10 Steps To Capture A New Country’s Flag

Why sleep with an attractive girl of a specific nationality? Because it brings you an additional comprehension of the world by comparing what you truly seek in a woman. It brings variety. Something exotic, unknown, and part of a man’s travel experience. And it may lead a fulfilling long-term relationship that is becoming harder to find in the West.

An example of my method

We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender

We shall bang hotties on the beaches, we shall smash sluts on the landing grounds, we shall slay pussy in the fields and in the streets, we shall fornicate 9’s in the hills; we shall never come back with blue balls.

We will not focus on self improvement and the things that you already know about. We will also not focus on administrative requirements for you to go to X country as every case is different. I will show you some of the methods that helped me in the past, making the capture of a specific flag easier.

To illustrate my point, I will choose a hypothetical trip to Kazakhstan, for a few reasons:


  • Still need my Kazakh flag. Having met a few, I find ethnic Kazakh girls attractive, elegant and accessible. There also are Russian girls for a good time.
  • A Muslim country on the Silk Road, quite exotic. A chunk of the former Soviet Union with desert and steppes
  • Unknown and unusual food and language
  • Fairly close to Europe and relatively tourist-free so I would have a decent foreigner value
  • Never been there so far

The important steps

1. Choose a city

  • Choose the city considering the foreigner value that you will have
  • The smaller the city, the fewer the girls and the occasions to bang with little time or without a social circle. Try to find something between 300,000 inhabitants and above.
  • Find which cities have the most universities. Once you find it, stick to it to build momentum.


Capture d’écran (562)

Cities in red would be ideal for less than a week. Cities in blue would be ideal for 2 weeks +

Less than a week, it will be Almaty and its 30 universities. If time allows it, I would choose Karaganda (three universities and I can piss off to Astana if it turns out to be a hole).

2. Sharpen your language skills


  • A month prior, practice 30 minutes a day the target language
  • Find apps on your phone with flash cards. Watch the news in the target language. Find local groups on social media and practice live with native speakers

Everyone speaks Russian in Kazakhstan. With my conversational level. I’d dust off the classics by applying the points above, plus calling my Russian friends and practicing on Skype. I would learn greetings in Kazakh such as “Come here” or “Let’s go and dance.”

3. Study the culture

  • Read about history, family, traditions and the weight of religion in the country
  • Check what kind of men local girls look for. Stay the same but tweak you personality in accordance.
  • Know your target. Stereotypes exist for a reason. Try to focus your reasoning around a few adjectives that describe the local girls.


Moderate Islam because of Communist past. More conservative than Russian girls. Double shield against the influence of the West, but girls drink and still dress sexy.

4. Logistics


  • Book a room or apartment of your own (Airbnb and Booking.com seem to have the best offers)
  • When a room is the only alternative, check if you can bring a girl over. Ask the security or landlord “A friend of mine will come and chill this afternoon before we go for dinner, do you mind?”
  • It needs to be less than a 20 minutes walk from the bar or club
  • Scout on your first day a date spot with alcohol and no food near your place
  • Ask the locals their recommendations for clubs/bars
Capture d’écran (563)

The blue circle is the 20 minutes walking distance, the red circle is the ideal position where I should stay in Karaganda

5. Pay attention to timing

  • There is an unwritten rule that two weeks is the ideal amount of time to get a flag at least once.
  • Try to be rested. Skip a night of game if needed. Use the strategical afternoon nap
  • Find the season where the city will have the most girls. Winter universally less active. Summer months, girls are away working or on holiday.

Following the Russian model, the ideal months would be : April to Mid-June / Late August to beginning of October. It is a Muslim country with some Orthodox Christians. Would avoid bank holidays and Ramadan.

6. Arrive focused and ready


  • Pipeline a few weeks before your arrival on dating websites and applications
  • You are on a mission. Do not achieve orgasm for a few days. Build up horniness and motivation

7. Set up your lair


  • Alcoholic drinks and mixers stored at your place
  • Needs to be clean
  • Keep your valuables hidden if the local girls have the reputation of being poor and stealing stuff from foreigners
  • Have appropriate music to set the mood
portable sound system

Vodka, lemonade and a lemon in the fridge. When I don’t have a sound system where I stay, I usually use one of these with my phone

 8. Get dressed

  • Check the weather forecast and the seasonal pattern
  • Dress down if you have time ahead of you or if your foreigner value compensates your casual clothes
  • Good, comfortable shoes are important

Kazakh men, in true FSU fashion, rarely dress well. With smart casual, you would stand out.

Day game uniform. Comfy and better dressed than 90% of the locals

My day game uniform (minus the moped). Comfy and better dressed than 90% of the locals

9. Game like a machine


  • Approach all the time. Groups, hair dresser, cops. The girl is pretty, you pounce. Only stop for sport and work
  • Listen to your gut. Weed out flaky girls. Eject and find new prospects
  • Venues to choose for night game: student places, lounge bars that are not sponsor spots. Avoid snobby clubs with crazy entrance cover, overpriced drinks and girls that have no interest in banging a foreigner if he is not in their social circle
  • Schedule if you are free: 1st date 15.00, 2nd date 18.00, 3rd date 21.00 + night game. Meet, drink, build comfort, escalate and bring her to your place. If you don’t succeed, rinse and repeat.

In Kazakhstan, headscarves are rare and I should not have problems approaching during the day (when it is not Ramadan). I would try to do 10 daily approaches (sometimes a lot more) and 10 at night until success

10. Mind your health


  • Bring Condoms. Loads.
  • Vitamins
  • Eat well. Don’t change your habits because you travel
  • Careful with the street food and tap water. Getting sick is the last thing you need
  • Always have a 5 liter bottle of still water at your place
  • Go for a run. It will allow you to get a sense of the place.

Un dernier mot

The flag is not the main purpose of my travels but I have physical needs and I am always thirsty for adventure, and sometimes love. One should not travel to a place that does not seem interesting or where the culture repulses him in order to just get a flag.

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135 thoughts on “10 Steps To Capture A New Country’s Flag”

    1. She’s a Jewish girl from Uzbekistan. Not to diminish the hotness of either ethnicity, but she looks nothing like a typical Kazakh.

      1. Perhaps, but it clear to us that Central Asian women do look pretty unspoiled by Westernisms.

      2. I took a peek at the results of Kazakh girls VS results of Uzbek girls.
        I’m still going to Astana!
        I’m a giant sucker for Asian girls with round faces and soft features, so that’s like paradise for me. The Slavic thing doesn’t do it for me. They all look angry or bitchy and sound even worse oftentimes, like this weird falsetto voice especially Ukrainians. It hurts my ears.

        1. Very fluid, like those sloppy kisses she and her girl, whom I assume looks like an Anna Kournikova clone, give each other.

        1. it’s true.
          There is no such thing as a dyke…only confused women I haven’t fucked yet.

        2. Well, that explains all the flooding we tend to get periodically down South, but that too carries a silver lining:

          (Y’all come back now y’hear?)

        3. Hold on. Sexuality is fixed. Gender is a construct. Right? That’s the mainstream media message and it must be right. Ex dykes Anne Heche and Ms DeBlasio be damned! No mention of their former sexual orientation.

        1. Yes, the echo will continue as the sound bounces between the canyon walls of the cleavage of her TITTIES!

  1. Remember that women are women, no matter where they are. The only key difference between capturing flags and generally getting notches is the preparation required to prepare for a new culture.
    To put it in a formula:
    Game + Travel Prep = Flag

  2. If you go to Kazakhstan, Borat would make a great wingman- he certainly wouldn’t be a white knight!

    1. Nonsense, my European associates tell me these things only happen in backwards, gun-loving Amerika.

      1. Yes, shootings don’t happen in Europe. Because as many Europeans have told me, they are intellectually superior to us savage gun loving Yanks.

        1. 66% of Guns in France are obtained illegally. All their laws and restrictions did was push guns underground, and prevent legal citizens from using them to protect themselves.

        2. Exactly, gun laws don’t stop crime, they just make law abiding citizens criminals.

        3. I don’t really think people understand just how easy it is to make a bomb, either. McVeigh wouldn’t have been caught, possibly for years, if it wasn’t for a fluke on his part.
          The worst school attack in history was a bombing, courtesy of farm supplies. And as I’ve stated ad nauseaum, Columbine was supposed to be a bombing.

        4. This is a very scary thing to discuss. I would hope some of those in power are quietly discussing it, even if it’s dangerous for the news media to publicly do so. But yes, taking out violent attacks against others or striking out at society because you are upset is a very easy thing to do. There has been considerable and growing strife in America for many years. Real wages have declined since the 60s. It gets harder and harder to make ends meet. Jobs are scarce. Decent women are all but extinct. It is inevitable that violence will happen. It’s not an easy fix either.
          Frankly, I’m still surprised with unemployment rates as high as they are, wages so low, and prices and taxes rising that we don’t see more bank robberies and petty theft. Thankfully wealth is mostly stored in bank credits on cards, so breaking in to a home will rarely pay off, other than perhaps some electronics devices one could sell for pennies on the dollar. But I’m constantly amazed things are not worse than they are, all things considered.

        5. Bank robberies, with the upgrades in security and advances in technology are borderline impossible. Plus they don’t keep nearly the amount of money on hand that they used to. I could knock up a bank (not even counting the overhead it would cost to prepare for it, or the split if you have a partner (s)) and earn less than I would for working for 2 weeks.

        6. Imagine if this guy tossed a small device into the middle of the dance-floor, or even a smuggled hand-grenade. He’d probably take down 50+ in an instant

        7. I have a cousin who was at Columbine on the day of the shooting, she’d be dead along with probably a hundred others if those bombs went off. Bombs cause way more destruction (when they work) than a firearm, and they are easier to acquire because they are so easy to make.

        8. I’m putting it down to the massive amounts of alcohol and drugs available.
          People self medicate out of giving a shit, and just hit the bong and Xbox to pass the time waiting to die more or less.

        9. Alcohol, prescription drugs, potent pot, and perhaps most of all:
          Extreme high quality porn, girls doing things even the elite didn’t have access to a generation ago. Along with a welfare state that will at least give you a roof over your head and cheese in your belly.

    2. Wounded is code for “shit, too many are dead, lets lie about the number of people dead and slash their numbers”. There were 60 wounded in Bataclan and 60 dead.

  3. Nice tips all around.
    Constructive criticism: “Bring Condoms. Lots/Oodles/Many/Bunches.”
    Approaching law enforcement should always be a default “out of the question” (especially in foreign lands, but maybe with some “case-by-case” wiggle room) unless you want someone to grab your flag after you get booked for solicitation that is.

  4. very nice.
    Also, the general game techniques listed above are pretty much directly from my play list and they have always worked.
    I have said a lot of times that my goal at this point is to have a series of threeways with girls from backgrounds that hate each other
    Indian and Paki
    Israeli and Iranian
    Northern Irish and English
    Greek and Turk
    Puerto Rican and Dominican
    Brazilian and Portuguese
    Black Girl and Racist Southern Belle
    so many great three way options.

        1. Who would be the hottest feminist you would consider to do alongside Lauren Southern?
          Anita Sarkeesian may have a passable body.

        2. Anita Sarkeesian isn’t even a feminist. She’s an actor who saw her niche and jumped on the gravy train.

        3. The are all ugly. My desire to fuck them is only to prove a point. That said, if I had to pick a feminist that I’d call hot I would def go with Hernoine. Woof! Engorgio indeed

        4. Haha, that’s a tough one. Mostly because a “hot feminist” is an oxymoron. I’d say Emma Watson, but she’s just an attention whore, not really a feminist.

        5. How about Jessica Valenti? She doesn’t look too bad. Plus she already complained that men don’t look at her. An easy picking.

        6. Again, though … their bangability doesn’t depend on their beauty. They are all terrible. But the worse they are, the more loud mouth, reactionary, cognitively dissonant cuntish twats they are the more I want to fuck them within an inch of their life.
          I love the thought of them questioning their dykish ways and/or being really upset with themselves and, presumably, teleporting around their apartments with their cats all emo like in the video You Say

        7. Sally Kohn’s face looks like it’s been sculpted out of a tree stump with a sledgehammer.
          Her cheeks resemble a pair of knees.
          -1/10 WNB

        8. Agreed, it’s like a work of art done by a meth addicted chimpanzee using just its tongue and feces.
          Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I got my dick caught in my bike chain, cost me a pound of flesh to get it replaced.

    1. “Indian and Paki
      Israeli and Iranian
      Northern Irish and English
      Greek and Turk”
      Withing these groups you won’t find much genetic difference.
      BTW NI and England don;t hate each other.

      1. Are yousure about NI and England? If you meet and Irishman from Derry refer to Derry as London Derry and then tell me there isn’t still animosity.
        Also, it isn’t the genetic differences I am looking for. I want them to utterly hate each other and, after the sex feel incredibly ashamed, but during it turn all that hate into pleasuring me.

        1. The loyalists(Majority) originate from England and Scotland. Their flag is the St George’s cross with a hand on it.
          You’re thinking of the trapped Catholics from county Tyrone.

        2. actually I am just thinking about my drunken friend from Derry name Rauri who gets all in a lather when I ask him if his gaelig tattoo reads god save the queen” and refer to derry as London derry. I really don’t know the politics…I just want to bang chicks who hate each other.

    2. Northern irish love the english.
      Republic irish are the ones who hate the english.
      I didnt lnow brazilians hated the portuguese.
      I like your last one.

      1. Ah gotcha.
        I don’t know if it is really hate with Brazilian and Portuguese but there is def a rival and what “pollak” jokes are here Portuguese are there

  5. Goddam! All the dark haired chicks in this article are so sweet my teeth ache and my balls start throbbing just from looking at them!
    I gotta go there!
    Quick, does anyone have a good “reason” one can use for going there?
    My only one would be wanting to see Astana which is honestly true, but it’s a weak kind of reason lol.
    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astana Looks sweet.

      1. Why not? It’s either that or Cancun. No offense to anyone here, but when I finally get to go abroad again, Westerners are the last thing I want to see on my travels.

      2. Ah, won’t work, everyone knows I have several times. I’m thinking something work prospect related, like potential consulting job or so.

  6. And for the record: Kazakhstan is not Borat-land, as I’m sure most of you are only familiar with it for that reason.

        1. Women have brain smaller than men. Dr Yamak the government doctor said so.
          But seriously, his takedown of feminists is epic. Why don’t you smile pussycat?

        2. Random anecdotal thing… One of my exes was at a kibbutz with Sasha baron Cohen, he was as bizarre at 15-16 as he is now. They made some sort of play for all the people there and Sasha was prancing around in a pink tutu with band aids on his nipples doing ballet moves and shit.
          I don’t remember the whole story but I laughed myself to pieces… He’s a genius.

  7. how do men reconcile the notch game and ‘enjoying the decline’ amongst the islamic invasion?

    1. Most of us won’t be around when push finally comes to shove. Some will build and invest in their tribe. Others will simply live and pass. Just depends on your priorities.

  8. From the title I thought this was an article explaining how to conquer a country. Disappointed.

      1. Ask the guy who founded Sealand. Find yourself an island or an old abandoned fortress, and you’re set. Screw the U.N.

        1. My parents knew a guy who used to live in Kansas who declared his own nation. Doubt he’s still alive by now.

        2. Kansas? I’ve been there before. Unless your economy is going to run on corn and wheat and the occasional meth lab, that’s a tough place to make your country. Personally, I’d rather go to Wyoming.

        3. Ugly and scary looking quitters. Seriously, most look like extras from Children of the Corn.

    1. Maybe that’s one way to conquer a country, by running loose and wreaking havoc on the local female population and injecting your seed all over the place.

      1. Veni vidi vici.
        I came I saw I conquered.
        Of course with women it’s a bit different.
        Vidi Vici Veni
        I saw I conquered I came.

        1. France and the U.K. are way overdue for a contest of arms. If anything, they always had the best wars.

        1. That happened once before and it ended in annihilation for both sides. The fires of heaven that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament was actually Kratom.

        2. That is like the eternal and unanswerable question: can god microwave a burrito so hot that even he can’t eat it?

        3. my cobbler is greek. Jesusopolis.
          Funny Jesus fact. He wasn’t a carpenter. The greek work used in both Mark and Matthew is τέκτων (tekton) which basically translates to day laborer…you know, the guys outside homes depot.

    2. Same thing happened to me. Also, that first picture is a demonstration of why we are failing today.
      Our ancestors were hard men, and when they said they were taking a flag, they meant conquest and the building of civilization.
      Now today, we squander what they built, and waste away our time and energy in activities such as tail-chasing, which ultimately, is pointless.

  9. This seems strange to me. So much effort for a fuck… Come on!..
    Also, I was taught by some relatives who worked in diplomatic jobs (and some intelligence as well) how NOT to get “spotted” when living/visiting abroad, as it can be dangerous. Hell, even in buddhist regions people disappear and are never heard of again. Even more so if you go by yourself without a safe connection.
    Take it from me, who lived in a few countries in different continents: you’re getting stabbed/ shot/ beaten to death in one of these adventures. Pussy’s not worth that much.

    1. Look at the pics man! I’m so going it’s not funny if I just get the chance.
      I’m sold on Asian look already but those chicks are like the best of both worlds…
      I think I just got a T bump and my seed production doubled… It’s a sign man, I’m telling you.
      Jokes aside I know how to handle that stuff including blending in a way that makes me not look out of place ;-).

      1. Hehe Have your fun, man! We have only one life, better live it to the max.
        I was only warning anyone interested that having someone you could call just in case, in that country (imagine you are kidnapped in Venezuela, arrested in Philippines, have a car crash in Bhutan, fist fight in Russia/Ukraine [mudak, eto moya nevesta!], etc., etc.) is a really good idea. Also, always have your papers in order, and have a good picture of “groups” (policemen, gangs, taxi drivers, etc.) before you start interacting.

      2. Yellew fever eeh? As far as ‘blending’ or what offspring will be like I can’t say. But there exist actual isolated bands of Asian appearing tribes with blonde hair in far northern Tibet/Mongolia like the San Miao, Yuezhi and Tocharian tribes. This shit will trip you out man
        These traits are nonexistant in souteastern Asian areas. The darker Cambodians are known as ‘chinese mexicans’. But check these blonde Asians out. I don’t know whether to call them asian or caucasian since the tribes predate the mongol entry from the south. They’re a race by themself since they are not some recent mongrel mixture. If they mixed 1000’s of years ago, they’ve ferreted out any wild card genes by now. They’ve had many many centuries of exclusive in-tribe fold so they’re more of a pureblood line in themselves at present, but still I don’t know quite what to call them. They’ve maintained tribal hegemony for a few thousand years now. I believe they called it the ‘golden mummy’ which was found that had genetic links to the modern secluded tribes. They’ve maintained a selective process in relative isolation.

        1. Thats interesting, did you know that the old families from the east of Finland and now parts of Russia look a fair bit similar?
          I’m from there as is my family for generations at least 1000yrs, and as a child I had almost white blonde hair but well defined Mongol fold etc, round face. Now my hair is a bit darker but still blonde. Still have the Mongol fold and other things that make me quite different from say swedes for example.
          One of the pictures looks a lot like my cousin when she was young.
          Another random anecdotal thing would be that I’ve had a limited genetic study done on me, doctors orders here in Western Europe because I react differently to drugs etc.
          Well I have a set of 2 out of a group of 3 genes that change your metabolism quite dramatically.
          Also, my family was very strict in terms of marriage lines, I was told the old tales when I was a very young kid.
          Perhaps more odd than that is that my family’s blonde genetics are dominant, all brown/dark haired who paired with my family had blonde children.
          One of my male cousins had a child with a Vietnamese girl, black hair, darker skin etc. Child born platinum blonde and light skin, but dark eyes, the only thing really straight from the mother.
          Curious stuff.

        2. The two types of Finns are basically the tall ‘Nordics’ and the short stalky ‘Baltics’. The Baltics likely have the gene causing intolerance to alcohol like other asiatic derivatives including the North American Indians. Finns, Russians and Cherokees become a mess when they smack the bottle. Notice many of the drunks laid out on Helsingki park benches tend to be the shorter Baltic Finns? Conversely we also see some famous heavy drinkers who amazingly maintained a high level of function even when smashed out of their gourd. Take Winston Churchill for example. Not Nordic or Asiatic he was Welsh/Scot with a smattering of Basque. Also his ‘B’ blood type suggests ancient lineage from the central west of Asia but without the gene for Alcoholism. Type B’s can drink. They can guzzle like crazy. They burn booze like a baby burns mother’s milk. Churchill ran a country with a pen in one hand and a bottle in the other. An Asiatic would have been laid out quickly if they took a swig from Churchill’s bottle, but not Churchill. He stood tall and remained highly functional even when his breath was flammable. It was his B blood type and lack of the drinking gene.
          But never touch the stuff if you’re short Russian half-Finnish quarter-Cherokee fifth-Scotch with A or O blood type.

        3. Curious stuff. Well. I’m 1.83m and skinny and I drink daily more than many manage at a party without passing out.
          What I find interesting is more the Mongol fold and genetics differences. My doctor tells me my kidney and liver function are that of a ~20 year old or better, yet I’m almost 40.
          Most people think I’m mid twenties age wise. Not because I do anything for it, it’s just like that. I’m a smoker and a drinker and early/mid twenties girls hit on me, some even younger, and they all think I’m like 25 about. I always ask how old they think I am lol…
          I am blood type B. So that fits.
          Where/how did you find this shit?
          I have known both Native American Indians, none could stand more than 2-3 shots of tequila before they go boom, and Asians who basically take a beer or two and need help to walk…

  10. “Check what kind of men local girls look for. Stay the same but tweak you personality in accordance.”- you can’t stay the same because you are not Kazakh man. Even if you learn a bit their traditions your mentality will be too far.
    How long can you pretend in order to get a local woman?
    More than that mostly Kazakh women from good families marry Kazakh men.
    I don’t say how Kazakh men threat women. Western men even share the bill in the restaurant. So, what to talk about?
    Why not to find a woman in the own culture or at least close to your culture and to be happy?

  11. Going to other countries other countries to have one nights stands is for losers. That is worse then going to another country for a long term relationship…

  12. This is all solid advice for travelers looking to get laid. I’m living (not just traveling/gaming) in China right now, and staying mindful of health is critical. If you are going to chose life in a foreign country, try to find a job (or better yet, have a business) that’ll allow you to have time to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.
    Don’t make the same mistake that I did: http://www.thegrandadmiral.com/2016/05/16/teaching-english-asia-sucks/

  13. More advice for fucking sluts – the lowest value girls. My eyes are rolling.
    “Bring Condoms. Loads.”
    If I saw a bull with a plastic bag snared over its cock as it mounted a cow, I’d think it was a dumb animal, but accidents happen. The bull certainly didn’t mean for the plastic bag to get in its way, after all, because that’d defeat the entire purpose of mating.
    Can anybody think of an animal that’s dumber than a bull in this regard?

    1. As a farm boy myself, I always wondered about the fellows doing “notch count” as I had already seen animals mating and they didn’t seem to have anything but sheer instinct in mind. Even steers will “try”.

      1. You ever take a hen’s eggs out of her nest to eat and then she’ll end up sitting on her empty nest for a few weeks to incubate her absentee clutch, anyway? It’s not different than a feminist taking the pill so she can have pointless sex. It’s not different at all – dumb animals following dumb instincts.

  14. I hired a guy from Kazakhstan a while back. The guys have no understanding of dressing smart or game. Kind of simple-minded. He explained a lot to me about Kazakhstan’s ex-soviet status and how backward the country is.
    About the only thing positive he told me about the place was that hating Jews was a national pastime.

  15. “My day game uniform (minus the moped). Comfy and better dressed than 90% of the locals”
    LOL. I don’t see how those ridiculous gay/turkish shoes are going to help you in any way. I have seen 2 sex tourists like you just wearing this kind of shoes with no socks (I don’t know what’s the exact name of that crap) roaming around the shopping mall in my area the other day.
    I cringe every time I see those gay Italian/French/Med types all worried about their clothing appearance… and constantly spying on other with their sneaky little eyes to see if someone is dressing “better” than them or not… :)))
    The point you guys are missing is that outside of Western Europe and some metrosexual cities in North America, the clothes you wear simply DON’T matter. I consistently fuck women with my Adidas jogging pants and no-brand sneakers ahaha.

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