Why Is The Zoe Quinn Scandal Blacked Out Across The Internet?

Our own Billy Chubbs recently penned a masterpiece on the Zoe Quinn scandal—if you haven’t read it, do so. It laid out the details of the ordeal in painstaking detail, and provided a much-needed commentary on this hotbutton issue in the gaming community. Just on a lark, I wanted to do a Google search on Saturday for how high the page was ranking, and…


Any trace of this stuff appears to have been scrubbed off the internet. You may remember past pieces where Return Of Kings has called out examples of hypocrisy in similar scandals, and all of these are quite available with a cursory search. However, up until Sunday, you couldn’t even find our post on Google, even though it was published nearly a week prior. Why is this? It now appears, but you’ll be hard-pressed to read any information about it anywhere besides manosphere sources.

The Gag Order

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire

Keoni Galt mentioned in a post on the RooshV Forum that 4chan’s servers were taken over by the Department of Justice a couple of years ago under the auspices of using their /b/ board as a sting operation against purported child pornographers. While this action may have its merits (I’ll leave it to you to decide), this hush-hushed control of a corner of the internet has wide-reaching implications. As Edward Snowden showed us, when government takes power, they are not going to voluntarily abridge their use of it to maintain rights of individuals, but rather use it to further their own ends.

The deeper you dig, the farther it seems to go. It’s more than some nerd scrubbing search results because he’s got a crush on Quinn, or a slight anti-smear campaign that we are used to seeing from social justice warriors whenever a woman does something objectionable. What we are observing amounts to a concerted gag order across the internet.

Reddit users have been shadow banned for even mentioning her name or starting threads on the subject. Traces of the scandal were proactively deleted from 4chan. Considering this wide-scale blackout on a seemingly minor issue, we are obviously forced to ask about the motivations of those who control the discourse.

Maintaining the status quo

“If there was hope, it must lie in the proles” – Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984

Why would anybody with any sort of social, governmental, or technological power care whether a used-up looking female game designer slept with a few guys to further her career? After all, these sorts of transactional exchanges happens every day in the corporate world, don’t they?

The difference in this situation is the visibility and the population that is being affected. We here at ROK spread what we see as universal truths about sex differences, game, economics, politics, and culture, but we only a small minority of men will ever entertain even part of this message. Any sort of true cultural change can only happen when ideas reaches the masses.

Male video gamers make up an enormous segment of the population, and with the growing chasm between the haves and the have-nots in the sexual marketplace and the de-emphasizing of traditional masculinity, their ranks are growing every day. Many of the game-playing herbivores are largely, as this scandal shows, starved for female attention. Many in the scene checked out of the sexual marketplace long ago to embrace the gaming counterculture, and their understanding of sexual and social dynamics befits that lack of experience.

This precisely is why Zoe Quinn’s actions are so damaging—she would be the perfect useful idiot for anyone desiring to make legions of low-testosterone males question everything they are fed from birth about the nature of women and humanity in general. Her well-documented actions (at least prior to the gag order) show that women are no exception to the idea that all humans can be vile, opportunistic, and self-serving given the right motivations. That women are not the helpless damsels-in-distress snowflakes that need white knighting, special treatment, and “protected group” status. And that social justice warriors, for all of their self-righteous bluster, are perhaps even more full-of-shit than the rest of us when their actions go under the microscope.

If the ideas about women of a massive segment of the tax-paying, law-abiding, food-pyramid-believing male population are all influenced by the media-driven narrative, what happens when that narrative breaks down? If that group were to question the social order and their role in the machine, it would be very, very dangerous to whatever powers that be. If these men “Go Galt,” who will be left to pay taxes supporting make-work jobs and ever-creeping governmental initiatives, marry aging feminists, and turn the cranks of society for little reward other than sitting down to their gaming console for a couple hours a night?

Voltaire’s quotation above is so applicable because it provides a framework to assess any power structure. Of course, it’s not the Social Justice Warriors who are the ultimate rulers of our society, but they are the proximate enforcers of orthodoxy, the pigs in the Orwellian scheme. Just as the Thought Police made any dissension illegal, no matter how minor, the SJW types have been empowered to ruin people’s livelihood and stamp out any crimethink in the name of “protection” of their false victim class.

One of the first steps in any good totalitarian regime is to change laws so that nearly anything is a crime. We are thus far supposedly absent significant governmental intervention to this end, but SJW propaganda has essentially reduced simply being a straight, “cis-gendered” male to a crime. It is no coincidence that this is precisely the group most likely to hold conservative beliefs, raise rational discourse about the direction of society, and eventually opt out of a society that no longer fills their needs. In this way, social justice warriors do the bidding of the existing power structure.

If the eyes of enough men are opened to this hypocrisy, they will no longer be complicit in the pyramid scheme. Remove their incentive, and there will be hell to pay. The forces that shape our society know this, and thus no such realization will be allowed to reach the critical mass needed for a paradigm shift.

At ROK, we will continue to dispense truth amidst the pretty lies that inevitably serve whoever is maintaining the status quo. If this is “tin foil hat”-y, then so be it. We can only look on as these curious “coincidences” that happen around us under the guise of “protection” and comment when we see fit. Just don’t necessarily expect to find it on a Google Search.

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184 thoughts on “Why Is The Zoe Quinn Scandal Blacked Out Across The Internet?”

  1. Is this chick related to Don Corleone or something? Why are so many people protecting an ugly slut? In a way, her ability to get strings pulled for her is pretty impressive.

    1. Real simple. By protecting her, they are protecting themselves.. ie she either has dirt on them, is considered an ally against the “patriarchy”, or gives blow jobs as payment to losers who can’t get near a woman.

    2. She’s playing the fabulous victim card also, pretending to be the poor innocent target of we mean, brutish, knuckle-dragging neanderthals who aren’t “enlightened” as the more “elite”.
      It’s one more case where someone fails at something then can try to say, “See here—I was a woman tryin to break into a male-dominated area and look what happened! Blah blah blah victimhood.”
      Rugsweeping, distracting from personal accountability: WHITE KNIGHT POWER FORCES, ENGAGED!

      1. Yep, indeed. It’s a similar strategy that politicians use in election cycles…”I’m a Washington outsider”…until they get into Washington and become the same.
        She is claiming to be a poor, helpless, “outside the system” victim….when she is in the system (already).
        People need to call her out on her bullshit.

  2. Its pretty crazy to see how people gullibly believe they think independently yet follow every ideologicall whim of the main stream collective…
    and social engineering is a tin foily fairytale that doesnt exist, Ha!

  3. The world isn’t supposed to find out that women are actually far, far, far, far, far from the helpless angels that we portray them as.
    Whether this is for political reasons or actually for reasons of civilizational stability is up in there air, but for SOME FUCKING REASON everything in this world is there in the vested interest of preserving the idea that women are harmless, helpless and, if anything, always, without question, 100% virtuous and free of any wrong doing.
    But can you imagine for a second if the true about women – how they fuck bad boys and marry betas for the money, how they’re only attracted to 10% of the male population, how they have primal, animal lusts way worse than anything a man could come up with, how they are driven by their pussies and their tingles, how they sneak around the beta’s peripheral vision to fuck anything and everything that either gets them hot, or could advance them in society, and how they are 100% without any morals or qualms about acting in the worst possible ways – HOW THAT WOULD DESTROY SOCIETY ALMOST OVER NIGHT?!
    People would lose their marbles! In all seriousness, the two-three billion betas on this planet would just go into open revolt.

      1. I just hope the goddamn system remains in place long enough for me to follow my dreams. Being freed from the bullshit opens up a lot of opportunities but these opportunities are pretty dependent on the system functioning, and virtually any system is supported by beta males, or men in general. Once everyone starts saying fuck it thats when things are going to get rough.
        There’s a lot of cool shit to enjoy, good food, good games, booze, porn, but all of it is there bc of beta males – who women hate.

        1. His dream should be to use the system as a $2 whore and make enough money to disconnect from it. The system is doomed, and deserving it. And then those thirsty betas will be looking to kill him when they blame the wrong thing. Heck they spend an entire life being fooled so how hard will it be for another Hitler or Stalin to come along, point the finger at a scapegoat and blame them for everything?
          I used to commute to work on a motorcycle right through a major city twice a day. I have a sport bike and my long locks of hair flowed from under my helmet, and I was in good shape too. EVERY TIME I nearly got killed from someone fucking around it was a dude in an old minivan, balding head, fat neck, and a bitter look on his face. Every damned time. These beta fools are not going to get a clue when someone asks them to put on a brown or red uniform and kill someone they don’t like.

        2. I have to agree with this. The manosphere is waking up not only young guys who can still position themselves somewhat in anticipation of things to come, but also a lot of middle-aged gargoyles as well, looking for revenge and to get back the time and investment squandered on a false promise. It is becoming dangerous out there.

    1. Your right…EVERY F-ING WORD. It’s nice to hear someone else say this. Whenever I get an irrational response to explaining the many differences between men and women, your comment is the motivation behind the response. I hope that you do not plan on copyrighting this statement; for I plan on quoting you daily. I could spend all day writing about experiences that confirm what you just said…ALL DAY…and still not even scratch the surface. In this one statement, you have explained all my thoughts and comments here at ROK. Thank you Sir.

      1. Spam is for all I care haha. Post it everywhere verbatim. You’re free to do whatever you like lol

    2. Very true, but society isn’t just organised around protecting the world, and beta white knights from this truth. It’s is also protecting women themselves from understanding their own role in this, having to acknowledge that they are the second or even perhaps the first partner in the tango. A primary goal of feminism is to project outwards any responsibility for guilt-inducing objects, and with it the need to abandon the victim status upon which is based their entire claim for re-distributive justice. In other words the whole of feminism is schizophrenic, walking around in an angry daze, shouting and spitting out paranoid word salad, and amazingly having every incoherent word taken as seriously. While this is allowed to go on, there is no crime or misdeed on earth that women cannot be excused of (except perhaps by other women).

    3. The whole thing wouldn’t even bother me as much if it were out in the open.
      If a marriage contract was something along the lines of… We’re assuming that we’ll break up but we get to enjoy certain tax breaks for the duration of raising children + free paternity checks… I’d be ok with that… Not sure exactly what rules would fit best but something that wouldn’t treat a woman’s love or commitment as something stable. At least when a man ditches his family to go “find himself” you can justifiably treat him like dog-shit… that ruined family has now become everyone else’s problem.
      Don’t trick me into getting emotionally involved with a women to the point where I actually believe that she “loves” me. Because when I realize after a duration of deceit and cold-heartedness that she doesn’t… I’ve put all my eggs in one basket and have quite possibly put myself into an emotionally and financially very vulnerable position.
      That sounds grim but this assumption that woman care about good men is leading us further and further into hell anyways. Experience tells me that when I treat women like moral and rational beings life just always gets worse for me… I’m not even talking about being owed sex… I’m just talking about being treated with basic consideration and respect.
      The machine is running smoothly for now (thirsty naive betas wifing up women that probably blew their brother a week before they got married) but for how long?

      1. Your whole comment reminds me why our forefathers treated women the way the did…They were not treating women poorly, they were treating them like children…or the way they deserved. Society is collapsing around us because we men are forced to treat women as equals, yet constantly carry there arsses and not just do most of the heavy lifting, but all of it.

        1. The cold hard truth of reality is that treating women as equals is a failure. We can try it until the family collapses… oh wait.

        2. To be fair I do occasionally seem to meet women that are tolerable to know. And kudos to them. They bring my peace of mind up a notch.
          What they are like in relationships however I have no idea…
          They do however seem to come from a more sheltered patriarchal demographic. And like I said before… I’m not suggesting they owe me sex just because I like them… I’m saying I appreciate that they know how to treat me with basic respect and common courtesy (Read: non-flakey, up-front about things, no detectable human destroying bullshit).
          Dealing with backwards western feministas (which is a lot of women I meet in Toronto…) is what makes me angry. Backstabbing women that absolutely refuse to acknowledge their own nature… and milk it to the last drop… meanwhile pretending to be victims of an all encompassing Patwiacky.

      2. I’m seeing more men who get custody of their children in divorce. You’d think this was a good thing but it’s only indicative of how bad women are behaving.
        A coworker divorced his wife and got custody of his kids but he had to pay his ex 50,000 dollars. She was buying alcohol for and fucking a 17 y/o neighbor.
        Silly guy went and got married again and is having another kid. Glutton for punishment I guess.

        1. If bias in the courts is taken away that is in and of itself a major move in the right direction.
          I’d like to think the manosphere is intellectually honest enough to report it if things change for the better.
          The custody thing seems about right but yeah there is clearly more to this particular story.

        2. I saw another guy getting custody in Canada in a peaceful settlement; the woman just told me she wanted to land another man as a couple and that the kid was slowing her down. Modern Women are not ready nor they understand what having children really is. They get one and then come to realize how being a single mother lowers their value on the sexual market. They think that getting rid of the kid will help.

        3. Just so you know, more than half of men *who pursue* custody get custody. The so-called problem is that very few men want to have custody in the first place (it interferes with every aspect of a man’s life after all), so of course the numbers seem very misleading when we hear about the mothers getting custody in over half the cases… they get custody because the fathers sign it the hell over without a single thought.
          For a willing father NOT to get [at least partial] custody there must be plenty – and I do mean PLENTY – wrong with him.

      3. Some more mature and experienced societies actually had that. Marriage and all that jazz was simply treated like a performance piece and a form of psychological hedge for the kids to grow up in safely, but everyone actually knew what was what once the lights went out.
        It is only more recently that a few higher strata of society decided to take all the naïve lower rung for one hell of a ride (love eternal, LoL).

    4. Yes, indeed. And thank god we’re finding places like ROK where men can gather and discuss their thoughts (out loud) without the usually BS, shaming, etc…
      I’ll keep doing my part to inform more and more younger guys about the truth and ROK.

      1. Actually I come here specifically BECAUSE RoK shames more men than any other site: White Knight, Mangina, betamale, men who HAVEN’T gone their own way? You guys shame the living shit out of men way worse than even the most rabid teenaged girls do to each other.
        You dudes put more men to shame than feminazi sites do. Oughtta look into dialing that back some.

        1. That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it.
          My opinion is: too many men have gone along with the nonsense (and even pushed the nonsense) for too long. We’ve gone from a standpoint of far right to far left (we didn’t even stop in the middle). We’re not talking equality (we’re past that point…we’re now talking about control and power).
          These type of men are part of the problem and it needs to be addressed. I’m not worried about feelings here…I’m looking to solve a problem that is out of hand.

    5. Yup. All the beta shlubs would collectively go Galt before burning this society to the ground. The wool simply needs to remain on their eyes for “civilization” to continue. It is a mass form of deception and it has existed ever since mankind evolved beyond primitive hunter-gatherer groups.

    6. ROK is one of my favorite websites because sometimes the longest comments are the top comments, whereas many other sites (i.e. Breitbart) will only value short DerpDerp comments. People here actually read, consider, and discuss. Even if its coming from a racist homophobic whatever whatever bogey man, there is rational dialogue.

      1. LOL, to be entirely fair though, if the moderators removed all of the “racist”, “homophobic”, or “misogynistic” whatever whatever from this site (like Disqus’ rules demand), then there’d really be no posts left to read!

    7. The Zoe Quinn scandal is all over the Net, it even has a Wiki site so what are you talking about?

  4. The reason there is so much silence and suppression on the subject is probably because Zoe Quinn is the tip of the iceberg. The pattern is there. There is more corruption in the video game reporting industry and probably more sordid affairs than Zoe Quinn.
    It has been corrupt from the get-go. In most cases, video game reporting is nothing more than a marketing arm of the video gaming industry, one that the major video game companies have to invest very little in.
    When people people engage in fair, unbiased reporting, they are often targeted by the gaming company they criticize, who may even use copyright protections to shut them down.
    Zoe Quinn should be a wake up call for people to do their own research when it comes to video gaming.

    1. “It has been corrupt from the get-go. In most cases, video game
      reporting is nothing more than a marketing arm of the video gaming
      industry.” Now, keep this mind when watching, reading, or listening to ANY type of reporting on ANY subject.

    2. Dude this sort of shit is absolutely everywhere….
      Where I work my office went from 5(male) : 5(female) to now 0(male) : 4(female) after I quit in a month once I’ve completed my final project.
      Why??? Because it is an awful place to work for a man… The women are so obviously beyond reproach it is rediculous…
      Examples with zero exaggeration from a period of 3 years working in an office: Female workers can show up drunk without being called on it. Female workers can choose not to attend meetings with no penalty. Female workers can cry in public meetings and avoid accountability for lack of productivity. Female workers can publicly insult and humiliate male co-workers and any retaliation will be re-construed as misogyny. Female workers get extra help and constant communication with their male supervisors. Female workers can insult male bosses with no penalty, if I insult my boss I’m fired. My boss makes a point to castrate male employees in front of female co-workers, and if you stand up for yourself you risk losing your job. Female workers can get into all sorts of scandals but the male involved must always take the professional fall.
      1 of the aforementioned males quit the career track kuz he got married and had to find a more stable full-time job. 1 of them commit suicide after he was found out for being part of a child-porn ring. 2 finished the PhD program to find no job prospects in the field. And me??? I’m going my own way after I get my damn Masters degree. No fucking way I’m working alone with 4 chicks and a mangina boss… I’d rather be homeless.

      1. “Female workers can get into all sorts of scandals but the male involved must always take the professional fall.”
        Indeed. All those things are rife in academia too. Take the massive Japanese stemcell research fraud for example. Committed by a female scientist, who, despite a massive body of evidence still denies any responsibility. Her world-renowned supervisor was recently found hanging in his office. Women in science…I just shake my head.

        1. Yeah that article rang true it caught my interest.
          A lot of these professors are nerds that are in a position of “power”… they sacrificed so many years and so much of their manhood to get into a position of “power” and some of them are desperate to finally cash in on their hard work….
          But in the end it turns out to not necessarily be worth it.

      2. Good examples. I share every single experience you mentioned. Plus, the bosses get vindictive after proving to them that they put their money on the wrong pony. I once had a boss forced to shred a “write-up” document after I disproved every allegation mentioned in the “write-up” to his boss…when to his surprise, he signed off on my commission check. I may have “won” that battle and many more, but the war was lost at that point. Knowing this, I didn’t even TRY to win most battles.

      3. It is true. Females in the office environment, today, can truly get away with anything (because most HR departments are female and they relate to women).
        Forget it if you’re a man…they don’t want to hear from you or you need a mountain of evidence. A woman can just start crying in the office and the production mill grinds to a halt.
        I’ve been there too many times to see the nonsense. We no longer have equality in these environments…..it’s a joke.

        1. And the male higher-ups keep enabling them, giving them raises and promotions despite making the workplace sour, hardly contributing anything of value, and giving them carte blanche at hiring practices. Really, those assholes should be taken out and shot. They certainly shouldn’t be bailed out by the taxpayer’s money when the company inevitably tanks.

      4. Dude, come join the pickup truck driving independent “entrepreneur” brigade. Leave that cesspool of manginas and their slag lackeys. Encorpera is simply no place for a red-blooded man nowadays.

        1. Hahaha YES.
          That was a possibility on the radar but I got other goals for now.
          Will report back after mission complete.
          If you know any pickup truck “entrepreneurs” though, God Speed.

    3. Also games are about recognizing and understanding patterns so if bluepills put the pieces together, the house of cards will collapse. I think that scares them the most.

  5. What blackout? Did a quick Google of “Zoe Quinn sex scandal” and got 75k hits. In the top 10 were the usual suspects; Daily Beast, Kotaku, and RoK. Change it to “Quinngate” and picked up Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, and a few other low-volume mainstream sites.
    Obviously not everyone has the RoK perspective, but it’s hardly unavailable news. It’s just not really that interesting. Now if she was hot enough to be clickbait . . .

    1. Well maybe you should click the links. Pure misinformation and deleting posts counts as black out or didn’t ya know?

    2. From Thursday to Sunday, our article on her did not pop up at all in the results. Now it’s up at the top. This is quite strange behavior considering we’ve had articles rank high within an hour of publication.

      1. Dear chap, I worked in SEO for years and still dabble. Such occurrences aren’t strange in the slightest, for a number of reasons, least of which is that “rank high within an hour of publication” doesn’t mean anything: rank high for what terms, against what competition?
        Checking for indexation is easy, just google the URL of the page. Once a page has been indexed, there are a suite of factors affecting how soon it takes it place in the ranks for a particular term.
        Do you have 3rd party, automated rank checking software that makes pretty graphs based on hard-ish data for a range of search terms?
        If not, then you are making hunches in the dark and, I opine, attributing human agency to a bunch of code and blocks of servers.

        1. Yeah I’m not necessarily convinced that the propaganda machine cares so much about Zoe Quinn that they’re messing with the interwebs.
          There is little doubt however that the concepts we deal with here casually are constantly being kept out of the common discourse. Women’s true sexual behaviour and lack of accountability do appear to be swept under the rug pretty much every minute of every day. Pretty lies indeed.

        2. There is plenty of bias in protecting her in many of the articles. However, the notion that anyone gives a fuck enough about this slut to alter SEO is absolutely retarded.

        3. “Women’s true sexual behaviour and lack of accountability do appear to be
          swept under the rug pretty much every minute of every day. Pretty lies
          *Cue the Church of England, ordaining Gwenhwyfar as its first ever saint.* Never mind the fact today’s British women embrace Gwenhwyfar’s legacy as a warped source of pride.
          White Knights themselves are blinded by the very light they swore to uphold. Pathetic.

      2. Maybe she fucked someone from the NSA along the way who officially works in the Gaming industry. It’s not who you know, it’s who you fuck.

  6. Why Is The Zoe Quinn Scandal Blacked Out Across The Internet?

    because white women are the most privileged class of person in America; Followed by homosexuals and (soon) Transgender people. They have carte blanche regardless of how sociopathic, perverted or mentally deranged each is.
    Their ‘freedom of expression’ > yours. ‘Stating the obvious about anyone in any of these groups is a ‘no-no’. They are beyond reproach.

    1. Its very sad to see, to quote Shoeonhead from youtube “its like its cool to be a victim today”. But that is the “power structure” we live under; specifically the more of a victim and the more grievances you have the higher you are on the victim totem pole. Lest we forget that being a “victim” and especially after seeing some of their supposed “grievances” these are weak and cowardly people that we’re allowing to rule over us with increasing impunity. How the fuck did this happen?

      1. You don’t see the immense and constant wails of victimhood from every single, solitary dude here on RoK or AVfM? Without the constant, although ludicrous, attempts to paint themselves as bottom-of-the-totem victims these posters would only have misogyny and name-calling to subsist upon.
        So don’t go knocking the coolness of victimhood. This site would not exist without that mentality!

    2. The reason it’s blacked out across the internet is because Zoe had a three-way with Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

    3. Indeed, good points. To fight this narrative against these entitled women we’ll need to use the same language (the same ammo) against them.
      We’ll need to say something similar to “why does your freedom of expression trump mine?…where is the equality?”.
      And just watch the expression on their faces.

    4. I personally got the evil eye from an American WF, especially when I told a fellow suite resident at the time, “That case reminded me too much of the time my grand uncle became a LYNCHING statistic at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan due to the false words of an American WF in 1938.”
      Truth hurts for American WF to learn they and their grandmothers are the sources of today’s political dramas.

    1. And by “articles” do you mean pro Zoe Quinn propaganda… or do you mean the comments you can’t write because a site has banned you?
      Stop quibbling….

    2. Yes, that’s true, but you have to remember, the problem is:
      1. A myriad of twitter accounts suddenly defending the darling precious angel, making claims about “harassment”. Even posting the exact same text
      2. A lot of articles suddenly popping up by game “journalists” in defense of her and going on and on about how she was a victim, that no controversy really exists, and how it’s all the male gamer’s fault
      3. Reddit censorship squashing exposure of the story and and involvement in discussion
      4. etc etc!
      So there are articles, yes, but note how the ones related to the gaming industry are nearly all “pro-quinn”!
      In this case, there is plenty of evidence to see clearly that this was a joint effort to rugsweep the destructive behavior of our little “game” creating miscreant.

  7. Fuck Google. Fuck them right in the ear. Fuck them up their stupid, lying assholes.

  8. On DuckDuckGo the query “zoe quinn eron gjoni cheat joshua boggs internet misogyny” returns the ROK article in the #1 spot. Same query on google returns two pages of results, none of them ROK.

    1. You should have read the article closer instead of just skimming the headline.

  9. A few people peeking behind the curtain can’t really be stopped but dammed if you try to pull the whole curtain down. First of all, most people will willingly blind themselves because they are too emotionally invested to respond to reason, logic and fact, the only thing their ego will allow is to double down on their insanity

  10. Excellent piece that goes really well with Billy Chubbs glorious rant. It’s a damn shame there’s a blackout here. One thing to start thinking about perhaps is how such ‘blackouts’ can be circumvented. That’s not to say that mainstream media, or even massive search engines will necessarily want to promote information they’re not temperamentally keen on, but when there is a point to be made, a story that needs pursuing etc., sometimes full frontal assault is not the only way. First thing I’d say in that respect is to appreciate that some approaches, or some information – for example personal photos that have been leaked, can to easily be ‘categorised’ by the powers that be as something that needs to be taken off-line etc. Censorship at least in US (less so in europe etc) needs to be justified somehow, at least if its pro-active. Pictures of Zoe demonstrating her morals might make the story more enjoyable and more saleable within a limited audience, but it makes it easier to censor, and potentially harder to sell beyond the already sympathetic / converted.
    I would hate for RoK etc to become less hard-hitting, but all those who care about these issues, and the way our freedom is being shut-down by those hiding behind the pretence that they are protecting the vulnerable, need to be able to think seriously about what works and what doesn’t, what gets through, and what gets stuck in the ‘suspicious’ filter. How do you think the people who’ve stolen this world got into power in the first place. They got into power by being subtle and subversive.
    The thing about most men is we are typically direct, and where necessary confrontational, as in these pieces. But what if that isn’t working? There’s no need for integrity to be compromised. More a question of thinking carefully about which cards to lay on the table

    1. If the push back fails in this (as it has in the past) where do we go next? What honestly is the next male outlet that we will see ruined?

      1. “If the push back fails in this (as it has in the past) where do we go next? What honestly is the next male outlet that we will see ruined?”
        The mens bathroom.

  11. “SJW propaganda has essentially reduced simply being a straight, “cis-gendered” male to a crime. It is no coincidence that this is precisely the group most likely to hold conservative beliefs, raise rational discourse about the direction of society, and eventually opt out of a society that no longer fills their needs. In this way, social justice warriors do the bidding of the existing power structure.”
    Not only is this true and an excellent analysis in its own right, its all something that needs to be pushed, and pushed as an idea. One of the reasons progressivism / being a SJW etc can still attract mass support, particularly amongst women and young people is that people still believe its ‘rebellious’, that it is anti-establishment, rather than a direct expression of the establishment, with goals that are identical to or at the least perfectly sympathetic to those of the establishment (whether the monied elite or the political class generally). Feminists, progressives, etc have no right to wear the ‘radical’ tag any more. Let the young know that if they want to rebel it is this shit they need to rebel against. However tall an order it might be getting that through to the gaming community would be a start

  12. I think a big chunk of this is that the video game corporations hand out a lot of payola. And everyone with a taste is afraid of the gravy train ending. Free games, free swag, free trips.

    1. Agree….and it’s every industry (not just the gaming one). It’s that gravy train with consumers (many being women) and they love that money rolling in.

  13. This is damage control from a multi-billion dollar industry. They are trying to censor the information and control what we see and read. The propaganda machine spins it as “misogyny” in order to steer folks away from the real and overarching issue. It’s easier for them to create an illusion than to try to cover it up completely. The end game is to protect the (gaming) industry and the income it generates. Because as we know, controversies can hurt the bottom line and disrupt the “business as usual” mechanism.

    1. Too bad the American gaming industry already killed off local arcades to the point only Asian-style arcades are popping up and help keep the niche alive.
      Nice job, graphics w#ores.

  14. Sorry mate, but the basis of this article – that there is some sort of contrived blackout – is bunk. Here is an unpersonalised google.co.uk search result from just now for ‘Zoe Quinn’:
    This very article is high up page 2 of google’s SERPs bit.ly/1qeHd0w
    Similar searches show ROK articles on the subject in similar spots: never on page one, but hanging around page 2 or 3.
    The details of Google’s inner workings are, of course, shrouded in mystery, but the reason why pro-Quinn articles are ranking higher is simple: they are on older, bigger, more authoritative sites that get more attention on social media. There is no conspiracy, only the blind workings of an algorithm crunching hundreds of ranking factors. Of course, the voice here is vastly outnumbered on social media by opposing opinions, but that is neither news nor a conspiracy.

    1. in google.com I do not find ROK articles when searching for her name, Not even in subsequent pages

      1. Repeat the search and append this to the end of the search result url:
        I see this ROK article at the top of page 3.
        How about you?

        1. I can see it. Is ranked at page 3 google.com. I do not see the old ROK article about her though

        2. That’s normal: google will typically give one result per website for a broad search. People prefer diverse SERPs. If a search is more specific, then you might see more results per site, e.g. when you search for:
          zoe quinn return of kings

    2. I don’t know if it’s truly a blackout…but you can tell that these gaming journalists (and some other sites) are trying very hard to paint her in a positive light.
      Some of the comments in articles (on certain sites) are being removed just for criticizing her (not for violating the sites terms under comments). If your comment is negative it seems like it is being pulled (only on certain sites, though).
      That in itself should cause alarm to anyone because it paints a much bigger picture.

  15. I just typed Zoe Quinn into google
    Other than the news at the top of the page, there’s nothing. At all. Just some personal websites. All of the shitstorm, and nothing.

  16. I think its just that these other sites have deals in place with google to publish their site near the top of searches. I am a small business owner so I have a deal with google as well where I pay them a fixed monthly amount and if anybody within my zip code searches a few key words having to do with my line of work my site and location will appear at the top of the search.

    1. You’re confusing Adwords, the paid advertising results, and the “organic” SERPs. Your ‘deal with google’ is better known as a google adwords campaign, which are available to anyone and not related to the points in this article.

  17. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire
    And the truth of this today is so sad and pathetic that its both grating and hard to actually come to terms with it. Bottom-line: we can’t criticize homosexuals, sluts, trannies and women (except for conservative women). And when you look at their current list of “grievances”…free contraception, free tampons, slut rights i.e. namely for ugly girls to dress provocatively, forcing people to “accept” you, and/or praise you by force of law, denying biological/scientific reality/playing make-believe. And, above all, openly deriving the justification for these “grievances” and thus their power because they’re “victims”. The more of a victim you are the more power you have. This is a culture and a system of cowards and pathetic people. Just look at this zoe creature…shes fucking pathetic and ugly…no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Someone tell me how the fuck this happened and why the fuck we’re putting up with this?

    1. I always say…use the same language when arguing or criticizing any woman. If I have something to say…I say it. If a woman chimes in with a comment, then I tell her “well, that’s your opinion and you’re right….we all have it in the name of equality, right?”
      The blank look (with mouth closed) says it all. There is nothing to say after that because I’ve put us both on a true, equal playing field (something most women don’t really want in the first place).

      1. I just deflect or ignore. It is impossible to have an intellectual conversation with a woman, do what they do… change the subject.
        “Why are you home so late?”
        “You were home late 3 times last week”
        “You forgot my birthday!”
        ” You forgot We were supposed to go out last night!”
        Seriously, keep a list of her mistakes and start dragging them all out every time she criticizes you… believe me, she is already. You get in an argument about money after ten years together and she will dredge up shit that may or may not have happened on your first date.
        Hell, make shit up if you have to. Believe me, she is.

        1. I agree (and I’ve used those techniques as well).
          I just love to watch the look on a woman’s face when she realizes how hypocritical she has become in believing (and practicing) much of the feminist bullshit.

  18. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” – Voltaire
    Lets see: not allowed to criticize the Jews, liberals/Marxists, feminists, new age shit, Obama, gays… Anything else to add?

    1. Ah, you’re talking about The Cathedral. They are the modern version of the Catholic Church. They control academia and the media, just like the Catholic Church did during the middle ages. Words like “racist” and “misogynist” are the new “heretic.” What’s really happening is Leftist Egalitarianism is trying to replace Christianity as the new religion. Seriously.

      1. True, but part of it may also be a proxy war between christian and judaic culture…yeah you’re right lets not go there….bit of a can of worms

      2. look more closely at the cathedral. It is not catholic, it is puritan/protestant. The difference is actually very, very important.
        Please increase your understanding of moldbug before you quote his theories incorrectly.

        1. I didn’t say The Cathedral was Catholic, and I’m not actually quoting Moldbug. During the Middle Ages the Catholic Church controlled all mainstream information. The Left is essentially performing the same role. They’ve replaced Christianity with a new sort of religious egalitarianism, which is based on the Myth of Human Equality. That humans are equal is taken on faith, even though there’s no evidence to back that assertion up. They are just as religiously fervent about their beliefs as the Catholics were, and just as willing to persecute. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        2. I see, you were stating ‘the modern version’ not ‘The church today’. I happen to agree. Leftism has become the new religion of the faithful idiots that pride themselves on being ‘too smart to believe in god’ and yet throw their support behind every half-baked theory and social justice campaign that comes along.
          Ironically though, in it’s prime the catholic church was never even remotely as powerful or as destructive as the church of progress has become in a short few decades. It’s like comparing a sheriff with a pyromaniac.

        3. Even then, most Puritans/Protestants are of today’s Anglo-Saxon stock.
          Martin Luther himself is German, while the Puritans escaped persecution from England.

      1. Are you fucking kidding? Christianity is the new hotness to beat up.
        Open cheeks, remove head.

        1. Hardly. It’s untaxed entity and no government official of significance can even be considered for a position if they don’t declare their affirmation for one of the superstitious belief systems.

        2. You need to get your head out of your breeches. Your information on the churches is outdated by about 800 years, and is basically parotting the cult of Dawkins bullshit. Frankly, I am disgusted at the way athiests have been taken over by liberal blue pill freaks who screech the doctrine of historical athiest oppression.
          Seriously, is it even possible to not play the ‘biggest victim’ game?

        3. 1. I’m not an atheist, nor in a cult, but I guess you aren’t interested in applying any nuanced or layered analytical skills.
          2. Religious institutions are considered non-profit organizations which means they have tax-exempt status.
          3. There is a specific separation of church and state which means no government policy should be influenced by religion- which is consistently violated and consequently- unconstitutional. Abortion rights are a perfect example of where religious freedoms of the majority are foisted onto all citizens.
          4. I believe some religious values such as modesty and providence should be encouraged and would do much to curb the decline of societal values.

        4. 1. Potato potato.
          2. You make the basic assumption that taxing an individual or an organization is the business of government.
          3. You have NO clue about what you speak of. The exact wording states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of a religion or prohibiting the exercise thereof”.
          This language is clear and unequivocal. Congress shall not create a ‘Church of America’ or through it’s actions encourage a particular religion above all others, nor shall it make laws prohibiting a religion.
          NOWHERE does it state that people have the right to be ‘free of religion’, or that religion cannot screw with the government as much as it likes. It also does not state that politicians cannot make decisions based on religious beliefs…only that they are not permitted to explicitly promote a particular religion.
          The ‘separation of church and state’ is a LEGALIST principle, not a law, nor part of the first amendment. The right of the ‘religious opinions of the majority’ are a perfect example of a civilization constructing a pro-survival social construct… the breakdown of that social construct with no more proof that abortion is not murder than ‘My body my choice’ (what about the fetus’ choice? no one asked it if it wants to die) or the confident assumption that a fetus does NOT have a soul (How do you know? have you tested fetuses for soul lately before you killed them?)
          This ‘specific separation of church and state’ of which you speak exists no where in the constitution, and it absolutely should not…religion is central to the lives of many americans, and suppressing their freedom of religion by demanding they do not bring it to their public lives, public lawmaking, or public office is far more an egregious violation of the freedom of religion than any so-called ‘shoving religion down someone’s throat’. Which is more heinous, speaking your mind or murdering a baby? If you choose the former, I say you are a fucking inhuman monster.
          4. You are willing to accept the social advantages and yet you would discard the very social construct that makes them possible? At least try to be less of a hypocrite. Without the religion, those values cannot and will not exist. Punch your card, little liberal, and go wait for your food stamps and Obamaphone.
          shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
          prohibiting the free exercise thereof – See more at:
          shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
          prohibiting the free exercise thereof – See more at:

        5. 1. Perfect example of your primitive mindset. You mind never developed fully and you can only identify people in two categories; friend or foe. It is the very same mindset I encountered in the flint stone savages of Iraq and Afghanistan. They love dealing in absolutes as well. Very dangerous approach to life.
          2. The government must tax individuals and institutions in order to fund non-rivalrous and non-excludable goods and services provided. What alternate option is there? I’m sure you don’t think your institution should pay taxes but I’m certain they benefit directly from said G&S.
          3. Again, your confirmation bias reveals itself. You really need to eliminate that to be taken seriously in debates. The explicit “separation of church and state” came from a Thomas Jefferson letter and was further endorsed by James Madison, the largest contributor to the Constitution. They were deists. The founding fathers would find your mindset appalling. The basis for it is covered in the Constitution and the idea is well represented. I doubt you have issues with identifying rights such as “right to privacy” or “right to a fair trial” even though they are not stated explicitly in the Constitution. You only seek out “separation of church and state” as not being Constitutional because it suits your narrative. The US was founded under the pretense of being the first nation without a national religion.
          4. It’s very easy for intellectually advanced individuals to behave with . The irreligious have higher IQs (of course), higher incomes, lower rates of obesity, and lower rates incarceration in the US.* I also hope you realize that Roosh, the founder of the site which you and I are both posting on, has a similar take on religion and its useful applications to a society. I find this is yet another case of you suffering from the false dichotomy fallacy. I also am a registered Libertarian working full-time while finishing my MBA/MS. I’m far from the drain on society that you categorize all irreligious people.
          *Source: Discovery News

        6. The only thing I find apalling is your complete failure at reading comprehension. I already answered your ‘concerns’, and I am done with this conversation, your complete lack of citation, and utter faith in ‘interpreted truth by authority’.
          Please feel free to get in the last word, however, since you are clearly more interested in ‘winning’ than truth.

        7. My reading comprehension is fine. Are you remotely capable of writing a post without committing more than one fallacy? An appeal to authority would imply that I used one perceived authority figure and used their subjective opinion. I used the collective of the original drafters of the US Constitution, specifically the two most notable contributors Jefferson and Madison, as my basis thus eliminating any bias in my referencing their intent.
          “The discovery channel? Really? The one headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, the heart of East coast progressivism?”
          That is another one of your favorite fallacies. Fallacy of origins. If it doesn’t come from a favorable source you immediately dismiss it. Every single item listed is supported by evidence from a separate study or collection of studies. Of course, some of these studies might have been conducted on the West Coast. Or even worse, in Europe (the horror).
          “Although I do have to remark on the Irony that I, a dedicated Atheist, am defending the rights, responsibilities, culture, morality, and privileges of the church as an organization, while you, supposedly ‘not an atheist’, have expressed your dedication to tearing them apart.”
          Where to begin…false dilemma. I am not with or against religion and there is certainly an amount of middle ground possible on the issue. I am against the government providing a preference to religion. I don’t wish for all religious entities to be destroyed by the government. Also it is a strawman as I never claimed to be interested in anything more than removing religion from government policies.
          I suggest you learn how to argue without using so many logical fallacies.

    2. You’re allowed to criticize anything…and then just hold your ground. I do it all of the time and I watch people walk away.
      Their only going to arguing as far as their “talking points” (aka whatever they can remember from TV or college course).
      If you go too deep, then they’re lost.

      1. That’s an excellent point about the shallow talking points.
        There’s almost no critical thinking involved, just emotional hotbuttons and key words.
        Arguing is a waste of damn time.

    3. The obese. Don’t forget that one!
      “fat discrimination”, “fat acceptance”, “health at any size”, “thin priviledge.”
      Of course, I should say fat women. No one cares about fat men, men are expendable.

  19. The suppression of information is very damning. At the same time from what I have heard is that among indie-video game developers the consensus is that her career is toast.

    1. I sincerely hope she is ruined as far as that industry is concerned.
      What bothers me is not being called out publicly and not being humiliated publicly like what would have happened if she were male, as we all know (aside from what the average Joe is trying to expose her for despite the censorship game).

      1. That, itself, is the hypocrisy here….and not true equality.
        If a guy had done something similar, then women would have already lined up for the next rally, parade, comments online, etc…
        Women should call her out for her behavior and shame her for her actions just because she is giving them a bad name (in the name of feminism).
        Women should make Zoe Quinn accountable for her actions and make her personally responsible (they would do it to a man). You can’t call for equality when you’re acting like a hypocrite.

        1. I did see one woman doing exactly that (calling her out) but as is normally the case, those women are far and few between.
          Although, in anything related to dating/feminism/etc. I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to see a number of women rebutting the quasi-feminist cliches and denouncing it altogether.
          We need more of that: outspoken, mentally stable women who actually are not in it just for themselves. Until that happens a worthwhile amount, little will change, and I can’t give credibility to women “on the whole” if it appears the majority condone the madness we see in many topics.

  20. She’s been on a suck and fuck fest making sure she covers ALL her bases. Mods, journo nerds and developers everywhere are probably contacting her. Heh.

    1. Seems to me like she’s the one moving the chess pieces, or at least was able to manipulate a few and the rest (manginas appeasing her) took their cues from her and did the rest on their own.
      Disgusting either way.

  21. Even if you do assume the worst, how is that different from what other women have done in lots of other sectors? The tech sector has been traditionally male dominated so its less common but that is changing. You’re not going to stop it, and sites like HuffPo or Jezebel might write her up as some new feminist hero.

  22. I’m at the age where I say what I want to say (whether I’m criticizing a man or woman..I don’t care). I’m not rude or crude about it…I just say it. If someone is listening in on my conversation, then they are opening themselves up to my opinion (note: I don’t use a bull horn when I have conversations).
    The most anyone should be saying back to me is “well, that’s your opinion”…and they are right. It’s my opinion..and that is that.
    What every happened to the fucking adults in this country?

    1. As I’ve grown progressively more confident and more physically able to back that up, I feel similar to you. The problem is the counter attack in which the “holier than thou” people do not even wish to allow you to have an opinion.
      I will not be censored to appease the weak or someone’s “feelings”, although I’ll not do any harm intentionally to others. Those who deserve to be bluntly called out on their arrogance, bullshit, or personality defects I will gladly do so without any fear of politically correct obligation or catering to the whims of those who think they know better than the rest of us what is best for us all.
      On the other hand, a balance is needed sometimes. If I’m trying to acheive something, I might pull the reigns in a bit….ala The 48 Laws of Power type manipulation & being smart/sly.
      Far, far too many men are passive enablers and say nothing or respond like scared children when dealing with those who get out of line….and look at the consequences!
      A man has to be internally strong and have a backbone indeed to face the insults, propaganda, shaming, and attempted manipulation in today’s America, often aimed at reducing men to little more than patsies.
      Ironically, a strong man is exactly what healthy women want, not a pandering pussy boy.
      Hard lessons learned.

  23. “At ROK, we will continue to dispense truth amidst the pretty lies that inevitably serve whoever is maintaining the status quo.”
    – Great article, Black Knight. Superbly articulated, enjoyable read.
    Yes, Truth is bound to prevail, and verily falsehood is bound to perish.
    The truth can never be suppressed for long by the corrupt.

  24. Although it’s true that most boards on 4chan are scrubbing Zoe Quinn threads, the Politically Incorrect /pol/ board and the Video Games /v/ board have threads.
    /pol/ in particular has been digging up a LOT of info on Zoe ever since the scandal broke. Internet Aristocrat is a /pol/ browser, and no doubt took the cue for his video from /pol/

  25. Who gives a fuck about video games and gaming anyway? Its a passive, unproductive pastime dominated by acne-faced losers. And who cares about some homely wench who fucked a bunch of geeks?

    1. You have to look at the deeper issue here.
      Many articles on this site outline how men need to find their own places to gather (just men) to discuss (freely) the issues of the world (and sometimes that means commenting openly about women – a no no in today’s society).
      Today’s society has targeted these places as either evil or politically incorrect places because they involve men only.
      Women only gathering and discussing any issues openly is deemed acceptable (thus the hypocrisy at it’s finest moment).

    2. The video game world is a multi – billion dollar industry. It rivals both the TV and movie industry. It a huge part of social media. That is why it matters.

  26. This world is literally becoming more Kafkaesque by the second. A veritable twilight zone we are inhabiting now. It would be literally incomprehensible to people even 50 years ago what point we have finally reached here. How much farther still can we go into the fog would you venture to guess.

  27. I’m more surprised that there are actually people out there who could give even half a rats ass about what some useless whore may or may not be doing with her time. In what way is Zoe Quinn supposed to matter again?

    1. You must not have seen the ridiculous things and her “mangina force” comrades did.
      I think you’d understand then. Also, it’s a very telling (and depressing) sign of the state of things today, and how easily a rogue female can cause a significant amount of damage then relatively easily get away with it.

      1. I googled around a bit. Still don’t get it. Perhaps I’m just below average sensitive. Or, as I like to think of it, not excessively prone to get tied in a knot over trivialities.
        From what i understand, not a single person has died? Not one! At least when those silly school shootings are drummed up as being some sort of important, at least a few people die. This stuff doesn’t even amount to that much.
        People need to focus on the important stuff. As in, on stuff that can potentially make government smaller. In an era such as this, when run amuck government has gotten so bad that it overshadows absolutely all else, that is really the only thing that matters. If the broad had aids and screwed around infecting half the US Senate, then OK, she’d warrant waking up in the morning to read about. But this stuff?!

        1. You might not have seen very much of it, but there are valid causes for concern here, for those who care about society’s place for men, the female (especially “feminist”) agenda, and the ability to conspire with others [and maniplulate weak men] to rugsweep blame and demonize men even further.
          I am not involved in the gaming scene, so I can’t identify with those who are and are very upset due to what happened there, but I understand their anger.
          Some things to think about:
          1. A handful of media outlets (in this case, internet sites) that draw large user populations tried to cover up the destructive behavior of a woman who, for all appearances, used sex to get her foot in the door
          2. This was more quasi-feminist bullshit and is just another case of a woman attempting to shoehorn herself, despite nothing to really contribute, into a male-dominated space…and of course, great damage was done
          3. It shows how weak and pussified “men” who are supposed to represent and speak for other men really are. Instead of handling a situation like real men and putting this narcissistic harpy in her place, several attempted to lay blame on the very same men who depend upon them for information. Additionally, to add insult to injury, they attempted to deny a problem even existed
          4. She fashions herself as another champion for women, or another Anita Sarkeesian if you will. Getting men and women alike (mostly beta men) to give money and support only to see later that mostly it was a sham and just another victimhood skit.
          While it isn’t something that should keep you up at night, the extent of this is very grim and depressing.
          It goes to show how backwards American society and a lot of dorks on the internet are…easily manipulated by a woman. And a sign of things to come in the future.
          It would be very naive to think this will be the end. As we have seen in other areas, there will be a progressive encroachment into male-dominated areas and the consequences will make things worse and worse for men. And divide us even further.
          A good lesson from this is that if a man with sufficient balls had put this evil, manipulative bitch in her place then none of this would have happened; one very popular pasttime for men might not have been tainted.

  28. Women are not angels, in ancient India and China they regarded women as dangerous because they have the power to seduce and create lust within men. Single women were shunned and were no welcome in society because they would be able to influence men for the worse.. However western women are the worst.
    Even western women such as Marry Wollstonecraft challenged the belief of Rousseau (French philosopher who praised men as superior) and basically made an example of who corrupt the french monarchy was. She destroyed Rousseau by using the french women as an example and showing how they were ruining the political system and how the men in government were cheating on their wives and doing everything their mistresses wanted.

  29. They’re not worried about guys collectively going Galt, that would only happen if the food runs out.
    Gaming is the new Hollywood, both of which are the myth-making machines every political system needs to remain in power. Most people have no idea how important mythology is to maintaining order through collective principles. This is a fire near important projects, and just like a fire happening in Lockheed’s Skunkworks, you’re not supposed to hear about it. It’s not the fire they’re trying to hide, it’s the projects.

  30. Can’t figure this out. Why hide what Zoe Quinn is doing? Why delete every public posting about her? She sleeps around with beta programmers and releases one game about how depressed she is. Who cares?
    Obviously we would care. This is a manosphere site. But reddit? 4chan? what do they have to hide?
    How deep should this go to?

  31. Excellent article. Beats all the one-sided ‘anti-feminist terrorists attack poor defenseless female developer’ stories. I don’t understand how people can read that bile without at least asking themselves what all the fuzz is about and doing some research.

  32. It’s also important to remember that, the white girls who make up the social justice crowd are often little more than attention seekers fabricating their own victimhood and passing themselves off as marginalized minorities. Usually when you say this about a group of people, you’re talking about a small percentage of them. Not the case here. The majority of white social justice extremists are literally mental cases.
    Zoe Quinn is far from the first time we’ve seen a white girl claim she was more oppressed than she actually was. It’s some inexplicable need to draw attention to themselves at any cost.

  33. I know this is a disgusting mra blog with the lowest levels of IQ but can someone please explain why anyone cares about someone who is making no profit off their work?

  34. I can admire the brains behind these ideological dogmas, that unfortunately have brainwashed the majority of this current generation. These people, SWJs and other libs are currently and completely focused on deconstructing social values and mores, they think they are fighting the “good” fight. Yet, the same free thinkers don’t even budge when their rights are slowly taking away bit by bit, in fact they are even encouraging and supporting censorship.
    Its damn cunning to distract the sheeple with bullshit issues and while making them ignore real issues, like the encroaching fascism, privacy invasion and other nasty shit.
    I am impressed.

  35. Want to see this rise to the top of google? Google her name and click the rok link. Win.

  36. I blame black people. Clearly the black males of the USA have neglected their duty to fuck her until she can’t walk straight. Try harder, black people. If we can’t count on your awesome power to cock-subdue women, then who can we count on? The Japanese? The Irish?

  37. I am convinced that something more is going on here. I could be wrong. This could simply be the story of a sociopathic post wall hamster who has her claws sunk deep into dozens of semi-influential people across various mediums.
    But, lets step back here for a moment. Let’s look at this from beginning to where we are now.
    1. Ex-bf posts a blog about his ex-gf cheating on him, mentally and sexually abusing him, and about how she is not just an all around shitty person but is basically a sociopathic feminist sleeping her way to the top. (interesting isn’t it how feminists like Amanda Marcunt claim the ex-bf is the abusive one when what she did, according to the evidence posted on his blog, is textbook abuse..re: threatening suicide, gaslighting, verbal and mental and emotional abuse…or typical western women’s behavior..you decide)
    2. This goes viral.
    3. We find out that a number of tech journalists, some of which were banging her ugly ass, probably traded sexual favors for a good review on her shitty game.
    4. Shit goes even more viral. Gamers are pissed off about corruption in gaming journalism. Many comments state things like, “it’s none of my business who she fucks, but the fact that gaming journalism has such an incestuous relationship with developers is…blah blah blah”
    5. This is where it starts getting interesting and weird in my opinion. We find out that she crashed a game jam for women, that cost 400k to put on (and may be one of the most expensive in history), and get’s one of the main people fired and the game jam shut down.
    6. She uses her contacts in game journalism to help run the game jam into the ground.
    7. She sets up her own game jam, after destroying the other one, without a start or stop date and begins taking donations.
    8. It is discovered that the donations for the new game jam GO DIRECTLY TO HER PRIVATE PAYPAL ACCOUNT
    9. People seem to start questioning other things about her past. Did she fake an online harassment campaign to attention whore her product???? Is she still doing this?
    10. She claims to be doxxed but then it is found out that she has doxxed others and now it appears that she has shut down a total of three different game jams, all of which were primarily to help women in tech (from what I have gathered).
    11. According to some recent things I have discovered, don’t know how true they are, today it appears that she makes between 2-6 thousand dollars a month asking for money on Patreon for her various projects. I don’t believe that counts what she is fraudulently getting placed into her private paypal account.
    I know I probably left a few details out, but from what I have read about this over the last few days this seems to be the general outline of what I know so far.
    Having said that, can we really say that this is about a few white knight m’ladying over some feminist cunt???
    We are talking a lot of money here. At the very least all of the people involved are liable to civil suits and some of this may well be criminal and that is just with what we know.
    So, how is it that it is blacked out? I honestly don’t know. I bet this is only the tip of the iceberg.
    I was re-watching the Wire the other day and came across the episode where the senator is holding a poker game to get illegal campaign contributions. It is a good episode. I am sure things like that have happened before in places like Chicago.
    I know that charities have been used in similar ways.
    *I know The Wire was about Baltimore, but Zoe Quinn is in Chicago…hmmm…

  38. It isn’t blacked out though, is it? Search Zoe Quinn on Google and you get hundreds of articles from both sides of the fence. So this article is basically inaccurate and pointless.

    1. You don’t understand; and this article is very relevant.
      The argument is not that there is no discussion about the little princess—there is.
      However, articles and comment criticizing her and bringing the facts to light were removed, blocked, etc. And also what appears to be a damage control scenario came into play from a number of outlets/people in an attempt to pretend as if there was no issue, that there was no wrongdoing when clearly there was.
      The icing on the cake is her playing the “woe is me, the female target of manhate.” And naturally, a refusal to take any responsibility.

  39. A friend of mine had a pretty decent insight into this whole Quinnspiracy. It wasn’t Zoe Quinn that was being protected, it was Phil Fish. All of this was to protect a game journalist darling.
    The rest of the conspiracy? The part about the federal government covering it up for fear of even MORE men taking the red pill and dropping out?
    I’m not one to buy into tin foil hat theories, but what does it say about our society when the tin foil hats keep getting justified?

    1. I thought they hated Phil Fish? Wasn’t that why he acted like a little girl and sperged out of a sequel to his shitty game?

      1. Phil Fish was still one of them. Exposing him would’ve caused a chain reaction. How ironic… in trying to hid Phil Fish’s actions, they ended up exposing the whole scam.

  40. i kind of expected this to happen on reddit much sooner, but for it to happen on 4chan of all places is kinda disturbing…

  41. Well between pink collar jobs, men losing everything in divorce, corporations having quotas and walking on eggshells for women and millions of bridge cards and social programs (not to mention a lot of Grandmas doing a whole lot of kid rearing and babysitting) society is pretty much tapped. Keeping women strong and independent is a full time and expensive gig for the state. If anyone of those get comprised then the house of cards falls. They can only take so much money from men and funnel it to them, companies can only hire so many women at good wages to download songs on iTunes all day and the state can only tax everyone so much to keep them living in a condition “they have grown used to”. In that state, telling the truth really is a revolutionary act. And to the state, a very dangerous one.

  42. Maybe it’s because there’s no scandal. Just a whole bunch of gossip-mongering old ladies obsessed because they found one example of a woman who is a bit of an asshole, and became deluded enough to think that anyone outside of their support group gave a fuck.

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