real. But this is the world we live in.
    I just laugh at it all and act like man. Fuck everyone who can’t deal with it – I just don’t give a shit. And yes, perhaps we are a society in decline as a result of feminism and social justice warriorism and marxism run amok, but I say, “Hey, why not me? Why shouldn’t I live in a society that is committing suicide? What makes me so special that I shouldn’t have to put up with this?”
    Democracies come and ago. Most empires commit suicide. Humans are inane. Me? I’m just going to get as much as as I can along the way and have lots of nice toys and fun. I pity anyone who gets married now. Why on earth would anyone get married? My daughter is getting married and all I want to do is pull her fiance aside and tell him to run…

  27. Damn the man at this point who refuses to let Western ‘Civilisation’ burn. Burn it shall and burn it must… to the ground. Don’t save it, nature wouldn’t want you to, for it is diametrically opposed to every basic law of nature. The point of another man’s gun by law is the only reason the system stands. Don’t laud it, don’t become attached, don’t defend it. Stand back…

    1. Check Ferguson. Imagine if that happens on a mass scale. It probably won’t, white people are too sane.

      1. Sane in that context means compliance. Compliance is for defeated populations. Indeed both blacks and whites in America are compliant to whomever is currently running the gov. I don’t respect the average American male given their propensities for obedience and beta-male submission. High taxes… yay, no control over my marriage or progeny, yay!!! NFL, yay!!! Fuck the average fat ass in the suburbs and his counterpart in the ghetto. A lack of aggression or defiance by a group of males, when a system doesn’t benefit them is a group of men fit for slavery.

  28. Last week I wiped out on my bike because of an improperly covered personhole. Luckily, a policeperson happened to witness this and assisted me to my feet. I’m still pissed about this so I wrote the city Ombudsperson. I said: You’re patriarchal, crappy system of road repairs is an obvious attempt to keep wom– like me from riding our bikes to work. I dropped out of college freshperson year, so my penship skills aren’t so good. Maybe that’s why the oppressive regime otherwise known as city hall hasn’t written me back.

  29. There was a movement among Florida schoolteachers to replace words like “him” and “her” with “ir.” That was back in 1979. As you see- they’ll never quit.
    Take back your language. Be specific- spokesman or spokeswoman.
    “Ms.” works best when used as a pejorative.

  30. People like to think corporations and big business control everything. They like to believe that corporations control everything they do. And yet, how many times can they remember any corporation that tried to control how they communicate with each other? Money, greed, these are things people get caught up thinking they lead to power mongers. Power mongers aren’t after money, they’re not after wealth, they simply want to control you.
    Power lies in the irrational people who choose to join mass movements and muscle people who are too scared to get into a fight. It’s why feminists tried to bring the NFL to it’s knees with the Ray Rice situation. That’s why these feminists are out there trying to take all they can, they know no one is gonna tell them to STFU or give them a good old Sean Connery:

  31. …if you lack the capability to make a change in society,
    you have to change the means that define society, i.e. language.
    language is all they have because they dont make a difference anywhere. so they modify it to be at least acknowledged somehow.
    just inflate rape to every aspect of life and install the special snowflake mentality. afterwards it is possible to be offended by anything and to require status from victimhood.
    i recently declined an opportunity to work with the US market because it required to frequently travel there and also attend social events. as far as i am concerned, the US business world is a minefield designed to screw men over whenever it fits.
    no thanks.

    1. The problem is that we’ve (as a society) have let women and the MSM control what’s considered “good or bad”. We need to take back the megaphone (or microphone) and use it on women to show them how stupid this nonsense it, today.
      The equality thing (feminist narrative) is a good fucking place to start. Show these women with an opening line: “how come all women are good – even the bad ones, but all men – even the good ones – are bad. Equality anyone?
      It’s bullshit. Start with that sentence in any conversation with one of these “feminists” and then just sit back. They’ll talk in a fucking circle to try to find an answer…but they’ll get lost in the nonsense.
      Ever see a “deadbeat mom”? I have….my brother’s ex is one of them.

  32. Lol. I dare any feminist to come and try and stop me from using proper English descriptions to describe gender…If George Orwell was alive today and was seeing all this crap that feminazis throw at us, he’ll be saying to us all “I told you so…”

    1. What’s the deeper driver behind the urge to ban porn and prostitution?
      I think it’s women attacking other women more sexually successful than themselves. The beta women attacking the alphas.
      The modeling industry comes next.

      1. Mediocre women have always been jealous of other women who are more attractive than them, see how they butcher each other regarding fashion sense for instance. Feminism is women’s own worst enemy and they’re too dumb to see it.

  33. “I think that if there’s a modern social complaint about men remaining perpetually juvenile this is the root of it – we don’t respect Manhood enough to define what’s expected and when that adult, masculine respect is due.”
    Love that point

  34. I totally understand where Rollo is coming from and it really resonates with me. So true about considering yourself a man is to admit arrogance. Couldnt agree more. Society has put that in me and I’ve been aware of it, yet not brave enough to think any different of it.
    5 years ago at the age of 23 I didnt consider myself a man, and by nearly all measures I wasnt, but my students said “because you are a man” (context of it forgotten) and ever since then I’ve been meditating on what a man is. Work, guidance from co-workers, Pick-Up and by extension the man-o-sphere has been helpful.
    Women cannot define what a man is or who a man is. They’ll gravitate toward one and drink the cum of a man for her own validation, benefit and social mobility, but the definition of a man is best left up to a man, his peers and how well off are those he is responsible for.

    1. A woman once called me arrogant. I laughed in her face.
      She was the type who only dated manginas because she cannot bear to submit to a man’s authority. Daddy issues I think. I have seen the pictures of her last two boyfriends. Manginas to the core. I pity the fools.

      1. Right….because it’s the only type that she can “handle”. Any strong headed man is way too much for her.
        She’d probably love the shit out of it…if she gave it a chance.

        1. Deep down she knows she would. I said to her “so you like arrogant men?” She said “why do you say that?” I responded “you’re still here aren’t you?”
          Even she had to crack a smile at that.

        2. Good one. I tell women, often, that sometimes I’m an asshole…it’s part of my charm.
          None of them disagree and yes, they’re still “here”…..lol.

    2. ” . . . at the age of 23 I didnt consider myself a man . . .”
      Tolkien used his hobbits to express his opinion on that. He put the age of maturity at 30. That correlates rather well with the current understanding of his maximum SMV and not very far above current understanding of full physical maturity.
      G.B. Shaw was a bit more cynical about it. He thought that the true tragedy of man was that at the time he was just about to achieve a full level of maturity – he died.
      Boys in the Anglosphere today are raised to be perpetual girl children. Then, while still a teenager, with no preparation for it, expected to “man up,” literally overnight – but denied the authority to do so. This sort of double bind isn’t a recipe for generating men. It’s a recipe for generating madness.
      Women, like it or not, are the only ones who can define what an attractive man is, just as only men can define what an attractive woman is, but that is not the same thing as defining what a man is. Men are defined, as men, by their men’s society; that small group of men with whom he interacts on a daily basis and from which he forms his most trusted group of associates, especially the ones who protect his back and spear side (the right hand man).
      Choose them carefully.

    3. Never let a woman “define” you as a man. You tell her (on your terms) that you are a man.
      The rest of it is just bullshit. Anyone trying to bring you down is intimidated by you. I see (and hear) this often. If you admit (verbally) that you are a man, then a woman nearby will scoff at you (unless she is into you and wants the dick). Otherwise, they’ll try to tear you down.
      Don’t ever let a woman tell you if you are a man. Hell, I keep telling people that I am a king (and I act accordingly). Believe it or not..it has a psychological effect on people (and women). They may scoff but many will swoon (even thought they hate to admit it).
      It’s the confidence thing working on their vagina (and working it, over time).

  35. Why stop there?
    Let go with:
    Instead of manipulate – personipulate or humanipulate
    Instead of maneuver – personeuver or humaneuver
    Man – testicle-holder
    Women – Angel or Princess
    email – epost
    equality = Lets kick all men out of schools, the economy. Once you have been born male you must consent to penis-removal and vaginal-installation surgery and estrogen therapy.
    This is the logical extreme of womens’ entitlement – where we are at now: remove any threat to their insecurities which are vast.
    This is the voice of woman, the gender that man puts before himself

    1. And here is the “forward thinking” feminist.
      Let’s remove “man” from everything (every word) in our language…does that include “woman”?
      This is how you know you’re dealing with a grown adult who thinks like a 15 year old. I keep treating women this way because they keep demonstrating why they shouldn’t be “in charge” of anything.

    2. Tumblr feminists would have an uproar about your new definition of man, they would be all “not everyone who identifies as male has testicles you cis-(expletive)!”. When deranged, “free-bleeding” “women” define language, the insane patients are running the asylum.

  36. Saw an example of this just yesterday. Went to see a movie and during the credits noticed that they had removed the title ‘foreman’. So we had labourers, welders, and carpenters, and the credits listed the ‘foreperson’ of each group (male names each time of course). This was immediately followed by the credits for ‘seamstresses’ (all women). Now why don’t they insist we change seamstress to seamsperson?

  37. ” inspire self-doubt in male-specific masculinity. By making compliance with the Feminine Imperative a qualification of masculinity, men assign the power to define masculinity to the very movement that seeks to destroy it.”

  38. And so many women these days still think feminism is about equality.
    Their constantly told they don’t need men.. Cry out that their single and can’t find a man. Many of them treat their body as if at a public toilet.. If men could just leave women alone for one year.. Reject every woman, I would love to see how they react…

    1. Exactly! Women need men, men need women. The balance is what keeps the universe in existence.
      Women need to learn to respect their bodies and hold them as sacred. Men need to stop sleeping with these fast chicks, enabling them. Until then, destruction and doom prevail.

      1. Lmaoooo how you say doom though? I usually hear guys say it. But well said as usual. How have you been?

  39. Good grief. Over two hundred comments and no one noticed that George Orwell already coverage this in Nineteen Eighty-Four:
    en . Wikipedia/wiki/Newspeak

  40. I notice that while this effort to remove the term “man” appears is most walks of life there is no such effort when a crime is being reported in the news. It will be “Man ..” this and “male ” that etc etc.
    In other words we must stop calling decent men “man” and only call criminals “man” and the demonisation of men continues.

  41. Does anyone else try to think of the calamities in Apocalypse movies as things that the characters should actually celebrate instead of mourn?
    In Apocalypse movies, women, in one way or another, come to realize they actually depend on men.

  42. Well here’s the solution, do not allow women and betas define what it means for us to be men, and assert ourselves as men regardless. I understand the feminist need to destroy identities the hate using linguistic manipulation, in this case they succeeded somewhat, however when they tried to do the same thing with gamers they failed miserably.

  43. This type of crap is why feminists get called feminazis. They remove men from language, and are working hard to remove them from campus and work hard to practically make masculine, traditional men illegal in today’s society. Reminds me of how the lgtb in Canada want to remove the words “mother” and “father” because it offends the “special snowflakes”. Hopefully, people will have a backbone about this, and keep using the terms anyways since feminists/lgtb can’t just dictate language in the west the way they want. People will speak/write how they want, nothing they can do about it.

  44. ” by making a compliance with the feminine imperative a qualification of masculinity” whoa ! Bloody hell ! Tricky tricky. They got their Vietnam pungi sticks out there don’t they. Stay alert,stay alive.thanks rollo

  45. I embrace being a man if being flawed is part of it. Men will continously strive to be better and won’t stop with feminism in our way.

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